Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 28, 1889, Page 4, Image 4

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E. ROSEWATHR , Editor.
TlBllr ami Sunday , Ono Year. . , . Jlfl Wl
Ktx iionths. . 600
llitTA Mnntim . , . 8M >
Snnday lite , Ono Year . , . . . 3 oo
Yrcrtly llco , Ono Ycnr with ITemlum. . . . a 00
Omntin , Hoe Hiilldln ? .
ailcni'oOmco.nrrHookcry niillillnff
New Vork. HogmB H ami 15 Tribune RulM-
nfv'ns1ilnttton. No. CIS fourteenth Street.
Council JIlnlTH , No. 13 1'carl Street.
Lincoln. 109 i sti oat , . _ , . . .
Bouth Omixlin , Corner N .and 20th Streets ,
All communlcntlon * rclntlng to ew ami cell-
torlM tiinttnr fcliould be ndUre-scd to the Kditor-
Ul Dupartincnt.
All business letter * nnil remittances should
JicndrtrcBfii'tltoaho llco I'libllnhlng Company.
Omnlin. Drnrin , checks nnilpostollico oniora to
lie nmUo payable to the order of the company ,
leBec Pnlsliiui Company , Proiirietors
Jinn HidldhiK 1'nnmm ami Seventeenth Streets.
J'ho tleo on the Trnlns.
There Isno excuse forafftllure. to got Vi
on tlio twin * . AHnowsuoulet-i liavo been notl-
lied to cnrry a full supply" . Travelers vno wnnt
THK lli-.K ami can't gt It on tralni where other
Oraahapapcrs nre carried are requested to no-
UfjrTiir. llmi.
Till ! DAIhV IJEK.
ftvorn. Stntnmcntof Circtilntlnn.
Stuto of Nebraska , ) , . ,
Cmmtr ot IhiuffloH. f " * . _ _
Ocorao II. Tzacmick. fccretnry ot The Hep
PublMiliii ; Company. U. > s solemnly Rwoar Hint
the actiiaUJiculatlon of Tin : DAILY CK forlho
wcet emlluti October Srt , ISSt. was as follows :
Simdny. Oct.3l . "
Monday. Oct.UI . i. .
. .
Thursday. Ocs. SI
many. Got. KJ !
Saturday , Oct. SO
Average . 18.O57
Btatonf Nebraska. I _
County otUottslas. ffcs'
Sworn to hoforu mo and subscribed to In my
presence tins SGtu day of October , A. J > . 1MW.
Notary 1'ubllc.
George II. T/sohuck. being duly sworn , deposes -
poses nnd eays that ho M secretary ot The lleo
Publishing company , that the actual nvcrapo
dally circulation ot TUB IHn.v Urn for the
inontli of October 1S.V , was l , f > Ki copies ; for
No\i > nibor , lust , IJi.WO copies ; for Jlecomber ,
38K8 , 1K.2S1 copies ; for January , I1) ) ? * . 1P.574 cop.
les ; for robruary. 1KHI > . IH.IKW copies : forSInrch.
1S81' , 1H.K54 copies : for April. HWt.18.Wfl copies ;
foi-Jfay. IH-H.lC.CO'Jcoplfs : for Juuo. 18RH. HNlH
copies ; fiir Jnly. IbHS ) . ls .7JS coplin ; tor Anrnnt ,
1KM' . 1H.U8I copies ; for September. ! . JH.71U
copies. OKORdK Ji. T/.SCIinCK.
Snoin to before me anil subscribed In my
preience this 1th day of October , A D. . ItW.
[ Seal. ] N. 1 . Pwr. .
COXSOMDATIOKH nnd nlliancoa nvo
the oriler ot the flay among the rnll-
rouda. -
Tun president's &tntohood proclama
tion awaits the uni'avclinsr of the Silver
Bow knot in Montana.
collisions , tliougli frequent ,
do not attract the attention they did n
few weeks ago. The public calmly
looks upon them as family jars.
SOMI : of the candidates foisted on the
public lor justices of the peace are not
on speaking \\Uhtliorudiinonts
I- I1 1 of law. Pick them out and keep thorn
$ in private life.
fa TJIK Union Pacific and ita ally are
greeted with a declaration of war Uo-
faI fore the trallic agreement is cold. It is
not unlikely that the disturbance will
I culminate in adivorce. .
secure the trilling reward of a clerkship
lor Jon all Wesley Tucker ncro a total
failure. The foghorn of the Miunoca-
dusa deserved a bettor fate.
SMARTING under the miserly in
difference of Now Yorkers , ono of the
Asters declares ho will plank down
twenty millions for the world's fair
rather than sco the city disgraced by
defeat. It is almost certain that Mr.
Aster's motion will carry.
I IT is possible that the supreme cour
will reach a decision on the constitu
tionality of the registration law before
election day , but voters should not rely
on the law being annulled. The safest
K plan is to register during the remain *
ing two days Thursday arid Friday.
PAST mail service between New York
and San Francisco via Omaha will
materially bonolit the business interests
of the west. By this action the post-
oflleo department places every city on
the great ovorlaud route on an equal
footing , and reduces by ton hours the
- time between the two oceans.
Tin : launching of the cruiser San
Franclfico at the city whoso name it
bcar.s id cheerful evidence not only of
I the growth of the American navy , but
of the ability of our ship builders to
compote successfully in material , workmanship - ,
manship and speed , with the o\d and
famous builders of Europe.
Foil beauty , perfection of equipment
and appointments , the Pan-American
excurblou train surpasses 'tho famous
"Golden Gate special , " which In its day
was considered the Omega of comfort
and luxury on wheels. Ingenuity can
Imrdly go further in catering to the
convenience of the traveling public.
IT i hoped the board of public works
will btick to the resolution to compel
contractors to veiny sidewalks torn up
by thorn. Property owners have lost
thousands of dollars through the rcck-
Icsaiicssof the contractors in destroying
walks , and the purpose of the board to
remedy this evil is an act of justice to
the people.
Ir THK republicans imagine they" can
Beouro mi advuitugo | by sustaining the
oumborbomo and inadequate registra
tion law , the returns will show their
mistake. There are just as many re
publicans ns democrats who will not go
to the trouble of registering. The law
will reduce the voting population of thu
city one-third , nnd make the election a
partial expression of the people's will.
