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    Y 14 , 1890.
! The HoaltS Ecstorcra of Nebraska Meet to
Discuss Important Question ; .
Byn ( > | itffl or President Goodwin's An
nual Address The Prohibitory Ijnvr
mill Sunday Closing Members
in Attendance.
The session of the State Pharmaceutical
&SHocutIonoi ! cncd at Washington hall at 3
o'clock yesterday afternoon with about ono
hundred nnd twenty-five inernbzrs in attend
It was called to order by C. F. Goodman ,
president of tbo association. C. J. Dau
bach , the energetic secretary of the associa
tion , was on hand and filled his position with
bis usual ability ;
The Itev. W. A. Line Invoked the divine
lilessing upon the gathering and prayed that
no misfortune befall the members while they
were absent from their families.
President Goodman introduced Mayor Gush
ing , who remarked that it was a wist- pre
caution to bo prayed for before his si > cech.
He said ho knew very little about medicine ,
as he "always took his straight. " Following
these introductory remarks , the mayor spoke
us lollows :
'It affords me pleasure as the representa
tive nnd chief magistrate of the city of Oma-
La , the metropolis of the Missouri valley , to
welcome you to our city. You have done
wisely to s > ele ct this place for your conven
n"In selecting Omaha as a place of mecU
ing you have performed a duty not
only to Omaha , your commercial metropolis ,
but in yourselves as well , for Just in propor-
1 ion as the center is recognized and developed
is it of iK'nellt to the region tributary , not
only as a place in which to sell and buy , but
as a soim-e of new methods and ideas which
are first put to the test here. And I trust
tlMit our Omaha druggists are so alive
io their own and the community's
interests that you will find the
newest nnd best methods , as well as the nnd best supplies.
"Chemistry , the science with which you
deal , it the basis of all science and all discov
ery. The very life wo live depends upon
chemical change , the very air wo breathe , the
water wo drink , nnd the food we eat. are
compounds , the nature of which chemistry
only iittt unfold to us. In Ihis day of rapid
progress it is safe to say that the science of
chemistrv is in the van. Indeed , chemistry
goes before and "blazes the way , " so to
speak It is an ever widening and deepening
"Turning to your especial work asdruggist-
chcmisLs. for you cannot bo competent as
druggists without a fair knowledge of chem
istry , one is at first confronted with your
prent responsibility. You hold the lives
of the people in your hands. What a
stimulus is this to sobriety , to honesty
nud to carefulness. It is well that the state
has provided laws to limit your numbers to
those who c.m demonstrate their fitness and
"I am informed that your gathering is to bo
not only for the discussion of subjects perti
nent to your calling , but asprt of exposition
in minaturc.
"The late Paris exposition was said to bo
' one not merely of things , but of ideas illus-
trntod by things. This great example is one
worthy to be followed nnd 1 trust and believe
that it will so characterize your meeting that
you may each return to your homes not only
better supplied with the articles which your
customers need , but equipped with the new
est nnd most progressive ideas of vour pro
fession nnd the subjects discussed at this
meeting will result in a mutual benefit to
each of jou and thereby to your patrons.
"Again allow me to bid you welcome and
briefly state that the freedom of the city is at
your service. "
dent Goodman
gist in Xehra . . . .
Mayor Cd'-hin 's welifomo ju a very s > hort
fl > eoch. Ho said : fA
"I desire to return the mayor thanks for his
cordial welcome to Omnha. Thcrois no class
of husine.s men ivho hiivo so few hours off
duty us druggists. I don't supiwse there- a
man here who avcrapes less than sixteen or
eighteen hours perduy. His very pleasant ,
therefore , for us-to have n few days of recrea
tion , nnd it is doubly pleasant to have such n
hearty welcome accorded us. "
At the conclusion of Mr. Reed's remarks
Secretary Daubach said that ho had been re
quested to present to the association , on behalf -
half of Mr. Itecd , a handsome puvel some-
thiiif ; which the association had never owned.
It was to be the property of the association
and l > o handed down from president to presi
The pavel wns n very handsome ono of
osupo orniifro wood , with n silver band around
it , on which were cnjjruved the letters , JC. S.
