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that Is Boyd'a Plurality According to the
Official Returns.
fill oT the 1'ropoqcd Amendment * to
the Hlnto Constitution Dnfontcd
by flip ; Majorities The Cor
rect ri
The total vote of the state on governor ,
) > y cotintlei , according to official returns now
pn illo In tbo oillco of the secretary of stnto
fa Lincoln , la as follows. Doyd's plurality
ever Powers Is 1114.
Rich- 1'ow-
' 'onnllo" ) . urds. lloyd. or * .
AdmiiH U'll HOI l.V'7
Antrloiio OW 2 jr. 1SSI
( Humor 224 88 88
Jlliilnn lil 44 lU-
lloonn , KCI 137
llnx lluttc 01.1 GIB li HI
Ilrnwn. . . . . . . . . . . ' ! ! ) " > 25fl ItOfl
JliirTiilo 120H sun
flutler KK 700
Sum iron 428 1070
I'llHS . ISfVt 2114 lO.I1 !
' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '
roilur' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 440 wn
172 USfK
( tlieymmu. . M7 410 , K !
i 'hurry , . fxVf
flay . 1107 bin 1701
Oolfux . 420 107H
naming . BIO 1CT 21 (
Huston . 1.V13 JGK
iniknta . 4rl 752 &
Jhnvc * . RHll 4M f > 2 (
) nvmon . . . . . * ( > * > iini
) euol . 2--"J 177
ll.xon . (171 ( MO
> < > < ] o 2127 R4 !
18 : ! < l3 117 ;
. . 12
lllir.oio . HIM 072
Jfil 77 (
'nmllur . 4R'2 nyj 1001
100 1IXV
Oupo 2.775 2002 air ,
rurllnl < i i : l 27
Onspor. 1(13 ( 27M Gu
I ! rani..a < M 4 :
( Irroloy 118 207 711
Jiall. . . . mm 1KB 1211
IlllllltllOII ( ftl KM 141
J Turin n nso 140 141OT
Ilnyps 200 227
Jlitclicock 1112 83 OT
J loll NOT nee
Howard , 50(1 ( in
1 looker 8 ii ) &
{ TulToreon 1200 1010 741
Johnson , H8I 7
ICournoy 705 . ' (83 ( 04to
Koya 1'aliu XS 120 to
Kcllli 170 120C4
Xlmlmll iitWl : C4
( Wl cat
iimciiHtcr 47"-'S U2t2
Incoln 747 4-a 102
.oznn T-- CO 10
.oiip 1111 2t
lii'ltsnn ' 7711 1075 ire
" ' " " ' " " " 7 iroBO
Alrrrlc ! ? . . . . . ! , . ! . . . . . ! ! nl7 420 BO
S ; iu-o 4UJ 74
01(1 ( 100
Siuckuiis ! " ! ! " . ' ! ! ! ! ! " " ! ! ! ! ! ! ' . COT 01(1wo HI !
Otno 1180 212.M ) it : !
Vmvncc 1214 M 41. .
J'crlclns I. ! : ) 180
5'lciuo 270 007
i'liclps 407
J'lutto ; 40:1 : isa 1111
J'olk HBO 248 141
Hod Willow 714 141m
Klclmrdsoii 1444 m
3lock * 4 W 2f
Hnlino KWt IK
Harpy 41)7 ) III
Haunclrrs r. 1093 128(1 ( 2411I
HrollH llluir 2SS 87 I ,
Kuwanl. . . 1S.IS 1478 KK
Hliorlduii ; CM ) 4C1 K
Hliprnuin VM 254 71
Hloux 100 133 15If
Stimton 313 If
Thuyor 1001 10X1 01
'rhoiii 9.s no 87 01'i
TlinrHton 4'J/l 215 'iN
Vnlloy 419 N
WnnliltiBtoii.1. 701 1245 7C
\Vuyne 448 500
\Vnbatur 821 271 12
Whcolor 141 40 21
York 1001 753 137
Totals . GS818 71331 701 !
Fall to Receive a Majority of th
Votes Cast.
The official figures on the various nmonc
incuts have been received at the ofllco of th
Hccrctury of state at Lincoln. Thoyshov
that nil of the proposed amendments wet
defeated hy largo majorities. Prohlhltlo
lulled to carry by a majority of 49,038 , thoug
on the direct vote for nnd ngnlnst , the nmoi
Sty was only 29,053. The following is th
vote hy counties for nnd ngninst the pn
hlbltory nnd license amendments , togothc
with the total vote cast :
On tbo nmondmcnU to Inci-oiuotho nutnlx
pf Judges and Increase tliolr salaries tlio tot
Vote ( or and against was us follows :
Vor Inoroaso inirabor Judges 81,1 !
Against Incrouso nunUior Jiulijcs. . . . . . . W , "
) ror Inoroaso salary JadKO 04,4
< \tulust Incruuio salary Judge * 37,7
Ttila defeats the amendment to Increase tl
( lumber of judges by 4-1,003 majority , wM
tbo amfn Jruont to Increase the salaries talk
( f passage by 63,83 , majority.
fcONTlVt'KI ) FIIOM IMOB 1 , ]
were In some manner emulated by the larger
mortal * , ( jlvini ? to the occasion thu nppear-
once of n festival of rejoicing.
At length the time of parting arrived , nnrt
amid a rousing cheer the train pulled out tor
thoftccnoof trouble.
General Hrookound Lieutenant Trultt loft
for Kushvlllo on n special train n few hours
Fort Omaha has witnessed a number 01
such scenes and , Impplly , but few of the
events which thcv preceded resulted dlsns-
nstrously to the bravo boys who Ilgurcd In
The most noted of these in re
cent years were the departures In
1870 , when these jiimo Indians were being
fought ; In 1S 0 , when the Milk river troubles
nrose , und when Major Thornburg was put in
command : in the same year , nnd put a few
vccks Inter , when a rescuing party was sent
ml to tlio relief of the eointnund , which had
jcen nlmoat nnnitillatcd ; in the same year ,
ivhcn the Indians' made their celebrated
narch across the country nnd were Imprls-
mud in Fort Uoblnson , frsm which they
ntcr escaped onlv to bo shot down in their
racks in the cold nnd snow ; in 1831 , when
lie Klghth was sent to Oklahoma and ro-
. .urncd without llrlng n shot ; again , when It
, vas called out hv the dump strlko/andfinally
on this Important occasion.