IT is evident the Union Pacific and
Northwestern alliance will bo the object
of n combined attack from all opposition
rend * . The allied companies must cer
tainly h'avo counted on a prolonged wni
ns ono of the effects of the union , and
strengthened their fortlUcutions for the
sioga. The St. Paul , Hook Island nnd
Burlington officials announce their pur
pose to attack and break the ngrocmonl
at uny cost. What the result will bt
time will develop.
The xoltimo issued by the government
on trade nnd transportation between
the United States and Spanish Araorlcn
devotes considerable spnco to the pre
sentation of facts regarding the pay
ment of ship subsidies by other nations.
The purpose of this is obvious. There
Is to bo n vigorous effort made to obtain
nn expression from the international
congress favorable to a policy ot steam
ship sulwIdloB on the part ot this
government , nnd the argument
contained In the facts pre
sented is to prepare the public mind of
the country for such an expression by
the congress. It is qulto possible , ho'.v"-
ever , that it will bo shown that these
facts , as presented , are misleading , in
which cnso the argument they are in-
loaded to convoy would fall.
The assertion is broadly mndo in this
volume that all the commercial nations
of Europe nnd moat of the totin tries
of South nnd Central America
pay subsidies or bounties for the
encouragement of foreign com
merce , and figures nro given of
the amounts paid by each coun
try. For example , It Is stated that
England pays annually over four mil
lion dollars In subsidies , France nearly
seven millions , Italy thrco and a half
millions , nnd Germany over three
millions. But do UICBO governments
expend this money on the subsidy plan
which It is proposed the United States
shall adopt ? Take the cnso of England.
Consul General Now , n't London , has
furnished the stnto doput'tmont with a
report on British subsidies , and ho
states that that government does not
grant subsidies , in the conoral sonfco of
that term , to any steamship company.
The postofltco authorities make con
tracts for the conveyance of mails to
the ulfforcnt parts of the world with the
steamship companies having stcamors
Bailing to tlioso ports , nnd no payment
other than for tlio conveyance of malts
is specially made for maintaining com
munication between Great Britain nnd
Central ard South America and the
West Indies. Cdmpnnlos building largo
steamships nro granted some aid by
the government under contracts
that such vessels shall in time
of war bo called into the service of the
govcrnmontas war ships and transports
and even in such cases the aid given is
not largo. Consul Now reportsjthat the
amount paid for postolllco services for
18S8-80 was a fraction over throe mil
lion dollars , a compensation far from
o.xccbsivo for a service of such vast dis
tances and heavy proportions as the
British mail. And the statistics for
twenty years show the very suggestive
act that the charges for this service
ave boon steadily dimiuishtng , while
tlio amount of mail matter has neces
sarily been increased.
As to the other European countries ,
nd particularly Franco , their grants
ro doubtless more In the nature of sub-
idics , but thodo of Germany and Italy
ro not on a very largo soalo of gcnor-
isity , and their system is evidently not
n the tonnugo-and-nnloago plan which
t is proposed this government shall
\dopt. If they wore , three million dol-
ars would go but a short way in
ho annual payment of sub-
idics. But the subsidy advocates
have always cited the example of Eng-
nnd ns the ono to bo followed , and it is
isulllcient answer to them to show ,
upon the unquestionable authority of
Consul G'oncrnl Now , that the British
government docs not grant subsidies ,
but simply pays for its mail service ,
getting this done ns reasonably as pos-
iblo. And England has found this
policy , to which there can be no reason
able objection , suftlcicnt to enable her
Lo hold her own against thu countries
ivhich have attempted by nrtiljcial
[ irops to build up their mercantile ma-
Henry Villard signalizes his restora
tion to control of the Northern Pacific
tvith threats of war against the Mani
toba. It is given out in high olflcia'
quarters that the latter must bo hum
bled ( u spirit and forced to accept what
ever crumbs of commerce the Northern
choscs to give it. Viliard is troubled
with that domineering spirit which
illlictod the officials of the Union Pa-
cillc when that road had the monopoly
of the trallic between the Pacific coast
and Atlantic seaboard. IIo imagines
.that the northwest Is hisoxcluslvo terri
tory and proposes to enter upon the
hazardous task of crushing his chief
rival , represented by James Kill.
Villard 'a plan of reorganization hav
ing been nccoptcd by the stock holders ,
removes for the time being the financial
difllcullics which besot the company
and places about ton million dollars
cash in the treasury for the sinews of
war. This sum will not go very far if
the plan of campaign is carried-out on
tlio scale announced. The fact that the
now blanket mortgage on the Northern
is to run ono hundred years naturally
removes from the present management
the trouble of providing for the future.
Coming generations must take euro of
Some idea of the result of this policy
of retaliation can bo formed by a glance
at the condition of the contest
ants. The Northern Pacific is
stocked and bonded for over ono
hundred nnd twenty thousand dollars
lars a mllo. The Manitoba is ono of
the few roads in the country built as a
business investment. Its cost was not
inflated with watered stock and its in
debtedness is not greater than its
selling value to-day. It virtually
parallels the Northern Pacific through
Minnesota , Dakota and through
Montana to Butte City. It is closely
allied with the Canadian Pacific at
Winnipeg , with the Union Pacific at
Butte , nnd has extended southwest to
Sioux Falls , Dakota. In all but through
business it'is in position to successfully
compote with the Northern. The
moment Villard lots loose the dogs of
war , Jim Hill wllf undoubtedly extend
the Manitoba through Idaho and either
connect with the Oregon Short Line
at or near the Oregon boundary
or go through to the const. Hill's
credit is gilt edge because ho
has made railroad construction nnd operation -
oration u legitimate investment , not a
speculative venture , nnd his road can
carry traffic and earn money at rates
Hint jrould Inevitably banlcmpt Vlllard
nnd his backers if they attempted to
moot them ,
The contest between these corporate
giants will brine about n radical chanpro
in the railroad mnpsof the northwest.
