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First Fijian of the Grand Lodge OuUido of
dew York.
the AVcnlc In Iho VnrloitH Or-
i Tin ; llHtial Mldsu minor
i'rcvallH on all S
The prnnd lodge met nt Cleveland , O. , on
flio bth Irist , , In nccordnnco with the decision
of the pranil Icdttu nt itu last session. Kcw
York ledge No. 1 took exception to tlio action
* In Itn nicctltiB ont-
0 the ( irand lotlgo holding
HidoofNew York Hlnto and vvithlicld the
records , tlio sccretnry , Arthur C. Morelnnd ,
rcfusliif ; to attend. Hcprcscntnttvos were
present from every loilBO excejit No. 1.
The session was held and nn acting secre
tary nppointc'd , Aftcrwnrds the lodfjo ox-
iMjllcd riofrctaryMorcliiniland tlio Is'ow York
lodge for Insuhordlnntlon. This mnttcr occu
pied oon.sldenihlo time , nn entire- day helnjr
devoted to the discussion. The vote to exi > ol
\viis unaninioiiM.
The election of ofllccrs for the enstiluK yenr
resulted us follows : Hlmon Qiilnllaof Chicago
cage lodge , exulted ( 'i-niidrulur ; Kmil lloui-
ller of Loulirtllo lodL-o , leading grnnd knight :
Fntnk K. WrlRhtof Toledo lodfte , loyal grand
loilght ; 13. ( J. Uowerof Dallas lodge , lectur
ing irrond kniglit ; Allen O. Myers of CInciii-
jiatl lodge , grand secretary : J. 0 , Gray of
lloston lodcc , grand treasurer.
Onoof tliu most enloyr.ulo features in con
nection with thu session was tliu icunion held
In the Euclid avenuu openi house tlio evening
of the 7th lust. The stiiKOvas lieautifnll.v
decorated with the emblems nuil mottoes of
the order. An address of welcome WHS deliv
ered by tlio tmiyor nnd short speeches wore
inudo by a nuniucr of prominent IClkn , ainoiiK
them buhiK Edward Lurliln of Omahn.
The pnrado during the aftenioon of the 8th
Inst was n largo one and attracted conbldera-
hie attention. In tlio evening the Cleveland
lodge gave n grand banquet and social session
to thu visiting Klks In the armory of the
Cleveland grays. More tlma ono thousand
Klks and Iholr wives wcro present.
During the time the other lodges were
holding their Hussion in Cleveland , Now York
lodge No. 1 held n session nil by itself in New
York city and elected grand ledge ofllcers.
Kesolutions were adopted dculnringthuClovc-
land body clandestine and not 11 part of thu
order. This action Is very amusing in view
of the fact that the Cleveland body represents
over ono hundred nnd sovcnty-ilvo lodges
from all parts of the country and the New
York grand lodge Is simply tno representa
tives of ono lone and solitary lodge.
Tlio hist day of the session a committee
was appointed to secure an injunction against
the New York rebels , and the constitution
was changed providing that cucli lodge shall
not elect more than ono representative , who
must ho a past exalted ruler , The use of
liquor nt social sessions was prohibited. The
grand lodge will hold meetings wherever It
sees lit.
A Polyglot lntuiict. |
Recently nt Lnporo , In India , a largo meet
ing for Installation purposes , nftor which a
banquet , was given attended hy twenty-two
brothers , at which the toasts were proposed
in six European and seven Oriental lan
guages French , Gorman. Lntln , Italian ,
Hebrew , Urdu , Persian , Ueniall , S.iiisltrlt ,
Hindi , Dutih , U7.crati , and the district
grand master wound up with an amusing
Kpeelmen of the "lingua franca" spoken by
the Punjaubl picadors before the chief courts ,
says the Now York Mercury. Although wo
suspect that few of the dead in our own time ,
save Cardinal Me/7ofunti , IClilm Bun-it , the
learned blacksmith ; lr. Nordheimer of our
university , and Dr. James G. Porcival , the
actual author of "Webster's Unabridged,1
would have enjoyed the postrprandial luxury
Of Unit are morally rcrtuln that no
onoof our living grand misters could under-
Ktimd , much less respond to any ono toast ou
tbo programme whence plain English had
hcen maliciously banished , still Itwould np-
] > car that twenty-two East India Masons in a
Hlnglo city wevo enabled to accomplish the
feat. This Ignorance of the living languages
forcibly Illustrates the ill effects of n corresponding
pending ignorance in Masonic ritual compul-
nory on Americans through grand loilgo dicta
tion. Kngim enumerates the names of no less
than seventy-one seperato mid distinct
Jlasonlo rites , of which wo have practical
Imowlcdgo of but u solitary ono. which our
learned wisencrcs proclaim hy lav to bo the
only Masonry and IntcUlt'cnt Mason should
bo allowed to learn and labor at.
Tlio lisa of Hebrew In MaHoiiry.
A correspondent mitlccs Inquiry as to
whether nkuowlcdgoof Hebrew would prove
of service to a Mason nnxlous to go through
the higher grades , says the New York Mor-
ciirv , mill requests us to account for tlio use
of Hebrew words in all the degrees from the
Ilrst to the lust. Accordingly , a knowledge
of Hebrew Is essential to any ono particularly
desirous of mastering the mysteries of the
Scottish rite , as without it he will never
learn tlio correct pronunciation , figurative
slgnlllcnnco or even literal meaning of the
nmncrors pass nnd sncrcd words committed
to the memory of the neophyte during his
long Journey from Alpha to Omega In Ma-
fconry. Wo ran only account for the employ
ment of Hebrew words exclusively in thn
various grades of the various Masonic svs-
tcins now in vogue from the presumption
that , as very few general scholars are fa
miliar with the language and are unable to
deelpncr their meanlni , ' , they were deemed
the better suited to bo used In connection
with it mystic institution. lU'lng a primitive
tdiiKua , whoso alphabet is comjiosed wholly
of consonants , the Hebrew Is essentially
figurative and symbolic , as tlio words are
capabloof inaiit fold interpretations , and con
sequently peculiarly adupatcil to concealment
of a latent signification. Tnmglno the difll-
ttulty an ordinary iiei-son would experience to
rend or understand our vernacular were Iho
vowels to ho dropped , as was nnd still ls the
case with tlio primitive Hebrew , the vowel
nnd other points not being component of the
nlplmbct , mid you will perceive why Masons ,
for their own security , employed words
capable of being written wholly hy cense
nants. _
K. oI'V.
Comrade Will 1C. Jacohs tendered n recep
tion nt his residence , 14-11 South Sixteenth
street , Tuesday evening to the dclegiitcs from
Oneriil George Crook camp , No. 1 , to the
division encampment nt Lincoln , About
thirty-live members of Crook camp \\ero
present with their ladles nud a large delega
tion from Oust or post W. H. C. An exceed
ingly pleasant evening was passed and n dn-
llclous supper was served , Comrade Jacobs
welcomed the quests of the evening , a re
sponse being made hy Colonel K. J , Coatcs ,
commander of the Nebraska division. Post
Colonel Moses O'llricu made a short talk and
read nn original poem by Ed Crowell on the
G. A. H. , S. of V. nnd W. K. C. The speeches
were followed by sinking and tlio remainder
of the evening was passed In dancing.
