Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 29, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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Ko nclvorllaomonla wilt bo token for
these columns nftor I2:3O p. nil
Tcrms-'Cnoh In ntlvnnco.
Advertisement * under tlili bend 10 einti per
line for tli ( lim Insertion , 7 cents for each sub-
eequpnt InHcrtlon , nml tl in par line per month.
'Ko ' ftdrertiscmtntu taken for If si than S5 cent *
for first Insertion. Boven word * will bo counted
to the lire ; they must run consecutlvblv ud
must bo pftltl in ADVANHi Ml ndvprtlso-
incntn must be handca in before 12:80 o'clock p.
in. , nurt under no circumstances will they- be
taken nr discontinued by telephone ,
Parflb * advertising In these column * ami liar-
Ing tJinlr answers mTtlrc3io < l In curoof Tim lien
will please ttilc for a check to cnnlilo thorn to net
Vbolr letter * . ns none will b delivered except
winrefientatlon of chock. All nniwcra to e-u-
vcrtlwraents should bo enclosed In envelopes.
All iidvcrtl'emcnts In thx-so columns nro PUD-
ll.ilied in both morning and ovculnu editions ot
Tin : Ilnn the circulation ot which aggregates
more tlinn IS.OCX ) pnjicra d llv. and elves the ad-
vertloprs Hio bciu-nt , not only of thnclty circu
lation of Tnr. llr.E , but also of Council muffs.
Lincoln and other cities and towns throughout
thin ncr.tlon ofjbp country. _ .
& B"R"A NCl o"F F I C E ST
Advertising for these column * wilt bo taken
mi the nbovo coniiltlons , nt the following ImM-
ticnii hou > i , who uro authorized ngcnts forTnc
ltn ) special notices , nnd will quote the same
ites ns cimbo had 1 at the iu > uofce. _ _
TOIIN\V. 1'liRrmaclst , 620 south Tenth
J Btrcct.
OHAHEfc KDDY. StiitloncM and Printers , 113
South ICth Street.
" _ _ _ _
S H. FAHN8WOUTH , Fliarwncisl , 2115 Cum-
.iDB Street. _
vr .1.1 H. Pharmacist , 021 North 16th
T .Street.
Gr.O. W. iV.Ult , PlmrmacUt , 1603 St. Mary's
' I'lIAKMAOi' , 2J33 Tarhatn Strost.
\XJ ANTKll Situation byu yomiK 1'ndy ni oaT -
T > sIstMit bookKcepor or olllce work. 15xna-
rlenca wuntod tnoro than wages. Address N 3 ,
llco olllcc. WJ SOt
Al'lHST-clnss business man , one who Is very
onuriietlc. commands coualdcrahlo capital ,
loves plenty work and can furnish the very best
of references , wants tn Ret Into n Unit-class
legitimate bucliie s lu Omah , either on salary
or an Interest lu the business. Address , N " , Hoc.
y74 n
_ _
WANTKD Gontlcmnn stonoKiapher deilres
position , experience dustrvd mnro than
big salary. Have tiad some cxportouce. Con
furnlsn Rood reforencB and machine. Address
M 68. liee. _ 287 Mt _
ANTKD Position In olllco by n.Nperlnnccd
book kotpor and bill dork ; best of rot.
given. Add. M GO lle < ; ollice. _ SiO 23 >
) A situation la the west by a
T > youiiR lady stenoijrni > her and typewriter.
ftrnlmin system. Miss B. Allmau , No. : ' " Oruud
Klveravu. , Detroit , Mien. HJI-ar
"VArANTKD BU'iatloii as bookkeeper by ouo
" of oxporlenco nndvltti the best or city
rcforuncc ! * os to ability , rhiiractor and business
quality. Addro a M dl. Uco olllCB. au i9 ! *
A OKN FSI 2 "red-hot" articles ! Coin money
_ -until holidays 1 Write milc-lyl Particular for
-tump. Samnle.'Jic. Prlco Ilros. , David Clty.Neb.
AUJjATd wiintou To liiiuuio urtlclo i-very
steve rniiulres. Hetutlsjl ; taves S1.60 per
month. Jlust establish county agencies. Sam-
Tiles Bent OXIHOSB prop ulil on receipt of 52,16.
JlorayMfg. Co. . WmiKesha.Vls. . _
AgentsJIarkTwaln's nowuook
'tis Just vondy ; got nu ag ncy quick mid
mnkomonuy fust ; usual terms and exclusive
territory ; outllttl. Send at once to 8. F. , luu-
kin & Co. . IMl Olive st , . St. Loulg. 313 23 *
WANTED A boy 10 to 18 years old. 1119
Farnam st. Iiffi-2 ! )
" \\7ANTKD-C.inabU solicitors ; salary $ , ' 1 per
T > day. The IJlake-Hcyuood Co. , Kuiiaaa
Clly. Mo. 39J-UT
AGF.NTS wanted to llnudle the Diamond
Scissor Snurponorand Mr * . Cleveland Hair
Crlmport botn fudlspeusabli ) In any family.
Bomolea1 cents each or both 25 conts. C. Morton -
ton , box 4Uil. Oak Park. Jll. ! ! ffii-ai *
" \\7ANTED-Qoneral and local URouts to han-
TY dle.thp-'new"patent cliumlcal Ink erasing
pencil. iJrentcst-noveliy over produce 1. Eraser
ink in t'Vo seconds , no abrasion of paper. 200
to COO per cent prollt. Ono agent's sales
nmonntect to JffiU in six nays another Sli In two
hours. T rrlt04y absblutply free. Salary to
good men. No ladles need answer. Sample .13
cts. For turnn aud full particulars address.
The Monroe Eraser Co. , Manufacturers , La
Crosse , Wls. nil-Silt
. . .TED A man cook , Gorman proferrod.
Address M 70 e ulllce. 8l3St
\\7-ANTKD A few moro good agents for new
novelties Ju.t out. Sample by mall 'M cents.
KotUor & DoYmo , Itoom : n > , .Marker bulldlug.
WANTRD-'ABcnts to soil the-Plnless cloihes
line ; the only line ever Invented ibntholds
the cloihes without plus ; a perfect success ;
patent recently Ip.sucd ; sold only by agents , to
whom Uiooxcliiplvoright 1 * given : ou receipt
of no cts wo will send a sample Hue by mail ;
ulso circulars , prlco llstg and terms tp agents ;
secure your tetrltorynt ouce. Address Wor
cester Plnless Clothes Line Co. , 17 Hormon st. ,
Worcester , Mas. 3U-7 )
WANTED Two young men for light work
oil winter ; only * 3 capital required. Apply
82QN llith St. . Itnom 17. 183 gj. )
WANTED- : layera and bridge carpen
ters for Jown. Fllloy , Kramer i Co. , cor ,
lllh and Farnain sts. 170
Id ) coopera wanted : Wendy work all year
40o for nmkliiir tierces nnd Ito for barrels
and best of stuff used. Addles * Omutiu'Cooper-
neoCo. _ , South Uimilia. Neb. tJLi m
WANTED A tew more live , cnergc-llo sales
men to cell groceries , etc. , to farmers , ho
tel and restaurant Keepers nud other Urge con
sumers at wholesale prices ; exclusive territory
L'iven : for particulars address the Edgoworth
Mercantile Co. . Importers , maiiufncturers und
wtiolecale grocew , 1447 Stuto st. Chicago.
BflTulB *
AGENTS1 Write for terms. $1 sample corset
free. Schlole & CO..KIO IJroaUwar , Now York.
WANTED Salesmen at 173 p r mouth salarv
and expenses to Boll o Una of Mlver-plato'd
vnre. watchesetc. . by snmplo only ; liorijoand
team furnished tree. Write at ouce for full par
ticulars and sample case of goods free tand-
ai-d Silver Ware Co. , Hoston. Mass. 674
\\7ANTED-A good olllce man to eo oust ;
T must Invest ? _ , ryx : must be a good business
man. Address the Goo. S. Cllne Publishing
House , U15 to S21 Wubash are. , Chlcugo , Ills.
\\7ANTED Men for Washington torrltory.
f Albrignt's Labor Agency , 1120 Farnam it.
"IXTANTED ilood bricklayers and stoneciit-
T > ters ; good wagfls paid. Apply M. T.
