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Crime of much graver moment.
At thin Juncture Marshal Dunn put In th
city cagr a man half drunk. The latter tin
n vlllatnon * ronguo and with It nbuscd tli
officer. Ho called htm a murderer. She
roan , who Is In the next cage , started an
Hhoxvcd the violence of tils temper. Bur
posing the term had been applied to hie
ho nboulcdt "You , I'll g
In thcro In n mlnnto nnd tlo you u
. You don't kno' '
into n knot , you whelp.
who you nro talking to. "
Thl.i quick resentment of the stern inu
r showed that It was the crlmo c
shedding somebody's blood and not of mart
gaglns other people's property , which wn
pro.vlng upon hln mind.
When Sherman had roif.ilncrt his composure
posuro and thoTones murder was Introducct
ho at llrnt nffcctcd i nornnco of th
iiubjcct , Which the correspondent did alst
Ho then repeated every important detail c
the crime up to the time of his Incarcorn
Ion and so correctly ns to names nnd place
as to show that every plcco of informatloi
ho could obtain on the subject.had bee ;
mastered as well ns It is by these on tb
track of tlio murderers.
Chief JIntcctlvo ilazn Epnnils ni
Afternoon ut tlm I'lnnoy Fnrtn.
Upon his return from further investlga
nt the Plnucy form and the surroundtni
iicighLorbond yesterday afternoon Datoctivi
Haze was seen by a reporter and asked wha
lib had found.
"I can bo candid with you to iho cxton (
simply of saying , " was the reply , "thut :
found out n number of now points gooi
points but under the circumstances I can
not itivo thorn to you. Were they publisher
it would simply bo showing that much mon
of our hand , nnd that is certainly Impractl-
r/hlo. I can tell you , however , that Mr ,
Kauthcr. who lives adjoining the Pinnci1
lilacc , and who Identified Neal as having been
on the farm on the ild , will accompany mete
to Plnttsmoulli Sunday morning and sen II
lie can Identify the third cuspcct arrested
there as the man whom ho saw at tho- farm
with Ncal. From the description ho is very
sure no Is the man.
"I will also say , " continued Mr. Haze ,
"tlmt nftcr seeing thut farm hand in the cm-
ploy of Schwarz , on the Swift farm , who
hoard the shots about 5 o'clock on thn even
ing of the IM , I am almost con
vinced that these were the shots
which killed the old people. The shots
heard were eight In number. "
Chief Seavoy will probably accompany
Detective Haze and the other gentlemen to
Plattstnouth this morning. Haze returned
from Ins ilrst trip there yesterday morning ,
and said that the suspect there can hardly
control hmiHolf when the subject of the mur
der Is mentioned.
Vlnilnct Onllnnnoo Postponed
Until Tuesday Nichr.
The council met in special session last
night to consider tlio Tenth street viaduct
ordinance. The cnmmitteo on viaducts and
railways reported a set of improved plans
for the proposed viaduct and the council
went into committee of the whole to consider -
sider them. Gonor&l Manager Knnball of
the Union Pacific was present and explained
the improvements that had been made in the
Plans. City Engineer Tilison also stated
that ha had examined the now plans and had
found them n decided improvement over the
plans previously presented to the council.
Mr. Kimball explained further that the
Plans for depot had boon greatly improved.
The old shed will bo torn down and an en
tirely new structuio built much 'argor than
the ono originally planned. The train sheds
would be more than than twine as largo as
was originally planned. The companies
were ready to co to work at once upon the
adoption of the ordinance.
* The plans wcro approved by the council
nnd tlio ordinance ordered to its third read
ing. Then iho question was raised as to
whether or not the damages appraised should
bo , tendered boforo' /.ordinance . was
p'assed.Mr. . Wheeler maintained that
this should bo ( lone. City Attorney Pop-
I'letcn held that the tender of damages
was not a condition precedent to the passage
ot the ordinance. The tender could be made
out of the general fund and the fund reim
bursed when the taxes for benefits are col
lected. It had been sugceslcd , ho * aid. that
the railway companies might temporarily
advance the funds for the purchase.
After some discussion the ordinance and
report were recommitted to the committee
on viaducts and railways to confer with the
railway companies on this point and report
on Tuesday night.
The city treasurer reported that there is
now on his books f.'l,01'J.Li ! duo against the
Missouri Paoilie railway company as de
linquent taxes for the years 183T , 1883 and
ISbO. The communication called out consid
erable discussion on the method of making
the assessment of railroad property. The
matter was finally referred to the committee
on ilnnnco and a committee consisting of
licchol , Shriver , Morcarty and D II.
Wheeler , appointed as a committee to confer
with the county commissioners on the matter
of making the assessment for 1UUO.
The recommendation of the fire and pollco
commissioners that accommodations for the
police station , court and patrol system bo
secured of Peter Gees , was referred to the
committee on publlo property and build-
intrs.Tho petition of K. and T. Efflngor for an
increase of damages by reason of the con
struction of the proposed Tenth street via
duct , was referred to tbo committee ou via
ducts and railways.
A resolution was adopted requiring all
corporations of the city of Omaha exorcising
lha light of eminent domain in the city to
IHo as required by tiio charter proper plats
of such property with the register of deeds ,
Kuoh plats to include all of the lands and lots
heretofore taken for the use of eald corpora-
_ _
A NliW Oil Y .TAIL.
Iho Commission Airoca Upon n
Ilitlldlnc hi con BOS Granted.
. There was a special session of the license
board yesterday afternoon at 4:30 : , with all
members present ,
Licenses were granted to William Stolton-
berg , southeast corner Fourteenth and
Hartley ; MalConna & Con way , SKJO Sherman -
man avoauo.
A llccnso was refused to Heathman and
IDunwoll , 103H South Ninth street.
A remonstrance was tiled against issuing
n llconso to A. F. HohliT , I'.MT North Nine
teenth struct , and the hearing wns set for
Monday , lli o'clock.
The committee consisting of Messrs , Hartman -
man and Gilbert reported in favor of renting
n building belonging to Peter Gees , Fif
teenth nnd Jackson , for city jail , pollco court
und patrol stable * . Thcro are three rooms ,
bamg 44xrl , 4 l.\ti5 ami iii CO. together with
u stable 44xCO. The report was adopted and
ordered sent to the city council immediately
with the cndoiscuicat of thu board ,
The young ladles residing in the Young
Women's homo , ut 1U1I bouth Seventeenth
Mreot , will glvo an entertainment at the
homo next ' 1 hiirsdny evening. The proceeds
will bo duvotcd toward the purchuso of a
piano for the use of the young ladies.
