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rtlJurc ) l by Carrier Jmny part ottheClty.
Htul HP si Office. No IJ.
r i.vt'iu.\ :
TY. , I1. Co
Council Bluffs Lumber Co. . conl.
Storage reasonable. .111. Snyacr , Pearl st
Tlictc are about ado/cn oases of diphtheria
In the cltj , but f cm of them are ot a mulls-
( Jeorgo WMhhlRton iChsfll nnd AValtcr
1'ovnsciid wcro run in hit night for lighting
ingon tlio street and distu i bins the penco.
'XliO vcternm turned out inn boilv jcHer-
flnylo attend the funeral of OiorgoW. lloyii-
lou.vvhldi took i > laeo ntll o clock flora the
resilience on Avctnio C.
The republican irlmnrles occur this even-
luff The Second precinct oftlio blxthnid \ ,
otherwise known m the Island , vvlll bo en
titled to two ilolepates and the -.oters will
meet to appoint them ,
Im Itatlnns nro out for the celebration ot
thu fiftieth annivcisnry of the marriage of
Uatituln uucl ih" I ) B Clnrlitvho will bent
nt iioiiio nt Xo ! 50flVoilli sticet , Sntnrduy ,
October 4 , from ! l toG ntiJ from 7 to'J p m
rJlifro\Mis arousing republican meeting nt
\\VstUroid \ w.i ) he-win. ! ! inters lust even
liifj Tlic quarters pi oatd to bo too small for
thecrotvl 0 AI.lI.irloiindJiHlpolIubli.ini
were thooratois , mid luukuncd a great deal
of enthusiasm
Conductor llerr } brought In on the "Q"
Instcvenlng two KCiitieinen fioni Okluhoinn ,
\\lioiCKlstcrcd at Iho 1'u.illchoiiscns h > . T
K. Whlwmid Joseph Jolin&oii. vVhito WIM
nn oullinry Ciuc.islan , but Johnson uns a
BiirmtloladJim and attiacted u giut deal ot
'JhursJay evening Miss EWe llutts enter
tained ; inniiiljr > r olfrien Is nt her residence
on liistnvenuo bya high-l e p.xitv in honor
of two jounglidy guests , Allsses Mason aud
Squires of Clilcuco. I'rlzei wciowon bj ,
Ivllss Kunlco Wells nna Mi. KMBovunnii
The booby jrl/es wein iiuurdc-j to Miss
Shnrpc olOiniha and 1'crrj liudolet ol this
clt ) ,
John Hyers , an Upper Broadway siloon
fccqer , who assaulted his mUticss , a Avomnn
by tbe names ot . .AliceVhitc \ , was lined Wl
nnd cost * by Judge Mcdeo jcsterdu1 , Ho
pine notice tint ho would appeal the cnse to
thodistiltt couit. If licilocsit will piob.i
blygo the way of nil such cases , droppul foi
Jnrk of piosecutioti whin it. comes to trial in
thchighcr court.
.At Si . i'etcis ch'urch the forty hours' ' do
votlon commences this morning at 8'J30 anil
closes Sunday , with high mass at 10 o'clock
Hcv leather Lot-mius New , O S 11 . ot
.Atcluson , Kim , will conduct the devotions
iimlpieich n sermon tlih afternoon in Got-
man Jlls sermon this evening and Sunday
uillbo 5 n English. Sunday evening ho will
loctuie on ' "llio Holy Sacrillco of Mass" Ho
In sild to bo a very eloquent spe.ilicr.
1 , D. Kins & Co , the cigai manufacturers ,
Im\e foi sometime occupied a building on
33 road way ov.ncd by Henry Paschal As
thiir business iiicunscd thcv found itneces-
saiy to secure moro room , and so orectcd
uoino himill tcmiiornrj butlmnps Recently
thcllmi decided tomovoon October I to No
J.0'JSouth Main street Mr Paschal there
upon seemed nn injunction rcstralahithein ;
Jrom removing the buildlnjfa which they hud
Ida O .Tones , the little se en-ycar-old
daughter of Captilti Jouos of the Pacific
lioute , died at : . ! ( ) list c\cuinp after a week's
cruel suuVriui ; from diphtlicictic iroui ) Lit
tle Ida vas nbtipcht sunbeam , nnd no cueftt
of the hotel could icmnln long witnout Ic.irn-
ingto Vcnon- her nnd lo\o lior. EvcrjthiiiR
that human love niul moital skill could do to
relieve and snro lier was tii < d in vain The
luncml u ill tike pluto this afternoon at 3
o'clock at Walnutliill tenictcry.
fldio\ratinatta , the daughter of Pegleg
Vnnnnth , Iscndcivoring to muka more giict
for Mrs McAlistcr ho is now in the countj
Jailsorving outnf'iU flno imposed by Justice
Schurztor appropriatlnf ? some ot the old
soldier's money. The daughter yesterday
swore cut a scatoh warrant In Sclmrz's couit
nuthoriziug- otllcnr to search the woman's '
vnllso now in possession of the sheriff Slio
avtra that it should contiiu several yards of
vchot. nine jardsof muslin and other per-
Renal pioportv belonging to her , which she
accuses Mrs. Me. of stealing The \vaarant inttustcd to the caio of Deputy JMarahal
" \ Vlteho invcstlgited and found seine of
thoaiticlcH specified , but \vlileli Mrs. McA'- '
istcr stoutly claiiia uroher personal propoitj ,
mid that the Vannatta girl's ' story is Jalso in
nil rcsjiccts.
Jliss Nolllo TIarl celebrated her seventh
birthday anniversary jcsterdav attornoon at
tUo homo of hci patents , 4i-t Oakland ave
nue , cntcrtalniap : a host of little folks , among
\vliom-wero : Misses Ada feaigeant , Clioino
Wills , Inez Dorland , Frcdericka Dorland ,
Ada Hesse , Mabel nnd Ethel Cook , Carilo
Mun > hy , Fay iind Ioso IHeacrinnn , Mnry
Ilozclton. liosoVard. . Millie Oi-nlmm. Mabel
find Funalo Hodda , Lottie Connelly , Nellie
Jones , Besslo Jones , Jxill.i Katzenmycr ,
Claudia Hail , Fannie Chetter , Kate Phelon ,
May .Tcnson , Iluth Harl. Masters Honico
Askwith , j\lbcftrrojnor. Tornraip Buiko ,
Cljdo biiiltli , Paul Smith , Eddie Connelly ,
Bruce Hosso , l-'iod nnd diaries Alurpliy ,
Arthurliioilcrninn , Edaio ( Jialmm , Charles
.licdda , Albert Iloughton , Lawrence Want
and Cllftord Cole.
Tivo housei nro builainf ; In Morningsldo.
Tlireo npro will bo stinted in a few Unjs.
Wanted fifty day hoarders at Homo res
taurant , most ponular place hx the city , to { jet
a meal or board by the week ,
XIr. nnd Mrs. I E. Hart are the happy
parents of a line little boy.
