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TLey Gather at Lincoln and Outline Plans
for the Future.
A Onnornl Stnmjicilo From the Al-
llnnco Hanks i'rcilluted Ucfoia
Klcution I > ay > 'i
LINCOLN . Xol ) . , Sept. 10. [ Special Tclo-
gratto THE BtK.J An enthusiastic meet
ing of the leading republican newspaper men
of the tnto was held at tlio republican head
quarters In the Capitol this evening.
Mr. J. C. Watson stated that since
the recent good news from Maine the republi
can backbone bail stiffened , the republican
majority there being twice as great as it was
two years ago.
J. "W. Pierman followed with n characteris
tic speech. Ho urged a school bouso cam
paign and speeches from the farmers.
Mr. Richards ? ald that ho had heard the nl-
llnnco had advised all the farmers In
tlmt movement not to attend any meetings
excepting those of their oivn party.
Tom Majors next appeared , Ho had lust
made u tear of the stuto and reported a
splendid outlook for the republican party.
Ho prophesied a splendid republican victory.
H. M. Dushnell advocated unity In action.
Tom Hcntou said that the republican press
, fought the hattles of the party without
pay for years , nnd ho thought tley should
v dlcttito nnd not bo dictated to. From hi scon-
fcrenco with different farmers be was satis-
lied there would ho a general desertion
from the ntilatico ranks before elec
tion any. The farmers were discovering
that the whole thing was a democratic tilck.
Captain Hill , also , was satlstlcd that the
' republicans were winners.
Air. Klmmcl of the McCook Tribune re
ported a favorable outlook for the state ticket
in his section. He Intimated that McICciglian
was mesmerizing the farmers In tlwt section
f by his eloquence and was promising to cancel
c fttrin mortgages and Insuring good crops in
case lie was elected.
A. G. llarlan of Frontier county reported n
gradual desertion from the alliance lanks of
th s republicans temporarily led astray.
M. A. Brown of Kearney stated that the
niuin disaffection among the farmers in Iiii
section was on the linunco question. Many
of them had gone daft on that point , think
ing that somehow they might get perpetual
loans on their farms ut 'J portent.
.Judge Mason stilted that there worothroo
things atlssiiiiln the present slate campaign
tbo tr.mspDrtation , tlio financial and the
labor questions. He thought that particu
larly on the llnimeo question the republican *
were sound. "Any method for getting cheap
money , " said IIP. "is a cunning device of
Bcoundroh to rob the poor laboring man. "
Mr. Humphrey , candidate for hind commis
sioner , and Mr. Allen , candidate for secre
tary of state , and a number of other penile-
men made oncou raging speeches aud offered
several valuable suggestions.
Jlr. Kosswater suggested that a grand cen
tral rally be held either at Omaha , Lincoln or
Fremont. Ho thought that the campaign
shoil.H commence at once , nnd advocated an
aggressive one. lie said that THE BEE would
niiiko a vigorous light for the party until the
closing ot the poll ) on election day.
The addresses were greeted with loud np-
.plaus.0 , and after olhcr'spoechej hadabeen *
made the session adjourned and the state ex
ecutive committee went into session.
Owing to the lateness of the hour the
meeting of the central committee was ad
journed until 7:30 a. m.
If XV ns It , a Case of Tliult ?
Giusn ISI..V.VD , Neb. , Sept. 10. [ Spsclal
'Teletrrnm to Tim 33r.K.j Vesterdny a lauy
went to Dean's bam and hired a pair of
horses and carriage.anilstatrd that she wished
to drive to Alda , about six miles \vest , saying
she would bo bark within three hours ; but
slnco that time 110 trace has been heard of
the woman er team. Mr. Dean sent men in
nil directions in search , but without success.
It was one of bis best loams and ho Is satis
fied it has been stolen. However , they both
nuiy return.
Later Denn received ,1 telegram from
Iliuiseu , Neb. , about twenty miles south
of this city , this afternoon stating
that his team was there and request
ing him to como and net It. Ho
immediately sent a man after it. It is suu-
nosetl the woman hired the team , and a man
who vent with her became uneasy after
getting ns f.uas Hanson and left the ttam
und toolc tlio train for Hastings to avoid ar
rest for the theft. The man and -woman , it
Is thoujrht , wuro seen at the reunion grounds
and reside In Hastings. The matter will bo
Joint De-bate at
IIoi.miEDOE , Xoh. , Sept , 10. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Ben. ] Tbo political cain-
pilgn In Phelps county was opened hero
today by n Joint de uato between AV. A. Mc-
Kelghan and. Hon. N. Y. Harlan , and from
now until election everything will bo worked
hard for the ulllnuco candidate. Early this
morning the farmers and their families began
to como into town and this afternoon fully
five thousand people listened to the speeches.
At U a. in. the two candidates came In on the
U. iScM. and were met at the depot by com
mit ivs from the various alliances , headed by
alad. .A procession waj then formed over
two miles In length , " , MO men being In llnr- .
Some of the features of the iwnido were : i
sulky plow labeled , " \Vo will plow monopo'y
under1 ; a harvester boailng the inscription ,
"Wo cut clean , " and a seed planter
proclaiming thatVo ' sow clean seed. "
Ono Inriro wagon was loaded with
dried up short corn stalks anddi-outh-sniltten
cars of i-orn marked "Our profits. " Tbo
ruarwos brought up by an Immense number
of farm vehicles loadocl with iK-oplo.
At U o'clock this afternoon a mass meeting
was held In tbo court house grounds , and as
far as the voices of the sp < j.ikerd could ho
board every Inch of standing room was taken
Work on ( he Cullierls m Canal.
CUUIKRTSOX , Neb. , Sept. 10. [ Spacial to
Tins BISB. ] The work on tha Culbertson
canal is progressing rapidly , four miles of
the ditch being nearly completed. The dam
or embankment forthc Culbortson lake U coin ,
pleted. TLis dam is thirty foot high uud whoa
tbo water is turned la will form a laito ono
v mile long by a quarter of a mile wide. At
thljpluw thu canal U IW feet higher thai
thu UepubllcJii river , uiTordiiis a direct water
fall of at least eighty feet. The canal when
completed will bo inuru than forty mile * In
Imuth. having un average width of thirty
fee' nnd will furnish sufhYient water to oull the liimis In the vicinity of Cul-
hertscn , besides furnishing tbo most wonder
ful water i > ewer in tbo state. 'Jhu Culbert-
son ii rigiitiiig and water ix > wcr compnuy ,
with n oapltul stock of MCO.IKK ) , lias boon or-
gii il od and Im-orpomtcil under the laws of
th i state , Tlio incorporaton , are C. J. Jones
of Ci2ncnClty ! , Kan. , an old und experience. !
cunnl iran , nnd A. W. Bond und K. C. Smith ,
eas cm capitalists. Mr. Bond Is now on the
ground superintending the work , nndho will
bo ] eli c 1 in a day or two by Mr. Jones. The
coatii. 11 calls for the completloa of the canal
before Juno I , IS'Jl.
A. Prisoner Stung Ujr Hrniorie.
DoiiciiESTtit , Nob. , Sept , lO.-Spvial [ to
TUB llEn.j-A. broke Into D.V. \ .
