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    Ju J jLiU 'V7iU"7VJ"JL"ZX -i 4Ot7vJ
ccrttiriei Ba1 > mit a Report in Accordant
With the May Resolution ,
rind Hint tlin I'rosent ClmtRo a
U 1'or Cnr on Mvo Stock la Kx-
ccHsIvo nnd Ilccoinmoiitl a
Kate orl5. !
_ _ ! . * , Nob. , Juno 23. [ Special to Tn
1 The stnto board of transportation me
this nf tcmoonnt a o'clock nt the call of th
secretaries to consider a report submitted h
Secretaries Gnrbor nnd Oilchrlst under th
resolution adopted by the board wherein th
( Secretaries wore Instructed to Investigate a
Jto the cost ol the railroads nnd to report
. schedule of maximum rates based on arcasor
nblo rate of Income upon the capital nctuall
Invested in the construction of the roads. Iii
Cldcntnlly n report was submitted with rcfot
cnco to the complaint of Q. O. Barnum vs th
Union Pnclllo railway company conccrnln ,
Ibo rate on shipments of Hvo stock fret
Columbus to South Omaha. The reportglvoi
below was submitted by Secretary Onrbcr :
U1 The complaint , In substance , is of the rnt
Of transportation of live stock from Columbu
fo South Omaha.
Tlio farts nro ns follows : The respondent1 !
rate for the transportation of Hvo cattle am
bogs from Columbus to South Omaha la W
per thirty-foot car , other lengths taking flxci
percentages of that rato. The distance fron
Columbus to South Omalm by the railroad ol
the defendant company Is approximated
ninety-two miles. The rate of shipments o ;
live cattle from Columbus to Chicago by tin
i.ino of the defendant and Its Connections was
fit the time of the bringing of this complaint
Wfli cents per hundred pounds , subject to i
minimum charge of 13.18 per car. This rnt <
is the result of n war on Hvo stock rates be
twcen competitive lines carrying the live
Block ti-nMlo from lower Missouri river points
, _ to Chicago , the results of that conflict belnt
to rcduco the rate from Kansas City to Chicago
> cage from 25 cents per hundred pounds to 1JW !
7r ccjits by u succession of changes.
f , Tlio prevailing rates to South Omaha or
Jive stock from stations within competitive
distances of Columbus nro as follows : Schuy
Icr , about sixteen miles cast of Columbus or
the Union Pacific , $23 per car ; Beaten , hall
way between Schuy lor nnd Columbus , $20 ,
Duncan nnd Gardner , eight and fourteen
tnllos respectively west of Columbus on
Unloii Pacific , & < J each ; Oconce , Plutto Center
tor , Burrows , Monroe , Matson and Genoa
stations north nnd west of Columbus on tin
Rcpubllcim Valley branch of the Union Pa
cllic , the rates are $29 , the same as nt Colum-
bus. While ) Ucllwood and David City , south-
past of Columbus on the Burlington road ( the
last mured city is u competitive point be
tween the Union Pacific , the Elkhom and
tlio Bmlhigton ) , the rates nro $20 nud § J5 re
spectively. Columbus Is n main line station
of the Union Pacific. Its situation entitles It
to as low if not lower rates than are made
from stations further distant and located on
branch lines of costlier trafllo service.
Your secretaries Hud that n rate of 29 per
tar. standard length , on shipments of live
cnttlo and hogs , from Columbus to South
Omiihii as compared with the rates prevailing
from stations located in competitive territory
With Columbus , is unlust nnd unreasonable
nnd nn net of discrimination against shippers
at Columbus.
* The carrying of live stock to market is pe
culiar in itself. The character of the service
is of greater proportionate consideration than
the charges for the sumo. The smallest
limit In time of transit Is of the greatest im
portance to shippers. An unnecessary delay
of an hour or two results in n shrinkage in
Weight for which a few dollars loss In the
freight charges Is no adequate compensation.
And yet It Is undoubtedly true that the rates
generally on Hvo stock mo lower in view of
the service performed , nnd risks assumed in
transit by the carriers than on any other
trafllc. The rate shown nro not to the
road. From the rate Is deducted 75 cents
whenever n shipper beds the car ; $1.50 Is
paid the stock yards company for hauling
Iho far to the pens und for unloading the
It is the conclusion of the secretaries thnt
$25 per ear , htandard length , is a reasonable
rate for shipments of Hvo cattle and hogs
from Columbus to South Omnlm ; other sta
tions within the territory adjacent to Colum
bus to bo adjusted In conformity therewith
ppon principles of equity nnd Justice.
| STATI : uousn NK\VS.
The following notarial appointments were
made today by Governor Thayer : J. M. For-
Rjisoii , Hustings ; B. F. Harbaugh , Armada ;
W. II. Jonos. Broken Bow ; E. A. Cook , Lex
ington ; W. D. Mnthows , O'Neill ; Samuel P.
Davidson , Johnson countya John M. Tracv.
Jjincoln ; II. V. lioaglatid , Lincoln. '
Mr. O. C. Bell , deputy secretary of state ,
loft today for a ton days Jaunt In Utah and
The Union stock yards company ( limited )
Of Omaha filed amended articles of Incorpora
tion with the secretary of stnto this morning.
The principal amendment Is that to article 0 ,
Which increases the authori/cd capital stock
to $1,000.000 and provides thnt it may bo still
f uithcr Increased by a vote of two-thirds of
the stockholders.
Aitlclcs of incorporation of the Dawson
brick company of Omaha were filed this
niornlng. The object of the organization is
to manufacture brick and other articles from
cluy. Also to uilno und sell clav , coal and
other minerals nud to sink and operate walls
Iali' ? ' u , , 1WTho , n > nl Mock is to bo
50MK ) . The
| Ineorporntors nro Normnn A.
Kuhn , C. D. Woodwoitli , Jeff \V. Bedford ,
Alexander O. Chnrlton , Ulchnrd Smith , W
S. Glbbi nnd A. II. Cooler.
TUB woui.n-m : I.T.VCHKIIS.
