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Born , Oct. 17 , a son , to Mr. nnd Mrs.
T. J. Tignn , No. 12022 Ilitrnoy street ,
Omahti , Nob.
The Danish Land nnd Building nsso-
clntlon 1ms filed amendments to its nr-
tlcles which places the capital stock nt
50,000 nnd shares at $5.
The incotlnp ot Irish .republicans
advertised for last night hus boon post
poned indellnitoly. The nnnouncomont
will bo raudo In the newspapers.
Phillip Andres , president of the
Omnlm Turn voroin , luis tfono to No-
brnsUn , Cltv to orfrnnizo u Turn society ,
which will bo added to the Btnto nsso-
Tlio first concert in the members'
corn-so of the Y. M. C. A. will bo given
next Monday. The programme will
consist of selected readings by Miss A.
Rfimsoy , late of Toronto , Can. ; mandolin
eolos with guitar accompaniment by
Prof. Sutorius nnd Mr. Woldnor , and
BODY'S by Mi1. Jay Northrup , with piano
nozuinpanimont by Miss Jcsslo Johns.
A meeting of the reception committee -
too of the delegateof the international
congress has been called to incot at the
oilico of the bccrolary of the
board of trade on Tuesday next at 2 p.
m. The names of J. L. McCngue , Major
John McUlintock , C. F. Goodman nnd
James Stcphonson luivo been added to
the committee.
C. II. Paul , of Hastings , Is at the Murray.
II. Hull , of Chicago , Is at the Merchants.
J. H. Wobator , of Lincoln , is nt the Pax-
J. W. Price , of Fairmount , Is at the Pox-
V. C. Shlckloy , of Geneva , is nt the Pax-
Murls Palmer , of Schuyler , is nt the Pax-
J. Ttiscoe , of Fremont , Is n guest at the
J. 1C. Finch , oC Washington , D. C. , Is at the
Casey. ,
J. W. Porterficld , of Detroit , is nt the
Casey ,
J. It Bennett , of Lincoln , is nt the Mer
J. G. White , of Kearney , is a guest at the
Pax ton.
F. P. Ireland , of Nebraska City , Is at the
W. 1 { . Sapp , of Wllcox , Is stopping at the
Miss Louise Lopin , of Hastings , Is at the
George P. Dcnman , of Chicago , is at the
M. H. Davcy , of Lincoln , Is a guest at the
A. D. lloblnson , of Ord , Is registered nt
the Casey.
C. a. Kelsey , of 13attlo Crook , is at the
E. A. Wulkdon , of Kansas City , is at the
David Ncely , oJ Sholtou , is registered at
the Mlllard.
"E. D. Allen , of Sioux City , is a guest nt
the Murray.
Andrew Gallagher , of O'Neill , is a guest
at the Casoy.
J. C. Crawford , of West Point , is a guest
nt the Paxton.
Thomas D. Schurtz.of Alliance , is a guest
at the Paxton.
W. J. Davenport , of Creston , is a guest nt
the Merchants.
M. F. Springer , of Chicago , Is stopping at
tbo Merchants.
Henry Herald , ot Plattstnouth , is stopping
at the Murray.
S. W. lilllingsloy , of Lincoln , is n guest at
the Merchants.
J. C. Horgoy , of Philadelphia , is registered
at the Merchants.
J. J. Uuchannn and wife , of Hastings , are
at the Merchants.
F. E. Everinchnm , of Plattsmouth , Is a
guest at the Millard.
B. S. Harrington , of Oakland , is regis
tered at tno Millard.
Mrs. Nolman nnd son , of Schuylor , nro
topping at the Mlllard.
Justin B. Gowin , ot Grand Island , Is regis
tered nt the Merchants.
J. W. Harris and C. C. Cllno , of Hastings ,
are registered at the Paxton.
T. M. Frnnso nnd M. McLaughlin , of
West Point , are at the Puxton.
A. Lundvall and Oscar Samson , of Oalt-
land , nro guests at the Millard.
William Anderson , the clerk nt the Mur
ray , is confined to his room by sickness.
Charles Palmer , Q. C. , of Clmrlestown ,
Prlnco Edward Island , is a guest at ths Pax-
1C. E. Harris and W7 W. Loonus , promi
nent coal dealers of Dea Moines , la. , are in
the city on business.
Mrs. T. P. Mahoney and Miss Julia Mahoney -
honey loft Thursday morning for Kansas
City and St. Louis to visit relatives and
F. 1C. Hippie , president of a Philadelphia
real estate and trust company , nnd D. O.
Eshbaugli , treasurer of the New England
Loan and Trust company , of Now Yorlr , are
In the city.
At the Windsor J. B. Cap , Kansas City :
A. Walker , Wilton , la. ; George S. Black ,
Wilton , In , ; S. H. Lantz , Lincoln ; II , Bon-
flor , Ogden , Utah ; Edward F. Kern , Los
Angelas , Gal. ; C. L. Hankin , Prague , Neb. ; '
D. A. Young , PiltsDurg ; J. L. Whltcouib ,
Chicago : N. It. McDowell , Larauuo , Wyo. ;
\V. H Kane , St. Paul.
A Prominent ( lueaf.
Captain Lewis , and party , of Now Bed
ford , Conn , arrived In Omaha yesterday ,
over the Milwaukee road. The visitors oc
cupied a private Pullman car , and are thirty
In number. Captain Lewis Is owner of a
largo whaling licet in the Arctic ocean. He
Is en route to San Francisco , and loft
for that point over tbo Union Pacillo last
night. _
Press Glut ) Mooting- .
The Omaha Press cluu will hold an Im
portant mooting next Sunday nftnrnoon ,
October 20 , at U o'clock. All the members o
the club are earnestly requested to bo pres
ent , as thcro Is a great deal of business that
demands imtncuinio attention , A pro
gram mo for a series of winter evening so
cials will tie arranged.
There were three small ( Ires yesterday.
