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orderly conduct nnd general Rood behavior
that prevailed at the polli.
AtUi'io o'clock yesterday V. O , Strlcklor
pncnred at the western Union telegraph
' ( mica ulth n bunch of telegrams for Irani-
mission. Ho counted out and over about (37
In toll * for them. lIVBtnndcn who witnessed
the transaction comiudod thnt Strlcklcr was
notifying tbo county prohibition committeemen -
men UiroucL'out the sin to thnt Omaha wm
going solid n ulnat the nmcntlmcnt. It win
also thought thnt ho hud Invented stories of
Intimidation against prohibition votew for
the solo nurposo of creating projtidlco In the
rural districts to Intensify the feeling u gainst
Toll-grams were soon after received by
Tin : Bai : from several towns in the stnto
tinting that prohibition workers were
exhibiting telegrams from tholr co-
laborers In Omaha carrying the
false report that this city was running to
riot and that prohibitionists were being
mobbed and driven from the polls. The correspondents -
respondents Bald , however , that this con
temptible ) trick had availed nothing so far as
could ho perceived.
The truth Is that there were trilling dis
turbances In but throe or four wards. Those
were provoked by men peddling tickets who
wort ) not residents of the respective wards ,
nnd some not residents of the state , and who
persisted in attempts to challenge null-
prohibition voters and In puddling bogus
tickets. Not a slnglo prohlhitlon
voter was In the slightest degree
Interfered within voting , and scores of pro
hibitionists worked nt the polls throughout
the day without hindrance cr molestation.
In onu Instance , nt least , thrco urn-sts of
antl-prohlbltlonists wcro made , These
parties were attempting to prevent a prohlbl-
lion 1st from working at a Dolling placu In the
Fourth ward.
Hon. K. V. Hoggon , secretary of the
Hankers' and 'Business Men's ' association ,
was asked last evening for an estimate of the
vote on the prohibitory amendment. Ho
gave It ns bis opinion thnt the majority
against the proposition would reach UO.OOO
Ilcnd tlio KotniltH on TIic
BCO'H ( itorcoptluon.
Never In the history of Omaha was there
greater interest manifested In election re
turns than the people manifested lust night.
Never were the arrangements for accommo
dating the public In this particular so thor
oughly satisfactory as these which Tnr Hun
provided last night , atid which wcro enjoyou
by an Immense audience of citizens of every
political persuasion , completely filling the
tldewalks nnd street between the New York
LIfonmt Tin : lii ! : : buildings.
As early ns seven o'clock the people began
to congregate on the walk in front of tlio
largo canvas upon which the desired information
mation was expected to appear as eon as
reports from the various ward *
of tlio city and from o.vcr the state and nation
shosld begin to arrive. Tlio canvas used was
twelve feet square , and stood high enough so
that everybody could sea what was thrown
upon It. 'iho slcreoptlcan work was excel
lent , and every word and figure appeared on
the sheet in lines so plain and clear thnt tliov
could bo read almost a block away. The portraits
traits wcro lifelike and easily recognized by
all who know the originals. The series of
cartoons elicited round after round of laugh
ter nnd nppluuso from the delighted throng.
There were many ladles In the audience nnd
they Esoined to enjoy the occasion as much us
tlio gentlemen.
The enterprise of Tun Dnr. In furnishing
tlio host means of gaining reliable Informa
tion concerning the great battle of ballots
was freely and frequently commended by
thousands who spent the evening In looking
at the canvas ) . As the majority against pro
hibition kept growing inoro certain and
greater the people became moro and inoro
enthusiastic , nnd toward midnight hundreds
and thousands of citizens who have been
anxious for many months , lest the amend-
, incut should carry nnd bring financial and
commercial ruin to the city nnd state , went
homo happy , feeling assured that the Blight
of prohibition had been safely nnd perma
nently warded oft by the mighty voice of a
sensible people. _
A Slight DlHturbnnco.
Abflut four o'clock yesterday nfternoo
thci-0 was a slight disturbance at the pollin
' placoof the fifth district in the fourth ward.
There was a red-headed prohibitionist there
wltu a handful of tickets. Ho was a harmless
loss , seedy looking creature , aud his appear
'anco would have made votes against tlu
amendment rather than for it , but O. E ,
Harris , n saloon Itceper , and some of hi"
friends thought the frco whisky tlcltcl
peddler had bettor bo relieved ol
' 'tils tickets , and they began by pull
. - ing the tickets out of his hand
Olllccr Cox , who was stationed there , toli :
Harris nnd his friends to desist , but thcj
paid no attention , nud finally the ofllcervi ;
obliged to shove them off the sidewalk. Hnr
rls then hunted up Special Ofllcer Jacob :
and told him to arrest the prohibitionists
This Jacobs was about to do , when Olllcei
' Co jc 8topi > oil him and said :
" 'Gentlemen , that inim is not disturbing
Anybody , nnd you shall not bo permitted t (
disturb him. "
An alteration ensued between Cox , Ilnrrl :
and Jacobs , in which several prominent gen
, tlouicn took the part of Otticer Cox and toh
him to stand his ground. Ho was fihnll ;
obliged to arrest Harris and Jacobs and sem
thorn to the police station. The prohlbltloi
ticket peddler soon took ills departure , as hi
was persuaded that his presence at the poll
was not doing his causu any good and inigh
lead to further trouble.
SwcnritiR Unregistered Voters.
Tncro was not a tremendous rush of ur
registered voters ut the city clerk's oflico , a
had been anticipated. At 10:15 a. m
Deputy City Clerk Couusman rocelvec
a communication from Mayor Gush
ing designating him to net in the place of tin
city clerk to swear In unregistered voters am
to perform such other dalles pertaining t
the oflico as might bo necessary. Mr. Conns
man immediately had the receipt of th
communication witnessed by Rlchnn
Mullin , John Groves and IT. B , Bunu ii
order to roako the appointment doubly sur
so farns its receipt by him was concerned.
E. A. Murphy and B. B. Dooms had beoi
sworn in nud were doing duty as clerks t
facilitate the work : of making out papers.
A feature of the day wa
Major Furny and anothci
gcntloman bringing la tholr arms John II
Lfirhons , n colored man forty-four years c
ago. Into tno oflico to have his voting paper
mndo out. The poor man was blind unit pai
alyzcd. but willingly underwent the eroa
pain ot being carried up court house hill I
order that ho might get his voting papers.
Another feature of the day , here , was th
presence from early to late of J , 1C. Ohamboi
hi tlio roloof a prohibition spy. Chamber
Is an abstractor and a man about forty-llv
years old. Ho busted himself by sncakln
up , catching the signatures of these who ap
mlcd for papers , nnd then noting them dow
Jn a little book which ho curried for tbo pui
Klootlon Notes.
J. J. Wclshnns , n prohibitionist , was ai
rested for assault and battery.
