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Loon Say Rojccto the Idea of Suoh
a Policy.
"Why Ho Thinks tltp Mnsfllnir To-
of So Many Blindca of
Opinion Would Ho Product
ive of Had ItcsultH.
Ijcou Sny's Vlowfl.
1C&9 Iiy JitniM ( Ionian ntiinttt , ]
P.uus , Oct , 17. [ Now York Herald Cabla
-Special to TUB Hr.K.1 The majority of
French papers comment upon the Interview
which u member of the staff of lOmo Slcclo
mauo Leon Say undergo. The account
of his interview , M published by
the lUmo Sicclc , Is completed nnd
explained by an article published In the
Journal DCS Debuts , which , If It does
not cmnnato from Leon Say himself , has ev
idently been written by his direct inspira
tion. 1'Yoni the Interview und the article in
the DCS Dobnts It appears that M. Say r.nd
his friends reject the Idea of n policy having
for Its aim the realization of ropuBllcnn con
centration , to bo obtained by means of con
cessions made by the moderates to
the radical party. Whllo admitting that
parliamentary groups may not bo reconsti
tuted upon the snmo model as these of the
old chamber , Leon Say docs not think It
cither possible or desirable that nil the re
publicans , radicals , opportunists nnd moder
ates should join in ono group. Tlio only
result of the adulation of all
these opinions of the most different
nnd contradictory character would bo a pol
icy without tiny precise direction , n govern
ment without principle or programme , a
ministry without homogeneity. If tlio radi
cals will accept the program mo of the uiod-
crate republicans they will bo welcomed , but
the moderates will not inako any conces
sion to obtain their concourse. Leon Say ,
enys the Journal DCS Debuts docs not deslro
n government which will bo the prisoner
cither of the radicals or of the members of
the right. Ho desires u government which
nhull Bland by itself , but which is composed
In uuch manner nnd id based upon such prin
ciples that. It will Inspire moderation in the
right and left and w ill bo accepted by tlio
moderates and the real conservatives of
every party.
The republican journals , beginning with
Lo Temps and La Kopubliquo IVanenls , nro
strong in their criticism of the ideas put for
ward by Mr. Leon Say. They accuse him
of causing { divisions among the republicans.
To them the policy imposed is one of repub
lican concentration. The ministry of
their dreams is ono which would combine
ingeniously the ideas of M. Floquot
and those of M. Mcliuo or At. Hobot , nud
which would keep an equilibrium between
radicalism and moderation. This would be
purely and simply a continuation of tbo sys
tem followed by the last legislature. It is
only hoped that thu radicals , becoming wiser ,
will bo loss exigent than in the past aud will
overthrow the cabinet less often.
There are thus two well-dollncd currents
of opinion and scnsiblo discord which mani
fests itself between tlio opportunists and the
modcrata republicans of the loft center. The
declaration of M. Leon Say is of great im
portance because it shows on what condi
tions ho and Ids friends would bo disposed to
enter Into a ministerial combination.
It is not nt nil impossible
that these conditions nro accepted ,
yet entirely different tendencies predominate
ut present in the majority of the republican
party and notably in the opportunist group.
It may therefore bo predicted that it will not
bo a cabinet of the loft center directed by M.
Loon Sny or by any other politician of
the same shade that will imme
diately succeed the present cabinot.
It will bo n cabinet of republican concentra
tion , llttlo different from that presided over
by M. Tlrnrd , and which will follow an
analogous policy. If it fails in its attempt ,
then perhaps it would bo necessary to try
some other combination.
Catholic Jurymen llicctrd ) nt. Father
MoFnddcii'H Trial In Ireland.
DUIILIN , Oct. 17. The trial of Father
McVaddcn and others for participation in the
murder or Police Inspector Martin Gwec-
doro began to-day at Maryborough.
Jf tbo crown attorney succeeds in his evi
dent purpose of obtaining n jury of twelve
Protestants it will not bo without many un-
Bccmly disturbances. So violent wcro the
protests to-day at the action of the crown
In dismissing every Cntholio vcniremcn that
nrocccdlngs bad to bo suspended pending
the arrival of a largo body ol police.
Two jurymen accepted by both sides , and
told to stand down when the prosecution
was informed that they wcro Catholics , bu-
cnmo so oi.rngcd that they rofuscd to leave
nnd had to ho ejected by forco. In the
Htrugglo that ensued several hot-headed
members of McFiuldcn'a Uncle took part ,
nnd for n time it looked as though u riot
would result.
A largo torco of police is on the way to
Maryborough from Dublin ,
A Paris Paper Tel In About the Pres
ent urn ! tin ) Future.
LojfnoN. Oct. 17. The Paris Temps , In n
resume of the financial results of the exposi
tion , says that before its close the number of
people who will have visited the
great show will reach 20.000,000 , nnd
will In all probability exceed that
figure. Referring to the proposed world's
fair in America In 1SIU , the Temps says it is
by no moans as certain as It seemed n month
ngo that the Americans will select Now
York for the location of their exposition , as
Chicago is malting strenuous efforts to secure -
cure It.
Commenting on the availability of Chicago ,
ns compared with Now York , the Temps
lays : "Wo wonder how many of the Chl-
ctigoans who crossed the ocean to visit the
exposition in the llrst city of Franco would
liavo taken the same trouble if the show had
been hold in Lyons , our second city of im-
Vortoiico. "
noiilnnsnr Coutompliilon n Coup.
PAIIIS. Oct , 17. The address of the na
tional coiumltoo to General iBoulanger as *
urcs the general of ttio fldolltv of the party
to tils cause and of their confidence In his
ultimate success. It is stated that Houlan-
gor wilt suddenly enter Franco and demand
n now trial. This step will bo taken wheu
the committee considers it opportune.
Hlppnlyta Unanimously mooted.
NBW YOUK , Oct. 17. A cable to the Mari
time exchange to-day announces that Hlp-
polyto has been unanimously elected prcat-
Hunt of Hayti.
Wllhnlm Hunts fur Italy.
BHIILIX , Oct. 17 , The cuipcror nnd era-
press started for Italy this evculnt' , travel ,
ing incog ,
Amos Ciiminlni-H to Succeed Cox.
