Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 29, 1889, Page 8, Image 8

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8. E. Cnso yesterday gave a bill of sale of
the Btoclc nnd fixture * of the grocery titoro at
6823 fVnam Btrcct to D. W. Ucnncr , the
Coot idcratlon being (1,000.
The paving of Vlnton street from Twen
tieth to Twenty-fourth with cedar blocks on
and nnd plank linn commenced. The work
Is to bodono by J. E. Hlloy & Co.
Gospel meetings conducted by Rov.
Charles Snnvoly , pastor , nro now bclnp
held at the West Omaha M. E. churoh ,
Thirty-seventh nnd Mason Btroota ,
every evening. To-night Rev. Gcorgo
AI. Brown , of the llnmscom Pnrlc
church , will preach. Thursday ovoninp
Rev. Clmrlos Dawnon , of the South
Tenth street nhurch , will preach.
Everybody U Invited.
Personal Pnrn rn plis.
Cnrl Kobcn , of Nellgh , la at the Pnxton.
II. Fontonollo , of Dccutur , Is at the Casey.
11. K. Hamilton , of Scotia. Is at the Casey.
D. liny , of Grand Island , Is at the Mlllnrd.
L. P. OlllettOj of Beatrice , Is at the Casoy.
II. M. KollOfjg. of Aurora , is n guest at the
Casey , *
W , I * Dcmorost , of Grand Islnnil , Is at the
A. L. Field , of Alliance , Is stopping nt the
Pnxton ,
Peter Smith , of Nebraska City , Is nt the
Pax ton.
0. L. Mulllns , of Louisville , is nt the Mer
Leopold Hahn , of HasHnes , Is at the Mer
J. C. Nelson , of Hastings , Is at tbo Mer
- chants.
J. S. Dow , of Tcoumsoh , Is a guest at the
W. C. Koily , of Sidney , Is registered at
the Mlllard.
James It Wash , of Uncoln , Is o guest nt
the Millard.
L. IX Lowlcr , of Button , la registered nt
the Murray.
W. H. Wldamon , of Norfolk , Is stopping
at the Casey.
F. 11. Mljrjatt , of Long Pine , is registered
* t tbo Casey.
C. B. Uoyco nnd E. Pitts , of I3oatrico , ere
at the Casoy.
Georeo A. Downing , of Kearney , is a guest
at the Paxton.
N. U. Porilncer , of Central City , Is stop
ping at the Mlllurd.
John M. Dyer , of North Platte , is rogts-
torod at the Pnxton.
O. P. Farmau iincl wlfo , of Hushvlllo , arc
guests at the Murray.
I Charles C. Hunt , of Hcmlngford , Is reg
istered at the Paxton.
. A. M. Callioun , of Nebraska City , is a
guest at the Merchants.
Edgar Howard and wife , of Bcnkloman
ere guests at the Murray.
L. II. North and C. u. Gonard , of Colum
bus , nro registered at the Casey.
Colonel HuchcH has returned from his
trip to Colorado , Utah and Wyoming.
E. D. Slmonds , the well known and popu
lar clRnr man , is in the city stopping nt the
Paxton.4 *
Mrs. Mlllor , wife of Captain Mlllor , ac
companied by her daughter and son , have
Just returned from Boston.
Thomas H. Montgomery and Major C. E.
Bevlns , of Philadelphia and Cincinnati ,
ofllclaln of the New York Life Insurance
company , are at the Paxton.
At the Windsor : H. D. Bassett and wife ,
St. Joe , Mo. ; J. A. Rood , Beatrice : J. B.
Conklln , Sprmuport. Mich. ; Frank H. Law
rence , Lincoln ; J. C. Abbott , Milton , Iowa ;
B. R. Hart , Altoonn ; A. L. Hart , Fairmont ;
w. D. Duane , Idaho ; M. Murray , Gralton ,
TVhoi-p Arc the Wntclics.
H. D. McICclvoy. ot Genoa , this state , sent
two watches to the "Now York repair shop ,
Omaha , " to bo fixed and has never heard
from them since. This was several weeks
BKO , and MoKalvoy now believes tunt ho has
boon duped. Ho bus called upon Chief tjcavoy
to ascertain if there Is any such company in
Ttobuilfllni ; Fallen Wallu.
The collapse of a portion of the brick walls
of the Woodman Linseed Oil works on Sov
entcenth nnd Nicholas tttroots has necessi
tated the tearing down of some of tbo re-
mning portion , which Is considered unsafe.
The work of rebuilding has commenced.
The accident has not interfered with the
work of the mill , which is progressing mean
while tbo same as usual.
rulrtlo Works.
The paving of Twentieth street with cedar
bloclts from Harncy , street to St. Mary's
avenue , will probably bo completed by Tues
day night.
Grading has commenced on Twenty-sec
end Btrcet jnst north of Nicholas to bring the
trcot down to a level with thd motor tracks.
Small's om-iisc.
Among the old timers who have frequently
been arrested for drunkenness were Consta
ble Small and Victor Lmdholtn. The latter
was lined $5 50.
A more serious charge was placed against
Small that of Indecent exposure of hia per
son. Ho was fined $7.50.
I like my wife to USD Pozzoni's Complexion
Powder because it improves her looks and is
BS fragrant as violets.
Unites Chaw n Firomnn.
Two vicious dogs owned by Fritz Selgol ,
aloonkecpcr at 2-103 Cumlng street ,
pounced upon G. Qraeor , n fireman ntNo. i
engine- house , nt noon , and bit him on both
less below the Itneo.
