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The Third Jones Murderer Possibly
In Jail In Plattsmouth.
The Coroner' * Jury Doclilos That Ills
Death Wan Caused hy the
Hand of Ono CharlcM
A. Stevens.
Is no fihollcnlior er'rt Accomplice ?
Pr.ATTSMOUTir , Nob. , March 10. [ Special
Telegram to Tnn UEB. | There Is n man
lying In Jail hero serving out a sentence of
twenty days for petit larceny who tallies
exactly with the third party spoken of In tbo
confession of Shcllonbcrgor , the supposed
murderer of the Jones people , near Omaha.
Ho has been very nervous slnco his arrest
nnd sits all day with his head down , moping
ns If ho was afraid. When Shollouborgor's
confession was read in his presence ho was
visibly affected , Slnco then lie has eagerly
asKcd for the Omaha papers. Ho can give
no delink answer when asked concerning
his whereabouts in the fore part of
February , He says ho has been living near
Lincoln since January 1. When arrested
hero ho hud a very line horse , which ho
said belonged to his undo who lives in Lan
caster county. Shortly after ho had been
committed hero a man purporting to bo a
deputy sheriff from Lincoln came and asked
that his sentence be commuted nnd ho would
Immediately rearrcst him on the charge of
horse stealing. The supposed deputy sheriff
offered no credentials , nnd his request was
not granted , This , it is thought , was Just u
ruse to uot the man out of Jail.
The authorities have written to Prosecut
ing Attorney Maloney nnd Chief Soavoy for
a better description of the man , but as yet
no answer bus been received. He has yet
about live days to servo and Omaha author- !
Hies are expected hero to take the man us
Boon & 3 ho is released.
Sherman WaH Murdered.
NKI.SON' , Neb. , March 13. [ Special Tele
gram to TIIC UEE.J The coroner's Jury in
the case of the murdered man at Oak , gives
a verdict that Charles A. Sherman came to
his death from a gunshot by the hand of
Charles A. Stevens. Mr. Sherman resided
ut Carlton , Nob. , and four weeks ago left
homo with Stevens to go to Colorado. Stev
ens must have shot him the flrst day out and
driven the team on to Colorado , where ho
stated ha bought the team of Sticrmau , and
that Shnrmau Had fled the country. It is
Rtrnngo that the body was so long In being
dlscovoicd. Tlio bl.oritT has started to Col
orado with the necessary papers to bring
Stevens back.
S Fire in nn'fl Tournament Programme.
k PIACTSMOUTII , Nob. , March 13. [ Special
to Tun HUG. | At u meeting of the Plaits-
mouth lira department arrangements were
made 1'or the coming state tournament. The
Uato was sot nt Juno 2-1 , 25 and 20. Proinf-
unmngcrcgatlng § 2,500 will be offered. .Tho
committee on programme submitted the fol
lowing :
Tuesday , Juno 2-1 , 10 n. m. , reception o
visiting ilrcnien ; 11 a. in. , meeting of board
of control ; 3 p. m. , green horse race ,
purse , $150 , flrst prize$100 , second prize $50 ;
3 f ) . m. , ureoM'huok-uand laildur.racc.ipursei
$150 ; first prize , $100 ; second prize , $50 ; 4 p.'f
m. , chiefs' race. 100 yards , first prize to
fastest , gold medal , value ? 25 ; second prize
to slowest , leather medal : 4:110 : p. in. , hose
race , purse $200 ; flrst prize , $1CO ; second
prize , $50.
Wednesday , Juno 25 , 10a.m. . grand pa
rade , prize to thu best uniformed and best
appearing company , handsome banner and
badge ; 8 p. in. , state hose race , purse $3.10
and curt ; flrst prize , champion curt anil
WOll ; second prize , $100 ; third prize , $30 ;
II p. m. , coupling contsst to rules , prize $50
nnd gold badge ; 4 p. in. , state hook and lad
der race , purse $1150 and bolt ; flrst prize ,
* . * f belt nnd 5200 ; second prize , 6100 ; third
r prize , $50.
Thursday. Juno 20 , 1:30 : p. m. , ladder
climbing contest to rules , prize $25 and gold
badge ; 2:30p. : in. , grand hose race , free for
nil , purse $ -100 ; flrst prize , $300 ; second
prize , $100 ; 3:30 : p. m. , grand hook and ladder
race , free for all , purse (400 ; Urst prize , $300 ;
second prize , $100.
Hose nnd hook nnd ladder teams from
Hastings , Kearney , Grand Island , Lscairico ,
Ked Cloud , Fremont , York. Wahoo , Ne
braska City nnd Holdrego have signified
their Intention or being uresent , and n largo
number of tonics from Iowa aro- expected to
toke part In the free-for-all races. Platts
mouth expects to entertain about three
thousand visitors on that occasion.
Will Have Hotter Mi-tit.
CIIDTB. Nob. , March 13. | Special to TIIC
BBC. ] For some tlmo past the electric light
plant now in use In our city has given no
satisfaction at all and there has boon some
severe kicking by everybody. The city
fathers had several proposition * before
them to sell thu franchise to eastern parties ,
but the propositions never came to anything.
Today tlio city has made n contract with the
lirush Elcctno Light comutiny of Cleveland
to remove the present plant and put In anew
now ono with the latest improvements.
There are to bo twenty street lumps of 2,400
camilo power , fifty fcot in height from the
street and fifteen lights for use in stores.
The system is to be tirst class In every re
spect and the power used will come from C.
C. White's uiipcr mill. This bcttlomont of
the long mooted question of satisfactory light
for our town gives satisfaction to every
Niobrara IH Kncnurairod.
NiomiAitA , Nob. , March 13. [ Special to
TUB UKB.I Chairman Houston of the board
of trade has called n mass meeting to beheld
hold in G. A. It. hall this evening to receive
the formal report of the committee- sent to
Omaha last week to confer with the Fre
mont , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley railway ,
with u vluw of its extension from Verdigris
to Nlobrara , a distance of less than twelve
miles. Thu citizens feel much encouraged
ever the lively interest taken by Omaha In
, thls mutter , nnd hope for a most fuvorablo
result when the Omaha nnd Nlobrura com
mittees meet in Chicago , and present the
case m the proper light to Prcsldeut Hughitt.
