Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 23, 1890, Part I, Page 3, Image 3

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Organization Perfected lu Nearly
Every County.
Two Interesting Interview * In tlio
Jlstrict Court Items Gathered
nt tlio btato House The
Cnpltnl City.
Not n HnycotlltiK Hod ) ' .
LIN'COI-X , Nob. , March M. [ Special to
THE BEB.I Judge W. V. Allen ot Madison
and M. D. Jackson of Nohgli whllo enjoy
ing the comforts of after breakfast cigars
and easy chairs m the rotunda of the Capitol
hotel wcro approached by Tun Bnr repre
sentative this morning.
"What Is the farmers' alliance doing1 up
your way I"
"Getting there Ell In Madison county , "
eald Judge Allen. Wo have a voting popu
lation of 1SOO and of this number the alliance
lins n membership of 700 to 1000. It will
number the latter figure to say the least
within tha next thrco months. The local
ticket will bo captured by the alliance bag
and bsggago. Organizations have been
perfected In almost every country school
district in the county. "
"Docs the alliance propose to work in the
primary elections , or not ! "
"Quito generally , I think ; but an Inde
pendent ticket Is probable. If the machine
captures the county convention then look oul
for breakers. U Is ncodloss to say that In
that event the republican tlckol would bo do-
fcatcd to a man. "
"Is there any difference between the
grange as run a few years ago and the alli
ance ! "
"Well , yes , I should sav so. The grange
wasnfcorlnfa boycotting institution. And ,
moreover , the allinnco Is backed by n better
nnd more Intelligent class ot farmers. Now
they go to our merchants and grocers nna
say wu propose to buy our goods of you Just
the same ax in the past. But In turn they
exact or expect help In the election of men to
ofllco , local nnd legislative , who bollovo that
the farmer is worthy his biro nnd will work
for him nnd his Interests. The result Is
merchants nnd grocers nro not slow to
pledge loyally und support In ull laudable
off or IB they may mane to that end. In short ,
the alliance Is after cheaper transportation.
It favors government control of railroad ,
telegraph and express companies. In our
part of the state alliance men let the national
banking system nlono. The most intelligent
farmers of Madison county arc pushing the
move for ull there Is In it. "
"Is the alliance booming In the adjacent
counties so Madison 1"
"Without a doubt. The alliance Is as
strong , If not stronger. In ICnox than It isIn
Madison county. 1 learn also that It is
growing very rapidly in Grcoloy , Whcolor ,
Boone mill Stnnton counties. West and
north of Whoolcr I cannot speak so well. I
taito It , however , that , the entire northwest
part of the state will bo In the alliance
column before the Ides of November.
"Whom does this alliance favor for gov
ernor ! "
"In the event of a general revolt and an
Independent ticket General Van Wyck
would probably bo the man. Of the proml-
4-uont republican candidates mentioned , haw.-
over , Richards of Fremont ! probably The
strongest. General Lcoso has u good many
fricilds , und amonc the sqldicrs Governor
Thuycr is popular , but Madison county
voters will not stand anything that savors of
Dor cy. " '
As to candidacy for state treasurer , secre
tary of state , auditor of public accounts , at
torney general and commissioner of public
lands nnd uulldings , what's the lay ) "
"JCo opposition to Hill whatever. Ho will
bo rpnomlnntcd state treasurer , , without a
doubt. The fact that some of the banks or
money changers oppose him is enough to in
sure this , Wu are non-ccmmlttal us to tbo
other ofllccs ; tlio fouling is strong that
good men bo nomtnutod or there will
uo n landslide. Cowdory has made mis
takes that our pcoplo are not apt to
look over. 1 will say right hero that Mr.
Dorsey will not represent the Third congres
sional district in congress ngaln very soon. "
"Mr. Jackson , how are matters in your
county ! "
"Pretty much the same that Judge Allen
suggests them to bo In Madison county. I
will any , however , that the Independent
local ticket will carry In my county unless
the republican traders exercise inoro Judg
ment in convention than they have in the
past. With the present status there an in
dependent ticket Is a sure thing. The alli
ance , too , is strong with us , nnd it will have
organizations in every school district In the
county before fall , 1 learn , aUo , that it is
crowing in strength very .fast in Holt
county. In n voting population of 2,000 fully
ono thousand nro nlllanco men. As the mat
ter stands today state politics is In a very
muddled condition , and it is hard to predict
what the outcome of the campaign will be.
Richards Is the personal choice of tbo county
for governor. If Attorney General Lcoso ,
however , conies out ns n candidate it will bo
found that ho has u good many friends in
the district. "
Judge Field esteemed "lailuro to support
for two years" sutllciont grounds , nnd
granted Faunio Story n divorce from her
nusband , William , this morning.
The case of Henry Townscnd vs the city
of Lincoln , the first of the grading damage
suits , was decided in favor of the defendant ,
but the cabu will go to the sup'rcrna court.