The omission of Canada from the Pan-
American congress causes a fooling Of
uneasiness among the people of the
Dominion. The liberal clement especi
ally , as the tone ofiU _ press very clearly
Indicates , makes 'tho matter a cause
for offense against the government , and
voices a demand that Canada should bo
given the right to make commercial
treaties , since sbo Is allowed to
rogulnto her own tariff nnd hn-
pose duties even on English goods.
Tlioso liberal papers assort that the
Canadian people want freer trade with
the United States , nnd declare that it
the liberal party were In power it
would settle this matter by Insisting
upon the right of the Dominion to enter
into reciprocal trade relations with the
United States , nnd to that extent , at
least , becoming independent of Great
It is natural that the meeting- the
Pan-American congress should have
renewed public interest in Canada in
the discussion of reciprocal trade
with the United States. The
Canadians understand that if
a union of commercial interests ( mall bo
effected between the United States nnd
the countries of South and Central
America , Canada's position would bo
moro isolated than it now is , while
there miglit bo less inclination on the
part of this country to accede to trade
reciprocity with the Dominion. The
situation compels the Canadian people
to realize their dependence upon Eng
land , nad the effect is to irritate them.
The fact that their country Is
not a nation is so strongly em
phasised by the exclusion from
the international congress that nn un
easy fooling has boon developed which
finds expression in the demand fur
larger liberty ana independence of
It is to bo observed that in voicing
this feeling grcatronre is taken to avoid
tlio slightest intimation of disloyalty.
While the liberal papers declare that
the people ardently desire closer and
freer commercial relations with the
United States , they nro careful to
say that this cannot bo accom-
plibhod atthe cost of annexa
tion. There is no desire , so thcso
organs of liberal opinion would have it
understood , to become a territorial part
of the United States , but simply to iie
ouo with her in commercial intsrcsts.
A commercial union is quite possible
without any political connection , but
whenever Canada shall outer into the
former with the United States , which
undoubtedly in time sbo will , a begin
ning will have been made toward cither
annexation or independence. So far
aa the great majority of the people of
the United States are concoracd it can
safely bo said that they have no dr.sirc
for the former , but would heartily wel
come the latter. The time may not bo
far off when Canadian independence
will bo an nccouiulibhod fuct , and it is
probable that England would make no
very great oflort to prevent it.
Tins cntuiot properly bo regarded as
an "oft" year in Iowa politics , the fact
boiug that the far as state
ntercsts are concerned , is as important
ns that of any year. The people are to
elect a governor and other state officers
and a legislature , which will cheese a
United States senator , besides which
the most important county officers are
to bo elected. Thus , not only the people
of the state at largo , but
each separate community has an
ntercst in the election. Every
thing that can concern the people
politically , and with reference to the
general and local administration of af
fairs , is involved in the election of this
year , so that there is every reason why
popular interest in the campaign should
bostionj'and earnest , and doubtless
such is the casealthough the campaign
has not boon so active and exciting as
in some former years. It is emphat
ically an Iowa year , in which the people
ple will vote directly upon Iowa inter
ests , and the importance of the election
ought to induce every citi/cn to do his
part in determining the result.
Or the live seats in the British par
liament contested for during October ,
the homo rulora captured throe out of
live , a clear gain of ono. This makes
eighteen seats recovered by the liberal
party since the general election in
ISfiU , against three by the lories , n gain
of fifteen. Those facts are moro potent
than the weather vane opinions of for
eign correspondents in showing the
unmistakable drift of English public
opinion toward the restoration of Glad
stone to power.
HAVINCI made a few trilling conces
sions to his striking employes in the Il
linois coal mines , ex-Con crcbBinan
Scott now demands that they sign Iron
clad contracts , which the men refuse to
do. Scott will bo remembered us the
mouthpiece of Cleveland who foamed
and finned wlion his pretended friend
ship for the working classes was ques
tioned in congress. His recent carooi
shows him to bo the Janus ot democ
racy in publlo speech a friend of labor
In practice a grasping monopolist with
out conscience or humanity.
ANOTHKII important move in western
railroading is reported. It is no less
than u third broad gauge line between
Denver and Ogden , backed by the Cen
tral Pacific. By building sixty-live
miles of road to connect the Colorado
Midland with the Rio Grande Junction
and Hio Grande Weptorn trucks a
through line is made. This will develop
into n strong competitor of the Union
Pacific for Pacific coast business
through nn alliance with the Burling
ton enst of Danvor ,
Tin : surplus continues to grow , It Is
now , in round numbers , forty-six million
dollars , and will doubtless have passed
the fifty million point by the time congress -
gross assembles , The treasury has pur
chased sufficient bonds to provide for
the sluicing fund , and future purchase :
will have reference solely to kooplnj ]
down the surplus ns much as possible.
But althminh the offerings for sovortxl
weeks hnjyq been liberal the surplus Ima
steadily gnlqcd , The .argument which
this situation will present to congress
ought not'fo'bo without effect.
THE ntjKilc of the political trade-
unionists &h George Holmrod 1ms
fallen flnt , ' The Qlgnr Makers' union
vigorously rppuillatcs the notion of nn
alleged racimbcr who outraged truth
nnd decon' i1' ' in slnmlorlnR nn honest
nnd consl tciit frlctul of worldngmon.
Aw * the ondorsomonls which Mr.
Snyder can purchiiso , from l'at Ford to
the podillord of worklngiuon's voles ,
cannot alter the fact that ho is not com
petent'to mnnugothu llnancial interests
of Douglas county.
Tlio Orecnonok Hcmlnlcconcc.
The Rrconbiiclt party . .scorou uncomfortably
nmall for a pnrty , nnd yet not small enough
fora base ball nine.
Ily Nature.
The discovery of nuturol KM in South Da
kota indicates that the elements Imvo comate
to the relief of the land boomcis , who realty
must bo Rcttlus tired.
Colonel Smith's mission.
. .
1'orhajw Dr. llnrrhon sends Cotonol Smith
to Canada to charm the Canadian ladles
Into favorlnff annexation. OIIPO the ladles
are won over to a causa It begins to prosper.
Ocn n a Ijitcrnry Keller.
Rt. Jxniht JVw - Jjmfri. / / .
