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Soloo Socluco Ooonoy
and Najrlo from Omaha.
tlloCorinlck : Controls the Oninlia
Htoolc tint \Vlint tlio Futnro
Jluy UrltiK Forth No Man
91 ny Tell.
In It n Combine ?
That there la n secret movement golr.g on
in loaeuo circles , of which the minor bodies
ere totally In the dark , thcro is not the
RllghtcU doubt. It begins to look to a careful
observer that the magnates of the loading
Imso ball associations of the country nro
quietly entrenching themselves ngnlnst nny
Inroads upon tholr former old players that
may bo made by the brotherhood , nnd nro
signing ns many of tho'best players of the
tumor bodies as they possibly can Without
exposing tholr plans to the public. It bo-
' ( 'int , to look ns If the national agreement was
nil , insomuch as tbo reservation of players
< by the minor associations nro concerned , nnd
the welfare of tbo great national game is in
imminent peril.
The writer was shown a letter from Jimmy
Coouoy , Omaha's clover all-round player. In
Which that gentleman positively stated that
lie will not play in Omutia next season ; that
lie nnd Tom Noglo have both signed with
Chicago. All reports to the contrary , this
Is n fact.
President McCormiclt was seen nnd np-
Tirlscd of the Information convoyed In
Coonoy's letter und bis explanation , In affect ,
was this :
On the 20th * ot September Frnnit Soloo
\virod McCormlck asking him his lowest
terms for Cooney nnd Nuglu. McCormlck
wred back , $1,000 for Coonoy and $3,000 for
Wnplo. "
Nothing further was heard about the mat
ter until u few days ago , when President
JilcCornuck received a telegram from A. G.
Kpaldlnu' , president of the Chlcngos , notify
ing him that be , Spaldmg , hud signed
Cooney and Naglo for Chicago for 1S90 , and
that the price for tholr release , & ) ,000. would
bo deposited with Nick Young , president of
the National League , subject to a draft by
'thn Omaha management as soon ns the deal
had ocori completed with tha players.
Through this source ft was subsequently
developed that Sclcc , on the re
ceipt of McCormick's * telegram , had
givan Spauldlng an option of
$3,000 on Cooney aud Naglo for thirty days ,
and that Snaldlug had Unally signed the
players , paid them ndvaaco money , nnd
closed the compact so fur as they wore con
IVlcUormlck , of course was "rod-hnadod"
to use a little effective slang , nnd wired
Spaldlng that ho would not release cither
Coouoy or Nugloj that. Solco had exceeded
liis authority : that ho had no right to give
fan option , sell or release n single player bo-
flonging to Omaha until ho had a thorough
understanding with the directors of the
club. Ho also stated that ho had wired and
written Selcc , two weeks ngo , that all prices
on Omaha players wcro off , und that nego
tiations for any of them should censo.
Further , the telegraph yesterday morrimer
continued the report tfmtSclce lias signed to
manage the Bostons next year , and this
should be a pertinent pointer to the base ball
people hero , as ho certainly has not acted in
the best faith with Omnhn. On leaving the
clt3' , Seleo promised President McCormlok
to keep him posted of all his movements , par
ticularly In regard to his negotiations for
players , and about his conclusion upon the
subject of the Boston management.
According to Coonoy's letter , Scleo has just
been on n"tour of the Omaha players' homes ,
and has seen them all.
Wimt possible business can Scleo have with
these men nt tills season of the your j Ho is
interested in them no longer , ns his engage
ment with Boston severs his ollleial relation
with Omaha.
Cooney went "with " Seleo to Springfield ,
Mnss.'tO interview Canavan , but did not
divulge the nnturo of their business.
It. mnylje that the players' of the minor
bodies are to b6 gobbled up body nnd soul by
the league , irrespective of all rights vested
in those associations by virtue of the national
agreement. President McCormlck disCredits -
Credits this , however. Ho argues that
the National league cin not afford to
throw away the annual payment to them
of S23.000 by the minor bodies for the privil
ege of enjoying their protection and the
restoration of their players. But this is
whore McCormlck is off. All questions to bo
BPttled , Judged or arbitrated upon must bo
left to the committee on arbitration , made
up of the potentates of the National league
nnd American association , with Nlcn tfoung
ns uhiof justice. To this board must go the
cases of Coonoy and Nuglo. Will Omaha bo
allowed to retain her men after
n price has been placed upon
their heads by the president of
snld club to the mnnngorl Not much.
Cooney and Kngle have played their last ball
in Omaha ; that will do to Ramble on. Mr.
McCormick has succeeded in buying u a
controlling interest in tl.o Omaha base ball
association , nnd the next best thing for him
to do is to engage a good manager , a man
ompotcnt to incut and cope with the wolves
of the league uuon their own ground and at
their own paine if necessary.
New York 1O , Brooklyn 7.
NEW YOHK , Oct 28. ISnecInl Telegram
to Tun BUB. ! The eighth of the series of
'panics ' between the Now York uud Brook
lyn teams was played to-day nt Washington
l > ark , Brooklyn , before 2,5W ) halt frozen
spectators. The Giants won. Tboro was
positively no interest in the game after the
Bccond inning. Score :
Totuh 1J15.K15 < Totnh 7 627 8 4
Now V rk. . , . 4120300 1-lfi
llniokljn , , .3 0 0 U 0 0 U 3 a7
H17U3IA11V- .
KuniCMl runs Now York 0 , lirooklyn 1. Tiro-lm o
hjtn Kvlnic 1. Throo-tinto hllB-Coiinnr , O'Hourko ,
D'lirlcn , llurii * . lltiiuiiriiim Tlorniin , fault , Molrn
The Mntuh Mude.
Tom Connors , the champion catch-as-
catch-can wrestler of America , nnd W. L.
Mardls , a local athlete , mot at THE BEE of-
flco and entered into the following for n
match one week from Saturday evening :
Articles made and entered into this , the
27lh day of October , 1SS9 , by and botweea
Tom Connors , of Milwaukee , nnd W. L.
Mnrdls , of Omaha , for a catch-as-catch-can
wrestling match , Connors to bo handicapped
aa to time , ho agreeing to throw Mardls
three Units In ono hour , two shoulders down
to constitute a fall , for the sum of ? 30 n side.
Host hot ween falls , by mutual agreement , is
to bo ono minute , but the actual time of
wrestling to bo sixty minutes. Bald match
to ttfco place at the Coliseum , Saturday
evening , November D. As an earnest of coed
fulth , each party has this day dupositcd ! 5
us a forfeit with the sporting editor of Tim
BEE. Rofcreotobe selected after ttin man
have entered the ringandihould they fall to
agree within llftecn minutes thereafter , tbo
stakeholder is empowered to appoint Bald of-
llcial. The llual depotlt of ! T oaoh to bo
made on or before next Tuesday , October 7.
Live lllrd Shoot.
