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All Other Topics Oast in the Shade by the
Interest Taken in This Cause Oelcbro.
Captain O'Shea'H Story at Ye8tcr lny'n
Jlcnrltifj TcHtlmony of Other Wit *
for the I'roHcautlon The
Continued Monday ,
: I8JX ) lilt .Aimw Oonlon ncnntttA
LOXDOV , Nov. 15. [ Now York Herald
Cnllo Special to TUB BEE. ] The Impend
ing panic on the stock exchange nnd among
great commercial houses , the horrible con
troversy of Barttclot and Jameson , the approaching
preaching session and nil other topics are
cast In the shade by the Interest taken In the
dlyorco suit of Captain O'Shea.
It will bo remembered that O'Shea wns the
medium employed by the Gladstone govern
ment in 1SS2 to communicate with Parncll ,
then in prison nt Kllmnlnham. Ills negotia
tions resulted in the celebrated Kilinalnham
treaty , under which Parncll nnd his fellow-
prlsoncri were liberated and promised to glvo
general support to the liberal party. At that
tlmo and for long afterwards O'Shca was on
most confidential terms with Parncll , greatly
to the disgust of many Parnellites , who nl-
wnys distrusted him. Tim Hcnly , especially ,
followed him up with an exceedingly sharp
stick , nnd ulthough Pnrncll Insisted on re
turning him to the house of commons n second
end time , ho did not Jong remain thcro.
\Vhnt happened afterwards to boring about a
total breach In the relations between Parnell
nnd O'Shca must bo largely a matter of con
jecture. It could not have been a new
development In domestic affairs , but all nt
once O'Shca took an attitude towards the
Irish leader , which has culminated In the
present suit
Bearing in mind that upon the result de-
pind's Parnell's future position In public life ,
the interest attaching to the proceedings
need cause no surprise. Should Judgment go
ngalnst Pnrnoll , It U not doubted that ho
must practically rollro from the leadership of
bis party , and I have reason to believe thnt
this is the opinion In which ho liolds himself In
n very decided manner , nnd It will stand or
fall by the verdict of the jury.
I understand thnt O'Shca Is confident of
the result of the trial being in his favor , and
has "brought together a mass of evidence cal
culated to damage tho'defendant. It would
not be difficult , considering the very close ro-
Intlons which hnvo existed between nil the
parties , to do as much as this. Mrs. O'Shea
Is thought to hnvo made a false move In en
deavoring tp procure a postponement , of the
trial , nnd it Is no secret thnt she regards the
proceedings with much nervousness , ns she
iiilghtwcll do in any case. Parnell himself
Is silent , nnd , Indeed , hns been Invisible for
weeks past. Even his lawyers have not al
ways known where to find him. It may bo
mentioned that thcro nro children In the
O'Shen household , nnd one of the jnost pain
ful features in the case will turn upon the
destiny of these.
While the trial cannot but glvo rise to most
painful charges or susplclons,3nnd the home
rule party generally , Including Olndstonlniis ,
will wutch It with breathless attention , no
little surprise was manifested when it was
called today before Justice Butt. The court
was crowded , of course , but the spectators
were not of 11" * variety expected at such a
trial. Ladles were scarce and thousands of
the fair sex will gnash their tcoth to think
of the chance they have missed.
When the nnnoxincomcnt wns made by
Lockwood , who represented Mrs. O'Shca ,
that ho would take no part lu the case , every
body i gnsiwd. They gasped again when
the judge asked If anyone appeared for the
co-respondent and the only reply was a dead
silence. On every sldo the question asked
was "Whatdocs It mean ! " On every sldo
the answer was a shrug of shoulders. The
general Impression may bo wrong , but It is-
that Parnell hns thrown up his hands.
His action recalls a llttlo story I heard some
tlmo ngo. Mrs. O'Shoa lived nt Kltlmm.
Colonel North lives there , too. Parnol , It is
snld , lived there also. One morning a ballilT
walked into the garden Captain O'Shcn's
garden. In his hand was a writ. He saw a
man in the garden and presented the man
with the writ. The man said ! "What tlio
devil do you mean ? " The bailiff said : "You
ore Captain O'Sheal" The man said : "lam
not. " Ttio man told the truth. Ho was Pnr-
nell. Not. a few people at Elthatn thought
Parnell was O'Shca.
Stories llko tills might have nn ef
fect on the jury.
At nny rate Parnell .lies perdu , and Mrs.
O'Shoa , after nn unsuccessful effort to drag
her sister , Mrs. Stcclo , Into the case , ns
guilty of adultery with O'Shea , follows the .
example of the loader of the homo party. It
is curious how women In light quarters of
Ji this Idtid will try to drag in others. Lady
Colin Campbell tried to shift her sins on her
sister's shoulders. In her ease the slstor
wns dead nnd could make no defense ; Mrs.
O'Shoa's sister , however , Is nltvo and vigor
ously objects to playing the victim.
Solicitor General Sir Edward Clarke Inder-
wick and Lewis Coward appeared for
O'Shea. The former said Captain
O'Shen sought n divorce from his wife
on the ground of her adultery with Parncll.
Lockwood and Piitchard were supposed to
represent Mrs. O'Shea until Lockwood , for
both , said ho did not Intend to take part iu
the proceedings.
The solicitor general said that , though the
case stood as undefended , ho was bound to
put sufficient evidence before the jury , but It
was not necessary to enter into some of the
details unless the case was seriously con
tested. AVhen the petition for divorce wns
filed December 21 of last year , Parnell put In
n simple denial. Mrs. O'Sfcca did moro ; she
made counter charges and imputed thnt ho
had connived for years at adultery , which
Parncll denied , The pica of connivance was
EO remnruablo that tlio solicitor general felt
hound to call attention to it. Ho then told
liow Mrs. O'Shca nnd Parnell. became uc-
, qualntod and how the acquaintance ripened.
But O'Shca also told a story and I will allow
tun to tell it hero.
O'Shca ' looked careworn'when ho stepped
into the box. Ho spoke low , but distinct.
