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    " ! ' - > r
How it Load to Captain Dompsoy'a
2.1m AcmincKl C.iptnln TclH of the
JVIntinor In AVIiloU Ho Cniuo
To Alt nek. Ilia Superior
Olllonr , Klc , , I5to.
Cnntnln Oi > itir > ' * cr
The court nurtlfil of Captain Dcmpsoy ,
charucdvitli ns .iultln ( ; it superior ollieer ,
Colonel .luBlum S. flcldier , was resumed
ycstcrdaytnornlnR ,
Promptly at 1U o'clock tlio Ijluo-contoil ,
1 > Cltxl nnil epaulet ted Juror * ran pod thorn-
selves along tlio tiiblo In Ilia court martial
room In Tin : llin : building , clirar slumps
\voro ciiRpldorod nnil ttio trlnl wont on ,
Cnplaln DoinpBoy , looulng tiiR mid hron/oil
and perfectly nt CMC , ns usual , wan
in hla accustomed sent bulilnd
Captain Kay , the net I lit ; JudRO ad-
Vocnto , whllo Uolonol Morrow , llio prcsidinc
oniucr , itt llio bead of tbo tublu , bora the
sumo tiUBtoro aspect its uC old
Cnptnin Demtmoy , the nucuicil , was the
first witness. Ills statement was us foltmvs :
' On the morning In question I went
to Ina ( luartura r.nd was mot on the
porch by a member of bis family ;
hciird loud talking botwocn Colonel Fletcher.
Mrs. ITlotcher and Mr ? . Mulirlanci : heard
Colonel Fletcher any that hu hud paid for u
certain < ! ORcart. . IWrn. Fletcher mild , 'No
you dlon't ; don't you rcmombor I RIIVO you
n chock for fy. > 0 and It was with this you
pnld for the cart. " Colonel Flutchur replied
vehemently , 'You are a dunmcd llnr and a
thief , and Imvn tuken things from tills house
which did not bulonRto you,1 I said to ttm
lady I XVHU tulltini ; to , 'I cun't stand thh ; 1
am K ° liu ? In then ) or KOinu away. ' Stio
urged mo not to go awav nnd thoti Mrs. Me-
FarlanU called mo in , Colonel Hctol.or was
In his shirt Hleows. Mrs. Mor.irhuul sukl ,
'Captain Doinpiay , 1 want to tell .von what
Colonel Fletcher said about you. Ha no
discs you of Improper relations with my
sister IIB | wife. ' Colonel Fletcher denied
this , hut I sulzcd him. Ho threw up both
Imnda , making no effort to defend himself.
Mrs. McFiirlatid sukl , 'Ho did say BO , cap
tain , and ho also called in v sister a liar and
a. llilof. ' Coloriol Fletcher denied this
and I tmtd , 'You nro n dnmnod llnr nnd a
coward , for I heard you I1 Ho roltoratcd his
denial and BOOH after I loft in disgust. "
Then Captain DoniD'oy recounted his second
end Interview with Colonel Fletcher , which
took phtco the next evening In the presence
of Adjutant Kinslc , nnd which lias bcon
published In these columns repeatedly.
Cross-examination :
"Mv relations with Colonel Flotcner before -
fore this affair had always been friondlj and
] > lcasant.
"I know thut Colonel Fletcher's remarks
Wore addrojsed to Mrs. Fletcher becjuso
they wcrcrin reply to hcrrmiurlca about mv-
ins him n check with which Co pay for tlio
dof-cart ( , Hoard only part of the conversa
tion between Colonel Fletcher and his
Wife. "
Question by the court : "Was Mrs. Fletcher
in the room when you went In that morning
nnd found the colonel ! "
"No , sir , she had retired , nnd whether she
came In afterward or not , I am notHuro. "
After ten minutes' recess. Mrs. Fletcher
was called to the stand nnd examined by
Captain Dcmpsoy.
Tlio lady is n plump little woman , consid
erably under the ordinary stature , but what
she lacks In height she mnUcs up fully In em-
Lori point. She was uttirod in n closo-ilttinir
black jacket and dress , with a little maroon
Ixinnct , surmounted with ( in old gold bow.
She was dnmuro and rosy , and answered the
interrogations in a low , soft volco , but with
out any symptoms of trepidation or embar
"Ploaso state to the court your full nniiio
end residence , " said tlio captain.
"Mary Thomas Fletcher , residence Phila
delphia. "
"Did Colopol Fletcher nccuso you of im
proper relations with myself on the morning
or the 10th of Junol"
'Ho certainly did nnd that Is the reason ho
sent me from his house. He said his house
could no longer bo n house of prostitution ,
Ho 8 , ild lie would give me fifteen minutes to
> rct out , "
Cross-axaniiiintinn by the Judiro advocate :
"Arc you still living with Colonel Fletch
er ? "
"No , sir , I am not. "
"When did you leave his liousel"
"On tliu morning of the HUti of Juno. "
"Arn you the wife of Colonel Fletcher ? "
" 1 nm ; "
hero Mrs. Fletcher was excused , being re
called immed lately , however. In order
the codrt might propound the following ques
tion :
"Did Colonel Fletcher , on the morning df
the 10th of Juno last , cull yon n liar and u
"Ho did at the dining-room table about a
quarter to 8. "
'J hu lady being again excused , the Judge
advocate announced to the court that Cap
tain Dompioy had no further statement to
inuke , nnd that no argument for or against
would ho offered.