There will be a live bird sweepstake shoot
< on the Gwln &Duamiro grounds acrcns tbo
rlvor , this afternoon. The main match
will uo twenty-live birds to each man. thirty-
one yards rise , Uvo traps , modified , English
roles , entrance (10. Tbcro will bo a good at-
teudaucc , the fair wouther continuing , mid
undoubtedly a line afternoon's sport.
Ullly Iluwklim , of Ht. I'aul.
Billy Hawltius. of St. Paul , has arrived
nnd taken chaixo ot Jimmy Grifllu , at his
training quartern. Hawkins although for *
ty-ono or forty-two years of age , Is yet a
splendid specimen of the physical man , Ho
Is a Hahtwclgbt , and. ono of the most for-
mldnblo In the country despite his years.
Ho Is n modest , gentlemanly follow , nnd pos
sesses no llttio amount of judgment and
good sense.
_ _
Tlio Hummer IMcotlnir Not n SUCOPS *
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Oct. 23. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bnc.l It Is announced that
there will probably bo no trotting meeting
at St. ( Paul next summer. At a meeting
called for the purpose of devising ways nnd
means to meet the unpaid expenses ot the
meeting last July , a great deal of feeling
was shown nnd It looked for n tlmo no If
thcro would ho Fomo broken heads. At the
close of the suininor meeting it was an
nounced by Secretary Simon that the club
had made money. Thli was chronicled In
nil the how pauors nnd was commented upon
nt length , especially ns It was the first trot
ting meeting Hold In this sec
tion of the country which closed
with n bulncco nn the right slrto
of the ledger. It now dovclops.howovcr , that
this was neb the case. Not only did tbo re
ceipts fall short of the expenses , but the
deficit is larger than it has over been boforc.
In round llpnrea the club la short $1,760.
This it was decided to ralso by assessing
each of the Etocldiolilors.
While Our Own Ned Ucadlnc Brought
Up the Rcnr.
SIM Fiuxcisco , Oct. 29. The fifty-six
bout1 bicycle tournament closed at midnight'
with Helen Baldwin , of Pittsburg , in the
load. She mndo 834 miles and was awarded
first money. Edward Reading , of Omaha ,
came In last , having mndo S02 miles.
Dnkntn County Politics.
DAKQTXCITT , Neb. , Oct. 23. [ Special to
Tun BUB' . ] Never before lias excitement
run so high over a county election as It docs
this fall , . all because of the third party ticket
nut in by dissatisfied democrats. This county
is democratic by 150 to 200 raajorlt ) , nnd on
account of the third ticket it Is oxuectcd to
elect all the republican nominees but sheriff ,
which Is doubtful , on account of the people's
candidate withdrawing from the ticket. The
hnrdest light will bo for treasurer und clerk ,
there being thrco candidate.1) for each ofllco ,
and ull being well known , are making a hard
light for the ofllco. The hardest fight will
bo in Covlnpton precinct , where it is ex
pected there will bo plenty of illegal voting
ISoatrlco Linuor Jlen In Trouble.
BnxTiiiCKNob.Oct.23. rSPoomlToloKrara
to TUB BEK. ] Henry Spahn , a temperance
saloonkeeper , and Samuel Sliinncman and
C. S. Porter , keepers of the "O. K. " restau
rant , wcro arrested to-day , charged with
selling whisky ou Sunday. Spabn was sent
to default of $500 ball for a hearing
to-morrow. Porter was tried this afternoon
and found guilty nnd was sentenced to pay a
line of ? 10L' , and to stand committed until
the flno is paid. Shinncninn is still In jail
nnd will bo given n hearing to-morrow. The
deputy United States marshal stands ready
10 grvo the trio a whirl for soiling liquor
without a liccnso ns soon as the city author
ities got through with them.
A Pnv Our Collision.
FHKMOXT , Nob. , Oct. 28. 1 Special Tele
gram to Tun BF.E. ] At 8 o'clock this afternoon - '
noon a rear end collision occurred on the
frctnont , Elkhorn ft Missouri Yalley road ,
three n'lles north of Fremont. As freight
train No. 18 was approaching the city the
pay ear special ran it down und crashed into
the way car. Throe of the cars wcro dam
aged considerably , though none of them wcro
thrown from the truck. Engineer Judsou ,
of the nay car special , jumped from his en
gine when bo saw the impending danger und
sustained a fracture of ono of his legs.
KlUn RcnrreHtcd.
BEATRICE , Nob. , Out 28. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BUB. ] Frank Ellis , the hack-
man , who escaped from the custody of a
special ollleial Tuesday night last , was rearrested -
arrested at Leweston , Pawnee county , yesterday -
torday attornoon and brought baclc here.
Ellis is wanted for rape and perjury. Ho
was arraigned before Justice Shelton this
tnoiningnnd waived examination. His bond
was fixed at $1,500 , aud in default thereof he
was committed to jail to await the felony
term of the district court.
Murderer Garrison Drclared Insane.
AI.HIOX , Nob. , Oct. 28. | Special Telegram
to TUB BEE.J In the case of Hanserd 1C.
Garrison , who w s convicted of man
slaughter nbout two weeks ago , a jury was
drawn and the matter of his sanity inquired
into Satui day. Their verdict was that he
was insane. Sentence was suspended , the
commissioners of jusnnlty adjudged him in
sane and ho will bo sent to the asylum in the
Cumin : ; County Republican Ticket.
BEEMEU , Neb. , Oct. 23. | Special Tele
gram to TUB ; B E.1 The republican county
convention held hero to-day nominated the
following county olllccrs : Judge , Uriah
Brunor ; sheriff , J. H. Gallon ; coroner , W.
D. Gibbon ; treasurer , F. N. Scharfcn ; clerk ,
S.C , Licko ; surveyor , F. R. Kline ; superin
tendent , A. J. Snider. It is acknowledged
to bo a'atroug ticket.
Hohl Captured.
FKP.MOKT , Neb. , Oct. 28. ] Special Tele
gram to THE Br.E. ] Ernest Hohl , wonted nt
Scribner for railing the seventeen-year-old
daughter of Farmer ICruz whllo the two
wcro in the corn Held gathering corn , was
found Sunday in that vicinity and placed
under arrest. The girl Is reported greatly
prostiiited on account of her fright and tbo
brutal ti catment she was" forced to submit
Reformation of Dlvorcq
PIIII.AUEUMIIA , Oct. 23. Under the leader
ship of the Notional Reform association , a
public meeting to discuss the reformation of
tlio divorce laws in the United States wan
culled together this afternoon iu Association
hall. The association urges the clergymen
to impart sound instruction from the pulpit
on tba laws underlying the family relation
and calls upon them to refuse to unite in mar
riage persons who Imvo been divorced on
other than- scriptural grounds.
