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Mount & Orinin'o Goal Bill Ciunos
Another Wrnnglo.
ITIioVliotn 'Mnttor Ileferrci ! to the
I'limiinc Coniinlttoo and .tlio
Count/ Attorney Tlio
Jloepltnl Muddle.
7lio county commissioner ! ) hold a mooting
ycstordny afternoon , nil tlio members being
Tlio resignation of L. C. Dtieker as ns-
cssor of Union precinct wan accepted aud
J. D. Kltli wnanppolntod ns his successor.
Tlio Thomson-Houston electric light com
pany submitted a proposition tor lighting the
court homo with olcctno lights , nt the rate
of 1 cent | ior hour tor cacti slxtccn-candlo
power lamp used , the company to wlro the
building ami furnish lamp rcnowaU. The
communication was referred to the committee
too on construction.
Mount ft Qrldln scut In n communication
Hinting that tlio voracity and Integrity of the
IIrm had been questioned by Mr. O'Kcoffo In
regard to the coal furniihod tbo county by
the linn , nnd they requested that ttioir bill
bo referred to n committee with Instructions
to in nit o n rigid examination and with pownr
to summon witnesses and administer oaths
if ncccRsnry.
Mr. O'ICceffo stated that tbo matter had
already been referred to the commltteuon
construction , and that committee was sup
posed to Investigate the matter fully , and It
was therefore unnecessary to refer the m-al
ter to another cominjitce. ilo moved to
place the communication on. file. Ttio mo
tion wns adopted after Messrs. O'ICceffo and
Berlin had talked on tlio matter.
Hynn ft Walsh submitted several orders to
Bub-contractors , which were referred to the
commlttoo on construction.
A largo number of bills for groceries , etc. ,
for poor , were referred to the prouer com
John C. Slica presented n bill of $150 for
defending Tan Hownmn. The bill wua ap
proved to the amount of $100 b/ Judge
Clarltfoi ) .
An uptilicnlion for n liquor license by Peter
Hoist of Hcnnington was referred to the Ju
diciary committee.
Sheriff Hoyd's bills for boarding and com
mitting county , insanur nnd South Omahn
prisoners during January , amounting to
! > ai : iwere referred to tlio committee 011
iinnnco ,
Similar bills of the sheriff for Fubruary ,
amounting to $ j.)3.-)5 ) , wcro referred to the
( tuna committee1.
13111s from the soldiers' relict commission
for relief furnished during February ,
amounting to S2.1I.J , wcro referred to the
committee on charity. Tno largest , hill was
that of U. 11. Moore & Co. for groceries fur
nished on orders , the amounts ranging from
5 to $10.
The bill of Chief of Police Seavoy for ex
penses incurred .it Lincoln on his trip after
Nuul , amounting to ? 17.GO , was referred to
the Judiciary committee.
The committee on charity reported on the
bids for supplying the county , vith drugs ,
with the rucoiniiUMdnlion that tlio contract
bo awarded to the Goodman Drug company ,
they being the lowest bidders. The Good
man bid uhoxvud a. total of $ J45.27'iuul that
of .1. A. Fuller & Co. , the next lowest , was
* & . ? ! s.
The oill of the Goodman Drug company
for tlriiKB furnished la December , amounting
to $ t.15.5 , WIIB allowed.
The Iliiuncc committee reported on the ad
vertising bids , recommending that tlio con
tract hn awarded the AVorld-IIerald , that beIng -
Ing the lowest aggregate bid.
Justice of peaca fees of J. n. Walts for
Sll.fiO and II , C. Timrne for fol.flj wore al-
'J ho judiciary committee reported in favor
'of allowing tte foliowmfcos ! for lognl serVices -
Vices in rrmihml cases :
.1. T. Morlnritv ? 10J , .f. C. Shoa $30 , E. E ,
Thomas , and N. II. TminoclflT $ M , iV. C.
IVnkcloy uml W. F. Gurloy ? . ' 3l ) . The report -
port was adopted.
The committee on construction reported
back tlio bill of Mount & Griftln for co.U
supplied the hospital building , amountiug to
91ild.SU. The report stated that the commit
tee considered the charge of $ . } .Si per ton
for Iowa nut coal coal as excessive , and rec
ommended that the charge bn reduced to
82.50 per ton , mnnlng n-reductlon of $218 In
the amount of the bill. The report of the
committee was adopted.
Mr. O'lvcefTo moved that the llnanco com-
nuttei ) bo instructed to confer with the
county attorney in regard to drawing up the
necessary papers to suLuoina parties to tes
tify as to the coal furulsncd by Mount < fc
Mr. Uorlln moved to amend by Instructing
the county attorney to draw up tlio papers
without referring the matter to n commit-
too.Mr. . O'lCcbffo explained his motion by sayIng -
Ing that ho wanted the investigation to bo
had by some committee of which ho was not
n member.
The debate over this milter grew very
warm. Chairman Anderson stated theru
was no occasion for investigation. Air.
( D'Keeffo wanted the communication of
Mount .V. Grillln road again to show that in
vestigation wan necessary , but the chairman
ruled that tlio paper had been Illod and a
motion was necessary to have it taken up
nnd read. Mr. O'lvoolTo charged the chair
man with being nfrnid of an investigation ,
and idler somo. spirited retorts the communi
cation was llnally read. '
Mr. O'Keeffo then charged that , lu character -
actor had been nasailed , and ho wanted the
whole business investigated. Ho saitl tie bad
1'actb which ho had not yet mentioned , and
ho thought the coal business should bo in
vestigated , as ttioro wore some things which
Mioultt bo brought to light.
The chairman tried to Itoor Mr. O'ICcefto
with all sorts o ( technicalities , out the mo
tion wa llnally brought buforo the house
nnd passed. Mr. Merlin voted against It ,
explaining his vote by saving that hodid not
bollwvo it was necessary to have an mvestl-
. Ration into the transactions of u Hrst-class
llrui. Messrs. Corrigan and Turner voted
for tlio iiiotion and the chairman declined to
vote , saying It was not necessary for the
uhnlr to vote.
Mr. I ) . T. Mount requested permission to
siioulc on the question , which was allowed.
lie then stated that the firm was anxious for
tin Investigation and hoped It would bo full
nnd complete. Tnoy wuro confident that
there wn * nothing wrong in the matter nud
wanted their uamo cleared. They especially
naked that the Investigation bo most search-
ing.The dispenser was Instructed to la-op n
record showing the quantity and description
of all drugs , etc. , used for countv purposes.
in order to facilltuta ( uturo bids ,
A resolution was introduced bv Mr.
