Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 16, 1890, Part I, Page 6, Image 6

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OFMUK. NO. iu I'
ftllvmil by terrier In nny part of the City.
ner. No. 4 %
iiHTii : ! . .No , a.
N. y. i > . Co.
Council HlulTs Lumber Co. , coal.
' .I hatcher coal , 114 Main street.
SpritiR good * , Keltpr , tailor , 310 B'way.
Minnla PaUc. cn Imi been adjudged In-
tano nnd will be token to Clnrlnda.
Prof. Stem , Jr. , will Rave n slnlo writing
icnnco nl the opera homo this evening.
Tlio Said Pasha opera rompany in billed
for Uolionv's next Saturday afternoon and
Pranlt Wheeler and Stella Ilnnsh , both of
Omalmvcro married yesterday afternoon
by Justlco Bchur ? .
The second annual cxnlbltlon of the V. M.
C. A. eymnnMuin will bo pivoti at the open
house Friday evening , April 11.
For the Jlriit uvo weeks of March warrants
emountlng to $2I'JI2.0.I were drawn on the
city treasury. Of this amount ? 10,0. .10
was the water tax.
The dedication of the mission chnpol on
Twenly-nlnth street 1ms been postponed till
April ( I , when Ur. Ilniijli of Chicago and Dr.
woods of Lincoln will bo prrscnt-
The Jury In the case of Stnto v Dunn retired -
tired .yesterday morning and In a very snort
tlino returned a verdict of not guilty. Dunn
was accusou of beln Implicated in the bur-
Klnry of the hardware store of Shueart &
Co. , ono of the stolen revolvers bcliiK found
In his possession.
A bold robbery was reported to the police
yesterday afternoon. As n lady wan , coming
through the storm doors at the postofllcc , n
daring tlilcf snatched her uoclictbonlc from
her hand nnd was out of flight before she
could lvo nn alarm. It was dona BO fjulckly
that she could glvo no description of tbo
thief. The pocketbook contained about $3 In
money. Tlicro Is no cluo'to the audacious
Ttio Social union of the Presbyterian
will clvo a splendid onicrtulnmcnt on * next
Thursday and Friiluy cvunlnga In their
church parlors. Thoontnrtammcnt will con
sist of vocal and Instrumental music by
Omaha and Council U luffs talent and the
festival of days , In which the domestic du
ties of the ludl'is on the several days of ttio
week will bo illustrated. This being u
revelation to gentlemen , a full house is as
Mr. Mueller of the Mueller music com
pany ycstorday recolved a letter from his
daughter , the wife of Dr. Simons , consul
general at Hone ICong , Cnlna. The letter
contains a good deal of personal Interest
about the family. The letter U dated Feb
ruary 13 , and describes the weather as beinff
as soft and balmy as u Council Bluffs sum
mer nlunt. The doctor's and Mrs. Simons'
llttlo boy Is reported ns having virtually
conquered the CUnoflo and bas received
some remarkable presents as playthings
from the ma'ndarins. Among them are a
real live elephant and a full grown camel ,
and ho Is now negotiating for tno purchase
of a baby lion for his private mcnagerio.
John Wallace , who has boon a patient at
the Women's Christian association hospital
for several months , will bo sent to the sol
diers' homo at Marshnlltown this week.
Wallace was ancstod by'ttio ' policy In a half
crazy condition , nnd thrcatoncU to commit
suicldo. He had $1,200 in nis pocket nt the
time , ant ! u certain physician tried to soil
him a lot of Manawa real estate , but the la
dies of the hospital headed off the deal , feel
ing that Wallace was not in a mental condi
tion to warrant his transacting business
Since that time ho has remained at the hos
pital , but has frequently expressed the in
tention of killing himself. Ho has now be
come so violent that the nurses are unable to
control him , and for this reason ha will be
Bent away.
Maglo lemon Julca at Lund I3ros.
Mrs. Mitchell loft yesterday for the cast
to select the latest styles for Friedman's
millinery department.
Mousquctalro six to ton button kid cloves
tomorrow at Kiscman's to all customers ,
only O'Jc.
Wo have just received a largo invotco of
embroideries. They are the best bargains in
the city. Culloy's , : U3 Hroadway.
Special prices on ladies' muslin underwear
oil this week at Culloy's , 328 Urondwuy.
Don't lorgot , the llnost.cleanost , bostmar-
market In the twin cities is Mcrchondorf's.
I'erflonnl 1'nrntirnnlis.
K. E. WiTsoy is down with lunc fever.
Mrs. Portorflold has returned from a visit
at Atlantic.
J. T. Hcem of Marongo was in the city
Captain S. L. Russell of Stanton , Neb , , is
visiting acquaintances in the Bluffs.
Miss Howard of Sioux City is visiting her
cousin , Miss Mulquoon on First nvonuo.
George Uudlolms returned from n far west
trip and will soon bo off again for fresh orders -
dors for wcstoin customers. Ho is enthusi
astic over Seattle.
Emll Duerr of L. iCIrssht & Co. , bas ro-
coivcd Intelligence of the death of his
brotuor-ln-laiv , named Fernokes , at Mil
waukee , and loft last evening for that
LicutCnat Governor Fletcher and Mr.
Lebborman ot South Dakota wcro in the
city yesterday.rlhoy are members of the
commuted appointed by the legislature to
solicit aid for the Dakota sufferers. Mhoy
are now working In Omaha , but will visit
the Dluffs again this week. They stnto that
half u million bushels of grain Is needed to
lellovo the sufferings of the unfortunate
fitrmors of Dakota. Thov arc soliciting
principally corn and seed wheat.
Elsoman's glove sale tomorrow will bo n
tonsntlonal event.
Flue glassware nt Lund Bros.
Mrs. Mitchell , who has charge of Fried-
muu'a millinery department , has started for
the oust to look cftor now goods and latest
Dr. II. S. West , porcelain crown and
bridge work , No. 13 Pearl.
For sale , on account of sickness , J.
Dlcliov'6 general merchandise stock , located
on Hroadway , Council UlutTa , will oo sold at
n discount for cash or trade for good uuln-
cumbered cltv or Omaha property. Address
Duquette & Co. , Council Bluffs.
Save 80 per cent on tombstones and menu
ments. Design sheet unit price list froe. L.
Kclloy , C03 Hroadway , Council Hluffs.
After the CoiiH | > lrntorn.