JIurphy , Ifromont , Nob. CO
ANTHn-ABents. "lodt ! 'H Horss Illau-
ket Iloldur" iccnps the blanket from
blowing or alldlut ; oir th horso. Nothing like
It in the market ; avery horse-ownar buys ,
Hamples by mall , 3c. Btayner it Co. , Provliienco ,
it. l. imp-ait
_ _ _
BKTECTlVHS-Wanted.good rellabls men for
detectives in every Community ; paying posi
tions. Address Kansas Dotectlvo luu eaulock >
bo yj3 , Wichita. Kun. l
MKN to travel for the Fnnthlll nurserlos of
Canada. We pay ( oO to $100 a mouth aud
expenses to agents to soil our Canadian cro\ni
Block , Add. btoue S : WpllinBton. iladlsou. Wl3.
IltL wunted at 1B10 California.
G ot
T WISH to employ a few ladles , on salary , to
JL toke cliaruo of my busluiws at tliclr homos ;
t'litlrelr unobjpt'tlonablet Utlit ; very faeclimt-
IntrmuUiealifitiil ; no tultlUK required \\HRCS j
* li ) pi-r week. Oood pay for uart lime. My
rofi'i-Piitus Include some ot tlio best known people -
plo ot Louisville , Cincinnati. Ptttsburi ; and
eUouliere. Address with stamp , Sirs. Mnrlnu
Wulkur. 4th and Chestnut Sts. . l.ouUyille , Kg.
* V\rAN'rK > A slrl to do lluut liousovvorK ;
, f i > ) > ly Immediately , lUlYireiuluavenut > .
ArilUL wanted , for general housework.ll'J
Ciutlc street. TO ) Set
AQIUL at 1811 Capitol aVcuue. Uvrman pro-
ferroJ. 8S ) SU
\\TANT15D-At once ; good clrl for general
T Jiousswork ; small lamily , 1818 Corbyst.
\rANl'KD-A Htrl for general housework ,
'M lleMuatior Swoao prufurrcd : good WHRHI
a ? , ? Wa ? . coolc ! UW' > ' to Mw. O. Oskamp aii7
" \\7ANTKD-qood girl for liousek ep <
> J intt. inquire o ? L. J ) . Uurnctt , Murriy
totel cigar ttntid. _
\ \ ? ANTKO-l'lttt-claw axptrleucea saleslady
Tl in clo k department , uute oxperieiuo
und where employed. Address L 82. lie * . f l
\irANTKU-I.ady cook and w altrens for tint"
TT ton. U ) mid 115 ; girl for Denver , Colo. ; a
cooks und second RlrU for l l cUis famlllt-g ;
uull uurioulrU ; COOKS for bourulug houboa ,
kltchcu Kir I B. aculUous , uuu U ) for iienurui
liouteworE , Mrs. Iirega , 8HS } S. I6th.
WANTED Kxpeslcnccdalrl ; small farallri
gooavftgea ; HKMCtfint. icu _
A OOMPKTBNTnlrlior control housowork.
a-mnst be pee < l COOK nnd laundress , ( lerronn
preferred. 601 a. goth st. _ 24J
ANTKD Kxporicnced Rlrl for general
house wet k Small family. Inferences
tequirtd. g ii : Wooiworth avo. _ avj-air
\A7 ANTED-Cook and Bccond girl , B17 N. 17.
Y > _ _ 337-21' *
. - Rlrl for housoworlc : good
wage * for ftooil work ; Irish preferred. Ap-
plrntlfeCaplUilnve. 81S ! MJ
ANTKD-Olrl for gCi.crftl house work In a
sin nil family. 1300 1'arnam , _ SIS 0
Olrl for pcneral housework : tam-
WANTKD ; good location ; npply nt W22 !
Parnain at. _ . . r8
. A peed Woman pastry cook.Roott
wnfjes. New York chot > liouso No. L No.
Ill B lltli st. 089
S toilodrcismaltlmfln fnml-
iios solicited. Jliss stiu-dy. oia B.&UI st.
OtTIS VFlnebcrR dress nnd clonfe maker ;
plush cloiiknlourdur and steamed ; seulsVlu
cloaks rennli-ed. nil Kinds fur trllntnlnfrs fur-
nlslied. 14il ) Capitol UTO. , repairing of all Kind.
WANT15I * ttootu ! > .ttiriiUliciioriinfUrulsli8d
In peed locality for physician's olllco. nd-
dross N 1 Uce olllco. ! IJ aj >
_ _
A good sized furuUhoa liouso ,
WANTKH . Address Mis. J. C. Crtv-in ,
Paxtou liotol. art ) 2J
To rent three or four furnish od
WANTED for light hoiueiccepln : ; . or small
furnished cottage. Address M CO. Doe ollke.
nitf .wr
_ _ _ _ _
ANTKD-lly fnmily of three , small Fu
nl.-died housB , for 0 months. Aadress M 6 ,
lleo olllce. 78123
inOTWfElJ A stimirclub ot Keutlemon to
TV room and board. Handsomely luinlshed
liouao ; centrally located ; 411 N. 19. 3VJIOj !
Nov. 1 four Kentlonum to room
and board with private fnmily. First
class accommodations ; prices moderate1 Ad
dress M 07 , lleo ollico. HIS 'Jj
f7V6fl LEAgH-n < X ) n-'ies adjoining city , for
Jt dairy , poultry , gardculnD. oto. In lots to
suit ; 3 pcracro. lioggi \ . Hill. 1KB 1'ariiam.
HM'U - >
/ wanted In Nebraska or Da-
kola , where can Invest if to fc.'O.OOO ana
servings Vt IttiprolUalde returns ; established
banking county seat town preferred : write par-
tlculars P.O. l > oxaX ; ) Kearney. Neb. ao ill
_ _
OUTlKNT CoTtaffo of five ( B ) rooms. Kn-
qtllri-.4U.-iN. 15th St. Tlios. Swift. U7530r
HIINIA new n-room 1JJ story cottage.
No.78Spaldluc st. puvedstieet nnd only
S blocks from Sanntlera st , motor Hue. lleut $15 ,
Inquire 115 Douglas Hi. _ SOB SO'
| 7\OH \ IIKNT Housooro rooms , well , cistern ,
43 atiHl Wooiworth nvo.
1101130 of fl rooms , hydrant , sewer , at 1MI N.
25th atreet.
Houses fioru 2 to 4 room ? , at ( Oi N. I
TOOK IlENT Suites of 4 nnd II rooms or two
JJ 7-room houses , clieup. and convenient. One
block from motor. ST B. Id , cor. Mason.
03C 3
FOIl HUNT Nice 0-room liouso , porch , col
lar , well uud city water , trees ; $15 a mouth ,
Apply to Mrs. Julia Stoln , 1111 Douglas st.
rPWO nice 0-room rottnRes ; closets , pantry ,
Jcity nud cistern water. Newly papered.
larce ynrds , convenlentlr located on car Hues
nnd only SW per month , Includlnc ; water ; Hurt
be etiualod In the city. Call on tlio owner , Jlrs.
II. 11 , McManon , s. e. cor. llith and Arbor sts.
. _ _ _
"poll HKNT 7-room Hat in oed location ;
J. ' prlco of furniture 5i"-'J ; lout ? ! " > per mouth.
All modern conveniences. Also a u-room tint ,
rent IffiO per mouth ; mlceot ftiriilturoWiO ;
rooms full. Iloth pavlns well , Co-oporatlvo
Land ttlld Lot Co. . SUi N. Htli. 31J"J
TJ10II HUNT Only 4 moro of tnose ulcq' ' new 8-
J- ' room Houses , Until room , hot and cold
water. Near y car lines , only $15 per mo. dur-
ine winter. J. J. WllUlnsou , Hoom 01S , PaMon
block. . .0.17
OHUA11 UUNTS O 1-oo.ns , 1711 St , Mary's
avc. . W.
n-room coltnge , 8)th ) and Farnam , $13.
6-rootn cottage , lirlstol st , 814.
2 cottages. 2. > tlL and Hamilton st.
All have clt v water and near street cars.
2 stores , St. Marv's ave. , suitable for furni
ture , baKery or other light business.
Small store , UCth and Farnam. next to gro
cery doliiK B good business ; Rood place for moat
S stores , 10th and Arbor , will runt cheap.
Hugh O. Clark. U 7 , Chamber of Commerce.
TJIOU ItUNT So. 54 my block , 1131 Oeo. ave.
