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Mnggio Carroll was taken to tlio In
sane iiHyliim ypRtardny. -
Harry Mullhull , fv colored youth , lifts
been nrrcMtcd for threatening to kill his
Judge Clnrkfion sent Ornclo Knows to
the reform school for pcrafttcntly tils-
obeying her parents.
' The graduating exorcises of the high
fchool will take place on next Thursday
in the Grand opera house.
Josojih Knncknahlo Is on trial for
brutally assaulting un old ludy named
Mrs. Flahcr near tlio Jones street dump.
The superintendent of the poor farm
burled four grown people and ono baby
yesterday morning In the Potter's Hold.
Rov. Father Breltkolt of the Seven
teenth street Mission , took out his first
naturalization papers yesterday. Ho Is
a native of Bohemia.
William Hutton , n sixteen-year old
boy , Is chin-god by his father with in-
corrlgibllity and will bo arrested and
ecnt to the reform school.
The shorlll has gene to Lincoln , tak
ing George Mel-'arhuid to the peniten
tiary for a year for robbery , and Bert
Brewer , same oiTonso and same term.
A complaint charging S. Finkelstoln
with leaving his horse unfastened in the
street has been liled. His team ran
away on Lcavcmvorth street yesterday ,
cmushlng the wagon and harness.
For the first time slnco the terrific
otorm of Monday night , the Norfolk
train put in an appearance yesterday ,
i The washouts on this line have all been
repaired and trains will now run on
Gchcdulo time.
Superintendent James now has a
library of which ho fools extremely
proud. It consists of the monthly re
ports and examinations of the various
Bchools. The reports are bound into
twenty-five volumes and will bo stowed
away for future reference.
All the young ladles in thcofllco of the
recorder of deeds formed themselves into
n swimming party yesterday afternoon
nd hied away to the sylvan retreat
afforded by beautiful LakeManawa ,
where they disported themselves in the
rolling waters and returned with sun-
blistered faces.
Charles Peterson , living nt Sixteenth
nnd Burt street , was out for a promenade
yesterday afternoon , on North Sixtco.ith
utreot , when ho stopped on a banana
peel and fell to the stone sidewalk.
After boiug taken to his homo , the at
tending physician discovered tthut his
right loir was broken in two places , be
tween the knee and ankle.
"Shonandoah , " Ilronson Howard's greatest
triumph , will bo presented ut Boyd's opera
liouso for three nights uud a Saturday inat-
Incc , commencing Thursday evening , with
the exact original New York cast , scenery
nnd accessories. The success of this play has
been phenomenal , and in Now York , after Its
loni ; run of iSOO nights , it ended with u
demonstration which was nevci accorded any
other play. A piece which appeals so deeply
to patriotism deserves success , especially
when It Is as meritorious u piece of worlc as
"Shenaiulouh" Is said to bo. It is quite uncon
ventional in its treatment of war , and with
what lew allowances It calls for in matters
of dramatic license , it is said , presents a
picture of the situation that commends itself
to the intelligence. Its love interest is con
fessed to ho pretty , and altogether daintily
Immllod. and it is exrititig. The company
presenting the play is spoken of in the
highest terms. Thcfgirls are all very pretty ,
as well us excellent actresses , and Henry
Miller , is said to have made the
-success of his life as the hero. The sale of
cats will commence this morning.
Merchants' hotelOmaha. $2 to $3 per
day. Nat.BrownproprIra P.lligbymgr.
Ijots ofNcw Work.
The Missouri Pacific proposes to do a great
deal of new work on Its Belt line system this
year. In addition to double tracking the
yards are being considerably enlarged. All
the low swampy ground extending along the
bluffs north of the freight house at Nicholas
trout is being illled and will bo covered with
A big , swarthy man , of the farm-hand
type , and whoso mind is so much unbalanced
as to render him incapable of telling his
name , was brought in from Florence and
.lodged in the county jail. Ho is said to have
been wandering around carrying a double-
barrelled , loaded shot-gun , and sleeping out
doors for n nmnth past. It is claimed that
Ills homo Is in Leuvenworth , Kas.
