Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 25, 1890, Page 8, Image 8

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Bnnk clonrlncu ycstordny. $1,080-
IM.I1 ,
A- young mnn named Jones , who ,
some tlimj RKO slopped on a null in the
Atnucow buUdlnfr , lcd on Salurdny of
lockjaw , and wna burled ycslorday by
County Poor Agent Mahonoy.
Ofllcor WnlUer found five packages
of ducU-Hhot shells on Thirteenth street
yesterday morning and turned thorn
ovorloChlcl Seavcy. The shells liad
evidently fallen out of some butriry , as
they were found in the middle of the
W. D. Donnott , formerly with the
I'nciflc hotel company , but now a resi
dent of Laredo , Tox. , is in the city vis
iting his old friends. Slnco leaving
lioro ho has interested himself in the
Laredo improvement and investment
company , an organization backed by
several millions , formed for the pur
pose of dovolonin < r tlmt portion of the
L.OUO Star Htnto. Mr. Dennett rin.vs the
outlook for Texas was never bettor.
Great Inducements arc being altered to
emigrants and the prospects are good
ftr a larger immtijriition this year than
over before.
.1. O. lleddlo of Ord wns In the city yes-
tnrilny. Ho snys ttio formers up his way are
71 ot greatly distressed over the low corn rate ,
. s they nro in a position to feed most of
their product to stock. There Is a great dual
of stock' in thu rich section of territory tribu
tary to Ord , one man , Mr. Crow , having fed
CCO.OOU bustiols of corn tbo past winter.
At the Hotel Darker : John W. Sadler , II.
"Wilson , Lincoln ; J. Corht , Fraor , la. ; M.
Cnrnnbell. McCook ; Gcorgo Chonot , agent
"Hunch of Keys ; Dan 11. Hoffolman. An-
aclino , Lou W. t'razla , Fremont ; S. H.
Thomas- Portland , Ore. ; J. I. Sauor , M. F.
Uuulap , Wtlllum Harllngton , Chicago.
It Wolco I3 < 1 irnr.
The publication la last Saturday's Bcc of
n letter from Mrs. P. C. 1C J gar of Arcadia ,
inquiring concerning her husband who had
disappeared , had the effect ot discovering
that gentleman's whereabouts. Ho has put
in an appearance- and promises to write to
bis wlfo anil send her suuluicnt rnonoy to
Icccp her and her infant child from atarv-
A 1 1 TI o ii n cc in e ti M.
Thursday evening Evans and Hoey will
co in in on co their bngagoniont at the 13oyd
in Hovt's rollicking Inrco-comedy. "A Parlor
The scale or prices for the engagement of
the EinmaJuch Grand English opera com
pany at Hoyd'a opera house on Monday evenIng -
Ing next in thoonara of "Fau-.t , " will bo an
follows : Paniuotto and parquotto circle , fc'J ;
balcony , $1.50 and $2 : general admission 51
flndJl.OOj callor.v , 50 cents.
An Knlnric ( ! Coflln Factory.
W. II , Chocsobrouch , secretary and
treasurer of the Detroit Motilllo Casket
company , ono of the largest institutions of
the kind in Iho country , is nt the Darker.
Ho is looking ever tlio Held for an establish *
sncnt of the kind in Omaha.
Ho visited the Omaha coflln factory In
company with Secretary Nasoti of the board
of trade , and propositions for a aulo were
made which will bo considered by the
Detroit poaplo. The latter will coma with
plenty of capital and ba prepared to build up
nn extensive industry , and a strong effort
will bo made to secure them.
Missionary Montlnc.
The ladles of Park nvonuo United Presby
terian church held their yearly open mission
ary meeting on Sunday evening. Their presi
dent , Mrs. J. A. Hondorson , presided. The
opening cxcrciso was scriptural reading by
Mrs. Larimer. Papers were road by Mrs.
Wilson , Mrs. D. L. Campbell and Miss Mary
"Wilson. Missionary recitations wore deliv
ered by Wlllio Mathews , MUs Dala Camp
bell and Miss Jennie C.unpboH. The anthem
by fho choir was excellent. The society is
In a very tlourlshingconditlon.h wing raised ,
during the past year , nearly ? 150 , which was
distributed to the different boards of thu
church. Licsldos this'ttio ladles did a largo
amount of homo missionary work.
Tmt | How nt Cnvlnzton.
Harry Eaton , a member of the Rusco &
Swift minstrels , writes from Dakota City ,
denying the , version given by TUB Dun's
South Sioux City correspondent , of the
trouble which lougod Eaton in the Dakota
City jull. The row was over the payment
of toll on the bridge. Eaton says ho did not
refuse to pay Ills faro but refusoa to run
when the bridge tender told him to do so.
lie says that thu bridge guard rushed at him
with a pitchfork. Ho drew a revolver when
( lie was knocked down and brutally assaulted
by thu bridge gang. Ho wus then , he s tys ,
thrown in Jill , and has since been rofu ud
nnythlnir but a partial hearing , at which his
witnesses were not allowed to testify In his
behalf. Ho has boon hold to the Juno term
-ot the court in $2,000 bonds.
A Hey nnil Girl
Sophia Johnson loft Fremont Monday
morning ono week ago to como to Omaha.
Bbu is only 10 years of nzo and has only
been in this country two months and cannot
peak a word of English. Her sister , Lizzie
Johnson , who 's ' employed at the Ono Mtn-
ntu caffco house on Farnam street , is very
much alarmed over thu affair. She fears
that her sister has boon Invulgolod into some
disreputable iilaca and will bo glad to receive -
coivo any information of her whereabouts.