I.nst Monday night Post Colonel Cogllzcr
ot Weeping Water , was mustered into Camp
Crook. This gives the cnmp another vote In
the division encampment , making seven in
nil , nnd nlso gives the division another vote
in the dlvlslon-lo-clilef. Colonel Coglizcr is
ono of the oldest members of the order in the
state , having been associated with Colonel
Moso.s O'llriea In organizing the Nebraska
division in 1S&J.
At the last Insjwction General George
Crook camp stood nt tlio head when the ro-
eult was announced. This is the largest
camp In the stuto nnd its membership is rap.
idly increasing.
K. of P. No
Tno knights of Alnsworth , Spring Valley ,
Long Pine nnd the surrounding country as
sembled at Alnsworth on tlio 3d fust , nnd pro
ceeded wltti a rood old-fashioned celebration.
Grand Chancellor Macfurland was present ns
the honored guest. A banquet was given on
the night of the Mil and on tlio 4th the typical
celebration was had , with parades , music ,
speeches , etc. , the ennui chancellor deliver
ing the oration of the day.
Applications have been received for the
formation of lodges at Valentino and Atkin
son and G. M. of E. Alton of Alnsworth will
soon Institute lodges ut these places.
A. O. U. W.
Omaha ledge No. IS installed the following
ofllcers Thursday night : William J. Crozlcr ,
M.t. . \ A. Inglcdcn , F. ; A. E.Shockloy , O.j
C. H. Collier , recorder ; N. W , Charles ,
financier : C. AV. Eiison , receiver ! ' William
Hllkcr , d , : L , . A. ricslicr. I. W.iV. . H.
Drain , O. W. The ledge U In n flourishing
condition , having a membership of-15.
Knglnecr Cleveland Advocates a Com
plete I'nrk .System fir Omaha.
Misxiui'oi.i" , Minn. , July ! > . lr. ) George
L. Miller My Sir : My mind hns
been of late much occupied with a
subject which seems to mo ought at this tlmo
to possess peculiar Interest for every western
city , ntnl , as H mny not have occurred to you ,
I vcntura to address you In regard to it , leav
ing It with you to decide whether it It Is
worthy of consideration , and within thopowcr
of the park board to take action upon It.
"World's Fair"
1 allude to tbo approaching
of 1SI3. ! Probably no one has nny Just con
ception of tlio vast number of foreign visi
tors who will then IK > attracted to our
shores , or of the inhabitants of the Atlantic
states ho will then make their first trip to
the west. Now , the point to which I wish to
call your attention U the obvious fact , that ,
although Chicago will bo the central focus of
attractive Interest , yet the whole country
will Do on exhibition and It U for the Interest
nnd should ha a matter of prlilo for every city
to put herself In trim for examination ,
Countless thousands of pleasure seekers ,
of men of business and of sclontists , scholars
and artists will Uiko the opportunity to ex
tend their Journey to the I'acitlc const , and
European visitors will study with special In-
tcivst the ( to them ) amazing spectacle of
magnificent cities provided with every npiili-
nnco of modern luxury where but yesterday
was n wilderness.
Kxpcrlenco has taught mo that no evidence
of advanced civilization mid refinement is so
impressive upon the mind of an Intelligent
observer as that of wlso forethought In the
mailer or pants.
No amount of expenditure In public or pri
vate buildings is BO effective in creating a
conviction of future gr.imlour as an ample
provision for future wants In the scope of the
park systems of a city. Pretentious build
ings nro matters , of course , from "tho titno
that a new and growing town begins to aspire
to civic honors , and becomes ambitious of
displaying Its wealth but comparatively few
cities exhibit such forethought or such con-
liilenco of future importance ns Is proved by
the creation of parks , or the appropriation nt
nn curly day of sufilcicnt men for an ex
tended system of parks and connecting park
The vnluo of such n system ai n means of
health and recreation to the citizens , and of
lidding to the city revenue by Increasing the
taxable value of real estate , Is too well known
to need explanation --but few people have
any Just conception of Its importance in es
tablishing the character of the city in the
mind of the world nt large , or of the vital
importance to every city of attaining such a
reputation. My attention was first called
to the subject more than thirty years ago
by tbo prestige which New York derived
from the construction of Central park nnd
I have slnco seen it repeated notably in
Chicago and Minneapolis , with such unmis
takable effect that I feel entirely confident
there is nether form of public improvements
that has equal weight in the minds of sa
gacious and rellecting men ,
There is yet tlmo for a good deal of work
of preparation and I venture the suggestion
that energetic action mny accomplish results
of incalculable Importance nnd perhaps pre
vent future keen regret. when you llnd nn
armv of strangers invading your streets nnd
studying the aspect of your city as compared
with others , which go to make up the
great show they have crossed the ocean to
1 do not , of course , presume to make sug
gestions , but hope you will accept this re
minder ns nu evidence of my interest In the
work you have so much-nt heart , and of my
earnest wish that Omaha may bo ready to
prove her own confidence in her future
grandeur. Very truly yours ,
Petrifaction Docs for a Kickapoo
Wliut Posterity Han Neglected.
There is great excitement among the
Kickapoos over the discovery of ti pet-
rifled body supposed to ho tlmt of War
Enulo , a lending chiel of the tribe , who
died many years ago , Hhortly after the
tribes returned from old Mexico , suys a
Sliawneotown , I. T. , dispatch to the
Globe-Democrat. Instead of the remains
being deposited In the ground in a collln
they wore plnccd in nn upright position
in a largo hollow tree , tlioi-o to await the
coming of the happy hunting days , us
the Indians bollovo.
