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Donuly ShorlfT Low Grebe took the
two boya , Willie Rlchtor nnd NVlllio
demons , to tlio reform school yostor-
Gcor o C.Coon swore out n complaint
ngaltiBt James Brador livst evening ,
charfttnff him with disposing of mort
gaged property. .
Antly Sohlld , n saloonkeeper at 2001
Plorco street , was before iv jury in po-
lico' court yesterday afternoon charged
with selling liquor on Sunday. The do-
foudiuit was acquitted.
Ed Culver , the man who loft Omaha
Bomo days tigo with ti lot of mortgaged
property belonging to Wright ft Lons-
borg.viis captured ycstorduy atJtanstts
City. An ofllcer went down after him
last night.
Daly was nrrosled on n yes
terday afternoon charged with robbing
Cummins & Murphy's saloon at 6112
South Thirteenth street night before
last. Daly tooK a silver watch , a lot of
pennies , some brandy and eomo wine.
Ho throw the watch away when ar
rested. _
Personal I'nrncrnpln.
J. 8. Agoy , of Lincoln , Is ut the Cnioy.
H. II. Moses , of Wayne , is at tlio Casey.
J , A. Shnnlt , of Newport , Is nt the Casey.
J. F. Allot ) , ot Fremont , is at the Murray.
G. Norborg , of HoUIrcco , Is at the Pnxton.
J. I ) . Liicns , of CrolgHton , la at the Casoy.
H. C. llnnnan , ot Ulysses , is ut the Casey.
John U. Hoc , of ICcarnoy , is at the Paxton.
C. L. Hrown , of Lincoln , Is nt the Pnxton.
H. C. Smith , ot Falls City , is ut the Piix-
W. H. Sullmll , of Lincoln , Is at the Pnx
ton ,
Jolin HCCHO , of Broken Bow , U at tlio Mil-
Tom M. Cookc , of Lincoln , la nt the Mil-
L. P. Shnnncr , ot O'Neill , Is nt tlio Mil-
F. W. Fuller , of Loup City , Is at the Mil-
John H. Bennett , ot Lincoln , Is at the Mil-
J. C. WcNaughton , of HastinRS , is at the
T. G. Burke , of Grooloy Ccntro , Is nt the
D. P. Newcomer , of Uluo Hill , is at tbo
Pnxton. '
John H. Wllsoy. of Grand Island , Is nt the
J. W. McDonald nnil4wlfo , of Lincoln , arc
nt the Paxton ,
E. S.GrcnSol , of Plnttsmouth , Is registered
at the Mlllnrd.
Charles Itlclclcy nnd wlfo , of Rushvlllo ,
arc at the Cnsuy.
Dr .T. L. McDonald nnd J. W. Houston , of
Atkinson , uro nt the Milliircl.
T. H. iJiunor mid J. M. Taylor , of Nc-
brankn City , nro at , the Casoy.
Mrs. John Stocldard. of Kcoltuk , In. , Is via-
ItitiR her uuuglitor , Mrs. Frank M. Woolloy.
Mr.V. . F. Grillltts , formerly comtnisaionor
of the Oinulia froiu'ht bttroati , is lu the ' -Ity.
Mr. J. F. Iddings und C. L. AVood , o
North Plnttu , called upon Tun BCB yester
Hov. P. S. Merrill , the newly appointed
pastor of the First M. K church , will arrive
from Philadelphia to-day.
Miss Artio L. Cody , the clinrmlng nnd ac
complished daughter of liuftalo Uill. was in
the city yesterday , tlio pucstof Miss Lizzie
Can Hold. Miss Cody loft last night for La
Crosse , VVis.
im Sqtinrn.
The sodding of .Icffurson sijunro according
to the now designs is about completed and
the workmen are engaged In puttiui ; down
the cln.ler base for the walks. The latter
It will not Do of concrete but n composition of
pounded rock like the walks in the paths of
r * Chicago and other places. The planting of
shrubbery and trees will bo doferroil until
I ucxt spring.
The concrete baio for the now pavement
on Lnko street has been linishoJ , and thol.iy-
ini ; of cedar clocks will commence immedi
The paving of Twentieth street from St.
.Mary's avenue to Hnrney is also in about the
Riuno since , tlio sand nnd plank basu being
completed , and the workmen are ready to
lav the ccdur blocks.
Kdholm & Akin.
, "Who tire thoyV"
Army Js'ows.