O'iCuoITi ) anil adobtod to tlio effect that the
board take Immediate stops to Insure the
now countv hospital nguinst lire to the
nuioiintof f-IO.OlM with some reliable com
The county clerk was Instructed to notify
AlcssM. Cuots nnd Stinnu to inspect the
plumbing work at the county hospital and
report on the name.
The county cleric wns also Instructed tn
tolegniph K. ! ! . Mycr.i , superintendent of
tlio now hospital , and notify bun by regis
tered letter , that the board was ready to
accompany him to the new hospital with a
view to iiccoptlnir said building from the
contractors within the next ten days.
lij Nervous daclitv | , poor memory , dlflldoncn ' woakiicsn , pluiplui , uurod by Ir
-MIloB1 Norvino. Samples frno at Kuhn ft
Co.'s , ISth and Douglas.
\Vill lin Hero .MontHy ,
A iucs a'o from J . M. Thurston to III *
culuf clerk says thattbo Interstate coniiueroo
commissioners will bo In Omaha Monday ,
It la not known whether they propose going
to Lincoln buforo coming here , though the
mippotltlcui Is that their session at Sioux
City will continue until this uvouing.
After eouiplfltlntr their hearings In Nebraska
towns the commissioners go to Topeka and
Kansas City.
To JuirvoiiH Men.
If you will send us your address wo wil
§ a ml you Or. Dye's celebrated voltaic belt
and apuliances ou trial. They will quickly
xcttoro you to vigor , manhood and health.
VOL rue HtLT Co. , Marshal , MIoU.
IN THIS touum
Imxv Hulls tlflua Kllud and .Tried
AVltli Itnplilttv.
David llrowslar , a viciotn looking colored
mail , WAS tried before Judge Clarkson yes
terday on thn charge of Miootmg Jamet
Huchunan. The shooting took ptaco Christ'
man dnr In the saloon at the corner of Tenth
street nnd Capitol avenue. The Jury re
turned n verdict finding the accused BUilty
as charged nni Judge Clarkson sentenced
bun to flvo years In the penitentiary.
The suit of Joint Marche against the Mis
souri Pacific Hallway company in an action
for (20,000 damages for Injuries received
whllo In the company' * employ at Oak Prtrk ,
September ! JO , 18S7 , was before Judro
Doano yostcnlay. Ho was Unloading stone
from near when the train suddenly started
up , throwing him bctvvcon the wheels and
crushing onoof his legs , rendering amputa
tion necessary. The railway company pro
Rented in reply to the petition a receipt from
Marcho for ftttO In full payment of all of his
claims against the company. Marcho lu re
ply alleges that ho did not know what bo
was doing when ho signed the receipt nnd
waiver of damages , but supposed that thn
money was given bun for the purpose of
buying himself an artificial lee. lioforo the
case had proceeded far It was discovered
that Marcho had been In the employ of tin
railway company nnd Judge Doano ruled
that the action for damages could not be ,
and instructed the Jury to return a verdict
for the defendant , which was done.
Judge Wakclcy will hand down decisions
today in the following cases at the court
house : Uonlsovstho City of Omaha and
Whalon vs Uronimn.
JudcoWakeley wns engaged in hearing the
case of U'ithncll against the city , a suit to
recover rnonny alleged to bo duo for brick
supplied for the North Omaha sewer. A
number of Interests are Involved , several
parties claiming the contractors had as
signed the money duo on the sewer to them.
The jury In the ca o of Frank Dougherty
against the American waterworks company ,
after being out nearly twenty-four hours ,
reported that they were unabloto agrco and
were therefore discharged.
The American National bank has brought
suit against Kdgar S. Hradlcy for &l'J3 au ac
count of money loaned.
Howard Kennedy has commenced suit in
foreclosure against J. H. liagloy et al to re
cover J3A" on notes secured tiy mortirairo on
twenty-Blx feet of lot 10 , block U31 , Jsouth
Charles IUlnzcr has commenced suit
against 'liiomas O. 1'Iummcr to have a Judg
ment obtained in tlio Justice court of Justice
Morrison net aside on the ground that Hlazer
wns not n resident of the state at the titnu
Judgment was had and did not have any
notice of the suit.
Allan Hoot is pleading his own cause in
Judge Hopewoll's court in a suit against
Parlln , Oronilorf & Martin. The action is
for a balance of $10 which Hoot , claims is
duo him on an exchange of some agricultural
The defense In the matter of Suspect Neal
VH the Kdeu Musoc company ban cited n list
of authorities in support of its riL'ht to ex
hibit the wax representation of the tragedy
at the I'innoy farm. The decision in the
case will probably bo given by Judge Clark-
sou today.
D. K. Thompson of Lincoln lias com
menced suit against the Omaha National
bnnk for (37,0r > < ) .fit. Thompson had n mort-
gaud upon the Ed helm & Akin stork of Jew
elry. bill the Omaha National banlc got pos
session under , another mortgage. Honcu
the suit.
Countr Court.
Judgment In the sum of J333.CU was
awarded ttio Minneapolis Tribune company
in its suu. against Charles Corbott for adver
Simeral & Uodlck havu com me need suit
against Abncr W. Nason for $175 alleged to
bo due as attorney's fees.
Chris II. Kottlcr Hied a petition instituting
suit on nil appeal bond acalnst Jonas P ,
Johnson and \V" . W. Hingham to recover
A Natural Product of Callforiiin.
His only fount ) in Butte county , Califor
nia , nnd in no other part of the world. Wo
refer to the trco that produces the healing
and nenctratini ; gum used in that pleasant
nnd effect ivo cure for consumption , astbma ,
bronchitis and coughs , SANTA ABIK , the
king of consumption. Goodman Drug Co.
guarantees nnd sells it for $1 a bottlc.or thrco
for $3.50. Hv the use of CAUFOKN1A
CAT-H-CUHE , all symptoms of catarrh are
dispelled , and the diseased nasal passage is
speedily restored to a healthy condition. SI
a package , liy mail. $1.10. Circulars free.
un Ijiuonsci.
Marriage licansos wore issued to the fol-
Jo wing parties by Judge Shields yesterday :
Namu and residence. Age.
l Daniel J. Schmidt , Omaha . 27'
I Nancy Kline , Omaha . . . 11) )
I Peter JorBOtison , Omaha . 'M
( rianseniu Ananson , Omaha . 20
( Chris Sehroodor , Omaha . 33
I Mary Semoral , Omaha . , . . . .23
j Johu Hcndrlck , Dnadwood , S. I ) . . .43
( MnryJ. Wren , Omaha . 3J
An KtMtorUI Puff.
