Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 30, 1889, Page 6, Image 6

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-J t\ d vnivaKV'r *
Delivered toy enrrier In any pnrt of the City nt
Twenty C ntsper Week.
lUwtutPs OFFICE No. 42.
NlUIITiiITOll. : NO. 21.
N. Y. V. Co.
Olcnson coal.
Council Hluffs Lumber Co. . coal. .
Boston store , ttio leaders In dry Roods.
Carbon Coal Co. wholesale , retail , 10 Pearl.
Uallroad Commissioner Smith will com-
moaco an Inquiry Into the Milwaukee col
lision at 8 o'clock this morning.
JudRO and Mrs.V. . C. Jnmcs will ontor-
taln the lilph Flvo club to morrow evening
at their residence , 624 Third avenue.
Ttio frnsollno stove cnso in Squlro Schurz'
court was dcclilnd In favor ot Mrs. Perry
Knight , Who found the rousing steve at the
toro of n , lirnudway second hand dealer.
It will not do to forgot that next Friday Is
election day and that nil voters who have
not yet registered must nvall themselves of
the 'opportunity If they wish to take a hand
in the coming baltlo of the ballots.
The first lloyal Arcanum party of the sca-
i on was given lixst evening by.Fulollty coun
cil at their parlors. It was a very enjoyable
event and the attendance was very larco.
The guards entertain in the most hospitable
manner ,
The Union Pacific railway company is re
moving nil the freight platforms and other
work at the dummy depot that were used be
fore the opening of tlio now freight house on
Ninth nvonuo to Omaha , where It will ngain
bo used.
v The case of State vs Klssell mid Smith
hos been dismissed for want of evidence ,
mfd Prod Klssoll has been granted a new
trial of the case in which bo U the iolo do-
jfcntlnnt , to answer to a charge of highway
Dr. Duryca's address at the Broadway M.
E. church last evening was listened to by a
largo aUdionco. The meeting Fridny evenIng -
Ing will bo hold In the First Unptlst church ,
ns the Methodist church has been engaged
by the Nnshvlllo students.
The ladles of the Iloboltah decree enter
tained n soclnl ul Odd Fellows' hall last
cv6nlnp , nt which a lurpo number of mem
bers of the order and their friends were pres
ent. The occasldn was n most delightful
one , and the evening passed very pleasantly.
The remains of Engineer James Pullcn ,
who met , his dentil In the railroad uccKU'nt
east of the city Monday night , were yester
day Incased In n handsome casket , and taken
to Perry last evening , In charge of A. 1J.
'Joolc und J. J. Stock , of St. Alban's lodge ,
K. of P. , of which order the deceased was a
The Pullman restaurant , 534 Broadway.
Dwelling for sale on easy payments. Also
building lots at lowest market prices. Call
and examine our list. E. II. Shcafo & Co.
Blxby has removed to Mcrrlam blocK.
Always on Tlin- > .
If you wish to purchase a good and reliable
wnteh 25 pet * cent less than club rates , und
on easy terms , then call nt once and mnko
your own selection at C. B. Jncqucmln &
Co. , 27 Main street.
ledgers and journals , special ruled , extra
first class paper and well bound , by More-
housc & Co. , Pearl St. , Council I Huffs.
Lot Rnsmusscn beautify your house in best
tylo and cheap. 12 North Main.
Swanson Muslo Co. , 335 Broadway.
Sheet music lOc , 333 Broadway.
C. B. P. Co. , Stephan & Hurmer , 33 Pearl
C. B. steam dye works , 1013 Broadway.
Personal i'nracrnuhs.
Mayor Rohror is visiting Phil Armour at
Cherokee , la.
Peter Bnrtollo has removed to Scuttle ,
Washington territory.
Mrs. McKuno has returned from Western
Springs after a four months' absenuo.
John Limit , usq. , of Mynater , Limit &
Scabrook , loft yesterday for Colorado.
Mrs. J. H. Hershey , of O'Fallon , Nob. , is
visiting her parents , Mr. and Mrs. McCrary.
H. H.Clark and wife , of BoisoCity , Idaho ,
have returned homo after a visit with Dr. F.
C. Clark.
Forrest Smith Is preparing for another trip
to Piccro , Dak. , to look after his real estate
Harry Blrlttnbine , chief engineer of the
Council Bluffs waterworks Is homo from an
extended business trip through the north
Miss Bella Gibson has returned homo after
four weeks' visit to Harrison
n county , ac
companied by her sister , Mrs. J. J. Weston ,
und children.
W. C. Brown , superintendent of the Iowa
lines of the "Q , was in the city yesterday ,
accompanied by J. M. Bcchtol , division
passenger and ticket agent , of Burlington.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Hoist returned yesterday
from 'n southern trip. Mr. Hoist was ono of
the delegates to the convention of postal
clerks held in New Orleans. On the return
ho stopped at Chattanooga and Inspected the
big brewery established there by Mr. Golsc ,
formerly in that business bore. Ho reports
the enterprise as proving profitable.
E. H. Shcafo & Co. give special attent ante
to the collection of rents and care of property
in the city and vicinity. Charges moderate.
ODlco Broadway and Main streets.
Mcschondorf's popular moat market , finest
In the Twin Cities. SSi Broadway.
New Ogden , largest and host hotel In
western Iowa. Special attention to commer
cial men.
A faw ranns of Cass , Gutherio , Adalr ,
Harrison , Shelby and Pottawattumlocounties
for siilo by C. K. Allen , civil engineer , loom
236 Mcrrlam block.
Three dollar cabinets only $1.73 , Schmidt's ,
220 Main.
Money loaned ut L. IJ. Craft's < te Co.'s
loan onfco , on furniture , pianos , liorsoa ,
wagons , porsonnl property of ull Icluda ,
and all ether articles of vuluo , without
removal. All business strictly coull-
New onicoru of ilio I. O. G. T.
The following were elected ofllccrs of
Council Bluffs lodge , No. 175,1. O. d. T. ,
lost evening , for the ensuing quarter : W.
O. , O. C. Kcanok ; W. V. 0. , Miss Clara
Sketchloy ; chaplain , O. H. Gable ; W. M. ,
i'lumor Uodson : secretary , Lizzie Goodohild ;
treasurer , J. It. Bell ; financial secretary , 6.