W. 11. Sherwood , n loading prohlbltic
worker , was run in for disturbing the pcac
James Stophcnson started on nn elcctloi
ce'rlng tour with his tally-ho coach , having
largo plcturo of J. K. Boyd on the rear cu
nnd under it the worJs : "Our Next Govo
nor. " Ho drove up Sixteenth street wlthoi
attracting any particular attention , but whc
ho drove up ( Juiulng a young David throw
.brick at Jim's Goliath nud , llko his prototyp
etruck htm In the forehead , slightly dlsttgu
Ing tha "next governor. "
* A largo carryall containing two youn
women nnd ton little girla , followed by a cm
rlugo containing llvo women nnd nuotlu
containing four women , circulated around tl
north end of town nbout noon. Each of th
women carried a largo handful of ticket !
but most of them kept the tickets careful !
concealed. The procession halted nt tt
Third district of the Eighth ward , ui
the children commenced piping
prohibition song , led by tha two youi
women. As teen ns the sound lioati
x on tlio n'.r , the crowd nt the polls took a bar
and the shouts might Imvo been heard a mil
Whllo the muslo ( i ) was In full blast ono o
. thuslost 11 rod a venerable specimen of IK
fruit at the carryall , which was broken l
contact with a curtain near the head of tl
young woman who l d the singing. The m
cession then t jrned up neighboring nll <
tna disappeared ,
Iilnho'H lt.m
BOISE CITT , Idaho , Nov. 4. Govern
, Geargo L. Shoup yesterday took the oath
' . oftloeaud issued a proclamation convonlr
t the IcgUUturo December 8.
.1 V
Definite Hetnrns Meagro Owing to thq
Heavy Vote and Scratching.
Ohio , However , is Treated to a Doao of
Bain and Snow.
The Tammany Triba Sweeps Everything
in Now York.
The Australian System of Voting
Gives General Satisfaction
Wherever it is Trleil A
Ilixthcr Quiet Day.
The prevailing color of the returns from
ither statcs'ls democratic.
The democrats have gained a few congress
men In each section and will probably control
ho lower house of the next congress. _
McKltiley hns nmtlo tremendous headway
against the results of the gorrymauder and Is
robnbly elected.
Massachusetts republicans concede the
ilectlon of young Hussell , the democratic
lancUduto for governor.
Pattlson , democrat , has probably carried
'cunsylvnnla by a sinill majority.
Tammany hns made a clean sweep in Now
The southern states are monotonously dom-
Iowa nnd Kansas are doubtful.
Wisconsin shows democratic gains , with
.oubtfiil results.
In New Hampshire the republicans have
ustalned losses and will perhaps lose the
In Colorado the democrats have made
gains , but the republican state ticket
and legislature will probably pull through ,
All other states voted about as usual.
lit Illinois
CHICAGO , Nov. 4. The election In this city
, oday , though hotly contested , passed over
rery quietly. The day on the whole was
! 0ol and clear. The chief Interest centered
n the contest for the shrievalty between
Congressman Lawler , democrat , and James
I. Gilbert , republican. Another element of
nterest was the contest for county supcrin-
.cndent of schools , Mrs. General Mulligan
being the democratic nominee. "Tho little
red school house" was the issuo. Mrs.
Mulligan is n Catholic and her opponent ,
Albert G. Lane , a protcstant , and the public )
school question was used for the purpose of
turning democratic votes from Mrs. Mulli
gan. A very largo vote was cost in this
state in no election for years have so many
members of the richer classes and prominent
business men voted as today. The state
ticket was fatally scratched hero owing to
the ngltutlon on the compulsory school
question and the uncertain strength of
the ticket of "citizens" or Patriotic Sons of
America. . The ticket contained only the
names of native-born Americans , being made
up of nominees of the two leading parties ,
with some prohibitionists where republicans
nnd democrats had both nominated alien-born
citizens. The contest in the four congres
sional districts In the city WHS largely a per
sonal ono and the tariff issue was in a great
measure lost sight of.
8 :45 : p , m. Chairman Jones now claims that
the republicans will probably gain congress
men in the Sixteenth nnd Eighteenth dis
tricts. Ho also claims the state legislature
on joint ballot by n majority of 15. Tlio dem
ocratic committee docs uot concede the defeat -
feat of their candidates.
Ciucvoo , Nov. 4. Of the twenty congres
slonnl districts In Illinois the indications at
11 o'clock arc that Congressmen Aitnms ,
Hopkins , Ilitt , Hcudorson , Hill and Pnyson ,
republicans , nro unquestionably ro-elccted ,
ns is also nrobauly Kowell , republican
There Is not it great deal of doubt of the
.success of Post , republican , in the Tcntl :
district. In the Eleventh Congressmar
Guests' election has been stubbornly coutest
ed by Cable , democrat , und the result is stil
in doubt. Wiko , Springer , Lnno nni
Williams ( dem ) arc ro-electcd and the in
dlcatlons point to the re-election of Smltl
( rep ) in ttio Twentieth district , and Format
( dem. ) in the Eighteenth. The Slxtecntl
district is still doubtful , but Fithinn claim !
re-election. In Ctdcago the democrats stil
deny the election of Taylor in the First nnc
Mason in the Third districts. Tlio demo
crnts nro claiming the defeat of Camion ( rep )
in the Fifteenth district , but the ropubllcai
state central committc'o still asserts that ho i :
ro-elcctcd by 500 majority.
CHICAGO. Nov. 4 ( midnight ) . IJetrms 01
the state ticket are coming in vcry slow. Onlj
eight counties in ttio state exclusive o. Cool
county have beca heard from. Thcso on th <
vote lor stnto treasurer give Amborg ( rep ) i
net plurality of 2,800 over Wilson ( dem ) . It
the same counties two years ago , when thi
vote was somewhat heavier , Harrison's no
plurality over Cleveland was 5,000.
CiliUAan , Nov. f > . 12:30 n. m. Return !
from the doubtful senatorial districts of tin
state are so meager that it is impossible t <
predict what the political complexion of th <
next general assembly will be. In sovora
of the hotly contested districts the Indlca
tlons point to the election of the dem
ocratlo candidates , but that thesi
gains will continue to such an cxtcn
ns to clvo them control of the general asscm
bly on Joint ballot does not yet appaar upoi
the meagre returns. A great deal depend ;
upon the legislative ticket of Cook county
and it is hardly probable that the result lion
will bo ascertained until some time tomorrov
Quixcr , III , Nov. 4. The vote polled ii
Adams county today shows a falling off o
fully 23 per cent from the vote of two year
ago. The vote was confined to county ofll
Illinois returns will bo compared with th <
presidential vote of 18SS , when Harrison'
plurality was 22,000. Chairman Jones , of th
republican state central committee , claim
tuat all of tbo republican congressmen in th
stcto have boon ro-cleotcd and that iu th
Eighteenth ( Morrison's ) district , Liuolo ,
( rep nnd farmers' ulllanco ) , will bo elcctci
over Forman ( dem ) , the present Incumbent
The first result of the election to bo knowi
for a certainty was the success of the propc
sltion to Increase the backing of the world'
fair to $10,500,000. Tlio vote of the city wa
practically unanimous in favor of adding t
the fund already guaranteed $3,000,000 , by th
Issue of city bonds and by means of thi
south park bonds $500,000 , more.
BI.OOMINQTON , 111. , Nov. 4. The clectloi
in this city win unusually qulot und ves
packet votes wcro numerous. * At each of th
polling places in ttio city the Gorman Lu
tkcmns hud workers and they induced
number of German republicans to vote th
democraticticket. . Ttio Lutherans wcr
actlva and well organized.
McLKANsiiouo , 111. , Nov. 4. Congrcssmai
Williams ( dem. ) is re-elected in the Nineteenth
toonth district by 4,000 majority.
LUNVIU.C , 111. , Nov. 4. Ttio republican
claim the election of Cannon to congress b
600 majority. The democrats claim by 800.
PUOHIA , 111. , Nov. 4.-Iu the mumcipt
contest today Henry Dctwcllor ( rep ) wa
olcctod city treasurer by a largo -majorlt
und n sufMclcnt number of republican aide
men to Insure a republican majority in tt
next council.