J 10 rooms , furnace , gas aud fixtures , oloctrlft
wires for lighting , runijo ana every conven
ience ; barn with city water and gas lu ; choice
liclgliborhood.ioO. D.V. Shales H13Ist Nat bank ,
" ( U
TTlOIt KENT Two dwellings , corner Capitol
J3 aye. nnd 18th sts. . opposite Trinity cathe
dral ; furnace , range nud nil modern conven
iences Cull ou or address H , L. Hall , llurlln -
ton ticket office , 1 > l 1-arnntu st. > 1
TTIOU UKNT 7-room bouse. 013 S. J5th St. , bet.
JL' Jackson mid Jones sts. Knnuiro next door.
254 Mi. *
_ _
T710H IIUNT 4 room bouse. Apply at R7 ! 8.
JU > A street. a ggt
"OOH HUNT fl room * , cellar , city water and
JD gas. Apply Itoom IV , Arlington blk. 145
3-UOOM house on 0th St. 18. Enquire S. K. cor.
llth ant ) Vlntou. Ml
TTl LEG ANT Hats to rent. ICth St. , east side , be-
JUJtwocu Jouos und I.cavoimorth ; ( list-class in
nil respects , and new : steam beat , bath , open
Rrutos and mantels , electric bells in all rooms ;
both motor lines pass property. Itofereuceb
icqulrcd. Tlioa. 1- . Hull , an Paxton block.
0 WIOOM ( new ) houses , allmodoinconveuten-
t > ces except furnace , nt JIB , halt block Horn
motor. Sin I'axlou lllocK. SS )
HOIISKS and business places for rent. .7. J.
AVllklusou. 018 1'nxton blk. 78ii
nnilK bestliouse for tlio money in Omaha for
JL rout ; 8 rooms , furuace. nutli. hot and cold
water , on Dodge st. cable line , CIO per month.
F. J. llortliwicl : . 2ia 8. 14th st. 770
T AltOU U'-room nou'9 wltb Ml conveniences
JLjand large barn , cor , MU\ and Caulell sts ,
_ JJ _
FOU UKNT Five room house , J13 per mo.S.
K. corner Uth and Vluton st-i. CI7
rr-room bouse with barn , f Uunr mouth. 0. 1'
1 Ilarrison , Morcnants' Nat. bank. 4S'J
rpt ) KKNT-I'lat II. 6)11 ) Bo. 18th st Has all
JL conveniences and will : bo papered and llxed
up In good slianw for a good tenant. Call at
Jler .V Co. , Ilia Harney sU , tor partlculais.
1 m
_ _ _ _ _ _
TTtOlt ItKNT Handsome ID-room house , all
JL. ' conveiilenre" , paved street , cabin mid liorso
cars , fi uiluutes' walkofpostolllco. Nathan Shelton -
ton , ldl4 > nrimm st , Ml
TT.OH HUNT Nice new 5-room cottages with
JL' collars , iCJiM and SJtt Halt Howard st. lleut
115 per month each , linciuli-e ( Tit b 17th tt.
T710H HUNT lo-room house , all modern con-
JU venlencfs , halt block from street car. 930
per month. Call at K7 PaMon blocs. Ill
T70H 1U5NT T\elre-room house , stable and
L carnage house , on B. " 1st street , next to cor
ner Leavtmworth ; modern improvements and
In perfect repair. Apply to Lewis a. Itocd &
Co. . room 13. Hoard ot Trad a btillillug. VjQ
ITU ) It HUNT 10-room. house , steam heat , all
A improvumcills. cheap rent O. K. Thompson ,
room ill , Klieely block , Uth aud Howard ,
_ _
TTIOH ItKNT Klght room house , wlln ample
J. groundi. corner Lenvenworlli aud 2lst sts. ;
balu room , hot und cold water. Apply to Lewis
B. ltocd& Co. , room r.i , Itoard of Trnde building.
_ vn
Y1SUV low. two 7-room houses on 18th and
Vluton ; two 8 nud 9 room houses on nth
and Woolwortti ( with city water aud liatli ) ; txvo
fv-room houses in Liucola Plica. Itoom Ol'J ,
1'ttxtonbloct. 4HO
, xH lll'.NT D-room modern improved bouse ,
conior. Apply M. Klguuer. llfi B. 10th. BJU
HUNT Neat 'i-roora jioube , in good repair -
pair , on cor. 3Uh and Woohvnrtn nve.i pos.
nesHlon given Oct. 1st. Inquiru 0. B. U'zicbuck.
lleeotUca. KM
/1ALL and Fee the tiirulsUod rooms atni7i ! S
VJlOlh , all alxea. all prices. _
rpWO ulcoljr fnrulshed front roomi for light
JL housekeeping. Apply PIT N. 17ttt Bt. 83g-30t
TjlOlt HUNT Two furnisiied rooms on Bt.
JL1 Mary's avenue , to gentlemen only ; * lx lulu-
utt'M * uals ot business renter , lleferenra re
quired. Inquire at More , ill ) aud aa . .lMh at.
t tuj
AriNKLYfurnUhix ! room , 113 mo. Inmure
i.t ds r store 1SW Dougia * at , 177
VflCRIW fnruUhod room , with board , grts
LNnmHicnt. 407N. Kth r. ! t 7 itt
- front room with board In private
famll ) * , nicely situated. 2130 Harney ft.
"ITU/EOANT rooms In modern brickresidence.
J-Uslnclo or en suite ; na \ one large front
room ; board If dealred. 1521 Cnss at.
T > OOM , board. gai. bntlu 1612Harnoy .
OH HEN T Nicely furnished south rftom for
ono person , with. board It desired. 215
Uodgo street. IM 23j
_ _
FOll Iir.NT Nicely furnl hert rooms with l
modem conveniences. . " 2 N 15th sU
TTIUUNIS11KO rooms. J7 , 13 nnd SI2 , ntSOlS
JU Harneyst. . ! M01j
_ _
TjU'ltNlSIinDroom , south bay window , with
JP every convenience ; 3214-Fsrnuni. 0-
FOli HUNT L rg furnished front room tlO
per month , 221S Lea veil worth . UJ5 _
nnd board for two gentlemen , private
family ; references. 181'bodgo. . Ulfl
ItKfTT Furnished front roomwitn nl
modern convenience ! . to gentlemen only ,
RtrKHt , Marv's nvenue. Apply nt ntorc , 210
and SI2 South Fifteenth st. ' 03J
unmsilTb : back iranor , 2007 Cass at.
O ! _
TT10H UKNT Two furnished .rooms : rveiy-
JU tiling new anil nrnt ; ga * and bailment mod-
orate. KfcM Fiirnain St. , llutc.
. room for Rentloipcti : modem
' conveniences. 018 South ICth , 3rd floor ,
north side. "s : SfiT
TjlO HRENT Novomb&r 1st , pleasant room
JL' ror two gentlemen , steam heat , table board ,
210a UotiL'la.s. i.T > S-
TTTOlMllfNT A suite of rooms , wllb board ,
JUl ? ' ! Dodge street. dm
1710 H IlENT Oue large front room lilcelv fur-
JU niiucd 1811 California st. ' 203 2Jt
ITtOlt HUNT Ono single and double room ,
JU with board , very clu..ip ; 1011 Douglas st.
223 Ul
"TIIOK KENT One nice fuinlshcd room. 421 N
JU lllh st. I'.iS
furnUhed rooms with batli nud
steam. U1& Howard st , 617
FOR HUNT Kurnlihed looms for 2 gentle
men , or man nnd wife. 1030 Douglas , 034
"M ICE rooms , sleam heat , 171 ! ) Davenport.
FOR HUNT To one or two gentlemen with
good references , a nicely furnished front
room , hpittod by steam and centrally located
IliqulfQTJt 8 18th st. 103
. CLAIM European hotel , cor. 13th and
Dodjre ; special ratc'by week or month
TjlOR IlENT 2 nicely furnished rooms , with
JU board ; 1UOO Capitol avenue. 6W3
TTIOH IlENT A pleasant bay-window south
JL' front room ; best location ; all conveniences ;
suitable for ono or two gentlemen. 2.1'J Farnam.
OOD room with batlu 619 & 2Cth st.
FOH HKNT Ouo largo front room , untur-
nlihcd. ovcrythliiR modern , steam rmat pri
vate family. 203 H Kit hut. S70 g > t
"I710H 11KNT Three unfurnished rooms , flfll S.
J17th St. , botueeu Jnctsou and Lcnvenwoith.