W. Delong ; I. G. , ] > \ G. Prouty ; O. G. , J.
V. Van Patten ; trustees , C. W. Browu , C.
M. Burgess , G ! H. Gablo.
Western Lumber ana Supply Co. , 13th and
14th streets and ! M and 3d avenues , carry the
largest stock of lumber , piling polo.tlos.llme ,
cement and building material lu the west.
E. W. liaymoud , manager.
Desirable dwellings for rent at mouerate
prices. K. H. Sheafe & Co. . rental agouti ,
Broadway and Main streets , up stairs.
r "Tho Famous" cash bargain house , 200 B'y
Flno dressed chickens. G. Mottaz , Tel 173.
Steam and hot water beating , first-class
plumbing. Work done ID both cities. John
Gilbert , cor. Pearl st. and Willow avo.
Finest market m city J.M. Soanlan't.
J. Q , Tipton , real citato , 637 Broadway.
Water Notice.
October 31 is the last day for paying water
rents for the fourth Quarter. Water supply
will bo cut off from all premises where rent
1 not paid oa or before above data , and u
charge of $1 la addition to thu water rent
will bo collected before the water will bo
turned on. Ofllco will bo open until 0 o'clock
p. Hi. , Thursday , October 01.
The Milwaukee Wreck Caused by a
Oaroloss Engineer.
Ijntcr PnrtlcnlnrH Conccrnlnsc tlio
Fntal ItAllrond Accident Imst
Monday Night llcsnltoftlio
Coroner's Inquest ,
The Milwaukee AVrcok.
"I'll ' show that on the
"Rocky" that ho don't ' know anything about
running an onglno , and I'll show him the
way to Ncola In'n way that ho never saw be
fore , " was the vow of Engineer
James Puitcn , ono of 'tho oldest and most
trusted knights of the throttle In the employ
of the Mllwoukco railroad company , as ho
climbed upon the footboard of No. 053 at the
transfer Monday night and prepared to take
out No. 4 , the evening limited express , for a
trip across the first division of her MX ) mtlo
run to Chicago.
Pullon was known as a skilled engineer ,
and his long service In the company had
been remarkably frco from accident. Ills
ability to urge his iron race horse to in
creased speed was known to all the mon
along tlio line , and many was the wild rldo
across the prairies that the employes of the
line had enjoyed under his guidance.
Ho promised another exciting rule , but
those who heard It trembled for the result ,
for ho was not the genialsteady , ccol-hnadcd
man of iron nerve with whom they had taken
previous trips.
"I'd u darned sight rather take a freight
train , " muttered Bupgn gem aster Williams ,
as ho looked dubiously toward the cnglno.
" .11m ain't himself to-nlgbt , " ho added , tunIng -
Ing to Express Messenger Stuart , who only
replied , "I know It , .lack , but wo mu > t go. "
So with many misgivings , and thoughts of
friends and loved onus they might never see
ncnln , the two busied themselves with their
duties ns the train dushcd on through the
Away in the rear shone the glaring head
light of another locomotive , rushing cast-
ward nt a furious rate , und the other ap
parently slowed up a little and waited for Its
competitor to como up abreast. For twenty
miles ahead stretched two double bands of
steel rails , scarcely more than 300 feet apart
ut any point , and often approaching close
Mdo by side. To reach this destination first ,
regardless of consenuenccp , was the purpose
of ono oxcitQ'l brain , while to do so if possi
ble without unduly endangering the precious
lives behind him was the other. These two
were not alone Interested. Car loads of pas
sengers wcro Intently watchlngthls struggle
of the giants , as with rumble and roar they
How by corn Holds and over bridge.
touch was the situation nt a few seconds
after 10 o'clock , as these meteors on wheels
went rushing along a few miles cast of this
city. Mile after mile , and no perceptible ad
vantage had been gained by cither. Pulleu
seemed to be hardly keeping his vow.
What wonder that an order to wait at
Glendale siding for west bound freight No.
7 to pass was forgotten in the wild excite
ment of the race I
Glendale siding was reached and left be
hind , and the speed was undimlnishcd.
A headlight appeared a short distance
ahead , but it must bo on the HOCK Island.
Suddenly , as a little curve in a trifling cut
was rounded , that deceiving headllght.ap-
poarod full In front , and scarcely a hundred
"Jump Jim , jump for your llfol That
train Is No. 7 , and is not on the Kocic
Island ! " and with these words Fireman
Itaito , of train No. 4 , sprang from the engine
and saved his life.
What thoughts flashed through the mind
of tbo forgetful engineer in the ono brief
instant that tin had to comprehend tbo situa
tion may bo perhaus imagined , but hardly
described. The forgotten train order , the
lives entrusted to his care , homo , wife ,
children , and yes , himself , recreant to his
trust , disgraced all must have passed be
fore him quicker than the lightning's flash.
Before that terrible crash , the air Drake was
applied , .tho angina reversed and throttle
thrown wide open , but it availed nothing.
Before it could bo perceptibly
felt , the mighty machines struck
each other. There was a crash ,
and In an instant an awful scene was pre
sented. The two locomotives , Ilka iron
giants locked m a death struggle , formed
the centerpiece. Freight cars brouen , de
railed , twisted in every conceivable shape ,
were flanked on ono side , while upon the other ,
was a mass of broken timbers , from which
the flumes were already ascending , and
bleeding human beings were blindly groping
their way through the smoke.
At once the work of rescue was begun ,
but there was but little time for work be
fore tbo flames drove them awny , und the
conductor hurriedly assembled the survivors
and began checking over his tickets. All
but ono wore present and that one was in
that scuttling cauldron of llnino.
When the crash cauio the Rock Island ,
train wui'b'it 100 feet away , and the collision
was witnessed by many of her passengers
and crow. A stem was made as quickly as
possiolo to fully ascertain the situation.
Then tbo tram pulled out us fast as uosslblo
for Wcston , six miles away , where the alarm
was given , und .tho telegraph called into
requisition to summon assistance from the
Bluffs , and from Manilla Junction.
A switch oilgino was hurriedly dispatched
from Weston and anotnor from the Bluffs.
