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    0 . TilE OMAHA DAILY BEE : MONDAY , OCTOBER 28 , 1889 ,
Delivered ty carrier in nny part of the Clly fit
Twenty Cents per WDok.MANAOEU
No. 42.
N. Y. P. Co.
Glenson coal.
Council UlufTs Lumber Co. , coal.
Boston Btoro , tbo leaders In dry Roods.
Carbon Coal Co. wholesale , retail , 10 Pearl.
Koo , Hates ft , Co. , liavo opened a now
commission house at 317 Lironilway.
Fifteen electric motor cars xvera In sight
at one tlmo on Broadway yesterday after
Nearly twenty thousand people viewed the
electric street car procession yesterday nf tor-
noon and pnvo the Pan-American party a
hearty ovation ,
John Keller U showing to his friends a
vary handsome sold headed cano presented
to him by Ins wife , on the occasion of his
kovcnty-fourth birthday. The stick was
out from mi osage orange tico planted by
Mr. Keller years ago.
The scml-nnnunl conference of the Metho
dists of the Council Bluffs district will beheld
hold at Woodbine , beginning to-day , llistiop
Howmanlll bo present and deliver two ad
dresses. During the confcrencu the new
Motnodtst church at that place will bo decll-
The attachment case of Cole & Cole vs
J. M. Shea , to recover a steve for which tno
defendant hud not paid , resulted in n ver-
dlut for the Inltcr. and the Jury also
nwardcd him $175 damages. As ho only
claimed f 100 , the jury was sent back to cut
the amount down tn that Jlpura.
Charley Roth has bought the barber shop
formerly owned by an Ativcntlst. This was
the only Sunday shop run In the city , the
owner rcllKConsly observing Saturday as a
day of rest. Tito now management does not
liollevo in Advent doctrine , and hcioaftor
the shop will bo uumbcrcd among the Suu-
day closers.
Warren . , Infant son of F. W. and E. I.
Reynolds , died at n o'clock yesterday morn
ing of membranous croup after nn Illness of
ono d.iy. The Hula one was thruo years and
three months old. The funeral will oc
cur at 3 o'clock this afternoon from the
residence , 419 North Eighth street , Kcv.
Dr. Cooley oniclatint , ' .
Mrs. K. J. Fisher is repairing her business
bulldlnp on Main street ouposltu the court
Jiouse , putting ui > an outsldo stairway and
lilting up for residence the upper story ,
placing water service and making other ma
terial improvements. Mrs. Flahor la also
having the lower rooms of the building ro-
modclcd , which will bo occupied oy Mr. S.
T. Mu A tco with his grocery stock.
The property owners along Fifth nvcnuo
arc still vigorously protesting against thouso
of the "l"rull by the eloctrio motor com
pany. The property owners want an injunc
tion to stop the laying of the obnoxious Iron ,
and the question will bo submitted to either
Judge Carson or Judge IJci'inor to-day.
Judge Aylesworth was applied to , but ho is
nn interested property owner , and having
already formed n very decided opinion ,
thought best to let the matter L-O to the dis
trict court.
The Pullman restaurant , 1534 Broadway.
Dwelling for sale on easy payments Also
building lots at lowest market prices. Call
and cxumino our list. B. II. Shoafo & Co.
Bixby has removed to Merriam blocit.
Always on Tim .
If you xvlsh to purchase a good and reliable
\vatch 25 per cent less than club rates , and
on easy terms , then call at once and make
your own selection at C. 13. Jacauemln &
Co. , 27 Main stieot.
Money loaned at L. B. Craft's & Co.'a
lonn oinco on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagona , personal property of all kinds ,
and till otlioi- articles of value , without
removal. All business strictly confi
Benjamin Maries returned yewterdav from
a week's business trip through Dakota. $
Mrs. T. J. Young , of Dcnison , is in the
city for a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. A.
D. Kulm.
Mrs. Payle. of Columbus , O. , Is in the city
visiting her son , who is the Pullmau ticket
agent at the transfer.
Mrs. McCaon and daughter , of Onawu ,
la. , nru visiting the family of Gcorgo P.
Boardman , on Graham avenue.
Miss May Shugartof Princeton , III. , and
Gcorgo Shuc.irt , of Wyanott , 111. , are visit
ing their uncle , Mr. B. L. Shugart , of this
Sqmro E. S. Barnett spent Sunday at
Weeping Water , Neb. Ho will return this
evening , accouipauiedb.v his wife , who has
been visiting her daughter at that plnco for
tbo past week.
Houry Inman has Just hod a piece of shot
removed from under his right eye , where It
hod been for eight years. While out hunt
ing ho was accidentally struck by a stray
ehotNbut the wound was slight and gave
him no trouble , BO ho thought no moro about
It. Ilofuntly , however , it has been troubling
him , and his eye was so affected that the
loss of the ajght seemed imminent , and ho
accordingly had Dr. Macrae remove the
little offender.
"Western Lumber and Supply Co. , 13th and
14th streets and Ud and 3d avenues , carry the
largest stock of lumber , piling pole.tlos.lime.
cement and buildimr material in the west.
E. W. Uuyinoml , manager.
Desirable dwellings for rent at mouorata
prices. E. f J. Sheafo & Co. . roatat agents ,
Broadway and Main streets , up stairs.
'Tho Famous" cash bargain house , 203 B'y
Flno dressed chickens. O. Mottaz , Tol. 173.
Steam and hot water heating' , first-class
plumbing. Work done in both cities. John
Gilbert , cor. Pearl st. and Willow avo.
Finest market in city J.M. Siunlan's.
A Sunday Uvfnlnc Lecture.