Through coaches Pullman palace
Bloopers , dining cars , free reclining chair
cars to Chicago and intervening points
via the great Uock Island routo. Tick
et olllco lt > 02. Sixteenth and Farnam.
Tlio Kdcii MIIHCO Hold.
Sackctt and Lawlcr sold their Eden Musoo
circuit yesterday to nn English syndicate , the
consideration being $7i > , ( KX ) . Tlio deal takes
in the museums at Omaha , St. Joe nnd Lin
coln. They retain the house at Denver , but
propose to place it in the hands of an agent ,
quit the show business themselves , and de
vote their lime to selling a patent medicine ,
the right for which-S.iekott recently secured.
An Important Witness for Crowe.
Dr. IlerUmann loft for Chicago last night ,
where ho will testify in the case of the state
ngulnst Crowe , the South Onuha packing
liouso man who several weeks ago shot ono of
Chicago's lewd women and then let daylight
through several policemen who attempted to
arrest him.
About ono year ago , whllo Crowo was In
this city ho fell from n North Twentieth
street cable car , injuring his head very uov-
croly. Dr. HorUmann was the attending
physician , and expressed nn opinion that the
fall Injured the man's mind. It will bo upon
this point that ho will testify.
From Iillierty ,
George B. Walters of Liberty pleaded
guilty in the United Stutiu circuit court yes
terday morning to a charge of selling mult
liquor without n government license.
"Let's see , where are you from I" asked
Judge Dundy , preliminary to ' Imposing sen
"I'm from Liberty , sir , " said the culprit.
"Liberty , oh I Did you know this man
linker. United States attorney , when ho was
tramping around that country I"
"Yes , sir , I know him "
"Never mind , " Interposed the Judge , "If
you know Uakor I N 111 let you off cosy. Ten
dollars und costs. "
Knlhtn | of Pythias lllominl Conolave ,
at Milwaukee , Win. , July , UllH ) .
For this great occasion excursion tick
ets will bo wild from all principal points
in the United States and Canada to Mil
waukee and return via the Chicago ,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railway at half
As its nnnio indicates the Chicago ,
Milwaukee fe St. Paul railway is the
direct route to Milwaukee , tinir as the
camp ground for the Uniformed Knights
( to which point cars and trains will bo
run through without transfer ) is located
directly on this line , it will bo seen that
the Chicago , Milwaukee Sa St. Paul mil-
way has great advantage over other
routes which are tinablo to furnish such
facilities , and visiting Knights , } heir
families and friends bhould bcav this
in mind vvhon purchasing excursion
A circular giving detailed Information
will bo mailed free upon application teA
A , V , II. Carpenter , general passenger
ngont , Milwaukee , Wis.
Pass. Agent. Gon'l Agent.
1501 Furuaiu Street ( Barker Block ) ,
Omaha ,
The Myfltcrlefl of Its Munty Cellar nnd
Its Unsteady Wnllfl.
The Irani school , at the corner of Irani ima1
Nineteenth streets , U the oldest school in the
northern part of the city. Out of it , the
other schools in that section have grown.
The main building Is nn old brick structure
which Is In n very shaky condition. It was
originally Intended for nn eight-room build
ing , but by utilizing every nook nnd corner
and the basement cloven rooms have been
produced. A small frame building on the
corner of TSvcn'tlcth nnd Izard Is used 03 an
annex nnd In this nro four moro rooms.