At S o'clock this morning Charles Smith
tbo lust of the would-bo lynchors of G W
Blnkoley laft nt large , was captured. Ho Is
the fellow who , It Is alleged , drew his revolver
ver ami attempted to kill Blnkclov after the
penitentiary guards appeared on the
fccone. The trial of the six men
Jyas set for 'J p. m. nnd the po-
lloo court was crowded with spectators.
Blaltoley was present nud his neck still bore
the livid marks of the rope that was put
nbout his neck yesterday morning , nnd walked
With n Imping gait , showing the injury to his
hip by being dragged over the rough street.
The prisoners objected to n trial before Judge
Fox worthy , ns ho was n member of the pur
suing party that captured thorn. A chungoof
Venue was taken to Justice Cochran's court
George Smith , the man who criminally ns-
Biuiltcd llttlo Mary. Hayes , the ten-year-old
sister of his. wife , was arraigned this morn
ing In the police court , Mrs. Hayes was the
only prosecuting witness , but she refused to
testify against her husband. Ho was thcro-
101-0 released from custody , but was given
sixty minutes to get outaldo of the corpor-
Mrs. Hannah A. Nelson complains In the
district court that Atkinson & Doty attor
neys , hnvo resorted to n sharp trick to rob
her of two lots in Yolando Place. Mrs Nol-
con says that she hired these lawyers ns
couiuol In u certain suit and was persuaded
to give as security for their fees u deed to
tno lots ; that they gave her u written
ngroonient that they would return the lots to
her as soon as their fee was paid. She says
Jurtherthatthoi-uso was compromised and
Bho offered her attorneys the f 150 that they
jlonmnded from her. She was astonished ,
liowuvor , to find that tlioy refused to accept
the fee and intimnto that they had her lota
nnd proposed to keep them. Entrontlos were
lit vain und she has found it necessary to
ppjKjal to the courta to got her property back.
Dr. Slomlnskl , whoso notorious record is
Known to every citizen in Omaha , has caused
the arrest of the uroprletor of the Evening
Ne\\-s of this city for criminal libel for the
imblU-ation of the following :
Dr.Monilnikl , the duok whom THE OHAHA
IlKK ImsoxiHHoil time nnd uBiiln , and who atone
ono tlnm attempted toliliiRanOiualm reporter.
IIIIH opened up a tio-culleil UUIHUUIII of Him-
toniyon Ostiuotnnd In eatchlnx tlio sucUuw
JuKioiitshtipo. Thoattontton of the police
lm liooii oullod to the obioeno advertUliiK
imiiinlitatstliDtliolins had olrcultitod about
tlioi'lty. Hobhouldbollnodfor violating the
urilliitinou votcrlui ; that point.
The trial will bo held at Justice Cochran's
court at 1 p. ui. tomorrow.
m'i'il'.a"lVu.alB ' ? udl'urilfftJtof l" ° Nebraska
BlvUlon of the
Turnveroln coramcneod ttx'.ay ,
Hid llaruiaula hall and vicinity cm uilvo
with Imntl.iomo gymnnits in gray uniforms
the color worn y the onlor , The day wr.s
pa.Hod In receiving visitors , nnd cnult dclo
gallon was mot nt Iho depot with a bnnd nm
escorted to the headquarters of the loca
society. Thli ovoninir n grand social knowi
as n kommcrs Is bclntf held In Uohunnnn'i
hall. Tomorrow morning the contests com
nicnco nt Sawyer's park.
The teachers' Institute of Lancaster count' '
opened today In the rooms of the supcrlntcn
dentof publio Instruction , nnd will contlnu
until July D. Seventy teachow were In nt
tendance. The opening feature today wa
the class drill in arithmetic by Prof. Ilakc
straw of Nebraska City. Mrs. Sarah Jen
kins of Now York city followed with n lee
turo on primary reading. Prof. Hunt of tin
state university gave n class drill in grnm
mar. Arrangements have been made for i
complete normal course in the next twi
weeks , nnd the Institute promises to bo on
of great bcuoflt to the teachers.
The 1'aiilcy Vault Agent Docs No
Answer the Charge of Bribery.
Itvn3 nntlclpatcd , with u great deal o
anxiety on the part of county officials generally
ally as well as many contractors , that tin
trial of Clmrlcs L. Wundt , charged wltl
bribery in the Pauloy vault job , would com
mcnco In the district court yesterday morning
Thcro were many spectators present whc
had evidently como for the solo purpose o
listening to the caso.
Every ono concerned In the enso was pros
cnt with n noticeable oxception. The excep
tion was Charles L. Wundt.
It will bo remembered thnt Wundt was in
dieted by the last grand jury for attempting
to brlbo County Commissioner O'ICcclTo in
connection with the contracts for the vaults
in the courthouse.
When the indictment was returned Wundl
came forward nnd presented C. W. Hamilton ,
president of tlio United States National bunk
us his surety on the $1COO bond , llxed by the
court. Attho'cndof lost term of court Mr.
Mahoncy informed General Cowin , counsel
for Wundt , that If ho would agree to have
his client on hand for trial this tunn ho would
not require the formal renewal of the old
bond , as Is customary when n cnso of this
kind is carried over from ono torni to another.
Mr. Mahoney says that General Cowiu agreed
to tills. Lost week the latter was notified
that the case would como up yesterday ,
but for some reason the gcueral failed to have
his client on hand.
Mr. Mnhonoy says ho will proceed against
Mr. Hamilton If Wundt is not Immediately
The worst that could befall Wundt In case
of conviction would bo simply a line of $500.
Judge Clurkson made nn order fixing the
bond ot J. II. Clnmpltt at $1,000. It was done
at the request of prisoner's counsel. Before
making the entry the court celled upon Mr.