Every seat was taken , and oven standing
room within twenty feet of the entrance
could not bo secured at Dohauy's last evening -
ing during the temperance- lecture by Mrs ,
3 , Ellen Foster , under the auspices of the
W. C. T. U. It was by far the largest
audlonco scon in the opera house this season ,
and the lecturer held her auditors until the
closo. Her remarks were pointed and
showed thafsho was Intimately acquainted
With her subject and the statistics con-
ncctctf with it. The prohibition quns-
tlon was discussed in a manner
that "was a revelation to many.
Music for the occasion was furnished by the
eovcral church choirs of the city , under the
direction of Pri f. C. O , Case , whoso ao-
nualntunco was umlo by n.any during the
Initial session of the "Council Uluffs and
Omaha Cbautauqua assembly in this city
last summer. At the close of the Iccturo a
collection was taken to defray expenses. On
Jjio Platform wcro the clergy , members of
the W , 0. T. U. , singers and several of the
representative business men of the chy.
J. O. TIpton , real estate , 53T Broadway.
Got Fountain Co cigar , next to Elsoman's.
Ledgers and journals , special ruled , extra
first class paper and well bound , by More-
house & Co. , Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
Let HasniUBsen beautify your house In best
tylo and cheap. 1'J North Mum.
Swanioa Muslo Co. , 8W Broadway.
Our DUllnRiilrilictl annuls ,
Between 4 nnd 5 o'clock yesterday a'lur-
noon Broadway , from tbo Methodist church
to the Northwestern depot , presented an un
usually animated appearance for Sunday.
The cause was to be found in a small printed
handbill , which had boon scattered by thou
sands all ever tbo city announcing that the
Fail-American congress would leave Omaha
nt 4 o'clock on special motor twins for this
city. It was , ton minutes nf tor 5 o'clock
when thrco npcclil motor .rains , consisting
In nil of five cars , plldod rapidly up Hroad-
way. They wcro loaded with the entire
vUltlng dolcftatlon , composed of fifty-six
delegates to the international congress , nnd
seven newspaper correspondents who no-
companlcd tno party , nnd about soventy-flvo
of Omaha's representative business men ,
press representatives , city ofllclals nntl
ofllciuls of the electric motor company.
Mayor Hohror had charge of the party
durinp the stay In tills city. The visitors
did not Icavo the cars and were tniten up
Uronrtway to Frank , returned on Uroadway
to Pearl , down I'eurl to Sixteenth avenue ,
thcnco bock to Uroadway and Omaha. It
was the first ride that many of the party had
taken on an olcctrlo motor and was there
fore full of Interest for thorn.
Superintendent Koynoltls was on board
and had charso of the trains. Few stops
were made , except these necessary at the
end of the lines. There was no tlmo for a
drive about the cilv as hud been planned by
the committee , It being dark Ion ? before the
party reached Omaha on their return. The
distinguished visitors were again In the city
later In tlio cvenln ? , coming over to the
transfer to take the Hook fslond train for
the east , eolntr to ICookuk by way of
Dei Molncs. Much Interest was manifested
to sco the illstlngulshoil tourists , and the
trains attracted a great deal of attention.
Sheet music 10f , iittS Broadway.
The Moilct Churoli.
The nov. Dr. Cooley addressed the usual
largo audience at the First Baptist church at
tlio morning hour. "The Model Church"
was ttio subject of his sonnon , nnd ho bised
It upon the fifth chapter of Ephcsians , 2.1th
to 27 versos , "Even as Christ also loved His
church , anil guvu Himself for it , that he
might sanctify and clo.mso it with the wash
ing of water by the word ; that Ho might
present It to Hlmsolf n glorious church , not
having spot or wrlnlclc , or nny such thing ;
but that It should bo holy and without blem
The church referred to by the apostle was
tlio Ideal church , auch as Itwill bo when
Chrht has finished His work on It , and when
it Is ready for His final an 1 completed glory.
The moitol Is the ideal perfection , without
spot or blemish. Tlio church now is imper
fect , and no local church can bo taken as a
modol. Uiitll the perfect regeneration of
man the model Is unatuinublo , but it is well
to have it always before us , so tlmt wo c.m
bo ever aiming to attain Its absolute perfec
The requisites of the model church mo :
First She has nn entire regeneration of
membership. The established church of
England , Germany and Sweden say that
this is un impossibility , but It has been true
of the Baptists that , they tilm to have every
one of their members converted parsons.
Second She Is n holy churrh. The mem
bers live holy , goodly lives , adorning their
prntcssion and moulding their every day
conduct upon the example nnd teachings of
their low ly Master. They are n peculiar
Third She has a true biblical creed , being
contained in tlio biblo. The church of Ephe-
sus was commended for hating the deeds of
the Wicolnltanos , and the church of Perga-
mos condemned for fo'lowshippmg nnd al
lowing the same doctrines.
Fourth She is a united church. The
church of Corinth was deeply censured for
Its divisions and factious. Christ wants no
schism in His church.
Fifth She is an humble church , like that
of Philadelphia , not of Laodocia.
Sixth She is a liberal church , like that of
PhilllpDi , ready to make any sacrifice re
Seventh She is a loving church , having
the deepest sympathy for every member.
There is no pride of place or power , no ser
vility or condescension among members , no
sliamo for humble place , shabby clothes or
slender income. The members love each
other as brethren.
Eighth She is an Intelligent church , being
able to give a reason for her faith.
Ninth She is nn earnest church , abound
ing In work for the church and travailing in
birth for souls.
Tenth She has a diversity of gifts.
Eleventh She has a church prule. a "corps
do esprit. "
Twelfth- She * is careful of her word in all
matters , whether it ba oromiscs to tier mem
bers or financial obligations to the world.
C. D. P. Co , Stephan & Harmcr , 83 Pearl
C. D. steam dye works , 1013 Broadway.
Pnv Your Subscriptions I'romp My.