P. A
President Goodman then read his annual
address to tuo association. It contained
many mutters concerning the routine busi
ness of the body und also contained several
.suppestions. The following- extracts
Iroin the address on the important mailers
contained :
"Not the least among tl o motives that
lirlus us together in these annual meetings ,
is the anticipated pleasure of renewing old
friendships und forming now ones , and while
1 extend to you all a cordial greeting on this
our ninth annual convention , I trust that
each tind every member in attendance will do
lu > . part to help make this the most pleasant ,
interesting nnd instructive session of the No-
brusltu Stuto Pharmaceutical association wo
have had since our organization.
"According to the constitution , it is the
duty of the president to present , nt the annual
mooting , a report of the operations of this
association , and to suggest such subjects as
lie miij dx'in worthy of notice "
Ttio president then suggested that the
name "phurmaceuticnr' might lx > inoro prop-
crly changed to "phunnacopolist , " moaning
"ono who sells medicines , " as the main object
of the druggist was to acquire couipetcnco
instead of endeavoring to perfect himself in
the profession.
The fact that there are very few papers
read ut the annual meetings of the associa
tion also cumo in fora sunroof the president's
attention. Ho said the members usuallj- gave
wore time to having n good time instead of
trying to increase their knowledge of the
best way of conducting a pharmacy. The
members should use every endeavor to bring
the association up to the highest standard ,
nnd ulso to bring into the ranks every phar-
jiiHcist in the state.
The habit which some , physicians have ,
of prescribing all the new forms of drugs
which are patented , nnd which are ujion thu
market but a short time bo f ore they arc suc
ceeded by others , was deprecated and drug-
Tpists were advised to "go slow" on blocking
up with these new preparations.
The Sunday question was touched upon as
follows -In the larger cities of this state the
drug stores are open all duy Sunday , and I
uoliuvo that if the druggists would cbinoto uti
understanding about this mutter , it would bo
far better to have them Oxin | only at stated
times on Sunday , say two hours in the forenoon -
noon and two hours in the afternoon , nnd
then onr clerks would have BOIIIO time they
could cull their own. The bulk of the Sun-
da v trutlo is for cigars and sodu water , and
believing thut Sunday was made for rest ,
1 refer to this mutter here , with the
hope that many of you will i-estrlct your
bours o ( Sunday work. "
T Another paragraph wrs as follows : "In
November next a question of im
( I portance is to bo voted on in
this slate , which must IKS of interest to every
momborof thl * association that of prohibi
tion of the liquor tranic and while there
may IK ) differences of opinion on this suhloct ,
yet I believe the majority of this association
ure for high licciu-c , for , judging from the re
ports from the states of Iowa und Kansas ,
thu legitimate drug trade has suffered from
the prohibitory law , andn } order that wo may
bo consU'tent I would recommend that wo
follow the exumplo of our Denver brethren
by resolving 'That all druggists , members of
this iissociutloa , shall not sell any liquors on
/ Sunday in any way , excepting on the pro-
scriptVui of a rogulur practicing physician , '
nud if such a resolution is passed , I trust it
will bo strictly lived up to by all the drug
gists of the btate of Nebraska. Wo have
now l.H'j registered pharmacists in good
fntj tmr m the state "
\ \ hen the reading of the president's ad
dress TRU coneladcd it was refcrrrd to a com
mittee i ontisMng'of Mcs rs. N A. Kahn , A J.
Scykora and A. 11 , Hunt , for action upon the
suggestions contained.
Mr C F AVellerof the Ulchardion Drug
company made a brief sixxx-h , In which ha
assured those present that the national asso
ciation , of which he was a member , was in
hearty sympathy with the state association
and depended upon it for keeping up an in
terest in the wont.
At the suggestion of the secretary n com
mittee was appointed to prepare nnd forward
telegram ; and communications to other state
associations which might \to \ in session at the
same time as the Nebraska bodv. The chair
appointed Messrs. H..T. Clarke C. F. Weller
ami James Forsyth as such committee.
A committee on resolutions was appointed ,
consisting of Messrs. A. B. Hunt , Henry D.
Boydcn and M. Parr.
The meeting then adjourned to meet nt 10
a. m. today , nt which time the report of the
state board of examiners will be uiado the
special order.
The members in attendance were provided
with a neat pin , consisting of a spatula about
thrco inches Jens with the letters "X , S. P.
