Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 12, 1890, Page 4, Image 4

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    TMJif OMAHA * JDAlLV BEE , SATCTRDAY ; JULY 12 , " 189ft"
! Dally nwl Hiiii'lay , One Ycur. . 110 n > r
HU months . , . . Ti no
Tliroeinniitii" , . . . . - , . . . . . . SCO
Hunilny llri'.OnuVonr. . ' . . 2 W
WtuUly lieu , Ono Year . . . . . . 123
Onmlm. Tlip l > o Ilutlitltic.
H.Ornnlin.CornnrN nn(13Hth Btrr-ot < Ji
Council llltilTs. 12 1'entJ Htrcl. .
I'liluueiiOnin * . ni * Uliuiitbern ! Cnnunirco.
Ni'wYoik.Iloomsin , Hand UTrlbiinoHutldlngi
ii. M.'l rmirtcuntlt strrot.
AM communications roli'tlns to news nnd
ri1lloriil ! matter should lo uilun.'Med to tlio
Editorial ikpiirtriiciit.
All liiisliu'- httPrnn < l rprnlltnncM should
lie nililiwtHf to Tint 1 1 co I'niilNiliiiiCoiiipiitiy ,
Domini. Oriftt. checks tind iirwtotnVo orileri
to IIP nmilti payable tutl.u order oflnoCom-
The Dec Publishing Company , Proprietors ,
Tlio llooiridjnjr. 1'iminmjiiitl Sevnntc-ciitliSti _ _
fctnlt'of N'olirnskri. ) _ . ,
County of Douglas. I '
Oforci' II. T/whilck , secretary of Tlio Kr > n
J'uMlMiltiK Company , ( lees enlornnly swear
Hint tlio jirliml circulation of TIIK luir.r HUB
for tlio week ending July 5 , IBM , was ni fol-
lovn :
Kiimlny. . Minn 20 . Irt-Sffl
Mnnilny , , Iiinon < l . 8l.iS.i
Tiiriiliiy , July 1 . 10.2 !
AV Mlnr ( lay. July 2 . : . . . .ri.SMI
TlnirMilav..iuIyA . 10-in
1'rlilny. , lnlv4 . in.T-i'i
Hutu rilav. July 5 . . . .13. IO
Average . 2 < VM
Sworn to h'/nrc / mn and sulxcrllicd In my
rtrn'iiro this Btli ( lay of July. A. 1) . . ISM.
ISciil.l N. 1' . I'iiu : Notary 1'ubllo.
Etiitrof NVbr.iPka , I , .
Cotintv of liiP. f1 '
Ocori < II. TzMcliuuk. Ix'lnc dulyiwnrn. flo-
pOHfH mid sriVH tliat lie In seeri'tary of Tlio IK-o
l'ulilsliln ; ( Oinpany , dial ttio actual avvraun
dally clii-itlntloti of TIIK DAII.V HIK : for tlit-
month of July. lKf. ! , KVnHfoplrM for Aliens ! .
ISMI. I'.r.ll eo | > lcs ; for f-Viiti'mbor. IS * ! ) , 18.7IU
rnplirt ) f < rOi'tnlor , I80. KWroples ; for No-
M'liilier , lr-M > . Ill.IHO roplc.t ; for Doccinhrr , 1S ! ) ,
SO.o-IH copies ) for Jnniiniy. iK < n. ! ! > . . ' . " > copies ;
fur Kclinmry.lftx ) , Il,7fil ( coplcsi for .Murcli.lWn ,
I.'o.HI.'i.roiilfK ! for April. Km. i.W4 coplos ) for
May , le'JO , 1M.1SO copies ; for June- 1 K ) , B3 , : l
Cllph'H. ( tr.OIKIK 11. T/.SCIIIJCK.
Sworn to bpforn mo ntul Hiih-crlbud In my
jirosoin'o this find dny of July. A. 1) ) . Ift'.tf ) ,
[ Scnl. ] N. 1' . I'mi * Notary Public.
OWINO to tin unexpected pressure
upon our columns it linn Leon necessary
to defer the publication of Chairman
Dk'klo's closing argument. It la now in
typo niul will positively iipuunr in THE
WITH Wyoming safely in the union ,
nnothor howl from the provincial cast
may bo expected nil nlony the Atlantic
TUB board of public health might
profitably extend its rules and regula
tions to the medical quackw and impos
tors operating in the city.
Tun practice of jumping on moving
motor trains promised to oiTect Its own
cure. The resulting accidents area pain
ful protest against a habit that is useful
only in swelling the demand for crutches.
TIIK double-decked contemporary still
insists that the Missouri river shall bo
opened for navigation. A line of Hying
machines should also bo put in operation
between Vancouver's island and the
Gulf of Mexico.
Mu. GKOitoic T ) . PKUKINS , proprietor
of the Sioux City Journal , liiw boon
nominated for congress from' the
Eleventh Iowa district. 1C elected it
will spoil a good editor to iiiuke a com-
jiionplnep. congressman.
THE republican alliance farmers in
Adams county don't propose to allow ox-
County Judge Mcltoighnn to dictate to
them , and threaten to shako the alliance
ii and go into the republican primaries.
This is the Honsiblo thing to do.
Tins fiscal report of the financial con
dition of Canada shows u surplus of
eight million dollars , de pito the whole
sale peculations of olllctuls during the
year. A surplus is a rarity in Canada
and few governments in the world need
it more.
THE local medical society has at last
realized the necessity of enforcing the
medical laws of the state. It is time to
put a atop to the impostors preying upon
the public. As a mutter of professional
Bocurlty , regular practitioners should
not only comply with the law themselves
but endeavor to secure bettor laws foi
the protection of the profession and the
public. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
"IF Urontuh carries Douglas county in
spite of whiaky boodln , " oxulaima a pa
of the pretender. While the words were
being { HJiincil Broatch and his tool
were Hcourlng the saloons , dispensing
Tammany boodle over the bars and pur
chasing favor with cold cash. The
knaves actually Imagine that the people
Href too blind to &oo their trickery anc
hypocrisy , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
IlAlMlOAn movements in northeastern
Nebraska foreshadow nn early closing
of the gaps in that section. The octiv
ity of now lines leaves no doubt of their
ability to curry out their plans , thus
forcing the older corporations to
strengthen their defences. Improve
inonts and extensions urged by the
people and refused are coming to a hoac
by force of competition. What public
pressure failed to secure rivalry prom
to accomplish.