Mahonny for his opinion in the cuso , the
point being that the lower court had llxcd the
bond at Slr > ( )0. ) Mr. Muhonoy explained how
Chunpltt had boon brought back from Balti
more after running off while under a $1,500
bond , but nddcd that ho thought a bond for
$1,000 , if a good ono , would bo Just as likely to
hold him as ono for WOO moro. Counsel for
prisoner said that his client had , in running
away , acted upon the ndvico of tlioso who
were then , but uro not now , his f rlouds.
The first count in the information against
Wm. A. O'Lcary ' , the Council Bluffs hnck-
man charged with robbing a pascengcr of
8100 , was dismissed on motion of the county
attorney , nnd ho will bo tiled simply for lar
ceny as bailee.
Judge IIopowoll nnd a jury took up the
case of John P. Mertis , u German about flftv-
five years old , against the Union Paclllc rail
road company , for 51,199 damages for injuries
received by being run into by an ongmu ut
Shecley's station about four years ago. Ono
of Wertis1 ribs were broken and his shoulder
Judge Doano is still holding court in the
equity court room , nnd vestcrday took up the
case of Mrs. A. M. Lewis against D. C. and
William Patterson. Mrs. Lewis seeks
to recover the title to her homo in
the northwestern part of tbo city , In
Hagan's addition , alleging that n deed
to the property was obtained by the Patter
sons by fraud. Mrs. Lewis was put upon the
stand yesterday nnd testified that the Patter
son brothers had induced her to trade her
Omaha property for borne lots in San DIego ,
Cnl. , anil persuaded her to sign n paper which
was represented to bo n description of the
property , but which afterwards turned out to
bo n warranty deed for the Omaha property
Lo Patterson. She was to have received u
icrtaln sum ot money , by the terms of the
iSTOomcnt , but nothing moro was said to her
nbout the matter und Patterson sold the prop-
srty to a third party. At this time Patterson
was keeping company with Mrs. Lewis'
[ laughter , according to Mrs. Lewis' testi
mony , and promised to deed the property to
the daughter if she-would marry him.
The Nebraska Savings und Exchange bank
lias brought suit against II. K. Kilborn ,
Thomas F. Uufus and B. F. Parker to recover
SI , r > 00 on a note ,
Henrietta Thedo has brought suit to have
ilund contract with Frederick iJicmor set
Daniel Burr has commenced suit against
3x-Justlco of the Peace R. D. A. Wade and
Ills sureties , Julius Mover and Joseph Gar-
icau , to recover 8100 alleged to have been the
imount of damages sustained by Burr by
reason of Wndo's fnlluro to have certain
Capers prepared in n case taken from Wade's
iourt to Anderson's on a change of vonuo.
Emello Woyiieh has commenced suit
igalnst August Seidloy and Balthas Jottor.
3ho alleges that she and Seidlor are the
icirs of Edward Seidlor , who purchased n
ot of Jotter and had the deed made to August
Soldier , who paid no part of the purchase
uonoy. A building was erected on the lot
ind occupied as n saloon. The suit is brought
o have the property declared to bo held in
, rust for Edward Seidler and his heirs nnd
0 have the profits of thasnloon accounted
Victor II. Stcppuhn has sued the Union Pn-
ilflc railroad company for $ . > ,000 damages.
Io states that ho was compelled to wait in
ho cold nnd storm nt Madison 6n Fcrunry U7.
8H ! ) , by reason ot the delay of the train and
ho refusal of the company's agents to open
ho station houso. His hands mid fuel were
rozen mid ho was disabled for several weeks
d suffered great pain , etc. , for which ho
onsiders $3,000 , a Just recompense.
County Court.
Henry Price has sued F. M. Russell for
170 for rent of a store in Dos Molnos in 1878.
Hans C. Hansen has commenced suit
gainst Joseph C. Skopper for Sl.OOO dam-
gus for personal Injuries received in ix fight.
Silos D. Pike and Jacob R. Hendrix rceov-
red a judgment for $500 against Drexel &
\ > ll for runt of ground adjoining the do-
endauts1 stone yard.
In the Foil oral Court.
Tlio May term is practically ended , there
telng no further causes to bo hoard.
John Hughes pleaded guilty to Impeding
ibtice by interfering with cattle brands , nnd
, -ns lined 10 nnd coats.
Dr. Conrad of Falrflold pleaded gulltv of
elling liquor without u llcciiso , and was lined
23 nnd costs.
1002. Sixteenth nml Fnrnnm streets Is
ho now lloclc Ibliuul ticket olllco. Tielc-
ts to ull points east at lowest rates.
Army Orders.
Captain Cyrus A. Earnest , Eighth Infantry ,
'ort ' NIobrarn , Nob. , has been nssigncd to
uty in charge of the department rlflo camp
1 bo established on the Bellevue riilo range
ir the competitors , etc. , nt the coming an
nul department rlllo competition , nud will
rucootl to that plnco by July 14 , next , roport-
ig on route to Major Daniel W. Benham ,
ovcnth Infantry , inspector of small arms
ractlee , department of the Platte , for hi-
The following named onicors will roiwrt in
frson to Captain Cyrus A. Earnest , Eighth
ifantry , nt the department rlllo camp near
olluvuo , Nob. , for duty In connection with
io approaching annual department rillo com-
Hltion : First Lieutenant Jumos B. Jack-
in , Seventh Infantry , Camp Pilot Butte.
iTo. , ns camp ndjutant and acting signal
Moor. to report July 15 text
irst Lieutenant William A. Mann Sovon-
icnth infantry , Fort Brldgor , Wyo. , tw camp
lartonnastor und acting ordnauco ofHcor. to
iport July 15 next. First Lieutenant
Ichnrd R. Steodmnn , Sixteenth infantry ,
ort Du Chcane , Utah , as acting commissary
' subsistence , to report July 15 next. Soc-
id Lieu tenant Groto Hutoheson , Ninth cav-
ry , Fort Nlobrara , Nob. , ns statistical und
mnclnl ofllcor , to report July 15 noxt. As-
slant Surgeon Alfred E. lirudloy , United
atcs army. Fort Omaha , Nob. , us medical
licer , to roiwrt July 15 next.