The Second Infantry has been on
the frontier before , and mapy of its
ildor ofllcei-s hnvo stood before Indian bullets ,
.n 1877 it was stntloncdnt Atlantand received
six hours' notice preparatory to taking the
'leldin Idaho ngnlnst the hostlles , and keep-
.tig It continuously for the next ten years ,
Such men ns Mnjor Butler , Captains Mills ,
Dcmpsoy and Miller nnd Lieutenant Klnzlc
nro old-timers In the ranks , and the experi
ence of yesterday and the next week will not
savor of novelty to them. . Messrs. Wilson ,
Bookmlllcr and Chris man , however , nro now
iiuout to receive their baptism of lire nud arc
.11 . every wny prepared for the solemnization
of the martini Micrntncnt.
Major Butler is going against an hereditary
foo. Ho was with Miles in 1S77 when that
doughty warrior drove Sitting Bull IntoCaua
da , nnd was with him when tU
country allowed the arch Head to
turn ncross the border. Ho now ex
poets to meet the old fee and as well as his
old commundi'i- , who signally compllmentec
him for his magnificent capture of Well
mountain , n moat successful move whlcl :
turned the tide of battle. In the charge ut
the declivity the major's horse was Ulllcc
under him , but the point was gained , not
With such men , the younger ones of th <
rank and Hie will have no dllllculty in osccr
tabling how the redskins are to bo van
Cnimcsoftho Trouble.
Cmcioo , Nov. IS. On the receipt of dls
patches tonight announcing the movement
of troops In the department of the Plntti
toward the Pine Itidgo agency the Asso
elated press reporter called on General Miles
Ho said the newspapers really ought not ti
publish this sort of thing for It will bo In thi
Indian camps in less than twenty four hours
There Is nothing In it except that the troop
nro being1 sent to the vicinity of.tho reser
vatiou to prevent , if possible , any outbroal
and to encourage the loyal elemcn
among the Indians also to protec
the agencies , which report the In
dlans as turbulent nnd post control
It was hoped this excitement might pas
tvlthout serious trouble , and up to this tlm
no Indians have left the reservations. Th
causes of this1 trouble are the failure'of thci
crops , the delay of congress In making apprc
priations far their support ami subsequen
delay In getting supplies to them , rcsultlni
In their being brought to the verge of starvn
tlon and worked Into frenzy. They are get
ting their rations now nnd possibly the dll
flculty may be bridged over , The nwunion
of the troops is simply piecautlbnary , out
nt the same time , they may have sorlou
work. The reporter asked if It would not b
unusual for the Indians to go on the warputl
at the beginning of winter. The general re
piled , "not at all. Those northern Indian
art tougher than leather. "
The Citizens nro Armed.
, Minn , , Nov. IS. A Mandar
N..D. , special says that every house in tow-
Is full with refugees from the country di ;
trlcts. The most Intense excitement prevail
In the country. Settlers nre prepared to b <
Hove any thing nbout the Indians. In tow
somewhat less tension exists owing to the
cclpt of 1500 arms today from the state go\
eminent and the fact that a company of so
dlors will be hero tomorrow from Fort Toi
ton. Tonight ttiero are 200 Indians i
town armed , but the citizens are armec
too , and patrols will bo out an
the people will sleep with their clothes on. j
date will bo llxcd by a committee of citizen !
nnd the Indian agents will bo notified th.i
after that duto nuy Indian found within th
county without a pass from the agent will I
killed on sight. The population is excltci
ana although conservative men are doln
their best to quiet the nngry ones , there I
every reason to believe that unless the go\
eminent tqucs immediate ) steps to Incrcas
the force of soldiers here and ntFortLlncoh
every Indian coming Into the county will b
Bismarck Was Alarmed.
BuMAiiCic , N. D. , Nov. 18. Late last nlgt
the city was startled by an alarm of an Ii
dlnn outbreak. The report came from Mai
dan that the Indians at Standing Hoc
agency had loft the agency and wera advam
Ing on Fort Lincoln. Tim government wr
called on for aid nnd this morning the oxclti
mont Is intense. Reductions of M
forces nt Forts Lincoln and Yatt
has made the settlers approhcnslv
for there nro six thousand Indians at Stum
Ing Rock nlono. It was learned this nfto
noon , however , that the alarm was uunecoi
sary. Everything is qulot at Fort Yntt
and no trouble is opcctcd thero. Very fo' '
soldiers are now kept in the forts'in thl
neighborhood and the settlers nro casll
alarmed. The Indians could sweep the coin
try west of the Missouri before nsslstanc
could bo had and n demand for enlarging tl ;
garrison nt Ports Yatcs and Lincoln will I
renewed ,
Excited nt Port Tottcn.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Nov. 18. A special froi
Jamestown , N. 1) . , says the Messiah era :
has struck tlio Indians at Fort Totten an
they are Inclined to bo ugly. Ono hundrc
armed bucks were soon crossing the rallron
track nt Mlnnowauknn en route f rom Turt !
mountains to loin the Sioux nt Stnndln
Kook , They said they were going huntlnj
A Kumor from Olindron.
MiN'Xiurou ? , Minn , , Nov. 13. A Chadrc
special says : It i reported hero that tl
Indians nt the Pine Rldgo agency have gotlt
entirely beyond the control of the agent an
already have begun depredations in the wn
of stealing cattle nnd other property. Thrt
hundred soldier * from Fort Robinson passe
through hero today.
On the Qul Vivo.
SiLT LUCK , Utah , Nov. 18. All the trooj
nt Fort Douglas except ono company have r
calved orders to hold thonisolvos ready i
march to the sccno of the Indian troubles ,
, 's Choice.
THE x'.ir STOCK snon :
Premiums Awarded to lie Varlon
Siii'CCHHfnl Breeders ,
CHICAGO , liov. 13 The fat stock slio'
was crowded today from morning till nigh
Slaughtering begins tomorrow. All tl
awards have been made In the stock depat
mcnt. Ilenn & Son , Rodmont , III , ) secure
first premium for the bast herd of shot
horns ; Fowler & Bassett , Long Point , II
111. , for best herd of Herefords. Tlio gran
sweepstakes herd was that of Milk
F. Jones & Bra , Willlauurillo , 111
nnd the grand swcenstako utoor w :
owned byV. . II. Renlck , AusterllU , ICy. ;
II. Potts ! t Son , Jacksonville , 111 , , get tl
grand sweepstakes prize on the best wotho
n southdown. Tlio awarding of premiums
the dairy t > howvls ulso concluded. Exhibits
butter and cheese came from ton dlffcro
states. Illinois was awarded the grand swco
atakcs on butter.