A. " on the handle , and "Omaha , 1K"0" " on the
The following members were registered as
being In attendance :
Charles M. Furren , Cedar Bluffs ; Ed W.
Bcxtcn , Hastings ; A. B. Hunt , Xorth Bend ;
A. Hubcndall , Madison ; Hobart Trush , Ash
land ; C. E. Hopping , Beaver
City .M. Jf. Eskcy , Bartiey : J.
L. Davis , Stella ; D. Fink , Grant ;
V. II. Cannon , Grant ; C. E. Ballard. Araua-
hoe ; N. P. Johnson , \Vuhoo ; W. A. Harding ,
Oakland : H. T. Ferguson , Orleans ; C. W.
Doty , Friend ; E. J. Seykora , South Omnha ;
G. H. Iloush , Earilng. la. . F. V. KniestChar-
ter Oak , la. ; George P. Emig , Taylor : F. A.
AVebstcr , Burwell ; B. C. Ilubbell , Lincoln ;
W. D. Holler , Blair ; James Ilecd , Xebraska
City ; Henry D. Boydcn , Grand Island ; C. J.
Daubach , Lincoln ; M. Parr , L. E. Peyton ,
James Forsytb , C. F. Goodman , Thomas F.
Danahay , J. J. Seville , H. Sundstedt , L. C.
Beobe , M. W. Kyersou. C. II. Sherman ,
George H. Leslie and D. W. Snxe of Omahn.
The local committee of arrangements , con-
fisting of Messrs. C. F. Goodman. J. C. Pen-
fold , D. AV. Saxe , N. A. Ivubn , James
Forsyth nnd Max Beeht , have arranged to
have"the entire body attend at Boyd's opera
house to night. Thursday afternoon
will be devoted to n drive alxmt the city , to
the fort ana to South Omaha.
In the largo room adjacent to the ono in
which the meetings of the association are held
exhibits have been made of druggists' sun
dries , etc.
Theodore Hieksecker of New Yorlc , display
of perfumes , toilet water and toilet articles ;
Peter Van Schack & Sons of Chicago , dust
proof sponge case nnd sponges ; the Dotissua
French perfumery company of New Orleans ,
perfumes ; William Warner & Co. , of Phila
delphia , druggist's specialties , cough lozen
ges ; the Goodman Drug company , surgical
and mathematical instruments ; Foote &
Jenks of .Taclzson , Mich. , perfumes and toilet
articles ; Huwley manufacturing company of
Omaha , an exhibit of "unique curline ; "
Armour-Cudahy company , extract of beef ;
Peycke Brotliers , druggists' confections ;
Omaha oil and paint company , stained glass ;
Uedfield printing comp my , labels , curds , etc.
The displays were nil well arranged in very
attractive form , and were in charge of at
To Nervous Debilitated Men.
If you will send us your address we will
send you Dr. Dye's Celebrated Voltaic Belt
nnd Appliances on trial. They will quickly
restore yon to vigor , manhood and health.
Pamphlet free. VOLTAIC BELT Co. , Marshall ,
Mich. .
_ _ _ _ _
P. W. Ilirkliatiier to be the Chairman
of tlic Bonrd of Public Works.
