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Trunk Lucns is in jail for tlio Inrcony
of n wntch.
The \my roll of tlio police force for
the month of Octoberuinountod to
eO,308.00. ,
To-lrty will bo pay-day nt 'tho '
American \Vntorworka company tit
Florii co.
At the present time there are only
five sick policemen , which is n
khowing for this season of the year.
Tlio nollco detail for tlio month of
November gives citrons In the suburbs
protection , whore they have never had
Detective Vnuhn is now busying him-
Bolf ficnrqlilng out moil who allow minors
to play pool and billiards in their places
of business.
On November II Chief Soavoy will
nuction off u lot of revolvers , watches ,
clothing , mid other paraphernalia-
which has boon confiscated in the police
There will bo a tng social at the First
Presbyterian church parlors on Thurs
day evening of this week , which it is
expected will provo very entertaining.
The Seventh ward cornet band hold
tholr Ural annual ball at Washington
hall last-night. A largo crowd was in
attendance and a very enjoyable time
was had ,
Joe Drown , the man who was lined
for assaulting his mother-in-law , con
ducts n Bloro at 217 .North Eleventh
Direct , instead of Tenth and Center
troots , as was stilted.
Mr. and Mrs.V. . V. Clover gave a
most enjoyable social to about forty of
their.most Intimate friends , at tholr
now store , 1512 Jones street , last dight.
Music and dancing wore the order of
the evening.
The Bohemian democratic club of
Omaha will hold a public meeting
this evening in Alotz' now hall ,
on South Thirteenth street , to
which all democratic clubs in Omaha
are invited. *
. Miss Augusta Lass , ago twonty-ono
years , sister of Mrs. Carl Jorgensen ,
died yesterday morning after a short
filclcr.ess. The funeral will take place
Thursday , at 2 p. m. , from the residence
of Mr. Chris IIanson532 ! North Seven
teenth street , to Springvillo cemetery.
Personal I'arnjjruplii.
J. W. Uopgs , of Ulutr , is nt the Casoy.
M. F. King , of Lincoln , la at the P.ixton.
M. Fnrloy , of Aurora , is nt tlio Murray.
F. B. Scdgwiclr , of York , is nt the Prmon.
T. 'if. ' Uurncs , of Hastings , la at tlio Casoy.
C. K Ed wards , of Kontmr J , Is nt tlio Casoy.
A. Cash , of Rising , Is a guest at the Mil-
J. D. Baker , of Saloui , is a guest at the
J. B. Strode , of Lincoln , Is at the Mer
John Morrison , of Lincoln , Is at the Mci
J. 13. Pearson , of Now York , Is at the
A. G. Scott , of Kearney. Is stopping at the
W.N. Huso , of Norfolk , Is n guest at the
C. A. Mngoon , of Lincoln , Is a guest at the
C. W. Scarff , of Grand Island , is at the
K. 1C. Johnson , of Valparaiso , Is a guest nl
the Casey.
Mark Brown , of Ponca , is a pucst nt the
E. E. Brown , of Kcarnoy , is registered at
the Puxton ,
K. H. Harvey , of Chudron , Is stopping' al
the Millura.
Geortro W. .Tenner , of Sidney , is registered
at the Millard.
Mrs. J. A , Goodvlll , of Tcltamali , is regis
tered at the Cuscy.
T. E. Hlncs and wife , of Imperial , are reg
istered nt tlio Cusoy.
J. Uailoynnd J. Hilnnd , of Chudron , are
guests at the Casoy.
Walter Everett and E. B. Everett , ol
Lyons , are at tbo Millard.
J. 11. Bellows and Wlfo.of Weeping Water ,
are guests at the Paxton.
John U. Mnrkloy and A. J. Meals , of
O'Nnlll , are storming nt the Casey.
J. C. Emery. A , Hazlctt and S. Schunn , ol
Beatrice , are registered nt the Casey.
J.'E. Hall , S. W. Orton nnd J. H. Haldo-
man. of Weeping Water , are registered at
the Merchants.
Al Iloilcnlieclr , who was connected with
the Wentworth house at Dcadwood , S. D. ,
for several years , has been secured by Mr.
Nat Brown as cleric at the Merchants hotel ,
At the Windsor T. L. Phelps , Lincoln ;
Ban Howard. Kansas City ; E. C. Dcnnoolt ,
Ames ; O. F. Glodden , Fremont ; L. W.Pratt ,
Stanley ; J. L. Whltcomb. Chicago ; Spooncr ,
Lincoln : H. Baldwin , Chicago ; James Gads-
den , Scbuylerj C. P. Olson. Lincoln ; D. C.
"Wooding. Lincoln ; C. T. Binford , wife and
child , Norden.
Kov. Dr. Hilton , of the M. E. church ol
York , and Dr. Armstrong , of Park Hill , nre
In Omnhu on their way to mtond the annual
convention of the Homo Missionary society.
Tholr object Is to secure the location at York
ol the proposed industrial homo ,
Republican Central Committee.