The wounds uro verv painful , at least ton
of tliem being an inch lone.
Sclpolwis at rested yesterday afternoon
on the chaigo of keeping vicious does.
VVitti 1'n.ntnloons.
Frank Cooper entered Schlank's clothing
bouso , on the corner of Tenth street , and
tolo on armful of pantaloons. Ho divided
up his booty with M. Carey and John Drown.
Whllo the three were attempting to dispose
of the goods they were arrested. Cooper
was committed for thirty days , Urown for
twenty-eight duys and Carey for for twenty-
flvo days.
Licenses were issued to the following
parties by Judge Shields yesterday !
Kama nnd Keaiilonee. Ago.
( Froderlelc W. Rolls , Omaha 23
( Mlana Hoelino , Omaha "J
( John Eiran , Omaha , . . 23
J Johunnuh Uegloy , Omaha 24
( Follx Lcnogh , South Omaha 2tJ
1 Kato McGurlr , South Omaha. . 20
Will ItiMimln In Oinnhn.
It seems that the recent announcement
made In TUB UEE that Dr. llonson would
Bcccpt a cull fromlho congregation at Lin
coln was somewhat misunderstood by his
many friends. Dr. Uonson will still remain
In Omaha In the active prosecution of his
law business. His duties at Lincoln will
only rcnulro his presence once n month ,
thereby furthering the Interests of the con-
KrOKutloii ut Lincoln , who uro contemplating
building a Jewish house of worship in tbo
neur future ,
PAXTON HOTur. , OJIAHA Special at
tention to comineroltil inon. Finest and
largest hotel in the wost. Kittrodgo &
Bruin ard , proprietors.
"Uomoo nnd Juliet" will bo n surprise to
all who have never hoard or soon it Gounod
made of it the most exquisite lava lyrlo over
created , us grand in muslo as Slmkcaoeuro
nmdoltln drama. Emma Abbott's toilets
as Juliet are beautiful , created especially by
Worth. The costuming of tbo entire opera is
exceedingly rich. The oust Is the strongest
In the company. This opera is the bill for
the Saturday Abbott mutlnoo. Seats for the
entire ougugcment were put ou sale this
inorulu ? ,
Morohnnta' Hotol. Lnrgo sample
rooms. $2f2.60&33pordny. NntUrown.
Thd Ilcnl Hntntn Kxclinn o Getting
DoXrn to IJiiHlticflfl.
Tlio Heal Estate oxolmngo has rented the
largo room on the first floor of the Now York
Lifo Insurance building , In the northwest
corner for the holding of Us dally sessions
und the Inauguration of the "open board"
system of realty that has existedin those
The repular annual mealing of the ex
change will bo hold on Saturday when offl-
cors for the ensuing year will bo elected and
general plans adopted for the Inauguration
of the noxv system. The exchange as reor
ganized is composed of the following mem
bers :
Omaha Heal Estate nnd Trust company ,
Otto Lobeck , Mead Investment company ,
Hartraan & Ilobbins , W. Q. Shrlvor , M. A.
Upton & Co. , W. N. McCondllsh , II. O.
Clark , , T. 13. Evans & Co. , George P. Uomls ,
the O. R Davis company , Luwls S , Hood &
Co. , Crary & Crar. " , Gcorgo N. Hlcits ,
Grovcr Stwvons. Conner & Fltchctt , N. A.
Gardiner , D. V. ( Sholcs , Potter &Cobb ,
Uyron Heed company. GcorgroV. . Ames.
T. S. Clurkson , J. F. Flack , Gate City Land
company , A. M , Kitchen. It S. Berlin , G.
G. Wallace , Ernest Hlall St Co. , Honnon-
echoln & Valentino , D. II. IJall , A. ] > .
Tuclccy , Gcorni'.T. Paul , C. L. Jaynes ft Co. ,
Mulr < fc Oayloul , Benson Si Carinlchaol ,
Curtis & Socket , F. 1C. Darling.
Judge Doane'8 Snltitnry Admonition
tol'rncrnHtlnntina Itnwycrp.
Jndgo Doano's announcement Frldny that
ho would dismiss the cases on the trial list
Monday If the litigants were not ready
to proceed , brought u largo number ot attor
neys to the court room. The first four cases
called were ready for trial nud the witnesses
on hand. As the former were enough to
keen the court busv for the day the attorneys
m the other cases on the list that had been
threatened with destruction simply smiled
nnd responded "trial" when the cases were
There was another hitch In the trial of the
criminal causes. The llrst cnso called was
that of the state acalnst Fred I. Copeland ,
the young man who is charged with having
passed n number of forged checks upon D.
W. Van Cott , Max Meyer , nnd others. As
sistant Prosecutor Moriiirty asked that ho bq
allowed to ndd the names of two witnesses
who were needed by the state. Copoland's
attorney objected , but , Judco Hopewell
grunted Mr. Moriartv's application , alter it
had been put in writing. The defendant's
then made a motion to quash the Indictment ,
as the prisoner was accused of three separate
offenses in ono indlctmqnt. Pending the
argument of the motion , the court adjourned.
Judge Davis went to Sarpy county nud
remained thcro during the dny.
Judgu Donne Is hearing the case of Mrs.
Matlia C. Str.iasor against her son , Howard
E. r < rny ; a suit on n promissory note for
1,809 31.
Judge Wukeloy Is hearing the suit of J. B.
Cailahan vs S. W. Reynolds , I. W. Uodofer
and W. A. Smith. This is a damage suit for
f 1S5.49 ( ! for alleged non-eomplinnco with a
contract for the construction of a building
for the plaintiff nt the south end ol' the
Eleventh street viaduct.