Loach's wagon shop last night about 11)
e x-k , and while In the nctof either stealing
tools or uialdng a bed for tbo mht. It Is not
known which , ho was captured by the mar
shal and landed In Jail. ThU morning ho
complained of ( pending a very unpleasant
clgUt-sald ho had been severely stung ; by
> ometind ) of Insects , he could not tell in the
darkness what they were , that infest the
jail. Upon Investigation by the marshal tlio In
seotstt-erofound to bcbutnble- , a largo nest
of wMch were occupying ; a part of the bed on
which the prisoner hid slept. Tha authori
ties considered the fellow sunlcleutly pun-
Uhed , and with the request to move oa he
was icleajcd ,
Con fVrcn ee
I . TiNfl , r < eb. , Sept , It ) . [ Spcclrd Tclc-
griirato TIIB IliK.--TheXebr.islia : | annunl
confcrenceof the Methodist Kplscop.d cburch
assembled for the thirtieth session iti the
Methodist Kpiscopalchurch in this city this
morning at 0 o'cloclt , Bishop llowman of St.
Louis pretldinir. The sacrament of the
Lord's Sapper was nilmlnhtercd by the
hlsliop , nsUstcd by the presiding elders , The
roll was failed by the secretary , Ocorgo S.
Davis , and ll-J responded to their natnus.
On motion of Dr. Britt. George S. Davis ,
editor of the Kebradm Advocate ,
was elected secretary by acclamation. J. K ,
Woodcock vvaj elected statistical secretary ,
V. M. Eitcrhrook conftrenco treasurer , C5.
II Moulton conference postmaster , \V. H.
Vance ami A. A. Un.nd.ill assistant secre
taries und Peter Van Fleet recorder.
Addrewes were delivered by II. James
Pry , D.I ) . , Dr. AV. Sepencor. secretary of
Church KxtciMlon society , Dr , Karl and llev ,
J. A. ChadwicK , D.D. The sccixtary read
communications from Orvill J. Xavc con-
cendiifr elmphins In the United States army ,
from Hllliory Gobln , dean of Dcpanio theo
logical school , from tbu coinmittco on
education of the general Assembly of the
Presbyterian chuivh , all of which were re
ferred to the committee on the state of the
On motion V. M. Bstcrhrook nnd a commit
tee of three were appointed to compare the
reports of the statistical secretary nnd treas
urer as follows : A. C. Calkins , George \V.
Ishcm nnd .r. 1C. MaxfitlJ.
The nineteenth question of the discipline ,
" tfho lire the supcnmuated preachers I" was
taken up and discussed atsoine length. A
voluminous Hit of committees was then reul
by the sccretarv. Announcements were real
nnd Brother II. llurch appointed to preside
at tbo statistical session. The conference
then adjourned until 2 p. in.
The afternoon session was purely n statis
tical session. The secretary called the roll of
charges and the statistics were gathered.
The session closed with the benediction by
licv. Fry.
At the ovenlnpr.losslon Dr. Chad-wick de
livered a very telling and eloquent appeal In
behalf of the Freed men's Aid society. A
large amount was subscribed for the support
o ! this society.
Vork Waterworks Sold ,
YORK , ICcl ) . , Sept. ID. [ Special to TUG
BEE.J The York water works have bwn
sold toT. A , Post of St. Louis. Ho obtained
a Judgment for Stfil .50 on I nterest for coupons
nnd the plant was sold on execution. A. 2.
Strung of Omaha was In the city try ing to llx
tlio matter up so tlmt the old company could
breathe uwhlle longer.
C nil lor a. Contention.
Yor.if , Neb. , Sept. 10. [ Special to Tun
Br.n.j Tbo prohibition central committee
met In this city and called a county conven
tion to bo held in Vork Wednesday , Septem
ber 24 , for the purpose of placing a couutv
ticket In tlio fluid.
VntcrivorKM Omtriut SI
A.TKIXSOX , eb. , Sent. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEE.Tho contract between
the city of Atijinson und Meals & Godfrey
for the placing of a waterworks plant at
this place was signed tonight , uud xvork will
proceed at , once. The works are to bo com
pleted by January 1 , b'Jl.
Ktnntou Happen IIICH.
VNeb : , ' Sep'CMO. fSpeclal to' THE"
.J 'J'\vo tramps s > tolo a span of horses
from a farmer named Allison , living two
miles east of Pllger.
Mrs. A. liaahe , an old resident ofStacton ,
died tbis morning1.
A Fire nt Hebron.
HCIUCON , Neb , Sent. 10. | Specal ! Tele-
grain to THE BKI : . ] The two-story barn
owned hyO. D. Iltithes , one horse and two
buggies -were burned tonight , Ifdll insur
ance , Origin of lire unknown ,
DI-.trict Court .Vd
VOUK , Neb. , Sept. 10 , [ Special to THE
Br.i : . ] District court wai called yesterday
by Juclpe Smith , and after transacting a
small amount of business ad journal , at the
request of the atton.oys , untilOctober.
tl. II , l-'ee 1'or Kciroscntatlvc. |
Nounnx , Neb. , Sept. 10 , [ Special to Tun
BCE. ) J , K. Jeo received the nomination for
representative for the Fifty-second repub
lican district at tno republican convention
held hero Monday. Ilorcbldes atOookston
and Is a farmer.
A Citnilitlate Withdraws.
YOKK , Neb. , Sept. 10. [ Special to THE
BEE , ] Eawavd Bates , the Independent caudate
date for judgoof this i3istriet'has decided to
withdraw from thejudiclnl race , and came
out In u card to th at effect today.
Pire Krealcs Out Four Times on tlio
Steamer firccluii.
( JuF.ur.c , Sent. 10. [ Special Telegram to
THE BEE , ] The steamer Grecian left Lon
don August 27 with thirty-eight p.issengew
aud n full cargo of general merchandise. On
Friday , September 5 , flre was discovered
among the cargo in No. 1 bold , and after
three hours hird work it w 5 extinguished ,
The hold was ailed with barrels of Unseed oil
and bales of wool. At S p. rn. the same day
smoke vas ngaln discovered Issuing from the
same hold. Once moro the crow set at work
with a hose and removed the cargo to the
upper deoic. After a good deal of hard
lalor , but not before sorao of the mca
were overcome with smoke , the flra
was npaln subdued. All on board felt happy
once moro and holies of a pleasant run lor
the remainder of the passage were enter
tained by the passengers and ship's company.
1 n this thev wore disappointed , for on the
morning of Sunday , tbo 7th , the lire brolio
out afresh in the old place. Once moro the
men were mustered to meet the enemy nnd
with the same result , the amuimit tloodinc
out of the tire. The ship was coming up thu
gulf with passengers and crew in high spirits
and thanki'ul that they had escn | d danger ,
and at. 10 o'cloclt Monday morning ; Father
point was reached. A pilot was taken tin
hoard and the steamer continued on her way
to Quebec.
At O o'clock yosterdav morning the fire ,
which seemed determined to g a in the mastery
o\cr \ the vessel , again mndo its appearance.
but aj on fonner occasions It vris met
promptly and soon overcome. In case of ac
cident , however , thu hose was kept m readi
ness to meet any emergency. Uapplly Its
services were not npiln required , and the
Clrecian nrilvcd In port yesterday afternoon ,
How the tire originated 1m not been ascer
tained , und the amount of damage by it is
iiot known.