There will lia.n meeting of the republican
county central committee at the Millard lio-
tel nt 3 o'clock. All members are requested
to bo present.
Donioi Having Hold Mquor.
Charley Tolonml , who conducts a fruit
stand on south Tenth street nonr the Union
Pncillo traoks , nnd who Is alleged to have
eold intoxicating liquors without n license ,
denies the statement. Ho says that at nn
time has ho over disposed ot intoxicating
bovorugcs and promises to uiako it hot for
his accusers.
Assaulted by r'ootpicl" ,
Two footjjads attempted to hold up John
A. CnsMdy ut Twenty-ninth and Davenport
treots Tuesday night. Cassidy was knocked
down , ana although the thugs went through
his pockets , they did not secure any booty.
The victim managed to gut to his homo nt
SJ18 South Twelfth strcut , but his assailants
escaped urrcst.
Army News.
Second Lieutenant William D. McAnanoy ,
Ninth cavalry , Fort llobmson , Nob. , has
boon ordered to report at headquarters ,
without dolny , tor duty In connection with
the Inspection anil purchase of horses for the
Ninth cavalry. Ho Is to take the pluco mudo
vacant by the death of Lieutenant Hum
AVImt Are Thny Dnlnc ?
C. B. Franco and John Donlvan , promi
nent business tnon nnd capitalists of St. Joe ,
nro In Omaha working up seine deal , the
character of which Is kept very secret. Mr.
Franco is president of the St. Joe Savings
hnnk and u IntluoutltU man. They have been
in consultation slnco tholr arrival with John
A. MuShnno nndVm. . A. Paxton , and , no-
coinpanled by these gentlemen , called on
everul of Omaha's loading men.
Looking For n Mother.
Mabro Davis , an oloven-year-old child ,
was given a homo at the Opou Door Tues
day. She has for a long ttmo been living
near Houtrlco with , a farmer's family named
James Charles , but came to Omaha to Hud
her mother , who Is said to bo Jiving bora
with a man who is not her husband.
The child was assisted by the police , but
being unublo to dud the mother , was takou
to the Institution ubova mentioned.
Tuesday night , a woman , who is supposed
to bo the mother , wont to the Open Door and
asked to bo allowed to sea the girl and take
her away but was refused , as the pollco have
reason to bullovo that the mother is not the
prooor peruou to huvo the custody of her
Why don't you try Rod Cross Cough
Drops , live coats per box.
An Irnto Female Whips A Mnlo
S'Esoort. ' ,
Belle Hrftndon'n woman'of the town , who
IB well known by the police , created a scene
nt Tenth street nn J CftpltcjJ avenue Tuesday
evening by horsownmplng Mack Latham , n
man who bus lived In Omaha for the last
twelve yonrs.
Ltuhnm was out for a llttlo tlmo Tues
day. Ho hlrod a horse nnrt buggy from n
liveryman nnd picked up Hollo. They redo
for half nn hour when Latham became tired
of his company and put her out of the buggy.
This act roused the blood of the chubby
damsel , who vowed vonifonnco.
Later Latham drove up to Tenth street
nnd Cnpitol nvonuo nnd hitched his horso.
Hello Billed him and while Muck was In n sa
loon she climbed Into the busfry. When
ho came out ho demanded that
slid get out of the conveyance. Bella
got out , " but she brought the
whip with her nnd gave the fellow a lively
Both the partial were nrreslrd for disturb
ing the pn.ico. Belle was fined $17.51) nnd
Latham J7.50. _
It Tends to ( Jio Hronkltic of Mnrltnl
Mr. tind Mrs. F. N. Balearic , S. II. Farnsworth -
worth ami Sadie Picrry are the subject for
sensational talk.
Eckcrloo nnd his younp wife cnmo to
Omnhn from Orlln , Iowa , less than
ono .vcnr ago. They had only
bcon married a snort tlmo. Mrs. Eelccrlo
was yount : nnd pretty. Hccently the hus
band. it Is said , discovered that she had boon
Intimate with Farnsworth mid the couple
scpnrntcd , Mrs , Eckerlo going back to her
pnrunls ,
Eckerlo has n llttlo grocery store nt 2205
Cunilng , street. Farnsworth has a drug
store at 2113 Cuming street. AH of these
BOOH became acquainted. Sadie was
EckeHo's domestic servant.
It develops now that Mrs. Eckorlo nnd
Fnrnsworth were tntlmnto and that Eckurlo
nnd the servant girl were bosom friends. At
any ratoMrs. Eclcerlo has loft Omaha nnd
her husband is living hero with Sudio as his
Farnsworth denies nn.v Intimacy with Mrs
Eckerlo , lmt the woman's husband doi'laros
that his wife made the confession herself.
Furnaworth has bqen frequently seen in Mrs.
Kckcrlo's company. The Eokerlos lived llrat
in Kounfeo place on Corby stroot.uiid ufftr-
ward In u lint nt 2207 Cilmlng street.
Frank Anaui , n Solicitor , Churned
With n Snrl MIS Crime.