New YOUK , Oct. 17 , Amos J. Cumuihigs
was nominated to-night by the Tammany
democrats to succeed S , B. Cox.
South DnlcotaV Ijodslntnro Winds
Up lt PrcHcnt KCHslon.
Piennn , S. D. , Oct. 17. ISpcslal Tele-
Brnm to TUB UEB. ! Politics are nt rest In
Pierre to-night ncd real estate speculation
has the floor 'ngaln. At 0 p. m. a special
train of eight ears , chartered by Pottlgrow
and Moody nnd loaded with GOO people , con
sisting of members of the legislature , state
ofilclals nnd friends nnd visitors , departed
for Sioux Falls , whcro they will got a ban-
quol and n day's entertainment nt the hands
of the Pickerel statesman and his col
At noon to-day the legislature in joint
session formerly ratified the election
of Ulclmrd F. Pattlgrow nnd
Gideon C. Moody and issued certified cer
tificates of election.
A resolution passed with a cheer extend
ing thanks on behalf of the legislature of
South Dakota to the pcoplo of Plcrro for their
pains-taking cflorts to accommodate and
entertain tlio law-making body as well as
their friends and the visitors in
knowledging the fact that the city had left
nothing undone looking to their comfort.
A commlttco was appointed from each
brunch attending tonrrango accommodations
for the eomine session this winter , nnd u
resolution wont through unanimously bcforo
final adjournment endorsing the claim of Chicago
cage to hold the world's exposition of 1S9J ,
which read us follows :
Kesolvcd , That the legislature of Soutli
Dakota , on behalf of its constituents , favors
the location of the world's ' fair in 189J at the
city of Chicago.
l-jiitcn allied nt Huron ,
Hunos , S. D. , Oct. , 17. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BEI : . ] Senators Pettlgrow nnd
Moody , accompanied by Black Hills delega
tions and members of the legislature , reached
hero to-night by u special train. An 1m-
mcnso crowd met them nt the depot , The
flonators briefly addrooscd the throng. The
city was illuminated , bo nil re 3 burned , bands
Played and n procession marched with llagn
nnd torches , 'Iho train waited for ono hour
und then started for Sioux Falls.
A Jlorso ThipTBrcnlcs Jntl.
CIIAMIIRHI.AIN , S. D. , Oct. 17. [ Special
Telegram to THE Bnc.j Charles MUcholl ,
nn old horse thief who WAS lodged In the
county jail hero about a week ngo , made tils
cscapo last night during a short absence ot
the turnkey. There is no doubt but that ho
received assistance from som ono on the out
side of the jail. A reward is offered for his
Ho Pusses Awny at Ills Home In
Norristown , Pn.
NoituiSTOWN , Pa. , Oct. 17 , General John
F. Hnrtrnnft died nt his residence in this
place this morning.
[ John Frcdn'c Hartranft was born in Mont
gomery county , Pennsylvania , Dccotnner 10 ,
1830. At tlio outbreak of the civil war ho
was a colonel of militia and ono of the first
to tender ills services to the government.
Ho was commissioned colonel JulyU7 , 18(11 ( ,
and led his regiment in the attack on Hoan-
eke island February 7 , and In tlio
bnttlo near Newborn , N. C. , March
13 , 1SG1. In temporary command of
n bricrado covering the rear of Pope's re
treating army , bo was engaged in tuo second
end battle of Hull Hun und Chantilly nnd
in tne Maryland campaign nt South Moun
tain and Antictam , in which latter battle ho
led his regiment in tlio brilliant charge
which carried the bridge after repeated un
successful attempts by superior numbers. In
the Richmond campaign or 1SC4 ho
commanded a bricrado in the battles of the
Wilderness nnd Spotsylvaniu. Ho wns com
missioned briKadier-genernt May 12 , 1801 ,
and engaged in all the army movements up
to and nt Petersburg , und was breveted ma
jor-general for conspicuous gallantry in re
capturing Fort Stea'dumn , March 25 , 1SG3.
In October , 1803 , ho was elected auditor-
general of Pennsylvania aud re-elected in
18(13. ( In October , 1873 , ho was elected gov
ernor. _ _
Too Much " "
KlddleUcrjier "Indisposed"
to Make n Speech.
RICHMOND , Ya. , Oct. 17. [ Special Tele
gram to THE IJcc.J At the invitation of the
antl-Mahono committee ox-Senator Kiddle-
berger and ex-Governor Cameron wcro pres
ent last night to address the meeting at the
old market hall. An Immense crowd of
democrats and republicans were gathered to
hear these two well-known gentlemen de
nounce Mabono. It was soon observed ,
however , that these gentlemen were too
much "Indisposed" to speak- . The boys in
the crowd guyed them , and to add to the
confusion a brass baud in the hall played
the familiar refrain :
"Wo have all been there before ,
Many a time. "
They Are Fl/jlitiiii / ; Hard to Eacnpn
UAWUNS , Wyo. , Oct. 17.- [ Special to Tun
CHE. 1 District court convened Monday and
the grand jury will probably bo completed
by to-morrow. The men accused of the
Swcetwator lynching will bo presented for
indictment. This case attracts a great deal
of attention from thu prominence of the ac
cused , nnd if Indictments are secured It will
bo ono of the greatest cases over tried in the
territory. Friends of the nccuscd parties
are using every endeavor to prevent an in
dictment , nnd tmvo induced some of the
witnesses to leave the country. Money has
been freely used , BO it Is charged , by the de
fense. 'Iho most piomincnt legal talent in
Wyoming nud Colorado has been retained ,
uud tlio Hb'hwill bo a bitter one.
A flnrh Vlro Trust.
Ciucuno , Oct. 17. ( Special Telegram to
THE HUE. ] Representatives of firms en-
gacod in the barb wire industry are in secret
conference in this city with the view of
forming n trust. There have boon several
similar conferences during the past six
wcelcs , but that of to-day wns the largest
yet hold. The principals in the negotiations
are G. S. Douglas , of New York ; Washburn
& Moeu nnd J , S. Gates , of St. Loliis , while
W. K. Sterling , the llrst vlco president of the
Illinois Steel company , has likewise taken
an active interest in the mutter. As a kind
of jusilllcation for the proposed combination
it is claimed that the expiration of patents ,
the rlso in pig iron und extreme competition
have tended to demoralize the trade.
