Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 16, 1890, Part II, Page 10, Image 10

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No otlvortlsomonts will bo tnkon for
thcoo columns nftcr I2:3O : p. tn.
TermsCnah In odvnnco.
AdvertlftraeoM under this head 10 rents per
line for the tlrnt inanition. 7 cents for each BUD-
ffpiient ) Insertion , and f per line per month.
.No rtvertl emei ts taken for Ie s than ! cents
for first Insertion. Seven words will be counted
to the line , they mint run consecutively and
mtin bo paid in ADVANCE. All advertise
ments must bo handed In before 12:30 o'clock p.
in. , and under no circumstances will they betaken
taken or discontinued by telephone.
Partlea advertising Intlmo column * nnd hfiv
IniMhclrnnswers addressed In earn of TUB HER
will please n k torn checc to ennbln them to get
their letter * , ns none will bo delivered except
on presentation of check. All answers to nd-
vrtlsments should be enclosed In enveloped.
All advertldiiientu In thene columns are pub-
Halted in both morning nnd evening editions of
Tm : HKK tlio circulation of which aggregates
more than 1F.COO papers dnlly. and gives the ad-
verifiers the bencllt. not only of the city circu-
Jfttlonof Tun HEB , but also of Council HlulTs.
Lincoln nnd other cities and towns throughout
thin section of the country.
" "
Advertising for these columns will be takes
on the above condition * , nt. the following bust-
ii'iui home * who are authorized ngonts forTiiu
Htr special notices , nnd will quote the name
ratejittH cun bo hurt at the main office
O of Twenty-slxtn and N afreet * , Nebraska
Savlngg bank building.
OIIN W , HELL , Pharmatlsl , t U South Tenth
HASP/ * EDDY , Stationers and Printers , 113
South lull Sti cot.
SH. FAHNSWOHTH , Pharmacist , 2115 Cum-
ing Street.
" \\T T. HL'OlTKS , I'lmrmaclst , C24 North ICth
VV . Htrcet.
iTo. " W. PA Hit , Pharmacist , 171S Leaven-
worth Street.
TrUOHES'l'HAHMACY. 2203 Farnam Streot.
n , reliable andro-
spectable. desire position In Omaha hotel.
Address , slating wnges , Miss Helen Dalptn ,
lluiilngton , Iowa. 032-17J
A DVEHTISEH-Thlity-t'hrce , married , do-
-cX Hires employment. Well educated , steady.
prompt and trustworthy ; good character nnd
uppearanro ; good wnlcsmnn. Would do any
work except canvassing. Address XTi llee.
"VTOUNUmarilod man wants position in dry
-I goods or clothing store , nuy department.
some experience as trimmer. M. Foderman ,
r.23N.llHhst. 1M3-IOJ
- na travollutt salesman
WANTEU-SIluatlon man , eco who is well
posted in the mercantile business. Can fur
nish best of references as to ability. A 31
lice. OUTlet
TTUIIST-CLASS cnamliermalil , reliable and re-
JL1 Rpoctable , wishes position In Omaha hotel.
Address , stating wages , Miss Helen Dulpln ,
lliirllngtcn , Iowa. _ IKE 17 *
WANTED- Situation by lady stenographer.
four years in law and loan otllce , ex-
purloneii in \ \ holobalo business , Uox S2tf , Couii-
ril Illuirs. U2.i-nl
WANTED Salesmen on salary or commis
sion to liiiudle the new patent chemical Ink
erasing pencil. The giontest selling novelty
overpioduced. Erases Ink thoroughly lu two
! Ljoiuls : 110 alirnslon of paper : 2 to BOl ) per cent
prollt. One agent'd silea amounted to $020 In
HK days ; another $ < ! Mu two hours. Wo want
one energetic general agent for cnchntnto nnd
territory , r-amplo by imill ill ctn. 1'ortorirs
nnd full parllriihu-s address the Monroe Eraser
M'fg. On. . La Crosse , Wls. J 11-189
"WANTED Hollablo trnvoll man ; can
i make * " 0 per week with specialty. J. H.
Tabor. 3 Si Dearborn at. , Chicago. J J9-1B
\\rANTCD-An ngont In every precinct In
T T Nebraska nnd Kansas for Niivln's Explan
atory Stock Doctor Hook. Address T. D. fc'oeley
& Co. , general iigenr.Tnlrinnut. Not081 18t
\\rANTED-F.xperlencocl solicitor to take
T orders for custom made clothing. Salary
or commission paid. Address A ot > . Dec.
WANT11D An experienced man to take
charge tit unr domestic department. Only
those hayinuelty references need apply to It ,
C. ( Jrccn , ra'gr the Iloston Store , lit S. IGthst.
WANTED An experienced first class snles-
lady tnr cftmK depiirtmont : references ro
nulred , Apply 10 H. C. Urecu. m'gr the Iloston
htore , 114 S. Kith St. 137-10
" \A7"ANTED 5 tiavollng salesmen , salary and
expenses ; no e.\peileuco nocessary. Ad
dress with stamp , L. II. Llnn& Co. , I.n Crosbo ,
Wls. U77-2IJ
_ _ _
EIJW good salesmen to introduce our cigars ;
175 per month and expenses advanced ; enclose -
close stamp. Havana Cigar Co. , Cincinnati , O.
WANTED A salesman acquainted with the
crockery business. Address with refer
ence , P. o , llox rjy , 110-lDt
WANTED A 1 bookkeper by largo corpora
tion. one accustomed to operating ac
counts , must bo good penman nud furnish good
references. Address A 31 , lice. ll'i-lG *
WANTED Immediately Agents every
where for the "Anotorious" combination
lock crank , used by nil banks nnd business men.
Now being Introduced nnd no competition.
Cost is small nnd sells ntslgnt ; $12 to $2J per
day easily made by active salesmen. For par
ticulars nddi ess Department C. Lemon Mfg ,
Co. . South llend , Ind. 102-16'
WANTED Hy Monday ntlOn. m , plasterer
for country. Expenses paid. S. P. Woolf ,
12ii N , 22 .id st. , Omaha. VOI-IC ?
WANTED An educated young man to man-
ugtxan onico. lleferouces nnd 4200 capital
required. Salary $1.000 per year. Address Hoom
411 , Iowa Loan and Trust bmldtug , DCS Molues.
Iowa. 0fl-lot
WANTED A traveling man : must deposit
for samples. Address J. M. Fish & Co. , N.
Y. Llfo bulldlnc. V)87-lflt )
Xl'IMIUiXCED Stenographer , capable o
olllco work , ( lontlcmnn only need apply.
Aultmnu , .V Taylor Co. , Vth nud Dougins BIS.
. O-M-lfl
_ _
WANTED -Hollablo person In each county
lo push the sale of staple goods to the
grocery trndo ; no peddling ; situation pevnia-
nont : references u-qulruil. I'.M. llannoy * Co. ,
4tK 40 South Water St. , Chicago , 111. WXI-10 *
AC1 ENTS wanted In every county to sell our
Specialties. Morey M'fg Co , Waukeskn.Wis.
OOD agents wanted. Apply at 2110 Cuming
Bt. P. A. ( iavln. 111-ir.
" \\TANTKO Ton coopers , steady work guaranteed -
anteed nt.J.7b per diem. 'Iho Armour-Cud-
viiy Packing Coa SouthJ-lraahj IJpb. _ 7I21U
\\7' ANTED Salesmen ntf7& per month salary
VT and expenses to sell aline of Mlver-pmtca
ware , watches , etcTT by sampio only ; home and.
team furnished tree ; write nt once for fullpnr
ticnlnrH and sample cnso of goods free. Stan-
Unrd Bllverwarn Co. , Iloston. Moss. _ 32J
TXT ANTED -400 rockmon , teamsters and grad-
TT ors for lUfth nnd Nevada ; cheap rates.
Albright's l ibor agency 1I2U Farnam at. aa.1
MEN to travel for the VonthUl iiureerles of
Canada. Wo pay 850 to $100 per month and
oxpousex to agents to sell our Canada grown
BtocK. Add , Mono & Wellington , Madison , Wls.
ANTRD CanvniiRAra at Singer sewing mo.
chluo onice. B18 Douglas st. ST ! m20
ANTED Agents for Denver State Lottery.
Tickets LOc. Address A. C. Koan A ; Co. ,
Denver , Colo. * ' tBa-ifj ) ) !
T WISH tn employ a few ladles , on salary , to
L take charge of my buslnttis nt their homes.