The court then closed.
cc Work I ni ; With Kaso on A pry
Dry Cimim.
Judge Hopuwcll has not yet arrived from
Hurt county , where ho has been holding
court during the past two weeks.
Judge Doano Is hearing the second of the
lUtof "Van Elton vs Abraham casea.
The rnso ngulnst William Hcnnols ,
charged with the larceny of a set of harness ,
will bo called this morning.
W. M , Morfmiin , of Clarmda. In. , was ad
mitted to practice by Juduo Wakclov. Mr.
Morsman is a brother of K. M. Morgmau ,
president of tlio 1'aolllo Kxprtias company ,
and has bcon a loader at the I'ngo county ,
la. , bar for the past ton years.
J ud co Wakolov hnu appointed J. F. Morl-
nrty , Uf. 1) . McHugli , J. 11. Mclntosh , .T. 1 > .
Kngllsh and H , C. llronio as members of the
bur committee on membership applications
nnd ccrtltlcntos for the September term ,
John L. McCuguo has commenced suit In
the district court against M. S. Uartlett ana
Kobcrl Wilson for $ 3,283 on n promissory
Christian Anderson has filed suit in the
district court for a dlvorco from tils wife ,
Kngul Anderson , on the grounds of drunken-
jioas and adultery.
Paul LIss has commenced suit against K.
K. Kooil , praying for an injunction to restrain -
strain Him from soiling certain chattel mort
gages given to secure two notes fur JIM ) and
ZOO respectively , upoii which Lisa alleges
that theru has boon paid the sum of $ UK > , but
Htatca that Hood refuses to glvo him credit
for more than $7f > , claiming .tho balance as
usury for oxtondlng the limn of the notes.
The pntlllon also prays tor Judgment aualnst
Hood In llio sum of f 170 duo as laborer's
lure.Atiula It. Klnkaad has tiled n suit for f5WK ! )
Oamages against Arvilia C , Citiild , the
dnmuges reuniting from sickness canned by
thQ defendant cutting the bower ph'O leading
into tlio house occupied by the ( lofemuml ,
ullowlng noxious gaues to cscupo Into the
building ,
Ulio civsos of Henry Llngonnor , nccusod ol
nu assault upon Annie Jorgcn&on , and that
of Van ICt ton VH. AbrahaniB were given to
the juries lust evening ,
County Court.
The docket far the October term hi the
countv court wns called yesterday. There
wore 1 " 'leases on the list , the largest docket
ever known In ihls court. Judgments wore
rendered In tlio following cases by default :
Horimpl Culm va S. L. Andrews , for
plaintiff , SWrST ,
.1. II. Mlllard vs L. P. Priiyn , for plaintiff ,
M , P , Soars vs Ada U Toft , for plaintiff ,
Sochlor & Co , vs Jus. A. Hroiui , for
plalntill , fajs.4. %
Joseph H. Millard , trustee , vs L. V , Pruyn
et ol. ; f.r > ii.7i : for pl'ilutlff. '
LouU Bnj dors Sons Co. vs T. H. Cotter ,
I9JOW ) , for plaintiff , and uuio vu same. ) .
J , M. KdmUton vs Charles S. Schonck et
ol.fU ; i. tiO for plaintiff.
Mrs. L. A. Hryun has couunonoed suit
ugaltist the Western Casket company to re
cover f30J.3U ou u note.
Tlio First Bcs'ion Alcotn In Till * City
llio twcnty-sccoml annual action of the
Nebraska grand lodce. Knights of I'ylhln * ,
opened nt 10 o'clock yesterday morning in the
cnitlo hall of Nebraska , lodge No. 1 , on
Fourteenth street.
The hnll had been handsomely decorated
by the coinmltttco on decorations , consisting
ofUrothcrsC. P. Murphy and U. H , Hal-
combo. The nrch over tbo grand chancellor's
station WAS decorated with bunt ing arranged
In n glory , showing the colors 6f the order ,
from which wns fuspcndcil the grand lodge
symbol , trimmed with myrtle.
At the back of the alcove was a bank of
plants arranged in the form of a trlanpltho
symbol of the order , and about the lodge
room wuio placed n profusion of bcnutltul
( lowers nnd nlnnts. 'I ho tutjlo of the grand
keeper of records nnd scuta was ndorncil with
hnudsomo bouquets of cut flowers.
'I ho body wns called to order by Dr. S. II.
Patten , C. C.and chairman of the commit
tee of nrrangcmenls , who introduced Mayor
Hroutch. 'I ho lint of delegates Will bo found
on the second page.
'I ho mayor stated that ho had been
called upon to luhlrcns the assemblage
in Ids capacity as the city executive and also
nB a member of tbo order. Ho referred
briefly to the fact that this is the Ilrst session
of tti grand lodge which bus been hold In
this city and cnuincratcd the innny attractions
which would be prevented to the members for
their entertainmentthe miles of paved street *
the numerous manufacturing Institutions
nnd the largo building * in the city.