Mrs. A. B Judson lias boon suffering some
iveeitsi trom nervous illness at hci rcsldeiiio
on I'iuno street. Her triends gro.itly sym-
natliUo trltli hoiMn heratllictlon and liopo for
ncr cmly rciovory.
Nine different rlarticsha o bouclit lots In
Morningbldo the last two days , ouo to four
lots .being bold tocacli pinty ,
l < Ocy & Juiscn paint homos.
J. C. Dlxny , stoatn heating , sanitary en-
Binccr.Oia Life baildlnff , Ouiha , 201 Merriam
riam block. Council Bluffs.
Tirst-class dressmaWiif ; by Nls AVallaco.
o cr Cattieiuon's bank , cor. Mala st. und
6th aw.
Oliaracdltli rolslty.
W.A Prultt ot Neola bus been charged be-
Toro Justice Hendricks witli having obtained
tnonoy under false pretenses. About a year
ago hols said to have secured about MOO of
F , Ueicliort , nuent f or Counsel man & Co. at
IS'coliion tlio showing that ho hnd in. his pos-
Bcssion , freefronmll incinnbriinco , 3 , 00 bush
els of bailo\ and 1,000 bushels of corn , which
liosoldto lleichcrt , scuirlngaii advance pay.
Hicat. It is claimed that later Investigation
shoed tlio grain to liavo been encumbered ,
niul as Prultt has not madoa sutlsfactory set
tlement the proseiutiou began.
M'.ss Rhodes ran bofoundat her former of-
flco , No. U 5 1'cnrl street , Brawnbulldiiig , by
those desiring lur scrUcea in Btonograuhr
All jwrsons Indebted to the shoe business
otK. A. Spoonor please call at thooftleoot
"Vf , A.VoodA \ ; Co. , 5W Main street and ray
the samo. "SV , A. AVoou , Assignee.
Fuliool Squntible.
A. transcilpt ot the proceedlngsof the board
deduction In the school squabble liai been
illcd ltli County Superintendent Cooper , to
\ > hem tlio dlafteeted inombera have taiccn an
appeal Oelobcr 13 Ins been net as tlio da ) of
licnrlng. It U predlitcd that thorn will bo
seine liiiottynucstiousfor Mr. Cooper to de
cide , nnd as tlio case uill doubtless bo tnlieu
to the state suinriutcmlcut for tlnal review ,
the cud socuia ( at uwuy.
Buy la Moralnjildonowlf you wont to got
niuro thing oa nuking money. 3J > u par cent
odvnnco Oil. 1.
To the Ladlos-MlisMary Gloosonls better
Troparcd than ever to satisfy nil who want
lint class dressmaking , llooou la tlio old
library building , I'carl stnwu
A Council Bluffs Girl's Harrow Escipo from
A South Omaha Man's Trap.
Klnlcy llutko Wants .fsno.OOO rccl-
cral iintl UlMtrlct Coiirt ZS'otcs-
Mra. Ijjinan Sues 1'orljlfc lu-
durnnoe Jllnor IVlattern ,
A week or 10 ao an Omnhi piper con
tained nn advertisement that was meant to
attrncttbu tiUontlon of jouiig gills socldnB
einploymcnt. It shied that the advertiser
dcjIiedayouiiK lady of good chancier and
tlioproiu1 cimiitlcitlonsto act as tutor to the
Ron of nKcntlciiiun of meant How miny
respectable and poor youiiK Blil n"d women
anawerid it is neb known , but the experience
ot one jouiiKliuly of Council Itluffs was sulH-
olcntly dlsaKiicablo nnd lilted with danger to
.sen o us u warning for all. Tlio address of
the gentleman was la the custody of the Mrs.
Kidiards employment cWco , rifttmth nud
Douglas streets , Omaln The young lady
rcfcrtcdto answoicd it , and in the couiso of
tlmo rciclvcd a tomnmnlc.itloiv from the
alleged gen tlcmnn In his note ho Informed
hci that It would lie neceisary for him to call
on her and luv j a poisonnl iiitcrviow to
satisfy himaelf
hcwas\ory pnticulai about what sort of n
poison lo whom ho must entrust the oaro of
Ills young son A short tlmo aftci the note
wis reuivod the Miitu called on the JOUIIK
lndy nther icsidcnco. She iscll ton netted
and the daughter ot puicntsho stundwcll
In tlie lominunlty In which they li\c , and is a
handsome , rilluod young girl. The Intcr-
viuv took video In the piescnco of the
vouua lady's patents. Tlio ga\o his
name us Ilmry Ilortardund said ho was the
owner of a higo cittlomncliluettcniNe -
biaska , and Incidciit.illy runurkcd thnt Ills
possessions in this \\oild would approximate
a small amount , sonir > v\hoio In the neighbor
hood of SJUO.OOO , and tint his love and solici
tude foi his sou would prompt nlm to give
theyioper pcuoa a very handsome silary for
demoting her tlmo and abilities to tlio child.
Ilosaidho well plciscd ith the joung
ladj. and aftci ho made some inquiries con
cerning her among the people to whom ho
was refctred ho uouldietum nndconiludo
The fdlovvnas not bad looking nnd hisdls-
rcn"ird for some of tlio rules of smtnxnnd
oithcop ) uero readily foiKi\cn xvhcn it was
reLollectcd thnt ho was a wstcin prodncb ,
and Jiad wasted no time in schools , ind unl-
A daj or tvo afterward tic called again and
informed the young lady's pirents that ho
was extremely \\cll pleased with hei and
would give horn larger salary than she could
possiblj cam teaching anyivheie else It
would bo se\ cud divs bcfoio ho would bo
uudy lor her , but slid ho would call occasion-
all ) when ho was in the city and got bettor
acquainted. The \ouug gill's ' father took
quite a fancy to tlio bicc < cy joungman and
congratulated his daughter upon her good
fortune in securing sucli ancinplojor. The
next diy tie called agiin and en joyed along
chat wltn tlio mother and duughtoi In t'ho ab-
sinuo of the father. Uho motncr was busy
about herliouschold duties and the daugh
ter -ua < left to entertain their vis
itor. bho evidently did so admirably ,
for wlien the man arose to go ho asked foraii
interview wltU Jho mother ulone It was
Kimtcdandho told the worn in a long story
about lilmself , hov , his wifolnd died shoitly
after the biitn ot his son nnd liow ho had
buried himself in the solitudes of his westoin
home in an cllott to ilnd surcease for his sorrow
row , and hnd Uicn gone cast anil plunged
into the KicVUvhlrl of society , whoio his
-\\caUlinrocmcd him the entry into the best
circles out that , of all the pretty faces and
"buttcrllj touns that had sought to ensnare
him there \\aa none that aivikencd oven an
interest Tlio ouly worn 111 besides his dead
Alfoho h W succeeded in doing that was
her daughtei , and ho desired permission to
piy this icspects to her \\inheiifho
could. The mother vas surprised , nnd in
formed him that she would acijuaint her hus
band -\\lth his proposition and would gl\o him
nn answer the next day If ho wouldrall for It
'Iho young man left , professing the most hon
orable intentions and pledging his honoi that
hokwould not sau word to the dnughet
onthosubjcit cxicpt with the appiohation
of the p 11 cuts. Iho following day passed
nnd Howard did not leturn During the
afternoon of that iky the father nad occasion
to visit South Omaha Hols of GJcrman
descent and likes his beer , and In company
\\lthafrieiid\vent into a siloon Ho was
consldeiablj surpuscdto Und the fellow who
nsked pornilssloii to pay court to his daughter
and lay his fabulous wealth at lur feet , be
hind the Inr sellinp beer and "very strong
tthlslo , The old man spoke to the fellow
Imt was cut dead IIo did not know him ,
hid iic\er \ seen him or heard of him.