III Health the Cause.
CHICAGO , Oct. 17. Dr. Edward Dean , for
many years a prominent physician , nnd
county physician from 1800 to 1603 , died at
the hospital to-day from the effects of a dose
of niurphlno taken with suicidal Intent. Sev
eral yonrs ngo Dr. Dean moved to Graves-
villo , Wis. , but lie returned hero two years
ago , after the dentil of his wifo. Despondency
from ill health WAS the cause of his suicide.
Stranmtilp Arrivals.
At New York The Wisconsin , from Liv
AtQuecnstown The Wyoming , Adriatic ,
and Galla , from NowYorK.
At Southampton Tbo Aller , from Now
York for Bremen.
The Wcntha * l-'orecftst.
For Omaha and vicinity Fair weather.
Nebraska and Dakota : Fair , warmer ,
southerly winds.
Iowa : Fuir till Saturday night , slightly
warmer winds , becoming , southwesterly.
DIstlllorH1 Trubt Adjourns.
CHICAGO , Oct. 17 , 'Iho Distillers and Cat-
tlcfccdcrs trust adjourned to-day to meet
next month in Peorlu. A dividend of V of 1
per cent was declared.
It la Thought That Wludom Will
Ylolcl to the Mlno Owners.
The Appointment of Poolc , of New
York , Ijookcd For Smokeless
1'oivilor Progress Campbell
DnnlcB the MclDouruc Humor.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , OeU 17. }
Secretary Wlndorn has boon expected
dally this week to make n decision on the
Imported load question. Great pressure has
boon brought to bear by Now Yorkers In
terested ana miners in Utah nnd Montana to
have him reverse the old decision.
It is predicted that ho will make an order
which will meet tbo demands of the Ameri
can producers and protect their Interests ,
nnd that the president In bis message to
congress will not us It for further legislation
cu the subject.
General A. H. Campbell , of Kansas , who
was at ono time frequently mentioned as the
probable commissioner of pensions , is hero
and says It is not true , ns reported from To-
pckn , that ho has been tendered the consu
late ut Melbourne , General Campbell Is
willing to so.-vo tils country abroad , how-
The secretary of the interior to-day de
cided the cnso of Francis W. Conloy vs John
Price , from the North I'lntto land ofllco. In
volving tlio northeast quarter of the north
east quarter of section , and the north half
of the northwest quarter of section ! 3J , town
ship IG north , range 2'J west , Nebraska.
Tbo decision rendered Is in favor of Con
loy , and it nfllrms tbo commissioner's find
ing. Mr. Conlov will bo recognized ns the
editor of the CAllnwny Headlight. The land
was llrst entered by ono Perry , who aban
doned It. Tlio government instituted pro
ceedings against it by an inspector of land
entries. Conloy hearing of this , built u house
on the land and moved his family into it.
Ho has over since lived on the land. For
reasons not stated the government proceed
ings were suspended and Perry allowed to
contest the entry. Ueforo his contest tiegan
Conloy applied for the land but was refused ,
Perry's entry being intnet. Conloy then ap
plied to contest Perry's entry. Ho
was refused , as Price was n
prior applicant. Price defaulted at the
hearing , nnd it was dismissed , but ho ob
tained n second hearing. Conley hearing of
the dismissal , applied to contest , but was ro
fuscd. ns Price had been allowed u second
hearing. ' 1 hen the Perry entry was can
celled. Notice of tills fact was mailed Price
Juno 0 , ISs" , but Price claimed the mailing
was on July It ) nnd that ho received notice
July 15. Hut Price made homestead entry
on July'7 , 1SS5. Conley also made applica
tion on Juno I , 1SS3. In August Conley con
tested the entry of Price , claiming it to bo
fraudulent and speculative ; that Price had
not made entry in thirty days from the no
tice of the cancellation of Perry's entry , and
because Price had not settled ou the land and
improved it as required bv law.
The local oflicers found for Conloy nnd
their action was nfllruied by the commission
er. Price appealed to the secretary of the
interior. The secretary holds the following
irregularities on the part of the register and
recorder :
a 1. The suspension of thocontest by the gov
ernment and the allowance of contest by Price
because his contest gave him n preference
right of entry to which ho wns not entitled.
Price's contest should have been received
but hold in nbeyanco to the result of tuo
government's contest.
0. The rejection of Conley's application to
contest. It should have been received ,
but held m abeyance to await the result of
Price's contest. Conloy should have ap
pealed so it might have been of record when
Price's llrst application to contest was dis
3. Tlio register nnd receiver should have
rcpiatered the notice sent Price of the can
cellation of Perry's entry.
4. The entry of Conloy was made prema
turely. Hut on the merits of the case tbo
secretary approves of the improvements
mndo by Conley nnd sustains his charges
against Price that his contest was bpecula-
tivo nnd in bad faith.
The secretary also rendered n decision In
the case of A. II Tuttle vs. John C. Parkin ,
involving homestead entry upon the south
half of the southeast quarter of section 1
and the north half of the northeast quarter
of section 2 , township 25 , range 60 , Cnadron
district , and also cash entry 942 of John C.
Parkin. A dispute arose on the publication
of the notice to make llnal prooi , improve
ments , etc. The decision of tno land ofllco
overruling the motion for n contest is de
clared to bo erroneous. The assistant secretary -
rotary of the interior declares that the proof
should never have boon accepted , and the
cas is remanded with Instructions to direct
the local ofllcsrs to require the heirs of Par
kin to make now proof , after now notice ,
nnd that the appellant , Tuttle , bo specially
cited to appear at the tlmo nnd place fixed ,
nnd then that proceedings bo neld in the
same manner ns in cases. Thus the
decision below is reversed.
Although foreign powers have for almost a
year been experimenting with smouclcss gun
powder and talking about its results , it was
only a few days ago that the ordnance de
partment of our navy concluded to look into
the subject seriously.
During the next three weeks some tests
are to he made In this country. However
slow our army ofllolals may appear to have
been In experimenting with smokeless gun
powder , they nave kept pace with the times.