TIIK attempt of a sensational Wash
ington paper to Implicate Judge GrolT in
a land grabbing scheme will prove t
bopmurang. Judge Groff .Is a man o
unhanding Integrity. His reputation i
stainless. As land commissioner ho ha
stood between tlio settlers and the public
plunderers. Ho has Introduced honest
business methods in his otllco , and any
of the feeble attempts to couple his
name with crookedness will fall Hat
In all the departments In Washington
there Id not a man who batter under
stands his duty or who will moro four
lossly do his duty than Commissioner
A. GrolT.
TIIK county board of equalization has
concluded its labors and adjourned.
Tlio increase in the assessed valuation of
all property over last year amounts to
one hundred and slxty-nlno thousand
dollars , or a total assessed valuation oi
twontj-'llvo millions ono hundred and
sevuiuy-nlno thousand dollars. This
sum represents scarcely ono tenth of the
actual valuation of Douglas county
property , and forcefully points out the
necessity of a radical chaugo in our reve
nue laws. A n honest valuation is impos
sible under the existing srstorn.
A decision of the question regarding
the authority of the interstate commerce
commission to order a reduction of
transportation rates will boawnllcd with
great Interest The report of the com-
nlsalon sent to the semite in the early
mrtof last month , regarding rates on
oed products between the west and the
irlnulpal distribution centers of the east ,
, ho public has boon made familiar
with. The commission expressed the
opinion that any rate or greater
. imrgo from the Missouri liver
.him seventeen cents to Chicago and
twelve cents to the Mississippi , cast side ,
was excessive , and that the rates should
bp so reduced and adjusted , and that a
reduction of two cents should bo made
from aH stations west of the Missouri
river In Nebraska and Kansas. This re
port was followed up by a notice from
.ho commission to a largo number of
railroad companies" its purpose to
nako an order huxcd on its findings , and
olTcrlng the companies an opportunity
to be heard and to present reasons why
such an order should not bo made. The
icaritig of the arguments was begun on
the eighth instant.
Mr. A. R "Walkor , formerly a incin-
jcr of the national commission , and now
chairman of that almost forgotten organ
ization , the InloHtato Commerce Hall
way association , appeared us the ropro-
jonhitlvoof seine twenty-live railroad
companies and &ubmitted an elaborate
printed response , in the nature of an ar
gument , as a reply to the notice issued
jy the commission. This contained a
motion to dismiss the pending proceed
ings for want of jurisdiction. It
was urged that if the conclusions
of the commission were carried into
ollcct the results would very largely re
duce tha earnings of railroad companies
engaged in the transportation of grain.
Taken together , the argument of Mr.
Walker declared the result would bo
simply enormous , and it was held that
tlio proposed order in every part relates
to the rights of cltl/.ens. "It should bo
unnecessary to call attention to the fact , "
siyH : the argument of Mr. Walker , "that
under our constitution no citi/.on can bo
deprived of property without duo process
of law. " Regarding the status of the
commission , Mr. Willkor contended thai
It is somewhat anomalous and uncertain.
Many of its acts are quasi judicial , al
though in some respects the nature of Us
functions is purely administrative. lie
held that no order should bo made by
the commission upon the present record
for the reason that a proceeding in
tended to result in the announcement of
an order by the commission must bo
based , on its inception , either upon a
complaint instituted by seine
known and reputable person , or
upon a determination of the
commission itself to investigate the matter -
tor in question , and that the curriers in
terested must bo distinctly apprised of
the complaint in advance of the investi
gation and notilicd to miiko answer and
bo heard thereon.
A similar line of argument , demurring
to the jurribdiction of the commission in
the present proceedings , was submitted
by other attorneys for the railroads. The
other bide was presented by several at
torneys , among them G. M. Lumbortson ,
esq. , of Nebraska , who appeared at the
request of Governor Thaycr and en be
half of the Fanners' Alliance of this
stale. The argument of Mr.'Lambert-
son is paid to have made ho strong and
favorable an impression that ho was re
quested to have it printed- for distribu
tion. We have heretofore spoken of the
importance of the issue thus made re
garding the jurisdiction of the inter
state commerce commission , but it is to
bo observed that the position of the
railroads , so far as they are
represented in the argument ol
Mr. Walker , is not so extreme
as was threat oned when it was first pro
posed to demur to tho'jurisdiction of the
commission. The impression then con
voyed was that it was the intention to
deny the authority of the commission
under any circumstances to order a re
duction of rates. The decision of the
question now under consideration , al
though it refers only to the present pro
ceedings , will doubtless determine the
full Bcopo of the authority of the com
mission to regulate transportation rates
and the conditions under which it may
The joint resolution introduced in the
United States senate by Mr. Teller
looking to an International conference
to adopt a common ratio between goli
and silver for the purpose of establish
ing the international use of bimetallic
money and securing n llxlty of relative
value between those metals , follows ap
propriately the action of the senate in
passing the conference silver bill. It Is
moro than probable that the proposed
resolution will bo adopted by congress ,
as it is not apparent that any good rea
sons exist for opposition to it. It is well
Intended , whatever may bo thought o ]
the chances of It nceompllshlngany prac
tical result. It is doubtless proper that
a movement for the purpo- eonlorn-
plated in the resolution should originate
with this country. At any rate it ia uot
likely to start with any other.
{ Ixporionco with International coafor-
oiR'cs for the purpose of adopting a
common ratio between gold and
silver and establishing blmot-
ullsm does not encourage
the hope that anything practical will
come of another olTort In this direction.