Ministers wcro also urged to join In petitions
and by other manifestations bring influence to
bear on congress to secure u national mar-
ilago and divorce law that will eradicate the
evils which now exist. .Addresses were de
livered including the statistics of Commis
sioner Carroll D. Wright , of- the department
of labor , at Washington ,
Hnnsbroiich's Appeal.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 28. Representative
Ilansbrough , North Dakota's now congress
man , called upon Secretary Proctor to
day in the interests of the residents of Ham.
gey county in that state.
The crops have boon bad for tba past two
years and the people are in a destitute condi
tion , As winter 19 approaching nnd they nro
not able to purchase fuel , Hunsbrough has
as tied Secretary Proctor to permit the desti
tute settlers to cut llrowood from the timber
tract on the Devil's Lake reservation at Fort
Totton. Una secretary not being certain of
his authority in the promises , promised Huns-
brouch an answer to-morrow. Ho fools in
clined to grant tbo request.
Jin Killed UiB Orolhcr.
NOUTJIVILLE , N | , Y. , Oct. 23. A tracrcdy
occurred near hero late Saturday bight.
Oscar Barclay made himself notorious by
his visits to two women at tha bouso of
Samuel Carrlncton. Barclay's father , two
brothera'dad a dozen neighbors disguised as
White Caps wont to CarriuL'ton'u houso.took
Carrlngton out , tarred and feathered hint
nud rode him oa a rail. Going back for
young Barclay ho mot thorn at the head of
the Btaira with a gun. As the party canio
on ho fired , killing Ills youngest brother ,
Fred. Barclay mudo au effort to escape , bat
was arrested yesterday afternoon , Four ot
the White Caps are under arrest.
Cannon Thrown the Frenchman.
LONUOX , Oct. US. Cannou to-night de
feated the French wrestler , Pietro. The
stakes were JWiO.
A List of tbo Nominations Made
By the Republicans.
Farmers I/mod to Support Hutchison
IFor Governor Accidental Shoot-
lutes Tlio Vacant
Ucncralslilp ,
Ilio Imv Mnkorfl.
DCS Moixr.ii , Oct. iiS. The republicans of
Iowa have practically completed the nomina
tion of the Twonty-third genernl assembly ,
and below will bo found the first complete
list of nominees. The first Is the republican
nominees for the house , divided Into classes.
TO succr.r.o TiiRMSELYns.
Adair A. D. Crooks. GreOiillold.
Audubon William Walker , Extra. '
lionton J. C. Kennnn , Ylnton.
Ulnck Hawk Edward , Townseml , Cedar
Hretncr John Homrlghaus , Denver.
JJucnn Vista E. L. llubbs , Mansuu.
Cass Silas Wilson , Atlantic.
Ccrro Goriio James J3. Blythe , Mason
Cherokee J. C. Lackln , Aurolln.
Dallas Thomas A. Thornburp , Linden.
Delaware W. C. Oakuiah , Uuioutown.
Dickinson , Emmot nnd Palo Alto W. M.
MoFurlnnti , Esthorvillo.
Fayottc G. D. Darnell , AVcst Union.
Floyd E. W. Wilson , Hock ford.
Franklin J. W. Luke , Hampton.
Greene Albert Head , Jefferson ,
Guthric Ira H. Shoploy. Yalo.
Henry S. L. Steolo. Mt.
Ida D. Nicoll , Ida Grove.
.IcfTcrson Gcorgo W. Ball , Falrflold.
Lucas II. L. Uycrs , Lucas.
Madison J. II. Mack , Mncksburg.
Marshall Charles Ecklos , Mnrshalltown , .
Mills A. J. Charity , Malvorn.
Mitchell J. A. Smith , Osago.
Montgomery John Xorpcr , Sciota.
Muscatine John A. Evans , West Liberty.
Page E. S. FI61d , Shenandoah.
Powcshlck V. M. Uodmnn , Montozumo.
Hingpold William Brown , Tingley.
Sioux Henry Ilospors , Ornngo City.
Taylor C. M. Puscnal , No\ * Market ,
Wayne L. W. Lewis , Soymour.
Winneshlek Nols Larson , Hospor.
In Wright couuty A. S. Chapman was
nominated to succeed himself , but has slnco
died , nnd a convention will bo hold Octo
ber 20.
Appanoosc Madison W. Walden , Ccntor-
Hoono Swan Johnson , D.iyton.
Butler S. W. Sorsby , Greene.
Clarke F. M. Kyle , Oneola.
Cloy and Pocahontas James Mercer ,
Dccatur J. W. Brown , Leon.
Gruudy G. M. Bronson , "Now Hartford.
Hamilton D. C. Chase , Webster City.
HnncocK ana Winnebago John Law ,
Forest City.
Hnrdln John Dolph , Eldora.
Harrison W. O. Hiddcll , Woodbine.
Humboldt D. F. Coylo , Dakota City.
Jasper S. B. Powers , Kellogg.
KosBiith George Hanna , Lu Yerno.
Louisa J. F. Haliday , Alorning Sun.
Lyon and Osceoln W. J. Miller , Sloloy.
Mahasha A. J. Jewell , Oskuloosa.
Monroe Joslah T. Young , Albla.
O'Brien O. M. Shoutavilcr , Hartley.
Sac A. B. Smith , Odcbolt.
Stony C. G. McCarthy , Nevada.
Tnnm John Voung , Traer.
Vnn Huron W. A. Tudc , Bonaparte.
Warren J. Van Gilder , Mllo.
Washington Sam C. Gardner , Lexington.
Worth C. T. Jowott , Konsett.
Adams F. M. Davis , Corning.
Allnmakoe C. D. Breoinan , Waukan.
Buchanan J. A..Laird , Independence. .
Cedar Charles Cope , Atlalissa.
Chickasaw W. E Pcrrin , Nashua.
Clayton Thomas Edcart Mcndon.
Crawford E. A. PucUard , Manilla ,
Davis J. D. .Tones , Ash Grovo.
Des Molnes U. B. Foster'Burlington.
Dubuque E. C. WIcklin nud George
Waterhouse , Dubuque.
Fremont John F. Watkins.
Harvard Charles D. Cutting1 , Riceville.
lown John Hughes , jr. , Williamsburg.
Jackson Dr. William M , Ames , Preston.
Johnson Dr. M. Young.
Jones James Davidson , Montioello.
ICcokuk J. L. Kamsoy , Keoto.
Leo Edwin B. Sargent , ICcokuk.
Marion J. B. Hondershott , Otloy.
Monona J. L. Bartholomew , Moorhead.
Plymouth-- . Smith , Remsen.
Pottawattamlo W. H. Freeman , Oakland ,
and F. S. Thomas , Couucll Blulfs.
Scott William U'ilkin und M. L. Marks.
Shelby H. B. ICoes , Harlan.
Ninon W. W. Monan , Afton.
Wnpollo Dr. A. 1C. Berry. Chlllicotho.