Judge Baldwin has received word that the
casoof Uobinson vs A. D. Jones , involving
the title to n largo amount of real estate In
Omaha , has been continued until the Da-
comber term of iho supreme court. ,
United States Court.
Judge Dutidy has postponed hearing argu
ments , motions nnd applications in Chambers
until Wednesday. He has gene to visit his
rauctio near Falls City nnd will not return
until tomorrow evening.
County Court.
Nancy C. Noon was yesterday appointed
administratrix of the estate of Joseph E.
Noon , deceased.
Clementine Weiss , administratrix of the
estate of August Weiss , bus begun suit
against Charles E. ant' ' M. P. Strnssburgor
to recover $300 on a noto.
Judgment was entered In the case of
Charles Bacbman vs Charles Rievo , suit on
breach of contract , in the sum of $118.15.3.
A great benefit has been secured to the poor
by iho introduction of Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup ; for it now only takes 2i cents 'to euro
a cough or cold.
Anybody troubled with rheumatism , neu
ralgia , stiff neck or and uain or ache shtftild
procure a botilo of Salvation Oil at onco.
Price 25 cents. _
Tlio Twenty-Second Annual Meeting
Now in Session at Hustings.
The twenty-second annual meeting of the
Nebraska Baptist anniversaries is at present
in progress in Hastings , having commenced
last ovenlmr. It is divided into five conven
tions , the first , the ministers' union , occur
ring last evening nnd this morning. The
young people's convention occurs this after
noon and the Sunday school convention this
evening nnd to-morrow morning. Tuesday
evening and Wednesday mot-nine occurs the
women's meeting and the remainder of the
session will bo devoted to the state conven
tion programme. *
Last evening , at the ministers' union , Ilov.
W. G. Evans , of York , delivered the ser
mon , After the election of ofllcers this
morning nro tbo following addresses :
"Spiritual Llfo of the Pastor , " Rev. T. S.
Leonard , Beatrice ; "Bible Ordination , "
Rev , C. E. Bentley , Surprise ; "How to Pro
mote and Direct the Spiritual Lifo of Our
Churches , " Rev. E. O. Williams , D. D. .
At tlio youner people's convention "Our
Denominational Need of Young People" will
bo discussed by Rov. A. W. Clark , Mr. J. O.
Staples nnd Dr. E. F. Allen , all of Omaha ,
Mr. Wiltnont Zodikcr , of Grand Island , Miss
Lcttlo Lcgg , of Fremont , nnd E. E. Bennett ,
of Lincoln ,
In the Sunday school convention addresses
will bo made by Rov. F , G , Thoarlo , of Ohi-
cage , Rov. B. A. Russell , general Sunday
school missionary , A. II. Weir , of Lincoln ,
Mrs. E. A. Russell , of Ord , and Rov. Mark
Noble , of Ftiirbury.
Among the participants in the state con
vention programme are the following : Presi
dent L. G. M. Baldwin and Rov. O. A. Will
iams , of Lincoln ; Roy. A. W. Chirk , Hon. L ,
D. Holmes and Roy. II. L. House , of Omaha ;
Rov. J. J. Crosby , of Holdridgo ; Rov. T. E.
Britten , of Grand Island ; -J. R. Force , of
Tekumnh ; Rev. D. W. Grimtb , Mrs. M. L.
IIuyward and Miss Martha Van Ness , of
Nebraska City ; Mr. and Mrs. William Sax-
ton , of Edcur : Rov. W. H. Stearns , of Grand
Island , nnd Miss Dr. O. H.'Dunlulls , of Chl-
ca fo.
How to Cure a Colil.
Many years constant use and the ox-
pononco pf thousands of persons of all
ages , has fully demonstrated that there
la nothincr bettor for n severe cold than
Chamberlain's Couch Homody , It acts
in perfect harmony with unturo , ro-
liovcs the lungs , liquullos the tough
tenacious mucus , making : it easier to
expectorate , and restores the system to
aetrong and healthy condition ,
Hnrnett vs Archer.
Justice Wudemado a decision yesterday in
the cqsoof Batuetl vs Archer. This was a"
suit for $00 , alleged to bo duo on a contract
for an ofllco In the Rcdiolc block. The de
fendant vacated shortly after the first pay
ment of $00 became duo , hence the suit. The
dpfcndant-sot up tbo plea of constructive
eviction , based on the ground that the block
was being rented for immoral purposes. The
justice- admitted the plea of tlio defense and
awarded tbo plaintiff the amount of the rent
up to tlio time the defendant moved , loss $5.
which was the amount of cxpcnsa incurred
by the defendant In moving , This decision
was based upon the evidence for the dofeud-
ant , who testified that Harriett had admitted
that he rented the rooms in the block to
women whom ho Know to bo immoral.
That Imbor Ticket.
The following was adoptoa at the last
meeting of the Central Labor union :
Whereas , It has como to the knowledge of
the Central Labor union that certain political
trlokstors have formed a so called labor
ticket for the puiX)8o | uf Impressing upon the
varlouti candidates tno idea that they can
control tbo vote of the labor organizations of
Omaha , In order to secure boodle ; and
Whereas , The said labor ticket is contrary
* j n " T r --n n . i i i n
to the constitution of the Central Labor
union , therefore bo It
Resolved , That wo , the Central Labor
union , denounce the action of nil such politi
cal tricksters as not being worthy of the
notice of the labor organizations of the city.
