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Trouble May Vet Arleo Over Soutl
Dakota's Conatltutlon ,
Cntulltlntcn Tor tlio United Htntcf
ticuntornlilu Snoiirc Itnoinn nt
1'lorro llntnls ibr Hin
A Conflict oT Sections.
Pjr.itnn , S. D. , Oct. 7. ( Special Telegram
gram to Tnr. Bnn. | By comparison of uec
tlons 10 nnd in of the schedule and ordlnanci
of the constitution it appears that there Is t
bitch In It that may cause trouble. Attenllot
hai boon called to section IU , which provide :
tnirt canvassing boards of senatorial or rep
rcscntutlvo districts shall moot not less that
twenty days after election to canvass the returns
turns and then to miiKO out ccrtillcntcs to tin
duly elected members of the legislature ,
while section in provides that the members
bors must meet on the 15th inst
nnd take the oath of onlco
having the certificate of clectloi
made out la duo torm. The question nov
nrlses : How can members bo sworn Intt
oftlco on the 15lh Inst. when the canvassing
boards of their district , taking ndvitntago ol
section 10 , do not moot to canvass nnd Issue
the certificates of election until before the
' 20th Inst. , after the legislature is suppose1
to .convene , to cases whcro different mem
hers have not received certificates prior t <
the Ifilli Inst ? Serious complications wil
nriso and cnnvnsMnK boards aru iciiilndoi
that their difllctilties cnn be avoided b\ \
promjit nntion In issuing election rcrtilicate :
to moinhera-oleot hi time for the meeting ol
the legislature ) in Picrro on the 1'itb.
Itoonm nt I lorrc.
PfnnitK , S. U. Oct. 7. | Special Tolcgratr
to TUB Bnn.J R , F. Vottlgrow has CIIRUROI
forty rooms in tbo Wells house , anticipating
the coining session of the legislature and cap
luring the senatorial plum , while G. C
Moody has thn same number spoken for It
. the Hotel Brunswick. The committee on ar.
rangotncnts are sparing no pains nnd alrcadj
have quarters arranged for over four linn
drcd people , members of the legislature ani
oOlcials of the stato. The court room ntu
lobbies of the court house will bo used for
the state ofllclals and the house , while thi
Congregational church will bo madu roauj
for the senate. Both uro now being deco
rated and arranged. The indications an
, that ample quarters will be usslirnod to nil
who visit Picrro during the coming session ,
Quite a number of the third hnusu unit sov-
entl members ot the legislature arrived to.
day nnd a largo number are anticipated In
the next day or two.
The wont of excavating on the now $ ' , ! 0.003
opera house wns begun to-d.iv. It is BIIIU
ntcd on Pleasant Brlvo avenue. Conlract'
for the masonry will bo lot us soon as the
advertisements for bids can bo published.
Syndicate block , three stories high and ol
brick , has been started on the site adjoining
the Wells house on the west.
New Senatorial ( undidntcs.
YAXKTOX , S. D. , Oct. 7. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bnn.J It has tmw devclopeu
that. Wordall anil Governor M0uuUo are tc
bo tbo candidates of the farmers' alliance
nnd the prohibitionists for the United States
scnato as against Moody , Edgorlon and Pet-
tlgrew , the regular republican candidates.
Moody arrived frrm the Black Hills th's
morning. Some sltrowd politicians are bet
ling that Moody and Edgnrlon will be elected
, Tlio Montana Situation.
ST. PAUL , Oct. 7. A Helena , Mont. , specia
Fays : The Herald has advices to-night thai
I ho republicans have elected tlio whole leg
islalivo ticket in Madison county , "ono member
bor for wliloli heretofore lias been coucedec
- to-tho-domocrats , and also that the republi
cans gain ono member In Fergu'
county. If the other rcptiblicai
claims bold good this will make llio slati
sonalanlio and tlio house republican b.\
* frbni ouo to four majority. Chairman Scliir
man , of the republican state committee , std
C claims the legislature nnd docs not concede
the election of Toolo for governor. The
c official count In Lock county will bo madi
this week and that will scttlo the mattei
nnlcbs the republicans should institute t
contest , which now seems probable.
r Wreokt-d Mariners Picked Up.
DAI.IIOUSII : , Now Brunswick , Oct. 7.