Judgments to the amount of $17,500 have
bean lllud against S. W. Achby , the opera
house merchant. Still It Is said that the in
voice has not been exhausted and that it will
pay creditors dollar for dollar.
James Led with vs M. B.Hubbell ot al Is tlio
tit In of a cuso filed today In which there is
$ ltOO : Involved. It Is brought on n piomls-
sory note nnd securities will play an Im
portant part In the contest.
Deputy Treasurer Bartlett loft for eastern
Ohio today , called hence by a telegram an
nouncing that his father was dangerously 111.
John O'Kccffe , treasurer of Box Butte
county , settled with the state today and paid
into the state treasury $1,001.11.
Governor Thayer is at Geneva , Fillmore
county today. Ha addressed the Farmers'
alliance at that place this afternoon. On
Monday next ho will t)0 nt his desk again.
The Omaha Theatrical Mechanics' asso
ciation tiled articles of incorporation with
the secretary of state today. Us purpose Is
mutual Improvement und to rentier assis
tance to members In time of sickness and'
deutli. Incorporators ! Bud Burl : , Charles
H , Murks , Joiry L. Maynard , Arthur Mc
Donald and August J. Uhl.
The case of the state ot Nebraska on the
relation of the school district of Omaha vs
State Auditor Thomas H. Benton was tiled
for trial In the supreme court today. The
case Is brought to compel the auditor to reg
ister 1.215,000 of school district bonds. U will
bo remembered that the auditor refused to
Co this u short Umo since.
CITV xuws xsn jforns.
Ofllccr Malona returned from Kansas City
last night with John F. Fuller , who is charged
by Thomas Noonnn with having uttered
forgnd papers. His preliminary hearing will
take place next Tuesday at 2 o'clock.
Furraeut post , Grand Army of the Repub
lic , held an open mooting this evening. Com *
rado Charles Gould delivered un address on
"Tho Volunteer Soldier in War nnd In
Peace. " Members of the post nnd visitors
, speak In high terms of the offort.
Lincoln i dlviblon No. 1 , Knights of Pythias ,
Klvo n bonollt ball at Hohanun'ti ' hall Tucs-
clay evening , March 25. Omaha knights will
i-ecolve u cordial welcome without special in-
vltntlnn * . S. A. Warner , G. F SIpo and B.
F. McNcal comprise the Invitation coinuill-
The remains of the late Fred Funko ar
rived in the city Into ycsterc'ny afternoon.
The cuucral will tuko place from tbo family
residence , corner of Thirteenth and H streets ,
tomorrow at a o'clock. Interment at Wyuku.
Friends are specially Invited ,
Tlio State Farmers' Alliance baa estab
lished permanent headquarters ri the city ,
having secured a permanent suite of rooms
in the building formerly uaud as the county
court housu on South Eleventh ( tract. It is
Intimated thai the alliance will go Into a tort
of wholesale buulnoi of furmors' supplies ,
which will bo furnlstiod husbandmen nl
A. S. Collins Hnld to Bo n Candidate
far IlsinlHi\l ,
Ex-Rov. A. S. Collins , now in Ponca , No-
llgh Or some ether city In tiio northern part
of the state , but whoso homo Is at Thirty-
seventh and Howard streets , In this city , Is
reported to bo n candidate lor dlsn.lstat from
the M. K. church for the second time on the
charge of Immorality. Hov. Collins his a
weakness for women that In the p&st has
brought him Into seine of the most sensa
tional scandals ever hoard of in the Metho
dist church , and this has again brought
trouble on his head.
He V.Collins was once a Methodist preacher ,
but owing to bis-short comlngn , was expelled
from the ministry at Galesburg , III. , live
years ago. Since then ho has been citing out
n comfortable livelihood ns a book agent by
fulling an encyclopedia. Ba still clings to
the prolix Of reverend to his name nnd
whoncAor ho strikes n | town bo gen
erally offers to fill the pulpit for tbo
local Methodist Episcopal preacher and
the offer Is Invariably accepted , Ho Is a
very magnetic man , readily pleases the la
dles of the congregation , and thereby paves
the way for a fat harvest when ho goes from
house to house with hit book.
A well known attorney who has been
brought Into close business relations with
Collins Is authority for tho-statement thai
the prcsUlng elder is after the ox-tninhter's
This gentleman reports that Collins , who
Is a married man , has been In the habit of
taking nnotbcr woman on his travel * whom
ho has been representing as Mrs , Collins ,
but who docs not boar the slightest rescm-
bluncu to tha real wlfo.