This resolution was also adopted by both
the Central Caber union and the Single Tax
Wtiorcnn , The Independence of labor can
only bo secured by radical changed In social
institutions , particularly m the matter of
land tenure , of transportation nnd Of money ;
and Whereas , Such chnngci nro opposed by the
prejudices nnd greed of humanity and can
not bo effected without a hard ana persever
ing struggle ; mid
Whereas , Such struggle Is now maintained
under many dls.idvnntngcs , nnd the efforts
of labor nro hindered by corruptions nnd
potty tyrannies fostered by our present
system of conducting elections. Therefore
Resolved , That wo earnestly endorse the
Australian ballot system ns securing to n
great degree the secrecy which la labor's
chief protection , and wo demand the imme
diate adoption of its essential principles In
this stato.
There has not boon n death from
diphtheria in Council DlufTs or Omaha
where Dr. Thos. JolYoriB1 remedy has
been used In duo season. 25.vonra' trial
proves it infallible us a preventive nnd
Mr. Herman Komi 17.0 Sayn Thnt the
Money Mnrlcct Will Bo Easy.
Mr. Herman Kountzo has Just returned
from the cast. In the course of a short in-
tTvlow he commented upon the money mar
ket there and said that bankers whom hemet
met , including the head of ono of the largest
national bunks thcro ns well as Uio members
of the firm of Kountzo Bros. , were inclined
to the opinion that money would bo fairly
easy during the ensuing fall and winter. Ho
said that legitimate demands from parties in
whom bankers had confidence would bo
freely mot. Some of the Now York bankers
have been loaning heavily on cotton and
other southern products which are on
their way to market nud the loans nro now
being returned , BO that money is easier
thcio. Mr. Kountzo docs not think there
will bo any undue stringency this full and
winter , though there will DO , ho thinks , less
disposition than ever by bankers to buck
schemes whether wildcat building or what
Commenting upon an article which np-
poured in the Omaha World-Herald of Fri
day last , in which it was editorially stated
that the rullnc rate of Interest charged by
the banks to the merchants of Omaha \vas 10
per cent , in advance , Mr. Kountzc , lifter
reading an article In the commercial column
of THE SUNDAY Bun , endorsed the lultor ns
giving the situation correctly. Ho in
cidentally remarked that bat few sound and
solvent concerns paid over S per
cent to Omaha banks for money and that
favors were very liberal in amount. Ho
Instanced a cnso where jobbers hero had
been accommodated with loans in amount in
excess of their whole capital. "It is a re
flection upon the traders of the city to pub
lish as facts the wild assertions contained In
the World-Hot aid's article , " ho said , "when
seven-eighths of the merchants of Omaha
can contradict them irotn their own knowl
edge and experience. "
"The ruling rate to sound merchants for
bank loans In Omaha is 8 per cent the year
round , and when money is plentiful 7 per
cent. This is cheaper money tnan 0 per cent
in Chicago or Now York , and the demand is
certain to be mot when the money is
How M-jor Bnurko Advertised the
Gate City.
"Tho Pan-American delegates , " says
Mayor Broatch , "went away with a better
impression of Omaha , I think , than of any
other city they have visited. L am very glad
that our arrangements for receiving and en
tertaining them were so extensive and com
plete. While it is true that they have be
come more or less fatigued with so much
sight-soIng , the attention sho\vu them hero
was highly appreciated nnd there seemed to
bo a spirit of dash about it they had not met
with in any other place. "
Ono of the newspaper correspondents said :
"I can tell you those South A mot leans will
remember Omaha better than any city on the
tour. "
' What makes you think sol"
"Well , over since wo left Washington ,
Major Bourke has been preaching to them
about Omaha overv day. At Boston they
were shown the first electric motor train ,
which excited their wonder nnd amiration ;
und when some one spoke about it the major
chimed in "Yes , it's quite a curiosity , but
wait until wo got to Omnhft , this the only
kind of a street railway they have out there. '
"While in Portland , Me. , we till admired
the beauties of that town nnd the magnificent
ocean view , whereupon Bourke again asked
us to wait until we got to Omaha.
"At the Pullmtiu car works , near Chicago ,
several very fine palace street cars were
run out for our inspection. When ono of the
southern gentlemen asked the major
whether they were not rather expensive
carriages for street railway purposes , the
latter replied : 'Yes , in most cities , but at
Omaha they use nothing else , and don't
charge extra lor riding in them , '
"So you sou the purty bad gi eat expectations
of something extraordinary hero , and from
talking with several of them , I am satisfied
they are well pleased. This Is the iirst place
wo have struck where tbo hotel ofllco had
been decorated and the sight presented is
at once attractive and novel. "
For NorvoitHticsH
Use Horsford's Acid Phosphate.
Dr. W. C. Hnascomc , Minneapolis , Minn. ,
says : "I used it in a case of accuto rheuma
tism , during convalescence ; the oarticulnr
symptoms I wished to relieve were sleepless
ness and nervousness , und the results were
all I desired. "
The Abandoned Ones Seeking fork
Henry C. Fisher will nay $200 for the de
tention of bis wife.
Fisher Is no'w living in Denver. In 1880
his wlfoelopod with a rallioad man named
W. J. Shannon. The couple hvea in St.
Louis and Kansas City for a time , but
Fisher has learned that they are now living
In Omaha an mini and wife. Ho has for
warded a lull description of tlio pair
to Chief Scavoy and if Shannon is found
both ho and tno absconding wlfo will bo
locked up.
When Mrs. Fisher stepped out she took
(50 of her husband's inonny ,
The chief also recelyod another letter in
regard to a runaway couple. M. B. Martin ,
a detective at Galena , Ohio , writes that G.