The llrst was atO o'clock , and proved to bo a
pile of slack In Hugiis' coal yard at Twenty-
fourth street and the Union Pacillo tracks.
The damage was slight.
At 1 o'clock the cupola on 710 South Four
teenth street , a boarding house oivncd by
Mr. Peabody , broke out in Humes. Loss $10.
A small lire occurred in the ofilco of Swift
ft. Co.'A packing house nt South Omaha. The
dauiugo was very slight.
Wlioro In Ilor Husband ?
"Ills poor wife is dying and her hourly
prayer Is that she may see her husband be
fore she passes away forever. "
This , among other things , is what a frlona
of Mrs. L. E. Newell , of Kansas City , wrote
to Chief Seavoy.
Mru. Newell Is at the pojnt of death. Her
husband came to Oinnhn about ono year ngu.
Since that time ho has been homo but ouco.
In Omaha ho worked at carpentering for a
time , but was afterwards employed by. C. K ,
Muyno on the lattcr's ' ranch. The police
know nothing of him.
No Grand Jury Ileport.
The grand Jury did not call any witnesses
yesterday. As a result , there was cousld >
arable excitement among the hangers-on at
court bouso expecting that the Jury was preparing -
paring to make a report. Tbo report , how
ever , did not materialize.
It Is understood , however , that the Jury
tas a report prepared upon the county Jail
uud expects to have tbo county hospital mat
ter In shape so us to present the two reports
There nro a number of other matters that
will then bo taken up and will probably oo-
pupy ILo attention of the Jury the creator
part of uext week.
Wlint Is Hcqulreil In the Hoard
ticatlon Kootns.
Colonel Adkon , ot the Mnsonlo Tcmplo
craft , and Mr. Mnrtln nnd Secretary Pip or ,
of tlio board of 'education , looked through
the rooms now occupied by the board.
The purpose was to dccido upon repairs
which may be considered necessary. As the
roflins are now ar'ranRed there Is considera
ble space unoccupied. On the north sUlo of
tlio main room thcro is a large nlcovo wlih
a high platform , which Is only
used to pile up surplus sample
books , shitcs , immploti nnd ottior things , It
destroys the nppearanco of tlio room en
In tlio northwest corner , Is a largo dark
room which contains only nn ancient water
fountain , u shoo brush and u box of pctrltlcd
This room , f cleaned nnd fltlcil properly
could bo used to an advantage. Superintend
ent James has n small room In the northeast
corner which contains n few common chairs ,
a secretary nnd small table. Tuo furniture
Is of the cheapest kind.
Secretary Piper's ofllco in the main room
has fallaccommodations. .
The board will nsk the Masons to make
several hundred dollars' worth of improve
ments , and it is likely the request will bo
granted. _
ClianibcrlnltiN Colic , Cliolorn nnd
DlarrlHua Homed } ' .
This medicine can always bo depended
upon , not only in the milder forms of
summur complaint , but also for inulie-
nnnt dysentery and cholera infmitum.
The lives of many persons and especial
ly children are saved by it cauh year.
It TixkcB L'lnco Under Imposing Clr-
The funeral of the 'ato ' Peter Heuland , tbo
man who was killed in the 13. & M. wreck nt
Gibson , took place yesterday morning from
the residence of the deceased , Tromont house ,
corner of Sixteenth nnd Hurt streets. It
was one of the most largely attended Ger
man funerals which has takcu plaeo in this
oily in many months. The untimely and
horrible dcalli of the deceased , his traits of
character which endeared htm to many , and
sympathy for the widow nnd her seven chil
dren conduced to the largo attendance.
The services wore held at St. Mary Magda
len's church , whore a requiem mass was cel
ebrated by Kov. K Cjlnuticr.
Tlio funeral was under the auspice ? of the
United Order of Trail Hur.d , u benevolent
association of which t'uero are four lodges In
this city and Soutli Omaha. Thesis arc num
bered 17 , HI. 5:1 : , 3-1 , the second nnd last being
fiom South Omaha. Kcprcscntattvc ! ) of
those lodges , comprising about ono hundred
and twenty-live men , were In attendance.
The dirucs were played by the A. O. II. band
under the leadership of Mr. Douglas ? .
Tlio societies marched as far as Twenty-
ochth ! nnd Leaven worth , whence the funeral
proceeded to the German cemetery. The
pall bearers were August Schrocdcr , Fred
Frultae , Uudolph Hart/ , William Schmidt ,
Philip Moitorn and Frank Uaogen.
The deceased \vas born in Luxemburg ,
Germany , Juno 21. 1S4.J. lie came to this
country n number of year * ago , taking up
his residence In Plattsmouth in 1873. Ho
thcro followed the contractor business , he
cauio to this city and took hold of the Tre-
mont house , and continued its proprietor up
to the day of his death. Ho was 40 years of
age and left a family of seven children.
Icu lor Hale.
500 to 1,000 tons good ice on railroad
truck. Will spll cheap. Address A.
G. Buchanan & Co. , Fremont , isTob.
Has Been Taken Away From Him by j
tin ) Hoard.
At the meeting of the board of public
works yesterday afternoon the error made in
the contract with F. J. Peterson for grading
was rcctillcd. Peterson had put in a bid of
10 8-1U cents per cubic yard. The
secretary iniido a clerical error in
drawing up the contract at U S 10. Peterson
secured pay for his llrst month's work at the
erroneous rate. Ho has since attempted to
obtain his other esti mutca atthc same lignro.