Upon nil occasions whcro its claims were
presented by an oltlclal test In Kuroro the
United States had its representatives
present , and there have boon several onicial
reports filed upon this subject with the sec
retary of war. Although the attempt 1ms
been made to kccu the composition of this
now oxplcnlvo n secret , wo know pretty
nearly or what It Is made. Dynamite aud
gun cotton enter largely into Us com position.
Castor oil is also used in some samples. The
newspaper account of all the tests made thus
far in Kuropo nro flattering and predict a
revolution in modern warfare. Ofllclal nud
Impartial statements put the matter In u
different light.
The combustion of ono sampla of the
smokeless powder produces such nn over
powering Dtonch that it sickens persons com
pelled to bo in the vicinity.
In other cases the results are so uncertain
that the practical utility of the invention is a
matter of serious doubt.
if it is discovered that practical nnd per
manent results nro likely to bo the outcome
of the tests , investigations will bo carried on
Indefinitely until the merits or dements of
tbo scheme have been developed.
Theru is n craze now for tbo adoption of
rifles of greater calibre than heretofore , In.
vestigatlons have boon in progress in this di.
rcctlon for nearly two years.
AllUr EEW8.
First Lieutenant Alfred 13. Bradley , assist
ant surgeon , Is relieved from duty at David's
Island , Now York , and will report in person
to the commanding ofllcer at Fort Omaha for
duty at that post , reporting also by letter to
the commanding general , department of the
Uy direction of the secretary of war Post
Quartermaster Sergeant Hoyt , upon the ex
piration of his furlough , will report to tbo
commanding olllccr at Fort Nlobrara to relieve
lievo Post Quartermaster Sergeant Kuyinond
Post Quartermaster Wlgmond will report
to the commanding ofllcer at Newport Uar-
racus , Ky. , for duty at that post.
Leave of absence for six months with per
mission . eave the United States is granted
Mujor Uobcrt M. O'Hellly , surgeon , to take
effect when relieved from duty as attending
urgcou in this city , Dr. O'Ucllly wat Preii-
dent Cleveland's family physician nnd Is
now called to administer hi administration
circlca , j
A very noticeable effect Is already seen In
tlio Washington market In Aho prlco of oys
ters , caused by the trust farmed Mils week
botwocn the oyster d red corn on the Chesa
peake bay. The prica has gone up 20 per
cent. Solid shucked oyatdrs have been re
tailing hero for SO cents n gallon. Ihoy sold
for fI to-day. Washington la ono of the
greatest oyster consuming cities in the
world. The local dealers say that the supply
Is diminishing morcmpldly Minn the demand
la increasing nnd that unless tnoio nro now
overtures in the oyster raising regions the
bivalves nro to bo exceedingly scarce for
some time.
It wns expected that the president would
npuolnt Major Poole , of Syracuse. N. Y. ,
commissioner of pensions Mils evening.
Corporal Tanner and General Hussoy , second
end assistant secretary of the interior , nro
out to-day In Interviews against each other ,
and the prospects nro that unless their
mouths are closed nud their pens broken by
the administration a very personal crunrrcl
will ensue between them.
First Assistant Postmaster General Clnrk-
son was at his desk to-day after an absence
of several weeks in Yirginln , whcro ho has
been recuperating from n severe illness.
The corridors in tlio department adjacent
were Hooded this afternoon by pcoplo who
wanted tourtli class postmasters nppo'ntcd
nnd to get nppolnmonts in thu dcparinont.
Kx-Congrcssinan llazloton , of Wisconsin ,
has been appointed attorney for the District
of Columbia. Ho is the legal advisor for the
district commissioners , nnd liis compensation
is 1,000 n year.
The Luther Place Memorial church was
decorated last evening for a double wedding.
The contracting parties were Dr. James W.
Graham , of the patent ofllco , and Miss Emma
Guss , and Mr , Goorpo Uaunon , n business
man of Wnkeflold , Nob. , and Miss Annie
Guss. The brides-elect 'nro tlio oldest und
youngest daughters of Mrfl. S. M. Guss , of
Mount Pleasant. Ilev. Dr. Hutler , thn pas
tor , performed the ceremony. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Hnnnou left for their future homo in Ne
braska. Dr. and Mr a. Graham tool ; the train
for a trip northward , whence they return In
about ton days and will live in Mils city.
J. N. McConncll , of Hoatrico , is at the
C. A. Hurgoss , of Sioux City , is at the
Handall. Pumir S. HUATH.
The Mnriun Confpronop.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 17. On motion of
Charles Hall , M. P. , secretary of the English
delegation In the .International Marino con
ference , this morning , Lieutenant , Colt man ,
U. S. N. , was elected principal secretary.
Mr. Hall stated that her majesty's govern
ment would not consider ap binding nny of
the regulations adopted by the conference.
The conference then began the consideration
of n basis for the proposed international
Tlio discussion to-day was based "upon
the revised international rules nnd regula
tions for preventing collisions at sea" con
tained in u circular issued by thu United
Slates treasury department in Iss7. Votes
upon suggestions or propositions of change
nro seldom taken , for the reason that after
the regulations shall have been thoroughly
discussed they will no put Into shape for
ilnal acceptance by the committeeappointed
for that purpose and which will bo guided in
its work by the expressions of the confer
Sixty ThoiiHaiidilloy Trump * .
WASHINGTON , Oct. 17. In an address be-
foro. . the Hoys' and Girls' National Homo
association to-day Alexander Ilogeland ,
president of the associotirn , madQjhft.start-
ling statement that there ore 00,000 boy
tramps in tbo United States. Ho advocated
the establishment of a rcgistintlon system
by which boy tramps might bo found nnd
sent to farmers who were willing to employ
An Interview With Hussoy.
WAsliiNGTONOct. 17. Assistant Secretary
Bussey , m an interview to-day regarding ex-
Commissioner Tanner's assertion thut a mo m-
ber of the bonrd of pension appeals wrote
Husscy's decision , said that while it is true
decisions are written by others , they are pre
pared in accordance with his instructions.
