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    0 THE OMAHA DAILY BEE , OCTOBER , 30 , 1800.
OPFtCK , NO. 12 I'KAKI , ST.
rdtvMrd by t'nrrnr Iu uny part i < f tlie Cltr-
u. w. TH.TO.N. - - - MANAOIH ;
Riiknr ! Offlop. No. IJ. '
Nlplit Kdltor. No. 31
Misnit M I\TIOX. :
N. Y. P. f'.o.
Council Muffs Lumber Co. . roal.
Dr. SoybPi-t. HIM. Ogilun liouso. Tol. 110.
Contractor Hnborhni a largo foroo of iron
it work on tlio Indian crook extension yostcr-
Permits to wed M-US ynslnr.lny given to
Charles Khlers nnd Ucrtlm Meyer , lioth of
Missouri Valley.
A rase of diphtheria was roiortoil | yeslcr-
flav. 'I'lnutli'iit ' | Is.lohn Ostrain , living at
IWu Si-vi'iilli avenue.
Anyonr-wanting t" buy cheap a line team
sf lai-K'e mules , togi'thi-r with harness iimi
wagon. sboiii | call ut Fred Davli1 stables on
Fourth stiTef.
Thoglnsf for tlioiinw hotel wns received
yesterday. It Illl'-d tluvo ears , niTd when tlio
\vorlc of I'li'tivcrlng tlio phtto was In progivss
yesti-rday afternoon it temporarily blockaded
tlio street Thi1 Hints was furnished hy tlio
Council Hlulfs paint antloll rompany. Nearly
one-hid f i tlie plate was Imported.
ThPneljriilior * of n fellow liy the name of
O'll-ii'ii , wno lives with bin family on Kighth
nvenuo. ii.-o waiting for his ivliirn to Itio
cltv tn llluaii liifurination charging him with
nssuult upon his \vlfi ; and assault with Intent
to kill hh i-iiilil , a lll'lo ' girl baby. i'or
Rcverid wwks lie bus been in tlio bablt
of whipping his wife , and has committed tlio
offense tivli-e this week. 'J'ho last tinin was
last nit-'ht , anil nfler ho Inul satislled his
anger by bi-ating Ills wife bo picked up Ibo
baby mid threw il out , of dooiN. It struck u
fence , ami when iilckcil tip was Insensible.
The W'linun's screams brought tlio neighbor *
to tlio rescue , oliut when they > ri > t there
O'Hrii'ii hail Ili'd , and It was afterwards
learned bail k-fl tlio city. It is said tinvifo
It afraid to proicrnlo him but thu neighbors
v.-ll ! ilo so.
tienrgiuKusspll and Helen Ferguson , two
fallen women of Oniaba , came over to tin
JIlufTs 'i'uosday night in an Intoxicated con
dition. About mi hour after tlioy got
uft the motor the city jailor was
cndeivoi-ln-.j to lind quarters for llioin in tliu
city Jail. They got into n llaht between thom-
M'l\i'9 in front uf the I'aHtichou'c , and tlio
Ferguson woman pir.ln.'il the Itussoll woman
throii'h ( tinu of tliii windows. Tlio broken
( 'lass Indicted Homo pretty severe cuts , and
while the girl was wiping tlie blood from her
lands anil face Onicor Mi-Donald came along
and took tbrm both' to llio station. Tlio
women's mini tor of the jail was already full ,
and the best accommodations that rmild bo
given them was to lock thorn up In ono of the
cells In the lower part of the jail
where tlm men nro kept. Yesterday they
were tlneil $10.10 each and the Kussell woman
was taxed with $3 extra to pay for tlio broken
glass. _
The grand full opening dlsplav at the Itos-
ton More , Council HlulT.i , take ) plaeo tonight.
Doors open at 7 ji. in. No goods sold tills
Young men's suits , nobby , stylish and
latest deftlgns at tlio Model Clothing Co.
China dinner and tea sets at Lund Bros.
Buy ono of those tea not1 ; bafnro tney are
all gone. Lund Hrothcrs , - . ! , ( Main street.
l'KltN1l\ / / I'.i K.I < 1 It.I'IIS. .
Paul O. Schneider , clei-K in Foster's re-
reived a telegram announcing tlie death of
Ids father Iu Juhiibun , Neb. , and left for there
last evening.
I lurry Curtis , formerly secretary of the
Young Mi-ns Christ inn Association In Council
lilulTs nnd no\v occupying a similar position
In St. , ln i'uUjv.\iiive//i ; a few days , assisting
money for the local "i-j11'J""r""jii " "CutTf
_ i gjr3u | niiiio of Ids energy or
liuitTntWTiIo Is warmly Krcoted by all ,
nnd friends nro especially hearty in con-
pratulating lilm on belngthe father of u
llttli' boy who arrived six weeks ago.
The llnest dlj.iy : of fall und winter goods
will bo unveil1 ! ! to tlio public ton light nt the
lloston store , ( , 'ouir'H HlulTs. DOOM open at
TIL m. It .onsists o" tlio llnest display of
dry ( 'oodsever witnessed In the west.
Monnvnt lolmwl iMto loinilon chitto
and real estate sec irity by B. I f. SUe if o ft Co
J. ( ' . Hlxiiy , steam lioatlni ; , sanitary en-
plneer , Ulll Mfo bill'liii'- ' , O.niluj 'JJJ Mor
riaiu block , Couneil Illufli.
Oreat li.irij.iliis this week at the Model
Clothing Co.
Faintly Crimlii'il l > y tlie Car < .
When freight tr.iln Xo. I ! ) on the ICansa ?
City , St. .loo & Couneil Bluffs railroad
rcaihrd the local depot at 8 o'clock last night
tlio police patrol wagon was hnrridly
Mininiimcd by a telephone from Major M. M.
Marshall to convey u badly womnlcd man
from tlio depot to the hospital. Tlio wagon
with the stretcher appliance responded
promptly and a few minutes later had taken
u br.ikoinan lutncd William Painter from tlio
waycar to the Wonians Christian Association
hospital. Painter fo.irfully injured.
His right leg win crushed above the knee
and his left foot and naklo were also broken
and mangled ,
From bis fellow tr.ilnmoii tlio particulars of
his accident were loai-ned. Ho was engaged
in switching some cars after the train arrived
In Dartlett , a small station tblrty-llvo miles
south of this city , atI o'clock yesterday
afternoon.Millo running along to make n
coupling ho stepped Into a cattle guard , ami
bis foot was caught between tlio narrow
strips of wood. Iloforo ho could release him-
EOlftho train was upon him. Ho made a
de. poralo effort to MWO himself bv scl/.hiK
tlio slowly approaching ear In the hope that
bo could hold to it and bo dragged out ,
but bis foot bad been caught too
ilrinly in the slots and held htm
fast , His hands slipped from the
car and ho fell beneath the wheels , Ho had
pre.icncoof mind enough to throw his body
oulMilo tlio rails and thus escape instant
death. Tlio trucks passed over his legs ,
crushing them In the manner described.