"And you 10 not the fellow thnt wants to
marry my d mghtcr and make her a perpetual
tutor ot your boj , hcjl not the fellow who
las bten comln0'to our lioiibo for several
"Saj , you're diunlcold , man. and \ou'd
hotter get out of net a or you will get hurt
Jl > * name ain't Hovvnid ; inynnnio IsVolch
ow git , or I'll tluow TOU out "
Tlio friend of the father Jed hlinaway boil-
inir with indignation and determined to get
satibf.utioiifor the insult ottered his diugh
tcr. Ho a determined to return to the
place nnd make another demand for nn ex
planation. His companion icfused to ac
company him and advised him tokeopnway
from the plue , Jor he had learned that It was
asaloou with u dance hall attachment , where
many lovvd women wcio kcnt. 'Iho old man
secured thocompmy otnuotneracimaintnuco
in South Omihaand niado a second vsit to
the place , but the bartender was gone and in
his place was another fellowhosaid ho was
one of the proprietors , and that the man he-
hind tlio bar before i\as his partner , Ho
also adised him to keen nivay and RO homo
Thocmagcd Council llluffs parent was still
not sattslicd , and half an hour later went into
the pi ice alone Tills time ho found his
ould bo son-in law behind tUo bar atrain
wicstlliiB the beer kegs. The old man had
not time to speak before the fellow
loaned over the harwith a revolver
In his hand and hissed , "Loolc hero , old man
I'll ' ph 03 on some moio good advlto. You're
onto tno all light I wont over to pet your
girl nnd in , tended to run hoi In heic , forsho's
devilish pretty. Now go homo and tell her
tthntuimriow cscapo she had. ( jit , or I'll
put tiholo thiough you "
The fnthci who tolls the story says ho left
the place , and Ins been thinking siiico and
endeavoring to ascertain the best course to
pursuoto bring the fellow to Justice aud pre
vent the trapping of other
Window shades nt Loscy & .Tcnscn. 11
Pearl st. _
If jou wish to soil your property callon tlio
Juad & , Wills Co , C. B. J uda , iirosidcnt , two
liroadw ay.
Flno interior docoratiu g , Loscy & Jensen
Buj your lumber of The Judd & Wells Co.
813 Broad wiy.
A Heavy Dnuinno Suit.
In the district court yesterday was com
menced one of the most interesting and im
portant cases of the term. It is the case In
which Finloy Burke seeks to recover dam
ages trom the Citizens' bank on account of
having been indicted for grand larceny , Fin-
loy Burke U one of the most prominent attor
neys In Iowa and his well known integrity
and financial responsibility does away with
the slightest notion in the minds of anyone
knowing him that ho would Intentionally jjct
Involved in any transaction which sa\ored of
crookedness. This suit is aa outgrowth , of
the Jainous cnttlo paso , Tlnoo jcars ago M\o
men , Abbott undGreenumoyer , vcro engaged
In bomo heavy cattle deals , A-bbott gathering
up the eattlo in different parts of the stnto
aud sblpi ' ( . ' thoni into Council Bluff s , where
Otoonatnojerhahdled thorn and sold thora ,
Thcso two men disagreed as to the terms of
the arrangement existing between them , J\b- ,
pptb Insisting that the eattlo nero his nnd
Urc aaiuecr liclue Interested only m the
profits. Orconamojcr insisted that ho was
the owner. The bank had been advancing
money to Qrccnaincor ) with which to meet
payments on the cattle , nnd thus Ib-vui inter
ested to a largo amount -when the open rup
ture came between the two dealers , At the
timotuorowoMBomo eattlo in the ymds hero
wtilcli Abbotb claimed wcro his. Mr Durko
was employed as attorney for Mr. Abbott.
IIo became- satisfied that ( Irconatnaycr's
claim to ownership wni imnlld , and ho
also thought Iho ihatUl morlgngoheldby
thobanltwas of no account , as It purported
to bo given byOrecnnmcjcr as owner. 'Iho
cattle wcro taken out of the yards hero nnd
sent to Mononn county wlthoub Abbott's
consent or sanction , aud learning where they
wcro in pastuio , Abbott anil A man named
Armstrong , together with his attorney , Mr.
Burke , hurried to that county to secure
posscsion of the eattlo. They found them In
a pasture , took possession of them and bad
them driven tothe rkcr , whcroa ferry boat
was used to transfer them lo Nebraska ,
when * they were loft in charge of Armstrong.
Mr AbbDttandMr Burke rt.tiiriicl home.
In n sh6rt tlmo the liank folks had taken
possession of the eattlo again , taken them
ncioss the rl\cr \ nnd plnted them In theold
.At the fall term of the district couit la
thnt county , December , lbs , the proud Jury
found an Indittinciitngainst Rii. jJurko and
thoothcH for grand Inrcuiv , In having tnltcn
li < 0hendof cattle. Mr. llurko claims that
the bank ofllchls were inilnly instrumental
in securing his Indictment and that it was
without cause or right , therefoio ho demands
$ .10,000 , damages. The indictment was
promptly dismissed on the motion of the
district attoincy himself , although Mr.
Buiko demanded u trial of the case , desiiliig
a thorough showing for the sake of selC-Un-
Quo case promises to bo very liotly con
tested. Mr. llurko has , besides his partner.
Mi Hewitt , the well known llrms of IMd-
win itilght md bipp d Pusoy , together
with Qcoigo A Holmes , mnklnp about as
stiong si combination as can bo well formed.
O n the side-oftlio b ink there h also a biil-
linnt arny of legal tiletit , including Stone iSi
Sims , Ilailcs L McCabe , l llekingcr IJros.
andO. O Saunders A Jury vis secured jes-
teidiy afternoon , and the decks iaiily cleared
foi action Tlio case will probably occupy a
Iho dcfensoof the bank ofllchls , as gath
ered fiom the opening address or Mr. Sims , the representatives of
tlia hank had anything to do with securing
the Indittmotit , except tint they answered
thnpioccssus compelling their attendance ns
witnesses ; also that the cattle did In fact be
long to Greeiiameyci , and that the bmkeanio
into lawful possession of them under their
chattel inoitRage , nnd byroasonof a wiltof
replevin , and that while thus having right
ful possession of the enttlo the plaintiff ulth
others took thorn out of the pasture and
drove them into another state.
.niorningsidots booming.
The Manhattan sporting headquarters , US
Fashionable wool suits made by Mrs L.