A. lllow to Cottnn Heed ,
MoxiGOMEiir , Ala. , Sept. H ) . [ Special
Telegram to THE USB. JTho J Montgomery
commercial and industrial association last
night adopted tbo following :
Whereas , Thn Conger lard "bill , which has
passed tbo house of representative ) and Is
now ponding'in the scaato , will destroy avast
trade , amounting to millions of dollars , mid
will indict u blow upon the cotton seed In
dustry of the south that will cripple if iiot
annihilate It : therefore bo It
Hesolved. bv the coiinierchl and Indus
trial association of Montgomery , That our
senators In congress bo urged tousooll honor
able meant to prevent the enactment of that
bill Into a law.
I RIMIIIO * .lull.
Tnor , IS' , Y. , Sept. 10. John liecd , an
other oC tbo alleged train wreckers today
pleaded not guilty uud was committed to Jail.
The S ate Fair GiounOs at Lincoln Packed
to the Gates ,
l-'jikIrs Heap ,1 llicli Harvest IIic
Irntlcs Display in tlio
IC-xcnliiK Among tlio
Lixouv , ICch. , Sept , 10. [ Special to TUB
BEE. ] H'henSecretary Furnas g.ivo tha es
timate of today's crowdttt COOOJ , not ablush
suHusedhis handsome features. Thcrdls no
accurate wny of determining thonumbcrof
people ho V' s the gates , , but It is certain
that the grounds at Lincoln never contained
more people Irmn today , Tie actual attend
ance was probably between 50OOOtmdCOOCW.
It is a matter of general remarlt that tlio
sun always shines on the state fair , The
dates are different cich year , but the ele
ments never Interfere with tuo big show. If
the good luck continues It Is cxpectcl that
tomorrow's attendance will overtop today's
fully one-third. The grand trades display
in the cvciiinir lias been cxtenslrely adver
tised nnd this will probably dra-w extra thou
sands to thoci 15 * . Thursday is generally a
big day , anyway ,
Seldom are there more fakes gathered to-
pet he rat one time thun arenow collected on
the fair grounds , Beginning -\vlth the laby
rinth , wuercla one may , for a | taltr.v dime ,
enjoy the privilege of losing oneself , and end-
Ins with the man with tha nlckel-in-the-slot
mehlcc , there is an Interminable array of
catch-penny and catch-dlmo schemes. At
every turn and on every corner there is a
raouey-maWiiK device of some Kind , and they
all seem to bo doing a good business. Tbcro
are fully half a dozen sideshows \vltU the women , lean men aud freaks gen
erally , There are anatomical "museums for
the men only" and machines which turn out
for maidens a picture of their future husbands.
Theronrc fortune tellers and mlud readers.
Thereare hobby horses and velocii > edcshorscs
and donkevs. Then there are lung tea tcrs ,
weight machines , prize nackagcs , shooting
pullerles , etc. , etc. .And the strangest part of
It all Is that they are making money. The
veriest fake of them all rakes in tho'shek-ls
by the hundred ? . 'Jho crop of unsophisti
cated Is very prolific.
When people fo to a state fair they expect
to see big ; pumpkins , line horses , fat enttle
and hogs , agricultural machinery , Jrult , etc.
It is not surprising that not very much inter
est is taltcn in the exhibits of needle vwk
and so-called tljie art Even mercantile hall ,
which contains a representative displav of
mercnandUo attractively arranged , receives
but little attention. The crowd wants tosco
somethingelse ,
A week ago It was the opinion oC the
board of managers that the live stock ex
hibit would not DO as strong numerically as
in vcars previous. When tlio fair opened
the secretary thought that the exhibit
\vouldbcsmallcrbutmuch liner than ever
oeforo. Today It is tbo expressed opinion of
the fair managers that as regards quality the
show is vastly superior to last year's and
that It is equally as large ,
The collection of heavy draft horses is un
usually line , both in quality and quantity.
The principal exhibitors of horses arc : Judd
'Bros. oC Dawson. Nub" . , Olvdcs'dale , " Shlrb
and Norman ; Importing Draft Ilorso com-
panv of Lincoln , draft horses : Joseph Wat-
son\t Co. , Beatrice , English Sulro : Olt-
muuBros.Vatieta , 111. , German , Hanover
and Oldenburg coach stallions and mares ;
Importer ) , 3creheron and Arabian Horse
company of Fremont , I'erchevons and French ,
coach ; Valparaiso stock farm , "Valparaiso ,
Neb. ; Roberts Bros. , Ashland , Neb. , jacks
andjcnncts ; Fraiit James , Bt. Paul , Neb. ,
one Hundred Imported horses ; French coach
horse company of Beatrice. Keb. , and JIark
M. Cosvd , Fremont , I'orcherons ,
Jn the cattle department line specimens of
Shorthorns , Here fords , American Herefortis ,
Swiss. Devons , Polled .Angus , Sussex , Oallo-
was , native ( trade , Junoys , Hohteins aud
Kcd Polled , ui shown.
The display of sheep Includes five upre-
sentatlvcs of the following varieties : Cots-
welds , Leiccstershlres , Harepshires , Shrop-
shire Downs , Oxford Downs , Amejiean
In swine can bo seen Berkshires , Poland-
Chinas , Essei. Chester Whites , Jersey lleds ,
Yorkshires , Victorias , etc.
The windmill exhibit Is tlio larpest ever
given nt any fair in I his country. There are
tifty-sevcn mills on the groundsforty differ
ent varieties , representing nt least twenty
different flrins , both east nnd west. In this
line Nebraska is very well represented by
the Spencer manufacturing' company of Blue
Springs , the Dempster mill inanufacturin ?
company of Beatrice , the Ksblo sewing ma
chine company of keeping "Water , the
Holdregovlnumlll company o ! Holdrege ,
John A Dempster of Geneva , aud the Fair-
bury Iron worKs of Falrbury , The Spencer
manuracturing company have a bade geared
mill that requires t\vo revolutions of the
\vheeltoeachstrokeof the pump , The ad
vantage of this ia that a smaller wheel will
answer and Is less likely to bo damaged by a
high wind. Tnes Noble sewing machine com
pany's mill Is eroded upon a standard con-
slstfngof two posts , held in place by sicable ,
so that It can bo lowered to the ground or
raised at pleasure , a safeguard in case of
high vlnds and also doing away \vlth the
necessity of a ladder for repairing purposes ,
OAmoiig the new devices exhibited by Ne-
br.isUans Is the new end cato made lay T. ( J.
Korthwall of Omaha. This end gate has less
iron about it Is claimed , can boused
more advantageously than the old styles.
C. 31. Taylor of Lincoln , has acornhusker
that uttrucis a great deal of attention. Ho U
the patentee and contemplates immufuetur-
in hi ) machines at some point In eastern
Nebraska for the next seassa.
TboCrandall luttera works of Lincoln have
what they call a "common sense feed pro-
parer. " Ltls a machine tliat will take the
corn , cobs and stalks aud chop them all up
line Tor feedingpurposes. .
