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What the Secretary of Agrioulturt Thinks
of tlio Work of Congress.
A Morn Comprehensive Klrotlon Tmw
ItccjnminoiMlcd Aii Opinion on tlio
Ueet Sugar Industry llio
Outlook IHS
WASIIIVOTOV , Nov. 9. The secretary of
ngiiculturo has presented his annual report
to the president. By conmartng prices at
Cldcago for October 1(5 ( of 1800 and 1889 ho
shows the marked Increase In the values of
agricultural products , especially of cereals.
A tabulated statement of agricultural ex
ports the last fiscal year , including live ani
mals , barley , hriy , potatoes , hops , cheese ,
flax , wool , tobacco , wines , etc. , under the old
and now tarlH rales nto given nnd indicate a
material Increase In import duties on these
articles , and .show each to have been 1m-
poitcd in considcrablo quantities , iho sec
retary asserts that without Ignoring the of-
fcrts of natural causes In enhancing values
the economic legislation of the last session
of congress has directly bcnellttcd the farm
ers ; Improved the value of cereals.
Our Increased export trade In cattle and
anlimil products Is another cause of con
gratulation ho traces to the ciiergctlo and
effective measures adopted for the oradlcatibn
of plcuto-pneumonla and to the growing ap-
pi cclntlon at homo and abroad of the depart
ment's ability to suppress or oHectunlly con-
tiol contagious animal dsonscHe ( declares
that not a single case of contagious plciuo-
pncutnonla has been alleged to exist among
American cattle shipped to British polls
since March last. Similar energy has been
directed to our pork Interests. The secretary
stronglv recommends that the Inspection law-
bo made moio comprchcnsh o th m the present
ono , of all animals slaughtered for Interstate
or foreign trndo.
The outlook for the homo sugar Industry is
considered favorable. The analysis by the
department chemist of boots gio\\ In various
states from seed distributed last sm-lng in
dicates n high nercentago sf sugar mul affords
uhat Is legordcd as conclusive proof that
laigo sections of the country are adapted
to the successful culture of the
sugar beet. The practical results
obtained In Nebraska and Kansas ,
ho says , domonstinto the feasibility of home
grown su nr munufncturo. In the bureau ol
animal Industry arrangements havobcon per
fected for a dairy division , the establishment
of which was delayed somewhat by the lacl ;
of necessary legislation. Co-operation with
experiment stations has been umlcitakcn on
important lines , Including cxpctlmentsvltli
grasses In arid regions and the trial of new
economic plants for the collection of ngilcul'
turnl statistics of the reports of frroxviiifi
crops nnd of the probable supply of stapli
pioducts in tlio markets of tbo world.
Tlio production of taw sill : nsan iudigenou"
Industry is refcricd to In not very cucour
aping terms , though Its Importance la einphn
sbcd by rcfoienco to the Impotts ot raw silks
which have larcely Increased during the j cai
and nra valued for the year at upwards o
$24.000,000 , but tbo necessity for favorable
legislation as well as for Improvements In ma
chlnery Is insisted on. Encouraging words nr <
spoken with reference to flax culture , Secrc
tary Kunk believing thorcccnt changes In tin
tariff on linens \ \ \ \ \ servo to encourage mnnu
fncturcrs nnd provide a mnikct for liomi
grown ( lax. Irrigation nnd the artesian sup
ply of voter are mndosubjects of special refer
cnce. Kofcrcnco Is mode to the forthcoming
transfer of the weather bureau to the depart
meat of agriculture , with the declaration o
the sccrctarv'sdesi.10 to widen the prcsen
scope of the bureau so as to Increase its benefits
fits to agriculture. Ho also Insists strongl ;
on the necessity fov moro frequent reprcscnto
tlon of the department nt meetings of agri
cultural nnd kindred societies. The possibil
S Ity of serving corn growers throughout tin
country by extending the market for Indlni
corn lu foreign countries has engaged th
secretary's attention , with the result that h <
luis nppolntcd a special agent abroad , havlni
special riualiilcatlons for his dutv. to Invest !
gate nnd report upon the possibility of pro
moling the consumption of Indian corn ii
European countries.
In concluding his report ho says : "A care
ful rev-low of the events of the past year ahi
n general survey of the agricultural Held tc
day betoken a maikcd improvement In th
condition of our agriculturists and promts
\\oll for their future well being. " Ho cud
bv declaring that ho looks forward with cor
fldenco to tbo time when in the high qualit
of its woik , as well ns In the magnitude of it
rntorpilso. the agriculture of the Unite
States shall not only lead all other Industrie
in this country , but shall bo the leader In thl
great Industry of all other countries.
Tlio Diirchcll Affair Has n Pnrnlh
nt Youkors.
Ni.w YoriK , Nov. 9. There Is strong suj
. port for the theory that the famous Burche
case has found .1 parallel In the alleged su
cido of \venlthy Knglblnnnn nt Yonhers.
Bonwcll , who has money , was lured to th
country nnd robbed and murdered. Jam <
II. Edgar , a wealthy London druggist , wi
lured to this country , nnd has boon found dec
mid penniless in a Yonltors hotel.
Humorous circumstances sufroundlng h
death suggest n question which the po'.lco i
that town can not Ignore. Kvldunccs of su
cido do not deter them in their seal eh for tl
Captain Mongln of the Yonkcrs force n ;
plied to the Now Voile police department fi
' assistance on the case , nnd Inspector Byrne
detailed Uvo of his most competent men fi
the task of tracking down the consplratoi
who are responsible for a rcnt crlmo or <
otherwise unraveling a mystery which grov
daily moro tantalizing.
Tno details of the supposed sulcldo n :
already familiar. An expensively dressed el
gentleman , who two weeks ngo gave n r
eelpt for $5,000 In cash , was found dead In
loom at the Getty house , Yonkcrs , with lei
than 11 on his person ,
In.tho room was a bundle of rags sue
us no man in his condition of life vvou
think of wcatlng , nnd a note to the pr
prictor , signed with his assumed name <
' 'Uoorgo Smith , " asking pardon for the ii
convenience ho was causing , and saying thi
the inhumanity of a few persons had drive
him to death.
Perry II. Sunnier , a brolter at 103 Brom
way , Identlllcd the body as that of James I
Edgar , and exhibited the abovo-iuciitloni
receipt for J5.000.
"Hoploss" Annapolis.