Ono among the listeners was his son , Gerald
O'Shca , who occupied a retired seat. O'Shca
paid ho married ICnthorino Wood January 24 ,
1607. After tue marriage they stayed in
Madrid for some tlmo In the interest of a
bank thoro. The family is of Spanish origin.
There were three children of the marriage.
In 1831 ho was elected member of parliament
lor West CUres. Ho was soon aftcrwnid In
troduced to Parncll by O'Oarmou Mnhou und
inrltod Parnoll to Thomas' hotel and Introduced -
ducod him to his wife. In 1681 he hud a
quarrel with his wife about Parncll'a visits ,
Which he discovered by accident. He wont
to the Salisbury club and wrote the following
challenge to Parnell t
/51is-WUl you please be so kind as to bo at
Lisle or any other town In the north of Franco
which may suit your convenience on Sntur-
day , the HJth lnst.1 Please let mo know by I
p. in. today whether to expect you on that day
so that I may bo aolo to inform you ns to the
sign of the inn at which I shall stay. I nwalt
your answer In order to lese no time In
arranging for a friend to accompany mo.
Ho received no answer , but Mrs. Stcclc ,
who saw Parncll , assured him his suspicions
were groundless. According to Parnell's '
story , Mrs. O'Shea assured him nothing was
wrong nnd thcro was n reconciliation. The
Imprisonment of Parncll followed. As stated ,
O'Shea took an active part In obtaining Par-
ncll's rclc.isc. After Parnell's release he got
In good health nnd O'Shea Invited him to
Klthain. Mrs. O'Shca afterwards went to
Brighton , Parnell visited her there or nt
Medina tcrmco. In 1884 ho went to Lisbon ,
nnd on his rcturm heard rumors that Parncll
hud been at Kltlmm. llo wrote to Pamell ,
accusing him of bad faith. Pnrncll denied
any ground for scandal- did Mrs. O'Shca.
When ho started for Oalway last year , Gen
eral Elston beard statements about Parncll
nnd Mrs. O'Shea. Ho remonstrated with his
wife , nnd she said her acquaintance with
Piirncll was for political purposes.
Mr. Imterwlck asked O'Shca If his wife
had told Mm anything about Parnoll. O'Shca
said she told him thnt Parncll had been se
cretly married In 1SSO.
Ho invlted'l'arneU to call at Eltham. On
thcso occasions ho { Mr. Parnell ) returned to
town on the evening train. Ho had no knowl
edge of his returning the same evening and
staying at his houso. In May , 1SSU , ho snvf a
paragraph in a London newspaper about
them nnd ho telegraphed Mrs. O'Shca asking
what it meant. On May So , 1SSO , ho got a
letter from her stating she had not the slight
est Idea what It meant , nnd she did not sco
that It had anything to do with them. Ho
suggested thnt they go to a solicitor's and sco
whether they could not toke proceedings
against the newspaper , but she argued that
the proceedings would only brlng'tho scandal
Into creator prominence.
On Juno 8 ho went to Carlsbad and she
went to Eastbourne. Ho went toEnstbourno
for two days nnd stayed at the Queen's ' hotel.
Before going to Carlsbad ho wrote to her
from abroad on August 20 , 18SO. Ho wrote to
her thnt It would Do advisable not to settle
anything definitely till ho returned. Mean
while ho forbade her to have any com
munication directly or indirectly with Mr.
Pnrnell , and sugccstcd thnt she should con
sult her brother , Sir Evelyn Wood , or n so
licitor acting for her. On September 13 ,
1880 , ho saw a paragraph stating that Par
nell had been staying at Eastbourne during
the summer. On October 10 , 1SS < ) , ho wrote
to the effect that what had appeared In the
newspapers about her and Parncll wns to
put an cud to his public life , and thatns she
would not consent to do ns ho suggested ,
ho must seek some other arrange
ment. In December , ISSfl , ho saw moro
paragraphs la the newspapers nud on April
11 ! ho received n letter from his son stating
that as ho came In by a back way ho heard
the volco of that awful scoundrel , Parncll.
Ho bad nsked his mother if It svas ho and she
said ho had como to town , and ho thought it
better for his father to Itnow ubout it.
Ho next got a letter from his solicitor stat
ing that Mrs. O'Shea Indignantly denied that
ho had the least ground for his suspicions.
On April 22,187 , ho wrote to Parnell tnat it
had como to his knowledge thnt ho con
tinued to communicate with Mrs. O'Shca ' ,
and ho now asked him to discontinue !
It. In June , 18b7 , ho had reason to believe
that Mrs. O'Shca had broken oft the compli
cation with Mr. Parnell , untl a paragraph
appeared In the Times stating that Parncil
was living nt Brockiey under the name of
Preston. In September , 1SS9 , ho saw moro
paragraphs In the newspapers in reference to
Parncll and ho then consulted his solicitors.
Ho knew of his wife living at a house In
Brighton in the end ot 1SSO , and ho went
down there and stayed at a hotel and nnly
saw Mrs. O'Shca at the theater on that occa
sion. On Ucccmoer 10,1880 , ho received
Information that led him to suspect
that Parnell wns living in the house , and ho
therefore Instructed his solicitors and the
petition was filed.
O'Shea was asked if the charge was true
that ho committed adultery with Mrs. Steclo.
lie said that It was not true and had never
heard of it until he saw it In the pleadings in
Mrs. O'Shea nnU Mrs. Stcelo were on most
affectionate terms , but afterwards ill feeling
arose between them owing to a probable suit.
This suit is anent the will of Lady Wood ,
sister of Sir Evelyn. Wood , who died
some tlmo ago. She was a saving soul and
had 200,000 at her bankers' . She left money
to Mrs. O'Shea ' , and thcro ore some ugly
rumors afloat about undue Influence. Thcso
may bo groundless , but there promises to bo
a contest.
O'Shca was followed by Harriott Bull , who
wns in service where Mrs. O'Shca lived nt
Brighton. She recognized Parncll by a
photograph as tno man who visited Mrs.
O'Shea every day. Ho stayed long nr.d when
ho came everybody but Mrs. O'Shca went
out. Ho frequently stayed until 11 nt night.