Colonel .Alexander Iloagland of Lincoln ,
president of the National iwvslwy's home , Is
the patentee of a water elevator for Irriga
tion purposes.v. . J.Hobinson of thcC'apital
City is Interested with him. and the machine
seems to be attracting considerable attention.
Large exhibits of agricultural machinery
are made ly Linlngerifc Metcalf company of
Omaha , David Uradley A Co , of Council
Bluffs. Keystone manufacturing con.panyof
Cot : ell Bluffs , T. G , North wall of Omaha ,
Moline , aillburn & Stoddard company of
Omaha , Henry H. Van Ilmnt of Council
riagocompany of Lincoln , Humphrey Broth
ers of Lincoln , Fostorla buggy company of
Kostoria , 0. ; Columbus buggy company
of Columbus , O. ; Kcyes Brothers of
Council Bluffs. Puller & Johnsoa manufac
turing Co. of rvladison , AVIs. , Davis plat form
binder company of Cleveland , 0. , Aultnun ,
Miller & C'o. ( buckeye goods ; of Akron , 0. ,
Sandwich mimufacturliifj company of Sand-
wioh , 111. , Willliam Decrlng- Co. of Cbl-
cage , the McCormlclc harvesting ; machine
company of Chicago , Churchill pump com
pany of Omnha , P. I1 , Mast & Co. ofSpring-
llclu , O.Vinona Implement company of
Omaha. O. S. Kelley fc Co. of
Sprlngtleld , 0. , J , I. Case plow works
and the J. I , Case threshing machine
company of ItacineVis. \ . , Russell t Co. of
Masslllon.O.aar ( ! , Scott & Co. of Ulch-
inond , Iiid , Pcktn plow company , TWdu.Ill , ,
Mast , Fcos Jt Co. ofSpi-histL'Id. O.Elkhirt
carriage wuii any of lilkhart.lnd. , tie United
States wind engine and pump company of
Omaha , Chall.-ngo windmill aud foedmlll
company of BaUvla. 111. , ICansas Cltyhay
press company of Kansas City , 'W , J.
Cooper , Cole Brothers and Dean & I lor en of
Lincoln , Joseph Burns of Lincoln and tUo
Uu.clue taiUe ble and wrought Irouccmpiny
of Itacine , Wis.
Wis.p.x > uluent ogrlcultural imple
ment manufacturers vlsltlnj the fair nro
Davkl llmdlcy of ChlciRO , the oldest llvln
1. X * 1L * VUI1 * IUI * W VI4 rvut * JA * 4\4UO | IJi * V |
Craig of Oinabaj N. S , Spencer of llluo
Springs , N"eb. ; ThorsM Snow oC Bn-
tuvla"JII.V. ; . J. Quinlan of Decatur , 111. |
C. W. Mitchell of Uutwque , ! ! ! . , y. A.fc 13 ,
W.Koyi oC Council Dlurfs.R. . y. Clark ol
Dos Molncs , la. . S. IliKham of Mndson\Vis ! , ,
The only agi-lcultural implement piper rcpro
sented Is the Implement Dealer of Omaha by
George Ii. Smith.
There Is notn litllo t.-illc tnls season nbout
aniitterapt tobavc thofair locatel either at
Lincoln or some other convenient place per
U Kill V11 lit . Among the Implement \KI lerj
especially tils subject U fcenerally agitated ,
A leading nunufacturcroC farm machinery
said thk afternoon to Til is DEK representative -
tivo : "Ttio Implement men have only ouo
objection to the Nebraska state fair. It is a
big thing ordweall like tocoruo hero : but
vo ought to have better accommodations ,
Is'ow we would cheerfully erect ; ilargo build ,
ing or a number of smaller ones ourselves ,
but nro pro vented hy the system you have ol
relocating the fair orcry flvo years ,
" \Vo do not care to spend
any cousiderablo arnonnt of money
In improvement Jivhen therois a possibility
ihat inn fewyoaN thefalrivill bo moved to
some other town. If it could bo located at
some plnco permanently , wo could have a
machinery hull that would surprise you. "
Among all classes of exhibitors there seenu
to DO a proving- sentiment In favor of ft per
manent location , and it Is prob&Uo that tils
matter will ere long bo brought before the
the board.
AtJ o'clock this afternoon the students of
the Nebraska conservatory of music gave a
recital In Art hall. The followlnj programno
was rendered :
I'liino-Kecollcetlons ' ol Hone ( caprice ) .
. . . . . . . . .s.U. Mills
Sirs. JcnuloStainbaush.
VIolJu-Thlrd air , Viirlo . Danda
Pliino-lMljrltn'sL'horus from Tanhaii'for
. Wagner
Miss Mar Holttel.
foiiK-L'Ejtnsod'Atnour . Lulgl Bailla
Misi.MiiuJo Coletnan.71
I'luno-lIuntliiuifoiiK . .Mendelssohn
M IhS Sol ina Crawford.
Piano-Waltz Ktudo . . Major
Mis * Chni Camp.
Vlolla-Vanno alMlollnno . Blaxi lnl
Piano-Varantcllo. . . . , V . S. B.Whltlnp
MUsKiinnlo Ilawltijr ,
Faculty concert at So'clock tomorrow.
Following is Thursday'sprogrammo :
Class A , Horses Best H'IOW ' of horses , the
now sivco intakes I ti lots I W 13 Incluslvo tlesL
sliiKlo stsillloas and , uiiirci ot any age ) ami
now lots ltU7 und 18 , ( l < < rcnoli Coacli , llnck-
iiey- ! ) . German , Olcltnoerit und llanorailiin )
di-lvinir IIDISCS. ponies mules and ussw. walk
ing und illscrotionary.
Class It , Cattle O und swccpstaUosand dls-
cretlonarjr. ,
Class 1 > , SwI no Grand swecpstaltcs Isos. 1
anil Sand discretionary.
Trolling I'unlsof ISs ) . j . S MO
I'aeliw 2i : > clasj . ilj. . . . 400
Trotting niiarantei'dpiincScluts. ' . . . . 1,0)0
Kuiiiitng Mile anil repuut . . l.V )
3X : ! class . .j . . 400
The annual baby shov fivill occur at 10 a.
m. tomorrow , Thursday , t
S. II. Fawell of Lincoln Is head ticket
seller and has eighteen nea under Win.
The following prominent people from other
states WCTO present today : George S. Has-
keU.KocTiford.Ill. , president of tlio Illinois
State Agrlcul tural association ; 0. \ ! . Girard ,
secretary of the Illinois association ; John
Virgin , Jairbury , III. , member ; John Hay
of Kcd Oak , president of the Iowa associa
tion , and John R. Scbouffer , DCS Molnes ,
secretary , .
J.E. Boyd of Omaha , democratic nornlneo
for governor , occupied usiiat. la the grand
stand this afternoon. * :
The moose this aftcrnooiCvveat- around the
trotk In about three rdinuIuJC' ' " " - " ;
The fair ends Friday. In
will bo agrandpremiumprocesslon.