Simmons , S3 to f 7 ; silks , (7 ( to } 10.
Shorthand. Miss Rhodes , I3iown building.
Signs. Losey & Jensen's ' , 11 Pear st.
The Federal Court.
In the federal court yesterday Judge Shlras
took occasion to Inform the bar at the open-
ingof the morning session that ho was there
for business and not for pleasure or his
health , thnt an expensive jury was being-
maintained for the beiicflt of their clients ,
and thatif they did not push forward the
business n little faster tnan they have been
manifesting- inclination to do hoould
discharge the Jury and lot their cases go over
another term. The reading of the riot net
creited aelccided stir among the members of
the bar , and the effect wll bo apparent for
several days.
Jfo cases of great importance were tried ,
although the court was ury busy all day.
Ambrose Burke vas admitted to practice.
Iho grand Jury made its final report and
was discharged. Several Indictments -vveio
returned nnd some against parties i\ho are
not in custody. Nearly all oE the indiet- ,
incntswere for theUolatloti of the levcnuo
laws by selling whisky , beer and .tobacco
wlthoutgovernment license. The cases are
quickly disposed of
Henri Hawkins entered a plea of guilty to
the charge of securing a pension by fraud
and was ilned 1100 and costs. His wife , who
was arraigned on the same charge , followed
the same course and was lined $50.
The most important ciso during the day
was thatofKolm & Adler aKalnst Melchor.
Iho case involves over ? 10OCKI , and growsoub
of a liquor deal , 'Ttio plaintiffs wcio liquor
dealers In Rock Ishnd. 111. , and sold to Mel
chor , who was an Iowa saloonkeeper , web
goods tothe amount stated. The saloon man
did not pay for them and the dealers began
suit to recover , In his defense the defendant
sets up the claim that the actof selling con
stituted a conspiracy between ICohn & .Adler
\Iolatotholawsot Iowa , und for this rea
son weio not entitled to recover. Charles
Haldntie , now a resident of Now York , is the
attorney for the plaintiffs. The cose was
submitted , but no decision icndored.
Wo nro not trying to boom Mornlngsido It
booms Itself. It if just what people want.
Scott IIOUSQ , nice rooms , clean beds , faro
equal to the best , ( I per day. Special low
rates * toicguhr boarders 23 and ytN. Main
st , Council IllufTs
Wall paper at Losoy A , Jensen's , 11 Pearl st.
Monevafc roducaJ rate lowoJL on chatto
and realestato security by E. If , Shwfo & Co
' \Vnnts Life Insurance.
Mrs. HachtlLymaa began suit jcsterday
agamsttho Northwestern Masonic Aid asso
ciation to recover soveial thousand dollars
clihnedby her as duo from a policy on the
lifoof her latohusband , Major Lj-man. It Is
understood that the company lias refused to
pa ) the policy on the ground thnt Major
Lj man allowed several assessments to goun
paid , thus lapsing the policy.
They came , they saw , they bought , is the
rule in Mornlngside.
The Uostonstore , Council Bluffs. Is showIng -
Ing the latest in caps known as the Nellie
Bly cap The prices run from 50c to 81.19 , in
all tlio htestcolors , plaids and blacks.
Boston Store , Council Bluffs.
, WinrEiaw < Ss Co.
Republican 1'riinarlcn.
The republican piimarles of Kunotownship
for the selection ot delegates to the republi
can county convention , whichmects at Avoca
on October 1,1800 , , will ho held this evening
at8 o'clock at the following places !
First Ward At the oflleo of John Hammer ,
and select eight delegates.
Second Ward At Iho city building , and se
lect eight delegates.
Third Ward .At republican headquarters ,
li'o. 5 Touith street , anil select clghtdo le
rouith AVard At county courthouse , and
select nine delegates.
Tifth Ward At Charles Shields' store ,
corner Filth avenue nnd Eleventh street ,
nnd select Jive delegates
Sixth Ward At republican headquarters ,
Tfo. D301 West Bioadway , and select live dele
ICnne , Outsldo City Select ono delegate.
The delegates thus chosen will again moot
in convention nt republican hcadeiuaitern ,
No. fi Fo\irth street , on n date hereafter
named for the purpose of nominating town
ship ofllcers. WILLUM Ausn , Chairman.
33Vpor cent advaucoou Mornlngsldo lota
Ott. 1 ,
J. G , Tipton , real estate , 537 Broadway.
The best auctioneer la the state is II. H ,
Inman , Council Blurts. Special attention to
b'oodea ' stock sales , anil all branches of
mercantile ) goods. Ofllca 503 Broadway ,
Tor Kent ,
Furnished room , 020 Willow avenue. Mrs ,
J , Lyinan. _
Tlio Woman' * ) Hospital.
The Woman's. Christian Tomreranco asso
ciation , having- purchased the McMahon
property , now occupied by thorn , for hospital
purposes , some permanent Improvements
may bo looted for. Among seine of these
owningpri'ato , residences la that vicinity
thcro Is heard sorao complaint , not against
the way tbo Institution is managed , but be
cause they do not like the idea of having any
ort of hospltnl located so near tholr homes.
'ho maiHifjcnaonihas been very careful to
ivold any thing \viichwould provo offcnslvo
p those Ihlng in the vicinity , nnd thoobjoo
onswill wobdbly'iiotbo stroiiRly urged.
In connection \vlUi \ the hospital work tlio
i-omcn have arranged for training school
or nurses. They uro also plnnnlni ? on Rlvinif
ioedcdinstructl nf to young vometi In nil
arms of liouse\vorK , thus rendering them
oin potent to bo self-supportlng.
The wo men arc ; doing nobly and they will
ouhtlcss continue to receive the generous
upport o t an admiring public. With the ox-
ctislvo plnni before thorn nnd the additional
mi-dens which they have assumed they will
iccds meet with inoro liberal responses to
hclrnppeals than have bofoio been glvcu.
flio ClinrRe Iioilneil Annlnst Street
Commissioner I'luiinory.
.Tnmcs Flanneiy , the stiwt commissioner ,
ot into a. low in his saloon at Eighteenth and
'inton last night about 10 o'clock , and Ofllccr
laucrwcntln to iiucll the disturbance The
ncn engaged in the disturbance with Flan-
cry all escaped , butKlanncry was nncsted ,
Ofllccr Bauer bilng obliged to use his club In
laltlng the arrest.
IHannery caino to the police station with
uilf a do7en friends and ball v , as deposited
o guarantee his appearance in court todnv.
lo then , left the station with his filoiids
lalf nn hour Inter Officer Ilauorcalledup the
tatlon and called fortho patrol , sayin ? tint
" "laimory had met him on his beat nml hnd
hotnt him , Ciptaln Rlostyn and Ofllcei
Ouslck went with the patrol , und taking Oili
er llauerwith them , they found Flamiery at
ils homo nnd phccd him under arrest upon
ho charge of shooting at an officer with in-
ciittokill Planner } was agaiu plnced be-
lindtho birs.