Ho was talion out anil placed In the way
car ami word sent to I'aetllc.I unction to have
n physician at tlio station when the train ar
rived. Dr. Hunter responded , but when bo
saw the wounded man ho decided that ampu
tation of at least ono of the llmbi would bo
necessary , nail thought best to bring hint to
Council Hluffs , where the operation could
bo performed to better advantage ,
ntul wlioro the sufferer could have better
rare in ono of the hospitals. Dr. Hunter M-
companled him and kept him under thelnllu.
rncoof opiates to relieve tils pain until they
readied the cltv. When the ambulance
reached tlio hospital Dr. Lucv , thocompany's
nureeon , bad been summoned , and with the
assistance of Dr. Hunter amputated the right
leg , but Painter died a short time afterwards ,
1'alntor was u man thlrty-llvo years of age ,
nnd has been iu the employ of the company
for some time. He was unmarried , but has
n father and other relatives living ia St
Joseph. Conductor Kinzel , who had chat-go
of the train , accompanied the imfortunaU
tmm to the hospital and did everything IK
could to make him comfortable.
AilinitN HlH r.ulll.
J , F. F. Thompson , the colored porter ol
the Wnifiier sleeping car company , who \va
nrrested on Sunday for robbing u passenger ,
was arraigned in tlio police court last even
ing , Ho admitted his guilt nnd was talccn
back to MarstmlHown for trial , near when :
the crime was committed. Superintcmlenl
Chase of of I'lilcugo , western manager of tin
Wagner company , eamo to tlio city for tin
purpose of prosecutlint the case , and acconi'
jinn ltd the oftlccr and his prisoner last oven
IiiK , Ho announces that the company wll
prosecute the durkoy and fiend him to tin
penitentiary ,
You ran buy n tea Jiol worth from $1 to $ ;
and a iwuiul o ( te.i worth NV , for Just 11 at
LiUial mothers , ? 3 Main street.
Visit the Model Clothing Co. , 5'i3 Broad ,
way , Sapp'a now building.
J , O. Ttptou , real atato , 527 Uroadvrty.
llllj It I.nlv ) K > 1111 IJhLllJi
The L'ast Omaha Lanil Oo.upany Enileavor"
ing to Have Out-Off Given to Nebraska ,
Tlinminnii AitniKs Ills Oiillt An I0n-
g'.lsli Imii In 'I'roitblo The
Timlkus ( . 'use . \ : iln on
Trliil-Ollnoi' MOMtIon.
Tlioro Is n probability tliut extensive and
Importnnt litigation will grow out of the
claim of Council Blurts and I'ottiiwiitUinlo
county to jurisdiction over the Ishind , A
movement wus btailcil sonic tlnio n.o by the
luasl Omalia Land company , : i combination of
Omaha capitalists \vlio own several thousand
acres of the territory In question , to have it
taken from Inw.i and ceiled to Nebraska.
This movement has been In contemplation for
along time , but tlio plan of proooo.laro waste
to have the boundary line between the two
states channel ! by a special net of congress so
that the state line would In-lived east of the
present eastern limits of the disputed lands ,
but recently tlio company planned n coup
d'etat to accomplish tus same tiling by a
.shorter ami ri'iiclier method. Attor
ney .1. M. Woolwnrth of Otmua was
engaged to go to Washington nnd lay tlio
matter before the United Htatos supreme
roirt. Tills ho did intho.shapo of a bill in
equity in the iiiinio of the state of Nebraska ,
pr.iying the court to llx the boundary lines
between the states In sueli a manner as to
throw must of the Kast Omaha addition into
the state of Nobraski. .Mr. Woolworth ac-
C'linp'lshed ' ' tlio llrst part of his mission by
Illinu' his liill and lias returned Homo. It b
expected I hat a notice of the petition will bo
served upon the state ofllcials ia Lies Moincs
within a few days.
To take tlio initiatory steps in this direc
tion It has been decided to bund u committee
to DCS Moincs and lay tlio matter before the
governor , attorney general and secretary of
state , it was expected that the committed
would go yesterday , but It was ascertained
by telegraphing Unit they would not bo able
to meet the people whom they desired to see ,
and tlio probability is Unit they will not go to
Ues Moincs until after the election.
Whatever may bo done with tlio boundary
line nothing will hn//ard the city's title to
tlie portion of the Island comprised in ttio
government grunt for park purposes. This
was conveyed to llio city by warranty deed
from the government , If the line is changed ,
and it is thrown Into Nebraska , it
will probably not bo worth so
much as n Council Bluffs park , but the
land \\lll bo worth $1,000 an acre , and
the park commissioners can sell it and Invest
thc lOO.OOi . or J-il.iKK ) it will bring in de
veloping the parks that lin nearer the city.
City Attorney Stewart was in Qmalm yes
terday for tlio purpose of looking into the
matter and ascertaining just what had been
done. Ho procured copies of all the paper ! )
that had been lili-d in tlio supreme court , and
nil the other data at hand bearlnB' upon the
case. _
The lloston Stiiru I'rupnrhij ; n Pleas
ant and I'riilldtblo Sni'iu'iso lot * 1'ou-
plo ol''cumuli lllutl'-i.
Tim llostoa store people have accomplished
something that they may well feel proud of ,
and which will bo of grcatlntcrcH to the people
ple of Council Hluffs. With store rooms
lilled with people from the opening until tlio
close of business each day they have suc
ceeded iu very nearly perfecting their ar
rangements for a formal autumn opening
without Intorruplnij the steady How of trade ,
Sie | lal and skillful decorators liavo been at
worlc during ttici2t } : woe * arranging ttio
goods for tlio opening , which wllKftrc. ! ; . > ! ai' °
on Thuvsdny night , October :10. : Tlio decorations - "
tions already in plaeo are handsome and elab
orate , and when completed the display will
be the llnest ever undo in Council Itluffs.
The upper portions of the two largo rooms
have been completed and tlio decorators are
now at work on the lower portions , The de
signs are nil new and original an. ! are made
of tlio goods , and when tlie veil is
drawn aside on Thimday night there will bo
some genuine surprises in store.
On Thursday evening the store will bo
closed from ! i to 7 o'clock , and will be re
opened ut the latter hour for the reception of
tfio public. The recaption will von tin no
until IIKU ) . During the evening no goods
will lw hold , but Ibi- army of clerks will act
as ushers and show tlie people through the
btoro. _
L. II. Mossier Is the manager of the Model
Clothing Co. ( Jive him a call.
Miss Maud Pierce nnd Mrs. C. P. { { ails-
back are prepared to take orders for portrait
and ilCcoratlvn art work. Instruction will bo
given in all branches nt their studio , room
No. 'Mi Merrium block.
1MX ( ) decorated tea pots picked with tea ,
just iveelvo.l from Yokohoina , Japan , nt
Lund Brothers Main street.
AVIio Stole Murk's Corn ?
Mr. Boultoti , be careful now. I've ' warned
you that you must not keep asking ttiat ques
tion over nud over again. I've already ruled
against it , and there is no use taking up any
more time with it. You know bettor than to
keep trying to aggravate the Jurymen in this
way. "
It was Squire Scliurz who was doing tlio
talking. Attorney Iloulton was the thorn In
the llesh. The attempt was being raado to
Impanel a Jury for the purpose of
trying the case of Tnulkus , charged with
stealing corn from Hen Marks.