Saventl such conferences have been hold
none of which did anything to advance
the cause of blmotallsm. The llrst of
those , convened in Paris in 1807 , recom-
me'nded the establishment of the single
btandnrd of gold , with silver as a sub
sidiary minor coin. The conferences ol
1873 and 18S1 were bomowhnt loss un-
fuvorablo to the cause of silver. Thob
ou'oct was to bring to the attantloa of
the European nations that had partially
demonetized silver the fact thut it was
for their interest to join us in nn attempt
to ro-ostnbUsli the legal'equality of the
metals. It the pjoplo in ouoh nation ol
Europe hud b3on alive to thalr own In
terests the whole matter would have
boon settled within a short tlmo after
187H. But neither of the two leading
nations , England and Garmany , was
then ready to do her share. The con
ference of 1878 operated , however , to
call a halt la Germany's demonetization
and the Gorman government , having
refused our invitation in 1878 ,
uont delegates to Paris in 1881. She , ns
well as Kngland , was then BUfllclently
alive to the situation to offer substantial
aid in the work-of joint interest. Un-
ucstlonnbly the work of education has
ilnco proceeded bravely in Eng-
and and Germany. The report two
years ngo of the British royal com-
nisslon on gold and silver showed that
mbllc opinion was was growing steadily
nero favorable to sliver. Tlio silver
ncn have now n hundred votes in the
louse of commons , a small minority , it
s true , but still n largo gain over a few
cars ngo , two members of the cabinet
ire arrayed on tliolr side , and the rising
onclors of economic thought In England
ustaln their cause. In other European
tales the interest in sliver is maln-
These facts are certainly not without
ncourngemont , but they are the result
f years of agitation , and they sug
gest that it requires u prolonged
ffort to induce nations to adopt
a new monetary policy. Still
ho situation Is undoubtedly clearer and
nero promising than nt any previous
imo in the hint dozen years , and our
low silver policy may have a very great
nlluonco in stimulating the growth of
mbllc opinion in Europe in favor of
lilvor. At any rate the uroposal of an
ntornational conference for tlio purpose
ndicatcd in the senate resolution up-
> oars timely and there is at least a posl-
jllity that it may have benulleial re
sults ,
BROATCH displays a remarkable
amount of nerve in declaring that ho is
not a vote eorrunlor , in face of the fact
hat his pals , noting under his instrue-
Ions , have distributed boodle among the
warding houses of every ward. Kolls
of from ten to ono hundred dollars have
jocn scattered with a lavish handtho only
restriction being that every vote shall
> o secured regardless of expense. "What
arrant hypocrisy to Haunt in the face ol
the people of Omaha , who are thor
oughly familiar with the Janus-faced
[ H'ctonder.
Tun city as well as property owners
are to bo congratulated on the practical
disappearance of the wood pavement
crnxc. Experience is a costly teacher.
The miles 'of decaying blocks nv& the
strongest argument nguinst the folly of
reduced first cost. The best material ,
regardless of first cost , Is the cheapest in
the end. Property owners on streets to
bo paved are profiting by the mistakes
of their neighbors , and have , with prac
tical unanimity , petitioned for substan
tial material.
THE pot poodle of Billy Broatch responds
spends to the yank of the string with a
feeble howl , in which falsehood and pro
fanity are mixed in equal proportions.
Coining from the imnmculato mallsuck
shulller , the snnclimoniouH oil room and
ministerial fine worker , it servesto il
luminate the disinterested patriotism of
one whoso great aim in life is to plant
Dodlin granite with incidental statistics
where they will not the usual commis
There are strong symptoms of impending
disturbance In Eastern Europe , It appears
tlmt Kussln is preparing to semi her Bluck
Sea fleet into Turkish waters for the purpose
of enforcing her recent Ccmand for the im
mediate settlement cither In cash or in terri
tory of tlio 187" wur Indemnity , amounting to
over 5150,000 , which remains still due her l > y
the sublime porto. Moreover , the czar has
within the past thrco months presented five
batteries of Krupp guns and 100,000 repeatIng -
Ing rifles to Scrvla ; and finding that the Bel
grade regency was debarred by the state of
its finances from complying with Ills demand
for the call to arms of the national militia ,
ho persuaded the Ilosklcr sjndlcato to issue
n Servian loan of $10,000,000 iu its favor.
Mysterious munmuvers are also reported to
bo taking place on the lower Danube by the
largo flotilla of steamers belonging to the St.
Petersburg Gargarin navigation company ,
which , although founded ostensibly for com
mercial purposes , continues a dependency
of the imperial navy. Uor is it
possible to regard with indifference
the repo.rts of serious affrays and sanguinary
conflicts at ISrzcroum between the Armenian
and the Mu.tsclmnn inhabltunts. During the
last few yours moro than -10,000 Mahometans
from the Caucasus , who have served their
tlmo in the Uusslan army and therefore still
to the czar's forces have
belong reserve , set
tled around Erzcroum and in other portions
of Armenia near the Russian frontier. Being
followers of tlio prophet , it was impossible
for the sultan to exclude them from Ottoman
territory. These unwelcome guests have
been ongiijjed In frequent quarrels with the
agricultural Christian population among
whom tUoy dwell. The Turkish troops inva
riably take p.irt with their fellow-believers
against tlio Christians , and the result is thai
constant appeals are addressed by the
wretched Armenians to tlio great powers o
Europe for protection against Mussulman
cruelty and oppression. Kussla , which claims
a sort of spiritual protectorate over the Mil
tan's Christian subjects , is now threatening
once more to intervene la their behalf as she
did under similar circumstances in Hulguria
in the war of 1S77.
Wlillo the hicreaw In tlio strength of the
.Gorman nrmy is considerable , Us exact dls
tributlon ! b not of so much concern as Its
cft'ocl upon tha ( Inir.ccs of the country and
the n.illuiry establishments of other Kuropeai
nations. Sjfllco r to nay , therefore , tlmt the
war minister inlmJ lor a number of strategic
railways , seventy r.ow field Dnttorloj , mak-
lntr-131 German Latteries as against 100 foi
Franco amiWl forllussiu , ntid fornu Increase
intho polco : cuVctlvo of about 50,000 men
Hut oven with this Increase , according to
CJeucrul du Vornois , the Gorman peace effeo
tlvo will remnlniiX)31ess ( ) than that of France
while the combined war power of the trlpli
nlllunco will b. < In men lass than that of Kus
slu and Franco by about six hundred thou
sand. This augmentation of fjeruwn light
ing stroniftli will entail ua ailditipmil burden
of nt least ir OOJ.OOJ , which uiusC ho borne
by the i > coplo through lucrea&d taxatioi
rather than by any systoui of loans
But oven this Is not the worst o
the cuso. Not oven the minister of war
or the chancellor denies tbat next .ve.-u
and the your after , ami so on indefinitelyj the
peonla may 1)3 nV.c , ) , ! still furtlnr to paralyze
their industrial Ufa lu the endeavor to iiour-
ih the growing strength of the dragon of
militancy. Anil yet thin far tha sacrifice is
freely maJo , d as pi to the distress it causes
anionj the urtlsans and peasantry ; fortbo
ruUn ? classoj hjllevo with Von Moltko that
when the empire soatiu ut stake "tlio money
question biMomia . . - oondary oonsldoralloii ,
and every pocuulurjJcrlflco sojms Justltkvl
at the outset. " With Uorirunj thus con
centrating her wur power , Austria unJ Italy ,
her ullloj , find thojuclvcj forcoi to talto
Inillnr measures. How the poopls of these
hrco countrlm can endure additional bur
dens is nhvnyl a mystery. But It has already
been announced fit Vienna tlmt the govern
ment will propose an increase in the nrmy In
volving a cost'of between $ . " ,000,030 and $10-
000,000. Stgnor Orlspl of Italy Is too jealous
of his posltltm' In the drelbund , moreover ,
tot to strain his personal power , If neces
sary , to hold tlv > terrible pace , and before
ontf wo may cxptfct similar proposals from
lira. AVhero Is' tlio end of It all I is a ques
tion thqt growi inoro and moro pertinent
with each now .year.
