Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 23, 1890, Page 8, Image 8

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The tank clearances jcslcrduy wcro
& 7il : m22.
The tody of Cora Cool < was bu rlod In
the potions' Held yosturilnj' .
The St. 1'aulfc ' Omaha Is opening n
fine gravel pit on HH mainline about
three mltos Kouth of llubtard. The
material Is to to used for ballasting Us
traclca. A hide-track has been put In
mid the pluco ts indicated on the titno-
caul by tao significant mmoof "Grit , "
I , I'.lltAUfeM'JlS.
Mrs. Ocorpe W.Shaw and mother liavo to *
turned from tliolr visit to Minneapolis , ac
companied by Mrs. & 1ia\v'i nieces , Misses
Leo and Florence Itcddlug. '
Mr. ami Alri. V ! 1. Kleastcail Iclt yntonlay
afternoon for Battlu Cronlt , Midi. , to spend
Sunday wltli Hon. O. II. DJWO.V , They \\lll
return llio lint of the week.
Mr. H , IMV.llliins , amcmberof the city
foioo oftlioIiitorUc-iMn , Chicago , called nt
Tim Uri : olllco yobtenljyvlille on hli way to
l-'reinont. where ho will rejoin hli wife , \jtip
lias been summcilnf ? with relatives , \\ita
her he will lolurnto Chicago in atom tu week.
This moinlair at 9 o'docli ' scats for
tliooiiKigoiuimt of llmsel.'i ' comedians vlll
bo put on saw at Hovel's opera house , 'i'ho
this rclcbutcd company of
comic I'layon ' will commence Sunday oven-
iiiKntuicontltiuoimtilTuoiilny ovoiiln ? . On
I'otUr's ' nti-
Sunday uiulMomhv evenings )
slcul coiiifdy"TliotityDircctoryvlllbotlio , :
bill uiidou 'I'tiesJ.iy evening "toy Street. "
No other inch company wan ever orpa-
I/otl iiiiVnu'rie.v , nnd thu puss of New Voric
city pronounces llieni perfect in their line o f
bushiest. Kussi'll hwto ngi-cit extent dls-
caiilodtlio hoiMOplay ItiiUls soprotnlncnt in
Iloyt'a pieces nnd las damoiistrtitcil tliixt
broad ttinit'ily niiy boinudc butcossful when
stripp" ! of Its coarscniMa.
ItiiililliiK Permits.
TiiofoHowinspuMilw wcro InuaJ by tUo
BUpprintoii'ioat of building * yesterday :
I'rcd AldiTinnii , onu-nlnry franio ( Ot-
tliKi1 , l.lKliti'fiitli iitiilCunlur sliocts .8 500
I'rcil Slrk't ? twiistiii-y fi'iitno ru ldencc ,
huvdilei-nlli nnd Williams struuts lfi. 'J
' ' ' 10
1'our inlniii pi'i'inlls
Totlil 82,400
Dr. Siistdorfl makes a specialty uf. dis
eases pecitlUu' lo women. IGOlFanm.nst.
All the late-it secret society novs in
Tlic Kctiii'iilujj Statesmen.
The Ornihrt counclliuoa who < lnvo been
Jimkctinur In the u-cst forhvo voolo past rc-
turnedyeslorilayaf tcmoonut 4 o'clock. They
nro Mnsra Chalfcu. llliinwr , lUvis , [ Caspar ,
Moriarty , M idscn , Oithoit , Olson , O'Connor ,
Shrivel1 , SmderVlioelcr , AlcLcarlo. Ac-
coin pan } iiij ! them are I'lumllag ' Inspector
DcnnK Street Coinmlisioiier I'lnnncry ,
JlajorUalcoiuboaad Harry Counsinan.
SMolils issued the following mar
riage licenses yesterday :
Nnruoa'.id aJdrois. Aije.
( Samuel Try , Omaha . 21
| Uarilo Johnson , Omaha . 18
j John Fry , South Omaha . ttl
( Lena ICnr , Omaha . lii !
j Henry Becker , Douglas county . 2S
| UathQfiiio Vos1) ) . Uouglai county . iJ'J
No occasion to talk about Newport or Sara
toga to Iowa people so Ions aa they ha\o so
attractivoft resort as Hotel Colfaxat Colfux
Springs. 1'atiwiixoyouv homo institutions.
Health , comfort and enjoyment uro piefor *
ftblolo sljlo. ,
Music : In tbe Park.
The Musical Union bawl band will give another -
other delightful concert in Ilimscom parlc
his afternoon at 2oO : o'clock , when the
following magnificent yroawtamovill bo
rendered !
March Tlio Devil mid Ills Imps . Suppc
Ovuiluro-llutllii aa It l.aiKlisunflUrlcs
. . Conrad ;
Medley -Koiiioiiihr.iiico ( 1S83 . IlocttKor
WalU Ureuimof Childhood . ffaldloiifol
TAUT ir.
Bolfcllon-HoRcnr Sliulunt . Mllloelcor
OiiMittu-Tliorirst lIutiitTliiofs. .Kllenbei- . '
Mi-laiijo This urTliat . Wlwuid
o ANIglit Alarm Iby request )
1. Aciilin mid poniuful nlKiit..All mli-on.
St. Cry of rli-'sl" 1'iro lior ot ruh out.
IiarKO uml Miinll pony strllo botllrj. .Vxvsiy
wo go. 4. Arrlvu ul tlio tiro. A Uiirrullnt
oflioso. 0. The uiKliio works well. 7. 1'lro
out ; rod up how H. Oil" tor home. tl. Thu
tJrciniu's song. 10. Homo again.
HUT in.