Leave of absence for twentjthree d.ivs
has been granted First Lieutenant Charles
M. Trultt , Twunty-Bccond infantrv , nldo-de-
camp. Omiilia , to take effect on the 15th.
Major William II , Hell , rotnmlssary of sub
sistence , First Lioutonunt Churles A.Vor -
ilen , Seventh Infantry , unit First Lioutotunt
Chtirles M. Truitt , Twenty.flrst infantry ,
nlde-de-cnmp , hnvo been appointed a bo.ircl
of survey to meet nt the tiiartermaster's ]
doimt in this city at ill o'clock a. in. , on the
Oth day of October , 1SSU , to examine and
make recommendation as to the disposition
of some 10 , WX ) pounds of obsolete stove cast-
Man iau
Licenses were issued to the following
parties by Judge Shields yesterday :
Kamo and Residence. Ago.
( Oscar Anderson , Omaha . ! JO
( -Ilanim Stoncburg , Omaha . ao
j CluirlcH F. Bauer , Omaha . 20
j Loulsu Toolo , Omulia . 18
j James Dibelkn , Omaha . 2.J
1 Barbara Ui bn- Omaha . U3
lid hoi in t Akin.
'Who uro theyV"d
Hutlid UnDrl llonnil Over.
The cnso of Hnttio Uobol , charpod with
hooting at R M. Patterson , was called in
police court .yesterday afternoon. The stnto
introduced a number of wilnrsscs to provo
the shooting , which was not , denied by the
( lotcnduut , wtio claimed she did not go there
for the purpose of shooting him , but merely
to trlghten him.
She wns hold to the district court in the
urn of ll.'OO.
1. O. O. I'ICntri ttilnini'iil.s.
Goodrich lodiro , J , O. O. F. , will give nn
oyster supper and ball at their hall on Saunders -
ders street to night , the proceeds of which
will bo devoted to tlm hull association , On
the fllst of this month a grand ball and sup
per will bo given ntis \ \ hull by Cunton Kzra
Millard , No. t. The proceeds of tills enter-
luiiimoiit will bo iibuil in puying for the in
struments of thu Patriarchs Militant band.
The Canton will give an exhibition drill in
full dross uniform.
Kdholm & Akin-
"Who nro they ? "
QMAIINeb. . , Oct. 8. Mr. Rosowntor , Ed
itor of Tin : Hue : Dear Sir The free udvcr-
tUomcntyou gave uio In your evening paper
of Monday last ban done mu u grout deal of
good. I have moro political candidates now
calling upon mo tlian ever , and If you ugreo
to continue that utlvuitlsemciit for about a
month 1 will bo willing to pay you something
for it. providing you will lot me know at
oncti how much you will charge. 1 ruinalu ,
with thanks , respectfully yours ,
L. Si.ostistsKi , M , D.
fNoto by the Editor There Is no churgo
tor advertising mountebanks nnd wholesale-
Jobbers in fraudulent votes lu the columns of
Tin : Bitu. If the doctor can add to his
chnrltublo schema to build a church uud turn
sn honest penny for himxulf In the coming
election , wo iihuorfully give him the btmout
f frca udvorlisini ; , ]
of 1'yllilan
Visiting Omaha , nnd in attoudance to
the grand lodge , will find' u beautiful
iolootion of badges and jowcU ut
epouial prices during the grand lodge
icsalon , Cull und buo us.
Cor. 16th uud . 1' O.
I' ' Uodgo , opp. . .
The ApoBtoUc-Nntncd Uollootor Takes
Wlcitlhn to Ills IJosnm.
"Is It true that you have Appointed A. L.
Wiggins to a dcputyshlp In the revenue of
fice ! " inquired a BEB reporter ot Collector
"Yes , " ho roplloil , "tlio Information Is cor
rect , but how did It got out do you suppose ! "
"I * it nccnuso you are ashamed of the ap
pointment that the matter has boon sup-
"Oh , no , not that , but had the fact that
there was a vacancy been known I would
have boon hounded by 200 applicants for the
plnco and I don't care to go through such an
experience again. Wiggins was one of the
flrst men promised a doputyshlp. but In pay-
meat of a political debt duo Saunders county
wo wore compelled to give Mr. Adams the
"It wns thoa understood that Wiggins
should have the first vacancy aim that is
why ho was appointed , Whtlo It
is true that Adams' resignation
was accepted October 1 , andt Wiggins
appointment was mndo at the same tlmo , I
wns not ready to have It known. But , as It
has got out now , I don't care what you say
about It , " _
Edholm & Akin.