When ho appeared before the board ho was
asked to sign : i paper acknowledging the
error. Ho attempted to qulbblo. but the
members of the board informed him that if
ho continued in his attempts to defraud the
city they would never sign another
estimate for him or allow him another con
tract. This sottlcd the question and Peter
son signed the paper after considerable
Mr. Kicrstcad suggested to the board that
the center of the city should receive moro
attention , citing Douglas street as an ox-
amplo. That thoroughfare , he said , should
have a radical cut in urado from Twentieth
to Sixteenth street. Other improvements In
grade would follow , such as the lowering of
the grade on Eighteenth from Farnam to
Douglas , etc. "If , " said he , "these improvements - !
ments had been imuln a year ago , the postI I
office site would hr.vo been chosen at the I
only proper place for it , on Kighteentli and j
F.irnaui streets. "
The award of bids for grading Smith
street from IJurton to Francis , Heed street
from Parlc to liurton , Francis street from
Thirty-second avenue to Keed street , and
IJurtoti from Thirty-second avenue to Den
ver street , was deferred for ono week ,
owing to the absence of John Crelghton ,
ono of the persons interested in the grading.
The cost of the work is to bo paid by these
having propcrtv on these strcuU.
The plans for the now viaduct on Tenth
street \vero presented to the board for In
spection. The structure proposed is l.yoi
feet long , with a northern apnrnach 13'3 feet
long. The Incline on the viaduct is 4.0 feet
for each 100 feet. This was considered
rather too steep by Mr. Klorstc-ad. The
northern extremity of the vkuiuct Is nt Jack
son and the southern at Mason street.
The following estimates were allowed
Harbor Asphalt company , paving ,
S'J.MJ.OU ; J. Kymi & Co. , pivmg Capitol
avenue from T\vetuy-fomth to Twonty-slx'.h
with cypress blocks , 51,715.33 ; J. H. Smith
& Co , , assignees of J. Itvan & Co. , paving
Lea von worth fiom Soldon to Lowe avotiuo
with cedar blocks , $ llOaS.05j J. K. Knowles ,
sidewalks , Sl.GjtWJ ; FranU L. Kcoves ft
Co. . sewer on Twentieth street from Union
Pacillo railroad track to Vlnton , SlO.SbS.CS ;
James Forrcstal , paving alloy in block 41
from Fourteenth to Fifteenth , $1,20,1.03 ;
O. D. Woodworth , asslgnua , curbing on
Uristol from Twenty-fourth to Thirtieth ,
fl.OM.CS ; James Forrcstal , uivlng of alloy
in block 01 from Eleventh to 'i wnlfth ,
$1,318.00 ; John K. FiUpatriclt , sewer , North.
Twenty-seventh and l'opplctonuvo.f 1,113 * 73 ;
Harbor Asphalt company , paving from
Nicholas to Grace , &iJCdlil ! ; J. C. Regan &
Co. , curbing of Klghtoontli fitroot from Pine
to Worthington , 517.13 ; J. 13. Smith & Co. ,
curbing of Chici'go street from Twentieth to
Twenty-second , 5S-J3/JJ ; C. D , u'oodworth ,
assignee , curbing of Mason from Twenty-
ninth nvctiuo to Thirtieth strnet , $207.0"i ;
curbing of Woolwortli avenue from Thirty-
llrst to Thirty-second avonue. fs'Jl.53 ' ; curb
ing of Thirty-second avenue from Woolwortli
nvonuo to Park , ? Joy3,0'Jj resetting curb ,
81,435 ; J. U. Smith & Co. , curbing Twenty-
llrst street from Davenport to California.
A B. Ji M. "B13M : " 10 It
A New Girdle li\no \ Around South
Omnha Is to have another "bolt lino" rail
way. The road will bo built by the Uurllng-
ton , The survey of the line has Just been
completed. The road will connect with the
main line nt South Onmha and bo extended
to the main IIQ.O nt lioltoviio. It will parallel
the Union Pacillo suburban line to Albright ,
thcnco run In n southeastern direction cross
ing Potter & Cobb'B addition and Brown's
park and thence It will run almost duo east
to Uollovuo. ThU will bo of moment to
Onmha when it is completed , as It
is the Intention of the Liurllngton
company to establish passenger stations
along the line and put on suburban trains
between Omaha and Hollcvuo that will in nil
probability bo run hourly. It will bo the
means , it Is said , of developing tv largo tract
of undeveloped residence and business
pioperty lying southeast of the city and run
in close proximity to the alleged now fort
It hns long boon known that the Hurllng-
ton has boon .inxlous to establish on outlet
for its freight , especially live itock , so as to
relieve the line of nn excess of trains a * , com
pared with the accommodation1) provided be
tween South Onmh.i and Hellcvuc , and also
procure an outlet for Its freight so ns to do
mvav with the running of stock trains
through the heart of tlio city of Omaha.
The right of way has boon secured. All that
remains is the building of the track , and nn
attache of the Uurliticton stated to-day that ,
In all probability , work would bo commenced
before long. The distance will bo about
seven miles nnd the estimated cost of con
struction and equipment Is In the neighbor
hood of $1,800,000.
.Tlio Claim1 ; For lloinilHUMcmcnL In
tlio . Ai HI. Wi'i'Olc.
The work of adjusting the losses nnd dam
ages has been begun. None of the passen
gers , thus far , have put in n claim for the
latter resulting from personal injuries.
Mary Uutlor , of South Oninhn , however ,
put in n bill for 515. She lost ilvo ) nrs of
preserves which she valued at ? 3 ouch. Sho.
stated that she did not desire i.ny damages ,
bat inasmuch as ho had just retuined from
Missouri , where she spent several weeks
llxingup Irults for winter , she felt she was
entitled to some remuneration for her loss.
The claim agent of the company reimbursed
her to the extent 01 § 15 , the amount de
Several articles which were lo t in the
wreck on the Hurllngion line at Gibson have
been recovered by attaches of the company
and are at the Utirlmgton passenger depot on
Soutli Tenth street awaiting claimants.
Among them is a gold hunting IMSO watch.
This has been lucentlied ! us the properly of
Peter lU'tilund , the man who was killed.
The watch hews signs of having been in
close proximity to lire , as the cases arc tar
nished. The ring in the stem is broken. It
will bo remembered that , when HeulanJ
was rescued , ho had a watehless chain at
tached to his vest.