It seems that the Heltmek case Is not
ended wiiii the llnalng of it verdict acquit-
tine the preacher ; at least other cases will
grow out of It. One 1ms alrottdy been Insti
tuted acculnsi David Oliver and David Cun >
nlngham , two of the witnesses for the state
In the case against Holuilck. They are
charged with conspiracy. The Information
alleges that the defendants conspired with
E. K. Puliuer , L , Graver , J. Graver and
Grant Sweeney to Injure the person and
property of D , M. Holmlclc. Cunningham
has BKlppodoutnnd U is stated that ho is
now in Texas.Oliver was arrested and
tBken btforo Justlco liarnatt yesterday
afternoon. Ho was not ready for trial , ana
was hold In (1,000 bonds far his uupoaranco
next Tuesday. Ho was unable to glvo ball
and was sent to the county jail. It Is stated
that warrants will bo issued for the arrest of
the other parties engaged in the conspiracy ,
and thai ull will bo vigorously prosecuted.
You cfin suvo from 100 to MX ) per cent by
buying glove * at Klsoman's tomorrow.
Ir ) . U'oodbury hnvo removed their dcnta
t/fflcoto 101 i'oarl itroot , upstairs.
C , II , itcatnJye work * , 1013 Broadway
tt fin WAtohea ana Jewelry In the nlty , and
tha finfjn to buy the goods at the lowest
WK-4 * li ( tin ( ulabllihmont without rivals ,
IM iM/tt t * IUbla firm of
C , 1) . Jicquiuix & Co.
Tbo Holmiok Caoo Still Attracting
Conslclorab'.o Attention ,
Hollcltiin ; Aid for the Drouth
Stricken I'nrnicrs or linkiitn Tlio
House * of t'rnyor Afior
the Conspirators.
ICohofR from tlin Jury Hoom.
There is llttlo abatement of Intorcst In the
Holmlck caso. Several of the Juryman who
Ilvo outside the city lingered In town until
yesterday obtaining much-needed rest. It Is
nafo to say that no jury In recent years has
returned a verdict that seems to meet with
more universal satisfaction than this one ,
and the juryman who appeared In any public
places were yesterday receiving the congrat
ulations of the multitude. Two of them
were in a Hroadwny store ycstorday mornIng -
Ing discussing the case and talking over the
scenes nnd Incidents In the jury room. "Wo
wcro six to six on the first ballot , " said gno
of them , "and wo remained so until after
breakfast , all rumors to the con
trary , notulthstundlnt ; , There was but
very little discussion either way , and
In the morning for the purpose
of getting an expression from the otha
follows who duslrod tno conviction of tno
prc.ichcr , the six of us wno were voting for
acquittal concluded wo would glvo them ono
vote nnd note its effect , In the ' .opo that < t
would break the silent and dogged manner
of voting. Wo did so. and the vote stood
seven for conviction nnd flvo for acquittal.
This hau the ctfost of making them talk a
little , and tlio lost of us wcro bcsclgcd with
n good deal of spirit. Wo didn't think it
significant that the flvo Catholics on the jury
voted stcnililv and silently for conviction
until after this , and then wo were reason
ably sure they desired the conviction of the
preacher. Wo were' not surprised then
when our next ballot showed sl < c to six
ngain. Juryman French dli about all the
talking on the other side. U ho rest were
silent nnd sly. French wanted Helnuck
convicted hoc IUBO bo had 0neddled in the
love affair * of Palmer. Ho thought ho ought
to bo punished nt least to some extent for
this. Wo replied wo would bo willing to
have Holmlck sent to jail for two or three
dajs ifvc felt sure.wo could have the fel
lows who entered into a conspiracy to us-
nault him sent to the penitentiary for two or
tnren years. This was all that French
stuck out for , that Holmlclc ought to bo
punished for meddling. Finally , just before
dinner , boino of them Intimated that tlioy
wcro getting tired or it and- had a different
understanding of the court's instructions ,
and the ballot that followed resulted in nine-
for acquittal end thrco for conviction ,
French being ono of the three. After dinner
ho scorned to feel a llttlo better , and our
ballot stood cloven to ono for acquittal. The
last one to hang out was Jimmy Clinch. It
was his llrst jury , and ho soomcd to have
rnado up his mind before the case was en
tirely submitted and the judge's instructions
received. Ho is n devout Catholic , nnd np-
porently conscientious" ; nnd seemed to think
that a change of his ballot meant a
sacrifice of some sacred orinclplo. Ho
voted in silence. Wo wore all in excellent
good humor , in fact , wcro that way all the
time , nnd wo saw that it would bo necessary
if wo wanted to get out at all to take n little
advantage of Jimmie , and wo said to him ,
'Look here , Jlmmlc , do you want to stay Inhere
hero all by yourself until you cast that vote )
The rest of us are through voting nnd wo'ro
going homo. You want to bo locked up in
here another night do you } ' 'No , I don't , "
said Jimmio. Wo toolc a vote quickly and
Junmlo's ballot was cast with the majority.
It was an important case , but wo ought not
to have been out over two hours. That time
would bo required for the decent considera
tion of the evidence and the points involved.
It was a hard trial to us , and wo don't want
any more of it. " '
Cnst is not considered in Elsoman's glove
sale tomorrow.
Water sots In beautiful designs at Lund
Bros. , 23 Main st.
Gillette & Freeman , decorators , 23 Pearl
Thu Manhattan sporting heudq'rs4lS U-way.
Elscman's special glove sale Monday.
Dakota Kcllcf.
J. E. Hnrkness went to the adjoining
towns yeslordny by request of the board of
trade Dakota loliof committee. Ho reports
roadv response to the call. At Noola Father
Schlffmacbor has already many agents at
work nnd they are expected to report today ,
nnd several car loads of corn will bi for
warded Monday to Ipswich , Dak. At Woca
Mr. Harkncss secured a committee , who
will nit at once , composed of Hov. Ci.irlns
Whotzel , Kcv. Kartinan , Kov. J. II. Slcilcs ,
N. Hodgjon , Welso end Slevus for Avoca and
Saiffort and Woiso for Oakland and Carson.
They will contribute themselves , nnd ns sev
eral of thorn operate elevators , such will ro-
cclvo corn and grain and ship without
charge. The pastors will give notice in their
churches today , nnd Monday will go to the
farmers in the country for contributions.
Uov. Charlfs Whctzol , pastor of tho. Pres
byterian church in Avoca , rendered Mr.
Hurkr.oji most oftlciont aid in getting the
matter before the people.
Editor Cramur of the Avoca Herald gets
out the coimultttio'a posters free , and Mr.
Aldncunnd J. U. BInko will render the com
mittee every support they can.
