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Republican State Tlokofc Elootocl By
Twenty Thousand Majority ,
Klcutoil to CongrcBH In tlin Sue *
onil JJlBlrlot County Cnmllilftlcs
B .icily Hci-ntolicd nnil tin-
turns Coino In Slowly.
The Vole In the Stale.
The weather was fair all over Nebraska
/cstcrduy. Returns Indicate about a two-
thirds vote as compared with ttio election of
1833. The estimated republican majority In
Uiostate will ranpo from 18(103 to 20.000 for
supreme judge , aim from 0,000 to fl.OOO for
the rcimbllctin candidate for congress In tlio
Second district. The returns up to the
hour of going tn press will bo found boloxv.
Adimis County.
HASTINGS , Nob. , Nov. 5. ( Special Tele
gram to Tun Ben. ] The return * from
Ailiims coino In vnry slow. Hastings' vote
will bo 1.200 , with a republican plurality of
nearly -100. The few returns now In forctoll
that Adams county will glvo a Rood republi
can plurality. <
PAIMM.IOX. Nob. , Nov. 5. [ Special Tele-
Krnm to T'li : Bni.J : Sarpy county uolls n
light voto. Returns from the democratic
precincts gives D.ivls 100 majority.
Wit Hhl u KI on.
BLAIH , Nob. , Nov. 5. [ Special Telegram' '
to TUB HUB. ] It It Imcmllo ! to pot tlio
complete returns , ni the tickets are so badly
mixed up. Tlio Indications are tnot Rath-
man for clerk , ( larriman for Bhcrlft and
Untuning for judge , all democrats , are
elected. The balanca stuto ticket is rcpub-
lican. In this city thcrcpubllcans lead about
two to ono.
Nob. , Nov. J5. ' | Special Tolo-
Rrum to Tun Bnc. ] The vote In Kearney
was heavy to-day. Soxvcrajto bonds carried
by a majority of 173. Kearney secures
170,000 for this public iniprovomont. There
was very little opposition to the court house
bonds horcond they liuvo curried almost
unanimously in the city and adjoining pro-
ulncts. The vote in the country will bo about
evenly divided on the courthouse bonds , Reports -
ports from the country precincts Indicate a
light vote owing to the beautiful weather ,
which kept farmers at work. The stuto
ticket would Indicate a small republican Rain
ever lust ycur. More scratching on the
county ticket was dona thnn at any other
election.hold here. John Wilson for sheriff
mid H. M. Haukln for county clerk , repub
licans , are out of danger. Thomas H. Cor
nell ( rep ) for county jmleo Is leading. Tno
contest for county treasurer between H. M.
Grimes ( rep ) and H. Fred Wiley ( peoples )
Is very close , with Klloy louding.
I'll nips.
HOLHHEOE , Nob. , Nov. 5. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bnis.J Two townships , includ
ing lloldrcgo , give the republican regents
322 plurality. Laws falls 74 behind the dem
ocratic candidate for treasurer , who hns 43
plurality. The result in the county on
treasureHs in doubt. Laws was badly cut
In the rural townships.
lied Willow.
McCoolc , Neb , Nov. 5. [ Special Telegram
to Tun 13m : . ] A very light vote was polled
here to-day. Laws , republican candidate
for congress In the Second district received
001 votes out of 474. The precincts hoard
from point to the election of the entire
county ticket by an increased majority.
IIuimoTON , Nob. . Nov. 5. fSpecial Tel
egram to Tim Bun. ] Cho election was
hotly contested. There was a strong lighten
on treasurer. Both parties were cut by
factional strife. The election of Pctor
Jonanat and Franz Nelson ( rep ) . candidates
for treasurer and county clerk , is conceded
by the democrats. Brown ( ilem ) is prob
ably elected Bherirr. The balance of the
ticket IB doubtful and claimed by botn
parties. The vote on the state ticket Is
light , but shows a republican majority.
JNorvull fell behind the ticket. '
BEATIUOR , Nob. , Nov. 5. | Special Tele
gram to Tun Beit. 1 Returns are slow earn
ing in , especially from the outlying precincts.
SuQlcient Is known , however , that the state
republican ticket has recolvod a comfortable
majority. Tlio vote was light all ever the
county and shows a falling oft of 10 per cent
from last year. The main fight centered on
the county ticket , The entire republican
county ticket is elected , with the possible
exception of Kyd for sheriff and Kolm lor
cleric , though later returns may place tholr
election beyond u doubt. In this city the
total vote was 1.2SU. The light vote is ac
counted for on account of the regis
tration law. The light in this
city was very bitter , being chiefly conduct !
to the township ticket. Much scratching
was done and the counting will not bo com
pleted to-night. Tno indications are that
Yule. Piirkor , Scott , Graham ana Maxwell
nro elected supervisors , Craig and Allison
justices , Loury and Heed constables , and
Hoot assessor. 'Jhero were five tickets m
the city. TliQRtnto republican ticket carries
in the city by 'MO majority , .
NEIWAHKA. CITY , Nob. , Nov. 5. [ Special
Telegram I ? Tins Bii8.j4-Thcro are no re
liable returns yet and will not bo before
morning. The Indications uro that the dem
ocrats liuvo captured the ofilccs of treasurer ,
sheriff , clerk anil Judiro , and the republicans
register of deeds. The result will be close ,
however , us the light was bitter ou both
O'NKILL , Neb. , Nov. 5. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tim BIB. : | Returns from twenty
townships show small republican gains on
the state ticket. The republican county
ticket is all elected except county judge and
county superintendent. Dudley is probably
elected superintendent and N. B. Chapman
county judge. Atkinson township , xvhlch la
strouir republican , la responsible for ttiu de
feat of Judge Lowe and ex Superintendent
Miuwlllo , Only u light vote is reported ,
tliouL-h the weather was fliio. The olty of
O'Neill Is republican by a good majority.