Ovi'tturo Tjiiflrnm r.nilra lns-.Inl !
Hlinlsh : rautnsla I.a 1'aloiua ' Yi.idler
li'iintiislu Ijoltlo I.i'ii ' Uliu'lubui
buliis mid vailiitlont ! fni1 c'oiuot , nluolu ,
i-llnt : and ll-tlatularliietH ,
Calop llelglilio ! . . . . \Vuln8'irtcn \ :
Tlio Oinaluv races Sept , 2nd , Orel anil
4 tli will bo culled at. tlio old fair grounds
onShoimmi jivo. ; $2.850 nro the purses
olTcrort , Specil projframmca mny IJu
hadat JohiiUauinei-'i ! , itll Vni-nmn st.
Eoatl Max O'ltell's opinion of Ada
Kelian In Tin : SUNDAY Linn , ntid nlong
with i tit number of other items of Inter
est concerning' theatrical folk.
Ills rutnorcd In railiroj' circles that tlio
two towns of Coviiigtoiuma Soutli Sioux Gjtv-
IUIYQ joined liauils siui ] profoio to call oo
uiiitcil town by tlio nimio of "Jlorjcau" In
lionoroftlio wntlciuan of tint lutuo who Is
now at tlm liMil ot llio coiiSilructloti depait-
incntof llio l'icilli ' ! Short line. proailucitt railroad olUclal who wcra
tlhcnssiiiL' tlio smttcr , stated that action of
this kind vould bo virtually throwing n
bomh into tlio camp of tno St. 1'fltil.SsOin.tha
which li.ul oxpunduil a mint of money In its
l > rldKi3 and yards at that point and to toivult
thonaino of this station would en-
tall uowlitoraulo cvcn5o anil reopen an clil
BON wlilvh li.ul been inexislcncosliieotiiont-
tempt otthol'aclllo Short line to rob the bt.
& 0inalii : of Its territory. Ono
limn rtinnrl < 0i | that this niovo to uhsinRO tlio
thonaino to McLiMii would bo like shaking n
scarlet utulorBiirjiietit nt a Rt'iitloinun cow and
oiild undoubtedly bo resisted tothouttnott
1 > y tlio St. liml &Oinah .
His unJontood that It is the Intention to
nsktholcBUliituwto take sUuinJuuUcliaiigo
tlio iiuiuo of the town.
/I JVcio Story oj vlil/iur's / Cabiud
FrunUG. Cai-pcnter's copyrightad\Vtish-
ington letter in Tin : SU.VDAY 13ci : con-
tttltis como now uuualotojot the nation's
notable nun.
Pack I a\llllon. \
The park commission nut yesterday after
noon to consider the biilj for craitlui ; the
pavllllcn iu Hanscom park ,
All of thomoiubufdCKcciitMr.Mlllanl vcro
The bids were oponca anil fouinl to boas
follows : J. Ur. ( lould , § 13 , 0. ) ; 0. W. I'.tr-
tililKC.fia.tW ; Slovens & Douglas , $17,001) ;
A W.lMicliH &,9'J9 ; James Hayucs ,
515 , HI ; Stevens & Sou , '
Jutlgo l-ilo ! moved tint tlm contract bo
ntvurilcd toStovcua & Son , their liiJ bclnjj
tlio lowest.
Mi * . Umiiger said lie iHOiiot llko the plans
uiloptod nnd was willing to pay tUo architect
for the plant aca'ptcd and lot the election of
the l.tillUiiigKO for tlio praont ,
After oino discussion the hlil of Stevens
A Son waa accepted.
Thoseerctiu-ywas Instructed to advertise
for bids for llio erection of umuslustand. .
I'lin.H wowproscntcilundlt ivaa estlnutcd
that nlmlWItitfOf thoUlnJilesla-d could bo
crt-otcil fotM.UW to fl.'OO ,
llridk'osvtnolalhcJof , and nt last the sec
retary was instructed to o\vn \ w corvo-
t-iionucnco with vurlous livklKO milluors tor
tlio puvi > osoof Kotttimdoaljiiis and tivtocs , It
I ) proiwsoil to build three ii-on lirUgea , ono
tivei' thu uiu > or lake and the others near the
cvntorof Uo pane.
Railroad fares on all ruilroads lu No-
traolin to visit the fair at Ouiahuitnd
| oo ono of thu grandest labor union pro-
jcsblous , at'o cue furo for the rouud trip.
The Stately Magnificence of tlio Soutli
Omaha Excursion.
I'lio I'rciviHlnti Slaclc ARUit3t Drouth
anil L < 1antlnb fliiil the Niiincs of
? Iai > y uf tlio Gentlemen and
JiUlio ! in tlio I'm * if ,
AtC:30 : o'clock yesterday nunilnjas jolly
ictol excursionists anil M well cqulppeil ex
cursion twin ni ever left ilia state , started
overlho Uhic o , Bftrlington & Qalnoy rail
road for Crcaton , In.
Tlio inanaKcaunt of the ujiloa stock yards
and the packing houses , had Joined wltli tlio
llvastoehcxelnngoto nulcetlio excursion to
the Ilutsr.i33 ( ulaco worthy of the metropolis
of thu MlKouil valley.
Preparations had boon made on an cxten-
slvoscalo , rcgirdlon of expense or tvoublo.