Dr. J. C. Harrison , the traveler und spe
cialist , will lecture at the Now Grand next
Thursday evening to men only. His lectures
are vividly llliibtratol with stereopticau
vi07v , and are replete with useful Informa
tion to men und amusing anecdotes gathered
dr.rtng liia wide oxporleno ? . His success
O.crj where has been phenomenal.
An ofllcer arrived from Chicago yesterday
tli tuko X.ou Alcou.who is wanted there to an
swer 10 the chargeof grand larceny , pre
ferred by J. C. Johnson of the vvlmly olty.
The mmnbcra of Success lodge. No. 135 , of
ttio Urothcrhpod of Kullrpad 'A'laiumen , will
BIVO tholr third uuuual bull ut Washington
hall , Khihteeuth und Hafnoy 'atrcotp , tomor
, Old man llnrrus has been temporarily ro-
loAied ucudiug the dtaisfon of tha'Uulted
Btato * supreme court iu regard to hit cuso.
As ho owns a farm and is well fixed no bond
Was exacted.
Considerable money and clothing Is being
collected at Trinity cathedral for the Dakota
sufferers , The contributions are to bo
shipped about Wednesday.
President Harrison Warns the Im
patlout Boomora
Sonic Counsel I'nuslro ilcnlntnncc
OtlicrH linllnvo In Obeying
Klglily aiionsnnd Cnctlo
Will I'rolmnly t'crlsli.
Callrcl IJnoV.
March 15. The presldou
this afternoon issued /allowing notice :
"To Whom It May Concern r The land
known as the Chcroiceo atrip ere not open t
Bcttlnment. The bill pending In congrcs
anil intended to provide civil government fo
tlio country known ns Oklahoma docs no
provide for the opening of the Chcrokc
strip or outlet to Battlement and has no
yet received the vota of the tw
houses of congress or tlio arj
proval of the president. Entrance o
settlers upon these lunus Is unlawful , and al
persons are horohy warned against ontorln ;
thereon. When those lands shall boconi
open to settlement , ' prompt public nolle
wilt bo given of the fact , but In the mean
time It is my duty to exclude all person
therefrom , and Ihoso who outer unlawful ! ;
will only involve themselves in unprolltnbli
trouble ns they will bo immediately re
moved. "
Troops Urdcrrd Out.
WAMHXCITOX , March 15. Adjutant Qon
oral ICelton telegraphed to General Morrlt
at Fort Leuvcnworth to use the troops ll
necessary and with prudence , as heretofore ,
to cnforco the proclamation Issued today by
the president relative to intruders upon the
Cherokee Rtrip lands. This order was sen !
by direction of the secretary of war.
In tin : i'rninl < > ( t Laiul.
AmcAX.iAS CmKan. . , March 15. 7hc
iiooniers mistook the passage of the Okla
homa bill for the act providing for the im
mediate opening of the country to settlement
and each colony of boomers , alarmed lest il
would not bo first on the ground , rushed poll
moll over the line regardless of consequences ,
Some fear is expressed by the cooler heath
; hat the government may deprive them ol
their advantage and drlvo them out to await
the formal opening of the country. Most ol
.lio boomers , however , are settling down on
: helr claims as if assured of their permanent
resideiico there. They believe , now the in
vasion has uecn accomplished , th'at Presi
dent Harrison will allow thorn to remain nnd
lermlt others to take up land whenever they
.lust over the line from Guthrie , Okla !
houia , Ponca , a city of ; t,000 inhabitants , baa
sprung uu over night. The gambling fra-
; ernity is there In full force and several dis-
.urbanccs h.ive occurred and many lights
invo taken place because of their presence ,
iut nothing serious bus resulted. Another
) f these mushroom towns appeared at Wil-
ow Surings , just below hero this morning.
Though not as largo as Ponuu , there are
'ullv u thousand people livintr there.
Nyceville also came into .existence within
; he past twenty-four hours. The ciiy coii-
.alns about elKht hundred people , who went
.hero under the leadership of Major Nyce
from CaUlwull. yesterday.
At Outhrio last night a reoortor boarded
he train on which the representatives of the
Cherokee strip cattle company were return-
ng from the Fort Worth cattlemen's con
vention. They were greatly disturbed at
the invasion of their lands , and a meeting
was called in the Pullman smoking room. A
committee was appointed to notify the sec
retary oftho interior of the fucts in the
case , umltoask , , for troops to restore to thorn
the possession of thelrgrazing grounds.
-nuoation that is uppermost , iu-tho
nintls nf the settlers today' Is "What is
Undo Sam going to do ! " Ho has done
lothing yot. No military force is on the
ground and sn far ns known none has been
ordered to proceed there.
The cattlemen are completely routed ,
heir fences cut , grass burned , cattle stam-
> eaod nnd their ranges completely destroyed
or the near future at least. They will be
ompollod to cet their cattle together as well
as possible and to huntalhnr pastures. Prof.
jOppoelc nf the Indian schools telegraphed
or troops to expel the uooiaora from the
tuliiin school lands , 03 many located
hercon. Prairie llres could bo seen all
over the strip I us I , night.
Nearly every quarter section of land for
eighteen miles south of this city is at ores-
ont staked off and many of them occupied by
inatters. 'I ho report that u company of
cavalry would arrive this aftciuoon caused
onio uneasiness , but as the hours
oiled by without the troops put-
inc ia an appearance coniidenco
restored and a feeling of security prevailed
This , however , was short lived , for at 4
o'clock the news that the president had Is
sued a proclamation ordering all settlers ott
ho strip was received. In u few minutes
nrgo numbers of men who had staked claims
and haa returned hero for provisions gath
ered together on the street corners
nnd discussed the situation. Sonio
counseled prompt compliance witli
ho president's order , but' others Insisted
hat it was a good plan to hold their claims
until expelled by the troops and then as soon ,
as tlio soldiers were out of sight to return
md begin farming operations. The advocates
if the latter plan nro evidently in the ma-
ority.flho old soldlor element seems to bo
ho most determined to return their
grasp upon their claims. Should the
cldlors attempt to remove them thcro will bo
10 organized resistance , but believed il will
take an army of a.OOO men to lioep them from
settling back on the strip.
The cattle mon here did not receive the
lows of the president's proclamatlan , ordor-
ng the invading settlers off the strip with
much interest.