Frank Angu * . a soliciting agent for the
Building and Loan association of Minneapo
lis , was tried In pollco court yesterday after
noon on the charge of cmbcrzlomont. -
About August 15 Angus induced a man
named Morris Stein to subscribe for some
stock in the association. Stoln had no
United States money , hU cash nsscts being
confined to ninety rubles in Russian money ,
which his wife had brought over from the
old country u short tlmo before. Angus
agreed to credit Stem with-543 for his ninety
rubles , and the money changed 'luiiuls , Stein
receiving n certificate of stock therefor.
But ho was not altogether satisfied with
his investment , nnd in company with n friend
went to the onlco of the local president , U.
M. Patterson , nnd asked for his monoy. The
latter said thut tlio document was worthless ,
us Angus had made no return of the cash.
Then Angus watt hunted up. Ho admitted
that ho had not paid in the money , but said
that it was ull right ; that Patterson nnd ho
had n side deal together. But Stem didn't
care for sicto deals and demanded his monoy.
Angus said ho didn't have 'JO rubles nbout
him , so ho gave four notes representing the
Stein regarded them as worthless and
throw thorn away , not knowing what they
were , ho having no knowledge of Englibh.
The arrest and trial netft followed. The
case wus not finished last night and will bo
concluded to-duy.
I have found out a cift for my fair. It is
not n ring ol gold , nor llowors for her hair ,
nor pearls for her white neck , but Salvation
Oil for her sere throat. She's a singing bird.
Loss of life Thousands sink into an early
ftravo for want of a bottle of Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup. _
Arrest ol' Snlorfmnuii Sclllns Under
Other's f itemize.
There nre a number of men conducting
saloons In Omaha under licenses which were
taken out by nomu other parties.
Chief Seavcy has been instructed by the
pollco commissioners to nrrost nil such per
sons on the charge of selling liquor Without
Accordingly , wnrrants linvo been issued
for the following persons-
E. Booth , ! ) H South Fourteenth street ; W.
Darst , ail South Thirteenth street ; Uohdo
Bros. , Tenth and Leavenwortli streets ; E. .
Wctzog , 2012 Fnrnam street ; Jon Hundovon ,
209 ana 211 South Thirteenth street ; J. John
son , Tenth street , near Howard street ;
Bloom & Shields , 112 South Tenth street.
Economy is Wealth.
Then why not economize by using
Walker's "Wax Soap ? It will out last nil
others und deep not injure the finest
A Question ns to the Location of
Ctu-Otr Inland.
Tno trial of-Paul Thotna for shooting Jack
Cross nt Cnt-Off lake n few weeks ago was
begun in Justice Dunn's court on North Six
teenth street yesterday afternoon. County
Attorney Mahoney represented ttio stnto ,
nnd Will Gurloy the defense. Before any
evidence was taken the latter moved that the
defendant bo dismissed on the ground that
the net was committed outsldo the state , aud
that therefore the court had no jurisdiction.
Tlio motion was overruled and tuo ease
wont to trial.
The tuklng of the testimony was not con
cluded until 0 o'clock and
nearly , by mu
tual agreement argument was postponed
until Saturday at 5 o'clock , when the defend
ant's counsel will endeavor to sliuw that
the scene of the shooting is outsldo the
bordera of Nebraska.
In the event of a verdict of guilty being
rendered the case will doubtless bo appealed.
Durno'H Cuiarrh Snuff.
When suffering with catarrh , cold In the
head , nervous hoadaoho , etc. , use Durno's
Snuff , it will rcllovo you nt onco. Price 23o
at druggists.
Yesterday , at Holy Family church , James
Dermody and Miss Emma Kammcr , of this
city , were united in the bonds of matrimony ,
Kov. Father Koopman officiating. The brldo
has bocn for several years connected with
the business establishment of W. U. Bennett
& Co. , la the capacity of saleslady , and tbo
groom is a well known compositor , being
employed on the Republican. Only intimate
friends were present at the marriage , but the
contracting parties were Kindly remembered
by friends who showed tholr appreciation by
presenting numerous nnd costly wedding
gifts. A neat cottnijo nt 2205 Sewnru street
Is where Mr. and Mrs. Dorjnody will hence
forth bo homo to tholr friends ,
A Preventive tor Croup.
There no longer exists any doubt but
croup can bo prevented. 'True croup
neVer appears without wnrnlng , and. if
Chamber-mill's Cough Remedy Is given
us directed ns soon us the first indica
tion of croup appears , it will invariably
dispoll all symptoms of the disease ,
This can always bo done if it is Icept at
hand. 60 cent and ono dollar bottles
for sale by ull drupgista.
A fit , Joseph Thief.
Frank Lucas , a noijro , was arrested night
before last charged with stealing a watch
from a young whlto man named Morse. The
ticker was recovered ,
Lucas is known along the river towns as
"Cowboy Frank , " aud lig generally hangt
out nt St. Joo. Ho i not n crook in the
general scnso of the term , although ho
knows every coniHcnoi man , thlof nnd nfo
blower Uintjhas ever done any work be
tween Kansas City and Ynnkton. Ho Was
for a tlmo a constant habitue of Harry Chap-
man's famous f porting resort in St. Joseph ,
and Is well known to the pollco of that City.