Webster J. L. Skinner , Dayton ,
Woodbury Albert W. Holumn , Sargent
IN nivn > r ] > DISTINCTS.
Clinton D. S. Bullock , Lost Notion , and
G.'A. Griswold , Andover.
Linn Henry J. Nollert , Walker , nnd John
Banco , Lisbon.
Pollt W. J. Stewart , Grlnncll , and B. B.
Latio , Maxwell.
The list is complete , except ns to Carroll
county , where the nomination has not been
made and in Wright county. The former
is democratic and the latter republican.
The following are the senatorial nominations :
Polk Colonel C. H. Gr.teh , Des Moinos.
Black Hawk and Grundy Matt Powatt ,
Chickasaw and FJoyd U. G. Itelniger ,
Charles City.
Henry nnd Washington John S. Woolson ,
Mt. Pleasant.
Case and Shelby Lafo Young , Atlantic.
Paso nnd Fremont G. W. Perkins , Far-
Howard and WinncshoiK A. K. Bailey ,
Sac , Carroll nnd Greene Z. A. Church ,
Jasper B , C. Ward , Prairlo City.
Bucna Vista , Pocahoutas and Humboldt
E. E. Mack , Storm Lako.
Wanello S. Harper , Ottumwa.
BcntoA and Tama S. S. ' Smet , Belle
Hamilton , Hardin nnd Wright E. S. Ells
worth , Iowa Falls , nnd W. C. Smith , Eagle
Harrison , Monroe and Crawford J. B ,
Romans , Dcnison.
Muscatlno and Louisa R. R. Huff. Mu -
Des Momes George II. Laho , Burling ,
Kcoltult nnd Poweshlek S. IJ , Graver.
Leo S. II , Evuns , ICcokuk. '
Dubuque General ( jcorgo W. Jones , Du-
Scott Seth P. Bryant , Davbnport.
Clinton Jessie Stlno , 'Wheaton.
The first flvo on this list 'aro < rcnomlnated
to succeed themselves. The succeeding eight
on the list ore in districts now represented
by republicans , and the reijialntlor uro in
democratic dlstrists. Mcsjrs. Ellsworth and
Smith both claim the regular nomination ,
but Imvo consented to arbltratlpn to settle It.
Of the representatives thirty-llvo nro re-
nominations , twenty-sis are to-sucee d other
republicans , thirteen nrq , in districts now
represented by democrats and six uro in the
divided districts. Undoubtedly several of
the districts that are now represented by
democrats wilt bo represented. , by repub
Tliev All Kndorso Hutchison.
Sioux Cttr. In. , Oct. 23. [ Special to
TIIC Biic.J In an authorirod interview hero
Governor Larrabco emphatically contradicts
the rumors systematically floated by the dem
ocratic press of Iowa to the effect that his
letter endorsing Honator Hutchison Is not
cordial. Ho says ho Is desirous of making
his expression of .confidence In Senator
Hutchison as emphatic and complete as lan
guage can express it , Governor , L'tfrrabce '
Bays : "Senator Hutchison frequently con-
suited mo during the last sesslbn of the leg-
Isturo and I Unow ho was largely- instru
mental In securing our present railroad law.
1 have entire contldeuco In him , and U it
hadn't ' been for that talk about 'tho swinging
back of the pendulum1 the Asuby loiter never
would huve been written , Senator Hutchi-
son Is nn honest , conscientious man. undlutn
fully satisfied that the peopla of this t lute
Will have good ncrvioo at , hlsJiuiuU. "
Scuator Alllbou wa ubked about the ex.
prcsslon , I'Tho Jlfc Is up with Hutchison , "
which Is puttinto the senator's mouth by dem
ocratic papers nil over the state. "What A
llo that'HI" ' said the senator. "Tho
remnrK attributed to mo had no
foundation ivhatovur. The only remark
I ever Jiimlo nbout the Ash by
letter was to the effect that In my Judgment
It did not nfirOunt to anything. The rouorU
that ImvcMapjiearcil In eoitnln democratic
papers , anftiltmt Imvo been telegraphed to
Chicago touching that matter nnd of nny al
leged pilgrimages I may Imvo made In regard
to it , nro pure fabrications. "
Hon. John A. Knsson , who 1ms been hereto
to incut the nil-American excursionists , nnd
who is ono of tlio Dstutcstof Iowa politicians
nnd campaigners , in an Interview ridicules
the pretensions which democratic stumpers
nnd newspaper organs are ranking. Ho says
ho tins hoard the snmo stories nnd witnessed
the game tactics for twenty years In lown.
There being no break In party lines , the
democratic ppoltcsmcn are trying to make
such n break by the sheer assertion that It
exists. Ho says ho has bcon over the state
somewhat lately , nnd tlint "thoro will bo the
usual republican victory on election day. "
Knrninrs Wliootlni ; Into lilnc.
DBS MOIXKS , In. . Oct. 23. [ Special Tele
gram 10 TUB Bic. : ] Secretary Post , of tha
Formers' Alliance of Iowa , has now como
out in a letter endorsing the republican ticket
and giving his reasons why tlio farmers
shpnld support , Hutchison. The letter was
written to nil alliance members in response
to nn inquiry ns to bow Hutchison stood on
the railway question , Mr , Post says ho has
Investigated his record and talked with him
and he is now prepared to say that Hutchi
son is nil right. This letter , taken with that
from the president of the alliance , Indicates
that the Iowa farmers nro going to support
the republican ticket without any break , nnd
completely upsets the democratic plot to cap
ture the alliance.
The Switching Oriler.
DES MOI.VE ? , la. , Oct. 23. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bnc. j The Milwaukee railroad
onicials have lllcd tholr answer to the com
plaint of Limn , O. , parties before the rail
road commissioners on account of refusal to
switch cars of fuel oil from Dubuque to the
luno kilns situated on a spur of the Milwau
kee track , the oil beine carded to Dubuque
proper by the Diagonal Railway company.
The Milwaukee takes the ground that the
switching is the completion of an intor-stnto
shipment , over which the Iowa commis
sioners have no control , and declares its in
tention to resist to the bitter end any ou-
deavor of the commission to enforce its
switching order.
The Norwegian Plow company , of Du-
buquc , has also lllod complaint on account of
the refusal of tbo Illinois Central to switch
its cars when destined to competitive points.
The Supreme Court.
DES MOI.VES , la. , Oct. 28. ( Special Tele
gram to THE Bnc. | The supronio court do-
elded the following cases to-day :
Jnno F. Doolittle vs M. B. Doollttlo , ap
pellant ; Howard district ; aOlrmcd.
McQuado vs the Rock Island railway com
pany , uetitlon for rehearing ; overruled.
KauiTmau Bros , fa Co. vs the J. P. Farley
Manufacturing company , appellant ; Dubuque
district ; reversed.