A gentleman whom a Bin reporter met in
the court house yesterday , nnd who occu
pies a position particularly favorable for
knowing whereof he speaks , said with pecul
iar emphasis :
"The mayor has decided to appoint Birk-
hnuser chairman ol the board of public works
nnd Frank Morrissey garbage inspector. His
decision is the result of n certain compromise
effected , or rather dictated , by the solid
twenty-eight. That's all I can tell you about
the matter. "
The reporter then headed for the mayor's
oftlce. That gentleman confirmed the report ,
saying , however , that the nominations would
not bo sent to the council for some time to
Mr Birkhauser is n real estate agent and
bos been in Omaha about five years. He
came here from Falls City in Hichardson
county , where ho hart resided Jor twelve or
fifteen years previous. He is a drnt'gist by
trade and before removing to Omaha
was a grain dealer. He has always
been an active politician. Ho
started out in politics as n republican , became -
came a rampont grcenbackcr , later on ho
declared himself an independent. Then he
blossomed out us an anti-monopolist and
finally went clean over to the demo
crats. He served two terms in
the state legislature , and has always been
n standing candidate for something. Since
his advent to Omaha he has been identified
with the Vnndervoort-Broatch Tammany
combine and through his partner , Council-
mrn Bluincr , ho has worked Mayor Cushing
for everything in sight. He has almost inva
riably Iwen appointed as an appraiser when
ever there was any grading done. Although
he has no claims upon the democracy of
Omaha and docs not possess any of the quali
fications requisite for the supervision of pub
lic works , he has pushed himielf to the front
through his allies of the Twenty-eight club
lor the biggest thing in his gift. By getting
him appointed the combine feels assured of a
man willing to do nnj thing pollUcally and
otherwise that may subserve the ends of the
Another object in view is to get him out
of the way of Chaffeo in the Seventh
ward this fulL As wo said before , Birk-
hnuscr is a standing candidate , and wns
talking of running for the council
from the Seventh ward next fall although
his partner is already in the council. Now
ho will be in position to turn m with the con
tractors to help Chnffoe. It is all the same
whether a man is u republican cr a democrat ,
so long us ho trains with Broatch and his
Made With Bnicidal Intent Yesterday Morn
ing by Fred Williams.
Ho Bids Wife nrul Baby an * AfTcc-
tlonatc Goodbye and Then
Speeds a Ilullct Into Ills
Disturbed Brnln.
Fred Williams , night switchman at the
Union Pacific yards , attempted suicide at
8:15 : yesterday morning at his house ntKiphtli
and Center streets.
Ho drove homo after his night's work , as
usual , shortly before S o'clock , and , tyinp his
horse In the yard , carried a cake of ice from
the cart to an ice-chest In the kitchen. His
wife , who was busy preparing breakfast , nojl
ticed something wrong and said :
"AVby , Fred , what Is the matter with you !
You have been drlnkhig. "
"You're richt , Jennie , I have , and I have
taken two or three glasses more than I can
stand. "
Then , picking up his HtUe crippled baby
girl who was playing about the room in her
be kissed her kissed
night-dress , Rood-bye ,
his wife and stepped into the bedroom ad
The nest instant the wife was startled by
the report of a pistol and sprang into the
room to find her husband iying across the
bed , his face and clothes covered with blood
from a ghastly wound in the forehead , made
with a smoking revolver which was still
grasped in bis right hand.
The screams of the distracted woman at-
i acted the attention of the neighbors , who
Hocked to the scene of the shooting. In a few
minutes the police and , Inter , Dr. Galbraith ,
the Union Pacific physician , were on hand.
Nothing could be dnnc to save the unfortun
ate man's life. The wound was fatal and
oulv relief from pain could bo afforded.
The 44-calibro bullet bad sent a large sec
tion of the skull crashing into the brain and
forever ended the troubles of this world for
Fred Williams.
The doctor said that AVilliams' death was
only a question of a few hours and thut be
would never regain consciousness.
No one can advance a plausible theory for
the deed.
Williams is spoken of by his neighbors and
man } ' friends and acquaintances as a steady
worker , a good husband and one doing com
paratively well in the world. He hai been
living with his father , wife nnd child In a
comfortable rented house , and had no debts
pressing him. but was addicted to the Occa
sional u e of liquor. -
His wife , who is one of the Conley fninily
who have been in the express business in
Omaha for years , seems to bo crarud with
grief , and walks thelloormoanlngandsobblng
nnd uttering disjointed sentences like one de-
Williams is a man about thirty-throe years
of age and has one child , a cripple , about four
years old.
Erysipelas nnd salt rheum was driven en
tirely awuy from Mrs. J. C. Anderson , Pesh-
tigo , Wis. , by Burdock Blood Bitters. No
equal as a blood purifier.
The Trial of the Alleged Murderers
to Commence Today.
Today the trial of E. D. Neal , alias J.
D. ICaton , alias .T. D. Livingston , for the al
leged murder of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Jones on
the Pinney farm on or about February 4 last ,
will commence in the district court. This
will probably bo the most i-emarkablo murder
trial in tne annals of the county. The state
will be represented by County Attorney Mahoney -
honey and the defendant by Messrs. Gurley
and listelle.