"Who are they ? "
A. aiun Front Huinnlinoy Sluml'ors at
tlio < 'iincy.
John Long , a merchant from Humphreys ,
this state , wont to his room at the Arcade
hotel Into Tuesday night it Is said , con
siderably under the iulluonco of drink.
In some manner , perhaps through acci
dent , the gas was put out ana allowed to
When the boll boy discovered the dancer
ho notified the clerk and the door of Long's
room was broiten open. The lodger wns
almost dead. A physician was culled , and
after working on Long for several hours
afforded him some roller , but has little hope
of his recovery.
Eijholin & Akin.
"Who are they ? "
nius. CON Nt : MI PUUAV.
Dentil of an Octogenarian lu aVnll -
KIKUVII Kntnllv.
Mrs. Connell Furay , mother of MaJoV J. B.
Furny , of the hoard of public works , tiled ot
apoplexy at her at 2303 Koward.
Tuesday evening. Death was not unexpected ,
nnd at the tlmo the liuly breathed her last
she was surrounded by a number of childrca
nnd grand-children ,
Mrs. Furny's maiden name was Mary
Ghnchoy. She was born March 37 , ISlfi , in
Donegal , Ireland. On the ! ) d of August , 1833 ,
she became the wife of Mr. Connell Furuy.
Four years Inter , she came with her husband
to America , and commenced life humbly in
the mining districts of Pennsylvania. A yrar
Inter they emigrated to Highlund county ,
Ohio , which was then nn unbroken wilder
ness. There , in the woods they cleared a
farm , whore they reared a family of thirteen
children , nine of whom urc still living. Mrs.
Furay never enjoyed the benelits of nn edu
cation and her husband cnulu barely read ,
but they determined tlmt their children
should never suffer the embarrassment of
illiteracy and gave all of them n good educa
tion. 'Ihey lived in an humble condition and
often know want , but all the money tlioy
could get nbovo what was sulTcient for the
necessaries of life , wont to buy books for the
mental enlightenment of their offspring' .
Major John 'B. Furay was the first of the
children to couio to Ouiahu , that gantlcinun
making his appearance here in 18CO. Nearly
all the other members of the family followed
and , eight years ago , the father and mother
rame also.
Mrs. Matthew Caldwell is the oldest child.
She still resides in Onto. The other mem
bers of the family nro Mrs.V. . P. bt. Cluir ,
Mrs. Charles T. Taggart , Mrs. J. F. Fink
and Mrs. S. S. Cannun , of Omaha ; Mr. Will
P. Furay , county clerk of Deer Lodge
county , Montana , nnd Andrew Furay.u largo
stock raiser In Elkhorn precinct.
The funeral services occur at the Holy
Family church at 9 o'clock a. tn. to-divv ,
nnd the interment will take place at the
Holy Sepulchre.
Oontli ofn Votcrnii.
The funeral of the late David Hume will
take place from his late residence , 010 North
Nineteenth street , Friday afternoon at 9
o'clock ' under the auiplccs ot the Masonio
Mr. Hume WAS a native of Canada nnd was
forty-six .years of ngo. Ho came to Omaha
Iwonty-throo years ngo and was employed
continuously In the Union Pacific shops until
bis recent illness which resulted In his
dcntli , His family consists only of a
( Tanghtor with whom he mndo his homo. Ho
has three brothers , ono In Elizabeth port , N.
J , , ono la Ogdon. Utah , nnd ono In Omaha ,
George Hume , the brother ot the deceased ,
whoso homo Is In Omaha , Is attending the
Knights Templar conclave In Washington.
Ho and Richard Hume , who Is city clerk at
Otfclon , have boon summoned and will attend
the funeral.
The deceased was nnstmnstor of Cnpltol
lodge , A. P. nnd A. M. , and n member of
Mt. Calvary comnmndr.ry.
Edholm & Akin.
"Who nro they ? "
Improvements lUmlo In the Hovoral
Ijonnl Kloctricnl Systems.
During the absence of Mr. J , H , Blckford
at StillWiitor , Minn. , Mr. 15. M. Knight will
hnvo charge of the motormen of the Omaha
Street Railway company.