Light ; very fascinating and healthful ; wunes
10 per week. Hefereneo giveu. ( iood pay tat
imrt time. Address with stamp , Mrs. Marlon
Walker. Louisville. Ky.
sr ANTED fi Irl for general housework. Call
VT 2.VJT CallforiiliVtit , _ OoB-lOJ
TXr ( > 111 for general Mouse work ; call
VV Buudny. 7IS N. > rd at , bat , Hurt and
ID-Girl for gonernl housework , 1120
_ tf _ _ . _ .dtli. . ma
WANTEIx-Acood cpmpnteut woman who
la willing to do liouauwork. 108 N. mh.
"M7 ANTED flood blrl to 'do second work nud
plain sowing , l s U 17th bt. BSi-10
WANTED An experienced lady caihltrln
udry goods store ; must imre rirat-class
rcferencea. Adure . A If. llee. 024 10J
WANTED Girl , good wages ; small family.
Apply 1113 8. llth ) at. 78i
ANTKO-Glrl for general housework.good
noiies aid. B , K. cor. 2jth and Jouen bt * .
' K W IN 0 girls at Omaha atilrt factory. 1311
Farnum , Bit 17
AN7rinawo Klrls to do dlnlntt room and
chamber work ; one dtsdwaaher ana one
first-class lady cook. Wages for g\r\ \ \ * tl per
week ; for eoole ts , Addreia W. II. Calrna.
pronrlctor , Union Hotel , Urcoley , Colo. 77W8J
WANTED com ! girl for Rpnornt nouso
work , small tnmlly , * S Wfrt at. 730
ANTED Man and wife , cooks , tm : Jaun-
drr girl , MJ , same hotel : fares paid ! 3
lady clcrk . I bookkeeper , cooks for Tokatnab ,
Hebron , South Ilnnd ; fares nil paid ; 4 wnlt-
reK es for the nest , I/O ; pastrycook. $7 : dlsll-
wnshcra , chambermaids. fO girls for general
work In and out ot the city. White's olllco. 119
WANTED-Coicpctont girl for general
housework ; must come recommended.
JltOH. loth st. 113-17 *
w ANTKD-Youhg girl to help wltli light
housework. 11JS. 31th , up stairs. 120-lGr
\Y7ANTED-75 girls nt the German Employ-
inont Olllce. 1 MS Farnam. for Danvtfr and
Oinnlm. Call Monday. Tel. 167 11B-IB *
" \\rAriTRD-A competent COOK mid laundress
TT luanmnll family. German or llohcmlnn
preferred Hoom 03 , Paxton hotel , Atr . Meyer.
Call evenings , . HtU-17 ;
\\7ANTED-Aflrst-rlnsssalPSlaay In a mil-
Vl liner ) story , Grecnuinn tc Jtlchnrdsou ,
Ilia. I5tll.
_ _
" \\7ANTED To engage n No. 1 dressmaker at
> V 1518 Cass st. 12JMGC
"WfANTED-A girl Uor 1 > years ot npo to
Vr taKe care of bab > : must sleep at home.
Mra. Knlin , Mill Davenport st. 131'in
WANTKD A lady of culture and reflnc-
incnt ns linusoKeotier in gentlemnu'x
family , JW. musician protorrpfl , 4 other servants
Kept ; also housekeeper for S old gentlemen.
$ i' > , Swede preferred ; mladle-nged nurse for
rnlld"years old , M ; 2iieml waltros.scs , SKnnd
830 : 4 waltresxos , 8ifl ; pastry cook. Inundrossos.
kitchen girl , Betond girls , COOKS for the country
nnd M for general house work , Mr.s. Hre a ,
3ll'i S. 16th st. i'1'17 ' !
vVrANTEO-Hend cook , 802 ; waiters ; pastrv
ft cook , $ H ; boy totnkocnroof horses ; bell
boy. til. Mrs. Hregn.3H'/t H. 15th St. 140-17 *
\\7ANTUD-Agood girl for general house-
ITorx , Germnn or Hoheimnn proferrcil.
8M South 20th st. 13.-IU
Xtt'llSEglrl to tnio care of a child fourycais
J- > old ; good wnges ; must give references.
. -
. MAGlNN-Drossmakcr. Lnto fitter
Mr. designer for Stern llrothor.s of Nov. "
York , Is no\v prepared to execute all onUrs for
costumes nud wraps at her present commodious
establishment , IU2.I Pod go si. 10J-1B *
NO AOEMEN'TS to do dressmaking in fnml-
lies uoilclted. Miss Sturdy , IMS S. 2-Hh nvo.
CSO A2 ,
HOI for rent. ( J rooms'with bath room ,
1211) ) S. 7th nvo. 1 1 18t
FOH HENT-2tWl Dodge. 7-room house , on
cable lino. 116-10 *
TTIOH ItENT Eliigrtnt 0 room house , nil mod-
JO orn conveniences , 2011 St. Mary's nvo.
121 23 ?
ifioTl HENT | 4-room lints , nil modern 1m-
X'liio\emonts. Hill ) Howard st. Cull nt B03 S.
18th St. J. P. Lund. 837 lfl
T7\OK \ HEN'C-Housoof 10 rooms , with every
JU convenience. Close to motor and cable. 70J
N , 10th. ' JO-ait
_ _
OH HENT. llrlck dwelling. 12 rooms.
kitchen on llrst floor. Laundry. ( Irving
room , nil modern improvements , flno location.
2212 . ' .
Apply Farnnm ot. _
T710H HENT-Two line brick residences , just
JL1 completed , possessing every modern con-
veulencoj Only hnlf block fiom motor nnd
streetcar Hues Etegnnt neighborhood. Tor
particulars call on or ndJrass J. W. isenor ,
1212 DoilgUlS St. 84'J-IO '
8 HOOM bricK boarding house , 3 blocks from
P. O. : rent 81" . Furniture SIM , JiOO cash ,
bal , $ 'U per montli , fi room cottage near high
school , rent $ ! .i ; furniture $150. This Is n bar-
grtlli. Co-op. lj. is i. . Co. . 205 N. 10th st. 112-17
"l JKSIDENCES In W. J. Paul blocic. No. S. cor.
JTiiUth and Hnrnoy sti . ; ronilysoou. Good lo
cation ; all modern Improvements and nt the
lowest possible rental. See tiiom. 108-1H
FOH HENT 10-room house. 1721 Dodgo. En
quire 1T23 Dodge or 1318 Ifarnnm. Samuel
Hums. 11(1-10 (
nWiCapitol nvo , 7 rooms , and west half 2. ' > ! 1-
( Davenport ; ) rooms. Inquli 02518 Capitol ave
-ltoom house , ilrst-class condltion.modorn
X conveniences , large lawn , barn , shade trees ,
2 blocKs from Lake school. Convenient to cable ,
motor mid horse cars. Apnly ou piemlses. S.
If. Jackson , N. 21st and Spruce sts. ' 15-22J
T71OH HENT S-room cottage , good yard , 2524
JU Douglas street : chean' to desirable parting.
Apply to Neb. btearn laundry , 1523 Howard st.
8 HOOM house , 0th and Ohio , city , water ,
gas nnd bnth. only 8I. per montli. Glover
Stcens , 1515 I'arnam st. Olllco open evenings'
iJfOlt IJENT-30M Mason street , 0-rooms ; nil
JU convonlencos.range ; J blocs from Pf.rk nvo
motor. Inquire 3J10 Mason. IWO-ltij
niOE HENT-0-room Hat , COS S. 13tU st.
F IOH < HENT Houses nnd flats In nil paits ot
tlio city ; Hats nnd unfurnished looms a
specialty ; parties desiring rent at from STi to $75
be sure to call at IftOi ) Farnnm st. before rent
ing. Hutts Iteming Agency. ! Oimr7J
FOH HENT A 7-room house west sldo of
Hauscom park. Apply at 3.114 Francis nt.
TTIOU HENT 8-room house , oily water , 3 els-
JU terns and gas , 1711 Duvonuort. Apply to G ,
Ii. Green , room If , llnrker bit. 1133
F OH HENT 7-room llat.Lungo block ; 0U _ S13
"T/'OU ' HUNT An B-room detached 'louse , fur-
JLJ nnco. bath. etc. . 20th and ijoavonworth. $10.
David Jnmleson , llee bldg. S'M
FOH IIIONT IIuusos nnrt stores ; property
cared for. taxes paid. Midland Guarantee .
& Trust Co.1(114 ( Farnam st. Abstracts. 337 \
TF you wish to rent a house or store see H. E.