JI71 ! t
"Ij on URNT 3 anfnrnlslicdrooms.'iuitablefor
J housohoeiilup. W8N. 13th t.t. 2H8
TTIOU ItRNT Desk room In front otlico of
J Frenzer block. Inquire room 11. 30J2S
fTIOll IIKNT Unck store room 2tf7 12th st.
JJ joining cor. Douglas. S. Lehman. 2A )
ITtOU HHNT 2 stores , cor 22d and 1'lerce sti ,
JL1 BUltablo for meat market nnd jnnccry ; also
two Hats above stores : will glvo resnoublblo
parties "montlis1 rent free tn establish trade.
Call on J. II. Piirrotte. DoURlasCo. Hunk. li-j
1 jlOH-HUNT Three-story brick building. 1110
-L ? DougliiHSt. . Kiiltablo for wholesale or ware
house. Chas. Kaufmanu , 1TO. Douglas street.
f pill ! most promising locality for business In
JL Omaha Is on ICth tt. , between Farmuu nnd
Leayenworth. vho future retail district ot the
city. Klesant blocks ro Rolng up , and uothlug
shabby will ever be erected there.
'J nkon look nt the new block on cart fildo
Kith between Jones 4c Lcaviiworth and secure
lease for n number of years ; nil heated with
steam , with plate-glass front , Thos. 1' . Hall ,
311 Paxton block. KC ,
Oil KENT S new stores , 017 and 619 S. 10th.
Fine show -windows. iiu'j
FOH HKNT Store room in Boyd opor.x'hoHsa
building. Enquire American Savings liauk.
. 1 1
"tpOn IlENT A 4-story hrlck bulldlnft , 03x1X0.
JL suitable for wholesale ; good trackage ; I
have aUo n number of line residence prop
erty for rent or sale. For particulars call or
address 40U411 Hoobldg. N , O. Drown. 433
INK store , with cellar , KO South ifltn.
2t3 N4t
THOU U13NT Store , 1111 Fnrnam St. , 20 by 128
JU fret , 2 stories and cellar. Nathan Sheltou ,
1BI4 Kornam st. t > 59
n O KENT Desirable warjhouse room enL
-L track. Apply to C. W. Keith. 7H 1'acltlc st.
"TpOlt lll'.NT The 4-story brick building with
, JL ? or without power , formerly occupied by The
lleo Publishing Co. . Via 1/arnam Bt. Tuo buildIng -
Ing has a lire-proof cemented basement , com
plete steam-heating fixtures , water on all the
UoorB , gas. etc. Apply at the olllco of The lice.
T71OII IlENT After Oct. 1 , flno front ollice.
X' ground lloor ; plate class window ; beat and
light furnished ; a most de.ilrnblo location for
any kind ot business ; rent reasonable , Inquire
Ornaba Ice Co. , 310 So. lr > th si. r > 6'.i
fjioit UKNT llasainent 40 ay GO ft , h atea uy
X1 steam. Knqulro J. Ka.l , U12 80. Kith at.
( ! * Mto $ 00 paid monthly to educated gentlemen
Pfind ladles for procuilug mouibers for our
Library Association. Mumbcrti buy thuir books
and music at wholesale prices , Tor full particu
lars address National Library Association , 10J
Btatostreet , Chicago , 111. 29728 *
A GENTLEMAN who suffered years from
piles and has been ellectually 'cured 111
bend till ) directions fomelf-trentment. Slmplu
and unfailing. Free to all. Kdwlu Sinter , 1' .
O. box. iS.CIuclnnatl. U. 391-lt
17ENTAL Agents Largo llt : well kept ; Wei-
JLw olmna & Co. . 1422 Cup. ave. , Exposition
Mldug. ! K4 'J
IF you have anything to exchange ration H ,
K.Colo , roomti. Continental block , Fifteenth
and Douglas. I'fij '
| ADIKS HarlonVntur'a Face.Itleach ro-
JLJnioves freclsles.BlrapIos moth ana liver spots ,
guaranteed to give a beautiful complexion nna
to be perfectly harmless. For furthar Information
mation call at Itoom 15. Canllnld Housedtn nnd
Faniam. ' ,1X ! S8t
IF you have anything to sell or exclmngc call
at Itoom ( HP. f'axton block. lir > y
FUATIIKHS cleaned , curled and dvod , hats
reshaped , at F. M. Schadoll & Co./'lH N. luth.
! _ nm
A UCT10N sales nvery Tuesday and Frldav
-timonmns at 11211'arnam. Oiuaba Auctiou fc
Storage Co. 775
B Jit. M AHY Strong , cor. Baunders unit CaiMus
sta. . Knuntze place. Telephone 1481. 237 ft'lt
C iASIl paid for household furniture' , stoves ,
Omaha Auction & Storage Co. , 1)21 ) I'uiuam.
wintered nt Omaba fairgrounds :
large box btalU ; terms reasonable ; car.
rlages fetorcd. A. Thomson. S < iS NSU
HOUSES Wintered at my farm , good range
and Paddocks ; no barbed wire on ) Haix > ;
horses called for and delivered ; terms moder
ate. Telephone > 77. Chas. McCormlct , Cal-
npun , Neb. < ! 7-n7
WANTED Horses to winter nt f 1 n month
per head ou farm near Irvlneton. Plenty
of grain and hay to f od , good shelter nnd good
care given them ; borsoBcallad for and delivered -
edV. . It. Homau. room II yrcnter Ulk , 101
T WILL winter horses on v ? . II. Milliard's
JLfnnn at Calnonn , Neb , Ileasoimble rates ,
care considered. Orders can be loft with W. 11.
11 Ward or mailed me at Calhoun , T.J.Fleming.
milU banjo taught M an art by Ooo. F.Qelien-
JL bt'clc. Apply at Uea olllce.fiU \
CHOOL of Expreulon , Vocal Articulate ,
Pantomimic. L V. Anderson , bQeely block ,
EVENING JTeuch class. New York Llf
Itnllaing. Itoom Wft. Jules Slerle. 711 N 13
I .ADIUS aud gentlemen desiring correspond-
J-Jents address Correvpondlui ; Club , Kausiu
Cltjr. Mo. inclostBtamp.
number of ladleanot under 18 or over 25 years
of ago. Object , nmtiSMtiBiit nnd possibly an
nequalnlanco. Adnr j-8.1 l ns , cnro lice , col lot
1DEUPONAL Mrs. iM.'V'nn Clove , a reliable
JL nnd oxporirncecrinfrsp. Would like nurs
ing to do ! would prefer nursing ladles in doll-
cats health. Address North 1XA St. , No. ISO ,
South Omalin. Nob. ,
TKUSONAIr-Mrs. A. M , Heath's drcssniak.
X Ing parlors , ' worR guaranteed. Prices the
lowest. In rear No , 1614 near the corner oi ICth
nnd Cnss , 275-S8 *
LOST Elihcr on Sliorman nvo. , ltn , SOth or
Webster Bt > . money purin contalnlue bills ,
Rold ploco and owner's visiting card , name In
full ! llndnr will bo rewarded by lonvlnc t 1003
Fnrnam st. 830
T\r ANTl'.n-Sccond hand llnht wagon. Must
T ? bo cheap. Addrcsi It. care Paga Soap Co.
ANTKD-To buy a lot within one mlle and
a halt of postoillopj cash will bo paid fern
n bargain. Those anxious to sell address N 6 ,
lice. 330-Ult
WANTIiD I want to burn democrntlopa.
ptr lu n good town , what have you got ?
Don't waste any time , but write lull particulars
nt onco. lieu F. Illldebrund , Fnvnieo City. Nob.
\\rANTED To buy H ) aero farm , good for
' i gardening , within H mlle ot some H It
station , not ever 13 mtlosfrom Oniana ; must
bo low price. W. L. Soloy , 1U13. Hoard Trade.
CASH for furniture , rarpets , etc. WcU'n Auc-
tlon } jorage | Co. . IllV S. Kith. _ 715
V\7ANTivf-4 or fi thousand yds ot earth to
111 ! lot r > ? , llurr Oiil : add. up to grade. Inquire -
quire \V. N. Dorvnrd , 1517 Douglas st. 700
_ _
rpHACKAOK fitoi-Rge at io\raTrratos. W. M.
-L Rushman. 1311 Lcavcuworth EC I
at low rntei nt 11211'nrnain street.