Ucn Uutler's jiroDosca volume of personal
rcmlulscunrca will undoubtedly bo Interesting -
ing , but how will ho classify it ! "Will It bo
issued ns an historical romance or fiction
suggested by factq ]
Imminently I'roper.
The motto ol Kn Nupopa Kioto , an es
teemed contemporary printed at Honolulu ,
Hawaiian Islands , Is "K Ito Klull Ueah ho
Ita po ? E ola o Hawaii a mau Ion ! " This
atrlkci us as bcl K about the right till up- . ,
Tim JtrrntliMcnn Tlirory.
jAViC I'm / . TifliHU' ' .
Ita \ still the republican theory , ns it wiis
In IbCO , that the decision of the people muRt ,
ho respected nnrt obeyed , because In no
other way can self-government bo mndo a
success : In no other way can the Interests of
iho people bo served nnd the wisdom of their
wUhos tested by experience.
IlliiridiM- : > < > i > ninndcr.
nninlfliilila llmtt.
Senator iMumlerson committed a grovious
( hinder when he received n rcratmir of his
icnsion with over * 1,000 , arrears without the
.einblance . of coluplinnce with the laws , and
iu now ntmy | \ 'makes ' the blunder more iin-
> o-lii by hU awkward blander In atloinpt-
ii p to justify hbVaccoptance of u notoriously
.iwlcss pension ,
Secret , nivmc in Colorado.
. ' 'Dcnnr Ifenv.
Colorado U ono of the states wherein the
secret divorce' ' nourishes. Hundreds ot
.hem are RrmijuJ In Arapahoe county silono
each year. Instpad of seeking to stem the
lood , the legislature every session increases
ts volnnie , until the "secret divorce" In
Colorado mtty now bo said to have assumed
he dimensions of a torrent.
In I'liilnUclplila Society.
Hiiftmi Herald.
There are a Rood mnn.v ways to secure
social recognition. The Pniladelnhia papers
tell of a new comer to that city who has
rented pews iu tlireo fashionable churches
thure in onlor to { jet into society. The wor
ship o God miij1 do him some good in Phila
delphia , bnt ho nmsn't forpet the reverence
that is duo the Uiddlcs also , if hu is socially
The Olory < > r n Froe.CYmntry.
The ranks of capitalists are constantly re
cruited from those of energetic , iailustrious
ami enterprising men who , by bhccr force of
character , aehiovo success in spite of circum
stances , and from wuKOWorkers become em
ployers and millionaires. Saeh men arc the
bulwark of the state , and their carrccrs are
a grand illustration of the possibilities open
to every youny American ; for if it may not
bo granted to all to succeed in the samu
large degree , the fact that all may enter the
race and achieve as much success as ho is
capable of , is atill the best feature oC true
liberty and the crowning Rlory of American
Nebraska .Tnttiimt ) .
A flno church is to bo erected by the Chris-
tmnsof Duweoso.
Hico II , Eaton has received his commission
as postmaster aiKearney. .
TUo musicians of Gothenburg are attempt-
me to rcorgani/c their band.
The elevator at HlcKiuan has boon moved
from the U. < Si M. to the Missouri Vaeiiic
The art club of Alaia KUVO an exhibition
last week at which over 150 pictures were
The T > mwood jail was wiped out of exis
tence ) the other night by a llro started by an
Thirty bulldlnc * have been ereetnd In
Cozad since lust March , at an uvcrago cost
of 51 , .100 each.
W. II. Covle , a Hastings butcher , has sud
denly left the city ana a number of bis cred
itors are in mourning.
Fillmoru county farmers have Increased
their aci-ojga of fall wheat this year , and
much of U is up und in splendid condition.
The colored people of Hustings have or-
eani/ou tho. Hastings Literary und Debating
club fur social enjoyment and mutual im
provement in the study of literature and the
do bat u of sclentifld questions.
Wliilo rummaging In the cell of Jacob
Shields , conllnod In the .Lincoln county jail
for obtaining money under falsa pretense * .
nn onlcor discovered two Juclc-knlvoB with
saw blades , nnd. found that several bar ol
tlio cage hud been iicarly sawed in two ,
Mr. J. H. Miller has raised ns many , It not
moro applet this year than uny other farmer
in the county , wiVF the Springtlold Monitor.
having In the neighborhood of two thousand
bushels. Ho has already sold about one
thousand husncla. at an average of10 cotitt
per bushel , ancj , has made V-'OO , gallons ol
cider. ,
The Broken fjow , Republican reports that
a ton-ycnr-olu ou.of u man named Yoakura.
living on the -Journal river , who was triad
two years ago w fho murder of oca Down
ing and uciiulltoa , shot and killed his ono-
ycur-cid sister rthri other day. No one was
near at the time arid the boy positively re
fused to say a word about the dood.
William 8. Uobcrta.who is a cripplo.taught
school la the country north of Kearney and
at tlio sarao time won tlio heart of Miss Mln-
n lo Hears , iho result being an engagement.
The llcklo Minnie afterwards chungod hot
minil and married another man. for this
breach of proiniho Huberts brought nction iu
the court und obtained a Judgment for dam-
agOB in the sum of JJ.OOO , but as Minnie la
wealthy In affection only it la probable that
Mr. Roberts will bo compelled to continue
school touching for a livelihood.
IdWU ItBlllV.
A Davenport liorsolms just recovered froc
an attack of diphtheria.
The now { 0.000 Methodist church at Woo J'
bine was dedicated Sunday.
Formers In the vicinity of Dunlap are or
gaulzlng a stock company to start a cream
cry.Two colta bclonslai : to a Woahlogton
'Armor wore struck by ItRhtnlnt } and killed
nst week.
For stealing a cow A. S. KIrtley. of Clhv
on , will * pcnd two years behind the bars at
Cedar Falls nnd Waterloo will bo connected
jy electric railway ns soon sw the work can
A fcinnlo horscthtcf wltli an'antmal stolen
t Rock Inland is driving through the stnto
rjltif ; to elude pursuingofllcors. .