Gregg ut.ul. . VjS Myatt ot al. , petition for
rehearing ; overruled.
George Becic vs German IClinlk , Gtistav
Hoopfnor otal , , , appellants ; Scott district ;
State Insurants company , appellant , vs
Thomas Watcrhouso ot al ; reversed.
Shot IIli HraU Off.
MisoxCiTr , fa. , Oct. 23. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB iBnn. | Mr. Charles Laydon ,
Hviup near Swaledalc , in the south pirt of
this county , accidentally shot the whole top
of his bend oft yesterday morning while pull-
inc his gun 6utr from a corn crib with the
muz/.lo toward him. Ho was ubout to shoot
a turkey he bud ; purchased of a neighbor fern
n christening , , dinner party. The deceased
leaves a wife mid young babo.
1 lie lrtVincr < ninan Rii3lnrs < > .
CHESTOS , In. , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BEE" . ] The Farmers' alliance of
Spnulding , this county , have called a mcot-
ing for the purpose of devising means to dis
pose of their butcher stock , cither by cstnb-
lishinc n market in Crcston or selling in
quantities direct to consumers. Butchers
have bcon buying cuttle at Q cents aud soil
ing meat at 10 and 12K. The Formers' alli
ance Is well organized and says it means
The Vnonnt Brigadier Generalship.
DBS MOINES , la. , Oct. 28. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE.J Governor Lnrrabce to
day issued nn order for the election of a
brigadier general of the Second brit'ndo to
1111 the vacancy caused by the promotion of
General B. A. Benson to bo adjutant gen
eral. The election will bo hold in the ar
mories of the different 'companies of the
brigade on Saturday , November 23.
An Accidental Miootln-j.
Cciun RAPIDS , la. , Oct. 28. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. | A young man named
Usher , of Palo , \vhilo preparing to go hunt-
inc yesterday , discharged his shotgun acci
dentally , the charge entering Just in front of
the shoulder joint , uialclug a fearful wound.
Ho may recover.
Killed l > y n Kail.
OSKALOOBA , la. , Oct. 23. ( .Special Tele
gram to TUB BiiE.l Henry Lee , a bridge
carpenter , fell from n bridge on the Iowa
Central railway near hero and was instantly
killed on the rocks thirty feet below. He
leaves a family.
A Fire at ivcoJrttlr.
ICeouuK , In. , Oot. 23. The wholesale mil
linery store of Spiesborger Bros , burned to
night. Loss , 875,000
THAT Mlljlj lK\li.
Ilia Sale of tlio AVasliburn nnd Pilla-
linry Plants In Process.
MiNXiurouB. Oct. 23. The recent report
that the C , C. Washburn mills had been sold
is followed to-night by the nnnounccnicnt
that the Bale of the Plllisbury mills and also
of the Wushburn nulls is about to bo consum
mated ,
For the first time in connection with tlieso
deals the price is given as regards the Pillsbury -
bury Interests. It is that the option un the
Pillsbury system of nulls and elevators calls
for $5aOO.OOt .
The purchaser Is the Enplish syndicate
heretofore mentioned , and the sale is on the
same plan as outlined in these dispatches
some time sinco. The PlllUburyH will retain
nn interest in theaiew company.
When seen by'a reporter of the Associated
Press late to-ni llt aud asked regarding the
sale of his mills , Pillsbury handed him tbo
folio wine typo-written statement in addition
to which ho would say nothing :
"If our property is sold. It will bo to a Joint
stock company In which wo will rotam very
largo interests nnd wo shall have to agree to
continue in the * management of tbo same.
The sale , If made , will bo mndo to a company
organized in Now Vork orsomo oilier eastern
city , and as farusttionubliouro concerned , I
cannot see how it will affect them ono way
or the other , "
The British Sllln Ilolnn Thirty-three
'Ijlvrs Lost.
LiVKiu-oor , , 'bctj. 28. The British nhip
Bolun , from Calcutta to this port , has'
foundered at sea. Thirty-three lives were
Iliu-Ht llor Holler ,
LOXDOX , Oct. 23. The general trans-At-
lantlo line steamer Yillo de Brest burst her
boiler in Tunis bay. Five persons wcro killed
by the explosion.
Bnvrd from a Winery Grnvi * .
NOKFOI.K , Va. , Oct. 23. A picked life sav
ing cruw succeeded this morning In rescuing
the only surviving members of the crow of
the schooner Georco T. Schriver , wrecked
lust Wednesday night near Falsa Capo.
Tlio Portamnuili Arrives Safely.
NewroitT , R. J. , Oct. 23. Tbo United
States training ship Portsmouth arrived
hero from her summer cruise this iiiornln ? ,
She roKrt6 | having mot wltb no accident us
was rumored.
Van Wyok's Advloo to the Fnnnoro
at Wcoplnpr Water.
Tlio Anti-Monopolistic AVnr-Ilorsc
SCOTCH tlio Trusts mill Sounds
the War Cry of n Now
Conflict ,
Van WyoJc nnd thn l 'arinnrn.
WECI-INO WATBH , Nob. , Oct , 23. ( Special
to TUB Br.E. ' ] Saturday afternoon a very
enthusiastic meeting of the Farmers' Alli
ance was held In this city. Formers from
the surrounding country turned out In largo
numbers. Ex-Senator Van Wyck had been
Invited to address the gathering nnd bespoke
for li few mlnutos substantially ns follows :
Am I right ! You tmvo not gathered hero
from lillo curiosity , for mnusomont , or cvcu
for information , hut to prepare for action ,
and to earnest men there Is Inspiration In
the text "come lot us reason together. "
Many have for a Ion ; ; tltno bcon awaiting
nnollior emancipation. Thn patient nro nl-
most hopelessly looking for the first break
ing of thn light in tlio cast. With
moro nr less of suffering or oppression ,
power hus nlways been nggrosstve , and or
ganized capital extortionate , Yoara of in *
justice culminating In great wrong is fol
lowed by spasmodic rebellion , attended by n
short period of victory and right , only to bo
succeeded by another cycle of injustice ,
ugravntodby now and reilnod Inquisitions to
xvrong und extort. The multitude cry for
pence ; but thcro can bo no rest. Each stapo
und condition represents man's nnturo ,
which climate , civilization nml Christianity
can but Httlo control. Wo nro taucht thntit
ts not only liuman but rljrnt for power to
clutch everything it can hold , and wealth to
nbsorb the earning * of the toilers , by nil
schemes that Ingenuity can devise , and the
basest betrayal enforce : while the masses
Imvo always been taught that it is the part
of Wisdom to boar the Ills xvo have , rather
than seek to repress Injustice or redress
In some form oppresaion nncl Injustice , re
sistance and rebellion , nro the principal
chapters lit tlio world's ' history , and that
history continually repents Itself. Many of
this gonoratlon well remember the domina
tion of shiver , } ' , its gradual growth , complete
control of the social , religious , ilnnnclal and
political elements ; Us cruel and brutal con
tempt of thofio who would not bow the knee
and recognize its dlvino origin and right to
rulo. Its power , though hold by a minority
in numbers , was in no dnngor until it domi
nated every branch of the government and
every nvenue thereto. This generation has
also seen that corporate power und organ
ized wealth In trusts and syndicates Is on a
par with slavery : that by its insidious
growth nil brunches of the government
nave bcon absorbed , and when courts could
not bo controlled , they have been dolled.