Mr. Htirkuc's found the Farmers' nlllunoo
In session In Avoca and was given n hearing
and u promise of help. Mr. A , C. i'athcal of
McCook , S. D. , went to Wosion and Under
wood on the snmo errand and has encourage
ment also. The people tire willing and ablci
to help. The only question , is how and
Tlio finest Imported $3 25 ladloa glovo.onlv
OOs at Klseman's spccml glove nalo Monday.
Hanging lamps at Lund Uros.
J. U. Tlpton , real estate , 527 Broadway.
S. H. Wndsworth fc 1,0. , SOT Pearl street ,
loan money lor Lombard Inv. Co. .
llin Homes of Prayer.
Christian science today at 1 o'cloolc In
Press ( sluu room. Entrance No. 19 Pearl
street. To.\t , It. xx.
Services ut Ovorton's mission nnd People's
church nt ! 3 p. in. , Sunday school at S , gospel
meeting ut 7:30 : , corner ol Fourth avouuo
und Seventeenth street.
First Presbyterian , corner Seventh street
r nd Willow nvonuo Hev. Sccptioii Phelps ,
pttstor. Preaching by the pastor at 10:30 : a.
m. und TiitO p. in. , Sabbath school at 13 m , ,
voung people's mooting at 0ao : p. m.
Strangers nmt other * corulally Invitocl.
Uorean Baptist Church Preaching by the
pastor. Sunday school nt 11 MS n. in. , prayer
meeting Wednesday evening ,
The revival meetings will bo continued
this week at the First Uaptlst otiurch under
the direction of Uov. F. L. Patterson , the
Trinity MotUodlst Church South Main
street , oppoilto Uightu nvenuo. Preaching
ut 10:30 : a. m , nnd 7:30 : p. m. Young people's
meeting ot 7 p. m. Sunday school at 3:30 : p.
in. Class mooting at 0:15 a. m. Prayer
meeting on Wednesday nt7:3J : p. m.
The dedication-of the Mission chapel on
Twenty-nluth street has been postponed till
April 0 , when Dr. Halglo from Chicago und
Dr. Woods of Lincoln will bo present.
St. Paul's Church Uivmrt sorvlco today
nt 10:80 : a. in. and 7:80 p. m. Sunday school
nt 12:15. : Soruioti topics , morning : "i'no
Hcst of Jesus , " livening ! "Uow to Us-
ootuo a Christian. " Young mon snd strang
ers nlwuv * cordially wolcomcd to those sor-
vtcci. 'l\"J. Macltay , rector.
Congregational Sorvlcns morning nnd
ovenlng. In tlio morning the pastor will
pieach. Subloctt "Tho Lovc of ChrUt.11
In the evening Mrs. M. li Drake of Iroquli.
b D. , who Is in the city visiting her neil ,
Mr. M. M. Marshall of the Chicago , llur-
llngtou & Qulney , will glvo her personal ob-
torvatlons of tha destitution m South Da <
KOta. Mn . Drake Is o very Interesting
speaker , Co in a and le rn the facts. Young
People's Society of Christian Endeavor nt
0.15 , All nto cordially Invited. Pilgrim
Sunday school nt II p. m. , corner of Ninth
strcot nnd Avcnuo A.
First llnptlst Church-Corner of First
nvenun and Sixth street. D. H. Cooley pat-
tor. Kov. lL. . Patterson , tlm evangelist ,
will proacli nt 10 : ! ) . > a. m. und 7:30 : p. m , Ho
will give a blblo reading at 0 p. m , on "Tho
Way to Heaven. " Sunday school nt 12 m.
Christian Endeavor nt 0:80. : All cortally
Never were gloves sold ut such prices as
Elscman will sell them Monday. >
Pure Chlnrx oak | ugs at Lund , Bros. , only
10 cents.
Foster , Trofoos , Snato Maria , Mons uo-
tnlro and Alexander kid gloves-ISc to C'Jci'nt
Elsoman's special sale Monday.
Bnvo Ijlfo and Money.
The gasoline steve U moro dangerous than
the unloaded gun. Save Ufa nnd property
by using the C. U. Gas and Elnctrlo Light
Co.'s gos stovo.
Let us urge you to attend Kiscman's spe
cial glove sale tomorrow.
The Inaugural IlxnruUcs.
The programme for the inauguration of
Mnyor-oloct Macrae tomorrow evening has
been comnlctod. The event will take plnco
In the south courtrroom of the county court
house , nnd the following will bo the order of
exercises :
7:3J : i ) . ni. Music by Prof. Dalboy's band.
At 8 o'clock p. m. sharp Mayor Hohrer
will call the city council of 18sl ) 00. consistIng -
Ing of Couucilmcn Uollcngor , Everett ,
Knophcr , Lacy , Wntorniun and Weaver , to
order , after which ho will deliver his last
message. After the message has bocn re
ceived and disposed-of , the old council will
adjourn slno tiio.
Music by Prof. Dalbey'B band.
Major Uohror will call lo order the city
council of lbOO-01 , consisting of Councilmen
Cusper , Everett , ICncnhor , Laoy , Mlkesoll.
Smith , Wind nnd Wood. 'Mayor Hohrer will
then-present the bond of Mayor-electMncrao
for npprovul. after which a committee of
two will bo npnolntod to notify the now
mayor und escort him to the council chan--
bor. The ofllcial oath of mayor will then be
administered by City Clerk D. A. Fnrroli.
U no retiring mayor will then deliver the
great seal of the city and Mayor Donald
Macrno will take his seat as mayor of the
cl y of Council Bluffs. The now city coun-
cill will take a recess during the reception of
the mayor and city councilioon.
Public reception.
A cordial invitation Is extended to all city
officials , retiring and elected county officials ,
past conimlssionorc , directors of the school
board and ofllciala and citizens and visitors
from abroad to attend. A special Invitation
Is attended to all ladles.
'Iho council proceedings will bo neces
sarily brief on account of the reception fol
Several Invitations have boon sent out.
Senator Gronewog has sent his regrets.
Sizes from 0)5' ) to CJFostor's , .Santn
Marie , Trofoos , Alexander & Jouvlno's best
grade of kid gloves m blacks and colors ,
regular ? 1.50 to ? i.25-glovcs , only 4So nnd COo
at Eiseman'a great special glove sale Mon
day. Mall orders received up to Monday
night. State size , color , length and make
A regular $1.25 glove for 43o nt Eisoman's
special glove sale tomorrow. You will bo
waited on and got what you want.