Joe Real , a lad of only four years of ago ,
was placed in the custody of friends ot his
ants no Colby , ICus. , and started for Ash-
, this state , several days ago. Ho has
not reached his destination , and the parents
have written Chief Soavoy to scour Omaha
for their lltto eon , thinking ho might possi
bly have been loit while bore.
Hoveling In Mexico.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Swobu returned from
the south Sunday night. They had n very
enjoyable trip , ono week of which was spent
with Mr. and Mrs. Thohm Orr in the city
of Mexico and two or throe weeks with
Colonel and Mrs. J. M. Eddy at Palestine ,
' Mexico , " says Mr. Swobo , "was
the wonder of our admiration. Every
thing there is so different from what wo are
nccustotnod to , and so strange that wo easily
imagined ourselves on the other side of the
ocean. Wo vUltod all the government de
partments , saw all the public buildmcs , the
president's palacu , and took In a bull right.
Ono of the great sights of Intnre&t was the
aristocratic Mexicans driving in their line
equipagesaud gay attire. "
It was learned from Mr. Swobo that Mr.
Orr will soon transfer his headquarters from
Mexico to San Antonio , Tox.
O-orjio r.rim-H GnHlpy.
Mr. George J. Stornsdorff has Just returned
turned from Chicago , whore ho has been for
tbo past week negotiating with Hon. Warren
F. Leland relative to the leasing of the
Hotel Dullono in this city. "It is very proba
ble , " ho Btildv "that Mr. LolanU will decide
to open up the above named hotel ns soon M
completed. Everybody In Chicago is male-
Ing great preparations for the world's ' fair ,
Her people are not sleeping. They seem
confident that Now York and St.
Louis will not bo successful
in preventing her from getting the fair and
nro makluir preparations to erect many
costly buildings. The question of site is
till undecided , but It is probable that the
lake front park will bo used and that many
of the buildings will bo erected on tbo pllo
yitom In tbo lake.
" 1 wui In Chicago the day that General
Crook died , Thu pjople ot that city had
grown to greatly udnnro him and ids sudden
denth caused general regret. At the Chi
tutgn unity ho.tdquartora the belief u tnat
( jonoral .Miles will bo assigned to succeed
Uoiieral Crook , although on account of
KIllo1 hostility to Crook on the Indian noes.
lion ho will not bo received ai cordially as
uilL'ht be.
' * J heard Omaha ipokon of a great deal In
l/jajfo raoro ttmn any olljjr woitorn ctty.
Tlio opinion among Investors there seems to
V < tbfct Ouiaha has a great future. "
UAH ! ! ! HO3BNAtrs
Tlio Jitbrcw TcncJior Discourses on
"Antl-SniiilttHiii. "
The following Is a synopsis ol nn interesting
"Antl-Seraltism " delivered
ing lecture on - ,
by Itabbl Kosonau at the Temple of Israel ;
If you wore to see a ilowor in color rich
nna In aroma sweet , and some ono was to toll
you that Its fragrance 'Is poisonous , you
would naturally BO to n botanist to receive
correct Information. It you were to behold
n tree with leaves of magnificent vrcon and
bearing attractive and luscious fruit and
omo ono were to say to you that the fruit is
unwholesome , you would most certainly go
to nn agriculturist to lonra its true naturo.
If you were to form the acquaintance ot nn
Individual who makes upon you a favorable
Impression and to you seems to display a
good and admirable character , and some ono
were to toll , Vou that his reputation is nn un-
euvot.v one , you would undoubtedly go to the
Dun or Hradstroot or some other agency
to trot his true record. If you wore
to have an exulted opinion of it certain
nation because of Its numerous achievements
of which you hoard and some ono were to
speak to you of disgusting und degrading
practices that are supposed to bo In vogue
among thorn , you would surely go to an
ethnologist , to learn the truth. If you were
to think hlchly of a certain faith , recognize
the loftiness of Its doctrines and principles
and you were to notice some ono casting the
vilest aspersions upon It and the advocates
that are devoted to Us promulgation , you
would unquestionably co to some ono who
tins studied tbo attacked faith closely and
attentively in order to learn the verity or
falsity ot the accusations made.
It is not an unfrcqucnt occurrence for us
In dally llfo to bo confronted by what In our
ayes seems nothing but misrepresentation ,
abuse and Infamy. I have once before
already stated that , this is often the case In
the religious Held. Christianity has often
been subject to them ; Mohammedanism has
Buffered their torments , and Judaism has
not been spared. You know full well how
often It has been decried and that too In
most bitter te.-ms. For ages past it has
been subject to this unhappy lot. In all
countries on the surface of the gloho it has
been compelled to leave behind Its vitality
and sacritlco Us life's blood.
Last year Judaophobia was aroused hero
In this country by the publication of certain
books published by the MInervr. Publishing
company of Now York city , which portrayed
in the vilest fabrication our pcoplo und the
tenets of our faith. Luckily Judacphobia
had no opportunity for development in this
country. The ftco spirit of our government
and the liberality of our citizens was diamet
rically opposed to it. This year and within
the last week a circular , which no doubt
many of you have found at your doors , tried
to make the attempt anew of arousing the
passions of tlio peonlo against those of our
faith. I would forego trying to speak on , or
refute any of the assertions therein made
ncalnst us. I know the old adage of our
rabbis : "Silence is the mask of wisdom. " I
know that to pay no attention to aspersions
as are hero made , would in the eyes of many
bo the jrrcatcut rebuke that can be offered
the author of the aforementioned circular.