Bi'KisairiKi.n , 111. , Nov. 4. A special to tt
State ItcgUter ( dom ) from Danvlllo aj
even precincts la that city ( Cauaoa's houii
glvo Duscy 03 majoritv , a democratic gam
of 123 ,
CHICAGO , Nov. 4. Ono hundred precincts
give Gilbert lO.WO ; Lnwler. 1S,4 : ! Hull ,
8.2H ; Kern , 10,147. For state trt-asurer
cirfhty-nlnoprcclncts In the city give Ambers ?
( rep ) , 8,743Vllson ; ( dem ) , 10,17 $ ! Link
( pro ) , 201.
UOCK ISLAND , 111. , Nov. 4 , 11 p. m. Cable
( dem. ) gained 800 over Gest in this city.
Comj''irlnu the result with the last con
gressional rlcctlou the returns from the dis
trict o far make it appear that Cable is
CHICAGO , Nov. 4. The democratic state
central committee assert that private nil vices
show that the democrats have carried the
state by a good majority. They expect a
gain of thrco congressmen. Nothing definite
about Cook county.
In New York.
NBW YOIIK , Nov. 4. 10 p. in. Tammany
hall has gained a decisive victory nil along
the line over the republicans and county dem
ocrats fusion , Grant for mayor 13
not likely to full below 22,000
majority over Scott. All the Tammany
candidates for the other county oftlces and
judges will have an average majority of
20,000. The new ballot reform law worked
smoothly as a rule throughout the city and
the novel conditions of a secret ballot did not
liavo a pronounced effect on the vote of the
lower districts , which some political prophota
hud nntlcipnted. This was largely duo to
the energetic work of both parties in educat
ing the voters in the Intricacies of the law
before election , There wcro few serious
NKW YOIIK , Nov. 4. Returns glvo the fol
lowing ns reasonably certain of tlio congress
men elected in New York state : First ,
.Tamos W. Covert , ( dem. ) ; Second , Dnvld A.
Doody , ( dem. ) ; Third , William C. Wallace ,
( rap. ) ; Fourth. John M. Clancy , ( dem. ) ;
Fifth. Thomas F. Wagner , ( dem. ) ; Sixth , .f.
It. Fellows , ( dem. ) : Seventh , ti. J. Uunphy ,
( dem. ) ; Eighth , 1. J. Campbell , ( dcm/i ;
Ninth , A. J. Guminings , ( dom , ) : Tenth , F.
II. Spinohi , ( dom. ) ; Eleventh , J. D. Wnrnor ,
( dem. ) : Twelfth , U. 1' . Fowler , ( dem. ) ; Thir
teenth , A. P. Fitch , ( dem. ) : Fourteenth , .
O. Stahlneckcr , ( dem. ) ; Fifteenth , Henry
llacon , ( pro. ) ; Sixteenth , J. 11. Kctchin ,
( rep. ) ; Seventeenth , I. N. Cox , ( dctn. ) ;
Eighteenth , J. A. Quackcnbush. ( rep. ) ; Nine
teenth , Charles Tracy , ( dem. ) ; Twentieth ,
John Sanford. ( rep. ) ; Twcnty-lirst , J. M.
Weaver , ( rep. ) ; Twenty-second , L.V. . Hus
sell , ( rep. ) ; Twenty-third , J. S. Sherman ,
rep. ) ; Tentv-fh , F. E. Arnold , ( re. ) ;
Twenty-fifth , .1. J. Bcldcn , ( rep. ) ; Twenty-
sixth , G. W. Hay , ( rep. ) ; Twenty-seventh ,
S. E. Payne , ( rep. ) ; Twenty-eighth , II. T.
Noyes , pro.rep. ( . ) ; Twenty-ninth , John
Raines , ( rep. ) ; Thirtieth , II. S. Grcenleat ,
pro. , ( dom. ) , gain ; Thirty-first , J. W. Wnds-
ivortb , ( rop. ) ; Thirty-second. D. N. Lock-
vood , ( dem. ) , gnm ; Thirty-third , I. . . Hunt-
'ng ' , pro. , ( dem. ) , gain ; Thirty-fourth , W. B.
looker , ( reo. )
NKW Yonic , Nov. 4. The total city vote
'or mayor shows Grant 114,420 , ; Scott , 01,003 ;
scattering , 45H16 ( ,
AMU xv , N. Y. , Nov. 4. From special re
turns all over the state to the Journal ( rep )
ills estimated that the republicans will have
seventy-oiio members sure in the next assem
bly. The total number is 123.
MAIIVSVIM.H , N. Y. , Nov. 4. George W.
Kay ( rep ) is elected In the Twenty-sixth dis
x , N. Y. , Nov. 4. The present
ndicntions nro that Henry I3aepn ( dom ) is
jlcctcd congressman from the Fifteenth dis
Snucusn , N. Y. , Nov. 4. Bclden Is elected
to congress by about (5,000. (
BUFFALO , N. Y. , Nov. 4 , Daniel N. Lock-
wood ( dem ) lias y,14B majority over Williams
( rep ) In | the Thirty-second congressional dis
trict , with 31 districts missing.
s , N. Y. , Nov. 4. The election of
Isaac N. Cox ( dem. ) for congress in the
Seventeenth district is conceded by the re
publicans by a majority of 750.
In MiiHHnuIiuscttH.
BOSTON , Mass , , Nov. 4. Sixty towns In
Massachusetts show a net gala for Russell
( dem ) of 071) ) . If this coatluucs Russell is
Seventy-five towns in Massachusetts and
200 out of the , 005 precincts of Boston give
for governor Blackmer ( pro ) , 3,0. > S ; Brack-
ctt ( i-cp ) , a'SOU ) ; Russell ( dem ) , 44,250. Rus
sell's plurality , 10'JSS. If Russell continues
to gain on lir.icVctt In the 'state outside of
Boston ns bo has so far he Is elected governor
by nt least 5,000 plurality. < The democrats
have gained two congressmen at least.
BOSTON , Mass. , Nov. 4. From gains on the
vote so far the indications are that Uassell
( dem ) , for governor , will bo elected by 0.000
plurality. The democrats have gained two
BOSTON , Mass. , Nov. 4. The vote of Boston
complete for governor gives Russell ( dem ) ,
: J2Osi ( ; Brackctt ( rep ) , 19,870 ; Blue-kind
( pro ) . 1,054. Russell's plurality , 19,110. Dem
ocratic not gain , 7,050. The democrats claim
the state by 10,000 plurality , aud the republi
can state committee concede Russell's elec
tion.Twentyeight towns In the Ninth district
for congress glvo Cnndlor ( rep ) , 7,423 ; Will
iams ( dom ) , 7,1173. The remaining towns are
expected to elect Williams.
BOSTON , Mass. , Nov. 4. Congressman
Lodgois re-elected In the Sixth congressional
district , but admits that his majority will not
bo much over 1,000 , in place of about 5 , .
two years ago. In tlio First district Randall
'rop ) is rc-elcctod. In the Second Earners
'rep ' ) is ro-clceted. In the Third Andrew. "
'dem ' ) is ro-clectod. In the Fourth O'Ncil
'dom ' ) is re-clocted. In the Fifth Hoar ( deml
lofcatedFox ( rep ) . In the Seventh Cogswell
( rep ) is re-elected. In the Eighth Grecnhalgc
( mp ) leads , but by a plurality greatly reduced
from 18S8 , and his election is by no mean ?
assured. Candlcr is slightly in the loud at
present. Returns from the Kloventh district
Indicate a close vote between Sunlding ( rep )
Coolldgo ( dem ) and Myron P. Walker ( ind ) ,
The Twelfth district will return Rockwol
( rop. )
In Indiana.