Rov. J. Gomor , a colored missionary , lifts
returned to Ins homo In Cedar Itaplds nftor
ovontoon'Joars of nctlvo work in Africa ,
It is estimated that there are fifteen to
Ightoon hundred blind people in the stato.
vcr thrco hundred of whom are above school
Peter Mulr was dragged through the
trceU of Akron by a frisky calf which
U.nplml him up in tlio rope by which ho was
'ending it.
Cnltlo near Marcus nro afflicted with a po-
tilinr disease which manifests itself by n
.welling . oC the e.ves , und in a very short tiino
ho animal becomes totally blind.
U'ntcr is being shipped from tbo Storm
nlio mineral spring to all parts of the ctato
tnd oven so far as Pennsylvania. .It is said
o bo especially adapted to klduey and liver
Solomon O , Goo was sentenced to six
nonths In the penitentiary by the district
: ourt at ICoosatiqun for adultery. * His wife
made the complaint ugalnst him , but after-
ivnrds repented oml begged the judge to bo
cnlcnt with lilm.
'J In Two Dnkotns.
Knitting works are soon to bo started nt
A board of' trade Is to bo organised at
A variety theater has beoa opened at
. 'icrro.
The inmntos of the Plnnklnton reform
chool are to publish a paper.
A line colt belonging ton farmer two tnllos
rein Huron was killed by a wolf recently.
The South Dakota Publishing- company
has been organized with headquarters at
The winter uicctlnc ; of the South Dakota
lorticultural society will bo hold n t-Mitdtson
December IS and 10.
A. L. McLoan , whlto on a spree at Hill
ity , drank carbolic acid in mistake for
, vuky ! and died in terrible agony.
A nlno-yonr-olrt girl of Sminp I ako town
ship , Kincrsbury county , plowed eighty acres
of lund this full with u three-hoi-ao sulky
) low.
Seven revolvers and two bottles of whisky
ivei o recovered from seven pupils in the
Sioux Falls school as a icsult of a search by
" .holr teacher.
An Indian wedding took place at the Fort
Hennctt agency Sunday , Rov. George Pay-
Pay lending to thu ultar a beauteous Indian
inaldcn uamod Hampton.
The annual meeting of tlio Territorial
F : r ners' alhanco will bo bold at Aberdeen
Kovunbcrll. This will bo the last mooi
ng of the members in both Dakotas , and im
portant business as to the future of tbo or
ganization will , bo discussed.
Two epicurean red men , passing through
'antnlia ' the o'hor day. xvora afforded the
requisite fora banquet by the town marshal.
Tlio marshal had just onilcd the career of a
superfluous dog , which the children of the
prairie dressed , cooked and Mowed away in
their "innards" before an admiring Castuliau
The plan of the South Dakota prohlbs Is to
enroll all the piohlbltionlsts of the state
men. women and children as members of
the league , ! charging 91 for adults nnd 25
cents for children per year. Life member
ship , $10. The league pioposes in this way
and by donations to create a fund of not loss
than § 50,00. ) and possibly $100,000 , which
will bo used in aiding the enforcement of the
prohibition law.
A New Sourui of Wealth Opened in
the North.
The United States revenue cutter Rush ,
which recently urrivod here from Bchrlng
sea , placed in the warehouses of the Alaska
Commercial company at 'Oonalaska 2,400
seulsldns taken durius the cruise from six
different contraband sealers overhauled In
Hehrlng sea , writes n Sitka , Alaska , corre
spondent of the Now York Times. Some of
thcso vessels carried American colors and
others were British vessels , the Black Diamond
mend among the rest , which tnarto its escape
with her prize master , John Hankmson. The
Bealsiuns , after being deposited in the ware
house at Oonuluska , were receipted for by
the deputy United States muishal at that
point and they will remain , there until next
In the meantime they have Dean lloelod in
si * different lots of parcels for condemna
tion in the dintrlct court , and unless the own
ers of the sulns put in claims thorefor they
will bo ordered to be sold at public salo. In
the seizure of vessels and scalskihs iu 1SS7 ,
a scandal arose out of the ordering of the
skins to bo sold here , and a suit Is now pend
ing by the United States against a former
deputy collector of customs for several thou
sand collars alleged to have been received
by him in a corrupt combination and con
spiracy , which resulted in having an order
made for the sale of the seizures hero , and
competition prevented. The evidence clearly
shows that ono cheek of $1,100 was paid to
him in furtherance of tlio conspiracy by cer
tain Bpeculatoib of Victoria , who arc beyond
tlio jurisdiction of the courts of the United
.States. In tlio disposition of the seizures of
IbS'J the court will .endeavor to prevent , a
repetition of a scandalous combination such
as existed hero in the case of the seizure of
issr.Tbatyear about one-third of the seizures
were sold under the order of the court , in
b'an Francisco , nnd tlio government got u
fair market price for tbo suius. The order
of the court in t'no case of thosei/ures of 185'J
will be that the skins be sold iu San Fnm-
cisco at publiu auction , This can not t.ilto
place until next year some time , because the
last steamer lo Oonalosua for the scasoa luis
gbac , and the authoiities hoi a will have to
wait until the Hi st steamers can go in there
next year and bring them out.
No'no of tlio sealsKins taken in this contra
band trudo cquul in market value thosn
taken on the Seal islands. 'In the latter CU.HO
the animals nro driven oft from the rookeries
to the killing grounds , where they lire dis
patched with clubs , and In that way no
injury is douo to tlio pelt , \vhile , on the other
hand , all the skins tatfcn l > y contraband/icul-
ors ; or oven by the natives ulong the coast of
Alaska , nio captured in th water by killing
the animals with shot-guns , rides und ar
rows , nnd often by small bombs or hand
grenades. The method in killing thu animals
impairs the value of the poll as compared
with the market value of eluas taken b'y tlio
Alaska Commercial company on the Seal
Many pup sealskins are Included In the in
ventories of those captured trotn contraband
sealers. As there is no opportunity for selection -
lection in contraband sealing , many of the
ulUns are inferior in ( ur ,
Some important coal discoveries have
been mndo during this summer's cruise , of
thu Rush , A largo deposit of excellent coal
has been found on the north side of Unga
island , ono oC thu Shumigun group. This
discovery was mndo through private enter
prise , und the orlilnnl prospector has been
nil summer with thrco men developing the
mine. Tha vein indicates a thickness often
foot , and the coal , us tested , discloses an ex
cellent iiuallty of steam coal. A largo body
of llgnito was discovered on ono of tlio
neighboring Islands of tlio sumo group , but
its value is greatly impaired for steam coal
by the fact , that It is so saturated with water
Urn' , it can not bo used to any great advan
tage until thoroughly dried after being
niinoJ , At Unga island , however , the coal
is of great valuo. The discovery is about
a mlle inland from the Hchrlug sea side
of the island. To reach a water front
on the other nldoof the island will require
u tramway about twelve miles long , which
wiH not be dinicult to construct. The approaches
preaches of Unga Jsland on the Hehring Sea
sldo are exceedingly dinicult uud perilous
to navigation.