Immediately north of the lot on which the
buildings Btdnd Is a railroad track running to
the coal and lumber yards la the neighbor
hood. Over this track heavy freight trains
are run nt nil hours of the day , principally
between 0 n. in. nnd noon. These trains
cause a very perceptible trembling in the old
structure which' Is decidedly annoying to
both teachers and pupils. Besides the trom-
tiling of the building , the noLso made by the
passing trains , the ringing of bells and the
shouting of' the trainmen , causes frequent
and annoying Interruptions which distract
the attention of the pupils. Hcccntly , whllo
the pupils In one of the rooms were ut recita
tion , It Was necessary to suspend operations
for nearly fifteen minutes because of the
This Is not the only drawback connected
with this building. Entering the basement
room occupied by the first C grade , presided
over by Miss Miles , ono experiences a sensa
tion slmllatrto'tbat felt by a person when en
tering a cave Or vault. The room Is dark nnd
poorly ventilated. Outside the weather was
iiot and sultry , but hero It was found neces
sary to keep n lire burning to prevent the
room from becoming damp and musty. The
effect upon both teacher and pupils , confined
in this dungeon for several hours , day after
day , must bo pernicious In the extreme. Yet
In this room are thirty-eight pupils , their
ages averaging about seven years , who are
compelled to sit in the stilling atmosphere
und absorb learning.
In order to reach another room In the base
ment , It Is'ncccasary to pass through dark ,
vaulted archways , through heavy Iron doors
that iiittlo and creak on their hinges , as
though closing the passage to some monster-
guarded cave to uo entered only by those
having the mystic password. The way led
through musty nnd foul smelling rooms
which had been occupied by classes during
the winter , but were vacated when a decrease
in the attendance took place.
The room occupied by the first C grade ,
presided over by Mrs. Perrin , is a slight Im
provement over that last mentioned , as the
windows are not so much underground , The
musty smell is not so perceptible.
The upper rooms in the building are well
ventilated , but poorly lighted , being shaded
by the largo trees.
This school Is presided over by Miss Anna
Fees , principal , assisted by a corps of Jlftccn
teachers , with Miss C. E. Schaller as assist
ant principal , The teachers are Sadie
Bunker , JCella M. Wilson , Pannto C. Fcrnald ,
Camilla Elliott , Catherine- Fees , Kate M.
Miles. Emma It. Kugh , Stella M. Champlin.
A mclia Shattuck. Minnie S. Dye , Lizzie U.
Necdham , Esther E. Heston and Cassandra
P. Schaller.
The discipline of the school Is excellent ,
every detail being carried out with tlio mini
mum amount of friction , In passing to and
from their rooms the pupils keep in ordcrbut
the shaky condition of the building renders it
unwise to have them keep step. They arc
consequently required only to keep their lines
.straight and pay strict attention to the busi
ness in hand.
There are 7T3 pupils enrolled , with nn average -
ago daily attendance of about six hundred
and fifty. Tlio boys and girls are about evenly
divided as to numbers , with a slight differ
ence in favor of the former. The colored cull- , .
dien In attendance number forty.
Ono of the most novel , and , there
fore , most Interesting features connected
with the work is the room in which
nro the little ones the babies. This is the
llrst A grade , presided over by Miss Hugh.
These llttlo folks are amused as well as in
structed by an ingenious' blending of work
and play. They are Instructed in tlio vaiious
sounds which compose simple words by being
taught to imitate the sounds made by n loco
motive , the blowing off of the steam , the
blowing of the whistle , etc. They are ulso
taught songs , -and during tlio singing indicate
by gestures the gathering ofothu clouds , the
falling of the snow , the fligllt of the birds ,
etc. , impressing the words and their meaninn
Indelibly upon their minds.
Tlio methods of instruction pursued in the
other rooms are , of course , as thorough as in
the ill-it grade , but they do not possess the
same Interest for the average visitor.
A number of the pupils liave attended the
entire school year without having been ab
sent. In the fifth grade the following have
succeeded In making this record : Eddie
Homan , John Meyer. Muttio Bard well ,
Christcim Johnson , Albert Inness. Bertie
Flynu , Oertio Johnson and Nellie Barnum.
Those in the third grade are Prank King ,
Willie Johnson , Charles Holla und Walter
Euowold. In the fourth grade nro A. Luen-
berg , E. Kear , J. Uico , Knthrlnu Thompson ,
Ottilia Meyers nnd G. Humphrey. In the
first grade Henry Grossman has becu present
every day. of the pupils who have distinguished
themselves by hard and faithful worlc during
tlio year are as follows : In the eighth grade ,
Val Evans , MSy Dullou , Frauclska Thomp
Seventh grade. Frank Ennlcr , Clarence
Williams , Lulu Light , Louise Squires.