The stoiy is told in quite n different light
> y nunnery's friends. They sny that the
hooting vas pmely accidental. One \oiiiig
imnuld ho was doing his best togettlio 10-
'olvcr away from Planner ) * when itis dh-
haiited , and tint neither nunnery nor his
ricnds it now nt the tlmo that mi ofllcer was
icar , They say that ITlannory hnd been
drinking a gooil deal and that this was the
nusoof the dlillctiltj in his saloon.
The case will come up in police couit to
day. _
Itccclvctl I'roin
All the Itranulics ,
The executive coinmlttco of the Douglas
ounty personal lights league held its weekly
ncctlng at Goimauia hall In&t night , with
nest of the members In attendance.
A. now Iciguewith a mcmbeiship of thirty
vas reported from the western portion of the
Seventh \\ard.
President Boonstra of the Seventh -ward
caguo reported tliatn chew In p gum factoiy
at Portland , Me , hnd contributed $ > The
nonoy was accepted and paid fnto the league
A Fricka of the Tirst ward league ro-
jortcd a membership of GOO aud ? 45O In the
The Second v ird reported two complete
organizations , with an iticieascd membership
n each.
Tlio Third ward reported that 150 voters
md taken out thciu fiist papeis.
Tlio Pouith vard sent in n icnort that a
rre.itdealof intcrcsthnd been msplncd nnd
.hat nearly all cf 'tho Germans have enrolled
The Sixth ward' icportcd thlity-two new *
members and § U > uitho treasui ) .
The Eighth ward showed an increased
membership , \\itU tboflnnnces In goodshapo
Vt the picsent tjrrjb the league has seventy
nembcrs. , .
The representative from the Ts'mth reported
an increased membership with nearly 5JOO In
ho treasury. -
A Milliard Hotel Employe Arrested on
a Serious Charge.
Edward H. Dowcn , Itecpcrof the check
andbatrgagoro6ia'at thoMillard hotel , -was
arrested last niglit upon a seiious charge.
For several -weeks there has been a man
about the Jewelry stores and particularly the
> a\vn shops oE the city , trying to sell some
small diamonds. IIo aroused the sus-
ilclon of several of the shopkeep
ers and the detectives were notified.
A careful discretion of the man -was fur
nished thodctectivcs and they sot to work.
Yesterday Detective "Vaughn becnmo con
vinced thatBowen "was the man wanted , nnd
astnlghtho took him to the station.
HBovvcn sold a watch a few days ago in a
Tenth stieet pawn shop which pro\cd to bo
jno that had been stolen from Windson's '
iowehy store about nmonthago A llnoclustcr
pin found in Bovven's pocket vhca arrested
was also Identified nsa pait of the property
stolen f iota "Windsor. Bowcn claimed that
tie found the pin In the water closet at the
Millard , and before ho.h ad been asked con
cerning the watch ho said : "And I found
that watch in the sumo nlace. "
Detective Ellis searched Bowen's room
and found a gold bar -which had evidently
contained eight small stones , nndpaitof the
bar w as missing This is said to bo a part of
a line bar pin that was stolen from Wind
sor's , containing seventeen small diamond ! , .
Uovvcnhas boon , cmnloyed at the Millard
for two or three jears , nnd has hitherto
berne a good reputation. IIo is a single man
about twenty-eight jcarsold.
Contractor Con Icy Kxplnins.
James Conley , the contractor to whom
Councilman Ford referred at the last mooting
of the council , baying thnt ho had rofu&edto
pay claims against him for wages of men em
ployed in grading city stieots , callou at THE
Bin : oQlco last night and stated that the
chaiges mndo by Councilman Fold -were
wlthoub foundation IIo snld that James
Conloy , a saloonkeeper , nnd Dick Uurdish ,
Ford's brother In-lnw , had bought nbout $100
worth of tlmo diechs from men employed on
the grading of Mnnderson and Coimneiclal
stietts and bad pushed their payment.
Mr Conloy stated that his paitiicron this
contract , Joseph Butler , had madonnnguo-
mcnt with the holders of these time checks
to pay tbeinwhen the final estimate otitho
work wns received , but this did not seem to
suit Messrs. Eurdishaiid Conloy.
IIo also stated that Mi , Ford went to the
place wheio they wcro grading , a few days
ago , nnd declared .that Oouley should never
have another contract for grading.
Mr. Conloy says that ho will defy Ford or
anyone else toprovo that ho has not paid his
honest debts , and he intends to pay thtso
claims -when the tlmo cornea.1
'Iho statement inado by Mr. Ford , that
Conloy bad assigned his claim ngainst the
city to Tom Hector , was untrno Ho bays ho
has assigned his claim to John Ilottor , the
city treasurer1 of South Omiha , und the
claims of Messrs,1 llurdlsh and Conloy liavo
been filed , so that they are as-
suicd of their
money , i
ii . 9
Her GopdH Held 1'or Rout.
A replevin suit was begun in Justice
Holmes' court yc tcidny by n poor woman
named Katie Itoflfansborg , who lives nt iFlfth
and Walnut streets The lady has recently
been left destitutely a recreant and Improv
ident husband John Cathro owns the house
where 'Mis. KaTpij8berg ( lives nnd she is de
linquent m her rcrit , 10 Cuthro savs , to the
amount of > I.SO , Cathro wont to the house
in the lady's absence and took possession of
her household g6p'dsnnd removed them , bho
took ou t replevin papers yesterday and found
Homo of the goods , but seveial articles she
could not Ilnd Cuthro declare. H ho did not
have tlio missing1 pieces of.futnituro in his
possession , but a neighbor of the lady who
o\vns thostulisaysthatsho saw Cntliro carry
the things out of the house and that C nth ro
offered to sell the ( 'oods to her ,
Two More Victims or lllcotrlo I ty.
\Yir cni'XDov , Jdass. , Bopt. 2(5-Edward (
T. Uyan , ngcd eighteen , and O. Barnard ,
aged tvi only , were , Instantly killed tonight by
an clcctrlo light guy wire coining In contact
with an Incandescent clrudt on Pond stii'ct.
Barnard's ' hands -\\ero badly burned , and it is
supi > osed that Hvannt temp ted to assist him
and hlnibclf fill a > lctlin
A UmvorMiiii'i Mieinp ,
A , M. Van Anlccn of Denver Is in the city
fortho purpose of Inducing Omaha capital-
iats to go into nn Irrigating company. IIo
proposes to organize a company witha capital
otjj,00l,000 ( , nnd then dig a ditch IK ) miles
long , carrying the waters of the Colorado
river iuto central Wyoming.
L-OltOUl ) A OIIllOIC.
