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The worlt Of repairing the bonrd of
education rooms has boon commenced.
Gcorgo Smith , the colored man who
Btolo a watch Monday night , pleaded
RUllly yesterday afternoon nnu was hold
td the district court in the sura of 8700.
John Lafforty. ono of a gang of
thieves who robucd a clothing store in
Kansas City , IB n prisoner at central
police station. Ho will bo taken back
to the scene of his crime.
No reply has boon rocoivoil from the
wife of Lieutenant Humphrey in ro-
aponso to the telegram sent from army
headquarters asking her wishes regardIng -
Ing the disposition of the body.
Louis Kloppmnn. the man who was so
brutally assaulted by John Quinlan , is
vovy low. The case was to liavo boon
called yesterday afternoon , but Klopp
mnn was not able to leave the hospital.
John Bftlloy , the man who assaulted
Tom Hutlcdgo at 11509 Davenport street
several davs ago and broke his shoulder
blade wltli a. heavy board , was lined
$ 12.50 in the police court yesterday
Mrs. W. S. Soavoy , secretary of the
Ladles' Relief corps , on behalf of her
society , desires through Tun BEK to
thank all the ladies and gontlnmon who
BO kindly assisted in making their en
tertainment a success on Monduy even
1'crsoiml I'nrncrnpliH.
J. B. Li'ons. or Lyons , Is at tlio Jllllard.
P. O. HIcKinun , of Craig , Isnt tlio Murray.
E. 13. Manlz , of Fremont , is at the Mur
ray.II. . II. MOBO , of Wnyno , Is stopping at the
W. A. Wcstfnll , of Atkinson , Is at the
Cnsoy , f
L. C. Burr , of Lincoln , Is stopping at the
Augustus'Frank , of Kcarnoy , Is at the
T. Ht. Martin , of Wulioo , Is a guest at the
D. Rhy , of Grand Island , is a guest at the
Mlllanl. <
F. I. Foss , of Crete , Is stopping at the
Mllurd. |
R. U. Hamilton , of Scotia , Is registered at
th6 Cusuy.
J. E. Urown , of Hastings , Is 'a guest at
the Cnsoy.
J. rt. Eaatorduy , of Tecumseh , Is nt the
Robert 11. Wmilheltn. of Pluttsmouth , Is at
the Murray.
il. S. Meal , of North Plutte , is n cuest ut
the 1'axtoii.
E. H. niclmrilnon , of Crete , is stoppinc at
the Mlllard.
F. S. Owen , of Stromsborg , is a guest at
the Millard.
Henry Pcnner , of Beatrice , Is stopping at
the Merchants.
Mrs. E. II. Ambler'of Beatrice , Is regis
tered at * the Murray.
( J. S. Johnson and wife , of Osccola , nro
guests at the Merchants.
J. D. Durton nnd wife , of Lincoln , are
ttopplng at the Merchants.
E. P. Newell and W. II. Clark , of Her
man , are registered at the Millard.
M. A. Hartlgan and J. J. Uucliunan , of
Hastings , are registered at the Merchants.
General J. It. Brooke nnd Captain P. II.
Rav returned Monday night from a hunting
trip in Wyoming ,
R. H. Wielts , secretary of the Star Land
and Loan company , has gone to 1'lorro , S. D. ,
to consummate a deal for an addition to
Colonel Michael Sheridan will arrive In
this city Thursday , and will assuiua his
duties as assistant adjutant-general of the
department o ( the I'latto , * - ,
li'lnrtl I'or Stealing Coal.
Julius Cragor admitted that ho had stolen
fifty pounds of coal to keen from freozing'to
death aim Judge Borka fined him $3. '
Mnrrla'no License * .
A Kcenso was Issued to the following
parties by Judge Shields yesterday :
Name and Address. Age.
I Charles Minelll , Omaha 83
| Annlo Foruo , Omaha " 4
Conrad Coralln < l.
Alexander Conrad , n fugitive from jnstlco
from Fort Morgan , Colo. , where he stole ? 00
in n hotel , Is in custody
Chief Seavoy received Instructions to hold
him until an oillcor could reach this city and
ccuro requisition papers.
Have Von Koulstcrctl ?
The remaining days for registration are
Friday , November 1 , and Saturday , Novoui'
The registration books will bo held open
from 8 a. m. to 0 p. in. on each of thcso days ,
Chnrucd With Larceny.