A mistake was made in stating yesterday
morning that the amounts subscribed by
citizens as a bonus to secure the now hotel
woio not duo until the building was com
pleted , as the agreement provides that the
sum of ? 20OOC shall bo paid by the 1st of
November , 18S9. Tor the ourposo of collect
ing this money the board of trade has ap
pointed throe committees of four members
each. Each committee is to work ono day ,
and it Is necessary to have the whole amount
by Wednesday night. The first committco
will begin work this morning , and it is desired -
sired that all subscribers pay promptly to
save any delay or inconvonlenco.
The site Is secured , the iirst $500 having
been paid Saturday evening. A ten dojs'
option on the property was secured and ttiis
option expired Saturday night. The erection
of n ? ! 200,000 hotel will irivo a decided Im
petus to building and ether Improvements
throughout the city and the prospect for the
Bluffs for the year lb'J3 ' is Indeed brilliant.
A now city hall to cost about $150,003 is
among tlio probabilities , and , in the opinion
of many , is as good as assured. Extensions
of the electric motor system , a new system
of perfect street lighting , cheaper gas and
electric light for private illuminating , a now
nubsldlary basin at the waterworks to glvo
the city the purest water possible ,
several thousand yards of now street paving ,
extensions of the water and gas malus and
sewers , the completion of tbo main sewer to
the Missouri river , a renovating of the police
force and the adoption of a 5 cent motor faro
between the sister cities , nro all looked for
consummation within the next twelve
months. The prospect Is such that even tlio
chronic kickers and proverbial growlers are
inordinately tickled , and express satisfaction
with themselves , with tbo city and with the
outsldo world.
E. II. Sheafo & Co. give special attcnt ante
to the collection of routs and euro of property
in the city and vicinity. Charges moderate.
Oftlco Uroadway and Main streets.
Mcschcndorf's popular moat market , finest
In the Twin Cities. 333 Broadway.
Now Ogden , largest nnd best hotel in
western lowu. Special attention to commer
cial men ,
Gnlil and Silver ;
The director of the mint has prepared
n statement of the gold and silver coin
in the United States nt present which
shows in round numbers $017,000,000
in gold coin , 8340,000,000 In silver dollars
lars , and $70,000,000 , in subsidiary silver
coin , besides $01,000,000 of gold bullion
hold in the coders of the treasury as
security for its equivalent in paper cer
tificates. The gold dollars ) , though
twice an great in number and value ns
the silver , can bo piled in one-tenth
the space required for the latter.
l''rosh Wntor For Vessels.
It is rumored that an experiment
bo made with vessels of the Boston and
Atlanta typo in currying fresh water in
the space between the outer and inner
bottoms and then , if possible , use fresh
water In the bailers only. This plan is
about to bo carried out in several of the
now and even with some of the old ships
of the British navy.
A noinnrkablo Morning Glory.
A physician nt Salem , N. J. , has a re
markable morning glory growing in his
yard that is quite a phenomenon , a need
in ono of ttio blooms having sprouted
and grown a vine of considerable
length , ou the end of which is another
A. Hnow-\Vhlo | Squirrel.
Two gunners near Williamsport found
a snow-white squirrel ,
i&ii , .tc <
A Oirolo Tnrough the Rooklos by
Stage and Rail ,
A. lilt of Aeronaut'sonrlnc Not Mteely
to Ho Kot-KOtian Tlio Ynn-
kco Olrl Mlno The
North Slnr.
ID SomliwoRt Colorado.
"Passengers for Ouray change cars ! "
come the sonorous tones of the brakeman -
man on the Denver iSs Rio Grande rail
way , us the engine pulls up at the dusty
station of Moatroso , writes n corre
spondent of the Cincinnati Commorctnl
Gazette. Said passengers nro engaged
in watching the passing Salt Lake
train , containing the doleful-faced
travelers who had just delivered up
their jewels and small change to n band
of "hold-ups , " and nro not prepared for
a sudden arrival.
The Royal Gorge , Marshall Pass ,
Black Canyonetc. , Imvo all boon raved
ever in the course of the day , nnd tinder
the scorching rays of a dog-day's sun ,
scenery is losing its charm. These who
Imvo loft the city to escape heat , shako
their heads mournfully as they descend
to the platform of the sago-brush sta
tion and removed their wilted collars
preparatory to the sldw ride in prospect
on route to the much-talkod-of regions
of the irold bolt.
Before the crooning car wheels liavo
proceeded far it takes all the eloquence
of the proprietor of the "Tho Solid
Muldoon , " who chances to bo aboard , to
dissuadn the restless tourists from try
ing the pedestrian act across lots. . But
as the shadows fall and the mountains
approach , the breezes from above tim
ber line put sullleiont life in their
veins to awaken an interest
in the beauties of the Uncoin-
paghre valley , with its luxuriant
crop , historic ground , and modern
homes. Plenty of time is given for u
good view of tno adobe dwelling of the
old Indian chieftain , who so lately laid
claim to this productive land strip. The
remains of the "council house , " wiioro
the stormy treaty was made between
the Utcs and palefaces , is also in a good
state of preservation , and many remin
iscences of the ambitious Ute are btill
fresh in the memory of the \\hito bet
A few mbro revolutions of the croak
ing wheels atjd the captivating
bursts upon the vision like the smile of
a beautiful maiden at sight of her ex
pected lover. There , in the bosom of
the valley , encircled by a rock-linked
chain of gigantic guardsmen , lies the
hamlet of the mountains , shimmering
in the moonlight. Signal lights twinkle
from impossible heights. The white
sails of tlio minors'tents nro unfurled
upon stony surfaces in sloping ravines ,
between rocks of strata , and in every
conceivable lodging place , while the
work goes bravely on. The dull report
of giant powder and the classical strains
of the burro furnish ra-sic for the in
habitants by night nnd dny.