Cole < , Continental block. 150
A PLEASANT 7-room Hat with modern con-
vuntttpcea : nlso 4 unfurnished rooms for
light housekeeping. Apply Hoom5,1001 Howard
TTIOH HENT Large ten-room house with all
JU model n improvements , suitable for boardInghouse -
Inghouse , on N ISth. between California and
CassstR. Kent reasonable , Inmilra room COO
First National bank building. 83il
I WANT moro houses to rent , Farrotto.
8 HUOM tat vltli stenin neat , bt. , near
Jones. Ulios. 4MIal,31U'axton ) bloct. K7
"VT/ICELY furnished largo and small rooms
J > with board , In brick terrate , 1U17 Chicago.
oc : 2i
FOH IIRNT Two until rnsshed front rooms ;
ground lloor. 423 North 17tnst , 131-17J
S1IOUTH front , bay window room , central ,
pleaannt louitiou. Ki ) N. ISth , UM7t
1B'3 DOD013. corner 0th Suite of hand-
anmely furnished parlors and other rooms ,
with board U desired. Inferences. lOJ-lbt
| 7\OH \ HENT 4 nicely furnished rooms , alt
JU conveniences , a blocks from postolllce.Qrtces
J ? , $12 , $ . ' 0. i 712So. Hith. Mrs. M. E. Herkey.
Foil HENT 3 nicely furnished rooms for
light housekeeping ; with water , range ,
steam heat , gas nud bath , prlco IS ) ; nlao ele
gantly furnished room suitable for two goutlo-
mon , $ in , loth and Jackson , enquire at nbovo
or nt 300 N , Kith st. 1) . 0. Kendig.
8-HOOM brick boarding house throe blocks
trom P. O. , rent , Klo per month ; furniture.
$ I5 > ; $200 cash. bal. $ . ' 0 per month. Co-op Land
und Lot Co. . aft N. 16th at. 1'ti-ia
T710H HENT Largo front room , furnished ;
JU beM location In clly ; everything modern.
- 02 S. 2ith sn Ii7-17t
FUHN1SIIED front rooms u 1th koard at. 407
North lUUi ateot , In Paul block , I'W-lBt
T7U ) It HENT-Pleasunt furnished rooms , all
JU convonleiioos , U1 Douglas bt , Mi'J17J ' ;
ITAOlt HENT Jn private family , two or three
JU liandKomely furnished rooms en suite or
single. In pleasant and convenient location ,
AddrosH A 4 llee , 070-lOj
LAItr.E , pleasant rooms ; ilrst class board :
modern , conveniences ; references. IfL'itFnr-
nam t. 033-18t
T7HJHN1811 El ) rooms for rent , all conventen-
JU ce ,21ia llurttt. IKO 1(1 (
CLEAN funilslied rooms. 1613 Chicago st ,
1)10 ) 16 }
.v , . . HUNT Two nicely furnished rooms
- with or without board , centrally located.
Address A 13 , llee. O.J7-10J
TTtflU IlKNT Furnished roome In flat , S119
JU Faruam at B7S-1TJ
U HUNT Furnished too ins , 1900 Douclns ,
FUHNISIIKD HQOMB , * ! ! and 110 per month.
_ 1418 Dodge Btrcat. 7 T 18t
E10U HENT-Buito ot front rooms , modern
couvculoucei. wlttt or without board. Ill
per mouth , tntj Leavenworth st ffia '
fTTWO large front rooms , cheap ; nlso. roomi
JUforhoiuekefplnsc. 113 B. ITtli. 7HO 1S >
NICE room , every convenience , 171D Dnvanp't
rJ.-a.'tf ' _
ITlOKMSHED-Hooras to lot , SUB Bt. Mary's
JU avenue. 674
_ _
T HAVKn few elegnnt rooms with board nt
J-108 S 2/ith st. W. O. Field. 034 21 *
FOU ItENT Front rooms. 2010 Davanoort.
_ _
TTIOH HBNT-Plcasant furnished rooms with
JU nil conveniences , din B. a.tli at. fiOO
T. OLA III Kuropoan hotel , cor. 13tli nnd
Dodge. Special rates by weec or month.
1710H HENT Itoom with board. 172 * Dodge st.
JU 337
"OOOMS nnd day board ; 1721 Capitol nvc
_ . _ -ln
"IBOlt KENT Elegant front room with alcove ,
J.1 well furnished , nour cable atid horse cars.
All modern conveniences. Call 2UU8 Dounlas.
_ _ _ tog
Ti'OH HENT One largo iront roonnUtll board.
JU 1H3C Capitol nve. 076
rPIIHEE unfurnlsned . rooms suitable for
J. housekeeping , to family without children.
1122 N 17th st. 8W 16-
rilWOnlco rooms for rent ; good well nnd els-
X tarn wntor. ISlKCumlngst. H--lB * .
t-'tormnn nud wife ; no children. 311) ) N 17th ,
345 inj
"I710H HENT Desk room In nicely furnished
JU olllce , nil conveniences , Hoom IV , Continen
tal block. (118 (
WANTED A druggist to occupy n store in
n block , ront4'i per month : will give 3
months' rent. Addrest V 23 Hoe olllco. 7Stt m : if )
TTIOH. HENT First or third llobr of thenow 3-
JU story building D tng built between N. V.
Llfo nnd Morse building on .1'iiriirxm st. D. C.
Patterson. G18 N. Y , Llfo.
STOHES nt707. 70i ) . 711 S. 10th.BxCO ! oncu. largo
show windows , steam haac.furnlshed. Thos ,
F. Hall. 311 Paxlon block. 331
I71OH HENT The t-story brick building , with
JU or without power , formerly occupied by the
Ileo Publishing Co. , I'lO Farnam st. The build
ing hash Ilro-proot cement ti\Fjornentcompleto
steam heating llxturei , wnter on-nil the lloors ,
gus , etc. Apply nt the olDco of-Tho Heo. U15
1/lOH HENT-Jkstory brick bulldlnjr. lllODoug-
JL' las St. , suitable for wholosaleuor wurehouso
purposes. Also brick store. IU7 U.-13th st. In-
( liilro of Chas. Ifnufman , 1)03 ) Douglas at ; : 33:1 :
FOH HENT onico room nndlarge llghtbaso-
inent , cor , 13th and Jackson sts. , llrst- two
months frco to good tenant. "Eniinlro Mrs.
Lange , CIS to. 13th st. . . UJO
WANTED-To rent April 1st. furnished
house , six or sqven rooms , within fifteen
minutes walk of tha P. O. : small .family , no
children ; references. Address A'So.Jloooillee.
. . - , , T.D5B17J <
ANTED TO HENT-Miave a mrge-'pumber
of inquiries for houses with modern con
veniences. Llst.your houses with mo nnd I can
rent them. Grorcr Stevens , 1515" Furuiam St. ;
olllie open evenings. . . _ , . irp-13
ANTUU TO RENT 3 or 10 room house.
T T modern conveniences , west of 2dtUkbetwecu
Chicago and Lenvonworth ; small iimlly ;
choice tonnnt. Address A 2ci , lluo olllce. *
100-10J _
ANTED Hy May 1st. n cbttn'go of flvo or
six rooms with city water nnd gas , con
venient to sticct cnr Hue. Will sign lease for
ono or two years. Good references. Address
A 24 , Hce. x OJ9 1BJ
_ _
" \y\7 ANTED to vent nbout July 1ft n small cot-
TI tago. with all modern con\"ttilences. ! close
to business. Address A 14 , Ileo olllce. 900
WANTED To rent aoout May 1st. 8-roo n
liouse , modern Improvements , between
rarnam nnd Hurt , 17th nud 20th s > ts. W. S.
Ityan , 1205 Fnrnam st. 880 1'J
Jilt PAllUOaTE , rental ag'aut ; Douglas oik.
- > - (131-qr
CHEAP and reliable'flro Insurance. Parrotto.
. , . ' ' ' 3l-a5
E. COLBTontal agent , Coutlripntnl blocic ,
* ; u ° >
MKS. OHUIST1NA Hcllwlg , midwife 'cor-
ner IQth nnd Hickory. BOl-HK :
TT\O \ SUIT the convenience of clients engaged
JL during the day wo open evenings , T'to 8:3 : ! ) .
H. 13. Coin. Itoon0Continental lllk % , ' ail
\\7'ATCHES repaired nt hnlf prlto-'cj.enning ;
T ' watch il ; main spring UMlnVupllt-serond
chronograph watches ropahed ut'lialf price by
practical watchmaker ; corner Leavenwortu
und Park nvo. 101-lftj
O HENT House list with J. H. i'nrrotte.