Prom the Lewis ( Iowa ) Indouoiident :
"Wo Imvo advertised a "rent tniiny dif
ferent patent medicines , but liavo-ncvoi-
t\lfon : the pains to oditontilly 'putt' onu.
\Vo nro ffoiiiff to do so now for the first
titno. Ciininborlaiii & Co. , Dos Molnus ,
la. , inaiuifncturo a cousjh roraoily which
is absolutely the best thing wo have
over soon. Wo have usotl it In our
family for the past year , and consider it
inilidDOiisibio. Its cITocts are almost
jiiilantancous , and there is no use tallc-
1111 ; . it is a dead nhnt on a cough or cold.
Wo don't say this for pay , but because
wo consider Chamberlain's /ujfh
Remedy tlio best made , and wo want
tlio people to know it and use it. "
# i
Kobliud in Sonit ) Otlur Plao ? .
Hans Poteroon , the proprietor of the
bulldlnc sit Fifteenth and Webster streets ,
in winch two men reported' to the police
that they bad been robbed , says he 1ms
good evidence- that both the fellows
were robbed beloro they reached
his pluc'u. "If any robbery wan
done , " said Mr. Peterson , "It must have
been in aorno of the alloy ahuiitics back of
my plnco. Tnoso stmntlcs are occupied by
coloied women of the town who boar a very
bad reputation. " Mr. Peterson's place is
conducted in u very careful manner.
To tlio Truvi'linir Public.
The 'great Rook Island route tins pro
vided ovary convouianuo and comfort
for its passengers going east over its
main lino. Its solid vt-stlbulo qxprosa
tndtiH , which louvo daily for lies
Monies , Davenport. Rock Island and
Chicago , are tlio llnost in tlio world.
They consist of now and elegant day
coauhoH , dining earn , Pullman palace
bleeping ours and free reclining chair
earn , superbly appointed anil littud
up with all the moilorn intm-ovo-
mania that conduce tosafo and luxurious
travel. .Innetloiial and turmlnal con
nections are made in union depots and
at Chicago with 'fast limited vestibule
oxiirnsa trains lor all points cast. Ja
addition to , this magnilluont. train , two
express and mail trains leuvo Omaha
daily , carrying sleonors and dining cars.
Further information as to routes ,
rates , time , berths , etc. , call on or address -
dross J. L. DoUovoiso , lJOj ! Parnam
Btroot , Omaha , Nob. Tolophonu 78J. :
U. ST. .loiiN' . .INO. SKIIASTIAX ,
General Mnnu cf. O. T. iSP. A. ,
Chicago. Chleago.
' AH1 ulcil by ttio Wove.
The cold wave kept most of thoollicersnnd
member * of thu real estate nxchunge away
from tliolmeotliigicsturduy. Uut one piece of
property was listed for sale. It was lu liaw-
thorno , lot it , bloek 7 , 43x110 , Davenport and
i'liirty-llfth streets. $1,550.
Sales were ropqrtod i
Hy Joseph Ilavan , lots 3 nnd 0 , Irving
place , $ ' . ' 400.
llyV. . ' ! ' . ( trnhnui , lot 8 , block 13 , city ,
Eighteenth nnd Davenport , 914,004) .
tiy M. A. Upton , lot 9 , block ft , Shinn'e
second addition , nine room house , f 1,000.
What U more attractive than a pretty face
with a fresh , bright cuuiplectioal For it use
Poizonl' * Powder ,
A Reduction of Ton Cants a Hun
dred in Corn Rates.
Tlio llnllroatU Wnrnnil to Yield to
the Just Requirements ofn Deter
mined People Sutherland on
tlio Situation.
The Itnto Problem.
LINCOLN , Nob. , March 14. fSpscIal
to TUB Hnr. . ] State of Nebraska , Bxccu-
tlvo Department To the Central TrnDIo As
sociation of Missouri : When you made n re
duction of 1'j cents per bushel on corn to
Chicago It wus given nut at ones that the
prlco of corn would bs reduced by Just so
much M tlio freight rate on corn was re
duced. In other \vorcls , that the farmers
would not have any benefit from the re
duction , Well , tlio gamblers , speculators
and rallroaa men owning elevators In Chicago
cage nnver Intended they should. "Vou
made a nominal reduction and the prlco of
corn wont down Just that much. Then those
who predicted the depression of corn were
enabled to say , "I told you so , " and the rail
ways nro enabled to sr.y that any lowering of
corn rates which wo may make will bring
tie good to the farmer. Tno men In Chicago
to whom I have referred were ready to
stand the risk of bearing down corn
according to the trifling lessoning of the
rate made. But had you made n reduction
of 5 cents per hundred , as I demanded , tbcro
were not men enough , speculators , gamblers ,
dealers in futures and boards of trade In
Chicago to have dared to break the market.
They would never have dared to depress the
prlco of corn at that rate. On the contrary ,
olf-preservation would havu compelled them
to stiffen the market and send up the price
of corn.
I was not at all satisfied with the reduc
tion made , and waited to sco the result , means satisfactory. I unw
renew my demand at n much higher llgure ,
namely , a reduction of 10 csnts n hundred
pounds from points in Nebraska tn Chicago.
I am convinced that the freight rate then re
maining will pay a fair prollt to the com
The railroads nro now prosperous , and
have boon prospering ; their receints show
this. They are paying dividends , whllo the
condition of thu farmers has been growing
worse. They tire depressed. You depress
tnem became you deprive them of the moans
of getting their corn to market at a living
price. This ntuto of things muse not , cannot
continue. You nro inflicting u great ami
grievous wrong upon the iurincrs. They have
a right to their full share of tbo prosperity
the roads are now enjoying , lor that pros
perity Is enjoyed at the expense of the
The people of Nebraska do not want to
light the railroads. They dcsiro that the
railroads shall prosper , but they demand alia
that the railroads snail no longer opprcst
them as they have done. They demand that
tbo roads shall give thorn fair and reasona
ble rates so that they may obtain a Just re
turn for their labors and Investment.
The people are aroused now as they never
were before. The farmers of Nebraska are
aroused now ns they never were before.
They demand Justice and Just treatment , and
Will not cease that demand until they got it.
t again warn you of the disastrous consequences
quences to the roads if thiir Just demand is
refused. I say this not by way of a threat ,
but ns a friendly warning. Kesuectfully ,
To all to whom these presents shall come ,
greeting :
Whereas , It has come to rny knowledge in
duo form prescribed by law that in the county
of Nuckolls and the state of Nebraska n
murder was committed upon Charles A.