1-Vom Ponca , Willow Springs , Nycovlllo
and other sottleinonts m the outlet
comes news of burning prairies. It
Bcems to have boon generally agreed upon
hut the ilrst thing for settlers to do was to
sturt a pralrio tire , nnd much of the strip has
been burned over. TUoao prairie tires served
a double purpose. They drove most of the
cattle before them ntid also destroyed the
odder which thnsa remaining might have
od noon. Therefore the cattlemen are nat
urally depressed over the gloomy pjospccts.
3aiu Howins of the Cherokee Strip
Cattle company today : "J'horo are now ,
or rather wore before the invasion ,
about eighty thousand head of cattle on the
trip , 1 do not bqliovo the most energetic
action on the part of tbo cattlemen ana tha
rovornment can BUVO them from irreparable
o.i9 , If left on the strip thu cattle will
tarve , for there Is nothing for thorn
o cnit thcro and wo cannot ship provender to
horn ; it would bo u losing investment ; so
here wu are , 80,000 bond of cattle gooa for
nothing but hides , clue ana bono dust. "
Strntiirlmir Hack.
KiowJt , Kan. , March 15. The laugh Is on
ho boomers. Timt is the fooling with which
ho president's proclamation la received
icrc. Th3 boomers who Tind the good sense
o refrain from Joining yesterday's
uvasiou are doing thd laughing whlta
holr more hot-headed companions
ook uuon matters as anything but
aughaole. A third perhaps of the whale
number of boomers who crossed the line
fstorday hove already returned or are on
heir xvny to this place. They come strag
gling back with a good deal of their Impetu
ous energy lost , to await as near their pros-
leotlvo claims as possible the formal opening
of Jho strip.
Will Itrnvu ilio Kdlcr.
Can WELL , Kan. , March 15. Late this
iftornoon a telegram was received announc-
Dg that the presiuont had ordered the iot-
lers out of the atrip aud that soldiers would
bojieut to qnforco tho. order. This faot was
announced , but It did uot atop the white-
oppcd wagons that coottnoto appear and
disappear. Many of them contained fain ,
lies who am go Ing prepared to kUy and ono
of them , M ith whom a reuorter talked this
n'onlnir , voleoJ too sentiments of the ma-
orlty wh no said : "Wo are going ou. If
\ ( -oino O.UI wo Mill bo brought out.1' '
Tlio BOO'H hotter
E. O. Moulton 2 , C. .1. Hlrd 2 , Uad\CIarJ <
1 , Hobcrt NIotBon 1.
Ycstonlny Atinriwm' * Shoot.
There were several Interesting shoots o
the Uwln fe Umiuilro grounds yesterday nl
ternoon. The first wn a llvo bird match ,
birds to the man , 30 yards rise , ? 3 cntranc
The score :
Patrick . 1 11111-
I'nrmclco . 1 I 1 1 1 0-
Ellis . . i . 1 10111-
Mussolman . , . 1 01010-
Clarko. , . , , . , r.r..l 0 1 I 0 l-
Kcnnody. . , . ,1 I 1 1 0 0-
Navm. . . i..t -
Pntrlck took Ilrst , Kllu second on tli
shoot-off , 'and Clark third ,
The second event was. n similar mr > tcl
which resulted at follows/
Purmoleo . . . .r. . llllll-
Pasrlclt . , . . . .t.rVi.j . 101011-
Kllls. . . . . . . .7V.V ; . Mlttl-
Montmoroncy . . . , , . . " . . " - . < i . IOIOU11-
Mnsielmnn . . . . . . . . . . .Y. . 011111
Kennedy . -r. . 101101-
Nason . . . / . Uillll-
Parmclco took first' , Mussoluian secoei
and Kennedy third. ' . * "
The ten-bird targabmaLuh resulted In tin
following score :
Nason . : . . . " . . . 10000 10011
Parm'clco . , . lllll 11111 1
Miller , . . , , . - . . 00011 11111
Mnssoltnan . , - ; " . . i-j , . .lHll ( ) oem
Fogg . , . v..v.-.7 , . ( K)100 010(10 (
Montmoronoy . , , ' . ' . ' .i . . ,01111 lllll
Kennedy . . , - . . : : . .1101)1 ) lllll
Smith . ifui..J1000 IKKio
Meyer . : . . . : .7- . . .11111 01110-
Htuto Ijonuuo Alni'tlns1.
The state baseball league will hold a moot
ing at Fremont on March ' > for the purpos
of adopting rules , llxing salary limit , guai
nntco , and the transaction of other iinportuu
business. . _
.Mainline of the I'o o tionuue.
Uoloxv is the standing of tho-Polo loairao
which resumes playing-Tuesday evening :
Von Lost
Wheel Club . , . ; . 5 3
Kamblcra . . - . . . . 6" a
Continental ; ! . . . , . 4 5
Council Bluffs . 4 5
Morses . 5
Another lirntlki-rliniut Victory.
Piiir\i > Ei.i'ntA , March 15. The court oi
common pleas today refused to grant the in
junction asked by the Philadelphia nalionn
league club to restrain William Haltman
from playing with the Philadelphia players' '
league club. Hallrnan played with the na
tional league club lust year and the latter , in
its petition , claimed that under the "reserve
rule" the club held an option ou his services
for 1800.
In the course of the decision , which is a
lengthy ono , Judge Thayer says that a care
ful reading of paragraph 18 discloses tua
there is nothing whatever in it to bind .1
player to.sign another contract. All that Is
enacted was that clubs * ehould have the
prlvileco of reserving him for another year ,
but fulled to attito on what terms. This
failure renders the contract incomplete nnd
inoperative , and the fault lies with the Phil
ndelphm baseball club. If it were true , ns
claimed by their counsel , that the contracts
binds the defendant to sign a mmilar con
tract each year , then it is apparent that he
must sign it so long ns it may suit his em
ployers , Paragraph 17 of the con
tract states that a club has
the right to discharge u player
ut ten day's notice for any cause , and bv this ,
In conjunction with their reading of para-
craph IS , Ilallmun bus sold himself for life
to them ut , a salary .of 31,400 a year. Ho has
no further holu on them than ten days and
is at their mercy. It is perfectly apparent
that such a contract is so unfairnnd lacking
in mutuality that no court of equity would
bind itself to its enforcement.