The travel directed Is necessary for the
ibllo service , ,
A Fall Account of tbo Oolcstbl Vi
itor of Last May.
An Annlyfllf ) of the Curious Hotly
1'licnomcnn Accompanying Itn Ap
licnraiioe Oilier FnmniiR Meteors
and Their Sclriitlflo Value.
Within the last fifteen years thor
hnvo boon four motcorio showora In th
atiito of Iowa. Two of these were nmon
the most brllliiuit of modern times. On
of the meteors foil nt 12:20 : o'clock on th
night of February 12 , 1875 ; the othc
fell about 7 o'clock in the evening c
May 2 last. The meteor could not ha\
been seen from any other point bctwcc
Dos Molnos and St. Paul. As it move
rapidly through the atmosphere It pr <
dtiecd a variety of sounds , non
of which were nt nil conduciv
to the mental comfort of thos
not learned in motcorio loro. Th
noises were of u rolling , rumbling' an
detonating nature , and of such fcai
ful intensity that they shook th
houses as if they wore moved by a
earthquake. The heavenly body ox
plodou when about ton miles from th
earth with a frightful sound and seal
torcd meteorites weighing from one
quarter of an ounce to sixty-six pound
on a Held three uillos long and ono inili
While the motcorio field waa in i
thickly settled part of Towa county noiv
of the stones are known to luivo struel
either house , man or beast , says the St
Louis Republican. If unythliif
or anyone had boon struct
it would undoubtedly have boor
known. Meteorites fall with sucl
force that one an inch square would kil
any man , and almost any beast won
they struck by it. There are not , however
over , any well authenticated cases o
death , from such n cause in this country
and there are but two cases recorded any
whore. Ono of these happened Jin 105-1
near Milan , when a Franciscan monli
was killed by a small meteorite ; and tin
other occurred July 2-1 , 1700. near Bordeaux
doaux , where a stone fifteen in diametci
fell into a hut , killing a herdsman and a
bullock. But the Damocles' record of n
meteoric stone is constantly suspended
over our heads. But this should
frighten no ono , as only ono person ii :
many hundred millions como to to tin un
timely end in this singular manner.
Notwithstanding the number of meteors
seen in space , very few of them strike the
mirth. Those that do not , go back in
space. They move as fast through space
us the earth , and sometimes much faster.
J'ho motion is retarded by contact with
Lho air. This friction gives the heat and
consequently the light. Very few of them
: ire projected in t > ueh a way us to strike
the earth. As the meteor shoots through
space if it has n motion which directs it
towards the earth , the pressure con-
lenses the air under it and causes the
Throe days i\f tor the meteor fell in Iowa
in 1875 , a meteoric stone , weighing seven
[ Kwnds , was found precisely where ob-
jervors had seen a "glowing coal" do-
jcond to the earth. Farmers working
-heir fields in the latter part of the
nonth found about 400 pounds of
meteoric stones on the meteoric field.
Those evidently formed only a small
Iragmont of the entire meteoric body ,
io the whole mass must have weighed
5,000 pounds.
This meteor ranks with these of Pul-
ilbk , Poland , which fell January 30 ,
1808 ; Kuyahula , Hungary , Juno 9 , 1SGG ;
Drguell , Franco , May 4 , 1801 ; the
) iio which fell in Guernsey
jounty , Ohio , May 1 , 18GO , null
, vhich was seen from the Ohio to the At-
antlo coast ; Parnallco , India , February
58 , 18-57 ; L'Aiglo , Franco , April 20 , 1S03.
This great Iowa meteor consibted of
in elongated pear-shaped mass of the
nest dazzling whiteness. Thobulk of
, ho mass was about two thousand foot
eng and four hundred feet in diameter ,
, ho narrow white trail was about four
feet long and forty feet in di-
unetor. The body was posteriorly en
veloped by a much less brilliant trail ,
ihading from orange inside to greon-
sh outside , and extending about
line miles along the path of the
netoor. Persons in the track of
meteor saw such a brilliant
slrcular disk of white light surrounded
> y an orago to greenish halo , the dim
light of which was constantly traversed
ly narrow bands of brilliant light , run-
ung from the central disk in irregularly
iurvcd lines toward the circumference.
Vs the body , inercasimg in brilliancy and
ipparcnt magnitude , was rapidly up-
u'oaching the earth both men and ani-
nuls were overcome by fear. The mo-
eor , when it struck the atmosphere of
no earth and became visible , was at an
iltitudo of 150 miles vertically above the
own of Plonsnntyillo , Mo. , and finally
ixplodcd over a point three miles south-
ifist of Norway , la. , at an altitude of
.bout ton miles. While the meteor
Tossed the northwestern ( Pralrlo ) town-
hip of Keokuk county It was seen to
livldo into two equal parts , a small
astern portion continuing its motion
lorthcabtward , but soon losing its Ijril-
ianoy , and a sovcn to fourteen times
'renter western portion which remained
ntensoly brilliant until its final oxplo-
lon. It was the smaller portion of the
iioteor which produced the meteoric
bower in Iowa and Annum townships of
owa county. While dividing the meteor
iroduced two tremendous detonations
ftor the main body had crossed
ho railroad at Marongo it produced
hroo terrific detonations which shook
luildlngs for miles around. A variety
f other sounds wore hoard over a circa-
: ir area of 150 miles in diameter. To
hose farthest away from the orbit it
ounded nb if their chimneys were on
TO. Those nearest the track heard a
irolonped rumbling and rolling sound ,
, -hlch they compared to a train running
vor a hlgli and long trestle bridge.