Frank Sicoikn , a Ofnllor , Wanted fnt
Crookctl Worki
I'mnkSkolka is a tnllor , nml ho Is also a
smooth swindler If the story of Frank
"Vodlcha Is correct , Vodlekn keeps n tnllor
shop In the i car of the United States Hn-
tlonnl lank , nnd Skolkn hns been In his em
ploy for several months. The proprietor has
been lotltif ? odd pieces of Roods nnd some
valuable rolls ot line suitings at Intervals
of a few week * for some
time , but did not suspect thht
Skolkn hnd anything to do ivltli the theft
until yesterday tlio latter disappeared nnd
two line rolls of Avoolen goods dlsappemcd
nttho tame time , in thonftornooii n check
-\\as presented at yio Ncbruskit
TJntlonal bank , and as the signa
ture did not look lllw l ranlc Vodleltn's '
the clerk sent It don n to the store. Vodlcka
recognized It iw being inado out by
Skolkn 'riio check \\.as cashed before It ,
icachcilthobmk by .Tolm Slmonek. the sa
loonkeeper nt Mot/hall , on South Thhtcenth
street , and was presotuul tlicro bySkolki
Ihursilay evenlnj. . Tbo amount wns fin.
Vodlelca sajs tint there nro thrco other
checks missing from his check book , nnd ho
expects to hear of them soon in the same
manner ,
SUolka left a largo bo-c trunk witli hn
cmplojcc. Asonreh warranted Issued
jcstcnlny afternoon mil the tiunlc avis
opened to see if any of the missing goods
\vcro tnerc. Nothing belonging to Yo-
dlelca w is found in the hunk , SUolka is n
thoroughly educated JJohoiiilan , ami those
\vlio Icnow him say that It ho Ins decided lo
heeomou cioolc helms the shievvdness to boa
clever one. His cmplojcris inclined to think
tint Skolkabns committed suicide , us ho was
of a vciy despondent disposition nnd oftou
said ho was tiled ot life
California St KO Hold Up.
Rniimxn , C.iln , Sept 20. The Reading
nnd Cedar-villa stage vas holdup last iii'ht (
by two masked men ahout twenty-five miles
fiom hero. The Wells rnrgo expieis bo < c
ttnd tlio government \vay pouch weio lohbcd
of about 4500.
IJonlniiycrAVIIl tloln tlio Socialist * .
PiiiS Sept 20 Prominent socialists do-
claio that I3oulangcr hus promised to cast bis
lot with tue icvolutlonnrlus in tlio lust ciul
J'EKSOXA I , J'lff.If.'JC. 1VII S.
W. I Luskof tit Pnulls tUtho 1'ivton.
T. A J3tono of St Louis is at the Casey.
.Tiuncs Roberts ot Chlcigo Is at the Mill ml.
B. A Johnson of Beatilce is at the Barker.
H. .A. Ilojtof Cbadronis registered at the
J. Q Williams of darks Is at the aicr-
Henry Forest of Salt Luke is a guest at tlio
Itarkei ,
T. .A Moon of Chicago was at the Murray
A. D Morse returned yestcrilay noin JNcw
York city.
W. C Lojd of Chicago is stopping at the
J. ti Uoultoa of Montreal is la tlio city , at
tbo Pai ton.
H. T. Stnmford of 2\'cvv York Is a guest at
the Paxton
A. S Haio of Cansas City Is registered at
the Barker.
A. S Werner of Duluth Is In the city , at
the Mm ray
W. P Robinson of St Joseph is a guest at
the Millnrd.
M. AV. Stone of Hastings is In the city , at-
the Millard. ,
J. J. Lindley of Kansas Cltj was at the
Pax ton last night
H. T. Hamilton of Milwaukee as at the
Barker last night
G. r , Stovvo and T. E. Blown of Boston
are at the Murray.
L. 1 Plcico of Syracuse , N. Y. , was at
the Casey list night.
V. W. Carter of Richmond , Va. , was at the
Merchants last nlglit.
C. U Diss of Nebraska City is registered
as a guest , ntlho Casey.
Mark Hopkins of Rock Sptings , AVyo.a.s
at the Millard lost night
Miss Mary ILoulso llobortson , who has
been spending the summer In Omaha with
her sister. Mis. W. K. Kurtz , left for her
homo In Maiylandon "Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L Jones of Milwaukee
aio In the city the guests of Mr. R. W. Bnkcr ,
supeilntcndcut of TIIL BEE bulliliap , 83.J
Pirk avenue. Mr. Jones Is an extensive
galvanized Iron manufacture ! , Ho put the
slate loot on the first Grand Ccntial liotel
building in this city.
Mr. AllTali brother has quit the service of
Tun Bbu und will remove to Durham , N , C\ ,
theio continuing In newspaper work. IIo
rmkesttio change in the hope thut a wanner
cllmato mayirnjirovo the health of his vlfe.
Mr. Talrbiolliex- a ready \\riter , treats
of matters and thlags in n crisp and original
way , and will not bo long in making himself
felt at the south
Mrs Mary E. Uca of St. Louis , the picsl-
dent of the national convention o ± Duifjlncrs
of Rclicknh , the highest ofllco in the older ,
is in the city , the truest of AIis Sadlo Wright ,
at her homo on Decntur street. Mrs. liea
has hccu engaged cliirlntr the pnst in
\isitinga laigo number of tbo many Jurisdic
tions of tbo older , und. feeling the need of
rest , she came to Omaha for a quiet v Islt.
&ho will make an onieiiil visit to Ituth
Hobekah tlegioolodpe this evening nt itMiall.
Tour tec n th and Dodge streets. Mrs. Itea
will Icavo the city the first of next week ,
A AVoiiilcrfnl Uriel c.
David Ciownn , who lives in the north-
cm pirt of Gilncounty , .Atl/ona , in vhnt
is known ns the "Tonto Ihibin , " is the
owner of ono of the fjK-.itobt natiiinl
curiosities in the United Stntos , if not in
the world. Govviin's wonder is the fa
mous natural bridge which sptiib Pine
creek' y it single nicli o ( 200 foot ; the
Malison , eithoi sidotibiiigto nheiffhtof
'roin 700 lo 800 feet , on ono biclu fofiuln
a pcipondloulur precipice. The biltl u
is OOOfoetin width ; fiom the bottom oftlio
nrulito the top it a-.enifres 10 foot ; &pan ,
ns alovo ) moiitlonod , 200 foot ; lower sldo
of nich , 150 foot. Tlio notion of the
water , Avhioh has pouicfl under this
natuial span for iigos , liasarn \ it as
smooth m though It had been ehibdocl
nnd siindpapetcd by iv stonoinnson. Al
though the nrch , which Is solid llmo-
stone , nvoiitffos nbout forty foot In tliltk-
no s , tlieio is ono plneo , near the top of
the arch , whcro tlio thickness scaieoly
oxcecdH bl\ feet ; tlio center of this
thin plnro theio is n soml-ciruilar' hole
t\vo foot in diameter , through which ono
may vvntch the wutois s\\ltly ( gllillnt'200
fcotbolovv ,
TJndorntath the bridge , ns well us in
all the Bpui-B of inounttilns tontiguoitb
to 1'lno eieok , lire nunicious caveins ,
suggesting the Idon that the cicoU ilbolf
wns once a siibtoriaiienn pzissif o , tlio
loofofwhich IUIH biolvciiilovvn , loiulntr
\\nndciful \ bridge its a reminder of
what "usoil to bo. " ThobO caves abound
In splondld stalactites , stalagmite and
potilfnctions n [ nil kinds. Ono of Iho
Btalnctitoain the cave under tlio brldfjo
la a lomnrlcablo ropioscntiition of iv female -
male llcuro. Visltorri have nnmtd it
"Lady Ucnvan , " in honor of the ffeiitle-
inanly David , ownci Of the brldyo und
Tlic Alps Olnolers llctrontliifj.