Like slavery , not content with ull that com
plete supremacy usurps , it becomes over
bearingly insolent nnd issues tlie dccrco that
the nation shall not only bo submissive , but
positively and humbly acknowledge its
right of supremacy no moro murmurs or
complaints as to financial tlicfts and politi
cal robberies.
In your own expression you have wit
nessed ono und Knottier degradation and
spoliation , until the state is prostrate , help
less , held in the sliuioy clutches of many
devil flshcs. Certain organs of your corpor
ate masters inako pretense of great weari
ness because of continual complaints
nnd insist that they must ceaso.
So slavery , drunken witn power ,
mndo the sumo gcutlo demand , und sought
violently to repress tlio groanlngs of the
slave and the argument of the defenders of
liberty. The protest against wrong and
humble prayer for relief , the lost solace of
oppressed Humanity , has not alway been do-
nled oven by despots. The Israelites en
joyed that slluht solace in the time of the
Pharoohs with about as much effect on the
taskmasters as does your repining upon your
taskmasters. So did the workmen in ttio
vineyard in Christ's parable in the Guvs of
the Ciusars. They received respectful at
tention , while you uro sometimes invited to
bo damned.
This gathering to-day is because of discon
tent. Seeto it that it becomes more than a
meaningless protest. Throughout the re
public labor is organized in various unions
and farmers iu wheels und alliances.
Why ] Uccnuso of burdens and extortions
imposed. Thus you a.lloffo to-day. Are you
quito sure of it ? Do you bollovo ill I nsk
this question , for you sometimes act us if
you did not. It may bo you had not berne
the cross long enough to robel. or have berne
it BO long that rhaflng 1ms become a second
nature , uud , therefore , not only endurable
but enjoyable. And do you really think you
need protection from corporations ! i'ou
Know western roads have been built princi
pally by the bounty of the government ,
states , cities , counties and precincts , nnd
oven then the road is stocked nnd bonded for
three times Its actual cost , and charges must
bo upheld on the people to pay largo interest
and dividends on this watered stock and
Bo you earnestly think you need protec
tion from trusts , which have introduced the
tactics of corporations' in the ordinary busi
ness of life , ns the sugar trust , with a liberal
assessment of $ 12,500,000 as the value of the
rellncries entering the practical compact ,
and atonco issuing certificates for 00,000,000
four times moro than the nctual cost and
then arbitrarily increasing the price of sugar
U cents per pound , taking $30,000,000 annually
from the pockets of the consumer ) And In
this manner ull the trusts have boon formed.
Now while larger nnd moro dangerous
corporation * are proposed by corporations ,
and moro trusts to embrace the necessities
of life , oven British capital , without re
straint or hindrance , Invading our shores
nnd with not ns much right and moro arro
gance than King Gcorgo , when ho only
asked a penny u pound tux on tea British
capital , aided by American capital , aids to
mnnnolo the people , scheming to take the
last dollar that can ho wrung from them
without rebellion.
Now you bollevo you need , must have pro
tection from all this. So did our fathers in
1770. with much less cause for grievance.
Their action showed they believed it. Docs
yours ? Our fathers petitioned and were
spurned. You have uetitloned and bogged
nnd been moro rudoiy spurned. You Imvo
believed moral suasion und entreaty would
secure juntlco. You found that source not
moro effective in free. Christian America
than it had been In other countries and other
centuries. To-day the country is hono.v
combed with all sorts of devices nud tricks
to absorb tbo earnings of toilers and produ
ce rw , to grow rich by unholy gains , by rank
Now , wbatl Have you experimented long
enough ? You know there is no relief except
by legislation. The courts nro
cause the men of wealth nnd corporations
can trample on their decisions und steadily ,
step by step , they are capturing ono and another -
other of the Judicial bulwarks. You well
know it In this couuty. You Imvo seen them
peeking to control ovor.y district nomination
and election. You saw thorn two years iico
endeavor to assassinate Judge Maxwell ,
whom every man in Cuss county respects as
n faithful citizen nnd venerates as an up
right , fearless judga. t'J'hon they failed , hut
they continue their attack on the Judiciary
uud only because they have acquired mora
strength In conventions by meanu you well
Unow , thuy succeeded in striking down nn-
other judge whom the people admired and
supposed would bo ronominated by acclama
tion ono against wbosu ability , character
and uprightness no one uouid "opo hU
mouth. " No stain upon the ounluo worn by
him. JH it not mockery to tulle nbout the peo-
Din ruling , the majority controllng <
You have learned by bitlerexpurlquco that
no relief can como from boards and 't-ommlsi
mous or lecltflalunis and con editions ruled
iu corporation Interests. Year ultor year
you Imvo primaries and caucuses and conven
tions with the bania results. Von know that
the fanners united can routrol the govern *
uiont , stnto and national ; that labor , allied
with you could secure your and their rluhts
nud undo the wrongs iulllcted. You could
break down cvory legal and unjust coinuina
tion of uapitol. You could wring the water
out , of ull railroad blocks and bonds und fix
the rate of transportation chun/os ,
Are you notict siitlsliodl The convention
of a great party struck down Judge Heono
und mocked the people when with grim hu
mor and in a vein of irony it lasolvcd that
corporations shall bo the sorvunU and not
the uiutlera of the people , and at once the
alelght of hand political jugglers commenced
preparation to behead the next ufllclal who
N houost In tlio discharge of his duty , ex-
pecllnff the people not only to witness the
execution but to glvo thorn the power. While
you nro frolns to your dally toll , to ralso corn
for IB cent * n bushel , to fatten cnttlo at n
low , and In gloomy doi > pair , whlipor to your
despairing co-sufferer , "What can wo dol"
Servilely tnko your position In the party
where the corporation sergeant directs nml
nro drilled in the manual of the rntlroiul cat
The nation is nflllctcd with too much nnd
bitter pnttlsnnshlp. Continue the snmo par
tisan If you dcslro , but bo not entirely donil
to your own Interest nnd the prosperity ol
the country. Como lot u ronson together. "
The national government Is In the hnndi of
republicans nnd cannot bo changed for thrco
years. Wlioro Is the possible benefit to
mouth party Milboloths during that tlmo ,
when thcro nro matters of vital importance
affecting democrat nnd republican , which
will remain Injurious to nil nllltn If those in
terested uro to bo kept apart by party names
at the scheming of certain leaders in the pay
and for the Interests of corporations ? For
three years thcro will bo no politics In this
stnto , except the continued nnd Increasing
power of corporations nua trusts , the con
tinued depression of business nnd gradual
Impoverishment of producers nud laborers.