The traveler would fain rest in this
enchanting spot where cool breezes and
a comfortable hotel contribute to the
comforts of the wayfarer. Buttho stage-
driver lashes the air with his long whip
In nervous haste to boar him onward
and upward over the famous Alto Means
wagon road which ride is a'bit of aero
naut soaring not likely to bo forgotten.
The usual contention for toward seats
'takes place , until the dyspeptics are all
finally arranged fronting the horses. A
200-pound weight of the weaker sox ,
comfortably seated in the rear , fluently
narrates n few anecdotes , wull seasoned
witn mining slang , which proves her to
bo a naturalized daughter of the Rook
ies. The saying of "Snow Slide Char
ley" and "Timber Line Sam" were
glibly quoted , while the cases of
"Freeze Out , " "Monkeying with the
Drills , " "Mine Salting , " etc. , were
highly gratifying to the listener , who
is perhaps all-aglow with the mining
The fair compainion , however , proves
herself invaluable as a guide. Tlio first
stop along the highway is made ut the
regular stage-coach gallop , which car-
sies tlio loaded vehicle immediately be
yond the rock-bound suburbs of Ouray.
By the time the climb is fairly begun
the prancing steeds como down to a
good steady pull , nnd the ephynx
guarded citadel is loft far below.
Following closely the crooked path
way of the Unroinpagli'ro river , n point
is soon reached whore its gentle mur
mur comes up from the depths of its
rugged gorge , luring the passer-byinto
a forgotfulncss of all save the pictur
esque confusion of the surroundings.
Pungent hemlocks , tangled ferns , beds
of scarlet berries , carpets of pink boo
flower , with hero nnd there a snow-fed
columbine clamber ovoi jutted cliffs
and gray-green ledges , as if to assiit
those Jlinty giants in the concealment
of their buried treasure by enshrouding
them in this mantle of many colors.
What a pleasing variety of surprises
this water-course produces ! First a
Blonder shining thread ripples along
ever uneven surfaces.
Then gathering strength the stream
broadens and tumbles with foaming
speed among the smooth-washed
boarders , until some walled obstruction
sends it swirling around the solid base ,
scattering the in ilk-white spray into
the very face of the fo3 , with a grace
ful cascade leap , the rushing waters
bound ever some precipitous declivity
in a torrontino pour , which hurries
thorn onward to nourish the thirsty
valleys for the benefit of man and
boast. But the wonder of this journey
is the road way , which is literally
about midway between earth and sky.
Perched upon this aortal shelf , ono
naturally looks about. Backward
lies the narrow lodge hloroglyphed
with wheel ruts and hoof tracks. Cast
ing the eye downward hundreds of feet
an abrupt invitation to suicide is ox-
tended. Glancing aloft , heavy-browed
monsters of gnmltoand sandstone frown
solemnly from their majestic heights ;
while forward there is nothing in sight
that would indicate a passage way out
of this heart of stone. And yet the In
clination is to linger upon this Giants'
Causeway , or gigantic coach way , and
quaff the exhilarating nectar from n a-
turo's brimming cup. Halting upon a
rustle bridge , which spans a gaping
chasm , the obliging driver reveals the
very gem of the route. A voluminous
cataract plunges with a deafening roar
into n deep-lying basin beneath. Ad
miration and adjectives nro lost in the
Ningraphlo pour of the beautiful
waters. Blooming rainbows nro said to
hover near the spray , but not to-day ,
however , for the eun lb chary of its ro-
lloctiona nnd imagination in roposo.
"Up yonder to the right is 'the Boll of
the West , ' and that slide is whore she
shoots down her timbers. Over there is
the 'Old Trout' a powerful good mine ,
and payln' big. " comes the chest-toned
information of the mountain maiden as
mine after mine Is told off. The senti
ment Is destroyed' Kw the moment. A
wide expanse of washed stones nnd
fallen timber Indicates the ravaging
track of the snow-slldo , while at the
very brink of the stream hard crusts of
snow nro still lingering as a mark of
the destroyer. llo\y little the mysteri
ous verse maker know of his work when
ho conceived the stanza of "Beautiful
snow ; it can do nothing wrong. "
All too POOH the summit of the drive
is reached nnd the road moves out into
the grassy fiat , dotted with unfnthom-
nblo Inkolots no larger than a mill-
pond. Skirting the edge of this green
tufted park , the buby little mining town
of JroDlon is discovered very nonr at
hand. The smell of now pine boards , of
which the buildings are constructednnd
the bogrlmmod faces of the men fresh
from the tunnel or shaft , moving about
the promises , show the unmistakable
outlines of a live mining camp. The
arrival of the stage falls to excite any
particular attention save with those where
ro expecting bolts , rivets or ether
small irons necessary to keep the nm-
chinory in tunningordor. Thispoint ! s
THIS KND or Tin : STAG is iiinu.
Looking up toward Rod mountain a
peak 'woll named on account of its
brilliant coloring smart little engines
can bo scon totorlng along at a sur
prising rate of speed. This railway en
terprise is even moro wonderful than
the stage route by the same author.
"All aboard" is sounded nnd a load of
passengers "of which I tun whom"
nro safely tucked away in the little car
that passes from Iron ton to Sllvorton.
Again wo are climbing skyward , but
this time to the measured pull of the
iron horse. Tiers of track lay above
and below us nnd apparently unget-at-
Suddenly the engine faces about and
wo find ourselves riding backwards
but only for a short tlmo. By some
magical stroke the smokestack is in Its
original position. And so wo goon ,
backing and forwarding , like the
dances in a country cotillion , until the
now houses In the little camp are well
The snino mountain attractions , with
nn addition of colored stone nnd a
greater variety of wild llowors , greet
the cyo. Streamlets , cascades , glisten
ing forests , wondrous formations and
glorious fresh air are the charms of this
voyage. In passing
the buildings nro so numerous it can
easily bo mistaken for a little city. This
mine is the most celebrated in this lo
cality. A largo force of men are em
ployed , and rich yields pnss daily from
its caverns. During Uio circuitous
climb the train stops at several wayside
stations that are quite a surprise to the
traveler. Why , what is this ? A band of
professionals nro boarding the train. A
theatrical troupei * Yes. And they toll
us they have lound footlights enough
upon this lofty psrch to got behind and
draw an nudioiico.nnd a very creditable
ono at that. This is "life in the fur
west" that oven Denver may stare at.