When they reached the spot the Pullmun
sleeper und ttio day coach in front of it had
been uncoupled and pushed back , and in those
were the passengers , the dead and the
wounded. Under a sheet lay the remains of
the man who had guided them to this
fearful catastrophe. One of the passengers
in the smoker was ulso killed. Tno body of
the latter , however , could not bo secured , as
ttio fire was burning fiercely above it.
The Bwiich engine was attached to the
saved curs , and the passengers brought back
to this city , wbero physicians attended the
Among the injured were three Italians ,
who were onrouto to Rboados , la. , where )
they were to secure employment In a con
struction gang , and Traveling Engineer
Obey , of the Milwaukee. The latter was
badly injured and was taken to the residence
of George H. Champ , of Klmball & Champ ,
of this city , who was also on the tram but
was not injured , with ttjo exception of u
small cut on tlio right leer. Mr , Obey lost
everything ho bad with him , oven his cloth
ing being nearly torn from him. The Ital
ians were considerably bruised , but were not
seriously Injured.
Express Messenger Stuart was seriously
hurt , his nose being split open , a severe cut
Inflicted on bis bead , und besides numerous
other gashes and bruises ho sustained Inter
nal Injuries , which , it is feared , may termin
ate fatally. Ho was removed to his homoron
Tenth street ' where Dr. Pinney attended
Baggageman John Williams , of Marlon ,
was also badly out , but his principal Injury
was u deep burn on his right side : When
the crash camo. ho was thrown to the floor ,
and the lamps fell near him ,
ttio burning oil from which set
11 ro to hla clothes. Ho managed
to get out of the car , and
lay down in a small pool of water , which
was fortunately at hand , thus extinguishing
the lire and saving his life. Ho has a wife
and two children at Marlon , and was taken
there on Monday morning's train.
The Rock Island train bucked up from
Weston , und rendered such assistance ns
was possible. Many of the through passen
gers took the Kock Island at the scone of the
wreck , and It was therefore impossible to
obUIu a full list of passenger * . The follow *
ing is a list of the Injured :
lUaoAUEMiM Jous WILLIAMS , of Mil
Exi'iiKss iJessEuouu. SiiunT , of tbo Mfl-
Dit. and Mas. H.C.ICKMi'tu , Wapaklometa.
Mits. SAIUU WUITK , Fayetto. Mo.
Mns. SAIUU P. FjuuEr , Oxford Junction ,
M. GI.ENN. Oxford Junction.
Gtoiiou WAVILL , Waukesba , WIs.
Miss EMUA. Howi.ANi ) .
Miss MAnr ANX Youss and SAMUEL Youss ,
Montlcollo , la.
JOHN I'KTEHSOH , Manilla , la.
PBTIIIO FALVK , Guisem Menem , AXTO-
J. B. KIIEJS , Jersey Sboro , Pa.
Mr. Krein had a bad cut on ono wrist and
bis right arm wu severely sprained and
Among tbo other passengers on the train
wcro ThoniM Hassctt , wlfo nnd daughter , of
Portage , Wi .
The freight train was In charge of Con
ductor Thomas Lllley , Engineer Wllllara
Wright nnd Fireman J , H. Wnsson. Tho-
cnglnccr and llrsmnn Jumped , and were not
Injured. The freight wni running about
fifteen miles an hour , having Just slowed up
to mnko the siding. The first oar wns
loaded with coding , and this wns
burst open , nnd the cofllns strewed
all over the wreck , whrra they burned.
U he freight train consisted of twenty-two
cars of time freight billed to the coast. Tha
rear half of tbo cars wcro not much Injured ,
nnd was pulled back to Wcston , but the
others wcro torn almost completely to pieces.
The shock was hardly felt In the sleeper ,
nnd nome of the passengers scarcely realized
what had happened.
The ploco where the wreck occurred Is
nbout thrco-quartors of n inllo cast of Parks'
mill , where tbo embankment la about twelve
feet high. The smoking car wns thrown
Into the ditch , but the others remained on
the tracks and all were burned.
Passenger cnglno No. 053 Is n total Wreck ,
the cab being burned nnd tlio tender torn to
pieces , but the freight engine , No. 002 , was
not so seriously damaged.
Engineer Pillion was caught by the coal ,
which was thrown from the tender against
the boiler by the force of the collision , com
pletely filling the cab. Tha entire back portion
tion of his head was torn nway and ho wns
thrown through tbo sldo of the cab to u spot
thirty feet nway. His remains were taken
to the undertaking rooms of Field & Estcp
whcro the inquest was being held.
The wreck wns cleared away about 8
o'clock , nnd trains will run ns usual. Before
the track wa < t cleared the Milwaukee trulns
run over the Rock Islnhd as far ns Ncola.
The remains of the passenger , an Italian ,
wcro found yesterday in the ruins of the
wreck , a blackened and charred mass , which
could hnrdly bo recognized na the remains of
n human being. Thay will bo buried from
the undertaker's rooms.
At 10 o'clock the coroner began nn Inquest
upon the body of the unfortunate engineer
nnd the blauitcncd mass of charred bones
und voicbrn nbout two feet long that repre
sented the Incinerated body of the poor
Italian laborer. The only' witnesses sum
moned wcro the crows of No. 4. the
passenger , nnd tlio first section.of No. 7 , the
freight. The 'first witness wns Charles U.
Cornelius , conductor of the passenger. Ho
produced copies of tlio orders for the move
ment of the trains with respect to the meet
ing point. The first section of tbo freight
wns late-but the first order was to pass It nt
the city depot. When the train pulled up nt
the local depot the red light was displayed ,
nnd all the tram crew knew that special
orders bad been given regarding the meeting
of No' 7. Ho took the orders from the
operator and read them. They directed the
meeting of the trains nt Glcnclalo. Ho toolc
both copies nnd delivered them to the engi
neer , at the sumo time tolling him that ull
trains wcro to meet at Glondalc. The
engineer took the orders , but witness did not
know whether or not ho read them. Im
mediately nfter tbo train started ho began
the work of taking tickets , commencing nt
the smoker. In this car were nine
passengers. In the front p.irt ,
occupying two scats , were four
Italian track workers riding on a 'pass.
There worn Tour ether passengers near the
center of the coach , und on a roar scat was
Traveling Engineer Obio , in the employ of
the compuny. The second day coach con
tained but few people , nnd ho had gone half
through it when It occurred to htm the train
should bo near the Glendale siding. Ho
looked through the window , but did not re
alize they had passed the siding. Ho looked
through thu window a second time , and an
Instant nfter felt the air brakes , but before
ho could reach the door tbo crash came.