'AlbriehtVj ' Choloe , "
Source From Which the Government derives
Its Remarkable Assets.
The Iteport of the Treasury Shows
That tlio Government In Handling
CoiiHldcrnblu Money Demand1 *
of the Pensioner * .
WASHINGTON- . 18. The annual report
of United States. Treasurer Huston Shows
that the not ordinary revenue * amounted to
? in,0s0l03'3 ; ) , a sum hut twice exceeded In the
history of the government. The Increase
over the year before was $10,030Ci3 , of which
11,7 " > ,101 came from Internal rovonuo. The
rJlnnry expenditures wera $207,730.1.10 , nn
ncrcasoof ? lfi,7)3,87I : ) over the year before.
This Increase Is principally duo to the in-
rettso In pensions. Surplus revenues were
103,311,490 , , oC which 120,301,221 was paid out
n premiums In bonds purchased. The
cceipts of the postonico depart
ment were $0,100.041 , nnd cxpendl-
ures $0r,011,20,1 , un Increase ot between
Ivo nud six millions on both sides. The ag
gregate amount for which the treasurer was
iccountablo during thoflscal ycarwns $1,321-
" 4,4 72. Of this ho disbursed $ < y0,247,073 ! on
varrants. Deducting the amounts on deposit
vlth the states nnd various sums , the amount
cmnlnlng for \vtiluh ho was accountable was
7r > 7,9l5,078.
The amount of- gold In the treasury was In
creased during the year from $303.387,719 to
J.'OjOJ Vl , " ] ami sliver from $315,100,779 to
J4 ( , S21,000. Kxcluslvo of nmounts on do-
josltthoro was iu the treasury , belonging to
.ho Bovernmont on Juno 30 , 18 9 , SUO.OJS.Oii
mid on Juno 80 , 1890 , $ -2WJ,884,315 , the
imount of cold hnvlng Increased
ibout $1,000,000. whllo silver de
creased nearly $0,000,000. The liabilities
decreased during the year from $187,1)31,830 ) ,
to § 107,12-1,718 , and tho'reserve being In ex
cess of assets over liabilities , ran down from
$193,097,047 to $17(1,200,097. (
The total obligations of the treasury on ac
counts was $1,810.)78,475 ( ) on Juno 80,1880 , nnd
( ) on Juno 30,1800. not counting
jcrtltlcatcs of deposit. The debt proper on
bonds and circulating notes was reduced
from $1,250,013,190 , to $ ll145,400,0b < 5. This was
effected at a total cost of SU21.U : > 3,3I3 , for
principal and premiums. Nearly 74,01X1,000
of 4 per cent bonds and , upwards of 30,000,000
of 4& per cents were purchased.
Important changes took place in the
circulating medium , but ot a raoru
nvorablo character than the year before.
There was n gain of $15,000.000 in the stock
of gold , nn Increase of $ it,000,003 : In silver
and a contraction of $20,000,000 In the volume
of bank notes , resulting in a not increase of
432,000,000 In the aggregate supply of money.
In round numbers the circulation on Juno
80 , 1890 , consisted of $ J03,000,000 of gold and
gold certificates , $114,000,000 of silver and
silver cmtiflcates and $523,000,000 United
States and nntlonal'bank notus.
Not much change has taken place in tbo
movement United States notes. There was
a decline of activity In issue nnd redemption
of gold certificates.
The absorption of legal tender silver Into
circulation in the form of certificates of de
posit has been fully up to the means of the
treasury for supplying it. There was also an
outflow of between $2,000,000 and S',000,000 ) in
fractional sliver' dollar coins , which encourages -
couragos the hope that with good manage
ment the treasury In the course of a few
years more may bo relieved of the redundant
stock of these coins for some time on hand.
Soventy-threo banks were discontinued as
depositories during the year and eight now
ones were designated.
The redemption nf bank , notes
amounted to nearly $70,000,000 , a decrease of
upwards of Si8,000,000 compared wlththoycar
before , owing chiefly to the lower prices rul
ing for bonds. Thodeposlts for the retirement
of national bunk notes amouutslo only * $11-
000,000. ,
Continued embarrassment has attended the
work of supplying the country with paper cur
rency from delays and failures In filling the
treasurer's requisitions for new notes. Ho
suggests that greater flexibility might bo
given to the currency if gold certificates of
the denominations of $5 und $10 were issued ,
Ho urged the necessity of nn appropria
tion for the transportation of
United States paper currency to
Washington for redemption. With a trifling
addition In outlay , the people conld bo kept
supplied with clean aud fresh cvrroncy , thus
greatly lessening tbo danger ot counterfeit
ing. "
The treasurer claims the salaries paid to
ofticor * of the treasury are inadequate com
pensation for the duties performed , being
loss than those paid In any well managed
prlvato institutions ana less oven than tbosc
paid In the sub-treasury iu New York.
A. Sensational Suit.
CHICAGO , Nov. 18. There was begua In
Judge Baker's court this afternoon a suit foi
libel which , if tbo opening address of the
counsel shall bo proven , will merge into one
of the most sensational overheard In Chicago.
It Is the tfO.UOO suit of Mary M.
Ryan against -tho Inter-Ocean for char
actcrlzing her as a blackmailer and
adventuress and stating that she pursued
with the relentlessness of a tiger some of the
wealthiest and most prominent of Chicago
citizens , bleeding them of lartio sums ol
monoy. Over sixty witnesses have boon
summoned by the Inter-Ocean , among th'om
some of the most prominent of the supposed
sufferers , Others are suid to have loft the
state to avoid the publicity their testimony
would glvo.
Noitn : River Hunk Troubles.
NKW YOIIK , Nov. 18. An order has boon
Issued by Judge O'Brien requiring cause tc
bo shown forthwith why a receiver should
not be appointed pending the suit which the
attorney general has brought to dissolve the
North Ulvcr bank. .A temporary Injunction
lias been secured restraining the bank-oft ! '
clals from interfering with Its affairs. The
case will bo argued during the day.
At tha conclusion of the arguments the
Judge announced that ho would reserve his
decision ,
Statement of Condition.
NEW YOHK , Nov. 18. BankSupcrintonclonl
Preston today made nn affidavit relative tc
the amount of assets and liabilities of the
North' Klvor bank. It showed assets , $3,493 , '
532 ; liabilities , Ei,693,637 , ; deficiency , $99,801 ,
Will Assist All Hanks.