DAKOTA Cur , Nob. , Nov. 5. | Spoclnl
Telegram to TUB BKE.J The vote of this
county Is about evenly divided on the stuto
ticket so far as the returns are in at this
tluio. So far only two precincts huvo been
hoard from and they both wont republican
by u small majority. There U nothing
ilollnlto as to who is elected for the county
PLATTSMOUTII. Neb. , Nov. 6. [ Special
Telegram to THE BEK. | Up to a late hour
to-night but few returns buvo been received
from outaldo precincts. Plaltsnioulh has
tone democraticly u good majority , and the
indications are that they have elected a
treasurer , sheriff and register of deeds. Tno
democrats also claim commissioner by a small
majority , Owing to the great cralcblui : o !
tickets , no reliable return * can bo obtained
to-ul Ut , ukuougu the majority of the ticket
Is conceded to the democrats. Slight re
publican gains over 1837 on the stnto ticket
nro probable. Reports Indicate n light vote
hroughout the county , and especially in this
Ity , on account df the registration law. The
Icmocratlo victory Is a result of a sectional
Ight between the east und west ends of the
OnANT , Neb. , Nov. 5. [ Special Telegram
o Tun BF.K.I Incomplete returns from six
ircclncts Indicate u partial democratic vie-
ory. They elect a cleric and sheriff. On
ho state ticket the county goes republican
jy perhaps " 00.
Kill more.
GKSBVA , Neb. , Nov. G [ Special Telegram
to TIIR Biin.1 On sheriff , treasurer and
county superintendent the republican ticket
s badlV scratched , and the indications are
that two of the ofllccs will bo fllled by demo
PAWNHIJ CITV , Nob. , Nov. 5. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Ben. ] The republican
county ticket will bo elected with the possi
ble exception of treasurer , n dcspcrnto light
beltip made on this onleo. The republican
Hate ticket is elected with the usual major
ities. In Mission Crook precinct twenty
railroaders were allowed to vote , which may
: auso trouble. Hoi urns can not bo procured
.o-filght owing to scratched tickets.
Cum | UK.
BcnMBit. Nob. , Nov. 5. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Br.E.J The majority for the republi
can state tlckot is as follows : T. H. Norval
23 , C. H. Morroll 23 , L. J. F. Knight 23.
County ticket : Treasurer JO. superintend
ent C'J. judge 23 , coroner 00 , surveyor 17. The
democratic majority for shorliT is 14.
U n inly.
n.uoi.ini , Neb. , Nov. 5. [ Special Tclo-
gram to Tun Bnn.J The majority tor the
republican stnto ticket will roach 250 In this
county. The county ticket is badly
scratched , A democratic sheriff and sur
veyor are elected without doubt.
WATXR , Nob. , Nov. 5 , [ Special Telegram
to Tun BKK.J There Is no material change
ou the state ticket. Tickets were badly
scratched and tlio count l.s stow. The indi
cations are that Doiz for clerk and Simmons
for sheriff on tbo republican ticket are de
Lour CITV , Nob. , Nov. 5. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Br.i : . ] The election passed off
very quietly. There wore three tickets In
ttio Held tlio republican , doniocaatic and
labor all of which were badly scratched.
D. B. Grow , county clerk ( rep ) : Tom Inkle ,
sheriff ( dcm ) ; G. W. Hunter judge ( rep ) ;
Mrs. L. E. Wai worth , suporintodent of pub
lic Instruction ( dom and labor ) ; G. W. Kuy-
mend , surveyor ( rep ) , nro undoubtedly
elected. County treasurer will run so closely
It seems nearly u tie at this hour. The re
publican state ticket will show considerable
LINCOLN , NOD. , Nov. G. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bnc.J Returns como in slowly
and shoxv the election of the entire republi
can ticket by a handsome majority. But
little scratching was aoneon tno state ticket
and Norval for supreme Judge carries the
county ever Amos by over 1,200 majority.
Uurnham for treasurer polled the full vote
of bis party. McClay for sheriff is elected
by from 500 to 800 votes. The vote in the
city was very light. If the vote in the Fifth
ward is reported coirectly but 3'JiiS , votes
wore cast in the city , over 500 less than the
PONOA , Neb. . Nov. C. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BEB. I The polls were closed to
night on the closest and most bitterly con
tested election over hold In Dixon county.
On the state ticket Norval's majority will
bo about ono-haU of the usual majority of
25. The other state ofllcors have the usual
majority , in the county election the Hutu
has been made on treasurer and clork.
Kossittor , the republican candidate. Is reelected -
elected from present Indications. The
clerkship is In doubt. Miss Mary Schroor ,
the lady candidate for superintendent of
public instruction , and the remainder of the
republican ticket , has been elected m Ponca
City and township. There nro about 400
votes and less than twenty-live straight
tickets were found when the count was
DAVID Cur , Neb. , Nov. 5. [ Special Tele
gram to.TiiB BKE. ] No definite returns. A
republican treasurer , clerk und sheriff will
be elected. The rest , of the tlcltet Is doubt
ful. There were very few straight tickets
LINWOOD , Nob. , Nov. 5. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEK. I The democrats carry
this precinct on county olllcurs by majorities
of from 4 to 18 , and the democratic state
ticket by 21) ) majority. Husoucttor ( rep ) ia
elected township supervisor by o majority.
I3n.uN.uu > , Neb. , Nov. G. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEH. | This precinct gives the
following vote : Norval 00 , Knight 72 , Laws
43 , Ames 105 , McKInney 05 , lloss 05 , Cas
per 124.
NORFOLK , Neb. , Nov. 5 [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEI : . ] At the election hero
to-day 720 votes were cast. Three hundred
and seventy-six tickets were democratic , ! )18 )
republican und 35 prohibition. There was n
u'ood deal of scratching done , only 157
straight tickets being found. Casey ( dom )
Is probably elected shpriff , and Memiiigor
( dom ) re-elected county treasurer.
ALIIION , Neb. , Nov. 5. [ Special Telecram
to I'liu BEE. ] An average vote was polled
In Hooiio county. The republican state
tlckot will have about 000 majority. The .In
dications are that L. P. Jndd ( rep ) , treas
urer ; William Weitzol ( rep ) , clorlt ; T. C
Williams ( dcm ) , sheriff ; B. L. Grigcs
( rep ) , county judge ; C. 13. Spear ( rep ) ,
superintondnnt ; Dr. A. J. Clark ( rep ) , cor-
onur ; F. E. Smith ( rep ) , surveyor , was
elected , and there Is still uncertainty as to
whether Joseph T. Anderson or U. G. Barnes
( dom ) , is elected. Ucports are not all In , but
thoabovo are probably the successful candi
NoitTit PIATTE , Neb. , Nov. 5. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BEK. ] The city vote la
not yet couutcd. The republican state tlckot
will run 10 ahead here , Church , district
Judge , Is probably CO ahead. Republican
county ofllcers nro elected , except county
Judtfii and possibly county superintendent.
No outsldo products heard from.