A dilapidated guitar , ono pair of shoes , two
hats , three caps and u pair of steel-bowed
spectacles were also iccovcred.
Mow They "Will Tiavol to Houcli tlio
( Jntc City.
The itinerary of the Pan-American dele
gates excursion is as follows : Arrive at
Chicago SiO : ! p. m. , Saturday , October 10 ;
leave over the Milwaukee road at S:30 : a. ui. ,
October 23 : arrive at Milwaukee 11:20 : same
day , and leave thcro at midnight , arriving nt
St. Paul at 10 n. in. , the day fol
lowing. On the afternoon of the 21th. they
will be convened in carriages to Minncapoli" ,
where they will remain until 10 p m , on the
20tb , nt which time they will leave Minne
apolis over the Chicago , St. Paul , Minne
apolis & Omaha , arriving at Sioux City at 7
a. m. , the 26th. Leaving Sioux City at 11
a. in. the satno day , they will arrive hero at
2:30 : p. in. , Saturday the2ttn. ! They will
leave hero via the Chicago , Hock Island &
Pacific via Dos Molncs , Monday momma at
! } a. in. , for St. Loun , from which point they
will return east.
The tiain convoying the dignitaries will
bo made up of Pullman palncocarsof the
latest and most approved nattfrn. A loco
motive of the Pennsylvania Hallway com
pany will bo used In providing the motive
power for the entire journey.
The truin is equipped with the Consoli
dated Car-Heating company's device for
steam heating , no tire being used in any way
aside from that in the engine.
Fust I-'rnljjIit service.
The Missouri Pacific has issued a now
time card to take effect Sunday , in which an
important improvement his boon made. On
and after that dulo the through fast freight
from St. Louis will arrive at 9.30 a. in. , a re
duction of tinio between St. Louis and
Omnha of four lion is. Also the through
freight train now arriving nero at .1 45 a. in. ,
will bo landed hero at 2:30 : n. in. , u docronso
in the time of ono hour and fifteen minutes.
Kiiilroail 'vote- " .
Superintendent Resspguie , of the Union
Pacillc , has returned from the west.
E. Dickinson , assistant general manager
of the Union Pacillc , has returned Irom the
Pacillc coast.
Thomas Swobe , superintendent of the
hotel deiiartmcnt of the Union Pacific , has
returned from Cahfornlaaccoinpauied by his
The time of departure of the belt line train
forTortal under the new time card will bo
5:15 : p. in , , instead of 4:15 : p. m. , as reported
in Tun Ucc of Thursday.
Superintendent Thompson , of the Hurling-
ton , who was in Omaha looking into matters
pertaining to the wreck at Gibson , has ro-
tuiucd to his headquarters at Lincoln.
An AliHiilutc Cure.
is only put up in largo two outico tin boxes ,
and Is an absolute euro for old sores , burn * ,
wounds , chapped hands , and nil skin orup.
tlons. Will posllivuly cure all kinds of pilos-
MENT. Sold by Goodman Drug company at
25 cents per box by mail 30 cents.
1'oitnl ClorkH Appolntnd.
Jolm Hloomqulst , D. 13. Armstrong , J. A.
Shortess , II. G. Gardner , C. D. Uon and C.
13. Ferbracho , postal clerks who have served
six months probation , have been appointed.
The former will run between Norfolic and
Columbus , the second between Columbus
and Albion , the thhu between Hebron and
Fairmont , the fourth between Ord and
Granil Island , the ilfth botwuen Scrlbner
and Oakdalo , and tbo last between Chadron
and Glcnrock.
Jensen Acquitted.
The case of the city vs Jens Jensen , for
violating the building ordinance by using im
perfectly burned brlcic In a building , was
tried by a Jury In police court yesterday. F.
A. Tompklns , a builder , was the complain
ing witness. Lots of expert testimony was
Introduced regarding the quality of the
brick , andtwo or three hodfuls were of
fered In evidence. The jury returned a ver
dict of notguilty.
For Bilious and Nervoui Dliordert. such as Win J and Pain In the Stomach , Sick Headache , Giddiness , Fu ! >
nesi. and Swelling alter Meals , Dizziness anil Drowsiness , Cold Chills , Flushings ol Heat. Lost ol Appetite.
Shortness ol Breath. Costiveness , Scurtr , Blotches on the SMn. Disturbed Sleep , Frightful Dreams , and all
Nertous and Trembling Sensations , &c. THE riltST DOSE WILL GIVE I1ELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES.
Ula la la no action. Every eurTorcr U earnestly Invited to try ouo JJox ol tin HO rills , aud they will l >
CCknowleJgod to be it tl'onilcr/\ l JfriUctnr.
DEKOHAM'd 1'ILLS , ukou as dlrcctod , will quickly restore females to complete health. Tor a
they ACT LIKE MAGIC : < i fnt > itotft will work wonders upon tlio Vital Organs ; Strengthening tha
muscular System i restorliiK long-lost Complenlon ; bringing back the keen edao ol appetite , ix
iTOUBlns tTlih the ROSEBUD OF HEALTH the u'lmle vhytlcul energy tl the huniun trmiio. Tliesa
are "facts'1 admitted Uy thousand * . In all claeso1 * of society i and oneof the boat guaraotera to the
MEDICINE IN THE WOnLD. Full dlroctlous with cacuBor.
Prepared only by TIIO J. IIKF.CIIAM , St. Helcni , Ijinctwlilre , Ciirloiiit.
t > u DruuuliH neutrally. B. T. ALLEN & CO. . 365 and 307 Canal SI. , New York , bolo Ascuts tot
tlio UnltcO Btateaelto ( If i/-mr drucclat doen not ioop ihom , )
TS Nntnro'fl effort to expel foreign sub-
I stances froitt'tbo ' bronchial passages.