Ho slept In the house ono night. On ono
occasions ho went to Mrs. O'Shea's bedroom
to speak to nor nnd heard Pnrnell's voice.
The door was locked and she saw them como
outtbroo quarters of aa hour Inter. Caroline.
Pctbera , cook nt Medina Terrace , said Par
ncll visited Mrs. O'Shca ns Charles Stewart.
Ho came to the house by a back way and had
a cloth cap pulled over his eyes. Ho used to
drlvo Mrs. O'Shea about at night , but never
in the day. When not driving they were
locked In a room together , sometimes for
hours. Whenever she had a mcssago to Mrs.
O'Shea witness would have to wait outsldo
the doors five or ten minutes. Mrs. O'Shen
would then como to the door nnd open It an
inch or two. Captain O'Slicn once called
when Parncll was In the drawing room. It
was dark , nnd Mrs. O'Shea would not have
the gas lighted nnd witness went down
stairs. Immediately afterwards Captain
O'Shen ' rang the street door bell nnd came in
und a few 'minutes Inter Parncll , who had not
como down stairs , knocked at the front door
nnd asked to see Captain O'Shea. ' There
were two rope fire-i-scnpo ladders la the
houso. [ Laughter. ] On another occasion
Parnoll sat In the drawing room until mid
night. Ho then wont up to bed. Mrs. O'Slicn
followed nnd went Into his room. Witness
nnd her. husband were standing on the land
ing nbovo and saw this. They watted some
tlmo , but as Mrs , O'Sliea did not coma out
they went to bed. Parnell's hot water was
nlwnys taken up to his room by Mrs. O'Shea ,
who would l.rlng down bis orders as to
At this point the case ndjoumpd. As Mrs.
Stcolo was at Brighton , the solicitor general
said there would bo no other -witnesses ready
before Monday. The judge said ! "If you
llko to close the case now I am prepared ton
tell the Jury what I think has been proved. n
The solicitor general said bo preferred to calla
a few moro witnesses , so the case was ad
journed till Monday.
The case Is the talk of the town nnd you
can get any odds on a verdict for O'Shea.
LONDON , Nov. 15. Jonn Lewis Brown , the
painter , died in Paris today.
A Eegulnr Panic , Especially Among Hold
ers of Railroad Stocks.
Ilrotlit rs Find Themselves In a
Xlulit IMnoo ami Arc Forced to
Siical--Tho | Itotliftulitldu
to the Itcsoiie.
Nr.\v YOUR , Nov. IB. The stock market
today during two hours of the session was the
liveliest since the great slump of December
15 , ISSO , and for the space of an hour or moro
there existed a perfect panlo among holders
of securities , especially railroad stocks , and
the declines established during that tlmo were
pi-enter than ever before seen at the same
time. The only cause of excitement was the
announcement from London that the Minn of
Baring Bros , had been forced to seek as
sistance to tldo thoin over the present finan
cial crisis , and holders of stocks ba'.Amo panic-
stricken over the news without reflecting that
the dangers had really already vnssci1 when
the Dank of England and Ilothschlld came to
the rescue.
Early advices froai London were rc&asur-
Ing , and the crisis was represented ns over
there and continuing the Improvement begun
yesterday. First prices were generally frac
tionally higher than yesterday's figures. The
announcement about the Barings was
thrown nt the market Immediately , however -
over , and the good feeling disappeared
In aa instant , and from prospective buyers
the whole i-oom bccamo sellers at the best
prices obtainable. The force of the decline
may bo gathered from the fact that In the
short space of an hour Lackawnnna had
dropped away DV , Jersey Central 7) < f ,
Atchlson 5J , Pullman f % Canada Southern
C ) , Burliigton | 7j , Hock Island G' ' and
others from 2 to fi per cent. The drop , how
ever , soon brought Into the market a class of
buyers who are paying outright , for their soj
cu ritlcs , and the current was soon turned by
this support when the bears Joined In the
buying to rcaluo profits accrued upon the
tremendous drop. The early Belling soon de
veloped tlio fact that thcro were largo selling
orders In the market and the trading nnd
professional element soon took the market
away from the sellers and Innumerable stop
orders were quickly uncovered , rendering
the stampede more serious every minuto.
After the downward movement was
checked the bank statement was
Issued , showing a 'material gain in
the surplus reserve and growing
strength that the banks have no further feel
ing ; of apprehension among Wall street
houses , and the general Impression Is that as
soon as London becomes really quiet there
will bo no disturbing Influence found here.
The rally" which obtained In the first hour
extended to 4 per cent and over In some of
the most pronounced cases , but the upward
movement was Insuillcient to inako 'up any
thing like the losses incurred.and thcro was
an extremely feverish and unsettled condi
tion of the market lu trading throughout.
The close \vas very active and strong for
the moment at material losses for the day.
The final losses were very material nnd
Laclcawnnna was off 45/ , Jersey Central 5 ,
Hock Island 4 , Missouri Pacific 3 % , Atchlson
8 , Burlington ' . % Silver Certificates 2 , and
Northwestern Vi percent. .
Private cables received before the
opening of the stock exchange an
nouncing the troubles of Baring Broth
ers , and stating that the Bank of England ,
the Hothclillds nnd other bankers had taken
up the accounts of Baring Bros , amounting
to 15,000,000. created a profound sensation.
The brokers had a conference nnd decided to
bid an advance at the opening In every
stock that could bo handled , so as
to arrest the sudden shock. As a
result prices for nearly all active stocks
op'iiied Yi to ! J per cent above last night's
close , the extreme-gain being made by North
ern Pacific preferred. Then prices gave way
rapidly in all directions. Atchison fell 2 per
cent , Sugar 2 ! , Lnckawnnna 2 , Western
Union 1J and Big Four % I101' cent in the
first fifteen minutes.
iCldder , Pcabody & Co. , who are the agents
hero for Baring llros. ifc Co. , say thoy.havo
private advices from London that whatever
trouble there may have been Is completely
arranged. The trouble was doubtless caused
by the depression in Argentine securities.