The preacher book njjont generally stops
with his pjcudo-wlfu ut the parionngo
of the Methodist minister of the
town that ho Is canvassing , and U
Is alleged that It was through this Eourco
that Ins Iniquity became unveiled. Word
was nent to Presiding Elder Clondcnnlni ;
concerning the bold Ihdlscretlon of tha pious
visngcd ngont , nnd that church olllclal U ic-
portcd to be collecting what cvldenco ho can
against the erring brother to bring - him to
Today a reporter went to Dundco Place ,
the homo of Presiding Elder Clcndcnnlng ,
out found that ha Is out of the city.
The oldei'n son was nt homo , however , nnd
ho acknowledged that his fatncr hud been
discussing the short-cominss of Brother Col
lins and ha believed that testimony was be
ing gathered for Collins' trial before the con
( n addition to his shortcomings Collins has
financial trouble ahead , as ho is threatened
with legal proceedings provided ho does not
pay for furniture costlne several hunnrcd
dollars und settle about f 150 duo In rent.
Collins has had u very unsavory record In
the past and nas become notorious for his
violation of tha seventh commandment.
Flvo year * ago ho was pastor of tlio First
Methodist Episcopal church nt Galesburg ,
III. , nnd ho startled the citizens of tnat cul
tured community with u record of iranurity
from which thai ( pilot clly has scarcely yet
recovered. Tno women with whom ho was
alleged to have boon unduly intimate at the
time were all members of his church , und a
do/on in number.
Ho lied lo Canada and u body washed up
on the shores of Lake Erie was supposed to
uo his. On Iho strength of this his wife at
tempted to get the insurance on his life nnd
the companies wltn which ho was
Insured employed dotcctlves to investigate
the matter. After a long anil skillfully con
ducted chnso Collins was discovered in ono
of the principal of Canada dis
guised as an English cockney. His head
was shorn and he was wearing dark green
eye glasses. The finishing touch to the now
role was a loud suit of clothes. Had not
one of the detectives boon well acquainted
with him in Galesburg , the erring preacher
would probably never have boon rccocntzed
In the English dudo.
At the next meeting of the ministers of
thai conference which was held nl Galva ,
Mr. Collins was summarily expelled from
the church.
It is reported that the woman who figures
In the latest scandal was ono of tliosa asso
ciated with him in the previous escapades at
Mrs. Collins , who had hopoJ that her hus
band had profited by past sins and would do
bettor In future , Is grief stricken ovur his
latest escapade. A reporter of Tun Hue
called at the residence of Collins u few
wooics ago when the report of his escapades
in northern Nebraska .first reached this city.
The scribe found the lady in very dollcato
health und was dissuaded by n neighbor
from broaching the matter to her. It was
learned today , however , that Mrs. Collins
has been Informed of her husband's dis
graceful conduct nnd thai certain members
of her church are rendering her such atten
tion and assistance as they Und necessary.
They are Brought Pnco to Face
Iho Murderous Gun.
The three murder suspscts have been
brought together In the jailor's ofllco in the
county building. There were present Sher
iff Boyd , County Attorney Mahotioy , Jailor
Miller and a couple of private citizens. Neal
nnd Shullonborgor were brought into the
room about the sumo tlmonnd without know
ing whom they were to expect were sud
denly confronted by Sherman. Ncal looked
nt him most intently for u minute ,
pursed up his lips , the lower ono of which
trembled. But that was nil. There was
nothing to show thai ulthrr Identified the
other though it scorned ns if Neal made up
his mind to in no way commit himself.
"Do you know who this is ! " asked the
county attorney of Sherman and Indicating
"I suppose It's Ncnl. " That was all ho
said and then his oycs sougnt the Iloor of the
Shcllenbcrgcr was then asked if ho recog
nized Sherman aud curtly uuswored that ho
did not know who ho was.
During the Interview the last mentioned
sat with his head oil his hands moodily gaz
ing upon the Iloor.
When the Interview , which was almost fu
ncrcal in ita frigidity , had boon concluded ,
some otio remarked to Sherman thai if bo
were pul lu Urn same cell witn Neal. the lat
ter would do him up.
"Ho mighl doll now , " „ said Sherman. "DO-
causa I'vo bean sick , bill In n fowdnys whan
1 gel well I wouldn't mind giving him n
couula of rounds. Ho might do mo up , but
that's the kind of business ho's engaged In I
guess. " There was a little grim humor In
the last remark which the party to whom It
was addressed scorned to appreciate.
Yesterday morning Deputy Sheriff TIgho of
Cnss county passed through Iho city on his
way homo. Ho came up with Sherman nnd
the Douglas county olncUls yesterday even
ing and wont to Lincoln to discover the eun
with which the murder was committed.
Sherman had told him that tha weapon had
boon given him by Sbollcnborfsor after the
deed nnd ho had asked what he would do
with It , suggesting that It bo sold.
To this Shelionborgur objected , Insisting
that it bo sold , buried or thrown away.