Yesterday a force of men wns clearing the
tracks on Sounders street from Sownrd to
the Bolt lino. To-day twelve motors
will bo put on the street nntl the new men
will bo thoroughly trained In the mysteries
of brake and crnnlt before they attempt to
run a train alone. The main route will ex
tend from the Belt line on North Twenty-
fourth street south to Cumlng , cast to Six
teenth , south to Loavonworth , west to Park
avenue and south to Hanscom park. By the
flrst of next week cars will bo running regu
larly on this lino.
Tno overhead wires at Nineteenth and
Cumlng nro being put In shape for uso.
To keep the telephone and Omaha Street
Railway electric systems from interfering
with each other the latter company is putting
another set of cross wires nbovo tlio present
ones on Sixteenth street to catch all tele
phone wires that have n tendoacv to sag.
Edholm & Akin.
"Who nro they ? "
Notn Hill Collector.
John Knolla , of Corning , la. , is a sucker ,
and several days ngo n man who represented
himself to bo O. II. Elder , visited that town
and sold Kuolla $10 worth of whisky. Knnlla
drove him over the city , paid the money in
advance also loaned Elder $1 in cash.
Tie is still louclng for the wnisky that
never camo.
Elder claimed to hall from Omaha , and in
order to seek revenge and help out Chief
Seavy , Knolla sent the latter the bill for
collection , and offers him half if ho will col
lect it. _
Edholm & Akin.
"Who are they ? "
Not Quite ; Unanimous.
Hugh G. Qlarit. wnll known ic Omahaand ,
who removed to Florence some time ago ,
has been elected a member of their city
council to I'll ' u vacancy. Thcro was but
ono vote cast against him , and it was cast , by
Mr. Clark himself.
Edholm & Akin.
"Who nro they ? "
Two Jloro Toii li .
Detectives Savige and Dempsey arrested ,
Tom Hart as a suspicious character. Hnrt
bus served two terms In the penitentiary and-
is considered a dangerous character. Three *
years ngo ho was sent | to the Lincoln pen'
Iroin Omaha for higwny robbery.
Hoiilptliintr 10 KciilrinIRr.
If you nro goinff east , remember the
"Rock fsl-itid Routo" run the sleepers
nnd chair ears of their solid vestibule
train to and from the Omaha depot ,
leaving Omuhn at 8:45 : p. in.thus avoid
ing the transfer at Council J31ulTs. Three
solid trains Otiily. All chair cars nro
froo. Dining earson till through trains.
Our trains make close connections with
till eastern limited trains connecting
in union depot at Chicago , avoiding n
transfer across the city to parties on
route to Now York , Bofaton nnd other
eastern cities , "and everything a little
bettor than other lines can ofTcr. "
Ticket ofnco,1305 Fiirnam. Gon'l W. A
The public are interested in pure food. They also
appreciate honorable dealing. When the manufacturer of an
article which is to go into the stomach as food comes up before
them in the newspapers with advertisements of his wares ,
they demand that he shall be both truthful and honest in his
representations. It goes without saying that the manufacturer
who willingly or fraudulently misrepresents as to endorsements-
which he may have received can lay no claim to the patronage
of the people whom he has thus sought to deceive. " False in
one , false in all , " is the watchword in such a"case. . "
It may be a matter of interest to housekeepers to know
that a certain Baking Powder Co. has published in its adver
tisements throughout the country , false statements representing
that the National Board of Health , at Washington , had endorsed
ed its brand of baking powder.
In order that the public may fully appreciate the extent
and character of these misrepresentations and understand to
what depth a manufacturer can descend for the purpose of
seeking favor or patronage at the hands of the public and
prejudicing the public against the well-established brands of
others , the following extract is given from a letter recently
addressed to the Royal Baking Powder Company , of New York ,
by the Secretary of the National Board of Health , which will
serve to make plain the attempted deception :
Washington , D. C. , April 25 , 1889.
"I have read the papers with astonishment at the
unbounded assurance displayed by the Price Baking Powder
Co.-in attempting to use the National Board of Health for the
purpose of giving credit to Dr. Price's cream baking powder ,
I am unwilling that this Board should be used for the purpose
of misleading the public in the slightest degree. I have to say ,
therefore , that this Board never , in any manner , shape , or form ,
'commended , ' 'indorsed , ' or'favorably reported on Dr. Price's
Baking Powder,1 or declared that ' with the exception of Dr.
Price's Baking Powder every sample was found to be more or
less drugged or tainted , ' and any statement that conveys such
an impression , directly or indirectly , is wholly untrue.