In an interview this afternoon Thomas
Baring said i "It is true that tlio Bank of
England , the Rothschilds nndothc * largo
English banking houses had agreed to guar
antee the credit of the Barings to the extent
of ill,000,000. "
Banker Seligmnn. speaking of the condition
of nffnirs in Wall street , said ho presumed that
if within a reasonable time the market takes
a favorable turn hero and abroad the Barings
will take up their collateral and go on as al
ways. "No one can say this is the beginning
of the end of the Barings , for the simple rea
son that no ono knows anything about it. "
The Evening Post says : ' -Three months
ago , when the Argentine revolution first
began to crlpplo the resources of houses
floating Argentine securities , on examination
of the uTail's ( of the Barings showed a clear
balance of 15,000,000 , over nnd nbovo all lia
bilities. The shrinkage of 11,000,000 , or say
about f.5,000,000 In three months , shows
what a tremendous strain London nuances
have been subjected to. The prospect of n
resuscitation of the value of thcso Agentlno
securities Is good. It Is reported thata meet
ing of the bank presidents of New York Is to
bo held between now and Monday morning
to consider tha financial situation and deter
mine upon n policy of conservatism , If events
should Justlfv or necessitate Joint Interposi
tion in that direction. "
The BarliiffH May Tint Fall.
ICapl/rtQht / 1SOO In Jo lies Gordon Htwiett
LONDON , Nov. 15. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to THE BKK.I Ills uowlcarned
that the Baring Bros , have been tided over
only until Wednesday. The bank refuses
absolutely to have anything to do with tholr
South American stocks. It is believed that
if It cannot irct some other assistance it will
fail Wednesday , together with Martin.
Ttie CniiHo of tlio Panic.
Nnw YORK , Nov. 15. The Evening Sun
says the facts in regard to the extraordinary
monetary situation which has prevailed in
London for the past ten days may bo summed
up authoritatively as follows : Owing
to the extent of their operations in
railroads and lands in South A-merlcn
Messrs. Baring Bros , have been moro or less
embarrassed for over six months. Last
Thursday week the Messrs. Baring nt the
conclusion of business decided that it was
impossible for them to continue , and on Fri
day morning , November 7 , they so notified
the directors of the bank of England ,
who immediately convened and startled
the whole financial world by
raising the rate of discount. The
proceeding was most unprecedented nnd
culled for n halt of speculation at every
money center In the world. The present
week has been ono of most painful suspense
in banking circles and this feeling Is reflected
In a minor degree In Now York , where only
a few of the moro important houses having
European connections have been aware of
the real nature of the difficulty in London.
On the Chicago Hoard.
CHICAGO , Nov. 15. Prices on 'change ' hero
were strongly In sympathy with the move
ments on the Now York stock exchange.
The opening was rather weak , and when the
news of the break In Now York stocks was
received , in spite of the cabled announcement
that Barring Bros , had received heavy sup '
port , a panic set In and everybody sola.
Price * went off with such rapidity thai It was
Impossible to do tiny business. December
wheat went down to Ola and May to
03c , May com dropped to 60o ,
oats to 43 0 and January pork to $11.45.
Then news of n better louo on the New York
exchange was received nnd a recovery fol
lowed , December wheat advancing to Wlo nnd
the remainder of thd list rose proportion
ately. During the remainder of the session
the market was steady.
Tito Klluatltin In
Losnox , Nov. JR. [ Special Cablegram to
Tun Br.E. ] The Alines , referring to the
financial i situation. Rays : "Tho city has
passed through a crisis verging upon a panic.
Such a tlmo has not bean known since the
suspension of Ovcrcndj Gumoy & Co. Wo rejoice
joico that wo nro able to announce that the
worst i Is over. The Bank of England has
added to Its historic cnrvlcca to the state and-
the commercial cummilnlty br its pvo'mpt ac
tion lit averting wlmt would hnvo been n
lamentable entastropha T.ho administration
of the bank has not only provided a vast re
inforcement to Its sldcli of gold to meet ex
ceptional demands in the event of a panic ,
but also has stopped out of the
ordinary routine of , business to prevent
the downfall of one. of the greatest
nnd most respected English financial nouses ,
Baring Brothers & Co , , which had for some
days been In peril , and which , if it had fallen
would probably hnvo brought down in wide
spread rnln a largo number of smaller but 1m-
pbrtant firms ,
London 'Change.
Loxnox , Nov. 15. The stock market
opened buoyant on the news that a largo linn
was reported yesterday In trouWo had ur-
raingcd Its difficulties. Tlio market after
ward declined , and ( it the close prices
showed but fractional changes from the
Villnrd Coming Home.
NRW YOIIK , Nov. Ifi. Assignee Cromwell
of Dexter , Howcll & Co. , received a cable-
gram from Henry Vlllnrd today stating that
the hitter will sail for New York on the 20th.
Cromwell says Vlllard-has not lost fattti In
the enterprises with which ho is connected.
9fndo nn Aselgninant.
BOSTOV , Mass. , Nov. 15. The Kansas City
packing and refrlgeraldr company'of Boston
lias assigned. The liabilities are about
tl ,000,000.
Serious Disturbances Apprehended
by the 1'lno Itlrtgo Agent.
POUT ilonixsox , Nob. , Nov. 15. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : Bins. ] The agent at Pine
KIdgo agency , S. D , , ( Air. Ilayor ) reached
this post yesterday and reported that
serious trouble is anticipated from the
results of tlio ghost dance which Is
crazing the Indians. They openly defy the
Indian police and threaten defiance to nny
small body of soldltirs. Transportation
hero Is being overhauled and pre
pared for a campaign. Troops are
held In readiness for orders' to take the field
at any inlnuts. Dr. Tempany. vetonary sur
geon of the Ninth cavalry , left for Omnhn to
receive horses to replenish the troops.
Ocncrnl Mile : * ' Denies.
CIIICAOO , iNov. in. General Miles today de
nied the truth of the report In the special
dispatches from Washington to the effect
that troops have been ordered to take
the field for n demonstration against the rest
less Indians In Dakota. ' Ho says that no
such order has yet bcon'tieard of nnd that the
mutter Is being carefully looked after.
Not Ordered Into the Field.