John Qraskoy and Charles Barton are
prisoners nt central police station charged
with larceny. LouU Hasmusson claims that
\ & they stole $10 from him whllo ho was asleep.
I The money was found In n bed that had been
occupied by Uraskoy and Barton ,
Left With Another Mnn'n AYIfo.
Fred Holler , a restaurant man at 018
Iforth Sixteenth street , has left with another
tuan'a'wlfo ' , and is quartered In parts un-
known''to his partner , whoso name Is Mey
ers. Movers says that Holler loft his finan
cial matters In good shape , and anticipates
his return after a time.
* -Mrmorlixl Charity.
Reports of donations to Bishop Clarkson's
Memorial hospital for the past three months
show : Mrs. H. M. Caldwell , $10 ; Mrs. S.D.
Barkalow , $13 ; Mrs. R. H. ClarKson , $ lb ;
Miss Juliette Smith , Now York City , J15 ;
St. Stephen's ohurcb , Ashland , f'J ; fat.
Luke's church , Kearney , 51.53 ; St. Paul's '
church , Arapahoc , $1.03 ; total , $70.50. St.
Luke's churcn , Kearney , a box of canned
frulu. Jollies and ether supplies ; Omaha
\Vatorwork8company , full supply of water ;
Arctic Ice company , full supply of ico.
Arrostnl fur Kinlxirzlomont.
N. L. Angus , the local acont for the
Building Association of Minneapolis , was
nrrostci. by Sergeant Orrasby yesterday ,
charged with embezzlement. The complaint
was sworn out by Morris Stein , who claims
that on August 15 Angus obtained of him
bout f3 In payment for u cortlllcato of
took la the association. Angus Issued the
certificate which , whun presented to the
ofllco at Minneapolis , proved worthless , hav
ing boon Issuo.l by Angus himself.
Sliort-LiivMl 1'loasiire.
Death is likely to bo the cause of li. H.
Waqdell's not being prosecuted.
Ho was arrested the last'titno about three
weeks ago on the charge of obtaining an In-
uranco proinlum'undcr false protonsns. Ho
has not yet had a preliminary hearing , From
tlmq to tlmo the ease ban been postponed on
account of the sickness of the defendant.
Wandcll Is In the county lull and Is suffer
ing from consumption. It Is said that ho is
llablo to die before his case Is disposed of.
The case Is similar to that of the late Wll
N. King , who occupied the same apartments
in which Wandoll is now quartered.
Tlio Retailers' Association.
Monday evening the Omaha , local branch
of the Nebraska State Business Men's asso
ciation hold a very interesting meeting
Quito a lively discussion took place over the
quostloa of peddlers and their encroach
inontoou different lines of business ; also
the advisability of petitioning the city conn
ell to raise their license to a larger amount.
This association now numbers 200 business
men , comprising all classes of the rotal
trndo , They are gaining strength rapidly
and will bo hoard from in tno future. The
et&to organization , of which this Is a branch
extends throughout the state , and. will sooi
accomplish much good in procuring the
passage of such laws as will protect the re
tailer in hU legitimate trade. There will bo
* Kspecial meeting next Monday evening ut I
oVlocli to look over the political field.
The C7ontroverr n to Clonlnc on
* " Election Dny.
The question under discussion among the
directors of the Bank of Commerce and
other people ai to whether 10 o'clock was
not n bolter hour for opening than 9 o'clock ,
and what shontd bo dond about closing their
doors on election day l . . ( ttfaotlng consider'
able attention. * >
The first proposition promises to develop
nto nn exciting contest , nnd there seems to
> e a wide diversity of opinion u to what
course should bo pursued ,
Jn both instances the test appears to dc-
> oml upon the strength nnd Influence of the
J mail a National against nil the other bank-
ng institutions.
Joseph H. Millard nnd William Wallace
first advocated the advisability of making 10
o'clock Ufa opening hour.
The cashiers-and tellers of every national
jank in town are with thorn , but , it Is said ,
Presidents MUrphy , Kountzo , Yatcs , Ilamil-
on oppose the scheme. Thcso control tbo
the situation. , \
However , sooner or later the change will
JO mado. In all largo cities 10 o'clock is tlio
tlmo at which banks opcnjfor the transaction
of business. i
Conceding the fac that iho wishes of a ma-
lorltv of tbo presidents must prevail , much
depends Upon the llcons'o board which Is
composed Of Luther Drake , Fred Davis and
Milt Barlow.