Thomas Campion , llrcmnn for the passen
ger train , gave tlio llrst important informa
tion. Ho had been firing for Pullon for
the past three months. Just before tbo
train started ho und the engineer quarreled ,
and Pullon threatened to throw him oft the
Onglnc. Ho Was very angry aud sullen , nnd
would not speak. Tbo quarrel arose ever
Campion's leaving Pullon In Omaha on Mon
day afternoon , and neglecting to wall for
him while he stopped at a photograph gal-
.lor.v on Farnam street. Ho did.not hoar the
conductor tell Pullcn what the orders were.
PLllon did not read his orders , but
crumpled them In his hand and dropped
them in a box at the top of the
cab. Ho did not know the meeting
point wns at Glondalo. Saw the switch
lights nnd know when they passed tbo siding.
Would have told tlio engineer if ho had
known tno orders. The lights and siding
wcro on his side , but Pullon could see them
nlso. Saw the headlight of No. 7 , but was
sure It was the Rock Island track. The
Rook Island passenger train was.only a train
length ahead , and thought tbcro would bo a
collision on that road. Told Pullcn , but an
Instant after saw the train was on our track ;
called to Pullen to Jump , but ho did not an
swer. Saw him turn on the air und throw
her over , and then Jumped. Pullen did not
leave the engine before tbo crash came.
Brukoman Hollls. of the passenger , testi
fied that ho saw the conductor deliver the
orders to the engineer and heard him state
the meeting point was Glendalo.
The evidence of other members of tbo
crews of the wrecked trains was taken , all
tending to establish the fact that the engineer
had reccivfd the orders , and for the probable
reason that ho was ancry nnd excited neg
lected to road them , nnd paid no attention to
what the conductor said. The wreck mid-all
its awful consequences- BO clearly the
result of the engineer's own neglect , that
after hearing u mass of testimony the
Jury returned n verdict exonerating every
other employe and fixing the responsibility
upon him. The following is the form of the
verdict :
"That the said James Pullon and Ancolo
Glllotto came to their deaths from Injuries
received in a collision on the Chicago , Mil
waukee & St. Paul railroad near Glendale ,
Monday evening , October 28 , 1679 , and that
the said collision was the result of the neg
lect of the said Engineer Pullcn to observe
his train orders. "
The nead Italian was identified by his fel
low sulTercrs , who are being cared for at St.
Bernard's hospital , as Angela Uillotte , aired
twenty-nine. Ho , with his three follows ,
had lived In Omaha for some time past , and
had a room on Thirteenth street near Web
ster. The Injuries of the others are but
slight. Traveling Engineer Obio is also at
St. Bernard's. Ha is badly bruised about
the logs and hips. Ho will bo taken to his
home in Mineral Point , Wis. , as soon as the
doctors give permission for his removal.
The report that Engineer i'ullon was
drunk when tbo collision occurred is stoutly
denied by the Milwaukee ofllclals. 'A search
ing Invoitlgatlon was in ado und no founda
tion whatever is said to have been found
upon which to base such a rumor.
Morohouso & Co. , m'f'g blank books , bank
and commercial work.
Get Fountain 5c cigar , next to Elsemau's.
Slow fJrlmlliiK In District Court.
Yesterday wns a busy day In the district
court , still the amount of business disposed
of wns small as compared with what It was
expected to accomplish. Motions for new
trials In thrco cases wcro assigned to bo
argued , but only ono of them was beard ,
which was that of Stale vs Feurhaukon , und
the matter was taken under advisement.
The Injunction case of T. T. Snow vs A. O.
U. W. , to restrain the committee appointed
for ttio purpose from reporting on bU case ,
was also argued and submitted.
To-day the arguments for now trials In the
case of Statovs Brooks nnd State vs Molu-
tosh will bo heard. Sentence Is fixed for to
morrow morning , nt which about half a
dozen criminals will receive their just do-
Rooms furnished or unfurnished
for doctor's ' oftlco in good locality ) M. 9 ,
Bee ofllco.
Tlint Polloo Investigation.
That much desired police Investigation
does not seem to bo forthcoming nt a very
lively rate , nnd it is now a matter of conJecture -
Jecturo whether the mayor intends to look
Into the situation at all or not. "You can't
blame the mayor very much If he doesn't do
anything In the matter , " said an ox-city oft\- \
clal yesterday. "Ho doesn't ' appoint those
men because ho has picked them out as first-
class policemen , but because he mutt be
stow his patronage in certain channels.
There are certain powers to which ho must
cater , and when these men say appolut a
certain man to a place on the force , the chief
executive does nothing but follow the old-
din ? .
"When a complaint Is made it must be
winked ut , unless the derelict policeman has
overstepped the bounds too far , la.vhlcb
cnso ho must bo dfttt&d , na It would occa
sion too great a howl to retain him. The
trouble is not so nib elf with the mon ns with
the fact that thcrdft'no discipline nnd they
tire not hold down'lo their work. There
should undoubtedly bo a few changes , but
the force is In the main composed of men
who would do first rnto work If they simply
were required to. "Everything Is run In a
happy-go-lucky kind of a way. and the result
Is n hap-harard , go-ni-you-plcaso , catch-ai-
catch can kind of a force , and the same kind
of work. The -fdrco Is ridiculously
small , but if the , f6rco is to bo worth *
less , It Is bolter" small than larger.
The size of the force 'should bo Just about
doubled , nnd then , with a Rood chtof and
captain , the city would bo well looked after.
The olty ought to pay enough for chief of
IKtllco to got a good man to accept the posi
tion ono who has n practical knowledge of
police work , nnd can handle his men to the
best possible advantage. This idea of detail
ing policemen to collect the city licenses of
the saloons nnd houses of prostitution , thus
giving them n chance to plead that tnoy nro
looking after special work when found In
thcso places , Is the veriest nonsense. The
prime thing needed is n captain , who
will keep his men on their beats so
that they can bo found ,
"There are a few of the mon on the force
who now attend to business , but they don't
get any moro credit for It than those who do
not , and as their salary Is the same , you sco
the Inducement or encouragement Is very
small. Fortho past six month * the other
men on the force hove been treated to the
pleasing ( ? ) Information that OlUcor Scott ,
now Jailed for murder , was not only the best
man nmoug them , but wns also the best man
for pollco business in the state. As nearly"
nil. If not every one of the mon know Just
how Scott was conducting himself , their
only houo of winning like fame was to follow
In his footsteps. It Is certain that some of
them did it , and they are the ones who nro
averse to mi Investigation of the matters thut
have been going on for the past few months.