DC.UNVOOD , Dak. , Nov. 15. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim Bnn.J The commandant at
Fort Mcado has rcceltoj no orders to take
the field nnd has no knojplodgo of the threatr
cncd Indian outbreak. A largo part of'tfie
command has been on ihf jesorvatlon all sum
mer and recently wo& oidorod to go Into win-
tcrquartcrs. which circumstance may have
occasioned the rumor.
No Troops Ordered Out.
CHICAGO , Nov. 15. ( Special Telegram to
THE Br.n.J Inquiry nt the headquarters of
the division of the Missouri regarding the
orders said to have been Issued by General
Miles about the massing of troops nt StandIng -
Ing Rock nnd Pine Ridge agencies elicited
the fact that no troop's have been ordered out
against the Indians in any part of the coun
try. The ordering of Colonel Summer to
Chicago was in the regular routine of trans
fer nnd had nothing to do with the Indian
troubles. General Mllea Is now in the city.
A. Passenger Train Ditched Near
ISvanstou , AVyo.
EVANSTOX , Wyo. , Nov. 15 : [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : BEE. ] Thg Union Pacific west
bound passenger train , was derailed near this
place at noon by a broken truck. The train
consisted of two coaches , a Pullman and bag
gage car , nnd was drawn by two engines.
When near Leroy , Station the trucks of the
tender of the head engine broke nnd precipi
tated the rear engine and the entire tram
ever the bank. Engineer William Lettibridgo
received a broken shoulder. Fireman John
Klrkman hnd a leg broken nnd received
severe internal injuries. The passengers ,
save a few slight bruises and a severe
shaking up , escaped unhurt. Engineer Loth-
bridge had nn almost miraculous escape. Ho
remained at his post ; applying tboalr , nnd
went down with his engine , which was
turned upside down ,
Fireworks Enterprise.
AIDANT , N. Y. , Nov. 15. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB BEK. ] The consolidated Firo-
works Company of America bos been Incor
porated , with a capital' $3,500,000. It Is
formed for manufacturing and selling fire
works , flags , banners and articles of n simi
lar nature. The principal business office of f
the company will bo at Northfleld , Richmond I
county , but It will also have branches in Bos
ton , Baltimore , Cincinnati , Chicago and St.
Louis. The trustees faro George W. Street
of Now York City , George II. Prentlss and
Charles A. Johnson ofVBrooklyn , Joseph A.
Palmer and James Palmer , jr. , of Rochester ,
Thomas B. Diehl of Cincinnati and John' W.
Bond of Baltimore. (
A Chicago Democrat Indicted.
CIIICAOO , Nov. 15. fepl , Von Praag , dom-
cratic rcpresontatlvc-iiJpct from the Second
district , was indicted by , the federal grand
jury today and admitted to bail In $7,500. The
indictments were tor. . Conspiracy to obtain
citizen's papers for pvttpns not entitled and
subordination of perjury.
Will Discard the Sword for the Pen.
PAIUS , Nov. 15. [ Special Cablegram to
TUB HUE. ] Genera Boulangoi- will spend
the whiter In Egypt , . Ho returns to the
island of Jersey In the-spring to take charge
of the management of'a dally newspaper
which will bo published in Paris.
Lnguorrro and Dcrouledo Belonged.
PAHIS , Nov. IB. [ Special Cablegram to THE
BEE. ] Laguorro and Dcrouledo were ar
raigned In court at Churlevol today , charged
with having engagedli } a duel In Belgium ,
and after a bearing wcro released on ball.
The Melbourne Strike Ended.
MuLnounNE , Nov. IS , [ Special Cablegram
to THE BEE. ] The seamen , stewards nnd
wharf men , who have been on a strike for
several months , hnvo given up the struggle
and resumed work.
_ Aspirants ( oIminortaliy. _ ]
Nov. 15. [ Special Cablojrram to
TUB BEE. ] Prime Minister Do Froyclnct Is
a candidate for B scat in the French academy.
Cardinal Lavlgcrlo la also a candidate for the
academy. _
A Woman Snutcnocd.
LOXDOX , Nov. -KataKlordan , who shot
and wounded Dr. Bright of Oxford , was to
day sentenced to six years' Imprisonment.
Good Positions on the Floor of the National
Senate Much Desired ,
Belief Thnt nt the Coming HOHHOII | of
ConjtrcsN They Will linul a
Move for Changes in
the Tariff.
W-ASlllN'OTOX Butir.VU TUB OtAltBen , )
513 FouiiTBENTit STIIBET. }
WASIII.NOTOX , D. 0. . Nov. IB. )
It Is amazing what anxiety exists to secure
the best scats on the floor of the senate. No
sooner does n senator die than thcro is n rush
for ( the chair ho makes vacant , and bcfuro
the returns are all in from nn election and It
appears thcro will bo changes , then n scram-
% bio is mndo for nny chnngo there may bo m
anticipation on the floor.of the senate. The
rule of the senate provides that whenever It
appears that thcro Is to bo a change In n scat
on the floor by reason of .death , resignation ,
election or otherwise the chair to bo vacated
shall go to the senator who first requests It
of the doorkeeper. In less than
hours after the recent election , or ns soon as
It appeared that Wisconsin bad gone demo
cratic , Wolcott of Colorado , who occupied a
seat on the extreme outsldo wing of tlio re
publican side of the senate , wired Captain
Bnssott , the doorkeeper , saying that ho
wanted Spooner's seat. Ho was promised
the chair by return telegraph. So Senator
J3pooner's chair Is disposed of long
before the tlmo when the legislature
which is to elect his successor convenes. Mr
Stuwart or Nevada and other senators wired
for Spooner's seat , but their applications
cnmo too late. Of course the chnlr will not
bo vacated until March 4 next. Even Sena
tor Ingall's chair Is being fought for by re
publicans who are not so well located ,
although It Is by no means sure that the sena
tor will not succeed himself. Senator Wash-
bum of Minnesota wired his application for
Ingall's chair us soon ns it began to look as
though the democrats and fuslonlsts had se
cured u control of the Kansas delegation.