Yet what induced mo to waste for 1 may
really call it waste an evening on such a
concoctio.n of basest Blunders is the fact , that
it has been so universally distributed , and
has no doubt reached many of the illiterate
who are , sad to say. in the majority , and are
at the samn time , just because of this Illiter
acy , credulous enough to believe without In
After reading some pages of the circular
the rabbi said , "wo might continue to quota
but the work is nausealinir. That the Jew
Is hero misrepresented wo can plainly see.
It appears from the circular that all the
rocnes In this world are Jews. To disprove
that wo need only pay n visit to our state
prisons. How many Jowa will you find
there who nro incarcerated for inurdori
How many nro thieves or pilferers ! Hut
recently ono of our dally paoers gave a tabu
lated account , setting forth how small the
percent of criminals amonir tlio Jews is when
compared with those who are advocates of
other creeds. It seems from tlio , circular
that the Jews are the filthiest inhabitants of
the earth. That this IB a lie wo can plainly
see from the cleanliness that characterizes
Jewish homes. Precautions are used by the
hundreds. Prescriptions are given by the
thousands to keep untarnished purity , both
physical and mental. In us. "Whore in all
the worla can wo find rt faith that
kows how to lay down dlctatory laws ,
live ones ? Where in all the world can
wo llnd mon so anxious to preserve purity
and godliness like Moses , the prophet , und
the rabbi's J It furthermore appears from
the circular that wo are addicted to more
diseases than others. Statistics , happy to
say , prove the direct opposite. Not only do
they show the Jew as healthier than others ,
but he , according to their reports , attains
greater longevity. There have been moro
centenarians among us than among other
creeds. Observation can plainly re veal that.
It appears furtbermoru from the circular
that wo have not aided in the civilization of
the world. Lot us sue whether wu caunot
contradict this. Who made the first laws of
pure religion and morality ? Ask history
this question und it will answer ' -It was the
Jews. " Who Qovotoa himself most zeal
ously to the study of the various sciences )
Ask history this question and it will an
swer , "It was the Jew. " Who furthered
reasoning and philosophy } Ask history this
question and It will again answer : "It was
the Jew. " Who gave the lows of equality tote
to the world ? Ask history this question and
it will answer : "It was the .lews. " Who
were the bertt physicians at all times at thn
courts of kings und princes ? Ask history
this question and it will once more answer :
"They were thu Jews. " On the learning and
wisdom of Judaism the massive and gorgeous
structure of our present enlightened civiliza
tion is founded. Uomovo it and the structure
turo falls and becomes a shapaloss mass of
ruins ,
America dare not and must not for its own
welfare allow itself to lu degraded by nntl-
scmltism. What the Ignominious Huntley
and the author -of "The Original Mr.
Jacobs , " "The American Jew , " etc. , who
has for the past year been behind tbo prison
bars for theft and fraud , but whom Mr.
Huntley persists in calllnc a gentleman of
veracity and honor , term the cause of ruina
tion wo , and every fair-minded person with
us , term the Impetus nnd moans for future
greatness. The Jews nro mon of business ,
men of agriculture , men of manufacture ,
men of learning , men of Jurisprudence , men
of science , mon ot medicine und advocates
of the many thousand other vocations which
help thu land in acquiring prosperity and
Antt-semltism or Judaophobia cannot bn
permanent. It must of necessity dlsapuear.
This could be brought about much sooner if
humanity at largo were more liberal. What
prevents its immediate disappearance Is the
work of narrow-minded men und women.
As long as preachers will continue to Incul
cate Into the minds of the people that the
man-God was killed by the .lews , when
they know that ho was killed by the
Honmns : as long ns teachers will say
that ho was not properly esteemed by
the Hebrews , when they know that ho was
regarded in the light of n eroat reformer ,
and so ns long as stories without the least
foundation arc circulated that only invite
thu multitude to a display of ill feelings , so
long will prejudice continue to bo manifest
against us.
It wo prlzn our honor , our name , our wel
fare , our prosperity , then wo should , ono and
all , try our utmost , to repay the Ignominious
Huntley of Chicago as ho should ba repaid.
Perhaps his deserving punishment will Do n
lesson to others in the futuro. With the ob
ject of repaying him according to his deserts ,
in view , lot us work with uoart and soul.
Did mo discourse , I will enchant thy ear
with rcmnrkublu tales of astounding cures
of all sorts of suffering by Salvation Oil ,
the greatest cure on earth for pain. Price
" 5 cents n bottlo.
It is assorted that Booth and Salvlnn keep
tholr voices clear by thu use of Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup. '
Hwolin lii Alovlon.