The bark Peticodlac arrived hero with the
master nud eleven men ot the ship Minim
Swift , together with nlno men belonging tc
the bark Loutotto , of North Shields , and sij
cattle mon of the steamer Goo graph in , no , re
cently sunk near St. Piorto. Four mon , the
stewardess and Miss Masters , u passengci
on the Minnie Swift , were drowned and oue
man is missing. The captain , two boys anil
two men of the Leulctte were drowned ane
one man is missing.
Nelirnnkn null low a Pension * .
WASIIINOTOX , Oct , 7. [ Special Telegratr
to Tim Unc. ] Pensions granted Nobras
leans : Original invalid Samuel W. Gosard ,
Phillip Dilteiibaugb. Ine-reaso Silas Moore ,
John F. Snyder , John M. Whitt , Lysandci
Asa. Reissue William F. Glllaml.
Pensions for lowans : OrlRinnl invalid-
Alfred Wood , .lames F. Jones , John W ,
Barrow , " Frederick Dowo , Henry Ostert
i Cyrus J. Briggs , Isaac Stroeppy , Charles H.
Uplmnt , Janics It. Swanoy. Increase Kd
ward Kldder , Harrison Klllott , Simon Ilann
Warren 1'otter , Reissue William 11. Till
bolt. Jumcs Marvin , Thomas Manual , Jame :
F. 1' . Thomas.
Knows her Own .
CniCAeio , Oct. 7. fSpecial Telegram te
'J'lti : BKK. ] When a Kiunolcr dies in Cliicagt
Ilia funeral partakes nf that ficml-nfllcia
character to which his political Inlluonci
justly entitles him.
At tho" funeral to-day of John Walpole , i
well known gambler who started the llrsi
keno hauls over run in Chicago , ux-Aldormai
Mournoy and Lieut. Louis Haas , of the de-
tertivo force , headed the pall bearers am
wore followed by Harry C. Stewart ant
John Ilealy , both well known und prominenl
tn Chicago politics.
A Tnrrlilu Clnlc.
LONDON , Oct. 7.A torriflo gale prevallec
to-day throughout Great Britain. Mucl
ilamttgo 1ms been done In Lancttshiro ani
Ireland. The gala is blowing with tromcii-
deus force In the Irish channel and n large
number of shipwrecks have been reported
ThO tf legraph wirrs in many places havt
boon blown down by the wind. The Brills !
Hhlp Prince Louis , from Quebec August 2i
benn driv6n nshoro in tlio Morsuy ,
Tho.Btorm has destroyed 100 yards of thi
Holy Head breakwntor and isolated tin
lighthouse. The coast is btrowu with wreck. .
Another Cr.nilii Hiiripuol.
CIIIOAOO , Oct. 7. Andrew Fey , a laborer
who U u member of 20 Clitii-nn-Giiol
, , , Camp , - - ,
wns arrested to-night nnd subjected ton
, J , .pumping process labting over two hours , it
thoofllco of the state1 * attorney. Pollci
Captuiu .Schuotlor Buys Fey was roloasei
t after the questioning , but will bo Itopt imdoi
t surveillance. The slulo's uttornoy doullnci
to sny whether or not anything of importance
had lieou cllultcd.
- *
An A.cronniit Ili-owiunl.
NAPOLIB , Ind. , Oct. 7. At Moun . , George T. Illco , nn neranoul
with a circus , iiuulo an ascension. As In
descended over the river ho became tnnglee
iu the ropes und was druggou through tin
\voteranddrownod. This was Ulco's om
tiundreeltli nsceuslon.
Kllm the Ijuoky Poini.
i. Neb. , Oct. C. Great combination
Omaha , Denver nud Kansas City capitalists
combine to ouiia up a great midway ritj
between tbo Missouri river und the Rockies
MHsKnn. . , 18 the lucky point , Kxcitcmeni
is Tunning hleh. This insures one grea
ooiniaeroml city for central Kausus.
Tlio Oregon /Mlonlonnry Dlooeso Ail <
ntltti.-d ns A HcKiilnr Itlnlinprlo.