ELINQUENTS Please Head This-
Persons Holding contracts for lots pur-
cmiRod from the Omaha Heal Estate and Trust
Co. , on which payments have become delin
quent , nro requested to call nnd arrange nn
early settlement , mm save uoubto and cost.
Omaha Heal Estate nnd Trust.Co. , '
1504 Fnrnnm 'St.
A TJCTION sales every TuosdnytThursdnynnd
XSnturday morning atllH Douglas street.
Omaha Auction Ic Storqgo Co. mo
_ _ _
E. COLE , reliable lire insurance.
HK , COLE , notary publlj an3'Vnhv > oyancor
T OST Sealskin glovo. right handj $2 reward.
JLJ leave ut Paxton hocol olllce. 088-1(1 ( $
r OST On or near the Boston StoreT round
* clasp pocket book containing 87.50 pair of
hurp ear rings. Leave nt llee olllce for rewrrcl.
LOST llotwoen Wlncoro it Hlloy's' ' office. Silth
and Leavonworth nnd u01Bnpa clll.a street.
Ono blanc book nbout KxliV liuMios. red cover
and about 151 pages , Su.ifl reward 'If returned
to either nboyo address. Wlucoto & Hlloy.
. . . 480-
I'EHSOXAIo - " "
7" ,
IDEHSONAIWflio lady who Win.
X Olbbs & ; Co. . 412 N. loth St. . to enquire about
0-room cottngo will call ; hero curly Monday
morning she can learn something to her ad
vantage. 114-18 *
TJEHSONAL Gentleman .
X position , would llko to make .IrlfendM with
young , good loosing blonde. A 27 , .yeVoinco.
OAHDEHS wanted , N. U cor 14th and
Paclllc. 1M3 lut
rpAHLB boarders wanted satisfaction gunr-
- ! Anteed ; can turnlsh room and board ror ono
gentleman ; locution live minutes walk from
uuslucas center , , 1919 Dodge st. W.'J 17t
8T01tAGI < : .
rpHE cleanest nnd best storuso In the city nt
-L low rates nt 1111 Douglas street. Omaha
Auction & Storage Co. 333
n storage at lo Weat rates. W , M.
JL Hushman , 1311 L < nivonworth. 33d , .
BEFOllE buying a piano examine the * now
scale Klmball piano at A. HospeG13 ) Douglas -
las at. 44 >
GrO. F. OELLKNHECIf. teacher of the banjo.
room 313 Douglas block , or llee olllce. aiu
PIANO tuning by George llloomlleid. piano
maker. Ill North 17th. 20yrs experience In N.
Y. , Chicago and Ornuna. Excellent references.
WANTED Furniture , carputs , household
goods for cash , Wells' Auction & Storage
Co. , UI7 U UtU at. 'J3U
WANTED Good commercail paper. Ne
braska. Mortgage. Loan Uo.,619 Paxton blk.
/ 1 ASH tor all kinds of honsahold poods at 111 !
/uilaaatreet.Omaha Auction Btoi age Co.
\ ANTBD-To ouy for apot cash , city or
YT country parta or whole stocks of dry ana
fancy sooaa. clothing , boots ami ahoes. milli
nery. aUUonory , geufa furnlihing gooda , eto
Call on or address J. L. llrandew & tjons , cor
ner 13th and Howard. Omaha. 633.
nuy3,5M good Bhort time pa
per. H. II. HendoMon. 40J Paxton blk. 4IT
"H10H BALK-chcife , unewflre-proot safe nnd
JU i now rolllng'tofrUesk , 309 M. 18tb at.
FOH 8ALUDriving ! delivery ami draft
horses and span delivery mules. II , Knowlos ,
13J8 N. 17th t. i . t W7-16J
771011 HALE-ChenpI the best team of delivery
JU muli- tn Omnn'nrf years old. Also , one a
spring delivery wagon and one set double Imr-
ness. Enmilrc , Hoom cm. Ileo llldg. 023 [ 10 j _
I.n-HrovjMinlf spring wagon.chenp ,
W. l , . Mason , ftK So 2jth avo. WJV-17J
. . , _ aj * i _ _ _ -
piltTIES wanting cntalpa trees for trans-
Jl planting mayl tlud what they want at lire.
voort 1'lac.o , near dent and dumb institute. 1' .
H. Martin. ml , r WI-18J
_ _
171011 SAuf-lW room suits , parlor mid din-
Jing room furniture. COOK and heating stoves ,
carpets , chenp tor ci h or on easy payments.
O. F. Heed , Hoom 17 , H.irker block. IHMOI _
1710 K SALI5 HoMe. harness nnd phaeton top
JL' buggy : nlso work team nnd wagon. liasy
paymontalf desired. 0. II. Wnlworth. Hoom
i.1. ) Douglas block , Hith nud Dodge. Uft-16 *
TilOll SALE- Complete furniture. silver , etc. ,
JU of 0-room Hat less than three blocks from
pofttolllco ; rooms all rented. II. E. Cole , Con-
tluontiil block. im-l3 :
H01ISKS Forced nlo , l honil broken Ore-
tron horses , wolRhlnj ? from et ht to cloven
hundred pounds , t'nsh lirlcc , ZI.OJJ. ( 'iill at
13W , 8. 7th nve. WXt
OUH thoroimhbrrd Civile stallion , 7yoars old ,
coed breading mare * mid Kood yenrlliifj
colts for snlo at rcasonnlilo prices , lli-ajou for
S HIUK : want to mnko n trip to tlio old country.
Address Adam Wlmlolph. Ornud Icland. Nol ) .
T710H BALE One of the finest driving teams
JU in Omaha ; afraid of nothing , stylish nud
prompt drivers ; nlao a full platform spring
carriage nlmost new. Address X4 , Hoe olllce.
T7UJHNITUHE auction "every Wednesday and
JU Saturday , 317 a nth. Wei fa. < - '
Fun S.\LE A3Vhorso power Porter engine
In good condition , wolgnt MOo pounds , cyl
inder 11x18 ; for particulars npply to The Ileo
olllce. 7U3
" 1710It SALE or trade Ono Hat top desk , ono
JL1 8-foot standing desk , ono Innso of section
of school land. 48-1 acres of Improved uestern
land and ( I sections of IT. 1' . railroad land. II.
II. Henderson. 400 J'axton block. 341
TJ10H SALE 801110 good watches and dla-
-I ? mends cheap. II. F. Masters , room 4. Wltu-
nellblk. 045
filOUTUNE Telling-Miss Murtlm can tell
-L' your future and tell you what Is the best nnd
who are your friends ; advlco on love nnd nlso
business : gho also gives treatment for rheuma
tism ; fees 60 cents , 1708 Cass St. 012 : ; 0 *
TT\H , II. OHOUX.olectriclty.mabSaga nnd mag-
JlJnotlc treatment , chronlo diseases n special
ty , simple medicines wlwn needed , IK ! N 15th.
43d in.31 j
1OHTCJNf ! Teller Mrs. Lenormau can be
consulted on nil alTalr.s of life. Siitlafactlon
guaranteed. No. iiloN.'lfth st. . 109 m SOJ
ONE of the most ndt'ed fortune tellers and
mind readers has just arrived ami is meet
ing with great HHCCOSS. bho has a remakablo
gift of second sight , tails past and future cor
rectly , litislness confidential. You should not
f.iil lo sep her. J51 j Davqnport. UK ) 10 *
MI18,1.ECICHONIJ. thocolebratod mlndread-
or. can tell yonr future without nsKiug
questions ; Sirs. Leckrono cures rheumatism nt
once nnd all femulo weakness ; only magnetic
treatment ; nil lu trouble better come ; come
one , coineall ; fees 50 cents. 1708 Cassstreot.
ij * " It 11 SO *
AHllIVAT. extraordinary of Mrs. Dr. Kddy.
the distinguished world-famed nnd only
roi.l natural trance clairvoyant nnd spirit me
dium In this country ; seventh daughter of the
HcieutU daughter , jborn with veil nnd great
est prophetic gift or second slgnr. While en-
tiauPeil will reveal every hidden mvstery in
life. lias long been pronounced In Ijuropu nnd
America the greatest living wander of the
presjnt nge. Understands the ucleuro of the
"PerMniuind Hindoo magic , " or nnclout charm
working , and prepares Egyptian talismans
which will overcome your enemies , itmiove ;
family troubles reitorus lost ailcctlnns , makes
marriage with tne one you love no failure
removes evil inllueiices , bad habits , cures
witchery , Ills and all long-standing nnd mys
terious dlseas's ; will give correct Informa
tion on lawsuit , sickness , death , divorce , iib-
r.ont friends , everything ; never falling advlco
to vouug man on marriage and how to choose n
wife for liapptneft ) , .nnd what business boiit
ndoptcd for sneedy riches. Stock speculation
n specialty. Also .Blips Indispensable nd vice to
young ladles on lo\tv courtship nnd marriage ,
nnd If yonr lover Is true orifnlso , und gives pic
ture ot future ! with name , ago und
date of marriage. Monra. 0 n. m. to be. m. ,
strict. N. 11 , Fortno bonolltof those who are
unnblo to call upon Mrs. Dr. Kddy. she would
respectfully announce that she gives perfect
satisfaction by letter. Your entire llfowlllbo
written lu n clear und plain manner. Letters
with stamps piomptlv answered. Fend for
Inrgo Illustrated clrculiir with special termsi
Mrs , lr. Eddy , SOS N. lt > th St. , Omaha , Neb.