Yesterday during the rage of a fierce
forest tire tno trunk of the tree wns con
sumed by the llaines. A party of Indi
ans who were ju.sslng through tlio woods
stopped to lignt thai i * pipes , when tlio
imago of an Indian warrior , with a tom-
ahnwk in hnnd , wus discovered under
neath the ashes of the burning tree.
Tliu Hceno which followed is described us
being most rumnrkablo. The Indians
wore scared so badly tlmt they lost all
self-control , and a regular panic uiiHiied ,
tlio Indians rushing madly through the
woods mid yelling at the top of their
voices. As soon us word could bo
communicated to the remaining
members of the tribe , some
200 in number , a hurried consultation
wiw holi ) . tit which it WHS decided that
the reservation should bo Immediately
abandoned. Luckily some of the nioro
civilized members of the tribe had in-
lluunco enough to allay the feeling of
fear , and the nluii wus not carried out.
The place ot fright was visited later in
the day , when , sure enough , the jiotri-
lled body of War Englo was exhumed
and placed on exhibition. The petrili-
cation was perfect. The war co-stumo
was us natural as llfo , there being a por-
feet imprint on the stone of both gun
and tomahawkwhich wore buried along
side tlio body. The peculiar formation
of stone proMmts an imposing appear
ance , and but for the occasional creases
ciiutcd by Insects would bo clear of any
This evening a large , hollow oak was
selected , the top sawed off about fourteen -
teen fcot from the ground , and the pot-
rilled body placed upright thereon , to
remain forever. A two-inch plno slab
bearing the following Inscription murks
the putriilcd remains of this tribo's
greatest warrior :
"War Englo , great fighter , turned
Into rock. Indians afraid Great Spirit.
Lot him sloop on in his beauty forever. "
In view of the proposed visit of the
Cherokee commission for the purpose of
buying the Kickapoo reservation , the
Indians consider as a bad omen the burn
ing of tlio trco where their chief htid
been laid to rest , mid say they cannot
now glvo up tholr lands.
A Journey Fmstlnii Nearly Two Yearn ,
111 Saratov an Interesting traveler on
foot arrived recently , Ho was a peas
ant , Nikoluy Audukln by name , and over
seventy years of ngo. Ho had been a
serf , and In 182 his master hail accused
him of theft , and had caused him to be
exiled to Okhotsk , In eastern Slborla.
As thucrimo of which ho had been ac
cused could not bo established ho vitis
sent olt as a "froo exile , " that is , howas
not kept a prisoner or liound to penal
service in the plneo of his destination.
For thirty-eight years ho worked In
Okhotsk ns a tanner , and saved some
money. Having attained his seventieth
year ho conceived a desire to return to
his native land , and as he said "to put
away his little bones among Ills own
people when his tlmo is up In this
world , " Hut he was still halo nnd
hearty , nnd traveled nil the way from
Okhotsk on foot. Ho was on the road
twenty-two montliH , and hud many a
narrow cscapo from encounters -with
bears and wolves. At his old homo ho
has a largo family of children nnd grand
children awaiting him with ojKm arms.
Dr. Blrnoy positively euros catarrh and
hay lovor. Ik'O building.
The Events of the Past Week in local Religious -
ligious Circles.
Ilourlto : > Iay Not lie tlic Sinn
A Ijtithcrnn Church A
I'coplo't ) Church A
Oulhollc Ififitluilc.
It has been announced from Kotno Hint the
niinouiicciiicnt of tlio apiolntmcntof Bishop
Maurlco llurko to the consolidated districts
of Onmhu nnd Choycnno was premature , us it
was imnoimccd from Homo on Friday tluxt
the appointment hud novcr bcun Ihmlly nmdo
mid in nil probability would not bo imulo. It
was considered by the news paper correspon
dents In Homo that the nppolutmcntof Bishop
Burho would certainly bo made as tlicy hud
received every Intimation to that effect ,
inul Just why u change In the
programme was inado is known
to the propoganda only. Bishop Uurko
hud charge of the diocese of Cheyenne , but
hovunt to Home in the spring anil resigned
the chiii-go of tlmt diocese iitul asked the holy
father for n larger district and nioro work.
It Is understood thut the archbishop of the
province of St , Louis will convene a meeting
of the bishops of the province In the near fu
ture and three more names will bo sent to
Homo. This will probably be the sanio as the
llrstimd If Bishop IhirlcoU not appointed to
this diocese Vicar General Brady probably
will be.
A Fourth Itiiilioraii Cliuroli.
Slnco the dissension among the metnhcrs of
Kountze Memorial Lutheran , church , which
resulted In the resignation of Kov. J. S. Uct-
wiler , for a number of years Its pastor , the
friends of that , gentleman who have been as
sociated with him In the church work during
his pastorate and who stood on his side when
trouble arose , are anxious to retain Air. Dct-
wiler in On/aha. / meetings have
been held to devise ways and means of doing
this and dually it has ahout hecn decided to
establish a fourth Lutheran parish hi Omaha
and install Mr. DeUvller as p.istor. It Is
proposed to erect a handsome church
building in Kountzo place to cnual , if not sur
pass , any other church cdillco In the city.
Those Lutherans who are opposed to Dr.
Detwller insist that tills move will bo detri
mental to the interests of the Lutheran so
ciety in Omahn. while the doctor's friords
assert that the opposite would bo the result.
as an energetic clergyman would be retained
in the city.
Since his resignation the doctor has re
ceived a number of calls to other parishes ,
the most flattering coming from Brooklyn.
Ho prefers , however to remain la Omaha.
Sonic Good
Any number of people have expressed re
gret at the abandonment of the People's
church conducted during the winter months
by Uov. C. W. Savidgc , assisted by many
energetic workers.
Some people who have just skimmed over
tno surface of the matter nnd have not taken
the titno or trouble to Investigate mom closely
have been prone to criticise , those who were
engaged in the work for abandoning what was
considered such a promising nnd productive
"If these people , " said a minister of the
city while discussing this matter a
few days ago , ' 'hail been as liberal with the
me of their money as they arc in the use of
tholr tongues , the People's church , which
they claim to have loved so much , might
still bo nourishing and converting sinners ,
"Churches Hlto the one conducted by Mr.
SavIdRO last winter , " he continued , "are the
most dlfllcult in the world to conduct. It
must bo done nearly entirely by subscrip
tion. There can bo no denying the fact thut
of the 1,500 people that attended Mr. Sav-
Idgo's sermons on Sundav mornings , many
were Idlers who , passing by the door of the
opera , fell In with the crowd nnd
followed it. Oncu inside the music
attracted them nnd they would
stay through the service , but when the col
lection boxes were passed many hands would
remain without the pockets. These men were
after free entertainment. They were not will
ing to pay for religion.