PniLADEi.riiu , Nov. 18. At a meeting ol
bank presidents this * afternoon it was resolved
solved to follow the action of the Now Yorli
banks und arrange for "ml isiuo of clearing
house certificates to any bank that might
need them in case of a money pinch. This I ;
the first time thh has been done hero since
the Jay Cooke patiio in 1873.
Two Killed and Five Hurt.
LOCKHA.VES , Pa. , Nov. 18. Lost night n
work train descending on the Fcrnoy moun <
tarn gravity road broke from control and eel <
lidcil with a locomotive near tba mountain's
foot , causing a bad smosbup. John Davis
and Henri Ksingo were killed unit 11 vo others
were wounded , all woodchqppors.
i-mnlliiox In Spain ,
ma Gordon Itennctt.1
Nov. . 18 INow York Herald
Cable Special to THE Ben. ] Smallpox is
obtaining a strong foothold hero. The nv <
craga slnco September 1 is 700 cases a weak ,
It 1s now spreading rapidly lu the provinces ,
Restoration or the Allinmbra.
[ CopvrtoM 1S30 lu Janus Gordon llrnnttl. }
MADUII > , Nov. 18. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to TUB BEE , ] The rostora.
tion of the Alhambra Is progressing rapid ! )
nnd few visible traces of the flronow remain ,
Killed UorKivo Children.
Dr.ia.iK , Nov. 18. A woman at Tbnnn ,
Abarc , fearing she and nor family would
starve to death , cut the throats of her live
children und then killed herself. ' .
ftclirnaka. and IOWA Patent * .
WASHINGTON' , Nov. 13. ( Special Telegram
toTuK BUB. ] Patents were granted today
as follows : Ulnnldo A. Hallo , Norfolk , Neb. ,
n window shadj ) ftncV curtain polo ; William
nnd T. E. IrlttonU\Vollinan ! , In. , OntO { CM-
per DovilbUs , ShtiHsburg , la. , keyboard at
tachments for mUMihl Instruments ; John A.
Oulnn , Perry. In.yllro extinguisher j John 1) .
Mots , Dubutnio , IW.'tnutbmntlo car brake ;
tlustavtis Plch , Sftrni Luke , In. , well drilling
machine ; Clmrlo j { . Price , Cherokee , la. ,
fence ) Henry C. lUn-Vor , IlucoUi , Neb , ,
ing slide or runnar.i Addlson C. Smith , Al-
gona , In. , wash bcrtltn'i ' Daniel Wlldo , "Wash
ington , la. , thrcinUujjmnchlno.
JOJI'.l'tf IHHHHjl ! JH > iJIKttlt\'H ,
Slops Taken K jUia l Off Their Whole
sale IlitldH Jin tlio TrenHiiry.
DES Moixno , Ia..JN ( > v. 17. [ Special Tclo-
grnm to Tun BnK.J Tjhcro Is trouble In store
for the Dos Molncs boodle Justices nnd their
mcrccnnries. For the past year their enor
mous fee transcripts hive been loading down
the county records nnd depleting the treas
ury to tun amount of overilOO.OJO. The news
papers have teemed from time to time with
long nrrays of facts suniclcnt to establish a
conspiracy of the Justices nnd constables to
rob the treasury through fees In liquor cases ,
and there has been considerable of n sensa
tion all nround , The .board of supervisors
has ntlost tiecomo tired of auditing these II-
legal transcripts , and today ordered an unus
ually heavy batch of them sent back for cor
rection , nnd also passed n resolution Instruct
ing the county attorney to lay the matter be
fore the grand Jury , with a view of having
the Justices indicted for conspiracy to
dofrnud the people. Tlie particular transcrpts
which led to this action toil a v Is ono from a
democratic justice , whichthowod that twelve
separate Informations had been filed and
twelve separate warrants issued against ono
person in one day , nnd the full costs taxed
In each case. It Is n notorious fact that the
justices nnd conptables of DCS Molnos have
drawn fees In liquor cases in thn past year to
give each of them nn Income of from SJ.OOO to
$5,000 a year , to say nothing of the ho.-do of
professional searchers nnd.witnesses who
have tnndo n comfortable living in the same
line. The late election swept the entire cang
out of oillco nnd a now deal will bo had nil
around after January 1.
Tlio OHlclal IletnriiB.
DES Moixns , la. , Nov. IS. [ Special to Tun
Bnn. ] The official returns from the election
In this state have all been received at the of-
llco of secretary of state , but will not bo can
vassed by the state executive council until
December 4. A careful footlncc of the returns ,
however , on thn ou'tsldoof the envelopes ,
shows that Captain Luko's majority for rail
way commissioner over Colonel Doy , his dem
ocratic opponent und present inou rnbont , will
bo 423. The union labor vote will reach about
nine thousand , an Increase of nbout thrco
thousand , duo to the farmers'alliance. And
not to the labor organizations. The prohibi
tion vote will reach about one thousand ,
seven hundred and fifty , a gain of about four
hundred , over last year.
Itnubcd of SOOO.
DES Moisus , la. , Nov. 18. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEE. j-rAt Altoona , fifteen miles
sast , last night , as William Corey was going
homo , ho was attacked by n footpad Just in
front of his residencX'/1 knocked down and re
lieved of his poclnit ibook , 'which contained
over $000 In bills nnd n couple of promissory
notes. Ho was uimblo to identify his as
sailant , and as yet no clue has boon found to
trace the robber. > , Corey has but ono arm
and could make but llttlo effectual resistance.
Tlio AVInonnt& Southwestern.
MASOX CITT , Ia.-Nov. 18. [ Special to THE
Bin. ] Secretary [ Simpson is not yet positive
that the Wlnona & Southwestern will build
through to Mason City. Ho writes that they
are making survey * in this county to deter
mine the lav of tuo land , hut may diverge
nnd parallel" the Mason City & Fort Dodge
and Chicago , St. P.iul & * Kansas City , run
ning their old midway between these two
lines on through to Omnha.
Cattle ThfcVcs at lied Oak.
HEU OAK , In. , .Npy. 18. [ Spaclal to Tun
BuE.l Seventeen iead of fat cattle belong
ing to J. W. King wore/stolon from his feed
lot , on the edge of , .town , last night and
shipped to South Omaha. A mcssaco from
there says the cattle had been sold and that
the man to whom the money was paid can
not bo found.