"Jiulgo" Boulton's U'onino locks fluttered
for n minute and then ho proceeded to ask
the same question for the twentieth timo.
"I'm not trying to aggravate the Juryman ,
but I've n right to know his mind. I am
going to try this ease to this jury and I want
to get on ttio right side of them. I don't
want to nggravato them. "Now " and ho
preceded to abk a question which had been
answered over and over.
"I'll line you , Mr. Boulton.V Tlio 'squire
was in earnest.
"But 1'vo not fet thefi with me. "
"Well , go on with the case. "
The case went err , but slowly. Among
these called into tlio jury box wus Henry
Faul , the ex-coroner. Ho was asked if lib
know of any reason why ho could not servo
us n juryman ami render a Just verdict in ac
cordance with tlio law and tlio evidence.
"No , I'm not u lit person to sit on a jury.
So lontf as fellows nro turned loose
who nro guilty of murder I'm in
liivor of letting n fellow go , even
if ho. did steal corn or anything else. 1'vo '
been watching this law business , and 1'vo
made up my mind that if a man has soum
money mid inlluenco ho can got free , no
matter how guilty ho is , nnd L'vo made up
my mind long ago that if I had to .sit on u
Jury the way the law is a going , I'd vote to
clear uny man , no matter if the witnesses
were all on ono side , until they get through
this sort of business. I'm O.own on the law
and the lawyers the whole tiling. I think
the lawyers ought to bo nuiilo to go into some
other bualness , or else hang them. 1 don't - "
Tlio further llowof opinion wn * checked by
his being excused for cause.
A Jury was vi last got , and the old story of
tlio cornfield was again entered Into. Tlio
only now feature was the introduction of
several Omaha gentlemen. Including ono ill-
derman , who testified to the goo.l reputation
of Taalkm , nnd that ho was the ownerof sev
eral houses nud lots In ( hat city , The case
will hardly bo ended before this afternoon.
At < 1 o'cloi'l ; last ovcnlnir the court adjourned
until T)0 ; ! ) and a night session was held.
The Boston store , Council Bluffs , have been
making an elaborate display of dry and fancy
goods tlm week. Their grand fall Uml
winter opening dUpl'.iy Ukes jilaco tonight.
Doors open nt T p. m. Don't miss the sight
of the season.
Unprecedented bargains In boy's and
children's clothing at the Model Clothing Co.
lit * Stole Sinio : 'louts.
K. Cullls is an English lad who Mil away
from home In sunny Kiigtand when ho was n
very small boy , and has since seen about ai
niucb o ( ttio world as uioit uicu of twiic : hli
ngc. He lia been around thiMvorld onro nnd
crossed the Atlantic two or three times nud
IH itlll toist th in clifhtecn yean of age. Dur
ing the Hiuniiipr ln > has been working for
Stephun Hio\ , plumbers , on Hroadway. For
the p.nt two months they have
been loilng vnUiablo tools nnd
have su.spi.-ctoil young Cullls of hav
ing stolen them. New goods , llttiiiRs mid
other things , al o been missed from the
stock , but there was no nieam of proving the
suspicions Unit the young man was responsi
ble for their disappearance. Saturday uU'lit
tlioy ilisciiaived him , and ho wo ) prep.irlng
toleavo the city with tlio Intention of going
to Denver. Yesterday morning they discov
ered Unit bo had attempted to sell some of the
missing tools and by this means secured sulU-
cli'iit evidence In warrant bis arrest. Ho was
tiiUon Into custody yesterday afternoon nnd
locked up In tbo central station. After the
niro.stho broke down and confessed toliavlng
.stolen the wrench and some other tilings.
The.sowerJ recovered and bit employer.s con
cluded that In ; hul : uecn punMicd enough nnd
withdrew tlio charge against him. Ilo was
liberated voitcrduy afternoon and took tlio
urcnlti train for l.ijnver.
Now is the Urn to order your ledgers ,
journals , jte. , at Morehouso & Co. , Council
Dlufl's , Ii. :
Tin ; MeKniU'y Hill
Has not affected the prices at the Peoples'
Installment house. Everything goes at tlio
same old figures that hnvo made our patrons
irlad all summer , dciled compi'titioa inil made
it po slblo to furnish a IMUSO from top to bottom
tom at llttlo expense. Our specialties this
week will lie the. heating sto\os ,
cheapest , neatest , economical stove in
the world. Mandel & Klein , ilv0 ! llroadway
Look nt the line display of overcoats at the
Model Clothing ( Jo.
Owing to my loss by llro on October 27 , I
am compelled to a k all parties Indebted tome
mo to pay up at once. J. SUI.MVAK.
Tlio Manhattan sporting headquarters , 413
llroadway. _
A fJi-eat > illc Sale.
Nr.w YOIIK , Oct. 'JO. [ Special Telegram to
TIIR ] lii.J : Today tlio largest unction sale of
silk dress goods in the history of tlio country
wai begun at the auction rooms of field ,
Chapman & Fennor. The offerings wuro
inndu by the Phiunh manufacturing company ,
for whom Ui'eof & Co. are the agents , nnd
consisted of ! lf , > 7ii pieces of dress sllka ,
the products of the Pluonix , Adelaide and
Tilt mills of the Pliumlx company. Kopro-
sentatlvo.s of nearly all the largo dry goods
concerns of the country wore present. Lot I
consisted of u piece of all-silk surah in cardi
nal , and the offerings from Unit on , for 5 : ) ' . )
lots were all of tills general class of goods in
black nnd colors , plain and plaids.
Prices ranged from ! ! : i to ( . " > and
fit ) cents tiyiinl , according to the qunllty nnd
popularity of the fabrics. After the surahs
were disposed of a large line of illuminated
brocades , regcncc and satin ground , were
sold. Afterward came the rhadamcs in all
the well known classes nud regular makes
and then a number of lines of blade and col-
oied faille francaise. A few black gros grain
and satin striped Pckins were nlso included ,
together with a few figured Indlas hi black
and colored.
Joint Deb tie at Sutton.
St'Trov , Nob. , Oct. 29. [ Sneeial Telegram
to Tin : BII : : . | Tlio joint debate between Hon.
1. W. Lansing of Lincoln and Hon. C. J.
Smith of Omaha , for the democrats , came off
at the opera liouso which wis lilled to its
utmost capacity. Tlio weather in the after
noon being too unfavorable for a street
meeting , it was abandoned and merged
Into tlio evening meeting. Hon. Mr. Kllor
mid Hon. James Failey spoke for thirty min
utes , when the joint debate began , which
was opened by Mr. Smith , who isan eloquent
and able speaker. Ho was followed by Mr.
Lansing , who dealt the opposition some
sledge hummer blows and kept the nudienco
iittbesaino time i raly/.eiTjvitr ! laTTK'ntGi' by
his treatment Of tiio'ublu'rulties of the demo-
iuc doctrine. The ladies ot tlio Harvard
glee club deserve much pruiso for their ex
cellent vocal music.
llllnolH l-"nrmcrH' .VHinneo.