Nuw YonK , Oct. 7. At the scaalon ot tut
general convention of the Protestant Epli
copal church of America to-day the house o
deputies admitted the missionary dloccso ol
Oregon as a regular diocese , with Blshoj
Morris ni diocesan. There was then pro
Rented n report recommending the admlsslot
of a now dloccso tn Missouri , nnd it wrv
ndoptod with but ono dissenting voto. Tin
delegation from Fan du Lao presented t
memorial asking that no further revision b (
tnado In the prayer book , nnd It was ro
fcrrcd to the committee on liturgical re
vision. The dolngatlon from Rhode Islam
presented n memorial stating that nnj
clmngo Iu the iiuinu of the church wns Inex
pedient. The house of dooutios then ail
journcd , nnd with llio addition of the house
of bishops went Into session ns n board o
Bishop Tuttlc , of Missouri , presided ovei
the session of the board of missions. Mis
s'.onnr.y ' Bishop Hnrc , ot South Dakota , tole' '
oftho difficulties with which ho nnd tin
clergy under his charge were obliged lo con
tonil and of the progress they had made. The
Sioux Indians in the new state number onlj
from ! ! ri,000 to : iOX)0 , ( ) , while the population l ;
! l'iO,000 , nnd yet thcro nro moro Indian that
whlto communicants.
Bishop Wliipplo , of Minnesota , roportei
buck the report of tbo colored commission ,
accompanied with an appeal iu behalf o
their work asking that 810,000 be ttppro.
prlatcd for that worK during the cominj
Missionary Bishop Walker , of Nortl
Dakota , said with the ) exception cf two 01
thrco towns In North Daltota all the othci
towns bnvo shrivelled during the past year ,
and many who nettled there as farmers have
moved nwry. One great cause of thli
might bo found in the bllzarus. Dcspili
llio dinicullics encountered , the number o
churches have Increased from four Ic
seventeen , and of these only three
tire in debt. The bishop said he needed foui
now ohurchoa , ami also asked that ho IK
provided with a car In which hu nnd othoi
missionaries could travel and sleep , am
from the rear of which they could preach.
Rov. Robert Shaw Ldrko , who for the
past llftccn years has been a missionary In
China , said the only hope of converting the
Chinese , Japanese or natives of India wns bj
having natives missionaries.
Missionary Bishop Tnlbot , of Wyounnp
nnd Idaho , cpoko of the. work In his diocese
and of Its needs , both in money nnd men.
The board of missions then ndjo'irned as ti
token of tcspect to the memory of Bishop
A'all , of Ktiusns , who died yesterday at llryn
Miiur , Pa , , wnllo ou his way to thu conven
The : Cnntiiln'M As8 iint ! : Locked Uv
For Furl her DcvoleipiiiPMtH.
ST. Lot is , Oct. 7.r-Captnin D. P. Slattery
who was so mysteriously assaulted tine :
robbed yt'stcreln.V morning , Is resting quieth
10-day. WnrrliutR Tot therobbets wcie thi'
moVulng SWOVH out against Hunt , the mm
charged with beSatlng Slattery , and for Bar
keopi'r.Hlckoy , of Klostcrmnn's snloon. The
golit frame ol Slattery's stud hits been fount
In tiio cell xvhero Hunt was confined , and it i ;
thought the prisoner swallowed tlio diamond
Cupttiln Slittlery Is reslliiff fnsicr to night
Ills friends advance the theory that he tool
11 powdei which his doctor has prcscriocr
for insomnia nnd wns partially ovcrcomo bj
h , und while in this condition hu started te
sco Secretary Harris , of the Mcrcliantb
Elevator company ; tinei. making n mistake it
tils eljtzed condition , wixmlcicd into Klostor-
man's place.
of a Xtitieina
lioaiitte t'ontoiiiplatod.
CiTic\no , Oct. 7. | Special Telegram to
Tnc Br.i : . ] A largely attended state con
vention ot colored men wns opened in tin
senate chamber at the state capitol n
Springfield this morning.
John G. Jones , of Chicago , in calling the
convention to order , urged the formation ol
a state league of colored men for thu pi o
te < : tnm f their political Interests.
The call for the convention , which wa =
read , declared thatalime had arrived "when
letelmg nnd active colored republicans
should deliberate and confer upon the pres
ent condition of theiir racound principles and
measures important to their welfare ,
progress and general improvement. Their
civil , political and Intellectual advancement
could only bo promoted through thu chiiiiim
of organization , for in tbo mullltiidu o
counsellors only Was Ihcir strength and wia
dom " After the transaction of some rou
tine a recess was taken. It is given
out that this movement is u ptcludo to the :
organization ofa national colored league
with headeiuurteis at Chicago.
Itaboas Cot-pus Kor Wnnilruir.