ANN-AVOUS , Md. , Nov. 0. There will bo i
hops at the United States Naval Acaden
this winter. This discontinuance of t !
cadets' hops came nbout by the commamlnr
Commander Glass , Insisting on the nppoir
inent of a hop committee according to the
mllltarv standing. The cadets objected
this , claiming Hint those who stood hlghc
In their respective classes did not take
much interest in social affairs , as they spct
most of their time lu study.
They Favor Federal Inn.
SEnu.u , Mo. , Nov. 0. Representatives
the trainmen of the MUsouri , Kansas
Texas system held a secret meeting hero 1
day to discuss the federation plan. It
Icufnod no decision was reached , uut the in
Jorlty of these present faored federation.
A Tttuljnrtl Kipling Komnucr.
PITTSBUIIO , Pn , , Nov. a Uudyard Kl
llntr , the now famous writer , figures in
little romance that has Just come to light ,
few 3 ears ngo a pretty uud bright Bcav
county girl married n joung KnglUhinii
Shortly before the marrmgo the husband c
talued uii appointment lu the Indian cl'
service n first rate position with good pay ,
nnd A nlcasant location at n hill country
station. Thcro the couple met Kipling ,
nnd they becnmo such linn friends
that two jciw ago , when the hus
band got n long leave of absence and
with his wife cnmo buck to Pennsylvania to
visit her iclntlvcs , Kipling came with them ,
A few days after the party arrived the gos
sips began to say that Kipling was deeply In
love with his filcnd's wife. She did not
seem to bo aware of It , nor did her husband.
Her treatment of the guest was frank , friendly
nnd Indvllke , without n particle of affectation
or filrta'tlon. All the gossips agreed ou ttiii
point , nnd they snld further that It was n pity
the journalist could not have bestowed his af
fections in u quiu-tcr wheio them could have
been hope of retinn. Now word has como
that the husband Is dead , and that the young
wUow will soon return to her Heaver home.
Tbo gossips expect Hudyard Kipling to fol
low s"on after , and that another chapter will
then be vvtltten.
: CLKAIt.lM'K HECOtll ) .
Financial Trimsnctioim of tlio Coun
try During tlio tmst Week.
HOSTOV , Nov. fl. [ Special Telegram to
TUB BCK. ] Tlio following table , compiled
from dlsp itches from the clearing houses
of the cities named , shows the gross ex
changes for last week , with rates per cent
of Increiso or decrease , as against the
several amounts for the corresponding week
In 18S9J
RcllcfTliat Three Missouri Scoundrels
Have Hocn Ijoontod.
BnnMit , > Io , Nov. 9 It is confidently ho-
lloved that the tlneo men who wrccltcd the
Missouri passenger train near Otter
vlllo on Friday niorninf ; have been definitely
located , nnd the wreckers will probably he
arrested at daylight tomorow morning. Dc
tcctivcs Dickey , Tutt nnd Uelong have been
working diligently on the case since shortly
after the wreck took place , nnd it appears
that their efforts are to ho well rewarded ,
After committing the deed tbo men took tc
the woods for safety , and on Friday niitfil
broke Into the Moudt JKtua school house ,
which is located two nnd one-half miles north
of "UohheiV Cut. " They loft the building
shortly after sunrise this morning , nnd were
met by John Huffman , a fanner , who icsldes
in that vicinity. Thov Inquired of Mr. Huff
man the direction to Tipton. Ho pointed out
the way and passed on. The wreckers
started to walk to Tipton , hut went that way
only far enough to got out of sight of the
fanner , who half an hour later saw
them going In n direction dlrectlj
opposite from Tipton. Mr. Huffman at on
notified the officers of bis suspicions , am
gave \crypood description of the lodger ;
in the school house. These wore probablj
the paitics the detectives \\anted , , and n ho
pursuit was commenced at onco. The rail
road nuthoilties expect that tbo train-wreck
crs will bo captured tomorrow morning It
the vicinity of liunccton. The ofllcors thlnl
the parties engaged In wiccldng the trail
belong to the notorious Cass county gang o
icbbcrs and cut-throats.
To Wi-tl n Kentucky Girl.
ST. Louis , Mo. , Nov. 0. It is rumored tha
John AV. Notion , the well known manage
who Is interested in theaters in Pittsburf :
Chicago and St. Louts , Is soon to bo married
The young lady is Mlsa Gcorglo Davids ,
beautiful Kentucky girl , who received a !
her dramntla instruction from him. Ho EC
cured her a remunerative siltuatlon will
Ulxoy's ' Seven Ago company In New Yorli
uhcro she made a pronounced hit on nccoun
of her personal beauty and flno stage pies
cuco. This season , she lias been with Hico'
World's Fair company , quitting them whei
they icuched this city. \ * %
Shot Himself. * ' *
COUIMIIU , Mo , Nov. 0. William P. Boot
of this place , shot himself through the bed
this morning with suicidal intent , and ma
die. Ho sought the publlo school yard to d
the work , and nftor shooting himself wnllte
back down town before ho became cxlmustcc
Booth has boon In falling health for som
time , and was nupaiuntly insane when h
shot himself , lie Ls a single man about lift
j cars old. _
A Scow Wrecked.
MILWAUKEE , Wls. , Nov. 9 The sco\ \
Becker was wrecked off Ahnape this inon
Ing , and Cook Bernard lost. The other men
hc'rs of Iho crew remained In the rigging flv
hours bofoio being rescued nnd are in a ser
ous condition us the result of exposure.
Declared n Draw.
tMi'.MPins , Teiin. , Nov. 9. The fight hi
tween Heady Bronnnn of Strcator , 111. , an
Tommy Danforth of Now Orleans'was di
dorcd a draw nt the end of the eighth x'oun
ou account of darkness.
JiiNtlllalile Homicide ,
MosraoMEuy , Ala. , Nov. O.-Chlef of Pi
llco Gerald , who killed the notorious o :
mayor of Cedar Keys , Fla , lias been acqul
tca'ou tbo ground of Justifiable houilolde ,
Died Coining Home.
KANSIS CITY , Mo , , Nov. 0. H. S. Miles ,
banker and prominent citlzou of this plac
died today while en route homo from Xc
( at hello Kiluoiitloiml i\hlblt.