Frequently , this causes Inflamuintlon
nnd the need of 'an ' anodyne. No other
expectorant or njiodyno is equal to
Aycr's Chorrjn I'cctoral. It assists
Nature In ejecting the mucus , nllnjs
Irritation , Induces repose , and is the
most popular ot till cough cures.
"Of the many preparations before the
public for the rnro of colds , coughs ,
bronchitis , nnd Ulndrcd dUcnscs , thcro
Is none , within the range of my expcrl-
cnco , so roliabla as Aycr'.s Cherry Pec
toral. For years I was .subject to colds ,
followed by tcrrlbloconishi. About four
years ngo , when so aflllcted , I was ad
vised to try Ayor's Cherry IVctoinl and
to Iny all other icmedles aside. I did
BO , rtiid within a week was well of my
cold nnd cough. Since then I ha\o
always kept this preparation In the
house , nnd fool comparatively secure. "
Mrs. Ij.j. . Drown , Denmark , Miss.
"A few years ago T took n severe cold
which affected iny lungs. I had n ter
rible couch , nnd passed night after
night without sleep. Tlio doctors gave
1110 up. I tried A > ei's Clmrry IVetoral ,
which relieved my lungs , Induced sleep ,
and afforded the rest necessary for the
recovery of my strength. Uy tlio con- .
tiniml usoof the 1'cctoial , n peinmnont
euro was effected. " Horace Fnlibiothcr ,
Kocklngham , Vt.
Ayer's ' Clicny Pectoral ,
Dr. J. C. Ayer ft Co. , Lowell , Mass.
. l'rlccl ; li bottle * , $5.
HIES , etc : , will find the
the host , fnfcst , most
< lur.itlc nndccnnnin- coil oil lamp
in the \\orld.
I. IK lit * a
rouii 3. % rt
) Tor
1 cl. iin
m a k c
flic No 3
size , in a
. full line cf
, artistic 1 ount.
Stand , Vascnnd
Il.inquct Lamp ] .
This size is ilia
fur I.iB
I ibrincs , Dli'.inB-roonii.
320 '
POWER UitcrAcrrnrn ny
Clevvluutl , Ohio.
Tor sale by Jl. II. Hllss nnd 1'erlcins , Gut li A
( Opposite 1'axtou Moel.j
OQlco hours , 9 a. m , to 8 p , m. Sundays , 10 a.
m. to 1 p. in.
Spcciillsts in Chronic , Nervous Skin nnd
Blood Diseases.
ftf Consultatlon at office or by mail free
Medicines snnt by mall or p.xprcsi , securely
packed , fri > o from observation. Guarantees to
euro oiili'lcly. safely nnd pennaneiitly.
WDDtTfllK ! riDnilT'TV ' Srermutorimra , a inl-
fJiJIlVUUO IlljDlLlll nal Iosam.NlKht Kmls
* Ioiu. I'liyslcal Dcciiy , iirlslnp from indlncro
tiou , Kxcessnr Indulgence. pioducincSIcepless
ncsi. Despondency , I'ln p'e ? on the fare , aver-
Mou to aoclety , easily oUtouraijcU , laoK of conli
dence , dull , unfit forstudy or buslneij , and II ml 3
life u burden. f-af Iy , jiermniiantly nud iirl-
valclycureil. Consult Ijra. Uctts & Uetts , llUJ
Fnrunm St. , Omnha , Nab.
Blood and Skin Disease ?
results , completely eradicated without the aid
ofMerniry. Sfrnfiiln , rr/nlpelai , 1'ovor Sores ,
Blotches , I leers. I'ninsln the Head aud llonup ,
KyphlittloSorolhioiit , .Mouth and Tongu < > . C' *
tarih , etc. . iiennanuutly cured uhere otheii
have failed.
Firliintr Tfpinarw nnl Hladder rompinmts ,
ftlUlluYi Ulllldiy 1'iilnriil , Dliilnilt. too fro-
quant IJtirnliiBor uioody Criuo. 1'rlno hlnh col-
nteil or with milky codlment on Btiuullni ; , Wt > aK
Back. Uonoirliira , Cluiit , Cystllis. etc. ,
Promptly aud Safely Cured , Charges lioasouj-
blc.STKCGTUB.B ! mSt' le. :
moval complet * . with jut cnttluK , caiisllc ; or
dlllatlon. Cjie.s ollccted nt hoiuu by patient
Itlitiut a moments puln or annoyance.
To Yonnff MGII and Mifiillii-Acd Men ,
AQIIDL' PITDD 'rll ° awriil eHeclH of arly
OUniJ uUnn Vice. wuicU bnncs organic
weakness , dextroylnK both mind nnd body , with
all Hi dreaded Illi , i > erm nentlvrlircl ! ,
MTlPTTs ! Adroaathojo who have impaired
i DullO ( huiiiDohei by improper liulul-
penccs and Rolltnrr Imblts. ulilc.'i niln both
body and mind , uiinttliia them rev buslnrej ,
itinly or marriage.
MAiunr.i ) MIN. : or tliosn enterlni ; on that hap
l > y life , iu\uro ot phj steal debility , ( julckly us
Is baied upon faeU. First- Practical F.ipo
rlence. riHCoud K\erycA uij especially studied.
thus Uartlng aright. 'Jhlrd iloJlo.nesaio pic ,
paiod In our lubaiory exactly to suit uauh case ,
limn nllcclln curuj r. Ithout Injury
rJ"Sonil 0 cPiitaiiostCKo fur celobrata 1 works
on Chronic , Nervous anil Dollcatu Ulseaaci.
Tiionsandu ouroil. fjfTA friendly letter or c.ill
may bare you futurx aiiirurlnu nnd fliiuno. and
df ( golden yearu to life. { "No letter * an-
w red unless ficcomiKiiiioil by 4 cents lu etampi.
Address or call oa
1 < 03 Faniatu Street , Omaha , N V.