CHICAGO , Oct. 7. Attorney Browne this
morning renewed before Judge Baker Ms
petition for n writ of habeas corpus for hit
client , Frank Woodruff. Judpo Bmct
granted the writ , returnable Wednesday
morning. The grounds for asUing the writ
are substantially thu same as those prcsuiitee
in the potitipn last month.
When proceedings were resumed ii
the Cronin cuso to-day , Forrest , counsel
sol f or the defense , movrd for tlio ml
mission of a record of a moss of articles am
interviews published in thu dally papers
The mutter was discussed nt consieierabli
length , but without reaching any conclusion ,
and was dropped an.l tbu work ot trying le
get a jury was resumed.
The VlKtblc Supply.
. Oct. 7. The visible supply foi
the week ending Oct 5 , as compiled oy the
secretary of the Cliica o board ot Iradc , i
us follows :
, , Bushels ,
Wheat . 17Sli.iJ ! !
Lorn . , . H.Sia,03fl
Oats . . - . 5 , < BHi.oK {
Bariuy .
Vliii Loiiislniin llonils.
NHw s , Oct. 7. The grand jury this
morning wportcd that conslitulional bond !
to the amount of fSSJI.dOO had been rccovoree
and turned over to thq attorney gcnernl o :
tuo state The uttornety general states thai
of the bonds stolen $ " 0,000 worth are slill uti
recovered. The iniproosloii is Unit all of Hie
stolen bonds wilLuo recovered by the author
itics , most pf them being held iu this city.
A GlndntiMilnii Victory.
Loxnox , Oct. 7. At lite election held al
Potorsburgh to-dav lo fill llio p.irliamnntao
seat inado vacant by tbo death of the lion
William J. Fitzsimmons , liberal unionist
Morton , Gladstonian , polleel l.OS ! ) vote ;
against lOi'J cast for Burns , unionist
Nntnllfs Not Afraid.
BuLaitvPE , Oct. " . Us Queen Natalie has
resolved to face every conaceiucnco of hot
eioli.inroDf the govcrnmont , and will doclmt :
to uei'Ont any decision of the Skutschlm
restricting her stay In Sorvia
'Jin ; Now FreiM.'li
PAKIS , Oct. 7. the iatcst estimate
timato the new chamber of deputies will have
! > 05 rcpublicinis and 211 opposition mpiniiors ,
This estimate Includes tlio colonial mem
_ _
Tltn O'Donoulnin Drtuel.
LONIIOX , Oct. 7. Daniel O'DonoBhuo , ol
the glens , commonly culled "Tho O'Don- '
ogbuo , " Is dead , Hu represented Tippcrarj
iu parliament Irani IS. to 1SI > und nut foi
Tralao from 1603 to IbSS.
Glass Hlowors Strike- .
NEWAKIC , N. J. , Oct. 7. At noon to-daj
flfty glass blowers In the Kdlson Elcctni
Light worics nt Harrison struck because of t
proposed reduction In wages.
Dlrcimii' of ilia mint.
WASIUXGTQX , Oct. 7. President liarrlsot
has appointed Kdwar'd O. Loach , of the Dis
trict of Columbia , director of thu mint.
WAPIIIXOTO.V , Oct. 7 , fRjiocial Tolegraui
to Tur BrE.j-Bonds offered ; f710,800 ui
An Important Rullug By tbo lowt
Suprotno Court.
An Obstreperous Prisoner Created r
Sonsntloti In a Hoi Molnos
Court Itooni Devnstnt-
IIIR I'rnlrio I'li-cs.
The IMedlonl IJKW Husl allied.
Be * MOINP.S , In. , Oct. 7. The pupromi
court this morning filed a very Important do
clston , sustaining in the swooping man
nier what Is known as the medical law of tin
last general assembly. That inw forbid * an ;
ono from practicing medicine without bavin c
first received n ccrtillcato from the board n
medical examiners , The cuso wns that o
the mate of Iowa vs Sidney Moshor , nppel
lant , from tbo OhcroUco district court
Moshcr is n traveling physician who claimoi
the right to prnetlco medicine In tlio Btnti
without n ccrtillcato from the state board 01
medical examiners. Ho wns tried bcforo i
justice of the peace nnd convicted , On up
peal to the district court there was anotho
conviction , and Moshcr appealed.