"A people's church is a good thing and
therefore desirable. It attracts u class cf people
ple that the ordinary churches cannot ntr
tr.ict. Mr. Snvidgo did well la his attempt to
redeem men in th is direction and by super
human efforts managed , I understand , to keep
evenon financial matters. But the strain was
too great for one mun. Ho couldn't ' stand it
and had to glvo up the church.
"Now wo want n people's church In Omaha
nnd wo should have one , but the only way wo
could carry such an Institution along success
fully is for all the churches to unltoand carry
their relative snares of the financial load. I
think this matter should bo taken up liy
the ministers , but I would give the people a
chunco to think of it for a few weeks nnd
then begin work in the fall. "
An Institution to Tie Dcslr ( I.
A movement w.xs Inaugurated at the Millard -
lard hotel last Thuwduy evening which will
probably result In the establishment In Omulia
of n branch of the Young Men's Catholic In
stitute of America.
Judge J. L. Sullivan , president of the insti
tute , arrived In the city early Thursday even
ing and was received at the depot by Mayor
Gushing , member * of the Catholic Young
Men's society of this city , and others. Ho
was taken to the Milliard hotsl , wlioro mi In
formal banquet was tendered him ,
Father Carroll acting as master
of ccromonlcs. A most delight
ful social hour was spent in this way
and then Judge Sullivan explained to these
present In detail the object of his visit. Ho
was hero to establish a branch of the insti
tute of which ho Is president and thought no
more promising field than this could bo found
anywhere. The object of the Institute is to
educate the young men of the church in the
higher branches of study and to prepare such
as should desire for the priesthood.
Speeches wore nuido by Mayor Gushing ,
T. J. Aluhonoy , C. J. Smytho and others , all
of whom favored the location of the branch.
Judge Sullivan remained In the city Friday
and talked the matter over with the resident
priests and the societies of the churches and
there Is no doubt but that the branch will bo
established In Omaha.
At the Newman M. E. church there will bo
preaching by the pastor , Kov. Charles SV.
Savidgo , at 10 o'clock a. in. Subject , "Divino
Guidance. " Evening service at 7 p. in. ,
especially for members of the church.
Kov. A. J. Kynott , D.D. , Lli.D. , secretary
of the Church Extension society of the M. E.
church , will ho In the cltv over Sunday and
Is expected to preach In First M. E. church ,
Twentieth and Davenport streotu. Ho Isono
of the great men of the Methodist church ,
and all uro Invited to hour him.
Kountzo Memorial Lutheran church , reg
ular church scrulco at 10:30a. : in. ; Sunday
school at noon ; young people's prayer meetIng -
Ing nt 7 p. m. Kov. C. Huber , traveling state
secretary , will occupy the pulpit in the mornIng -
Ing ; no preaching service In the evening.
First Congregational church , corner Dav
enport ami Nineteenth streets. Dr. J. 1 ,
Duryea , pastor. Sunday morning services
at 10:80 : , immediately followed by Sunday
school. Y. P. S. C , E. nt 0 : ! * ) p. m. Prayer
nuil praise meetings Wednesday evening at
7:45. : All arc welcome.
First M. E. church , corner Tweatieth and
Davenport , Rev. P. S. Merrill , pastor. Mora-
lug service , eOjHO a. m. Subject : "Witnesses
of the Faith or the Faithful Which I" EvenIng -
Ing service , 8 p. m. Subject : "Con I Ho
Saved Without the Church J" Sunday school
! iHO ; p. m. Y. P. H , C. E. Monday 8:00 : p. in.
All services open to the public , all scats are
free and a cordial welcome to everyone ,
Young Men's Christian association build
ing , corner Sixteenth and Douglas. Frco
reading room open daily 8 a. ni. to 10 p. m.
Sunday from ii to ti p.m. Strangers nnd
visitors always welcome. Meeting for men
only Sunday 4 p. m. , addressed by Kov.
Meredith of St. Louis , Subject ; "The Only
o ( True Greatness. " Meeting Satur
8JOp. ; ! rn.i to which traveling men stop *
over the Sabbath In the city are cor
dially invited. Noonday1 prayer meeting dally
12:3U : p. m.
Second Presbyterian church , Satindcrs and
Nicholas streets. Prcwchtng at 10:1)0 : ) a. in ,
and 8 p. in. by the ncjS' pastor , Uov. S. M.
Ware. Sunday school nt noon. Young pco-
plc's meeting at 7 p. In. Strangers welcome
to nil services.
At the Southwestef'n Lutheran church , be
tween I'opple.ton and.Voolvorth avenues ,
Hcv. Luther M. ICuhns will preach at 11 a.m.
on "Tho Law Not Mode for the Righteous , "
and at 8 p. in. on" "A Sympathetic High
. Castcllnr Street Preioytcriaa church , Slx-
1 tecnlh and Castcllivr streets , Itov. J. M , Wil
son , pastor. Services'10.TO ' ; a.m. mid 8p. in.
Young people's mcctlng7l5. : Hcv. Fnmels
S. Hlarnoy will preach in the morning and in
the evening thu p.istor will deliver the third
sermon of the scries on the Book of He
Hov. .1. H. IMcrcdlth , D.T ) . , of St. Louis ,
Mo. , will occupy the pulpit of the ICnox
Presbyterian church tomorrow morning and
evening. Subject , morning , "Tho Immortal
ity of the Soul ; " evening , "U'ho EiiomyThut
is Nearest nnd Strongest. "
Trinity cathedral , Cupltol nvctnio and
Eighteenth street , "Very Hov. C. II. Gardner ,
( .lean. Holy communion 8 a. m. , morning
prayer , lltimy and sermon , 11 a. in. ; evening
praver and sermon , 7:15 : p. in. Thodeaa
will preach morning and evening.
Trinity M. 13. church , corner Twenly-flnt
nnd Blnney streets , Kountzo place. In the ab
sence of the pastor , Iov. ! .1. II , Presson will
in-each at 1UJO : ; a.m. , and Hov. .loba Dale at 8
p.m. Sunday school at 12 in. J , T. Uoblu-
son , superintendent , Upworth lenpnoatp.
in. 'I'lie people welcome to these services.
There nro l.OTO.tXX ) Sunday school children
nnd teachers in New York state.
The Homnn Catholic authorities In the
diocese of Montreal have prohibited political
meetings on Sundays.
A vcasel maimed wholly by monks arrived
nt Odessa lately. They belonged to the mon
astery of Mount Athol.