On the lost dnrof Juno the government of
; ho Netherlands Introduced in parliament n
bill proposing general conscription , theologi
cal students and ecclesiastics nlono to bo
exempt from it , for eight yours for the army
and six yoara for the navy , to lie followed by
Ivo years in the landwehr. The nrmy war
rooting Is to bo thus raised to 11(5,000 ( men ;
that of the navy proportionately. In 1833 the
[ lopulatton of the Netherlands was less thnn
Tour million live hundred thousand , and It is
[ > robably not much larger than that at present.
This Includes , of course , men , women and
children , the psrfect nnd defective classes ,
and of the able bodied men 110,000 are to bo
forced into the nrmy on a war
Tootiiig. Other thousands are to
bo similarly forced into the navy.
How creat the proposed increase Is to bo is
shown by the present strength of the army on
a war footing. It consists of 00,012 infantry ,
J.OIO cavalry , 1,5 > 0 engineers , 13,010 artillery
nnd C00 [ mounted police , In all about 53,000
men , Including ofliccrs and special ser
vices. The proposed increase is over 100
percent. The great armaments of Hiisaln ,
France , Germany , Austria nnd Italy do not
so strongly suggest the terrible tyranny of
the existing political conditions of Europe ,
which permit the continuance of peace only
by a show of war , as does this example of a
little nation of much less than 5,000,000 souls ,
and that Is not actually involved with iU
great neighbors in International disputes ,
being compelled to maintain on a war fooling
nn army nearly four times ns largo as that of
tlio United States , with its population of 05-
000,000 and of practically unlimited wealth.
* *
The homo politics of Italy are peculiar just
now , nnd the overthrow of the present gov
ernment of Crixpl , or oven its continuance in
power , might hasten a rupture lu France.
' 1'ho prime minister Is in a quarrel with some
of his- former friends of the radical party ,
who lose no opportunity of taunting him with
having become the Bismarck of Italy , rather
than its Gladstone. He has a strong majority
in the house , but not In the semite , which not
long since voted against him on nn Important
question ; and in the new election which will
soon occur his friends may not ho able to
carry the country iu his support. The party
most likely to succeed against him , If any
does , will bo the extreme liberals , uniting
with conservatives who oppose the minister
on other-grounds ; nnd there are some Indica
tions , that In anticipation of this , Crispi may
retire from the ministry , which ho told the
house a few weeks ago was a ' 'post of mar
tyrdom quite as .much as of duty. " Crispi
has passed for au enemy of France , chiefly
because ho formed the triple alliance , but
ono of the radical leaders , in a recent oration
commemorating Benedetto Calroll , the last of
a family of brothers who mostly died lighting
for Italian liberty , used such language about
Tunis that the French expect to find tbat
party , if it comes into power , no more friendly
to Franco than Crispi has been. In fact ,
however , the internal condition of Franco ,
makes all experienced statesmen doslro peace
and greatly dread war. Italy , though mak
ing great progress since 18iO ( , has'still a largo
population In cxtrqmo poverty , and of late , in
some provinces , , Indlnpd to bo disorderly.
Since tlu > chief Justice of Samoa , under the
peculiar treaty made at Berlin , is to go as fur
toward becoming the dictator of tbat archipelago
pelage as a judicial ofllcer could well go , the
appointment of a Swede to the oftleo Is prob
ably o wise , step. Thoi treaty declared tbat if
the thrco signatory powers should fail to
agree in nominatinga chief justice , bo should
bo named by the king of Norway and
Sweden. Considering how much this func
tion has to do , It is not surprising that the
treaty alternative thus mentioned has b en
actually adopted. In case of dispute as to
who is kiug of Samoa ho Is to
decide ; In case of "any difference" be
tween the treaty powers ho is to be the
arbiter and to settle it ; ho is to recommend to
the Samoan government any law ho may
think proper for preserving order and collect
ing taxes outside the municipal district ; ho
decides all suits concerning real estate , all
civil 'suits of nny kind between natives nnd
foreigners , and various criminal suits. All
this nnd moro lie is to do for $ ' ) ,000 a year ,
payable the flrst year in equal shares by the
three signatory powers , and afterward from
the revenues set aside for the Samoan govern
ment. .Although bis salary is the first lien on
these revenues , yet to remove any lingering
doubt in the chief justice's mind the three
powers agree to share lu making upanydo-
llclency.Vo shall .soon see how this rather
novel device In governmental machinery will
work in Apia.
The motto of Dr. Nanson , who next year is
to take a Journey to the north polo , is "For
ward I To victory or dotitht" It is a most
appropriate motto for his enterprise , for if ho
( jets into the unknown area far north of the
New Siberian islands , ho must work out his
own salvation or perish. It Is quite certain
that no government or private enterprise
would imperil the lives of scores of men in
the forlorn hope of carrying succor to Kan-
sen's handful of followers if they nro swal
lowed up in the unknown realms of the ice
king. All the money Nansen needs has no\\
been provided , and if ho lives his little 170-
ton vessel will enter Bourinc Sea hi Juno
next year. Ho hopas to take his plunge into
the Ice north of the Now Siberian islands in
September , and then the currents will re
licvo him of all further responsibility as a
navigator. He mart , go where ho U taken.