Sherman took the weapon , ho claimed , and
burled it. Ho described the spot us being
under u pile of boards on the top of whloh
was n number of windmill funs. Tbo boards
were taken down und the ground was exam
ined. A soft spot was found whore u hole
had evidently been dug. Tha loose earth was
shoveled out , but no guu was found.
Whether Sherman had hluiholf removed
the weapon and foi gotten where ho con
cealed l .tho second tlmo , or Intended to do-
culvo the officers Is not known. Bui il is
not thought that Iho latter supposition Is
tenable because Sherman has received every
attention at Iho hands of Doputh Sheriff
Tlghe , who has been uniformly kind to him.
Deputy Sheriff Tigha may depend upon
ona thing , vU , that tils many very kindly
favors to the members of the press will not
soon bo forgotten , nnd they only await an
opportunity to show their appreciation ot his
When scon yesterday afternoon , Sherman
Bocined to tnko pleasure in tolling the news
paper men that ho had been talking any
thing , everything und nothing In particular
ns regards tils connection with the murder ,
Oinnlia Travollnt ; aion'd Club.
The next mooting of tbo Omaha Traveling
Man's ' club will ba liuUl iioxl Saturday evening -
ing Instead of later , as previously decided
upon. U is very important that all members
ot the club , ana particularly the directors ,
shall bo present al tha Hotel Caioy next
Saturday evening.
No CollHouui Brxlonn.
All idea of stnnlng a saloon in connection
with tbo building has boon abandoned.
There will bo no drinks , save lotaonado and
pop sold in or boul the Coliseum ,
JOllKS , Pill HOB.
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A .Mnsj Mcclnc to Be Hold nt Boyd's
Oncnv House Today.
General expressions of regret were heard
In thocity yesterday ovcrthadeith of Geu
oral Crook. Flngs woreflyine at half inast on
the government buildings and the various
Grand Army halls. The following notice was
read at the real estate exchange and then
sent to the various dally papers :
The undersigned call upon their fellow
citizens to moot at Boyd's opara house lo-
dav at 4 o'oloclt p. m , ( Sunday , March
3Jd ) to malto formal exoresston of theirsenso
'of the public loss in tha death of Major Gen
eral George Crook.
Hon. George \V. Doano has consented to
E. Wnkcloy , George B. LaKe ,
W. A. Paxton , Alfred Millard ,
George E. Pritchott , William G. Maul ,
George \V. Uoano , Frank Murphy ,
George L. Miller , C. B. Hustm ,
J. E/Mnrkel , F. II. Davis.
A. U. U'yman , John A. McShane ,
A. J. Hanscom , H. KounU.
J. S. Collins.
An Acknowledgement.
District Court Clerk Frank E. Moorcs ,
who was a porsonnl friend nf the dotd gen
eral's , having been in all his Important en
gagements and reporting to htm all through
the war , has received the following talc-gram
in response to messages of condolence :
CHICAGO , 111.March 131. Frank E. Moorca :
Mrs. Crook desires mo to thank you nod
Fred Balch for your kind dispatch. Tha
funeral is Sunday at 12 o'cloc : ut Grand
Pacific. Wo would bo glod to Irivo you nnd
friends there. This Is the bitterest ntrokn
Of life. SlANTON' .
A similar dispatch to Mr. Mooros was
signed Fanny B. Head , a sistor-ia-law of too
dead general. _
iMiusiDE.NT iiuGiirrr CONVINCED
Ho Will IlcciHiimnnd the Building of
i hi ) Niobrarn Intension.
Euclid Martin , J. S. Brady _ nnd W. N.
Nuson , the board of trade commlttoa which
visited Chicago to confer with President
Hughitt of the Chicago & Northwestern
railroad , to endeavor to sccuro the extension
of its line from Vordigro to Nlobrar.1 , re
turned yesterday , Mr. Hartman , presi
dent of the real oUato oxcliuntv , romalncd
in Chicago to look after matters In connec
tion with his position on the license board.
The members of the committee- wore mot In
Chicago by Messrs 1)rake ) and Bonestoel , who
wore delayed for a day. They wore very fa
vorably received by Mr. Hughitt. Tim
president listened attentively to all they
had to say and after carefully considering
nil tholr arguments expressed tilmselt an In
favor of recommending to his directors the
completion of this line as one of their first
actu In the line of the extension of their sys
tem In Nebraska , notwithstanding the un
friendly sentiment nnd attitude towards tbo
roads now In operation lu the Htito.
During the interview Mr. Huahltt took
occasion to refer to the corn rate agitation ,
stating that If the farmord would so organ
ize for tholr mutual benefit that tho.v would
bo able to hold their corn for six mouths , or
till the market recovered from Us glutted
condition , thov would do inoro for themselves
than by ngllatlnc for reduced rales.
Altogether , the interview gave great en
couragement to the delegates , and they
evidently feel confident that the building of
the extension is a question of a very short
Mnrrlniio Jjioonsos.