Whether or not the banks will close on
election dity Is n point yet to bo solved.
Judge Lake's Advice bas been solicited , and
lie snys that In the oycsjof the law , that the
day with reference to bank buslnos must bo
considered the snm.o as Sunday.
At the { Nebraska national , ho'wovor , the
reporter was shown a couv of the law , with
margin notes make by Judge Savage , stating
that the act had been declared unconstitu
tional. >
The others evince 'a disposition to keep
open , and whllo they agico that paper falling
duo on that ilay cannot go to protest ,
there Is nothing to prevent them receiving
deposits and cashing checks.
Although many remedies pro pushed Into
the market by spicy advertisements Dr. Bull's
Cou h Syrup takes the lead and druggists
sell more than ot'orbefore. Price 25 cents.
Mrs. Crow "Chile , buy a bottle do Salva
tion Oil , it cUre your rhoumatls sait'in. " 25
Why Jon.Uronn AViis Fined $ : $2.GO in
tlin foilco Court.
It cost Joe Brown SU.50 In the police
court because he refused to allow his wife to
take n b'a'tli.
Brown conducts a little grocery store
near the corner of Tenth
and Center streets. His wife
is in n dcllc'ato condition mid Brown has bis
own Idea of how she ehould treat horsolf.
Brown's mother-in-law , Mrs. Alma New
man , culled Monday to see her daughter.
She recommended that she take hot baths
regularly and also drink a certain kind
of soup. Brown did not object to
the soup , but ho vowed that his wife should
not outer the bathtub. The mother-in-law
declared that she should , and whllo she
awaited Brown's depaituro , ho took
his axe nnd chopped out the
bottom of the bath tub. Then
he scl/ed a chunk nf Iron and pounded Mrs.
Newman over the back and arm until both
wore black and blue.
You cannot accomplish any work or
business unless you feel well. If you
fool used up tired put tnko Dr. J. H.
McLean's Sarsupurilln. Ityill give
you heultli , strength and vitality.
A $1OUOOOO Tannery to bo Built in
Oinnlia Soon.
One of the largest tanneries In the world
is to bo built In Omaha. 'For sometime back
the deal has been pending. J. W. Higgln-
bottom , representing , an English syn
dicate of capitalists , has been
Instrumental in keeping tbo project on foot.
Ho has labored untiringly and secretly
among the local capitalists for the past week ,
and has at last enlisted sufficient support to
cniryout arrangements for the establish
ment of n tannery hero Involving an outlay
of $1,000,000. This is the amount that Is to
bo actually Invested in the enterprise.
How to Cure n Cold.
Many years constant use nnd the experience -
porionco of thousands of persons of all
ages , has fully demonstrated that tlioro
is nothing bettor for a severe cold than
Chamberlain's Couch Remedy. It acts
in perfect harmony with nature , relieves -
lioves the lungs , liquefies the tough
tenacious mucus , making it easier to
expectorate , nnd icstoros the system tea
a strong and healthy condition.
Wants Her Child Again.
Mrs. Mary Emily Nicholson , a middle-
aged woman , sat out. through the morning
session of police court in tears.
Six years ago , through poverty , the
woman was compelled to part with
her only child , Dora , who is now thirteen
years of ago. A sister of Mrs , Nicholson
took her to raiso. The sister now lives at
Genoa , Nance county , in th's ' state.Q At cer
tain intervals , Mrs. Nicholson , who has been
married a second tlmo , goes almost
insane over the loss of her child.
Her relations dcom it unsafe to have the
daughter return to her mother under the
existing domestic surroundings.
TnUcn Unawares.
Unsuspected causes for malaria exist
everywhere. A sunken lot partiv filled with
water In the vlclnltv of your abode , a new
location upon land filled in , but formerly
overflowed or marshy , nnd causes far more
occult than thcso procLuco the atmospheric
miasmata which constitute the germs , that ,
if inhaled , ripen into favor nnd ague and con
genital maladies. A person taken unawares
with n malaiial complaint should , as soon as
it declares itself , seek aid from the safe ,
cordial medicine Hnstet-
non-disanpointing , , -
tor's Stomach Bitters , which bus for over a
third of a century , and in every quarter of
the globe , relieved the malaria stricken , and
neutralized mlnsma In nlr and water. The
Bitters Imparts activity to the stomach ,
bowels nnd liver ; repels Incipient rheuma
tism , and remedies inaction of the kidneys
and bladder. Apputlto nnd sleep are Im
proved , ana the lullrmitloi of ago mitigated
by its uso.