Close ol'tlio JCenlcnk Cnnnl.
KEOKCK , la , , Nov. 18. Major Melgs , in
charge of river Improvements on the upper
Mississippi announces that the canal here
will be closed tomorrow for the winter be
cause of necessary improvement work.
School House Cnrneil.
HA.MHUKO , la. , Nov. 18. J Special Telegram
to TUB Bun ] The school house at this place
was burned today nt oicht o'clock p.-in. The
lire caught from the furnace. Loss , $20,000 ;
insurance , $12,500/ ,
The AVoul Market.
BOSTOX , Nov. IS. [ Special Telegram to
Tim BEE. ] There has boon a steady market
and fair demand for wool and sales have been
made to a fair extent , . but mostly lu small
lots. Ohio X sold at 2i@U3o : , XX and abov <
nt 34@35c and No. 1 at 3S@39ct. Michigan X
fleeces have been selling at 30@31c. All kind ;
of staple wools are selling freely , including
No. 1 combing nt 40f-42c ( , Ohio line delaine at
30@37c and Michigan line delaine nt33a35- (
Unwashed combing wools are iu demand nt
U7@3Sc for one-quarter blood nnd nt 2'J@32c
for thrco eighths. Territory wools are Hrm
on n scoured basis of 50@t53o for fine , 5S@(50c (
for line medium and 53g55o ( for medium ,
Texas , California and Oregon wools arc
steady nnd quiet. In pulled wools there has
been a steady trade and prices uro sustained :
40@45o for best super , ! lr > @ 3Sc for fair to good
super and 23@a8c for extras. Foreign wools
are linn but quiet.
Thuy Are Doubtful.
VinxsA , Nov. IS. The doctors , returned
from Berlin , express doubts ns to the radical
euro of lupus by Koch's ' treatment. Leading
Austrian specialists .yarn the t acuity ngalnsl
overestimating the ofllcacy of Koch's method ,
They say no perfectly established cures have
yet been mndo nnd thlnklt possiblothostrong
reaction of the remedy may prove dangerous
to weak lungs. Three deaths attributed to
this cause ore already reported.
Wild West In Quarantine.
NEW YOIIK , Nov. 18. The ! French stearnoi
La Normnndio , on which is thn Wild Wcsl
Indian show of which Colonel Cody is owner ,
arrived yesterday and Is still held at quarnn
tine us there are a number of cases of small
pox on board among the 430 ( migrants.
A County ' t ( insurer Short.
MILWAUKEE , NovjJ' $ . A special to th (
Evening Wisconsin. Ifrom Cblppowa Falls
says that Sovo Serhjji treasurer of Chlppewr
county , is short from (3,000 to $10.000 In hi :
accounts and has transferred all his property
to his bondsmen. ( jj jo
Bliss Wii.irl lie t tor.
ATLANTA , On. , Novyi 18. The last day's
session of the Worr/ari's / Christian Temper
nnco Union was devoted mostly to routlni
business. Miss ' hotter today anc
wua able to bo in thdMll for a short tlmo.
Fatal Fight pvyr n 1'ronolior.
VIENNA , Nov. IS.-MDtrlng a fight Suudaj
at Brlstlz , Traiisylril j otwccu the ovposlng
members of ono of the churches there ovci
the newly appointed Itomnaiilun pastor , sli
persons were killed * and sixteen injured. .
Kooh IH OliUKrniod. *
Unni.iN , Nov. 18. Prof. Koch Is chagrined
ever the reappearance of lupus In a patient
reported cured. This Is tbo only Instance ol
the return of disease after supposed cure.
"Albright's Choice. "
Two Wore Ulllqd.
LIMA , O. , Nov. 18. A building holnij con
structed at the Solar refinery collapsed with
out warning. Two workmen weroJcllled am
a doicu slightly injured.
Plnnta Beatrice preparations Shor-
mun & McCounolPa , 2d door west P. 0 ,
"Albright's Choice. "
A Gatno But Very Brief Tight at South
Omaha Lost Night.
OcminnIn Ilnlltlio Sot-no of the Battle
A Lnruo unit Representative
Cruwil of tlio Short
Haired ,
Gcrmmila liatl , South Omaha , was the
theatre of n very exciting and highly scien
tific knock-out last night. As curly asSsilO
the , classic walls ol this urstwlillu ikcsptim a sweating , fuming join of the
sportive genus homo , \vlio had congregated
thither nt tl per head for the express pur
pose of seeing Joscphus lllghtoiver , a colored
goutlcmnti of pugilistic ambition , and HI
Mortlns , the famous Black Pearl of Minne
apolis , uo huttlo for shekels and glory. Con
sidering the texture nnd complexion of the
concourse , It was ono of the most orderly
and well managed seen within this nock
of woods for many moons. After the
Jostling throng had tilled the hnll
with cheap tobacco smoke thick onouKh
to paato up show b Us , the two gladiators
miulo their appearance In the ring. High-
tower , the local man , Is a coffco colored
youth , about live feet eleven , nnd tipping the
scales at ICO , while the Ulack Pearl was at
least two Inches shorter , blaclf nt pitch with
a torso lilfo a gorlha and ahead like an ebony
cocoanut. Ha tilted the beam at 151. Jim.
inoy Lindsay was -behind llighlowcr , whllo
12d Kuans performed a llko service for the
Minneapolis ournng outang.
After the inovltablo half hour's wranpln
Johnny Carlow was agreed upon as referee ,
and Uhiu-lio Sabins and Ed Hothcry OH
tlmert , and exactly at 10:10 : the inou were
ordered to shako hands.
Hlghtowcr looked determined but palo ,
whllo the Pearl was grim nnd lowering as a
thumlor cloud. Alter a llttlo preliminary
mnneuverini * the Peart led anil.landed lightly
on the saddle colored man's chest , the lattur
getting back with seemingly Rood effect
upon the Pearl's barrel like neck.
Hlghtowcr followed up with celerity
and lauded two or thrco light blows In quick
succession , receiving In return , Just as tlmo
was called , received a smash In the neck , just
below the ponum Adam ! , that would have
mnOo a loss plucky man Ho down. '
The second round was hammer and tongs
from the outset. Hlghtown getting In a semi-
knock down and otherwise familiarizing him
self with the MInncapolltun's glistening an
atomy that led his friends to hope that ho
might emerge from the battle first bust.