Marriage licenses were Issued to the fol
lowing parties by Judge Shields yesterday :
Xiimo and residence. Ago.
j Charles Jarl , Omaha 'JA
| Hilda Nodcnborg , Omaha 10
J Crodorlck Hrinkmann , Omaha , . 23
( Otilla Kneck , Omaha 10
I James Vicltery , Omaha , . . .41
( Annlo Plvlnoo , Omaha 2S
I Lovl Groscclose , Paplllion SO
I Mary Tueiwr , Paplllion , . . . . . .UU
A. Special Ijonteii Service.
Aspecial * service of Lanton music will bo
given at All Saints church , Twenty-sixth and
Howard streets , on the evening of Thurs
day , the 27th. The choir will sing tbo Mag-
nlticat and Nuno Dimlttls , sat to Gregorian
tone * arranged by Sta-ner. and for the
anthem MondeUioua'i 131U Pialin for alto
solo and chorus. The alto solo will ba suntr
by Miss Pennell. The choir will also sing a
verv beautiful setting of the hymn "Abide
with Me , " by Barnb.y.
A judgment for ? 5,003 was paid yesterday
by Sliornuui county , ron < lored ngainst It on
the bridge bonds suit.
Moat Inspector P. A. Welch yesterday
condemned 250 cases , containing 12,000 cans
of rotten California salmon , which were
about to bo soldi by the Omaha auction and
s'.orago company. ,
There will bo a meeting of the North
Omaha improvement cub ! tomorrow even-
mir at Johnson's ' hall. A cordial invitation
la oxtfndod to all resident taxpayers of
Sixth w.u-d.
City Treasurer Hush will address the
nicotine of the South Side improvement club
called for tomorrow nipht at the Real Estate
exchange rooms. The pavement question
and other important questions will be dis
Judge Shields has appointed II. D. Hood ,
William , Coburn , D. J. O'Donahoo , M. A.
Upton. C. S. Whitney and W. H. Crary to
appraise the damages in cutting down W
street , South Omaha.
The Jury In the case of George Johnson
against Hammond & Co. , the packers , for
supplying nlm with a skittish horse which
ranawav and caused fiovoro Injuries to him ,
returned u verdict in favor of Johiuon to the
amount of Sl,70iHo / sued for $10.003.
A follow named J. Fannon was seen lug
ging two big boxes of sand soap round town
In a manner that aroused the suspicion of the
ofllcers nnd they ran him bahind tlio bars.
Ofllcer Fields found Charles Anderson
wandering around the streets with two uilra
of now shoes under his arm , nnd as the fol
low couldn't explain satisfactorily how ho
got them , he was Jailed.
Work will bo commenced tomorrow morn
ing on the now American national bank
building , northwest corner Fifteenth nnd
Dodge streets. It will bo ilvo stories nnd
cost $120,000.
Undertaker Burkott wont to Council
Bluffs yesterday and secured the remains of
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Momssey's son ,
who died at the Mlllnrd hotel three weeks
ago. The corpsa has boon Kept In u private
vault in the Blultj , but will be sent to Now
York for Interment.
Ike Lowls was arrested yesterday after
noon for stealing a lot of tools from a Cum-
Ing street carpenter shop.
Services as usual in the Southwest 1'res-
bytcrmn church , corner South Twentieth
und Loavenworth streets , by the pastor Hov.
.1. W. Jones. A cordial welcome Is extended
to all.
A mnd dog on Upper Farnam was killed
last Friday , but beforo'ho was killed ho bit
a number of other dogs in the neighbor
hood ,
The Thoasaohlcal .society moots every
Sunday nf'crnoon at 4 o'clock at Hoom 203 ,
Sheely block. All uro Invited Wednesday
nnd Saturday evening , ! . The horary is
open for inquirers. , , f
Sermon Subject ? .
The following nro the 'themes for discus
sion lu the various diuretics of the city to
day : . -1
First Universnllit Morning "Inspira
tion ; " evening , "Salvation. "
I'coplo's Church Morning , "How I know
that the Btblo Is God'&iown word : " Even
ing , "Betrayed nnd deserted. "
Unity Morning ; "Doubting and Bollov-
ingi" no evening sorvioo.ji
Qyntbln Christian Church Morning , "Tho
Virgins ; " Evening , 'U'hoi Development of
the Soui. "
Imtnunucl Baptist Mornm ? , "Tho Bap
tist Creed. ; " evening " .L'cuiparaiico or
Drunkenness. "
Trinity M. E. Church Morning , "Tho
Sunday School. "
Welsh Presbyterian Morning , "Tho
Great Examplu ; evening , "What Think Yo
of Christ ! "
St. Mark's Lutheran The Uov. J. G.
Grifllth will bo Installed as pastor by Hoy.
Adam Stump of North Plutto , president of
the synod. Services each evening during
the week.