Trains loft the D. &M. depot cvnry live
minutes nearly all day , each , train averaging
' 'OO people. I'K OCEEIHSli S ,
" \VAsnixoTox , Sept. 10. In the senate to
day Mr. Morgan offered a resolution , vhich
went over , calling ; on the secretary of the In
terior for a statement concerning the land
claims of the Northern Pacific railway com
pany. .Also a resolution embodying instruc
tions to tbo senate conferees on the land for
feiture hill in relation to the lauds of tb.o
Northern Pacific and other companies.
They were laid on the table for further ac
Tbo tariff bill -was then taten up , the ques
tion being on Its passage , six hours being al
lowed toclosothodlscusslpa , , after whleh a
vote to ho tuten.
Mr. Hoar referring to the reciprocity prop
osition saia ho had voted for It yesterday
with some uesitatlon , nnd should not have
done so if lie thought tto scheme contained
an amendment that was all that IYM liliely to
como out of entering on the policy ,
Mr. Hoar was followed byMessn. Hlscock
Turpie. Ciibson , Vest , Vonco and Jones of
IScw "iork.
The vote wns then taken and tie bill
passedyeas40 , naysli ! ) , as follows :
Ycas-Aldrich , Allen , Allison , Dlnir , Cam
eron , Casey , Chandler , Cullom , Davis ,
Eawes , Dixon , Evarts. Fryc , Ha\vloy , Rig-
gins , Illscoclt , Hoar , Ingalls , Jones of Ne
vada , McJIlllan , Jlimderson , Alltchell ,
bloody , Paddock , Plerco , Platt , Plumb ,
Power , Quay , Sanders , Sawyer , Sherman ,
Spooncr , Squire , StewartStocUbrldgoTellcr , ,
VTashlmrii'ilson \ \ of Iowa , \\roleott 10.
Nays Darbour , Bute. Eerry , Blackburn ,
Elodfjctt , Butler , Carlisle , Coclwnll , Colte ,
Colcjuitt , Daniel , Faulkner , Gorman , Gray ,
Harris , Hearst , Jones -Arkansas , ICcnna ,
Morgan , Paseo , 1'ugh , Unnsom , Ueagan , Tur-
pit- , Vance , Vest , Voorhees , Waltholl , AVI1-
ion of Murylund-20.
Thefollowlnp pairs were announced , the
first named lu each couple being In favor of
the bill :
Dolpli and Brown , Edmunds and Gcorte ,
1'arwell nnd Payne , Halo ami McPherson ,
JloTlll and Hawptoii , Stanford aud Gibson ,
1'ettigrow and Call.
Mr. Aid rich moved that the senate insist
on its amendment to the house bill and ask
for a conference ,
The motion was acrced to and Messrs. Al-
drleh , Sherman. Allison , .Hiscoek , JlePhcr-
son Vance and Carlisle wcro appointed con
ferees on the part oC the senate.
The senate then adourricd. ]
fho UOIHO.
WASHINGTON- , Sept , Iti The house was
called to order by Spcn'ker 1'ro Tern. Uur-
rowsand prayer was o.Tewd by the chaplain ,
after which Mr. O'Fcrraljor Virginia rabed
a point of ; order that there was no quorum
present. ,
Thospc'ikcr pro toni. b < ilng unabloto count
a quorum Mr. llaujjea of Wisconsin moved a
call of the houso. t
The call WAS ordered , tas result being yeas
S3 , nays 41 , but this failed to ilUclojC a quo
rum. i
Mr , Ilaugen offered a Resolution for the
arrest of "absentees , pending ivllch Mr.
O'lTcrrall moved an ndjournmt'iit ,
Tha motion vas lost the quorum then ap
pearing present. .Alter some further dis
cussion tie Journal was read but when tbo
previous question was ordered en its ap
proval the cmoruin hid aipln disappeared.
Mr , 1 laugen then offered a resolution re
voking nil leaves of absence except on ac
count of Illness , Mr , FloweY of New "Vorlc
raised a volnt of ortcr that tbo rcsoliitlon
was not in order and the speaker pro tern
overruling the point Mr , O't'errall took an
No quorum belnsln slant , the bouso with
out apprcvluetuo iournul adjourned ,
n.yentl . MlVoel ( lloi. ! |
Losnox , Sept , 10. [ Special Calilw ran to
, ] Hussell , McCartney and Jrd > ,
Irish mcmbcra of parliament , all anti-homc-
rulcrs , appeal In the columns of the. Times for
donations la behalf of thirty boycotted fann
ers and shopkeepers in Tipperary whose
business boa icon , ruined ,
Its Death Bhw Jealt at n Meeting of tie
Central Traffic Association.
AltonOfllt'lnlH Deny tlio Humor Tit at
n vjr I'ropo o IteiliiuiM } ' , 'i'lielr
Ilates 10 Two
Co nta a Mile.
Ciitcioo , Sept , 10. [ Special Telegram to
THE 31ei-Tho uniform bill of lullng ; U
quivering la Iti dejth throes. The death
blow vas dealt today la the Central Traffic
association mooting and as predicted \vas
dealt by the Lake Show road. The associa
tion discussed the bill of lading question : J1
iliy and until fur later than the usual hour
ofadjournrnent thin evening. At its close
Chairman lilanchard said : "U.'obe elective
the bill of lading tad of course
to bo unanimously adopted. The
western lluei refused to adopt
It odd thoOrand Trunk audVn1u h re
fused tosso -unless all lines did. Today
the GrandTrunV , byTraftle Managerlleeve ,
gave notice th u tit would not use it until It
was inu > < obv nil other line * . GcnernlKreiKht
Agent McKay of the Lake Shore then pave
notice that at points \vhero \ any competing
lines did not usethe uniform bill of lading
the company would give shippcrsthelr option
of the use of the uniform , forni or the old
form. Upon hearingtho Lake Shore notice
tlio association unanimously passed the fol
lowing resolution :
Whereas , Tlienowblll of lading Is In u < o
esttioun l by all lines Rrotii tlio wahoird
coiitinuii | iolnts and eastward ! ? hy n lt\tfo
niiijciity ufthollnusot uudlu tliu territory of
tills as iKjIatlon ! bo It
Ilutflvud , Tliallti tlio Jmlznicntof this com
mit toe thvulVuits of tbo eliilriiiin : and iu ° ui-
borsof tliepurimiiiuiitcoiiinilttcil on iinlforni
hill of lading to seeuru Its peueral adoplluu
slioulj tlirrufortbu continued.
Hosolved. Tliat thouiilfonii hill of licit tit bo
used at all points from which tliceanlers
bsivotiot lieretoforedl-iiijrreed.
Ke olv il , Tliat at , polnnwhcro some lines
stllluse tlicolilUIH ot Unllnc Ilio companies
which heretofore adopted the now bill of
lad in J , but which no\v \ decide to tillcw tlionl-
ternate use of both. lll Issue the uuvforuilu
all jiraeticabloeiises.