) , 111. , Oct. 29. At the statj
meeting of the farmers' alliance tonight reso
lutions were adopted favoring n uniform
scries of text-books for public schools , to bo
adopted and furnished by tlio btato at coit
the Australian ballot system ; election of
railroad and warehouse commissioners by
a direct vote of the people : charging
that tlie board of equalization is
Influenced by the .state corporations ; that the
legal rate of' interest should bo 4 per coHt and
tlio contract ( I ; that no industry should bu
taxed to its own detriment , and for the bone-
lit of another ; that tlio government assume
tlio ownership of railroad and telegraph sys
tems and operate them at cost , and favoring
tlm 1'addoclc pure food bill and denouncing
tlio Conger iard bill.
Si : ven tti Day HaptlstH.
Cmr.uio , Oct. 29. The national council of
Seventh Day Baptists adjourned tonight.
Tlio report of tlio committee on polity , as
adopted , makes a cbaugo In tlio method of
ordaining now ministers and receiving clergy
men from other denominations , whereby In
dividual churches us well us associations
have a voice in the chosing and
installation of ministers. The onleo of
deacon was raised to a dlgintv approaching
that of elders in tlio Presbyterian church.
Hcsolutions were adopted expressing appre
ciation of the efforts to secure a weekly rest
day , but declaring that the only true way
was by a return to tlio Sabbath of tlio bible
the seventh , not the first day of the week.
Indulges In Iniiondo.
Loxiiox , Oct. 29' Iu an interview in the
Telegraph Stanley still Indulges in inucndo
and evades the charges that ho loft the scum
of his men with Uarttelot. Ho declares that
tlio bad state of the rear column was duo to
occurrences too horrible to describe. Answer
ing the charges made by Troups in America ,
Stnnloy accuses Troupe of Jealousy. Stanley
and wife sail for Now York today. In an
article in the Contemporary Huviow Dr.
Pot res assorts that Stanley morj than once
threatened to force Kmin to accompany him
to the coast , nnd makes several serious
charges against Stanley.
A. Onruless Switchman's Work.
PnoviiiKsn : , It , L , Oct. 29. The careless
work of n switchman tonight throw two cars
loaded with steel bridge Klwlers together witn
such force that two of tlio girders swung
around sideways just ns a passenger train
was coming along on the Now York , Provi
dence & Hoston road. Ono struck the side
of the smoker , killing Daniel McDcrmott
and wounding Fred Dennett seriously. The
beam then bounded nnd struck ttio next car ,
hilling N. O. Peabody. The train was stop
ped with ono girder sticking through the car
roof and another lying across it.
llnliln il a dull-oil.
ttM\O. , Oct. 29. [ Special Telegram to
TUB Hun. 1St. 1 . Joseph's Catholic church at
Delphos was broken into about 4 o'clock this
morning and tlio altar despoiled. The thieves
Bccnrod two gold chalices and the eiborium
vesscis made of solid gold , which arc quite
Kcnonimonili tliat it Ito Dismissed.
Nuw COIIK , Oct. 29. Kofereo Uaegenor has
iiled a report In tlio case of Tnlmao ; ft Mar
tin , printers and stationers , ng.ilnst Treas
urer Lounsbury of thn National Ibpublienn
league , in which ho recommends that the ac
tion bo dlsmUscd with costs.
Dnolui'i'd tlio Kliiy Unlit.
Tnr. H.UIUE , Oct. 29. At today's session of
the Dutch parliament by a vote of UK ) to. > It
was declared that the king was uii.'it and in
capable of governing. Tiio council of state
has been temporarily Invested with rega !
power. _
The now ollicos of the CJrent Rocl <
Island route , KiOJ .SixteuiHh and \nrnam
Htceot.- " , Omaha , are the llnest in the city.
Call nnil see them. Tiukots to all points
east at lowest ratoj.
A Prohibition Kiilirmo to
SKfli M'nt-il Tnvp :
A bevy of lAIr prohibitionists have
been assigned to "spot" the registrar *
In the northern wards nnd , accordingly ,
scarcely u iliy passes' wliU-n
does not witness s'onm of these tyros care
fully scanning the ivfflstrutton lists in th >
viirds In the section of the i ity mentioned.
Tuesday , us usual , the lists in the First
irerlnctot the Sixth ward were Inspected ,
ml , for tlio third tlnio m-opy of the mime * |
hereoti was made , The copy was made by a
ouplo of women and , while It was In pro
cess , one of the fair ones remarked , with ovl-
.cut delight ;
"Well , they'll never vote these names ,
hat's ceratln. "
"U'liyl" asked another female , who wns
being initiated into the trickery of the party
of free whisky und alleged purltv at elections.
"Don't ' you see.1 exclaimed tlio initiated
me , "that ills Illegal to Ivxva n place of rcjfls-
ry In a building Iu which liquor has been
old within ten days before an election.
Icro , don't you see. thnv nro selling liquor
le.xt door today und will continue to bell It
Vea , but they are sclllnp liquor In a saloon
) Ut tliat isn't where the registration Is huins ;
conducted. "
"Oli , tliat don't mal < o any difference. You
00 they're scllini. llijnor in a linildlng a part
if wliicli is used for registration.V 'll
hrow out this precinct , now , you see If wo
ion't. ' "
Tills was snlrt with an nlr of nutliorlty and
silenced the nther fair slstor who .si-eini'd to
bo wonderfully Iinpi-essed witlittie profundity
of lier coinp.inion's legal knowledge.
The facts In the eaio nro these. On the
lorthcast corner of Twenty-sixth nnd
Lake streets Is a two-story friuno
row of Hats nnd stores. In the
orncr store-room Is a saloon. Adjoining on
ho cast Is another store-room , which is used
is tlio headquarters of tup Seventh ward ro-
nibllean club. Next door east are the head-
sof the Sixth ward democratic club ,
mil in tlio Init store-room of the flat
s Torell's paint shop. Tlio place of renis-
ration Is in the headquarters of the Seventh
, vard republican club. This room is prnc-
ically ns Independent of the store in which
! Jo\vyer\s snloon Is located as Is ths store of
llcyninn & Delches from that of Max iMoyer
t Uro.'s company. Tin' saloon and registry
ire in tlio sanio building , but In different
Kirts of it , and each is independent of the
other. The registry was located thcro because -
cause It is tlio inbit ccntrul part of the
llslriet nnd the place which is most
visited by members of tlio dominant
Kirtles. To nssuuia that the law has
CPU violated would bo to admit no ivg-
stry could bo loi-.iteil , forox.unple , in Saxo's
Imp .store , Hoyd's opera liouse , because
Wood's saloon is In the snmo hnilii-
ng. This would bo n ridiculous
issamption and is so considered
> y Ulty Attorney 1'opploton.
Votu Kli-Ht , AVnrk Afterward.
C. D. Wooilwortli & Co. will close their
iieo of business ami personally endeavor to
invo their men vote early ,
C. II. Forby will observe tlio occasion by
closing all day.
Heard Urothers' employes nro all registered
tiul will have the entire day to devote to tlio
K. T. Dulro will close during the day.
J. A. Fuller will scothat hU employes have
tinple opportunity to c ist their ballots.
Collins & Morrison willcloso their doora all
Kverv employe In the establishment of S.