With a sudden Hash of speed wo are
brought down from 'our elevated posi
tion , and the bravo little engine steams
into the Animas valley and lands its
precious load at Silverton. Tnis rail
way terminus is the
and for this reason the most unpopular
abiding place. The hotel which ono
of our party dubbed the "After
Thought' ' was evidently intended for
a warehouse ; consequently not calcu
lated to contribute to iho comfort of
Ono would naturally conclude from
the intense mining interest manifested
hero just now ( and with good cause )
that the city is entitled to a genuine
boom , but the excitement is confined
strictly to mining. "Shafts , " "slopes , "
"mill runs , " "levels , " "ore on the
dump , " etc. , are the scraps of conver
sation that como to the car. convincing
the visitor that the nil-absorbing con
versation pertains to the "treasure
trovo" on the adjoining heights , and
unless ho is fortuimto enough to possess
an interest in ono of tlioso perforations
ho fools like a beggar among princes.
The main street of Silverton is prin
cipally occupied by saloons , and , as the
hotel is confronted by eight of these
haunts in the opposite block , tlio guest
will in a short titno become familiar
with the ordinary lifo of the minor.
Tlio location of this city was well
chosen. A long stretch of land slopes
gracefully down from the foot hills to
the river , with plenty of space for the
real estate dealer to thrive upon should
the tide of immigration drift in this di
is the most prosperous mining property
in the San Juan. It is owned by eastern
capitalists , and has paid Us way from
grassroots down to crock bottom. Being
in the immediate neighborhood of S
it , is very accessible , and our party gra
ciously nocoptodan invitation to explore
its vast treasures.
Costumed in rubber coats , brogans
and sperm , the torchlight procession
takes up tlio line of march at the mouth
of the main tunnel , which loads 2,200
feet into the bosom of the mountain be
fore the vein was reached. Hero the
tunnel is crossed by another substan
tially timbered aperture running 000
feet east and west. Tracing the vein ,
which can easily bo discerned through
the timbers by the light of a candle , wo
wander onward'over a running stream ,
stopping often to small up against the
siilo of the tunnel to give passage way
to the heavy cars'of ore tlmt are con
tinually moving in and out ever the
double-tracked tramway. Now nnd
then our guide calls upward for a stopo
to bo opened , and with the flatth of his
torch overhead the workings above the
voln are exposed , where quantities of
precious metal in the crude is fast giving
way to nick and drill. Occasionally a
heavy thud from a distant discharge of
dynamite fairly shakes the solid sur
roundings , and wo mnilo grimly. Fin
ally the click-click of the workmen's
strokes toll us wo are approaching ono
end of tlio tunnel'whore ' a fine sight of
the clearly defined vein is to bo ob
tained. A momentary throb of the wild
excitement that thrills in the breast of
the minor , as ho' eagerly watches the
development of each blast , was experi
enced by the writer , Thord is surely
something nwo-inspiring in standing
face to face with tljoso earthly deposits
which are the roul lovers of the uni
verse. It is lilco unearthing the tomb's
antiquities nnd fine rod relics of the
Pharaohs. And I'dbubt ' if tlio success
ful minor would thank mo for the com
parison , But ns Iflifco hoard an oxperl-
onced say : "Nono but the wealthy and
those who have nothing can afford to
toy with these wheels of fortune. " As
"all sookora are not Hndors , ' ' BO it Is
unfortunate to rank among the middle
Coming within half-milo range of
daylight wo turn our backs upon wealth
and pick our stops toward the outlet.
Next visiting the ore-house , where the
new mill is under discussion , wo nro
told that the limnonso heap of crushed
rook before us , if properly milled , rep-
roaonts $300,000ln low grade ore.
This exploration loft ua wiser , If not
weakertfmn , any of our previous un
dertakings. _
TrnpplncrVllil Horses.
J , G. Rich , of Bethel , Mo. , a veteran
trapper , is engaged in the novel busi
ness of catching wild horses to ship to
sportsmen who wish to block game pro-
Last winter , with Its phenomenally inllcl woalhor , that enabled men to wear Spring nnd Autumn -Clothing during
the rigors of December nnd January , loft on the hnmls of ninnufactui'ore ' , jobbers and retailers an Immense miantlty
of win tor goods. Manufacturers made unusual preparations lust year to moot the increasing demand that had boon
created by the several excessively severe winters that had preceded It , nnd the result was nu extraordinary overplus
of nil grades of clothing. This season manufacturers wore coin polled to sell at prices far below those llxoil for last year ,
In splto of this sacrltlco of nil profits , they reached the season of 1839-nO with stocks but sllfflitly diminished , for the
reason that the bulk of last season's purchases remained In the hands of retailers throughout the country , who were
unnblo to buy now stocUs. Those who bought lightly a year ago were fortunate.
With the intention of. building the largest nnd llnost building for n. Clothing Emporium In the city , and Btochtnrf
It up with goods of tills season's make , the close of last year found M. MAUUUS with n very light stock. From the
earliest date in the spring permitted , by the weather until n. few days ago , the builders Imvo boon at work on our now
pressed brick , plato glass fronted building. Now it Is comutotod , ami stands nro-oinlnontly the ilnost business block
in Council UlulTs , It has boon slocked In all departments with poods bought directly from the manufacturers during
the warm months this fall when prices had roacncd the foot of a panic slide. This is the reason that I can sell u pair of
pants for $3 that other donlors are compelled to ask $0 for , or n pair for $4 that others must got $7 to make a wolU.