IXDIANATOMI , Ind. , Nov. 4.The wcathci
was almost perfect. Advices from the state
indicate a rather light vote , but in this ciU
moro than half the polled votes were cost bj
11 o'clock. The new system is regarded a ;
satisfactory. The chairmen of the state anil
county committees expressed about cqna
confldcaco In the result. President HnrrUoi
nnd Attorney General Miller arrived in thi'
city at 10 o'clock this morning , and were al
once driven to his residence. The nrcsi
dent's vote was the ono hundred nnd llfty
second cast In the precinct. After deposit
his ballot the president returned to'tho rest
ilcnco of Mr. McKco , where ho remained
until half past 4 , when ho was driven to the
station and took the train for Washington
During the afternoon a few personal and po
lltical friends called and nt the train qulto :
crowd gathered to sco him off.
Returns from the Thirteenth congrcsslona
dlstrlcttothoSentlncl Indicate the ro-electloi
of Congressman Shlvoly ( dom ) .
In California.
SAN FRANCISCO , Gal. , Nov. 4. The woathoi
is fair throughout the state n'nd the indlca
tlons nro that a heavy vote will bo polled.
A close contest was made on several muni
clpal oftlcers and reports of trading am
scratching are numerous. NotwitlHtandliu
the fact that the election was complicated li
this city by the fact that n number of indc
pendent ticliets are in the field , the prlncl
pal ones of which nro the reform democrat !
und the O'Donuell ticket , the real content 1 :
believed to bo between the democratic ant
republican parties. The republican 'stati
committee claims that Loud ( rep ) lor congress
gross In the Fifth district will bo electee
over Clunlo ( dom ) . The total regtstmtloi
in San Francisco this year was nearly sixt ;
thouannd , which Is 1,200 moro than the rcgls
tratlon two years ago.
In Arkansas.
LITTLE ROCK , Ark , Nov. 4 , The clectlor
was quiet without incident hero , Terr ,
( dem ) for congress , running l,4Su to 1W3 , fo
Harrison ( rep ) .
LITTLE ROOK , Ark. , Nov. 4 Informatloi
has been received nt republican headquarter
hero of trouble at HMno Bluff , in which
deputy sheriff shot a policeman and an iudU
criiniuato exchange of shots between dome
crats nr.d republicans followed , in which tw
otuer parties wow wounded.
If the proportionate gain for Breckenridg
continues at tbo rate they have been corolu
in his majority iu Pope county will be 1.2Q
to 1,500.
In South Dakota.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Nov. 4. Today's clectlo
throughout South Dakota was very excltln
and a full vote was polled. Besides the o :
citcmcnt over the state and congrcssioui
districts the bitter fight for thu pcrmanos
ni.itnl brought out every vote possible. Last
fall , at the llrgt state election , the total vote
wo * over 77.000 , , nnd that will probably bo
found to hnverbeon exceeded when all the re
turns nro in totnpht. The uncertainty of the
alliance vote nfakcs an early estimate as to
the result uurollnblo.
Hutiox , S , 'U. ' , Nov. 4. [ Special Telegram
to Tun HEI : . | All Interest In today's election
centered on UJD vote for the permanent loca
tion of the cnpltpj , No llguros wcro received
tonight except on this subject. From sixty
voting placed , 'mostly all thu smull ones ,
Huron's ' ) majority over Picrro li ! i,000. The
republican stlitt ! nnd congressional tickets
have 2JO majority In Huron except for gov
ernor. Melluttenruns a few behind Taylor ,
his democraticooinpotltor , who resides here.
The republican legislative ticket also runs up
wltti the state ana congressional ticket.
\VlHUoiisln. .
MILWAUKEE , Wls. , Nov. 4. When the polls
closed at 5:10 : this afternoon the most unique
and exciting political struggle- the history
of the city came to an end. The feature of
the day was the activity of tlio Catholic nnd
Lutberan clergy in marshalling tholr forces
against the Bennett school law. . At the poll
ing booth at the corner of Grconbush nnd
Mitchell strocU , on the South side , ulmost In
t ho shadow of St. Stanislaus Catholic church ,
two Polish priests busied themselves In seeIng -
Ing that each of their countrymen voted , and
examined the ballots to mnlce sure that they
were casting them against the little school
house. Fattier Grucza was the busiest. Ills
church Is outside the cityln the Town of Lake ,
and he stated truminlmntly to friends that
when ho left the precinct In which his ctiurch
is located there had been only one or two re
publican votes cast against 100 democrats. In
the Second precinct of the Sixth ward Ca
puchin monks njipearcd , twenty-three strong ,
headed by the lather guardian. As quietly
us they came they went away , leaving twen
ty-throe democratic ballots in the box. Most
of tlio Luthcnm churches hold meetings last
night , nt which democratic- tickets were dls-
rlbuted. At the booths the Lutherans would
.ot have anything to do with the ticket pod-
lera. Some of thorn would tnko anything
.hat was put into their hands and shove it
nto their pockets , wbcro it was presumably
eft. The ch.'iractor of all the votes cast is
'onsequcntly ' a mystery. At nearly every
'Oiling ' place some Lutheran , generally
school teacher , was stationed to
oo that their people did not allow themselves
, o bo persuaded to accept n tioket from rc-
ubHcan peddlers. The prohibition and labor
otes generally went to ttio republicans ,
split ticKcts of every imaginable kind could
10 found in most of the precincts. The low-
nt estimate of the vote today is 42,000 aud
ho highest 67,000. Tno estimates generally
, -nry from 42,000 to 55,000. The total rogis-
.ration Is 50,031. At the presidential election
n 1SS3 the total registration wis : 40,603 nnd
ho vote was y7H3. ; The vnto for mayor lost
prlng wos31,12S.
MILWAUKEE , Wls. , Nov. 4. In today's clcc-
lens the republicans lose quo congressman ,
Mitchell ( dem ) being elected in this district.
5o far as received the returns indicate tlio
lection of Cooper ( rep ) in the First district ,
Bnrwlg ( dem ) in the Second. LaCollOtto in
the Third , Mitchell ( dcra ) In the Fourth ,
Brlckiisr ( dem ) In the Fifth , Clarke ( rep )
'n the Sixth , Thomas ( rep ) in the Eightti and
Elnuphn ( rep ) in the Ninth. The democrats
ulntm the election of Peck anil tbo entire
.tato . democratic ticket , but the returns uro
oo meager to warrant the claim and the ro-
mblieans thlnk [ H ° ard Is re-elected. The
.cglslaturo Is republican and Spooucr will bo
LiCitosdn , Wis. . Nov. 4. The day here
ivas warm and a heavy vote wna polled. On
Account of thd siitiool question the German
Lutherans and Catholics took great interest
11 the contest nnd worked hard for tbo defeat
of the republican legislative ticket. The in
dications are that the democrats have mauo
.argo gains in the city.
MADISON , Wls. , Nov. 4. The election
passed off quietly'under the now Australian
system. The votej was heavy. Hoard will
run ahead of his ticket , out Peck will carry
the city. Lafollotto for congress rau behind
his democratic .opponent , Bushnoll.
KtoiNB , Wis. , Ifov. 4. Twelve precincts
in Racine county , including lu.i in the city ,
give Hoard n majority of 45-1 , a democratic
gain over 1SS4 ot',158.
O.31IKOSH , Wis. , Nov. 4. The election hero
passed off quietly.nlthough a largo vote was
polled. Peck fw ? governor carried the city
by about 700 , a democratic pain of 400 over
1SS8 in thirteen
In Missouri.