Off ttir tun South. ,
NEW YOUK. March 15. [ Special Telegram
to Tun 13r.E. | Tin New York nnd Boston
baseball players league teams silled this
afternoon on the Savannah atoamor. Tlio
clubs will pla.v in Jacksonville , New Orleans
and other cities , and return bora" about
AprilO. Keofo did not'go ' on'tuczount of his
wife's illness , but with .Ewinsr , , Urown ,
Vnuchon , Crauo and O'Day ' will join the
others as soon as possible.
HIM D'Oislon.
Bupr.u.o , March 15. [ Special Telegram
to TUB ! 3cE. ] Judge Corlot heard argu
ments today on his order requiring the
National Trotting association to show cause
why it should noi bs punished for violating
the injunction restraining it from aetiug in
the Nclson-Alcryn case. ' 1 ho judge took
the papers and reserved decision.
St. I'nul'ri New Driving CIii | > .
ST. PAUL. , Minn. , Muroh l."i.-r-Sp8cial [
Tologrnm to TUB lints. I A number of citi
zens ot St. Paul hold a mooting lust uitrht
and organized a now driving -club. A club
house to cost ? 25,000 is to be erected at Ham-
line and a trolling and pacing meeting will
bo hold in July , at which 3 > ,0'jO ' in purses
will bo hung up. _
GuttnnlMiri ; Kucos.
GDTTCNIUJIIO. March 15. [ Special Tola
gram to TUB 13un. | The weather-was mls-
orablo today and the track heavy. Sum-
HJury :
Threo-fourths of a mile tllbtlon won ,
Paradlso second , Ulessed""thlrd. " * Time '
1:28X. : - .
Selllnc purse , ono and one-jjliattor mKleS
Vigilant won. Grey Cleud second' , Bothwoll
third. Tnno ! il. : !
Six and u hulf furloncg Wahoo won ,
Maralo Hay second , Mala third. Time
1M : ! .
Syliinjr , six and a half furlongs Fcstus
won , Millerton second , Queen of Hearts
third. Time lH4
: > . < u
The Clifton handicap , three-fourths of a
mileGlcnmound won , ClayStocHton SP.C-
oud , Glendulo third. Time liiJSK.
Soven-oighths of a nfile Ttfad 'itowo won ,
Tyrone second , 13av Hidgo third. Time
Now Orloiitid Jl ic j7 ,
Pfow OULCANS. La. , March Ift-
Telfpram to Tun Uun''J "Sumaiary.of to
day's races :
Five and a half furlongs Event won ,
Friendless second , King Hoxbury third.
Time Isltljf. ' ml" 11 , . ,
Five-eighths of a milo Dllly Pmkorton
won. Mollie Hardy second , . Ormlo third.
Time -l:07. : ,1 . "
One-half mile Mogcie 15. won , Lucille
second , Castlilian third. Time SUJf.
Ono mile Vice Hegent won , Panama sec-
ona , Pete Willis third. Time 1:53. :
Ono-hnlf mile Dakota won , Liono Star
second , Lexington third. Tfmq-5p. " '
Two Chi Urn UroiutYqct.
QUCDEO , March 15. The house occupied
by Uobort W. Livingston .a farmer living at
Hourglous , In this provlnoo ( buriioa last
night. Two children of Mr. Livlhgslon per
ished in the llames.
. > or iiui-v.
Tbo funeral exorcises orer the remains of
John H. Sullivan , whqdled ut Council iiluffi
Friday , will bo hold at St. Phllomona's
cathedral at 10:50 : a. m. tomorrow. Solemn
high mass will bo celebrated , by Father Mc
Carthy and the remains will ba Interred at
the Holy Sepulchre cemetery Mr.-Sulllvan
is well known in Omaha and leayoj a host of
friends , who sympathlzo with the widow In
her bereavement , Ho was born thirty-seven
years ago at Xanosvillo , O. While yet a
child tils parents moved to McGregor , la. ,
and In lt > 70 they took UD their nbodo In
Omaha. John graduated from the Omaha
easiness college and was married in 1834.
In partnership with his brother , ho carried
on the business of a tinsmith for a number
of years. For the last year Im has boon
gradually sinking under the insidious inroads
of consumption , and Dually succumbed to it.
Ills youngest child U in a critical condition
and fears are entertained that ia a tow days
Bhu will follow her father.
Mxili Ward Republican Club.
Tbfre will bo a meeting of the Sixth
Republican club at 1U club room , -3520 Lalio
Btreot , . Friday ovenmg. March SI. Every
member u urgently requested to bo prcgcBt ,
us very Important DUimesi will come before
the club.
UK .
-ii > /
Evorjr Pot JTSp'n Olatm to Bo Ad
judlcatcci.ln BIffbt Months.
11 i
, n 11
.il t , _ _ _
Three VOUHR Blon Vrom the WCB
In "Washington on ThotrV y to
tlio Houilnti Ono n GrnilnntJ
or Nelrt\Hkn.'rt University.
WASIIINOTO.V. D. C. , March Ifi.
General Kaum , the commissioner of pen
slons , hat undertaken the greatest ofllcia
tasic over begun by any man that has occu
pled his position. Ho proposes to udjudicnt
every pension claim pending within the nox
eight months , do 1ms notified the soimt
committee on pensions to this effect. Short ) ;
after General Kaum entered the pension of
lice ho began n complete overhauling of tli
routine operations , and a few months agi
perfected a thorough organization. He thoi
determined to rigidly cnforco the rule of tin
ofiico which prohibits the making of n casi
special unless an affidavit of a reputable citl
zen is produced showing that the nppllcun
Is cither npaupor and maintained by publd
or prlvato chantynor is in n critical physica
condition. This gave him n largo amount o
time from his cloncal forco- , which has beoi
occupied in answering letters relating
ing to making cases special. Today members
bors of congress began to receive conies o
n circular letter in nnswor to their request !
to have the status of pension cases given foi
tno information of claimants. It has boor
customary for almost every person who hai
a pension claim pending to write to his 01
her representative iu congress quite fro
qucntly requesting congressional influence
for the purpose of ascertaining the stntu :
of pension claims. This correspondence hat
become very largo at the pension ofllce ,
General Kaum says that during tlio wool *
ending March 1 there were received 4.USC
culls of this character from claimants
through their members of congress , and at
torneys during the same period asked fet
the status of 20.COS , a total of 2 , " > , C04 calls fet
the status of claims in ono week. Commis
sioner Raum says that to answer the calls
made by members of corigrcss nlouo
would require the entire tluio of
over ono hundred examiners and to
answer the requests relating to calls
from congressmen and attorneys would take
the time of over flvo hundred men. Ho an
nounces that in thu future he will refuse to
answer the requests of either claimants , at -
tornoys or members of cougress. Ho thinks
that it is time thrown away to answer ' 'these
letters because the claimants asking for the
information wlllfotJJrnado aware of any testi
mony that may bo needed to make his claim
perfect at the tiniOf it is taken up for adjudi
cation and that then plenty of time to fur
nish the nccessar prools will bo given.