NOTIIB DIME , Ind. , Oct. 0. The cxccuth
subcommittee of the general committee ha
ing in charge the Catuollo educational o :
Mbit at the world's exposition of 1802 ai
nounccitho pamphlet of Instructions to the
various college * nnd religious orders Is now
in pre s nnd will bo Issued December 1. Tlio
executive commlttro U composed of Hkliop
Sodding , Father Hlgglim , Dr. M. F. Kngnn ,
and lion , W. J. Onahnn. The different edu
cational institutions and religious orders will
bo permitted to use their own itlscrotlon In
determining the matter and form of their
pirtlcular display , whllo the committee will
ejcerclso a general supervision of the exhibits.
QvinEva ni'iry nvit i.v.
Stan goring Under a Heavy Debt mul
In S'opil of More Money
Orrv\VA , Out. , Nov. 0. The finances of
the province of Quebec are In what might bo
termed n deplorable condition. The legisla
ture of that provlnco has Just asicmbled ,
and , with a population of losi than 2,000,000 ,
the ptovinco is shown to possess n debt of
something like $30,000,000. Thopiomlerof the
provlnco is now looking around to see where
ho can float a loan of $5,000,000 to meet press
ing liabilities , but. In view of the fact that It
is currently stated that the dominion govern
ment will have to como to the rescue of
Quebec , Mr. Mcrclrr 1-j not likely to find
many eager speculators will ting to invest In
the dohentutes ho may have to offer , lie-
tween church nnd state the people of Qtictieo
bear a heavier burden of taxation than these
of any other provlnco in the dominion , nnd It
Is not surprising that within tlio past few
years thousands of thorn have emigrated to
the United States.
That Is AVhy Frank Gcrudo AVIll be
HatiKvd nt I'lttHlMirs.
PITTSCUUO , Pn , Nov. 0. In the criminal
coin t today Frank Gcrailo was sentenced to
death. Ho Is the Alleghany Geriinu who
killed his Annlo
three-year-old stepdaughter ,
Hoollor , last Match bycatchlnghcr up by the
legs nnd beating out her brains against her
' 'Huvo you anything to say , " Judge Mngco
nskcd htm , "why the court should not pronounce -
nounco the sentence of death 1" Gciado
thought for a moment uud then replied In
German ns follows ;
"I don't want to sny anything ; I have noth
ing to say. I don't hno\v anything about this
affair. I don't romombcr what happened or
what I did. All I know is what I learned nf-
tonvatd what my brother told mo when I
was arrested. That Is all I know about It ,
and fuithor than this I cannot say anj thing. "
Judge Magco made no comment upon this
statement. Judga AVhlto Imposed the sen
tence. Geradu understood its nature without
explanations , and was led away looking ox-
ttcmly ucak and unsettled.
Celebration of the Anniversary of the
HiingliiK ol' the AnaiclilstB.
CmcHflo , Nov. 9. Arms full of flowers ,
sympathetic speeches nnd a parndo of 12,000 ,
people marked the celebration today of the
third anniversary of the execution of the an
archists. Decorum characterized all the ex
ercises. The speeches in comparison with
the old-timo fiery utterances were mild most
of the tlmo. The weather was cold nnd
checiless. The procession marched through
several down stiects with banners furled and
draped with crnpo.
When the special train reached 'tho ceme
tery the pioccsslon again formed and
inarched past the graves , each society as it
passed oy , deposited its floral offering until
the graves were piled high with a mass of
red and white flowers in various designs. The
crowd then assembled In front of a small
platform and listened to the speeches.
George Sihernldlnger said that the purpose
of assemblage was to commeraorato the mur
der of their comrades by the machinery or
the capital. L. S. Oliver said that the mem
ory of the noble dead would stir the laboring
man to do and dare , and when that time
comes let somebody bowaro. "Though scaf
folds and gibbets were built nt every cross
road , let us have courage , comrades , to inarch
forward. " H. B. Bartholomew , in his ad
dress , said that the excitement over the
assassination of Lincoln was as nothing as
compared \\lth the Influence of the hanging
of the anatchists , Ho eulogized the dead as
new John Browns. Other speeches wore
made and the ctowd quietly dispersed.
\ million nud n Half Bales Sent tc
Kuropo Last AVcok.
NEW Om.EAxa , La. , Nov. 9. Secretary
Bcstcr's weekly New Orleans cotton exchange -
change statement issued today shows o fall
ing off In the quantity of cotton brought intc
sight compared with last week of 40,008 bales ,
hut nn Increase over this week last year ol
5,940. The leading features of the week nr <
the heav.y export movement and largo taking ;
of by American spinners. The former reachec
229,114 bales , against 175,000 for the corro
spending sovcn days of last season ; whllo th <
amount taken by American spinners was
115,722 , against 80,970. A result of thes <
movements has been that stocks have in
creased but 4tfM7 ! hales within the week
whllo they ran up during this week last ycai
The amount of the crop brought Into sight
dbring the weekending last night was 401,271
hales , against ! i9S,2J3 for the corrcspondiiu
seven days of last yean making the total thu-
far for the season to date 2,9 7,50f > , ngatns1
2,098,339 , nn Incieaso of 2S7.0JO. The move
tuent since September I shows receipts nt nl
United States ports 2.389,504 , against 2,170 ,
444 last year ; o\crlnnd across the Mississippi
Ohio nnd Potomac livers to northern mill :
and Canada 215,74s , , against 1S2.810 ; intcilo :
stocks In excess of these hold nt the close o
the last commercial year 20t,7S. ( , against 223 ,
855 ; southern mill takings 115,56'j , ngalns
Foreign exports thus fur for the scasoi
have been 1,470,090 , against 1,332,022 Ins
year , an inorc-aso of HIS.OSS bales- Tills Indl
cnted a train dining the past seven days it
that excess as shown at the close of last wccl
of 511,514.
The total takings of American mills , uortl
and south thus far for the season have hcot
C > 31,5J ! bales , aealnst 540foO last year. Those
Include 501,125 by northern , spinners , ngalns
420,579. Stocks at the scaooard and Icadinj
sou thorn Interior centers are now 15,150 bales
larger than at this date last year. IncluUlni
stocks loft over at ports and Inteilor town
from the last crop , nnd the number of hale
brought Into &lght thus far , from the pic-sen
crop , the supply to date is 3,0VI,44J , ngalns
2,702,002 , for the same period last year.
Desperate Jull Ilroulccrs.