A eoiri'iiltteo on finance ) nil r.ilsed nearly
f 10,000 , ivlilletlio cotnmUtco on ai-rangeinonlJ
chartered a. .sracial train , hliod tlio Musical
Union baiil ofOiniha , aiul souaroJ thoGroi-
cent ( iniirtottc. Tlio live itojlc 'cxclmngo
bought aa clcRaiit banner for the occasion
and procured tasteful Udgoi forcaclunoia-
bor.Tim eara werd as nicely and as artistically
decorated on'ho outside as they wow well
Illlol wltliin. They vcrc decorated as fol-
'J'ho left slilc of the rear car hail the display
ot the lueUliij ? house of Swift & Co , taste
fully arranged and completely wverlnir tlio
side of the coieh. A cmv.xw , reaching fro-n
endto end of the car , bore tlio work of un nit-
front and rear platforms were racks of lac
quered cans ot puio leal lard , whllo alouff tlio
si l"s of the car wcro ro\va \ of hani < , poilt sides
and packing housenrodncts. Ontlio opposite
sMo , fully as nicely decorated ami as pro
fusely covered with hniiis , sides nad fac blin-
ileio'f the house , was on canvas inscribed In
bold , plain letters ; "C'oorgc II. llainmondit
( Jo , Beef r.wkcrs Hoff I'rodacts. " 'I'ho
cro\va special brnul ot jiaro leaf lard \vas
coiiipicaous for its design and display ,
'Hie next car on cither sldobadan Imincii5o
canvas struiilacr , nrtislloaliy xniliitod , "Tho
ArmourUuflahy I'.ii'klng Ooinpanv , 1'achcrs
and Jobbers of 1'iwlsluiis. " Tiers ot can-
vascd hams , sides and meats , wcrowonin
with the ( lap , banners and bunting , whllo
tholiibds of UrdsinoU'd-inonta and canned
Kooda were1 gtiily festooned -with borders
made of many colors.
The third cur "as decorated by the Union
Stock Yards company and the Live Stock
lixchango. A large canvas , cxtcndiii ; from
end to end of the car , einbullisheJ uy the
hand olan artist , boio tlio words : "Live
Stock l > ichauKe , Union Stock "Yards , South
Omaha , Nol , " and a fine , largo lithograph of
the stock yards. Festoons and decorations
ontho top and hanging doun so as to almost
conceal the \vhech \ , made the car really an
olijcct of admlratlgn.
niiKioo No. 1'JJ , In charfc'o of the old re
liable Daniel A. Orecdon , vns decorated with
hums , packing-houso products , festoons and
buntings till ono would ha\u thought the out-
Jit was a comlslonary foroa aiiay. An Ini-
incnse ham , fully thrc'o feet long , fiom the
Armour-Guibhy Packins houses , swung
under tlio hudlight attracting every oiio'aat-
The cars were Just as attractive on the out
side as they were made comfortable within
The committed on arrangements , knowing
tliat most of the excursionists Mould bo com
pelled to stait without breakfast , had a vell-
sin > i > licd larder placedln the front car.
Agent \V. 1J. Cheek anticipated every win
of the excursionists.
Thu following is as complete a list of the
ciL-urslonUts as It was posslulo'to obtain ;
Agent Cheoli of the Chicago , liar
llngtoii & Quincy ; Superintendent . N
Daljcock and wlfo of the stoclcyai'ds : Join
JO. Obcrn and U'illiam II. Biodriclt of tin.
union stockyards ; Uhailes II. llmdilck
stock agento'f the Fiomont , Elkhoni & Mis
bouri Valley : John AVallworlt , Omaha packing
company ; Supeiintendcnt A , O. Foster
1-Vnnli.Muiphy. M. Welch and Oswald Ilydo
of Swift & Co. ; F. M. WhitllerVillian
Ilcimctt. AV. A. Sclirei and \ . M. Crone o llamnnnd comiiany ; Suvcrhitcnd
ent Edward G. Cudahy , Clark L. Forsyth
'llioinw F. Kliiiella mid O.iptiilri William 1J
Hell of tlio Auaour-CuiUhy p.icltlng torn
tuny ; Joseph U. lllanehaivl and \vlfoof
I'almcr , Blaachard & Co. ; J. A. Hake am
wll'o of Hake & Ueddiiifrton ; Walter \\ooi \
ofVood Eros. ; Samuel J. CciTiuan of Cofl'
mini. Sanity c Co. ; J. Samuel Gosnoyiuu
wife uf Ptiikloclc it. Gosuey ; J C. Eikcnh.irv
and -wife of Gllchrcbt , Hanna & EU-kenbiry
Nathan Ji Acker and \vifo \ of Hayes tV
Acker ; All. Waggoner and EdwardL' . Unllei
of Waggouer , lltrney & Co. ; Hruco MtUul
looh of the Sontti Omaha biockinan
J. U. Abbott and wife and A. L. Bralnard o
Ravage , JCelly A Abbott ; Harry L. Dennis o
Uorsuy brothers & Ollftoii ; .1 nines relevant
wlfo ot Foley & Uhlltendin ; \ \ ' . F. Merril
of Braiuard , Kuhanlsoa & Caipimtir ; 7. C
Shelli'y ' of the lloyer-Shclloy Co. ; Jiimei S
Horn of tlio .lames 11. Caiirpbcll Co. ; Kd
ward A. Stearns of the Drovers' Journal ; II
L. Mulfordof thu Union Stock yards bank
Draper Smith otKecaan & Smith ; George
Ilurlfo , Ncls Puriiigtoa and Ilcrman Scliiuol
\ng \ ofOeorgo Hurkoit Fra/ierj II.Talinago
of. Byers brothel's ; JVlmaJackson of.Iackson
Mnley & OK. ; 0. A. IJoyer of A. 13. Uoyer V ,
Co. ; 0. II , Sutherland of Spelts , Hitchcock vV
Co. ; W. II. Stephen and wife of Ilamiltun
Stephen ; Willun ! Uundcrwood and J. Ucn
ton of Button & Underwood ; AV. II. Me
Cteargy , of George Adams \ ; BurloMai ;
shalJamcsP. Jloloney ; XCuddliiKtou ,
David Mohone of the UnionKiclllc
nmsicalunion band of twenty-live pieces
the crescent qiiartetto of South Omaha , con
slstinc of Leo N. Truitt. CJeorgo II. Stindci
laud , 10. C. Rutland VV. F. Lulclnsof Soutl
Otnnha ; S. P. Brigluun , the ropresi-ntativ
THU Brn ; L. J. Cariwutor , .1. S.