Uut the fates and the Pearl willed dlftor-
Early In the third round , subsequent to a
Ittlo harmless slugging , the Pearl handed
Mr. Hlghtowcr a clein knock down.
Ho steadied himself upon his hands .and
knees a moment , gulping In great cobs of re
freshing tobacco smoke , nnd gazing Into
space with that vacant , far-off look supposed
to bo assumed by a man who has just ; btcn
kicked by u mule , nnd then , just as the
rofcro had counted nine , was up llko a flash
and frantic ally essaying to convince the
Pearl that ho was yet In ft.
Delusive oiTort.
Inch by Inch the Minneapolis coon backed
him up to the ropes , Ins black eyes corrus-
cntlng llko a cobra's , and watching for a
chance to get In his honoy-montgoinery.
It was the Pearl's knotty fist colliding with
Mr. Hightower's jugular , and Mr. Hlghtower
knew no moreof the things transpiring upon
this mundane sphere , ilo went back prostrate -
trato Hko a log , lying outstretched without
the quiver of u muscle.
Ho was out.
"Albright's Choice , "
Various lilve Stock Associations Take
Action Ibr the World1 * Fair.
CHICAGO , Nov. IS , 'Jho annual meeting of
a number of national llvo stock associations ,
the members of which were brought together
by the American fat stock show were hold
today. The American Perchoroa Horse as
sociation appointed a committee to take steps
toward preparing a world's fair exhibit , and
also on exhibit' ' at the fat stock show of 18' ) I ,
At the mooting of the American Shropshire
Sheep associatinn a communication was re
ceived from B. A. Manson offering a prize of
100 for the best Shropshire sheep
exhibited at the' world's fair. At
the meeting of the National Swlno
Brooders' association , Dr. Salmon of the
federal bureau of animal Industries , read an
interesting paper , dwelling upon the neces
sity of action against the unjust discrimina
tion against American pork by Germany and
Franco. Several other associations held
meetings. Nearly all discussed the question
of exhibits at the world's ' fair. The Illinois
Short-Horn Breeders' association
- recom
mended to the national commission that liberal -
oral prizes in money Instead of the cus
tomary modnls bo offered for excellence in
the breeding of cattle.
Quinsy troubled mo for twenty years. Since
I started using Dr. Thomas' Ecloc'trlo Oil
have not had an attack. The Oil cures sere
throat at onco. Airs. Letta Conrad , Standish -
ish , Mich. , Oct. 24 , 'S3.
LTanr Was Suppressed.
PAW ? , Nov. 18. In the chamber ' depu
ties today Laur tried to interrupt the dcbato
on the budget to the question of the govern
ment ns to the measures it proposed to adopt
in order to prevent a drain of gold from
Franco for the benefit of foreign markets.
Finance Minister Ilouvler said ho offered
yesterday to reply to such an interpellation ,
but as.Laur did not press it the government
would not accod now. Laur then made a violent
lent attack upon Kouvicr , accusing him of
taking advantage of his official position to
speculate for a rise in government stocks. A ,
tremendous uproar followed , but Lour \VM
llually suppressed.
Hall's Hair Ilenowcr is free from alcohol
and dyes that injure the skin , It is pcicntift-
cally prepared and will restore gray hair to
Its original color and vigor.
.Will Test the Law.
NAsnvitLE , Nay. 18. H. M. King , a
Seventh Day Advontlat in Oblon county ,
was some time ago convicted of violating the
Sabbath by plowing on Sunday. The atnto
suprctno court sustained the sentence and an
appeal was taken to the federal circuit court.
Judge Hammond has granted a writ of
habeas corpus returnable November 24. The
National Society of Advbntlsts has retained
ox-Postmaster General Dickinson as counsel
to tesc the right nf the Adventists to work or
amuse themselves on the Christian Sabbath
as they chose.
_ _
DK.NVBB , Colo. , Nov. 18. In the Knight * of
Labor assembly today the committee on good
of the order reported recommending the fed
eration' of all labor organizations ; the ap
pointment of a cpmmlttoo to attend the next
convention of the farmers' alliance ; sup
ported the recommendation of the general
master workman for the prevention of strikes
and strongly recommended the appointment
of a committee to bring about the forfeiture
of the charter of the Now York Central road
to the stuto.
Irolnml'H Distress ,
DuniiN , Nov. 18. The board room of
Schull union , County Cork , was bcslcgod to
day with a croat crowd of small farmers and
laborers who came to Implore the guardians
for either food or employment , The appli
cants , some of whom cdrrled blaok banners.
numbered fully 1,000 , Father Forest ol
Qoloea Bald thirty families were starving In
hit parish and he was obliged to assist them
out of his own scanty moans.
Smallpox li
ST. PRTimsncno , Nov. 18. Smallpox Is
spreading throughout the city and the hos-
pltals nr crowdcd. Ten per cent of these uro dying.
Will Not Ooiitrnot a New Pornlfgii f
ST. PKTSRSUUHO , Nov. 18. [ Special Cable
gram to THE Uin.-It ] U ofllclnllr an-
nouiiced that the government does not Intend -
tend to contract u fresh foreign loan for the
Tiir.y mtvr itwii'itoctTV.
Spccolio * nt the Annual Dnmiuot oftlio
Now York Uluunbcr of Commorco.
NKW YOHK , Nov. 18. The one hundred
ind twenty-second annual bann.nct of the
Now York chnmborof commerce was held
tonight. President Smith , in liU address ,
said ho was profoundly convinced that reci
procity is the hey which will open wldo the
door of. commercial Intercourse nnd give tons
a natural outlet for surplus products.
Clmuncoy Dopow spoke nt length on recent
events in the financial world. lu the course
of bis speech ho said that within the past
few weeks wo have stood the strain of the re
purchase of nil our bonds and stocks which
Kurop'o desired to sell. Jt wns a fearful
test , hut it has superbly demonstrated
the strength of our finnndal situation ,
the soundness nf our credit and the pcrmti'
nancy of prosperity , The brcaklnir of the
dnm of this Kuropenn reservoir may pour
upon us a stream of securities which will reduce -
duce values SJ5 to 00 per cent. Such contrac
tion would nt certain tii.ios . suspend the busi
ness ol the country and bring nbout bank
ruptcy nnd rulu. These possibilities will bo
averted us wo grow rich enough to absorb
our own securities. Hut to increase our
available resources wo must enlarge the
scope of the market for our surplus products.
The solution of this dangerous problem nnd
of our future prosperity lies largely In the di
rection of commercial reciprocity among the
nations of all America.