Friday and Saturday , Get , 18 and 19
( Saturday Matluen )
QHO. IlOUV'd Grant Luuglilng Success
Tullof Fun. I'ralty Mttslo Ilrllll-int Specialties ,
A I'KHKi : ' COMinn' COill'ANV ,
Headed by the coinvdltma ,
Together \ > itli the clmimtn ; ; Actress aud
neuulnv priced. Beau go on DU ! Thursdn
Why people like to trndo in tlio largest store is bocanso they know , by experience , that such cstablifih-
nienh can niul do sell on n smaller percentage of profit. Everybody likes to see a big stock. Thcro is no
question that we carry tl\o \ largest s lock o Men's Furnishing Goods in the City , and there is no question
Unit wo soil everything in that line at much lower prices than other houes < Furnishing Goods marked
at the same small percentage o profit as the Clothing , isiv feat tire you will not find outside of our store ,
In the Underwear Department wo ollor to-day the following special bargains.
Fine fancy mixed Merino Shirts nnd .Drawers , silk bound atiOc , worth 7i5c.
Fine Camels Hair Shirts nnd Drawers , the shirts with double breast and double back , silk bound nnd
silk stitched , at GSc. Tlieso are sold in other houses for nearly double the money.
In Flannels and Cassimcro Overshirts we dUplay an immense line , ranging in price from -iOc to $13.00.
In this Department wo offer fine California Blue Flannel Shirts single breasted , at § 1.15 , double breasted ,
with pearl buttons , § 1,25.
In Hosiery wo make tlie following special offerings : 200 dozen fine all wool seamless socks at 15o ,
regular price 2oc.
English. Merino Half ITosc , double Inuls and double too at 20c.
Camels Hair Half JIoso , very fine and excellent shades at 2oc.
Cardigan and Jersey Jackets in great variety.
Our Glove Department is the largest in town and every pair of Gloves wo sell is warranted. Wo luke
them back if they rip.
We place on sale this week a line of line Calf Shoes with genuine Cork sole ar $2.7 , " ) . These shoos re
tail everywhere at § 4.00. We have them in Congress and Laoo all widths Gentlemen who Imvo
boon paying 7 and $8.00 for hhocs nro invilod to call and sec how well we can lit them in u'lino of real
Ilantlsowoflino Calf and Kangaroo , which wo sell at $ K50 and $1.75 , and ( ho finest French Calf
at $3.50. Wo have all lasts and styles , and can lit your foot comfortably aijd save you considerable money.
Corner Fourteenth and Douglas Streets , Omaha.
Yes tlioro is hclenco lu ndvortl-
MK Concise l'nc s arc what tlio
people \vai > tAinl Rootl Cloiiics. )
Hjnerbolo only forfeits pub.lo confl-
doncu You want tlio woitli of your
money \\lien you buv , and you will ; jo
Mlioreyon arc sure of ucttlns it Kxcol *
Iniico in all things 1 * a uotter natch ord
thjn ihariiness or shrewdness.
The Tyler System of Bank Counters
Unequalled in Style , Quality or Filco.
The Tyler Dosks. aoo Kew Styles ,
Tciretber with 1000 Styles Trtln , Chairs , Ac.
and Denlc Cor.ibintd. 0 gtylca. Finest on Etrlh.
100 Face Illustrates Catalcffuc Site. FostaRo 7 Cti ,
TYLER DESK GO , , Sf , Louis , Ho , , 0 , S , A ,
Lieliig Company
For improved mid economic
cookery , use it for Soups , Sauces
nnd .Hade J-ilirs. In lluvor m-
comp'iraWc , and disbolvos per
fectly cleat1 in water. Mnlcca de
licious IJccf Tea and Iccpx in all
clinmks for any 'length of time.
1 II ) equal to 4 < J Ibs of lean boof.
Only Bert fruaranteed genuine
by Justus von LieSJ *
big and bears his Xir - ' . .lo
signature in blu o < jy CH
thus : * ' - /
Dr , J , E. McGRE W
The Well Known Specialist ,
the treatment of
all foimsof I'niv-
( jleotaud STIIICT-
IJKI : , u cuio ( 'inir-
aniped. HfKHM v
TOiiiinout , lurO
MA * iiooi ) , and
munition , ririiui
KKS9 abiolutoly
cured. Bund for
books , for "Man"
or "Woman" each
Id cents ( stamps )
_ _ _ _ bKir. I ) i hi : AH KB
cured ( iufckly nniYpi-nmineiitly Treatment by
coric.spondence , nuud stamps for reply.
< : o.\HUi/i'ATio.v rieii : ,
Onico S. E. cor. 13th and Jackson Stg.
_ Omaha , Nebraska. _
\Vhcu j ou are ImylnKptoi et rriiifinber that there U
eucli a 'lilngau a | irketliat
Uloocheai' . II Jslwtitrio
far a fair prlca aud get
tooil KloM' like Iliiicii *
Bliii > nii'H. They uru made.
ffjom selected skllii 111 Ilief
I Iitst manner nDilnruui' - |
rnntril to bo Ilio muit
tcrvlciablo maJe. If jou
nant to know more about
uloui In Kdieral uncl
IIIICIII | | I > H'H ( Jlnvt'fi
In particular. enolOBu
lainpfortlKi book : About
( ilovi' . It will Ictercat
5011. LmDLisiiKDiee ? .
iOllH O. lIUlCUI.NkO.V , Joliuitonn , jr. V.
Hos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-6O4.
_ _
The liUROst , ftutenttiml Unusi In tlio nurlJ ,
'licsepKcr accommodations unexcelled.
New Yiirlc In Liverpool vlii < ) uvcn > lo\vn.
Tha Colelir.itcil ITIio 1 Incut Sivnni.j
UUviiriCiitncl lil III tlio World. I
Hew York to Q.aigow via
Devonin. October 'titli | IUhloita | , Ncv. IGth
Ouaxsla. Nov . 2a I Ancliorlu , > ov . . .tth
Now York to Asoraa , Gibraltar ani Italy.