' 1 Im mayor also called thu attention of the
delegates to tlio observance of the Sunday
laws and the high state of morality prevail
ing lit the city. He then welcomed the grand
loilgo tu the city and extended tlio hand of
After tuo applause had subsided , Grand
Chancellor W. H , Love , of Lincoln , uuulo an
eloquent , response.
"I thank you for the kindly expression
just made , and yet it required no net or
words upon your part to say that wo ivoro
welcome , for from the Ilrst time wo entered
the gates of your beautiful city , wo have
been made comfortable and happy , and led
to Imliavo wo were welcome.
"I hope nnd trust the notions of this grand
lodge will bo such that you may
never have causa to regret our
having assembled In your uihlat , or sorry
that you bade us thus welcome. May we bo
a blessing to you nnd you to U3. May thu
nets of this grand lodge lo n blessing to
thu citizens of Omaha and to all tuo
human family. The three principles of
P.vthlauUm friendship , charity and benevo
lence have been planted , watered , nnd have
blossomed with tbo growth and thu fruitage ,
which nro but legitimate results of honest
cmlcavoiHUpon which God has placed his
bennd lotion.
"I wish to return to you and ihrrmgh you
to the citlrens of Omaha , the thanks of this
grand lodge nnd the thanks of ( i.tXO ) knignts
throughout the jurisdiction of Nebraska for
thu kindly welcome , \ou hnvo ulveii us. "
Following the remark * of the grand chan
cellor , Dr. Patten Invited tlio grand ledge to
Uiko part in the rklo whiih had been pro
vided for their entertainment in the after
The lodge then went into close ses ou and
nclmmlHtorc'd ttio grand lodge degree to the
new representatives , after which un adjourn
ment was taken until this moraine ; lit 11
Owing to the late hour nt wliicli on ad
journment was taucn , the delegates did not
assemble in readiness for ttie drive until
about half-past U o'clock.
At Unit tune the entire grand ledge nnd n
number of ladles were scaled lu about forty-
llvo carriages and started over the route as
announced in Monday's Hii : . The trip was
a revelation to the pntirt ) party , inunr of
whom had never visited the district througti
wuich the carriages passed. Hxprcssiuns of
delight and surprise were heard on every
oide , and n jollier crowd never graced Omaha
with their presence ,
About 5 o'clock the party drew up at Tun
13m : und Now York Life buildings , which
were inspected thoroughly. Jt was the
unanimous opinion thntitiis was n most lilt ing
ending to a most enjoyable afternoon H enter
tainment , .
The following ladies nro in the city , nc-
couipunying some of the delegates to the
grand lodge :
Mrs. It. O'Neill nnd Mrs. H. E. Chnpol , of
Lincoln ; Mr.s. J. H. Rogers , Aurora ; Mrs.
Jos. Ounkin , of Havennu ; Mrs. L. A. Hrowcr ,
of Caudron ; Mrs. H. H. Baldwin and Mrs.
Grove Haldwin , of lOllchorn.
Dining tlio eveiiinir the doleg.ites were left
to amuse themselves , which they did in
various ways. Most of them spent the even
ing at the various places of amusement ,
while others , who tire ot a practical turn of
mind , bul.l a secret caucus in one of the
loading hotel" , ami llxed up a shite for the
coming election of grand loilgo olllccru. The
ofllccs over which there will bo the hottest
fight are those of grand chancellor com
mander unu of representative to Itiesupremo
lodge. There are two suprcuio representa
tives from this state , who arc elected for two
yearu each Last year Omaha hau both
representatives , 0110 of whom holds over.
'Iho terra of the other has expired and
Omaha wants to name his successor , but
Lincoln enters a strong objection. The
oftlco of grand chancellor was held by n Lin
coln man lust year , and there will boa spirited
contest over the election of his successor.
The following is n list of the Pythians now
the city nt the grand ledge :
Nebraska No. 1 , Omaha , Charles J. John
son , Dr. C. M. Dinsmoor.
Myrtle No. ii , Omaha , George W. Sabine ,
W. H. Haynor.
liolloviio No. ft , Pnpllllon , I. G. Solk.
Planet No. ! , Otnuliu , Julius Treilschkc ,
Jacob Frank.
Jim HUH No. H , Omaha , John W. Iloaza.
Gariiuia No. C , Ulair , Douna Allbery.
ICurckn No. 7 , Nobrasnu. City , Joseph M.
Hesperian No. S , Friend , G. Kramer.
Star No. 0 , Ashland , James U.inloy , Nel
son Stioffcr.
Antloeh No. 11) ) , Pawnee City , O. 12. Hall.
Klk Creek No. 11 , Klk Creek , W. S. H.
Midland No. 12 , Hennott , John C. Ell.
York No. lit , York , Charles A , McCloud ,
Gum No. 1) . Ke.irnuv. It , A. Julian.
Kxcolslor No , 15 , Clay Center , John M.