Crete's Now Hluh MJliool ,
CHUTE , Neb. , March 13. [ Special to Tun
BBE.J At last tha now high school building
is finished und now Is occupied by the school ,
Iho building has been erected nt a cost of
? 27,500. Fowler & HoltidnrfT of Omaha
wore the architects , nnd the design ns well
ns the interior arrangements are highly
spoken of by everyone who took pulus to go
through tlio building. Crete luis now ono of
the llnost school buildings lu tbo state ,
The I vanuolloal Annotation.
HiHVBK CIIOSSINO , Nab , , March 13. [ Spe
cial Telegram to TUB HUB. | The Platte
river conference of the Evangelical associa
tion opened this morning. Bishop Esbor of
Chicago , who Is under serious charges for
unchristian conduct , to bn tried at Heading ,
Pa. , March ID , is uot allowed to preside.
The conference elected Uov. E. L. KIplliiRor
chairman. ICIpllugur received every votu
but ono.
* _ _ w
Sold Mortirimail Property.
PxrauoK , Neb , , March 13. [ Special to
THE HKB.J G. J. Hess , who was arrested
for selling mortgaged property on complaint
of the Minnesota Chlof 'threshing Machine
company , has been bound ever to the district
court. Hall was tlxud at $300 , and lu default
of the aauio bo stood committed. Ucsa hut
been In the agricultural Implement business
at Springfield for six years.
Inntantly Killed.
Hfnwr.i.i < , Neb. , March 13. fSpocml Telegram -
gram to TUB Unn.J Gus Uorg , n Swedish
citizen of Una county , was thrown from his
wagon about ton miles cast of hero last night
and Instantly killed. Ho had been to town
and was going homo with n load of fence
posts when the accident occurred. Horg
was a single man about thirty years of ago.
Tit for Tat.
Nnmusic.v Cur , Nob. , March 13. ( Special
Telegram to THE UEB , ! Mrs. John Eck
had her husband arrested last night for
beating her and today ho gave tbo ofllcors
pointers which also led to her arrest and de
veloped the fact that she is a professional
all-round thief. Large quantities of stolen
goods were found at her bouse.
E. J. llrndbury Grant ml a Divorce
Hy Judsn Collins.
Cmcioo , March 13. [ Special Telegram to
Tun HKC.I E. J. Uradbury , a typical Lon
doner , was granted a divorce by Judge Col
lins today from his wife , Theresa Maud , who
is now a resident of Omaha. Hradbury is
the Chicago representative of it-Now York
linen drapery house. Uradbury testified
that ho married Theresa Maud Spencer lu
England in 1370. He lived with his wife
until 1S54 , when she deserted him for a
dashing London swell named John St.
" 1 wrote her a letter accusing her of intl-
tlmacy with St. Maur , " said Uradbury , "and
she did not deny it , but coolly suggested that
1 got a divorce. St. Maur afterwards died
and she wanted to conio back , and wrote mo
a letter asking forgiveness , and came per
sonally to mo all the way from London , but
I absolutely refused to receive her. "
Uradbury's attorney presented many letters -
tors to tlio court written by Mrs. Uradbury.
Ono of the missives written after St. Mnur's
death was very tender in tone and asked
that their two hearts micht once again bo
reunited. This appeal was followed by
others , and then followed cablegrams saying
she was coining to America. She arrived
and the result was Uradbury's refusal to rc-
cclvo her. * _ _ '
DIGITAL/IS / l < " 0lt IJ1COHICI3.
Two AVomcn Almost Killed by a
Druggist'Caroirs i ties * .
NEW YOUK , March 12. [ Sposlal Telegram
to THE Ilic. : | Julius Thaldcrmnndel , a drug
clerk , was arrested today at the instance of
the board of health , cliartred wltn having
sold impure drugs. Two weeks ago Jonn
U. McGuire wont to his store and ordered 5
cents worth of powdered licorlco for use ns
a medicine for his wife , who was sick and
bolng attended to by a physician. The
clerk sold the licorice , which was done up
with a proper label on the outside. The
woman and a nclco of her's took some of the
powder and In a short time they wcro both
taKen sick , The woman became partly
stupclicd and when the doctor was called
they were both sulTennc from weak action
of the heart , the woman's hfu being in
danger. The husband went to the drug
store und asked the dork what ho had given
in the parcel and the clerk tried to snatch
what was loft of it from the man's hand.
McGuire thnn took the powder to the board
of health. Hero the doctors tound that it
was a deadly poison that had boon put up.
It was pure digitalis. Experiments made ou
rabbits with the drug showed that the action
of the heart was affected and they soon died.
Mrs. McGuire Is permanently Injured by tbo
powders and the doctors say it is only a
nuestlou of tinio when she will bo dead.
S " * ' _ ' o - 1 "
The Suburbanites Hay It Will Cause
n Punic.
CHICAGO , March 14. .ISoscial Telegram to
THE Unn.l A mass meeting of suburban
residents to protest against the slow running
of trains was held this afternoon In F.irvvol
hall. In calling the meeting to order Chniii
man Givcns said :
"The railroads have rights wo are bound
to respect. The city council is as much to
blame as the railroads. Uut on whomever
the blame mii.y rest the matter must bo ad
justed. I toll you , gentlemen , this action of
the railroads Is n calamity to Chicago. It
will cause a panic if it continues in force six
moilths. "
Audrosscs wcro made by several prom
inent citizens , after which resolutions were
adopted calling on the city council to pass
such ordinances ns shall permit the railroads
to run at n higher rale of speed , but obliging
them at the same to take such measures as
can bo now adopted for the preservation of
life and property at the crossings and upon
their trucks.
The question of how to lessen the danger
of the tracks was discussed at length , but it
was llnally agreed that the solution of that
intricate problem would hotter bo loft for
the council and engineers.
A Colossal Fortune Waiting for John
Davis to CI lim Ir.