Crnvscd by Grlrf.
Mrs , Petersonwho lives at Fourteenth and
Nicholas streets , lost two children about six
months ago nnd since that time bus had
spells of Insanity. At times she pulls her
hair out by the hand fulls and screams at the
top of her voice. The city and county
physicians have been notified , and if they
conclude that it Is necessary * ha will 1) o
taken before the commissioners on Insanity
for examination.
Get rid of that tlrcdifcolliighs qilck
ns possible. Take Hood's ' Sar apnrllln ,
Which gives strength , a good nppottto ,
nnd health , ,
Cheating UnolCj Sniii ,
"Why did not uou-taxoiii people1 .pay the
expenses 1" , , >
Collector Peters says thatj since ho took
charge of the ofllco , his deputies linvo col
lected about I3,03u of rnvpnuo ns taxes over
looked by his predecessor , Cnlhoun , Ho
says they discovered ono Omaha man whoso
Indobtncss to the government amounted to
All over the district , tobacco manufactur
ers , brewers and dealers In distilled llqliora
have been found doing business without the
necessary license , nnd when caught , hdvo
plndly paid not only the uncollcctpd fries ,
but nn additional 60 per cent flno required by
Concerns , ho claims , which should bo vis
ited at least once every month never
ftaw a deputy collector whllo Cnlhoun
hold the office. Some of tlio violators wore
not aware of the fact that thov had to pay a
license ; and others neglected to do so be
cause they wore not disturbed. Peterson
keeps his men on the go nil the tlmo , and the
latter Is doing good work. UUo extra taxes
already collected will , more than payjtho
running expenses of the oillco for ii/ycar. / )
The Opolthotol , as now conducted , is
not surpassed by any hotel in the city
ns a convenient , comfortable plnco for
transient guests. Stonm boat throucrh-
out. Tnblo equal to the host two Hol
lars per day.
J. Q. HAMILTON , Proprietor.
The repertoire of the Emma Abbott Grand
Opera company which commences Its en
gagement nt the Boyd this evening
nnd continues during the remainder of the
week , presents a series of artistic novelties
that must challenge public attention from
the outset. Out of the repertoire of five
operas lour have never been given hero.
First among thcso Is "Tho Rose of Cnstlle , "
the opera of the opening nightono of the hup-
plcst In character , brightest In story and
most brilliant In music that has aver been
nut upoa the operatic stage. The second ,
which Is now produced for the first time , is
"Norma , " Bolllna's rnnd Heroic opera. The
third Is the most exquisite of all love lyrics
the most sublime dicnui of love and tragedy
that was over conceived "Komoo and
Juliet , " sot by the renowned French com
poser Gounod , in the most beautiful gems of
music. The fourth of the novelties is el nn
opnosito nature , jolly and romantic , but
rich In song , ' 'The Yeoman of the Guard. "
This is Gilbert and Sullivan's latest opera ,
and wan ono of the reigning 'Now York
successes last season. On Thursday evenIng -
Ing tbo old-timo favorite , "Tho Bohemian
Girl , " will bo produced. Seats for the en
tire engagement are now on sale.
PAXTON liornr. , OMAHA Special at
tention to commercial men. Tmest and
largest hotel in the west. KittVodgo &
Bruinard , proprietors.
A Pcopln's Church Choir.
A choir of ono hundred voices , with orches
tra , for the People's church , at Boyu'.s opera
house , Is now being organized for regular
nnd permanent service. Iho members will
bo usked to sing regularly for a term of not
less than three months. Mr , Franklin S.
Smith , choir director , will undertake , for
the People's church , to givji the choir , In
consideration of their services , n complete
course of Instruction in the rudiments of
vocal music , chorus drill , voice cultuin ,
declamation , etc. The course will comprise
ono lesson each" Week through the term ot
three months. These _ lessons will be inde
pendent of the regular weekly choir rehear
sals. The date of first meeting will bo an
nounced later. \yhetber you are an accom
plished singer or not , please bo present'at
the opera house next Sunday ut 10 o'clock ,
nnd send your full name nnd address to
Franklin S. Smith , 1110 Georgia avenue.
$2O 25 to Jlnltiinorp nnd Return.