1000-10 ?
TVl. NAWNIEV. WAKKBN. clairvoyant , mod-
J-/ical and business medium. Female diseases
n specialty. 113 N. 16tn St. . rooms 2 and 3. I1W
"PREPOSITIONS , lOc per folio ; petitions Ac cor-
JL/rcspondenc , ecopylng, ;
WANTED Eilucnted young ladles and gen
tlemen to learn shorthand and typewrit
ing nt the Standard Shorthand llusluoss col
lege , New York Life bnlldlng ; llnost rooms In
the city ; all latest Improvements , eloctrlo light ,
elevator service ; cheapest , school because it is
the best ; Instructlon'tboroush , modern , practi
cal ; demand for stenographer * cotmantly in
creasing ; success positively sure. Call or write
for ono of our largo descriptive catalogues.
Address , Standard Shorthand Iluslnoss Col
lege , Frank E. IJell , Manager , N. Y. Wfo Itlrtg ,
Umaha. Nab , 701
EASTEHN MONEY to loin on city property ;
mortgage paper bought , II. II. Iroy , opp.
postodlcc. 1-0
BUILDING Loans BK to 7 per cent ; no au-
ditlonal charges for commissions or attor
ney's fees. W. II Molkle , First Nat. bank bldg.
MONEY to loan on furniture , organs , pianos
horses and wagons. Hnwkeyo Investment
Co. , room 33 , Douglas blk. , inth and Dodge sts.
3 0
MONEY 31 , fl ) or 00 days on furniture
pianos , horses , houses , otc , J. J , Wilkinson
018 Puxton blK. 303
MONEY to loan : cash on nand ; no delay. J ,
W. Squire , 1210 Knrnam St. , 1'lrst Nallonal
bans , building. ! 2
T7"EY8TONE 4ortgafo | Co. Loans ot $10 to
JLVSI.OUO ; get our rates before borrowing and
save money ; loan on norsea , furniture or any
approved security , without publicity : notes
bought , for new loan , renewal ( if old and lowest
rates. CallH 2i , Sheely blk , l&th & Howard sts.
ANTED First class inside loan * . Lowest
rntos. Call nud sea ns. Mutual Investment
Co. . ISO ! rarnam. 3W
MONEY loaned on furniture , horses and
wagons : rates reasonable. City Loan Co. ,
room 17 Darker. 353
' '
CHA'PiT.L lo.insj'nto'jowest rates : removed
tofil ? and 610 Paxton blk J. 11. Euilnger.
MONEY to loan , by II. F. Masters. In any
amount from SJO to J10.000 for any time ,
from one to six mrfnUm.
1 make loans pjr ; household goods , pianos ,
organs , horses , uuileit houses , leases , etc. . In
nnv amount , ut jthV\ lowest possible rato.
without publicity far "removal of property.
My loans are so arranged that you can mnko
n payment at any' time nnu reduce your In
terest pro ratu. ttu pay Interest only for the
tlmo you use the mopt * . If youowoa balance
ou your property rwilitnke it up pud carry it
for you , nt tlio lowest rate consistent w Hh the
risk Moroy always ontjlnfid. .No delay. No pub
licity. Lowen ratrK.7) II. F. Masters.
Hoom 4. Wlthnelt-UltSc-lc 15th and Hurneysts.
& _ ! "
LOANS nfndo on n available socuntr. Con-
tral InvestuieuD i f6. , Itoom 2i , Chamber ot
Commerco. Mv 303
BUILDING tuitua ti Muq pit
> Cnolce dty-property
At lowest-rates.
1'rivnfo ( Unds to
, louiion trice
rcKldouco and
business property
upon very favorable
Ktmball , Clump & Ilynn ,
We Knrjiara St. 63BaI3
MONEY to loan on noraes , wagons , mil lea ,
Douiehold eoodi , planos.organa , dUmondJ ,
at lowest rate * . Tna nrat orKunliod loan oltlco
In the city. M akei loans trom IX ) to 3u6 days ,
which can be paid in part or whole at any
time , thui lowering the principal and interest.
Call and Bee us when you want money. We can
eiMitt you promptly and to your advantage
without removal ot property or publicity.
Money always on hand. No deUy In nuking
loans. U. F. Heed & Co. , 31B B. 13th at : over
lllngham te f.oni. 3it
F1HST mortgaze loans at low rates and no de
lay. D. Y bhoies Co. , ' 'Id Flnt National bank
TfONR < * to loan. O. F. Davis Co. , real estate
-I'land loan agents. 180S Farnnm at. 881
T , OAN8 City ntul farm loans , mortgage pn-
JLJpor bought , McCaguo Investment Co. IU4
TVfONBV to loan on any security
J-.U. for short tlmo nt tow
rates. Lowest rates
on personal property.
The Henderson Mortgage Investment Company ,
Itoom 4JO , Paxton block. iU5
.1I1EUAL real entAto loins mftdo by W , M.
i Harris , room W ) Frcnzur blk , opp. P. O.
1)47 ) CENT residence loans H.ltiJ to HO.OuO.
lltilldlng loans nt special tales. The Mead
Investment Co. , llee building , ! 00
$10,0X ; ) to Invest In need llMt mortgngo paper.
Hoom 430. Pnxton llloek. 1M ( Ifij
Hi ; COLE , loanngent , Continental block.
MONEY to loan , Pnrrotte. Douglas block.
( Ul-a-J
TlfIIIiAND < luarnnlo8ATriist Co , N. Y. Life
J-'lbldg , complete abstract ! furnished nud titles
to real o.itato examine J , per fected Jcgunrnntood
KlNIJ meat market for sale or trade for n
took ot groceries. UMSnnuders. OC12IJ
AHTNEll wnnted-Mcnt market. Kstab-
llshod trade , Outtltcomplete. Investigate.
Address A 21 , Ileo olllco. 003-1UJ
M riUTMAHICKT For ealc-In ono of the
best bnsmss portions of the city ; well
established ; doing lluo business nud
will bear the strictest Investigation.
Fixture : ) , stock , etc. , wilt Invoice about
11. K. Cole. Homfl. Continental block ,
or 8301 N. 31th st. . Omaha. 123-10
ITKTt SAM ! A good paying busluc"thostock
-L of which will inventory ixboui * ; ) , miO , Fern
n good live man tliU Is n line opening. 1'rcsoiit
owner tint other business , nnd nuy cash oirer
will rocolvu consideration. Addrcsi A : W , Iloo
olllce. ill-Ill
"pAOU aAIil ! For cnali or good accuilty , n
J- clean stock dry goods nnd notions ; Invoice
81,000. Addrcs Lock llox 11,1 , Mitchell. S. 1) .
GltOUlMtr bnslnoi ) ? , coed location , doing
cash liuslucss ; about 8800. Ad.lrcss box & } ,
Omaha , Neb , HSMtiJ
TPOIl SACK A good Htock of stationery , rou-
* fectloncry' fancygood , soda fountain , otc , ,
111 a llvotowu of 4.UUU Inhabitants , best location
in the city , good reasons for selling , prlco
f 1,69V. Address Uox 742. Missouri Vnlley.lnwn
UTU 17j
S A i. ' Do you want to buy out established
dry gqods business ( $ iOJit ) In growing llluck
Hills tottn. Wrlto for information to A " 0 , llee.
78 ! ' .
1/10K HAIjHor KxcliBiico ? li,0'0 dry goods.
-L1 boots and shoes , hnlf cash , bnUnco clear
land. Lock Uox U' , Lanark , Ills. USJ lt
AGKNKItAIi inorolmndlso business ror sale
In a town on Sioux City & 1'aclllc railroad lu
westuwldwiu Terms cash , or good Hccurlty.