Capital bus been enlisted for the construc
tion of the necessary tramway ta got the
coul to the , and when that enterprise Is
f My inaugurated it will bo of great bcuellt
to the entire Paclllo count states. Naval nnl
cera report the quality of the coal as equal to
that ot the Wellington mlncH or Vaucouvei
Inland , now unoa by all steam vuisoU , public
nnd private , from Puget Sound to Hchnng
Sea. Tlio Alaska Commercial company alone
cousuuies thousands of tons of Wellington
coal In Its t > wn fleet of ships nnd ftt Its nu-
ncrotifi trading ixirts to the westward of
SltkA , besides bringing hundreds of tons for
.ho nso of the naval vessels and revenue cut
ters in those waters.
The butcroppino- good coal nt Cook's
nlot Is so extensive tmU tlio crow of the
Jnltcil States stcnmahlp Thetis last Septom-
) or , when the vrssol w on her way hero
'rnm the Atctlo ocean , went nshoro nnd
mined and put abroad sixty i tons from tlio
surface on the beach , nnd used it on the wny
lown for ntcmu with most excellent results.
AflcrthoTlictlspot liero the \vrltcr used
about 1mlf n ton ot tbo Kamo coal In an open
rrnto for warming purposes ami found it
equal to the best I'lttsburg for open gnito
The post two-years'explorations in tbo
Mlpposod coal fields of Western Alaska Imvo
demonstrated thnt the territory presents it
low nnd inoxhatiRtlblo source of wealth
n Its coal fields. There , is ovary indication
.hat UiOt coal can bo easily mined.
This is tlio unvarying statement of every
terson who has had the moans of
personal observation. The Times' corre-
ipoudcnt has conversed with many imval ,
rcvcnno nnd other onicora nnd intelligent and
emulous persons , who have been on the
round nnd made careful estimates. Well-
ngton coal brought to .Tuncau nnd Sttkn fern
n year has cost , nt the lowest possible price ,
fM and $15 per ton. In August , nnd Septem
ber of 1SSS the satno coal sold In San Fran.
Cisco for (25 per ton. Owing to the proxltn-
ty of the discovered coal fluids of western
Alnska to tlio boich : land transportation will
10 a minor Item In their development. The
'abor cost will bo no more than that of the
nest favored mines in the states. The ton-
loncy is constantly to keep down ocean
freights where there Is fair competition ,
which will certainly bo nu clement In the
transportation of coal from the Holds of
western Alaska.
Tlio supply seems Illimitable , the consump
tion will rapidly Increase and the busiuess of
.ts transportation to California , Oregon , nnd
Washington will become enormous. With
ocean trnnsportlon , it Is not wide of the
nark to say that this western Alaska coal
From Cook's Inlet , nnd Uuga Island , uud
from Other sources , along the coast , will ro-
luce thn prlco to the Pacltlo states hilly ono-
wlf Us present cost , The material clement
n tlio present high price of coal In southeast
ern Alaska is in the monopoly of transporta
tion wuich the Paclllo Coast Steamship com
pany lias in the entire carrying IraOo in the
waters of the Alexandrian nrchipolngo. The
development of the industries of southeast
ern Alaska is becoming so great
.hat ono 'of two tilings must occur
either n material reduction in the
rates of frulcht or comi > ctition will set
in. Already ono new company has entered
: lie field for the freight trallic , by means of a
Rtcumor of 300 tons , trading from Seattle and
Tacou.u to Juneau and Sitka and Interme
diate Mints.
Close of the California Klornl So
ciety's ISxtiibhinn.
Six Fnvxcisco , Oet , 20. ( Special Tele
gram to TUB Unc.1 The California state
floral society has just closed a very success
ful exhibition , in this city. In the collection
shown wcro sqinc of the rarest plants known
Lo florists In any part of the world. Most of
thcso plants had been cultivated under glass.
It was too caily In the season to show
tbo natural llowcrs of California. The
long dry season had just closed
and the wet ono has just
sot in , but had mada very few
llowers in the oucu nir available tor public
exhibitions. But there was such wealth
and glory of chrysanthemums us had never
been seen hero before. A few of these
probably were forced under glass. But this
hardy plantdoos not require nny such stimu
lant. The Japanese have brought their nut
ural flower to this coast , and they have
shown the florists hero what can bo done
with them.
The light between Jack Delanev and
Jimmy Murphy , at the Occidental
club lust evening , wns most sensational. The
ordinary patron of urbe fights has became
so accustomed of late to forty and sixty-
round contests , lasting till the early hours of
morning , that a rattling good light at quick
paces does his heart good. The Murnhy-
Uelaney mill was all that the lever of n hot
contest could desire. Not only that , but it
has brought Jlmihy Murphy , a now man. to
the front , There can be no aoubt that , after
witnessing last night's contest , aomoof the
otber clubs will wish to match him against
some leading lighter of his class.
J. Trirstuil arrived from Melbourne ) this
morning with u stable of sit thorough bred
horses. Their names and weights are ns
follows : Bismarck , six yeara old , 2,800
pounds ; Brown. Ben , six i curs , 2,000 ; Boss ,
three years , 2.00J ; Young Malcolm , live
years , 1,800 , anil Rose ( also Clydesdale ) , six
years , 1,800. Triestall reports them in the
best of condition after their long voyage.