Tlio Ohio & Mississippi railway will
Bell tickets from St. Loiiis'to ' Baltimore ,
Md. . and return at the low ratoof $20.U5 ,
good going November 0 , 7 and 8 , and
good for return until November 21 , in
clusive. Tlio Ohio & Mississippi rail
way is the direct and fast line with
aoublo daily through sleeping car service -
vice to Now York via Washington and
Baltimore. For further information
address ' A. J. lA'Tia : ,
General Western Passenger Agont.
St. 'Louis , Mo.
UhnnUfiil. .
Mayor Broatch hits received the
following from the three Americas party :
Keokuk , la. , Oct. 28. Hon. W. J. Broatch ,
Mayor of Omaha Nob. : All tbo members
of our party desire mo to tender to you and
citizens of Omaha and ofllccrs of Fort
Omaha their hearty and sincere gratitude
for the generous hospitality tendered them ,
and to say that In no citv have they been
more cordially received or enjoyed them
selves to a gi eater degree. Their enthusi
asm is unbounded. W. E. CUUTIS ,
Special Accent Department ot State.
An AbHolntc Cure.
IB onlv put up in largo two ounce tin boxes ,
and Is an absolute euro for old sorus , burns ,
wounds , chapped hands , and all skin orup.
tions. Will positively euro all kinds of pilos-
MENT. Sold by Goodman Drug company at
25 cents per box bv mall ! JO cents.
The City Hull Walli.
The outer walls of the basement of the
city hall erected two years ago liavo all been
torn down and excavations are being made
to broaden the concrete foundations , The
now plans call for broader foundations and
when the new concrete work is put in nearly
the entire site will bo a thick stratum ot con
crete rock ,
The crushing of rocks nnd laying of con
crete foundations will commence the latter
part of the present weak.
Beecham's Pills cm o bilious and nervous Ills
Lost His Wntuli.
A yeung blood who Is employed In an es-
tabUxiiod bank in this city , got drunk Satur
day night and fell asleep in a saloon nt Fqur-
tconth nnd Leaven worth streets and someone
stole his watch. George Smith , a negro , has
been arrested charged with tbo crime. *
yVhyJ.don' you try Rod Cross Cough
Drops , , uyo cents per box. '
Washington , 1) , O. '
„ „ „
By an analysis of Dr. Prlco'a Cream Baking Powder I flnd
it carefully compounded , and I regard it ns the host
baking powder in the market in evor.C respect.
Late Chemist oftuo United States Department
" T . ,
at Agriculture. t
$ ick Headache
IS a complaint frtnn which many suffer
nnil few nt nntlroly froo. Its causa
Is Indigestion anil a sliiBglsli liver , tlio
euro for which iis readily found In the
use of Aycr'a rills.
" I liavo fouml rtat for sick hoadaclio ,
caused by a disordered condition ot the
stomach , Aycr'4 Pills are the tnojt re
liable rcmcily. " Samuel O. Dradburn ,
WorthliiRton , MASS ,
"Alter tlio UBO of Aycr's Pill * for
many 3 cars , In my practice and family ,
I am Justified In snjlnc that they arc an
excellent cathartic and liver medicine
sustaining all the claims made for them. "
W. A. AV'cstfall , M. ! > . , V. I1. Austin
ft N. W. Ualhvay Co. , llurnct , Texas.
"Aycr's Pills nro the best incdlclno
known to mo for rcRiiIntlnj ; the bowels ,
and for all diseases caused by n dis
ordered stomach and liver. I suffered
for over three years from headache , Indigestion -
digestion , mid constipation I had no
nppctlto and was weak ana nervous
most of thn time. Uy mini ; three boxes
of Aycr's 1'IUs , and at tlio same time
dletliiR myself , 1 \ \ n.s completely cm cd. "
Philip Lockwood.Topokn , Kansas.
" I was troubled for years with indi
gestion , constipation , nnd headache. A
few boxes of Aycr'fl I'llls , used In small
dally doses , restored ino to health.
They are prompt and effectives.v. . II.
Strout , Mcadlllo , I'a.
Ayer's Pills ,
Dr. J. O. Ayer & Co. , Lowell , Mass.
Bold by Ml Drugglsti and Dc lcr In Medicine.
Tlin 1 AND Oli1
For sale by Goodman DrutQ Co
( Opposite I'uxtou UoteU
Office hours , 0 a. m , to 8 p. m. Sundayi , 10 a.
m. to 1 p. m.