The meteorite stones soon had a inur-
ot value. Two dollurH a pound were
ITered for all that could bo obtained ,
( no stone weighing forty-four pounds
as found and sold to a "meteor broker"
> r $2.50. It was sold In a few days to an
stronomer for $88. Tlio meteorites are
Lways covered with a black crust , mak-
ig them to all intents and purposes coin-
loto stones. The smallest stone so far
> und weighs about two ounces , the
irgost 024 times that muoh or seventy-
ght pounds. The crust of the fragmon-
try stonort is formoddurlngtho cosmlcnl
irt of their motion through the earth's
.mosphere. The crust is not duo to
islon , but simply to the heating of the
nor layer of the stone to a rod heat , us
is boon proved by Mounter.
These meteorites are exceedingly
ugh , and It is difficult to break thorn
> ; this is duo to the iron grultis being
irtly connectectod by fibres and folia.
.Ill Iho niokollforous id present in do-
died masses , or occurs sporadically
the stono. These meteorites belong
the great class of sporadosldoros of
nubroo. In this class there are three
tocles ; these containing much , llttlo or
it very llttlo iron , so that it can only
) recognized by a magnifier orti micro-
oiw. The Iowa stones contain hut
itlo plainly visible metallic Iron in do-
uhuu grains.
HOVTll Ojrf'.Il '
A Bttftplcfiuiq Klrc ,
At 4 o'clock ywtcnlitv morning Arthur Le
occupying room Ul In fie City hotel , Jound h
room full of smoke ana the house , on fin
Ho went from room ( A room firouMiis the i
mutes ot the house. Hoscuo hose prompt !
responded and did o&ellont work. All (
the Inmntcn were rescued without Injury , n
thouRh moM , of thorn p6t out In tholr nlol :
clothes. The building Is budly damn ed nn
the furniture almost ruined. The lire is BUI
poacd to have orlRiuntm fn the kitchen on
run up between the RttkUdltig nnd broke ov
In the upper rooms. There was no llro in Hi
kitchen at the time and murmur * of incci
dlarism nro ulloat ,
The building is own6d by Daniel Uaffort
and Is said to bo Insured for 1,000 , full
enough to cover the loss. Landlord Flnhl
had f tt2.)0 on his furniture , fixtures nnd b.i
stock , 1750 In each , the Hecla , St. 1'nul , Cnl
fornlu nnd Connecticut. Mr. Flnhlo think
'his loss will bo between $2,000 and $ U,000.
Storm Driftwood.
The storm of last night did moro or Ics
damage in every part of the city. The Chicago
cage store had sonio goods damaged , th
collar for J. J. Joslyn's new bloc
on N street west of Twenty , fourtl
was fllled with water , Holmes J
Smith's cellar wall was damaged. Charlc
Hanuso's saloon was Hooded and his eclliv
filled , causing about fTHX ) loss. The tin roc
of Uio Grand Union hotel was blown of ! nil i
the house drenched and twenty Initiates wen
driven in the corner of ono room to oscapi
the fury of the storm. The chimneys wen
blown oft the Lister block and moro or lesi
injury was done , including considnrahlo t (
furniture. The toiw of the chimneys wen
blown oil , George W. Musson's house and th (
ruin and soot and water ruined his carpet ;
and some of the furniture. The streets arc
badly washed out In places. The damage all
in small amounts will amount to sbvcr.i
thousands of dollars.
Court Slcnmlln Klcctlon.
Court Sknndla. No. 2JO , elected oniccrs a ;
follows : Past chief ranger , Nels A. Lund
grcn ; chief rnnger , Edward Peterson ; vice
chief ranger , Charles W. Ecklund ; recording
secretary , Swan Larson ; financial secretary ,
Johu Anderson ; treasurer , John A. Nelson ;
senior woodward , Gust Person ; Junior wood'
ward , John Johnson : senior bcadlo , Gust
Fcrnholui ; Junior beadle , Fred W. Hanson ;
chaplain , Charles E. Johnson ; Marshal , An
drew J. Johnson. The oniccrs elected will be
installed by State Deputy George J. Seltzer ,
Saturday evening , July 5.
Hibernian Klootion.
Division No. 3 , Ancient Order of Hibernians ,
elected onicers as follows : President , Judge
Joseph J. Brcen ; .vice president , Charles P.
O'Hnrra ; treasurer , J. O'Rourko ; recording
secretary , John J. Fitzgerald ; linancial sccre-
Inry , Lawrence Connors. The ofllccrs will
bo installed nnd the appointment oftlces filled
at the mcctingSunday afternoon , July 0. Tno
commltto appointments will bo also made at
the sumo time.
U. O T. H. Anniversary.
South Omaha Lodge , No. 53 , United Order
of Trou Bund , celebrated its second anniver
sary Sunday with a picnic in Gormanla hall
and gardens. Delegations from Omaha and
Council Bluffs were present.
Notes About the City.
Edward A. Cudahy has returned from Chi
John Roft Saturday cut a gash across his
left hand. >
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McCulloch have re
turned from Galesburg , JU.
South Omaha Loago No. CO , A. O. U. W. ,
will elect ofllcors Tuesday evening.
llobort T. Maxwell lias sold his residence
to O. K. Paddock , the commission man.
Carl 'Wuestner , of this city , and Lena
Schr , of Omaha , have taken out a license to
The Robert R. Livingston drum corps will
meet this ovoid tig nt Jolm B. Mullen's , Al
bright. .
Manager Charles H. Rich of the Stockman
has returned from the watering places in Wis-
Robert T. Maxwell will remove to his new
residence on A street Just west of Twenty-
lonrlh street.
Bee Hive lodge , No. 1S4 , A. F. & A. M. .
will go to Omalm Tuesday evening to install
the ollleers elect.
The Models of Council Bluffs yesterday
defeated the Sobotkers in a gaino of ball at
Lake Manawa , by a score of 11 to t.
Dr. M.J. O'Rourko and Judge Patrick. ! .
King will le.ivo for Chicago this evening to
testify in the trial of Patrick H. Crowe.
James Dcvcreek was lined $3 by Judge
King und committed to the county Jail for
wanting to cano the bartender at the City
liotcl Saturday night.