St. Louis Globe-Democrat ! Colonel Thom
as Swobo , a prominent citizen of Omahaand
ono of the proprietors of the Mlllard hotel
there , was cornered at the Llndoll hotel last
evening. Colonel Swobo and wife have Just
returned from aa extensive pleasure tour
through Texas and Mexico * As Americans
they were treated with really unexpected
courtesy In Old Mexico , and to Colonel
Swobo there soeni to bo grand opportunities
there for the Investment of American capi
tal. Dut tbo surprise of the trip , Colonel
Bwobo lays , was encountered at the two
Laredos , n Texas and a .Mexican city , ot
which the former Is the parent , It is 160
mites south ot San Autoulo , and situated up.
on tbo Texas-Mexicanborder on both Bides
of the Rio Grnnde. To quota Colonel
Swobo's impressions
"I expected to llnd there two typical bor
der towns , instead of which I saw two cltlo *
aggregating 20,003 people , connected by two
magnificent steel bridges ; by telephone
wires and by the only international electric
motor railroad In the world. The two cities
nro brilliantly lighted by electricity nnd all
these refinements of civilization nruoporatcd
from and controlled upon the American side ,
iiarcdo , Tex , , is nn infant wonder , nnd n
few days sojourn there convlncad mo that
she Is attracting the attention of capitalists ,
manufactuicrs und homo-seekers nil over
the United States. Laredo is undoubtedly
today ono of , the most bustling , enterpris
ing , active cities I ever naw. And when
ono considers its geographical location and
the commanding position it occupies for con
trolling the trade of southwest Texas , nnd
especially the commerce between the United
States and Mexico , there is no occasion for
surprise nt Laredo's phenomenal develop
' The natural resources of Laredo nro
practically unlimited , " Posumcd Colonel
Swobo , after enlarging upon the city's rapid
growth , "Inexhaustible quantities of the
best cnnl are mined there , and n splendid ce
ment , the equal of Portland , is made from
the vast deposits of Dctrillcu shells. Laredo
brick Is ns durable as Milwaukee , gives n
belter effect in outside construction , nnd Is
shipped by carload lots all over Texas. It is
specified in nil government contracts lot in
"Moreover , Laredo is the center of ono of
tli3 largest agricultural nnd fruit growing
and the largest wool growing country In the
world. Why , there Is no less than 1500,000
sheep in Webb county ( of which Laredo is
the county scat ) nnd Encltml , the adjoining
IP "Living in Laredo Is marvelously cheap ,
too , on account of the fertility of the soil and
the mildness of the climate , which admits of
the harvest of txvo crops of most of the ordi
nary agricultural products. And all the
northern fruits , as well as many belonging
to soinl-troplcai latitudes , can ba broucht to
their fullest development with perfect case
and absolute certainty.
"Laredo has all the advantages of civiliza
tion that any northern or western city of her
slzo has schools , library , churches and civic
and social organization ? . And then her
locatldn at nn elevation above the Rio
Grande , the course of which one may trace
for hundreds of miles , is in itself an Im
mense advantage , nnd a source of great
pride to her thrifty and enterprising pao-
plo. "
Dr.Birncy.practicelimited tocatarrh-
al diseases of nose and throat. Boo bldg.
A Brilliant Spring Opening nt N. n.
Falconer gave his grand spring open
ing last night , and all the youth and
beauty of Omaha , as well aa some other
people were tlicro to seo. Both windows
dews were ablaze with light and beau
tifully blondotl colors on the west
trimmed hats and countless wreaths
and sprays of leaves and ilowors , on the
east sateens in all the hues of the rain
bow , and several the rainbow never
heard of. A colored sentinel in gor
geous livery received the throng at
the door , and inside was dis
played a scene of almost oriental
magniilcenco. A wilderness of glowing
cheeks and Hashing eyes hud a fitting
background of many colored silks and
aiftl satins , dainty laces and sheeny
draperies. Nothing was sold and the
visitor went perforce with the proces
sion pasta long counter of gloves upon
whoso daintiness of color and length of
arm no feminine eye looked unonvi-
pusly ; laces there were too unlimited
in variety , likewise in price ; para
sols and buttons of an in Unity
of design. The umbrella depart
ment included every conceivable style
all arrayed with an eye to tlio fitness of
things.Then came the gents' furnish
ing goods with its beautiful assortment
of neckwear and all the fancy linen
which maices gorgeous the modern ex
quisite. The domestic department
takes him round the curve and to the
display of hosiery. Uo foot or limb too
dainty to bo here arrayed. There are
marvels of silks and open work put-
terns , some of them of wonderful fllmi-
ness for the wonderful price
of $0.25. After this the notions
whore among some less magnillccnt
neighbors reuoscd fans for $50 , little
luce collars for $ i5 and miniature lace
handkerchiefs for 821 , of course there
were varieties to suit all purses , but
these , show the luxuriance of the assort
ment. On the dress goods counters
were some beautiful coeds tastefully
arranged and including novelties in
dress suits , camel's hair , Parisian designs -
signs , printed chullios , mohair In French
ollects , Henriettas "and brilliuntines
ranging in urico from 812.50 to $5'J.OO
Near the door on the cast side were the
silks and velvets. Such an endless
array of them endless in color , design
and price. China silks by the hun
dreds lay along the counters and among
them the now "outing silk , " which
washes like linen and is to bo used for
The Bocond floor wns equally bewil
dering and columns would not do jus
tice to the profusion of dainty ind os'
white underwear , the hand painted
trillos of silk and satin , the
cords and drapes , the luxuriant
eider down silk lillcd comforts , pillows
und line llannols , the black goods de
partment which has the exclusive
agency for B. Priestley & Go's , black
goods , tlio inngnillcont cloaks , wraps
and shawls , some of whoso prices would
make the head swim to say nothing of
corsets at $8 a pair.
Rising to the fourth'floor wns likoon-
tering a Turkish divan. Hundreds of
rugs bestrewed the lloor and cur
tains that would grace n fairy
castle hung about in graceful
drapery. There were alcoves of
chenilles worth from $5 to $15 , shell as
nt | from $11.60 to $21 , silk sholius from
$115 to 845. Lace Nottinghnms. China
silks , real lneosUk draperies whichure
mado. up in the house of any style
imaginable. Then there was a row of
pretty iron bedsteads covered with silk
and lace combinations for spreads and
pillows too dainty for any hut fairy
forms , around which clustered crowds
of admiring' beauties.