An Entertainment to ho Given at the
Davenport Rohnol.
The Llttlo Pitcher club ot the Davenport
street school at the corner of Thirty-ninth
and Davenport streets will give an entertain
ment Friday afternoon , November 1. The
following la the programme :
Hell call nnd Rcc'y's report..Matnio Hoins.
President's address Ralph Savage.
Sons "The Jolly Blacksmith. " School.
Composition "Story of a NicKlc , "
Mary Egbert.
nccltntlon "Tho Foolish Llttlo Maiden "
Speech "Njvcr Give Uu , " Will Hill.
Heading "One Llttlo Dollar Hill , "
Nina Stoln.
Suabrlnu melody , piano duet , , . . . , .
, . . , , . . . .Mary nnd Lutlo Egbert.
Composition "All Ab jut Cats"
Will Kasgorschok
Reading I'Trtklue Care of the llnhv" .
Will Hems
The Hntipy Farmer plano..Mnorlo ] Hlchlo
Uccltntlon "My Vulcnllno..Daisy Curr
Dialect recitation "liooK Lurnln' " . . .
( .Eugene Mills
Mediation "Tho Dead Dolly"
. , Lutlo Egbert
Impersonation "Guess My Nnino" . . . .
GiiRsio Farmo
Speech "Song of Marion's Men"
Albert Egbert
Composition "A Dream of the
Future" Mamiu Hems
Song Whole school
Debate "Resolved , That the horse Is n more' '
useful nnlmnl than the cow. " Affirmative ,
Eddie Davis ; negative , Hey Smith.
ABC for the Davenport Boys
, llnttlo Knowlton
Critic's Koport Gusslo Farmo
MUIIK HKIXS , Secretary.
A ( ino'l Appotlto
is essential to ( rood health ; but at tliij
season it is often lost , ouiii to the
poverty or impurity of the blood , de
rangement of the digestive organs , and
weakening olTect of the clmiitfing sen-
son. Hoods Snrsaparlllu is a wondor/ul
inodicinoTor creating an appetitetoning
the digestion , and giving 'strentilh to
the whole system. Now is the time to
take St. Be sure to get Hood's Sarsapsi-
_ _ _
Itoplivuc the Wullc.
The chairman of the board of public works
Is sending letters to all thn qrndlng nnd
curbing contractors to the following effect :
"Tho clt.V council refuses to approve llnnl
estimates for u grading or curbing until the
chairman of the board will certify that side
walks , which were in the way of said Im
provements , were preserved and placed In as
rood condition ns found before removal.
Therefore you nre requested to ronort to
said chairman In person and accompany him
on a tour of Inspection , to ascertain whether
snid requirement has been complied with to
tlio satisfaction of the tionrd of public worlts
bcforo said hnal estimate is acted upon by
snid board. "
Work has commenced on the paving of
Vinton street from Twentieth to Twenty-
fourth. Cedar blocks are to bo used
The paving of Twentieth street from St.
Mary's ' avenue to Hnrnoy is ilnnlly finished ,
nmi for the ilrst time in months the'street Is
in a safe nnd presentable condition.
Wants To Vote.
"Sav , judge , I'm guilty , but you'll do mo n
great fuvor if you'll fix uiy sentence so I can
get out in tlmo to vote. "
It was old S. B. McCormick , a citizen who
spends a great deal of his time in jail und the
balance oi it in saloons. The charge xvus
drunkenness , anil Judge BerKa flcurcd
around until it was arranged so the , old of
fender will bo released on Monday night.
For NorvouHios4
Use Horsforu's ' Acid Phosphate.
Dr. W. C. Hanscome , Mimicapoir * , Minn. ,
says : "I used it in a case of nccuta rheuma
tism , during convalescence ; the n irticular
symptoms I wished to reliovo"wuro sleepless
ness and nervousness , und the results were
ull I desired. "
Sloped With a Watch.
Harry Higcins opened his pcepnrs nt day
light yebteiday morning just in timct to sco a
sncakthicf leaving his room at Twelfth and
Harney streets with his gold watch and chain.
The thief escaped , and as Harry cannot give
any description of him to the police , it is not
likely the man will be caught.
An Absolute Cure.
Is only put up in largo two outice tin boxes ,
and is nn absolute euro for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chappjd hands , nnd nil skin orap.
tlons. Will positively cure all kinds of piles-
MENT. Sold by GooJman Dru ? cempauy at
25 cents per box bv mall ao cent } .
Licenses were Issued to the following par
ties by Judge Shields yesterday :
Name und Address. Ago.
I Ueorgo W. Atwood. Panama , Neb UT
( Sarah C. Hedges , Omaha 17
I Frank Snowdon , Missouri Valley 20
( Sarah Wllenger , Missouri Valley 19
Sick Headache
TB ft complftlntifrom which many suffer
1 nnd few are entirely ff co. Its cause
is indigestion niftl a sluggish liver , the
euro for which is readily found In the
tiso of AycrVJUlls.