KIXSAS CITV , Nov. 9 , Seven desperat
negroes escaped from the county jail thi
morning by knocking down the Jailer who k
thorn out In the corridor to empty slop an
taking , away his keys. Ho was seriously In
jured , but will recover , rive of the prisoner
were recaptured during tno day , only one
Peter Jackson , offering any serious resist
anco. Ho had the Jailor's revolver and lire
to kill two policemen , but was clubbed ncarl
to death. Green Ueed , a murderer , on
Klchard Pendlctcn , a highwayman , nro all
at largo. _
Damages for n Negro.
Nr.w OIIMUNS , La. , Nov. O.-WlllIai
Latnpklns , a negro , has been awarded ( i,5C
damages against the Vlcksburg , Shrovcpoi
& Pacific railroad by the supreme court. Th
jury's verdict In the district court grante
him $7,000. Hove nil months ago Lampkic
was forcibly ejected from n running trait
whereby ho lost u leg ; hence the suit.
Knight Conmtsr.itorH of thn Hath.
LONDON , Nov. 0. [ Special Cablegram t
Tin : BEE.I Colonel Smith , British const
at Zanzibar , has been made a kiitgut con
mandcr of the bath.
Tlio OrloiinlHtH In London.
LONDOX , Nov. 0. ( Special Cablegram I
Tins ORE. ] The count of Paris and the dul
of Orleans , accompanied by their suites , hav
arrived lu London ,
They Oornmit n Variety of Depredations and
'Succesifulljr Bnfflo ,
Cnlvln V. Jones Made a Judge of Polk
Coiiiiiy So HbjipoT Complete
Ktoutloti Hctltrm He *
fore AVcilncstlay.
Drs Moixns , In. , Nov. 0. [ Special Tele-
giTt.nto Tun Bin : . ) On Wednesday night
last , thrco burglars jwont throu'gh several
stores la the village of. Wyo , Jonet county ,
getting considerable nhiiitlcr. Next dny they
were seen near Baldwin and a strong party
was organlzqd to capture them. Word was
else sent ( o Miuuiokotn , and n party of ' , ' 00 or
moro wont out from thoro. Tlio next hoard
was that the fugitives had reached the heavy
timber ncir Manuokotaand that the search
had been abandoned. Last oicnliig the
fugitives arrived nt Key West , three miles
from Dtibuquo. Thoyf caaio across a brewery
wagon and nslted for n rldo. After getting
on the wagon they llrod a bullet in the back
of the driver , Jacob' Handenshlcld nnd de
manded his money. Ho pave them $100 In
silver and slipped $300 uiulurthc cushion un
der the scat. They thfcn Jumped off the uagon.
Ilandcnshleld drove rapidly to till * city nnd
liiul the ball extracted from his b ic'c. lie h
very seriously Injured. The sheriff organUcd
a posse and went In pursuit of tlio robbers ,
but hud not succeeded In capturing them ot
Ins t accounts , .
_ _ _
Tlio Aiixloit ? Must \Vnlr.
DES MOIXI : ? . In , Nov. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun DEB.J The past week has been
enoof'anxloty to the republicans of Iowa nnd
of hopefulness to the democrats. Thcio has
been much figuring by the foimor to demon
strate that their state ticket Is elected , and
they have apparently succeeded In getting
McFarland for secretary of state , by less
than 3,000 , with several comities unhonid
from. On tlio b.ilauco of the state ticitot all
Is mere puess work until the returns lm\o
boon officially counted. The probabilities
are , however , that the "lemocmts Imvo
elected Colonel Dey for rail wav commissioner
and possibly W. L. AVhlto for the stnto
treasurer. This much is conceded by icnubll-
cans who have hud access to the most of tlio
Igures. The board of supervisors will can
vass the returns tomoccow but will hardlr
gut through wllh all the counties , so It will
bo Wednesday , or later , bo/oro the actual
result Is known.
A New .Judge.
DES MOIXE , In. , Nov. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tnc Ben.J Governor Holes yester
day appointed Calvin P. Holmes judge of the
district court of Polk county to succod Judge
"vavanagk who i-csignc/i'aud has moved to
Chicago to outer the prattlco of law. Jucigo
Holmes la a republican and hud just been
elected to the position Jm now occupies ro-
coivlug the highest number of votes of the
, lu-co republican candidates elected and for
tkatieason was appointed.
Arrangements 1'or t c 'Jtoctiptton and
Keinoiistrntlon'tfa Chicago.
Cniotao , Nov. 0. . | Spoclal Telegram to
cu. ] Even the coming visit of Dillon
nnd O'Brien docs not soc-in to bo sufliclcut to
unite the Irish factions of Chicago , and the
visiting statesmen m.iy bo placed In the em-
jurrassing position of being compelled to sub
mit to receptions from rival Iiish factions
3o far as the general public Is conccinod , It
ms boon dellnitely arranged that a commlt-
tee consisting of Editors Melville B. Stouo ,
J. W. Scott. Joseph Mcdlll and Washington
[ losing \\111 have charge of llio uiraugcincnts
in connection with the demonstration at
which the delegates will speak. The date
bns not jet boon llxed , but it Is believed that
Messrs. Dillon nndO'Brlenulll uirlvohoroon
the 25th inst. Tim "triangle" cle
ment have arranged for a demonstra
tion in honor of Robert Emmet on
the 23d inst In Central music hall. The antl-
trianglers are ropiesentcd by the confedera
tion of Irish societies , who met yesterday nnd
decided to abandon their project of having a
similar demonstration on the same date.
The Cronlnitcs state that their course Is In
spired by a dcslro to maVo moro successful
the meeting to bo addressed by Dillon and
O'Brien and that to hold a demonstration on
the 3d Inst. would tend to weaken the dele
gates' meeting. They now demand that the
triangles * ) abandon their projected demon
stration In honor of Emmett , the martyr. and
devote their energies to welcoming the living
statesmen a couple of days later.
Two Pennsylvania Men Have a Lively
FlKlit with Thlovcs.
Gnnnssnuna , Pa. , Nov. 9. Two strangers
enter. , d the store of G. A. Blnlr , at Latrobe ,
lost night , whore Mr. Blair and Mr. Walters
were talking , and with cocked revolvers , or
dered them to hold up their hands. Blali
nnd Walters Jumped to their feet , nnd before
tha robbers know what they wore about tho.v
were in the clutches of their Intended vic
tims. Walters and Blair overpowered the
robbers and throw them Into tno street. The
men Heed several shots nt Blair and Walters
nnd then ran away. They met a man named
Rcedvwhom they intimidated and robbed ol
his money nnd a gold wath. The men air
supposed to bo the same wlushot Offices
Mateer at Tarentum.