ST. Loois , Nov. 4. Today was warm and
clear. Reports from all the twenty-eight
, vnrds indicate that the total vote will bo
arge , some of the leaders placing It as high
as fiO,000. Though the excitement is running
unusually high for an pff year , there has been
no trouble to speak of any whero. Ttioro
was much coc/usion attending tbo ilrat prac
tical trial of tlio Australian system.
ST. Lotus , Mo. , Nov. 4. Indications at 10
o'clock were that the democratic city ticket
was elected with the exception of Normilo
for Judge of the criminal court und Smith for
recorder of deeds. The counting of the bal-
.ots Is progressing very slowly.
KANHAB CITY , Mo. , Nov. 4. Nearly full re
turns from this ( Jackson ) county show a
majority for the democratic ticket. Tarnoy
( democrat ) , candidate for congress , ran
ahead of his ticket. The republican commit
tee concedes Tarnoy's ' election by 11,000 ma-
Advices from many points in Kansas point
to a heavier farmers' alliance vote than antic
ipated. They claim 12r > ,000 votes for the
stuto ticket. The republicans concede that
the farmer's' ' alliance i nde heavy inroads into
tholr ranks and claim only 15,000 plurality
for their state ticket. The democrats ttilnk
Willet ( farmers' alliance ) may bo elected for
governor. Tlio farmers' alliance claim three
congressmen nnd the democrats two. The
re-election of Funston ( republican ) and Kelly
( republican ) Is conceded. Returns from
10 counties in Kansas have been received
by the Associated press. Of thesu 8 have
gone republican and 0 democratic and 5 for
the alliance.
KANSAS CITT , Mo. , Nov. 4. Returns from
the Third Missouri congressional district In-
dlcato tha certain ro-olectiou of A. M. Docn-
eryovor Glbdon ( rep ) . Returns from the
Eleventh Missouri congressional district
show the certain re-election of Bland over
Jcrvin ( rep ) . Eland's majority Is over 0,000.
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , Nov. 4. Returns from
Kansas on the state ticket indicate the elec
tion of governor , Humphrey ( rep ) , by 10,000
to 15,000 plurality. Robinson ( dem ) Is run
ning behind \Vlllet ( farmers' alllnuco ) . Ivos ,
( fnrineri.nllinnco ) candidate for states at
torney general , is running ahead of his ticket
and may bo elected.
In Pennsylvania.
Pinsuuiia , Pa. , Nov. 4 , At 8 p. m. Senator
Quay telegraphs his belief that Dolamatcr ,
republican , will have a majority of UO.OOO In
the stato.
Pinsnuiin , Pa. , Nov. 4 , Ono hundred and
fifteen districts in Allegheny county give
Del6mntcrll.r.7.i.HaUison . 11,270 , a demo
cratic gain of 1,077. „
pPiiiUAiir.M'iiiA. T ' 6v. 4. Returns from the
state , partleularly'tlto ' eastern portion , are
slow. These rocqiviJd , however , show that
Pattlson ( dom ) , isiniiklng | heavy gains Iu the
west. The republicans still expect a good
majority. , ,
PHILADELPHIA , 'Nov. 4. At democratic
headquarters the cmltn Is made that Pattlson
will bo elected byJll,000 majority.
InjColormlo ,
DBNVEII , Colo. , ( Tfov. 4. An unusually
heavy vote was ca.'jt.ljoro nnd throughout the
state. Returns wUl bo late , as the polls close
nt 7 o'clock. At Hodemocratloheadquarter ?
everyone Is jubilant and Chairman Arbuck
claims the election of. the entire ticket bj
5,000. , Chairman Ashley " of the republican
committee , while antn"unng the state treasurer
urer , attorney genurtol nnd superintendent ol
public instruction nro elected , Is satlsfloi !
thnt they will elect the remainder of tlu
ticket , including the legislature.
In Kansas. .
KANSAS Car , Mo. , Nov. 4. Dispatches in
dlcato at 11 p. m. that for the ilrat time It
many years Kansas will send n broken ropub
Hcan delegation to congress. It is consldorei
certain that Moonlight ( dem ) will dofoa
Brodorick ( rep ) and L. C. Clark ( farmers' nl
llanco ) in the First district. Webb M.-Nal
( rep ) In the Sixth district is doubtles :
Returns from Oklahoma arc to the offcc
that Hurvey ( rep ) is elected delegate to eon
gress by 1,000 majority over McCoy ( dem
and Crocker ( farmers' alliance ) .
In Ijoulitnnu.
NEW OIII.BANS , La. , Nov. 4. The wcathc
was delightful all day and so far as hoan
rom the elections have been quiet through-
tit thn state , with a comparatively light
oto. The Indications this evening nro thnt
? olcmnn ( rep ) will bo defeated for congress
> y a democrat.
Nr.\v OIII.KANV T-n. . Nov. 4. The latest re-
urns Indicate that Meyer ( dem ) hn * defeated
\ \ nrmouth ( rep ) for congress in the First
llstrlct by 2.00U majority , nnd Logan ( dom )
lofeated Colcman ( rep ) In the Second dls-
rict by 3,000. , In the other districts there
vns no organized opposition to the democrats.
In lown.
KEOKVK , In. , Nov. 4-Tho election passed
ft quietly except in the second precinct ,
vhere several rows occurred , but not serious.
Owing to the heavy registration the polls
vlll not bo closed till 0 p. m.
Dtint'qtin , In. , Nov. 5. A heavy vote was
rolled In this city. The count is not com-
dele , but Couch ( dem ) for congress is hold-
ng close to Boles'voto last year. Ilender-
on's homo word gives him 120 majority. The
isual republican majority In the ward Is itOO.
BUIIUNUTON , la. , Nov. 4. The day was
icrfect. The election la Burlington was
[ iilet but vigorous , nearly two-thlrdi of the
vote being polled by noon. A conservative
ostlninto places Gear s majority nt from 200
o 1.200 in the First district.
KKOKUK , In. , Nov. 4. Incomplete returns
rom all the precincts In this city and town
ship give Soerley ( dem ) n majority of 150
ivor lu'ar ( rep ) . In 183 $ Gear bad n major-
ty of 87 In the same precincts.
DBS MOINK.O , la. , Nov. 4. Returns from the
irst forty products received In this stuto
how a iictropobllcan gain of 501 ns compared
vlth the vote on governor last vcur.
Siot'x CITV. la. , Nov.I. . The weather was
clear and bright , but not a very largo vote
vns polled. Interest centered on the con-
rrosslonal light , but the figures will bo late.
tupubllcnns are conlldont thnt Perkins has a
afo plurality In this district , although Alii-
on ( doni ) hns probably carried the city by
several hundred.
OEU MOINKS , la. , Nov. 4. [ Special Telo-
gnun to Tin : Biu.1 : At this liour (10IOp. ( : !
in. ) but a small portion of the state has been
icard from and no definite results can bo
jiven bofoio morning , Compared with 1SS8 ,
.ho vote so far from sixty prcclnts
shows n net dcmocratlo gain of about
,000 , while compared with 18S9 the
same precincts show n not rcpub-
lean gain of 7SO. The republican
nnjorlty two years ago was about 11,101) ) , and
the ratio of democratic gain would give u
small republican majority. Reports from the
'ongrcsslomd districts are meager so far , but
ndicato the election of ten republicans.
FOUT DODOI ; , la. , Nov. 4. [ Special Tele-
rramto Tim Br.i : . J Uolllvor's majority over
Woods in the Tenth congressional district
will bo about 500. The farmers' nlllanco and
union labor vote was solid for Woods , explaining -
plaining the cutting down of Dolliver's ma-
ority from 5,001) ) In 188S.