A. Orchard will bo given time to visit the
I'Yeehnd , Loomis & Co. will sea that all
their employes have time to vote.
llennison Brothers will close all day , if
accessary , in order. Unit their men "may
voto.Xorris ft Wilcox are In line and will use
their efforts to have their omplovo ) vote
early with all ttio time they require.
Hnywiird IJrothers will oncour.iffu the gca-
cr.ll closing rule with their support.
A. Hospo's omploye.3 are rejilstercd nnd the
JStsl'lkiirm.'fit V(4 ! ! Jjfl. jiose'J ! ] tirin4ho fore-
The Omaha carpet company will sco that
ts employes vote , if all day is required from
N. B. Falconer's employes have boon in
structed to vote first and think of work
I'Yetwell it Newell will close , If necessary ,
for their employes to visit the polls.
Kvery employe of Browning , King & Co.
is instructed to vote before reporting for
J. W. Schoelply will close his place of
Omaha hardware company ( retail depart
ment ) will bo closed during the oMy or a part
of the timo.
William Fleming will close nnd insist on his
men voting early.
The Nebraska clothing company will not
open for business until its employes have had
an opportunity to vote.
Heard t Otis will suspend all business dur
ing the entire day and sco thai tnclr employes
voto.Kill1)1 Brothers will keep up with tlio fore
most nnd close all day.
The Hotel Casey employes are nil regis
tered and will have to vota if no meiils are
The employes of the Two Orphans clothing
company will bu given n holiday .
U. K. Funning t Co. will Mispond work for
tlie day. Their seventy-live inon will have a
holiday with pay.
The Omahu stove repair works will bo
closed at noon. AH the employes uro regis
I. Hrown will close his plaeo of business all
day nnd lend his presence ut the polls with
his employes.
Frank Dellono & Co. will close and work
ut tlio polls.
The Om.ilia Kop'iblban printing company
will close if necessary , livery employe is
The Millard hotel management will sco
that Its sixty odd male employes nro given
ample time to vote.
Wessol & Wcssel will remain closed during
the entire day.
Tlio Pacific telegraph company's employes
will 1)0 given an opportunity to vote early.
( jlaJstono Ilros. , t Co. , will close and the
employes will bo required to voto.
A 1'ti- - a fraudulent Notary.
Assistant City Attorney Shoamalter has
issued the following suit explanatory cir
cular :
O.M.UH , Oct. 27 , ISOO.-Toall Notaries Pub
lic in and for Douglas County , Nebraska :
1 Have been Informed that an attempt will bo
made to impose upon some notary public , In
this county , for the purpose of obtaining
u fraudnlcnt deposition ,
Notice has boon given Unit n commission
will bo issued by the clerk of tlio district
court of Harrison county , Iowa , directed to
ilny notary pnhlle In and for Douglas county ,
Nebraska , to take thu depoiltlon of .loronio
South , upon the written Interrogatories there
to annexed , to bo used on tlio trial of an ac
tion pending In said court.
It is claimed tliat .leromo South Is a ficti
tious person ; and iHs buliovcd tliat some per
son will assume to personate- him , In order to
have the deposition taken before an Innocent
I therefore respectfully request tliat , in
case nny pureou shall present himself to you ,
fur sneii purpose , you notify mo forthwith
if necessary , by snCKJnl messenger , at my ex
pense , in order that lie mav bo identified
while his deposition is boinc taken.
- W. S. ,
Assistant City Attorney.
< > et Tlieiu In Id IIP.
City Treasurer Rush says that the 23,000
voters \vhoin ho expects will bo registered
will not nil bo a bin to get in their votes on
election day. If they do they will have
to get them in faster than ono
per minute , something which may bo counted
upon as next to or quite an utter Impossi
By reason of this prospect ahead ho says ho
| ire | > osos to do nil In his power to Inlluenca
the getting out and keeping full thu lines of
voters at tlie polls before ) they op-'n and until
they closo.
SnlriuiiH Clotio on ICIeulliiii DIXY ,
"Tlioro will not bo a saloon open In Omjhn
on election day , " said ono of the leading
dealers ycstt riinv. "Wo have had n caucus
on tills subject nnd have agreed to flic
Information against nny dealer win
will open hU phio of business
on that day. Wo liavti decided on tills for n
number if reasons , \\o do not want to see n
drunken man un election day'u \ do no
want to see a liquor man do bus !
ness while every other merchant U
cleswl up. Wo want every saloon
Ucojier to act like any other merchant
go to the iiolls. cast hli vote nud work to
knockout prohibition. They can inlluenco
hundivds nf votes nnd , Ilko every other per
son , they tire expected to Inlluenco them in
favor of luw nnd order nnd tlio prosperity of
the city unit the state. Wo are still further
opposed to the opening of the saloons
on election day because- Is In violation of i
the Slocutnb law. Wo I'loso up our saloons
every election day and the day l.s Just as quiet I
M Sunday. Next Tuesday must no llko SunI I
iliy , nml the luttlo must be finntht o as to
emphasize the fiict that the high license law
ij not only in force In this city but Is , ilso re
spected as well ns any law on the statutes. "
! li-c In a ItoimlhiK House.
At 2,10 : last night fire was discovered Iu
ho rear ot an old frame hoarding house , kept
i.v Sylvester lleasley , nt No. 1 10 South Tlilr-
renth street , opposite tlio Mlllurd hotel. The
oof of llio kitchen wni do-
troycd. the llro having originated ,
vldentlv , In a defc''tlvo ' chimney.
'ho department snou extinguished tlio Humes
vlthoiit damaging the furniture to anv
treat extent. The damage will not amount
o more than $ . ' 00.
Trlnl In Clfiiu Out a Saloon. l.nydeu Is a laboring man who got
ilmsclf into trouble nnd Jail last night. Ho
vent to Schiller's salouii at lO.'l South T'lilr-
eenth street and ordeivd some beer. Hero-
used to pay for the beer mid began to create
idlsturhiinco In the saloon by breaking thu
iirnlture. Ho was ejected , but tills only
tirrcd up his wrath nil the more nnd his next
novo was to hurl u brick bat through tlie sn-
0011 window. Luydeu was arrested and
aken to the city Jail.
Slahltl tlm
About 10 : ! IO last night , as H. F. Drawn of
South Omnhn-wiuon his way home , ho was
ittnckcd by two men , who evidently meant to
ob him. Mr. Brown drew his pocket knife
mil defended himself vigorously , stabbing
mo of ills assailants four times. 'Both of tlie
illains finally gave up the attack and lied
nlo the darkness. Mr , Brown was not .seri-
nisly injured , and he succeeded In previ'nt-
ng the hlghwavmeii from getting his watch
and pocket book.
NiislivilliHares. .
: , Tonn. , Oct. U'J. Summary of
oday's races :
Two-year-olds , four furlongs Carmen won ,
Ulunclio's I-.ust second , Sum third. Time
51 ,
Shree-ycar-olds nnd upward , six nnd a half
'iirlongs ' Downy won , Kugonia second , i'o-
eiuus third. Time 1 :2 : 1.
Three-year-olds mid upward , live furlongs
Longbrook won , Laura lialtou second ,
larumbouro third. Time 1 : ( ) ! ' ; .
Three-year-olds nud upivar , ! , one tnilo -
Vrgcnta won , I'cnn I' second , Dolhkens
bird. Time -1:11' : ; .