Ilutldlngs. Including resldenco nud granaries
also. Will exchange for good farm lands or
city property. Ilulldlngs worth about SM.MX ) .
Good Hold for doing n grain , cattle nnd specu
lative business. Address A19 , Omium Ioe. !
Hill n 13
FOH HENT-Checkcred hvory barn on ISth
et S of illnrney. Cull or address Neb. Mort
gage Loan Co. , 51'J ' Pnxton blk. fiOS
FOR SA.LR In a llvoly Nebraska town of
10,000. n Ilrst-class stationery , book , news ,
nnd-nail paper business. Ss.los 8JO.OOD. Kino
location nr.rt lending store In the cltv. Will in
voice nbout $0.000. IJatablUheii 10 years. Ad
dress A 1 , Omaha Hoe. bOD-2IJ
LUSUiKIl yard For anlo. No real estnto or
buildings to buy. Sales lu ISf 9 nbout ( tlP.Uu ( )
nineteen thousand dollars. Address look bet
2t , Chester. Neb. E07-17J
T71OII SALE A sto.-k of dry gooda , boots ,
J-1 flhoes.'unts , caps , clothing and carpets , sit
uated lu Aurora. Hamilton county. Neb. Stock
about $20,000. Everything In.llrst-clasa order ,
store 22xM ) , of orlck , on corner , M floors , best lo
cation nnd stock lu thn town. A snap for anyone
ono who wants to engage In goods business.
For Information correspond with W. It. Smith ,
Aurora , Nob. 11I7-2U
"IT10H 8ALIJ Ounernl stock of goods tiud busl-
J. ' ness innuoll located town elcuteon mllui
from Umnlia , now dolug a spleuuld busltioss ;
good reasons for Helling. Inquire of S. Cotner
nt Nebraska Savings bank , umaha. Neb.
. 570 alj
" \ ; \ , ANTRO To trndo 4 Ii6usos nna lots , 1 vn-
T T cant lot. nil clear , nnd cash If necessary ,
for n piece of business or fine rcsldenca prop-
oriy. Address A 20 , Iloo olllco. mo-18
IjlOH SALE or Exchange Hallway lands.
J-1 mortgage-J , etc. . for lots to build on. Special
deal offered for llrst class property. W.j.
Paul , 1603 Farnam St. JOS IB
\KTANTED-Clty lots for lands , otc. Will as-
IT sumo and pay some cash. W. J. Paul.
108-11) )
IP you have anything to exchange call on or
address II. H. Cole. U n. Contlnentnl block ,
Ollico open evenings 7 to S'i : ) . : . ( ! 7
Ij'OH "rtlADE 2 clear lots in Lincoln for
JU Omaha property ; 20(1 ( acres good land 11
miles irom county seat , equity J..a'jO for Omnhn
property ; corner 27th and liurnoy for other
property and some cash : ono of the best res
taurants In Omnhn for $1.000 cash und bnlunco
good property. Property of all kinds for
Twenty-two feet on Fnrnnm near 13th , with
brick building 3 stories nnd bafeinou't for
money nnd other property ; n number of good
building lots for some business property.
drover Stevens , 1315 1'urnum st. : ouVo open
oyonlugs. 1.10-18
F"PO EXCHANGE For good farm property In
JL southern Nebraska , n clean stock of clothIng -
Ing ot $3tOO. Lock Hex 14 , Hebron , Neb.
135 17t
TTiOH EXCHANGE 100 ncroj good farm land.
JU clear : also city lots , nnd will exchange good
city lots for good secured mortgage paper. N.
11. Apple , Hoom 1) ) , Ware block , S. 13. cor. 15th
and l-arnam st3. ' 3 TO 17 *
171OK nXCHANUE-Cholco improved Nebras
JU ka furms. Will assume Hiiht encumbrance
If you hayo nnyihlug to otfer address or call on
Geo. .l.Stenisdorir , loom 317-318 Firs : National
bank building. Tolenhono 4(11. ( G25
TTIOH EXCHANGE IowaKansas orNobrasun
JU land for stock of general merchandise ; will
pay iJI.OOO or 82,000 casn. lllseley.Shenanrtoah.Ia.
EXCHANGE Fine solid gold watch
\t ith furgo diamond setting najnsted ; move
ment wortu # lOi , for Hemlngton typewriter.
Call on L. E. Hugglns or address K. ex-jeweler ,
lock box 4. Lonp city. Nob. mi-17j
> OH Trade : * A > acres good deeded laud 10
Jj mlles southwest ot Ilertnnd , Nob. , cattle
preferred. Jno. G. llaltard. llertrand. Nob.
/1LEAN atock dry goods , clothing , noots.
VVshoos ; want good real estate nnd name
money. Address llox 70 , Frankfort , lnd.u
T WANTtolensfinslx to eight room house
JLono year , und trade city lot for rant. Give
locution and rental price. A 20 , llee olllco.OJ5IOJ
T710H EXCHANGE Trotting horse , prlco
JU $1.000 ; Ji casn , balance good property , llox
IINI , Hhynandoah. In. UJt-2'JJ
WANTED Several Blocks of goods to trade
for Omaha city property or lands. Hoots
nnd SMOCK , dry goods , or clothing pieferred.
II , It. llnll , room 42 , Darker block' U17-17
liavo you to exchange for a lot in
WHAT Omalm wurtn $1,0110 , clear of in-
cumbrnnce. Address X K ! , lleaollleo. Cli'i
1T\OH \ EXCIIANJK-a ( lota Hi South Omalm or
JU i lot near Vlnton St. , for horses or mules.
Itoom 13 , Hoard Trado. VSi
AUGII & Woaterlield.real estate. S.Omaha.
OTTAOi : iindnast front half lot on N. 28tli.
easy terms , JI.L'W.
0-H house and lot. 3Jxl7t on Hurt at. . J..noo.
Il-lt house , } i lot , 271 ii und Douulus. * JOW. cottage nnd U lot , N. 2-'d. fi200.
Full lot nnd good 8-H house on California st. ,
lO-ltlionsonniUi lot , 31st st. , S blocks from
II. park motor , * Sou cash , 11.100.
Elegant new east front home , complete ,
Hnnscom place. 81 500.
Ono of tin tlnost 1 > H houses nr Hnnncom
pur * ; electric bells , furnace , bath ana full lot ,
YUadqnartora for Walnut Hill property.
Ono of the llueat 8. K. front ; double corners
around Hanscam pane. W.700.
Extra large east front on 32d St. . J3.MO.
Kast ot 8fith on I oavenworth. foot 3fl.
Plouiaut at. near Hurt , full lot , most com
manding view In the city. I.WO
Hutcmmton & Wcad , 1621 Douglas , tel. 1539 ,
tVi 10
(71OH LEAHE-aiilenaidSanU 10-acre pieces ot
J3 garden land Joining the city limits ; rent
very cheap , T. 0. Urunner , Itoom 1 , Waru blk.
073 19
TxTY-Flvl ? acres a. w. of p. o. , suitable for
S platting or gardening , for sale at a bargain.
F , K , DarlW. 4 marker block. tU )
TTUVB room eottases , 11,500 each. IOO ca
-I ) down , bMwica Jlouor month , TIiOJ. F. Hall ,
311 Paxton block. U70
' "
J-VW each.
WO.OO cash , 010.00 per montli , 7 per cent ,
Call for plat , otc.
nro the
cheapest lots In the city
for the prlco.
8 SOJ nnd up. Investigate ) .
a specialty. Wo hnvo
n large list ot doslrablo
business ptoperty nt
prices trom $250 front foot and upwards.
on choice real o.stnta
in any nmount.
Lowest rato.s.
lu nil pnrla of the city ,
1C03 fnrnnm st.
Slxty nrres. botwoan Thirty-second nnd
Thirty-eighth streets and Camlng nud Ilnmll-
tou streets.
( irounda exquisitely lalilout.
Choicest residence sites In the city.
'Jhoemlroparic ndornoil by the best land
scape garduer lu the United States , who nan
furnished plans for the bast system of
Paving , sewerage , water supply nnd electric
HeaBoiinblo prices 111 be clven those build
ing residences costing J > .WO and upwards.
Inspection of grounds invited.
Apply to olllc/os / of The llonils Park Co , , Con-
tlncutal building.
Directors George P. Ilemls , president ; E. W.
Nnsh , vice president ; John II. Dumoiit. secre
tary nnd treasurer ; II. L. lllerbower , and Dr.
S. D.Mercer.
T KWlsi. HEED \-CO. .
Solo ogcnts for nil propewy oircroil by us.