Sherman on or about tlio llth day of Febru
ary , Ib'JJ , by ono Charles Stevens , who has
lied irom Juitic2 , or by parson or persons
Now , therefore , I , John M Thayer , gov
ernor of the state of Nebraska , by virtue of
the authority vested in mo by law , and in
purniutncu of the statutes in such case made
and provided , do hereby issue my proclaum-
t'on ' , and offer a reward of J2JO for thu ai-
rest and conviction of said uharlcs Stevens ,
or of ttio murderer or murderers , if Un
In testimony whereof , 1 hayj hereunto set
my hand and caused to be ufllxed the great
seal of the state.
Done at Lincoln this 14th day of March ,
A. D. IS'JU. Joii.v M. TIIAYGII.
me wvriucT COUIST.
Judge Field and u jury heard the case of
A. J. ( Justin vs the Chicago , I3urllngton &
Qulney railroad company today. This Is the
famous 10-cent case. In August of 1S8S the
plaintiff received n shipment of castings
from Cleveland , O. , upon which there were
freight charges of SI cents , an alleged over
charge of 10 cents. Ousttu refused to take
thogooJs al the rate charged , butreplevlned
them Itt lest the right of the overcharge and
to test right for the possession of the prop
erty. The jury was still out at 4 o'clock. "
Chapman , in thu equity court , "heard the
paving assessment cases today. They will
probably occupy the attention of the court
for n uav or two.
Tlio Stoto National bank vs the Hart hardware -
ware company is the titleof n suit com
menced In the district court today. The
ptalnlltV sues to recover Sll.OJO.
bTATi : I'ot'si ' : i.STKi.uor.xci : .
Auditor Hciiton loft for Now York this
afternoon to look after some insurance busi
ness. Ho will bo from homo one witulc.
The Wyatidotlo coal casij was called before
the state board of transportation this after
noon at a o'clock. Initial arguments were
made on points of law , and an amended com
plaint Is demanded.
Under date of March 12 F. W. Hruington
of Atlantic , la. , manager of the Western
Union telegraph compan.v at that placu ,
writes Governor Thayer that Charles A.
Sherman , the man murucrod ut Oak. Nuck-
ells county , on or about February 11 , was
his uncle. lie also conllrms the story of the
coroner of that county that Charles Stevens
Is thu murderer , llo further saya that
Sherman's wife Is in Atlantic aud in desti
tute circumstances , and concludes with an
earnest prayer that the covemor will
iiromptly issue a proclamation of reward.
This the governor has done.
Senat-jr Siith rtuiul of Tnkamah , I3urt
county , I * In tlw city. In conversation with
'Inn Unt : representative ho emphatically dis
claimed any intentions on the gubernatorial
chair. Uu suld that his iiamo was sprung in
thii connection at West Poiniand that It
was duo to the fact that Judge Crawford
had bjen sugijoited as the standard bjaror
of the douiocratlu party for the highest
Honor withlu the L'lft of the pcoulo of tlio
Uat'i , It will he remembered that Suther
land did Crawford up ono year ago last. fall.
"If I um u candidate lor any oflleis the
corninirfail. " said ttio statesman from Hurt ,
"I will have to oxpuricuco n cliango of
leart. "
"You would not oven accept the nomina
tion for secretary of state , thonj'1
"I won't say that. I'm not u candidate for
the ollico ut this lime , and don't think I
will be. "
"How about the rumor that the Farmers'
Ulianct ) of your section has commenced to
loycott Tukumah. merchants and business
men ! "
"As yet it la nil talir. I don't thipk there
will ho anything of the kind attempted. Still
tliero may bo. The alliance up our way is
getting very strong. I expect to see alliances
organized in every school district in the
county , and for that nmtlar In the untlru
northwest par ; of the state , and when the
farmers thus solidify , with the present ruin
ous transportation rates and discriminations ,
tlioro is no telling what they may do , A few
farmers clubbed together near Tekumah and
ordered u car load or two of coal a ( maritime
nice , and the boycott story originated from
that. "
"Do you tnink that the alliance mon will
mrtielpatu In the primary elections ! "
"Not tin our way , Thcro will have to bo a
change of base if they do. The farmers ex
pect tu do their work at the polls , and I bu-
llevo the next loitlshitura will bo made up of
men who will take care of railroads and eor
poratlons for some tluio to coma , "
Andrew Kosowator of Omaha made a
business visit to Lincoln today.
Senator Keckley and Hon. N , V. Harlan of
York wcro nmonff th0pfdmlncnt Nebnultnm
la Mm city today.
Klltlo Wcnzolisrcstbv ; ea y. Her physi
cian now thinks that < bo may recover. The
gnoh In tbo forehead I ? rt frightful ono and
will mark her for llfo.
Intelligence Is rccelvaJ from Denver that
Joe Foster , who i wanWJ In Lincoln for
burglary , cannot ba brought back. Ho ban
thirteen counts against him for the saino of
fense in that city.
Thn Oiiiy OIIP.
The CDtcago , Milwaukee & St. Paul
Hallway Is the only -lino running solid
vcstlbulcd , elootrio , ltphtcd and etoam
heated trains botv qpu Chicago , Coun
cil Bluffs and Omaha.
The berth reading lamp feature in
the Pullman slcopinfj'cnrs run on thcso
lines in tw ton ted and cannot bo used by
any other railway company. It IH the
great improvement of the ago. Try it
and bo convinced.
Sleeping cars leave the Union Pacific
depot. Omaha , aid p. m. dally , arriving
at Chicitco at O.'IJO a. m , Passongow
taking this train are not compelled to
get out of the ears at Council Blulla and
wait for the train to bo cleaned. Got
UcUoU and sleeping car berths at Union
ticket olllce , 1601 Purnam at.
F. A. NASH , Gen. Agt.
J. E. PnnsTQN' . Pass.
Woman's AVcaktioHS Again.
It wns Illustrated again yesterday , Just
as It wns Monday morning In the Nicholson
case. The wife wanted the severest punish
ment posslolo imposed on her husband for
his abusoof her : she talked dlvorca but cro
mi hour had elapsed she iclentcd and wanted
herself to pay the line imposed on tbo man
who lust night threatened to shoot her nnd
turned her out of doors.