Ttio Riiprcmc court holds that the ntnti
board of examiners have n right to compc
would-bo physicians to conform to their test !
of examination before being admitted U
practice , As Moshcr did not satisfactorily
meet the tests the lower court did right li
convicting him. This Is the first decision ol
tbo supreme court bearing directly upon thl :
law. Many opponents of the law huvi
claimed that It was unconstitutional , but tin
supreme court practically nflirms Us constl
Other decisions rendered to-day wcro tin
following :
Ksch Bros. , appellants , vs. Homo Insur
ance Company of Nqw York ; Jones district
.1. W. Illncslcy , appellant , ys. Maunslc ;
county ; Mubiwka district ; nnirmed.
The county of Adams vs K. H. Huntoi
and others , npnollauts ; Adams district ; nf
tinned. Hunter is tlio Into chairman of tin
democratic state central committee , nnd wa <
charged with misappropriating funds whib
county treasurer of Adams , county , Th <
amount of the judgment ngamst him , whlcl
the supreme court nlllrms. is $ ll5y,30. (
\Vnrreu \ Walker. H ] > pollant , va Mary A
Cameron and William Wlctts et al ; O'Urioi
district ; nOlrinod ,
A VioinuH
DEB MOINKS , fa. , Oct. T. fSecial | Tele
gram to Tun llm : . ] An exoltinK- scene oc
currcd in Judge Conrad's pourt this mornltif
when Gcorgo Monroe was brought up foi
sentence. When asked if. he had nn.vthiiu
'to say , Monioo launched mto a. profane de
nuneiiitlon of the methods of the court. IK
abused the judge and jury , saying that IK
bad Hot been given n fair trial , .ludgo Con
rnd lixed his sentence at four years in thi
pomtuntlurv. When Bailfff Morgan startci
to take Monroe out. "oi tbo court room In
sj.raug toward District Attorney Macombor
who was silting on tbo platfol'm , and strucl
him u sharp blow with his list on the lot
side of the head. Morgan" grappled nui
throw Monroe down , and assisted by Bailtf
Robinson , rushud him into the sheriffs office
whore Hie young desperado bit Morgan 01 :
the thumb and kicked and f9'uglit fiercely ,
Ho was overpowered and t"hcn flown to Tlic
jail , wheio ho said he would get even will :
tnc ] udio : and the two attorneys when be goi
out , and that if ho had u rcvplvcr ho wouliJ
have shot them.
A Kionlc Jnr Liberty ;
llr.s Moivnfa. . , Oct. 7. [ Special Tele
grain to Tin : Ucn. ] rrnnlc Boldinp , a des
perate young Dos Molnos- tough who wu ;
being conveyed tc the Fort Madison peniten
tlur.v , jumped from a Chicago , Uurlington 5
Qulncy train near Danville Saturday nigh
and escaped. Holding was under sontcnci
for twelve years for highway robborj , sovcr
years of which wns taxed up to him on hi ;
Pica of guilty to the robbery of Frank Browi
on a bridge in this city and five .years foi
fur other robberies. He was reeauUired yes
tcrdav and is now safe in the penitentiary.
Swc nt Uv Trail-in Pli-os.
ESTiir.uviM.i : , Iu. , Oct. T. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun UEK.I A devastating lire brol
out at Clicver lake , four miles south of bore
yesterday. The ground was so dry that tin
clouds of dust , nstic.s and smoke made it ncx' '
to impossible to check the progress of tin
lire. At listhcrvlllo nil biiRiness wa1
abandoned , nnd men. women and childrei
turned out in attcmnting to sava the town
The course ; of the fire was divertcfl , and bul
n few residences on tlio outskirts wen
burned. Many farm residences were de
stroyed. Thousands of dallurd , worth of lla
nnd grain wore consumed , nrid. many fam
ilies rendered houiPloss. Swan Lake was
partly burncJ , and additions ! losses an
being hourly repotted.
I'ahSiiKfund Froisjltt Collide.
Driii-Qi u , la. , Oct. 7. JSJiecjtU Telegram
toTnnI3cn.J The Central passongar and
the Milwaukee freight collided below the
city tins morning and both trains wcro badlj
wrecked. The only person injured was i
mail clerk on the Illinois Central train , but
1ic was not seriously hurt. Tlio wrocb
olockea all travel south and prevented tb <
republican mass meeting at Muoratlnc , whlcl
Senator Allmon was to havS ( nddrepsed thli
cvenini : . _ . . .