Sixth grade , Anna Bennett and Albert
Fifth grade , Uichard Johnson , Emma
Schellburg , Grace Hancock and John Watts.
Fourth grade , Mardetta Knight , Emma
Koar , Grace Porter and Edna Burk.
Third Ki-udo , Charles Wedell , Clara Englcr ,
Walter Enowold and Mary Wilrot.
Second grade , AnnioSwonson , Mary Smith ,
Lilly Shrader and Esther Johnson.
First grade , Clrtra Uurtcr , Carrie Gibson ,
Mary Belli Wallace , Minnto Morrison , Sam
Johnson und Bessie Cook.
After all , the best wav to know the real
merit of Hood's Sarsaparilla , Is to try It your
self. Be sure to get Hood's.
Wni-'l Gni'bnKO Men Must Jleraftcr
Attend to Husliiess.
The collection of garbage under the now
system went Into effect Monday. Notice
had been posted nt the dump and elsewhere
that after that date no ono would bo allowed
to use the dump without obtaining a parmlt
from the sanitary commissioner. As a consequence
quence , there was n lot of men on hand yes
terday to protest. No exceptions will bo
made in favor of anyone. This was done to
keep the work of cleaning the city under the
control of the authorities and comply t > trlctly
with the ordinance. Each garbage hauler
has ono ward and Is responsible for all the
work In It. It has been the custom heretofore
to look after only the Jobs which had
money In them from the ho
tels and chop houses nnd payne
no attention to the small jobs. The
garbage man of each ward Is now responsible
for the earing of everything , profitable or
otherwise , and is ordered to charge neither
less nor moro than twenty-cents per barrel of
thirty gallons. A complaint book Is kept at
the ofllco and Commissioner Morrissey de
sires the public to understand that some ono
will bo In the olllco at all times nnd that ho
will be greatly helped in cleaning the city If
they will scud In their complaints by tele
phone , letter or person. They will receive
prompt attention , the district garbage man
and not the householder being held respon
Pat O'Toolo the deputy , has been swcrn In
us constable and will exercise a general sup
ervision of the work. Parties refusing to
pay for necessary removals will bo sued.
a and Daliy Carriages.
Tlio Dewey & Stone Furniture Co.
have decided to close out their entire
stock of refrigerators and \\nby \ car
riages and discontinue handling the
same. Wo will until tno above goods
are all sold make a discount of CD per
conton present prices , which is- , much
Ions than the * actual cost .of manufac
1115 and 1117 Farnam street.
Tlio New Theater.
Ex-Mayor Boyd returned from the cast
yesterday , having put In two weeks at St.
Louis assisting MoElfutrlck , the architect ,
in making n jskotch of the plans for his now
heater. Ho expects to buvo tlto working
drawings In thirty days nnd will let con-
trccts then for the superstructure nnd pro
ceed with the building as rapidly in possi
ble. McElfntrlck says this will bo the finest
theater , when completed. In America , not In-
eluding , of course , the CMilcniyo Auditorium.
Mr. Boyd Is undccfiled Us yet ubout the in
terior finishing. Before reaching a con
clusion ho expects to visit New York , Boston
and other eastern cities and inspect all the
best theaters there.
Sleeplessness , nervous prostration , nervous
dvspopsln , dullness , blues , cured by Dr.
Allies' Nervine. Samples free at Kuhn &
Ca's ' , 13th and Douglas.
How nnd Why It Is Celebrated by the
Masonic Fraternity.
Yesterday was known nnd celebrated by the
Masonic fraternity as the feast of St. John
the Baptist , one of the the patron feasts of
the order.