His nnmc is Charles Freeman mid his wife
Is a prepossessing nnd timid looking llttlo
woman. At 3 o'clock Friday morning Frao-
inan camotohls home in Peter Coos' addition
in a lighting state of intoxication. His wife
nnd baby were the objects of his wrath. Ho
followed her to a nuiphoor'a where she wont
for protection nnd pointing a loaded shotgun
at her demanded thatsho return homo.
The result of Freeman's brutality was his
arrest , on the ehargo of assault with Intent
to k'll. ' Yesterday he wua lined 2J ( and
costs on his wife's testimony. She waited
nround the court room until all tlio business
was concluded nnd then relented , and nsKoa
the prlvitepn of paying tlio husband's line.
Ho was stubborn anil refused to nccopt it ,
but It is moro than probable
they will natch their troubles up and bo liv
ing together again.
In the afternoon Freeman's wife secured1 his.
release by paying4 $ . " > of the line imposed
against him. Mayor Uloane remitted tno
rest , pending good behavior. Freeman prom
ised to leave town at once and bother his
wife no more ,
rnli * a I auntlry.
Two tough-looking individual ? , who gave
their names ns I0d Small and \V. Uriscoll ,
tried to steal n whola laundry Thursday
night. They uru sorry for It. for
Onicor Tom 13ronnan was sent after them
and ho got them , but not until Driscoll wns
brought to a halt by a shot from the officer's
iun. ,
„ u
Thursday night about 0 o'clock they wcro
ut the house of Motile Chuck , who runs n
wash house iu tlio Third ward. When they
wo'o leaving they carried with them u lot of
gentlemon's underwear which belonged to
the customers of thov'Uhuek ' woman. Tno
goods wore afterwards discovered in an out
house connected with tlio laundry.
D.-lscoll and Sma.l'\voro each fined $ 0
nnd costs , In dnfault'on which they will go
to thu county jail. > ,
Ijatt Nlzfit * ' * i'.irtr.
Enterprise lodge , Khlglits of Pythias , did
itself proud again Thu'radaynight at its second
dancing party of ims season. The party oc
curred ii ( the Jodpn half on Twenty-fifth nnd
N streets , and jvjjendcd by n goodly
number of South Omnhu'n best t > eoplo. Thu
following gentlemen had the Hff.iir in
charge : rf ,
Arrangements John V. Hitchhart , T. G.
Marsh aud Alfred A. oWy.
ProgrammiJ James P. Hayes , Konrad
Miller and J. ll. Emprfins.
Music Alfred A. ( Jary , Uliarles Jones
and.lohnC. iV'Mters. '
deception John L ) . Kobinson , Alfred L.
Bebinger and John Uarda.
Floor Arthur \V. Sa.xc , James H. IJulln
and T. C. Marsh.
I.II'n in Mititln rn I/ands.
A rare literary treat is prouitsed at. the
Methodist church , Twenty-third and N
streets , Monday night , when lev. ! A. W.
tiimar , pastor of the I'irst Uantfst church ,
Omaha , delivers his famous lecture , ' "Use-
ollectlons of Souther i Life , or Forty Years
inDixuThH lecture is full of comedy ,
pathos and instruction , nnd is especially in
teresting to northern people. Wherever de
livered it has attracto.1 much attention , and
bus been greatly enjoyed. Last summer
Mr. Jjiimar delivered tie lecture nt several
of tbo Chautauipuu incvtmirs held in the west
and it was conceded the rarest literary treat
of these gatherings.
A r.oittxI-Up o ) Vimranffl.
Captain McMnhon and Ofllcer Hughes gath
ered In a lotrof men Thursday night who could
civo no account of tnomselvcn and whoso ac
tions and late hours caused suspicion. Tuo.v
gave the names of Harry Myers , Tom Mul
len , Sam Harvey , Polo Mcdiihuioss nnd F.
Yoste. Yesterday mornim ; tno men wort ;
dismissed by Judge King.
City NOTCH : ui 1 1 l > crKtmnr | > .
Mr. and ilrs. A. M. Millspaush have gone
tu Plainvllle. Mich. , to attend the funeral of
Mra. Millspaugh's father.
MM. Klla Chnet and her son have gone to
Sidney for a week's stay ,
Thoma-j Kimell of Superior , Neb , , is visit
ing Nelson Puringtan. * . J. D. Courtney , who has been visiting
Colonel E. P. Savage and family , has re
turned to her homo in Lincoln , accompanied
by Miss Jusalo Savage.
Ainu Bracket ! of Hebron , lud. , is visiting
his daughter.
O. E. Hood , ono of the foremen at Swift's
pavkfng house , will start for California Sun
Miss Jennie Morton has returned from a
visit to frisnJs la IJWA.
Charlei Zobash. thu boy door-tender who
was injured in the boiler explosion , is out
Contracts have been awarded for tlio re
construction of the Union rendering works
rffeontly destroyed bv lire.
Tollio Hamport , tha young lady wh'o ad
ministered a thrcs'ilng to her traducer ,
.VVilllarn Wcidomun , iu. .Omaha. Wednesday ,
resides wltti her parents on the corner of L
and Twenty-fourth at mots.
Poitmaster QnllauhtV of Omaha , accom
panied by Frank It. Morrison and James
Crclgliton , wuro in Soiuh Omaha yesterday.
Kov. A. Martin's lecture nt Hunt' ? hull
on "An Evening itJ ( England" was
well attended and thoroughly enjoyed. Quito
a sum was roall/cd fortho colored Christian
congregation at Albright
Frank Graham waa'fftlbd $10 ur.d costs for
carrying concealed \vfwpuiis.
Mr. John flynn ImVAgffcrcd a relapse and
Is now reported iiulte HI ,
Use Hereford's A'dld Phosphate.
I > r. Price , of the WMito S. S. Cor-
mnnica , says : " 1 havd' proscribed it in my
practice among the passengers traveling to
nnd from Europe , Ji | .tlds , steamer ; and the
rcKtilt has nntlsllo'1 me that if taken in time ,
It a great many cases prevent seasick-
nes . "
A Doctor g , w It.
LawTOnciv Kansas. Aug. U , IBfiS ,
George rattcrwiifelirromuttUtory whitlow ,
Btrlklne n fence. I found him mlngfct. Jacobs
Oil freely all over liU hutti. I nw him next
inornlnn at work ; all the blue iix > i bad gone.
leaving ntUlHTimln , near nor bwcllIiiK.
for the euro of nil DIROKDKRS OF TIK ! STOMACH. LIVHK , HOWKl/3 , KUNBVS
OF THE liOlVEI < B , PILES , mid till dorntufomtmts of tlio Intcrrml VKccr.i.