FOR AN OVERCOAT that will bo suitable for nil dress occasions , that Is made In the latest style and of the best
material , that you will have to pay from $15 to $20 for at other places , wo will soil for $9. Those overcoats nro of blue
anil l brown Chinchilla , strictly all wool , color guaranteed , and you can got flttud , for wo luxvo all sics , Jit to4t. Wo
will offer this week n lot of Ilonvv Overcoats at $2.03 ; other merchants will ohargo for the same coat $0. Also n line of
Heavy Beaver Coats and Vests ut SI ; ether houses will charge you $8. Heavy Chinchilla Coats nnd Vests ut SI , others * *
got $8 for. -
EIGHTY DIFFERENT STYLES OF PANTS of all slzos , and qualities you could not touch elsewhere for less than
$10 , wo will lit you for from 8-5 to $7. Your tailor will charge you $15 for the same thing. Suoolal bargain line of Hoys'
Ivtioo Pant Suits , ages 6 to 14 , from $1.60 up , made from pure all-wool Cheviots nnd guaranteed to glvo perfect satisfac
tion. You can pay moro money for the same goods in other stores.
BOYS' OVERCOATS , Price $1.75 to $0. Wo will oftor this week the best values In Boys' Overcoats. You cannot
afford to pass them. The standard of quality is maintained nnd the price , $1.75 to 80 , will surprise you.
UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENT. Wo suggest the present week as the best period for the selection of winter un
derwear. Our stock now contains complete lines of all the popular makes. You will wonder when you examine our
pure wool underwear at 76o nnd at some of the $1 goods. Ono thing certain , wo Imvo a larger stock'of underwear to
day to select from than any house in the west. Flno Camel Hair Blurts and Drawers , silk bound nnd slllc stltonod , at
GOc. Thctio are sold in other houses for nearly double the money. Fancy Mixed Merino Shirts and Drawers , all
bound , at 80o , worth 75c. Also a largo line of Men's and Boys' working gloves from Hoc upward. Dress gloves of all '
descriptions at greatly reduced prices.
SHOE DEPARTMENT. I will sell this week a fine calf , handmade shoo at $1 ; ether merchants get double the
money for them. Dongola shoos at $3 ; others sell thu same bhoo at $0. Men's Wnukonplmst Call hoes at Sii,75 , worth
double the amount. Men's R , R. shoo $2 ; Childroiis' and Youth's shoes from 40c upward. L-idlos' Kid Button shoos at
S1.60 , worth $2. A largo line of Misses' shoos at remarkably low prices. Juat received , n full line of Ladies' Dongola
hand turned shoes which wo will sell from $2.50 upwards.
Slop n minute and look through our goods and see what a surprise wo Imvo for you. It will pay you oven If you do
not buy now , for it will loach you where the boat value can bo obtained for the money. Remember the plnco
54654S Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Dlctatns Enulmul'H Fruliltm .
Madame do Lorraine , tlio editor and
proprietress of Lo Follot , the principal
ladies' fashion journal , is an energetic
little fair-haired woman , still younjr ,
and with good taste in all maltors of
dress nnd etiquette , says tlio London
Star. She is a great power in the mil
linery world , laying down tlio law as to
what shall and what shall not bo worn
with inflexible sternness , and sovcrclv
discouiitoiianciiiR the abolition of the
"bustlo. " Madame do Lorraine lives
nt Nottlng-hill , hits two daughters , and
a.soii who is shortly to outer the army.
A Jovial Porker. *
A few days ago n , largo hog belonging
to LeRoy Hardy , of Stark , Ga. , while
the family wcro all out of the house ,
wont into the house , and after climbing
upon a fcathor bed proceeded to tear
tlio bed and clothing into doll rags.
His hpgstiip thought ho had found u
beautiful play house , and in his delight
and playfulness tore things up gener
ally. When the inmates of the house
came in the floors wcro literally cov
ered with feathers , and the festive
brute ran from the house looking more
like ono of the feathered tribe than a
fat porker.
" Shorten
Two mild-oyod , pink-nosed , bawling
calves , the property of W. J. Smith , are
creating considerable of a sensation
among the curious people of South
Minneapolis. The calves are twins ,
about thrco months old , and they have
only six logs between them. One of the
creatures is without a fore log and the
other is minus a hind leg , but they are
pretty little atiimals and Imp about as
brisklv as you please , apparently not
understanding that nature has cheated
thorn out of ono of the legs tlmt are the
duo of every well-regulated calf.
The Coquclln KaUcry.
A French baker , who is to celebrate
his one-hundredth birthdaykeeps shop
in the same baknry over which M. Co-
quclin , father of tlio two actors , once
presided , and where the sons , in early
life , pursued the trado. In twenty-four
years four families liavo hold possession
of the shop. It is said the father of the
Coquolins never got ever the idea that
there was a good baker spoiled by his
oldest son's entering the theatrical pro
ANTlin-A row table boarders at 801
rourth a\o.
SAI/K To rjult business , ray entire
FOR of furntturo , stoves and carpets , will
ba sold at cost , without reserve. Poisons fur
nishing good references can buy on Install
ments , making weekly payments. A. J. Man-
dell , ; KI andiiJj Uroadway.
W ANTKn Good girl for general house
work , 2 1 Soutli Seventh St.
" \\7"ANT1H ) Olrl for drcssmnkliig. Apply
> > Immediately , lioom 305 , Mcrilam block ,
"f OTS onUh ave. and 10th st. very cheap
-LJSnaps. Iteuson & Shepherd , 0 Main st.
LOTSon Uroadway , anywhere between Coun
cil UlulTs and Omaha , llensou & Shaphurcl ,
0 Main st.
/ \DKLL 11U03. & CO. loan money. The most
\Jliberal tei ms olfci ed. 101 Pearl st.