Desirable dwellings for ro'nt nt reduced
prices by E. II. Sheafo & Co. , rental agents ,
BroadWuy and Main st. , up statra.
. Lamps at Lund Bros. , 23 Main st.
Dress Mnlclnir.
Miss K. C. Holt has resumed her dress
making business at her rooms In Mernatn blk.
A Ilovoltine Case.
A moro degraded crowd has not assembled
in court room in many a day than was sooa
in Justlco Hendncks' oOlco yesterday. It
was mainly composed of the dwellers In the
dugouts In "Duck Hollow , " nnd a moro ig
norant , dirty , lawless and altogether dis
gusting set itould bo impossible to Imag
ine. The horde hud gathered to hear the re
volting details of ono of the most
ho'rriblo cases that was over set
for a hearing tcforo a magistrate.
The Mowery rape case was on trial.
George Shedd und Margaret Mowcry and
James Mikcscll are charged ns being the
principals. The woman , Magrguret Mowery ,
is hold as a principal , us the Iowa law does
not recognize an accessory before the fact.
The Mowcry woman was on trial yesterday.
The evidence developed the fact that the wo
man enticed the prosecuting witness , nn
olovon-year-old girl named Hattlo Banthor ,
and her nephew , .Tcssla Mowery , fourteen
yours of age , into her house for a vllo pur
pose , and was an eye witness to what
followed. Another girl of the
Hiimo ago and n sovon-year-old
boy were utso enticed there for the sumo
purpose , but they refused to do as directed
by the Mowery woman. The B.mthor girl
told a very stiulght story , and stated that
the defendant kout watch at the window.
While on the stand the prosecuting witness
was not questioned about her relations with
the other defendants , but at other times told
that she had been criminally intlmato with
ull of thorn , and that they bad given her
As the case Is Investigated , the most hor-
nblo depravity is brought tq llaht ,
and the facts nro even * worse
than was at llrst' supposed.
The case was not concluded when Court nd-
journod , nnd the defendant was hold In { 500
bonds until 0 o'clock Monday morning. She
could not uive It und was ordered taken to
jail. At this n lively scene ensued , The
woman fainted , or p'retonded to , and when
picked up sot up a series of shrieks nnd
howls tnat worooar-solltting. She was tnkon
into n sidu room und quieted , und was then
taken to jail.
The ovdonco ngnlnxt the outfit is convlnn-
ing , and there is little doubt but that thov
will each rocolvo long sontcnces to the peni
tentiary. s .
The nauseating details of the case at
tracted the usual oiowd of scandal seeltors.
Why pay $2.25 for n pair of gloves when
you can got them for CO cants ut Elsoman's
special sulo Monday.
Beautiful rustle hanging baskets at Lund
Bros. , 2J Main at.
Wonted for cash Nebraska or North
western Uoports. S 13 , BEK Oftlco , Council
Wo want you to list your rental property
with us und wo will secure you good , reliable
tenants. Konts collected and special atten
tion given to care of prooorty. E , H. Shoafo
fi Co. , Broadway and Main st. , up stairs.
Lay In yiursapply of Easter glqvcs at
Eiscnmu'aspecial sale tomorrow.
Three Now Yurie HanUcra.
One of the sights of lower Broadway
uvory afternoon la the parndo of the
" \Vormsor Brothers , the bunkers who
Imvo iinulo so much fiuno recently us
( loulors in rixilfoud sauuritioa , says u
Richmond Times Now York lottor.
The Wormsors , three nbroast , make a
solid platoon us they take their course
up to their aristocratic house on Fifth
nvonuo. Like the Western Union , tlma-
ball tlioy servo ns wntoh-saUtirs , lot1 ox-
udtly at ! io : ( they nuns tlio Trinity.
Isldor being the aonlor nartnor , is in
the middle , Simon is on the right und
MorlU , who , though rognrdad as ono
of the "brothers , " is only u nephew , is
on the loft. They nil tl roe dress very
mil oh the nllko , mid always wear the
Bamu llowor in thoii * button-hole. The
senior nartnor , with his superior stnt-
uro mill his 'resotnblnnuo to Napoleon
III. , is by far the moat striidng in ap
pearance. Longhi , the manager of 1M-
monico'a Droiul street branch , enjoyed
for many yours tha exclusive distinc
tion of being the grout counterpart of
the French emperor , but Ibidor Worm-
ser is now Iho only person in Now York ,
and perhaps in the country , who pre
sents the greatest resemblance to Na-
3OO Dozen Kid Gloves Almost
Lmdlcn Simula Not Full to I my In
Thblr Krister Hupply of Gloves
Now Ifcail About This Snte
1'rlorn18 Cents mill 01)
On tomorrow , Monday , March ft , Elso-
mnns' will glvo Iho llrst great glove Halo of
the season. The goods will surprise you In
every respect , for thov are the sumo duality
that you have paid from two to thrco times
OB much for. The former prices of the 4Sc
lot were 11.00 nnd $1.33 , nnd the 0 ! > c lot $1.60 ,
$1.75. $2.00 and * 3.25. Wo earnestly Invite
our friends to attend this sale , as these are
the greatest bargains wo have over had to
Special attention to ladles wearing sizes
5 > j , 5 # , 0 , WA to ( > XTho most of these
lots nrc In tlieso sixes. They consist of
Mousquotnlro I , 0. S nnd 10 button In length ,
rolors tans nnd grays. Also tans , blacks
nnd drabs In Foster hooks , Trofoos , Santo
Maria , Alexander atU Jouvlncs. und many
otbur of the best mauufncturors'
goods. Our Mr. Simon Elsoman
has just returned fiom the New Vorit
markets where ho hits bought uow lines for
our now glove department und wo nro bound
to soil every pair carried ever , beildes sev
eral lots of now ones at such prices that uiovo
them tomorrow sure. Ladles need not fear
neglect In being watted upon ui wo have
niado arrangements for plenty of room and
nn extra force of .salesladies to wait on the
Don't miss this snlo.
Mall ardors received up to Monday evening
Will receive nrotnut attention.
Council Hluffs , la.
A. Stream of AVatcr LOO Koct High Is
Scon In Queensland.
The artesian well ut Charlovillo , on
the Wurrcgo river , Queensland , is the
newest and most romurkublc instance
of the natural resources of murvolous
Australia , says the Queonslundor. The
well is situated quito near the railway
station , hut in ono of the most unlikely
pluccs that could have been imagined.