Briu.iNoToN , In , , Nqv , 4. Incomplete re-
.urns show great democratic gains in the
? irst district. Surly ( dom ) is probably
elected by 500 majority overGear ( rep ) .
In Ohio.
CINCINNATI , 0. , Nov. 4. With the oxcep-
.Ion of.a few saloonkeepers who violated the
law by keeping their places open on election
day , there were no arrests la this city today
on account of the election. Today'a votltiR
WHS a rcflox of the dignified calmness that
marked tlio conduct of the campaign. The
divisions among the democrats caused by thu
abolishment of the board of city improve
ments at the suggestion of Governor Camp
bell had its effect in general apathy among
many of the usually most active men in the
democratic party , so when the polls closed
there wus a general feolinir that the republi
cans had carried the county by a good major
ity ; thnt Storer ( rop. ) had defeated Cosgrovo
In ttio First district by a handsomemajority. .
The democrats , however , do not concede the
defeat ot Cosgrovo.
CINCINNATI , 0. , Nov. 4. One hundred and
ten precincts in Hamilton county gave Ryan n
majority of 5,371) ) ; Hclin ( rep ) , forsherlff , 4,187 ,
Htorcr ( rep ) claims bis majority to bo 1,200 ,
Ho carries Ills own precinct by 82 majority ,
which is much larger than over before given
to a republican candidate. Ho made a gain
of l.'iO iu Madlsoavillo.
CINCINNATI. O. , Nov. 4 , 8:30 : p. m. It is
now claimed that Storer is elected in the first
district over Cosgrove. Caldwell ( rop. ) . In
the Second district , is elected by a heavj
ALLIANCE. O. , Nov. 4. The Indications are
that McKinley lias made heavy gains. Starli
county will likely glvo him a majority.
CLEVKMND , O , , Nov. 4 , The indications
are that Johnson ( dem ) , candidate for con
gress hi this district , Is elected ,
CANTON , O. , Nov. 4. Thirteen precincts In
Stark county out of a total of slxtv-four give
a gain for McKinley over ISS'J of 545. Me-
Kiuloy's own ward , complete , Just in , gives
a gain of 3S5. This makes McKinley's gain
810 in fourteen of the sixty-four precincts in
Stark county , which wont 1,100 for Campbell
last year.
TOI.KDO , O. , Nov. 4. Ilayncs ( dem ) is reelected
elected to congress In the Seventh district.
BCoi.UMnu.i , O. , Nov. 4. At 10:45 : p. in. the
republican and democratic stuto committee : :
have no reliable returns from congressmen n
Ohio except Cincinnati , where both rcpubli
can congressmen nro elected.
CLI\T.I.ANI : > , O. , Nov. 4. The chairman ol
ttio "Uayno county republican - tel
egraphs that McKinley has carried that
county by 400. Campbell carried it ono ycai
ago by 930.
CLEVELAND , O. , Nov. 4. A dispatch froiu
Foiteriu , O. , says Governor Foster Is re-
olcctod to congress in the Eighth district bv
CINCINNATI , O. , Nov. 4 , Unofficial footIngs -
Ings in the First district give Storor ( rep )
for congress a mnjority of 2,180. Campbell
( dem ) carried this 'district lust year by u ma
jority of 5,817.
Six hundred nnd ono. precincts outside ol
Hamilton county show a majority for Ryan
( rep ) of 3,795. The same last year gave
Campbell a majority of 273.
Coi.UMiii'3 ' , O , , Nov. 4. Donovan ( dom ) is
elected over Brighun in the Sixth congres
sional district. In the Second congressional
district Caldwclt ( rep ) is elected over Brown
( dom ) .
In Minnesota.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Nov. 4. A cool , clear daj
usually means a full vote and the Interest li :
the stnto election added to the size of the vote
In Minnesota. The result will bo late , for
besides the fact that the ulllanco vote pre
vents any accurate estimates as to the prob
able pluralities , that vote will come solargelj
from the moro distant country districts that
nothing certain will bo known early In tbc
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Nov. 4. Returns arc
very slow and meagre. Morrmin , rep. , is los
ing slightly all over the state , but the lots
does not yet Kcom large enough to defeat
him. Two years ago ho bad a plurality ol
The alliance vote , as far as heard from up
to 1 o'clock , Is not nearly so great as tin
leaders of the movement claimed. Lute fig.
uros are against the high claim of the repub
lican committee and favorable to the dem
ocracy. The vote of Minneapolis seems
likely to settle the election , that city having
already given a sufllclent vote against
Merrian to nearly defeat him. Two years
ago ho loftllomiopin county with a plurality
of nearly 4,000 , but if the llguros thus fui
reported continue ho will leave that countj
this year with nearly that much against him
Chairman Campbell of tlio democratic stati
committee says ho thinks tiioy have gainec
three congressmen nnd the governor.
In Maryland.
BAI.TIMOUK , Md. , Nov. 4. A dispatch t <
the Sun says that McLain ( dem , ) is nrobnbl ;
elected in the Sixth congressional district
Ho leids McComns in the hitter's own count'
by 100 majority. Returns from the Fifth dl-J
trlct show large gains for Camptou over Mudi
( rop. )
In Texan ,
New Oni.KANS , La. , Nov. 4. The Times
Democrat Austin , Tex. , special says : It wll
bo some days before the ofllclal returns ar
mcclvca , but it may bo assun.od that th
democratic state ticket is elected by the usun
majority. _ _ _ _
In Utah.
SALT L 1KB CITV , Utah , Nov. 4. The dele
gate election passed off quietly. Calno ( Moi
man ) Is elected over Goodwin ( liberal ) b
U.OOO . to 5,000 majority.
IiiNuwior ) or >
NEWARK , N. JNov. 4. Cadmus ( dem ) I
elected to congress In the Fifth ( Wllllat
Walter Phdps' ) district.
In Went Virginia.
CHAIILESTON . Vn , Nov. 4. Indication
point to u democratic victory iu tha cou
prosslonal nnd senatorial districts. The
democrats made largo pains in this city and
county , but the result will not bo definitely
known until tomorrow.
In Kentucky.
Ky. , Nov. 4' Congressman
W. C. P. Brlrklnrldgo was re-elected todav
by 8,000 majority.
In Michigan.
Rinu ? , Mich. , Nov. 4. Close ostl-
nates place Ford's ( dctn ) majority in the city
nt 25,000.
UBTIIOIV , Mich. , Nov. 4. The democrats
nro claiming the First congressional district
uiro nnd the Fifth , Sixth , Seventh und Tenth
In Virginia ?
RICHMOND , Va. , Nov. 4. "Wise. Tucker
nnd Lester , dcmocratlo congressmen , nro ro-
liotums from ovorjr congressional district
.11 the state where there Is n coutest allows
Icmocratlc trains over the vote of 1SSS , Jones
( dem ) is bollcved to bo elected in the First
llstrlct over Browne ( rep ) . Kdnuiuils ( dem )
ii the Sixth defeats Shellburno ( pro-- )
D'Ferrall ' in the Seventh defeats Lawson
'ind-rep ) . Lee in the Klghtli defeats llumu
( Ind ) . The contc-sts In the Second , Fourth
and Nlutn nre still in doubt , but the demo-
rats claim them nil.
In Connect
HAHTFOIID , Con. , Nov. 4. El phty-fou
owns , no citloj , show * Mcrwhi ( rep ) , for
governor about UOO ahead of the vote polled
by Aukloy ( rep ) , in 18SS nnd 4,000 ahead of
riiscompetitor , Morris. The cities will put
Morris ahead , but no choice by people is at
resent probable. The legislature Is
ipparently romibtlcnn on joint bollot. Hussell
! vep ) iu the Third congressional district holds
Us own against Walls and is evidently
olcctod. Spcry ( deini is elected in the First.