H. Smith , of that place deserted bis family
to skip out with another woman , and tunt the
two are livlnir In this city in adultery. Smith
is a relative of the well known > 'Doo" Smith ,
of Omuha.
Cnll for Your
"You're the man who Insulted my wife , "
said n pnssonger on a Twenty-fourth street
car , Saturday night , ns ho stopped on tbo
front platform and addressed the driver.
"I don't know you ; don't know your wlfo ,
never sow nor , and never insulted a woman
in my life , " said the driver.
"You'rea liar. " said the passen
ger , as ho excitedly drew a revolver
from his pocket and stuck It
In the driver's face.
An employe of the company happened to
bo In the car. Ho grabbed the gun and
throw the enraged passenger from tbo car.
The revolver will bo turned over to the po
lice and If the owner can bo fouud be will bo
Poundtnnsior Cory has three valuable
colts in his pound that were picked up
Sunday night.
Mora Ilinti Ho Needed ,
Dressed In a dirty undershirt , n pair of
pantaloons six sizes too largo , a linen coat
and odd shoos , George Spencer made a sad
looking aspect. In addition to Spencer's jr-
regular costume ho has worts on his face ,
and tbo police say that ho is a thief.
Spencer's mania is to rob clothes lines of
their linen. At this caper ho ban been caught
on several occasions und Jailed. As bo bud
three hats in his possession when locked up.
ami noneof them nro his sire , ho will bo hold
until his case can bo ( investigated.
Vigor ml Vitality
nro quickly plvon-'to every port of the
body by Ilood'a Sursnpnrilln. That
tired fooling is entirely overcome. The
blood is purifiedenriched nnd vitali/od ,
and carries health instead of disease-
every organ. The stomach is toned nnd
strengthened , the nppotlto restored.
The Itidno.vs nnd liver are reused and
invigorated. The brain IB refreshed ,
the mind mndo clear and ready for
work , Try It.
Tlio 1'nrk GomtnliMonors.
The board of park commissioners held n
meeting yesterday afternoon nnd concluded
It. would not bo necessary to build n retain
ing wnll along the south end of Hnnscom
park. The superintendent was directed to
have the hill graded down to the level of the
street nnd sow it with crass seed. U was
also decided to gravel some of tbo roads
through the park lu order to test this ma
terial for n roadbed.
Mr. Georco P. Bemls was present nnd ex
hibited to the board n plat of the ground
which has boon donated to the city for park
purposes. It is an irregular tract extending
from near the northwest corner of Thirty-
fourth and Cumlng streets , in a westerly
direction about 000 feet , being from 150 to
200 feet In width. The board examined the
plat , but did not thliik it necessary to form ,
ally accept the donation , as it had been acted
on by the council. They were of the opinion
that steps Will scon bo taken towards Im
proving It ,
Couph no mnro , Rod Cross cough
drops will euro your cold. 5 cants a box.
IS a complaint from which many suffer
and few are entirely free. Its catiHO
Is indigestion anil a sluggish liver , the
euro for which is readily found In the
use of Aycr's Pills.
" I hno found that for sick headache ,
caused by a disordered condition of the
stomach , AJUI'H 1'ills aio the most re-
llablo remedy. " Samuel C. Biadburn ,
Worthington , Mass.
"After the use ot Ayer'a Pills for
many yeais , in my prattlco and family ,
I am instilled in snjiim that they lire an
excellent cathartic and lir medicine
sustaining all the claims inmln for them. "
W. A. AVcstfall , M. . , V. 1' . Austin
& N , W. Hallway Co. , Buinot. Texas.
"Aycr's Tills nro the best medicine
known to mo for leRulatinj ; tliu bowels ,
and for all diseases ransed by a tlls-
ordered stomach anil ll\er. I Buffered
foro\er tlneo jcars fiom headache , indigestion -
digestion , and constipation. I had no
npputlto and was weak and neious
most of the time. By using tlnce boxes
of Ajcr's Pills , and nt tliu same time
dieting myself , I w as completely cmed. "
Philip Lockwood.Topeka , Kansas.
"I was troubled for years \\itli indi
gestion , constipation , and headache. A
few bojvos ot Aid's Pills , used in Hiiull
dally doses , nistorcd. . mo to lii'tillh.
Thuy nro prompt and effective. " W. II.
gtrout , MeadUlle , Pa.
Ayer's Piljs ,
Dr. J. C. Ayer-i Se , Co. , Lowell , Mass.
Bold by all Druggist * and Dealers In Uctllclnc.
( Opposite Fasten Hotel. )
Offlco hours , 9 a. m , to 8 p. m. Sundays , 10 a.
m. to 1 p. m.
Specialist ! in Chronic , Nervous Skin nml
Blood Disease ; , .
l20 Oonsultatlon at office or by inml free ,
Medicines snnt by jnall or express , securely
Backed , free from obsenatlon. Guarantees to
curn nuldcly , safely und permanently.
tons. 1'liystcal leciy. nrlsliifr from Imllscro
tlon , Excess or Indulgence , ptoducluKSlccpless
ness , Bespondoncy. Plmploi on the face , aver
sion to society , easily rtlscom nert , laclc of conll
donee , dull , untlttorstudy or business , and Ilnds
llfo n burden. Bnfely , permanently nnd pri
vately cured. Consult lira , iletta & Bolts , iiUD
Farnam St , Omaha , Neb.