There IH no question but that the recent
Irngedy will prove to bo n great purifier for
the force , for a time nt least , but this should
hot dolor the mayor and chief from knowing
absolutely and certainly Just bow the mon
are fulfilling their duties. Closer attention
to the working nnd harmony of tlio body
nnd loss time devoted to schemes for per
sonal ndvnncomeut would result much better
ull around. "
Made for your especial use by Morchouso &
A Groat. Apple Country.
Ona who U thoroughly conversant with
fruit culture in this und adjacent counties is
authority for the estimate that 00.000 bushels
of apples have been barrelled nt Hamburg
and shipped in every direction ; 80,000 bushels
ut Malvcrn , 100,000 bushels at Glen wood , and
numberless wagon loads hauled to Council
Bluffs und Omaha. The crop this year has
been Immense nnd the price bus averaged 50
cents A bushel In the orchard. Jonathans ,
Golden Pippins and Bon Davis are the favor
ite varieties. Golden Pippins arc now on the
market at $3 u barrel.
Wanted Tinner who understands furnace
work. Enquire 737 Broadway.
.James McCray'S : Kxpericiino in the
Dnys oQhp Oil rinciin.
The death of J.aines M. McOay , nthls
residence in Fraimlin , nt 12:11) : ) u. in. ,
October 14 , will bring to .the minds of
many of the old 'tlmors of the oil re
gions the recollections of the palmy
days of oildom , when money flowed like
water , and the b6otblncka would go
down in their clothes , Hush their money
and olTor to bet you $50 with the utmost
nonchalance , says nn Oil City , Pn. . spo-
citil to tlio Pittsburp Dispatch. Late in
the 'OOs , about 18G8-D , ono of the largest
wells of the district wns struck on the
McCruy farm , owned hy the subject of
our sketch. Oil tit ; the time wus rang
ing in price- from 85 to$7 per barrel ,
and inside of six months McUray's pro
duction was netting him over $4,000 per
dny. Great was the excitement that
followed , and fabulous amounts were
offered for his farm or a lease of par toj
it. Having enough ready money for his
moderate wants ho refused every oflcr
and stored tlio bulk of his production in
enormous iron tanks , declaring "ho
would hold it until it was worth $10 u
barrel , " until ho had ever two hundred
thousand barrels stored in different sec
tions of the country , where it stood un
guarded and was the prey of every dis
honest man in this section.
Ono party , consisting of three mon ,
tapped his tanks in what is now knoivn
as the Third ward of Oil City , and stole
ever twenty thousand barrels , amount
ing in value to the sum of at least
$100,000. Owing to the fact that they
had substituted witter for the oil the
loss was not discovered for some time ,
when they were arrested. Notwith
standing the fact that their guilt was
clearly proven , ho allowed them to com
promise by paying about one-third of
what the 'stolon oil was worth. After
refusing several olTors of $5 per barrel
for the balance , ho finally sold it at a
trillo ever $1 per barrel , taking in part
payment therefor his present residence
in Franklin.
Many interesting reminiscences are
exchanged of his eccentricities. The
following will illustrate the character
of the man : Doing in the county scat
while the oil thieves were bolner tried ,
ho stopped the well-known banker ,
Foster Mitchell , with the oxcluiniitlon :
"I want to borrow n little money. " "All
right,5' says Mitchell , "you can have it
if you have good security. " ' 'Secur
ity' ? " says James. "My name is James
McCrav , and my farm is covered
with 'oil. " "All right , Mr. Mc-
Cray , how much do you want ? "
was the next answer "Twenty-five
thousand dollars , " was the answer. So
well known was ho by reputation to the
hanker that the latter took him to his
hank and gave him the amount in crisp
greenbacks , only taking his notq in
hand for the same.
Noted far and near for his generosity
nnd prodigality , it was no wonder that
lie vms the prey of sharpers of evorydo-
pcriptionbut such was Ins disposition up
to the last that mjr man , worthy or un
worthy , wns nllowqd to go nway with
his wants unsatfsjled. It was a stand
ing saying In tlitg jSQctton that when
every ether means was exhausted to so-
bui'o a lease from .the oid gen'.loman , it
wns only necessary to send some female
sharp to him in the guise of a poor
widow in distress-and , with her tale of
woo she would , tyy vorklng on the old
man's sympathy , accomplish what the
sharpest business man with plenty of
money failed to Up. With all his prod
igality and benevolence ho , unlilco the
majority of old-time "highllyors , " has
kept his farm intAc } . owing to the great
ness of his Income and his almost inex
haustible woalthj-nnd by tlio good man
agement of his \vifq , who died a short
time since ,
Named After the Ht. Kilns Mountnlns ,
WlKiso FnothlUs It Inhabits.
This country has done its part in fur
nishing n-jw species of boar , according
to the Sitkn Alaskan. To the old world
list it ha added the cinnamon boarthe
true black boar , the roach bear , or sil
ver tip , nnd the most terrible of all ,
ursuB lorox ( the grizzly ) , the most
formidable brute that walks the surface
of tbo planet , Recent accounts from
the Alaskan Alps indicate that America
has even broken its own record.
Two minors , who had sot out from
Yakutut to prospect the foothills of
Mount St. Ellas , were crossing n valley
densely wooded with yellow cedar , flr
nnd hemlock on the southeasterly Bide
of the mountain , und had sat down afow
minutes to rest on an immense lo\vhon { ,
they hoard a slight noise at one end of
It , followed by n louil sniff. Glancing
in Hint .Direction they saw nn
nntmnl resembling n benr in si7.0 nnd
ot her respectssave tlmttho boar Ficomod
rnthor broader , nnd the color , nt
n dlstnnco of n dozen ynrdg. wns that of
n silvor-prny fox or n brindled wolf.