_ _ _ - . 4
COLUMIIUS , Nob. , Nov. S , [ Special Tola-
gram to TUB BEK. | Election day dawned
bright and fair. Everything passed off qui
etly. The meagre returns up to thls'luto
hour show that Bccchcr ( rep ) for treasurer
1s elected by a largo majority. G. W. Phil
lips ( dom ) is elected county clork. The re
publican county superintendent will bo
elected. The sheriff and county Judge are in
doubt. Tbo city goes democratic by a small
SEXX-AIID , Nob. , Nov. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to TIIB BCB. ] Norval U running ahead
of his ticket lu this county. The count }
ticket will bo close and returns uro coming
lu very elowly at 3 a. in. The demooiuts
will probably elect the county treasurer and
sheriff , and U will bo very close on couuti
superintendent , but as yet there are no poi
Itivo figures. It looks as If the court houses
bonds proposition would bo snowed awoy
N , Neb. , Nov. C. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Unfc.- ] The total vote cast in
Culbortson precinct was 175. The repub
lican state and congressional tlckot lias 00
majority. Benjamin ( dcm ) , candidate for
treasurer , received 110 majority In the
county. The entire republican ticket Is
doubtless elected.
RunnuRT. Nob. , Nov. 5. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB BBB. ] The republican state
tlckot Is elected by 400 majority. The Indi
cations nro that S. M , Bnily ( rep ) la elected
treasurer ; K. H. Bowman ( dcm ) . sheriff ;
clerk In doubt ; E. B. Cotvtos ( rep ) , county
Poil HP.
Fitr.MONT , Nob. , Nov. C. The democrats
carry Dodge county oy majorities ranginp
from 150 to 300. The count is incomplete but
Giuun ISHND , Nob. , Nov. G. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Bir. . | The m
publican stain tlckot Is 200 behind
the vote of last year. Costello ,
democratic candidate for sheriff , Is elected ,
and possibly two otiiers. The republican
defeat is duo to itisufllclcnt work.
Klcliur IBOII.
FALLS CITT , Nob. , Nov. G. [ Special Tolo.
cram to TUB BEE. ] This county bus gone
republican by from 25 to 800 on the countj
ticket. Norval will run considerably behind -
hind the rest of the state * ticket. A light
vote was cast and the tickets were badl.v
scratched. Fulls City , town and precinct ,
will go republican by from 15 to 25 majority
Tlio county precincts uro reporting slowly.
FAIIIFIKLD , Isob. , Nov. 5. [ Special Tclo-
pram to THE BKB.J The combined vote ol
Fuirllold city and precinct on congressmai
is as follows : Laws 14S , Casper 101 , Bcntloi
Nob. , Nov. G. [ Special Telegratr
to Tun BEB. | Alma township gives Laws
174 votes , Casper 40 and Bontly GO.
LINWOOD , Neb , , Nov. 5. | Special Telegram -
gram to TIIR BEE. I The nmjoilty of Caspei
( dcm ) , candidate for congress , ever Law :
is 2'J.
EL\\COD , Nob. , Nov. G. [ Soecial Tologrnn
to THE BEI : . ] An Incomplete count show ;
Laus running slightly behind the republican
HAIOLEII , Nob. , Nov. G. fSpecial Tolecrano
to THE BEE.J Laws carries the full partj
CHESTER , Nob. , Nov. G. [ Special Tele
gram to Tnc BEE.J Chester precinct ,
Thayer county , gives Laws 109 , Casper 70 ,
Buntly 13.
U clmtor.
RED CLOUD , Nob. , Nov. 5. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tun BEE. ] Webster county gives ti
largo majority for Laws. Returns thus fai
show slight gains throughout the county ,
although a democratic treasurer has doubt-
lesb bean elected.
MINDEN , Nob. , Nov. 5. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEB. ] Election returns are
coming in slowly. Norval for sunre'me Judge
and Laws for congressman are elected by
about 200 majority.
Sui'Eiiioii , Neb. , Nov. G. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] Laws , for congress ,
will carry this county by a largo majority.
NELSON , Neb. , Nov. G. | Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] Returns indicate u ma
jority for the republican county ticket , ex
cept F. S. Shaw , olurk. For congress Laws
has a majority. In Nelson tno vote stands :
Lawa 175 , Casper 104. In Spring Crco'ri
Laws 00 , Casper 03.
GFNKV.I , Nob. , Nov. G. [ Spaoial Tolor
gram to THE BEE. ] For congressman Laws
will receive about 100 majority in this pre
cinct and about 250 iu the county.
OIIIOWA , Nob. , Nov. o. [ Special Telegram
to TIIB HUB. | Franklin precinct gives Laws
21 majority.
Neb , Nov. G. [ Spaelal Tele
gram to THE BEK. ] There were 200 votes
polled here , as follows : Norva.1 100 , Amos
U5 , Laws 07 , Caspnr'100.
FJHEND. Neb. , Nov. G. | Special Telegram
to Tun BEE. ] Friend precinct gives Lawa
225 and Casper 121. The entire republican
ticket has a lariro majority.
Citcm , Neb , , Nov. G. [ Special Telegram
to Tun BUR.I Tlio election passed off horc
quietly. Not a full vote was cast. For con
gress : Laws ( rep ) , 2'JU ; Casper ( deinj , 297 :
Be'ntloy ( prohib ) , 43. The tickets wore
badly scratched , The county has gone re
publican by 20i ) to 300 majority.
DoitciiESTiiii. Nob. , Nov. G. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BIB. : ] The vote for congress
man to-dav nt this piaco is , as near as be
learned ut this hour (11 ( p. m. ) , as follows
Laws 125 , Caspar 85.
Carries Gosper Count ) ' .
HASTINGS , Neb. , Nov. 5. ( Special Tele
gram to TIIB BKE. A prlvato dispatch U
11. Bostwick from Elwood says Laws hn
carried Gospor county by about 200 majority ,
.Mitjorny In Wutntor Coiinir.
HASTINGS , Nob. , Nov. G. | Special Tele
gram to TUB BEB. ] A private dispatch fron
Red Cloud to H. Bostwick says that Lawt ) '
majority in Webster county will roach 000
with u majority for the other ropullcan can
jlidatcs. f-
Hurt County.
TEICAMAII , Nob. , Nov. 5. [ Special Tcln
gram to TUB BEB.J A very light vote was
polled In Burt county , It will bo impossible
to give returns from all of the precincts to
night. Tckamah casts 137 republican tickets
without a alnclo scratch and will give nbou
IK ) republican majority. Oakland gives 101
republican majority , with very little scratch
PavlH Carries Sni-py.