Blood and Skin Diseases
reanlW. completely eradicated without the aid
of Mercury , bcroiula. Kr/slpolns. Fever borea ,
Jllotclies , Ulcers. 1'ains In tlio Heiul nnd Bones ,
Byphllttlc Sere 1 hront. Mouth and longuo. Ca-
turrh , etc. . pertnauontly cured whore otlicri
have fulled.
Virlnnir TfiMn'irv nn < J niatlder Compinmts ,
allllluy > Ulllldiy Painful. Dlincult , too fro.
quant Burning or ( lloody Uiine , Urlno high col
ored or 'vith utllky Gedlinont on standing , Wcalt
Back. Oonorrhirn , Oleet , C > stltla. etc. ,
Promptly and Safely Cured , Charges Iteasona-
J2Srf1TTf < TIT"R.1I a aranteed .
, . ! per.
Ki J. llJl\y JL W Xu i i mationt Curo. re
moval complete , without cuttluc , caustic or
dlllatlon. LMrea oirecteil at home by patient
n Ittiont a moments pain or annoranco.
To YoiiDir Men and Mle-Ased Men ,
Tveaxness , destroying both mind and body ,
all Its dreaded ills , permanentlrcmcd ,
MP.PTT(3 ( Adross those who have impaired
DD110 themsehesby Improper imlul.
ar.d eolltarr habits , which ruin both
goncoi and mind , unfitting them tor buslnttr
itiuly or marrmgp.
M AIIIUEU ML'N. or those entering on that Imp
pylifo , aw are of plijtlcal debility , quickly u
Is based upon facts. First Practical Ezpe
rlence. Second K\erycaso Is especially studied-
thus starting aright. 'J hlrd Modiolnes are pre.
nnred in our labntory exactly to suit each case ,
thus affecting cure.vwlthont Injury
ia ? Send 0 cents oostKRe for celebrated works
on Chronic , Nervous and .Delicate Diseases.
Thousand * cured. fVA friendly letter or call
way eave you future suffering and shama , and
add Koldea years to life. l > 7No letters an-
wered unless aucotnpanied by 4 cent * In name * .
Address or call enl
l > Usi. KETTS Sc KUTTS ,
_ _ U08i'wna , m Street. OmahiH § v
HUE- ,
TirU > SOA
( Umiaizi ) .
niTtciivc a
As Is Our Custom
At this time of the year , we will have for next few weeks our annual SPECIAL SALE of Suits
4 and Overcoats. We always make these sales at this season , when pqople need the goods
and the bargains will do them good. There is no need to explain what a special sale means
WITH US. The big crowds attending our special sales tell the story , and tell it well.
The people remember the grand values they got at these sales , last year and the year be
fore. We promise to do still better this season. Our buyers have been hard at work the
last two weeks , and we arc now getting in daily stacks of goods purchased by them at the
immense reductions from values which manufacturers must submit to at this time of the
We want to impress upon'your mind that the goods we are offering are first class in
every respect , first class in quality , first class in work and trimming , and first class in fit ,
and our stock is worthy thexattention of every person who appreciates style and quality' ' in
fabrics , trimming and making ,
The present week we will offer * exceptional values in Men's and Young Men's Suits. We ! >
have displayee some of the bargains in our Douglas street window , Let those who never il
traded with us call and compare our goods and prices.We will make this a great cus
tomer-winning season ,
Corner Fourteenth and Douglas Streets , Omalia. i
\Vo do not harp upan the cheapness of
our Clothli'K. but that does not signify
that the SUITS anil OVI3KCOATS which
\\o uskjn. S1H. $ i'i and iM for are litith
priced.Vo could easily cheapen them
by putting In Inferior trimming * . It Is
not always the pilco rou pay. but It Is the
\ nine recelv ed In purchase that counts.
Wednesday ! ( U 30
Thursday , I UbL 31 Saturday
Special Matinee Saturday ,
Sale of Seals MONDAY , OCT01JEII 8Jh
Special Engagement of the Famou.s KM MA
Abbott , Anuandalo , Mlrolla , Mlclielcnn , Monto-
gtlllo , 1'ructto , llrodorlcfc , Allon. Koady ,
Martens ,
Full Cliorim. Grand Orolicslra.
In the follow lr.g brilliant repertoire :
WKUNESDAl llalfo's Masterpiece.
EMMA AIlllOTTnnd Entire Company In Cast.
TIIUKSDAY lialfo's Tuneful Opera ,
r.MJIA A UHOTT and Entire Company in Cast.
ritrDAY Denial's Grand Heroic Opera ,
\OIO5A. NOKltlA.
KM MA AII110T1' and Entire Company In Cant ,
Exquisite Love L ] lie ,
I3MMA AllllOTr tut "Juliet" Bnttre Company.
SATUHUAY nVHNINO-QHbort i Sullivan's
Latest honsatlon ,
Or The Merry mnn and Ilia Maid.
EMMA AHUOrr and Kntlro Company.
Gorgeous Costumes ! Knrhnntiii Music !
Drllllant Mlso en Scene !
PHIOE8 Sl.rX ) , II and75o , reserved. Ualcony
admission. Me. Oallory " > cent * .
MATlNliB-tl.iK' ' . 75o and COc. reserved.
When you nni buying plot M reniemlier that there U
aucli a 'hlnn a price that
litoochtap. It U better to
pay a ( air price aud ( ret
Kooa elovus like Ilnlcli-
limon'N. They nro made
f from ( Circled eUin In tliel
f beblmnmierand ere \vur-l
rantril to l > e the inoitP
forvlctablo made. If ) oui
want to know nioro about '
gloves In general and
llutchlimon'n ( ilovv *
In iJiirtlcular. encloie
ntnmuforthe book About
lllovr * . It will Intirett
you. 1.6T1BL1SIIBD ISSt.