Ithas lonpr been woll-lfmnvn that the
glaciers of the Alps are gradually ro-
tioatln M. Martin haajufat publhhed
ubiouhuio in which ho chaws attention
lo the fact thnt while the lower limit of
gluclors Is tfoing up , the higher limit of
( llfforonl kinds of cgotutloii Is coming-
( lovn. 1'or oxaniTln , tlio ihcxlodonelion ,
which ubcil touvngoup to 2'IJO motroH
twenty \CU.VB nye , now leaches only to
2,000 ,
" Do cites inanj- examples of other
planlB to nhoxtno iluuigo iHagoneriil
ono , Thooxjilanatlon hu ofFeis is that
theio is kss feiiow , tlioreloro less protec
tion ngaiiiitt the cold of winter and less
moUturo tluilng tliu hcut of Hiiinmor.
The lower roylons nio simllaily afTccled
nnd tines do not grow iiHhlghnfi former
ly. Thoh'irdj racoof niountnlneoisaro
naicl to bo not living now ut buch alti
tudes ubformeil -
Kolnjc Jtmlo for the An *
mint Inhibition ,
The Omahn trtlsU were well represented
nttho meeting of the Western nrt association
licld at tlio Llnlngcr gallery lost ovcnlng ,
The in cell IIRvns oalleel for the puiposo of
taking some nctloti with reference to HxliiR
the ttniofor the nnnunl exhibition of the ns-
soiiation , Mr. Hojdcn , a noted I'arisian
urllst , was present nnd made n few lomarlo ,
speaking principally of the ; mirpilsltiK nil *
% nnco nrt has tiilcou In thU country during
the past few J cars , mill inrtlcularly In the
west. Ho also rofcrreel to the European nrt
exhibition now open In Minneapolis , nnd ald
that ho hoped tome means would bo devised
to hringlt toOinatm
The meeting discussed the matter of having
the exhibit brtnitilitlic.'ro , and Mr. Llnln cr
was apiwlntcda eommltteo to 10 to Mimic-
( ipolfo mill sio onvhat torins He-em Id lo ) so-
cured. The piovnlllnn sintlincnt heemeel to
bo that the cost \vouhl l o nnio tbnti the as o-
elatleii could stand at the present time , nl-
though all of tlio inenibcH fu\oiud nrriing-
Ing as hu go an exhibit of local nit ns possi
ble ,
Air. Llnlngcr iccommcndpil the organl/a-
tlon of nrt flubs in nil latto ; cities in the state ,
which could bo cemented by a st.ita associa
tion , tnul the outflow th would bo the estab
lishment of a circuit , by which tbo
work of the dlircunt cities could
bo exhibited nil tluonih the state
Ho staled tint tlio end that all aitlsts nio
now \sorlclnt ! for is to develop the ui t mnrUet ,
nnel this can only ho clone by educating the )
puolielii art IIo maintained that the way
lo accomplish this to give them fioijuent
opportunities to Inspect worth \ worlis of nit ,
ami achocatcd earnest , liiiul woik on the p.irt
ofthouiomhcii ) thU winter with that end In
v lew.
Itvis decided to postpone tbo selection of
a date for opcnini ? Iho exlilliitlon until
the next mcctliiLr on tl o lltst Tuosd.u in Oc
tober. A committed coii-tUtlng of Mesdaines
lr ) 13 M. Parke , Minniuih ; , I1 T ilmeison ,
Geared I , dlboit , Winn nnd Stiinincl nnd
Messis LJ 11 nurReolsc , OootituV Kiold ,
0'IsTeillunel ' Staiihui.viis . appointed to h.ivo
charge of the ovhibltion.
\ Keneial prefeumce was expressed In
favor of ha\liiLr. tbo exblbltion as the
holldavsns possible1 , und U vvilluiuloubtedlj
bo held 1 ite in Noember. .
m : \\\s A so.\u.
AMlllnm Klt t M , tv ljnl > nier , Hadly
Itentcn and ( Jut.
William KBS | is n dnjlaborei nnd ho some
times t.iltes a glass of beer.Vhlle indulging
In tlio latter jesteiday afternoon at Shult/c's '
saloon , corner of Sovcntli und Pacillc , thieo
men came in who wcio entire strangers to
Hlptfsimd began to talk nnd swear about
"Theio is ono of them light now , " said the
largest man of the paity , and stalled for
Hlgtrs , w ho left , the saloon without much
ccretnonv or delay. IIo was closely followed
by the big man , and Ilicgs ran > up the street
to the I'aclilc hotel. Ills pursuer gained on
him and ran him into and through the hotel
anil taught him In the back yaul , wlieio
Klggs lecelved several bad cuts nbout
the fate and head with n shnip
knife or a raor. Some of the
men about tbo hotel hitcifcred and stopped
the tight. Iho attading p.irty then Joined
bis companion : , at the siloon aud they nil
vanished before the police oltitcr on the beat
could bo summoned
It is supposed that tlio ninn who did the
cutting was mistaken in the in mho attacked ,
for Riggs snjs lieis not a "sub. " Ho Ins
been working for tbo telephone company on
their lines.
A ra/or was found on tlio walk ncnr the
siloon ifter the trio had gone , nnd It is sup
posed to havnbcen the weapon used.
Ills Irara Wore Groundless.
E. J. Bunt ? of Noithboro , In. , was In
Omahaesteiday In a frame of mind not cal
culated to piolonp life or increase his happi
ness. IIo came fearing that ho was the vic
tim of a mad dog's ' bite' , but ho returned
homo in the evening com Inced that his feais
were groundless. Mr. Buntz used to keep a
dog , anil a few weeks ago the animal became
stupid and out of health , so ho chained him
UD. The brute bcciime cross , and ono dny he
snapped at his master nnd Inlllcted a
blight wound on the back of his hand.
Shortlj afterward the dog died mid then the
ncighbois began to in.mufai.tuie mad elog
stone * All. Bunt ? looked nt liis hand and
trembled , and the longer bo looked and
thought about It the moio flightened ho bo-
Knowing that Mr. L. L Henbow , who lives
at 550 South Twenty-sixth stteet , has a in id
stone that has relieved several people
of alleged rabbles , Mr. Uunt7 took
tbo train , for Omaha and lost no
tlmo when ho reached the city
in findiniy the i evidence of Mr. Henbow. Tbo
stone vas boiled in milk and then npullcdto
the -wound , on Mr. Ihmtz's hand , but it wonlel
not adhere to the wound , showing that theio
vas nopcison in the hand. 11m stone was
tried two 01 three times , but it failed to ex
pose anv evidence of tabbies Mr. Buntz
went back homo feeling gioatl ) ivlie\ed.