Ho could not pretend to do the work of
writing out these petitions , but does examine
the cases and reach thu conclusions set
Utcs Ofl'TlioIr Ilpscrvntlon.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 17. The interior de
partment has been reliably informed Mint tlio
southern Ute Indians are far from their
reservation in southwestern Colorado und
are wantonly killing vast numbers of deer
for their hides only , contrary to the laws of
the state , nnd serious trouble Is feared. In
dian Agent Hnrtholomevv lias been instructed
to sco tliat the depredations are immediately
stopped ; that the Indians confine their hunt
ing to the territory where they have u right
to co for that purpose , and to kill no garno
not necessary to support their needs.
A Yncht Illdo nt Detroit
America Welcomes Thorn.
DnTitoir , Mien. , Oct. 17. The train bear
ing the international excursionists reached
hero at about 7 o'clock this morning. After
breakfast the party was placed aboard sev
eral yachts which steamed up the Detroit
river. At 3 p. m. the travelers rejoined their
train nftnr a drive through the city. Tholr
next stopping place will bo Ann Arbor.
At Ann Arhor.
AN Annon , Oct. 17. The All-Amcrlcan
excursion arrived this afternoon. The city
was decorated and thousands of town and
country ncoplo lined the hillsides and roads.
The visitors wcro given n tremendously en
thusiastic reception by the 2,500 students of
Michigan university , which Institution they
Inspected. After the reception exercises the
delegates attended dinner at the residence of
Professor Augelo , and to-night left for
Grand Kaplds.
Tin-en Hundred Mim Walk Out to
Compel Jlouoznltiou.
LONCISTIIUBT , O. , Oct. 17. Three hundred
Progressive Union miners struck at noon to
compel the Columbus & Hocking Yalloy
Coal and Iron company , o reorganize their
organization In mine afTu rs nnd to deduct n
certain per cent ot wages to pay the union's
assessment. j
Over ono hundred Knights of Labor re
main at work. They hayo had control hero
and do their own collecting of money needed
to pay check welghtuian. The contest bo-
twcon these two organizations is becoming
\\yornlnc Odd Follows.
EVANSTON , Wyo , , Oct. 17. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tun HEE. ] The grand lodce I. O.
O. F. of Wyoming , in session hero to-day ,
elected the following officers for the ensuing
year : H. D , Uocmer , Larainlo , grand mas
ter ; Charles Wolslck , Cheyenne , deputy
grand master ; J. F. McMillan , Itawllns ,
grand warden ; W. A. Jamesburg , Larainlo ,
grand secretary \ Joscoh Dillmun , Cheyenne ,
grand treasurer ; W. T. Klrkendall , Chey
enne , grand representative to the sovereign
grand lodge , which moots In Topeka , Kan , ,
next year. A grand ball aud reception was
tendered the visiting J. O. O. F. last niche.
Over one hundred couples participated in the
The nankors * Association ,
NE\Y YOIIK , Oct. 17. The executive coun
cil of the American Hankers' association
after considering the proposition submitted
to the recent convention by President St.
Jrmn , of the Mercantile National banlr , of
New Yorlt , for an Increase of silver coinage
and n corresponding decrease of greenbacks ,
adopted a resolution that the proposition
ooulu not bo recommended to congreif ,
HVKN liX'llll.l ' AlldV l\ lllll\Tl/ (
/ (
A Joint Bill Issuocl Against n. Batch
of Orouiu Conspirators.
The Stenographer ItcifitscN to Open
Ills Month Hoforo tlio Grand
* Jury HOURS Denounces
the Newspapers.
Rvnrvtttlnir On the Qnl Vivo.
CHICAGO , Oct. J7. Great excitement pre
vailed about the grand jury room this morn-
Witnesses cauio nna went nnd ofllcors
were dispatched hero nnd there rapidly , nnd
oppcnrancos Indicated that something Im
portant was in progress.
The llrst witness was n man named Kelly ,
When ho en mo out ho refused to talk to the
reporters Henry Stoltcnbcrg1 , stenogra
pher in Wludcs it Sullivan's ofllco , was Infer
for half an hour and when ho came out
ho rushed off in a grout hurry to Und Mr.
Wlmlcs. After ho had disappeared that gen
tleman made his way into the court house
nnd was examined by the grand Jury. When
ho cauio out of tlio room ho said to the re
porters thut ho hadn't tofd the grand jury
much because ho didn't know anything they
wished to hear. Ho had como in the interest
of Stoltenborsr.
At 1 o'clock the grand fry carao
into court nnd handed in twelve
Indictments , eleven of which were
ou jail cases , und the twelfth was n , joint
bill against Mark Solomon , John Graham ,
Thomas Kavnnngh , Fred Smith , Jeremiah
O'Donnoll , Alexander L. Hanks and Joseph
II. IConcii. Alt these man were already
under Indictment for conspiracy to bribe
After Mr. Windes left the grand jury room
ho asked State's Attorney Longenuckor for
an order to see Stoltonborg. Thu state's
attorney wrote something on a cant and Mr.
Wmues went to his olllce , where the policeman -
man on guard refused to lot him In. The
attorney wont away , but returned with an
application for a writ of habeas corpus ask
ing for Stoltcnborg's ' release. The matter
was set , for hearing nt1 p. in. . but as in the
meantime Stoltcnbcrg hudxbccn released ,
the application was withdrawn.
Stoltenberg refused to answer any ques
tions put to him before the grand jury until
ho could sco an attotnoy. Ho declared ho
was unlawfully restrained of his liberty nnd
that ho could give no tostimouy under du
ress.No jurors were obtained to-day in the
Cronlu trial. Four places remain yet to bo
filled. The defense still have eight peremp
tory challenges and the stuto thlrty-threo.
For the lirst time since his arrest on the
charge of conspiracy to murder Dr. Cronin ,
Attorney John F. Hoggs , senior guardian of
Camp 20 , Clan-iia-Gacl , to-day consented to
an interview by a representative of the press.
"It is reported , Mr. Uegrs , that you have
confessed and will bo a witness for the state.
Is that true ? " ho was asked.
"No , " indignantly reported the senior
guardian , "theru is no more truth in that
story than there has been in any of the other
stories publisnod about mo. It was all a
'fake. ' Hut what is the use of denying these
stories ? The papers treat us as if wo were
outlaws. I can merely tav that I should hate
to bo in a position whereby I would bo en
abled to make a'squeal. ' I am not guilty ,
linvo no guilty knowledge and therefore can
not confess'to , anything in connection with
the crime which lam charged with. "
According to the Dally News the omnibus
indictment returned this afternoon was n
useless proceeding , except on the theory that
the persons npnlnst whom it was brought ,
all of whom were already under indictment ,
have baen made subject to some now charge.