The plausibility wltt which ho 1ms urged his
theory that the Icqllrlft will carry him across
the pole , and the fact that some Arctic experts -
ports think hU tucQvy Is reasonable , cxplali
the important fueUbat he has Induced a gov
ernment to supply'ijioit ' of tlio money ho
needs. This is somewhat ronrirkublo , us ex
peditions In scarcU pT the north polo have
not been at all popular of latu year * .
The Il-nt TJ Ji > t t < lVltli l < It.
.I/dine ijx/i ! < , /n'inrif. '
Speaking of th < 5 ; IcICinloy bill , the senate
seems to think thai the Cinlost way to currj
anything down stain is to throw It out of
tlio window. * ; _
fi ( _
h I'rolilliill mists.
Cltu Time * ,
There is little doubt that Ainoi Cummlngs
is not looking for 'thu Konsai prohibition
voto. His sli'irp vrUlclini of "tba prohibi
tion cranks" uttered lu the house was ua wel
deserved us It was thoroughly meant.
n Byniliollo SI '
A man niunod ( Jreou Clark , who lived near
St. Joseph , Mo. , was recently stun1 } by a lice
ntid die. ) within eight hour * . Thuio gentle
men In whoio bjnaiu tuu pnuldunthil Iwo Is
laming ought to take warning by Mr , Clark's
aaJ fate ,
II ill-tin.
there will bj no profession or trailo
loft as u proud man's yory own. Women
lave successfully maitered forming , doctor-
ng , the Inw , telegraphy , anil many other
nirsulU , nnd now nn Ohio woman has begun
work on n railroad building contract. A fe-
nalo captain cruises along the Atlantic coa t
unncit : schooner of her own , nnd n sto.itn-
> oat on tha Mississippi possesses a V.-omnn
Dropping the Khlc Issues.
St. Joints GMic-tJcmotrat ,
The lownrowibllcans nro getting together
nt n rate which signifies that the season of
folly is ended , nnd that they propose to re
store the former majority of the party In that
state by working for the rocognl/eil republi
can principles and letting side Issuu alone.
1'cm niaAPHita xuw ox u viun
Thrco things ought to tlud a pluco in every
American homo : Tlio sacred Scriptures , a
good dally newspaper and n thoroughly reli
able encyclopedia. The drat wo oroqulto
sure every family In which Tin : REI : Is tnircn
already en Joys ; the second It has been the
business of our lives to furnish ; the third \\o
place nt the dlspasnl of our readers from thli
moment. Eight cents n dny , with nn addi
tional fraction of n cent too small to bo easily
stateable , will hereafter cnno lo any citizen to
secure the dally and Sunday edition of this
paper for an entire year delivered at his real *
deuce , and In addition incomplete sot of the
Americanized Encyclopedia llritannica ,
which , after a careful examination , wo confi
dently bollovo to bo the raojt complete , relia
ble and altogether host work of Its kind ex
tant todny. This is nnothor Illustration of
the motto tlmt lies nt the bnso of American
institutions ! In union there is strength.
\Vo \ have simply organized the rend *
era of Tim Bui ! Into a club of
encyclopaedia buyers and obtained from
the publishers the concessions which so vast
nn organization has the legitimate right to
demand. Our reward will come in an In
creased circulation , which , again , will prob-
nbly enable n.s to secure similar advantages
for our subscribers in some other direction.
This Is as It should bo ; the publisher and
readers of a great newspaper should work
together for mutual advantage.
The work which wo bave thus secured for
our readers Is neither a msro reprint of a for
eign publication nor a baity compilation
Issued under a "catchy" title. Ills really a
special edition of tluit worlil famous work ,
the Encyclopaedia Drltaniioatprepared ! by a
stall of American scholars witli as 3clal view
to the ucediTof American homes. Not a sub
ject treated in the original "Biitamilc.V bus
been omitted ; not n word hns been left out
that by any possibility could interest an
American reader , nnd a vast amount of new
matter the wnut of which deprived the Eng
lish work of half Its iisofulncos has been
nddoJ. The title accurately expresses tlio
scu > o ana plan of the book. It is the Ency
clopaedia Iiritamiic.1 Americanized.
What the publishers have done is to ttiko
the Encyclopedia Britannica to picce.s and
rebuilt it with amendments and improve
ments. The latest or ninth edition of the or
iginal work wns compiled some fifteen yeara
ngo ; the American editors have revised it to
the present year. The original work was
crowded with minute and exhaustive de
scriptions of English towns , cities , counties ,
boroughs , minor institutions and other mat
ters of peculiarlntorest to Englishmen and to
Englishmen alone , while American subjects
were treated with- the same brevity as
French or Gorman. The American editors
have reversed this method , condensed the
articles on distinctively British subjects
within reasonable limits , uad utilized the
spnco thus gained for exhaustive dis
cussion of purely' American topics.
The original work excluded from
Its plan nil mention of. individuals ,
however famous , who were allvo at the tlmo
of Its compilation ; it says not u word of moro
than half the men whoso nnmos nro written
on the pages of modern history no word of
Grant or Sheridan , or Sherman , of Harriet
BeechorStovvo , Julia "Ward IIowo , or Eliza
beth Stuart 1'holpj , of Cleveland , Harrison
or Blainc , or Parnell , Salisbury or Bismarck.
This woful UHHUS , too , has been supplied In
the Americanized edition. A scries of 3,000
biographies , each brought down to the pres
ent year , enables the reader to leani at a
glance , the life story of every noted
Individual of the prcscilt generation.
To all' this odd a complete series
of maps and a number of well executed
engravings Illustrative of the text , and the
Americanized Encyclopedia Britannica Is before
fore you \ork inwhoso introduction to
our readers wo fool a not unwarrantable
The king of Sweden is said to have a first
cousin living In Lynn , Mass.
The Cincinnati Enquirer says that Spejikor
Heed has run his first heat in the presidential
Secretary Tracy Is accused of having sen
atorial ambitions and a Ucsiro to succeed Sen
ator Evarts.
The eldest member of Lord Salisbury's
cabinet Is Lord , CranbrooU , who is seventy-
six. Lord Sails bury is sixty.