" I have founditlmt for sick hcndacho ,
caused by n disordered condition of the
stomach , Avert Tills are the most ro-
llablo remcdy.-Saniuol 0. Drndlmrn ,
"After Iho .lino of Aycr's Pills for
tunny ycius , In my practice nnd family ,
I am Instilled in saying that Jhcy are nn
excellent cathartic and llvor medicine
sustaining nil the clnlniiinado for them. "
W. A. Wostfall , M. D. , V. P. Austin
& N.AV. Hallway Co. , Ihiinut , Texas.
"Aycr's Pills nro the host medicine
known to mo for regulating the howrls ,
and for nil diseases caused by n dis
ordered Btoiimuh nnd liver. I suffered
for over thrco years fiom headache , in
digestion , and consllpntlon. I had no
nppetlto nnd wns weak and nervous
most of the time , lly using tmco boxes
ot Ayt-r's Pills , and at the simio tlmo
dieting myself , I was completely cured. "
Philip Lockwood , Topckn , Kansas.
" I was troubled for yonrs with indi
gestion , constipation , and headache , A
few boxes of Ayer's I'llls , used in small
dnlly doses , restored mo lo health ,
Thuy are prompt nnd cffcclhu. " W.U.
Sti out , Mead vllle , 1'a.
Ayer's Pills ,
Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co. , Lowell , Mass.
Bold by nil Drugglet" anil Dealer * ID Medicine.
Ii03 I'AiiNAJt Sritr.ET , OMAHA ,
( Opposite 1'aiton Hotel. )
Office hours , 9 n-ra , to 8 p. m. Sumlnys , 10 n.
m. to 1 p. in.
Sooclillsu in i Chronic , Nervous Skin ami
Ulood Ilsott es.
t "Consultatlon at ntnco or by innil free.
Mi-itlclnes sent byimall or express , securely
packed , free from observation Guarantees to
cure oulrkly , snfuly iml permanently.
elons. l-liyslcftl Decay , urlslnpr from Indlwio
Uon , T.xcess or IBtJulnence. producing Sleepless
ness. Despondency. l'linplo § on the fuco. nver-
nlon to society , eaitly discounted. lacK of conn
dunce , rtull , unllcror study or business , niulliiuls
life ft burden. Safely , permanently and pri
vately cured. Consult lira , lletts ic Bctts , 11U3
Farnnm St. , Omoha Nob.
Blcot- and SklnOi ) , ?
results , completely eradicated without tlio uld
of Mercury. Scrofula , Fr/sipelns. Fever bores ,
Hlotches , lllccra , I'amslu the Head and llonos ,
ByphlHtlcSoro'ltiront. Mouth and lonKUP. Ca.
tnrih. etc. . permanently cured vhcro otlieU
have failed.
Virlnntr TfpinQn ; nni1 HlaJilcr Compinmts ,
UlllllBy. Ulindty iMinmi. Dimcmt , too n-o-
quent Iturnlneor U'oody Urine , Urine hlfjli col
ored or Mth iiillky fiedlinent on stnmlluij , WenK
BacS , Oonorrh < pa , Gleet , Cystitis. etc. ,
Promptly and Safely Cured , Charges Iteusorm-
niovnl complete , without cuttliur , caustic or
dlllatlou. LMres eflccted nt homo by patient
without a nioniunts pain or nnnoyacca.
To Yoniiff Men and MliHHe-AiGd Men ,
priDD T"e atvrul Directs or early
AOTinn UUUD Vice , which buncs organic
weakness , destroying both inlnrt and body , with
nil Its ( headed Ills , iieruiuuentlv cured ,
linn DP'P'T3 ' Adross those who have imi > alred
LlfAOi Duliu thJinsolvt-s by Improper nulnl-
cenres nnd HoUtnrjhabits. . nhlcS ruin both
body nnl mind , unfitting them lor bualncsi ,
tudy or marniiBe.
MAUUIKII Mn.v. or thoio onterlni ? on that Imp
pyhro , nwaro o physical debility , quickly aa
Is liasoil upon facts , first 1'rnctleal Expo
rlcnce. Socoad Every case Is especially studied-
thus Rtartlng aright. Third JloJlolnos ar pre ,
pitied In our labatory exactly to suit each case ,
ilitiR alTectlDB cures without Injury
& Sent\ \ cents postage lor culubrateil works
on Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Disease * .
Vnonsnndii curod. fir A friendly letter or call
may save you future sntTerlnir nnd sliarae. and
add golden years to life. t3T No letters an-
wered unless accompanied by 4 cont3 In stumps.
Address or call on
1403 Furnmn Street , Oninho , HcV.
As a rule , the well dressed
men of Omaha are wearing
Nicoll's made-to-orcler .
- - garments.
An extravagant outlay of
money is not necessary ; expen
sively dressed men are not al
ways well dressed.