Cni < nno , March 13. ( Special Telegram to
TUB UEC. ] Urlcf dispatches from Helena ,
Mont. , were received this morning to the
effect that Judge Andrew J. Davis , a
wealthy citizen of that statu , died suddenly
last night at Hutto leaving an estate worth
$10,000,000. The point of interest to Chicago
readers was that "his brother'John A. Davis
of Chicago , would got the entire estate. "
A ronortor spent thn day In hunting the
many John Davlscs named in the city direc
tory , but although nil seen wore very confi
dent they could make very good use of the
money , they were obliged regretfully to ad
mit that thuv hud never heard ol Judge
Davis and hud no relatives in the west.
m r u
Tlio Dismissal ol' n Tutor Cnuaos a
Itow in alHInd liiDtitutc.
PiiiLAiinLrniA , March 13. [ Special Tele
gram to Tnu Unc. ] The dismissal of Edwin
W. Potter , the principal Instauctor in the
Pennsylvania institution for thu blind , by the
managers today resulted in nn outbreak by
the bny pupils that lasted an hour and took
the most strenuous dftorts of the principal
nud other employes to subdue. Potter was
one of the tcachora who charged Principal
Uattlcs nnd Prefect Kiug with cruelty and
Creditor- lc I'or a Hccnlvor.
Ciucvao , March 13 , Tim financial troubles
of N , Corwlth & Co. , resulting from u dis
astrous attempt to run n corner In lead in
1SSS , canto up m the superior court today ,
The Union National bank , Evoro'.t & Part ,
the Pennsylvania load company and Thomas
J. Phillips of St. Louis tiled a bill aslong for
a receiver for the estate of the late Nathan
Corwith , alleging that In default of their
rights Corwith had transferred some $300,000
worth of real estate to ono Clarence P ,
Uirdsoyi' , who la also made party defendant.
Important Itallrond l ) > allnn ,
Nuw YOHK , March 13. Judge Hawcs has
received a letter from Commissioner Wilson
of Springfield , III. , who was the referee in
the matter ot the overissue of bonds of the
St. Louis & Chlcaco railway company , in
connection with which Frank C. Holllns &
Co. wore charged with fraud. The referee
reports against the imod fulth ot the holders
of bond * 1,401 to 1,000 and against the right
to share m the proceeds ot the sale.
The Wcathor Forecast.
For Omaha and vicinity : Fair weather.
For Nebraska ami lowat Fair , variable
winds , stationary temperature ; warmer , fair
For South Dakota : Fair , variable wlnili ,
warmer ; fair uud warmer Saturday ,
Figures Deftly Arranged to Toll
AVanninnkcr Getting Pointers Prom
PostitinHtcrn ntt to AVliy So ftlany
tin tiers Fall to Hcac'U
Their Destination.
WASIHNOTO.V. D. C. , March 13.
This afternoon the attention of Mr. Can
non , chairman of the house committee on ap
propriations , having been called to nu In
terview with ex-Speaker Carlisle In a Now
York newspaper of yesterday about appro
priations by this congress , Mr. Cannon said :
"Mr. Carlisle In his llgurcs commits the
error of setting against the ordinary reve
nues of the government for the next year ,
$353,000,000 , the total possible appropriations ,
Including a possible deficit of $57,000,000 ,
whereas If ho had Included in the revenues
of the government , as ho should have done ,
the postal receipts , the result would have
been a surplus even by hm lib
eral method of figuring. In
other words , Mr. Carlisle admits
from his estimate of the revenues of the
government the sum of $05,000,000 to bo re
ceived from the postal receipts' , notwith
standing the fact that ho includes in his sum
total .of the possible appropriations the
whole amount for postal expenditures. Mr.
Carlisle's remarks , to say the least of them ,
bear n slight ti'igo of nn effortto , show that
this congress cannot do that which the tbroo
democratic houses over which ho presided
during the past six years uf.erly failed to
accomplish , that is , rcduco the revenues.
Wo caunot fairly predict as ( o , the future ,
except upon the basis of that which has ac
tually been accomplished. In this connec
tion what is the record of the first session
of the Fifty-first congress with reference
to thu appropriation bills that have been
prepared and reported to the house , namely ,
the District of Columbia Dili , the army bill
and the pension appropriation bill ]
"Tho District of Columbia bill has already
been passed and in the aggregate the appro
priations are $350,000 less than by the last
"Tho army appropriation bill is now on
the calendar and when you deduct .from it
$ $0,000 for certain objects which belong to
the fortification bill , aud wcro provided for
in that bill during the last congress , it ap
propriates $35,000 leas than the last law.
"The pension approuriation bill , which is
on the calendar and is based upon the exist
ing law for the payment of pensions during
the next fiscal year , appropriates compara
tively but little moro than the expenditures
on account of pensions will aggregate during
the current fiscal year.
"With reference to the bills for the con
struction of public buildings which have at
tracted so much attention of late , it will bo
seen by an examination of the record that at
the last session of the last cqngrcss bills
wcro passed authorizing the construction of
new buildings aggregating in cost $0,742,000.
The public building bills which hava passed
the house uu to this tlmo n'jthis ' session ag
gregate 5J.8S5.000. There is no doubt that
many uf the bills authorized by the last con
gress wcro wholly unneccessa'ry nnd I do
not pretend to defend all these passed at
this session. In addition to tha rccular ap
propriation bills reported and these yet to bo
reported wo have had this session to provide
for dctlclcncos aggregating S21.050.000 , and
there are yet moro to come , but this house is
not responsible for them. They are the re
sult of the insuulcicnt appropriations made
by the last democratic house on esti
mates submitted by and knowingly made
insufficient by the retiring Cleveland admin
istration , particularly witn reference to pen-
Dions and the postal servico.
"Mr. Carlisle speaks of a bill for the navy
authorizing expenditures of $300,003,000.
There is no such bill pending in congress , to
my knowledge. There has been a report
from some naval advisory board suggesting
that it would bo wise ultimately to expend
on the now American navy something like
$300,000,000 , but thcrp has been absolutely
no Incislation or even proposed legislation
looking to any such end bv this congress.
"Ho also speaks of u bill pending in the
senate , appropriating $120,000,000 for coast
defenses. That bill is an old story. It was
wrestled ever by the last congress and its
presence in tbo senate at this time forebodes
no particular peril to the treasury.