" 'The effect of the resolution Is , ' * continued
Chairman Blaiicbard , "that tlie use of the
new bill of lading is optional at al points
whcro atlcastouo line refuses to use it. "
Commissioner Inglehart of the Chicago
freight bureau , being told of the above action ,
saldtho shippers had won a Just H at. 7hey
\vovld hnvo fought the new tilll of lading for
ull tlino. "ICoiv xvo can readily agree on a
satirfactory form. "
Ciiifomi Classlllo tlon ,
CHICAGO , Sept. 10. [ Special Telegram to
Tan B.IB.J All divisions of the Western
Freight ; association met today , Itjvas found
that the present differential rate to St. Louis
as ajainstChlcasro would prevent Immediate
action on the reduced grrala rates as proposed
hy the .Alton , and Hock Island. The subject
% ViMconsequently deferred until tomorrow.
The Important subject of uniform classifica
tion was also brought up , all lines expressing
themselves as In favor of the plan. The
Contra ! Trafllo association , also approved the
plan today , making the approval practically
unanimous. Thursday an attempt will bo
mailo to establish , a basts of rates for the
uniform rlns-slflcutlon.
I'rciutt. Agent Hutlerof the \Vabasb. today
, snif' | " "ThTo Ch6ao SsErsohas not'eivcniuj
Ion Javt'uotlco of an abrogation of its trafllc
contract with our road. The facts are that
-thccontfact was oripinally made when the
' Wiibaslwasln a receiver's hands. .At the
Close of it receivership the * "Wubash ap
Dlicd to no court for E.H abrogation of
the contractas it was no longer' binding ,
The order was granted and President Ashley
made unow contract with.thoChicaf o& At
lantic. When thcChieaso &A.tlantUt passed
out of a receiver's bands and bocaino the
Chlcngo & IXrie , the second contract was in
turn not binding on tlio management , and it
is doing just what we did in order to form a
new and lei al contract , Thcro is no oiiestlon
but that thia con tract will bo made undthero
will not be the slih test check on our Interchange -
change of trafllc. Our contract with
tlio Canadian 1'aciOc , by the way ,
Is exactly the same as we have
with all connections. The Grand
Trunk oC Canada , too , interchanges
roth-us fully seven times tis much traffic as
the Canadian Pacific. You can also say posi
tively that the Canad Ian Pacific will iiot buy
any part of \\abushaudthatltwillnever
run through passenger trains over our line
into Chicago. "
Chairman Walker of the Interstate Com
merce Hail way association was asked as to
Xhe legal question Involved and said : "Mr.
Butlerls exactly risht. The old contract is
not hindhiK on the Chicago & . Erie and I
doubt not ills abrogated simply In order to
avoid possible trouble and that t new con
tract will be made Immediately. "
Cliairinnn Goddard
Cmciao , Sept 10. [ Special Telegram to
TUB BuE.-Cbairmaa Ooddard of the
"Western Passenger association resigned at
today's met'tlns of tlo general managers of
lines in thatassoclation. This action was not
unexpectedas , Mr. Goddard when elected
refused a three-year contract and said howanted to lold himself in readi
ness to resign at any time. Ho simply
stepped in'o ' the breach , when passenger
matters In the -HCS I were moro demoralized
than at any tiuao in their history and pro
posed only to stay until bo bad broueht the
broken ends together , This hovill hnvo
dona if the present meeting of gen
eral managers , which will convene
tomorrow , decides to amend the association
aprecmcntou the lines mentioned heretofore.
Should the meeting decide not to amend
the ajreeiwat the burncn is on the general
managers. At today's meeting plans for
stopi'liif ' ? the rapidly growing demoralization.
In passenger matters were canvassed , butno
deUnite action was taken. Itwas practically
decided , however , that the rate mooting
power must be taken from the hands of gen
eral passenger agents and put la to the juris
diction of oHlcers at least as bln'U as general
managers ,
Suld Chairman Goddard at tlio close of the
' -I notified the general
meetingI managers
that I bad been offered a better position than
my present ono and askedtdonito rclievemo
by appointing asucccssoras sam as possible.
At their request I may remala until the
present troubles are cleared up , but no
! on r. No , I would not care to t ll what
position 3 have been offered , nor whether 1
will remain in Chicago. "
Chairman Goddard's present salary Is
$1 , < ) a year. Ho accepted it a short tlino
after ho lad resigned as vice president of the
A.tenlsou , _
Til o A I ton Denies It.
CHICAGO , Sept. 10 , The Alton ottldalshoro
deny the truth of the rumor telegraphed
from Kansas City that they propose to reJuco
passenger rates to 2 ceiiti per mllo.
Chloroform Klc'iulf In Cincinnati.
CixciNStrr , O. . Sept 10.-Spcclal [ Tele- .
pram to Tun BKC. ] A slrjular stnto of
affairs was discovered ywlordiy evening in
tliohousoof IrJnl A. Dickinson , -lOI.lnn
street , by a rcsoluto nolzhbor woman , who
had seen little lots Dickinson , the ton-
year-old daughter. In cbargo of the lit tlo shop
in the front room for several days , hut had
not soon the iiaronti. Entering their room
she found Mrs. Dickinson on a lounge luroly
conscious , her mouth uiidnosola a cup containing
tainingacloth saturated with chloroform.
Ona bed lay Mr. Dickinson In a slmllarposl-
tlon , hut he was dead. It was developed that
there -was no effort at suicide , but that tbesa
people bad been in the liablt of using chloro.
form for some time to relieve neuralgia ant ]
produce ileep. They tad been In their room
two or three days takinj the drug.
lie Owns , li > vc and Speeds
Mrs KIIOOX , Mich. , Sept. 10.-Special Telc >
Krain tol'H i H nu | The district conference
of the MotboJlst Episcopal church assembled \
here this morning , It was considering the
caw ofJ.VA.rncy , thollbewl uilnded.Moth-
oillat minister of Saraimc , who owin and
loves speedy horses imlnotinany weeks ago
gave nllttlotrot of Mi own. Iho rovcroud
pcntloiiuu li.n been cited toe.xiil.iln his con-
duet and the fact that , the surplus funiU from
the mcctlngwereappllcd txithe reduction of
the chtiroli debt bM nottemb.l teassuv-o the
wrath of hi * elder brethi-uu. Both the
lUhop and tbo pro ldln ? ciders huvo
jileadcl with him to abolish Ills
stable , but Pastor Arooy tiikw the
prounJs that tlicre Is nothing In the ill vine
writ which prohibits a preacher of tlie wcrd
from adnuiuiRCoil's creation in tlio matter
of Heel-footed animals , and dcspito the re
monstrances ho has not only maintained but
also increased h ! < stublo.
As to the right of the conferences to take
action in the matter I'ustor Arneysnys :
"T ho church csinnot dictate to mo what 1
shall do or what I shall not do beyond a cer
tain limit. 1 aw not going outof my way In
the to apologize or attempt a vindica
tion. I have not done anything WWIIR and
am iwfectly willing to nblde by the result.
If I soj lltto g-ivo another hoi-sc nue in the
future that U my affair , and I do uot concede
that a church has any right to Interfere with
ma so Ion j > as I servo my people a * ap.vstor , "
H. is congregation is very fond of him and
b.iclts hi m through thick and thin in the con
test , but there Is litllo doubt but that the
majority of the con reran cols agalusthlm.
Work "Will Cimtuimcclix Ilnrtiest ina
I' " SV Ujlfi.