Omaha Auction and Storage Co. ( G'2
and forwardlnp. Wo collect nnd deliver
liver goods of all description , merchandise ,
furniture and baggage at cheapest rates ror
stornge for any length of time , V5ins aud
wagons to" be bad nt shortest notice , with care
ful men for moving. Packing nnd shipping
from our own warehouse done on moderate-
charge. Merchandise loaded ana unloaded.
.Wnrnhouao ou our own tracks. Olllco III 8 Uth
st. Telfphono 111. llQwell&Co. 8C3
FOKTUNK Teller Mrs. Lenormati cau bo
consulted ou all affairs ot life. Satisfaction
guaranteed. No.-Ulu N. IRth ft. GOl'nllJ
DK. NAwNil : V. Warren , clairvoyant , medi
cal and business medium. Female dlseasoi
a spiclaltjH'JN Ifltti st. . rooms 3 and a , f05
StenogrnpUcr and Typewriter ,
H. 427 PtiMQIl lilt : . Telephone 15 ! . 112n2v'S : shorthand aud typewriting
school. Darker block , Tnu best aud cliimp-
est lu tlm city. _ CM N 12'
QTANDAHD Shorthand SchooLHoom : ! 4.Vnre \
V-J blk. . ( surres ov to Valentino s ) the largest
excluslvosiiorthand school in the west. Teacn-
crw nre vcrbntlmreiiortcrs. Purtlculur attention
paid to typewriting. .Mechanical constiuction
of maclunu taught by factory expert. Circulars
FOR S-U.i ; Well triilued horse , buggy nnd
luu ness , f'"o , A 0kfgnln , Address P. O.
HoxTii' . ' . 1,0 ! ) YJ fj
_ _
FOIt LALi : StyllsVteam of Day horses , 5
nnd 7 yrurb old , parltclly suund. and well
known lu the city ; will drive double or single.
Ono canopy-ton double ; surrev. '
One top buggy. "
One set double harness.
One set single harness ,
Ouo saddle. "
AH the nbovo comil8tn and In good condi
tion. No further u&o.-.r/enson / for belling.
Also ono btclnwny souaro piano , nearly .now.
The above property" will bo bold cheap , on
'reasonable tnrtnS or frill trude for Inside real
estate , liiiiulre room CK ) , First Nat'lbank.
-7 31
TRIO It SALE Light siirlu-j wagon 1M7 N. li'th.
- Ml n'-4J
TTIOIl SALE A goo < l set of butcher's tools ,
Jf very cheap. Apply 3423 Cuinlng. 144 ! Kt
I710H SALE At half price , a lot of counlers
JL' nnd shelving xultablo tor grocery , notion ,
boot ana shoo stock , Vf. n. Hainan , room 8
t'reuzcrblk. 087
FOIl SALE Cheap , Z Jersey cows. 1 fresh.
Leavltt Ilumham , S. W. " 1st and Cass.
- uoa
_ _
Foil SALE Top bugsry nearly new , cheap. J.
L. Wolshans , 1420 Hartley. 071
TI1OH BALK A new furnace ; chean for cash
JL1 nr will trade. Inquire at aiC P. rjlii. 7.iO
TTIOKSALE 3 cows cheap. H. H. Hender-
J hon , loom IQJ. Paxtou blk. _ ea >
TC1OK BALE A quantity of building stone.
J- Apply to the superintendent ISoe building.
TjlOB SALB A KShorsopower Porter engine
JL1 in good condition , weight fi.lOOnoiuuls cyl
inder 11x1(1. ( For particulars apply to Tlio Itee
olllee. 783
TATlDLANn Guarantee & 'JYusfCo''N. V. LlS
Jl'i-bldg. complete abstracts furnlt-lied and titles
to real estate examlned.perfectod&gimraiiteud.
UILDING loans. 57 V. Sliolcs ! 210 First
National bang. 8TJ
rOANSmadoon real estate and mortgages
JLJbouglit Louis S. Itued & Co. r.lS , board trade
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ b l
LOANS City anrt farm loans , mortgage pa
per bought. SIcCaguo Investment Co. 833
MOHKV to loan in anv nmounton liousohold
goods , horses and wagons , ( llamouds , land
contracts.secondmortgages.orauy nvallabloEo-
curlty , witliout publicity. Uoom 'jlo.l'axton bit
_ _ _ -
fJ K81DEXC13 loans 04 ! to 7 parcout ; no ad-
.Ltdltlounl charges for commissions or itltor-
ney's fees. W. 11. Sleiklc. First Nat bank bide.
_ t6l ,
MONKi' to loon on furnl'.Jro , uorses.wag jns ,
Mr , or on uny approved security. J. W.
Itobblns , IHUi 1'arniim strest , Paxton uotel.
, _ 871
"nuitSTmortKage loans at low rates and no
- ? delay. D , V. atioles.SlO FlrstNutlouul Imuk.
PHILADELPHIA rortgago& Trust Co. fur-
Jnlsh chcao eastern money to borrowers.
purchase securities , perfect titles , nccppt loans
at their western office. , aeorgo W. P , Coates.
room 7. Hoard ot Trada ) gas
KEYSTONE Mortgage Co.-Loans of $10 to
fl.OXNjgetour r&tus Jjoforn borr.vwiiiK imd
save money ; loan on Jiorseu , furniture , or any
approved security , nlthnut publicity ; notes
bought ; for new loan.r > 'uoxval of old , und low- ltS08BhuoIey blkisth * Howard st
Y 8C' ' )
_ _ _
TlfONRV to loan on , Corses , wagom. muloa ,
J-Uboubebold Roods , jilimos , organs , diamonds.
lowest rates. The llrst oVgaulired loan olllce In
the city. Makes lounsfrrom thirty to three hun
dred and slxty-llvo day * which cn be paid in
port or wbolo at any time , thus lowering the
principal and Interest' ' . ) Call anu see us wuen
you want monoy. We can assist you promptly
mid to your mlvantiuja , without removal of
property or publicity. . > fouey always on hand.
No delay luuiakiug Irfatis. C. F. lUad & Co. .
ait ) B. lath gt. , ov r lllrinllain & Bons. B75
HONF.rtoloan. O. 'K'avis ' Co. , real estate
_ and loan agents , yunyarnannt. H7B'
TXT ONEY to loan oncity / or farm property.
1'1-Ueo. J. Paul. 1009 Fa/tom at. 835
Dp YOU wont money ? If so. don't borrow
before setting my rate * , which are tlio lowest -
est on nny sum from fl to
possible rates , without publlcltr or removal of
Loans can be made for one to six months and
you can pay part at any time , reducing both
principal and interest. 1 f you owe u balance on
your furniture or horSei or hare a lojin ou
them. I will tike It up and carry It for you M
long aa you desire. ,
If you need money trnu xvilt flnd it to your ad
vantage to sea TOO before borrowing.
It. F. Masters , room 4 , Wlthuell building. Ktn
and Hurney. ? ; [ )
MONKY loaned on chattel security or rea
estate. J. J. WiUlnaou , 61S Paxtou blk.
$ l. W-Pnvatu inonav to loan or will buy good
moitsage , W. L. Bolby , r. JS , Hoard of Trade.
! 7' d
TiffONKY to loan on city propcrtr and farm
* 110Wt" " r tej' W' VMle > * ' * '
- - Inside loans. Lowest
rates. Call nnd sot us. Mutual Invest
ment Co. , ItOi Furnntn. 877
rnoLOAN A few thousand on In ldounlra
J-pror d city property or cooa 2U ttiortgagj
paper. Address M 48 , llco olllce. GJ
MONKY In loan on real estate xecurlty nt
lowest ratei. llofore negotlatlne loans see
Wallace , .HU1U lirowu bhl ? . itith and Douglas.
MONEY to loan by nn pMteru man , on cllt
edge propprty , for Ibo next 10 day 3. Harris ,
room 411. 1st Nat. Hank. KTO
K making chattel orcollnttral loans ,
U will pay you to sea The Western Invest *
ment Co. , room 442 , lice building , _ B88
TjinLDINO loani wanted on brick business
JJLJor rcsidonco blocks. I'nvwable terms nnd
rates. KtmbMl. cnamp & llyan , 170.1 Farnam ,
TO LOAN--.Vspeclal fund or $100.000 In sums
ot $10.000 and Upwards nt very low rates
The Mcadluvestuieut Co. , 814 S. 16th st , 133
MONKY Loani negotiated nt low rules with-
out delay , and purclmso good commercial
paper tnd mortgage notes , a. A. Slotuan. cor ,
13th and I'ornnru. SS3
TVTO'NRYt < loans cash on hand ; no delay. J.