Mrs. S. Pessley , of 1D10 South Thirteenth
street , received a painful cut on the head
Saturday evening by falling from u motor
car at Twenty-fourth und L streets.
The Annour-Cudahy club defeated the city
league on the Brown park grounds by n .score
of 18 to 15. The heavy batting of Rlley and
Dahill won the game tor the packing house
Several ineffectual attempts have been
mndo to burn a small house owned by Mich
ael Cody , Sixteenth.nnd O streets. The last
ivas tnado Saturday evening , when a lot of
liny was piled up agaltibt the house and set
ju llro. _
Swindling 1'linto Ticket Seller.
A man assuming the name of Grant
; old reduced rate tickets for our gallery.
Wo warn the public that wo make no
hango on our tickets except to extend
iho time two months.
Cholconor's Gallery , 1509 Douglas St.
The only railroad train out of Omalm
: un expressly for the accommodation of
Dmiilm , Council Blurt's , Des Molnos and
Chicago business Is the Rock Island
. estibulo limited , leaving Omaha at 4:15 :
: j. m. daily. Ticket olllco 1002 , Sixteenth
ind Farnnm St. , Omaha.
Do not ho Imposed on ijy any of the numerous
Imitations , cuhstltulrs , etc. , ulJch are llocxlinR
the world. There Io pnly ono Sulft's Bi clflc ,
and thcro la nothing llko tt. Our remedy con.
tains no llcrcury , 1'otcjli-Arsenic , or nny pol -
onoua Bubatancoliatarer. . It builds up the gen
eral health from the ( ! ( ilcuc , and has never
failed to eradicate conUi tous blood poUon and
its effects from the eytti'm. Bo euro to get the
Ceaalao. Bind your addrcsa for our Trtatlso oa
Olood and Skin Dlecawp , which will bo malloa
tree. 8WIPT SPKCIJffO CO. Atlanto. Oa.
' SWAHTIIMOnK , | ' A .
Openilith month , Tlurtr mlr.utoj from
irnail St. station , IMIln. Umler care of I'rlnmli.
ull colluKlnto ounr oa for both BOXOS lurid
laulcal , Knsln orlni { , Sclontllio nml I.ltcra
rt-fli. lIOHlttiful location , oxtonslro uri
ullJlnK , machlno iliopi , laboraturlu * ana
.es. tot iulilrosi
WM. 11. Al'l'LKTOM , I'll , 1) , ITOJlJont.
Clrcularof HENRT J. 8TEVKN8 , A. 11 , 1'rln.
GOLD MEDAL , PAIU3 EXPosmoN , 1889.
Both tlio method nnd resnlta when
Syrup of Figs is taken ; it ia pleasant
and refreshing to the tnsto , and nets
gently yet promptly on tlio Kidneys ,
Liver nnd Bowels , clonuses" tlio sys
tem effectually , dispels colds , licad-
nclics nnd fevers nnd cures hahitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced , pleasing to the tnsto and no
ceptablo to the stomach , prompt in
its notion nnd truly beneficial m ita
effects , prepared only from the most
healthy and ngrccahlo substances , its
many excellent qualities commend it
to nil and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 60o
and 81 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any ono who
wishes to try it Do not accept any
Opposite Uoyd's Opera Houso.
To All Cases Taken During the First
Three Months.
Those eminent Physicians , Surgeons and
poolillsts : are pro-eminent ly tiliovo all others
In the tro.'itmont of all Chronic , Nervous , bkln
nnd Hlood Diseases , nnd dlionsvs peculiar to
women. No nuittor what your complaint ,
consult thuso skillful surgeons , who are alilo
to ollect euros In nmny t-asos tliut have boon
lironouiu'ud hopeless. All suiilL-nl ; diseases ,
minors and deformities removed with aston
ishing icsnlls. Oenlto-urlimry surgery , stric
ture , nil discuses and deformities of either
> ov , ull Impediments to man Inge quickly re
moved. Ijonc experience , with nnpiniliulcd :
success , Is the best evidence of a doctor's
Olllco Hours n n. tn , lintllfi p. m. Sunday. 10
to 1 ! ) Thousands successfully treated by
orrcsponili'iico. All coiillilentliil. Bend 1 cents
In stamps to Insure prompt reply.
to any ! ' ! * < in tint UnltM M tn , Also , IUby
-i Jumjwik , Hicyrlfi , b-fott > n < l Oirli * Tricyo-
1 If * One or more at wjiole ilo | rfc * ( tut
.O. 0. D ( lirM-t frnni I * ( I tSprorrr' * I to *
I tor } , 1 W. M t.ln nn St. . Cliiracn. f '
$10 siivfil. Send 2r. I'atnp fir new <
uu 1 > ia IfttLoa ; Tk'.Vtr ) la the world.
Horn ft ItAtMK ? .
MomUtu. Tunmlmi I limn 01 01 0 ;
unit YCoUliutulliij , f JU" 4J | 4 * | 40
( lln.lor the munitgompM of Mr. ninIM rrohmnn ) , ntv
Ml * own comoiljr conipnuji from llm l.jcouo
Tlicnlrc , No rrotk , In Mi popular comcJIoj ,
Which will bo ulvcn MONDAV unJ TUK.3UA V
N1UHT3 , nmltho
llCKular prlcoj. Scuta will bo put on iitlo Satimlnj
"I ft mo ( irpmM the courlctlnn thnl 'Shcnnntlonli' '
ciioiiM bo IPOII lijr ororr pnlrlolof uur country. "
Oon. W.T. Sliotmnn.
In llronson Howard's drcutojt Trlunipli ,
Prcsetitod oxnctlr n It w i scon for
I ® * 300 NIGHTS IN NEW YORK CITY jirlco * . Scats nml boioa ro.vlir Wolnoailny
Anna Rowlln of Olnrlmla , In. ,
A Colored Woman who is Turning White
Hall , Dooley & Eldridgo's Par
lor Minstrels.
Molntyro & Heath's All Star
Specialty Co.
And the Carncross Quartette.