The glitter of wealth as it appears In the cen
sus reports is reflected from the c-oltl of the
few , whllo the slick editor nnd woU paid at
torney will assure , with tales like Aladdin ,
that jou nro accumulating riches moro nip-
idly than that portion of tin ) world owned by
Gould and Vaiiderbllt. Don't yon tire of beIng -
Ing taught nnd led by that class of Bolf-as-
snrcd leaders ? Are you not satisfied that It
Is becoming ai "dangerous to meet the dog
ns the wolf. Just ns nuro ns pestilence fol
lows military glory will privation nnd nuftor-
Ing ( follow the brilliancy of wealth when
massed In a few centers , You know there Is
no other issue. Act us bravo men or cease
grumbling nnd shout thanks to American
masters and British sydieatos that they
luavo jou olpthliiR nnd subsistence. The
mass of the democratic party did not bcnovo
in the divinity or right of slavery to extend ,
but they had not the courage to lay nsldo the
party yoke nud take slavery by the
throat until it bccaino BO dollant
that n bloody nnd cruel war was
the result. Learn what that party tenches.
Discard the partisan and act the patriot ,
when victory will not cost blood. Your ene
mies should remember the world is full of
examples of the danger of forcing nn over
burdened people bovond the point of despair.
For three yearn you cannot disturb national
issues. You und I uiny think the tariff should
bo re-formed , that lumber and sugar should
bo admitted duty free. Our masters , how
ever , will never consent. The republican
pine barons of the north will unlto with the
democratic sugar planters of the south. Wo
may favor reduction on coal nnd lion , but
democratic millionaire1) like Scott , ol Penn
sylvania , and republican iron kings like Carnegie -
negio , of the sauio state , aided bv democratic
traders like Randall , will muko common
cause nnd defeat any hope. Why should not
producers and laborers , cvory 0110 "whoso
bauds are his riches , " maku common cause
for their Interest ? Do It as our masters do ,
inside the narty If you can ; If not , outside.
Von have been trying inside , and , while in a
great majority , nro always defeated.
There is practically but a narrow margin
between parties. Whatever political brand
the administration boars at AYiuhington ,
Wall street controls the financial policy and
the treasury tarllt reform will be clogged
under cither. At the last election greater
liberality to soldiers was un issue , and tri
umphed. It is to bo feared these hopes , like
"dead sea fruits , will turn to ashes on the
lips. "
The crisis Is upon you. The time Is now ,
now. Delay no lonecr. Isothiiig can be
done without organization. Form uiitt-
monopoly clubs. Commence in precincts.
It will cost _ yon no money , nnd but little
time : or , if you prefer , orgai o an antimonopoly -
monopoly republican league. An example
has been furnished. Ono year ago
corporation attorneys and others , with
certain objects to bo accomplished ,
organized outside the regular party organi/a-
tious u roiiubllcan league party to secure
high tariff for the manufactures in the cast
nnd high tariff for railroads in the west. You
have a different object to obtain , rurally im
portant to yourselves. Why , then , do you
not meet nnd organize an anti-monopoly re
publican league , nnd have the questlou set
tled at the ballot ibox. Have the line dis
tinctly drawn. Let the people take their
position , nnd If n majority vote to continue
the rule of corporations and trusts , lot It .bo
submitted to cheerfully and without mur
Mrs. Winolows Soothing Syrup lor
children teething1 cures wind colicdiar
rhoea , etc. 5 cents a bottle.
Welcomed to St. Liouia By Booming
Cannon , Roil Flrn , Ets.
ELDOX , la. , Oct. 28. It was neatly 2 o'clock
this morning whou the International Amer
ican excursion train started from Council
Bluffs for St. Louis , DCS Momes was
reached at 0 o'clock. According to the itin
erary the p'irty was to stop at DCS Moincs
for a couple of Lours , but n change hart been
made which is explained by the manager of
the excursion ns follows :
"Wo have been obliged to omit Des
Momes , The people of St. Louis
generously offered to divide their
tlmo wltn their sister city , Kansas
City , and wo could not uffordjto bo less gen
erous , to St. Louts. Wo will arrive In Kan
sas City Wednesday morning nnd stop all
day , leaving for Springfield , 111 , Wednesday
night. Slgnor Bolet Pcraza , the "Abraham
Lincoln" of South America , will deliver-all
appropriate address over Lincoln's tomb.
The great Exchange hall was brilliantly
illuminated and was thronged with guests.
Governor Francis welcomed the visitors und
was followed by Mayor li'oonnn , after which
Minister Stojarra , of Peru , responded for
the delegates. After singing by the Ladies'
qunrtclto the vlsit6rs wore presented to the
ladles present , and ull took part in a dance ,
which lasted until a late hour.
Ar Ht.
ST. Louis , Oct. 23. Eighteen hours were
consumed in the Journey from Omaha to St.
Louis , the train arriving hero at 7 ; BO p. in.
Upon the arrival hero the nurty was mot
by Mayor Noonnn and tho' reception com
mute' : nnd greeted with the booming of
guns , while colored llro burned from the
buildings along the route to the hotel. After
supper the paity were conveyed to the Mer
chants' ' Exchange , where a reception hud
been arranged.
A Ijnok oT
CHICAGO , Oct. 28. The Farmer's Keviow
this week will say the reports from its cor
respondents : show n serious absence of full
pasturage for cattle except la Ohio , Missouri
and Kentucky ,
Tbo states suffering most nro Illinois , "Wit
cousin and Minnesota. The , Review ndds
that the farmtTH have n serious question to
moot. Whore cattle uro lit for inurliot they
nro being Hold off as rapidly as possible. It
Is stated as probable that largo numbers of
animal * not ready for the block will have to
bo forced on un already low market at a loss ,
The VlHlhlu Supply.
CHICAGO , Oct. 23. The visible supply for
the week ending October 20 , us compiled by
the secretary of the Chicago board of trade ,
is us follows :
Wheat . 24.507.000
Corn . , . O.JIMI.OUO
Oats . . 7t91OOJ
Ityo . , . 1W.UOO ! ! )
Uarloy . . . 2,210,000
Approve the Tenants'
DcjiMx'Oct. 2S. At a convention of the
Tenants' Defense league today at Thurlcs
Lord Mayor Sexton and several members'
imrllumeilt spoke , Thp objects of the Icaguo
wore approved nnd these present pledged
thumsolvcs to fuibicrlb'i to its funds ,
Dr. O'Kcilly and Colonel Atkinson of De
troit , attended the convention.
A Well Known HpnrlHinan Mior.