JJJUv. Squire. 1319 Farnam St. , nrst Nutlonal
bank , bulldlug. _ bal
MONUY to loan ou any security ,
lor shoit tlmo at low
rales. Lowest rates
on personal
property ,
Tuo Hcmlorion Mortgage Investment company ,
room 4UU Pnxtou blocic. S73
"itTONUY to loan at low rates nud uo
1 I Capital nuu sunilui ei.WI.OOO. Lombard
Investment Co. . S09S l.'lllist , NW
SKKShoies. room ' , ' 10 First Nat'l bunk , lie torn
making your loans. _ Hi ? !
qjnO.\OCO to loan at 0 per cent. Ltuanau & Ma-
< Phoney , room GOJ Paxton block , " _ 'Q
fVf ONKY iiuned bn iTirriltufo. horses nnd
J.VJI wagons ; rates reasonable. City Loan Co. ,
118 H . lath Bt. . opposite .M lllard hotel. ml
Nutlonal safety rturosit vaults. Safes
to rent J5 to ta a year. r 7 8. lilth. - 20J
TTIOU SALE Nice , clean rosluurant. doing
JL' good business ; mu t bo sold this week ; easy
terms. J. H. Parrotte , Itoom 21 , Douglai block.
| MS5 8 *
_ _
BOO buys restaurant that pays $150 net prollt
$ per month. Only $ WO cash , J. J , Gibson ,
No. 3 Creiglitoil block. _ ; iOi )
/ tlUAlt store In ono ot the best locations lu
V tbo city. Cau sell nny amount to suit the
puclmser. ; Confectionary and restaurant com-
mned. Co-ouorutivo Land ana Lot Co. , M05 N.
Ifith St. S42-2J
_ nON FKCTIONKUY. bakery , cigar and tobacco
\J store to trade for city property or laud.
StocK of jewelry for lann. Stock of groceries
for clly property nnil cash. Co-oueratlvo Land
and Lot Co. . sm N. icth st. : iii28
"irou SALI3 or exchange-First ilass drug
X' stock in Mo. Valley , In. , 4.W ( ) poopk1 , three
store- " , stock 40,030. Will soil for part cash bal
ance on tlmo , secured , or part cash ann balance
Iowa or Nebraska land at fair valuation. Lock
box 015 Mo. Valley , In. 28' ' ) 1 *
" | vUUO business for sale lu a llvo Nebraska
J-/ town , about JA'.oni worth ot dm ; ; business
done In the town yearly , only two drug stoics :
stock will Invoice about SiSW. linlf cash and
half ou time. Address M 07 , llco olllrc.
] 0fl Lt
TTlOIt HUNT Now liotel. In heart of city ;
JU thirty rooms. W.Farnnm Smlthl 0 Fnrnam
_ _ _ _ H1U
TTtOK SALE Or trade , a well established book
JL1 and stationery store. Ilex 518.'I
_ _
rpO KXCII ANOR-JIy"eauIty , worth JI.ROO In
JLn splendid lot ou Georgia avo. . for Chicago
anburbnu property. Address S , 117 W. A'un Ilti-
I'eu St. . Chicago. 2SI 1 ?
C1OU EXCHANOn Wanted , for good farms.
A ? a 75 to 100 bbl. Hour mill , and a uowapapor
outllt. Address lock box 01 , Gothenburg. Neb.
TmOR EXCIlANOE-Groccry and feed Btore
JO for SJJO't ; \ cash , balunre trade. Might do
belter if property is llrst class. Co-operative
.Loud and Lot Co. , 20.1 N. itilb st illiM" )
CASH and good land In Antelope Co. to trade
for merchandise. Three nice fnrmu ror
Omaha property. Clear Council Dlulfs prop
erty aiin good farm to trade for hotel. Cooperative
erative Lund aud Lot Co. , 205 N. 10th st.
> CLEAR South Omaha lots for noraom.or land
Ogouth or east ot Wheeler Co. , Neb. Bolby ,
13 Board Trade. 214
E\V 2-soated carriagu for 2ud mortgage ,
Solby. , 1U Hoard Trade. Slf
TK7ANTED-Totraua240 acres good Nobras-
VT ta. land , all clear nd deeded , for brood
marcs. Albert Edholrn , 101 S. 15th St. , Omalla ,
W'iLL exchange * 70.noO worth of Improved
Lincoln property for lands. J. O. & C. II.
Tlutchlns , 1122 O street , Lincoln. Nob. 201J
0 EXCHANGE Beautiful Denver property
for property further east. Dexter. HID
Wright blk. Minneapolis. Minn. 171 28 +
FOR EXHANG15 80 acres clear ot encumb
rance , in strips of 10 acres , lu Mercer coun
ty , Illinois , for stock ot goods or city iiroporty.
Apply room SIB. Flrct National bank Inilldlng.
WANTED To trade 2 lots , 0-room house ,
barn und out-bulldlug ; nicely located in
1'lorcnne , Nob. , No incumbrance. for good
young work teams. H. Hall , Florence. Neb.
BU.J 1 *
TOOK EXCHANGK-A businessyieldlngaproflt
JL ! of from S.UOO ) to tlM ) ( ) per annum , to exchange -
change for good city property. Am willing to
assume light encumbrance. Apply room 210 ,
First National bank building. 1 !
TTIOREXOHANGE-IOclear South Omahn lot *
JL ? and cloartlaud for Nor 10 room house , will
assume sin-all incumbrance. W , L. Selby , H. 13 ,
Hoard Trade. 89J
* fpOH KXCHANO I ! In Stuart , Holt Co. , Nob. ,
JL ! new house.rooms and closets , with 1 cor
ner lots : rents for $10 per moutn.
A feed store and two business lots , rents for
SI2 per month ; will trade for a stock of hard
ware , clothing or boots and shoes. Address
Frank K , Ilartigan. Crete , Nob. 7'J ! ! K )
for city property , two good
JJJfarms joining towns situated In Hurlau and
Greyly counties. Meyer & llaapke , 1103 liar-
ney st. 081 o30
WANTED To exchange dry goods notions
and millinery goods for clear land or city
property nnd part cash. Address box 470
Frankfort.Ind. . . UKj
TJENTAL property , InMda. to exchange for
JLXclear farms or vacant clly lots. Thus. F.
Hall. 311 Paxton block. baa
TTinil EXCHANOK-For any kind of good
JLproperty , a grain elevator in ono of tbe best
towns in Iowa , situated lu thu heart of u line
agricultural country. Present owner is no : a
grain man , and lias other business. A rare
chance for a practical man. Also , five thousand
acres of Hue timber land In northern Tonnes-
ace. Itoora 14 , Cuumber ot Commerce. Tel , lltu.
8 ill
ASPLKNDH ) llttlo cottnuo , good barn and
outhoubDH , on lot In Purkor's addu.nour Ixng
tiohool. one block west of motor lino. Very
cheap und ( in easy terms. Just thlukot it , W.OUO
takes it ; $ ) cosh , bal. on time , F. 1C. Darling ,
43 Darker block. B3 31
WNKItmovud to St. Louis offers to sell a
houses at a Dig bargain , tiuu nnd 9 00 each ,
nil newly papcrvd und runted , in a location thnt
they will never be vacant. Call unit lot ma gtvo
you terms. D. I ) . Bmeaton. Itoum 41 llarkcr
block. IV niu
fj\OH \ BALK Tlio Jlnest Drlck renlueuro In the
-L.1 city , modern and new , ) nrg slmdy yard con
taining about two tic-res of grounds , stone
walks and vrlthai a complete homo. Have ex
tensive business intercuts lu Bait Lake and my
wife declares she will live uluuo no longer.
Terms und , prlco to suit the customer. How is
that ? Address M 72 lloo olllcc. U7u
UUSCtTUiie fnr slmres m the "American. "
the largest building ana loan association in
the world , M , A. Upton , special agent. Kith
itnd-l'armim. 248
NOW is the time to get n lot lu Dtvlglit and
Lymttn's addition just fontn of Hunirom
park , lleauttful location. Tlio grading of ! Bd
st. is making it a line thoroughfare. Kxtrn
nice lying lots , 62x132 , can bo liought uow for
I.2JO to JI.5U ) . Taey will sell for double this
amount in lean than : i years. We have n num
ber of these elegant lots for sale. M. A. Upton
Co. , 16th and I'amain. " 41-29
TO the "Old Ileliable" M. A. Upton Co.