Dawson , C. W. Miller , James Mangnall , A.
B. Haley , Noill Corcoran , .fames 11. Lowrv ,
Hhcillt iloyd , John Van Ivhk and wifi' , IV
J. Ucitck , James Steohenson. Eli Cl.iytonV. .
11 , Ilorder , Jolm Corcoran , Dtnlel WillUnns
of tlio Oinalu packing coinpiny , .lolm O.
Illi ch. Julius Mojer and Dr. U.\V. \ ll.iker
of l'corlaIll. ,
Decorated \vlth attractive bid cs. headed
by the Musical Union baud under the elegant
silk banner , on one side painted In gold lot-
tors "South Omaha lixduniKelth \ a largo
bull's head In the rcnteraadoa the ro\ersoi \
"South Omaha L.l\o Stock "
\ Uxchangc , sup
ported on a staff capped with a gold
butcher knife oa Inass cross bar and attach *
merits , the live 'stock cxchango with Its 100
members presented a magnlticent appear *
unco and was as interesting to lo\va iiiendi
us it wai creditable to the Mdjio city.
Tlio train passed through the union ilopot
lathis tity at r : n o'clock nnd arrived at
Grcston at 10:15without aciident.
.After diphtheria , scatlut fever , nnotimonl.i ,
or any other severe illness , there U no better
tonlo than Hood's sar&apnrilU.
( JUAtlSru Tj TKAOil I.US ,
Tlioso ol'ilio Coumy Instltiito Ilcturn
Thanks ( o lust Mictor.s.
M thocloslng session of tlio Douglas county
teachers' Institute Thursday , the folio wing
were unanimously adopted :
llesplud. That o tcnilorour thunkito the
boaul ol education , for tlio use of Iho hlli
scluxjl : that o cordially iminrolMu Uiu fullli-
riilioptitts by the pi ess of this oltj" ; that o
bliicon ly thank tliu comiiiltloo for thavouiM )
orktudy and it-cniaincud that the li'iiehiT *
K\\o \ itiifuinuul Impartial Irtiilitliut wo e\-
im .4uiir tlinukrt ow. 31. tl. liohi-liimsrliof
the Uiimhti I'oiiuiiorx'Iul CU | | KO and 1'rof.
Uvorttult. Uiitlilnui uf the Uninliu busnui , *
colloao , fur tholralnablo aiilstunco In li-ucli-
luz biMilcUuenliiK and iiuiiniiinblilii : that no
wiwi.lro In I'rof. ' Lonsan awl SlUs Ulloy. t o
of llio iiblestninl most mieiWrnl jiistnictoM
wlii ) liuto uvcrubslktoil la iiur lintlttitci tliut
thcciioritiind clniracler n | t o orUof Suii-
liilfiKk'iitMatthews , inorlu our licurlc ! t
coiuiiKMiilatlun , and , tiHlrli'iids of otliiciitlon ,
woili' | < ln our united ejurtu to aid him lit all
thoi'iiUoavori no may niuUo for tliu advance-
muit olcttucalloiilu this county ,
Ctmnipaguohasa larro amount of carbonlo
acid in it ; It Is healthy and nourish luff.
extra dry liui > crial is the best.
LrVHLiY S13.VSO.V. .
1'lans ' for Half u .Million Dul-
lorw DcltiK ICxnniliiDil.
"New work reprcsentln over glXOCWln
landsomo luti taatial iinprovotncnU for
Omahnha3co.noIn forraoto ijsuo permits
on , " ' said Building Inspector " \Vhltlock
yesterday morning.
' 'Of this lialf inllllotior nwroolncn worlt , "
continued tlio itupictor , "Iurn at llujrty as
yet to tell you of but this much of iti
"Twenty thousand dollar ! of It Is repre
sented by nave-story nnd basement ware
house to bo built byV. . M. Uusliman on
IjCavenvvorth streets between Tenth and
Eleventh streets ,
"ITHty thousand dollars will po Into a five-
story nnd basement store building at Six
teenth nnd J.iolcson stroots. It will represent
the faith and enterprlio ol W. V. S\\ccsy. \
"TlwplnM andspcdtlcatlonsof tlio entlro
.S.VJ'J.IKW or * roe , K worth of Iniildlnira show
that they uro to be of tlio very b t kind , ad
mirably" equipped wltbo most mo lorn Im-
lirovemonts. In a majority of lintuneoa , thcwo
tic\v oiilldliiRSlll ho richly ornoto-as hand-
hoino ai any to bo found bitwecn Chicago at.d
San - .
"It has como to me , fnrthcnnon1 , that in
nearly every instance' nossihly every one
the projectors and owners of those nowbalUl-
lii < ? s Invo their tenants all engaged and under
con tract.
"Talk about it being dull In Omaha 1" cx-
( l.dincd the Inspector with a flno ( oiitempt.
"Tlio reason it npiiears dull Is perhaps bc-
wo liavo PO intny jiooplo who nro able to go
away and spend t\\o or three months on a
summer vacation. I know to u certainty
that novcr lu the history of Oin.ihahas there
been such an cvHlnaof. citizens on bug vaca
tions us there lias been thli summer.