This is perhaps the second case In the his
tory of this county in which it is sought to
lind the perpetrator of a killing which was
unquestionably committed in cold blood nnd
with premeditation. The crime is the more
heinous because the victims were old and
The trial will continue probably ten days.
Henry Scboenhals , foreman Henry Krugs
Pncking Co. , St. Joseph , Mo. , uses Dr.
Thomas' ElectricOil withhismeuforbprams ,
cuts , bruises , chapped hands , etc. It Is the
best. _
United States Court and Jury.
The United States grand jury convened yes
terday morning with but seventeen of the
jneinDcrs present. Attorney Baker addressed
them in a very able manner ami was listened
to by the large number of lawyers present
with great interest.
There will be about forty cases presented to
them. Many of the old cases were dismissed
by ex-United States Attorney Pritchett be
fore his retirement.
The prisoners now before the grand Jury
are : J. B. Miller , lor stealing registered
letters ; J. J. Truman of Genoa , embezzle
ment ; John Conroy and Frank Mallory ,
attempt to rob a government warehouse ;
Mark Houber , attempting to pass counter
feit money ; Gather , Coates and Kress , for
the seduction of Laura Zeipler. There are a
number of other offenders who have not yet
been apprehended , but the authorities expect
to get them in a few days.
The case of Gandy vs Anderson was com
menced , the plaintiff's attorney objecting to
certain ntlidavits taken before u notary in
Denver us to the genuineness of the s igiia-
tures on the Gandy notes in contr oversy.
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"That's wbero rpu'rq wronr ; , " rood Brown replied , '
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12 dozen Solid Sterling : Slher Itraeclcts from 5llc up. *
One lot of Itolled 1'intc J'rnceirts , nssorlol patterns , sold formerly at
$ 2.00 and $ ! t.OO. now 50e encli to cloc them out.
1,000 Flue Solid Gold Fiuirer Kin&i ' at $1.00. $1.50. $2.00 , $3.00 ,
81.00. $5.00 and up to $10.00 , worih'$2.00 to $20.00.
A beautiful line of ( lie celebrated " 1'a'hinn Diamonds" ( Imitation
diamonds ) in Gold Settings , Studs , Scarf Pins , Lneo Tins , Knr Kings ,
etc. , from $1.00 upward.
SPECIAL We offer fora few day ? onljr , until all arc sold about 100
Fine Steel Cnninp Sets , ! J pieces at ° n'r $2.09 , worth $5.01) ) . Call
rarlr , as ( lieyl lnot \ \ last lone.
Itarrnlm In Works , LampC , Slliorware , Umbrella ? , etc.
iSiTI'enalrinp In all its various branches.
Store for rent and fixtures for sale.
The Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute.
For ! ho treatment of all OnnOXirAXDBCnOICAIi DlSEASrS , Brutes Appliance'for Deformities , unfl
Truse . B'st lfc llttlri , Appnrntua and Ilp-nedles for fucpcasfnl treatment of ererr fcirm of dlnpnse requiring -
quiring Metflcal or furdcnrireatrcent. MNKTY UOOMS KOK I'ATiKMTy , llrnrd nnJ nttomlmioe. ll t
Aocmiuortntloni WMt AVrlla far circulars on Deformities nnd llmrcs , Truism , Club I'i'i't. Curvatures of
SMno , riles Tumors. Cnncpr , C'nturrh , UruarhliK , Inli Infon , KeitrlcUjrarnijsls. . K | > lle > y , Kldncr ,
lllsflder. Kjc. Enr tklniiml llUod , an1 nil SurKlral Operation' DteJiAbKSOPro.MK > nupcljltr Hook
of Oltp.ivs of Womrn I roe.e Imre laiHy nddert n l. > liu In I'npirlnn-nt f r Women miring Coutlnemont
tStrletlj I'riva'fl ) . Only Hollnblc Medical Institute rniklrc n Bt'oclnlly ' of 1'JUVATK 1)131 AH.-CS.
All mood IHsen o jucremfully tieitei. Stphlluio tflsin ri-motoJ fro-n tlio ffsUni < r t lout mo cary.