PAI-II.LION , Nob. , Nov. G. [ Special Tolo
cram to TUB BEE.J It In estimated Urn
Davla carried Sarpy county by 300 majority
BLAIK , Nob. , Nov. G. [ Special Tolcgrair
to TUB BEK.I Davis runs veryelosu to the
head of the ticket In this county.
A Serious I''lrp.
WIIHEMNO , W. Vx. , Nov. 5. A nro al
Wcston this afternoon destroyed an entire
squara In the business part df the town
Nine families were made homeless and sev
eral business linns were buruod out. Til
loasea will reach 1100,000.
n. & M. Dynninlto Cans
, GAi.E8iiuiio , III. , Nov. G. The old Burling
ton dyn&uilto conspiracy cuso agalns
Bowles , Clark , Mills and Baurolsen was din
missed to-day ou motion of the state's at
Qonornl Mahono Arrested For
Shooting a Man.
" " " " " \
Now York Still Bourbon Campbell
Alnklnitj I' Gnlnn lu
llninllton County Ohio Is
Doubtful Otlicr States.
Denies tlio Shooting.
PF.Tnusnuno , Vn. , Nov. G. General Mn-
hone was arrested to-nJRlit charged with
shooting Herbert P. Harrison , who , with a
number of companions , wns sending oft llio-
works In front of Mahorio's ' residence. Ma
hone Is now at the station house nud Mayor
Collier Is Investigating the case. General
Mahono denies having llrcd the shot or that
nny ono on tits premises llrcd it. Harrison
Is not seriously wounded.
The hearing at the station house resulted
In Gnnernl Mahono being held to the grand
Jury , and lie was bound ever to the December
term of court In $2GUO bonds.
In Vlrulnlii.
RICHMOND , Nov. 6. The weather opened
cloudy this morning , but cool , 'llm indica
tions are that n full vote Is being polled
throughout the stato. Both parties in this
city had tholr forces at the polls early , but
while the democrats have been voting steady ,
the negroes have not turned out in their
usual strength up to noon. Contrary to ex
pectations uot a ripple of discord , has oc
Voting la lively In Danville , and the
weather la lino. Several nogroea have been
arrested for trying to vole double ballots.
Ono negro attempted to vote n batch of six
tickets folded into ono. All Is quiet.
B. T. McCuo , ono of the most prominent
leaders of Ilonrico county , waa arrested
about noon , charged with interfering with
the Judges of election.
Specials say n largo vole la being polled in
Petersburg and Farmrrsvillo. The homo of
the democratic cundldato for governor is
Hooded to-day with circulars appealing to
the nccrons to vote for Mahonc. Some ne
groes uro voting for McKlnney. The demo
crats are making largo gains in Fredericks-
0lGp. : m. At this hour the odlcial and
soml-olllclul returns from one-fourth of the
state , including nil largo cities , show a demo
cratic gain over the presidential vote of 1 > 83
of about 10,000. Tho'democrata are estimat
ing the majority in the state at from 20,000 to
It Is estimated Richmond will give Mo-
Kinney 8,000 majority , n'galh of moro than
1,000. l
Southampton county , A ahonc's birthplace ,
has gone against him. ' "
This nftcrnoon a neprq Judge of election of
the First precinct tn Jackson ward toft the
room for half an Hour. When ho returned
ho preferred charges acromat Messrs. Pres
ton , Belvln and H. M. Smith , Jr. , for ob
structing voters. The , "other two Judgea
tried tno case and discharged Bclvin und
Smith and required the negro Judge to pav
the costs. This nettled the negro and ho re
fused to servo as ju'dco any longer.
This put a stop to 'tno voting , but
it was resumed about 6 o'clock at tno Sea-
ona precinct. In the sttinoWord Fred Mus-
so.v , correspondent of < the Cincinnati Com
mercial Gazette , got Into" n 'dilllculty with n
commercial traveler \yhoJjUealc him several
sevnro blows. Sevnral .negroes were ar
rested for alleged illegal voting.
The democrats are claiming tho' stato' by
between 30,003 and 40,001) majority.
LyNCnnuiio , " V.i. , Nov. 6. Specials from
all portions of southwest "Virginia show a
heavy vote and largely Increased majorities
for the democrats.
ALEXANDKIA , Va. , Nov. G. Dispatches re
ceived at democratic headquarters hero
show largo gains in all parts of the state ,
und indicate n democratic majority of l.r > ,000
to 20,000. The next legislature will bo largely
Dispatches received by Chairman Barbour
indicate that MuKlnnoy is elected.
Colonel Gordon , chairman of the state
democratic- committee , estimates the major
ity at over 23,000 , with a fair prospect of it
being largely increased.
The legislature is over two-thirds demo
At 1.35 a. m. the state democratic commit
tee estimate McKinnoy's ' majority at 1)5,000. )
They claim the legislature by a largo ma
Chicago Casta Ijlulit and Principally
I ) mn ox ) rat to Vote.
CHICAGO , Nov. G. [ Special Telegram to
THE BEE. ] Iho most conspicuous feature of
to-day's ' election hero was tlio extremely
light vote cast all ever the city and county
up to the hour of closing the polls.
It was noticed that hardly GO per cent of
tno number of ballots cast at the presiden
tial election had been thrown. There seemed
to bo very little interest taken in the rcsalt ,
as the oUlcors to DO elected are all county
otllcials. The polls closed at 4 o'clock and
at tills hour , G p.i m. , ; the Journal ( rep )
takes a dismal view of the situation and
practically concedes. a democratic victory.
The hottest light is between Stephens ( rep )
nnd Crawford ( dem ) tor the recordorshlp.
Upon this point the Journal says :
"Mr. Stephens has driven all over the city
to-duy and told a gentleman that though ho
had fought a hard light ho did not feel alto
gether conlldent of victory. It is conceded
at headquarters that Crawford has made
big Inroads In the ranks of organized labor
and that In consequence ho has run away
from his ticket.1
'Ihe election held in Cook county to dray
wns for two Judges , a recorder of deeds and
u board of county commissioners. To-night
the indications uro , at 10'0 ! ! p. in. , that the
democrats bavo scored li sweeping victory.