Lust the millinery dop&rtmont is anew
now departure. The dnlntiost toques
ana turbans hung in bewildering profu-
sion. Everywhere the glitter ot trold
nnd silver and the glow qt Ilowors so
natural ono could almost smell the per
fume. In some cases , indeed , it wns not
Altogether the opening was a success
a brilliant bewildering success which
should bo seen to bo understood.
With your name and address , mailed to
the Swift Specific Co. , Atlanta , da. , is
necessary to obtain nn intcrcstlng'trcat-
iso on the blood and the diseases incident
Colt ,
Skin Eruption Clurod ,
Oco of my emtoncri , ft hlfiUy rwpcctcd and
Influential citizen , but who U DOW abeont from
the city , hisutoJBwIfl'a BpcclflewllU cxcelleot
malt. He wyo It curwl bhn of a eklu cruptloa
that bo bad been tormented with for thlttjr yuan.
and bad rcalitod tbo curttive qualities of our
other mcdtdix * .
. HOMBT Ctio , Drp ; , Zfella cty : , ITeb.
IN Its first ( rtoyc.i , can .bo successfully
checked bjltlio prompt tiso of Ayor's
Cherry 1'cclofnl. Kvon In tlio later
periods of tlint disease , the cough Is
wonderfully rtliorcd by tills medicine.
" I Iinvo iulHl < A.yer's Cherry Pectoral
with the h ftt > effect hi my practice ,
This wonderful preparation oncu snvctl
my life. I lirfil < n constant cough , night
sweats , wns Rirntly riuliicetl In ( trull ,
nnil given tm liy my physician. Ono
bottle and iJiilt of the rcctornl cured
me. " A. J. Eldson , M. IX , Mltldlcton ,
" Several years nRO I wns severely 111.
The doctors said I wns Jn consumption ,
and that they could do nothing for me ,
but advised me , us a last resort , to try
Ayer's Cherry 1'cctoral. After taking
this mcdklno two or thrco months I
was cured , and my health remains good
to the present day. " .lames IJlrclmrd ,
D.irlen , Conn.
" Several years ago , on a , passage homo
from California , by water , I contracted
so sevcro n cold that for ROIIIO days I
wns conllned to my ntnto-rooiti , and a
physician on board considetcd my llfo
In danger. Happening to have n bottle
of Ayer'n Chetry 1'cctoral , I used It
freely , and my lungs were soon restored
to a healthy condition. Slnco then I
have Invariably rt'commended this prep
aration. " . ! . U. Chandler , Junction , Va.
yer's ' Cherry Pectoral ,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co. , Lowell , Mas5j
Sold by nil DriiBglita. Price , 1 ; elxbottlc , $5.
( Opposite 1'axton HotoLJ
Offlos honrs , y i. m. , to 8 p. m. Sundayi. 10 a. m. , te
Specialist ! In Chronic , Kcrrous , Skin and Blood DI-
C3rConiultatlon at offlco or by mall free. Medl.
clnes tent by mallor , express , securely packed , free
from observation. Guarantees to cure quickly , safe
ly and permanently.
WPIT7flTTO T1TJDTT IfflV Spermatorrhoea , Earn !
IlMlUUU IJDDlLlll ualLossoa-NlgntEmls
Monti. Ptoyslcal decay , arising from Indiscretion , ex
cess or Indulgence * producing slecplesnes * despon
dency , pimples on tlio faco. aversion to sccli'ty , easily
discouraged , Inch of contldenco. dull until for study
or business , anil finds life a tiurdon , Safely , perman
ently and prlvatoly cured. Consult Ors , Utu A llotu ,
IWHFarnamBtrcot , Omaha. Neb.
Blood ana" m Biseasss MSrv&SS'ss '
results , completely oradlrntcJ without tbe aid of
mercury. Scrofula , erysipelas , fever sores , blotches ,
nlcura. pains tn the ) ieaa and bones , syphilitic ooro
Ihroat , moutb nnd tonKiio. ccUirrh , etc. , permanently
cured whore others bavo failed.
ITirlnpff ITpin ! > ! nrana Biana * complaint * ,
mlllluj , UllIWlT Painful. Difficult , too frequent -
quont burnlnz or urine , urlno bleb colored of
with milky sediment on stnudlnu. wunk back , gonorr
boea , slott , cystitis , etc. 1'romptly and safely cured
cbarges reasonable.
raaneut Cure , re
moval complete without cuttlnsr , caustic ordlllatlon.
Cures cHoctoJ at homo by patient without a moment *
pulp or annoyance.
To TOPE Men anfl Miole-AsGfl Men ,
PfTDD I"110 a\7ful effects of early
AQTTDP UUHD Vice , which brings orpanlo
wenkneBi , ilpstroylnit both mind and body , with all
ts dreaded Ills , purmanontlr cured.
Address these wto have Inv
paired themselves by Improper
Indulgences and and tolltnry Imlilts , which ruin both
bony and mind , unnttltm them for bujlncsu , study or
MAKUIEU MEX , or tliono entering on that happy
Ufo , aware of physlclal ileblllty. quickly assisted.
Is based upon facts , flnt practical experience , second
end ovary case Is tspaclally studied , thus lUrtlnir
aright , third medicines are prepared In our own la-
batory eractly to null each case , thus affecting cure ?
without Injury.