. Historic ! Ijaiul for Halo.
New YOHK , Nov. 5. For the past twc
years the Archaeological Institute of Amerlru
has been contemplating the purchase of the
850,000 acres of land In Greece upon whlcli
thollttlo village of JCastil is built. The
ruins ot Delphi are here/ / and to make oxtcn
slvo explorations among them would bo the
object of the purchase. U'ho Greek govern
ment has given the institute the first oppor
tunlty of securing the Jand , At thonnnuu
meeting of the Now "York society of th (
Arclucologlcal institute' yesterday aftcrnooi :
William it. Ware , professor of architecture
of mines , announced that the Boston chnptoi
had subscribed $34,000 , ChlcaKO chapter $10 ,
000 and tuo Now York qhaptor $10,000. It is
thoueht the remainder of the fc&O.OOO , th <
prlco of the land , will i not bo hard to ratso
The Institute has been ; given until the 18th o :
this month to close the bargain.
Confidence Man In Custody.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , Nov.0. . . Shoilff Gab <
Cox of Daviess county armed In St. Joscpl
this morning with ono of the most noted con
fldenco men In the country. Mr , Cox turnei
his prisoner over to United States Marsha
Craig , who placed him In Jail to await a pro
limlnnry healing. The prisoner , James Bird
alias Drown , is from New York , and was ar
rested In company with John Wilson o
Kansas City , and C corgo Henry of Nlagan
Fulls , and charged with contldciclng an ol <
farmer of Daviess county named Samuc
Farr , out of J500.
Koch's lleimedy a Suc'oess.
BRIIMK , Nov. 0. Prof. Bergman inoculatci
fifteen consumptive patients on Thursday b ;
Prof. Koch'j process nnd on the followlni
doy exhibited one of the patients before i
number of physicians in order to show th
change which had. been the result wltnli
twenty-four hours. The Borscn Courlc
sajs it has authoricy for the aUtcmcnt tha
Prof. Koch's remedy has proved to bo a sue
cess. _ _
Courtship by Correspondence.
Hoi'KiX8ViLUKy.Nov. , 0. William Llnd
ley , a wealthy young farmer residing nea
: 'atrvlow , In thU county , nnd Miss .Cora
Elder of Los Angeles , Out. , weio united In
narriago nt the residence of 13. 1) . Long last
evening , Hcv. II. A. McDonald oniclntlng.
Hio couple had not met until jcstcrday , but
lad been In correspondence for a > car. As
Ur. Llmlloy could not leave business to go
uest for hls.bildo , she caino on , and thcv
dciitltlcd each other at tlio depot on her ai ri
val last evening bv a white rosette worn by
each. They loft after the ceremony for their
'uturo homo near Fail vlo\r ,
A Telegraph Operator's Hut Attacked
by Hears nnd AMUIcati.
WiLKGsiunitr , Pn. , Nov. 0. The telegraph
operator at the tunnel , nbout eight miles
above 1'enn Haven Junction , on the Lehlgh
Valley railroad , had a remarkable nnd thrill-
ug experience on Thursday night. The place
3 n very lonely one. Theio is not a dwelling
within over two miles of It , the nearest ono
jelngat Mud Hun , -where the awful railroad
llsaster occurred two years ago. On cither
side of the railroad the mountains stretch
away for miles , coveted with dense forests.
llio operator in tlio little cabin hardly
ever sees a human face , except
on the passing trains. For a long
: lmo no ono could bo pot to stay thcro long ,
: mt six months ago IMwmd Smith , fiom New
York city , took the place nnd held It up to
1'huR.dny night , llo has often seen many
bears and wild c.Us around , nnd of late they
Imvo grown very bold , On Thursday nightie
: io was awakened by nnolso outside the cabin ,
and on looking out saw two Iniyo bears at
tempting to get In. He shouted and beat the
door to frighten them away , but they replied
with fierce growls nnd icdoubled their ef
forts to get in. llo bccamo greatly aiarmed ,
as he had no weapons nnd Knew not what to
lo. Ills alarm was Increased when a third
bear nnd several v ild cats joined the two
bears outside , and they nil icncweel
their efforts to get in. Smith tried to
call uo the operator at Mud Hun .to
ask for help , but could got no an
swer. Meanwhile ono of the bears had got
on the roof and n'as tearing off the shingles.
Another ono broke the window glass unel
thrust through his head. Smith , selling n
lieavy bar , struck the bear with all his might.
This seemed to daunt the assailants for a
while , but they soon renewed the attack.
At last Mud Hun answered and Smith told
Iho operator to send help down on the first
train or ho would bo a dead man. Ho did so ,
ind the train only Just reached tlio scene 4n
time. The bents had tqrn nil the shingles off
and \\ere farcing a way through the rafters
when tlio approach of the train drove them
off. Smith got on board the train and stinted
for his homo In Now Yoik.
flights for n Great South American
System Obtained.
S \xFimcisco , Cal , Nov. 9. J. L. Cherry ,
a former San Franciscan , has just reached
acre from Panama. Ho lias completed ar
rangements for building the most Impoitant
railroad jet projected on the west coast of
South America Ho has a concession from
tlio United States of Columbia for seventy
years to build nnd operate a load ftom
Buenaventura on the Pacific ! ocean cast
ninety miles to Call , nnd then noith
through the Cauca valley to tlio Gulf of
D.uHcn , opening into the Atlantic. Further
concessions ate made for a lino' from Call
acsoss the Cordilleras Into Mugdalcaa ; from
the t > aino starting point , along the Punumuyo
river to the navigable Am.iron , nnd also south
from Call acioss the border of Ecuador. The
cntiio road will bo 100 miles In length and
\ \ 111 cover every outlet from Columbia to the
southern republics. Hcnco necessitating n
pan-American railway company to crobs or
travel over Its lines , In order to gain access
to South America. The toriitory covered is
300,000 square miles , with ! 1,000,000 people.
The Columbian government gives fifteen miles
of existing railroad , a heavy coin payment
per mile , > ,000 bonus per month outsldo
of guaranteed Interest for running expenses ,
and n royal land grant twenty-four miles
wide on each sldo of the road. The Cauca
valley Is one of the richest in the \\oild , have
produced over f300COn,000 worth of gold.
raised the purest chocolate and colTeo , as well
as sugar , India rubber and other valuable
products. Cherry will engage engineers in
New York nnd break gtound about Christ
mas. Ho expects tohavo trains running to
Call by the summer of 18'JJ. A capital
of § IO.O,0,000 ( has been subscribed by London ,
Now York , Chicago and San Tranclsco bank
O'Brien ami Dillon Advised to Keep
Out or Canada.