Keforring toitnoj'clironc ( ! habit of congress
men requustinfhe ' status of cases , the com- '
mlssioner says : , "To nuke proper reply to
these coiigrosaipni calls and to give the
status in all of tbp cases as requested would
bo such an interforonc0 , ! with the other busi
ness of the bureau as to almost suspend the
work ol adjudicating ( jluims. "
The couirnissionpr requests claimants to
aoply to him to ( have their , claims placed
upon the list ofi/'Completed .fires' . ' for initne-
tliute consiuerartio'tl. Such applications may
bp inado by thu claimants or their attorney
' ' ' " '
bTrcoorU'tind'ahirH'set ' forth.
1. That the declaration has beau made in
duo form stating the service of the soldier ,
and the fact usto , thu.incurreacoof the disability
bility and his discharge from the so'rvico.
2. That the proof show * that the disaoility
named in the declaration was incurred In tno
service and in thu line ol duty.
! l. That the proof connects the present dis
ability for which the pension is claimed with
wound or disease incurred in the service ami
establishes the fact ot disability.
1. That tbo claimant has , with the au
thority of the bureau of pensions , han u
regular medical examination in respect to
the disability described and claimed in the
5 That in thq opinion of the claimant the
claim is fully made out nnd completed.
In the claims of widows it must ba alleged
nnd proof tnudo showing that the soldier
died of an Injury or disease contracted in
the service and that claimant is the solder's !
-In the case of dependent relatives it must
be stated that the proper proof of depend
ence has been fllod-.iti the claim and that the
soldier left no widow or minor children. If
thn application is made by the attorney of
record , in addition to other Rtatemonts re
quired , ho shall certify than after 11 curctnl
investigation of thecnsifho is of the opin
ion that the case is completed. Claims
placed upon thodist of completed Hies In iho
regular order will ho considered in tno order
of the date. This order does not apply to
adjudicated cases. When a claimant or his
attorney wl'l certify i i accordance with the
requirements ubovo ordered that n claim is
complete it will secure Ita consideration
within n few days. All chums in which the
call for facts lias been complied with will bo
very soon reached for settlement. To act
promptly upon all completed cases requires
that no unnecessary > \ork bo done. The
bureau l now adjudicating conbldorably
more than fifteen thousand cases u month
froiiKho ' 'completed tiles" ami that number
will bo largely increased , , the commissioner
says by the increase of the thirty additional
medical examining surgeons which congress
lias just authorized. Calls are now doing
made monthly in 50,000 cases for the fucts to
complete them. At this rate complete cases
wilt bo mudo In ovary original case now
pending m the bureau within the
next throe months. The calls for
evidence now being made uro In
the order in which the claims were
tiled In the bureau General Kaum nivs ; that
ho regards this as ; falr to every claimant ,
and that lie docs not think it should , bu dis
turbed , because ot any extraordinary cases ;
thut ho Is very anxious to do everything ho
can to hasten the Bottlemont ot every pen
sion claim pending In the bureau atid feels
nuro that mombora of congress and the great
body of claimants are not nosirous of impos
ing work upou.yjijDillco . which will actually
Interfere with\jnf \ business of settlement.
Ho asks that the pWho are aware of nny evidence
donco wanting Intension claims shah try to
produce it nnd sunn it forward and says tnat
in any event claims will soon bo reached
cither for settlonient or for the tlnal call for
the c.videnco to Icompletu tno caso.
The domocraUu press uiul jrallticians
throughout tl& > v country have been
proclaiming tha { . the work of the
pension bureau \r not now going forward
with greater rapidity than under their ad
ministration , but tt will bo seen that General
K.iuni has tmiilnrwonderful stride * In hU
work ; that he ivm exceed the expectation *
and iho prouii as fit the most earnest advo
cates of pension chums. This announcement
will not only bu au.uurccablo surprise to the
thousands who huve pension claims pending ,
but to every man in congress who has boon
doing so much work to cxpodlto the wishes
of his constituents. Under the new order of
things at tbo pension onico it is uselnss for
pension claimants to write to their friends
in congress rospuctiag inlluonco to secure
any kind of action upon their claims pending
before the bureau , ll will bo soon that thu
entire pension business li to bo settled with
in a fsw months and that the commission
has established u sot of rules which will
operate the greatest justice to everyone and
no amount ot political luttuunco will Induce
turn to waver from them ,
ziuLors vot'XO SIE.V.
Three young inon from the west arrived
In this city yesterday who lutond to sail on
April 1 for the country of the Soudan in
Africa , Intending to spend the rest of tboir
lives in missionary work there. They are
Key G. Codding of Nebraska , n groduatn of
tbo Btato unlvarMty of Uncoln ; J. K. Jador-
quist of Minnesota and Ctmrlen L. Helmick
of Kunia * . Th'oy belong to u party of seven
who are going ns pioneers to ppcu u way fur
n largo band of young inlsilonarloi from the
wciituru states who intend to dayote them-
BOlvOR to tbo African field , They have bco
giving nddrossei the last faw month
throughout the country and liaro mot wit
much success , Thor nro going on tholr ow
responsibility and do not take up collection
or ask for money in any way. Wnllo Iu thl
city they nro making tholr headquarter * a
the Young Men's Christian association an
they will speak at the gospel meeting thor
tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 : o'clock.
Intonao interest is being shown by inillttn
mon In some sections of the country in th
bill to give n larger appropriation for tb
etato inllltln. Gonnral Ordwny , commando
of the mllltla for the District of Columbia , i
looking nftor the Henderson bill providtn ;
for the amalgamation and mobilization of th
regulars nnd the militiamen each year. 11
says : "Wo have been urging the passage o
n simitar bill for the past ton years nnd th
outlook was never so auspicious as a
present , The .members of the house com
in it tea nro unanimously in favor of th
measure. I liavo vnrv llttlo uoubt but thu
General Henderson's bill will become a law
It will result In Immense benefit to tin
national guard and will do more to build ut :
the qltlzon soldiers of the country than an ;
monsuro that congress has had presented fo
Its consideration.1
RUiVlSU t.KAl ) OIIE t > UTT.