It ii conceded they have captured the board
of county commissioners , which will now
stand ton democrats to live republicans. The
recordorshlp is a neck and neck rnco be
tween Stephens ( rep ) mnl Crawford ( dem ) ,
with the chances in favor , of the latter.
At 11 p. m. the rccorderehip ia not yet set
tled , and the full return's. ' , will probably bo
necessary to determine Jt , The bust esti
mates , however , itivo Crawford the election
by (500 ( plurality.
No opposition to that Chicago drainage
project was developed. '
The bar candidates f9r the two judpcshlps ,
ono republican and ono democrat , were un
opposed. Mark Crawford , the democratic
cunuldato for recorder. Is a local leader of
the Knights of Labor. .
215 ; a. m. Lutor returns received hure
changed thu figures on. tlio recorclcralilp , and
at this hour ttio election 'ot Stephens ( rep ) is
generally conceded. * "
Campbell la Tronillnl Cloao on Fora *
CINCINNATI , Nov , 5,4-Ono hundred nnd
one out of 170 preclnctsMn Cincinnati give
Campbell a plurality of 2,010. ,
This indicates for the city and county a
majority for Campbell of 4,850. winch will
bo u democratic gain In Hamilton county of
This would Icavo a Httlo over 12,000 In
other portions of the state to bo overcome by
The loss by Foraker of Hamilton county ,
which gave him u plurality of nearly 7,000
two years ago , has boon largely effected by
defection iu tlio German republican wutus ,
The loss In ainirlo-precincU in notr.o of these
wards amount to moro than 200 votes. This
result was not anticipated by the repub
Whllo the losses of Foraker were not con
fined to thuso wards thny nro much moro
marked than in other portions of the city ,
' 1 DO returns also show tnat especially in the
Geruiau wards the hoadof the ticket was the
thing most severely hit by republlcaa
ecrutcbers. The Commercial Gazette com
menting on the result lu Hamilton county
nays it is ttio outgrowth of the Sunday ques
tion. Saloon legislation did not flccm to bo
the dltturbln ? thing , but rather the bad ad
ministration of the Sunday law was the
nUso of the discontent nmong the Germans.
Thocstlmatont midnight U that Camp
bell will carry Hamilton county by over
Four hundred nnd sixty-three precinct * In
Ohio outsldo of Hamilton county RVO ( For-
alter G0.9TO , Campbell MIU ( , Holwlg : tfi34.
The sumo In ISST guvo Fornker 03,763 , Pow
ell r > SncVi , Sharp 3,5'U.
The Enquirer claims tlio election of Campbell -
boll bv n slight m n jo r Ity , but concedes the
election of the rest of the state ticket. As
to the legislature , It Is in doubt. Six hun
dred and forty-eight voting places In Ohio
outsldo of Cincinnati give Fornker 100,103 ,
Campbell 0(1.18-1 ( , Holwlp 5,053. The sixmo
places In 1S87 gave Fnrukor U8,07 ( ! , Powell
83,577 , Sharp 15,1-10.
Cincinnati complete civcs Foralior 25.002 ,
Campbell 1)1,711. ) Campbell's majority Is
0O.VJ. ,
CLEVELAND , Nov. G. Early this ovnnini ;
as returns came In from various precincts
throUKUout the stnto It became evident that
the prohibitionists were gaining , which
meant n loss to the republicans. It was also
obscrvca that the labor party had lost
heavily over Its vote of two years
Indication of a marked gain for the demo
The election was very quiet. The day here
wns marked with no ndventuro. The re
publicans generally felt sure that Forakor
would bo out hero und thereby cautious citi
zens whu think txvo terms In the gubarimtor'
lal chair enough for any man nud by others
who do not nor never will bollovo that ho
was faithful to Sherman In the lat conven
The democrats full conlldent that Camp
bell would suffer attho hands of those mom-
berg of his party who swear by ox-Prosldor.t
Cleveland and ti'rlflt reform. All this com
plicated the situation and the republicans
wcro prepared for Fornker's election by a
plurality of 10.000 or his defeat by a plural
ity not qulto so large , pcriiaps.
The whisky question cut no small flgure
tn the content. The impression prevailed
that the brewers , distillers and dealers gen
erally were democrats this autumn nnd
many members of the democratic party In
favor of restricting the liquor trnfllc were
nulto content to vote the republican ticket
and to thus defeat the supposed pur
poses of those niou who seek to
amend the present liquor laws.
Here asnin was another complication
nud there was indeed "no logic of tlio situa
tion. " It was a plain case of unfathomable
At 12)0 : ! ) the republicans feel positive of
having the legislature , which if true moans
a republican United States senator Instead of
Henry B. I'a.yno. In the western reserve
the republicans have gained almost in every
county , ana If F-jrakcr is defeated the south
ern end of the state did it.
COLUMIIUS , O. , Nov. G. The election hero
was ono of the most quiet over cxucricnccd
in the city. Tbo uolls did not close until 0
p. m.
Chairman Neal , of the democratic stnto
nxccutlvo committee , claims Campbell's
election by from 6.000 to 10.000 plurality.
As to the legislature ho is in doubt. Ho
thinks , however , it may bo democratic on
joint ballot. The entire legislative ticket in
Hamilton is claimed by the democrats , and
gains elsewhere.
Ex-Chairman Coppeller , 'feels confident
that Forukor is elected. Ho does not con
cede Hamilton to thejdomocrats by more than
4.000 votes , und says the democratic gains
elsewhere in ttio state must average tlvo and
one-half votes to elect Campbell. Ho is sure
the republicans will gain in the country dis
tricts. The republicans claim they bavo the
legislature surely.
liliOu. m. Later returns seem to assure
the republicans u majority of the legislature
on Joint ballot. The republican state central
committee has Issued the following : "Tho
republican state executive committee claims
the election of the legislature- and ctuto
ticket except Governor Foraker , who is in
doubt. If the republican counties in the
Western Reserve nnd other paits of the
state hold up to expectations Forukcr will
pull through by a small majority. "
The Australian SyHicin Gives Satis
BOSTON , Nov. G. To-day's oxporlenco
seemed to prove .beyond n doubt the success
of the Australian system of voting.
In this city the voting places presented a
rcinnrKably quiet appearance. The voting
proceeded with dispatch ana the voters en
joyed u freedom from the Importunities of
the ballot distributors never known before.
There was some slight friction i-aused by
a conflict of opinion regarding the duties of
precinct and other ofllcurs , but it was insig
nificant , and made but little trouble.