"Concerning the matter of pensions , it
seems that Mr. Carlisle , with great pains ,
has aggregated the probable expenditure in
volved in all the bills now pending before
congress , not recognizing the fact that
many of these bills depend for success
on the failure of others. Congress
can safely bo rolled upon to do justice to the
needs and deserts of the veterans of the late
war without undue pressure upon the treas
ury. Tlio committees on pensions of the two
houses ai enow earnestly investigating tlio
question of proper necessary pension legisla
tion , and until they act it will not bo tlmo
for Mr. Carlisle and his friends to cry out
cither against the illlborallty or their extrav
"IH * dlflleult to determine from what Mr.
Carlisle says as to which is troubling his
soul the most , namely , whether this congress
will do too much or too little for the soldiers.
The republican party has promised and will
not fall to keep Its pledges to enact just nnd
proper pension legislation for the soldiers , "
As soon as Postmaster General Wana-
maker began to compass the details of Ins
office ho discovered that there were received
every year at the dead letter office over two
millions of unclaimed InUcra. The figures
Impressed him with the necessity of some
action to find a larger par cent of the per
sons to whom these letters are addressed ,
and ho issued a circular to the postmasters
throughout the country asking them for
their ideas ns to why so many letters
fulled to reach tlio proper per
sons nnd what would bo the
best stops to take to remedy the troublo. Ho
has already begun to rocolvo replies from
postmasters in tlm various states. Ho has a
number of letters from postmasters in Iowa
and Nebraska. The postmaster at Council
UlulTs , la. , says the causa is duo to letters
not beinir addressed to the street and num
ber , addressing letters with lead pencils ,
misspelling , Insufllciont address , Incorrectly
addressed mail and careless writing. Ho
suggests us n remedy that an effort bo made
to bring before the public the neces
sity of greater cnro In addressing
letters , especially ns to street ' numbers ,
moro oltort to deliver by carrlora' , return en
velopes to bo kept at all postolllccs and the
puoliu encouraged to use the same.
The postmaster nt Fremont , Nob. , says
the trouble is with tno-largo number of tran
sients , and that moro extensive advertising is
needed and ha auggosts that the charges for
advertising should bo 3 cants instead of 1
cent ,
. The Beatrice postmaster suggests greater
cara lu the general delivery and larger ap
propriations for clerk hlro.
The Hastings postmaster writes : "Adver
tise the letters moro , charge il cents , upon
delivery and glva the public to understand
that where failure to deliver was tbo fault of
employes the 3 cents will bo collected by the
postmaster from the clerk at fault. "
Tbo suh.commlttno.ot the house committee
ou banking and currency , haviute in charge
the bill providing for tho-isauanoo "of frac
tional paper currency , reported adversely to
the full committee today and there was a
general discussion of tbo subject. It was
believed that BOUIO kind of fractional postal
currency should bo issued , especially for
transmission through * ho malls , to taKe tbo
place of the present postal notes , to bo sold
ilka stamps and to bo redeemed by the gov
ernment whenever they roach national
banks or government inco'nti. The commit
tee resolved to confer wth [ ttio postmaster
general and house cdmtnlttoe on ipostofllccs
and poUroads In relation1 to tbo subject.
TUB Anijv.
13y the direction of tbij ! secretary of war
the following changes in the stations of
privates of the hosnltal corps are made :
Frank II. Hlgolow , from Fort WaMiaklc ,
Wyo. , to Fort Omaha , and Henry Halnes ,
from Fort Omalm to Fort Washaklo , Wyo.
Sergeant Edward Watson , Company E ,
second Infantry , now With his company , will
bo discharged ,
Ordinance Sergeant Timothy Spollman ,
now at Fort D. A. Kusioll , Wyo. , is author
ized to delay thirty days in complying with
the order of February27 , directing him to
report to the commanding officer at Fort
McKlnncy , Wyo.- for 'duty.
Senator Paddock today received notice
that a bureau ot medical pension examiners
has been established nt Elwood , Gospcr
county. Nob. , and the following physicians
appointed on It : Drs. J , G. Pace , G. H. Par
kinson and It , H. KraccoQan.
Representative Uorsny has recommended
the appointment of Arthur C. Wilson to be
postmaster nt Harbour , Nob. , also a change
in the location of the ) site for n pustofllco nt
Dale , Webster county , nnd that William
Walsh bo appointed postmaster.
A largo number of'.applications are being
received by the Nebraska delegation from
their constituents for1sugar , beet seed. The
delegation has beou * uuablo to fill the re
quests , owing to the , non-arrival of seed at
the agricultural department. Senator Pad
dock today received notice from the secre
tary of agriculture that as soon as tbo seed
arrived the orders which have been sent In
by the Nebraska delegation shall bo imme
diately filled. I
Senator Paddock has introduced a resolu
tion providing for the publication of 0,000
copies of a consular.repart detailing Inter
esting facts relating to tho'beet sugar indus
try in Hohcmia. Matty of these are to bo
sent out to the Nebraska papers and to these
who are to ongugo In the boot sugar Industry.
The house today passed a bhl ratifying tno
measure of tbo Idaho legislatureproviding
for a wagon road between north nnd Soutn
Idaho , a distance of 100 miles , and opening
up an important mineral section of that ter
ritory , which is soon to become a state. The
house also passed a bill granting right of
way througu the Noz.Perco Indian reserva
tion in Idaho , nnd tomorrow it is expected
to pass the Dubols bill providing tint the
citizens of Shosbono county shall determine
the scat of their county by popular vote.
Senator Allison today Introduced a bill ap-
proprla ing $75,000 for a public building at
Crcston , la.
Senator Moody introduced n bill to pay
Gcorgo Fnulklnburg of Mead county , S. D. ,
S1.S70 on account of'Indian depredations in
1S02. . I
The bill providing forj a public building at
Hastings passed tha.scnato today. It has
been favorably reported by the house com
Mrs. E. Cameron was today appointed
postmistress of Ono , Wheeler county , Nob. ,
vice H. A. Vankem'erk. resigned.
Senator Paddock' today-reported from the
comjnittco on public lands a bill authorizing
the secretary of the interior to survey and
mark the seventh standard parallel between
the states of North andSouth' Dakota. It
authorizes the secretary , of the interior to
cause'tho necessary surveys for this purpose
to bo made , such' survey to conform in nil
respects to the general system of surveys of
the United States , and appropriates $25,000
for the purpose. . PEIIIIV S. HEATH.
lllGlIiil AVCi6lj DUXIES.