Qupiinc , Nov. 0. A sensation has been
created today In Canadian Irish Catholic cir
cles by the publication In the Telegraph , a
foremost organ of Irish public opinion , of an
earnest appeal to O'Drien ' and Dillon not to
visit Canada. The Telegraph , being an organ
of the liberal government of Quebec , addi
tional force is lent to tlio warning contained
In the following extract from lit leading
atticlo :
Wo would ndvlso O'Brien ' and Dillon not to
como to Canada. Wo give this advice because
there coming hero might be the means of In
juring their best friends , or if they do come ,
then the chances are ten to ono Sir John Mac-
clonnld will pull the wires with thehomogov-
eminent and cause thorn to bo aircstrd , In
order to throw the dlscicdit of their ntrest
on ono of the liberal attorney generals of tlio
provinces. Such amove woild bo in har
mony with the old tiicUsler's career , If ef
fected. Ho would bo able to laugh in .his
sleeve while the liberal party , alone the party
that Is a friend of Ireland to a man , would
suffer , and that , too , on the mobablo eve of a
general , election. For this reason wo would
udvIso > O'Brlen ' and Dillon not to come , for by
comlne they may injure the political parly
that has pinned homo rule to Its banner , and
they may serve the orange faction and thus
keep the tory enemy in power.
\ Victim ofan Accident wltli $25
on HIT I'crson ,
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Nov. O.-fSpeclnl Tele
gram to Tin : BEE. ! On Thursday evening an
aged woman was run over by an electric cav
nt the corner of Jatkson and Fifth streets.
Nobody recognized her and she was taken to
the city hospital in an unconscious condition.
Her light leg was broken and she was so
badly injured Internally that she died this
afternoon. In preparing the body for burial ,
$2j,000 ; in greenbacks was found sowed Into
her clothing in various places. The remains
were Identlllcd by Richard T. O'Connor ,
clerk of Iho district court , as those of Mrs.
Annie Kcolz of Payne avcnuo. Slio was ovei
eighty years of ago and of German descent ,
A B she has no heirs in this country it Is not
known what \\111 bo done with the snug llltk
fortune found stitched In her clothing.
Strangely M
CoLUsinu" , Ind. , Nov. 8. Early Thursday
morning William Jollff , a farm hand , whc
worked for Thomas Sanders , seven miles
southsastof this city- took a lantern and went
to the barn to feed the stock , as was his
habit. On his not returning to the residence
at the usual time for his breakfast , search
was made for him. In a shed near the bain
the Untornwas found burning , as If It had
been loft by him. Since that tune ho has not
been heard from or seen , Ho was sober and
of good habits. Sandora is in debt to him foi
labor oyer $100 , and ho also owned a llm
horse and buggy. There Is great oxcltonienl
in the ncighbomood over his strange dlsap
pearanco , _ _
The Chancellor Clicrrml.
"MinN , Nov. 9. General Von Camp lofi
for Berlin this morning after bidding farewell
well to I'renio Minister Crlspl As the trail
ino\ed oft the chancellor was checied.
A. Terrible Outran ? .
BmuixoiiiM , Ala , Nov. 9. A horrible out
rage and murder was committed today nca :
Hlllmnn. mining town eight from tlio
city , and a Ijaching III follow. At 1 o'clodc
a well dressed young negro went to the house
of Mrs. .Mary Calhoun , n widow , IHty-llvo
year * tild , who ll\M with her two sons nnd a
daughter , near the town. Ho aslod for
something to eat , midas given a good dinner -
nor , Mrs. Calhoun wiw alone , her soni being
away ut woik and her"daughter spending
the dayltn a nlghbor. The negio
went away nftor eatlmr his dinner ,
but returned In an hour , and Hud-
IngMrs. Oallmtiu still alone , inndo n crimi
nal assault on her. llo struck lu'r a SOVCM
blow on the head and then cho'ced her iiiitll
she was insensible before ho necninpllshed
hlspurpoc. Soon after the negro hid fled
Mrs. Calhoun's daughter canui homo and
found her inothor in a dying condition. I'liy-
su-lans wore summoned , but the woman will
die from the shock and bcatlnir she received.
A largo possoof white men wciti soon searchIng -
Ing the necitt , and the trained dog * fiom llio
com let prison nt. I'rnlt mines were seen ml.
Lnlo thh afternoon tlio dogs struck the tiiill ,
and the negro will no doubt bo captured before
fore morning , When ciuiglit ho \ \ 111 bo hung
to the nearest limb without ceremony.
Irish Hollcf CoininUtt-o Will Now
Walt Tor Hn lam ! l < > Move ,
NBW YOIIK , Nov. 0. Tlio American com-
nittco for the relief of the film I no fii Ireland
ms Issued a public statement announcing
hat It temporarily withdraws Its appeal to
hoAnictlcan people. The statement says
hat while nt the time the appeal was Issued
hero was noieason for believing the dlsliess
vould bo relieved otherwise than byAmcil-
: an gcncros ty , the Uiilisu government since ,
ind been spurred to investigate the matter
and to undertake n system of public works In
ho dtstiesscd districts \\lilch , by affording
cliof , will at least postpone a famine.
The committee has good reason to bcllovo
his sudden activity on the part of the British
roxernment is larcely duo to the prompt sym
pathy mid suppott spontaneously offered
rom tliis country , and accordingly congratu-
ntcs the American people on having secured
for the sufferers In Ireland substantial hopj
of lollef without the expenditure of a dollar ,
t has also been represented by visiting Iilsh
lolegatos thnt'itouldproducenn mtei'feiing
element in lush politics If nld in any shape
should bo scut toll elnud by any chaiitablo
igcnoy bofoio the piescnt resources of the
mpcrilled pleas ants wore exhausted. The
situation of the political p.utles In Iiclnndis
> cculinrnnd tlio committee is strenuously
inxious to a\old cicutlng new complications
> y interference of any soit. Thcso repre
sentations of the accredited envoys of the
: dsh people are therefore entitled to consid
eration so long as there is no Immediate dw-
gor of actual snlTcilng by famine. When tint
> olnt is icaclicd , if it Is , ttio committee will
with the full approval of the Iilsh loaders
enow Its appeal. The crisis will como about
.ho clobo of the year and will then DO nppir-
ent whether the"pledges of the British gov
ernment nro to Uo kept nnd whether tlio 10-
lof iiHMsures provided under Its auspices
will bo adcquato.
x ix
. TjulfT aipnsnro That Can lie Ad
justed to Suit.