"But I am gettlnsolT my subject , Itdocs
rile me , however , to hear thcso people who
novcrcvenbuilta cow shed orn doghouse in
tno town sad don't own a foot of property ,
keep wagging their tongues about dullness in
"L.a < ! t year was a fit-cat one for building in
this city. Well , now , Justus soon ni I can go
lliroujrh tills massoloowwork-anilrvoseen
cnonKli otlt now to know that It will , all bo
approved , and gat it on my hooks , the grand
total of building improvements up to tills
lime , the present year will bo fully as much ,
and pcihapa a llttlj inoro than it
was for tlio same period last year. This in
round numbers waa ? . ' , .101,01X1. tf anjbody
dimbts me lotthotn conic rinht liero to my
olUcotmd look over Iho bookswhich arc open
to the world for inspection. "
The spoMalpreiniuiM that are offcrocl
lit UIQ fair tills ymv nro Immense. Do
not fail to { jet a premium list/ and compete -
pete fur ono or nioro of them.
JI.Vtl O t. "
XYlmly A.ipcnl to Ilavo thu ll.iukcry
Building Inspector \Vhltlock has received
the following comnmnioitlon , which he pro
poses to have frain 'd and given the moat
conspicuous place possibltj on the dark and
mildewed walls of Ms official ( [ uartcrs :
"Diui Sin : I feel ao thoi' ' h 1 am con
stantly in Joopirdy , and appeal to you for
protection. "You are well aware of the per
ilous condition of tlio old l > ulldiiir [ formerly
known as Heath's feed store , now called
'tramps' harbor , at 1018 Oais street.
If consistent with your convenience , exaimno
the second lloor that mass of spontaneous
combustion and I think the asticctit presents
will inculcate upon your mind tlio hazardous
position in wlilrli we sojurn. " \\'ore \ \ It in
some cities of athinl class it would have been
condemned months ago. I do not wish to
have any feeling ofemnity with the owner of
thobuildlnir , but it there is not itninedinto
steps taken towards its repair wo will pro
ceed with a petition to the city council. Now ,
if you can do any inoro than you have done
In this matter toward iiroteding ; us In tlio
way of llio yon will confer on the Inhabitants
of this Uocle a gicat favor. Your obedient
servant 0. 13. U. "
Mr. "Whitloclc says tint a permit was i sucd
Thursday for putting this baildin , ; in shape.
Miles' \cf\c Jintl l lrur Pills.
j\H Imi'Ortaut discovery. They acton the
liver , btoniadi nnd bowels tiirouKh the
ncircs. A new principle. Thov speedily
euro biliousness , bad ta to , torpid liver , piles
and constipation. Splendid for men , women
aiidi'hiMron. Smallest , mildest , surest. , " ( )
doses for 2 * . cents. Sainplos frcoatKuhn it
Co.'s ' , loth and Douglas.
It is reported Unit 1.5,000 jwoplo will
viblt the fair grounds on Sherman ave , ,
Sopteinbei- 1.
How Jutlgn Hc-lslny'ti Imllsht , si
Wiiiiiiclecl Iurilar ! , Apiu'iirnl.
Judge lleHloy likes to sco a wounded bur-
glnr Juntas \vcll as anybody , Hoga ed with
great curiosity on the pwstinto form of
Woodniansco , while .vorthy was lying on
a cot in the police station nursing tlio buc't- '
hhot wounds In his leg. He manifested so
nach lute-rest in the cuso that Sergeant
Onnaby doilarcj that bo bliould have
nnothcrono it the whole fciue had to bo detailed -
tailed to catch one.
In accordance with this decree , the secnnj
" \\oundoil burglar" winbnnu-htiu yesterday
nioriiins about I < > Vljik and hid upon the
very same cot \Voodmaiibce bad occupied
a few days before.
It was an interesting case. The burglar
had lioenshotin the neck whllo jottinir out of
a icsidcnco on North Twenty- fourth street
lie was very seriously injured , and his w-
coicry was very doubtful.
Tills was the brief story poured into tlio
Judge's car , and uo carefully tiptoed over to
gel a look at the midnight nmraudet- . _
The blanket caiefully pulled hick nnd
there Iny a feather duster siinllliis peacefully
at the disgusted oxpmjiouon the Judicial
' Th.nt Is v.'orso than seeing the
lese , " dcclaiud hi.s honor , "but there is
iiolhiiigto do only to play even on soinobody
oho. "
And ho did play oven. Ho battened to Iho
court room , and in less thun nn hour gave
fowteon people permits to talk viith the
buiglar Uhla h how It happens that so
fragrant weeds tire lie-ing incinerated about
thcstut'on. No'niily about them mentions it.
Both the niclhpd tiiitl results wlieu
Syrup of Figs is taken ; it is vletisnnt
and refreshing to the taste , ami nets
ecntly yet pmn.ntly on tlio Kitlncya ,
Liver and Dowels , cleanses the syp-
lem cHl'ttunlly , dispcla colds , licnd-
aches uiul fevers nnd cuica liubitiml
constipation. Sjnip of Figa ia the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced , pleasing to tlio tneto nnd nc *
ccptnhlo to the stomach , prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
cilccts , prepared only from the most
lienlthy and agreeable substances , its
many excellent qtuilitieu commend it
to all and have inado it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs ia for sale in 50c
and 61 bottles by all lending drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro-
euro it promptly for any ono who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
JOUISIIUf , KY..p - . . . N \Y \ YOU * . N.r.