The DIcsBinc Tnot AIcKinloy's BUI
Will Brine ; .
VV'ASHISOTOK , Mcrc'jIS pavld IarDster ,
president of the Ofilivool' Growers' asso
ciation , and Judge Liawreacol atinembor .of
ttio samb associated. t > Ye"parodf6 r'r7ubTica-
tion the following statement , explanatory of
tbo wool schedule in the tariff bill now
under the house committee
on ways and means :
"We have examined for the flrst time
today schedule 1C , providing duties on wools
nnd manufactures of wool. It proposes n
duty of II cents per pound on wool clothing ,
double on washed and treble on scoured
wool ; on comblris wool 13 cents per
pound and treble on scoured wool ; on
unwashed carpet wool valued at 13 cents or
less , Including charges at last port of ex
port , the duty is to bo UK cents , and if
washed 7 cents ; if scoured S % cents ; ou car
pet wools valued at over 12 cents' the duty
on unwashed wools is 8 cents , double if
washed and treble If secured. It provides
standard samples to bo deposited in custom
houses , and-contains provisions to prevent
round lot frauds , sorting frauds , admixture
frauds nnd defines washed and scoured
wools. As to the so-called carpet wools the
proposed provisions are much bettor than
ever incorporated in any tariff law , and
these are the wools that Just now nro injur
ing the wool industry of the United States
moro than any other.
'Wo learn upon reliable authority that
under the law us it now stands , 75 per cant ,
of the carpet wools tlfat'aro being imported
will make excellent clothing , such us was
used by our soldiers during the war , und if
shaggy goods continue to increase In fashion
as they have during the past two years , 75
per cent of the carpet wools Imported will
DO used for clothing , and further , if clothing
wool can bo imported as carupt wool at 2 }
cents duty , the duty of 11 cents on clothing
wool will not bo operative. If the cost of
merino m not too far above the cost of carpet
wools , manufacturers will abandon the use
of merino wool to sonij extent for the
cheaper carpet wool , thus bringing down the
price of merino wool.
The farmers of the United states and the
people generally whoso prosperity is depend
ent , on the success of our agricultural indus
tries are to bo congratulated on the fact
that Major MoICinloy and these co-operating
with him oh the committee on ways nnd
menus have proposed a measure of such im
mense value. The proposed duty is an in
crease of 1 per cent per pound on clothing
and combing wools over the present low
rate. The senate bill which passed January
' , 1330 , proposed 41'bnts 011 carpet wools
whether washed or. unwashed , but the
rates of the proposed bill of 3 > ,
cents on unwashed with higher rates
on washed and courcd < maka it much better
for tlio wool growers f nan the sonata bill ,
besides which the restrictive provisions of
Major McKinlo.v's bill in connection with his
administrative bill adds much to the protec
tive features as to allwools , and in these re
spects are much batter , than these found in
any previous laxv. ,
"Wo now respectfully urgn the friends of
protection to American ; .industry all over the
country to-appoal to their representatives in
congress to give 'their support to this
measure and not to' surrender any ouo
feature ot its protective provisions. "
Truant Mmcs Killed.
JACKSONVILLE III , , March 13. Albert Pol
lard und Vornou Huy of Havana nnd Vir
ginia , respectively , puuiU at the deaf and
dumb institute In Jacksonville , ran away to
day and started north on the railroad track ,
Near Litorberry they were struck by a train.
Hay was killed and Pollard dreadfully in
Tnulbco's Itomnlns.
WASHINGTON , March 11 The remains of
ox-Congressman Taulbco were taken to mo
railroad station aud placed on tonight's
tram. The Kentucky delegation In congress
will act as pa.ll bearers. Thq funeral services
and Interment takes place at Mount Ster
ling , Ky.
Htcamnhlp Arrival. ? .
At Hamburg Arrive ! ( The Rugla and
Bohemia , from Now York.
At Southampton Arrived : The Travo ,
from New York for Urouien.
At Klnsalor-Pasaod : The Queen , frotn
New York for Liverpool.
WASHINGTON , March 13. The icnato to
day cocflrmod the following nomination :
Lieutenant Colonel William Smith by pay.
master general with rank br'gadlor ' general.
So For the Damngo Done is Not
Several Towns Under Water ,
Bwant Away nnil Trains Allan
ilnncil A Very Serious
tlio Flood.
NBW OIILEAXS , La. , March 13. Tito rlvor
hero at , 2:45 : was 10 feet , 0 Inches ,
mid at 2:59 : had reached 17 feet , but
it remained at that point but a short whlln
when It receded to ID feet , S inches , whore It
secmod to make a stand. This was 0 inches
above the record of other years , aud the
water went over the lovecs nil along
the city front at every depression
or low ulncd and soon Hooded
the streets nud sidewalks of n large
section of the city. Up town at the head
of Jacksou , Washington and Saparnn streets
the waves washed over the lovecs and sub
merged the streets and sidewalks. .Tho same
thins occurred at other points down to Poy-
dras. Hero the water spread out over tlio
broad space occupied by the Morgan road ,
then began to How down Poydras street and
out inUvtna cross .streets on cither side , fill
ing the gutters back of the drainage
canals In ttio rear of the city. From
Custom House street to Contt the
water cnmo over the lovncs freolv and com
pletely submerged the streets , and in many
places the sidewalks and lower Hears of
business houses from the north side of Canal
street to Hospital street , n distnnco ot four
teen blocks , and from the river to Kampart
street , a distance of eight blocks. The damage -
ago done so far Is not great. The greatest
damage was that sustained by merchants
who had sugar stored in the bonded ware-
liouso on Levee street.
The Southern and Crescent oil mills wore
washed under by the water and the Hears
wcro torn awuy and the embankments built
The break occurred at Hatch plnco , near
Hnrvoy'8 canal , but it only reached the
width of four feet when it was discovered
nnd promptly closod. It is still a dangerous
spot , as the levee is very weak there. The
Icveo at Sharp's place , flvo miles above
Grntna , where there was u serious crevasse
some years ago , is again creating nuxloty ,
aa it shows signs cf weakening. From
the Canal street ferry to the Morgan
depot the principal portion of Algiers , dis
tance of throe-quarters of a mile , the situa
tion at one tiino was very threatening.