Sltloon , hcpoml.l'Iunn ontl Mrcruee Intrgnnlunc
( clllH. l.\rtll > l il ! lUktUlLilllotil. Liiaili ) ( l\ullnlilti In re.
( uniliycltliT Hi" 1'lclUTO-niiie Cljclo ninl Noiih ot luv
lanit , or Kittr Meivey aud boutli of IiclautI , ur Naplta
ami Glhinltar.
J2xcuri > loii to Part * or Continental Tour * on lour.
rst tcinn TiA > ccra' ! Clrenlu LUIcrs of Cmllt nnj
DrAf [ R for mi ) ainountnt lottietcmnnlialcs. Api'ly ' to
uny > f our locnl nui-ntff tnto
0. 11. MUU9. .
A Perfect Face Powder.
TACE POWDER ! 7 Uon't ru'JOjtiMti
Klmltr i. 1 riniuilM 111 11111,1 UIN Illli /
tt i On lrni > m-t i ( lo.wln an ImixO I llov
Bchrul r-a , lM'j ! rorlillt'n , Ml" . On .N Ulli
baml.lpll 3H3 Owrll A. On , fi05f A\hllfht > u i > ' 1 .
for. Wrbrl r * lunill K.cnr rilr ] KoHrrali k e v
cor ttllllinii < ii .lillilliiirik ! > > .l "in li II tun , fcj , Con-
Hi , cor. Lnl r : Mill lli ! llhltellniHmr. ror llilco Tin h-
< k > , ct-r r , llvOnK loin Jttll , KO , hmltli Jlre .r P.cll.
Ic , UnM. lili : Guirn'M ' , 211 ; Kulin Jb Co. cnr. Duiic ! " , > lm
tur.teihanl Cumin * , Oi : hJ' n ler'H ! Dr. Mivllla'fl , 1,101 Cili *
IBJ'B , cor , I ltB ( On Ixm aw < ith : lli\lt' . 1,716 rijton 4 , Own ,
cor. ItliifiulfiAft'n , it .than I Duvrnpoll ; trlueter'l , fehcilnin
Are attiS Colt y < Iti k i , 9tli iM Wublworth AvcDr tltutai ! i
1 .601 HUM rJ , C lo I . c r. t Hi ail 1 1'lurr | J'oj.l " . ( hlillll rn.
alii lltli M , W J , ! VIr , i , i i , .Wjkoia A Co , H. umiUa.
tMiolmnlr , Illclmnlf n llrui ! ( o . Flake llruco U CD.
rcntly Imnrovnd With inmsnnir ttiacklxi ua oiiS
4a.S6Jleatrldlnif' * < f''ii' " ' ' l llio prmK lcniitI3.
n end eh ) rtcn nccr.r Jlng to tlio it jlght put ua tliod.
Ad pted wiuallr well to rouRh OCMntry or ( Ino
Xiw driven Will ivo rou boat untlafnctlon.
Ily the usa ot the
llpostl\ely euro Impoteiicy. Jo-.t Jlnunood ,
Su\ual Dociiy , Nervous Debility , La k of Jo- )
velopciueiit , vnilcocolo , nto.
Ul'IiLX RL131 TUIO JUJI/r. adapted tor the
euro of Dyi-pipsli , I < iver Complaint , Kidney
Dlseasv , l.amo llai-K , KlieumatUm , Srinticu. etc.
IMX'I'illO SPINAL ItKI.T. ndaplcd for the
emu ot I'araljsla , tiplno Disease , J.'plltpjyor
Tits etc.
A written guarantee clycn vltli every Itolt
that It u 111 rum dlseai-o It is recomincnilcd to
etui ) or mnney mfuiided.
1'rico for any ono of the above Helta is $1
Address G. W. CMN'IOtf , Weil'n Agent
The above llelts am inado under I'o roicii J'at
cut irniutcil to 1'rof. Conrad , anil
iindtT U. H. i'atent uranted to I'rof I * . II. Van
Wuydc , M D , 1'iosldi ut of N. V. , l.lectilcal So-
iloiy mid Into I'rof. otChoinUtry of N. V. , Mcd-
cal Collefe'c.
V. ItAKnJl & CO.'S
la nbiotittiltinifo < intl
It h soluble.
No Chemicals
ale uinl In III | 'lf ' | > Btallun , It 1 HI tntrt
lhai > l\r < t llmtl 11.1 Itiliifllt nt CVoa
mixed vllh feUuli , Anuirruutur bnpar ,
mil ii tlicrrfjro Inr moro economical ,
toiltny tut than oils rtttt a tl < p. It U
drllcloui , noiuUhln ; , Klrtngtliciilni ; , 'A *
Mi.r Iiurbr ) > i > , tJinlroUy iij > | , icd
fjr lunlIJi ai vclUi iiuioui lu liialUu
Kuld b/d'ruicu ( itrjnlicrc.
W. BAKER & CO. , Dorchester. Masa
Importers anil Wholesale Dealcra In
Watches , Jewelry , Cul'cry ' ,
Notions , Novelties , Albums ,
Fancy Goods , Walking Canes ,
Coat-Collar Springs , &c. , &c.
Ijir ec ! ortnicnt fur
'Cane ' Racks , Knile Boardi , Splndlei.
Auctioneer ! , Streelnen and I'cdtllert.
Illi ; inrlolr of 6" . lOo nnd / > o counter
uuJu MoiiU for IIHisl.atcJ uiiluii uuo.
St. LoillB , NIO.
" " i r fii * " - " > 'aj * . . * J1 '
H.W.COR , I3IM& DoocESis. OMAHA , NEB ,
EcliFadlitUl , Apparatus and R.rn iHrsforEucMitful
Xreatmrnt of every form cf D'Jtnie ' Ttnuirinn
Bonrd&Attccdaoct , BestAccommcdstionsin Weit.