A Protestant .Kplbeopal church costing
MOO.OOO I ? to bo built at 1'hlladelphla ns a
memorial of the Into George W. South.
Miss Abigail Dodge ( Gail Hamilton ) touches
a Sunday school class that meets every Sim-
day at Secretary Elaine's residence.
A curious inscription placed over the door
of a church in Leeds is as follows : "Pray
for the sinners who built this church. "
A Philadelphia minister thinks tlmt a foe
should uo puld clergymen who conduct
funeral services , as It takes up their time.
Miss Mary Coddington of Now Yorlt city
has given the city mission -10,000 , for the
building and endowment of a boys' club
house for the poor boys of the city.
AMaino minister , who has Just retired ,
during his pastorate of nearly hulf acoiitary
married 407 couples and preached 757 funeral
sermons , of which 30D were for members of
his own society.
In New Zealand a Mormon convention has
just closed its sittings , at which it was of
ficially reported that tliore lire : i,000 , Mormons
in that colony and that 600 converts were
made during the last year.
Klght years ago the American bible society
of New York began the work of placing a
bible , by sale or gift , In every homo in the
land where It would bo received. Uut now
the society proposes a work of still greater
magnitude and Importance a bible of its
own for ovcry child who can road , with
special reference to Sunday school use.
Whore there are no auxiliaries , utict when
neither the parents nor the Sunday school
can afford to glvo each child a bible , the
American bible society , for the present , will
in such eases supply bibles at half price , but
the expense of transportation must bo borne
by these receiving tills favor.
Hov. A. Orr ICwing , who has spent the past
four years In missionary work in northern
China , delivered nn. address in San Fran
cisco recently on the progress of the
Christian work In that empire. A ver.y pa
thetic picture was drawn of the evil effects
of the opium habit on the Chinese , and nil
Christians wore urged to join In praying that
Great Britain \vould prevent the sale of In
dian opium to the Chinese. The spivad of
Christianity , though not rapid , was still
making headway , and a good beginning had
been made which should bo followed up by
vigorous work.
The matches that are made In heaven are
safety matches.
Members of Episcopalian churches have a
great deal of response ability.
Adam What kind of mi apple was that
you gave mo\ \ Eve An early fall.
When angels are entertained unawares the
entertainment Is nothing to brag of.
Charity may cover n multitude of sins , hut
women at a charity ball really need some
other covering.
Little Girl ( during a thunderstorm )
JIamma , do they have music In heaven }
Yes , my dear. Little Girl Well , I guess
Wagner must be leading the orchestra.
Aunt Theo Tommy ! I am surprised you
forget your bible so quickly 1 Now , when the
rain descended and smote the earth for forty
days , what was It billed ) Tommy ( promptly )
"I listened to your famous oratorio last
night , " said the president to his private sec
retary. "My oratorio 1" exclaimed Halford ,
mystified. "Certainly , the oratorio of Elijah.
Fine pleco too. "
Rev. Rounder I feel as if mysornions had
had great effect. The ballet has hardly a leg
loft to stand on. Parishioner Well , do.ctor ,
you want to get rid of that one. As long as
there's a leg left the ballet will nourish.
'Glad to see you , " said the tunnibil.
"Thank you for your kind reception , " re
turned the missionary. "I think wo shall get
on famously together. "I hope so , " observed
the cannibal. "Your predecessor disagreed
with me. "
Briggs What an eloquently sermon Mr.
Longwiml preached in favor of a belief In
future llfo. There can bo no doubt that ho is
11 rin believer In an eternity , liragg.n Yes ;
ho thinks that when eternity begins ho will
have a chance to preach as long a sermon us
he likes.
"Awnko ! arise ! " the parson said ,
In thunderous , rolling tones.
"Which startled from his slumbers deep
The pious Deacon Jones.
"All right , all right , my dear Mariar , "
Said bo between his snores.
"I'll bo down direct to build ( ho lire
And do the mornln1 cliorcs. "
Kew York Herald.
"Ha , ha , " cried Oftlccr Mulhollan , exultingly -
ingly , rushing upon four unsuspecting tramps ,
who were bathing tholr tired limbs In n
nark pond. "Bgomw , Ol've got ycz follys. at
lasht , in shwlminln' on Sunday. Klin on wld
yezl" "My good man , " said one of the
tramps , "havo you no respect for the
church that you act sal" The churchl
Fwhat's thot to do wid tholoikcs o'yezl"
"A great deal , " replied the tramp , piously
folding his hands. "This Is n baptism , and
the minister bas just stepped up to the near
est farm house to borrow a prayer book. "
Where All are DlnlioiiCHt.
A coiTespondont'writlng from Siberia
Buys : "Living is , absurdly dear in this
country. Everything IB IIvo or six times
dearer than in Russia. Tlio people uro
wicked nnd depraved , given to gossiping ,
slandering , spyingand , secret denuncia
tions ) . Everything .which is good nnd
honest is mercilessly persecuted , nnd
buBonens Is triumphant. In order to live
in tlio wny in wliich-I have been accus
tomed in lUissiii 1 bhould require 3,000
rubles per annum , but my salary is only
"A wretched apartment costs COO to
700 rubles. The servants nro nil bad
characters anil thieves. They are pron-
ernlly lodged in a building dotaohcd
from the house occupied by the master ,
otherwise ono would risk bolng plun
dered or murdered.
"Wo go to bed nt 0 o'clock In the
evening , nnd nftor 10 nobody dnros to ( jo
out without iv revolver. The Government
ollleos nro in tlio samedisnonrtonlnff
condition. Every ofileijil , whatever his
powers may bo , Ill-treats his subordi
nates , interferes with tholr private
affairs nnd inlltcts ovary humiliation nn
them. The small oIllclalH who receive
ilivily wages are recruited from criminals
awaiting judgment or already con
demned , They arc nil thieves nnd
drunkards. The high cost of Hvlnp and
the Inadequate mlarlos make it almost
Impossible to find uu honest mail ho re. "
fMH ? IV 1) \ fl ? ArMlYWP TlHr
Marcus Major Trying to Reach lam from
Trisco in Fifteen Elys.
Jlo "Was Delayed In Omahn , "Wliluh
IMiulo Illiu Very .AiiKry , Hut llo
to AVI n JliHt
the Same.