Central United Presbyterian Morning ,
"Our Heavenly Homo ; " evening , "The He-
ward of Obedience. "
First Baptist Morning , "Gain , " a sermon
to young people ; evening , "The Prodigal
Son , " the third of a series of lectures.
First M. E. Morning , "Abraham Repels
Vultures and Mcots the Holy Ghost ; " even
ing , "God's Individual Caro. "
V. M. 0. A. Special gospel meeting Sun.
dav at 4 D. in. addrcisou by Hov. P. S. Mer
rill : HUbJoct , "How to Sea the Unsoon. "
The inuilc at tbo U o'clock service at All
Saints' church will bo Benodicite and Bcno-
uictus. Florlo , uclhcm for bass tolo and
cheruB , "Out of the Deep Have 1 Called Unto
Thee , " Calkin. Offertory , yea though I walic
through the valley of the shadow of death ,
Sullivan. At the 4 o'clock service , Cantato
and Deus in G , Macfnrron. Anthem , "Enter
Not Into Judgment , " Attwood. Offertory ,
"Load Kindly Light. " Sulllvun.
St. Matthias church. South Tenth and
Worthlngton streets Holy communion at
7't'J : a , m. Mid-duv service at 1IJ ( ) : ! n. in.
Sunday scnool at , ! p. in. Evening service
nt 7:110 : j > . m. Dr. Doherty will
preach morning ana 'evening. AH ,
scats free , and all who CDmo
arc Welcome. The last of the beautiful windows has baen placed in the
church. They are marvels of nrtlstlc elo-
A Linrco Numlu-r of New Suits Klled
An Election Coi tBt. .
II. W. Hocho has llloj a petition In quo
warrnuto against Dominick Cosgrovc , the
newly appointed assessor In the Third ward.
Cosjrrovo was appointed to the position by
the county commissioners upon his repre
sentation that ho had been elected to the
position , but had not qualified on account of
aiclaicsi. In his position Hocho states that
Cosgrovo was not eligible for election as
assessor , as ho was uc'.ing as registrar nnd
judge of election In his ward during the elec
tion , lie further alleges that ho received u
larger numunr of votes than any other can
didate , but did IIOL qualify , ns ho was told
that Cosgrovo Intended to do BO. Ho asks
that ho bo declared the asscisor In the ward
Instead of Cosgrovo.
F. S. Ncalls has commenced suit for
& . " > ,000 datnacos nsalnst the Omaha & Grant
smelling and rclliunir company for the loss
of an eye as tlrj result of Injuries received
January 15 , while repairing n chain In
nn elevator , 'the clnvntor loll upon
him , crushing his face und oycs.
The Bank of Commorca has brought suit
against A. C. GrlfTcu to rjcpver $3OJO on u
note.Lowls S. Heed has commenced suit against
William Kcahn on n real ostuto contract , to
quiet title.
The Omaha Heal Estate nnd Trust com
pany has commenced suit In foraclosuro
against Marlon G. Hohrbough ot al. to re
cover $1,100 fi3 on a mortgage note.
Wilson & Brnnner have brought suit
against S. C. Blake ot al. to recover SJ.l'J..M )
on account of material and labor furnished.
The Omaha Heal Cstato and Trust company
pany- ' has commenced suit against the
Pleasant Hill Building association to
recover on several notes amounting to { 14,020.
Ttio petition alleges tnat the association was
not legally incorporated , and nsks that n re
ceiver bo appointed to wind up the affairs of
the association , nnd that the stockholders
may bo held Individually liable lor all dubti
remaining after the assets of tbo association
have been applied thereon.
The Now Yon : and Omaha land nnd trust
company , has brought suit against Mm.
Joscphlno Abby Jcunar to dulet title to
property In Park Place addition.
The Injunction restraining the manage
ment of the Eden Musoo from exhibiting
tholr picture of the scene of the Jones mur
der and relics of the tragedy has boon sus
tained. The Musoo poapto wera of thn opln-
.1011 that the representation with the llguro
of Neal omitted would bo allowed , but the
judge thought differently.
Judge Clarkson will try the following
cases the coining week ; Monday , Jauiea
Ashford , burglary ; Tuesday , Ed. Culver ,
removing mortgaged property ; Wednesday ,
Ernest Meyer , forcery ; Thursday , Jack
Quintan , assault with Intent to kill.
Countv Court.
In the ease of S. H. Johnson against H. A.
L. Dick ot al , judgment was rendered for
plaintiff In the sum of I23.CO.
Frederick Krug has commenced proceed.
Ings against J , J , Donavan to recover $109
alleged to bo duo on account.
Bcrnhurd Goraghty has brought suit
against Patrick Ford , J. W. Bedford. F. J.