Carl Schuiv made n brief address colling
for such revision of the tnrlff as will deliver
our manufacturing industries of the artificial
burdens which increase the coil of these
things they have to use in production nnd
give them a fair chance for export trade.
Kx-Prosldent Cleveland was called on to
say something. Dopowlmd mentioned that
Congressman Springer had nominated Cleve
land for the next democratic presidential
committee nnd said he Iropcd the republicans
would nominate that champion of reciprocity ,
James 0. Blnlno. Mr. Cleveland was not
on the programme to speak nnd , arising ,
made n few-remarks. Ho said ho had heard
a good deal tonight iVbout reciprocity with
the Spanish speaking pooplo. "Now , If It is
good for them why Isn't it a good thing to
have reciprocity with our own people ! Wo
have heard nbout France helping
England and the United States
financially. Why cannot they dose
so commercially ? I'm sorry my friend
Dopow , mentioned what Mr. Springer said ,
for It docs not seem to mo of much import-
tnneo nnd of no interest to you , gentlemen. "
Mr. Cleveland Jocularly referred to the
banquet at Albany four years ago , when
Denow had nominated him for the presidency
and hoped the republican party would nom
inate "That grandest of statesmen nnd
plumed knight , the name which rises to your
lips but not to nilno. " Cleveland added ho
hud reason to bcllovo It was put that way
owing to Depow's extreme modesty. Ilo hail
said at the tlmo , ho would , when he got a
good chance , put in a good word for Mr. Do-
pew's candidacy , nnd asked if this evened up
Springer's remarks.
Uninhn "Medical Soulntv.
The Omaha Medical society met last night
nt the Pnxton hotel. The attendance was
very good and the discussion which followed
the reading of the paper of the evening was
exceptionally Interesting.
Dr. Neville read n paper upon certain
methods to bo applied In the practice of ob
stetrics. Ills treatment of the subject was
considered very nbio by the physicians pres
ent , and a dozen or movu joined in the dis
cussion nt the conclusion of the reading of
the paper.
The committee appointed to prepare a fee
hill reported n llt of fees to be followed by
the members of the association in making
charges hereafter. "With some alterations
the list of fees was adopted us the standard
for the association.
Captain A. U. Yoctun.
Captain A. D. Yocumof Hey tings , special
inspector of the revenue ofllce , who has been
stationed ut Montreal , Canada , for several
months , was in Omaha yesterday on his \\ay.
homo. Ho has been assigned to duty in Idaho
and Montana and will proceed there in n few
days. "Tho feeling is very bitter In Canada
just now , " said Mr. Yoenin to a Br.r. re
porter , "against the United States on ac
count of the McKlnley bill. The Canadian
government nas doubled the force of Insnect-
ors nil alone the border. They are deter
mined to Iteep every American hog and every
pound of American beef out of Canada. "
Mho Examinations Completed.
The civil service examination , which was
held in the council chamber , was completed
yesterday. At this session there were some
fifty .voang men in attendance who wore anx
ious to go into the employ of the government
as railway mall clerks. The examination
was in orthography , geography , arithmetic ,
history nnd penmanship. The examination
papers will "be forwarded to Washington ,
where they will bo examined. These who
pass will bo notified In duo tlmo , and as va
cancies occur they will bo appointed.
An Organist Shot ,
NEW Yomc , Nov. 18 , Miss Gladys Price ,
organist of the Mariners' temple , was shot
nad seriously wounded this morning by John
Davis , who claims to bo her husband , al
ttough she says she docs not know him. He
is thought to be crazy.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for chil
dren teething rests the child and comforts the
mother. 25c a bottle. *
A barge Sum.
BOSTON , Mass. , Nov. 18 , The Methodist
missionary conference today adopted n reso
lution calling on the church to give the com
mittee $ l.S.rU,000 as the least sum with which
it can meet the demands of the year 1801.
To allay pains , subdue Inflammation , heal
foul sores and uicors the most prompt and
satisfactory results are obtained by usiiifi
that old reliable remedy , Dr. J. II. JVIcLoau's
Volcaulo Oil Liniment.
Itounrt for Nnpjcs.
[ ComirluMlKMliM Jumta Oordnn'JIenneU. ' } .
Pont MAIIOX , Nov. 18. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to TUB Br.B.l The cruiser
Baltimore has sailed from hsro for Naples.
Absolutely Pure.
A croamof tartar baking powder. Highest
ot leavening BtronRtb-U. H. Government Uo-
port Aug. 17 , 1HU _
kieMg B'onipanij's '
I'or Improved nnd cooiiomlo cook-
fry , lisa It for ftointn , NIIIICCM nm ]
Jl < ntnJlntu-K. , In flavor-dimm
pnrabk , nnd dls.tnlvus perfectly
clour In water. Make * dullolon
lleut Tim and ltttp (11 a'l ' climate * foi
nny k'li tli of tlmo. 1 It ) equal tr
40 Ibs of Ivan kcof. Only borl
Riuirimtood gcimlno
byJuituB von Mi-big
and t > enr Ills ilgiw
tura In blue , tbuit
fKIIHOXA I , J'A . tilt A 1'lta ,
E. O , Bellow loft yesterday for Chicago.
C. II. Klmoroof llcntrloo Is at the Cnsoy.
GeorgoP. Smith of Denver is nt the Mur
It. E. r.mor.wn of Dtirango , Cole , , la at the
Cusoy. *
Jainc * Cannon , ] r. , of Denver Is at the
K. A. Miller of Newark , N , J. , Is at the
Mlllnrd. , . .
Ocoivo 13. Wright of Now Yorlt is at the
K. O. Mnrsli of Chicago win nt the Mlllard
lost night.
A. A. Bpolto of Ilolyoko Colo. , Is at the
Councilman Bcchcl is able to attend to Uii
duties iiKnln.
U. G. Wallace of Chicago is iu tlio city nt
the Murray.
John Nofo of Lnrninlp , Wyo. , is In thocttv.
nt the Mlllard.
M , M. Snider of DCS Molnos , Was nt the
Casey last night.
J. A. Hartinan ot Beatrice was nt the Mer
chants last night , s
Sylvester S. St. John of Kearney is In thu
city , at the Casey.
( } . C. Smith of Kansas City was at thu
Paxton last night.
( joorgo N. Holmes of Boston was ut tbo
Murray last night.
GcorgoB. Toasdalo of St. Louis Is in the
city , at the Paxton.