Specialists in Chronic , Nerroui Skin anil
Blood Diseases. .
pgrconsultatlon at office or by mail free.
Meatclnes sent by mall or express , securely
Hacked , free from observation. Guarantees to
euro quickly , safely and permanently.
UDDTWnO ! TltniTTTV Spermatorrhoea , s ml
flbuYUUb UbUlLlll nal Losse NIcht Emls
tons. Physical Uec&y , urisliiK from Indlscta
tlon. Excess or Indulgence. producliiRSleoplesa
ness , Despondency , I'lniplei on tbo face , aver
( Ion to society , easily < lF-cournie(1 , lauE of conll
dence , dull , unflt for study or business , andllnds
life a burden. Bafely , permanently and , prl
vately cured. Consult iJrs , lletta i Belts , UUa
Karuum at , Omaha , Neb.
anfl SIdn Diseases .
renilti , completely eradicated without th aid
of Mercury. Scrofula , Er/slpolas , rever Sores
matches , ulcers. Tains In the Head and Bones
Byphllltlc Sore'lhront , Mouth and Tongue , Cu
tarrh , etc. . permanently cured where otherl
have failed.
Pidnnir Tfninaru nlul Bladder Complaints
JiKinByi Ulindly minfui. Dimcmt. too fre.
quent IJurnliigcr Illoody Urine , Urine high col
nred cr "vlth milky sediment on standing , Wratt
? aclc , Gonorrhiun , ( Jlcot , CystltH. etc.
romptly and Safely Cured , Charges lloasona
1)1 o. _ _ _ _ _
moral complete , -without cutting , caustic or
dlllatlon. CM res .directed at homo by patient
without a ruomoras.puin or annoyance.
To Yonw Men and MifldlB-Ageil Men ,
PIIDP ! rtiu awful effects of early
AOnnn uUHD Vice , wnlcii bnnga organic
weakness , destroying both mind and body , wltll
all Its dreaded Illi..liernmnenUy cured ,
MnPinm ; ; Adeais those who have impaired
DD110 themselves by Improper InduN
Kencos and solitary' ' habits , wliicii ruin botn
body and mind , -nutttlng them ror buslne09 ,
itudy or marrlag * .
M AiiniEi ) MEN. ontlioae entering on that Imp
pylife. aware of physical debility , quickly B
listed ,
la based upon faeta , ' First Practical Kxpa
rlence. Socolid Ererycasuls especially studied.
thus starting arlgluu Thlid tludlolncs art ) pro ,
pared In our labniory exactly to suit each case ,
thuu airectlng curei without Injury
C-fiT'Send ( Jcenta pott&ge ( or celebrated works
on Chronic , Norruus and Delicate DUeaien.
Tlmusanda cured. ( W A. friendly letter or call
mny Bavoyou future siitleiluir and Hhnme. and
add golden years to life. fxTNo letters an-
irereil unless accompanied by 4 cents In itaiuDi.
Addrcts or call on
IRi. IIET'FS A : IIiTT8 : ,
It08 yornjun Strett. Umuha. MK
H rUl lift Otnml and NERVOUS DEBILITY :
Jft 1 * * n W kn i nftlA.I . H Wlr , , Fff.nt.
lUHtur Tuit-A victim
U of youthful li.mruclem-B. .
uutlnir I'renuitura Diciy. Ker oui DiUlltr , I < ot
Manhood. o..h lee IrltJ In v lno crj- known rtiun-" duca > rril a nlmnla iiinui of nlf cure , wlilcti
tMitu , J , U , ULKI tS , I'.O. Hoi K90,1 * r York MV
Wo do not harp upon the chonpnexs o
our 'Clothing , but that dori not signify
tlmttho SUITS nntl OV13UCOAT3 which
Wo n k $1 % t < . IH and $ , * ) for are ni
prlcnd. Wo coiiltl onslly cheapen them
liy putting In interior trimming * , u Is
notulwnysthoprlcqyonpay. but It Is thu
\i\lttorocclveil m purchase thnt counts ,
Max Meyer & Bro ,
And ether first class PIANOSnnd
Remember , Wo do Not Soil "ston
cllod" Pianos.
All Instalments Guaranteed to
be Just as Represented.
Wo offer a flno $325 Piano for S25O.
Visitors Wolcomo.
Cor. 16tb and Farnam Stg.