It costs no more to make a
stylish , perfect fitting garment ,
than an ilHitting one , if you
know how.
Not everybody knows how.
Knowing how to choose the best fabrics , and tailor them
well at a moderate price , has built and sustains our busy
In Chicago , In St. Louis ,
IBI Kansas Qiiy , In Omaha ,
In Sf , Paul , In Minneapolis ,
In lndianapolisf In Cincinnati.
This wide knowledge of the Tailoring business , has gained
us our large trade. We will add to it.
See our goods and prices to-day.
OVERCOATS MADE TO MEASURE , - - - $ | 5 to $60
NICOLL , The Tailor ,
14O9 Douglas Street.
As Is Our Custom
At this time of the year , we will have for next few weeks our annual SPECIAL SALE of Suits
and Overcoats. We always make these sales at this season , when people need the goods
and the bargains will do them good. There is no need to explain what a special sale means
WITH US. The big crowds attending our special sales tell the story , and tell it well.
The people remember the grand values they got at these sales , last.ycar and the year be
fore. We promise to do still better this season. Our buyers have been hard at work the
last two weeks , and we are now getting in daily stacks of goods purchased by them at the
immense reductions from values which manufacturers must submit to at this time o ( the
We want to impress upon your mind that the goods we arc offering arc first class in
every respect , first class in quality , first class in work and trimming , and first class in fit ,
and our stock is worthy the attention of every person who appreciates style and quality in
fabrics , trimming and making ,
The prcsenMvcek we will offer exceptional values in Men's and Young Men's Suits. Wo
have displayce some of the bargains in our Douglas street window , Let those who never
traded with us call and compare our goods and prices. We will make this a great cus
tomer-winning season ,
Corner Fourteenth , and Dougla's Streets , Omaha.-
\Yo do not limp upon the chonpness o
our Clothing , but that iloes not slnulry
that Ilia Sl'lTS and OVKIICOATS whlcii
wo uskjlil" , Sil nu'l } ; K ) for nro lilch
Brlcod. \vo could uaslly cheupen them
y putting In Inferior trlmmlngx. It Is
not always tholirlco you jiny. lint It Is tbo
viilno received in purcliasu that connts.
Friday ,
Thursday , 3.2 | Saturday
Special Matinee Sntvirday ,
Sale of Seals MONDAY , OCTOIiER 28th
Special Liifnirement of the Famous KMMA Q
Abbott. Aimnndalc. Jllrelli , Mlcholena , Monte-
giliro , I'ructte , IJroderlot , Allon. Koady.
Full Cliorim. Oriintl Orchestra.
In the following brilliant reportolio :
WCDNUSnA V Ualfe's Masterpiece.
KMMA AnilOrrnnd Kntlro Comiwnyln Cast.
TltUHSDAY-ltairo's Tuneful Opsra ,
KMJIA AIlHOrrand Entire Company In Cast.
ritlDAY nelllnl's Grand Ilcrolo Opera ,
KM MA AI1110T1' and Entlro Company In Cast.
Kxqul ltc J.ove Lyric ,
HMMA AHUOTTiis " .Iullot"-r.ntlro Company.
SATUHUAV i\'i.Vma-Gllbort : ; & Sullivan's
Latest Seimitlon ,
Ycowr.iV or 'I'm : UAati > ,
OrThoM orryman nnd Ills Maid.
I'.MJIA AllllOrr and Kntlro Company.
Gorgeous Costumes ! Hiu-IinnllHg Music !
Itrllllaiit Mlso en Scone !
l'IIIOK8-l.GO. II nnrtTSo , reserved. Halcony
admlsHlon. Me. Gallery JJ1 cent * .
MAT1NUK-J1.00 , 75c and DOc. reserved.
231 & 235 IJ110 A I ) WAY , N. Y.
Owners K Solo Manufacturers of the
Stripped Steel Hats of all Sizes.
Patented P u , 7111,1383.
Thou Mats liaroUiecomuInr J nil vantage j of nil
filhcr Mali with none or tlirlrtlltadvaiitaKf < , iiud
| i.i < oprovcatob tlie tli ) n | > fHt and llcht.
Tliuy lll nottrcnk ilown. tlalton out , \rnrp or
> < tout of ihapt ; , aiul Mill nulnt-nr oil wlro ,
'l M an In tliu marknt.
Will clean HID feet Iwltrr than any other Mat ,
and not permit tht dirt to bo carried lie/one ! them.
I'corluitrprineon them riuiuot ullputhtlr
jnrfuce uffert ifclilancu In allillrtctlout.
Ttiny ntt-d lie thaklntr. tlicrtforn crento no duit.
Hold 111 ull HariUviirv , Dry ( Jood > , L'arprt
aiiU Ilimno I'urnUUIna ritorooi Liberal
couut lUloireU to the tr&Jo.
Ko. I-RIiO
Ho. 2-8t olllHU USU Ko.a-MzaMxM. , . , 7 (
NO. NO. 7 hlzoMlM ) . , . , DO )
( j nundr.dia/nnanndt gm TryOnZt
_ .8'tlsr ImnrOfOd with tmainnr nhncklni on cat
' / . ( , . - . l . .