New ItPstor.itlTu 'J teatmcnl for l/o of Vl'al 1'owcr Tnrt es unublo to \ t lt us may l > o tn'ii Pd nt huiue t > y
coripsp.inrpme All con.rnunlcatli n c nndrnUal. Mfdlcluo or lustrumrnls cnt br nmil or exprir1 * so-
ourely pacLol. no inarktf to Indlcaie c imonls or fonder. One pT'onnl IntTvtcw prrfprrK.1. full nnd r * mull
utcraond history of > our ca o. nnd we will rene ! In plain wrapper our HOOK TO Ml'.S KKKK , upon IYIv t
a eciAlor NorroUB Itl i > n. ej , Impoie'icy , BrlHII , Ulectand Vnrlcucde. with quoillun I it. Address
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute ,
Corner 9th and Harney Sts. , Omnha , Neb.
Grand Lottery of Juarez.
Under the Management of the Mexican International Banking Co. , Concessionaries.
Will take place in public at the CITY OF JCAKEZ ( formerly Paso del Norte ) , Mexico
WEDNESDAY , MAY 21st , 189O.
Under the personal supervlsfnnoi CEX. JOHN S. MOSIIY , ami MIl.CAMILO AKGl ELLE3.
tlieforjiiorn Bontlutnan of such ) irninlm > m ! In the United Stains that hU presence ulorio U
suiliclt'ut uuuratiUw to the public thut tlie drawings will be huld with btrlct honesty und filr-
ness to all. und the latter ( the Supervisor of thu Aluxlcun Ou\ummL iiti la al cijuul btanilluif
und integrity.
Only 6OOOO , Tickets ! Only 6OOOO , TicketsI
1 Prize of Approximation Prizes.
$60,000 $60,000
, , 100 Prizes of I . ' ! ) each t 5.0DJ
1 Prize of JO.OOO 10000 1(10 ( Prizes of ffl en h 8.UUJ
I Prize of 5.1KM S.OOO . 100 Prizes of IS each 2.DUO
1.IKJO e&ch 11,0110 Terminal Prizes.
10 Prizes of aw each 2.1XH ) 5S19 Terminals to tOOMfl Prlro of SJ9 each. tit.wa
W 1'rlrcs of 100 eacli D.OUO Salt Terminals to f 10.0JO 1'rlze uf CIJ each
100 Prizes of X eiich i.UOO
2SO Prizes of 30 each f < M 1914 Prizes amounting to $125,970
We the iinflcrslcnea hereby certify thai the Ilauco If nnv ticket drawlnff a prlro Is sent to thu nndor-
Naclcmal of Mrxlco ID Chihuahua lim on dt > po lt picned. Its fac valn will be collected uud remitted
from the Merlcnn International lliinklnu ' to the owner thereof free of charou.
the Decennary funds to jruarantec the pn > jnent of all Knn A nil IIIIIINSOX.
thr prize * drnwn In the ( ti nd JxHtery of Juarez. President Y.I'ano \ .Nutlnnnl Hank. El Paso , Tex.
Wefurthcf curiltj that we will Kuiierrlno nil the ar- AGENTS WANTED.
ranjrumentu , and In pcnton manncu and control all rortlub rates , or nny other Information , wrlle to
tlieclnwlnca of this JjOtlery , and that the amn are the underpinned. Btnttnr your addrcsH clesrlr , with
conducted with honesty , fairness and In cued faith Huite , County , Struet mid Numbur. Morn rapid mill
towards nil jinnies. delivery it 111 Ixmsjurod by your cDClonlne uu envel
jinnies.S. . MOSBY. Commissioner. ope bearing your full address.
Supervisor for the Government. City of Juarez , Mexloo.
Fend remittances for tickets by ordlnnry letter , containing Money Order ,
- Issued by all Evpreis Companies , New York Exchange , ItunUDi-aftorrostui
Note. Address all registered letters to
OiLy ofJuarez. . Mexico , via El Paso.Tex. .