The 'McllioiliKt Conference.
low.vCirv , Ia. , Oct. 7. The "Upper lowi
Metliodlst conferonce-clo'jfd to-day. Then
was n lengthy discussion over tl o report o
the temperance committee. Tcinpenuici
resolutions were finally adopted and luiile <
with Joy. \ -
Hln/.incr III i n it ) or.
Di > Moi.vns , la. , Oct. -Stccial [ ) Tele-
Rrain to 'J in : JJci : . ] Piro late last nigh
burned ri large nart of the lumber yards o
T. 11. Qneal & C'o , of tliU city. The loss i' '
pit limited til S'-'O.OUO. with insurance o :
' '
No Use for 1'rolilbillon.
Jlunroun , Conn. , Oct. " . IJoturns from
the.towns that cast moro than two-thirds o.
tbo state vote last year show , that the voti
on the prohibition amendment is about threi
to one against it. These towns alouo gavt
nn aggregate majority of yo.OOy against tin
aincnduiont. Only ten towns , so fur re
ported , RUVO it u majority. The now secre
ballot law received its li | t trial.
A liiMiH.-iN Cuttlo Man Killnd ,
KANSAS CITV , I\Io. \ . Oct. 7. [ Special Tele
Brnmto Tun linn. ] Gcorgo W. Morris , i
cattle man of Oswego , Kan , , was killed by a
Missouri Pacific train four wiles , east ol
this city this evening. Ho was on his wuj
to Chicago with two carloads' of cattle whui
the fatality occurred , Ho foil between twc
cars ami tlio wheels passed over his bouy
cutting it in two.
to Intorl'oi'O.
K , Oct 7. The Greek metropol
itan Michael declines to interfere in the an
nuliucnt of the divorce of cx-KIng Milan anc
ox-Queen Natalie. Tlio ox-queen thercfort
piHitions parliament for the annulment o
the docrco.
Itcspitn for
STiucusn , N. y. , Oct. 7. A stay of pro
ceodlngs wns granted to-day in thu case o
ex-Hanker Faulkner , pending thotcontliiu
nnea of the case at the nuxt term and L'uuik
nor was required to give $ .20,000 ball ,
Tliu Dentil Ilocnril. '
PAKIS , Oct. 7. Genorul L bruiiia dead
Ho bccumo famous durintj- the I'Vanco
Prussian war of 1870. i
Julius Uupro , a Fro rich painter , Is dead.
"Sinn Voarx J'llf LiverpniA.Jnok ,
New YoitK , Oct. 7 < John F Itzpatrlck , bet
tor known as Liverpool Jack , was thli
Diormnsr sentenced to nine years In .stile's
prison for ubductlug men to work in Yuca
tan. i
Frost In
LITTLK HOCK , Ark. , Oct. TtVrost U reported -
ported from aU sections of tbo state thli
uioriilug- ,
BtArtltna Dlaclosiiroii Cntiso the Sua
pension f n Trial nt Urnvnr.
Dnxyun , C lo. , Oct. 7. [ Special Tele
pram toT r.llEEJ , Thcro wnsnsonsntlo
In the district court this afternoon , Kx-Pc
llco Lieutenant Jim Connor , cx-Pollcemn
Charles Connor nnd Jim Marshall , a wol
known Knnsn8'jClty charaelcr , nro on trlt
for alleged conspiracy to rob the Rio Ornndi
Express company. This Is the second trial
the Jury luvrlnfe disagreed on the first trla
When coxirt "convened nftcr dinner Colonc
Taylor , of coiliiscl for the prosecution , ni !
drowsed the court , Baying that a matter o
the greatest Importance had just come to hi
knowledge affecting the cnso nt the bar an
asking nn adjournment until 4 o'clock. A
that hour ho presented to the court the all' '
davit of W. B. Miller , to the effect that on
of the jurymen , Isaac DoITcr , lioii deceive )
the court In the examination ns to his competency
potency to orvo on said jury ; that ho Im
Hworn that "ho only knew the Connorn b ;
sight , whereas ho wns n friend nnd nssoclal
of the salil Connors , having ployed curd
with them nearly every night for two month
proceeding the trial , nnd detailed many otbc
circumstances showing that DoITcr hnd got
leu n place ou the jury for corrupt purposes
Jmlj'o Allrn at onca suspended tbo tria
nud ordered a rigid Investigation Into th
matter charged In Miller's nnidavit , Th
matter will como up nt 10 o'clock to-morro\
morning , the judge bolng picntlv mconsci
nt this trilling with the Intcgntyof his court
IJrnmllplils and Hulls AVjtKlnjj a Wai
or KxtermlitiitliMi.