LONHOV , Nov. 9. The Fieneh , who of late
invo shown great h citation against the
Jnltcd States for Its now commercial policy ,
ate now elaborating a McKlnloy bill at home.
.Tho new French tai iff bill will probibly bo
modified in the coutso of the discussion bc-
oio it passes , and it Is to bo hoped that it
wilt. As It stands it provides for the forma
tion of two tariffs , a minimum and n mixi-
mum. The minimum Is to bo applied under
stringent guarantees to the produce of these
countries which accord Franco the most
favored nation treatment. Moreover , the
minimum will bo llxed. The ministry will
invo no power to modlfy"clauses by ilccrco ,
but Franco is to retain the light to the ex
clusion of all treaties and applying the maxi
mum at will , so nhcnovoru foiclgn trader
attempts to undersell a French trader ho is
.iablo to bo brought to reason by a turn of
-ho maximum set ow. Evidently it Is not In-
xmdeil that foicicmors should do a largo sell
ing business In Fiance.
Nrhrnslcn Election Returns.
Revised clectioa figures on governor fiom
every county In the state except Hooitorand
McPhcrson linvo been received by TUB BII : : .
Most of thcso nto taken from the ofllclal
count. The only changes made from the fig
ures as printed are a gain for Iloyd of thir
teen votes nnd losses for Powers of tlirco and
Richards six.
In making up the list of members elected to
the legislature , by mistake the immcn of H.
It Henry and J. P. Mullen , alliance , in the
Fiftieth district , ami Joseph Shipley , demo
crat , in the FK loaiith dlstilct , were omitted.
The Storm nt I'nwnon CHy.
PAWNBB CITT , Nob. , Nov. 0. [ Special
Tele grain to Tim BUB. ] The worst storm of
the season struck this place Friday night. A
heavy rain and sleet storm continued all day
Saturday and Siiiidny , doing much damage to
fruit and ornamental trees ,
< tXIS T/t.l/t.
A Klch Buffalo Man likely to Ho
Charged -\\ltli lUnnmy.
BUTFAI.O , N. Y , , Noy. 0. Thcro Is a woman
In this town who promises to make existence
for "William II. Ivlrkholdcr decidedly un
pleasant. She was Mrs. ICnkholdor until
last spriner , when she secured a divorce.
Now she has her war paint on , anel
with several lnw\ors Is seeking to innko out
n cuso of bigamy against her former husband.
The latter , n few wcclts after his wife secured
a dlvoico , which would prevent him from
marrying again , went to Canada and married
Mrs. Klorluo Combs. They returned to Buf
falo to Hvo and there has been nothing but
war sinco.thon. MjICirkholder Is a promi
nent businoas man with aUdo acquaint
Cnprlvi'H Visit to Italy.
KOMP , Nov. 9. ( Special Cablegram to
TUB BEI'.J Pilmo Minister Cilspl's organ ,
the Blforma , say * that the visit of the Ger
man chancellor to Italy Is an event over
which the two nations should rejoice , as it
affords a fresh confirmation of thocxistcncg
of filendly relations between the two
countries. It Is a political event of the first
otdcr , indicating a change of system and a
Lollef lu high quarters In the existence of
other forces better adapted to combat socie
ties than the Chrlslhn conservative paity ,
which will bo loplui-cd by the Jewish midd'lo
class liberals. But the turn of the conserva
tives will como mound again. The July
monatchy In Franco proven that the inlddlo
class Is Incapable of governing.
Hclglaii Workmen Aroufiod.
BRUSSELS , Nov. 9. [ Special Cablegram to
TUB BEU.I Meetings were held tlaougliou !
Belgium today In favor of an eight-hour
working day , and universal suffrage. .Many
speakers ndvointcd a Belgian republic.
Monov was collected In anticipation of a per
sonal strike. Bills were thown over the bur-
nicks walla In Brussels , enjoining the boldlcrs
to co-operate with the worklugmnn.
An Ovation to Sagnt > ta ,
nAitcBMm , Nov. 0. Special Cablegram
toTm : Ben. ] Ux-Promlcr Saga-ita , who is
making a political tour of the country , re-
cclved an ovation On his arrlvn
ho was carried from the railway station tc
his cairlagoon the shoulders of Iho ciowd
Then ttio liorbcs were unharnessed nnd the
carriage was dragged in triumph through
the stic-ets ,
Steamship Ai-rltal * .
At New York The Greece , from London ,
It Will Farm Ono of the Attractions nt tli *
Columbian Exposition ,
.Novel Proposition nl' a Cdoln-ntc4
Somltlo Setiolnr 1'hnVrnltht -
cntViuiiuii in llnllltiioro
U'akos tlio Veil.
r. ! - Ki\r' \
WSIIIOTOV , i ) . C. , Nov. P. |
Prof. Cyrus Adlcr , the celebrated scinlliQ
scholar who has gene to Syria for the expo
sition , left with afiiendln Washington foe
n escalation to the board of commissioners n
dan for the reproduction of the lower o ( !
label ns an attraction for the Inko front ot
Nicksoti pirk In such n form that It might ixv >
nalnnsa ponirment oimmient of thop.irU
system of Chicago , anil bo mol as a museum
of antiquities. Tins suggestion is very
vnrmly endorsed by Prof. Harper of Ynlo ,
vho has accepted the piesldcncy of the now
Chicago university , nnd by other well
mown Hebraic scholars .and untliiiuillans
in it 1'iof. Houpt of Johns Hopkins university ,
vlth the assistance of a Washington arclll *
cct , Is now preparing the plans and .speclll
cations for the building. The Intention U to
u-ovldo for an e\uct rem'odurttop so far as
oxtctiml and Intcinnl appuaiunco unit art
ungemcnts mo concctncd , but Instead of
Uslnsadobo orsuii diii < d brick ofhich tlio
original tower was elected. . Iron , steel nud
tin ss iu'o recommended. 1'ho popular lm <
iression nbout the tower of Ualiet Is very
'iiguo. It stood on u tertvco in the city of
iubljou and was the architectural unmol of
ho HRO , being ronslderal the- model fiom
vhlcii the gloat pyramid ot Cheeps was
built ,
Tliointeilor was utilised for the display of
nit tieasuios for a publicllbtary nnd publla
tsHcinblagcs , religious ami otllclnl ceremonies.
t did not crumble and full , ns ono \\ould
lifer from the bible account , \\hllo in courya
of construction , but was completed and stood
'or ' n thous ind \ wns Certain portions being
cpiirett and replaced during the reign of
ting Nchuchnunoiiar.