Niw : BHITAIN , Conn. , Nov. 4. Tbo demo-
ratio state ticket gets 21't ' ( majority in this
city. Murkluy and Mullcr ( dems. ) arc elected
to the house of representatives.
In Tun ncHscc.
MnMi'ius , Tenn. , Nov. 4. Dyer county
gives ttio democratic ticket a majority of
about twelve hundred. This county Iu 1SS3
gave Cleveland a majority of 183.
NASIIVIU.I : , Tonn. , Nov. 4. Buchanan
( dem ) for governor is elected by nt least
2.OOi ) majority. IColly ( pro ) received about
10,000. In the First congressional district
liutlcr ( ind-rcp ) U likely elected after ono of
the bitterest contests in tha history of the
state. In tlio Second district ICouck
is elected by a grcatlv reduced
majoritv. In the Third Snodcnm
( dem ) defeats Evans , thus making n gain of
one for tlio democrats. In the Fourth , Fifth
and Sixth districts the present members nro
ro-olected by the usual majority. In the Seventh -
onth Cox succeeds Whithorn , having defeated
\Vlilthom for the nomination , In the Klghth
and Ninth the present members are ro-electcd.
In the Tenth district Josiah Patterson ( dem )
is elected to succeed Phelnn. The legislature
will bo democratic by n two-thirds majority
in both houses.
Iu Montniin ,
HELENA , Mont , , Nov. 4. Favored by fair
weather the vote ot Montana for congress
men and eight stnto senators has probably
reached well up to the registration At the
polls today tariff issues from the standpoints
of the two parties entered prominently.
Probably the greatest effort ever put forth
by the democracy of the state wns today for
the election of Dixon to congress and supre
macy in the state senate. Chairman Daly
of the democratic committee claims a largo
vote for Dixon In Deer Lodce nndSilvor Bow
counties. Kx-Govcrnor White , chairman of
the republican committee , nt the close of the
polls expressed confidence in the re-election
of Carter and a majority for the republican
state senators based on advices from Buttc ,
Mtssoula nnd other prominent points west of
the range Hi Dixon's part of the stato. Indi
cations point to republican majorities cast of
the divide and confidence is expressed in
party circles hero of Carter's success In the
In Now Hampshire.
CoNconn , N. H. , Nor. 4. Returns from
thirty towns glvo Tuttle ( rep ) , 4,257 ; Ams-
den ( dem ) , 4-IOT ; Fletcher ( pro ) , 127. A re-
publlcannet loss of 82 from thn vote of 18S3.
CoNcoui ) , N. II. , Nov. 4. The Indications
nt:30p. ! ) : m. uro that there Is no choice of
governor by the pcoulo of the state ; that Ide-
Kinuoy , democrat , is elected to congress In
the First district , and the Second district is
very close , the chances favoring Moore , re
publican. In sovcnty-thrco towns the demo
crats gain eighteen members of the house of
representatives , and at their headquarters In
this city they claim that 'they have carried it
by a good majority.
COXCOHD. N. II. , Nov. 4. Returns from
fifty-two towns give Tuttle ( rep. ) S,3l.V !
Aimden ( dom. ) , 9S ; ! ; Fletch ( pro. ) , 421. Re
publican not loss.111. .
CONCOUO , N. II. , Nov. 4 , The republicans
concede tno election of McICinney ( democrat )
to congress in the First district by 700 plural
ity. Returns from sovcnty-Uvo towns glvo
Tuttle ( rep ) for governor 1'C > 0 | ) , Airisden
( dom ) 13il4 ! , Fletcher ( pro ) U72 , a repub
lican not loss of 012.
In South Carolina.
COLUMBIA , S. C. , Nov. 4. The Indications
curly this evening arc that Tlllman and his
entire ticket is elected.
CIIAHI.KSTON , S. C. , Nov4. The total vote
in the state will not exceed 150,000. The
Tlllman ticket is elected by not less than
2. " > ,000. Tlio election was absolutely devoid
of incident or excitement , the negroes , having
no regular ticket in the Hold ,
for the most part declined to
cheese between the democrats. The vote
In Charleston was the lightest over
known , the total being about 1,500 out of a
total registered vote of 10,000. Returns
from the congressional districts nro not yet
complete , but the figures received appar
ently assure the election of democrats iu all
tlio district1 ? , except the Seventh , where T.
E. Miller colored republican , will probably
Coi.t'MMA , S. C. , Nov. 4. Scattering re
ports from every section of the state indicate
the election of Tillman for governor by
25,000 majority nnd tlio entire regular demo
cratic state ticket by u largo majority rxcopt
In the coast counties , which have very largo
negro majorities. Returns from the various
congressional districts Indicate that the regu
lar dcmocratlo candidates had n walkover ex
cept In the Seventh district , where the con
test between Elliott ( deui ) and Miller ( rep )
Is closo.
AT T .v.
Hut Mttlo IntcrcHt MimlCi-stcd In tlio
< Result of the Kloutlnn ,
WASHINGTON , Nov 4. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Bui : . ] There is very little excitement
iu Washington tonight , although groups of
department clerks are congregated whcrovcr
the election returns are being received. They
exchange comments nnd prognostications be
tween the announcements of tlio dispatches.
The headquarters of the republican commit-
tco wcro closed all day , and tlio dcmocratlo
committee rooms wcro in charge of n Janitor.
There was no regular betting on the elections ,
although a few small sums wcro staked by
politicians about the hotel loiihles and tele
graph otllces. The republicans who have been
taking part in tbo management of the cam
paign , or huvo been watching the work of tbo
committee closely , have maintained the ut
most confidence throughout the entire day
and have declared positively the entire roiult
would glvo the house ot roproseiitatlve-j to
the republicans by a small majority. The
democrats , however , on the other hand , were
claiming everything , livery doubtful dis
trict they were certain would elect the demo
cratic candidate- and some loading politicians
In the district , of democratic pursua-ilon ,
went so far as to claim a majority of fifty in
the next liouso. Thcra is : t very general
opinion among these familiar with tlio politi
cal situation thnt In case the democrats carry
the house an extra soislnu will bo called ,
Tha reasons far thi * have al
ready been stated in thcso dispatcher
being the anxiety to dispose ol the immboi of
Important pending bills which tbo republi
cans dcslro to place upon tlio statute books
before they glvo up the control of legislation ,
Thu usual congelation thnt gathers at the
whlto house to rccolvo election rutunn win
absent tonight borouso the president Is away.
The manager of the Western Union tele
graph company kindly -sent returns to Mr.
Blalmt'a hoime as fast nt they came , and a
few friends dropped In tliprodurluKthocourso
of , the uvenlng and remained until midnight
awaiting tbu result.