ICtli una Fnrnam , for real estate iuvctt-
meuta. lluferencos Our past dealings. 675
TTIOK BALK-fcJ.OOJ-323-acro stock tarm in
JU llrownCo. , Neb. For particular * write to
lloxlil' . Ainairorth. Neb. ma oa >
, actuaL aluolnsklo bu .n st. ana rest-
$27,000 , u.ujO worth of bouses being built
adjoining , will Bell for 17. ( Jnow ! Wby ? For
reason am In need ofHOXX ( ) cusli ; great ofTsr.
Addruss LS8.Uee. _ eoinllj _
TTIOU BALK On long tlino and easy payments ,
JU handsome , now , well-built hout > eB of H , U.auci
1U rooms. All coiivemeice * , good neighborhood -
hood ; pared utroeta. itreet CATS , and within
walking ilistuuce o ( V , 0 , Nathan Slitlton , ISU
Fftrcam stre t , tV )
rpo rUIlCIIASKHS-Noror BO to the owiior Ot
X n piece of property you wIMl to buy. A
peed broker wilt tnakothn nurtlu o forjrou at
n less llffurotban yon posMbljr can. It you will
put your thinking cap onQU can reason out
the truth of this assertion , M. A. t'pton Co. ,
10th nud Farnain. JUl-ai
AVRW cottaRoa In Astord's , 'orchnrdlllll ,
Ilorbacn'n2nd , llaticoiu Place. Luke's , Pop-
plrton parK , Bhlnn'a nnd Parcel's nddltlous to
poll on easy monthly payiuciitt. Thcso nro on
very choice low ntid some nro on < ! ar itne . Don't
delay until next yeiir ; got In now nnd lake nd'
vantage of rlso in ralncs. F. 1C. Darling , 43
llaricor block. 28 > Ul
AVKIlYllno soulh front lot , a comer , u. o ,
ror. 27th nnd Reward st < > . . 60s IK , JO,5X ( > . JL
A. Upton tXi. . iflth and Fnrnam. .11 *
here Is n barpnln at two-thirds value :
fflxliofaoton CAldwcll street between 2Bth
nnd 27th. 7-room house , woll. chtcm. wnlks and
tr osW.R50ltir > o cmb. balnucoll years. Nntotho
dlzeot tlilalot. Its location nnd the Improve
ments , M. A. Upton Oo. , ICth nnd Fnruam.
_ 541 . > .
1710K SALK-Vcry low pilco fora few days ,
JJ lot I ! , bloc * 7S , near new P. O. site. Inquire
on promises. No. lilii Davoiiport st. COl St
TTIOH SAI.iv-lly Otto roiaolr. )
JJ ; i-room cottairp , good cellar nnil well , lot
MXKW. fcncon In , Wvst Cuminp , # lai ) ; caili
K > iO , Vat. J17 per month , without interest.
7-room cottBRO 111 lli > t-tlnss order , on N.anh
near Paul , terms to suit , WOO. !
N v\r s-room liottso on Hrlstol St. , 1 blk from
motor line. W.6CO.
K-room house on N. 23d near Cass. M.RX ) .
Comer Douglas and ItJth , rents nt $ ISUJ. cash
JI6.out ) . V\flM.
Soulh Omaha lots :
Lot 4 m blk If tPxlSfl ft , J1.SOO.
Lot 1 111 blk IS. 00x150 ft , 8law.
Lota II aud 12 lu blk 31 , corner IMxt.VJ , S'AO.
l.ota : ; aud 4 In blk4 , no\IM etch , tVJU.
Acio lots lu 8olomon'6 mid , J * J.
Aero vii'lK-rty oil \wlt line , Il'-Ti to JICO , nil on
easy terms. Otto Lobock , room IS Chamber of
Commerce. X'Jl ! M
SJl'KI'l ATiTarjaln oiTS lluo plecwof groimd oil
k-J2lstst. lust ruutli of Vinton , IIOsclCO. 5J.61H
; i cash. M , A. Upton Co. , Ifith nud Farilam ,
_ 241 a ) ,
/Ax33 ] ou rurnaii , belwpcii nth nnd 10th , at JIM
v/frout foot. This Is Jlffl n foot less than value.
M. A. I'ptou Co. . loth and Fiirnnm. 2ll-2na
-IKflncro cattle ranch , with prlvtleoo of 01,1
J-n o-o school lease. Must bn sold In ten days ,
Apply nt room filS Now Vork Life ll'ld. B31-31
IHAVli some first-class rental property for
Mils cheap within ono mile of po illloco , on
iinved sti'cota nud motor lino. TUoj. F. Hall ,
SHPaxtou block. CT1
TjAOH SALU v r cheap , no trades , farm 64:1.76 :
Ju acres , sec.5. 12 N.O W. Humtltuii county Neb ,
" miles from Marquette , smnll bouse , stable ,
aooiicn-s pnsturo. fenced , living water , prlco
only $10 per ncro. 8U.4'rr.M > , ouo-tblrd 18sn crop
included. Terms J2.UIX ) cash balance I ) percent
luterost , F. K. Atkins , owner , railroad build
ing , Denver , Colo. 778
illE best
Business ,
Vacant and
suburban properties In the market
are for sale by "tho old reliable" M. A. Upton
Cu..lUtb and Fnrnam. 242
A SH11KWD buyer always maKes his pur-
-CA-ciiasc&'of property. Hko ronl estate , through
n broker.
A good many people out here need to be rdii-
catod In this regard , but experience , thnt cost
ly butolloctlvo touchor , will "larn" them.
M. A. Upton Co. , 10th ud rnrnnm 241 SO
HOMKS ror Palo on Mouthlv Payments.
7-room dw oiling In Coutral Pars , full lot ,
south front ; payments , $13.51) ) per month.
Pmall cottngo in Central Park , lull lot ; pny-
nu > ntf > . 112.50 nnr month.
G-roonrdWflUng , corner Mth nnd Patrick nvc-
nuc , full lot , south trout ; payments , 820 per
llandaomo 7-room dwelling , ou ( Jraco street ,
nil modern Improvements , on monthly pay
ments. Other property In nil parts nt Ilia city ,
Call und Boo me. D. J. O'Doualioe , 1COI Fnrnam.
. 702
' . ' BALK Two corner lots near South Omaha
ha I'nrk ; great bargain. B. , P. O. box HWl.
TTHU SALE n-rooni house , unrn uua lot ,
-f HKIISCOIU Place , at a bargain. Harris , room
411. 1st Nat. Hank. _ 833
\X7INDS01l HOTEL-Corner of lUth and
V > .lacksonsts. , 'I blocks from Union depot.
Ilcst Si a day house In the clt v. 837
UOPOSALS for Erection of Hchool Hulldlng
etc. , U. S. Indian Service , Yankton Agency ,
Daktota. October 12th , IfSy. Sealed proposals.
Indorsed "Proposals for erectlou ot n .school
building , or for building materials" ns the case
imiy be , and dlrtctod to the undersigned at
Greenwood , Dakota , will bo received ; U tills
ollice until ono o'clock of November nth , ISHt.
for furnUhlng the nuccssary materlnls and
labor and for roctlus a two-story frame school
building at the Yanktou Agsncy , Dak. ' in ac
cordance with plans and speclllcatlonsthatiuay
bo uxamlued nt the otlico ot the " 1'louoer Press
offit , Paul , Minn , , the "lice" of Omahu. Nobr. ,
jiud "Journal" of Sioux City , Iowa ; also for
Turnlshliig n variety of lumber , bricks , win
dows. doors. hardware , etc , , ( a full list and des
cription of which may bo obtained by applica
tion to the undersigned ) , required for ugrucy
buildings. In submitting bids for tha erection of
the school bulldlug. bidders must stntnthe
lenglh ot time required to complctu it : and for
furiilshlni ; bulldlug materials , the prlco of carh
article olTerod fur delivery under contract must
bo spcclllcally stated. Certified chocks All bids
must oo accompanied by cortltlod chocks Upon
some United States depository , payable to the
order of the undersigned , for at leastf ) per cent
of the amount Of the proposal , which checR. will
bo forfeited to the Uuiteu States In case nuy bid
der or bidders receiving itn nwnrd shall full to
promptly execute n contract with good and gut-
UciBiit kuretlos , othenvlse to be i-cturuod to tbe
binder. The right Isieservcd to lejoct any or
all bids or any part otany bid If deemed for the
best Interest of the berrlco. SAMUEL T.