Three-year-olds and upward , six furlongs -
Nipper won , Sundial sacond , Malacca third.
L'imo-1 : IS.
licit n in us Haio .
WISIIIST.TOX , Oct. --Summary of to
day's ' races :
Two-year-olds , six furlongs Benjamin
von , Hertlm , II ( Illly ) se.-oud , Adair third.
rimo-l:17. :
Six furlong" T/nvlandei1 won , Alarm TSell
iccond , Urudford third. TIme-l : ! ' .
Three-year-olds and upivard , one mile
Samaritan won , Leontmo second , L.uvhmont
.bird. Time -I I45. : .
Al.lo and ono-slxtoiMith Dclwoadvo : \
Wattorson second. Uclle d'Or third. Time
: "il.
Steeiileclnisc , two miles Stonewall won ,
xillarncy se-ond , ICliihln third. Time -1:1 : : ! .
Killoil His Wife's Ptiriiiiiiiur.
OT.oiArk. ( . , Oct. 'JO.W. . D.Jones , a
) li.vsli'ian of this plaeo , re'urneil liomo unex-
icctcdly at T o'clock Sunday morning from u
irofessional call. Upon entering his bed
chamber ho dlscovoro.1 another man occupy-
ng his placeby ids wife's side. Mndilunc-il
it the sicht ho drew n pistol nnd 11 red nt th
; uilty couple. His wife's paramour , Dwig'.it
MciCinney , a prosperous planter and near
icighbor , was instantly killed. Mrs. Jones
was shot thrro times. She is s > till alive , but
n n critical condition.
Drove Out tin : Iji > l > liylulu.
GuTiimi : , O. T. , Oct. lifl.In the house
today KeprescntatlvoTerrell c.illed the atten
tion of tlio speaker to tlio fact that lobbyists
were on the lloor working for the Kingfisher
capitol bill. The speaker refused to have
.hem ejected , whereupon Terrell , drawing a
argo revolver , declared tliat if tlio liouso
could not bo protected by its oivn rules ho
ivould protect it himself from tlio insults of
obuylsts. The sight of the wi-apon caused ; v
stampede and the house soon adjourned.
ArrfhlfMl for I'Yntiil.
BM.TIMOHK , Md. , Oct. 'JO. John B. C ritten-
den and William Sto.teu , doing business as
individuals and ns u Arm under the name of
Urittendcn &Co. , were arrested today. It is
alleged that they have been flooliiig agri
cultural points in tlio west with circulars
offering big prices tor produce , for which ,
upon being shipped lioro by fanners , it is
alleged tlioy failed to pay. The specllln com-
plnlnt wus from Charles Kenber , tjerenn , III.
Wonian'H HKIII Misiliiniiry SocIiMy.
BOSTON" , Muss. , Oct. i0.Tho ! eleventh nn-
nual meeting of the Woman's Home Mission
ary association was opened today with about
two hundred ladies present from all parts of
the country. Tlio report , of tlio board of di
rectors &poko of the work In South Dakota ns
most encouraging. The reports from nuxilli-
arics showed them to bo In" a healthy condi
tion , OlUcers were then elected.
Citizens nf Omaha at home anil alueiul
remcmbtr that Ilic rem < tlntna < lny < / icutftntttun
are Friday , October 31 , nml Saturday , XUVCM
Kcncbcd n Satisfactory
CIIIOAOO , Oct. 'J9. The rominitteo of Hoc ! :
Island employes tliat has been In conference
with General Manager St. John for soms
time today reached a satisfactory agreement.
The company defines and restricts tlio
power of foiomun and grants an increase in
\Vrpck In Georgia.
ATLANTA , ( in. , Oct. U9. The breaking of
the flange of n wheel derailed two cars on the
Richmond ft Danville train near Hcnoc.i
today. A dozen passenger. ) were injuivd
scrlouslv , J. M. Jones of Now York prob
ably fatally.
Keinulo troubles ,
Arising from chlorosis or anfrmla nro
Prompt ) vcu rod by nsoof the tonic
Kxoelslor Springs , ilo. , waters.
A Imimtio Hlmt.
Sr. .Tmixfi , Quo. , Oct. 4."J. A lunatie who
was locked up yesterday , this morning secured -
cured an nv , and after fatally wounding Cwo
constables ascapod. A posse of cltl/cns was
finally compelled to stioot him before liu cuulil
bo secured.
DoiilitH 'Is Cnr.
WASIIIXOTOSOct. . : > ' . ) . Ysslstnnt Secre
tary of the Treasury Sn.ildlng said tonight
that ho had no information about tlio re
ported heavy duty laid hy Mexico on Ameri
can cattle and doubts the correctness ( if llio
report. _
Damaging FlondN In Mr.\io.
CITY OP Mexico , Oct. ! i'J. Hcporta con
tinue to come In of serious damngo by Hoods
in the state of Jallska. At one village a
number of people were drowned.
Captured and IturiiRil.
LONDON' , Oct. 3D. Liter advieoi from 7\\\- \ \
zibar say that Admiral Fromantlo cupturut
"N'itu und burned the town to tlie ground.
Strike of
Loxnox , Oct. . ' 19. An extensive strike lias
been begun by docmnen nt Plymouth against
the employment of non-unionists ,
The Death I tnl I.
HOMR , Oct. .i' ' ) . Slgnor Bertl , director gen
orul of police , died suddenly today o
100. . Sixteenth anil Puriinm Btroots IP
tlio now Hoi'U Island ticket otlluo. Tick-
els to all uolntu eust at lmv i a
. \VKJI K.TS. .
This evening that over wi'lcomo vMtor ,
"Llttlol'uclt , " will nnkohls iiunua' ' appear
ance on the stage of the lloyd. This l < Mr.
Prank Daniels , ono of tlio most droll and unc-
tloiH come Huns of this generation , and who
bin evinced a genius for quaint comedy worlc
of a higher order tlmn is permissible Iu the
comedies with which ho formerly Identl-
ded. This "l.itlle Pack" will contain a many new thing * , nnd the nvislc is on-
tlrely new , and the IMS ! noarlvso. l-'our
porfonuiiuce. * of "Mtlle 1'uclt'1 will bo given
ns follow ; : This uvouiti' ; , and Friday , Sat
urday and Siindav evening- ) . 'I'hei'o will bo
no Saturday matinee.
The J. C. Huff open company , numbering
moro than sixty people , npp .us at Hoyd's
opcr.i liouso on tin1 IliNt throe evenings of
next week In n grand revival of Gilbert A :
Sullivan's operas , prusentlng tlie following
repcrtnlic : Mondnv ownlmr , I'atieiu-o ; "
Tuosdiiv ovcnlng , "Thu I'n'iitoi of Pen-
iftinco1' ; ' Wednesday ev.-nlng , "loluntlio. ' '
The uttr.ictloa nt tlio ( Jr.uid this nnd
Friday evo.ilngs will b the Uo ' Hill Hngltsli
l-'olly roinpiiny In the comlo oiiMMtle linr-
Ic.sque , "Parisian HeveN , or Wrec'ied In
Mouiiliitid.1 The spi-cinlties , which are new
and original , nn > done by some of thu clev
erest artists in the variety
Low Johnson' ! ) colored minstrels , a tronpo
that gives a refined enti-riiiininent and keeps
nnnudliMico In cuitinual laughter , wl',1 bu the
nttractlon at UicUrand on Saturday and Sun
day next. _
Tlio Arnold and ( iiiivlner .Injimoio bur-
li\inue specialty company at tli" ! ; len Musee
istiie host attructhiii ihat liouso bus pre
sontcd this year. The songs , ilunceo , musical
skotclu-s , magic pcrtormuncos and comic illu
sions are without parallel. The other specially
features are good und ran ho iippreeniti'il.