Como and non star * , the kliiK" , the producers ,
thoorlglimtorH , the fashion plutetof ro-
bluok fiu'O coinoily.
One Dime Admits to All.
"tit n thorough knowledge of the natural Inw )
nhlcu ROTorn the operations of illgestlon und nutri
tion , mill t > r B cnreful nppllcitlon of the flno proper-
tips of ncll nolecteilCocoaMr. Bpps buprovliloJour
breakfast tables with a dollcutoljr flavored bovcnina
wlilcliranjr BIIVOUB rannv heavy doctors' bills. It ll
by the Judicious usoof sucli article * of diet that a
constitution majr bo grnduallr built up until strong
enough to ruilst everr tcndunov to dKonio. Iltm-
drcda of outitlo umladtos are floating around us roAdf
to nil nek wherever there Is a wp-ik point. Wo mar
oic-upa ninny n fntal shaft bv XcopInK ouraolvos neil
{ ortlllud with pure blood aud a properly uourlshod
franio.- Civil Service ( iiuotlo.
Mndo slmplr with bollInK water or milk. Sold only
In half pound tins , by grocer * , labeled thus !
JAMES EPPS & CO. , " " " ' WnWl191
Otneral e-nd HKHVOUO DBB1LIT Yj
Weikne.nof Bodyanclliind , Effeoti
ilof Error orKloei eBin01dorYoune ,
llnlorrd. How lnfiiUr ; . tat
Jt olal lT nnflllliiK IUI31E TRKITSKNT Ooilll In < Uy.
Din titlll ; nom to BliUi > nd F.rflin Counlrl.i. ITrlU Ihtm.
IXlcrlctlio Bock , urination and proof , mtll.d ( ) tr .
Rich. Digestible. Stimulating. Nourishing.
Having a peculiarly delicious flavor a food and drink
combined at a half cent a cup and fit for a prince.
HOUTHN'S COCOA ( "onco tried , alwnyi nst.l" ) was Invented and
pfttentodancl Uinutlo lit Holland. It la acknowledged by tbo most eminentdoctora
and analysts tlmt by the .pedal truutmcnt VAN HOUTKN'S COCOA has iinJorgouo. the
gullibility of the fleth-furmlnir conmlltiiciit" l > lncreu eil fifty per cent. ,
nhils the vrhotu ot the fibres are aoftonod and rendered moro palatable and dlcoitible.
"r'riost gila In the world. " Aik ( or VAN IloUTK.N'8 uml tttko no utlicr.
jgrow J"air in Hie lighhof *
works , especially i
It-is awsolid ca.Ke of scouring
see p used f-ore ll clca.ning
p u rp o s es . All tro cers keep i f.
/ / ) / / " O by many a woman 8trlvfls
household and
LUVL U to plcaso her
works herself to death in the effort. II the house docs not loox as bright as a pin , she
gels the blame II things are upturned while houso-cleaning goes on why blame her
again. Ono remedy Is within her reach. II she uses SAPOL1O everything will look
clean , and the rolgn ol liouso-cloanlng disorder will bo quickly over.
Breat Sifmmer Bargain
Je\velers and Silversmiths ,
Watches , Clocks and Jewelry Repaired at
Reasonable Prices.
iind twcnlr r * f' contr et t > j th
iloxlcao lulfrnntloiml ImproTomont
_ OompmiT.
Orind Monthlr OMwlncii fi M In the Jlorciqa *
rTinon Inliio Alnmpilft I'Atlt.ntTiir Moilco , nna
publicly conrtndc.1 ttj uiiTernniiinl umcUU niipolnu
< 1 | > .fi'1Tt ' | l"lr'K > 'o''rthoa ' creUrrof ttio lutorlof
Will bo ticM In the CITV : OK MU.XICO.
JULY IO , 1800.
, 60,000 ,
80,000 Tickets nt ( I , fCtM.O * ) .
Prleoof TlokoU , Ainorlenn Monoy.
Iv'holoa ? ! UnlvowSU : Quui'luroei.
ICnpllnl Prlroof HUM ) . Ii f ( MOOO
ICniillal I'rlioof avail ) . . . | MftH
irnpltall'rliour IUOUO . , . | < IOUUU
1 ( Irnml 1'rlro of 2OOD . It HIM )
o , i ro '
8 r too of Ml nn > ii'iM )
ajl'rlieiof SIM nro '
IWl'rtoof KM ro Ill'lXM
Jiurrtotof fO nro I7.IXM
Ull'rltoiof SO nroro 11WO
I5.1W )
_ _
2WJPrl oi AmmintliiB to TiriCr-H
All I'rltp * sold In Iho United Stutoa fully paid In
U. a. Currency.
HT"fon Or.nn HATICS , or nny olhor Information
ncKlreil , wrlto li < xlbly to thn iindorilgnpd , clearly
statins your loililoneo , with stnto , county , street nnd
nunibur. .Morn rnpld return mull delivery will ho
miuroil hy jouronclosliiK nn onvolopu boarliw your
full address.
address.IMPORA.NT. .
Address , U. IIASSETTT.
Uixvor MKXICO ,
Or to OIIAS. n. M ANrni.r. & Co. , Uooin IQ1 N. Y.
I.lfo llulhllint. Uinalui. Nob.
Ily ortllnary lutlorontilnlni : ( MONUV OIUlKIl
niueit by nil Kxnrt'o roinpanlc9. Now VorK Kx-
cUniiKo , Draft or l-oslal Notu.
ny terras of contrnct tlio comimnr uni'tilonnilt the
mini of nil pi-Iron Included In Iho nclionio Ix'lorn cll-
lni { ilii lo ticket , mid rcoalvu the fol.owln oltlclnl
pormlt :
CKIITIPICATK--I hereby certify that the Hank of
Tiomlon nnd Mexico Imi on deposit the nnm' < ary
funiU to RiinriinU-u the pnymont of nil prlios drnnn
by thd l.olorla do la llrnrlU rnola I'ulillni.