About noon the water commenced washing
over the lovco along its wliolo length and in
a short SD.ICC of time the entire front and
the streets for blocks back were flooded.
Yard Muster Mugulro of the Morgan road
nnd the city forces immediately went to
work and in four hours throw up a now
levee that stopped the ( low temporarily , but
the water was already unco deep on front
Just below Algiers is the Orleans levee ,
which commauds a largo section of the
country. The new levee was constructed
only a few days ago , but tno river has been
climbing up and totluy the warning sienal
was again given. The water was six inch'ca
deep over the lovoo's crest. Men nnd mater
ial wo'ro promptly furnished nnd a gallant
effort Is bomg made to stay the tlood.
. The council tonight appropriated 839,000'
for work on tha lovecs during the danger'
period. v
A Ureenvillo , Miss. , special says : The
reports up to 0'iO : from all points on this
lovco district , above and below , indicate that
all Is serene on this side ot the river. Every
preparation is being made for any possible
breaks or wean places that may occur in the
luvccs. Hain has fallen hero lor llfty-four
hours with but slight intermissions nnd the
total full is ( Ivo inches. It Is .still raining
and the indications arc that it will rain all
tonight. The river hero rose ono and one-
half Inches la the past twenty-four hours
and is still rising.
A Gi-nvo Outlook.
LITTLE'noci ; , Ark. , March 13. The situa
tion at Newport , Ark. , at the confluence of
the White and 13lack rivers is pno of extreme
danger. The water is within n few inches of
ttic top of the lovecs which surround the
town and Is rising nt the rate of three
inches nu hour. The inhabitants are greatly
excited. Should the luvccs break the de
struction will bo terrible.
At Hatesvillo all that portion of the town
through which the Iron Mountain runs is
a fool under water and the trains are aban
Reports from the Ulack river valley show
that the low lands arc now under water , at
some places eo deep the trco tops alone arc
are visiblo.
Jucksonport is under water from two to
four feet. The telegraph and telephone
wires are down in nil directions and no esti
mate of the damnco can be made.
A Gazette special from Black Rack , Law
rence county , gives n distressing account of
the flood in that section. The Ulack river ,
along which uro ninny mills , is ten inches
higher than ever known , and nil tlio saw
mills are under water. A vast amount of
timber has boon washed away. Workmen
with families arc In great want nnd consider
able distress is felt among the settlors. Every
house in Powbaltan , the county scat of
Lawrence county , is under water , except the
postoflicc. Sovcral bridges have ueon
washed away and horses , cattle aud hogs
An AimmillCondition ,
MEMPHIS , Tcnn. , March 13. The river is
in an alarming condition. The highest flood
level ever recorded is already reached south
of here , nnd 'will likely bo attained from
Cairo to the gulf within a few days. The
rainfall for the past thrco days sums
up a total of from two to three inches
ever the country lying west of the Missis
sippi to the Indian territory nud south of the
Ozark range , nnd from two to flvo Inches
between the Ohio and Cumberland valloys.
The Appeal's reporter just returned from
Arkansas City says the real condition of
that place has been suppressed. The water
from the Sappington break has flooded the
town and surrounding country , hundreds ol
hogs and sheep were drowned nud the people
ple are in constant fear of n break in the
lovco in front of the city , where the water
yesterday was four Inches upon the sand
bank on top of the lovco.
Snow Hlockndo In Colorado.
ALAMOS * , Colo. , March 13. The Ulo
Grande railway has 25'J snowshovolers nt
work opening the snow blockade across the
San Juan range at Cumbres on the cast side
of the divide. The snow Is reported ns sixty
foot above the top of the telegraph poles nnd
for miles on each sulo it Is from twonty-ilvo
to forty feet deep , the deepest ever known
in this locality. The weather was very
severe this tnoral'ig , it bolng 22 degrees below -
low zero.
Hurley ItauK Ilnhhory Trial.
ASHLAND , Wls. , Mari'u 13. In the Hurley
bani : robbery trial today the feature of tlio
morning session was the testimony of Lou
Thayer , the black-eyed variety dancer who
pumped I3akor for the bcnoflt of Detective
liyrnes. liakcr told her ho would Hue to
huvo gotten all the money , but would not
kick if ho only got pait of it.
Heavy Dry Good * Failure.
ST. Louis , Mo. , March 13. Edward Harrison
risen and Noah Lodcr , of the flrra of H 'rl |
son & Lodcr , wholesale dealer * In dry
goods , Imvo made a general assignment
without preferences. Tha Itabllltlci are
from $300,000 to (400,000 and the nomlual
assetivlil exceed the liabilities ,
Testimony of Ofllcers Favorable to tlio
< YOUK , March 13. The third day's
of the McCalla inquiry was opened
itb Lieutenant Merllch ns the first
Mcrlich Joined the Enterprise in
3 said that the enforcement of dls-
i board the Enterprise was not in
ncci ; 2 ' 30 with the rules ot the navy , A
ocatt ' ' lined Sutherland attempted to Jump
over . to escape punishment , but was
stop ) r members of the crew. Witness
thoui ho men had too much liberty.
Whlh 'onstnitdt mud' liquor war. smug
gled I 1 and the men became drunk on
duty.l , , -
Lr. ) Hurndon , surqoon on the Enterprise ,
was the next witness. Ho told of the cutting
down of Walker by McCnlhi. Witness had
dressed u wound on Walker's head about an
Inch and a half long. Ho did not consider it
dangerous. The treatment the man re
ceived was the best that could bo given him
after ho was wounded. Witness claimed
that McCalla treated the ofilcors nnd crow
with every courtesy. The sanitary condition
ot the ship was good. .
Assistant Paymaster Mmlil told of the
Walker Incident and said ho did not think
Walker was very drunk. It was necessary
to discipline \Valker nnd ho was glad to sea
McCalla redtico him to submission by cut
ting him down. Tlnnps were getting serious
and the commander asserted his authority
nt the right time.