ALAMO PLA/A , located on Pnruntn , Dodge.
ilCth and : t7thits. ! , the best location Inthuclty For
a line residence. Has city wntor , gas nndatreec
cnrBorvice. F.irnnm street Is paved through
the nndltlon. Tlieso lots-arc offered for n short
tlmo nt very low prices nnd uneasy tcimo.
DOUANT PLACE is locotfidon King nml Ohio
Hts. nnd Inn part of tna cltv tint 1-t uell built up
nnd has Hplemlid htreot rar facilities Wo hav. )
III lots In tnls udditiou tor salu on terms to Milt
HAZEL TEllltACn. :
I1AXEL KACIi Is high nud sightly lo
cated between llth anu20th His. , nnd joins Deer
Park on tno south ; only ono block from the
electric motor line to South Omaha parK , and
tnreoblocks soutn ot Vintnn fit. Wo Hill sell
twenty ot these lots to people wtio want to
build In n short tlmo nt from WJO to JJ each :
only Sio cash , the buluncu In monthly p.iy-
meuts at 8 per cent Inteiost.
SIIEUIDAN PLACE on Leavcnworth street ,
three blocks beyond the present street car tor-
minus. Forty lots lor s.ilo at SfiOJ o.ieli ; JIO
down and 410 a mc'U.i : interest 7 per cent.
Pints of lots with prices \\ill bo furnished
upon application at this ollice.
' '
On any o'd't security in sums to suit. HENT3
Itenl Estate Loan , and llental Agents.
Hoom 1U , ' Chnmljor of Commerco.
I" OT 00x121 feet , on Twenty-ninth street , ju t
south of J.uko struct , cheap at $1G50. One-third
Jot 7 , block 3. Orchard Hill add. , on Hamilton
street , near end of motor. $2.000.
Lot 13 , Mayno's add. to Orchard Hill.
just uorthof H , H. brldge.on Military road , $ law.
Two lots for sale or trade In Hodlck Park ad
Corner lot on California street and Pleasant
street , very sitely. fS.OHO.
Lot 1 , block SJ , Carthage , cast front , corner
on Cuming street , f 1,000.
Corner , 60xl3D feet , small house , In Walnut
Hill , For sale or trade.
70 feet on Saunders street , near Grace street
a bargain nt JO.G03.
Some line lots in Kendall's add , ut a bargain.
lot 22 , Hk2. Mayno's Place , on 33th at. , J1.803.
Lot SI , blkfi , Walnut Hill , corner lot , on Cum-
ing street , very choan nt Sl.2',0.
Lot 10 , blk 12. Clifton Hill , cornur on Military
roan. $950.
Two lots in Iledlck Park to trade for vacant
lot ; will pay some cash dlllercnce.
House nnd coinar lot in Walnut Hill , for
trade. J1.200.
Crelghtnu llli > ek.
_ _
OHSALE-IToHUtzo Plnoo-tplcndld biiild
Ing lot 60xl2i ; cheap. Call or write H. 13.
Co'e. l ! > U-la
and full 1m-
TTIOIl SALE or Trade-First-class
-L' proved farms 2m ) acres lu Taylor county
nnaia acres In Harrison county , Ion n. they
are Ilrst-class In every paitlciilar ; nltro a.D acres
in Washington Co. , Neti. , fully Improved , well
etocked nnd Hi miles from Culhouu ; nlso n II-
room house on Georgia ave. . near Lcavenworth
St. , nil modem improvomenlfl ; will trndo the
tnrms for city properties und the house for lots
In the northern part of the city. Wo huvo n
full list of choice property nnd farms. Corre
spondence pi omotiy attended.
Chas. Kaufinuiin , Insurance , Heal Kttataana
Loans. M. Fianilln , Manager. 1 ! J ji'j'B1"8 Bt-
A LOT BOx 1 10 within n half mlle of tuo P. O. ml a house on it , $ S.5to.
A line lot with 10-room house , modern Im
provements. paved utreets. nice surroundings ,
line vlow , only 3i mlle from P. O , JOJ ) .
A ntiat llttlo live-room cottage on n corner lot
nOxil'.rentrt ' for 11.1 per mo. I5nnt front , not far
from Khcrman ave , about Hi mile north from
P. O.4r.Mix > .
Do you want Inside business property ? We
have 'It. Lot us Bhow It to yon.
High , sightly lots 13J mlle irom 1' . O. $ XX ) 10
Jl.lCWoncli , Colsoth. Johnson & Lovgren ,
lloom U , Chamber of Commerce.
8J-I ! )
17 > OIl SALE-Complote furnlihlngiof a moil-
JL ? era house , lu conrsnlent location. Prlco
tflOO. A bargain. Address A 17. Ileo olllce.
_ _
OU HAI.E-Itoal IlBtita-I am bulU ng line
r > -room cottage.clty water , etc , ou lot lblk
1. Olareiulon add , ( ono block trom cats und
Btoresi. which I will rent or sell on monthly
paymec e ( ufter mimll caHh payment ) , Thrs is
very de lr blo. Ilan II. Wheeler , Jr , Innur-
anct % Ooiiulij and luthHta. BC5-IQ
T 1ST your property wltliJII. E. Cols
bargain-Heat lot In Hlllsldi ) No. I.
SPECIAL lot In Hawthorne chenp. O.A-Co\ \ '
lard , owner. Kearney. Neb. 19imz-J )
m WO choice lots on small c h payment , bal-
JU anco second inortg o to responsible part n
who will build. H. ft. COLE , Continental blk.
and 8301 N.SIth. _ _ .Kfl , _ ,
- elia nlnoiy-tlve ye r lease
Including two iMtory bulldlugx lu the
center of Oruahs , very choice location. Ad-
Urtsa A W , lice. VI7 m
Corner inth nnd Mnndcrson gts. , Gflx
ins ft. , Wrill Improved. Hontnl vnltio $10U
pcrinonth. can olTcr this for n few
ilayn nt . . , , . $0,000
Nleott-room cottage nml lot , itoxltu rt. , ou
17th BU , on motor lino. A pleasant homo 4,000
Jot ( WxllO ft , , past fronton isth nnd Center -
tor sis , with 12-room house nnd other
improvements . . . 3,200
The choicest lota In llnnscom Place from
eWtl ) to . . . . 3,60
1/ot in Highland Pmcoon Fnrnnm at . . . . ajjo
Lot In Snmtnlt Pinco on Fnrnnm st , , alloy
I'ornorWximt ( ; 7.SM
I'lno residence lotolt I'nnmmand3.1th sis. ,
Two of the best lots In block P , Kllby
Plnco , ror both 3,3,0
Choice trackage lot In Paddock Place , OK
112 it . . . . . .7. S/iOJ
Lot In Marlon Place. ( Vxl3T ) ft > 1,101
Twolbu lu Patrick's2d ndd. for both. . . . . l\'M )
Lot In block I , Orclinrd Hill , on Hamil
ton st 1.310
Telephone 10. IMS ) N. Y. Llfo Illilldlng ,
_ 107-10
T.l IS , COLE. Telephone 1O.VV , Estate , Loan , Insurance
nnd Itcntnlnont. .
Hoom 0 , Continental llloek , , Omalm , Nob.
HAWTHOIINE PLACElIl line lots very nearly
on grade , onlv Ji.svi for three. Tnev
ougnt to bring SJ.OW. Lot us show theiii
LOWP.'H ADDITIGN-2 lots ttOxHr. Prloo ,
WEST ENI/AOD.-Nicoloton 31th near 1'nr-
nnm. Great bargain at $ .1,000.
PHOSPEOT PLACE-Clioap lot , 10x110 feet.
WILLIAMS' SUH DIV. Yncnnt lot nicely oil
grade , part ciun. balance : M morlgago
lo who will build. tl.uo ) ,
SYNDICATE ADD. Lot on easy terms. Pilco
OMAHA VIEW'-Cheapest lot In the market ;
WlV , ifllK ) cash , bulanco second mort-
Lot fiDxl.'iO on ensy lerms.
Pi ice $100.
KOUNT/.E PLACE An olognnthome , 11-ioom
house , barn , nil modern conveniences ,
pnved st.-eet , electric motor , etc. Prlco
OMAHA. I..H. It. Silt-West 3,1 ft. , with line 13-
loom house with nil modern conveni
ences. Prlco ( It'.iVM ' ,
KOHNT/.K A : HUTirS-lleaUtiflll lot with t
houses lu tlitft-clius condition , on paved
street , nil rented ; actual income over
. . * IUO ( ) . Price T10.WKI.