Wricnd it cants postage for celebrated works on
chronic , nervous and dollcato dlaonsu * . Thousands
cured. tVA friendly letter nr call may save you fu <
lure suffering andihumo. undadd golden yean to lite
tlfXo letters anuwnrca unless accompanied by I
tents In stamos. ddroisorcall on
UfllS. HETTS & IIETT § ,
U08 Knrr-Jtn street. Omaha. Neb.
r I took Cold ,
I took Sick ,
I take My Meals ,
I talro My Host ,
got ling t\\t too , TOR Scoll's
Emulsion of Pure Cod Liver Oil
and Hvnophospliitesof Limoand
iciit Consumption HUT UUILT
.TAKI : ir jusr AS KASILY AS i DO MILK. "
A Yankee City Under Southern Sun ,
Has now In operation and under construction ,
twelve now iimnuraciiirliiK InUimtrles. employIng -
Ing nearly I5Ui liandit and many tnoro under
iK-Kotlatlon. TliH niiana Unit real estate an > l
atocks will double in MX montlm.
Now Is ttio tlmo to Invest , an prices will ad-
vaneo L' } nor cent by April 15tu. lor particular *
atldrcSH tlio
Tullnpjosa Land , M'nliig & M'f'ff. Co. ,
Tnlhitaosn , On.
C.O. Wallander , Agent ,
27O2 Ouming St. , Omaha , Nob.
You can double your money in
six months by buying one of those
choice lots in West Portland Park.
Abulnpton HulliHniTi Portland , Or.
Never was there displayed in Omaha such a stock of Spring Suits as we arc show 'ing
this season , and at no time were such -low figures put on them. vVr. are determined to do
the largest business ever attempted , and our stock and low prices will bring it.
Moderate priced Suits for the Business Man and Mechanic is our specialty , and no
house in the United States shows as large a variety of them as we do. We cater for the .
trade of the masses ; for the big majority of customers who have to practice economy
and to whom a saving of a dollar or two on a suit is a big item. To them we offer medium-
priced suits , made of good wearing material and of honest workmanship , at prices far below
those of other houses.
The following are a few lots which we offer this week at exceptionally good values :
One lot All-Wool Cassimcrc Suits of dark brown color , honest and durable material ,
which we recommend for good wearing qualities , at $4.75. *
Two styles of excellent Cheviot Suits of this season's patterns , very neat , lined with good
serge and well made up , at $4.90. The material in'this suit is not onlygoocl-looking , but
also very serviceable. It makes a stylish suit and one that will also give good satisfaction.
The line of $ S.oo , $9.00 and $10.00 Suits which we display this season is far ahead of
anything shown formerly. We make the assertion that with every suit you buy of us nt
that price you save from $4.00 to $5.00. No such assortment and no such values can be
found elsewhere.
Samples and rules for self-measuring sent on application , and mail orders promptly
attended to.
Corner Douglas and Fourteenth Streets.
The great increase
m our
during the past season has
induced us to purchase for
the largest and most
varied stock we have
Tlio Well
Is MusurpusseU lu tlio treatment of nlorms of I'm
VAIi : DiMUAHhi iindMrlUiiro a euro r. imrnntceil. lilt
milliner , Loss ot Miuilioo I , and Ambition , Sterrlllty
or Iturreucssabsolntcl ) cured , tfi'ud for Uooks."l'lio
3llo Secret. " tor Mini or Woman , each II cents
( stntnpsl. Nervous H'unmlo Ilisi-nto . cured quickly
nnil pcrnmnontly. Trciiliucnt liy iorru | ) onlonco.
stuniiji lor roi'ly Consultation frui' , onkea. Is. Cat
Ulliunil Jutkuon Slreutu , Onialiii Nub.
Tie ) only safe and pnlnlesi method of extract-
IiiB tocth , and iho only method of Insortlne
teeth without plate , remaining clean anil dura-
ube. !
Nos. 303-404-170- .
lln ICT the muiiaiiuiiieiit of tlio
Mexican International Banking Go.
' ( 'nr.ri ! loiiarlc . lucoruorut : , ! by tlio state of Olil-
liualiun , Mexico ,
For Clmrltnllc I'liriirmpR.
vrlll taiin ptao In public at the city of Ju.iM2 ( for
incrly 1'atotlul None ) , lloilco.
AVJ2DNKSUAVVl'Ullj S.'J.-lf , 180O.
iiiulcrtlio | ) er oiul f iperrHon of CIMHT.U JouvS.
MIHIIY ami Mr. OAMII.O AiinUKi.i.hi , tlio funni-rii
ccntlpiuiin uf Riicli protnlnenc ? In tlio ITiiltoil tito3
that his prccnt'o iilono Id sntllclrnt uiinriinton to the
pulillc th it therlrinUiiKH will ! > > htOit nlth strict lion-
usty iin < l fiilrnc' H to ull. ntitl the Inttrr ( the
vlsor of tlto Mexican uovuriitucnlj Is of eqtiut
lu , ; ami Integrity.
@ ( > 0,000.
Only ( ! ( ) ,00 ( ) Tlekctf. Only ( ! 0,001) ) Tk-licts.
Whole Tickets. Jl. Half.Tlckets. i. .
Quarter Tickets , * l.
, i.isr oi-1 ritixKs.