The ways and means committee has do
cldod the question'of Imported lead ores , urn
the paragraph prescribing the duty on thcsi
ores will road as follows : Lead ere nnd leiu
orb dross 1J Cents par pound , provided thai
nilVororo containing load shall pay a duty o
1 } cents per pound on the lead therein ue
cording to sample ami assay ut the port ol
entry ,
The newspaper correspondents who havi
bcou writing secret session news of Uu
Ronato are no longer threatened with im
prisoiunont for refusing to give .tho sourcu
of their information to the smelling com
mittee of the somite. Thu latter luivo u ver.v
Vivid memory of thu result of the imprison ,
meat of Hullnt Kllbourn for refusing tc
answer the queries of u congressional com
mltteo. Mr. Kilbourn says now : "It was
yesterday just fourteen years slnco tin
IIOUHO of representatives committed mole
jail IIB the guest of the nation for rolusin ( .
to testify before 11 congressional committee.
It wns Into In the afternoon of u eloomy
day and the congressmen wcro cc
hungry and tired that I beliovc
they would have sentenced mo to the guillo
tine. I gained tny suit by a decision of the
United States supreme court and the gov.
eminent paid me W2UU ( ) in cash. Congros <
nlonal committees have not been as quick to
commit men to jail for contempt since. If it
had mot been for the precedent which my
action established I really believe tlio news <
paper mon who have refused to dlvulpo the
sources of their executive session uewa
would bo m jail now. "
-Nebraska Uton , Saundcrs county , O. F ,
Peters } vice D.-S. C. Alexander , removed.
Iowa lioonesborough , Hoono county , J.
MiNowcomb , vlco Kamsey , resigned ; Now
Providence , Hardm county , G. E. Miller ,
vlco H. F. Johnson , removed.
South DaKota Wnvcrly , Coddington
county , J. T. Harkness , vice S. P. Mnssey.
Mr. UOrsoy introduced a resolution in the
louse today to have printed 20,000 copies of
the consular report of Keichonberg on the
sugar beet Industry of Uohomhi for the use
of the members of the house. This i * the
report which is to bo printed by resolution
of Senator Paddock lor distribution iu thu
lip'per branch of corigrcss.
The house today p'assed the bill nuthori/-
ing the municipal corporation of Ogden to
iissumo u bonded indebtedness , including all
existing , liabilities , equal to 8 per cent of the
taxable property within that corporation.
'Ibis is the measure drafted by Mayor Kicsel ,
and which has be.en favorably reported to
the senate. There are good reasons to hope
that i bill giving Ogden a public building
may become u law during the present ses
The Dubois bill , submitting the location of
trto county scat of Shoshone county , Idaho ,
to the vote of thu people of that county ,
passed the house today.
The housj committee on territories has
nropoaed to the democrats to admit Arizona
nnd Js'ow Mexico along with Idaho and
Wyoming If there is placed ia the constitu
tions of those states Idaho's test oath clause.
An application has been made by Sitniuor
Mundoraonjfor the establishment of a post-
Dfljco to bo called Sioux county ,
A postoDlco has been established at Pace ,
Holt county , with Celindu Page as postmas
ter.W. . S. McICinzsy has boon ap
pointed postmaster at the newly
joublishod postofllcc of Arbuta , Uospor
Bounty. An examination of the mail service
s promised on tills route. Upon the earnest
lolicttution of Senator M undersoil the post-
nustor general has requested an inspector to
30 sent , to Choyonuo county to ascertain all
, ho facts in connection with the Huyurd-
tVollHvlllo Alliance poatolllco service.
Mr. Dorsoy today recommended the np-
> olntmontof Drs. Smith , Lewis nnd liarnos
o constitute the pension board at Albion ,
Sob.Mrs. . Senator Paddock , nnd Miss Paddcck
lave returned to Washington and are at thu
Portland. Pr.unv S.
HdUHC I roOfiflt lUUN.
WASurxciox , March > . Mr.
rom the committee on Pacitii : railroads , re-
lortod a resplutlon calling on thq secretary
if 'the treasury for information us to whether
ho covornmont is owner or holder of first
nortgago securities of npy of the Pacific
ailroads which wern aided by the govern-
nent and if so the amount of such securities
ind when and in what manner and by what
lutnority tbo sauia wcro acquired.
Mr. Ureckcnridgo of Ar ansas offered a
esolution calling ou the sect-clary of war
or information regarding the facilities at
ils command to guard the lands of the Mis-
lsippi aiuj other works und if there was
cnsou to apprehend unusual danger ' to
lUtnan life , etc. Adopted.
Jl'lio senuto amendment to the house bill
iUthorlzing the construction of .1 bridge
icross the Missouri river at Pierre , S. li , ,
vat concurred in.
Public business being suspended the house
iroceedod to pay Us last tribute to the mem-
ry of .Tudiro Kelly. Messrs. O'Neill of
'ennsylvauhi , Holmari , Hanks , Mills , Mo-
Clnloy , Ulughnm , Wilson of West Virginia ,
'atnbron. McKoiina , Kerr nf Iowa und
ithers made buloffistio addresses nnd then ,
isa * mark of respect to the memory of the
leccaded , the house adjourned.
' < Ncfn-rtska. and Iowa
WASUISOTOX , March 15. fSpooia Tclo-
; run ; to TUB 13nn. | Pensions hnvo been
Tainted to Nabraskr.ns us follows : Original
u valid William L. Kogers , Hong ; Still-
Han Hills , Almu ; Gerald A. Porter , Steph-
nsoii ; ' ' , T iimos O. II. Hobbs , Lincoln ; John
1 , Kmuts | , JIaydon ; John H , Dunkorsou ,
vlimleu ; James M. Overman , Curricos ;
; iiurlu * Gilkcraou , liurehard ; I cvl. H ,
yillm , Cr.ib Orchard. Increase Cyrus S.
Jlason , Lincoln ; Atnos Thurlow , South
) mahu ; Keuben Falcmior , Fremont.