A Cooper monument is to ho erected in the
Now York town that James Fcnlmoro Cooper
made famous by locating his homo there.
P. T. Burnum's fortune is estimated at
$11,000,000 , every cent of which ho has ac
cumulated since ho reached his fortieth
uiiDort , tno umii3ii dramatist , begins his
literary work about midnight nnd keeps on
writing until the sun has vlsen. Ho is a great
consumer of cigarettes ,
Count Dillon's friends sny that ho haa been
compelled to go into trade to jnnUo good the
money losses ho sustained In tryhitolnako /
General Boulaugcr dictator of Franco. .
Lewis 1 . AValters of Phconixvllln , I'a..who
has boon appointed to succeed S. Dnvls Pa o
us assistant treasurer of the United States at
Philadelphia , la known us the "original Harrison
risen man , " tlio first to break from the Penn
sylvania delegation ut Chicago.
The czar has had a serious quarrel with his
brother , the Grand Duke Aloxii , The grand
duke is the head of the marine administra
tion , and It is said ho las offended the czar by
urging the necessity for wholesale reform to
put an end to the waste and extravagance
which now characterizes the nuvy.
.Senator Evarts owns n hunting lodpo , n
comfortable lop cubln , on the banks of the
Potomac , in Maryland , furnished ready for
instant use , with a colored mnn nnd his wife
hi readiness to rocolvfl the senator and his
friends , but it has not Ixwn u oil iivopt 1 > \
the colored man and his wife ciudiiir the so vend -
end years Senator Kvurt-s lias owned It.
General Adam 1C. King , the now consul-
general to Paris , Is a resilient of Baltimore
and nn enthusiastic Blai'.io man. Ttill , liainl
some mid distill gulshod lonkiig , with snow
white hair and beautiful bliuilc eyes , ho will
bonstrlUltiT Ilguro hi thosoclcty circles of
the Aincrlftm polony. He was a good soldier
In Hancock's corps , nnd Ids friends nro all
warmly attached to him.
Clmunroy Dupcw was called upon recant If
by a middle-tiered lady who was so dellKhtort
b.v his urbanity that she Impulsively hlssod
him when she IUIHO to luivo. A ropirtor who
witnessed the diiturlnm-o aslted Mr. Dinsw
whether ho was used to that sort of thing ,
and ho replied : "It is one of the regular rules
of thonnico. "
Ex-Souator Oilman Marstonof New Hamp
shire , who died Thursday , was wounded
biidly in the arm at Bull Him , but refused to
IIMVO the member amputated , though the sur
geons told him his life dui > ondol : on that
operation. Ho Insisted upon being i > laced
upon his horse und was led to the front ninid
cheers from tho"lmy " of nlsri'gimont. Ho
once refused to allow his hoops to hoard un
overloaded transport , bei-nnso hu had
"brought those men from New Hampshire to
light , not to bo ilmwiuMl. " Tlio ciders of a
tvrnmitriil sui > crlor to build a niruard house
"without sn much as n rraclt in It" ho olwyert
literally , solid loir.s being so used that there
was not oven a iloor to enter by. "
Memorial ,
IlAsiiifiifi , July 11. [ Special Cablegram to
Tins UKB. ] The Hamburger Nuohrlohten domes -
mos the ropirt tint I'rlnco Bismarck Intend )
to request ICniporor William not tocnsct
BUinurck's mi. mortal durltighh ( Blsmurck'u )
1 If o tlmo.
aossii1 ,
The reports from the primaries over the
state will soon commence to come In and the
rnau with straws oraslato can commeaco to
figure on tha situation. Woat Point U the
llrst to conio in , with n city delegation di
vided between Richards and MacCull for
Air. John M. Stewart of Mlmtcn , who for
several yoara has boon deputy attorney gen
eral , announces.tilnuclf as a candidate for the
political shoos of Mr. Lccso. Mr , Stewart
expects to conio In with n portion of the west ,
which will again divide the strength of St.
Kay tier , and makes live candidates instead of
four. i ,
It is evident that Mr. Hlchard Berlin Is not
ns deeply In the raeo for lieutenant governor
ns ho might have been u few Hooting woolu
The fight for tlio Auburn poitoflleo still
goes merrily along. Dr. MeDrawls confident
mid Hush 0. Fellows is contUent. Mr. Connell -
nell continues to receive lengthy petitions ,
but remains llrm In his admiration of David
Campbell , the present incumlwnt. As Camp-
boll's commission dow not expire until Janu
ary , it Is altogether probable that nothing
will happen until the heated term Is pait.
JuJgo Thomas Appleget of Johmon , In
order to give the other fellows nil the show
passible , says that ho 1 ? not a candidate for
governor. lie oxiiMts to boa c.iadl.lato for
judge again next fall , nnd that Is abjat all lie
lias time to bother with.
J. W. Jouuaon of Siitton , candidate for secretary -
rotary of Mute , Is in the city , Ho says that
the brief canvass which ho has ni-idJ leal s
him to think that ho still Im some frlomli
throughout Nebraska. Mr. Johnson's lint
political work was when ho groomed Henry
tires Laws forutute auditor some throe yours
ago. '
J. 0. P. Illldobrand was In Omaha yester
day from St. P.iul , Howard county. While
ho is a democrat , ho puj'i ho speaks for A. E.
Cadywhcn ho says that all that gentleman
wants is to go to the legislature from Howard
county. This is a peg or two lower thnn being
congressman from the Third district. '
The democratic friends of Sam Wolbach of
Grand Island Insist that a great portion of
the west and northwest will endorse that gcn-
tloman for governor. This is not the way Mr.
Davis of Columbus , who Is booming Baruum ,
looks nt it , .
Ncbraikn ,
ThsnowMetiiodlst church nt Qrotun Is
well under way and will bo completed next
UT. S. Freeman of BlueVallcv , Vork
county , lost two barns by lire , but tuoy were
fully insured.
The independent voters of Gosper county
will hold n convention July 17 to place a
county ticket In the field.
The inomber-s of the Furnas County Veter
ans' association will nieut In convention at
Beaver City on Saturday , July W.