The state's attorney has declined
to allow the new indictment
to bo seen , and this is taken as an indication
that a new charge lias been made against the
alleged jury fixers. It Is suggested that the
accused nio to bo put in the same boat ns the
Cronin suspects , as accessories after the
fact. All the persons rcindieted wore again
an estcd , except Uailift Salomon , who , it is
supposed , will confess. Graham secured
bail , but the others were kept in confine
The News explains the proceedings regard
ing Stoltenberg by stating that Otto Uricson
and William Dahl had informed the state's '
attorney of a mysterious correspondence
which StoltenbcrR. had conducted in July
through Dahl Letters had been received
for Stoltcnberg from Toronto enclosed in en
velopes mailed for Dahl. The efforts last
night in the state's attorney's ofllco to make
Stoltenberg disclose what ho know-about the
letters proved fruitless.
The KlKitiflcnnco oftlin Visit.
ST. Louis , Oct. 17. It Is stated on the
authority of a prominent Irish nationalist
that the sudden visit to Ireland of Dr.
Charles O'Koilly and Colonel Atkinson , of
Detroit , is in the interest of the organization
and strengthening of the Irish National
league. Charles O'Brien , of this city , loft
to-nicht to consult with John Fitzgerald ,
president of the league.
It Proves No SnlVgiinrtl Against the
Wiles of Politicians.
Cmo\oo , Oct. 17. [ Special Telegram to
TUB Hni : . 1 The recent primary election
law of Illinois , which was supposed to provide -
vide every safeguard uerainst the wiles of
politicians , seems to bo qulto ns subject to
manipulation us the former statute. The
Chicago election commissioners met to-day
to investigate the bcrious charges which have
liccn made , and at the sumo tlmo to ascer
tain the best method of punishing the vie
lators. Strange to say , the most sensational
charge is made against Hcprcsnntutivb
William Kent , ono of tlio legislators who
vo tea for trm enactment of the law ho is
charged with violating.
A. S. Newman , Judge of election , testified
that n few days before the primary was
hold ho was approached by n friend of Kent ,
who asked if tie did not doslro to bo tollovud
from his duties as judge for the balauca of
the year. Mr , Newman said it was an irk-
seine duty. "All right , " said the follow , ' !
will have you relieved. "
Sure enough , on primary day another man
was the judge in Newman's ' place. Tlio roc.
ords in the election commissioners' ofllco
show the entry after Newman's name ,
"moved out , " yet Mr. Newman had never
thought of leaving the precinct.
Commlttceincn Kent nnd Downey are hold
to bo the guilty parties , but the commission
ers find themselves embarrassed us to just
how to Institute criminal proceedings against
the conspirators , The election law 1ms no
provision which clearly fills the case , but It
was an evident attempt to nullify the law ,
nnd Hint in itself Is a crime. This 1s ttio
llrst flagrant violation of the election laws
in Chicago since Joe Muchly was sent to
Jollet for li vo years for ballot box mulling.
Thi'oo Hoj'H Killed.
HUDSON , N. V. , Oct. 17. John Lowls , Jc-
rome Haco and Thomas Coonoy , nbout
eighteen years old , nil of this city , were run
over nnd killed early this morning on the
tracks of the Hudson Ulver railroad. They
had stepped from ono track to avoid an ex
press train whcu they wore hit by a freight.
Turner Knookn Out Iloiinrmay ,
SAX FIUNCIBCO , Oct. 17. In n light to n
finish at the rooms of the Golden Gnto
Athlctlo club last night , William Hennessey ,
of Kansas City , was knocked out in ttio forty-
ilftti round by Charley Turner , of Stockton ,
'Jhrco Trainmen Killed.
EL PASO , Tex. , Oct. 17. A washout on
the Texas & Pacific road at Madden yeitor-
day caused a wreck in which the engineer
and fireman were roasted to death and a
bruuemun killed.
Thn House Oops Into Connnlltoo of
the Whole nn Mtnrdonl Kovlslon.
NF.W Yonjc , Oct , 17. At the Protestant
Episcopal convention this morning n retain
tlon providing for n joint committee to pro-
rmr6 the standard prayer book of 1SCU was
ndopted. After the adoption of various re
ports providing for minor changes in the
phraseology of canons , the house went into
committee of the whole ou liturgical revision
with Chancellor Woolworth , of Nebraska , In
the chair.
Several amendments wcro considered nnd
adopted. The discussion on the proposed
adoption of the chnngo in thu prayer book ,
which has been passed by the bishops , but
was not contained In any report , created n
great deal of contusion , out tlio matter was
voted down. The question of the adoption
of the last prayer book was then brought up.
Several speeches wore made on this propo
sition , and Mr , Handing , n lay member from
Missouri , objected to any moro revision.
The only persons , ho said , who will bo bone-
fitted by the revision nro the book sellers ,
Dr. Huntlngtoii closed tbo debate , aud the
amendments proposed by the committee
were adopted.
To-night's session of the board was occu
pied with the discussion of the $1,000,000
enrollment fund subject. It was finally re
solved that the subscribers may on demand
iccoivo their money back If the demands nro
mndo within a year. At the expiration of
that period the remainder of thu fund , which
now amounts to SSri.OOO . , may bo expended for
missionary work ,
Hoard of Ktiruimi Missions.
Nnw YOUK , Oct. 17. At the third day's
session of the American Uonrd of Commis
sioners of Foreign Missions , Kov , George
Walker , of Hartford , road the report of tlio
committee on thu condition of missionary
wont In Africa. It stated that what was
most xvnntcd was moro missionaries. The
committee's recommendation of a resolution
calling on the president of the United States
to get congress to take such action that Mm
United States should co-oporato with CSrcat
Hritnln in trying to abolish slavery in cast
Africa , was carried nmld great enthusiasm.
It was decided to hold the next meeting of
the board at Minneapolis.