" Secretary National Board Jfealt/i. . "
That the public may have an insight as to how other offi
cial examinations have resulted for Price's Baking Powder , the
following from the official report upon the adulteration of
articles of food sold in Canada , made by the Canadian Govern
ment , is subjoined. It uses the following language :
"Dr. Price's Baking Powder contains matter insoluble in
water , 24.10 per cent , consisting of starch and tartrate of lime ; '
a mixture adulterated 20 per cent. " e
° In the examination of baking powders and official tests
made by the Ohio State Food Commission , Price's Baking
PoA-dcr was shown to contain 12.CO per cent , residuum of
matter. ,
Tnd estlon
IB not only n-dlstrcsslnR complaint , ol
Itself , but , by causing tlio blood to
become depraved and tlio fij'Stom en-
( cabled , la tlio .parent of Innumerable
rnalnJIoj. Hint Aycr's Sarsnparllln
is tlio beat euro Tor Indigestion , c\cn
when complicated with Liver Complaint ,
la proved by tlio following testimony
from Mrs. Joseph Lake , of Brockway
Centre , Mich. :
"Liver complaint and indigestion
mndo my life n burden nnd came near
ending tny existence. For moro tlmn
four j earn I suffered untold agony , wns
reduced almost to a skeleton , ami hardly
bad strength todrnp inysclf nbont. All
Id nil a of food distressed mo. nnd only
tlio most dcllrnto could bo digested at
nil. "Within tlio tinio mentioned several
pliy lclnns treated mo without glvlnp re
lief. Nothing tlmt I took seemed to do
any pcrmnncntgood until I commenced
tlio use of Aycr's Snrsnparllln , which
has produced wondoiful results. Soon
nfter communclng to take tlio Sarsnpa-
rilln r could see nn Improvement lu my
condition. My nppctlto beenn to return
nnd with It came iho ability to digest
all the food taken , My strength 1111-
proved each day , and nftor n few.
months ot faithful attention to your
directions , 1 found myself n well
\\nman , nblo to attend to nil household
duties. The mcdlulno has given mo a
new lease of life. "
arsaparilia ,
Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co. , Lowell , Mass.
I'rlcc $1 ; Mi bottles , $0. Worth *
For sale by Goodman DrutQ Co
Best F eili tie j.Appaw tin andRernedlesforGucoes fu
Treatment of every form at ll'ttsff requiring
Boiud&AtteniUnca. But Acsomzaodaticnain West.
CO-WRITE roil CIRCULARS on Deformities nn < J
$ ' " "i1 1 u " * ? ' .Cl' . l > r t , CurvHuiMofEjlie.Pilei.
_ urort , Cancer , Catarrh , . Bra fnh.lation !
_ - , . , * , . . . treated * STpIillltlarolioa
r.morejfromthtijitiui .liliojlmercurj , Ki-w Hnloriilh.
Treatment for Lou of VITAL roUKIt. 1'orllei unatiteto llilt
DiniijbetreiteilathouiebreorrciioDdeDM. ylllconimnnlci.
llouieoLflJtulli ] . UeJIclLCfOrln.iruuiml.irolbrn. llorfl.
P" " " rorpiick ! < JBomirki loin JIr ( rfoul Dli or lender.
Sli'JI7'/ZfIlr' ' . 4' ' lllifnil In pUIn wnriirr.our
BOOK TO RIEW f REE ! Upon jlrlf.1. . Bp'eclnl or
Sr",1 , * . "M Vc"l r i > MDI i Ulnij | > otriKjl jBti.
W. : Ul t u4 VarlcoceUYllh queitlon hit. Ailint
ISth and Dodge EJtrceU , 02IAHA , NED ,
Mi : NT , uuuarunteuil nnerlllo for Ily * > t"rlu , ll//.l >
nehs. Uoiiviilslona , i'Ui , Nervous NouruiBla ,
Jlcaiinalie , Kervoutl'rnstrHtlnn fnueod bv the
usu of alcoliol tobacco Wakef illness , Mental
Dispressloti , Sotlontotfof tlio llr.iln , reiiilllng in
Insanity und leadltii' t o mtii'ry. ilooiy ami h ,
rri'inaturnOUl Aire. Jlnrrtiiiuest , IOH < of ran or
v , Involuiitiry l < o f > ( M and HpennuN
orhn'a coiifed by er-ejcertloii ot tlio bi Rin , belf.