1 I'rl700f 81UUII9 . tVM\ \
1 I'rlzoof l , 'Ull ' . III.IHI
1 I'rlioot Mulls . MKM
: i rrlzcHof Ijiu each lire . 8.W1I
111 I'rlzosot in carlt itrc . I'.ukl
ft ) 1'iltosot llili-acliiiro . fiiril
XnrrlJoaof .VIuHclinra . f Ul )
25J Prizes of iMradiaro . 7.VW
HK1 I'rlzciof S niancliaro . f fi.COO
lUIPrlzcior niptiiliiire . 'UH
11/U Prizes of ' 'Jcncli uii ! . -VX
TMIMIXAI , 1'lll/l.w ,
Kn Terminals to iruitl I'rizo of Sllcncli nrc. . . tllm )
MO Terinlnnls to ! IVUU Prlzo of UU c.ich are. . . WUJ
rlzo'tnmountlnK to . J12VJJC
Wo the iinlcr.ilnne < l liurctir ocrtlfr that the llunco
Is'iicloniil "t Mu.vlco , lu C'lillnmlimi uu ilc'poilt
from the Uoxlcnn Intcrn.'lllonul IlnukliiB Comp.iuy.
thonccosiary to pirminloo tlio im > mrnt ot all
tliu trlrosilruwn lutho ( JiiA.VD horn it v nv .Hj.w.z.
Wo further ttirtlCy that wo will nupcrvlso all the
nrrmiKomcnts , untl In puritou tuiiniiro : und control all
the clmulnuH of ttiln li > tory , mil that the sumo nro
concliictoil with honesty , fiiltncss , itiul lu good ftilth
toward ullimrtlos.
JOHN S. AIOSIIV , Conunl Monor.
CAM i i.o A Heir hi. i. KM ,
Siipprvl or for the llovornmont
If any ticket tlrnwlnu a nrU Is < cnt tolhoumlvr-
sl nud. Us ttico vuluo will lie collected and rumlttct
to tbo owner thereof freeof chni.'i' .
Knn.Mt II. H ov ov ,
President Kl Paso Niitlonui Hunk. Kl Paso , Tex.
I'or club rules , or iiny further liifoniiiitlon , write to
the uiMlortKML il , tilntlni ! your ndilress clcurly , will
elate , county , blrect tind nnniher. MOIO nipid mnl
delivery will Ua iHHimtl 1'y jour c'nclo > liiKiiiienvel
OPU bparliixiiur full iiihlic1" ? .
Cllyot Juurez , Mexico.
Semi romlttinces for tlkets by ordinary letter
cnnt.ilnlnK unney Order , issued liy nil MXIUOSH Com
panics , Nurork ( hxcli'imiu , Hank Dralt orl'ostul
Koto Address nil restored lettprs to
oi .1 uu 1 1'.M ui Ico.
PARIS , 15S9 ,
The Highest Possible Premium ,
liEli ( i VIISOII
* < GR0SS 0'F
The President of thu Company.
lHfi-187 Avo.i Cluoauo.
2:20 : North 10th Strnnt , Oinnlm.
"Ily a iboroti | > li kno ludgu of the natural iiwa
\\blcu Kovt-ru tliu operulloni of dlKustlon anil
nutrition , ami by a careful application of thu
Lue propertied of well Kulactun Cucoa. Jlr , Kpps
has provlduil our breakfast tables with u dull-
cutely ilHVor < < il boverauo which iniiy save us
niuny heavy doctors' lilils. It IH l > y the judtclouu
uuo uf biich artlcluti uf ulut that a conitltutlou
may bo uradually built up until Htrona onotigU
to resist every tendency to disease , Hundreda
of subtle nuilndles are lloiUliu around uiretvly
to aUnck wherever there Is a weak point , Wo
may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping our
selves well tortllled with pure blooil audit prop
erly nourished frame. " Civil Service ( lazetto.
Made simply with linllhiK water or milk. Sold
only In half pound tlni , ) > y uroceM.laboluil thus :
IAMCQ HDDQ ) ? , nfl Moinfi-opathloCiiomUU
J A 1(1 ( UO trr 0 06 UU I.omlon , Bngland.
417 flam SI , Cincinnati. O
Burrnncns FROM
A'crioiin Drlillllv.
Youthful IntllniTfliuni ,
Lout Mniilioud.
, Many men , from the ofTectn of youthful
t imprudence , Imtelirniitflit about riM.itn t-t
1 Mrvnknoifs ( lint haa mluciMl thu Kcnt'inl i > \t <
> to i n GO miicli M to liulueo nlmuat uiy
J other diM'o < it't nnd the rral CAUW of thor
r trouble Fcnrct'ly ocr iK-liucsiteiKtUi ! , they
( are doctoivtl for \erj tiling Imt thought
; ono. NottvitlistntuHiifr the many nluntilu
> romodfca that nmllcnlpclcnrehaK product il -
! for tlio rrllef of UiHcla s of patient * , nonu i
> of the niilln.iiy mcwle * of tivntrmntt ffrrtn <
( euro. During ourrxtonrttocollKuniulit ) > ( i '
; vital prnoilcouo hn > o i'Xportuuntiil "Itn
i ami ilivoTprotlncwnmlronrcntrAtctl 11 mo-
; dk' * .
Thoneeumpnnlniprc crlptluiil2of'
; ( YnM ns a certain mm encnlv rnrr. M
[ hundreds ot cam i in our prnctlnt lm > u tx i n
I rofltorcil to perfect hcnuh l v It * HW nftir
> nllotherremnllcBrnlled. 1'eifpctly punIn. .
mu-t IK > usvd lu tliu pmmrnUou of
; Il-Krjtlmixylon cocn , 1 2 drachm.