Tlio Habylonhins of fl,0)0 years ago , " said
? rof. Hnuptyesterday , "hadalready attilnOd
i high dcxroo of chlU/.ulluu and
Kid developed the arts and sclcnco
.o n very sutmlHlng o\lont. They
weioastrosonirrs of no mean oidernnd muc'ti
of our own mathcinitlcs como originally from
.heir study of the subject. Clay tablets had
jeeii found inscribed by them with problems
n scpinro and cuba root , llgurcd out. in
istronomv they were ptolicicnt , though they
utilised thn science for astrological puipoic *
chli'lly. To them Is credited the Invention of
.ho telescope. Uich dav the astronomer
: -oyiil mnclo report to the king of hU ohiorvnv
.Ions of tlio iMwedlng twontv four boms 10-
ganllng the movements of the planets. Many
) f these lopoits written on clay
invo been Uisrovcied. Ono fcatuio
of this icpoit was the amount
of lalnfall and thus bcco.nos knovMi to
modems the cxlaluuco of the cailiust
wenther bureau. The priests -were the us-
; ronoini'w of llabjlon , and they drew Minis
md portents fiom the skies for the benefit ol
thoiostilo. liabjlon had a great university ,
schools'nnd libiiirios. All the boohs In tha
libraries were stoied away in jnis , becnnsa
they were not prlrted on paper , but Inscribed
withuttlus on moist clity tablets , which
wore subsequently baked hard. The stylus
used for writing had its slmrp end throa
cornered , so ns to pivo the host point ,
whllo Its other end was blunt unit
Hat to sono as an eraser. With
this instrument also all documents ot
Whatever kind were \uittcn and business
agreements of nllsoits executed In Hiliylon
5K , ( ) ( ) yeirs ago. Homo aio extant now , In
cluding bills of snlo , mairingo contracts , re
ceipts for payment , and so forth. It is not
known that the Uauylonlana used any money
save gold and fiilvcr , weighed out. .
TAHl'S Till ! VI 1U
The latest social sensation in Washington
nnd Baltlmoro is caused bv the admission of
Miss Maiy Abell. the dauglitor ot the Into
A. S. Aboil , founder and for forty yoiis ed
itor of the Baltimore Hun , to the convent , of
the Visitation nt ( ieorgctown , wllh the pur
pose of becoming a nun .Miss Aboil
was educated nt tills convent and has
always been on tot ms. of intimacy with the
sisters , but nUbouL'h of a devout disposition
she has until recently cvprcssod no intention
of entering ullfo of seclusion , She Inherited
a largo share of her father's fortune and is
rogaidcdas the wealthiest woman in Haiti-
moievlth the exception of Miss Mnrv Gar-
rott. Her Income is not less than $ l < x,0 ) < ) < ) a
vcnrand is thought bv bomo to icach $ .K > u >
FK.litl'Vt * IEAV / ' / < 1.1 fK.
dohn Murphy , to Avoid a Train , Drops
n Hundred I'Vet and Ijlvr ,
Cuivrnxr , O. , Nov. 0. John Muiphy , a
hnrncssmakerot this city , sat up with a sick
friend at Itoeky Illvor , eight miles west of
hcto last night and started to walk tiome this
moinlngoi ; the Nickel Plate track. Whllo
crossing the bridge over lioclcy liver , which
is ninety-two fcot abovto the water , ho was
overtaken by a passenger train. Ileshoutud
to the engineer and started to run , Imt it was
too late. The shilok of the whistle , the
roar of the ttaln and tix'nibllng of
the bridge caused Murphv tobo -
como paulc-strlcken , so that Instead of lying
down on the outer timbers , as ho might fiavo
dona with nerfectsafety , bo Icajicd fiom the
baldgo into the chasm below , The passengers
on the train and thrco or four persons In the
vicinity saw Murphy turn over several times
in his awful fall and stilko the water , which
is onlv six feet deep nt this point , and sup
posed ho was killed. The keeper of tlio boat
house , a shoitdistmco below , nulled rapidly
to the hpot , found Muiiihy still struggling ,
and hauled him Into the boat. He vomited
freely , but nulckly rocoveiod , and on the
arrival of n physician it was found that al
though badly shaken up and bruised ho had
sustained no serious-injury. * '
Expelled lor lircuoh ul'Faith.
Loxnov , Nov. 9. [ Special Cablegram to
Tun Bnr. ] A rare incident In the history of
the stock exchange occured during the past
week. It was the action of the coinmUtco
in expelling from the Institute I'crclvnl
Prccston , u broker , for breach of f tilth with a
client. It seems that the client had ordcicd
Prceston to sell a largo pircel of Mexican
securities , but that the broker , disregarding
thoIntciests of his client , first sold for him
self , thus spoiling his client's market.
llio Kcturns Misquoted.
LOVDOX , Nov. 9. [ Special Cablegram to
TUB BPB. ] Thooxpotts to America for Octo
ber , as given in the board of trade returns ,
have been.ml3tak.only quoted ns allowing that
the decline In trnlo under the McKlnloy law
is small. Those retusns imlndo nail of the
heavy shipments of September. The Novem
ber returns will bo the first icljablo datii
showing the action of the now law.
llio Duke of Cnnimiiglit at Berlin.
BKIII.IV , Nov. 9 , [ Special Cablegram to
TIIK BUB. ] Tlio duke of Commught re
viewed Iho Kit-then hussar * , of whUh regi
ment ho is honorary colonel , nt Hathcnow
yosterdav. After the review the duke In
spected ( lie barracks nud in the evening ho
dined with tbo ofilcei of the regiment.
Lockout ol' German Hlioc'innlcrrH ,
BMH.IV , Nov. 9. [ Special Cablegram to
THU Ilnn.J The shoo manufacturer * at Kr-
puit lm\o declined a lock-out in contcijucnco
of n dlsrmto arising fiom the dismissal of a
woiknian , Thrco thousand tncn aroluro\ya \
out of omploytncnt.