SacKott and J , W. Dlllranco , as stockhold
ers In tha defunct Omaha banking company ,
to recover $100 on a oerttllcata of deposit ,
claiming that tbo stockholders wcro indi
vidually liable us they had neglected to pub
lish a quarterly statement ot the bank's bus
iness , etc. , us required by law.
The Omaha bam \ > M association has com
menced suit agalnn E. II , Sherwood to
recover | 500 on u note.
A I'artiiur of Cobb'n.
Fred Tborpo of Whitman was Drought to
tuU city by Deputy Marshal Hopilngor und
placed In the county Jail. Thorpe and n
partv ot toughs raised a row In the postoftlco
ut Whitman by whoopinir nnd yelling nnd
trying to run things to suit themselves. They
displayed revolvers and other weapons nnd
frightened the natives.
Thorpe Is reputed to bo n notorious char
acter , and wain pal of Cobb , the man who
shot and killed ono Hill at Whitman some
time airo.
It was rumored that ? < eal and Cobb wore
ono and the same , and Thorpe was con
fronted with Neal yesterday to see If ho rec
ognised him , but Thorpe said Meal was not
his old partner.
Stnfo Ijiimliormen.
The lumber dealers of the state meet in
convention at the M'illard hotel next Wednes
day ( or the purpose of regulating cDinpatl-
tion among dealers , and also to effect a per
manent organization. Fifty rooms have
been engaged for the party and an important
meeting is In urospoot.
Mrs. M. A. Wallace returned from the east
S. G. Joyce arrived home yesterday from
his trip to Now York and other eastern
Mrs. Harris Collins and mother of Louis
ville , ley. , are at Mrs. Hartman's Twentieth
and Center streets.
Ex-Senator Charles II. Van Wyck was In
the city last evening on hU way homo from
Gononwliero ho nddrosiod an Immense gath
ering of farmers Friday night.
Rev. John C. Stoddard of Sihloy , In. , was
a visitor nt Tin : Bnn building yesterday ,
Mr. Stoddard in ono of the most prominent
ministers in the prohibition stutc.
Mr. George W. Browstor of Browstor ,
j Blalne county , Nebraska , is in the city. Ho
I is an old time resident of Omaha nnd has
' many friends hero.
General Algcr of Michigan , national com
mander of the Grand Army of thn Republic ,
passed through this city jcstordav morning
en route to Concordia , Kan. , and Arkansas ,
to attend meetings ot the Grand Army of
the Republic. Dopartmcut Commander T.
S , Clarkson nnd C. E. Burmustor , his chief
of staff , met the general at the depot. Gen
eral and Mrs. Algur will remain at Atclnson
until tonight , when they will bo Joined by
Commander Clarkson and Comradu Burmos-
ter , who is also an aid on the staff of Gen
eral A Igor.
luiIHii ! Permits
Tno following building parmlU wara Is
sued yesterday :
Omaha boaid of education , repairs , Corny
nnd Thlrty-Hscond streets . 4 7SO
Omaha board of t'dnciulon , rcp.ilr.4 , ( 'oruy
nnd Thirty-second HII ecu . " 53
0. C. Spottswood. two-story frame resi
dence , Locust und Ttteiity-fom th utroets ! JOtO
S. 8 , ( 'urtls. throe-story NOI-KS , uu-U-S
south Ulghth street . 11,000
Total . J15.0M
Thp high water nro und Marysvllle , Col , ,
has driven in town hundreds of jack rabbits
tnnt are killed i'l the streets.
A Hosier , sufferer from rheumatism
claims to have been cured by carrying an
old electric light carbon in his pockot.
The advent of tripleU in a North DaKotn
family the other1 day absorbed tlio appella
tions nf Faith , Ilopo und Charity ns the
There are two birds in the London Zoo
that have g real reuutatlons us ventriloquists.
Ono U u crano-llko-bird called the trumpeter
and the other Is the emu.
G. S. Havlllo , of Columbia countyGcorgla ,
ha * un Infant daughter twenty-two
months old , thai knows every letter in the
alphabet nnd can count awhlgh ns 100.
Oliver Lnna of Exotcr , Mass. , hasn't boon
out of money for thirty-five years. Ho lifts
carried u silver dollar in his pocket since
February 0 , 1855. The coin 1ms been worn
perfectly smooth.
The waters of the Ochtuhatchco lake In
Florida ran off through Its underground
channel n few days ngo , and an Immense
number of the finest Kinds of Hill were BO-
cured by tha citizens In the vicinity.
George Murray , n colored man of Balti
more , Md. , Is ono hundred aud llfteon years
of age , Ho walks about and U in possession
of all his faculties. The most remarkable
thing about him Is that ho never saw George
Washington ,
Two Englishmen have Just reached Lon
don who hiwo made tbo trip around Europe
on foot. Starting from Calais , they walked
through Franco , Spain , Portugal , back to
Ituly , puiilni ; by Trieste , Vienna , Carcow ,
Moscow , St. Petersburg and Riga , \\licnco
they embarked for Stockholm. They went
over Norway nnd bwcdon and returned to
Calais by way of Holland Ostondo.