First Assistant Knginecr Hcnnctt testified
that Oiler Whclan was placed In irons nnd
afterwards compelled to shovul coal as pun
ishment for the breaking down of the
launch while Whclan was running it. Ar
morer Kennedy was cursed on deck by Mc
Calla nud relieved from duty for the acci
dental discharge of his revolver. Many men
were imt in straight Jackets for days , others
we're lashed to the Jacob's ladder.
Ensign Kline testified to the punishment of
the men and said the commander seldom or
never investigated complaints.
A Favoring National In-
Hncctioii of Cattli ; Passed.
0 FONT WoitTit , Tex. , March 13. [ Special
Telegram to TIIU Unn.l The morninq ses
sion of the cattlemen's convention was taken
up with reading and discussions of resolu
tions raforrcd to special committees. The
afternoon session was occupied with the re
port of the committee on resolutions and
the adoption of same.
The question of national and state in
spection brought out a hot debate , resulting
In passing in favor of the former and strik
ing out tlio latter. A laigc number of res
olutions wcro hurried through nt the last
moment which led to some dissatisfaction.
The stock yards company gave a free
lunch nt the yards , partaken of by a train
load of delegates carried by a free train
over the Santa Fe.
The Missouri , Kansas it Texas announced
a free train to nnd from Galveston to all.
TLo visitors are loud in their praise of the
hospitality of the Fort Wortn people and
passed appropriate resolutions before ad
journment. The convention was harmoni
ous , borne of the Nebraska delegates will
accept the invitation to EO to Ualvcston and
the balance will.start for homo at G in the
Test or tlio Vesuvius' Pneumatic
Jynauiito Guns.
PHILADELPHIA , March 13. The final ofll-
cial test of the pneumatic guns of the dyna-
} nito cruiser Vesuvius was made today. Tbo
result Is not tobe , madp uublicuntil , the re-
pbrrrcaches'tho seeretary'of the'navybiit
it is understood it has been satisfactory.
Ono explosive shell tilled with gun cotton
weighing 200 pounds -was llred from each
guu and In addition several wooden bombs.
The living was done over a measured mlle
and the projectiles arc said to have gone in
some instances a third of a mlle beyond the
distance. Thrco different fuses were used ,
the first being the kind to explode the pro-
Icctilo in flvo and a half seconds after strik
ing tno water , the next in ono and n hair
seconds nnd the last on touching the water.
Tno shock from the latter was felt in the
city of Chester , four miles distant. The explosion -
plosion of each shell was lollo'.ved by n violent
lent commotion in the nater and those who
witnessed it say no vessel could stand the
force shown.
A Fair Bat Frail Scnorita Shut by a
PAXAMI , March 13. [ Special Telegram to
THE Hnc.J On the night of February 0 a
brutal and cold blooded murder was com
mitted right under the walls of ono of the
churches of this city. A beautiful but frail
scnorita was matting her way homeward In
tno vicinity of the church , when , Ju st ns she
crossed in the shadow of tlio cditlco from the
glare of tbo electric light , a flash and report
startled the people about and the girl was
soon to fall. A crowd instantly gathered
and the ussassiu's escape was prevented.
She died whore she foil , the heavy bullet
having crushed through her head. Tno man
was cool enough apparently , but rather de
fiant when taken to the station. The mur
derer said tlio woman had boon falsa to him.
Pcoula are not so hot headed in this sunny
land as to practice lynching , but public sen
timent fools that way somewhat , and no pity
Is likely to be shown him when the slow ma
chinery of the law has run its course and
landed the murderer in front of the tiring
party on the Chiriquo Plaza ,
Tlio North Dakota Kred Wheat Com
mission ItOHlullH.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , March 13. At Uismnrck
today the members of the North Dakota
seed wheat commission appointed to devise
ways and means to procure seed wheat for
the destitute farmers resigned. After re
citing the necessity for their action and the
manner of their appointment , stating that the
"state should bo and is able to rellovo
Its needy citizens , " and mentioning the lot
tery scheme recommended by them they
conclude that in view of the summary re
jection of their lottery proposal the mem
bers of said commission "decline to further
act under the concurrent resolution appoint
ing them. "
Tim leaturo of the communication is the
Statement that the "state is nblu to relieve
her needy citizens , " which suoins slightly
Inconsistent with thu recommendation of the
act for a lottery company.
Hhodi ; Inland Kopntilloaitfi.
PROVIDENCE , It. I. , March 13 , The rcpnb-
llcan state convention assembled today and
unanimously nominated tlio present state
ofllccrs with the exception of the attorney
eonerr.l. who is a democrat , for re-election.
The platform extends hearty welcome to
the citizens who Imvo obtained the right of
suffrage by constitutional amendment and
declares that they would suffer moro tlnin
others from the adoutlon of democratic free
trade , endorses the uallot reform law , con
gratulates the people on the success of Har
rison's administration and expresses w.irm
admiration for Speaker Ucod for the strictly
constitutional methods which ho adopted to
overcome a factious and unreasoning opposi
_ _
In the Commons.
Loxnox , March 13. In the commons Gen
eral Hanloy moved to Increase the grant for
the volunteer service. Ho was opposed by
Goscucn , but the motion nevertheless car
ried unild opposition cheers. The appro
priations asked for the army wcro after
wards voted.
Death Hcoord.
NEW YO K. March 13 , The wife of Tony
Hart , formerly well known us Gorlio Granville -
ville , died tonight. Tony is la the Blooming-
dale asylum.
An Aged Iowa Farmer Bmtnlljr
Murdorocl by Robbers.
Ofllccrfl Sconrlnc the Country In
Search of the Assassins Tlio
Dos Mntnot Annexation
Hill Signed.
Murdered br Itobhcrj.
CMXTOX , la. , March 13. ( Special Tclo-
gram to Tnc Uui.l--Ono : of the most horri
ble inurdorn over committed In this county
occurred at the farm homo of u wealthy old
couple named Mr. aud Mrs. Nurro , two
miles east of Hrown's station , on the Mil
waukee nnd four miles west of Prcstcu.