The famous painting , "Victorious Love , " Is
drawing great crowds , who love to gi/.e on
beautiful works of art.
Mr. Clmrlc.s Hick Is itiTTlie city making nr-
angonieiits for the production of the Clem-
'iireuu ' c.iso at tlio ( ir.uul on next Tuesday ,
Vcdiiesday and Tlimsday nighta.
Are you trou tiled with chronic dlarrlural
\ glass of Cook's Kxtra Ui'v ( Ihanipiigno
hrec or lour times a diy will euro it.
Mrs. Wluslow's ' Soothing Syrup for chll-
lien teething snfliMiH tlio gums and allays ail
lain. M cents a bottle.
A. O. II. Itnll.
The members of t tie Fifth division of the
\iiclent Order of Hibernians gave their first
annual bull at Krfllng's hall , Sherman uvc-
ine and N llio street , last night. Notwith-
stauiling-.tho wrotclted I'miditUni of the
weather the ball was a su cross , both socially
mil financially Nearly three hundred tick-
its had bpon sold and rw rouplos weiv Ir. at-
.cndnnci * . An elegunt supper win served ut
midnight. The roiiiinlttoes in charge were
is follows :
Committee of ArranireniPnts W. II.
I'Vanldln. Jolin , .1. .1. Sherlock. .1. H.
Ucagun , AVlllbm McKcnna , John Nestle-
Master of Ceremonies ICdwnrd J , Bren-
nan.Door Committee P. Connors , M. Murphy.
Dennis Murphy , T. F. U'Brirn.
Floor Committee \V. 11. I riimclin , John
ostleliUhli , P. .1. Carrel , ,1. li. Heagan , J. J.
Sherlock , John I.erliy.
Hocoptjon Conimitli'oMlliam McICennu ,
lolm Swill , M. I.cehy , Tliomas Urown , James
Brady , William Bollfti.
A l.l lit in lOvcry Iti-rtli.
To thu Chii-ayo , Milwaukee fc.St. Pnul
riiilwny IwlcMi s the credit of liL-iiin1 tlio
first In the I'Diintry to n-ilucu llio matter
of olei'ti'io liyhtitig of trains to M'lentilic
perfection. Ono of the novel features
introdured in lliu t-lui'iiinj , ' cnrs is u
patent olurti-ii ! ruailin liini ] ) in onch soo-
tlon. With Ihis luxurious provision ,
iviullu nL nitfht. before and uftor retir
ing becomes as voinfortnblo as by day ,
nnd when retiring tliu toilet may bo
niiulo in ootnfort. and seclusion , 'Tho
berth reading lain ] ) in the Pullman
oiilng nil's run on the Chicago , Mil
waukee & St. Paul railway , between
Omaha nnd Chicago , is patented and
cannot bu used by any other railway
company. U id the greatest improve
ment of the age. Try il ami bo con
Sleeping curs leave UIP Union Pacific
depot , Omaha , ati:10 ( : p. in. daily , arriv
ing ut Chicago ut ! ) : . ' ! ( ) a. in. Secure
tickets and sloojiing car berths at Union
Tickotofllce , loOl Fiii'iium street ( Burlier
Work ) , Onmlm.
J. K. l'iti' > TO.v , V. A. NASH ,
l'a > s. Agent. ( Jon'l Ai'rnt
Small Comfort for I'r.ilillis.
e is not much consolation or food for
argument for prohibition agitators in the
police court records of Omaha for tlio past
few weeks. For the seven days ending last
Tuesday morning there were just Hii arrest )
made of every description in the city of
Omaha. Only thirty-live of these wcronr-
nMeil for drunkenness , ur an average of live
drunks a tlay. This is one drunken man per
dav for every 'MHM ( in Omaha.
Last Sunday there were live arrests , only
two of which were for drunkenness , ono of
wa > a Council Hind's man , and tlie
other got drunk In South Omaha.
nmilllil nt liHiiir nml alimiiil x/ioiiM /
I ( I/if / rfrtmfiifni/il'iys nf rcuMrtttliin
aiv. JVM'tiOt.iitbcr / SI , anil Saturday , Xuttm-
lir 1. . _ _
AVnnted in Indiana.
Deputy Sheriff C. W. Ltndsoy nf Fort
U'ayne , hid. , arrived in Omaha yesterday
afternoon to tnUo chare of Henry Ciiirdner
and Oliio Smith , who were arrested several
days ngo upon a telugiam from tlio chief of
police of Fort Wuyno. The men nro sup
posed to liavo Inul a part in an assault
made upon an old laity who liveit alone and
was known to liavo money in lior house.
TlnM-0 were four men in th company wlicn
the attack upon tlio olu lad.v took phu.-o , and
the other two worn captured , but Smith and
( "inrdner got uwny. Siiiith's hat was found
in the liouso whori ) tlie old lady lived ,
Unless moro care is given to tlm hair tlio
coming man Is liable to bo a hairless anirnnl ;
hence , to ill-event the hair from falling use
Hall'- , Hair Kcnowcr.
I > niii ] > eni'it Tlii'ir
Tim democrats of the Second ward wcro
billed for a rally at. Moeis- hall , Sixteenth
und Williams streets , la-t night , but tlio rain
damp-lied llii' and the meeting
udjouriieil .subject lo tlio i-'ill ' of the president
of tlirj Second w.ii'd flub.
t'tlltfiit < > f 'iiii'i/M / 'if lininr nml utiriinil x/i'iitl / > (
rnncinlirrtliitt the itin'ilHlinjil'ii/iiif rryM rttll'in
nrr rrldiiy , Uitubcr Jiiiui / hiitunl.'i , .Vorc/ii-
ber I.