The election of ofllcors resulted in the sej
lection of H. S. Stoirs , D. 1) . , president ;
F.liphnlot W. Hlatchford , ' vice president ; Nn-
thaniol G. Clark , Kdwin 1C. Alden and Jud-
soii Smith , corresponding secretaries ; Henry
A. Stimson. recording secreturyj Lungdon
P. Ward , treasurer.
HlinolM V. M. O. A.
PnoiHA , Oct. 17. At the state convention
of the Y. M. C. A. to-day Oliver J. Huiley ,
of Peoria , was elected president.
It Is C.auslni * Two 1'romlnont Cana
dians 1 ots of 'J rouble.
OTTAWA , Out. , Oct. 17. [ Special Telegram
to TUB lien. | A sensation has been caused in
secret and political circles hero over the an
nouncement published in one of the city news
papers to the effect that D. 13. Chisholm , the
former husband of Mrs. Georgia E. Foster ,
wife of the dominion minister of finance ,
who was divorced in Chicago from ChKholm
to ennblo her to marry , will apply to the
dominion session during the approaching
session of parliament for a divorce on his
account , failing in which , it is asserted ho
will contest the validity of his wife's marriage -
riago to the minister of finance. Hon. Hector
Caiucion , one ol the ablest lawyers in Can
ada , and u strong supporter and friend of
the present dominion go'crnmopt , states that
Foster's marriage Is illegal , and that Chis
helm will have no diflicnlty in claiming his
wlfo and making it hot for Foster , If ho sees
lit to do so. Foster is as mute as a clam ,
and will not spcalr of the possibility of los
ing his bride. Ills friends say ho lias been
inconstant fear of Chrisholin turningup all
along , and now that there acorns to bo a
stiong possibility of It. the minister of
fltmuco views the situation uneasily.
An Arrl-Ainorloiin
Dr.TnoiT , Mich. , Oct. 17. The Plain Dealer ,
of this city , the leading organ of the colored
rnce , says a movement is on foot looking
toward the establishment of a national Afri-
American league , non-partisan in politics.
Tlio paper prints contributions from several
colored men approving of the scheme.
John U. Lvnch thinKs tlio present status of
the raca makes the formation of the league
n public necessity. There is also an opinion
from Albion W. Tourgeo , who thinks the
time has como for the colored race to show
itself worthy of liberty , nnd that earnest
and intelligent action will do much to remove
the evils which now milict the race.
To Arrest tlio Naviissn Hlotera.
BALTIMORE , Oct. 17. United States Dis
trict Attorney Hoys , acting under orders
from the secretary of the navy , sailed this
afternoon on the revenue cutter Ewlng for
the mouth of the Chesapeake , to arrest tlio
101 colored Nnvassa rioters that arrive on the
brigs Allco mid Romance to-night or to-mor
row. The Galena , which sailed for Now
YorR with six ring leaders , will bo met off
Nw York harbor und ordered buck to Haiti-
more. _ _
Flro in nn Apartment House.
New Yoiuc , Oct. 18. About 1 o'clock ' this
morning considerable excitement was created
by flro in an apaitmont building nt the cor
ner of Seventh avcnuo und Ono Hundred and
Twonty-llfth street. A largo force of fireman
was summoned nnd the flames were extin ;
guishcd after slight damuuo wai done. One
young woman overcome by smolto was res
cued by the firemen in an unconscious condi
tion. No lives were lost.
A Kino Old A c.
MIMVIUKKB , Wis. , Oct. 17. William
Waterman died to-day nt Grand Haplds ,
Wis. , aged ono hundred and fourteen years.
Ills llrst wlfo died nt the nge of seventy-live.
Ho man led ids second wlfo when ho was in
Ills hundredth year. Shu died a few years
The Humored Hi-ugh Sale.
n , Oct , 17. The rumor that the
Brush clcctria plant had been bought by ttio
Thompson-Houston company is not accurate.
Tlio combination , if consummated , will mean
only a change In the ownership of certain
stock , nnd not the entire absorption of the
Brush company.
Ono of iho Well ViolluiH.
DBNVEH , Colo. , Oct. 17. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Hen , | John McNall , who
was killed In Monday's well disaster nt the
Victor coal mines near Trinidad , was for
merly from Iowa nnd his remains will bo
sent there for burial ,
Mini Full Fwly Poor.
Br.Tiii.minu , Pa , , Oct. 17. Uy the break
ing of the scaffold on the now stundpipo In
course of erection for the water department ,
to-day , eight men were precipitated forty
foot. Foreman Murphy was killed , John
Klurnan fatally huit aud tbrco others se
verely Injured. _ _
in ijulirndnr ,
Qunnr.o , Oct. 17. A messenger from
liibliop Hussc , of the Labrador coast , has ar-
rlvd hero with tlio now * that the fisheries
tiuvo altogether failed at Esquimaux Point
aud over u hundred families nro starving.
. A Freight Collision.
EVANSTOK , Wyo. , Oct. 17-Spccal [ ! Tolo-
pram to TUB Hnc.J The first and second
sections of freight train No , 21 collided near
1'cho station this morning , Conductor Wag
ner was seriously Injured and several cars
wcro demolished.
A Fnlnl
LIMA , O. , Oct , 17. Hy the explosion of a
thrush ing machine boiler nn Hansom's farm ,
Perry faigler was instantly killed , Joseph
Silvers fatally Injured aud two others badly
Auiorlcrm Honda Aim-mod Over
GtvmtcUrm Oompotitlun.
Tlio Northwoucrn MHOS Will Join
tlio Southern Pnclllo In a I > r-
niaitil I'or IjCKlMl illoti
On HID SulHcct.
Protest Against. Canuck Competition.