Marcus Mayer , chief lieutenant to tlio
famous theatrical nuiingcr , Henry E. Abby ,
pisseil , through Omnhu Thursday ovcnlng
la t cnrouto from Satx Francisco to New
York with the London Gaiety company ,
The outfit had four cars-two bagtfagOi ono
ciniKMiit sleeper anil a I'ullniau. The Union
i'acillc brought them from O'ilcnon ( Its fast
mail train nt tlio rate of forty miles nn hour.
It win expected by Mayor that upon their
arrival hero they would ho attached to the
Burlington flyer , which leaves nt 4:15 , nuil
go on through to Chicago nt lightning
speed. Hut Iho flyer failed to wait nnd
consequently when Mayer learned that ho
must stay In Omaha nearly two hours and po
ou tlio slow 0 o'clock train he fjreiv very
angry , ami It h said , turned the transfer ile-
pot into nscenoof pandlinonluni , lAirthcr-
morc , none of the Burlington olllcLils had
considered It imperative upon they part to
show him any personal attention , and this
Insult helped to fan his rage into a. hotter
heat , Marcus is racing against tine on a
hot to ho la Paris on the iidth , consequently
the tons of tiino on tiecount of
Inattention from n railroad inhl-
way between the two oceans ng-
gravaUid the Impetuous Kcntlcmnn beyond
thu llmitof his osi'ltaUo patience. Having
four cars , ho wanted the Burlington to run
him a through special , but there was nobody
la sl'ht ( for liim to talk with having author
ity to malco such arrangements. As u consequence
quence ho was compelled to lay at tlio trans
fer until the regular train vent out.
IiiortUT to win the bet referred to , Marcus
must sail from Now Vorlc tlio Ititb , This is
the way the wiger canio about :
Six weeks ugo Jim Williamson , who used
to ho the juvenile comi'dlaii ' of AVallacit's just
after the war , and Is now the principal niaii-
ii cr of Australia , with a bank account of at
least half a million , sat in a San ITranchco
elub room with Mayer , Their talk ran upon
their plans for the summer just on them.
"I can't leave ' 'Frisco , " quoth Marcus ,
"until .luly 'J , but I expect to lo in Paris on
July 'J4.1 '
"That's rather a bold expectation on your
part , " said Williamson. "I know things
have chaiiKod a Kood deal since my day , hut
I can't s\vallo\v \ tlut. From 'ITrisco to Paris
in llftocu days 1 No , rfr ; you'll never dolt. "
JIaycr rubbed his moustache with his lin
ger and thumb , his usual expression of con-
"I'll uot you anything you like , " ho said ,
"that 1 do ft. "
Outsiders , hearing the debate , \vcro drawn
into it , and when the wager was registered
and mutually accepted all around , it took this
shape :
Williamson nnd twenty-three friends
many of them theatrical celebrities nnd nil of
them amply able to redeem their obligations
were to take a fortnight's law of Mayer.
Only July JJi , precisely at 5 o'clock p. m. , the
twenty-four Kiuncstcrtr are to bo in a private
room at thoUafoAiiylalsoln Paris , awaiting
dinner , the service of which is to bOKln at
5:110. : The cost of the dinner is to bo at the
rate of 150 francs a cover , and there are to bo
twenty-live covers , ono held In reserve for
Way or.
Uotuecn 5 and 5 : . ' 10 Aluyer Is to appear at
the Cafe Anglais nnd take the place reserved
for him. Should ho do this "Williamson must
pay for tlmt particular dinner , and on follow-
ins days the twenty-three other bettors must
each in turn foot an equivalent bill. Thut is
to say , if Naycr reaches the Cafe Anglais in
time Williamsonimdhis twenty-three brother
skeptics -will have to provide , one after an
other , twenty-four dinners for twenty-four
diners , nt a cost for each dinner of } 7-0.
On the other hand , If Marcus should fall to
inakohls entrance into the Cafe AiiRlals be
tween 5 and 5 : 'IO p. m. on July 21 ho will have
to give twenty-four dinners to twenty-four
people nt an aKcrcgato tiost of $720x24 , which ,
ns everybody luiows , will ho $17,280.
Although it was nut so stipulated in the
protocol , ilayer has declared his intention to
rely absolutely upon ordinary modes of
travel , and not employ special trains or bouts
or any other extraordinary device.
By general consent his movements are to
bo kept secret , and until ho shall have arrived
In Paris nobody will know the precise mo-
meiitof his departure from San l < Vinchco , , or
the inimoof the steamer on which ho will sail
from Nnw York.
Some of the party arc already quartered In
Paris , and a largo number of Americans ,
actors and business men , aware of the bet.
will undoubtedly swell Mayer's triumph If
ho maka' his connections all right. Nat
Gopdwiu , Donnelly and Qirnrd and other the
atrical people hit otm , if they can discover1 the
place of Ids arrival in Paris , to whoop him
along in a four-in-hand to thu Cafe Anglais ,
nnd celebrate his victory with a special Jolli
fication of their own.
A good deal of money will change hands
on the event , the friends of the audacious
cosmopolitan being willing to give long
The hero of the venture h a good looking
young man of about thlity-elght , of the middle
nelL'ht , well developed , a need dresser , arid a
genial companion. Ho has a keen aquiline
face with UufjliluFC dark eyes , and a
chin suggestive of indomitable resolution.
His father is an iinmcnselvvcnltiiv man and
onoof the ofllccrsof the Alaska seal company ,
under the ii is of which Marcus was for a
little while pun-ailed upon to remain. But
having a will of his own as well a * : i nrlvato
and personal fortune , ho soon turned bis baolc
upon Bearing's se.i and Its furry Inmates , and
took to theatrical management as naturally as
a full grown seal takes to deep water ,
Associating himself with Mr , Henry E.
Abbey , Marcus had charge at various times
of the professional tours of Adellna I .itti ,
Cliristluo NlUson , Sarah Bornhardt , Jlrs.
Langtvy , Mary Anderson , Ellen Terry ,
Hcnrv Irving and Josef IIolTmiin. Ko much
traveling had ho to do at the shortest con
ceivable notice that ho grow to bo a living ;
time table of the ontlro American railroad
svstem , andean at this day tell vou the precise -
ciso second the express leaves Kalamazoo for
Oshltosh as easily as ho can spot the steamer
which L > duo at Vera Cruz on tno 21st of. next
Learning , as bo docs , ovcry spoken language
with lightning rapidity , his intimates when
themselves abroad are not n particle sur
prised to hear him chattering French in
Cairo n few weeks after they know him to bo
delivering ; speeches of tlmnlcs to Brazilian
students in the purest Portuguese.