The Masons , imitating the usage , of the
church , have always had their days of fes
tivity. The chief festivals of the'operative
or stonemasons of the middle ages were those
of St. John the Baptist on June 21 and the
four-crowned martyrs on November The
latter were , however , discarded by thb specu
lative Masons nnd the festivals how most gen
erally celebrated by the fraternity nro those
of St. John the Baptist , and St. John the
Evangelist , December " 7 , Those days nro
observed In this country.
St. John the Baptist was the forerunner of
Jesus , a son of the Jewish priest Xucharias
and of Elizabeth , who ns n zealous judge of
morality and an undaunted preacher of rcpcnt-
nnco obtained great celebrity , first in his na
tive country , then littho mountains of Judca ,
and afterwards among the whole nation. His
simple and abstemious nranncr of living
contributed much to his fame , nnd especially
the peculiar purillcation or consecration by
baptism In a river bath , which ho introduced
us a symbol of that moral purity which ho so
zealously Inculcated ,
The frank earnestness and the great fame
with which he preached even In Galileo soon
brought upon him the suspicion and hatred
of the court of Tetrarch Antlpas , or King
Herod , who Imprisoned him , and on the 29th
of August , In the thirty-second or thirty-
third year of his life , caused him to bo be
headed. The 24th of June , his birthday , is
dedicated to his memory through Christen
dom. The patron saint of the Freemasons
has not always been St. John the Baptist ,
but St. John the Evangelist , upon which day
they hold their general assembly , probably in
duced thereto because at this reason of the
year the members could bo better spared
from their business or profession. For this
reason they also chose their quarterly festi
vals , the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary ,
Michaelmas and the festival of S * . . John the
Baptist , which last festival , on account of the
better weather and other circumstances , hav
ing been found to bo more convenient for the
yearly assembly , was often appointed for the
time on which it should bo held , so that its
observance has now become almost universal.
The day is usually 'celebrated by holding a
' table lodjio" and indulging in a general dis
cussion of subjects of interest to the order in
M. L. Blair , alderman , 5th ward. Scranton ,
Pa. , stated Nov. 'Jth'Mi : Ho had used Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil for sprains , burns , cuts ,
bruises and rheumatism. Cured every time.
They AVill Il-rcnftcr Remain Motion
less While Thunder Rolls.
The trolley wire for the Harncy street
motor line has arrived , and the work of
stringing it will bo begun at once.
The loss sustained by the company during
the Sunday night storm is not so great as
was at first supposc'd , and it is thought that
$000 will repair all damages.
Hereafter , the company proposes to see
that no damage will result on such occasions.
While the storm is raging , the machinery
will bo stopped , nil connections thrown off ,
and the cars allowed to _ stand till the storm
shall have passed. This they think will be
more satisiactoiy to all parties.
During dry weather , the cflloials state , the
motor wires are absolutely harmless , and are
continually handled by the line men without
inconvenience ; but , during a storm , there is
no knowing what voltage they are carrying ,
nor what damage mav result.
Kntitlcd to the Rest.
All are entitled to the best that their money
will buy , so every family should have , at
once , n bottle of the best family remedy ,
Syrup of Figs , to cleanse the system when
costive or bilious. For sale in 5Uc and $1.00
bottles by all leading druggists.
How the County Hopes 'to Receive an
Annual Credit of $ r OO.
It is as yet impossible for the county audi
tor to give any estimate whatever as to what
will bo the real result of his making the ab
stract of taxes for thirty years back , as or
dered by the county commissioners. Ho esti
mates that the work will take three or
four months. It Is the first abstract of the
kind that has over been made in the history of
the county , and involves the examina
tion of all of the old county
records and reading them with the greatest
care. Ho is inclined to the opinion thut this
investigation will rebult in the county's
getting credit from the state for at least SSOO
a year for every ono of the thirty years.
Tliis , however , Is necessarily little moro than
general speculation. The auditor eonaicUvs
the idea of having such an abstract made ns
an excellent ono. All wonder that the com
missioners had not thought of it before.