Learning that this application had been made ,
Chandlcrof Now Hampshire has entered his
application for the scat to bo vacated by the
Minnesota senator In the event Ingalls Is not
re-elected and the chnngo of seats Indicated
occurs. If Itfwcro not that Senator Chandler
has ono of the most undesirable scats on the
floor there would doubtless be applications
for his chair.
ri.AXS or TIIK Tiinun p'n.
His believed that the three republican P's
In the senate who voted for. strong cuts m
the tariff I'himb , Paddock nnil Pottlgrow
will lead a move for n few popular changes In
the law this winter which cannot bo resisted ,
and that among the things they will advocate
will be free binding twine and raw materials
which cannot bo supplied In this country In
sufllclcnt quantities to meet the demands. It
Is not believed thcro will bo many changes in
the tariff law as It stands.
Postmaster General Wunninnkor , who is
being pounded by Gould and his followers on
account of his advocacy of the postal tele
graph scheme and who Is suffering a raid
upon his financial credit for this work , when
nskcd by a gentleman today whether ho be
lieved there vvas.ttnydanger of n panic aud.ifj-
it was safe to'go nhoad with business von- ,
turoa requiring long credits and
loans , saw : "I regard the country
as being m the safest financial
condition It ever wns in und would not hesi
tate to enter any business venture on account
of the flurry in Wall street nnd London. It
is simply the Gould crowd on n be.ur hunt. "
There Is much talk among the Now York
democrats hero about patching un the trou
ble between Cleveland and Hill preparatory
to the nomination In 18W. Since Hill has re
fused the United States scmitorxhlp to suc
ceed EvnrtB , preferring to support Smith M.
Weed nnd toke his own chances for the presi
dential nomination , the trouble thickens.
The propo idernnco of belief is , however , that
Cleveland will bo nominated. Cleveland Is
so unpopular In congressional ctVelos thnt It
Is thought thnt Ucpresentatlvo Springer of
Illinois hns ruined his chances for the spcak-
ership of the Fifty-second congress by plac
ing the ex-prcsldcnt In nomination nt the
Thurman banquet at Columbus. With the
masses of the party ho Is regarded stronger
now than ever boforo.
Assistant Secretary Chandler today af
firmed the decision of Commissioner Groft in
rejecting the now proof of Hans Olson , sup
porting his homestead entry for tlio north
west 'J of section 14 , township 105 , range 55
west , Mitchell , S. D. Commissioner Graft
rejected the proof because of Irregularity in
the tiling.
The Sioux Indians who nro connected with
the Wild West show and who were given a
hearing today by the commissioner of Indian
affairs , have loft for their homos at the Pine
lildgo agency. They gave evidence to the
effect that the work they nro engaged In Is
not demoralizing and that the contracts they
ore under are being fulfilled.
Captain George E. Pond , assistant quarter
master , has been assigned to duty as post
quartermaster nt Fort Kollly , Kan.
The following transfers have been mndo In
the Ninth cavalry : Captain M. B. Hughes ,
from troop I to troop M ; Captain T. B.
Taylor , from troop M to troop I.
Tomorrow the barber shops of Washington
which are run under the direction of hotel
proprietors w'll ' bo open for rccular business
for the first tlmo in several years. First the
barbers' union closed the shops on Sunday
and then the District commissioners ordered
them closed. The hotel proprietors have re
solved to take the commissioners' order In
hand and In the courts.
A demand Is being made by the ministers
hero for a better law regulating the Issuance
of marriage licenses and the performance of
marriage ceremonies. They say that nny one
with f I can got n license nud bo married. An
appeal will bo made to congress.
William E. Annln of Omaha was today
elected a member of the Gridiron club , which
Is composed of forty of the leading Washing
ton newspaper correspondents.
The postofllco at Earllng , Preston county ,
South Dakota , has been discontinued. The
mail will go to Lower Butte.
W. W. Douglas of Omaha Is at the Shor-
- #
The 1C. oT Li. Convention.
DB.NVEII , Colo. , Nov. 15. The Knights of
Labor nt the morning session adopted a
resolution appointing a committee of three to
inquire exhaustively lute the matter of the
Now York Central strike. If It finds that
the company replaced the knights with In
competent men it will draft a bill for pres
entation to the next general assembly of Now
York forfeiting the charter of the railroad
company. _
Jameson's Explanations.
LONDON , Nov. 15. [ Special Cablegram to
TUB BEE.I The Times , referring to Jame
son's letter to his wife in explanation of the
cannibal incident witnessed by him , nays It
deeply regrets to record the opinion that
Jameson's attempted exculpation strikes a
heavier blow at his reputation than any of
the other statements recently published ,
The Engineers' Brotherhood.
OHIOAOO , Nor , 15. [ Special Telegram to
Tun BEK. ] P. M. Arthur , chlet of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers , is In
the city and today said :
There Is no prospect of our coalition with
the Federation of Hallway Kiimloyos. There
Is no more probability of our joining nny other
oiilcr now than ever , and thcro Is no need of
It. Lost year was , despite nil that had been
prophesied , the most prosiierous lu the history
of our organization , the official reports show
ing nn Increase of 1,700. This , at the end of
our twenty-seven years existence , mnkcs our
totnl mcmtorshlp about twenty-eight thous
and , and throughout the country there Is not
perceptlulo the smallest likelihood of trouble.
Capture of the HebeU and the
lion of Sanchez.
( O ) | > iifihSAJJn ; ; Jamti fJrmfmi IlfiiiirfM
TKflUctaoi.iM , Honduras , Nov. 15. [ New
Yoru Herald Cable-Special to Tun UBI : . ]
General Longlnos Sanchez , who headed the
recent attempt to overthrow tl.o government
of President Bogr.m , and who , with his
forces , held this the capital city , for the brief
period of ono week , has been captured , and
with the principal leaders of his army has
been shot.
The revolution Is nt nn end. After yester
day's lighting It was n foregone conclusion ,
ns was stated In the Herald , that this would
bo the end. His troops had been defeated in
n series of bloody engagements , nnd
ho , with the brief remainder ,
were penned up In the Son Francisco bar
racks. So , surrounded by a vigilant foreo
flushed with victory , President Bogran last
night had stationed n number of cannon upon
the barracks , and early this morning ho
opened lire. Sanchez nnd his Imprisoned
comrades , knowing thnt death awaited them
In any event , fought with tlio desperate cour-
ngo of despair , but It was n hopeless struggle
from the start. After a brief cannonading
the walls of the barracjts wore almost com
pletely battered down.