With rozard to the ballots themselves ,
thcro was little or no complaint. From all
over the state the reports indicate a very
quiet election and a light voto. The returns
como In slowly. There is probably not the
slightest doubt that the republican candidate
for governor ia elected by a good majority.
Sixty towns outside Boston give Bracket
8.603 , Russell 4.0T8. The same towns in 1887
gave Aines 10,003. Levering 59.933.
Eighty towns outside and 28(1 ( precincts of
Boston give Brackett 8JJ.070 . , Russell 8i,207 : ,
Blackmero 1,034. Russell suffered heavy
losses in Boston but gained in the towns ,
but not suIUcleutly to overcome his losses in
Ono hundred towns outsldo Boston
give Brackott 10,51s. Russel lO..Ul , Black-
inero 2,101. In 1SS7 the same ( .owns gave
Ames 18,421 , Levering 11,003 , One hundred
and nincty-Buvon towns nnd cities gave
Brackott JH.OTO , Uusiol 27,209. The same
towns in 1837 gave Ames23.215 and Levering
1 n. m. Tho.returns are coming in slowly.
Brackott is undoubtedly elected governor ,
but even the republicans concede his plu
rality to bo small.
Very Little.Inturusc . and a , f.lnht
Sliowinc IMiule.
PHILADELPHIA , Nov. G. The only state
ofllco voted for iu Pennsylvania to-day was
the state treasurer. The candidates were
Henry K. Boior ( rep ) , Edward A. Blglor
( dom ) and James B. Johnson ( prohib ) .
A light vote wns cast and very liillo inter
est was manifested , the * election of iJoycr by
n decided majority bolng a foregone conclu
sion. Hart ( rep ) , for state treasurer , in 18a7
had a plurality of 46,245 , ami the returns
from 27 counties , including Philadelphia , re
ceived up to 4 p. m. , show a net republican
gain over 1S37 of about 25,000. Boyer'H plu
rality will surely exceed OU.003.
12sUO a. in. The returns from 57 of 70
counties in the sta'tu and including Philadelj
lihU nnd Allegheny counties show a plurality
ifor Boyof for state treasurer of 02,115 ovur
Blirlfr. Boycr's plurality itr the utato will
bo about 00,000.
2UO : a. m. Estimates from every county'
in the state give lioyer ( rep ) 03,22.5 plurality.
Pmsiiimo , Pa. , Nov. ft. The election to
day was the quietest known In Allegheny
county for years. The republican tlckot was
cut badly , but from the mcugro reports ut
midnight the Indications nro that the county
will give Boyer ( rep ) , for state treasurer ,
about 5,000 majority.
IN "NISW vonic.
A mow CtiminmiH Kioctcil A Lnr o
Amount of HuruKitilni ; .
NEW YOIIK , Nov. G. In"tho Sixth sena
torial district , Now York city , Thomas F.
Grady ( J'amnmny ) , known us the "silver-
tongued orator , " und Iho man whoso retire
ment to" private life was requested of John
Kelly bv Grover Cleveland xvhen the latter
was governor of Now York , has been beaten
for senator by John F. A. Hearn , of the
county democracy.
Six hundred uud twouty-ono election dis
tricts in tlio state outside Now York city
und Brooklyn glvo Rico 83,789. Gilbert 100-
7 < H. The same districts in 1887 gave Cook
80,213 * , Grunt 10S.277.
A Tribune bulletin estimates the republi
can gam iu the state outside the city und
Booklyn over the vote of 1837 at about S.lWO.
titivco hundred and fourteen election dis
tricts in Now York state , outsldo New Yorlt
city nnd Brooklyn , glvo Rico 07,05.1 , ( illbnrt
121,8.13. The snmo districts In 18S7 gnvo
Cook WGOS , Grant 122(531 ( ,
Returns received ut police hoadquatcrs
show tlio majority for rainmimv hall mid tlio
local ticket to bo about ai.OlX ) .
Nine hundred nnd eighty-six election dis
tricts In Now Yorlt state , outsldo Now York
oltyand Brooklyn , clvo Rico 14.1,513 , Gilbert
174,030. Thcsamo dlstrlctcs in 1887 gave
Co > k 111,850 , Grant KM , 4 S3.
' New York city complete gives Rico 120,001 ,
Gilbert CO , 723 , Womplo 02,217 , Cook OSin5. ;
Kings county complete gives Rico 09,103 ,
Gilbert M.U10. Cliapln Is re-elected miyor
ot Brooklyn.
Amos .1. Cummlngi ( dcm ) , In elected to
concrcs * from the Ninth district.
F.lovon hundred and oiglit.\-throo election
districts In the state outildo of Now York
city and Brooklyn glvo Rico 173.800 , Gilbert
204,40. The Bttinn districts lu 1SS7 gnvo
Cook ir-2,103. Grant 10J.MI.
No election in Now York for n
dozen years excited Joss public Inter
est than that hold to-aay , The state
Issues nwolto slight Interest except
insofar as Wouiplc , the democratic candi
date for comptroller , might fall behind his
ticket , which proved to bo nearly 4,000.
The registration being so largo for nn oft" your
as It xvas , nud with so good a proportion of
the registered vote cust , the majority for Iho
democratic candidate tor secretary of state
ot over OO.OJO indicates that the demo
crats polled a , peed solid party vote
und the rolmlco to Womplo cannot bo con
sidered very pronounced.
The contest for tha state sonnto xvas in
teresting. Colonel Brown , the Tammany
nominee , defeated Colonel Murphy , of the
county democracy , xvho , on several previous
occasions loxvcrcd tlio Tammany colors.
In the Sixth district Tammany sulTorod a
defeat , Senator Thomas Orndy being be.iion
by Uio fuslonlst candidate , John T. A ,
In the Seventh , Ninth , Tenth nun Eleventh
districts the Tammany candidates were
olected. In the Eighth Stoxvart ( rep ) de
feated the Tammany nominee.
For the assembly the democrats elected
txx'onty and the republicans four members.
Ttio republican and county democracy
nominee , Fitzgerald , dolcatcd Gllderstccvc ,
the Tatnuiuny nominee , for Juduo of the gen
eral sessions.
The noxv board of aldermen will shoxv
about the same relative Tammany strength
ns the legislature.
Tlio election at Brooklyn passed oft qui
etly. The democrats carried two out of the
three senatorial districts and ten of the
txvelvo assembly districts and elected the
mayor and the city and county tlokot and
11 ft eon aldermen.