An elephant nt Philadelphia died suddenly
tlio other dny from enlargement of thoncart.
Ita heal t was found to bu abnormally large.
It inoro than filled n washtub and weighed
102 pounds. Tno big hearted but unfortu
nate animal was 114 years old.
David Kline , n farmer at Frlodonsburp.
Pn , says that for thu'o years ho bus not
slept nn nvcrngo of two hours out of the
twenty-four ; that ho does not feel sleepy ,
ur.d doot not suiter from the loss of sleep.
When ho docs sleep ho takes his imp in u
At the residence of Colonel A. Bass at
Homo , GIL , Wednesday , u partridge found
its way Into the homo mid was captured bv
Miss Hnttio and aafcly put into n cage. A
little while later nnothor partridge , perhaps
the in n to of I ho first , walked boldly In and
started upstairs and was aUo captured.
The physicians of Birmingham , Ala. , are
; nuch interested In a child born there a few
days ago. The child is only two Inches long
and weighed exactly two ounces. It died
three hours after birth. It has pre
served in nlcohol. It M the first instance
known to medical science , where n child of
that sue was born alive and lived any length
of time.
Santa Cruz has a horse that Is fifty-three
years old. Ho cnmo to California In 1S4S
with William Handlo.y , nnd was called an
old horse then. For many years Jerry
worked in the brewery , but was turned out
to rest last year. His I'avorito food is the
refuse malt from the still , and ho docs not
disdain to wash it down with u bucket of
warm beer.
The phonograph liai boon put to n now
use. A cleryman , Rev. Mr. Homo of
Larchmont , has preached his own funeral
sermon , in which ho enumerated his faults ,
eulogized his wife , burst forth Into weeping1 ,
and ended by giving out a hymn. The le
gend of the monastic corpse that rose from
its bier to check and contradict tlio lauda
tions that were being uttered by the
preacher over the life Just ended is thus to
some extent inndo u fact. A literal volco
fiom the grave has econ heard at Lurch-
iniint , with whai result In edification remains -
mains to bo scon ,
Hen NUWH Stands.
The morning , opening nnd Sunday Bets
can bo found regularly at the following
places ;
Pnxton Hotel News Stand.
Millard Hotel News Stand.
Murray Hotel News Stand.
Hotel Casey News Stand.
Metropolitan Hotel News Stand ,
Windsor Hotel News Stand.
Barker Hotel News Stand.
Merchants Hotel Nmva Siund.
Joplln & Co. , ; UH Nnrtli Sixteenth.
A. U. Ayrus. 51i : North Sixteenth.
Dick C.istollo. 50.J . North Sixteenth.
J. Rich , ( Xi'J North Sixteenth.
J. P. Hey , 1115 North Twenty-fourth.
Rubin Bros. , Ml South Tenth.
A. Muxim , 1101 North Twontj-fourth.
Ell Bav , Sheoloy's block.
E. C. Snyder , IIW'J North Twenty-fourth.
Frank IColblc. H14 South Tenth.
B. Trostlor , 1103 Furnam.
G. James , D18 South Thirteenth.
J. 1. Fruolmuf. 414 South Fifteenth.
E. Wyman , ll South Fifteenth.
G. Eckel , fiOS South Sixteenth.
J.-S. Caullluld , 11(01 ( Fnnlum.
A. Anderson , 821 ! ) Cumlng.
S. E. Hanson , 24211 Cutnlng.
W. R. Picard , 1721) ) StMas.ry1 avenue.
J. W. Martin , 12311 Park nvonuo.
Jos. Timmons , 20th und Lnko , cable depot
G. D. Gllmor , 1.Y23 Loavenworth ,
F. Stuhen , 1101 N. 17th street.
M. E. Lawrence , 215 S. 15th.
A. L. Keith , 211) ) S. 15th street ,
E. Alpine , 1U05 Douglas.
W. T. Bonnor , 18 0 Douglas.
S. E. Howell , comer of Loavcnwortli nnd
S. SKItli.
Peyton & Owen , 2101 Leaven worth.
Clarendon drug utoro , 'JTth nnd Luke , <
Berry & Woumck 2501 N. Twonty-fourth.
1:1 UVATOII iiovs.
Ceo. Cooper , Merchants' bank building.
eotiTii OMAIU.
J. S. Stott , poseoffice.
G. Rout her , ut news stand and on street.
Patrons of THE BKB will notice tlio ubovo
now agencies nt drug stores and elevators ,
vhlch have been placed for tliu further no
cominodutlon and convenience of BKU
Pirions who fall to procure TUB lieu
when wanted , will confer favor a
fact * to Tuu BE * ofilcu. ,