Cinciwo , Sept. 10. iSpaclal rolojram to
TUB Bni-Thodio ] beast nnd no\vtho real
\vorltof \ the great world's fair commences.
The headquarters today Vuve nuuinod an un
wonted air of activity , 3rom Vice 1'resident
Bryan to the lowest , clerk a sigh of relief has
gonoiip that tha slto "has b n finally se
lected. "U'hatls next Ijiorderl" istho ques
tion heard on all sides. At tUo next meeting
of tlie directors It is probrtlo that the com
mittee on builJIngs and grounds will have
some plans to JIM- out for the consideration of
the board. Plans , de-signs ; and projects innu
merable have been received by the coinmittco
nnd inspected by Messrs.Iurnham ! and lioot ,
the architects. These gentlemen were not at
liberty tliU morning to give any information
concerning any possible plans , The designs
admitted so fur hud come from men famous
In the -world of architects a ) well as these
well known in the realm of cranks. The
latest offer of the Illinois Central road U to
thoclTect that they \vero willing to have the
city Ull In such lands a ? desired ivitli the
understanding thnt provided the supreme
conit sustained their riparian rights they
would reimburse the city for the outlay in
.Acomra'.ttco ' api intcil at last , evening's
mcUliiK starts this cveulns for " \Vash-
instoa to obtain iiccnvissiou Iroin the secre
tary ofwar to till in such lands
as may he ne.essary. Until this committee
r. tarns from. WasbmKton and itr Is determined - ,
mined how much land is to ho reclaimed , if
anythcworkof course on the Like front
cannot commence. The work on
acksonpa.rtewillhowever , as it Isnoirun-
derstoodandwlllprobably be decided at to
morrow evening's meeting , bo started next
Alonaayor as soon thereafter ui possible.
The national commissioners meet In thhcity
nest 2\Iondny , At tlicy have already ac
cepted the presontslto tuo-oiily business loft
toljo transuctod Is the adJd acreage at
f Jackson park , and Mid way jlalsanco.
"Ui > ontno aisuranco'of tnesocotiimlssloncrj
that the stipulated sum of $ lOOJU,0 < ) Oli in
sight tlo president will invlto foreign na
tions to exhibit. On the representations of
these commissioners that ? 5.UUO,000 was in
sight the states have been invited to make
exhibits. The voting of the additional
§ - ,000,000 , cannot ho decided until after tlio
November election , 'Ihesebonds , as h well
known , must ho voted by the city of Chicago ,
rXlie CrlioUhlol I < ecl Up to ttie Sul-
clilonf linn kins.
DI.OOMIKOTOK , 111. , Sept. 10. Allen Irvin ,
alias Matthew Hankius , wfco committed sul-
cldo in Lincoln , Neb , , Tuosdny , formerly
livea in Mason City , was a veil Inown character -
actor and ho has evaded the oMceri hero
since July , 1SH. On the evening of July -t of
that year hcsliot and killed Frank Steele ,
near this city , and slnco then nothing has
been "knownof him. Ilanklns andSteelo and
one Simmons , -with H prostitute , drove to a
couso of ill-reputo la the country near this
city , -where they spent the evenlni ; dissipat
ing. Steele was driver of the vehicle , anda
quarrel arose o\er the paying of tne fare.
Simmons , on refusing to iiaywas thumped
lySttele , after which he liquidated. Stedo
then proceeded to collect f > 0 cents Irorn Hank-
Ins , who run around t-ho hack , Steele follow-
in ? in hot pursuit , Jumping into the car-
ilage , Ilanklns pulled his revolver cuid shot
Steele four times , One of tbo bulletalodgcd
in thoabdomon , nroducinga mortal wound.
Hanulns tben lied the country.
Tlie Uroutli Han a Very Bud Kf-
WASIIIXCTON , Sept. 10. Tlio national crop
report for September shows that the Injury
to the corn crop reported last inonthwas in
tensified by the continuance of tbo drouth In
Augrist until rains came to Its relief , but too
late for full recovery.
The average is " 0.1 against 73.3 last month.
This is the lowest average since Ujl. lo- )
Ilno occurred iuNew York , Ohio , Illinois and
In north western states and lu some others of
less Importance , The crop Is late in eastern
states , requiring maturing weather through
out September. The Ohio valley and 311s-
Eourl valley reiiort protracted drouth and low
condition. While the rains of the last two
wools of August have been benclicial nearly
everjwhoio they have not always restored
the losses of tlnfiisthairof tbo month.
Tlo lovest condition is In ICansas , though
soincof the eastern counties make good re
turns. 13ikoUu aud Nebraska a little
Tlio returns of the condition of winter
wheat , at the tlino of narvostii ! , are less
favorable thun these of July , S ) far as
thrcjliingprogressedtho results are Kt'nii-- !
ally disappointing. Tbo July average \vo \
TU. , present averaKC.Ty.C ,
The Kcncral avomgo of spring wheat ha *
alsoreduecd from tSli to 7'J.S. ' Thu average
for wheat of both kinds U " .5. InlSS < Hho
Sentcinbcr avtrage for wheat mis 77. It was
TUmlbSl , The yield of spriuifwhcat Is mm
sually variable In Hie Dakotus. ninglns-from
hiBhyieldi tollvo Luiheliandliw * per acre
The progress of threshing will develop the
extent of the differences ,
'Jho rje yield has been less than was ex
pectcd. Tno condition us reported Is ro
ducej IO&3.-4. &
September condition of oats Is lower than
over reported , having fallen from 7O.I in
August WO 1.4 , Thoratoof yield wlllhotho
smallestln twenty yea 1-4
U'be condition of barley Is not vcryseriously
over from Si'.S ' to H.I5.
3)uckvheatba3 ) fully maintained Its Aujrus
coinlition , thqaverugo bcliiK W.G against W.I
'fho tiifares for iwtatooj have fallen of
since AugustIfromTT.-lto < H,7 , the lowes
averaReyleldcver reijortod , tuatoflSS" beln
or.D ,
The reported percentage for fattcnln
swine lair per cent and their condition W.7
A. riooilof.Mllliot.H ,
NEW VOKKSept , , 10. The offer of Score
tary Wlndotnlo pay ono year's ' interest oa
percent bonds went Into effect today am
broughta flood of bonds to the s\ib-trowur
u-s soon as the doors were op'iiej , In the
llr t hour over ,000,000 lu bo- ' i
coated and e-l,000 , , X ) mow v ; ro urougU in
before the close of business.
ir ; Frightful Oasi of Slavery Unearthed at
' : ' : t , Tobias , Neb ,
t'ruul and llviu'ttvoi Treatment oC ft
Xcjro Hey by a Kniiill.vNuincil
\ \Vlllei-i'ora- tin Until
Illixclc niitl 111 iic.
I.V , Jsel , Sept. 10.-Spoolalto [ Tim
Ilin-"Aro ] y < u a\vu-e that there Is nn
actual case of Afrio.ui si ivory noU grvat
many tuileifronitho city ofMucoln f" asltcd
Mr. J , M. Waddy of this city of I'.n ' . : 13 u
"No ! " MMS the astonished reply.