Jones ,
Lincoln No. 10 , Lincoln , J. W. Porcival ,
Charles Hnrvuy , H , M. SimolTur , L. C. Dunn.
Tccnm&uh No. I" , Tocuraseh.T. II. Hrooke.
Falls City No. 18 , Falls City , H. C. Davis.
Fuirbury No. 10 , Falrbury , It. H. Wallace.
Morning No. 20. Norfolk , .1. W. Hoso.
Occidental No. "I , Coiumbus , John M. Mc-
Farland , C. C. Heromiror.
Klkborn Valley No.J'i , \\Vst Point , C.irl
Hchlllor No. 23 , Nebraska City , F. Hrauer.
West Point No. LM , West Point , I ) . C.
HuniholdtNo M , Humboldt , I. E. Sijhrau-
Omaha No , 'M , Omaha , II , Hornberger , J.
P. Lund.
Heiculean No. 27 , Ulsing City , E. C.Cook.
Hastings No. 2 * . Hastings , W. A. Dill-
worth. A. K. Allyn.
Culautha No , ! . Hod Cloud , L. H. Wal
lace.Hoalrlco No. 30 , Hratrlcc. no report. '
Sterling No. ill , Sterling , M H. Christy.
Triumph No. ! W , Fremont , F. I. Hlllok , Jo-
scph 13. Frirk , F. DolezoL
Superior No. ! KI , Superior , H. F. Holtmaii ,
Pine No. ill , Long Pine , C. F. Ingalls ,
Auburn No. 'M , Auburn. J 11. Hauor ,
Apollo No. .it ) , Lincoln , vY. S. Hamilton ,
H. M. Hnshnoll.
Ivanlioo No.UT , Johnson , D. I ) , Adams.
MagloClty No , : tS , Holdri't'e. ftols Ntilson.
Mystic No. U9 , Aurora , James H. UadgcrA ,
Plorco No. 40 , J. 1) . Slierot.
A. H. Marshal No. 11 , Llnculn , H. L' . Chap-
pel. E. T. Huberts.
Willow Grove No. 42 , McCook , J. W ,
Holtnol No , 43. O'Xolll , A. J. Handlou.
Cyprus , No. 44 , Table Uoolc , W. It. Wilson.
Damon No. 45 , D.wlu 'Jity , T , J. Murphy.
Nynian No. 4(1 ( , Grand Island , William II.
Gauntlet No. 47 , Plnttsmouth , W.V. .
Druinmond ,
llarmonla No , 18 , Wymoro , T. M , Sals-
giver ,
Hector No. 40. Stella , J , S. Mima.
Evorgrecn No. K ) , Weeping Water , \ \ ' , A.
Husso. .
Adolphl No. HI , Alulon , no report.
Hluo Yulluy No. fi'i , Hebron , J , H. Green ,
Damascus No. K ) . Chadrou , L. A. li wur.
Triauglo No , fl , Omaha , It. H. Lucas , H ,
H. WehlKir , U. H. Paltmi.
Toulonin No. & 5 , Hastings , S. ScbwalbDld.
Vigil No. M , Nlobram , na report.
Montgomery Nu. 57 , Crelghiou , Jauios H.
Hotl Cross No. 5S , Uluo Hill , D. P. New-
Pythagoras No. 59 , Omaha , Morris Mor
risen ,
Damocles No. CO , Illckman , W. B. Morri
Ouster No. 01 , Hroken How , W. .1. Woods.
Ivy 01 ! , Ashland , H. U. King , A. II. Gould.
Kcnilworth No. W , Alrtswortti , W. H.
Sheridan No. ( VI , Knshville , W.V. . Wood.
Lot us No. OS , Wayne , R. M. Goshorn.
Silver No. 05 , Orccnvrood , Gcorgo E. Fin-
ley.Amnranth No , 07 , Grafton , S. F. Hnlnoy.
Capital City No. ( H , Lincoln. O. P. Dinges ,
S. J. Dennis , F. F. Koose. J. E. Hlpgn.
,1'arko CO , Omaha , O. P. Thompson , C. O.
Hoctuor ,
Chevalier No. " 0. Grafton , Shadrlek Doty.
Ml. Shasta No. 71.Otnaha , A. A. McFud-
den , Charles K. Carrier.
Antlers No. 72 , Elk horn , C. W. Baldwin.
Geneva No. 73 , Geneva , 12. M. Hillings.
Minerva No. 74. * 1 ecumsch , J.W. Unltrcal.
Sutton , No. 7ft , Sutlon , io report.
Oriole No. 70 , Omaha , W. L. Seism , Harry
Heaver City No. 77 , Heaver City , Char.les
E. Hopping.
Seward No 73 , Sewnrd , J. S. Leonhardt.
Knwriinso No. 70 , South Omaha , William
Viola No. 80 , Omaha. A. E. Pike.
Hwlng No. M , Ewing , J. A. Prommor-
Marathon No. & 2 , Omnhn , W. S. Denny.
Harvard No. 811. Harvard , TJ. O , Hunt.
Forrest No. 81 , Omnhn , J. A. Johnson.
Union No. 8 : . . Madison , K. C. Glllon.
Ord No. fcO , Ord , Gcorgo H. Stover.