Tinoo or four slugs , delivered in quick
succession from a Winchester in the
hands of ono of the miners , laid tlio
nnimnl lifeless in the thick , soft moss
beside the huge log. Tn nil gonorlo
particulars the creature wns then found
to bo n Umr , but his pelage wns mrulo
Up of n thick undercoat of fur ot n
slnto-grny color , out of which grow n
second , coat of longer , coarser hair ,
both blnck and white , giving the boast
its peculiar bright gray nnd brindled
tints. The skin seemed to bo BO line
that the mon took it off , nnd on their
return trip two days Inter cnr-
rlcd it to Yakulnt. It proved to
bo a considerable prize , for n
trader had offered them $50"for it. In
nnndjolning Indian village they saw a
similar skin , for which the natives had
refused $100 , which was used as n hunt
er's talisman. A chief had killed the
The trader told the two minors that
hides of this bear was only oceassionnlly
brought in by the native hunt ore and ho
had never hoard of them elsewhere.
Several ether furriers continued the
statement that this species of the genus
ursa is peculiar to the foothills and val
leys of the St. EHns range. It is dis
tinguished , at Yakulnt by the hunters
and trappers of that region from tlio
black and grlzxly by the name of the St.
Klias boar
Stopped tlio I'rnycrn.
Ono of the oddest cases on record has
lately boon occupying n justice's court
nt La Crosse , Wis. An elderly Gorman
with ayounir wlfo wns the plaintiff. A
young man of the neighborhood sought
to persuade the youthful wife that her
husband was too old for her , and prom
ised to spend 100 marks in the purchase
of prayers for his death in case she
would take up with him afterward. Ilor
husband remonstrated and was hustled.
Ho sued for prospective nnd implied
damages fioin the adverse prayers and
direct damages frmn the assaulc. After
hearing many witnesses the court fixed
n line sulllcient to carry costs , and the
young man promises not to pay for any
'The flit ; Gun * Collnp < < oit.
Naval authorities in England are
panie-Htrlckon by the collapse of both
the 111-ton guns of the warship Vic
toria while they wcro being proved.
They cost $05,000 apiece , exclusive of
$150.000 for carriages , mountings and
machinery necessary to work them , ana
throw n projectile weighing 1,800
pounds. The result has somewhat
dampened the ardor of the advocates of
big guns.
Aii Awful Sore Limb
fckin entirely ironr. Flush a IIUISH of
( tlsonfiJ.rpr ( llmlnUliect onu
third In Riz ! . Condition hoppleeo.
Cured by the Cutiuura Remedies
in two months.
Cured fov Cutioura
For throe yeav ) I wns almost crippled with an
awful sore leg from my knco down to my miKle ;
the skin wns entirely Kone , anil the llesh wns
one mass ot illseasu. h'omo physicians pro
nounced It Incurable. It had diminished about
onu third the size of the ether , nnd 1 wns in n
hopeless condition. After trying nil kinds of
remedies and spending hundreds of dollnm ,
from which I got no relief whatever , 1 was per
suaded to try your CUTICUIIA KKMEIHKS nnd
the result wns us follows : After three days I
noticed a decided chanc ? for the better.'and nt
the end of two months 1 was completly cured.
My tlcsh was purlQed , and the bone ( which had
been exposed for ever a youri Kot Bound. Tlio
Mesh licunn to urow , und to-day , aud for nearly
two jears past , ray II > K Is ns well ns ever it was.
sound In uvcry res-pact , nnd not n Mjjn of the
disease to be seen. 3. G , AI1KHN.
Dubols , Dodge Co. . Qa.
Skin Disease 17 Years
I have been troubled with n skin and ficnlp
dlbouso for seventeen years. My head at times
was ono running soio , and my bo ly was covered
with them as larco as a half dollar. I tried n
great many remedies without effect until I used
the CUTICUIIA IIMIDIK ( : : . nnd nm thankful to
statttthat after two months or their UPO I nm
entirely cm oil. I feel it my duty to you and the
public to state the above case.
IhllMcDOWKLL. Jnmesburg , N. J.
Another Marvellous Cure
Tlio CUTICUIIA. CuTicuitA. HESOWKNT urnl Cu-
Ticuni * have brought nbout a marvellous
cure In the ca o of n skin dlsuaso on my little
son eight years old. 1 have tried almost all
remedies aud also the moat eminent doctors , all
allko fulling except the wonderful CUTICURA
HhMlluius. Et ) . N. 11IIOWN.
TiO N. lUth St. , Omaha. Neb.
Cuticura Resolvent
Thonsw Illoid 1'itrlfler nnd purest and best
of Humor Ilemedles , internally , and CimctlltA ,
tlio great Suln Cure , aud UUTICUIIA J-OAI * . nn
oxQiiisltoSkin Ileiuitflier , externally are n pos-
tlvocura for every disease and humor of the
skin , sculp , und blood , with loss of hair , from
pimples to Hcrofu'a.
Sold overvwheio. Price. CuilctTlu , Me , ;
SOAI * . 2.c , : UISOCVKNT. : fl.ou. Prepared by the
firScnd for "How to Cure Skin Diseases. " 04
pages , no Illustrations , and 100 testimonials.
PIM t'MvS.biuck.heads , rod.rough , chapped nnd
oily skin prevented by CUTICUIIA BOAI * .
i Uack Ache. Kidney Pains , and Weak-
nos" . Soreness , LamenesN , Strainsund
llrst and only instantaneous pain-killing piaster.
Lieliig Company's
For improved nnd economic
cookery , use it for Soupy , Smites
nnd Mndo Dltihrs. In llnvor m-
coHi/K/raWe / , nna dissolves per
fectly clonr in water. Mulces de
licious Beef Tea und keeps in ull
climates for any length of time.
1 Ib equnl to10 Ibs of lenn boef.
Only sort funraiitced genuine
by Justus von Lie-
big and bears his
sifrjmturo in blu o , ,
thus : '
. ' fbw tu"Ue !
Fourth ave.
IT OH KENT One seven-room house on fourth
avenue ; one eight-roam house on Hoe-
end avenue , and one eight-room house auTonth
Btieet ; nil llttcd up with all modern conven-
lencei. W. W. llllger , Pearl atieer. _
W ANTED A peed conk , woman preferred ,
Enquire at 711 llroadway ,
T7UIl 8AI..K To quit buunesj. my entire
JC Block of furniture , utovea und curpeta , will
bo sold at cost , without reserve , Pomona fur
nishing good references can buy on Instsll-
menu. maklnc weekly payments. A. J. Mau-
dell , 1C3 andsa Uroad ay.