GEOHOIA AVE. Elagant homo of 11 rooms
with nil modern conveniences , etc. :
handy to cur.s. Prlco JO.UW.
1'AHNAM Hi' LotKUxlU ft. , near 2.1th nvo ,
with lluo cottage. Price , i'W.OJJ ; > t cas h
balance time.
rOSTEH'3 ADDITION Lot MKril on Ilurdetto
sr. 1'rlce , { 2riOJ. Tr < kdo for merchan
HUHDKTrE COUHT-Nlco lot 2jxS5. Price $ ) n. '
Tr.ulo toua-ds hause and lot or sell on I.
easy terms.
OMAHA ilEIGIll'S-Lot to trade tor Ne
braska or Iowa farm hind with timber
nnd creek.
YATES' & 11EMPELS' ADD-S lots to ttado for
housa and lot.
ACHE LOTS Several nice acre lots to trade
for Inside Omalm pioperty.
KOLNTX.E 3D ADD 1'iuo piece of pioporty
with 3 houses all rented. Prlco Stl.OjO.
Trade for Nob. farm land.
WALNUT HILL Nice house to trade for lot
In Coiner's itdil or Harris nud Pater-
son's nnnox to South Omaha.
KOL'NT/U PLACE-I'lno new 12-room house
with every modem convontenco to trndu
for lots In north or nw part at Omaha.
SOUTH OMAIIA-21ots with double house on
o ich with all iiiodtrn conveniences to
trade for Improved farm or city pioperty.
PIEHHE , S. DA1C 50 to lu ) lots In ono of the
finest additions for Impiovod Omalm
property ,
VAljLBY COUNTY. NEH.-1'inolv Improved
farm ot IX ( ) ncres tn trade for residence
in west part of cltv.
SflEHlDAN CO , NEIL Clear fiirmot UV ) ncros
to of Rhniigo tor house tn south purl of
PAHM LANDS Wo have llnely improred
f.irms In all parts ot the kt ila to trndo
for mercliundlM ? , live slock or town
HOTEL PHOPEHTY Several llrat-clnss hotels
in western towns to trndo for farm lauds ,
meiclumliso orcitv property ,
II. E. Cole , room , Continental block and 2jU4
N. 21th. Open evenings7 to b:3U. : Ul-ltl
I HAVE n business lot which some cnpltnllsS
would do well to e-camlno.
Lot ou 24th St. , South Omaha , atn bargain.
A line steam engine and boiler , A Vfgiutored
Holstolti Dull. Many farms and other property
in Nebraska and Imui.
A ( ! ) room hotel In the city. Many other bar
gains. Gallon 1E. . llngglus , 1112S. Kith.
U2i lilt
o tafiO : feet. N. E. cor. 10th .V Dr.uglas. call orad-
diet-3 M . Kuhlman , S. li.cor. llth & Ylttuni.
K.7 a'J
JF HALE A largo warehouse on leased
-ground. ; Lease three you.s to run nt low
rates. ZSear trick and In line location. Apply
nt once at 11X11 8. 1'lth at. 10U-2J
BAHCIAINIJaKr nlaco , house and lot tl.buO
onsytorim : ftKIni ft1 ; houses 6. Hand U
rooms , full lots , lens than cost. Cnsli or crude.
Address or call'on owner. E. ( J. Merrill , llth and
sewardot , Wnmut 1(111. ( ICil-m 1HJ
Foil SALE Very cheap , no tnidec , faruvof
fil.1.711 aeros , see. n , 12. N U \ \ ' , Hamilton conn-
Ly , Neb. ; 2mlle3 from Mnniuotto. small house ,
stable , 3JO nersi ot nasturo funced , llvlniyat r ,
price only 810 per acre. $ > ,47. ! i > , one-third WJ
crop Included. Terms $ ,20) ) cajh , Imlunco ( I pur
cent interest. P. If. AtKlus , owner , railroad
Imlldlng , Denver Col. K'W
HAVE for sale In llenson onofi and two elegant -
gant 10 IUTO tracts. Erastus A. Ileuson , N. Y.
Lite bulldlug 8jj ; ll !
A SMALL payment down andfn per month
will buy n 4-roum house and lot on Kith , two
blocKs from motor ; tlrst-clnss chanee to acqulro
a liopio on easy tiiniu. Apply to H , E. Cole ,
Continental block. 27-
EOH SALE Or exchange for drugs nnd real
estate. Wf.OOO book stocic. llox 51121
FOH 8ALE-frtxI3 ! on Jones st. )00 ) per foot
Address X3J Uoe.
to ( nveUoH Wo will rooMve bids
for the purchase of our business property ,
1.105 Pariiam stiejt , known in the east M foot
of lot 7 , block 12) ) . up lo April the llMt , next ;
owncis raaorving the right to rojoot any or all
bids. Lehmaun A : llnrison. care of John II , I' .
I.chmanu , u.4 South 17th .Street. fill )
BUY A HOME Small cash payment ; easy
terms : special low prlco. Wrlulit .V Las-
bury. Ailluglon blopk. lifl-IO
K nomei in most any addition for
sale at from JI.'iO ) up. 0:1 : e.isy montiily piiy-
tnenta. F , 1C. Darling , 11 llarker blocic. i'J
CiALT LAKE CITY Parties desiring to in-
Ovesc In this city nil ! do well 10 consult th *
Dletor , Joliiisoiilnvwstment Co. P. o. Iloxfi7l.
and \V \ South Main St. . Fait Lake City. Wo han
dle choice property only nnd give the boat of
references. CI7 Ali
house nnd 2 lots .
TPOHSALE-0-room on cor.
JU 2d and Cedar st ; price , JI.Oi ) ' . part cnah and
balance time , or part cash and good farm In
Nebraska. Address or cull on Joseph Trott. cor.
d and Cedar St. , Omaha. Neb. 84' !
K3TATB It you want to sail or rent
list It with T. C. llrminer , who has n largo
list of I'listouiHrj. Hoom I , Ware block , B. E ,
Cor. Ifith and Farnam , 4M l
JO Georgia , I ) roimid. every moifern con ven
lonrts elegant and cheap , nuut bo bold by
April 1st , bust bargain in Omaha ,
S 4.SW 7 rooms , nil conveniences , location fine
big bargain.
10,600 ID-room pressed brlcfcall convnnlonccH.
barn , ga llxturos , hardwoodfinish , E.
front. 10x171 feet , ljuucomPUe
. ' . .7M < looms , nil runvimleucM. Orchard Hill.
7,000U rooniH , barn , all conveniences , thruo
mantels , gas fixtures , giotmd corner ,
! ,000-SfbxKri ! trackage for clear farm.
Hnvo von any burgiiliu ) ' If BO. wo
want a list ot them. Wo have farim
and vacant IntH clear for houses and
loth Sea us before you liny.
D. V. Sholes Co. , 213 First National Hank.
fc'K )
7VAlfM7i mlles from Oinahu. well linprovpil ,
I ' to trade tor Omaha property. Co-operative
Land nnrt lxt Co , . 2-6 N. I'1th ' at , HUT
/ UtEA'i HAHGAIN-llbuso K rooms , bath.
VT BUS. etu , nnd corner lot Mxul. on 20th ami
Ohio0:10 : blotlc from c.ible nnd tbrtti from
motor ; ( inly J4.WO , with small cauli p.iymont
nud bulauco veiy oany terniK. Another hoima
same size , corner lUth und Corby , II/AK ) oa
sameterniH. 'I ' heso uru rnrn bargains. Grover
ttuvona , 1016 Fnrnam , nllicoopon cveuHiLM.
OH SALK-ltoautlful furm In Harrison Co. ,
Iowa , Hplendld Improvamanta , spring on
every forty ; orchard prodiitng over thteo
thouaaud busheU choice apples jn past three
yenrx. Adjoining town with splendid school
privilege * . Address D. F. Eaton. Grand View
Krult Farm , Musnolla , lowi. L'tunilre Horace
Baton , Max Meyer Ijra. Oinaba. l > J7-lt > J _
Oil SALE- nrit-ulaas farm In Graham
county , Kansas. Hujulro at ! WU Fnrnam at.
city. HH-IHJ _
TTUJHHALI ! Cheap. liM acre * land lu Valley
JU Co. , Nub. , near Arcadia , nnd 180 ucros In
Keyu Palm Co. , Net ) . , Improved. Address
Owner , box ' jl''iSi ' iai-17t _
LINCOLN l'Uc u I Crt'u.3 ntt prlca
il.O 0 , t't ) down , bnUueo ll.i moutaly.
W. L , AHOf. IU U , Ujir4 IV.lU 611