IN superior oicollonco proven In mllllonf of homes
for moro than n quarter of a canturir. It H u ort hy
tlio Unllud StntiM ( lurornmiint. Kmlnrjol by tlio
licmliof thn Krait imlvorililj ) . as tlio h-troneoU ,
I'lirpstnml.\loit HenlUifni. Dr. I'rlce' * link-
Inu 1'uwdor. lines nut runtaln ammonia , llmu or
alum , tfolil onlr In c mi. '
NuwVor Clilo.iin. Bin t'ranelico. St.I.O'.ili
Extract of Beef.
Makes tlio piucst , cheapest and best Beef Ton
Finest input ihiYorIii stuck fur Soups.
Saiicos anil Jlatlo Dblics.
Ono pouiulot Kxlructo. ir-icqunlto forty pound ]
of lo.iu lo < if , or tlio vuiiit at j'iout U.W.
G'onulno only with
Justus ion LleUg's
signature us shown
- - .
On account of our largo
nnil incrcuainj , ' Practice ,
wo have HEMOVBD to
more spacious anil con
venient olllcos.
Srs. Betts & Betts ,
1409 Douglas St. Omaha , Not.
Constipation ,
IF not rcmcAUd In season , Is liable to
bocotno liabUnnl and chronic. Drag.
tic purgatives , Jijr weakening the bowels ,
couflrin , rather than cure , the evil.
A.yor'8 Tills , being mild , cflcctlvc , and
Itrougthenlng In thulr action , are genor-
oily recommended by the ( acuity as the
best of aperients.
"UavlnR been subject , /or years , to
constipation , without being nblo to llnd
much relief , I atlant tried Ayer's Tills.
I deem It both' a duty and a plcasuro
to testify that I have derived great ben-
cfit from their use. For over two yearn
past I Imvo taken ono of those nllls
uvery night before retiring. I would not
willingly bo without them. " O. W.
Bowumu , 20 East Main St. , Curllalo , 1'n.
"I Imvo been tnl lti Ayer's Pills nnd
using them in my family Blnco 1857 , and
chucrfully recoinmund thoin to all In
need of a . ( afu but effectual cathartic. "
John M. Hoggs , Louisville , Ky.
"For clKht vears I was nfnicted with
constipation , which at lust became so
bad that the doctors could do no moro
for mo. Then I bepan to take Ayer s
Tills , -and soon the bowels recovered
tholr natural and rccnlar action. so that
now T tun in xccllent hJalth. " S. it ,
Loughbrldge , Ilryan , Texai.
" Ifavlnc used Aycr's Pills , with good
results , I fully indorse thorn for the purposes -
poses for which they are recommended. "
T. Connors , M. V. , Centre llrldge , Pa.
Ayer's Pills ,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co. , Lowell , Mass.
Bold by ll DruggUti nnil Dealer * in Medicine.
. . .CUR.E TOT\
Santa : Abie i and : Cat : R. : Cure
Korsalo by 0oodiain ! Urug Co.
Kabo never works up or
down or breaks. If it does
.in a year , you shall have
your money back from the
store where you bought your
The steels may break
the best of steels have their
limits of strength. But Kabo
has no breaking-limit ; it
doesn't break at all.
And the Kabo corset is
perfect in form.
The store has a primer on
Corsets for you.
CUICAQO COKSET Co. , Chicago and New York ,
. . ,
I'uy fliirclnl Attention to the
Miimifuclnre ofFer
For House or Store. VTo huvu tlia
EVKTI sno-wr ?
In ( hi * city.
202 fo 208 South Y/ater / Street ,
& McftEEW ,
The1 Doctor U unsurpassed
Iti tlio treiitiiiunt of all
forma of I'rlvntu Discuses.
No treatment Ims ccr bet n
in nouicrcMfiil anil none
lrii hail rtrongcr cniloifo-
mcut. A euro Is fiianUid in Ihocry \\ernt c'lecu
liifromltpSilajsKitjioi'ttl' " lofsof r.n hdiir'i ! time.