JtruU-Mn , 12 ( ttaclun.
Httonlaa Dlofcn , 1 SOrachm.
1'xL IcnUmdrn , Sscrui'Ita.
( Jlycerine.n n. Mir.
Mftku CO plIK Take 1 pill At 31in. . , ft ml nn.
other on Koinffto h l. In some cm cit 11 ultl
bonucessary for the pAtlent to taVo Iwo pills M
ntbedtlmo.inaklntftlHtnuuibt'rllnvunilny. &
This rcmody Is mhipf ed to c\ cry condition of 43
nenrous debility anil w rakncra 11 ritIicrKx , ft
luul OHiK-clally in these caws resulting from ii
impruilcnce. The recuiwratlvo txinetft of ; 2
tlihre tomlUoarolntlynptonlshfnir.niulHs
u-w eonUnuttI tor ft short tlmoclmii TH the
languid , UeblllUiU'd , nrrvplofK condulon to
onocf renewed llfo nnd vlyor ,
Aawoaro constantly Inrccclfit of IcttfM of
linjulry irJatliu to tiU ) ronnstyo % % tiiM
Riy to tlioiwi who would prefer to oMAln 11 of
us , Itjr rt'iiiHtlnff Jil AFivotirclyconIcd p ck
4Ofi > contAfnliiff M pllln , eai-cfully roin'
jKHindcil.ulH lie Fint by rctnni mnUfrum
ourpriinto Inborntoiy.or ullirnmlfh C
luicknffc * , wlilclt % \ ill euro raont caaon , f oi " "
Addrtw or call on
' '
tlsw Engla'n'd Medical Institulo ,
21 Trctnonl How , Iloslon , Mnim. !
CopyrlRlit , 1SS3 , by 1' . II. Ilium
Tlio highest inoillrnl authorities of tlioofla
pre&crlbo mill recommend thu SODEN MIN
ERAL PASTILLES , for JJs.fH ! of tlio
TMroiU , Cllost and l.iiut'a , and nho foi t'ou-
" 1 nnd the results of tlio HODIIN MlNI'.KAIj.
WATKHS AND 1'ASTIIjLKd nro vcjy mitlsfao
tory In Huuncuto I'liaryiiKltlH asvrll as lu
Chronic Cntnrrlml Condition of tliti upper air
passages" MOItKAU II. IlltOWN , M. I ) .
I'rof. of Laryngology at Chlcugo rollclmlo
At oil druggists at25 und TX ) cts. a box.
I'aiiiplileN ( rals ( 0:1 : Apiillrntlmi.
Soilen Mineral Springs Co , , Limited ,
15 Cedar Struor , Now York.
llHllllT4IHilriiul. | , l\ .
DIM 1111 KISS nrhXIkhMa
' . „ ' \ * rriiioC3Crx-t.3iiirihit > iw
. lUile rrr Ihliif rrinajur.
? cif , turp it ! drnrratlfp UrAlnrfti , elvlog f rrrlr. Illld , Hftulh-
.nr , ( nullouuui < nrrrnl > of H ( rlcll > Ilirou h .11 WKAK.
1'AKT.S rtllorlintlhrnilollKAl.TlliniHllHMIOI HMllfMHIU
llitlrle ( iirrrnl Irlt In.linll ; , or wo latlctl HKO In rub ,
IIKIT unit MiiiiCBlurr Comilvl0 f 5 , lirf ui > . \ \ r.l run I'rr-
nAn.nllr luml In Inttfd nionllii SralrJ pimiililrt I rrc.
PATENTED Auo. 10 , 1887 , IMPROVED JULY 30.1889.
" " " " " "I'sziEorno"
Alspnn Eluotrlo Trues nnU D lt Comblnod.
Ben < ieo.l > < MI ( for rnic jlluit'd boob , 27li tic , l Uli llt ) > -
scatyoulnvUlDifftletlirnvflop * Meulloathriiuiitr. ' ' '
300 North llroartway , HT. J.OUIO.
030 Droadway , NEW YOJllt CITY.
Arrcstj dlicharnos from the urinary organs
In either ecx in 40 hours.
It 1 < tuperlor to CojnlLa , Cubcb , or Inlee-
tloni , and free from all bad imollr ouior"
Incoavenlcncca ,
nco cnoss DIAMOND BRAND.
Hale , iurt to 1 klviji r.llitilt. l.ndlr * . b
llrucuUl f ir lll Bian4 llran > llu red uiuilll
Unti , Ktlvi wltli tlu * ribbon , 'i' i * nu olhe
rlrod IF.Into br i iil < Uiri U4 "lltlltr la ) , -1/ (
Oul Me t rJLcja.C < j * . XlaaiMab . .
_ _ li | > ri lirira illiiu.ilowrorliUt. .
! < irrtt r l b < II , i.JUok * Jit. J <
BufTcrliij from thoriltcuol luulhful fnor . larlr
dc y. wiwtliiy nukncn , lujl iuauhooatU-.lwlll
omt a voluatilo tmtlM ) ( trlrd ) contnliilnK full
luirtlculart for hernia euro. IMIKH of tliartir. A.
iplruillil midlcal worki thould I * r iul Lv vvcrr
Inan who U ucrvnui and dttillltatcil , AildiTMU
( I'rof. V.V , 1'OW1JU1IJUoodu , Coo ;