, , piy , , aer ,
Eye.iar , SluaanJ Bleed and all Surgical Operation/
intiiiii i LYijn.i'j urrAiiTni"n ioa
. " * " > T' 'STRICUY ' fRIVATF. )
, ,
Only llcliiblc Uadical IneUtute making a b'r ( cialty ol
All Blood niirsiei lutrrnfulltrctlrd. . HTrtHIUo I'olica
r.nionclrromtioi7ilfm ! < .lt.outnir7curr. ) , , „ llrilorallm
Tr alnieat furl o.i of MHL 1 I'alllM UMlIc to Tllll
ciinat , irealtdat homotij corrtipcodeacc AMconnncleb
llDDicoiiQJeotlal. Uodlclneiorlnilriicifnutrtili riualloreu
prMUKUKlri'acked.Eoumrki lolnOlcnltfouln . .firudcr ,
line IW > ooiilloler l wprcrcl red. C.llsoJ run. , [
llilorrcr your cjMfcnd nlll ifr.J In pl.iu > . | icr.on ?
Rfinff Tfl R1PM F.nEE : " ,0" rnutt , Bleclal ,1
, , - . - , , - - - - . - 'ilin9 ' HerToui Dlira a , ! _ , . , , . - . , * .
llti ; Ulcel nnJ % arlco lr.ttlih qnwlljalliu Attirm
13th and Dodja Btr : t , OMAHA , NEB ,
MK.NT aKii'ii.uitued siioclilc for Hyutcrln , JJizzl
ness , com ulslono , i'lts. NervoiH Ni , iratuli. :
Jleadiicho , Nervous I'rnstrntlon uniiferd by thn
ino of alcohol tobacco , AVakof illness , .Mental
Ueprcsslon , Softnnliurnf the Ilinln , lustilllnu lu
Insanity nud h'.idliif ; to misery , dcuuy and death.
I'lonmttnoOld Ajjt' , Iliirrt'imus' ) , r.oss of l'o\vcf
Inoltliersox , Involuntary Losses mid tijieimnN
orhiL-ii caineclhyovcr-oxt-rtlon of the brain , self-
nlmso or ovi'ilndnlpom o. Uach box rnnlnlui
aim month str. utiuont , fl.fOnhov , or M > C boxci
forjki.Uii > cutly ) mull prepaid on receipt ofprlco.
To cure any case.Vltho.ichord r ruroivcd by
usforslxboioi , ii'Mimp.inluduthtj.V \ wo will
Hcndthopimh.iscr our iltteniiiurRnteo to refund -
fund the nioiiny If the tro.itnxMil deus n t ulfecC
a cum. ( Jiiaiantees Niueil only by ( jooiliunil
liiii'nnni'il ) ( ( t % Hoe ! .Mjents , 1110 TaruaiU
" ' ' -
"Tim SI jOBtaimaku I'onb '
iiutllcfi fur Ilio ctm t
vAtu tillintntii firu uiu
naihcilor iiiuikyt etc .
. . -Jefiutlun ( luaii.iit ; d.
onltr litiuiily ? tu 1 far
Ntuitjial > 1rabnib or Vital
| lu.iii , J'rliollM.
i far MuilHKg r i > li > hlc.dUiMlty ! In nmri1e < t
lrHMorllio < o nitilln liUi4l ImiMiy life I'lkf 1100.
No 3foi UoB < rrlii > r > nr VUK in tlllitr tci A ciuiililiml
tiialintiit for liiloniil ami Jurat ii'O. fiiitt in I lu D
ilui * NuvyrliiiroorinjK'iioiu Wllluotcaurp&lililur ,
iiifnor'iimrlliik' llaii < HIM ! liumlitifUuf caifi1 1'rlcctl 00.
u i Hanallta ri | > rine for men or wonun 1'ietcnU
ronorrkoca , * lc lu nil'lur inn Injiillun J'atLaga
I > us .lj.v ho > ll ) ii-nl 1'iltotlM. Hlllu iniiiinlcJ .
lilul nani | > loof uiiutl ) Nu 1 01 A nn itn Ipt "I t 4 it m
* > Ulllpfm porlnt'O nv oncofllintiri fliiiiiioiniiU
Jy cent > 9vtti\t \ lif in1 * ! ' oil ilH.fl | t tit iul1i L < f II W.
Ulpn.llnillui'Lti flllM > l < i Miaul , ilornlr.Kk bllitKrtt ,
Ui i : MIHIJM.r. l.,1.7i
" l ' 'l'1 ' < turititr t | ] | ( K
iJf vfciu'm K vi 1-A.sfcss. (
Can.T N7J. > rrr llll > hootui nl i > llacuii < li.ii > lila ]
Mtctilc. f\f. I'/illr.clijr UrouiliallYiftk | . rl , inUjr.
iDClLriu * * IJ-j lall"lll > aultl ( < .iiniahlr > iirlti klcclrla
ruirrnt rf ' * /aLTim.r iiLVbr < f < > rftll f OVOJoraia.
HEIlam ! > citpri < ii 7(0iii ! > ! tl ; li , tnj \roiuii-lKr. .
mnrilirf i llnllii.atc inlLa , hraltl ] > &mt.tULIc.tlaup.
sfi DEALERS E-i l
ebiatndlln"i.of IlooU ni'd Shoes , manufarturr
doyC M llcmlom m A. i'i. , of ciilciuu I'ac
lories tt Olili KO , Dlxou , lilx. , imil Kmi'l liu , '
AUs , 3lun.ldlie riAM. . W.Vh'UV , reuu
deniI'HBM"NT. . 'fl.U. 'fmvulln. ' , uijonu
lle.diUui\Mi3 | for Uualnii.
t ucrossord to John U , Jacob * . )
Undertakers andEmbalmers
At ihs Old S ? .f.l , H07 Faraan fltrsst.
Orlcrs by ( i-U'i rji'h oU < 'it ( l and promptly
AttKUiluU , Tuluuucmu to .So- : .