HAD WAV'S ' PILLS arc n euro for this complaint , Tliny tnno ti | > the Intel mil secretions
to healthy action , restore strength to the stoninch nnd cniiblo It to perform Us functions.
Price 23a pur box. Sold bv nil druggists.
UADWAY & CO. , Now Yorlr.
Cocoa is of supreme importance ns an article of diet. I
Van Houtcn's has fifty per tent , more tlcsh-forming properties - 5
ties than exist in the best of other cocoas. 5
The tissue of the cocoa bean is so softened as to render
it easy of digestion , and , at the same time , the aroma is
highly developed.
cS-VAN IIOUTEN'S COCOA ( ' 'oncolrlod. nlirarauioil" ) 1 ( lie rlcliinliiiirc , olu.
lilcC'neimluvcnlc < 1 , | > alcnleilnndmuri > lnllulliinilundli to-day bottcr nnil mart
toW * than any of the numerous Imitations. In fact.n comp.irftllro test will eojtlljr provo ,
Hint , MCI cllirf Cocoa equals tlii * Jntenlar't In Polilblllty , nprcoftMo UMo anil nulritlro Qitnll-
tics. "I.arEC t Mle In tlio tvorld. " A k for VAX HoriKN'Hnml tnko noothcr. 63
-Sow on
or- CtrcuZjrl l trtcttlt3fir9.g-
cuK'E ror
For Sale by Goodman Drug Co
Use it for Ueof 1'on , Soups , Kuuces. ( Game ,
I ish , & . , ) A--t > ic or Airnt. Tolly.
Oniipoun lot Vxtr.tctuf llouf equal tu foity pounds
) f lean liuf.
IMIII i n D ( iiily\vltli nitnat urn of J. von
IIH HllOIVII lllOV < ' , III 1)1 III' .
Its Smlli'S nnil Tcarf. Siicli U tlio coin-so of
liftiiKiilo uii of Miiiihlm' M ml ; ; lnoin , sluil-
nesi anil Hiirrmv , rlclnvtaml jioin-ly , lirnltli
mul iliirnHii. Wi > iimyiIlspoltli KlooinlMii-
fsli tliu Hfirrii r antl ( ? HII | rlcii ] > H ; but Hlcltnufia
\vll2 ovortalii ) tis , Miiinor or Inter. Yet , Inip-
jilly , thnt enemy can 1 > o vamiulslicil ; ) iilm :
nuil nrliciCHii lie rellt > vf < lj lln-ro it n onliu
Tor \ rry n omul , and MclKiiro IIIIK pluced It
nltlilu the rcnoh ol'iill. Tliero Is no illncov-
rry t hut liusuooiiuo ircnt u bIc liiK : ' ' > r.
Tntl'i * I.IVrr 1'IIIs. lu innlnrlMl rvshmu ,
nliqru Fovcranil ARnr , nilloiivllbicairaaiiti
allinentsliirlUftit loudei-nnRcil llvcriirrvull ,
they Imvo proven un IiiL-ntlnmlila tioun , ita
n hiuiilrcd tlioiiDiintl living w Itnrnsrs tmtiry.
Tatt's Liirer Pills
Price , 25c. GIHsc. 30 & 41 Park Flaw , H. Y. ,
-J lota , low prices , jjooil water , cs-
uollonl druiiuijre ; motor line : /i-ec-tit / car
fnro ; hitfh , Ury , bcnutlful. Sold for casher
or on InstuUiuunt plan.
Ablngton Bnlldlncr , Portland , Or.
Noo. 3O3-4O t- 7O5O4. .
For t08rcrFAII.IWO IANIjbOD |
ueaertl and I'EKVOUO MtDlLIT Vi
wjakaeuof UodyanilMind , ElTccto
* < , > IDIU > II ii vtot , Hiibd ( uilKi i f
Buifcrliia from the vlTtcw of yuutliful crTon , i art/
decay , wantliu weiknru. Itut inaulioul , etc. . 1 will
eenu a raJuablp trratliu ( valeil ) conlnlntnit fnlf
partleulan for liomu cure. I'HKH of chnnie. A.
fplenjlcluitdlcalworkihoulil Iw rvod liy nvrry
nan who U licrvoin anil riitUIIIAtnl.
oi > ror. I'.c.
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
IncnriMiratpil liy llio LrKlMntnro , for pitucntlonM
nnd chnrltnblo | nirpo ( ! , niul Its franelil i * um.lp n
putt of the present nttto constitution , In IST9. by an
ovt'iwlirlmiiu' popular Tine.
Sciiii-Aiiiiually ( June anil Hcrrmlicr ) anil
its ( Jrantl Mingle Nninlirr Hriurlngs tnko
plnco in each of llio other ten months of
the year , nnil arc all drawn In public , at
the Acnileiny of Music. New Orleans , La.
For Integrity of its Drawings and
Prompt Payment ol Prizes ,
AtloMiMl ai follows :
"Wo do Hereby certify wo snpervlio tlienr-
ranxrmrnti for all thn monthly anil soniHuinunl
drawing of thu l.oul.ilana Mali * Lottery company ,
anil In pcnon nninuxn anil control the drawlnm
lhomHulM-1 , iinil Unit thu miini ! urn conductol nltli
lionixty. fairniHH. and in coed fiilth townnl all pur-
Ili'i. iinil wiuuilliorUn thr company to IMC thljccrtl-
lli'iilowllh fn liniliMuf our slvnal'ircj attlcluJ , lu
We. the tinilorsigno , ! lianl : nnil bunhora will piy nil
rUu drawn In ttia lotilf lium Stulu l.otturlu ulilcli
innsbo luvM'iituJnt uur lountrr .
1 ( . M. WAliM-hKV , 1'iOf. Ionlstani Nat. Hank.
J'lUUItKliANAlIX , I'res. tate Nat1 1 llanlc.
A. HALDWIf , ' , Pr s. Kuw OrluiiiH Nat'l Hunk.
CAIth IvOM.V , I'reri , Union National Hans.
At the Academy of Music. New Or
leans , Tuesday , Aorll 15.
| S9O.
1OO , ( > ( ) ( > CioUtC-t at $ UO onuli ; Halves
$1O ; Quarters S5 ; Tenths $1 ! ;
TiVRiitiothn $1.
i ipr OP miZKS.