JOHN O. lIUICHI.NbO.V , Juliu.loirn , 7f. 7.
J OHAYNE 6 CO. BosrorJ.
834 * 235 BROADWAY , N. Y.
Owners & Sole Manufacturers of the
Stripped Steel Mats of all Sizes ,
Patented fob. 7tliISS3.
Tbeio Hatha\o tliocomblncd advantageot all
other Mala with iionoof tliclrOlsaainnlngcsond
hai o nrm en to bo the Cl enpc" < t mm ( lent.
Thuy will nothnat downflattenout , Karri er
ect out of sliape , and will otilvrr.r all wlro.
? lllHTOUclotln.rntccl Jlmsln tliumarket.
Wilt clean the feet licttir than any other Mat ,
and not permit the dirt tobo carried beyond them.
1'copljfitppplnRou tliem rruiuot Blltias tUclr
siirfiuo offma resistance in all directions.
They need noMinMng. therefore creatono dust.
and UOUHU 1'urnlithlrJK Stores. IJbcral Ul -
count allowed to the trnao.
No. 1-SIze 10i2 . . . . $ iOO No.r.-Szo10x ! . . . . $6.00
No. 3-SUo Ibx-M. . . S50 No. 6-Slzo Sur43 . . . 7l
Xo. 3-8lzoJSxS9. . . . 3.50 No. 7-Stzei3Gx 0. . . . UOt
No. 4-Szo21x49. ! . . . SOU No. 8-Slzo 8flxi. . . . 1100
The larccat , luBtcsi iiiul flnitiIn the world.
I'ttBicngor accommodations unexcelled.
Now York to Glasgow via Lsnionlwry
Clua sin. Nov . 2d I Ancliorln , iNov . . .ICtli
IHlilopUr Ncv. . . . Itli llurueasin , Nov.SId
Now York to Azores , Gibraltar ani Italy.
BOLIVIA . Nov. nth | CAiuoiiNiA , Nov. 30tU
SALOON. SrcosD AND STUCK idE rates
6n lottest tsrras. Excursion Tickets renuooo ,
in ado available to ruturn by either tlio Pictur
esque Clyde nnd North of Ireland , or llor (
Mersey nnd South o Ireland , or Naples uud
lXcunsioj > 8 OT PAIIIS ou CO.VTINKNTAT ,
Touim on lowi'st terms. Travelers' Circular
Letters of Credit and Drafts for uny amount nt
low est current ratos. Apply to any of our local
agents or to
He ( tan Brotte , Chicago , Ills ,
n. s. HAM. .
n. \ .
O. II. MAUKS. U. P. Depot.
A Perfect Face Powder ;
* A P ! & ffl Vf ( Bit E ? liarmleii
latmblv. IJoa'l rub 0ft Hold bj llraffgUU.
Kln.Ur ,307rirn inbt lilluii t , 1,101 N Illli
&M On Pe.rnmbl t aooodinati Drug Co ,1,110
Bchmlrr'i , l.JllljTorLIlt ; , 1,119 , On N.letlil
IJtDI.le'llB,30l wren ttda ,600Whllehiuie e.
cor. Wclr ; > i , < Jf
cor , Dun. itliiiurriio' , iis ; jkii ten , roi Con.
tie. far. LVnurl H.ilc.l In.tllutB Drliir Blor , coi , I > o ( { o.Tucli.
e ' , cor. r clflrOnS. | loihi Iltll > , tie ; Kullli llrci c r.l'icll.
cor. S ln Swlfl fcCo. , Illh mil Utvennorii fcduefer'i , Blieriria
Ive. in I Collar I , 29lli > nd WoofwortU Aia.Or ( Jenlicli
1,001 llowirJ ) Ctlo'l m. cor. 6Hi tu I fierce : llaiil i , t.MUl t !
nl Kill lit | W. J. SeliMier'i ) H rkor A Co , H uuiiU.
miolriile , Hlchinlinn Unit Co , DUke llruci U Co.
I jrundr ctio/i&owanii < < iiu < . < JnBiTry OnM
" KM fm .r M * BM fc
rantly Imnroved wltu iwincliiir hiekl pa *
3d * Eel etrrdlnflf' ' ' ' ' ' > Ti.r ; . 'riioiprlngil n lE.
o and tUJrtfin ftcconllojr to tha wolchl pat on
. . . . . eqailli- well to rouah oauntry or tin *
drives WUl li 7o U t.t aticfaotlon.
The Tyler Syatom of BnnU Counters
tlneaualled In Style , Quality or Price.
The Tyler Desks , aoo NowStyloo ,
Together with 1000 Blyltt Tablei , Chalra , 4o ,
and Deik Combined , 0 Style * . Flneit on Enttli.
100 Fare Illuttratea Catalogue Free , Poktare 7 Cti ,
TYLER DESK CO , , St , Louis , Mo , , d , S , A ,
to DOBlrlng ernni-
SHOE DEALERS 1 n a t li o
JuBtly ret-
ebrated lines of Dooti and Hboej , " . , . . . . . . -
td or 0. M. If An > 4n > .dnn & ( To. , ot Chicago -rac-
torles at Chliago , Ulxon , Ills. , and 1'ond nu ,
m-Rouia writ * BAM. rf. WATSON , resf.
d nc , FKCMONT. N15I1. TrftrvUng u jut
Uet4quart r for jlubbera.