Then there was a determined charge of
Bogran's soldiers , a brief but desperate hand-
to-hand fight , nnd then nil that remained
alive ot the rebels were prisoners ,
Without the formality of a court-martial ,
Sanchez with several of the principal officers
engaged In tlio revolt were taken to 0110 of the
principal squares In the city , blindfolded , and
stood In line in the presence of hundreds of
the cltiiciiH. A firing party was told off.
The doomed men were given a brief'tlmo for
prayer. Then the word was given. There
was a crash of muskets , nnd the revolution of
Longlncss Sanchez passed Into history.
Sancho/and his men met their fate without
out flinching. The bodies of the dead rebels
were exposed to the public gaze all day , to bo
n warning to future aspirants to the presiden
tial chair who desire to get supreme power
by foreo of arms. Snucho/ was not popular
with the citizens of Tegucigalpa , and the sym
pathies of tlio people were altogether with
Brogan. Hence , though nearly everybody
was grieving over the death or wounding of
some relative or friend , thcro was general re
joicing over the signal victory of the govern
ment troops. General Sanchez , during his
brief term of power , caused two of the mem
bers of President Bogran's cabinet to ho shot.
Onooftho executed ministers was Simeon
fx fo\i > ox Toirx.
Topics that Work Upon tlio Interest c r
Our Ijiinilon CoiiHliiH. .
[ Cowirltilit tsaoliii Jiunn Oonlnu ilemAt. }
LONDON' , Nov. 15. [ Now York Herald
Cublo Special to Tun Bci : . ] The next
iparilamontrliaskedto pass nil net to incor-
'pora'te n.body styled "Trustees nnd Guardians
ot Shnkcspearo'B ' Birthplace. " It is the In
tention to transfer to this body the property
now viistcd in the corporation of Stratford-
on-Avon , Including the Shakespearian library
nnd museum and the fund' * held by Its trus-
tccb. The new body has authorized the pur
chase of Anna Hathaway' 'cottage and Mary
Ardcn's house at WJImcco tt.
Florence St. John has just secured a ver
dict of ! 00 and costs against the sporting
paper , Truth , for printing a harmless gag
about her diamonds.- Where a pretty woman
Is concerned the average British Jury is the
prize idiot. The English libel law Is so out
rageous the most conservative favor modifi
Wilson Barrett will inaugurate cheap
prices in his new tneater. The stalls are to
cost six shillings. The present prices nro
ridiculously hlgn , being over two and a half
dollars for what costs one and a half in New
All Europe is still discussing Koch's con
sumption euro. So far as known the treat
ment consists of Injection under the skin of a
clear brownish llimld. The place for the In
jection Is between the shoulder blades in the
region of the loins. The liquid soon produces
constitutional disturbance such as nausea ,
shivering and n rise in temperature , but the
first effects soon pass and If the patient Is in
ordinary health nothing further will ensue.
Koch has proved the effect on himself. If
the patient Is suffering from scrofula and
secondary action begins , it fixes upon the
diseased spots and proceeds to cure. It has
not been shown to do this In
a demonstrable way In consumption.
The process is hidden from observation.
Koch sees the curative action with the eye of
faith. Ho says : "Nevertheless wo are Justi
fied In assuming that bore , too , changes take
place similar to those seen In lupus cases. "
Ho says the remedy does not kill tubercular
bacilli but tuberculous tissue. Kocks state
ments regarding the cure of pulmonary con
sumption nro carefully guarded nnd one of his
claims Is that It will in the future form an in
dispensable aid In diagnosis. The English
medical iraternlty Is disposed to bo hopeful ,
for the benefit ptomlsed Is so , great that re
sponsible persons dccllno to scout them ; but
the consumption cure doe i not now seem to bo
so popular as the first , announcement of the
discovery warranted the public in believing.
Advance in
[ CopyrtuH ISMlm Jamta ( Ionian Itenntlt. ]
MANciinsTKit , Nov. 15. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to THE BKK. ] Manufactur
ing furriers have advanced the price of seal
skins CO per cent. The Impression prevails
that the recent low prices will never return.
The American trade Is below the average.
Blroliiill'H "Widow.
WOOIHTOCK , Ont. , Npv. 15. [ Special Telo-
trram to THE BKK.J Mrs. Dirt-hull did not at
tend the burial of her husband in the jail
yard , but Mrs. West-Jones , her sister , was
present and was very much affected.Mrs. . '
Blrchall passed a comfortable night last
night , and this morning is much moro com
posed than at nny tltno slnco the execution
took place. She still refuses to bo inter
Mrs , Birchull nnd Mrs. Jones will remain
In Woodstock for a week or two at least and
arrange some business matters , after which
they will sail for England. Blrcball's body
was embalmed and burled In a metallic oollln
hermetically sealed. Another effort will bo
made by Mrs. Blrchall to got possession of
her husband's body. If Mia is successful his
remains will bo Interred In the Church of
Knglimd cemetery hero.
Increase In French Commerce.
PAIIIB , NpV. J5. [ Special Cablegram to
Tun BtE.J The returns Issued by the
French board of trade show that Uuving the
month of October the Imports Increased
8,824,000 , francs and the exports Increased
10,034,000 , francs ns compared with the cor
responding mouth last year.
> f , Kocli Has the Attention of Invalids- -
and Everybody Else ,
i " * * _ _ _
On Cnlolirnioil Medlo Claim * Thnt a
Jtcinc < ly Will lie Found Hcl'oro
nc for Cniicer Some
Socialistic DcfcatM.
Xtie IVrfc Attoetatnl ; ' ; r. < . .7 <
Bniu.v , Nov. 15. Prof. Koch hold * supreme
premo swiiy over public Interest. The pub.
Mention of his statement at lioinu ntul abroad
has Intensified excitement , nnil messages any
pouring In from nil parts of Europe nnd.