: rm.K or ( mini in . r.Tmrm
1 I'ltl/.K OK 1I1VUM1 . lUI.HM
li'ltl/KUK & ) , UJIIil . . ' . . ftWIJ
I IMIIX.i : Oh' tti.UUn . . ( !
3 I'HISKS OK tiv i lire . : wa l
& I'HIXKS Oh' fiiuiiiri- . 'A'iU '
I'lllXKS ( ) ! ' l.llllmo . " 'i.UHJ
HU I'KIXKS < lh * f/OlUU . MI.IIII
J l I'lllXKH Ol' " .
M ) t'lll/.KS Ob' JJUiJUJ
ino Prizes or f : M in L- . ; onoi
luj do 'juunrr . : j.mri
1UU lit ) ajjuro . , . UJ.UJU
rriiMiXAi , i'iuyKS.
iw t'rifo * or riuinro . mf n
UM'tio luunra . . . ! u , ' vl
3,134 1'rizos amounting to . . . .SI , 034,800
NOTE Tlpleti ilmnlni ; Capita ! 1'rlics nro not en
titled to tcrinliml prlzi'i.
tt crtm IIATIX nr nnjr further Infornmlion
iloiiroil , wrltu U-Kllily tn thu mitlurclKiicil , ulenrly
ctulliiK J'Oiirro'lilcnci' , wllli ptiitu , county , flrci't an , I
luinibi-r. iloni i.iilil roUuii nmli ilvllvcr/ will Ini
n un'd hy your enclosing mi vnvolnpn bcurhcyour
lull adilr ' ! i . _ .
Now Orloatu , lii.
WiiBluuBtoa. 1) . C.
lly orJIiuiry Icltir , vuiitaliilni , ' Mos'KV OlilinH- :
Kiiuilbyitll i > iiru | i cuinpaiilca , Now Vorx uxcUunKO
driitt urpustnl noli1. .
lleglilered Lelters containing Current/ /
New Orleans. La.
i. tUatthit nuymnnt of prl/.c is
TIKII : HV wn'u NArniNAi. HANKS or Nuw Orlomis ,
nnil lint ticket nre tUnci ! by ttio prti Iilcnt ftf tin In *
Hituilurt , who-n churtpreit rlKlits am remtrnlzHt tu
iliu liUtuin courU : ttiuioloru , bowara of nil liiinil-
tlom tir nrinnyiniiuK EchiMitctf ,
O\K Dm. i. Mt H inn prim of thoimmUc t port or
rniiMlon of u UckiH istuiMi HI'H In any ilruivlnu
Aiijthliiu-in our n.tuiu offcroil ( orluu limn uUullitrla
a airliiiliu.
lE ! FHKSIll ! DETJ110US ! ! I
Order * \ > r SInll ! Kipr u 111 receive 1'rouipt
nd t'urrcct Allcutlvu.
In Icr Die maniurinrnt of ttip
Mexican Intarnutlonnl Banking Oo.
rnr.rp K > n flri < . Imoniornt'il lijr tlio tito tu Clil
Imnhun , voxlcn ,
l-'or Chnrllnlilo Piu-ii | r ) .
GUAM ) ftO.VTHtiY I ) \\VI\O
will mx | iM In iiublln nl ilia cllr of Jimu'i > for
WIOD.SKSOAV , AlMllli UJInl , 1HDI ) .
under HIP t > or oml v.i | > ortl nm of ( I 'nornl Jonvs.
.MII IIY nnil Mr. CVMII.O AIUII'I'.U.K * , th furtnrru
IK'itttcmnn f mflt pniiiilnrno.Mn tlio 1'nltt'l Mite §
itintiil pre Ptir < > nlouol viniclvnt In ttm
public lli.1t Huidrnwlni < mil liplinM wltliMrlu lion *
i"tr nnit fnlrnrv In nil , niul llio Inline dim Kiuicr-
vUorof tlio MntlvAu ROTcriiiucnll I * uf < > iunl iHniiJ *
lug nnil Inlcitrlty.
'AI ITVI , PICIZi ; , 8 < 10OOI > .
Only l > ,000 Tickets Only ( llOIlTrki'K ) ) !
Whclo Tickets , f I. Unit Ticket. ' ' , t : .
Quarter TIckttM , tl.
i iMroof tunni . . twm
I I'rlionf KVUH < IIMUI
1 I'rUeof MIUI . MUI
l'rlio if
111 I
Idlcnohnn * A.utl
111) ) I'rlipMif Mill
: oaclt niv iVM
tonViliptor J Mnnrlinrp . . . . . S J
Hti IW/o * of iili'tieli nro. > '
" ' ' " " "
"TKiuiivAr.'Y'iim ! *
f l Terminal * to * ) ) , ( I'rUo of Wli-nch nro IIJ.KU
! M TcrmlnnU to lOiw I'rltv ol till uncli nro , WMI
tl 4'W , ' )
liprMir rrrtlfr ttmt tlio Il.inco
Nnclunnl nf Moxlcii. In Clilliunliun lm < on ili'poilt
from llio Mcslrin Inlcrimtlnnnl llnnklnit riMir.nnr ,
tliiMHVe' ry fun U tu utiirnntmi tlui IIIIVIMCIII if nil
thn r rl < i itr.twn In tlni ( r.
Wo fnrtlii'r ( ortlfjr Hint wp will nn | > i < iYl < onll tint
nrrimuoinpiiK , niul In | > or nu niniiuui ) niul ninlnil nil
tlioilninliiB of lli | iMtlorr , nnil Hint tiiovminnru
nimliKtiMl with lionoitr. fnltiK'ss. nnil In Kuod filltU
lotrnnl nil pirllcs.
JOHN S. lo nr , rtimml lom < r.
t'ii.n AiHit'i.t.i.r' ' .
StiBcr l or for the ( loter.iini'nt.
IfnnrtlcLot ilr.iwlnu n iul < u ! < nnit in llio uiMur-
flmipil. IM fnco Tiiliio nlll tin collprli'il niul ri'iulttfil
to the ownur thereof frft > of clmriti >
I'rcshlont Kl Iaso .Nntlo mi Hunk. Kl l'an > , Ti'i.
Forclnlirnti' , nrnnr furllicr Infonniitlon wrlloto
thiMinilcriliiiuiU. Hlnllni ; your mltlrcmi rlrnrlr. wllli
Intocounijr. bircct ami iiunilii'r. uoro miilit innll
ilpllvcry wllilio invimi by your ciiclotlim nil unvol-
ono I'oiiiliiif jinirfnliii'ttlri' " .
t'llyof Jiuiriv , .Muxlco.
f-'i'inl rcnilttnnco' for ticket * by onllnnry toiler ,
conlnlnlnu unner ( inter. ISSIIIM ! l > r nil KTIMI > COIII.
luinlrs Now York Kxclinniio , I'nnk Draft or I'o lnl
Note AililrrM nil rcglilpriMl li-ticm to
MLMC.IX l.xrKii.NATiov.Ai. it.\NKIVH Co. ,
City of Junru * , .Moxlco.