ST. ALIIXXS , W. Vn. , Oct. 7. A blood ;
feud is now raging In Lincoln county , lul
Btate. between the Hrtimtlcld nnd Hall faml
lies. Floyd DIngoss , son of u justice of thi
pcuco and n prominent man , married one o
the Hall girls. They quarreled and sopa
rated. Next day Ulngcss and his wlfo'
brother met nnO Uingess wns ahot dead
Alfred Hrumflold had married Dlnccss'sister
Ho swore to bo revenged on Hall and fatnll ;
wounded ono of the Hull brothers. TCI
days ago Hrumllold and his wlfo wcro way
laid and Mrs. Uruniileld shot and killed
Hrtimtlcldwas terribly wounded. To
days later Purvis Brumfiold wus shot
Saturday Georfto Dlngoss , brother of Hrtiin
Hold's wife , wns shot through the log in i
light with one of the opposing party.
IVftnt tt Dccl.-iroil Void.
LOUISVII.I.I : , Oct. 7. A suit involving s
contract with the governmental Chill callini
for about ? 1S,000,000 was illodhcro this after
noon. Henry C. Comegys nnd .T. & T. Lewis
of Now York , and George F. Wyman , o
Kansas , nro the uhilntifl's , and the Nort !
and South American Construction company1
George S. Field , Charles McDonald iitu
Julius Bernstein , of Chili , are made do
fciidaiits. Fraud is charged against the do
fcndnnts. The \\otk had progressed Bulls
faotorily to the Chilian government withou
any complaint on the part ot the governmen
of Chill until tlio summer of 1SW , wiioi
George Field , president of tlio company
wont to Chili. Thcrp without nny authority
it is said , ha'disdrarpod Jarcd S. Lewis fron
bis position iof , . manitircr nnd supjilcmontei
blm , nnd Without the consent or authority o
the stockholder entered Into a contract will
Julius Hernstein.a resident of Chili , by whic.1
for the nominal consideration of $17,500,001
the company undertook to sell and transfci
absolutely all its property , contract rights
and Hornstom.
The plaintllTs nsk that the contract will
Bornstoiu be declared void.
HAS 13 It ALL.
Tlic American
.Oct. 7. Uesult of to-day' !
' '
game :
Cincinnati. . . ' . . .1 03002180 1
Louisville - , . .1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 !
H.M.TiMOitif ct. 7. Hesult of to-day'i
' ' '
pramo :
linltimoro . 0 00002001 !
Brooklyn . , o iqOOOlOO j
But Not Murilprotl.
Wyo. , Ocl. 7. ( Special Tele
gram lo Tnc BHE. | Over three years agi
Redmond Joyce disappeared from the mine :
in the Silver Crown dislrict between htm
.und Cheyenne under pcculiaroircumstances
and the belief has always been that ho WOE
murdered. Recently Dwyer Rockwell
under arrest as an accessory to Robert Bur
nett's murder , has been accused of makinf
away with Jovco by the friends of Black
who shot Burnett. An investigation foi
lowed and to-day positive information wus
received to the oflect that Joyce enlisted ii
the United States navy ever six mouths
after his disappearance from Silver Crown ,
nnd deserted from Ihe Nipsio shortly before
it wus sent to Samoa.
Admiral Porter Improving.
Pnovninxci : , R. I. , Oct. 7. Ac-iUcrat the
lesidcnce of Admiral Porter in Jamestown
this evening fouuded lum seated in tin easj
chair oijforo a coinlortablo grate fire , nnd in
nnswcr to a query in regard to his health he
replied that ho was feeling better than for i
long time and expected before long to re
turn to Washincton. The admiral's son
Robert , also informed an Assoeiatod press
representative that his father's conuition
was much Unproved and that there was nc
cause for the alarming rumors as to hi :
condition being critical nt the present time
Want to Hold .Joint.