On returns received up to 2 n. m. It is as
certained that the next legislature xvill bo
composed us folloxvs : Senate , 21 republicans ,
11 democrats. Assouiby , 07 republicans , 01
At 2:16 : n. m. the returns up to this liour
indicate that the democratic state tlckot xvill
bo elected by about 10,000 majority.
KONDOUT , N. Y. , Nov. G. Benjamin O.
Walker , a prominent republican an ? a mem
ber of the county board of supervisors , xvas
arrested in the Second ward to-day for
At Port Evan , .Toslah Hashbrouck , n
brother of ex-Assemblyman Hushbrouck ,
xvas aUo arrested for bribery.
BUI-TALO , Nov. G. 1'ho democrats to-day
elected mayor , surrogate and county Judge.
ALIIAXV , N. Y. , Nov. G. Payne ( rep ) is
elected to congress from thoTxveuty-sovonth
RociicsTEii , N.Y. , Nov. 5. Niagara county
has elected the entire democratic ticket
by ovenvhelming majorities. Tills Is n
democratic victory in a hitherto republican
A f.'ntnl Plelit A Ulonily Hiot in
Woodiboro I'roolnot.
BALTIMOIIE , Nov. 5. Shortly before the
polls closed in tlio First precinct of the
Fifteenth xvard a light took place botwcon
John Apple , a fusionist ticket holder , and
William Driscoll , a democrat. Apple xvas
knocked doxvn and kicked in the head , and
was dead xvhen picked up. Driscoll Is held
for murdor. There xvoro several other as
saults but none others of n serious nature.
At 10:36 p. in. partial returns from the city
and counties indicate that Binirham ( dnm ) ,
is re-elected state comptroller by about
11,000 majority , a gain of 2,000 on his former
voto.FHKDBIIICK , Md. , Nov. 5. A terrible elec
tion riot occurred at the polling ulaco in
Woodsboro district , this county , this after
Tlio county constnblo xvas shot , the judges
driven from tne room and the ballot box
The opposing factious arranged themselves
on each side of .the road and need on each
other. The sheriff and posse have left for
the scone. .
A Sun special from Richmond , Va. , says :
Governor Leo has sent the following dis
patch to ox-President Cleveland !
"Virginia has buried Malic-no by probably
30.000 majority. "
The democrats have elected their city
ticket. In the state the democrats are gen
erally victorious. The republicans gain a
half dozen legislators , but the democrats etlll
have a majority of both houses.
In Now JorKoy.
Jniisny CITV , N. J. , Nov. G. Tun election
in Hudson county Is passing oft quietly and
thcro is every indication of the polling of un
unusually heavy voto. Secretary Fislc and
fellow ofllclals assert that Leon Abbott is
certainly elected governor nnd that the dom-
pcrats xvill assuredly control the assembly
if they do not capture the state senate as
well. Similar claims are mndo by the repub
lican state central committee.
Later to-night everything points to a
Bxvecplng democratic victory.
NUXX'AIIK , N. J. , Nov. 5. An unusually
largo vote xvas polled throughout the stato.
Tlio slowly coming returns Indicate that
Abbott ( dem ) for governor has cjirrlcd tlio
KANSAS CITV , Nov. G. The elections In
Kansas to-day xvero for county olllccs only.
jn most cases the issues xvoro of n purely
local character. In some of the counties ,
hoxvovcr , the campaign xvas fought on the
Issue of the resubmiAslon of tlio prohibitory
amendment to a vote of the people and in
those counties the democrats were generally
successful , lesubmisslon being fuvorcd by u
large numnur of anil-prohibition republicans.
Shaxvnce county , in xvhich is located Topuka ,
the state capital , elected the republican
tlckot. The returns uro coming In very
Al Ciiillirlc.
GUTIIUII : . I. T. , NOV. G. According to the
the charter this lias been the day for the
cunlclpal election in Guthrio. No party
Hues xvoro .drawn. Thcro xvero txvo candi
dates for mayor , I ) . M. Ross , president of the
council and acting mayor since last election ,
and Juuius ilooloy , until his removal to this
country a democratic member of thu Iowa
senate. The Indications are that Dooley Is
At DrnvrV.
DKNVIIU , Nov , 5. The election for county
ofllcers und district judges xvas hold to-day
So much scratching xvns dotio it xvas difllcult
to get thu result ? , but tlio indications are
that the republican tlckot Is defeated.
Al. Hi. Loui .
ST. Louis , ' Nov. G. The school election
hero to-day xvas German VH anti-German ,
and resulted In a victory for what Is knoxvn
as "Turner Hall , " or Gorman ticket.
At Drtruir.
DKTIIOIT , Mich. , Nov. G. The municipal
election to-day resulted tn the return of n
republican mayor , recorder and city treas
urer. The democrats elected the other of
Tlio Wont tunForecast. .
For Omaha nnd Vicinity Fair xvoathcr.
Nobrafka and Dakota Fair , xvarmor ,
southerly winds.
For Iowa Fair , warmer , southerly winds.
A Bollof Thnt Congress Will Comate
to the Rosouo.
. Mnliono Onvn up tlio Oovci-norslilp
KiKlit Two Wunkfl ARO Illi Aim
\Vn to Mroiiro Control of
WASIIIXOTOX lltiiiicurTnn O > mu BBB ,
filH FottiiTr.KNTii STIIKBT ,
National banks having 4j per cent bonda
deposited with the United Suited treasurer ,
to secure circulation xvould do xvcll to wait
at least u few months before changing thoiu ,
to 4 per cents. This is the tulvico of the
treasury olllclals.
The impression obtains in the department
that congress xvill take some notion to re-
Hnvo the stress upon the national banks duo
to thu near approach of maturity of the 4)
per cents. It Is true that they become duo
In twenty months ; that their premium for
that reason is fust diminishing , but there are
reasons for believing that the premium ot
the 4s ivlll depreciate quito ns rapidly , so
thai thcro can bo only the risk In xvnlllnij
that there may bo Hi a "corner" on the 4s
not already In the hands of the banks. It ia
not knoxvn yet what recommendations Secre
tary Windoui xvill malto in his annual report
relative to national bank circulation. It
is not a party , but n business proposi
tion , nnd not a theory but u condition
that confronts him. The bulk of the -IK per
cent bonds are noxv , deposited in thu vaults
of the treasury to sccuro bunk circulation.