Tbo ! irRo > t , fnstotanU Illicit. In tlio wurUl
rnsusjigcr accommodnttona iniuicclloj.
Now York to Qlargow via. Londonderry.
Dovonia , Miircli Siiml I Anchoriii , April 5th
Clronsslo , Moich li'Jth | Ktliiopi.i , April Wth
SAUKIS- . MTONii-CJ.As-i niul STKKII.IIIB mti" oo
lownt tcnn.i. KxrtiMloii lliket * nflncpil , nimlo nvnll-
nblu to return liy olllu-r llio Hctuivrquo Clyilonml
Nurtli or lllvir Money niul south of Ire
land , orNiiiilotoriiltioraltvr.
KXri'ltStONHTOI'AllliumCos'TISKXT.M. Toltlld.on
lowcm turnip. 'I'niTclorH' Clrcitlnr lA'tti'n nl prnllt
ami itrafls for nny nmoiint lit lowi'M rurronlmlea.
Aiplx | to nny of the Incut nui'iiU or to
1IENDEKSON liKOS. . ( Jhlrago. Ills.
H. S. Ilnll , H. V. Moorcs , C. II. Alarcs.
U. P. Depot.
_ _
To ( Slnssow , Itelfiist Dublin antl Liver
Cabin passugi ! l * > tn $ ' 0 , ncroril Ing to location of
Stcerngo to niul from Kuropa nt Lowest Untoa.
6-5 llroudway , No\v York.
Jno. IlloKoii. CiBiieral Westurn Aj ent. llll Hun-
dolphStreet. Hnrry K. Monies. Tlioi. McCannu.
P.issngoto andlrom fir cat Britain and an
parts ol Europe. Montreal-Liverpool route , by llio
waters ol St. Lawrence , shortest ulall. UluRcowto
ItoBton , to I'hllmlnlplfla. Liverpool to ami from
Ilultlmore. Thirty Ktcnmors. C'luiB ' oxcelolor.
AccommodatlnuB unsiirpaopcd. Weekly sailings.
AMAN A. 4O..Oon. ! West. As'tn. .
C.J. Sundcll , iun cr. 112 La ballu St. , Chlcnt'Oi UL
iVcriiim DrMllly.
Voullilnl liiilUcrellaii * , Munhood.
Be Your Own Physician 1
Sl/uiy men , from thn cfloctn of yonthful
> Imprudence , h&ve brcmabt aiinut a ituta of
1 urnknoas that lion iriluccil tlio Ki-uernl j -
> torn 00 much AH to liiilucu almost vvery
, other ulfioaee , anil the real rMi n of thu
I trouhlo ncnrcelr ever bvlnu cuiprclril , they
. are tlocloml fur cvcrjIMInit lint the rlicht
i one. Isutivithstanillnif Iho innny Taluahlo
; rpniwlliw that Tnvillcnl frlvnre ha * produced
, for tliorrllef of thnclu ! * of imtlt'ntA , nunn
' of the nnltuary inodcuof trratinunt effi't'tn
. CHIT. IiurinKDurmtciiBlrocollrKoiindhin-
; pluil iiroctlcnuo hnru exp rlntentfiltlth
i and dlxLt vrpil nownnileuiicLntruUHl iPtnu-
i illM. IheaccompanylnvrroH'i'lptloiiIsor-
; furmt na a , rrrlnln nnil ii | > cr < lv cnriu
' It of cosc-i la tmr prnrilcu Imvo Itvcn
- - . 1 to ( wrfcct limit ! ) fry 1U use aftfr
I nllolhfrr mtilliBfnllod. lYrfrctlytuirolii *
rii'illuntKitiiist IMJ usudluthuifiriwirutlouof
; nils prrwrliitlon.
It rrjtlinixylon coca , 14 drachm.
Jurubcblii , 1-3 Urailini.
Jlrlonlan Jilolcn , 1 Kdrachm.
CIclin'iiilii. Hxnilns.
) : it. lai > ntla > nninrmnlriliollc,3 grains
Kit. Icptiihlra , It ccruiiUv.
( llvrermeq H. lllr.
; Maku < X > pllla. TakolplllatSi.m.amlun- |
i olhrron rroliiff tn iMtl. Inooinurani'iilt ulll
\M \ luii'i'Kinry for the tntlmt to tnkn two pill"
! ThLi i eniPilr H ndaptfil to r very condition of
1 iurt ous dolillltr and wuikncKi In rltliirmvi ,
I Imjinidi'iu'i' . 11m li-cuiieratho powclii of
; tblirc.tniiitlronntiuyaEtoiil ! < lilneiiiidlt
> iwjconllnufil for n short tliuerhanem thu
' , languid , deblllt/iled.iti'neleni cundltloii to
i onoofixnimcil lirnandlKor. . O
: AinoamcoiittantlrlnrftclptoflctUriiof
; Imiulry ii'lallto to lhli rcraidy , vr would
> uiy tuthiunivhoivould prefer to ohtalnltot
, ' un. by remlltliiK $1 a lui-uroly walinl | ck *
i n u contalnlnif CO pllU , cnrutully coin-
1 poiimlnl. will Iw wnt hy rt'lurn mall from
ourpritata lb < > rntory.or\voufllfiimlsh 0
pai-Kni'ii" , vhlch ulllcure moat caacii , forS.V.
Address or call oil
New England Mfldical Institute ,
21 Trcniont How , Donloti , MOM.
fit Copyrlflht. IM . by K. II. 1
PATENTEDAuo. 10 , 1887. IMPROVEDJuuao. 1889.
. . \ > iv , v\inM. ! . ' JJH. OWEN'U ELKCTUO-
< " All Hheumitlo Couv
.1 j plolntj.Lumbajo. 0 eiicial
11 - ' Wo voui Mcbllit ? ,
1 " Kidney
hnustloiiVmtlnB f
i nnici caiiEtd by Indtacreticni in
- IiIarrUdorRlnglellfe.
Alsoan Eleatrla Truon iinel Holt Combined.
B uJ DC. IKUUCO for r lllu.i'J took , nl | OM , vhlch will t *
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