ANTED Good girl for general housework
work , ' . ' -'I South Seventh it.
LOTS pnUh ave. and 10th st. very cheap
Snaps. Ilenson & Shepherd , 0 Main st ,
on Ilro&dwuy , anywhere between Connell -
LOTS and Omaha. Ueutou & Shepherd ,
0 MaluBt. _ _
i\T > Kll , 1)1(0 ) ( ! ) . & CO. loan money. The most
Wllberal terina olfered. 1UJ Pearl st.
OK HAIiK-An old iind well established
drugstore , establUbed In 1WW. Ca h re
quired , fcl.WJ , balance real estate. Address A
i , lice. Council Ululfg.
AUQ AIN-i lots In Itlddle'i tub , on Oth ave ,
B Grading all paid. tlJJoach. N. a Phillips ,
room 6 , Krtrett block.
1 OTS In Terwllllgeri add r75 each. N. 0.
U Phillips , room fi , Uverett block.
OTO in Van Urunt & lllce's tuld K'JD , Easy
term * . N. C. Pullllpx , room C , IWerett bit.
Coal ! Coal !
A , T , THATCHER , H. A. COX ,
Chicago , Ills. Western. Sales Agent.
OFFICE ! Il4ttlnln Street , Brown Building. Telephone 4O.
Wo will sell to consumers direct , SELECTED ANTHRACITE COAL nt tlio
following reduced prices :
And the best Rrndos of Soft Conl. Wyoming Lump $7.00 , Walnut Dloolc
* 3.GO , Jnchson $5.Oodnr . $3A" > , Cnnnol $0.60 , lowix Nut , Extra Lnrgo size nnd roller
screened. $3.00 , Gns House Colto IL'o per bushel , or $7.00 or ton.
TERMS Cash , with order. All conl fresh mined , well screened nnd promptly
NUT , OLIVE und IOWA LUMP nnd NUT COAL. Lime Cement , I'Jnstor , Uiiir.
The Host Kqnlppetl Kstr.lillshmont In the West. Hoes Dyolng and Clonnlnc ot ( larmonti nnd
Goods of every description nnd material. Dry Cleanlim ot line darmcnU n Specialty ,
Out of tow u orders by mail or express , w 111 rocolv o prompt attention.
Works on Motor Lin ? , Corner 26th St , & Ave , A , Council Bluffs
Until yon have visited 100 Main street , the old on and heaviest stocked estnblUh-
mcnt lu the city , whtro ionds nro bought dliect from manufacturer : ! and given
away to customers w Ithout middlemen's prollt-i. Kvory class of footwear from tha
worklnitnian'8 heavy uootte the lluost la-ly'sshos it cheaper now than over before
at the factories , ana establishments that buy direct and In IIIVRC iiuaiitUles can
Klvo the customer n margin that will bo an extra Inducement , ivliloil to the bant
eoodssold and warranted by reliable men. Wo do this. Call and bo convlncd.
S. A. PIERCE , 1OO Main st. , Council Bluffs.
AIJAlUiAlN In West Broadwuyproperty N. .
C.Phillips , rooms. Kvorettblock.
JOTS in Terry addition. Monthly payments
N. G.l'hllllps , rooms , liverott blocK.
BAKQAINS In all parts of tha city. C. N.
Phillip ? , room 5 , Kvurett block.
LANDS for sale or exchange . N.C. Phillip
room 5. Everett block.
LIFEJNSUUANOR nt actual cost. Address
A. K. Uaughcrty , Canning St. , Council
IIIAVK houses und lots In all parts of Coun
cil Ululfs.from $ WJ to * JOJ > , that I can sell on
monthly paymnnttt , or any terms to suit pur
chasers. This Is of particular advantage to
Umnha merchants , clerks , mechanics , or people
who desire a home near ttio uutinoss center of
Oinuhii without being com polled to pay exorbl
tant prices. U. 11. Juchl , GW llroadwar. Council
T O18 in Central sno cheap. jasy terms. N.
JU. . T'lillllpi. room ii. Everett block.
TMPUOVKU farms in Iowa aud Kansas for
JLcxclmnco for city property. N. 0. Phillips ,
rooms. Everett blocK.
Tj'iOU SALE or Hent Garden land with houses ,
J by J. U. Kice. 1ft.'Main st. , Council Ululfa.
AVENUE A lots , corners , great bargains.
llt'Cson & Sheplicrd. OMplu st.
LOT on Uh avenue , Van llriint & Jtlce's sub. ,
cheap. Itenson & Shepherd , V Main st.
ITI7ANTKD A neat young girl to help in gon-
TT oral house work. Mrs Jacob Sims , 310
Platuer at.
IOTS on ( lien avc. . genuine snnps. Hanson &
1 Shepherd , 0 Main st.
on ManavM. motor lln < , corners. 10
cash , balance (10 par mouth. Uonso &
Shepherd , a Main st.
RHAL KSTATn-IlouglU ana nolU ami ex-
changed. Special attention glvnn to exam-
Inntlon of tltlm. w. C. Jamos. N > ID I'earl st.
BEST corner on llroadway. opposite newer
houso' Honsou & Snepherd 0 Main Kt ,
Oil SALE Acre lots In Orchard place. This
property is located In the Jllce nursery ,
south of the main part of thn city. Hi mllea
fromcourt _ liouna. Goo. Metealt. U Pearl at.
HOlfSKaand lots ; JIOJ casn. 2J ) cash. $ '
cash , balance easy. Uenson &Bliepherd
D Main st.
\7f7M. BIUDKNTOl'F , lloal Estate. Special
T V attention given to examination and cor
rection of title to lands and lots In city and
county. No. B. North .Mala at.
OTS In Mullin'saub , $10cash , balance $10 per
month. Hen on & Shepherd. U Main gt.
IJUK SALE 120 aero farm In Jasper county.
Iowa , located nnar coil mlno-i that are in
operation. There is a live foot vein of coal
under the farm. Geo. Metcalf , No. JO Pearl at.
locations oc Main nnd llroadway
BUSINESS bargains. Oeo. Metcalf. No. 10
Pearl at.