LEAVi' , U. S. Indian Agent. oiod'ilt
tor's Ollice. Omaha. Neb. , October Utumi
Sealed prouosals. lu duplicate will bn received
at this ofllco until 10 a. in. , Tuesday October
2'Jth 188 ! . at which tlrao nnd place they will ba
opened in the presence of attending Illdders for
delivery of Lumber. Shingles. HardwiireVlie
Hope , Matting uud Stovus. Lists giving specifi
cations quantities una other Information
will bo furnished upon application to
this ollice. Prcfcii'iico will be given to
articles of domestic production or manu-
acture. condition of quality and price
( including In the prlco of foreign production or
manufacture the duty thereon ) being uqual ;
and fuitht-r , that no contracts shall bu awarded
for furnishing articles ot forulgu production or
munufactiiro when thi > ' orticleu of suitable
quality of domestic production or manufacture
can bo obtained. The Government reserves the
right to rujcct any or all proposals , llldiler.s
should attach n copy of this adviirtlucmout to
their bids. JOHN BlMl'SON , Captain ami Ai > st.
Qr. Mr. , U. S. Army. o IBlUil ss. .
Articles or Incorporation of the
Bounnza Hint : Itlauur.iutiirint ;
Co in jinny.
KNOW All Men by These Presents : TJiatwe.
lilclmrd II. Coopurnml Francis V. Koiitor.
do assocluto ourselves .logethev fortlici purpose
of forming und becoming iv corporation lu Uio
state of Nebraska , for the transaction of thu
bnMue-3 hurolimftur mentioned :
Article 1. Thonameof tlie corporation shall
bo "The llonuimi King Mannfac.tiirlnpr Com
pany. " 'J ho principal pbicu of transacting Its
business shuil bulutho city of Omuha , couuly
of Uougliis und Btato of Nebraska.
Article 2. The nature ot the business to be
transacted by snld corporation shall bo tiio
manufacturing and sale of "The llouaiua
King , " u commercial article utcd for removing
scale from Mcam boilers , mid t'uo , erection and
maliitaluuncu of such buildings , ninchlnury and
Etrurturos as may be deemed necessary , and tn
purchase real estate as n blto therefor , und
especially to facilitate the manufacture ami
sale nt "i'ho Itouanza King , "
Article n. The authorized capital ntock of
mild corporation snail bo ton thousand dollars
(1111.1X10) ( ) . to bo divided In shares of onehundrol
dolinrsilUO.OO ( ) each , to be subscribed and paid
ns required by the tioard of dlructors.
Artfr lu 4. ' 1 lie existence of thin corporation
shall commence on the "ill day of Ortobar. A.
I ) . IBiii , and rnnllmitt lu force during thu period
of nliinty.nliie yours.
Anlclo5. Tlia biiHlness of said rorponrtloil
( ilinll bo conducted l > yu board of dlroclors. not
to exceed II vo ( > ) lu number , to bo ok'ctcd by
the btnckliolderK. such election to tiiko pluce lit
such time , and bo conducted In sued miiiinor UH
Mi all bu prescribed by by-lawn or Bald corpora-
Article 0. The olllcers of uuld corporation
shall be a prosldunt and srcrctary-lnsasiiror ,
wild shall be rho eu by tlo board of dlrecuira ,
und shall hold Ifinlr teim ( if ollice for tliu period
ot ono year or until thuir successors shall bo
elected and qualify ,
Article 7. The highest amount nt Indubled-
noi to whlclisald curpor.ilion shall nt uny lima
subject Itself , shall not be more than ono thous
and dollars ( tl.oou.uo ) .
Article H. The mnnuer of holding the meet-
lng of stockholders for the election of onu-ors
nnd the method of conduct Ing the buslines of
tne corporation uball bo adopted by the boarder
or dlrer.tors. ,
In witucss whereof tha undersigned hava h ro-
unto set their bauds tills 7thuay of October.
A.D. 18S .
( Slgneci ) Itic'tuiiii n. Cnni-Kit ,
( Higuod ) ! 'IIAMI Y. KKATOII.
B'.vorn to bofora notary publlu Duuglus coun
ty , state of Nebraska. Omuhu.
( Signed ) C. M. BTJIATTOJI.
yotlco is liercby given that a book will be
opened at 10 o'clock a. m. on Saturday , the six
teenth clay ot November , Ibttt , at tnu olllce of J ,
M. Tluu-stoii , Union Pucltlo llulldlug , in the
city ot Omaha , l ou lnu county. Nebraska , tor
tlio puriose of rocBtvmi : biil ) frtptlons to the
r-utiul stock of tliu Omaha Union Depot Com-
imuy , W. II , llorxjoun ,
< 1 , W. llQLDIIKUB.
' 4' . U KlllllAI.I. ,
o-17-d-D-t Tor llio Incorporutor * .
bttween Council niutfa nnd At *
bright , lu addition to tha stations mentioned ,
trains atop at Twentieth nna Twrnty-rgiirth
, aiid at the Summit lu Omaha.
JJ No. 2 , GiOOpmlA No.13 7:10 nm
O No. 0 fl:5Upni I No. 1 0:15pin
A No. 4 10:00 : u in 0 No. 5 5:15 pin
A No. 14 OrtlpmlA No. n 0:3Jam :
Ko.fl n.40um No. 7 0:27 : am
No.8. , B:15p in No,3 7I5n : m
Wo. 4 U:25um
A No. 8 9:10ainA : ) No. 1 7:00l\m :
A * 'o 4. . . . fl4i ; n ml A Noli r > :4Spm :
ICANSA8. OIT1" , .y.OSKl'H . . k COUNCIL
A No. 3. . . . . 10:07 : 'N o.D . 0:25aru
A No. . . . . . . . . : m A No. 1 . 0:10 : pm
BlUUAUlil Cf
A No. 10 . 7:01nmA : | No. 0. .
A No. IB . 7OOpmA | No. 11. . , .UOOpia
No. 8 . 4OpmA : | No.7. . . . .12:00 : rn
A daily : Ildnlly , nxoent Saturday : (
Bunday ; D except Monday ; IUst mall.
Joiiru ilmiH nncl tlio Postal , or v lee ,
Ex-PostmnEtor General James do-
oluros in the October Forum that the
most importnnt roforma in the postal
Borvlco huvo all boon inudo by mon who
lind iitul journtiUstlu o.xporiunco , the
thrco most importnnt reformers uoliifr
lianjainin Fruuklln , Amos liontlulland
Montgomery Blair.
Not n Oiilifornlu Hoar.
Anybody can catch u cold this Iclnd of
weather. Ttio trouble Is to lot go , like the
man M'ho caught the boar , Wn udviso our
readers to purclmso of tlio Uooilmnn Drat ;
couKiunv-a bottlu of SANTA AUIB , the Cul-
ifornla King of Consumption , Asthma , Uron-
L'littis , Coughs ami Croup Cures , uud lcc | > It
tmntly. 'Tis pleuelng to the tusto nnil death
to tlio nbovo couipluliits. Hold at f LOU u bet >
tloorUfor . ' . ) . CAUFOKNIA CAT-H
CUlili KIVCS immciilutu rollof. TUo Catnr-
rliul virus Is soon displaced by its liciiling
und ncncitratlng nature. Oivo it u trial'
Nix months treatment ( l.OU , sent by mall
Tim Kcoit Aot lu Cllliin.
A ChlnuM ) interpreter , who arrived
with the ChincBo minister at San Frun-
cikco the other day , when ualcod about
the fooling In China regarding the
Scott o.x UiBiou act , paid that ill fooling
was not gonorul , being confined only to
the merchant class , who conceived their
business interests injured by the act ,
Duck Blioniititt ou tlio htivqiiolinnna.
The finest duck ahnoting in the coun
try is to bo found in the wild celery ilutu
on the SiiBquohniiiia , bolnw Havre da
Grace. The number of ducks killed in
n single Bouson upon these Hats IB .said
to averauo us high as 150,000 , They are
always found plump und in the best con
dition ami of the finest flavor , the re *
sultof feeding upon wild cojary.
An Abuoluto Cure.
Js ucly jmt up hi lar o Vwo ouuco tin boxes ,
and Js an absolute euro for old sores , burns ,
vvouudB , cliajipuil bands , and all skin erup.
lions. Will iHjslllvoly cure all kinds of piles-
MKNT. tiolA by QooJutau Drug oauipaay l
% > cents per box by mail W coats.