By the time the rival cliques get through
with their disputes over' the Sutro tunnel
there will not bo much left for outsldo
shareholders. The mining companies will
not bo losers pending a settlement , the sav
ing in royalty. to Con California
and Tircmla ulono amounting to
nearly J150.000 per annum. The
tnoit probable result will bo u surrender of
the company's property to the Comstock
corporations , which should have owned it
long ago. There have been too many axes to
grind Iu the management for a long time past.
R. E. I'ineo , of Urn , Ceylou.arrived to-day
on an Australian steamer. With him were
two servants , man nnd wife , natives of India ,
bnt wno cama from Ceylon. They uro of n
durk complexion , nnd the woman is probably
the first of her race that has ever
como to Amencn. She attracted great at
tention , owing to the fuct thnt a ring is
fastened to her nose , and which cannot be
rcmovea. It is the custom of her puoplo to
wear such ornaments. The unman and man
woio notdre-ised in their uativa garbs , as
the weather was too cold. After remaining
a few days Mr.Rinco will visit Washington
and then RO to New York. His peculiar
servants attracted considerable attention
about the Palacu hotel. The husband and
wife speak the Slngalos language , nnd us
their master speaks it fluently , tticra Is no
troublu for him in understanding their wants.
Three years ago there were about fifteen
car loads of California fruit sent to Now
York. Last year there were eighty car loads
of California fruit handled in Now York.
This year the total shipment to tlio eastern
market will bo about two hundred car loads.
The California people are naturally de
lighted with this rapid dovelopmnntof u noiv
market for their product , und are hurrying
forward ull they can this your and making
I'rcat preparations for next season. Not less
than f > 00 car loads is the estimated shipment
next year.
There Is an impression among the people
of California that the Chinese merchants of
this city are in favor of landing the Chinese.
This is a mistake. The evils of Chinese im
migration resulting In the ) passing of the ro-
Blnctlon laws has ruined business. Largo
arrivals within the past few years of Chincso
at this port has overstocked the labor mar
kets. Hundreds of them are Idle. The
mines have become exhausted and the
Hvo other industries uro now conducted
with white labor. Tlieso facts tmvo been
laid before the Chinese government by thu
merchants of Iho city through the Chincan
minister , and have caused the government
to sco some means of remedying the ovil.
The greater portion of the Clunoso who have
COMIO to this country have become thoroughly
acquainted with its principal industries , and
with this fact in vle\v , the Clilnesu govern-
in opt proposes to erect largo manufacturing
estubllHlnm-nt . open up new industries ,
promote those already established , construct
inilroads , and In fact back syndicates in all
enterprising schemes. Within the next
twenty years thuro will bo an entire change
in the present customs of China , which thu
government Is beginning to realize are a de
triment to its progress , This is the only
mo-ins by whicu-Chlna can protect the inter
ests ot its merchants nbread and maintain
its relations with foreign government.
A Nn\v Jjtimp.
M , ITonrl Plopor , of Llcgc , 1ms just
invented a now incundencont lump of
very simple conHtructlun. It cuiibluts of
two horizontal rods of copper , placed
nbuut four millimetres npart. A thin
pointed rod of carbon , placed vertically ,
roBts on tlio copper rods nnd forma n
bridge between them. The current
pisses : between the copper rods through
the carbon , which it renders incandes
cent. The copper rods nro mounted on
springs , which cause them to rise
slightly when the ciirbon is totally con
sumed , anil brhig them against two
contact plucoH , thus pro venting the rup
ture of the circuit.
"I Quoss I'll CJo to Sloop , " the Lnst
Words Ho Spoko.
AtSlttoen ft Solillcr , A fU-nvct IMnJor
nt Nineteen After Mnny Battle *
Airncl Hinltcn Him lit the
Alldat of I'cnco.
LINCOLN BrittuM OP Tun OMAHA I3r.n , 1 J '
1029 P STIIKBT ,
LINCOLN , Nob. , Oct. > 27.1 :
Guy A. Urown Is dead ,
At "i o'clock this morning , while lying on
the nofiv apparently tus wnll ns ho had been
nt nny ttmo during the past wcok , ho re
marked to hl wife i r-fe.
"I guess I'll RO to sleep.1' ' . "
These were the last words that over foil
from his lips.
At 0:00 : bis pulsohnd censed to beat , The
sleep ho ontorcoj upon nt thnt hour proved to
bo the sloop that knows no waking. His
dcntli , therefore , wns calm nnd peaceful.
Friends who hovered nciir were uncon
scious that the end to his eventful life had
Had he lived , In tlio month of December ho
would have boon , forty-turoo years of ngo.
At sixteen ho enlisted In the Twenty-sec
end New York light battery , which subso -
quontly wns consolidated with the Ono Hun
dred nnd Thirty-eighth , anil together formed
the Ninth Now York artillery. Althouch
but n boy , ho soon ranked ns sergeant mnor ,
rlftlnff In order becauseof hla meritorious
service to ml ] u Unit , captain , und at the ago
of nineteen to brorot-maor. ] Ho partici
pated in nil of the campaigns on the
Potomac , from tbo Wilderness to the close of
the war , except when his regiment was with
Sheridan In the Shcnandoah valley. Thus
it can bo scon ho RUVO his country dis
tinguished service during the dark years of
tbo urent rebellion.
Ho removed from Now Yorli to tnls state
In 180" nnd located at Nebraska City , and n
year Inter wns elected cleric of the district
court of Otoo county. In 1S < > 9 ho was ap
pointed clerK of the supreme court , a po
sition lie hold until death.
For years ho was clerk , reporter and state
librarian. la 1STT1 ho was elected executive
clerk of ttio house ot representatives of the
stuto legislature , nnd In 1375 ho .served as
chlof clerk of the constitutional convention.
For several years past ho has been on tlio
decline. Two yours ngo no wont to Colorado
rado , hoping to regnln his health. But it
availed him nothing unless to postpone the
hour of dissolution. Ho returned homo two
or thrco months ngo only to await the ond.
Ho was nu active member of tlio Episcopal
church and gave liberally of his means and
talents fur Its support aud mntutalmmco
hero nnd clsowhoro.