Who on oitrth would have expected that
this nrtcsian we'll , which is the best in
the world , or at nil events yields the
largest amount of water , was sunk on
the top of a sandy hummock ? Yet , so
it is. The sight was chosen by the hy
draulic engineer , 3. B. Henderson , for
reasons only known to himself , but
which have boon amply justified.
Crossing the swampy Hat leading to
this hummock attention is drawn to a
wide channel cut through the drift
sand , nnd it is explained that the out-
How of water had done tnis ere the ap
paratus for controlling it had been ob
tained. The bore itself looked a harm
less enough kind of thing. It might
have been taken for a rather high standpipe -
pipe placed in an idiotic position in the
bottom of u hole GO or 70 yards
long , 80 broad , and 10 feet
deop. But. a moment's observation
showed that the harmless-looking
stand-pipe hauT.iVmdo the hole. As a
matter of fact , yio water when it was
tapped rushed urt in such u volume that
it washed uwayftho sand around the
bore in u few minutes und cleaned out
the foundations of the derrick and
threatened to wreck the whole con
trivance. If they had not got u plug
into it pretty soon it would have washed
Charlovillo into the "Warrogo. On top
of the pipe there hud been lixed a
right-anglp bond , so that the water can
bo turned in nny direction.
Subsequently a noz/.lo , ono inch in
diameter , wusutturhod to the pipe , and
when the _ water was turned on it
ascended in an oven jet to u height of
nearly 100 feet , returning to earth in a
Heavy shower or dissipating in mist
clouds through whioh the rainbows
pluyod with tin effect that was as beau
tiful as it was wonderful. It seemed
that the visitors would never tire of
looking at it. They simply stood and
guzed , hardly saying a word , for in the
presence of this marvelous phenomenon
speech seemed poor end commonplace ,
and the mind simply gave itself up to
child-like wonderment.
Hani-Working Itosa Bnnhnnr.
Rosa Bonheu- : , the greatest animal
painter of her time is sixty-seven years
old , yet she says she has still enough
worlc in her mind to 1111 two lifetimes ,
says the Indianapolis News. In 1850
she bought nn old house in tho"\illngo
of By , on the banks of the Seine , not
far from the forest of Fountainobleau.
There she has lived und wrought ever
since. She lias added stables and u
studio to her house. In the stables and
grounds she 1ms had from time to time
a veritable menagerie of animal ? , in
cluding lions , chamois , boars , gazelles
nnd nn elk. It is refreshing to road
that her studio contains not an article
of bric-u-bruc und scarcely anything
that is not needed in the grout work of
the great artist. No kickshaws und no
trash. She has always been an early
riser. She buys the morning is the best
time for work. Her animals nro ulso
more docile then. She spends much
time out doors , wulking or riding in a
little curriugo which she herself drives.
At her work and out doors she wears u
man's clothing with u peasant blouse.
Her life has been devoted to her nrt ,
pure und simple , und rich has boon her
reward. There are some wrinkles in
her face now , but neither her marvel
ous mental or physical powers have
weakened ono whit , Her enthusiasm
koo-ps her always young.
A Mnilnxt Man ,
A thin , careworn-looking man. hav
ing a pencil und tablet in his hand ,
culled at u house nt n house on Second
nvonuo the other day , says the Detroit
Free Press , and said lo the lady as she
opened the door :
"MuuiMn , I am canvassing for sub
scriptions for u poor family. Will you
put your name down for small suraV"
"Is it . "
u. worthy familyj"1
"Yes , indcod.1l' ?
"Do know them "
you personally11" !
"I do , mu'nm. "
"And nro thoyrpully in need ? "
"They certainty uro. "
"Very well 1'Jf give you a qimrtor. "
.She put her nuiup down und handed
him the money , , 'upd ho hud reached
the gate when she culled him back und
said :
"It has just occurred to mo that it
might bo your own family. "
"Exactly , mulntn. It is ray family ,
but modesty forbade mo to say so. I
am not ono who soaks to push himself
forward , though I would doubtless got
along bettor if I was. Thank you ,
ma'am. I know the family , and I assure
you it is ull right nil right. "
Tlio New Utmlnntl T.nvn Mooting
Whllo Now Englund led the other
colonies during the yours preceding
the armed resistance lli-ut made nt the
old North bridge utSulom , nnd Massa :
chusotts led "Now England , Boston led
Massachusetts , and moro than nny other
man , Snm Adama led the town of Bos
ton , says n writer in the Now England
Mugasiuo. The grout historian of the
English colonies in America , George
Bancroft , says of Sum Adams , thnt ho
was "tho typo mid representative of the
Now England town mooting. " Ho was
thoroughly in sympathy with the dem
ocratic idea which made auch u meet-
log possible. "Ho obtains , " wrote
Ilutchlnson , "tis chief dependence
from the Boston town ir.cutlng , where
originates the measures which nro fo.-
lowed by the rest of the towns , nnd , of
course , nro adopted or justified by his
assembly. " Ho wns atypical Now Eng-
Inndor , rnd his inlluonco shows on nil
sides. 116 is even responsible for our
caucus , width has of Into f coined to bo
awakening from its lethargic stnto. It
is not ullllatilt to trace the connection
between his company of ship builders
or cnlkors on the docks of Boston , nnd
the caucus , which seems to us so time-
honored. But ho wns only n true
son of the town , nnd such true eons nro
oven now to bo found , not only hero in
old Now Englnnd , but also In nil th o
NowEnglnnds thut nro rapidly obtain
ing the ImlMico of power in our west
and northwest.
Wilil Uxultntlnn of Illtlorn In the
Hoar or llnttlc.
Wo had boon hold in rcsorvo on the
second day at Gettysburg so long that
men nnd1 horaos became nervous nnd
nfrntd. My horse wns nn old
who would diop Ins head nnd pick nt
the green grass with n b.utery firing
on each side of us , but as the moments
dragged nwny on this occasion ho
evinced n woman's nervousness , HU BII
writer in * the Detroit Frco Press. I
looked clown the line and saw that the
alignment wns constuntly being broken
b\ * the horses backing up or forging
ahead. They could sco the lighting to
the right and in front , und tlio sinolce
from the union battery to the loft nnd
in front of us drove back and over us.
and the horses breathed it and blew it
out of their nostrils in gasps.
A tremor of excitement a sort of
shiver rand own the line.