Sprlngllold No. 87 , Springfield , Snmucl
Clarion No. 83 , Nonpareil , .liuncs H.
Longfellow No. 89 , Hooper , Fred J.
Aoway No. 00 , Punka , J. H. Orr.
Crescent No. 01 , Hlmwood , William Deles-
Shclton No. OJ. Sholtoii , F. E. Kills.
Lucullus No. VJ , Uloomington , F. H. Har
South Fork No. ( U.Dulwis , David Darling
ton.Virglnius No. 05 , Omaha , Edmonu Paul-
Nester No. 00 , Crawford , H. II. McUrow.
Good Samaritan No. H7 , Omaha , ( ieorgo
E. Wilson.
Valiant No. ! I5 , Sidney , H. E. Guppeu.
Wnhoo So. O'.i , Wahoo , H. ltlood. .
Aiivunco No. 100 , Ciilhctfon , H. H. Oil
ier.Itonubllcnn Valley No. 101 , HenUle iiinu , V.
E. Hiu-Ror.
Woodland No 101 , Stanton , V , II. Wells.
Curtis No. J 03. Curtis , no report.
Eagle No. 101 , Eagle , Samuel S. English.
Hralnard No. lO.'i , Hrnlmird. S. W. C.
Diuim No. 100 , Heatrice , C. S. TossUiium.
Delta rvo. 107 , N'olson , S E. Davis.
ItunaloNo UN , Madrid , W II. Puidy.
Modoo o. lO'.i , Nullgh , P. H. 1'nterfcon.
Pallas No. 11" . b'chujlcr. John W. Artley.
Marmion No. lll.Loup Cltv , J. F. Jeffords ,
Kismet No. ll'j Kavonna , .1. W. Dunslnn.
Urie ) Nu. lli,1. : . Paul , Dr. F. ( J. Tent.
America No. 111. Fullerton. J. AV. Tiinnor.
Mtirupp.i No. 11. , North Plattc , James C.
Snliiiu No. 11(1 , Crete , F. D. Williams.
Pythian No. 117 , 1'lynsps , H. C. Harmon.
Kepresentalives are required to Lo pro
vided with iheir official jewels in order to
gain admission to ttio grand lodge.
J he olliccra ol the grand lodge arc as fol
lows :
Kiclmrd O'Neill , past grand chancellor ,
Lincoln ; W. II. Love , grand chancellor ,
Lincoln ; W. F. Manning , grand vice cn\n-
collor , Omnhn ; H. W. Woolverton , grand
prelate , Pierce ; Cbntlcs G. Alton , urand
master of exchequer , Aiusw < rth ; L' . 13.
Fri'iieb , grand keeper of records and seal ,
Omaha ; O. L. Green , grand master ut arms ,
Kearney ; George It. Green , grand inner
Kiiard , Geneva : E. 'W. Hoyt , grand outer
ciinril , Long Pine ; W. E. Copchmd. J. S.
Shropshire , supreme ropruscntntivcs.Omaha.
Ed hoi in & ; Akin-
"Who sire thovV"
It Aiain C < iiii ! B Uj > I-'or Cnnslilcrn-
tlfin 15y Hi Commi-Jsiom-rH.
All the county commissioners wore present
at the special mcctitie yesterday afternoon.
County Treasurer Holla submitted n 10-
port of miscellaneous feus collected In his of-
flco during the ( juurtor ending September ! 10 ,
18V. > , amounting to WUM15.
A comtnunlc ition from Architect My
ers nddresseil to Superintondonl Coots ,
recommended that the sewage of
the county huspitnl bo conducted into
large cess uools. which shall bu ( lushed ut
intervals and led inio the creek. The com
munication was * placed on fllo.
The committee on finance submitted ale-
port from Auditor Evans on the bill of thu
Democi at for printing tin ) tax list. There-
port recommended that . " > 15. 11 bo allowed us
the full amount at" the hill. The number of
descriptions was reduced from the number
in the bill rendered , an d the rate wns nl " } {
nnd 55f for the three insertions.
O'Kcpffi ? demanded if any of the members
of the llnanco committee knew last Saturday
that the bill was wrong , and asked whv they
bad made no protest whoa the bill was pre
sented , He was very much excited und
talked vcri hard ut Anderson.
Anderson responded as chairman of the
committee on finance. Hu said tlio bill had
not been referred to the committee until
after the mcetim ; on Saturday , and they hud
no knowledge of it. When the bill came up
ho wont upstairs to see if the bill was cor
rect , nnd wbllo he was gone thu bill was paid
in part.
O'Koeffo retorted ttiat Anderson should
bavo stopped tlio payment of tno warrant if
ho knew It was wrong.
Anderson said tlio majority of the board
woio doinir the business and be did not care
to eel into unv argument about it.
O'Keoffo said excitedly that ho didn't
know anything ahdut it until after tue meet
ing last Saturduv , but If hu had known it hu
would have protested against it.