TCo. Eni > ! o trldlnRi'f/.ir < .ThetpriiigslsiiaUi.
DQ and eh trten accoralnff to tba weigLt pat on thorn.
pted ncinallr wnll to rnURh cc'mtry or flno
drives wlllclvo7ou Unit autlofactlon.
A Perfect Face Powder.
? REEKS AW'SVffl&ir' '
[ * tltlt > I . Uon'l rub off. Suld Ij l > rr.U ! ,
Kltiilcriolf rnmbl , ' . , 1,101 n ipili-
81,1 On rirnimM : Qnn < lmiii limit Co.,1,110s
8elmt < T > il , l''jiTorlliri , J.I19. OnN.ieilit
biiulflr tr. TQ2 Owtu J.d. , hc&Whlfeli u > a'if
cor. Wi-Utrrj Monell'ii.cor Chlraiolkrank j ,
Hi , rnr. tVnlon MHIr.l Inilllutc Drlu ( . ' . . u.lkJ'TurliI
k'l.cor. TAdRr , OnH. loili : lull , t20l Mallli llron. c. r I'acll.
Icp On S. Utli : Conr > il I , 211 ; Knlm u Cu , cor. DxlcUi , ilia
cor.lllhind Gamine , Ul N i > nltr : Or. P vlll 'i , 1,101 , CMl-
> ' , cor. I.Ale , On Ui > irnirlh. . livl ' , Iin IVlnn 1. ( ) cn ,
cor. 3lthi 8 in uCn , islli iiu | l\ni , ] > it ; Sdni-ftr'a , Sl.crni.n
Av . nJCnil.I'ClMk t , J5U , itirl WuoUorlli Ar , Dr.Hf nl cli'
1.C01 lloi arj , | ' , cor. Clh Bn.l I l.rccj Boy I lC , | .ltil r < C
.n I 1411 ; M.lW. J. Sclr , r- i Sckom Jt Co , S. oin.U. .
niiolc. * ! . , ) < lcli > nl > i > ii Drn Co . nriifo t to.
" " " "
, - _ _ .
The lurcon , ( aucit uiul 11 neil In the woild ,
I'fltsenBCr accommodations unozcellccl.
Now York to Glasgow via Lsalonisrr/
rircassla. Nov 2tl I Ancliorlo , Nov..lOth
lUhloplu , Ncv. . . . nth I rurnesilu , NovKid
New York to Azores , Gibraltar and Italy.
IIOMViA Kov. 13th I CAMFOIINIA , Nov. COth
on lowest terms. Kxcurslon Vlclcots ronuced ,
made available to return tj' cither the 1'lctiir-
esiiue Clyde nnd North of Ireland , or Itlver
Meroey mid South o Ireland , or Naples aud
Kxcunsiovs or I'Aius on CoNriNr.NTAr ,
Totilts on lowest twins. Travolcrw' Circular
Letters of ( Jieillt and Drafts for any amount t
lo cst current rates. A pply to any of our local
agents or to
Henderson Brothers , Cliicago , Ills ,
U.S. HAM. .
11. V. .MnoiiKS.
0. U. MARCS , u. r. Depot.
A f ull rt of Tooth on rubber for tf , qnnrnntocil tote
to us wi'll iiiiiihs as plnti.i ! nunt out from nnyduntnl
oillco In tbli country , ami tor which jou vruuld bo
chfirK 'l over ttvlco 111 iniicb.
i 'leothextracteil wllhout pain ordanttor. aii'l ' nltu-
oul the tun rliolofnrm. ens , I'lthnrorcloctrlcltf.
Uoldatid tllvcr lllilniis ut hnlf rutcj ,
Sutlalnalinn Guiirnnloutl.
I'axlon IMocli , Kill : nail Farimm Streets.
TiiWo I'.lbvutor on Kltli Street.
to exam.
1 n a the
Justly cel
ebrated line * of Hoofi ami Shoes , niunufactur-
< 1 07 U. M. Jlemloraon A ; Co. , of ClilcuBO Kao.
torles at Ohlcngo , Dlxou , Ills. , anil Feud 1)11 ) ,
Wli. Bhoulil write BAM. N. WATSON , real-
doncn , FKBS10NT , NKll. UVavellng
Hoidqunrlera for itubbers.
The Tyler System of Bank Countoro
Unsullied in Style , Qaalltv or Vila.
The Tyler DnokB. 200 Now Styles ,
Together tclth 1000 Stylet Tttlci , Chiln. tc.
and Dejk OomMntd. 6 Style * . Flneit on Earth.
" .r'Jl1" " ' ' ' ? . ' ' ! c tloeu Free , FotUf.e 7 Oil ,
TYLER DESK CO. , Stlouls , MoJ , S ,
northwestern Military Acaaemy ,
IVentrtliree rallca north of Chlcaeo : lm u lull
corpi of erporluiiceil liiitrnctor > t nvu courari ol
iturtr. and uiuurpnucU faclllllet for luit.'uctlan ,
leahh. lioiua coinlorli Hi-.rt ChrlilUii luOueucu.