Wediwsdaylflnl 30Wmrl Friday ,
Thursday , IUGl 31 " 07,2 Saturday
Special Matinee Saturday ,
Sfilo of Jjonts MONDAY , OCTOHKR 28th
Special Entauument ot the I'amous EMMA
Abbott , Annandnle , Mlrplln. Mlchelena , Monte-
gilllo , I'ruette , llroderlcif , Allen. Kuadj- ,
Martens ,
Full Cliorns. Gruiul Orclicstrii.
In the following brilliant repertoire :
WJGDN ESDA1 Halfo's H asterpleco.
ItOSE Or CAS'1'Il.K.
EMMA AIlBOTTand Entire Company In Cast.
TI1UIISDAY Balfo's Tuneful Opera ,
EMMA AnilOl'J and Entire Company In Cast.
ntlDAY Bellini's Grand Horolo Opera ,
fiMMA AIIHOTT anil Entire Company In Cast.
Exquisite Leva Ljrlc ,
EMMA ABBOTT as "Juliet" Kntlio Company.
SATUJtUAY UVENINd-Qllbflrt & Sullivan's
Iiatest heiisutlou ,
\ 'iowiLor : TBIK CJITAKD ,
Or The Merryman and Ills Maid.
KMSIA ABUOTT and Entire Company.
Gorgeous Costumes ! L'liclmiitlug Music !
Hrllllaiil MIsc cu Scene !
PHICKS $1.50 , SlandToc , reserved. Balcony
admission , Ma. Gallery 25 cents.
ilATlNliU-tl.W , 70o and Me. roscned.
A full not of Teeth on rubber for V > , Ktmrnntocil lo
bn tii will iimUons iilates Bent out from nnyiluntul
oillco In this country , nnJ lor wlilcli you would L *
clmrKml over twlen ns inucli.
'Jci-tli extracted without pain or danger , nil without -
out tlio ma < liolofnrm , tint , cltlicr or electricity ,
( ioIdBiul tllvcr Illllus * lit linlf rules.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Pu\on ( Block , Kttli nnil Farnnm StreoU.
Take Elevator on Ifltli Street.
State Line.
w , llolfast , DiiMfnniid Lhorjioal
Cabin iiasiagotH to KVO , ucconllni ; to lacntlou of > lat
room. Kxcurtlon fjj to fjj.
Etccrogo to end from Kuropo at I-oncst Ilatci.
AUSTIN' JULmvi.N J. CO. , G'cn'l Agi'iitu ,
61 llroudnar , Novr Vorlc
Joux UI.EQI.V , Ocn'l Wetlcrn Aucnt.
101 Humlol | > li Et , , CMcao ,
H.liltr 15 , Mooitr.s , TI103. MltMr.M- ,
, alOmah
to Doslrlna exam
SHOE DEALERS jUBtly ine the eel'
ebrftted lines of Hoots mul Shoes , manufactur-
d or 0. M. Uenfleraon fc Co. , of Clilcago-F c-
lories.nt Chicago , Dlxou , Ills. , and Fond Iu ) J < c ,
Wli.-alioiilil vf.-he BAil. W. WATSON , rosl-
deure , I'ltltMONT. NUI1. Trawling
JUulHUart u for Itubbers.
Nos. 3O3-404-I7O-604.
'S '
1O , $12 and $15.
We have manufactured 10 styles of extra length
Overcoats , not Ulsters , but Regular Overcoat Styles ,
50 inches long , Cassimere lining and in every respect
a very desirable garment for this climate , and a style
of Overcoat not made by any other house. Prices ,
. $12 , $15 , $18 , $20 , $22 and $25.
i U
We have everything , Freize , Chinchillas , Fur ,
Beavers and Fur Trimmed Ulsters. Some very
choice lines.
$10 , $12 and $15.
peeial Suit Sale
Look in our windows for styles and prices. The sea
son for our Fine Suit trade is now well advanced and
we will make this a very interesting- week for those
who appreciate fine quality and low prices. It will ,
interest you to see the suit you can buy at the sale for
$10 , $12.50 and $15.
Boys' Overcoats.
$5 , $6 and $7.
Children's Overcoats ,
$3 , $3.50 , $4 , and $4.50
Price $5.00.
Twenty different styles of Children's OVERCOATS ,
ages 4 to 14 yjjars , at $6 , which cannot be bought out
side of the CONTINENTAL for-less than $7,00.
Cor. 15th. and Douglas St.
The Largest Clotting House West of New Yo ;