Turner arose to explain his position. Ho
Haiil he had u suspicion Saturday that the
bill was not riuht and studied over the matter -
tor , but thought the amount of $700 was cov
ered by the correct amount of the bill and
the bill for road advertising. Ho stated
that If the ayes and nays had been callou ho
would hnvo voted nralnst it , but us two
members had voted for It ho let it go. 116
tried to made it appear that the $700 was al
lowed OH any account Vaughn may have
with the county , aiul not on the tax list bill
alone , notwithstanding the fact that the $700
was paid out of the general fund , whllo the
bills tor the other work come out of other
The report of the llnanco committed was
Dually adopted.
OB motion of O'Kooffo thn voting place of
Irvinglon Place was located nt Gcorgo L ,
lleilman'H , In the center of the district.
After flxini ! tbu polling places for thu com
ing election the board adjourned.
Kilholm fc Akin.
"Who nro they ? "
\V < " .t"rn An ICvli II'IIOM.SHE ' (
There was a regular meeting of the "Wes
tern Art association ut Llninger'8 Art hal )
lau evening. The fall exhibition was vqtcij
for the IStii of November , tbo place of hold. )
the same to be selected by the committee at
a subsequent meeting , lucre will bq n
called meeting of thu board of directors on
Tuesday , October I ft. Tlio regular monthly
mooting of thu association will be held the
second Tuesday of the month ut Liningor's
hull. _ _
Mcrclmnlb' Hotel. Lnrtt ! Riuupla
rooms. 9i$2.r ! > OiSJ ! : < | iur(1iiy ( , NiitLJrown.
"Who nro thoyV"
* till n > ; 10 ( > iiiiiiiilior.
K you tire t ; " ' " " oust , romoiubof tlio
"Hock fsl'intl Houto" run the Bloopers
mid oh air cars of their solid vestibule
train to .and from the Oinulm depot ,
leaving Oiimhii at 8:15 ] i. in. .thus avoid
ing the tnuitiforiit Council UluITs. Tliroo
both ! trains I'lilly , All chair curs are
froo. Dining cnrnon nil tliroupli U'Jiins.
Our trains nmUo eloso connections with
nil otibtorn limited trains connecting
in union depot tit Chicago , avoiding n
transfer across the city to parties ou
routp to Now Vorlc , Boston nnd other
eastern cities , "mid everything n little
butter than other lines can oltor. "
Ticket oillco,1303 Parnatn , Gon'l W. A
How E. M. Pattoraoa Miseod Mrs.
Uobol's LfttliS Bullot.
to thn Slor'y of Intrigue ,
nnil O'tUcr Crimes In
Which K. M. ' ( 'ntturson and
Ills .VBsallnnt > 'Atipcnr.
DoiU'Cii thn , Hullot.
Tlio trouble existing between It. Al. Patter-
xon ann Mrs. Ilattlo Uobol , conunrnccd
nbout one year ago , the latter having thn
former nrrssteu on a cnargo ot bastardy. It
terminated yesterday at 1 o'clock In nn nt-
tompton the part of Mrs. Ucbcl to kill him.
At the hour mentioned , the woman ap
peared at Mr. 1'attorson's ofllco In ttio
Omaha National bank building , armed with
n 32-callbcr revolver and lired one shot nt
Fortunately , her nun wns poor and the
bullet burled Itself In the door-casing before
it could roach the man ut whom it was
aimed. Lust spring , Patterson commenced
milt in the district court , against .Mrs. Uobol
for perjury , and , having received notlcolhat
the case would bo called to trial next week ,
the latter became frantic and determined to
bring mutters to nn end as tragically as pos
"She has not annoyed me very recently , "
twld Mr. Patterson , who was seen shortly
nftcr the shooting , "until now. About 1
o'clock I hoard u knock on my ofllco door ,
nnd.upon opening It , found myself confronted
by her. Stio appeared considerably excited.
I asked what eho wanted and her reply was :
If I go to the pen for It , I'll put un end to
you. ' At the stum time sno drew her re
volver nnd raised It to llro. I Jumped back
und slammed the door shut between us. That
is the whole story. "
Mr. Patterson's onleo Is on the second
floor of the building , very near the elevator
entrance. Attar tiring , a number of men
mirroundcd Mrs. Uobi-1 , disarmed nud held
her until Chief Seavoy arrived , put her
under arrest and led her to the central sta
The nffair created Intense excitement fern
n time , and hundreds of men examined the
bullet hole lu the door-easing. Previous to
Mrs. Uubcl's arrival at the , her move
ments nru not known. She stepped into the
elevator , told the elevator boy that she
would go up to Patterson's ofllce , nnd
scorned In n very great hurry. She ascended ,
reached Patterson's door a moment after slio
had left the elevator , and the next instant
Iho re | > ort of the oistol was heard.
Mrs. Uebel is about 30 years of age , plump
nud well ilicsscd. Her face can not bo called
handsome , but It may hnvo been bo years
ago.Chief Scav.v took her to his ofllce In the
city hall building. There she was seen by a
repoiter for the linn.
" o-day I went down' to see him about n
S1HU ( mortL'ago which ho holds on my home.
\Ve talked of our suits , and 1 insisted on a
Rottloinent of some sort. When ho said wo
can settle our differences in the courts it
made mo so angry that 1 was cr.izv.