Ho leaves a wife nnd three children to
mourn his death. n
His funeral will tnko plncc from his Into
residence , OTl South Twenty-seventh street ,
on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Ilo tile to 1 rusts.
The farmers of Lancaster county , who
met ntlJohnnnn's hull yesterday afternoon
In adjourned convention , for the purpose of
downing- dressed beef shipments into this
market , especially , passed the following
resolution :
Whereas , Wo believe that all trusts are
detrimental to the best interests of the
masses of the people In general nnd to the
poorer classes in particular , In that they in-
lianco tbo price of the product to the con
sumer and reduce the price to the producer ,
thereby iiitcrferlncrwith the regular and
natural taws of trade , therefore , ba it
Resolved , That any and every combination
of capital , whoso design and result is to con
trol tnc prices , both to the trust company
nnd the consumer , Is criminal in its object
nnd should be BO con iderod ami treated by
the law making cower , and that : vo nro in
laver ot a statute so defining it and punish
ing ull persons so engaged iu their formation
or conducting iho sumo.
J. A. Crnddock , president of the Union
Labor organization , introduced the follow
ing :
Resolved , Thnt we , the farmers of Lan
caster county , demand the state legislature
nnd the congress of the United States to
make n statute to the laws by which it shall
bo criminal for any person to offer anything
for sale without having the same in his pos
City K WH nnd Notts' ) .
J. W. Johnson , editor of the Sutton Ad
vertiser , spent Sunday In the city.
Mrs. Helen M. Gouger hold forth at the
TMrst Christian church this evening on the
subject of prohibition.
The two Houston chemical engines of tlio
lire department have arrived. Ono wn
placed in the Central house and the other in
the F street honso.
The corner stone of the Y. M. C. A. build
ing will bo laul to-morrow afternoon. Rich
ard C. Morse , general secretary of the Inter
national committee , will out on the square. "
The young men expect a largo attendance.
Even Ames , of North Adams , Mass. , is the
guest of his sister. Mrs. A.V. . Fields. It is
learned that Mr. Ames nnd family will make
this city their home in the near future
Bishop Bonacuin is In Omaha giving con
firmation in thu diocese of the metropolis.
Ho will return homo to-morrow afternoon ,
The regular meeting of Farrngut post wns
of unusual intoiest last night. Muster ser
vices commenced nt T o'clock. Hon. J. B.
Strode was the orator of the evening. His
subject was "The Defense of Altoonu Pass. "
The W. R. C. met yesterday afternoon at
3 o'clock. Mrs. Molllo B. Cook presided.
Thirty-eight members of the society were In
attendance. Mrs. Dr. Woadn , of Dennisoii ,
Iu. . was president. She will toll the story
of her escape from the south during the war
ut the Y. M. C. A. rooms Tuesday evening.
Tbo Lincoln Gun club baa arranged for a
grand tournament to bo held ut tlio fair
grounds November 2S and 20. It will bo
styled the first annual tournament , and the
contests will lie open to nil comers. There
will bo n number of prlros , nnd it Is given
out that no combinatlonx will bo allowed be *
twecn any of the nhootcrs. All matches will
bo governed by the American Shooting As
sociation's rules.
The Onclii of "Too Xliln. "
A. II. Stephens , of Georgia , while a
member of congress in 1870 , originated
tlio phrnso "toothin" ( according to the
PlUsburgDisputuh ) . "Mr. Speaker , "
ho said ' 'the '
, pontloman'8 arguments
are gratuitous assertions made up of
whole cloth. And cloth , sir. so gtiu/.y
anil thin that it will not hold water. It
is entirely too thin. nlr. " _
A Word About GaianJi ,
"Jt 1 * Iho mucous nuimbrant * . that wonderful
ft'inl-Ilald cnvelonesurrnimcllUK tlio dollrato tig-
siiosof the nlrniul food pnsitKOc , that C'ntnriii
mukrs Ita atrongnohl. Unco csUhllaljtd , It oats
Into the \ cry vitals , und renders llfo but u long-
diann brcntliof misery. iiml illm-anf , dalllnu tlio
hcnto ot hcurlng. triinimoJlni ; the pouur of
HI cecli , iluptroylnsrthu l.iuilty of mnnll , tainting
tlio biuath , IIIKI killing tlio i ciilwd plenum ) , a of
tusle , Inalilloiisly. by crri-plm * on from u elm.
plu rolillu tuo head. It iiKbuultH thu membran
ous lining nn uuvulopoi lliu bencH , oiitlnjj
through thu ilollcnlocoatH and rnuMlng Inlliuii
million. mouKiiliiK anil ( loath. Nothing Hhort of
loinUT.iilUntlon lll hncuro health to tlio pa-
Hunt , und ull iillovliillvca are Hlmiily iirocrutnn-
uled BtiirprliiB. lout ) I w to a fatal termination.
HANKOIIO'H ICAUHMI , CIWK. \ > y 1/ih'iliillnn / ' anil
liy Intrinnl uumlnmtratlnn , has never failed ;
oven whin tee dlicubu IIUH frluhtful In-
ro ids on dollcutu roiibtltiitloiiH. Jii-uiln . smelt
nndtuHto have boon rexiiero.1 , ami the dUvauu
tlioiuughly ilrlvun out. "
bANiunn's 1 1 AUK j A i. f'in consists of onn bnt-
tloot Hit ) n.uuiMi , ( ; uiti : , one box I'AT.UIIIIIAI ,
HOI.VBNT , and ono fiti'iimim
wrapped In cue pnckuno , with full direction * ;
price , i.uu. yintKH uitua /'HKMICAI.COH. .
I'OiiA-rio.s , HoMon ,
blmrn Achej , Dull Pnliix ,
and Wciilciicim. itKi.uivuii IN ONI :
iiiM'Ti : by iho CI'TICUIIA AXTI I'AIK
1'f.wnc. A perfect loitiUotutopiiln
Inflammation , und wcutnenH. The III st und only
pain-killing plntitur. liniiuiitaiicoim , Infallible.
A < kiiuwlodgcd by ilrugulMu und physi
cians lo lie the l > ckt rot propitml. At uU .
Kims.ZuiwtH ; flvu fortl.ul ; or. itoatHK" fn > f ,