The State bank of Crclghtoa Is to erect anew
now , fliio and commodious building. Its
capital stock has been increased to ? 5tlK)0. ) , )
S. M. Slnwlnskl , postmaster and merchant
at Dunbnr , fell off a Union Puclllo train at
Columbus and was paralyzed , lie cannot re
John Klco , who worked In nn elevator nt
Milford. was struck by n tumbling rod and
received a broken jaw nnd a fractured skull.
His recovery Is very doubtful.
'J.'ho Arapahoe farmers' ' alliance expects to
hold n picnic in the near future. Hovcral
prominent speakers will bo oiigagoJ to ad
dress the people on that occasion.
The eleutrlo light company of Norfolk Is
gradually Botthip the now arc street Hfihts
in , nnd it will not bo long until Main street Is
lit up with an arc light at each intersection.
An open meeting for the discussion of the
issues of the day will bo hclj by Central nl-
llunca No. ( i-jt nt the Weinier school hoiuo
north of Hnrdy Saturday afternoon , July 19.
The Norfolk District Epworth league Is
culled to meet at Lyons , Neb. , on July 15 to
17. Each charge Is entitled to two delegates ,
to bo chosen by the Epworth league , If there
Is ono organized in the charge it' not let the
pastor appoint them.
The sheriff nt Stuart has served nn injunc
tion on the school board of district No. 41 ,
restraining It from paying Interest or
principal on Sl)0 ( ) , ) in or'dcra Issued by the
board on the builcliupr fuud and placed on the
market and sold ono year ( IKO lost spring.
The complaint sets forth that the orders were
Issued In violation of law. ns there wns no
debt existing nxalnst the school district at
the time of their issue ,
The reunion of the Orand Army men of
southern Nebraska nnd northern Kansns. to
bo held at Superior August 4 to I ) , promises
to bo the biggest gathering hold In Isobraskn
for a long tlmo , The railroads entering
Superior will run special trains. Senator
Ingalls , Governor Humphrey nnd stall , ox-
Governor Anthony , George I. 1'cck , "Webb
McNnll , Henry Booth ot Kansas , Governor
Thayer and staff and many other prominent
men will bo there.
The Two Dukotas.
The yield of wheat In Hughes county will
be thirty busholj to the acre.
Thei-o nro twenty-six branches of the
farmers'alliance in Hand county.
Harvest hands nro hard to get In South
Dakota and wages are high In consequence.
There were myriads of hogs in 13oullomme
county last year , but this season they have
all disappeared.
There is talk of organizing a boat club nt
Yank ton and fitting up line grounds uiid n
boat house on the Jim river.
The falling of a chandelier bn.lly damaged
the 1'reabytei'iiin church at Oroton , scatter
ing burning oil in all directions ,
i : . P. H. Ashlev , a full blooded Indian , is
Sunday school director nt the Crow Creek
agency. 1 fo is a good talker , well educated ,
andib a printer by trade * .
William Craven , census enumerator for
Viicbach , tha cxttcmo western reservation
county opened for settlement , says n very
largo immigration is pouring into that section
und the good funning land Is being rapidly
taken up. The county is well watered und
there is not a better county in the stnto for
uijriouUural purposes.
At Fort Rice , in Morton county , In the post
graveyard "lie the remains ot omo fifty sol
diers who were massacred by the Indiana
some years ago while building the fort. The
place was visited by relatives the other day ,
wlie report the graves In u wofully neglected
condition. An effort will bo made to have
oongresa puss n special net consecrating th j
grounds as a nut oniil cemetery and thus se-
ouio pro [ > er care for the graves bythogov-
An eleutile battery fiend In an Aberdeen
hotel caught nn old fanner with his infeninl
rnu'htpo thn other dny und nnrrowly escaped
bu-onihiir n murderer. Tito old man was nf-
llleled with heart disease and fell to the floor
In an unconscious condition and had to Ixi re
moved to a phpileian's olllco for treatment.
The nvin will recover , and tlio practical Joker
can congratulate himself en being on the out-
sldo of the pcnitcntiury.
iT in' .1 < ; iitr .
Cimiirel lont'HCIiimiplim l'uulll t. Itf.Kt-
( Ml by a Fariner'H Daniliter.
SOITII NonWALK , Conn , July 11. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Bnu.J-Clara Sturgojs of
tills city hns knocked out a middleweight
pugilist named Tony Cook , whu claims to bo
champion of the state. Mlos Slurgess is n
tall , slender , pretty looking udss nliout eigh
teen years of nge , and her feat Is the talk of
the town. For some day s past Cook has been
working for Farmer Sturgcss , Clara's father ,
haying. The fanner allows the men to drink
nil thu hard cider they cnti stow away , nnd 111
n result Tony became Intoxicated uiid 111 the
nftomooii went to sleep on the fanner's front
door step. Mr * . Sturgoss objected nnd un
dertook to drive the slugger off. His blood
was up inn minute and ho struck her. She
Huroaniod mid her cries for help were heard
by Clara , who quickly rushed to her mother's
imUtaiico , She picked up u rhnlr und bolnb-
orod the prize lighter over tbo head. The
vhiitr was broken In u few moments und Coolc
turned his attention to the girl and started to
thrush tier. She grabbed Mm around the
neck and gave him a pummollng.
The girl's ' father arrived on the scene nnd
mlded further to the prlo Hunter's humilia
tion by giving him n stinking up. C'Ook wnt
thrown into u wagon nnd tnlcon to jail. "r
Ho hns won aovcml buttles In the ring C
lately , the lost one taking place not lass than
a \vonkniro when ho defeated Jim Uoynoldi
of Now Haven ,
i P
1'hnt'n What MaUlnim Says and Ua _ X
Offer * ti ) Unuk .Inko. r
"Nr.w YOUK , July 11. f Special Telegram
to Tim IhiK.J MuUloon luu written n let
ter answering Sulllviuilii which ho cull ? Sul
llvtui ti llnr and braggart. Ho says Sulllvnii
never p.xld him for training him nnd neeuses
lilin tit being nn Ingratc.