Iti lupvrlor aielcivc proron In millions ol hnnui
ormoro tlmn ninmrtcrof cunturjr. Itli mod b *
lie Untti'il ' Hlnlm .loitnunoiit. Knilomnl by the
irr.l * of tm ! crc'nt un'.vprMttui n * tlio HtronifeM ,
ur t nnd Mo.n llunllliful. > I'lloo'i Oronni link-
UK I'Dvrdor ( loci not c0ntuHin.unioiilUi.luia cr nluin.
uldotily In rnnn ,
I'liiir. n\Ktxn I'ownnu co. .
NowVork .bIcC4D. Sin Vinnclaci ) . SL Loull
1'liysicians ' , Surgeons and Specialists.
„ , * * * ? .
The most widely lUHifax'orabl.Vlttioirn spco-
Inltstsln tlio United Smtci. Tlirlr lon cx-
pcrlunco , roinarUillo ) skill , uul uulvoraal sno-
cess in the treatment and euro of Norvoiis ,
Cliroiilo and Surgical Dluaisot. entltla tlicso
eminent pliytloliins to tlm full vonfidcncoof
tlio ailllctcdiivcrywheif1. Tliuy cmxrantooi
tlio awful cITeiitsof cmly vko nnd the numer
ous evils that follow In Its tuilii.
speedily , cntnpictnty iintl ticrmniipiitly oin-il.
OKI > Els yield reiittlly to tholr sUlllful treat
i-iLiis , insTurv AND uncmi. ULcnts
KUiirantt-ed cured without imtn or dctontlou
Ironi Iii8liims.
nptitlyantl lucviiisfiillnrcil In every ease ,
SVPHII.IS. aiNl ) > llUlIi.V ! , OhEEl' , Siier-
initotilioii , Scnilniilcakiin5s \ , Lost Manhood ,
MshtEmissions , Uccayud Paotiltloa , Fornalo
Moiiknoss iind nil 'dullcato Ulsordorapeculiar
tnelthor BOX paslltvcly uiirod. im well sum It
functional dlsoidora tluit result from youth
ful folllos tir tliooxccsiof miituro years.
TIir'P lit ? 1 ! U vir.intral jiannano i.tly
01 l\l\j 1 U IV I , curort , romoal uo-milelo ,
ultliout oultlini.caiistlc orilllafu'.on. Cures
olTectod ut lionio by putlontvlthout uino-
niL-nt's pnlnor unnnyauuu.
A QJITT7 f'TtPI ? Thu awful olTocts of
A OUlVL L-Ulxlj cariy Vleo which brlti
orfrunlo wcakni'ss. d "itroylu lioth inliul and
tody , with all its UrcadcJ ills , pcrniaucnty
til rod.
UUC mnvr Aaarc-ajlUosowlioliavolm-
UIxO. Mill IJ paired tlicmsfllvi'i by lin-
jiropor IndulReneo aiul solitary hibltR , which
ni in lintli mind and body , uuilUlni'tiiciiifor
liuslnc-is. filudvnr ntiurlu ' .
AlAliUII.I ) MKN or tlio u tmlorlnj on thnt
Imppy llfo.awuroof dcMlit/yqulcltly
" 5SlSlCd >
Is based upon faoW. rir = tt Practical experi
ence. Second Every oa o Is spec-hilly studied ,
tints starting rluht. Third -Modlelnea are
( irepnred In our Irxtonitory exactly to suit
each case , thus cIToutlnx cures wit hout Injury.
Drs. Eetts & Bctts ,
For iinproicil Aceo-
noinlo cookery. Use
it for Soups , Sauces ,
' Made Dishes , ( Game ,
Company's i'lsli , etc. ) Aspic 01 .lolly. Keeps
perfectly In all cli-
males for nny Iciif-tli
EX1RACT of tlmo , and is cheap
er and uf Jiiier il.ivov
tlitni any other stock.
Ono pound en mil to
OF BEE.F forty pounds of lean
beef of the value ol
aliout $ " . .r.O.
Gen ulae only with
is von
signature as shown
NICK jinADi ! iir , imsin AGDH.
f ) < Mirt < IOll . ( > CK I1 > 1 US-
Hiiullulo uuil you iicui no appetite ,
I 01- !
( 'o 8rll Alll > , n : i M-AHV
Hll.lOLSM'-l-- . IllDNI.V t'OHI'I.AI.Vrd
LUM1 UJSUAfitfl , iMI'l'HH 1SI.UOO.
J. HEED \VHIPPLEitCO. _ _ _ _ , Pfoprletois
J. REED WHIFFLE is CO. , P.oprlutors.
Rt7iidr-iaA.N PI * AN.
Conkinjinnil Soivtoicxcuili-il t > 1 none. Cumplilo
In iilliipiiulntiuunla lio-t lurntluii In llincHjr
TUo IJuitoii Ir.inMil > t lay * . " > \\Hlpiilo tin
prlncii ot InnilloiU * . nti'l | Mtrin f I'urktrt * imy
iintlcl.'iitu n return lu tlio uaat oia t mei ot lt
loiindcr , Murvor I ) . I'nikor
Jlr. XVIIII'I'I.K will cjntmuo tUo niinatfcmntir
Younit'ii liurctuiurc.
A POSITIVE and piimaitnt CURE for ill
aiw&Beiof tl. UHINARY ORGANS. Ourji
with Bteh
faili. Fnlldlrec Ions
where ether treatment
bottlo. rrUe , one dollar. Bee ilfnatura of 1 Ij.
BUHL. llor Solo By All DruBSlste.
Already in several departments New Fall Goods. In Hats the entire Fall stock is in , find the
new shapes in still and soft hats arc on sale. Our hat trade has grown to immense proportions ,
and we have stocked up this Fall to meet this growing trade. Our assortment is bewildering ,
We show ahout 260 difTerent styles of hats.