Tliiro ulin hnio been
under lila Irctitmcnt for
Strlctiiroordiniciilly In
relieving tlio liialjcr ; prononyce it n nmstnnilcr *
fill * uccc f. AeouilctocnroliinIc\vtluy9Hl.liout | |
pain. Inn riimentsue Inn tl titno.
timidity or turvoamrji , In their worst formu irnd
mitt . , , ilriuilfil rvaultt are ntitolutrly . cnrcil.
„ Amll ( ! | PHUAI.K
DISIiASKb ciirnl
nt homo
Inttrinnpiiti. A wonderful umcily. HOURS for
liUIca Itnm 2 to 4 ONLY.
\ 'ff S55B HB ni111 n11 PlfrntpB of the Skin ,
8f\ H SiEi&Br lcoU"i''it. Ilt.)8 | | npi , madder ' . Uur. cured. Kid !
f STlP Rn R C * C'iircdln31totOdn8. ThoU
S U R r/2KfLe iJ miutrupld , mfo and ctTirt-
u o
UdauabV | o treatment knuun t Iho
medical profoehkn. Eu-ry Iroconf thu dlscatu ie-
inovoil from dm lilooJ : aiompklocura guaranletd ,
( ftlTrlfftf / f ? ' 'or "nmn" "r "wiinmn" , each K'c
t\ ( iinmiM ) . Trcninunt liy rotro-
' * * siKindencc Stmni < for reply.
Open from 0 A. > l to 0 I1. JI.
Kiitranr.i on I'lirr'ni or HtUbJ. ,
r rl < l
TrcitlK s.-
lidriuLIClJJiCUKUsmtlE , 110 A 1 UIU HI. , S.T ,
Our great sale of thin coats and vests has commenced. For customers - /
ers -who remember our former summer sales the mere announcement ;
of this sale is sufficient. They know that it means an opportunity to get
their goods at about ONE-HALF THE PRICE THEY HAVE TO PAY
ELSEWHERE FOR THEM. We have this season an enormous stock ,
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grade goods.
Fine plain Mohair Coats and Vests in several shades at $1.78 worth.
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French facing at $3.28 ; you have to pay for similar goods fully $6.
The finest Black Serge Coats and Vests at $3.SO , worth about $7.
Very fine FrenchFlannel Coats andVests in beautiful stripes at $2.9O.
A large variety of black Alpaca Coats at $1 , $1.6O , $2 and $2.28 ; also
extra long Alpaca Coats.
To get a correct idea of the values we are offering in these goods
you must see them.
We will not take any chances this time. The season promises to be the shortest we ever had ; and wo
commence an early clearance sale , We offer today two lots of suits at such reductions that buyers can
readily see the superior values we offer.
One lot of all wool plain grey cheviot sack suits at $6.50. This is a suit that has been made up
to retail for $12.50 to $15 ; the quality of the goods is excellent. It is lined with double warp Italian ,
made up stylish , with patched pockets , and makes a splendid business suit.
The- second is a large lot of sack and frock suits of black cheviot , the most fashionable material
this season. Tliese are made up in fine style with worsted binding and fit elegant ; the suit is wortlu
over $15 , and we offer them at SS.90.
Ask our salesmen to show you these suits.
It is astonishing what a quantity of flannel shirts we are selling this season. The enormous sales
induced us to buy very heavy. We have recently closed out a manufacturer's entire stock and place
them on sale today at about one half their former prices. Among the lot we offer :
70 dozen Oxford Cloth Shirts , excellent patterns , woven colors , made up with yoke and in'good
style at 50c ; a few weeks ago these shirts would be considered cheap at SI.
40 dozen silk striped French Flannel Shirts at 90c ; worth $1.75.
Never were such bargains offered in flannel shirts as we have this week.
Corner Douglas and FoilrtBBnth Streets ,
Sydney Smith's sugges
tion of taking off one's flesh
and sitting down in one's
bones , was made before the
days of modern improv-
ments. Now comfort may
be secured and good taste
not be offended by simply
donning a thin coat and vest
and a light pair of trousers.
A full supply of the same
for the heated term may be
found at
Denver , Colo. }
Capital Prize $7,500.