FOUSALE Improved and unimproved prop
crty ui every part of the city. Uaro oppor
tunHles for investors who seek speculations ;
bplendld opportunities for those who desire
homes. Oco. Metcalf. No. 10 I'earl st.
SALE BO feet lake frontage located b
FOH 0 U. boat house and Manawn beach
Also a number of choice lots lu Hegatta place
Geo. Motcalf , No. 10 Pearl st.
HENT Good business front , M7 Broad
FOlt . A line retail point. In good condi
tion. Jnmilro E. IS. JIayno , 019 Hro dwiiy ,
Council niulli ,
I propose to ulve consumers value for their
money lu Coal , und until further notlco my
prices arc all rail Anthracite : Orate and KKH ,
t'J ; No. 4 and Kamio , $3.fiO ; Chestnut , / . Also
Host Grades or Illinois and Iowa Soft Coal
KtllnburK. Illinois , lump , It.lX ) ; Maplewood.
lump , SI. * ) : Centerville , Iowa. lump. KI.7IS ; Wai-
nut Illock lump. tl.M ; Hamilton lump. $3.25 ;
Wnltebreiiat lump. $ . ) . > . Whltobrenst nut , H ;
Pea. 8.0 ( ; Steam , W : Slack , J1.80. Terms cash
with order or delivered O. O. I ) . WM. WELCH ,
015 South Main street. Tolophona K ) .
I have oponcd a now meat market on the
corner of Sixteenth St. and liroailway. It
will be my aim to please iny customers by
giving thorn the heat meats to bo obtulncd ,
livery thing to be founil In allrgt-class butcher
shop will bo furnished nt the lowest prices.
Plcaso give mo a call nnd inspect my new
llar RlU3 In Hchool Shoes anil Winter goods at
K. A. MFOO.VDIt'.S ,
(21 Mnln Street.
Koom 3 , Opera House Block , Council muffs ,
_ _ _
1'uos. OrncBit. W. II. M. PUSKV
Corner Main and Droaaway ,
Dealers in foreign and domestic exchange
OolluctloDvniado ana Interest paid on time o >
poslia ,
I'rnparo For Winter.
The Peninsula heating atovea are the best In
tha market. Have Handled them for live years.
Kvory pale Rlvei satisfaction. Ilefore you buy
ee them. The now lloyton furnaces are con-
r uctcd upon tha most approved sclontillo
r nciples , and are tha ba t und most economl
a furnace In the world. For sale only by W
J I.uutenviisaor , li'JT llroadway. Conn u filer
Stove" , Stovi-s , Stoves !
The best $12.00 cook steve . 112.3
Tlio best J1S.W ) cook steve . 1I > .
The best steve on eatth . ' } . < i
'J'he best J7.nO wood stove . 7 ,
The best * 1.03 Oak. coal atovo . , . 0.
Cheap stoves at all prices.
Wo are the solo and only iiKcnts for the celfc-
hruted liadlant Homo hunters , thn genuine P.
P. Stow art heaters , the famous soft , coal Oak :
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pleased to uuotn prices to outside parties , anil
deliver otovoi within fifty miles of the city.
Colo& Cole , 11 Main st. , opposite Citizens'
bank.i _
P. O. DcVol's Ktovo Bale.
BOO sloven and raoro coming.
Monday morning I will commence the saj
1,000 pocketknlves at - < 'o. H
BOO pocke kulvps at 'iOc , '
400 pocKotknlvos at luc ,
BOO pocket knives at lOc.
llemember that Fuller k Warren make the P ,
1' . Stewart stovo. t ono ether genuine. I handle
their brand , und will close out my stock atccst.
to make room for another c rlond of Peerless
( jarlundH , the world's best. To be without n
Peerless Garland Is to bo behind the times. Do
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steve for 810 and my bettor grades , tlio Cflarter
Uak and Family Garland. Am also agent Tor
the Climax , Excelsior. Acorn , Maud It , Mon
itor. Charter Oak and OAKLAND ranges.
Spoclalsales for week will bo Peerless Gar
land stoves , stove boiirds.coal hods and 3OlJ
pockotkmves. Come lu and hco the Art Garland
In operation.
Omnibus , Carriage ani Transfer
WM. WELCH . Proprietor.
The Finest I lno of Landaus , Coaches and
Ilacka In tlio City.
rer-I have n now I utln-IIncd carriage for prlv
ate call. Ic is the mo t elegant coach in the
fap'eclul attention given to coinmotclal men
and thontrlrnl troupes. Host facilities In the
city for handling scenery.
Telephone No. XI. Telephone No. 03.
UAltN. Telephone No. 240.
The only line authorised to answer calls
turned In to Am. Hist. Tel. Co. _
Electric Trusses , Belts , Chest Pro
tectors , Etc ,
Agents wanted.
G. B. JUI > D ,
Adapted to the public scliooln. The only
comulete thing of HH kind In existence and In-
dlspeiiBlble In the Hchool room. School lloauls
dc lrliiK the moat perfect help for thu teacher
are invited to examine this. Address
General Agent.
No.27 Main St. , Over Jncquomln'8
Jewelry Star'
D. J , KimuMwo.v , K. It , ,
Prcs. Vice Pr .
CHAR. H. HANNAH , Cashier.
or COUNCIL ur.urrs.
Paid up Capital . $ ISOOOO.OO
Surplus . 39OOOOO
Liability to Depositors/ . . .339OOO.OO
Humorous I. A.MIllor , 1' . O. flleison , E. T/ .
Bhugart , K. K. Hart , J. D. Kdundion. Chas. It.
Ilunuan , Transact general bunking biiMnenfl
I.urKfst capital und mirpluu ot any bank la
Northwestern iowo. Intercut on time deposits
Flower Pots ,
Homethlnir entirely new , and the handsomer. !
nrtlclo of the kind that ever adorned a bay'
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house plants. Taee goods ara entirely new and
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The Hustle Pots are highly ornamental and
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painted in bright colors ready for decoration
by ladles who paint. Theio liandHomo geode
are Bold at prices commonly auked for plaint
6c for painted pot and saucer , und plain ut cor *
reapoiidlniprices , IMNl > liilOU. ,