abnso or ovurlndnlgeiu'n Uach bo'c ' lontulns
one raouttrstrrutnii'iit. Jl.OOabo'c. or six boxes
fort'i.cP.fcent l > y mull p'epald nn rpceipt of ptko
Toctirunny case. With e.u h ordjr received bv
UtfforMx boxes , uctompinled with i'l.Ufe will
tend the pnrclmurr our urltteu Kiiuranteo to in-
fund the inoiu-y if the trtutmuut Uoei not elTert
cure. Quai-untoeH Issued only by ( joodiimn
Itrug Co. , Drtiutflsts , Bole Agents , 1110 r'nrnam
trect , Umaiiu Nebraska
TI.e II uO .stamlurU 110 % ,
Ueuit-ilUf fur the iw < n\
pn ate MlmcnU oru u.i
cut L > ai tij tor purity itc
H cUlaitlun ( juurunleeil
CnJ.-r llmieily No 1 for
mini n > l > tii ur rltal
r - r. ist\pj. I'llift 11.00.
io. 8 Fr Lott W iik ( l ur lit y liHl tUliillty In inarrieit
men , or llio tnltrlii * UH llial lumir life. 1'rlce , IIW
No aforUoigrtk. . iii KI I in ulher MI A eombliiiKl
tre tm nt for liitenul mul local ui * . Curf In I lo 6
. .
So. 4. s i Ut tprflle foi iirn ur women , I'rotentu
Kiniorrboca , etc. > o rutbci nor Injection. ] 'ack > K <
laiUSgdayt. > ll > u U. l'il tm tVUUrn < l aualud
trial itinpl * of i.uicJjM ) or t uu retelUol | lilt , lu
tt mn lur no t B . Any un uitliekurr > iir < Jlciuiuiiipt-
ly cut ( MMilM ) ttuall uu unlfl of the pHir. 1104.
' " " " " *
BTANDABR'DlrXEMrEDXY""cO , UOn"o Bo"ltlV |
We will offer this week 250 Men's pure Worsted Sack and Frock Suits , made and
trimmed in first class shape , at the unheard of price of $8 per suit. Guaranteed pure all
wool goods , in every respect equal to any $15 suit in the market. All sizes from 35 to 44.
Sample suits sent to any address , and if not satisfactory , may be returned at our expense.
Closing Out Prices on Fall Overcoats ,
Price $8.
We will offer this week an extraordinary bargain in a pure all-wool cassimere Fall Overcoat -
coat , in two neat silk mixtures , a garment usually sold for $15.00. We are overstocked on
this line and have decided to name the popular price of $8.00 to close them. They cannot
be manufactured for the price , but the season for light Overcoats will soon close and we
are determined to clean up in this department.Send for self-measurement blanks and wc
will send a sample garment to any address and if the garment is not found to be as repre
sented , it may be returned at our expense.
Boy's Combination , Suit , Overcoat and Cap
Price for all $6.76.
We have manufactured two styles in large quantities of this combination in pure all-woo
cheviot goods in Suits , Overcoats and Caps of the same material and oiler them this week
as : i special bargain at $6.75. for the combination. Ages 5 to 14. We unhesitatingly
recommend these goods for wear , being strictly all-wool and made and trimmed with a
view to service. - ,
DES MOINE3 Proprietor
Cor. Douglas and 15tli Sts. , Omaha.
lo Your Wardrobe.
These cool Onys sugecst hev\.r clothing
wo nru well prepared to provide for tlio
comfort of our customers. Our stock
comprises Men's Toll and Winter Suits of
ithehluhostKrucla of nmtoriul and work-
'nmnshlp. ' tOKCtberwitli nn uullnilted sup.
t ply ot warm Hosiery nnd Underwear.
Our nrtlstlc selection of Neckwear IH a da-
illirhtto tlio eyes.
! Wi have sometliins choice In llnndkor-
cnlnfs sometliliiK excellent In Oloves
and sonietlilni ; lollnble in Umbrellas. .
Clilldren'b Clothing a Epeciiilty.
Dr , J , E. McGRE W
The U'ell Knou'ii
IK unsurpassed In
the trciunifiu. of
all fotmsot 1'iiiv-
Gleet and
UMK , a curu
ftlltccd. bl'KIIMV
TOIlItllORt , IMI'O-
TIJSC V , ll O H H Of
amultlon. Srmio
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Ventilating Apparatus and Supplies.
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