. - old and well established
druc store , established In IU'V ' ) . Caili re
quited , 8.IW > , bilanca real estate. Addrass A
y , Jlee , Council Dlulfs.
AllflAIN-4 lota In Kiddle's sub , on nth avo.
Grading all pild. ttUJ e&ch. N. C. Phillips ,
room ! > , Kverett block.
T OTS In Terwllllcerf add JJ73 each. N. 0.
JLJ Phillips , room r. , Kvorett block.
T OTS In Van llrunt Is Illce's add J2X ) .
JJterms. N. C. Phillips , room r > , Bverott blK.
A1IAIUJA1N in West Droadwuypropelty. N. .
C. Phillips , room 5. Kverett block.
In Terry addition. Monthly payments
N. 0. Phillipi. rooms , Everett block.
BAKOAIN8 In nil parts ot tha city. 0. N.
Phillips , room r > , Kverett block.
LANDS for sale or exchange. N.C. Phillip
room D. Kverett block.
TMPHOVIin farms In Iowa nnd Kansas for
J-exclmnao for city property. N. 0. Phillips ,
room u. K\erottblocic.
II'H INSUKANCK nt actual cost. Address
A. K. Diuifhorty , Canning st. , Council
THAVH houses and lots In all parts of Ooun-
J-cll Illuirs , from W ) to $1. < Wi. that I can sell on
monthly payments , or any terms to suit pur
chasers. Thin Is ot particular advantage to
Omaha merchants , clerks , mechanics , orpuoplo
who deslro a home near tno nusmess center ot
Omaha without being compelled to pay exorbl
tant prices , o. 11. JudU , ( WJ Uroadwuv , Council
O18 In Central BUD cheap. Kasy terms. N.
LO ' . Phillips , room a , liverett block.
"I > lOIt SAIM or Kent Harden laud with houses ,
X1 by J. It. Ulce. mi Main st. , Council Ululfs.
AVKNUH A lots , corners , great bargains.
llunson < S Bhepherd. 9Main st.
I" OTon Itliurenue , Van llrunt & Idea's sub. ,
JLJ cheap , Ilonson & Blievlierd , U Main st ,
IX7ANTKD A neat young girl to help In genT -
T > cral house \ > orlc. Mr * Jacob Sims , 310
Platuer ut.
T OTS on Olen ave. . genuine snaps , iloasonft
LOTSon Man&wa motor lln . corners. 10
cash , balance 110 per mouth. IIunto Sc
Sbepherd , U Main st.
TlAIj ! KSTATli-llouKnt nJ > > ld and ex-
JV changed. Hpeclal Attention glvun to exam-
' Jnatlon of titles.V. . 0. Jatnon , t\n ID Pearl it. l
Until yon have visited ICO Main street , the oldest anil haivlost ntjokod establish
ment In tlio city , uhtio goods aio bought illicct from numtfacturerd anl given
awn to customers \\ltliout mKUIlcmu'H ' ; > rolltH. KMjry class of footwear fioiutha
worklnmnan's heavy boot to the llnost Imiy's * hoe Is cheaper now than ovar bjforo
ntthn factories , and establishments that buy direct and In largo nnnntltlcs can
plvo the customer n margin that will ba an extra Iniliicomoiit , utlcleu to tUo bast
goodSHold nnd uiuimitoit uy reliable men. Wo do thK Call anil bd convinced.
S. A. PIERCE , 1OO Main at , Council Bluffs.
NUT , OLIVE and IOWA LUMP and NUT COAL. Lime Cement , Plaster , Hair.
The Best Equipped Establishment In tlio West. Tees Dyeing and donning of Garments and
Goods of e\er > - description and material. Dry Cleaning or line ( jarmunts a Specialty.
Out of toun imlcrs by mall or express , will receive prompt attention.
Works on Motor Line , Corner 26ii ! St , & Ave , A , Council Bluffs
BUST corner on IJroadway , opposite newer
houso' Douson & Hnoplicrd -Multi st
FOIl'SALi : Acre lots InOrcnarifpiaoe. This
property Is located In the Hlco nursery ,
soutn of the main part of thn city , I'A mile *
from court house , Goo. Mutcalf , M Pearl st
HOtlSKSnncl lots : I10J cash. J.M ) cash. ttO
cash , balance easy , lleusua & Shepherd
0 Main st.
WM. SlflDKNTOIT , Heal Estate. Special
attention given to examination nntl cor
rection of title to Inuds and lots in city aud
county. No. 8. North Main at.
LOTS In Mulltn's sub , J10 cash , balance $10 per
mouth , lloiisou &Sheplieid. UMnln st.
EOU SALE 120 acre farm In Jasper county ,
low a , located near coal minus that are in
operation. There Is a flve foot vela of conl
under the farm. . Geo. Motcatf , No. 10 Pearl t > t.
BUSINESS locations or Mala and Ilioartwor
at ereat bargains. Geo. Mctcalf , No. 10
I'earl st.
FOUSAtiK improved and unimproved prop
erty in every part ot the city. Hiiro oppor
tiinitlus for investors \vlio seek speculations ;
ttplomlld opportunities for these who doslro
homes. Geo. Metcalf , No. 10 I'eurl st.
FOU BALK SO feet lake frontage iBcateil ba
twoon 0 I ) , boat house ami Manawa beach
Also a number of choice lots In Itogatta place
Geo. Metcalf. No. 10 I'earl st.
T71OU HUNT Good business fiont , Mr Ilroart-
X1ty. . A tine retail point. In good condi
tion. Inquire K. U. Mnyue , 019 Jhoadway ,
Council lllullB.
I have opened a new moat market on the
corner of Sixteenth St. and Uroadway. It
will ho my aim to.pleaso my customers bv
giving thorn the best meats to ho obtained.
) Everything to ho found in a first-class butcher
I shop will bo furnished nt the lowest prices.