Our new 950 Derby is a gem far be' '
silk trimmings , perfect in every respect , and
of them , a large , medium and narrow brim , mere arc thousands of our customers to whom wo
couldn't sell another hat now they are soused to our 950 hat , and know so well what value they
arc getting in this hat. We want new customers to try it. No hat store will match our new 950
hat for less than $2. For those who want to pay more we have finer grades , they range from $1.50 ,
$1.75 , 51.90 , and so on up to $3. We sell none higher than $3. It is foolish to pay more ,
There is no Deri/ made that is worth mure than $3 , The hats we arc selling at that price arc equal
to Youman , Dunlap , or any other high-toned name hat , for which other stores charge you $4.
1 his department is fillingup rapidly with newgoocls and before the opening of.thcschools ,
we will have our entire fall stock in. Our Boys' Clothing Department is second to none in the
United States , and we do not boast when we claim tliat there is not a concern in this country
that will meet us in prices. Parents who have no money to throw away come to us for their
boys' ' clothing. They can get good substantial garments , well made , such as boys want , at al
most one half the prices they have to pay elsewhere.
Our fall catalogue is ready ; \vritc for it. It will give you a great deal of information about
clothing and other goods \vc keep.
olid *
Corner Kourteentb. arifl Douglas Streets.
Our store closes at 6:3O P. M. : : ; Saturday at 1O P. M.
Corner of 10th unil AYortlilngton Sts ,
TiicUiv.i.Onr.HT IIOHKUTV , S.T.I ) . Utcioii.
Foreutalo ui ; im < ] i > artlou"ars apply to tlio
Eitabllihca l
i K'lu.ol for the MKlicr eilncttlon tf WOIEH. in
irofefsorfor 1S90-91. Lltoia *
unusunllv Mio coi per
turn , Art aud Music by fpeciall.ts. Location Col-
ninbl t , 'ID. , In . ' . 'J acru pntl justnurtlior city lltnlu.
Voirst tiicsnbounil.Uuo Kri's , unabundsnccof p c
for out-door ( ii-rcl'O , HnJr.uiiio buHIInt * . Mutnl
tfinoof rcliooi ckcf-llfnt. A Christian homo yltli ill
tlia ficedom nmlnll Iho onfeKiinnls of a wollorderu4
ome. Wrtto fop cnlMojrtie Address.
W. A. OI.U1UM , 1'rt'lilcl.t . , COLUMD U , 11 0.
St. , Mnrij's School Knoxvlllo , I ] . , ( ISK )
ACliuioh School for Olrls.
Bt.Alljiiii'sSohool. Kiioxvlllo , 111. (1990 (
Al'liiiich School for lioys.
New building , new fumltiivo. now nppiiru
tits. TliuliitiM incthoiUof iiionMl iinil pliy.-t
leal uultiiro. I-crythln up to tlio tlmo
Homo ' omforli mill homo faro foi ovoty punt
IIKV.O W.IjKI-TINGWEI.1. , I ) . I )
. Jtoctor and roiindor.
rst. LOUIS. \
inn ACAnnivxo .
HILL i\V UL.Ul nrst-cliiss IIOJ'.H
lionioscliool. ijiilpiniiitH ; * > erfcit. | > tcpiir 'sfor any'
r llreo orfur tmntuuis ; Imckwiird boyiriviMreil : ith
I lev. S I.
> c > nr < ipeiiH Sept. S fiSOOO AdUicia
briTUii , . \.M.Uunktr 11111,111.
New Eulltllngs , Kovv Turnlture , Nov ; Pianos
New Eciulp.nenti , Beautiful S.tuatlcm.
Opens Sept. 91. Knit amimi'oilor facility Dopirl-
inciUs fur Knllili. l.-ittn , ( irook. ( ieniuui. Kr ncli ,
bclcuco , Uusli * . Art. etc. tend for Infonnntltiu to
MI&S II. N. IIASKK F. , 1'rlnc.lpal ,
( ; iiiiiiv. ILLINOIS ,
try , Iirmtlnv , . . . . .
ciiiets low. \rcataluUuuuJtlicisL > .A\\i.lili > , l.ili'u.
, ,
( tlllkt 1IIMI IIAll.UIHMUIU. . AJAI KMI1 M ,
Allliruiiilii.'Hiif Muhli > , lr..iim.oAitll > tl .rtc ' ! . licra-
niliilniSchool. Uuaurjiattfi'tt nilrunturis atinoiliriu
] :
cost. CdUtlutftmulleitll t' . I , J. ll.ll ISHKDT. IHr.-tlor.
For Yoimir Wonioii. For ciitiilojuo udil O , H
KINUHI.KV.rii I ) , Proa't.
All ftvmrtininta of Jliirfnl Instruction , Mcnkrn Ijin-
UitfOB , Jluo Arts , etc. H. i , liuiJAKi ) , J ckBollio.Ill
. .
ClrcplaroJHtSMlV J. STIIVUNS , A. 11. , 1'rln.
McJIa , I' * , MllltnryAcideiuy bp > .
llrooUollnIl.rflrl3 ilr.ularfrco. .