The wind had shifted u bit to blow
the smoke to our left , and down across
the meadow wu saw the confederate
cavalry forming with the green woods
for a background. Job Stuart's men
were there , Ashby's men , mon from
Hampton's Legion , Imbodon's Virgin-
inns , Rossor's Rangers , guerrillas
from Mosby'o command. Thcro
ivcro fragments from every
cavulry coimirind wo hud mot
on the turnpikes of old Virginia ,
nnd there wusn't a squadron which
wouldn't stand for n charge. The but
tery began firing moro ranidly , and
there wasn't n man of us. who did not
realize what was coming long enough
before wo cot the word. Some of the
horses know it , too. You could feel
them filling their lungs nnd stringing
up their nerves for hard work.
The troopers in gray wheeled into
line under n tire which must have tried
the nerves of the bravest , and then the
compact muss got the word to advance.
They were coming for our battery ,
which was without infantry supports.
There we stood , two thin , short lines ,
representing a thousand dragoons , bftt
_ not numbering one-half of that llguro ,
'and a body of live to one was moving
down upon Us. I saw several of the
gunners look back. They saw the odds
und wondered , perhaps , why we did not
run a\vay.
"Attention ! "
Wo had obeyed the order before it
was given.
"Right dress ! "
We were a minute ahead of the com
"Forward draw sabres guido right
-trot ! "
Ahl Wo are off ! The gray mo ves
north and the blue moves south. Wo
are goincr to moot in the meadow below.
We m ust hold them back until infantry
supports can be brought up. Every man
knows thnt ho is moving down into u
muolbtrom of tlctith , but no one lags. A
strange exultation creeps into the
heart. It is ns if you had heard sotno
grand , good news nnd wuntcd to shout
ever it and tell everybody of your good
"Gallop charge ! "
Death ! Whyif ono could die a score
of times instead of only once , there
would be no four. I sit so lightly in the
tiaddlc that my horse seems to have no
weight to curry. Ho skims ever the
ground as if ho had wings , and I begin
cheering and yelling in chorus with
my comrades , It is a living missile of
600 mon thrown at the front of 8,000.
What a crash there will bol How
horses will go down and mon pitch from
their saddle ! Afraid ? No ! Why.
man , I would not miss the bcono for a
year's life ! My hand clutches j.ho sa
bre with n strength I did not know I
possessed. I feel n hunger for blood
such ns J never felt before.
"Yi ! Yi ! Whoo-rah"and ! wo strike
them fair in the center. The 500 nave
the greatest momentum , and wo drive
thiough the 3,000 ns a wedge is pounded
into soft wood. Mon strike nt mo.
There is uJlash , flash , and a pop ! pop !
of pistols. " I strike back. I feel the
desire of the .Igor to slay.
"Rally ! "
Wo have driven through the mass ,
nnd the bugle sound the cull to gather
for the return. The horses obey it
without a tojoh of the rein. It scorns
that the whole living mass is riding i n
u circle , nnd that there is blood o n
every man und horse.
All of a sudden wo shoot out from
under the smoke-cloud into the sun-
fihino not the SOO , but the 300 und
the battery opens ngain. Wo are to the
right of it , und it sends grnposhot into
a wild mob to drive it back into the
cover of the woods. It is a sight to
look down over that woods. Five hun
dred dead und wounded men nnd horses
are lying thoro. It is only as I sit on
tny horse and look over ttio field that I
begin to feel weak und grow frightened.
My head begins to swim , things grow
dfirlc , nnd Bomo ono helps me to the
ground. I liuvo u pistol ball in my
shoulder , nnd the blood is running
down my back from n sabro cut on the
head. _
Ho Tnuklc-H Thrco Iturslnrs nnd
liookw Up Onn nT'lhcin.
Ex-Mayor Carter Ilarrifeon appeared
in the role of a burglar catcher Fri
day , und , uftur n struggle , landed his
man , with the aid of the patrol wagon ,
in the West Luke street. Btution. saya
the Chicago Herald. About 3 o'clock
Friday afternoon a neighbor of Mr.
Harrison's saw throe mon enter the
house , 328 Murfahllold avenue , just in
' residence. The
rear of the ox-mayor's
neighbors , knowing that the house was
owned by.Mr. Harrison , notified him of
the intruders' notions , nnd the ox-
mayor , calling on u friend who wns ut
hand , sallied forth to do or die. Mr.
Harrison's tactlcsshowod that the coun
try had missed the services of n grout
soldier when the ex-ran > or did not
enter the nrmy. Placing his friend nt
the front door to cut off retreat , ho
wnrilv marched himself round to the
buck 'door where , before ho hnd time to
deploy Ins forces , the invaders burst
upon nim. . The odds were three to
ono , but u Kontuckinn never hesitates
at such n trilling Inequality as thut.and ,
though ho was outnumbered , Mr. Harrison
risen made for onnof the purtyerubbod ,
nun , and , dcHtnto his struggles , hold
fast to him. Signaling to the corps of
observation to bring assistance , ho un
aided hold his man. The Luke Street
ungon eoon rolled up , und the prisoner
was taken to the station , where ho
gave the name of Joseph Borland , and
Bald that ho nnd his friends had en
tered the house for the purpose of
stealing load pil > e.
A Man Who Snya 'Ihoy Al\inyn Hc
turn llorrowocl Umbrellas.
"Did you ever Know n woman to fail
to return n borrowed umbrella ? " naked
u dealer in hcso articles , addressing a.
Boston Glebe roportor.
" I can't say I ever did. " '
"Nobody else ruvcr dlit , " snld the
dealer , emuhuticully. "I huvo boon u
long time in the business of Bulling
thorn , nnd I have miulo n special study
of Woman in connection with the bor
rowed umbrella phuso of social ethics ,
nnd I have yet to learn of n case in
which Bho has abused tlio confidence
reposed in her when she was lent nn
umbrella to protect herself when she
was caught in n suudcn shower. She
either returns it in person or sends it
with verbal or n pretty note of thanks
nt the llrflt opportunity. When n man
comcsln hero to buy an umbrella nnd 1
got chntting with him , I usk the ques
tion , point blank :
"Did you over lend n woman nn utu
"Yes. "
"Did she over return itV"
"Yes. "
"Then I go to u book I keep for this
purpose , und make nn entry in this
form : 'Interrogated nnothor today ( en
tering the date ) . Ansuor : Lent a IK
returned promptly. ' Hero is the book.1
And the dealer allowed to thoreportoi
n book with many pages of entries ii
the form given , covering a number of
"No , sir , " repeated lha doulor , with
strong emphasis , us there ortor took
his leave , "u woman never mils to re
turn u borrowed umbrella. "
GlndMono'ri Dnlly MIX * .