Iowa pensions Originals Invalid- John
L Uab , Koodors Mills ; William WOK. Wlrt ;
Vllliam U. Dillon , Uosotu , John W. Stuart.
tislngSun ; Orin Jowett. Darby ; Joseph
irahnm , Cincinnati ; William Honshorf ,
> > ttago ; John C. Und ell. Atoulton ; .Tamos
V. Trpnt , Cincinnati. Restoration and In-
roa Ur-Aloinio C. Abbey , Korthwood. In-
rnaHO William H. Hlakoly. Follqtls ; Will-
, nl O.Vmslow , Newton ; tloury.r. Gutton-
ierg , Mitchell ; Julius C. llradley , Muoc-
ionla ; Horace O. Farrington , Stra\vbarry
'qnt | ; Kobort 1C. Kector , Klchanl MIIU ;
Jhurles Stevens , Madrid ; Henry No'dhius.
itarivood ; Patrick Hearn , Musoatlno ; Anios
Juoitnian. Sibloy. Original widow Sarah
i , , widow of Joseph NelT , Charltou.
Pu. , March 15. Two boilers la
ho Northwest colliery , three mlles north of
'urbondalo , exploded with torrlUo force
luring the noon hour today whllo a largo
lumber of men were Iu the room eating
unch , Two of tbo men , George Hess aud
etcr Titson , were torn to jilncos * Sovcral
thors were painfully injured by the scald-
HI ; toum und the debris under which they
vero buried , nnd three or four of thorn will
Itlarrlnco IJccnse.
Only one license was issued by Judge
Shields yesterday , the following bolng the
iartiea :
fame and roslddnce. A o.
; William H. Hrown , Omaha * J
; Clara Walter , Omaha , lit
It la About to 'Begin Botwoou Rnll
nucl Lnko Linos.
Numerous Confcrencca Pnll of n Bnt-
Isfnotory Settlement of the Dif
ferential QitcBtlon
Cuts 1'roniUod.
Ii.iko nnd Ilnll tilno Troubles1.
CHICAGO , March 15. 1 Special Telegram to
TUB llr.n.1 The irrepressible conflict between -
twoen the lake lines nnd the mil
lines It almost . ready to nuatn begin
Its summer demoralisation , The eastbound -
bound shipments for the week
will show n largo falling off in
grain traffic , the reason being that It is
stored In Chicago elevators awaiting the
opening of navigation. In splto of numerous
conferences between the rail and- lake lines
no satisfactory disposition has bcou made of
the differential question , and the season
bids fair to open with n renewal
of tbo old policy of the boat lines to cut
rates to any llguro ncposnary to secure u
Ipad. The Lake Superior Transit company
bus hitherto been ti largo factor In maintain
ing nt least nsomblanco of steady rates , but
that organisation has gone to pieces nnd the
lines composing it the Pennsylvania , the
Now York Central and Eric have not
agreed on lake rates. Last year tlio boat
lines averaged sixty to seventy hours
between Chicago nnd Buffalo faster
than the average time by rail ,
which even now averages over seventy
hours. In addition the bouts hnvis year by
year taken DOW kinds of freight unit now
they nro competitors with the rail lines oh
all kinds except express freight. During tlio
winter the Northern Pacillc has secured con
trol of the American Steam llargo company.
The Grout Northern controls tlio Northern
steamship company , and between the two the
Clucago-St. Paul lines will lese n
largo share of their through business.
The competition has como to bo so well un
derstood , however , that usido from the loss
of trafllo there will probably bo no disturb
ance among the rail lines. Last season's
competition discloses only the reduction in
the corn rate , which still prevails. The
understood plan Is that the Chicago lines
iyUl stick to their tariff rates In order to
niulntuln tboir locals and simply totaice their
through freight which can not go by boat.
Knllcd to Kind n Trust.
DBS MOIXES , Ia. , March -Special Tojo-
gram to Tin : UEK. ] Tlio joint legislative
committee that had been appointed to find
out whether there were any oppressive trusts
in Iowa reported today. It spent live days
in investigation and conlliicd its in
quiries to the school bookquestion. .
It was the original Intention to have
the committeeinaulro into all kinds of trusts ,
but ns so little time was Riven them they
looked lor nothing but a school book trust.
They examined a number of witnesses , in
cluding some ngcnu of publishing houses ,
but failed to Ilnd a trust.
Thov report that there is no
evidence that the publishing houses
have combined to form n trust or to control
or stifle competition in this state , and they
submit that as a 11 mil report. Tlio result of
this investigation wilt probably lessson in u
largo decree tha clamor for state publication
af text books , since the legislators themselves -
solves Ilnd that there is nothunr being done
lo prevent natural campetition amoni ; school
i > ook publishers.
The { .legislature.
DEB MOISES , la. , March 14. In the house
bills wcro introduced to provide for inspec
tion before slaughter of all animals intended
for food ; two bills to provide for state uni
formity of text books , nnd the creation i > t n
: ommission to punish fraud in the sale of
iortcultural ! products. The following bills
, vere passed : Legalizing acts for the town
if Albion ; amending the cede in rouard to
: ltlcH of the second class ; funding indobtad-
icss ; enlarging the powers of cities and
.owns in making contracts with olcctrlo
ight plants , gas works , waterworks , etc.
L'ho report of thu text book committees WAH
X3.p111 IVJlti y
Ara the bait munlln 111 vrlilcli to purltj-your bloinl.
During the * winter month" , the lilooil bvuomca thin
nin ! Imp uo. the hotly become * ironic untl Uro t , thu
ni'jictlle may be lost , Bti-1 Justiiow tlio system craves
thonlil of n rollnblu niodlclno. Ilooil'sSars'iiurllhi U
rcuuUnrly uclsptocl to purify nnd onrldi tlio blood , to
crento n KOO.l npi'Otllu ' mill to overcome tlmt tired
H'ulltifc' . It Incrunsen In popularity uvery
In tlio hloal Sprlui ; .Meillclne. It roiuct the klilno.i
uuil llvor , ton * tlio dU'eitlvii ou inn , creatji an up-
petite , purlflos anil Altallro the Itupuro anil alu ifisli
blood , enrol the lien ( nchu intl overcomoj all t.'i ! )
uro tnitlntf tUfccM of that tlreJ fooling. Mr. ( I. W.
bio m , orillltmi , .Mail.rlt ) : "Kuril ve years I win
lck L'rery uprlnif , but Intyoir be in In February to
tnko llooj'.t bnrsaparllln , nnd havu not seen a nick
ilay slnco. "
April May
"In tlio irprlni ! my whole cystem wns completaljr
ruiiduwii. Two mouthi uuo I bexaii tbo moot
Itr ur 8ur5apnrllHi ! Hint oftoruwlin : two imlllcj I
tlnd my appetite restored , my nervous nyatom tonoil
upaha inygenornl lioRltliKioatly tiiiprnre.l. I Ilierc-
fore lnkn great pleanurn In tollliiii nbout llooil'iibar-
mipnillla. I ttinnlilcr Howls hars parllla lian no
enu l. " ( il olKii' HIUTT. lllll router. Gulllpolla. Ohio.
lias n rotor.l of cum or Kcrofula ami tilher blood
illso es uurer eiiualk'd by any other preparation ,
'lha most fo\cro cases jleld to IhU remcJy when
olln'ri liuvo fnllvil to liaro tbo nlliilite t orr-ct. Hr-
ruJltury i.roriila , vrlilcli clln''t to tlio bloccl uIth thn
Kreatuil tcnadty , Is eurcil by thin pecullnr medicine.