'Address B , F , RllODUS ,
Nonr Newport , H. I.
OpnnvVmlrmtut. . ij | Junn O.
A ( IcIUI-Uiil "umiiier liumq fur families Amplu
Krcu-il > . iiw ! ) C'MiJ , I'Crfoct ' ilralniiKO Una wulur ,
linn view * , b iniliu uml 11 ihlnir , Aililn' $ flld Mr > .lil
Kt . I'ruvhk'nc" , U I. After Juno J , ] | i lul Coiiaiit-
ml , Njwporl. U I. U U Sluilur , Mniuuu.- . _
Grand Lottery of Juarez0
Under the Manasement of the Mexican International Banking Co. , Concessionaries.
Will tnko place In puullo nt the CITY OV JUARE/C ( formerly Puso del Norto ) . \ .
Cnder the personal supervisfnn ol GEN. JOHN S. MOSBY , mid MU.CAMIU ) ARaUnUE *
the former a Rontlsinan of such promlnoncn In tlio United Status tlmt Ills presence alpno I
MifflclGiitKuiirantb'o to tlio publlo that tlio drawings will bo huld with strict honesty iiud ' .ilr-
ncbs toiill , und tlio lattordho Supervisor of tlio Mexloan QuvurumunU la of ! sUudlur
and lutL-urlty.
Only 6OOOO TieketsI Only 6OOOO Tickets !
1 Prize of Approximation Prlzas.
$60,000 , $60,000 , 100 Prlrji of $60 oncli t 8.0
1 . 'rlroof 10.UOO 10,000 100 1'rlzoi of K ) cuch 3,0
I Prlzoof 6.00U 6,001) 1001'rUoiof 2.i onch
Sl'rlioLuf l.UUU ccch 3,000 Terminal Prlzo1 ? .
10 I'rlrcn of MO each 2.OX ) 6KiTcrmln ! N 1'rlzeof tU each III , !
zcMof 101) cacli 6,1/10 b''J TeriQlnaU to Jln.WJ I'rUo of tlO ouoli. . . .
HO I'rl/.cjof K cnvli 6.000
24) Prlzon of 10 ench 7SOU 1014 Prlzes.amountlug to.
We the undersigned hereby certify that the llnnpo If any tlckot < 1r.iwlru a prlzo Is cent to tlioun-lor-
Nnrlon/il / of Mexico In Clilhunhiia Imn on deposit plltncd , Its face vnluo will to collected aiu romUwa
from the Mexican International Il.mklnx Company , to the owner thermit frcu of charito.
the necessary fumli tu euitrantco the payment of ull KlIOAIlll. llim.NIOY.
the prize * drawn In tlio ( iiand Lottery of Juarez. 1'rcsldcnt Kl l'a o National Hank , lr.l 1'aso. Tat
Wefurthor certify that wo will ur r lso all the ar AGUSNTS WANTiaiJ.
rangements , and In ppnon nmim'Q and control all For club rates , or any other Information , wrlto t
thoclnwlMKH of thli rettery , anil tint Iho same are the uinl < tr ltfneil. stitlnx your iu ! < 1roi clairly , wlttt.
conducted with honesty , fairness and In KoiriUalth HUtu. County , Stroat and Number. Moro rapid mall
towerds all inrtles. delivery will bo : tsiirod by your oncloslntf un onruli4
JOIIK a. MOSDY. Coinmls'iloner. opo buarliu your full ivlilross.
tfupcrvlsur for tlio Uovurnmont. Olty of JuuroMexico. .
Pond remittances for tickets hy ordlnnry letter , eontiihiliiK Monuy Order. ,
issued by all K\pr ' .ss Companies , New York Exchange , lluuk Draft or I'ostal
Ixoto. Address nil ri-elsturud letters to
Glty ofJuarez. . Mexico , via 111 Paso , Tox.
Great Slimmer Bargain Sale
Jewelers and Silversmiths ,
Watches , Clocks and Jewelry Repaired at
Reasonable Prices.