"From the tlmo that Clenry nnd myself
were nrrMteil lust January In thin city , up to
the llino when the trial was over , this great
blackguard , Sullivan , novur offered ono single -
glo dollar towards ilofniylng the expenses o (
Mr. Clear'nnd } myself , nnd U will bo remem
bered Hint wo were urrcatcd on on Indictment
found against us for being his second * In ttio
light. "
Ho clones by saying : "If ho will fight Kll-
rain lurnin. I will yo on thu other side. I will
imt Ktlr.ifii In the rliitf at ' , : K > poiuuls. nnd I x
will bet S..MO ' that ho vlns the light In less N. .
llino thnn It took Sullivan tovln tlio lust v-
ll'ht ( from him , when Kllrnln went Into tlio
rhifwolKhliiK only ITS poumlJ. U'licro would
bo plenty of nionov In such u IlKht , n Kllraln
win k'et bacUors for$10HlO , nnd LuUo Short
at Port Worth. Tex. , oltors n blgpurw nnd
will nlao get n ilconsu from the ntnto iwrinlt-
\\i\K \ \ \ the ll ht to tuUo nlnco without Inter-
ferciico. Should Kllrnln full to wlnmulin
less tlmo than Sullivan won , then I will pub-
Ik-ly nuiiouiico Unit I was no iisslstnuco to
Sulllviiti In this hut light. As badly ns S\il-
j llvnn has neted In this wiiolo matter , 1 don't
care to see him whipped by u ne io , nnd how
that ho will have the good sense to let J nek-
son nlono. "
MVintF.lttllt V .1 31.1X2.IV.
A. I'oiinsylvnnln l itrincr Iloalon to
Death with 11 Ho .
PiTTSTON" , Pa. , July 11. [ Special Telegram
to TUB Em : . ] A shocking inunlci' occurred
yesterday on the Pnlinerton farm nenrBnr-
boui-svllle. Sylvnims 1'ulmorton , n prosper
ous farmer , was beaten to death with n boo
by ono of his hired men , Albert Cummlng * .
The murderer , it Is said , had been subject to
spells of Insanity forsomo tlmo past , but they
were usually very mild und no cnuso for
nlnrmwns felt cither ly I'almcrton or Ills
family , with wlmmUuinmlnpt boarded. Ve.saj \
lordny ho wns solzeil with ono of these HIT * * ' ; *
und ho boiMino n raving inanUe. In this con-
dltlon he entered the house and threatened
tlio lives of the family. The fainilv led ! to
places of safety. IMlnierton then stiirtod to
iilurtn some nelKhboi-s nnd on the way picked
up n boo. CinnmiiigH overtook him and the
two hail n tussle on the highway , during
which the hoc liniullo wno broken. The in.i-
iilaounforUinalcly seeured tlio end to which
was attached the steel blade , nnd with tills
ho bent 1'idincrton on the lioad until ho was
dead. Ur-avlni ? the dead body In the roml ,
CnnmfuiRS then went to n barn nnd locking
himself in attempted suicide by liaiiKlng. but
several nelKhbors forced nn entrance Just In
tlmo to rescue him. Ho was conveyed to jail.
Wouldn't lluvo Don" It. l
July 11. [ Special Cablegram ta
TIM : BIE. : | Prince Bismarck , Jn un Inter
view published by the Frankfort Journal ,
says that ho would not have signed the Anglo-
( termini agreement in its present form. The
ox-chancellor holds that Heligoland , which
the emperor wished to 5ecuro to Germany ,
might luivo been obtained nt less cost. Un
less the Island Is strongly fortllicil ho says It
might prove a danger to Germany lu tlio
event of war.
Hopnblleaii State Convention ,
The lounhHcan clccton of the state of Ni
brnitku nru ii-quested to hond delegates dom
tlinlrriovcrnl counties to meet In con volition In
thucity of Lincoln , Wednesday. July 21 , aid
o'clock p , in. , for tlio purpn o of placing In
nomination candidates for the following ! > tate
olllces :
Jjlruloiiniit Oovcnior.
Secretary of Stntp.
Auilltoruf I'uullo Account
Ktato Treasurer.
Altonioy General.
. Commissioner ot 1'ubllo Lamll and llull.l-
u'lcrliitpn ) < 1riil of 1'nbllo Instruction ,
And the transaction of such other buslnosi
'AK may come huforo thu convention.
The sovcrnl counties are entitled to repre
sentation ns HillouM , lieln Imseil iiimn tlui
vote oust for linn , ( ipoi-uo II. llntlnits , nresl-
duntlal oicutorln Vs > elvlng oiiodulL' iitu-at-
to t'licli county , and ono for each 1' > J
and thu nmjor fraction thereof :
ll : .xiillno.
Ills recommended that no iimxU'n bo ml-
mltlod to llm convention , aiultlinttliuiloli-
( ? ntes present hi ) authorized to cast tlio full
vote of tlio ili'lcgntlnn , , ,
Ii. I ) . IliciiAims , Ulialrniun.
WAi/rM. SKKI.KV Pocretnry.
Positively cured liy
UICMJ I-itllo I'ills.
They also rcllovo Dis
tress * from liyspcpMa. Iii
OlfCHtlon nnJ Too Hearty
listing. A perfect rcnv
< 'ily for DIzzlnefcH. NaUMji ,
DrutvKlnciM , Had Tufitet
In tlio Jluuth. canted p
Tunguo , Pain In llio Slde.f
regulate the Dowels. I'urely Vegetable.
KiilHcrlbod und fliiiiiimtectlCapital..f. > 'X ' > .QT >
i'uld In Oniiltal JW.UUJ
llnysftiul sollmtockn niul neKotliileH
fominoreliil pnpor ; rectUvm und iixoc utt < t
triistHi acsWuH triuia tut iiKi'nt und tliistuu n (
cnrporallons , tukua vbar o of property , col
lects taxbs.
OmahaLoan & : TrustCo
S.E. Corner 16th and Douglas Sts
I'uld In Capital ? 51,03)
Hnlisorll.od and Ounrantooil Oiipltal. . , . 1UI,0 ) I
l.luUlllty of Stookholilorn .W.OJ'J
bl'or Cunt Intorml I'uld on Dope lU ,
1'UAMC J. I/A.MIK , Caslilor ,
OnicorniA. U. Wyniuii , iiroililunt , J.J. Itiowu.
vluu'pruHldunt , W.I. Wjrniaii , UonsiiriT.
DlroctorH-A. IJ. Wyninn. J. II. .Mllliird , J. J
llrown , Guy U , Iliirton , l'V. . , Ttiumu *
J. Kliutmi : , Qtorio II , Luki *