"After ho shut tlio door , 1 drew my
revolver and fired one shot into the door
Just to scare him. but did not intend to hit
bun. "
Mrs Uobel lives at No.M23 Chicago street.
Her occupation is that of a midwife. She
was divorced from , her husband several
years ago , hut ho is still living in Omaha
and is a blacksmith by trade.
KKTl'KIt THAN 01j .
One oi * the Lots in iM.iinllclil. in Col
orado , For.Otin I ( oil IIP.
Don't bo a day too lalo and regret it ,
Boat1 in mind wo tire going to hive ;
ixrtcsiun wells , hikes and u city ot iif 00
people in eighteen months , nnd a lot
for one dollar will nialco you iv hand
some profit in that time ,
\Vo have line wilqr : , , now and an clo-
gant location , but SiljU.OOO in improve-
inentb will change the looks of things.
UTe will 6cll no lots for Ichs than $5
nftor October 15. If you want one now
is the time.
Li ) ADDITION" Co. ,
Csibtlo Llock , Colo.
The fallDvni mr n. ti 'vi.-j I iiil by
Bulldlnu InancctorVhitlnck yesterday :
N A Itinstr.iin , two duellings' , Twi-ntletli
mid South -tiot'is . $2,0fin
Mno minor permits . 6aiO !
Ton po nulls . $7.T < 0
Edholin & Aldn.
"Who are thevV"
Ittto F.vitsAM STIIRF.T , OUAMA , Nun.
( Upposllo 1'uxtou Hotel. ;
onico hours , 9 n , m , to S p , m. Sundays , 10 a
m to i p. in.
Spertillsts ill Chronic , Nervous Slcln ami
Illoocl Dlscii'-w
lrc nsiiltatlon at otllce or by mail free.
Mi'cilclni's ktiul l > y mull or uxjircsi , gecnruly
packed , free from ulmrrvMlon ( lunriintei'a tn
euro nulrlcly. Hufely nii'l periiianrnliy.
NERVOUS DEBILITY S5ri8 ? ! feffii ? ? ,
ilons. I'nyslcnl ll > > cay. arlaliiK from Ini'iflcro
tlon , I'.xccsMor Indulcencc. vKidiicliicSleeplusi *
ness. Despondency. I'linp a < on the fucc > , iiver
Ion to aoclety , easily nl ( tnraiel. Ici'ic of o mil
dnnce , dull , unlltrorBtudyorlJuslness , IUH ! llnrla
life a burden Hafcly , pi-nnnrontly nnd pri
vately cured. Consult Iirs ' Uetta Sc fiotts , JiOS
Farnum St. . Onmhs , Neb.
niorajns , Bypinih , a discnso
illS'diUVmoStterrlblnln | ( H
, completc-lv eradicated wllliout tlie aid
of Mercury. Kcrofula , 1'r/BlpnlaK , Keverorvs ,
lllotclips , I'lcoiB. I'aumln the Heart nnd Ilonos ,
hyplillltlcSont'lliroiit , .Jioutli und 'lontiii > , Cn-
turrh , etc. . punnanently cured Nbera otlion
have falleil. '
' nn' ' Hladder Complainta.
] ? illllPff IfrillQ'V
MUlluYi Ulllm y IMIflful. nililcnlt , too fr
Oiient IliirnlnBor Illoony I'rine. IJrlno Jileh col
nr d or with mil r fceilUnent on Ntamltnu , Went
Back , ( loiiorrnii-a. ( jltet , CystilK fir. ,
I'romotly and Safely Cured , " Charges llensoni
1 O'mrnntfed per-
J juniient Care. r -
complete , wnlioiu nuttliie , cauxtlr or
dlllatlon. Oirea etlicted nt liomo br patlvul
wlthiiut a mumenU jialnor unnnyauto.
foB JonoirMra Men.
Mcaitness. destmylnj ; both mind and body , with
all dreadwl HIH. pennunentlv cured ,
llPBP'IT ' ? Adro.i thoBWiiilwvoimpali-Hl )
IJUOi IJuHU therast'lvet by Inipniptr mdul . acd solitary liablts. Mhlc.1 ruin both
bodv and mind. untUtltie them tor buslmsj
jtudy or marriai- " ' .
M uiiiiKD JIhN. or thosnenterlne on that liaii
pr life , aware ot phjsicul debility , quickly an
Bl&tf tit
U bused upon facts , > 'lr t-Tractlcal Erpo
rlence. hticoiul-Kvtry e o U especially studied-
Uius ytartlnB aright. Thlrd-MoJIo nea are pre.
' > 1U0lrUbt"r'exi -08"u e
out injury
* * , ; Bend Uct-ntb pokt&tid for celebrate ! works
- ? Uronlc < srrous and Delicate Diseases.
ml 9auU" oureilt l"A friendly Utter or call
U Y ° aYyouruturo sutferlusf and Miuine. and
Jwir 8iJaSn yers to llfcn No letters an-
mod by * CenW lu gtami"1-
HM Farnam attest , Omaha , N b.