Medical men , including Kngllsh and" Aniorl
cnn physicians , liavo been studying the
process under the. nlil of 1'rnf. Koch , In.
( cresting reports of the progress of the treat
ment In ninny cases continue to bo iniulo. To
meet tlio pressure of eases another hospital
is about to bo established.
The set-rot nnd composition of the lymph
have been communicated to Koch's Intlinnto
colleagues , also to Prof. Welgnrt of Frank'
fort , Dr. Bast of Hamburg hospital and
Prof. Nothnagc'l of Vlomm nnlvorslty.
Nothiingol In addressing his students
on the mattersuld : "Tho discovery
1ms far wider scope than .Tenner's discovery
of vaccination and Is perhaps the grandest
fcnt in the History of medical science. "
Prof. Bllroth holds that Kozh's method
pluces It beyond doubt that a remedy will bo
found before long for cancer.
Tie | only criticisms of Koch's discovery
como from French Medical men , MIIIIO o'f
whom ndvlso Incredulity until the nature ot
thoioniL'dy Is fully known and sciuntlflo
proof given of Its effectiveness.
The leading feature of the primary educa
tion bill of thogovcininont concerns religious
instruction. The hill piovldes that every
child shall bo educated In its own creed nnd
that classes In religious knowledge -shall bo
conducted by the respective religious bodies ,
rcnrusontatlvos of such bodies 1m
each community being authorized to
preside over classes. Classes for Instruction
in evangelical and Catholic- creeds will bo In-
trusted to the parish pastor or priest.
The will of Archduke John of Austria has
been opened in Vienna. Ho leaves every
thing to Mllly Stubel , his morganatic wifo.
It will bo contested as invalid under the Aus
trian law.
The socialists were bailly beaten In several
communal elections the past week. The abolition
lition of repression seems to bo weakening
the party.
The Frankfort Zcltung announces tlmC the
Jiavnriim government , having failed to obtain
the Berlin government's approval of its ruso-
lution to admit the iicdcinptorists fathers ,
will not ask thobundcsrath to abolish the law
for the expulsion of the Jesuits.
The fund for the Bismarck memorial hero
has reached 8-10,000 , marks.
o I
The Gnlllfct-StcvcnH Nuptunlx.
[ Cij//rf(7ht ) ) / / ( J.Whi ; Jamej Himfim Itennttt , }
* PAltls , Nov. 15. [ New Vork Herald Cable
Special to .Tni : nun. ] At midday , In the
Parish church at Montmoreney , onooftho
most fushlonablo niarnngcs of the season was
celebrated , between Comto du Gallifot , son of
General Marquis do Galltfet , and Miss Stevens -
ens , daughter by her first marriage of the
Marquise do Talloyrawl-Perigord , duchosso
do Dlno. Carriages from the Due do Dino's
stnbles convoyed the guests from the station
to tlio church. The church was rielily and
effectively dcrorUod with garlands of whlto
flowers , festoons of roses and largo palm
trees placed between the columns. The
decorations were carried out by the Duo do
Ohio's gardener. Outside the church win
drawn up a dctnchment of the Twenty-third
dragoons , the regiment to which the bride
groom belongs. The service was conducted
by Abbo Mare. Solos were sung by Miss
Eames , the well known American prlma
donna. The bridegroom was In Mil uniform ,
and during the ceremony carried his helmet.
.The brldo was attired in a superb dross of
white satin , trimmed with orange blossoms.
Over nil war a rich long voll of old lace. The
witnesses for the bridegroom were iho Duo
do la Trcmoillo and the Marquis do Lam-
bortyo. Those of the bride wcra
Whitclaw Hold and Joispll Stevens
of New York , brother of the bride.
After tlio Hainan Catholic ceremony the
party adjourned to the Protestant church at
knghicn , when the wedding service was
again read. The Duchcsso do Ohio received
the guests at the chateau Montmorenoy ,
where the wedding breakfast was given. Tlio
town hall was handsomely decorated with the
Hags of Franco and the United States en
twined. Among tlio pleasant incidents of the
day was a neat llttlo speech made by the
mayor , dwelling on the happy union of a
Frenchman to a lady from America , the coun
try which the French liked so well. Outsldo
the chateau was another detachment of
Trouble In World's Knlr CirolcH.
CiiiCAnn , Nov. 15. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Hin. ] Thu Kvening Journal today
.says :
There Is chaos In World's fair circles , and
It would not ho at all surprising that , unless
the national commission nnd the local board
settle their differences , several of the direc
tors of the local board will resign buforo the
next meeting of that body. Tills Is not ofll-
clal , but thnro ts.a well defined opinion to
that effect floating around World's ' fair head
quarters. The trouble us It now exists Is the
result of a feeling engendered and afterward
fostered by sensational journalism and Is.
being roundly condemned In conservative
circles. A national commissioner imid tills
morning : "You talk about outside publica
tions doing harm to the fair , but It scorns tome
mo they only take iho cue from the local feel
ing a.s expressed through your publications. "
Do this as It may , the trouble exist * , and un
less matters are smoothed over before the
Ibth the ulr will bo bluo.
KanmiH City I'nuklng Company.
KANSAS OITV , Mo. , Nov. 15' Additional at
tachments wnro sued out ngalnst the Kansas
City packing company today after the assign
ment of the Boston linn , nnd they now ag
gregate fiKl OOs. The assets of-the concern
nro Bald to be $1,000,000 nnd that the present
dinlculty is not caused lu any way by the
management hero.
Methodist MlHulon Appropriations.
BOSTONMass. , . , Nov. 15. The Methodist
miislonary committee today appropriated
$ . 10,000 , for Japan , * 10,000 for Coreu and 81,000 ,
for Lower California. This finished the ap
propriations for foreign countries. Thoeo-
tlro amount thus far appropriated In $ MO,007.
The amount remaining which they wore en
titled to expend wus $ J5,4-UJ ,
Tlio Weather Forecast.
Foi Omaha and Vicinity Fulr , stationary
tomporpturo ,
For Nebraska , Iowa and South Dakota
Fair ; warmer ; winds bceomluK southerly , „