It. | iiys ; to ssi-uio llio lir-t. nnd tli
rlully triii ) when life or lii'iillli l nl stnUi
llnw nny man or nniiian who K hiilVrilng
friini * | ' | - , . llvri triinlilr nr any hlinlliu
ullll.'tloncan do > i < tlm .sliiinnrhltli I'lii'ii )
nostiiiliK pusses nil bi-lluf. Tliiiiisanilhof puo-
lilii so tronlili'd KO to ( Juilhbad and npcni
larao sums of money In doing ilU by not usi
thuKi-nnlnii Carlxbail Siinili'l | S. ills , which I
Imported f i ONI C'arlsliail , and i-an boobtulnri
of nny ri'IlnliluiliiiKKlst. ' 1'ln-y iu- llii ) 1-011-
i-i-ntrati-d powi-r of the waliiIlivlf. . Tlii-y
IlllVi ) tluisuimOITi'it iipnn tinsjKlcni ! fur ill
ilNnrilnnof thu stiunai-li. Hvi'iMind Mdiiiiy.lln
Kcnnllio Cailsliad hpiuili'l Salt IIHlllioii
uiiiul. | It Is i.pui-lally . biiiii'fli-lnl for i-hionlo
conilliKillon.KoUty ami rlii-iiiiiiilii : iiffi-otlnim
flu kiiro to obtain tlu > Kcmilnu urtli-Iu hlcl
luiKlliu M-I ; ! uf the rlly i > l Canlia'l nnd ( In
KlKiiutuyi ) of "Klinor A Ki-iiiifNnn t ' " . . nirunts
( ! I Ian- lay Strn-i. XI-H Vmi. " mi lliu nuck o
oxi-ry b itt'.o.Vrlto fur panipliit't. _ _ _
OITICU or. KU'iDr.N'1.- ' . : ,
Coiinoll III nil's , linvii ,
II Noi-lh > Ialn Slrci-t.
i'lincral Director und liinbalnicr.
Both tlio inctliod nml results vrlien
Syrup of Figs \a \ taken ; it is plcusa t
and refreshing to tlio taste , utid a < } t
Rcnlly yet promptly on tlio Kidneys ,
Liver nnd Dowels , clonuses the sys
tem ofl'uctually , dispels colds , head-
'iclies ' nnd fevers nnd euros habitual
constipation. Syrup ° / K6 'la the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced , pleasing to the tnete nnd n o-
ceptablo to tlio stoinm-li , prompt in
its action nnd truly licnefieinl in ita
ellectd , prepared only from the moat
healthy nnd ngrceahlo sulistunccs , ita
many oxecllent. ( pialities cor.inicnd ft
to nil nnd luive nutilo it the moot
popular remedy known.
oyrtip of Fitrs is for sulo in 50o
and SI bottles by till leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist vho
may not have it on hand \vill pro-
cnro it promjiUy for nny ono Avho
wishes to t\y it. Do not uecept any
lOUISWtU. Kt , . KEW YORK. H.lf.
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tills Is ti ) maUo : irlli'los of iii'ccil v u'wo '
lli'li's of luxury. A so\i > Is an , , i-le i > f
iM'sslty. and uln-ii It enn l"i < lie a In . mtifiil
work or nrt uhv nut I'lioov It In HU nnuo
to.siiinotlilii'j dull mid nnaitiactUi' ' .
i\roa i bniiiKiinii * : is u piece nf sl'itii.iry and
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Mitlsfnolnry liriitrl'i in.idi' . ( 'nini' anil i'\- '
ainlnc tlii'in and sri' lumilicds ( it ir-iin i.niiiH
from pi'opln you Kinnv , ii'llini ' : uf Hi. ir ifo-
noinlcal rliar.ictiM' anil cicnl lii'iitln i apn' ' ily.
lli\c : von si'i'ii tin' new ( Irani ) ( HI Hi liters. ?
They aie clean und liiiiiiKoine. ai-.ilju- 1 tlio
tliliufor lii'iil lie ; small rixiiiis iiiid lit'dliam -
liers where yini only \\imt a II n1 in'cu-ii'iially
and In cnlil ui'iil IHT.
I IniM1 hccn In liiikiiii'ss : ifl yratk in n hin .1
HI i ill''i. nnd wlii'ii I Kiianinti'r IMp'nuyt'iu '
can ilcpt'iul upon It CIIMI- mid MT in'1
P. C. DEVOL , 6.U . 31 oulxv.iv ,
ci : iii' il Bin N. in.
All 1.1 nils n ( Dvlnn mid I'lPiinhiR dmn n tlio
II idlest stylpnf the Alt , I'lliliMl mill Miiincd
Knlirlcs inadu li > looUas ciinil as mnvV > in <
promptly dtim-aml ili'llvt-ivil In all | iU'U : or
u,0lMftry. , , , ' ' ' " " !
'Y."Al."iii-lAN.l-r" !
. . : ; - . - " .
101U llroadwar. Near Niiillnvi'sterei
COL'MJll. Hl.lTI-TS. U.
Electric Trusses ,
Belts , Chest Protectors , Etc.
606 Broadway , Council BlufTs , In y
or Council Bluff-- .
Dmr.iTOits I A. Miller , ! ' . ( > , < ; asmi. ] ' . [ *
Slui'-ari , I' . I'Hart.I. . t > IMiinin Is'in i liurluj
C. Ilaniiun. Transaet Kcnorul Km I. .p. liusl-
ni'Ss. l > ni'i > "t capital mill siirimi uf uny
bank InSmilliwosloni I.MVII ,
Over ( ' H , lii < - < iiii'iiln , \ : Ion Ji- etor
i &
rornnr Main an'l Itro-idwuy.
Dealers In fonilsn und iloiiiiMIc Imn
rollin-tloiiH iiiailo and lnluiu- paid < > n tima
Dril7"McIiiiclcl ; & Co. ,
Butchers' ' and Packers' ' Supplies ,
Market Fixtures , Casing ,
SIPI | | > S iind Hansiu'r : MiiknMinlilni : V ' 0 *
Kf ! .Main hi. . Ciniili-ll lllilir.s , In. Alsi. iliullll
III II iili'M ali'l ' I ill's.
_ _ _ _ _ _
AlfAN'ITH Ily : i iiiarrleil inan. piislliuu la
T > Kinri ) In country limn ; I'J yi'iin i'\icrl- |
i-ni'i' ! A Nn.l ri'foirnri's : ( 'iiml iMiiik 1C
.II , ! ! [ < i. 111. ! . i'iniii"ll Illuirs.
KIO.NT ( iuoil llv-l IM110.001
otliiT hiiii-i'i illiri'i-ent i nr mnplit
riioni IHIT stun1 ni-ar rout I In' i.i'saiit
lnls fur nali ) mi niimtluv | iaynirnl ; n < Im'itft '
lili'l liitt K ) ; di'tii'iililu ' IIIHIIIUHS 1 ils i. n Haun-
deiH Hlirol. North ( linalin. fur II-IIM- "I1 hiil
chi'.ip. J. It. D.ivldMin , ( ; > I'lllli . * ma-
"KSAIK- Ciiiniili'ti' ml nf limn it
null sniiill' sloi'ii of lliiMiirr at it I'.i
liuiuliu al loom ills Mrrrlam hlorU.
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Jai'l.s. li. I ) . Amy Al'o. K.VI .M.ilii ln i-t
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-ill uiirkliu niiili't. willi Iniriii i uii'l ainm !
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niar'l'lftli aviMiiiu.
rp\S'ii Ji.itrm fiiiins fur htilc iii-ar tin' city .it
1 u InirKuln. W. A.Voinl .V Co. , Ti' Main * t <
HA U : Tlio hloo' . < nnil llMiircHiif a well
i".iiililUlii > il KiiiL-i-ry htnrc , w will soil
hlor-k iiml unit Htorn and flxtnii's ; nlKii llirnu
4-yi'iii-old coltH for sain. Impilm of T. IA
KmllM : Sun. 7IH Pith avc , . Conn' ' if HI u 111.
HAI.K or Ikmt-flnnlon lunil. with
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