Al'OMVAKC'ASTil to , IntorTonnr.
Furthertliorompniiy lnri'iiulri-dtodl trlliiitollfty-
nix per rout , of tlio vnluo of nil tbo tlokiitn In prliui
n Inrwr portion tlmn h ulri'ii by nny otlior loltory.
Finally , tlio nunibur of Ikki't.i It limited toRO.UOi )
20.0UU Ions than nro aolj by othur luttorlos uslnic the
same ichunio.
Thl In to certify thnt the of Conimorco ,
Naahvlllc , TCMIII. , will pay nil prliui In nlioro.
. 11. UU.M-A.V , Cashier.
Passage to and from Great Britain and all
parts of Europe. MontreaMlvorpool route , by the
waters of St. Lawrence , shortest ol all. Ulnagovr to
Itoaton , to riillndelphin. Liverpool to and from
Baltimore. Thirty Htoamorn. Clnes axcoinlor.
Accommodstlnns unsurpassed. Weekly sailings.
AM.AN A CO. , ( Ion. West. AR'ta.
C. J. Sundoll , UUIMM. lia La Hullo at. , Chicago , U'
b * I.aritr l. Kanlot nml Finos' . In the World.
rasiM'iiK * r niL-oinitititloiid unnicf tlotl.
KUIlNKSSIA.Iiino2S. | C1HCASSIA , .Inly ] 1
DIIVONIA , July B. | ANCIIOH1A , July 19.
New York , Quocnstown nnd Liverpool.
The Culnbrnted I Juno Will. July -Jfith.
CITY 01' 110.MH. | A HIT 2ld fieU SOtli.
rated on lowing tt-rniM tn and from tli * tirlnilpnl
Kxcur loii tickets rcilucitl , inailo avtillablti to rvtuni
by vlthrr the | > lcture > iiuoUlrd , lltrcrllvncr , North or
Houthntlruland Nnplfjorllllimltnr.
at lowiBt current rntpN. Apply tn any of our local
awmu. or to HENDERSON BROS. , ChlOQRO.
Local Aiontn ntOinnhn ; Harry K. Monro , Plmrloi
Mnrei , w. K. Vulll , 11. 1' . Uuuel , Cltlion'a Bank , Otto
- TO
FROM NIW vonic KVRHV TnonsDA ? .
Cabin Passage $33 to $50 , according to location ol
stateroom. Excursion $05 to $95.
Steerage to and Irnm Kiirnpa at I/\rpnt HatoS.
AUSTIN BALDWIN & . CO. , General Agents ,
53 Broadway , NEW YORK.
Jno , TUnjjon. rienoral WiMtern Aijnnt , 1
Raiulolpli Htiuot , Ulilcuifo. Hurry 12. Muor
Tlios ( Junnu.
ArrrniiK Dclilllly ,
Youlliful IndUrrelloni.
Lost Manhood.
r Be Your Own Physician Ii
, Many men , from tlio effect * of youthful j
. Imprudence , hare bruuuhl alwulmUto cf , '
' oraknosi tlmt has n luccd the RunorM tit-
torn so miirh as to InJuco tlrnoit Tfry
i other dl < . aj , and the ri'Al cauw of Iho
j IrouMeKarci-ly ever lielnitiuipvctodthey
. are dortorrdfor ovorjlhlnit hut Ihi-rlk'ht
une. Nutwlthstanillnir tlio ninny TaliiAblo
romcillui that medical ffdencti liu produred
i for the relief of tills class of | wlluit , HOMO
cur * . IMirlnKoureiUniltocnlloKeiuulhoc .
' I'llnl ' iirncllrit wa turn ipcrlmtntnl with 1
and dltcovered now a nil concentraUxl rmnn'
< ! | M. The accomiutnylnir pr ioriitlnn | h of.
ferotl a a certain and mirrily cure , u s
hundnxliof cairt tuour practlre liare Ix'tn I
raitoreil to | * rfert hralth by 111 uio after I
nil other reraodlniifftlli-d IVrfectlr imroln. <
( rrmllontJi mint Ix ) uwd In the preparation of ;
tuU prvxrlptlon.
It > 'rythroiylon COCA , 11 drachm.
JorulK'liln , 11 drorhiu.
Holonlai niulcn , 1 > drachm.
Clelnemln. lirralni. .
Kit. Ivruitln amari ( lrohoUolfrraliu ) ;
Kit. IvptitiKlra , iicruplei.
( llycerlnu , ii a II11. I
HakuMpllli. Iak lplllat3p.mandan. '
other on Kulnit to iHid. ln onior-.i cill will ,
Ixi nocinuary fur tlio tuitlont to take two I > IIU , '
t liudtlmo , maklnvlhuiiunilwrthniiaday.
Thlmm lylia > laiti > < ltnaTeryconilltlonof ' ,
nirrout dcltlllt/ and weakneu in either ei , '
and especially fn thoM ) cajuia rriultln' '
Impruclenm. Tim recuperatlrn j , „ . ,
tills rmtornllfuore truly AitonUhlnif.tnd It * .
uiMContlnuwl for nihort tlmorluniriil the .
IsjltruUl.deUlltAtntl , D rrul ss cgudltloa tu j
vneof renewwl llfoand vlffor. <
As we an conttantlr In receipt of l.t ( r of i
Inquiry rfUtlv * to OIM romoily , wa would ' <
> ty MthowwhowouldprrfrrtoobulnUof
ui. remitting | l a srrurtly sralml pu > k. '
luia contalnlnit CO pills , earofully com-
liuundwi.wlll IK ) wntliyretuni mall from , '
our prtralB Ulxiralnry , or wn will fnrnlih t '
iiuck ni * , which will ourouioituuiM. for t-\ '
AddroMorcall on
Now England Medical Institute ,
31 Treniont How , lloslon , Mans. :
it ) tf OoPfrlnht.lMD. liy r. II. Iliuiu.
Boyd's Opera House Block.