Horthwestern Mliliary
Twentr-IUreo mllei north uf Oilcaco ; hai a lull
or eiperUiited Initrurtorm ll o umtu a nl
atudr. nd unturpaited Juclllllci for Init.uctloii
tjealtn. botne comloria and Vh.r"l'Vilufl ' ! > - uc-
? i'urk 111.
Beud lor cuUlvKu to UigtiUnd ,
ESTABLISHED 1851 ( 186 So.
Chicago , Ills. ( ClarkSt.
Iho Regular Old-Established
(9 ( still Treatlncwllh the Greatest "
Chronic , Nervons aufl Private Diseases ,
fltl-NERVOUS DEBILITY , Loat Manhood ,
Falling Memory , Exhausting Drains , Terrible )
Dreama , Head nnd Bock Ache nnd all the cITecti
leading lo early decay and peihaps Consumption 01
Insanity , treated scientifically by new methods with
i cr-fallinc MICCCSS.
SYPHILIS and all bad Blood and Skin Dis
eases permanently cured.
43-KIDNEY and URINARY complaints , Gleet ,
Gonorrhoea , Strlctu re , Varicocele and all diseases
of tlie Gculto-Urinary Organs cured promptly without
injury to Stomicli. KiJnc > s or other Organs.
firNo experiments. Afje and experience Im.
portent. Consultation free and sacred ,
JTSSend 4 cents postage for Celebrated Works on
Chronic , Nervous nnd Delicate Diseases
&xF'lhose contemplating Marriage send for Dr.
Clarke's celebrated guide Male and Female , eich
15 cents , both as cents ( stamps ) . Copsult the old
Doctor , A friendly letter orcallmay savefuturesufler.
ln and shame , aril add golden ) cars to life. 4 Uook
"Life's Secret " . Medicine
( ) Errors"soccnlsstamps ( )
anil writings sent everywhere , secure from exposure.
Hours , 8 to 8. Sundays 9 to 12 , Address
F. D. CLARKE , m. D. ,
186 So. Clark St. . CHSC.iGO , ILL.
FOB TUB nuunonr op ALI.
Baud & Attendance. Best Accommodations in West.
OjWRITE FOR CIRCULARS on DeforrnltUi aat
Brac , Truiiei.Clubi'eet , CurvaturcsofBPl-irPilei ,
Tamorf. Cancer , Catarrh. Bronchftli , Inrialatlott.
WKiiivni TTtTinnin i i.rDin-i-c nupxitfiiriif roa
WOHKI coxnmiiusT. ( STRICTIV MIVATr. )
Only Reliable H.dlcul JnsUtuK making a Br"ciaJty of
All Moat niieiee. lueceMfullj treiteil. Bjplilimo rolioo
rcmoretl rromlbeiTiteDi vltboul mercury. K * lieilorilr
rr.ilnnl tar law ct TIT1L I UrlkU. r.rlltl unit , ! , to Till }
mmsyle fretted at tomelieorrcipondeact. . All commnDlea'
llouicooDdeiitUI. Ue41eloeiorlnilrucicaUieDlbrinillor < x
[ rtiiitcur.lrpickedDcmirki iolnille > licoDleDlior itoder ,
flatperioulluteriltpreferrdJ. C.llindeoniultnorirni
. ll'HysZJi.'ttf i aal : will ' vend la ' , ptkla ' . wrirper . . . OBI
' RnflK Tfl UkU FREE : V' n ' ' , " " . tirteui o
| U .
PUUIV HlCllt rJertoLiDlieaJM.Impotenejr.Bjfli
UU ; Ul t and Virleoeilc , wllh nutttlou II.I. Addrti.
13th and Oodsa Stmti , 0 AHA , MSB ,
Health is Weallh ,
Jn. E. O , WKfrT'B Nl ItVK AND JIllAIN TllHAT-
MTNT , a Kiiuranlootl ripeclllo for Ilyntcrlu , Dlzz ) .
ncs * . Conviilnions , ntH , NOIVOIIH Ntniralula.
lleadacbo , Nervous 1'rostrutlon causal by tliu
use of alcohol tobacco. U'likeniliieus , .Mental
Ui-pnsHlon.Hofcuing ( of tlio llrajii. roiiiiUlnuIn
I'roinnturu Old . \K . Harreimmp , IOHS of I'oucr
inolllitTHex , Iiuoliinlnry I.OHSCS anil hpermat.
torlni a canned by ovaroxcrtlonof tlio brulu.iolf'
abuse or ovcrlmlu'guiicn. Each box contalim
9no.raJGfltn twtimmt. ( l.C-jn box , or MX boxca
for r oil , Bunt by mall prepaid on receipt of pricw.
To euro any case. Wjth each order received tiv
u frrulxboxca. accompanied itii . o , \\o\\\\\ \ \
gelid tlie purcliaBcr pur w rltten KII jranteo to ie.
fund tbo monuy U tliu treatment doux not oirect
a cure Oimrantcea Issued only bv ( Joodman
nriiB Co. l rug lsu , Bolo AgontB , 1110 1'wrnara
HI net , Urnnlm , NubiusKn.
WEAK ufTcrlnafrom thi ef *
fftti at youlliful er >
. rora , tarly dicuy , Ion
l , ite. I win KiuTu rMliwklu tiuitlui ( -MaUdl
runlalnlnur full | artlculari for home turn , Jim
CliAIW A'ldMM ,
PftOP. F. O. FOWLER. Moodue. Corn.
A GOODRICH Atfy at-Iaw. 13J Dear
-i burn Ht.Chicago ; uilvlco frees ai yeard wx
Iierlunco ; buslutBs ( jtiittly umi legully trwun
. -