Please give mo a call and inspect my now
P. C. IJeVol's Steve Sale.
EOO stoves ami more coming.
Monday morning I w 111 commence the sale
J.OOO pocketknlvcs at 2/ic. /
GOO pocke nlvps at 'Me.
400 pocKetknivea at ino.
! JOO pockctknivcs at lOc.
Itemomber that Fuller & Warren makojtlio P ,
P. Stewart store , lionootlier genuine , 1 handle
tlielr brand , and will close out my Block utccst.
to make room for. another c rlo def I'eerless
Oarlunds , the world's best. To be without a
1'orriess Garland is to bo behind the times. Do
not cot behind. Come in aud nee my No. B cook
steve for flO and my better tmules , tlio Charter
Oak and family Our land. Am Also agent tor
the Climax , Kxcelslor , Acorn , Maud 1) , Mon
itor. Cnartcr Oalc ami OAKLAND ranees.
Special tialcs for week will bo I'eork-as Oar-
laud stoves , stove boards , conl hods and 2,000
pocketknives. Qomo In nnd sea the Alt Garland
P. 0. DnVor < , tOl IJroadway.
Hi even , Stoves , Ktovoil
T/ie / test lia.OO cook stove j2. |
The best J15.W ) rook steve , jr > .
The best fctove on eortli i , . , yj ,
'Iho best 47.W ) wood stove 7.5
The best M.OJ Ouk coal steve U.Q
Cheap stoves nt all prices.
Wo are the solo and only agents for the celb-
bratod Kadlant Homo hunters , tlmgemilna P.
1' . Btcnuirt lieulerH , the famous soft coal Oak
sloven , gimiiinieea to hold tire over iiiRlit. Wo
Imvo the best stoves , the largest stock of stoves
and tno lowest prices on stoves , nnd o\en our
cheapest we guarantee. Don't full to see ua.
On Itadlant Homes mm iUen arts we are cheaper
than any other \\estern city from (3 to (5 ;
pleased to quoin prices to outside parties , ana
deliver Moves within fifty miles of tno city.
Coloi Cote , 41 Main St. , opposite Citizens'
Bargains la Bchool Shoes and Winter goods at
U. A. S1 > 00\ K'S ,
(31 Main Street.
Flower Pots.
Bomuthlne entirely new , and the ImmUomcBt
article ot the kind that ever udorned u bay.
window or conservatory , ureonr now painted
and ornamented Flower 1'otn nnd Vases for
house plants. The&e goods ure entirely new and
are sold exclusively In Council Jllutls l > y us.
'J'lio Itustlo Pots nro hlchlr ornamental and
will beautify ttny house. One grade Is smoothly
Bulnted in bright colors ready for docorutlon
y ladles who paint. Tnvso liamlsomo goods
nro sold ut prices commonly asked for plain ;
DC for painted pot and uaucur , and plain at cor-
reipondine prlcsi. LUNI ) IlltOS. ,
ifij Main Street.
l'"or AVintor.
The Peninsula hentlnc stoves are the best In
the market. Have handled them for live years.
Kvery pale ; U es satisfaction , llcforo you buy
eo them. Quo now Ilnyton rmnaces uro con-
r uctcd upon the most cppioved sclentillo
r n ciples , and are thn beit mill most economl
a f uriinco In the world , Kor sale only by W
J .I.uutcruasser , 3UT llroailwny. Couu n ill IT
I propose to ql\o consumeis value for their
money lu Coal , and until further notlco my
prices are nil mil Anthrnclto : Grate and Egg ,
" . ) ; No. 4 nnd Hnnge , tJ 60 ; Chestnut , if'i."iU. ' Also
Host nradcH or Illinois and ln\\n Soft Coal
, lIllnolH , lump , tl.fiU ; .Mnplonood ,
lump. II.IJ ; Centcrvlllo , lo\\a , lump , W.75 ; Wal
nut Iliock lump , S.i.r.0 : Hamilton lump. $ .125 ;
Wjiltobreast lump. F1.50Vhitobrenst nut , f I ;
Pen , $ i. J ; Steam. Si ; Slack , JI.8J. Terms cash.
w ith order or delivered O. f ) . I ) . WM. WELCH ,
CIS South Main streot. Telephone ' . .
Adapted to the public schoo's. The only
complete thing or Its kind in existence and In-
dlsponslblo In the school room. School Hoards
deslrlnp ; the most poi feet help for the teacher
are Invltod to oxnmlno this Address
General Agent.
No.27 Main St. , Over Jaoquomln'a
Jewelry Stor *
Of Council llIntTa and Omnlia , and surrounding
country will tliul It to their advantage to dual
with me when they > \uut nny Kind of
Two months nijo I determined to clone outmy
stock and unit bustuoHH , but the stocic was too
large to bo disposed of , and I will continue the
bunlness with moro goods than over. IJvory-
thing Is first clnss und made up In latest Btylo.
Mall orders reculvo prompt attention.
No. SO flliuu Ht. , Council BlufTrf.
Electric Trusses , Belts , Chest Pro
tectors , Etc ,
Agents wanted.
_ c. K. .njm > ,
Room 3 , Opera Ilouso Hlock , Council Bluffs ,
Iowa ,
_ _
I ) . 3 , UujJUNDurw. u. u SIIWMUT ,
Pies. Vice Pro * .
CIIAS. n. HANNAH , Cashier.
Paid up Capital . SI5OOOO.OO
Surplus . 35,000.00
Liability to Dopoaltora..333OOO.OO
DlliKCTOits-I. A. Miller , I' . 0. Oloison. II. L ,
Slmeart , B. K. Hart , J. 1) . Kdundson , Clias. it.
lluunan , Transact { 'Ciieral banlclut ; buslneil
Laraetit capital and surplus ot uuy bank la
ftortlnvestera Iowa , Interest on time dtpoalU