This mndstoiie which Mr. Henbow hns Is
n family icllo and hns been hundcil down
from generation to generation as \.ilunolo
The following ; marriage licenses were is
sued bj .Tudgo Shields jcsterday :
Name and address Ago.
I Thomas Peterson , Omaha . 2. >
I Anna C. Hanson , Omahi . 1'J
I Bern ml Gross , Omaha . ' . ' .J
( Anna Colin , Oiunha . - -
Democratic Ccntial Com mil too.
Theio wil | bo a meeting of the democratic
conttnl coinmlttco of Douglas county nttho
rooms of Julius 3 Ior , comer of Twelfth nnel
Parnani stiett , October 1 , at 8 o'clock p in.
All member. ) of the coinmlttco are leejustect
to be present , Uucim Minns ,
. Chilli num.
The Ninth waul penonnl lights lengno
will holet its i ocular inciting ; Sunday after
noon at 2 o'clock at X.ogonson'.s hall , Lowe
avenue and Hamilton street.
Wo icfor to tlio full and
compiohcnsivo tio.vtlso on the
Blood and skw
Whether jou nio sick orwell ,
every homo slionlel lia\o n copy.
//you are well ,
it tells you how to keep so.
ou are
it tells yon how to rcgiln your health.
Tills valuables pitnplilctvvlll bo ra.dl-
edfreo tonppllcaiits.
TIIK SwitT Sriccit'ic Co. ,
F. M. ELLIS & CO. ,
And Building Superintendents.
Komiiti-KiOnml 4JJIIco lliiHiUnir.Oiiiiiliii.Noli. .
and KooiiisSII and Jill Me.rrl.uu Illou cCoiunll ,
lllulls , In torr ! | ioiicluico solloltud.
-pOO.MSfor rent , In suite or sliiftlb , 413 , o ,
Jir.lglith street.
\ V"ANTinAtonco. . a liuly who lm < bnd
Roinoexnotleiiooln polloftlng , to take ho-
sltlou ns county imuniffer. ( looiUiliiry lo the )
light i > nrtv.Ailtliess\V. _ H , , euro of UcoOlllce ,
1J10H Itl'NT-House's and room" ! ono
J store miar court house , nnd ono funds / *
room at J. It. U IN idsou's , oil PI f ( liavo , *
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JJ houses , byJ , U. lilou. Ui.M.ilii st. , Lounel
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onUiu following tornn :
A homo worth * I,0)J ) it ill per month
Aliomei woillilr ) ) i\t f H per month.
A homo wortbl'.OJlatsf'l pur month.
A ho na vvorlli.tOOiitillur ) | inonth.
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Uouiiulllltuird I e.
Surgical Institute
Private Hospital ,
Cor. Broadway and 26th 3te. ,
COUNCH , Hl.tTlH , lo A. V
Tor thotre'.itmt'titof all siir k dniid chrexilu
dKoasts nnd dlso isi s of the tileioil
I'rlvitodlsciSL's of the urln iry anil
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IIIMKK , lib Astlini i. Cunsuiiiptlon Hrone'hltts ,
Citurrh , Htu. I'm ilysls. Kidney IH | > ISI > S if
Diabetes Hrlght's Dlso.isc , Hhunin itlsin IMles ,
Cincor , Varlocolo. llydroult' . Dioiisv.Tumor ,
Dlsousti ejf the Eio and Knr I'luli l'eet. , Ciirvatuio and all dlsoiisesnf tliolioim.
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Modlcliiusenthocurely pack-el nnd fieefiom
obser vutlon.
Correspondence oonfluontlnl. Auelress :
Surgical Institute and Private Hospital. ,
Cor. Uroadnnjr ami2blh fits Council Illutls In.
Uall Meeting , October 7to 10,1800
2 11 Piiio-l'nrsc * . .A . 1100 .
Si'iTroltliic-l'ur-.o .
J-j ear-old Tiottlii ? btiiko
TUKbDAV , 8.
2VTioltlnK-l'iu ) > , o .
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J-yoar-old Tieiltliu-htnko
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\e.lilliuTiotthi5 ! Unco bt dtci W
rium&nue. oL'Toni. 10.
231 Troltliw-Pniso . . . WO
I'lOO-lor-Allriioiiu'-l'iuso. VH
lico-leir-AII , Stallion I'm so
Nutlnnul 'riottliiRiissoi.litlon to nv-
orn. 1 ntrlesclosoOcitohor4 M cn friti.
Ulllo tueslc. J.V. . 1M3KI HOY , I'l uslih nt.
Uoinuill HlulTs , lou L
Address all coiiimunle.itloiis ti )
A II. Olllllb suoiotiry.
Sll South Utlibt. . Oni.ilin Neb.
Strictly In bmlnevj" hn m > li'mlM motto
nt HIIUISH In ovorr line of liuiiinneiitTK ) lire'iuliel
lijrlilm who holils to uiuo uloptoil tpojliiltjr ,
I'cnplonro proiiroiilvo fullof onor jr. " "d uioucf
iinkliiu tcliumoa They noad spoclal tralnliiiTor
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loads In poiuilnr odiicitton Her public cl liooliT \
nru diilnKiiriiiil work fur tier noruislnj mlllj > M
\Vuatorn luwn ,
CdMiTncncni fall term Hopt Int. Slio nclcrti Ilia
rcnlly I'nicllcul fur her Mnloiili Normal Hull *
iiu n 8liurtliitnitnn < l ruiiiiinn lil | > LOUMUI well or-
unnlru I unit cirofullf coniluctuil BtmlonH luar
niter ntnny time. Wrlla for further particulars 10
W. U I'aulsoii
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
J I ) . KUMIIXIKOS . I'ros. 15 ikSiiunAiir Vice Tie' .
CIMHI is u Cnnlilur.
Or Council Bluffs.
Dun crons-I. A. Mlllin , P. O Glniisnn L I'
Shimurt , i ; . K llurt.J. I ) IdrnnnilKnn ( linK :
t ) . Iliiiiniin. Truiisnut gcnunil litnUlii ; ; liusl-
luts. ImiKcst and Hiiriilus of uny
bank In houlliwestorn Iowa , : <
Corner Mulu and llroiidvrny ,
TlmilerH In furolKn nnd iloniLsllo cxchiiiiKi )
Cnl lex t Ion H niiidu und Inloioul paid on tliu
lrI U-iA Iljclrnulic nntl Sanitary Engineer. 1'lana , Esliiimtoj
151lKiIlDlI16 ' " tlons and Supervision of I'ublioVork. . Hrovvn
, Council Bluffs , la.
* li Justice o ( the 1'emco. Olllco ovur Ainorlcaii Exjiroas , No. I'JL
| yin
Nn Uulllll L I3rondway , Council Blulls , lotva.
Of AH A JPr Oimn Attorneys nt Law , rraotico in the State nnd I'ouoral
OLUllu OL k ) I 111 5 ? u.rt3lT.K ° omlJ 7 ani1 a ShuKurt-Uono Block , Couiicll