1 * nniurpmiiMl In tlio trout-
inont cil ull furim of I'lll-
liooil.bTIIHTI III : , or ruin
In relolvlu llio l.liiililor.
sVl'llll-lri ciirod in tor
il'iyH Skin IM o i oi , I nlurrli
IllHl Ull UI. C"HI Ol ItlU
Uliiuil. Hi art iKiill.lvur . < -
iiinlulMsuasoaciiri'il vrlthout
Iriiinonti r "tuctl trcnt *
muni" I.u < lii from 'J to 4
nnlx. Wiltu [ or ilrcu-
hrs Blvln | 'artifiiliir b ait
rucliuf Hi" nlioMi ilistniri.
uiul tluivthu many c | ili'j
&kT mo < l rcmurkaulvcurci. Of-
, X , I : Cjr lull iir.a Kiirnani Eli. , cntunco on
I , Omalu , Ni'b ,
C V/D U I 1 I Q l"ia ! ' ° ctiri'tl In VjtoC )
O Iinil-il .J dnyn by use * ot tlicimir-
vi-lous Ma.ii' Ri'iiK'cly. gwJfur uciu > t it will
nntcuri' . LAI 1'IOJi to jjot the i nu'iiu rin.-
l < ly. Wrltu or cull on I . 0. Joilyu , WLJ llur-
uvy lrcutOiuaUn. .S
A re soiling more -watches than nil the rest of the Omaha Jewelers put to *
BC-ther ? Butuo-vonder LOOK AT THEIR PKIOKS.
SOLID COLD Fine Cold filled
WATCHES AnicilcanlVatch
as low as $15
ts for ladies or
and all the
fintr grades gdils.only .
$14.55 $ would
from ,
$25 $ up.
Worth double be cheap at $25
the money. Solid Silver
Nickel ffatclics , \Vatclics \ , ladies
$2.50 , $3,75 or gents , from
and $5 ,
$5,75 np.
Allot tlioiO Tvatch-
\Viitthei , Clock )
ci nro StrniMml- unit
crs uiul nronur jlry roinlrctlnt
rntied KOOI ] timers , U3t t'rlcos
Vi'o will sell line Rciwmljcr the
spectiirles ntrciluc *
oil lonpur. prlvusn few day * Place.
MAX MEYER A BUO. , Cor. 10th and Fnrimm St. ' , Otmlm , NTcl )
The Omalia Medical and Surgical Institute
' -T.hlZ. i ' 1 ? 74 > - " * -
rortlio trcitnipnt of nllCIIIlON'10 A Nil SUIIIOAI ( < DISKASB3. Ilrnco , Appllino i for iteformltlmnna
'I'riiKH1llu t riicllll't4 ' , Apitirnlns ant llunieillt-i foruc - * fiil troatuivnl of uvor/ form of ( INunso ro * Irciitinont. O.VK IIUNIIIIHII AND TWK.NTV-KIVH I.'MMS ) Mill I'ATIISNl'a.
Itoiirilniitt Attomlanco , llo't nocnminiilatloiu In the wo t.Vrlt9 lor clrcul.irn on l > . - [ < > rinltl i nn < l llrnros.
Truncs. Chili l-'fet. Cnrviitiirni oftlm Milito. t'lloi. Tiiiuurs , Cinc-jr , Cnttitrli , llroni'lilllf , liilmlntlon , Hlco-
trlcllr , I'iiralysl < , KpllLMHy , Klilncr.ll ! : UlcriroKir : , Hli In nnillllouilnnil nil minili--it ci'i'rnlloim , 1)131.Sli3 )
( ) ! ' \H.M IN' u BK | > cliiliy. llouk of l > l mn < iVumon > ( frcu. Wo hum tattle iiilloil n I.yliu-ln ilt'inrtniunt.
\MinioiMlnrlni conllnomont ( ilrlctlyprlvatu. ) Only Uult.i'ib Mpclloil Instliuto mikliu u nfwiiillr o
1'lllVATH DISIJASM ? . A llblooihllHi-nx-s miccos rully troati-il Hjp'illltlc ' potion ruinnruil Ironi tlm nystoin
without . Nun IloMtoratltaTroitinunl torloii of vltnl poucr. I'.irtliM iinubli ) tolilt UK nnr bo
tri'Mlwl ntlminoby mercury. corrciiximli'iice. Allo > ii.iinntcittoniconll ! > tunt.lal. .M IU-lni nr liiitruniiiiiti mint l >
nnillor c-V'rc.B jeourilyiKuki'il. nu iiirirki toliiilU-atu contontiur nonilur. inu ) inirionil lijti'rvloiviiniiCrrocl ,
Cull nnd coniiiltus - | orn-m * history of jour < -n o , ntut wo will icn I In plain rrni | | > nr our IlllOICTO MKN
I''KKI ! ui'un 1'rluito bpvulnlur Ncrvuus IHioHoa , Iiupotcncy , SnilillU ( ilojt , iiaJ Viiclcocolu , wltli quoatloa
Mat. Address
AddressOrnaha Medical and Surgical Institute.
Comer Dili and Hurnoy Streets , Omaha , Nobrnskn.
ROI-IIIBOUGM BROS. , Proprietors.
\\'o \ dcslro to ami ami co that the Full Term of thouollut'o opens Sent. 1st. Stu
dents uro eomiiiK from all quarters. Additional tonohora luivo boon omyloycd to
do the work , ami every facility provided. Board ( jlvoii for thrco houra
work day , or 3--.00 per week If pnld in mono.y. I'ho NIGltT SCHOOL bo-
rrina Monday ovenlni ; Sept. 1st , nnd will continue till winter. Wo pivo Bpouiul
attention to fill ini&inosH bniiichos including Sliortliitnd , and Typo-writing. Two
lossoiiHfrcoin Sliortliand bvmail , Typu-ivfitors for rent. Como unil apondnfow
months with us , and lit joursolf to imiUo seine mono.v , Cull at the college ov
write us for circulars andi an ologitiit specimen of noiiinunshii. |
Address , Rohrbougli Bros. , Oinalia.