Rrwctflc for Ily t rla , Mizlnom , FH" , Nouralpia. Wak -
Iuln < * a , Mental I > rpr Mlon , hofUrilnir uf the linUn. TV
cajtlrttf In ( rw nlty ami Itadlntr to inU ry derar and
death , rrcmJture Old ARe.ltarninnfitrf , Lotnuf rower
Inrtther eiJnroluntB.ry Lo * * ) i , Mid Snrni .torrhxa
CivaiMt Itr oter-exerlion ot lh br&lu * alf > abufc or
oT0r-Uiduirr ( > nr . K cti box rent liuon ni ( > nlbtrrftU
mnnt flal-oi , or Ui lor $1 , * nt tr mUl prcpsvia
With f > Arb order for ix ! HJXC * . will Mttd j urch r
Cru&rftUtca tu refuiid rauney If th * treat mrnl foils io
cure Uuamntwxj fimi it ainlreunluft * nld uuJyby
1110FurjuunSttxx't , Omaha- Neb ,
Buffcnne from the rnrcu of youthful -rrora , rarlr
drcay.i axllnx wraknrm. lost iuauhoodrU.l will
x-nd a Tkluable trratlM | sralt"li containing full
particular * for homu cun. KIlKi : ot charge. A
splendid medical work should l read by rvenr
man vrho U nenrnns and rtrlilllutrd. Address.
I'rof. I'.C. l'0\VlIiIt.Hoodu , tJoun.
of yuuthfui luiTudriKt.
ifrnuitur * Ix-cay. hrrriiui lability , lxi
awud. ite h.vuig tried In vala vvvry kuuwn rttt -
fj , liu dlkOi rrnl K liojit * inrnui o [ sc-lf pure , which
u will send ( SMlcd l KREK la Ills Mtow-iKifli vn.
Aa6r * , i , n , llttVDi. J'.U. Uuj fxt > rw V-jit city.
. . lu IbA llBUml * Ulr AtheT lUbf
i&j | rk , fii < | U , fel ii i,4 UjrU Trtcro
Iri Out i-r u > Mt at ml l.uli priro kri.l
O I. U a > r.r.r * . IM.
) at W M.duon ht Ckitwi. 1 u
. I MT 4 fond te. iiioip ( ur n v MI
1 ( U. 7k * Uissl u.tor j 4J U.i wwlt.
"SAXATIVO , " tb
Wonderful Simnifb
llcmeUy , It Hold with
n Wrlltpn ( lunniii-
u > to cure nil Nrrv
, . Weak Memory , Ixx
, . . . . . e. W kefuln i
Before & After Use. Lo t Manhood. Nerv' .
pnuu > er > i > lim truin ue. IHIIIICVI , l.nttltndn
nil drain * and loti of power ol the OcucritlteOn
cam , ID either nex , cauecd njr over-txtttlou , youth
ful iudlhcretlont , or tbe eiccmlve use of tuuacco ,
opium , or etlmiilanta , which ultimately lead to
luOnulty , Coueutnptlun and Intaulty. Put up In
convenient form tu cairy lu the vei-t iiorket1'rica
1 a package , or G lor & . Wltb every $5 order MO
Rtve airr < ( ( cu guarunttn Io cure or rrfutnl
the i > iunry. bent by mall to any addrctt. Cir
cular free. Mtntlou thin patx.'r. Addreis
MADRID CHEMICAL CO. jTwich OfHc lor D 8. A
417 ] > < ' li'.rr , hln-rt , ( IlICACiO , ILL.
rOU SALE IK OMAHA , M.1 ! . 11V
Kuliti A Cu Cor l..lli and Douirlai Street *
J A Kullcr A C < i . Cor llth A DouKlan directs and
A I ) . Fottcr i Co. Couucil IlluU , Iowa
turt ti 4 lw * t talttM * I. 41e4. a tc
il lur Illamitrd ilralid.lii rc4 UMtaiiM
' ribbon. 1 l.r . . lL.r.
.rlk.l.t. ki.4 Ittllcf f.r
H ONLVIr ) . .
the rrnnrb irmmlr. act on th iue > iitruai : tynU-m mid
euro uii | > re ftUtn from whatever < aT'ae i'rMu-Htt
uieuBtruaii m 'ltio o i > lll Hinuttl t tin lak'-n dur >
11 < | > r . iiai > y Am I'll ! I i Jl'iyaiC i'r | i : hiK-- > -
< - T t ar I j la Oeuuino ty bherma & ) > l-onnr 1.
Dudirnat m-ar ! l Uiuaha I A M--tier houth
Omaiia , M f Lull , I JUUL.I BluBl I jit * . ,