At It ) o'clock tonight there were fcwci
people In the streets thnn usual , nd tha In-
dlftorenco concerning the result of the eleo-
tlon is dlftlcult to uxplatn , The bulletin
boards nt the telegraph ofltccs wen ! wuisu-
ally scanned by pussersby , nnd occasionally n
group of n dozen or moro would gather ns
some fresh dispatches would bo posted , but
thev would soon disperse and wander off to
their homes. The clubs were receiving Us-
sno dispatches from the telegraph ofllcos
which were road out to small clusters of gen
tlemen us they came , but they caused no ex
citement whatever. The oldest iutmbltant
can not remember a duller oloetlon night. At
the republican headquarters nt 10 o'clock
there was but ono man to bo scon , nnd ho tha
colored Janitor , and only a single gna jot was
burning. When nikod where the pcoplu
wcro he replied they hud all gone homo to
Tim 1'ln.n Inn Mil land dumber Stook of
Ciimlnrr VCo. . ItiMltiuiMl to ANIOM. )
At midnight last night Uro wns discovcred
hi a planing mill owned by Gardner ft Co. nt
Twenty-first and Ploreo streets. There was
n coal yard adjoining the planing null , owned
by U , Monlcck & Co. , nnd In a very few min
utes the .lames had complete possession of
both. Despite the efforts of the 11 ro depart
ment the oflico , mill and sheds were soon re
duced to smoke nnd nshcs and n heap of
charred lumber.
The plnding' mill wns owned by S. P. Gard
ner. Andruw Freeman , and sovcnd others
and was valued at about $3,000. There was
about # 1,000 worth of lumber in the mill. The
property was Insured for f 1,000.
Mr. Monlock , the coat dealer had but a
Dtiinll stock In the yards probably not worth
more than ? . ' .0K ( ) with light lu.surnnco.
Thollroorlgiimtcdlii tlio lumber shed near
the mill.
A coal car stnnding on Iho track near the
coal abed was almost destroyed before It was
Thu Siuct.nor.s Knrngcd HCKUIISO Iho
Aitlninlr ) Wcro Not.
CITT OP MEXICO , Nov. 4. [ Special Telegram
to Tr.n Bui : . ] Tlio jockey club held Its second
meeting yesterday nnd the day was generally
observed as n festival , in the Golan ring V
a bull light was given nt which moro than
ten thousanil spectators were present.
Posters had announced that the colobratcd
Gucnamo bulls would furnish sport with
/Cocator and Ferrar as first and second pages.
Thu stock from tlio first fought badly for the
lighters , and whllo Xocatoa was attempting
to kill the thi lit bull ho wns caught on Its
horns and tossed in the air. Ho foil to the
ground and was again gored by the infuriated
animal. Ho was taken from tlio nrcnn for
dead. Later ho- revived but was not
permitted to light and whllo rest
ing dropped in n faint. It was
found ho had received thrco wounds which It
Is believed will be fatal.
Flvo moro bull * wcro lot In the arena , but
none fought well. The spectators became
enraged and lights were started on the sunny
side of the arena among tlio spectators.
Pieces ot wood wcro thrown in tlio ring from
this side , which started u general demolition
of tlio plaza , After all the chairs hud boon
pitched into the nrcnn the ratlines were
wrenched oft and thrown on the bends of
police in the nrcnn. The hull lighters , fear
ing they would bo mobbed , escaped from the
arena and sought safety in the streets. The
police endeavored to quiet tlio tumult and
used their clubs freely , but their efforts
proved futllo and it was threatened that If
they did not desist the would bo hurled Into
tlio ring.
At the commencing of the disorder women ,
children nnd timid men rushed Into the passage -
sago ways to escape Into the street , clioklng
them up and causing a panlo in which , for
tunately , nobody was hurt. An American
tourist ran ever the heads of the ethers ,
shouting that there was another revolution
In Mexico. To ttio great amusement of the
natives American ladies were carried out in
a fainting condition by Mexicans. The chief
of police was present and attempted to quell
tlio mob.
After the chairs and railings had been
thrown into tbo arena the spectators started
In to hurl doors and tear out tlio sides of the
ring. Tlio cry wont up , "givo back our
money wo won't bo swindled. " The
Judge present promised to return the money
and today it is being douo by the inspector of
police. For over an hour the wane of de
struction of tlio pbua continued and Iho
spectators only stopped when they had noth
ing moro to tear up. It Is stated that the
cmprotlo has been lined $ j , ! > 00. After thu
Judge loft tlio plaza the crowd destroyed Ids
box. Tlio plaza Is a skeleton today.
A $ r OOOO Klro nt Denver.
Dn.Nvnn , Cole , , Nov. 4. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Bii : : . ] Tlio Moore building , at thu
corner of Thirteenth and Wazeo streets ,
burned today about noon , with n loss of $ : > ) ,
000. It was Jointly occupied by the following
firms : J. M. Moore's Sons , heavy hnrdwnro
and wagon wood material , owners of thu
building ; James G. Kllpatriuk , furniture- ;
GeorgoTritdi hardware company , nails , iron
and steel ware ; Canton bolt , iron and steel
company of Canton. O. ; Stcelo , Pryor &
Noah , beds and furniture , and K. C. IJowey.
stoves and ranges. The building is a total
wreck , scarcely a vostlgo of It remaining.
Later The losses by today's llro are much
heavier than at supposed und now foot
up ns follows : George Frltch hardware com
pany , JT.0,000 ; J. G. Fitzpatriclt , furniture ,
$10.000 ; J. Moore & Sons , on building , $2S-
000 , und on stock of wagon material. $10,000 ;
Prior & Noiib , furniture , $12,000 : Canton
Iron and Steel company , $ ' . > , ( > (0 ; miscellane
ous , $7,000 , making a total of JltVI.OOO. It is
the heaviest llro which has occurred in Den
ver for years.
njurdnr nt a Woildlnu Fonst.
GLASGOW , Nov. 4. ( Special Cablegram to
Tun BKR. ] A wedding feast , which was
being held in the Italian colony in this city
last night , wns broken up by u murder com
mitted In the midst of the assembled guests.
Whllo the feast was progressing , nn Italian
named Lorenzo Mum Antonio made his appearance -
pearanco in the room. Ho had received no
invitation to attend the fo.wt and ho wivs
ejected. In a short time ho returned , and thu
bridegroom and n few guests attempted to
drive him out of the room. Antonio resisted
nnd during ttTo light that ensued ho drew a
knlfo and plunged It Into tlio breast of the
bridegroom , wlio foil to the lloor a corpso.
When the bride saw her husuaiid lying dead
before her she uttered a shriek aiid foil upon
his body unconscious. Ono of the guusts
who had taken part m the attempt to 03091
Antonio also received n knlfo thrust from the
murdoror. The assassin was ovorjmwerod
after desperately seeking to miiko nls escape ,
nnd was tmiidud ever to the police. All thu
men concerned in the affair wcro venders of
Steamship Arrivals.
At Quoonstown The Majestic , from Now
York for Liverpool.
At Glasgow The Clrciissla , from Now
At Antwerp The Nordliuul , from New r ,
At Klnsnlo Passed : The Prince , from
Now York , for Liverpool.
Kiirrar CiiiiiinniidH Ilootli'i IMiin.
LONDON , Nov. 4 , [ Special Cablatrram to
Tin : Bin : . ] Archdeacon Farrar has written
to General Booth promising him n donation
of i'.W and commending his phllantbroplcul
scheme , which ho regrets was not originated
uy the Church of Kngluml. The archdeacon
will preach on the subject In Westminster
abbey Sunday next.
New Comedy Production.
LONDON , Nov. 4. [ Special Cablegram to
TIIK HKK. ] Henley and Stevenson's comedy ,
"Roun Austin , " was produced at the Hay-
market theater last evening , U'lio j > luy WUH
fairly successful , but U give * a nl'Uur 1m-
prossion when read than when uctcd.
Wreukod by n MlHplnuci ! Mvltuli.
BELOIT , Wls. , Nov. 4. A misplaced switch in *
caused the wreck of a passenger train on Ihu fl
Northwestern road this morning. Fireman
Wclcu was killed nnd the onulncer badly I fl
hurt. The passengers wore shaken up , but
none seriously Injured.