" Veil , ilurtllnif M it may seem , it Is
nevertheless nact , ntulat tint I could not
bellow It myself , Mr. L. , G. Jot-din , a co-
laborer with myself la the prohibition eau %
wcroat Tobias last week when wo learned
thro-jirh Mr. M , II.Vhitcof \ that pliee that
a southerner named Milton \Vlllerfoi\l and
his two griwvn-up sons were living ; on u farm
ftvo ratios soutluvestof pl.ico mill vcro
homing anegroln ooiulago ; tint the poor fel
low has boon owned ly tbcm for eight
years and la now a young man of probably
eighteen or nineteen , During ; this tiuio ho
has been , kept in nV > solutelgnoroneeanil has
never In his life been Inside of a school house.
Ho doesn't ' know A from 11 , and can't ' count
inorcttinnn down. Ho doesn't know vcn
his own iiuue and gees by tlie nickname ol
'Till.1 ; IIU clothes uro rags nnilinsulu- ;
ciuiitto iirotecthiinfromtlio ivld , and yvtho
tolls from early mowing until Into at night ,
doing Uii ] built of the work nnJrecclvinguu-
coniplninlngly all tlio abases heaped upon ,
him , Hi ! back is terribly scarred , giving-
mu to evidence of tliefeniful floggings holms.
received ivlicubts master happened to boout
of temper. Some of the welts nro in largo as
yourllngers. Xow\\hodld this ? Mr.VI1 \ -
lerford says those marks were on ( He poor
fellows' back when lie came Into his posses
sion \vhen a child otacvcnl Such ulilpplnga
would have killed Win tit that age. Now , to
weoso cruelty are those terrible wits due t
This man's neighbors hu-o scon thu oldest
son of tills man beat that boy with his flits
util he could hardly stand.
mi : imv ws saut roit TEX nouvin.
"Mrs. WillcrforJ says that the boy \vns
old to afrienJof theirs in Kentucky fcrSlO
vhsn hcwus only two years old anil when ho
vas seven ho became the property oftha
Vlllerfonls fora mere soup. Xo provision is
undo for paying1 him forbis labor ortimodur-
ng which lie may stay and labor for this
ainlly. lie does a man's worlt nnd has
oryears , Every neighbor , whom this
nan with his. 'nisjer , ' as ho calls hiw.haa .
Ivcd tells of his bratalillos towards this boy
luring- the five years the Villevfoi'ds have
I veil in that community , As farn r could
earn tticro vas not a person in that town or
vicinity who spoke In behalf of tlio master in
Us treatment of the poor fellow ho
Uegally holds as a slave. Xo\v \ it
such a state of affairs to bo tolrutcd
n Nebraska or was the great rebellion and
the emancipation proclamation nil a myth t
Among thepersras-in Tobiaswho are ac
quainted with the eircuinstaiici's aw Mr.
Stanley Larson , president oC one
of the tonics , Mr. S. "W , Clark , the harbor ,
and mnny other citizenswhile , auyof the men
who have lived 0.1 neighbors to thU jllssou-
rlan will toll you a story that will inalce yovr
blood toil. "
This conversation occurred at llWa. : rn.
yesterday , and half an hour Inter TJIE BEH
correspondent vas speed ing by rail to the
scene of these alleged atrocities. On arriv
ing at Tobias th o town ivas fou nd to bo in a
fever of excitement over the matter , as tl9
full state of aflairs butl been proclaimed
from a puDllc platforinonly a fewdays before- ,
nnd the alleged inhumanities practiced by the
master were still the theme of conversation.
.There were at least a dozen who corroborated
the foregoing story told by Mr. "Widely , and a
number of incidents wre cited in substantia
Talcs wera told about old man WiHcrford ,
n theheat of passion , hurling pitebforksat
the boy , and about the grown-up son Sam
beating the slave with the same dangerous
implement ,
Measures had been talien both In Tobias
ana Friend to help the slave to escape from
the tyranny of his cruel masters , but it vas
declared that the YYillerfords had the negro
UDdertheiruontrol socompletely thntho vas
afraid to leave them. Like tlio slave in tUo
"goodold days bofo'do wall"ho had been
tauphtto believothafrnassa's farm"\vastho
center of the universe and' massa'Mvastho
ruler of tlia solar system , AVhen persons
wentout to the farm the Willcrfords made
the boy bclle\o that the same vcro kid
napers comlnR aftw him and taught him
to remain out of sight as longus
they were there. Finally the people Inter
ested In rescuing thtiboy from the suh\ira- (
tlonof such cruel masters , after several In
effectual cHortsto talk 'ith him , resorted to
the artlilcoon Saturday last of getting out u
subjwnafor him to attend a case as witness
In vhlch an imaginary fellow dubbed JS. \ .
Burnett vas supposed to bo on trial for using
bad language. James Dillin wa * detailed us
special eonstaWo and ho repaired to the Wil-
lurford funn vltli the lo al dociiinent drawn
up and signed with the name of S. T. Hidgo-
Icy , Justice of thu peace , The Mlssourians ,
smelt a rodent , but after some pirlcjlup ,
yielded their sovereignty over the slave to
the greater power of the law and the boy-
was taltcn to ITrlend , twenty-two miles
north of Tobias. Sun AVIllerford. the elder
son , who ii thirty-six years old , secrutlyfol-
lowed thoconstablo , Mr. S. Ii. Jordan , who
had taken the Initiative jtup In the cmancl-
nation of tUo benighted nosro , secured for
him temporary lodftinRjvlth a colored.
faintly named ICinnuy in Frlund until ho
could KQta position ( or lilin where ho 'oulil
bo well trained and have an. opportunity to
leuru to read and lYrlte.
UK roi.i.owKi > tiKE iooa ,
Sunday morning whili ' "Jill" vas in tha
bark yard Sara \Villerford cama sneaking up
unoUiorveJ bvtholvlnnoy family. Ho t-avo
an authoritative slijnal to thonuijroto follow
hvrnandtho blave , taught to obey Ids maste *
aim him only , followed him lllio a do - .
For two miles the ma-ittrand slave traveleu
southwards to etlicrwhen Sain , fearful lest
he might cot Into trouoloby Intorferlnjj .vltii
thcu'orkitipsot tliocouits of justice , took an *
other road ami ordered 'Jill to KO on alone to
the wretched abode called "homo , " Till
obi'ycd , waUIn ? the cutlro twenty-seven
miles , and hiJiiiK IntJio coriiflclclswhenever
a vaifoncamodrlvltiK by , M 1O o'eloclc ho
reached Wilierford's ' farm. The rejoicings
over tbo return of the slave to that squalid
establishment were not exactly like those o/ /
the angels over tbo ransom of a sinner , but
rather may besupposedto be similar to tlio so
of the demons welcoming u lost soul totter-
nal torment.
The imvs of the return of the slave had
just readied the town of Tobias yesterday
and the citizens were idiscusaiiiK thu best
ways unil menus to rescuu the boy from his
cruel masters ,
AfterbourlnK nil thoscstatemeiits TueBci
corri-spandent declared Ids Intention ol visit
ing \VUlcrforJs and their nclchbora to
Inves'.iijato the charges made , Cautions wen
Kiven ivwit the Wlllurfords being "scccsh , "
uud amiwratc felljwa , all over ik feet , M