J. B. Mortlnr. und son of Uiirango , Colo. ,
nro at thn Merchants.
John 0 , Hlgglns of Unmd Island Is In the
city , ut the Merchants.
K. C. TookcroC Now York is In the city ,
registered nt the I'uxton ,
0. P. Wixon of St. Louis was in the city
last night , at the Murray.
Mr. and Mrs. I. Hodgson. Jr. , have leased
their house mid are now living at the Mur
Mr. K. 13 ? Murrltt. editor of the Hastings
Dally Nebraskan wiled upon Tin : BEB yes-
1 ! . S. Belcher , secretary of the National
liuildlnganilLonn association , has gone to
Texas on a business trip.
H. A. Fylor , a loading drv goods merchant
of Halt Lnko city , p.usod through Omuhu
yesterday on Ids way to Chicago.
CiulctTaylor loft yesterday for Chicago ,
where ho moots n company of Vermont capi
talists who will probably visit Omaha.
0. N. Carter , formerly chief clerk of the
land cojiiinUsionor's oillco at Lincoln passed
through Omaha yesterday on his way to
Ohio , where he now resides ,
Mr. John C. Eckel , advance mnhof Dlxoy's
"Seven Ages , " nnd n veteran newspaper
man , called upon Tun UEK yesterday in com
pany with his brother , Mr. Ooorgo Eckel of
this city.
" Never noglcut n constipated condition of
the bowels , or sot-ions results follow , such as
plies , Impure blood and many chronic com
plaints. Burdock Blood Hitters Is the rem
A. General Assignment. .
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , Nov. 18. N. AV. In
gram , president of the Argentine ( Mo. )
waterworks and electric light company , pro
prietor of n boot nnd shoo store In Kansas
City. Kan.j and n general atoro In South Kan
sas City , Kan. , made a general assignment
today. Assets , ? T5,000 ; liabilities , f
"Albright's Choice. "
TlioVlllnnce Gets the Attorney.
ToruKt , Kan. , Nov. 18. Complcto un-
ofllclul returns from Kansas show the clue-
tlon-of the ropuhllcan ticket with the ox.
ccption of the nttornoy gcnernlslilp uy nm-
Jorltlcs of from aQO ( ) to 8,000. The farmers'
all 1 anco candidate gets the uttorney general ,
ship hy a plurality ot 42,000. ,
Makes the lives of many Koplo miserable ,
CAii.sIng distress after eating , sour stomach ,
sick licndaclio. heartburn , luss ot appetite ,
a faint , "all Bono" feeling , lad taste , coated
tongue , and Irregulailty ot
PlStrOSS tlio bowels. Dyspepsia doc <
After not ct wel1 0 ( ttself > u
P . . requires careful attention ,
tuting aluj a rcmody llko lloed's
Sarsnp.irllla , which acta gently , yctvfllclcntly.
It tones the stomach , regulates the diges
tion , creates a good npfijck
petite , banishes headache , . . ,
and refreshes tlio mind. HoadaChO
"I liavo been tionblcd with dyspepsia. I
had tut llttlo appetite , ami what I did cat
distressed me , or tlld me
would have a faint or tired ,
all-gone feeling , as though I had not eaten
anything. My tronblo was aggravated hy
my business , painting. Last
spring I took Hood's Sar- _ ouur
saparllla , which did mo an Stomach
Immense ninouut of good. It gave mo an
appetite , and my food relished and satisfied
the craving 1 had previously experienced. "
GEcmui ! A. I'AOF. , Watcrtown , Mass.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold lj nil druggtits. gl ; tli for 03. Prepared enl ;
by G. I. HOOD & CO. , Aiwthocarlos , Lowell , Malt
IOO Doses Ono Dollar
Wednesday and Thursday , Nov. 19 and 20.
Under the iimnaKoinotit of lEaymoml nnd
O'C'onnoll , In Ilin entirely now furco
OilKlnnl Rwcdlsli Dhilectlelan ,
Tlio wliolo InturBpcrnPil with Spocaltles , Glee %
Mrdluys. ( Jliiirusua .Su.
1'nnular I'rioerf. llox sliuut opuni Tuosilay
inorinnz.'p ' Opera
Amerlc.Vi Artlftlo Comocllnn , Mr. Hour ; B.
aid Ills merry oouiiniijr of ulnyvra , under tin , a
tlon of iflt. 1IAIIUJMV 11. WAU1IUKTON ,
l AliEWiaut TOUIi.
Flint prod nrtlou linro of Mr. DUoy'a
J ntost Hiicf nn llio
t IHICCOH of the ccnturr , .MnunlilRDOt icoula
I'roitictloni. ( "oinpnny of 55 1'ooptr. '
MatoH.W. Hulo of reals will butluVciI
rnliii ; .
KorTliroo Nlol'tw OullJ.
ComliiciiHnu FrMau Ifnremlier SI , uith Sat-
wilHU Manure.
Mrs. I'rnncls HodKNon llnrnolt'i
lloaiillful Drnrantlo Ur |
Little Lord PaUntlerou
I'rcsontod oy the
Rl'rriAli I'liiPKS for tliolr onuftitnmont i\ro lower
than tliovuinvauy uvcr pUrod to Uuluro. unit cr
run unluil toby tlio iimiiiutMuinit on ncrount of the
tha very lurito icntlnir cnpnolty of tliulliontori
IIOX HI5AT- ) , Z II 00 nnd 75 conl
AIIllllCllKRTItA rtKATB. - - - 75c nt §
AM. OTI1UH IIAWONV BKAT8 , - - U t-rnti
UAI.I.DIIV. . U ccnti
llux Bliuot open Tliurxlny roornlnn.
WIMIAVIKH. . MftnnKi < r , Corner lltliun-l k'nrnsa
xtrvou Omilm. WcekiifNor.ntli.
MAT3APA BOIIAICACIII. Till : .IA1 > , tnfanttot
i > trin ihotulur rice iia klll. A 11IM1 QV KHVSor
A burlv iiio | fnrctcomoly Inleripcriodwltlilirlalit ,
| .rciii > - | imrklliii ! tnnei niia wr. lolljr. rollluklni
dgiicei , A IniiRhiblu , cniulo , wllljr , nonirnilral
coincclT , Tilnjlwl wlili tiilrth and lauxhtor , UIIAS.
AND ANNIE \V1IITNKV. Vu.all.U onj Imtrumcul-
llll.t. . ONi : 111 MU AJJMlTH 10 A1.U