Cniciao , Oct. ir. ( Telegram to
Tin : Hiii.l : It leaked out to-day that the
northwestern rends will Join tlio Southern
Pacific in its forthcoming dcmaml on con
gress for legislation protecting roads In the
Unltoil States from the unchecked competi
tion of Canadian line * . The assistance of
the northwestern lines will bo duo partly to
the fact Hint they feel most keenly the effect
of competition , iind pirtly bcoauso the cen
tral trunio and trunk lines Issue Joint tnrlffa
with Canadian line * and rofOso to iio so with
the western ro.uis. Said t\n ngenl of ono of
the northwestern roads lo-dny ;
"Senator Davis , of Minnesota , claims there
will ho no legislation nt the coming session of
congress against Canadian roads , but
I thlnlc ho is mistaken. The chances
nro that when navigation closes rates to the
northwest will ho raised. Tlio "Son" has
imrcod to an ndvnuca und the Chleago-SU
1'uul lines will cortnlnly agree. Our line has
never been In favor of the 15 cent propor-
tlonal rate between Chicago und St. Paul ,
which the Uurlington & Not thorn forced ou
us , but if the ruto is raised to ! 10 cents wo
want all ttio trnnio wo can get. If the rates
nro raised theio will still exist the same dis
crepancy between tlio local and proportion
of the through rates , which Is now 10 cents
for tlio former ami 15 cents for the latter.
Ucmeinber , too , Mint wo can only carry
through trafilc at the 15-cont
rate from lines which issno joint
tariffs with us. Otherwise Judge Coole.v .4
has adjudged suoh tariff Illegal. 1 don't sen
any right or justice in the eastern roads
practically robbing us of tnifllo and turning
It over to foreign corporations. Mono of thu
northwestern roiuls , except the Burlington &
Northern , care particularly now whether
tlio eastern roads issno tnriffs jointly with
us or not , out if the rates can bo raised to u
paying basis you will sco u kick that will
amount to something. "
A'lllnrd'h hclicmc Adopted.
New Vouic , Oct. 17. At thu meeting to 1
day of tbo preferred stockholders of the
Northern Pacific railroad , Villard's plan
authorizing the issno of ? 1CO,000,000 now 5
per cent bonds , payable 100 years hence , was
ndopted. Henry Villaid voted Iho majority
of stock. The following icsolulion was
unanimously adopted :
Hesolved , That the holders of preferred
stock represented hero st.pge t to the incom
ing board of directors to tike Into considera
tion tlio distribution of the whole amount
duo the preferred stockholders as sooo as Ilia
company Bhr.ll bo in proper position to do so.
Hobert Harris , who wns president of tbq
company for many years , and who last , year ,
acted as uhnirman of the board of directors ,
is dropped from the directory , and so nro
Urayton Ives. J. U. Hullitt , Fred Hilling ! !
and John ti. Urookman. Tlio new directors
nro George A. Morrison , Jmncs 13. Haggln ,
C. fi. Lclund , Charles U. Liealnan and J. 13 :
The Pullman Dividend.
Ciucvoo , Oct. 17. At the nniiual meeting
of the Pullman Palnco Car company to day
the usual quarterly dividend of $ v per shard
was declined.
Nrwiiinii ( Joes to the C.t N.
Cmcuio , Oct. 17. It is scini-ofllcmlly an 4 :
nounced Mint W. H. Newman , into vice pres
ident of the Missouri Pacific , lias been ap
pointed second vice president of the Chicago
& Northwestern , taking clfect November 1.
As the oflico of t-allic manager will bo
abolished with the retirement of Mr.
Wicker , tbo new man will have charge of
the trafilc of the sjhlem.
Union I'jiclllo IlirriitoiM Mi-rt.
BOSTON , Mass. , Oct. 17. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Hue. ] The Union PaiMllc di
rectors mot for 11 few moments to-day , only
long enough to nccopt the August statement ,
and then adjourned.
An Address hy I/'x-Uuilroiul Com *
mlsBionriCoflln. .
Sr. PAUL , Oct. 17. Tlio brakemen's con
vention will bo principally occupied the re
mainder of this week with committee work.
Tlio convention this afternoon listenrd to nn
address by ex-Kallroad Commissioner Coflin
on improved braking appliances. He urged
the brotherhood to ask congress to take
action in the matter and advised lliom U >
pluco resolutions in tlio hands ol every
congressman , governor , railway commis
sioner , legislator nnd minister.
'I Im Iiiimncci's.
Diisvitn , Oct. 17. Tlio convention of locomotive -
motive engineers occupied the entire day in
routine worK.
It has bcoii arranged to tnaka nn excursion
over the Colorado Central to Loop , Bntur <
day , and n jaunt over the Hlo Gr.imlo and
Midland some day next wcolr.
It nppcina safe to ( insert to-night that the
federation scheme will be adopted , at least
such is the prevailing opinion ,
Whllo all the delegates are highly pleased
witli Denver the headquarters ( | iiuhtioii has
received llttlo consideration to-day. It in
claimed to-night that Arthur is in thu lead
lor chief.
Inlcr-Scm miry Alllnncc.
CIIKMGO , Oct. 17.The tenth annual con
vention of the American Intcr-Somlniiry
nil inn co began hero to-day , The alliance ia
composed of theological students of every
Pi oU'btant denomination except the Kpisc'o-
pals , and bus for Us nlm the union of all
these denominations in home and foreign
missionary woik.
A IMimlnrcr HOCH Insiino.
HIAWATIM , Knn. , Oct , 17. | SpecIal Tele
gram to Tun Hun , ] A young man named
Frame Dolong , In jull hero for the killing of
Cliarlcn Lcmidlsky u month ugo while both
wcru drunk , attempted suicide last night ,
und , falling In the attempt , tried to kill other
prisoners In the jail. Uulong is a young man
of about twenty ycaro. Ho la violently in
sane und will probauly die.
fjynoliarN Twion Foiled.
KANSAS CITV , Got. 17. W. II. Hlldor-
brand was arrested at JJIrmlngham last
night for rape. A lynching parly was organ
ized , but the ofilcers escaped with the pris
oner to Clay county , The lyncliers followed ,
but the officers ngaln eluded them and ai
uow hiding with the prisoner.
A Mtf lo Girl Hand
NEW Yoiuc , Oct. 17. An evening paper
has a special from Newark , N , J , , which
states that yesterday afternoon Annie Gruu ,
aged thirteen , was Hand bagged in the street
In Knit Newark in broad dnyllght. After
being knocked down , Iho llttlo girl was
robbed of $ < H > , given her by hnr father to pay
a bill , She will probably die.
A Village Firo.
ScniNorir.M > , 111 , , Oct. 18. A nro In Vlr.
glnlu , Casa county , curly thin morning
destroyed u largo portion of the business sec
tion and several dwellings. The losuca uu <