Mine , Ptitti declares that Marcus is her
ideal of a cosmopolite , nnd Henry Irving
vows that If ho were dropped out of a balloon
cur la the smallest town In Thibet ,
Miycr would at once recognize an
old friend in the head man and
Mow by instinct where to get the
Ijcst dinner for the most money. For it U ono
of Marcus1 accomplishments that ho can
order an expensive breakfast In nny extant
tongue as well as puy for it afterward with
out deigning to look ut tno bill ,
Such is his unfailing good naturothatho Is
willing to glvo the most tremendous odds tea
a friend , while such Is his luck that ho never
loses a bet , But tlio latest exploit of this
polyglot nomad , erst of San Francisco and
now of the universe at large , easily places
him atthohcadof American camcstcra when
one considers the character of his wager and
Its dimensions , _
A Volatile He port.
"For disordered menstuntlon , nnarmla
nnd sterility , it may properly bo termed a
specific. "
Extract Iron Dr.V. . P. Mason's report on
the waters of Excelsior Springs Missouri.
Tin ;
of Princely Dirt.
Anronos of tlio incotinjf between the
queen and tlio Empress Frederick nt
Darmstadt , I am reminded of the follow
ing story , wlilohls elmrnctorlsUc of her
mujortty'tf oldest daughter's notions and
practice of discipline , sayn a writer In
the London Figaro. Prince Homy , the
brother of the present emperor , hiul
when a smnll boy tlio greatest objection
to his dully bath , und the nursery lo-
cuino every morning thoEConool u vigor
Otis nml fearful struggle on hla part
ngaimt tubbing. His mother IHetl in
vnln to pcnundo him tint bathsworoln-
ovltaMo jind that ho must submit to
tliom , but she finally gnvo tlio nurse or
ders ono morning to lot him liavohisown
way. Prince lluiu-y , confident that ho
had gained a romnrkublo vlctorv , wus
exultant , nnd when ho sot out for his
morning valk took no mlns to conceal
his triumph. Uo Indulged In sundry
taunting remarks to his attendants , but
on returning homo ho was mirm-lsou1 to
notice that the bonllnolnt tlio gate did
not jirusont arms an ho passed. On
reaching the mlace ho found n second
bcntinol equally remiss , ami , knowing as
won as any of hit * piindilioim nu-o what
wist duo his rank , the little follow wulkod
up to the man and asked sovorolv : "Do
you Imow who I aiiiV" "Yes. llohelt , "
Mia the sentinel , utaiuUn motionless.
" \Vlio am IP "Princo Ileinrlch. "
"Why don't you salute then ? " "Bo-
musowoilo not present arras to an un
washed prince , " replied thcsontlnol , who
had received his order * from the pi-Info's
mother. The little fellow salil not a
word , hut walked on , bravely winking
hack the two big tears ) which Illluii his
eyes , Next morning , however , ho took
his hath with perfect docility , and wjis
never known lo complain of It again ,
Jli-s , Tom I litt , Tal1(4 of Strs. lllniiio
and ! \Ir > t. lliu-t-lsoiii
"Do tlio woniomvhogo \Vashinpton
finely ] ) olltics'i" ' asked a roiiortor oi the
ivifoof Doss 1'lattof NowVork.
"ICot to any notlcuablo ex tout. Amer
ican women ha vc not the Piiiiio intoro t
In the ulfalrsof statotbatdistinyulHhes
Iho Kngllsh or Russian lady. In thoM
countries society tincl iiolitfus jiro united ,
HUM they are distinctly separated.
The woman who It rocogni/.od us anablu
politician docs nut bolonglo tlio fashion
able class , whllo the woman \vlio has a
social position shows an indifference to
politics amounting to aversion.
' Why this Is so f don't know. Oiu-
women nro very bright , and every now-
corner from school or college suvpasMCa
thopi'ovlouHfjrjiduato. They should bo
able to ninke good politicians In u
woman's way , I mean but tlio interest
Is ladcim , ' . This is too bid : , for tlio sub
ject is admirably adapted to quiolten the
\vitancloxoroisotho reasoniiir | fnculties
of a woman , and it is so much better
than gossip , "
"Is .Mrs. Harrison much of a politi
cian ? "
"I hurdly know , for T have
seen her only on formal oecasioiw.
She is very domestic , dovotcd to
her husband , andvhat interests
him I think would naturally claim her
attention. Mrs. JIuKco is n sweet ,
pretty little woman , and like all young
mothers , wrapped up in her beautiful
babies. "
" \Vns Mrs. Cleveland political ! In
clined ? "
"I never mot hor. She went from col-
lese totho capital , you know , and would
hardly bo expected to know much about
allaii'sof government. "
"Mrs. Lojan ? Yes ; but she divides
her altqntion botvcoii the army niul
navy. "
"AIiii. Scerotary lllaino is perhaps the gifted of any lady In Washington.
Sim is a woman of great intellectual
strength , calm judgment nnd intense
pride ; her mind is masculine in Its
grasi ) . She is a brilliant conversation
alist , and must bo a great liolp to her
husband. Naturally retiring in disposi
tion , and superior to the more caprices
of society , she has by nuiolly maintain
ing her dignity allowed herself to bo
misunderstood , Society lias not appre
ciated her for tlio reason that it lias
iioverboen able to roiioh her mental
height. No ono who has o\cr known
Mrs. Blalno could foil to recoeiitee her
superior worth and ability.
"Whom do you consider Iho most bril
liant woman of theadminislrationV"
"Intellectually , Mrs. Blalno. Socially ,
Mrs. Merion , who has all the polish ,
Avit , beauty and finesse of the women
who made the Prenohsalon Immortal.
Jester : Walter nooking In on noisyrard
party In hotel bcdroom-I'vo been sent to
ask .vou to nml < o less noise , Bcatlemoii. The
gentleman in Iho next room says lie can't
read. Host Tell him ho ought to bo iislMincil
of himself. "Wliy , I could read when I was
five years old.
Drink Excelsior Spring ) Missouri waters
The I'lustercrH.
At n regular meotiiiK of tlio Plasterers
union ol Omahn Friday evening the following
olllccrsvcro elected : Edward Moiialian ,
president ; J. AVtirner. vlco president ; .Tolm
Nlitchen , financial secretary ; N. ( Jarit ,
recording secretary ; James \velcli , tiler.
Tlio Stiitcn Island carpenters , -who vent on
a strike far thoei ht-hoiir day , returned to
work lust Tuesday , after liavlnit si nc'd aa
agreement which holds uooil until Way 1 ,
181)1 ) , that they will work nine hours per day
and a half day on Saturday.