Though the murder Is believed to have been
done Wednesday , the fact was not known
till this morning , when n son-in-law called
and found the old man dead in the kitchen ,
having been dragged there from the sitting
room. There was ono brniso on the back of
his head and another under the ear ,
Which ruptured tha Jugular vein. Further
search found the aicd wife of the murdcrod
man up stairs nearly dead from having boon
beaten an.l pounded while engaged lu n terrible -
riblo conflict with the murderer , for the
room was all disarranged and bespattered
with olood. Physicians say the old lady cau-
not live.
Hoobery is supposed to have boon the in
centive to the deed , for Mr. Nurro fro-
qnontly had largo sums of money in the
house , yet it is thought none was secured ,
for it hand satchel was still In the house with
$1,105 in it , which had been collected
by the murdered man Sunday , nnd as the
combination to the safe WAS broken oil it is
thought an unsuccessful attempt to open It
hud been ir.udo. A reward of $1,000 Is offered
for the murderer , although little or no clue
is known of who It was. County ofllcors are
In charge of the case , aud an inquest Is to bo
hold. The murdered man was supervisor of
the county somo. yc.ira airo and was highly
respected. He is thought to Imvo been
wortli $75,000. f
< 3 ' - -
The \i uislnturc.
Dr.s Moixns la. , March 13. In the house
today , after : i largo number of petitions worn.
presented , b'ills wcro introduced as follows :
IJeliovIng persons from liability for news
papers sent them without their solicitation ;
iiroteUliitr iicrlcultural societies ; conferring
upon women tno right to vote nt school and
municipal elections ; compensating individ
uals for making nrrcsts. A resolution call
ing for n 2 mill state levy tax was adopted
after some debate. After a few resolutions .
wcro adopted adjournment was taken till to
morrow morning
Among the petitions presented to the sen
ate was one that an old soldier be appointed
as adjutant general. Bills were introduced
to provide for the exemption of old soldiers ,
and sailors from poll tux ; to authorize dis
tricts to furnish school text books nt cost ; to
dellna the rights of mutual Insuranca com-
umcs. A bill legalizing the annexation of
territory to the town of What Cheer was
iiasscd. A resolution calling for u 2 mill tax ;
levy was taken up but no conclusion was .
reached 0(1 ( it. Ityns made a special otder
for 10 o'clock tomo'rrow.
As most uf tbo outsklo railroad ofllclaln
hava gene home , it is oxbcctod that Mr ,
S < igo , trafllc manager of the Rook Island ,
and Thomas Wright , general solicitor of the
same roail , will address the Joint committee -
on railroads at U o'clock tills afternoon ,
Committees at Work.
DCS MOIXEla. . . March 13. Heforo the i
legislative railway committees this after
noon A. U. Cummins spoke of the cqndition
of tbo DCS .Molnes & Northern road , and
said It was impossible to comply wltn the
law in some respects. The road did not pay
expenses and tno stockholders will not pay
for moro improvements with no pros
pect of getting their money back. Superin
tendent Gerry of the Fort Madison & North
western said that his road is losing money
under the present law , and the proposed
legislation , if affected , would permanently
terminate the operations of the roiul. Tno
special Joint committee Investigating thn
sciiool book trust ( .card n number of wit
nesses today , but not much Information wug-
-'lcaDcd ,
I'ro/.t-n to Dentil.
OsAdu , la. , March 13. [ Special Telegram .
to TIIC UEK. ] Mr. James A. Starr went
with his team after a load of wood. He at
tempted to cross the Cedar river on the lee ,
The team broke through and drowned. In.
his efforts to save the team ho bccamo
chilled through and exhausted and Is sup-
loscd to have started for homo. He went
out a few roils , and tni morning was found
dead , lying down In the mud. Ho unrno to
this place about two years ago from Fayctto-
county. *
A Urncn ( if Conntiirlcltcrs.
LUJU Vir.w , In. , March 13. [ Special Tele
gram to THE HEH. ] For some tlmo thcro
lave been indications that counterfeit money
was belhg made and circulated In Sao
county. A clue led to the discovery at this
place nf a full kit of tools , dies , etc. They
were found in possession of Churl'js Jones
nml.Honry Miles , who wcro to-day arrested
jy Deputy Marshall Davenport and taken
to Sioux City. They will bo tried on Satur
day. I ,
_ _ _
Foil Down nn ISlovntor Shaft.
Dns Moixi : , la. , March -SpccmlTolo- [ -
gram to THK UKE. ] Charles Kcnnutt , In
ho employ of L. Harbach , felt into the ele
vator well at the Walnut street building
rom the second floor to the bnsomunt. Ho
wax a now man nud not acquainted with the
elevator. Ho attempted to Jump on when it
vas in motion and then tried to drop back , but
'ell to thu bottoui. Ho was badly Injured and.
will probably die ,
Ijtilii "Vomit : Iliiyf ) n Pnpor.
DES MOINES , la. , March 13. [ Special Tele
tram to Tun Hin.J : The Daily Capital of
his city was todav purchased by Hon. Lufo
Young , lately of Atlantic. Possession will
jo given April 1 ,
The Annexation Hill Signed.
DIB : MOINIS : , la. , March -Special [
Telegram to Tim Hiil : : The governor to
lay higncd the annexation bill. He will ap-
lolot thu commissioners tomorrow , probably
.ailing the names proposed by the council.
GolilHtill Gels Away AVIth
$1,000 Worth < > r Diamonds.
CMSVUMNU , O. , March 13. [ SpeclulTola-
gram to TUB HBI : . ] Charles Ettlngor , nn
Ontario street Jowolcr , went to the theater
lust night and loft his otoro in charge ot
Louis Goldsoll , his nlnotceii-ycar-oUl
brother-in-law. LUtlngar , whou ho reached
his place of business this morning , found
that Gnldsoll had decamped with $100 in
cash nud MKX ( ) worth of diamonds un4
wutchos. Goldsoll , sr. , is a wealthy whole *
sale Jowalor. 'A woman Is supposed to bo > -
witu the young scamp.
Wnnt Police Protiotlon.
PiTTSiitwo , Pa. , MuroU 13. As n result of
the failure of the Hacdcr Glue company
thuro was n. heavy run today on the Heal
Kstato Loan and Trust Company' * Hunk of
Allegheny. The bank mot all checks aud
applied for police protection tomorrow.