WASHINGTON' , Oct. 28. Kdwurd Ulunt , n
well known lawyer , ftontlonmu sieoplo chase
rider und owner of several men horaoa , wai
shot und berlously wounded this uiteinonu
during un altercation in u suloou , by ( iforj.'o
Muntz , formerly proprietor of a notorious
saloon in this city , but now a political worker
In Maryland ,
J > rukw ; Hum tl ,
HBM.I.V , Out. 2 > . The docks in Kooning-
berg burned to-day , Au enormous auiouul
of uauiajjc was duuo.
The FrospralH for ft Settlement nt
I'roHont Very Slim.
CHICAGO , Oct , 23. | Special Telegram to
Tun IJF.E.1 The strike of Chicago journey *
man tailors is still on , with not much proa *
Vcctof Mttlomont. It , .T. Walsh , the Dear
born atrcot tailor , In npeaklng ol the strlko
"Tho utrlko Is now n gcncn.l ono nqntnit
nil motnbcri of the Drapers' nnd Tailors'
Kxchnugo. Wo scut word to the strikers
Saturday evening that wo wpuld not Imvo
nnythlng to do with Jhotn ns n body , but If
the men wanted to return to work tholr
places wcro still open for them. U Is not
our Intention to wait lonrr , however , for wo
can rrplaco tlio men , nud will , but it cannot
bo done easily. Tlio inon nro the finest
workmen iu Chicago , nml they know It , "
Tli otnllom tmvo Issued nn ultimatum to
the bosses. They nay that the Inttor'ft re >
quest for nn arbitration committee has bcon
compiled with , but , strangely , the bosses
will not now meet them. The ultimatum Is
that if the bosses will not nrbltrnto tomorrow
row the charges ngnlnst Ilondrluks. the oh *
noxious foreman nt Matthews , will bo pub
lished in full. The strikers say nlso that
it Is untrue that tlio bassos do not know
what the cause of the dlniculty i , for they
have boon furnished with the full charges In
writing. 1 he strikers have rcrulvod tolo-
grnms from the tailors in all the largo otlios ,
tcndorliii : thorn financial uld and advising
them to light the battle out ,
MEMPHIS , Oct. 28. The forces of the strik
ing Bwltcbmcn wcro augmented to-day by the
men on the Chcsapcaltc&Ohlo and the Louis *
vlllo & Nashville , who linvo heretofore re
mained atorlc ,
The Switchmen's union , which as nn or
ganization has held nloof from the strike. Is
sued nn order to-day calling out the in embers
of that body nud those nt work quit immedi
All the ro.ids , however , with the exception
of tbo Iron Mountain nnd the Memphis &
Charleston sent out trains to-day ,
The I'lilliulctphln Suspect Jin Ices nn
Important AdmlfHlon.
PiiiLvntUMiii , Oct. 23. Dr. Andrews ,
chief of the board of polleo Burgeons , made
nn examination of the scars on the person of
the prisoner who is supposed to bo TuBCott.
Ho said the scars on the mail's body corre
sponded exactly with the description of Tas-
colt's scars ,
Ho Know the Alnrtleror.
CHICAGO , Oct. 23. A .dispatch was re
ceived by the police late to-night from the
Philadelphia authorities Baying Prisoner
Sutherland , now under arrest suspected oi
being Tnscott , has admitted to the noheo
that , ho know TIIHCOU and had played bit-
Hauls with him In Chicago.
Tins is taken by the police ns tending to
show that the real Tuscott has been cap
tured. '
The photographs of t'io ' suspect sent from
Phlludelpahi have not yet arrived.
A Chicago Man Who Impersonated
Fictitious FemnlcH.
Ciuctao , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram to
Tun Bii.J : G. Cleveland Arnold , who mub-
qnoradcd in the role of various fictitious females
males and accepted offers of matrimony ,
waived examination bcforo Commissioner
Hoyno this morn Ing and was hold to the
grand jury Iu bonds of fl.OOO. Arnold
watched the columns of various matrimonial
papers nnd answered these advertisements
inserted by old and gullible iiuui who lived
out west. His method of getting money was
a novel ono. After selecting his victim ho
would write a nice letter , stating that ho was
Miss So-and-So , ugod twenty-one , nnd then
in detail ho would spread on u glorious de
scription of seine varicty ctress , whoso portrait
trait ho would send to the unsophisticated ,
'ihosoft , sweet , spoony letters and the uho-
tograpti did their work woll. In several In
stances the victims wont so far ns to send
tholr nrctty Chicago girl sums of money to
come out west uud meet them und lie mar
A Pnrt of a Derailed Train Pctie-
t rules n Residence.
. Rinwxr , N. J , , Oct. 83. A freight train on
tbo Pennsylvania road jumped the track at
Main street hero to-night.
Several persons who were waiting for the
train to pnss wore injured by flying debris ,
throe of them fatally.
One car ran into the residence of John
Weldon , penetrating to the parlor. Woldon's
family narrowly escaped. Fifteen loaded
cars were wrecked.
A Ucilrond Slaughter.
CALCUTTA , Oct. 23. In u railway accident
nt Hatran. near Agra , to-day , fifteen persons
woio killed and forty injured.
The Philadelphia Verdict Set Asldo
Jy the Circuit Court.
Pim.ADE/.i'iiu , Oct. 23. The United
States circuit court to-day sot astdo the ver
dict in favor of the city for $14,483 , recently
rendered against the Western Union as a li
cense fee for the use ot the streets for poles
and wires from 1635 to 1888 inclusive.
The opinion holds that tbo imposition of a
tax would bo an interference witli tbo inter
state law. The case will probably bo car
ried to the supreme court by the city.
Nebraska and Inun I'rnloriH. :
Pensions granted Nobrasknns : Original
invalid Koiibon W. Rundnll , William Spencer -
cor , Thomas ' N. Lewis ( deceased ) , Johh L.
Sansmun , p'otcr Holt. Increase John Lett ,
Kdwin Hoyt. Nathan J , Lowe , Isaac E.
Dixon , Borllmus Cuso , John H. McDonald ,
Abraham II. Scott , jr. Original widows ,
etc. ( rcissuo ) Louisa , mother of Kdgar A.
ward ; Hannah , widow of Thomas W. Lewis.
Pensions allowed lowans : Original invalid
Robert M. Johnson , George Weslov Davis ,
Frank Bunco , James ' ( ! . Ross , Ilezokiah
Ilarvoy , John T. Mitchell. Increase Con
rad ICIucoback , .lacob Boblott , David Uycrs ,
James W. Prazle , William II. Lacker , Will
iam H. Good , John Nixon , John II , Clark ,
John Turner , Levl W. Powlos. Rcissuo
Brudnor Ferguson , JCRBO Cobberly , Ben
jamin R. Smutz. John R. McHldorry. Will
iam Mnrtln , James P. Seuton , William T.
Shurman , Benjamin T. Goodwin ,
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