Mr. Gladstone lives a very regular
life nt his home. Ho breakfasts lightly
about 7 o'clock , nnd shortly before t
walks to the church for prayers , writes
n correspondent of the Philadelphia
Times. To the intelligent observer the
sight of the great statesman wulkina lo
cliurch at tMs curly hour in the morn
ing cannot full to bo interesting. Clue
in a long coat , tightly buttoned , with a
u long shawl wrapped closely around his
nock , und uouring u soft felt lint , his
appearance is decidedly picturesque
Upon his return to the enstlo from
morning prayers ho retires to hisstudy
whore ho reads nnd answers , with the
aid of his secretary , his enormous mussel
ol dully correspondence. There Is no
rogulnr hour for luncheon nt the enstlo
nnd it is partaken of by those nt homo
nt various times. In Iho afternoon Mr.
Gladstone takes a walk in the grounds
und if the weather is propitious usually
engages in his favorite exorcise of tree-
chopping. Ho dines ut 8 o'clock , utter-
wards rends or writes , and ut 10 retires
for the night. Though abstemious in
his habits , ho usually drinks bitter bcoi
with his lunch nnd a glass or two ol
claret or port at dinner. Mr. Gladstone
is not in any sense Uhcctic , is a gonor-
oua liver and is a great believer in the
virtues of u glass of good port wine-
When engaged in spoaidng his fillip is
iv compound of sherry and egg , which is
prepared by Mrs. Gladstone with us
much unxioty und care us if it were the
elixir of life. Mr. Gladstone novel
smoked. He acquired his habits at a
period when tobacco smoking was gen
erally roguidcd as somewhat vulgai
among the better classes.
several houses and lots to trade for
Council Illiiirs or Omaha unimproved prop
erty. C. 11. Judcl. 60(1 ( llroadw.iy. Council Illuirs.
TTlOIt SALi : Tlio Sliopnrcl clniR fctnre. No. I2J
- * - ilnm st. Council Illuirs , J.V. . 1'erogoy ,
tl 113108.
TT10H BALK Cheap , Jloiler Imrfilnr proof
JL auto with tlniti lock. Also line clicrry ImnK
counter. S. 1" , Hue olllcc. Council mmra.
FOU SA1.C-10.20 or (0 ( ncros bO roils north ot
CliAUtnuiiua grounds.
44 foot lot In PtroetsUtlu on Ilroailuny. $95 } .
Now 8-room hoiiso on loth a % umio , S..tiO. ) .
Kino lot on Henton street OiixlA ) , $ HW.
Good farm In Nebraska to trade for city
. i.ots In Muliln'a suit , J-)0 ) to $10) . easy terms.
Lots In Kiddles. $ i' > 0 to il.OXi.
I'lue lot on 7th uvo , 110x1 li.vlll make ! l good
lots , A Brent biiguln. only $ IUO. ( )
Good ut ) foot lots on A\e. C , 1 block from
Noitinvcstom traci , tlfVJ eucli.
0 loom house on Madison St. , 1 block from
JJroadwuy. very cheap.
BO foot lot on Avo. It , corner ot 18th st , , $100.
Finest residence lots In the city at $1,7W oach.
First mortgage loans.
\V. c. Stacy & Son.
Room 4 , Opeia block. Council Illuirs.
FOUSAIiU At a bargain A 'JJIairo ranch
UK ) miles from Oinahn. In Hut class lo
cation and A. No. 1 in every respect. This bar-
Kaln w 111 repay u close Invnstljfntlon. 1'or pir-
tlcuhus call on or iidihess J.U.Johnson , No.
10 1'earl st , Council niutfs.
, HMTPF3 nrowty for sale at Rrea
bargains. The follow tiiif. nmoni ; the mos
beautiful homes In the city , will uo gold u
great bargains , on monthly payments , or term
to suit :
Three now 8-ronai homoi on Lincoln avenue
tno blocks fiom'uloctiiii motor line.
T.HO now 4-roum houses four blocks from
cli'ctrlo motor line rn North Huvonth stroot.
Ono now B-room house four blocitf. from elec
tric motor line on North Socnth stroot.
Three now 6 nnd U room houseoao block
from electric motor line corner Avenue A and
twelfth street.
liesltles the above T have house1 ] and lots in
all partxof the city.
Ono now Q room house on Mill st.
0. li Judd , QJtl llroadttay , Council muffs.
for second-haml furalniro , Htoves anil
CASH , A. J. MunUel. : t'i llrondwfty.
TTIOlfSAM : At a uar Mn : one double Haw
J- ' and sllccr ; ono venujr machine with gear
ing complete , all now , suitable ror baseot fao
ton- . Inquire at hiiyder'H commission house
2J 1'carlst , Council Muffs _
hAI.K Tne seven-room cottage n < < the
FOIl of , Id avenue and utu Htreot. Also
the new Swiss cottage occupied by mo on ill
uvonne. Hither prop ity will bo sold on easy
terms. W. U James _ _
All A ItCl A IN ily resident e , a fi-rooora house ,
puntiy , bath room , floats , city water , etc.
LotUJxIUM. Stable , coal and uoocl house. Hear
ing ; fruit , line locution. Oiiivthlrd down , bal
ance to suit N O. Wmd. in llroaduay. _
T710II SAfjB Aly"rssl < li h80 JV53 Willow nv-
Jcnne , on south side of lljyllts park. Heated
by steam , llgntol by electricity and containing
all modern improvements Lot 100 bv aJ feet
Also will noli or uxilmugn for improved city
property , my farm offi'O acios , ten nillns oaHf
gtCouncIl lljiilM V. .M. Piuey. Council Hluffs.
Improved roil ostito to tri ? for nalm
NKW \ n Omaha or Cornell mill * property
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"IjtOIlSAIiEor Kent Garden land with houses ,
J.1 byJ. It. Klce WU Main st , Council Ululfj.
J. P. I'.DMU.NDaOV , B. U HllUOtllT ,
I'res. Vlca 1'raa.
Cu.ts. 11. HANMAX , Cashier.
Paid up Capital $ I50OOO,03 ,
Surplus 35OOO.OO
Liability to Depositors , ,33SOOO.OO
DIIIECTOHS I. A. Miller , K. O. dleison. K. L.
KhiiKurt , K. K. Hart , J. i ) . Kdundson. L'has. It.
llunnan. 'irnnsact general bunking business
Largest capital and surplus ot any bank In
Northweutora Iowa. Jntarest on time doposlti
Room 2 , Opei a Ilcu-o lllock , O-uuill ; UlufTa ,
F , M , ELLIS & CO. ,
Itoomi OJ mid 11) Hee llullillni ; . Omaha Nelx ,
nnd KoomaSII uuil'-'lil Merri m Illoclc , Oouucl
Ulmlsjow . .Correipoudenco Hoi cited.