Ledgers , Day Books ,
Cheap Counter Books ,
Order Books , Pass Books.
KN'tillAVISUB AX1 > I'llIN'riSllS ,
11JI South 101 Ii Street.
Drs. 'Merrill & Merrill
Chronlt , NorfoiiH , IllooUnnil SurKlcM dlitn o % nnd
dlseuaeiof the Ky , Bar , None , Tlircil ana Uh t.
Special Att-ntlon to DUanvca of Wo
man and Clilltirnii.
Tlio iloctorilmvelmd ; eun of cipnrlcnce In tlio
lifiMiltili of llrookl/ii nml Now Vork , anOnro nuoiu
the moil Kiucesstiifumlwlilol ; known B | > cclullit > IB
thl country ,
To V'oiiiiK1 ntul Mlc1illc-/V / ( Ol ( Men.
Jxjut Mnntioocl. Norvoun DcMlltj , Hptrmntorrhu )
Eenilral Ixiiiut. I'liynlcil Dear , nrlilnw from India
crotlon , p oilucliitnlcuiilcdmrii , denioiiilencT , plm
tics on the ( Jce , morxlon to uclc > ty , unelldlicuur
tiiod , lack oconttJciicefclullunltorHlulr ( ( orliual
ness.anJ tlnl llfta b\jnleniareypernitnoiillraud ) ,
ipocdily cured.
lllooil mill Slc'n DlntnHox.
Byi > MII , a dlefaio moat dreadful In Ita rtiulti
cuiuiilelnly cmcllate.l.
Oororrlur , ( ilctl , Hrpbtlla , Hydrocule , Vurlrocoli
did Hlrlctuio rniJlcnllr unit infeli cured vlthou
fain or detention ( com biiilrien. All Hoiiiol Dafur-
mltloiand ImpodlinoiitiUi imrrlm ) Kuaeimfullr re
AllllcctulDUoiios mfuly ind pcrmunently cured.
Hours ti a.m. . 1IIIH nn > . Himdiiri , IUIIII II.
N. II. I'tTiona uimblo to vlilt inruny liu treitnd l
Iholr hoinoiby rurruainndonce , Jloillrliion nij In-
Itrurllurm lent bjiexiitcm. Coimultutlun fret ,
Bond 4 comi Initnmi'i ' to Iniuruirply ,
218 Klttecutli HU , OSMIUUIIO Boyd'a
Opera Jlouio , Omixln , IS > 1 .
Physicians , Surgeons and
OMAHA , M- :
Thomostwidely ami fiivnrulilv loinwiinuoo *
InllHtslu Iho Unltoil .
States. Tliolr lonir ux
IIITUMICO , iriimrlitilili'sUtll uiid universal NUO-
I'oss ' In tlif tiTiitiiunt nnd euro ol Norton * ,
t'lironc , ami SurKlcnl DVusri , cnlltlolheMJ
eminent , iilivsli'liins lo lln > full otmflcU'iiuo v !
tlio ullllutt'il ovcry whore. They Ktui-iinleo :
tlio at fill elfooHof v rl VVlcoillKl Iliu
OHM otlls linn , followIii ititrnln ,
1'UH'ATIC , 111.001) ) y\M ) yidNIILS
spi'oillly. rum plot < > lv iii'tl pornian-'iitlv enroll ,
OIUJKKS yli'lcl icadliy tothulr skillful treat-
I'll-KS , riPTllLAAXI ) KKl'TAI , U1.PKUS
ciiurnntiM'd ouri'iltltliuut | iiiln ordctcntlun
from liiiHliii' s.
nt'HtU'mid Hticcosxtullv iMiroil InI'voivi ii > c ,
SVl'llll/IH. ' ( iONOUUlllIA , ( ! lKi'r. : Spi-r-
nititiirrhon , Soinlnit \Vcnkncs 1 \ * , I.ovt.AIiinliooil ,
NlKht KinNsloim , DiTiiytil l-'ncii 11IOH , I'l'inuli ' )
\Voiiknos8iiiilnil \ ilollL-nlu illiDt-tlcri im'iillnr
Id elllior MIX iiiisltlu'ly ourt'il ' , us tvulliiH nil
f u I id lo 11 itl ill sortl tM'8 tfiiit t-C8illt. fioni jouth *
( ill folllosur tlivo.xci-Hs ii ( iiiiitnroyouii ,
'P RIPTIT Kl' Uiiiiriintcoil iioriniiiiiiii t. ly
o i. IMV IO I\N onrecl , I't'iimval ooiiiiileli1.
\vltliout \ oiittliii , ' , ouiistlonr ( llliitnlliii. Curi.i
alVudud nt liuinu liy iintluut without u mo-
nient's ] > nln or annoyaiia' .
weakness , ilrst r.iylnit holh lulml and
, wllli all Its ilruiulud ills , po
TIPTT Address tlioso fllO luvo Im-
1)1 ) L Id palroil thraixolvi-s hy im-
ire | < cr IiiilulKCiicu nnd Milltnry luliltn , whlcli
iiinliot liiiilnil anil hoily , iiiiflt tliifr tln'in fur
) iisln ! Si , utiulr or nuil riiiKo.
MAKKIKl ) URN or tliuxn ontcrlnnon
iiitiiiy life , ituiirouphj ( sloalilul llityiii | lolly
s Uised upon fuels , Klrst Practical e.\i > l-
incc. Hi'CHiicl-Kvj'ry cji o iHkpuohlly lu Ilnl ,
Inn st.'irtlnp rlKlit. ThlnlMoillelnus urn
irepiretl In our lalioratory o.Mii'tly to suit
oaocaw , th us o fleet I tig \vlllioutlnj\iry. .
Drs. Bctts & Betts ,
Jas , Morton & Son
1511 Dodge St ,
Wm. T. Wood Go's
Ice Tools ,
Frescott sliding Door
Washburn & Moen
Mnfg. Go's'Wire
Yale & Twne ( Mnfg1 ,
Co/s / Fine Locks.
11101'n run in Slrocl , - Oiiiiilin.Vel >
JencrU anilNKSVOOB BlLlX ?
w kBc ncf B&iyoijdHlncl , Etfeoti
liobottt JkoblA fl A SHOO DfrtllT Htttnrut , lion In rulirr * Anl
b l | tlr t r lk | , MOIt THUrHmT-II,3l. Ii. On
llv * Dftoh. 1 tiplatnUaQ AD ! proo
cms frigoic/vt. / co. .
V/EEK. /
Agents Wanted !
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