.end f or culalovuo lo Highland I'ark , III.
Chcag0f | nisJcinrkSf ,
Ibe Regular Old-EslaWisIicd -
li still Treating with Iho Greatest
Clirouic , Ncrwis and Private Diseases ,
Off-NERVOUS DEBILITY , Lost Manhood.
Faillnc Memory , Exhausting Drains , Tcrrlbla
Dreams , Head and Back Ache and all ( he effect *
lending to early decay and perhaps Consumption ot
Insanity , treated scientifically by new mctlicdi with
nc\erfjilmg success.
o-SYPHILIS nnd all bad Blood and SklnDIl *
eases permanently cured.
3-KIDNEYand URINARY complaints , Gleet ,
Gonorrhoea , Strlctu re , VorlCocclo and all disease *
of ihc Uenlto-Urlnaiy Oigana cured promptly without
injuty to Stomach , KUncjs or other Orgam.
? -Noexpcrlmcntc. Age and experience lm . .
portant. Consultation free nd sacred.
CB-Sen.l 4 cents postage far Celebrated WorLs on
Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Diseases.
UB-lliose contemplating Miirriace send for Dr.
Clarke's celebrated guide Mole and Female , each
15 cents , both : cent , ( stamps ) . Consult the old
Doctor. A friendly letter r call may sae futnrcsuffcr. II
in nnd shame , and add gcltlcn j ears to life. O3loolc
"Life'sSecret ) Errors , " socentsstamps ( ) . Mtdiclna
and writings cent everywhere , secure from exposure.
Hours , 8 to 8. Sundays 9 In 12. Address
F. D. CLARKE , Etf. D. ,
106 So. Clark St. . CKBC QO , ILL.
Pit. is. 0. WnsTVi NIIIIVI : AND niiAi.v
MK > T , aminrantoodspeclllo for Hysteria , Dlzzt *
ness. Convnliloiis , Kits , Nervous Npiualgln ,
Hvnilache , Nervous j'lostnitlon caused by the
nso oC alcohol tobacco. M'likcliilnu-s , .Mental
Uc'pn.'ssloii.Snftnntiiftaf tlio Drain , insulting lu
Insanity ami leading toinlsery.decay nml dcuth ,
I'romnturo Olil .Ape. liurrenuesp , Loss ot I'owor
In either sex. Involuntaty l.ossot and Spermatf
torlnra caused by overoxurtlon of the brain , self'
nbuso or overliidiilRencn. Koch box contains
ono month's treatment. ' 1 01 a box , or MX bores
for W.Oi' , sent by mall prcpaldon receipt of price.
To euro any case , With each order received by
us ff r Hlxboxes , accompanied with 4V 0 , \ \ o tvlU
send the purchaser our written RU irantco ro re *
fund tlio money It the- treatment docs not direct
a euro Uuarantees Issued only by t.oodinan
Ding Co. lirugslsts , Solo Agents , H1U 1'nrnuin
SI roe t. Umnha , Kobiasba ,
H.W.COH.iaiH&DooctbJS , OMAHA , NEB.
BetiFacllUiMApparatui n < lRen dleiforBuer < Mfa !
Xrtitmcnt of evtrr farm of Due&ie requiring
Board ft Attondanot. Beit Accomowdttloni lo WeiU
Oj- WRITE FOR CIRCULARS on Utfonnltlei and
Ilrteej , Truun , Club yclt , Curvatur iof kt He , Fllcf ,
Tumori. Ouioer , Oiturb , Urcochltli , Inh
noun iiriiisutoKruEBisiT , ( STplCTU PRIVATI. )
Only Reliable M dioal IniUtuU m Kin j a Sf ecialtv at
All IJIood Plie it lueeoirulltripled. . Drpbllllte J'ctaoo
r.uo , 1 fion lit ij.i.u III oul mtiturf. K. ll lur > tl > <
TrcilBtil fur U.I of TIT II. I UITHU. Ulllll inlllj | < > dill
biut/tfltttlidat boioiLeorriiK ] > Dd fict. All CftUnuDlea.
tlODiroDOJtallil. VrdlcluciortnitruiafUtifttntL/ioillorlz.
crt iircurci/rektJ.n0iuirk tolBdlctttcontfoiiortftdir ,
Uof pBrioi iluitriUir prcfuroi. Cftlliad eociuttui rt&c
Milorrcf roar c i , a&d wt will leadla pl.lo vrnt' < r. ouf
RflfW Tfl MPW pncE : i'fn ' HiiT > K. Hj.cuioi
UUUCV lu irlCKi h rtoiiiDli M > , lii ) > oirDcjrli/f ) | .
lllil Ulrel od Vitlcoctle , ultb qut.lloa llil.ddt.n
13tb and Uodgo BUttU , OBA1IA , H 0 ,
Nos. 303-404-17O-604.
WORT T > < B5T.TBr.'P ' Kff PENS.