Honnty How Acquired
There Is nothing tlmt adds moro nttrnct'oi or
beauty to Iho hiiimin fact ) than a nlco complex *
ion. TiinrtucMlonUoftcnnitcod , IlowU Itpos-
slblo to regain a beautiful skin ? TIiN Is quickly
nnswcrcd-therelabutoio method of acquir
ing It ami that li by rciumliiitho nulii. Hut
how CMI tlio nkln burcnoHod ? only bva gindual
piocoss of removing the outer cntlct.o and draw
ing from underneath nil impurlllc ? , leasing the
iinUor sKlu free from dlscoloiationsnnd Wein-
t'hv-i. The imturn of the skin Is such ttiat Im
mediately under the outer IM.MT there it n line
and lioautlfiil tmdor skin like tlmt of the ) oilng.
nmlnftor the old Hklii has hoonrcmoved this tin-
ilnr sKln takes Its place. IB there n remedy that
wllldothls vtlthotic injury to the under Klein ?
'I hero is but nun and tlmt is the World Kauourn *
cd 1'a-c Blench , mnnufacttircd by Mm. , A.
Httpnott. the lending complexion Hpcclaltst , of
Now Votk , 'I'M * article , bo IJns removingpint *
p'e , blackheads , moth , fiicklc * ) . bumu M'ot-i ,
H.tllou limit , wrink'cs of the outer Hkln , etc. ,
brings back u natural healthy nnd youthful
co'or ' , and la n decld"d bcnullt to nil complex ,
ions , as It Hims the akin , thus piovcntlm ; tan ,
churns and wrinkles. Mtno. Ituppcrthasglvcn 3 '
cUdcnt and convincing ptooNof ( lie c-lllcloncy
of Tare llleich by clearing ono-hnlf of tlio fitooi
of patients and liultlnj ; the public to cull bc-
foio , during nnd after treatment , and thfl mpit
skeptical could not but rumnik. the \\onileifiil
po en of her tonic. Again she oirtrs to cmo
oriemovobythu U'jeori'aco Illcach any ca-o of
pimples , moth , freckles , etc. , fioo to iiuy ono
willing to ha\o half their faces cleared nt u time
anil allow the public to call and see thiim at her
olllco In Now York City. 1'nco Illeach does not
fallow on the face and is entirely harmlest 15 the
mon dellcto complexion. The use of onu bottle
ulll show a declitod ImproUMiicnt , and H
mnuy mo ell anougnpleased ulth 01 u buttle ,
but tu thorougnly clear the comiilexlon It us
ually lequliui thioc. 1'rlce , ? ! per bottiu ; tliroo
bottle J SI. f.voiy lady should not tall to tend 1
cents for circular.
Complc\lon Speehllst , : W Hast rouitecnth
stioct , New Yoru City , N. Y.
Arrive ?
Urnnlm | lf pot 10th nnil .Mnsoii streets I Omnhii.
3 l'i p in . . .UitcnRO Vestibule Kxpress 1115 n in
! > 4f > u ni ( JilcnKO KxpreM o.JI p in
i > ' ' > 1' m Clilenpo Kxpre-i 8 ix m
n W p in . . . lown I.OCH ! except Hnniliir. . . . II M n m
"Leaves ' [ mHIMNMON ft 5liT"iimTlt , Xrr\\mt \
Omnlia | Drpnt lOlh iincl MUHOII slreett. | Uiniilin.
H35 a ml .Kniiiiis Cltjr Dij Kxprexs 1 b O p m
' . ' < 5 mK | U . ' , ' ,
p Nil-lit Kxp. via IJ ! 'Irons | I 4' n in
1 eiivcs I IJN'IOV 1'ACll 1C.
( JmnlujJ Depot IDlli nnil Mare ) ntrceH
2 45 | > m < > \orlimii Flyer 1) ) 'J p m
7W p m I'liollli'llxpreii 7 II ni. .
0 10 u in Denver Kxproi * . 4 JO p in
4 4 } p m Lirnnil I'lnml KM > ( tuicpt bun > I' . ' t"i p in
a in , KaiiMt ( .Itjr Hxprcs * . 1 (1.1 ( n m -
I-onves I I'llll'AdO , It I il'AttllC AirTTcT
Oumlni | U 1' . ilcpot. lOlli unit Mnrc ) SI" Omnlm
4 l'i p inf . .NlRlit Kiiiri'M . . . . Iliuu n m
.Miami . .Atlantic Kiprcii i.TO p in
! l 15 p in' ' . yoalllinlu I.linlluil 2 Ul ) p m
CltTEuTO A MlUTliW-lcai KUN 1 Arrlvcj
JJ. ljlppot , Hull nnil Mnri ) Sti Onnlii
n n m . . . Chlcnxo Hxpreaj I 6. ) p m
4 JO p in VcKtlbnlo l.lmlteit , o & . * > it ni
l > 15 p ni ( l.v CY Hit ) Mull ( Ar ax .Mulill 74. ) n in
! > Kt p ni . . . .Ktftc'rn i lyt'r. I . ' II P in
ToiTt-s TCI IIUAHU , 'Alllj , A hi' fM II Arrl ei
Oinahn | 1) ) 1' depot. IDIIi nnil Mnuy .sti j ( Imiilm.
1' 1 n in Clilcn i ) .Mill ( client 811 Kill ) t j ft 4r , j7"iii
neil p m ' 'i 4i u ni
a p in Chicago Kxpie-s . ' O p m
I-c-xvcs I 1.IIJI ( l Arrives
Qmnhn | l' 1' ilepot. lUlli nnil Mnro I Oimilin.
4 15 | St 1,011 Is Ciniuin Hull I. 'O p m
CK'B | :
n intp in
WcuMcrSt. . . . b'M b.OU T.50
Oiik Chnthnm. A M 0 M 7 M 1 U
Drulil lllll . . . . 7 tei 1 M
Like Street. . . ii ai 7.U ) 8 01 i M
Walnut lllll. . 1. Od 7.00 n w H !
Duinlcn IMnco. r ( is 7 as 8 W 4 Ol )
a.ia 7 10 d o ; 4 ( TJ
8 ( CI i ni
.Mincot B llj 4 Wij
Siiymmir Turk 6 III 4 II
1'ortiil 8 2i 4 'Ml
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