Bnck nnU Front Buckle , High Button Gnltcrs with leather fly , Ooistcr Croquet Alnskns nncl
Glove-Fitting , Pure Gum Sandnls , Now Ankle Strap Sandals nncl Flno Pebble Lag Boots.
Above named styles can bo had in LADIES' , MISSES' and CHILDREN'S , In nil widths ,
from A A to W , with or without heels. See that the "NEW JERSEY RUBBER SHOE
CO. " is stamped in the soles of ench pair. They are first quality goods nnd hnve superior finish
and shape. TAKE NO OTHER KIND.
Men wanted to examine each pair of Arctics , Excluders , Rubber Boots , Wnders , Lumber
men , Aluskas , and Snndals , fine Cloth Arctics and Polar AlasUas , to see il the "NEW JERSEY
RUBBER SHOE CO. " it. stamped In each sole. If not , go to thoshoe denier who has the Now Jerseys
first-clas . lam Western Agent Tor the above-named company
seys , because they are strictly - * goods.
pany and keep nn Immense stock for dealers to draw from. I also sell
Felt Boots , German Sox , Rubber and Oiled ( Ming
Remember , Iam the only whotesale Shoe or Rubber Clothing
dealer in Omaha who does not retail goods ,
Hereafter -shall I keep the genuine Mclntosh Wading Pants in all
widths and sizes.
For aalo by Mi II. B1U ) , Om hj ,
Jnstiintlv stops tbo most cxcruciutiinr piiins : never failh to Klvo o.iso to thu sunVroiv
otlier external PAIN , n foiv iiDplir.itions net lllto manic , caasine the pain to instantly utop.
FA1NTINC SPELLS , NEllVOUSNESS , SLEEPLESSNESS nro rulivod inttatinj' , and
( juickly cured by tailing inwardly 20 to ( Mt drops in a. half tumbler oC water , flll cunts a Uot-
tlo ; Sold by DniRKists.
With KADU'AY'S PILLS there is no bettor CUKE or PKUVENTIVE OF IWVEll
Nudis Verbis.
A High. Class Champagne.
r- , dec ,
is as eoocl as any Wino imported , and ia
sold in those United States by Importer ,
Wino Merchant , Grocer , and Restaurateur
at loss profit than any other brand : id csl ,
Better Value to Consumer.
Steam * and * Hot * Water * Heating
Ventilating Apparatus and Supplies.
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in
To denlera enl > . Mills oiitliern Mlhtonrl. HINIIU * . J , " anil ; i. r. B. National Hunk llulldlni ;
Trlophone l.liT , Oinuha , t\a\i. \
A. B. MEYER & CO. ,
1O3 South IBth Street , Opp. Posloffice. Telephone 149O
1B13 Douglas Street , Omaha ,
fiioux CITV &T'Arinoi" , „ „ , , , Airlvo
Depot nth A WobstiirhtE. | Omaiia. Onui.iu.
Bt. 1'aul Limited | * l ; < o p in itr ) > a m
C. It. I. & 1' . I Leave Arrive
ncpot 1 th \ Mar'y HIS. O.miha. Omaha.
\Vt > Hi tvnnl.
Running lietwecn Cuuacll Iliuir * and At-
lirluht , in addition to the slatlo is mi < ntlonpd ,
ttalns stop ut Twentieth unit Tw nty fourth
> . und ut thu Hunimlt lu Umitha.
rtouth Sbcotlmaha Translinijid
DrlKlit , Omuliu y , loj ot. | fur. wap.
AM. A. M. "ATiT A , Al..i A.M. A.M.
' f. : .7 (1:0 : J
6li : 'flio : nir ! ! fl:27 : Gi.lfi
7:00 7OT : 7:20 : 7ir. :
8:01 : HiH 8:27 :
HoV : Hill ) KillO
HM : , ' '
UU- : ) | nl'i'd
ti : M 1UU7 inn , 10:27 : 10 : in
10:0i : | 10 ; 10 I0:2 ' '
* " " lli'lti 'iiiH :
! ii '
into HIM 1' . M.'i I' . M. J' . M. ' P. .
' . M. . 1' . 41. M.lii'l 12:27 . :
12-M ) 12 : . ' . Ho ; lii'l 1:27 : liiir !
2i\ : 2:27 :
: j-)7 (
ilu' ) fiiir ,
4:07 4:27 :
4.'a1 ! 4:2' : ! 4.I7 : 4il6 '
4 : . ' f07 6:27
0:1/7 : / ( iiir. tin A-M
7:07 7)15 ) 7:27
7M > | 7i.ii ! 8:07 Hlt > :27 : 8r ! ,
KMH \ " U:07 : Uir ; , :27 :
10:117 1n:27 :
iniw ! 10 Ilii7 ar. 11:42 :
12:21 : am Iv. 12U )
VIRM C Y nll < 1 a" urlnuty Iroubloi vaKll
MUllbl ly und nafelj i-urud by Dut'TdltA
CariMUloM. Heveml catm cnrod lu Hevcm days.
Bold ntI.MI ] irr ti'ix , nil dr i//i ts. or by mall
from Dodum M'f't : Uo , IU Whlto fct. , N. V.
Full dlruUlous.