They fall duo September , IbOl , uiul unmo-
thing must bo done to glvo the banks niiolhor
b.xsls for circulation , otherxvtso tlio exlstenco
of the circulation of n great many banks xvill
bo wiped out iu loss than txvo years. A
stringency xvill folloxv in the money market
and n < panic ensue xvhich xvill very materially
ufTuct the best Interests ot the country. The
secretary la very anxious not to disturb the
present circulating modlum , but In this re
spect nnd to this extent ho is compelled to
net.It xvill bo recalled that Comptroller Tron-
helm , at the convening of the last congress ,
suggested three or four remedies for the
troubles xvhiuh nro noxv very ncjir the na
tional banks. Ho first recommended the
Issuance of n 2 pur cent bond to run say 100
years , the national hanks to liavo the pre
ference In thu purchase , the Intention of the
Issue being to glvo another and bettor
basis for national bank circulation. If this
should not bo accepted ho thought n reduc
tion of Uio minimum of Uio deposit to secure
circulation , the proper llilnir. At present a
bank must deposit 25 per cent of its capital
stock und Uike out circulation on that basis.
For Instance a bank xvl'.h $100,000 capital
must buy ? - . " > , OUO xvorth of bonds , bonds to
thu par value of . ' 5COO , nud deposit them
with the treasurer to secure circulation.
But the bank docs not get that amount of
circulating notes , although it must pay n pro-
' ' .nlum of about 28 per cent to get Uio bonds.
It gets bank notes aggregating 00 to rep
resent this Investment of $3J,000 Jn bonds ;
n decrease in the deal amounting to nlnfost
$10,000. Comptroller Tronholin thought in ,
the event the loxv priced bond uroposltlon
failed that this minimum of deposit might.
. bo reduced from 25 per cent of the capital
stock of a bank to suy 2 or 5 per cent. Ho
held that since the object In mailing the
deposits and taking out circulation xvns sim
ply to niako a connection botxvceli private- In
terests nnd the federal government , it xvould
do Just as xx'cll to deposit $1,000 as f . ' 5,000.
In any event ho thought a bank , especially la
view of the fact that bonds nro at. a high
premium nnd the covornment never depre
ciates its own obligation * , should bo given
circulating notes to the full par value of the
bonds deposited to secure circulation. The
house committee on banking nnd currency
put a bill of this character on the calender ,
nud it would -have passed both houses or
congress hud u day been given to it. It 1
boliox-cd that Secretary Windoui xvill recom
mend ono or more of these suggestions ana
congress xvill take action. In any event It IS
given us the best advice attainable at the
treasury department that national banks ,
liavinir 4J4 per cent bonds deposited would
do xvell tovait awhile before making any
Virginia's unreconstructed confederates
are drunk on xvhisky and Joy to-night.
They have provenied General Mahono's
election as governor , and in the phraseology
of the rebel yell , the commonwealth is safe.
1 linro is a barn probability , however , that
the republicans have elected a majority of
the legislature. Thobnurbms have not yet
arrived nt the fact knoxvn bv General Ma
hono's Irlcnds for some time , that moro thuti
txvo xvceks ago ho abandoned I is light , for tbo
governorship and directed his efforts toxvard
tlio legislature. Ten of the senators al
ready occupying seats and nil of these
elected to-day xvitl vote for a United
States senator two years from this xvintcr to
snccceiKSciuitor Daniel , xvhoso tonn expires
March ! ) , 1898. Tills is the pnzoGonurul Ma
hone has re.illy been worltlnir for under
cover cl his canvass for the governorship.
Ho know tin1 bourbons xvould defeat him for
the governorship by tlio methods practiced
to-day , but ho thought no might , with Uro
diverted , secure thu legislature.
When-tho bourbons xvako up to the situa
tion tnoy xvill likely change the returns and
niako the legislature democratic , though a
majority of republicans uro chosen.
Your correspondent returned from Richmond
mend nt 11 o'clock to-night , after having
xvatched tlio voting nil day. In Richmond
alone , at least 4,0)0 negroes xvho wanted
to vote for Mahono , did not have an
opportunity to cast their ballots. Txvo
thousand or more of thcso xvero in line xvhon ,
the polls closed. Wnlto men xvero allowed
to vote as soon as liiey uppearcd , but the
colored men , thousands of them , xvho went
Into line last night and Mood there till 11 vo
minutes after 5 tills evening did not roach
the ballot boxos. The argument can't bo ad
vanced noxv "that the negro does not euro
for his francliixp. " Hero Is proof that ho
docs , but can't got the opportunity.
At H o'clock I xvent through Jackson's
xvard , xvhich is the bl.ick belt of Richmond.
At the First precinct 117 votes had been case
ut that place , in the Second precinct Gl , und
in the Tnlrd precinct-10 votes had boon cast.
At ouch voting precinct from 200 to 400 col
ored men xvoro In line.
In the Clay ward , the xvhlto man's district ,
the democratic bolt , the situation was as dif
ferent us possible ut that hour. In the First
precinct 081 x'otcs wcro cast. Second pro *
ciiiot , 4III ; third precinct , fiO1 * . Tno total
number of votes cast at 11 o'clock In the
three black precincts xvus 181. During the
name time In tire xvhlto and democratic tliroo
precincts l.G'12 votes xvero cast. The sumo
xvas true all over the city , and In every other
city In ttio stale. This explains xvhy Mahono
xvas not elected to-day. Fully txvlco ns many1
negro votes xvero suppressed by this process
us xvill bo returned to represent McKlniiey'H '
majority ,
Miscn.t\NKOUH ,
The annual report of the quartermaster
general of the army shoxvs that ilurlm ; the
past year S.i 2OJO xvas expended in tlio con-
fatruetlon of barracks , quarters und other
necessary uulldlngs und making repair * . Ho
speaks of the necessity of drill hulls at
northern posts for drill und exercise dur *
Ing the xvlnter months.
'Iho secretary of the treasury has made
the following appointments In the Internal
revenue servlvo : J. J. DaCrummoud and
John McGlnnU , gangers , Fifth Illinois , and ,
H. H. 1'atlon ami .famen A. Wonder , store *
keepers. Fifth Illinois.
President HiirrUon has appointed Warren
G. hayro , of Indiana , a member of the Cher
okee commission , vice John HurtruuCt ,
dcccasad , '
Kti'iim li p Arrivals/
At Noxv York Tlio Wyoming , from Liv
At MovHIo-Tho Dcvouio , from New Yorl |