Us many romarkablu cnrjs hnvo won for llood'n
bnraaparllln thu title DC "Tlio ( irentcst lllood t'urllles
UYcrdhKoyercd. "
A.pril May
"I win very much run clown In hi' llh , Iml no
Btr n ( h Hint no Inclluullon | o do iiiythlnn. llmTO
bvun takliiK Ilood'n Hitrtaparllht uml thai llreil fu l-
lug liat loft mo. my appolllo hu nsturned. I H'U tlko
Bucnmun. " CilAlLNCUrlMrilAM , North Columbut ,
IIllOlI'M felirMIIHII'lllll
Hold by all ilrufiiUt . lit U fur fo. I'roparuJ only
t > y C. I. IIOOO A CX ) . , l/iwcll , Ma % .
1OO Doses One Dollar
In both houses. On account ol
the limited time tho- committees hfld not
made the oxnmlnatlon ns thorough ni da.
nlrod , and did not hnvo BUfllciont opportunity
to Investigate thoroughly , nnd lienco could
not ay definitely as regard s the existence of
trusts. The rcoort wns illod nnd ordered
In the senate thti morning , nftor the r.y * >
port of the trust investigating com - /
mltteo was nrcsontcd , n resolution wns In-/
troduccd to rontlnuo the time r /
thirty day * . It went over utiilor the rule . .
Ulllsforo Introduced as follows ! To appro
prlato $ 1,500 to pav the expanses of tliORtuto
university Investigating committee ; to ivg-
tilatORaloof mileage book's on railroad * ; to
amend the printing nnd binding lawn ; to
amend the huv in relation to registered
pharmacists. SonfnorClyde's bill , provid
ing for the assessment of taxes on railroads ,
was passed , Oath's bill , compelling mliiu
owners to ptaeo cscnpo Rhafts In mlnoi. and
I Stowart's bill , providing the iinnner of 1111.
} ing vacancies in the cftlco of count v recorder ,
J were also passed. Adjourned till Monday.
A Novel C.1HO.
Dunuqui : , Ia. , Mnrch li > . ( Special Tola ,
gramto Tun Htt-A : : | novel case of viola
tion of the United .States innritimo law came
up hoforo the United States commissioner
today. John M. McGlmiei , a ilshermnn ,
was ( jlmrgcd by Major McIConzle , chief of
the United Slates Mississippi river rngl *
noers with cutting u hole four feet deep nnd
Jlftoon feet long In the government ( lam at
babuln. The object wns to divert enough
water from the channel BO that the llxlimmin
could lloat. hit boat from itho sloughs to thu
river , McQInnos pleaded guilty nnd g.vvo n
bond to nppoarnt the April term of court.
Flrn nt MIsHourl Vnllfy.
Mifsouiu VAI.I.BV , Ia. , Mnrch Ifi' [ Special
to TUG Hct : . ] Friday night a largo barn ou
the farm of Jacob Cox , u farmer living two
miles northeast of this city , WHH buriiei' ,
together witli eight head of norno * . sovoriu
head of cattle , nod n largo quantity of buy
untl grain. The lo's Is fully M.tMO : Insur'-
auco il00. ! ! Incendiarism Is the supposed
origin of the lire.
Killed In n 15 n ll n way.
EAGI.K Guiivn , Ia. , March lo.-tSpocIul
Telegram to Tun lii : , ] Last night , us MM.
A. llromlo.v wns driving homo from town ,
the \cuiii became frightened and ran nwnv ,
throwing Mrs. Uromloy In front of tlio
wagon. She wus so badly Injured that siiu
died iu a short time
Unruhcll ,
WoonsTow.v , Ont. , March If" . . Uotectlvo
Murray brought to jail Charles buck , a far
mer residing half n mile from the Sv'ono of
the lietnvell inuraor. The day on which
Iho uiurdcr was supposed to have been com
mitted Buck , while driving homo from town
met a man on the road near where the body
was found. Uurchell was brought out of
his cell and confronted by Huck. As soon
ns Iho latter saw the prisoner , although hln
clothes were different , ho rccogm/od him us
the stranger who accosted him on the road.
lie Biiid afterwards that the coat which
Uurcholl wore when ho saw him was a , sack
coat of a bluish color. Detective Murray
has such a coat in his possession. Uurchell
had nothing to say.
St. Patrick's Hay.
The Ancient Order of Hibernians will
meet this afternoon in secret session to com
plete the details of their cclebr.itiun of thu
anniversary of St. Patrick. So far it is
known that delegations from Council Bluffs ,
Pinttsmouth und many other neigh
boring cities will bo present , tor
cethor with their several bands , nnuV. ,
u largo procession Is promised on Ireland's
own day. The local order will turn out
The llnj of march of the A. O. II. on
March 17 will bo as follows :
Form on Fourteenth street aud Capitol
ivenuo , west to Sixteenth , nrrth
: o Cunilngs , counter march south
: o Farnam , east to Thirteenth street south
; o Howard , east to Tenth street , north to
Dpuglus atreet , west to Fourteenth struot.
lorth to Hull. Mlchaol Dollard will bo the
; rand marshal ! .
A Soolnl Ijftornry Glul .
Last Thursday a literary and social society
vus organized nt Dean { Gardner's residence
Cho members nro. Dean Gardner , Messrs
iL. . Bailer , Arthur Achoion , .loiiah Hill ,
F. 13. Shuohnn , F. E. Smith , J. A. Hohlnson ,
Element Chase , O. Us Moaurior , K. Potter ,
yo , SUze , Wills , Murbury aud Smith.
Social gatherings with occasional literary
( elates uro the objects of the club.
April May
At the coming of xprlllt : thn blood nhmild bo purl-
Hod , an Impurities which hnvo boon aociiimilatlnx for
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