BOSTOX , Oct. 7. The democratic state
committee has invited Uio republican statt
committee to unite In holt ing ono or mori
public meetings nt which the , republican ant
democratic candidatcsjfnr governor Brack
olt nnd Kussoll shall jointly discuss the is
sues of the present compaign ns dctimd n
the platform adopted by their respcctlvi
Wool Blorclmms
PiiiitMHii.i'iiiA , Oct. 7. Taussig , t Taylor ,
wool merchants , are embarrassed , but tin ex
tension is probable. The firm is well kntfwr
in this city nnd throughout tho. west. The
members of the firm dcclino to make n state
mcnt for publication. It was learned that it !
liabilities were about $ . > 0OOJ. Tlio tibseti
are not much below the original amount.
Con MI rod ilio Kullroiul.
CAXAJOIUIUE , N. Y. . Oct. 7 The Jury in
vestigitting the accident on the Now Yorli
Central near the Palatine bridge , rendered i
verdict censuring the railroad company foi
gross nogligunco in running trams so clost
together. Thp emjiloyos mo held entirely
irco liorn any ulnmo ,
German JJnynt KIIIIKUH City.
KANSAS Cmv Mo. , Oct. 7. [ Special Tolc-
Rram to Tim Hci/ ] Gorman day was cole
bruicd hero to-duy , olght thouaaud Ger
man-Americans gathering at the exposition
building. An address was delivered l\ ) .
Judge White , ttfiti Htiuh'H orchestra ot forty-
two pieces played uatrlotm airs.
tj General Haiil.
HOI.VOKI : , Ccl. , "Oct. 7. | Special to Tin :
Bii.l : Burglaiwi mitered Witherbco's meal
market last ujgjit , taking nil the mono )
from the till. Thuy also raided the onlco ol
the Atlas Lumber company , blowing onei
the safe and tuning out nil thu cash , togethci
witli valuable piip rs , und taking tbo clerk't
overcoat and revolver.
An l2.\pRiiKivn llln'/c ,
PitTftniino , Oct. 7. Thu thrca story brick
building attached to Ollvor Brothers' Tenth
street mill on the south side , burned to
night. Tno machine , blacksmith uud carpenter
pontor shops and ofllivj wuro destroyed , Tlic
loss will probably roach Jii5iU00 ; fully cov
ered by insurance.
A Hurl ) \Vlrtt TriiNt.
CHICAGO , Oct. 7 , It Is reported bero that
an attempt is being inado to form u barl
wire trust. G. S. Douglass , of New York ,
and J. W. Gates , of St. Louis , ore credited
with conducting the negotiations. A general
meeting of manufacturers will bo held here
October 17. _
Stifo JllHtvurn tit Work.
CLEVKLAXD , Oct. 7. Thieves blow the
safe in Slgler brothers Jewelry factory last
night and stole JI.SUO worth of watches ,
rings and stones and fVi nt cash.
A Buttling1 Prlzo Fight at Soutl :
Omnlm Last Night.
John Dottizlirrty I'nt to Sleep by Ton
Diuiolma'n Good Hlclit Arm
Xlio J-'mlit bjr Itnumls
Tom Donohuo , nn employe ot tl.o Armotn
ft Cudaliy J'acKlnu compnny , nnd Join1
Dougherty , ot the Omalm PnokhiR cotuDnny ,
fought u Bovcn round content In Boutli
Omiilm lust nlplit for n purse of $50 , whlcl
resulted in the Intter being IcnonUcd out It ;
the seventh ronnil.
Tlio buttle wns with two out\co cluvcs , nml
was n rnttlliiR tnlll from start to finish. Uoth
luon wore cnino. mid Dougherty's defeat is
no discredit to lilui , ns It was tlio result of n
chnnco blow.
The biittlo wns fought in n room In tlic
Third want Tim 1'nrr wns referee nml
Archie McConnnclt tlmo Keeper.
The following 19 the light by rounds :
First Hound At the cull of time both men
left tliolr corners 113 tliouph eager for the
f rny , nnd nfter ti few swomis' cautious spar
ring Donahue let RO wilh.his left , Intidlnctoti
IDouahcrty'a smeller , drawing the clnrct
freely. First blood was clnlmod und allowed ,
but honors were even , for Donohuo got one ;
on the ] n\v n moment litter that sent him
to the carpet Hko nn ov , He
fixmo. up ratucr dazed , but kept
Ills foot , nnd Just boioro the call
of tltno got in n rib ronstor ou hit opponent
that nuulo him grunt lllo an overfed pnrlter.
Second Hound Uoth men were cautious
nnd sparred for wind for n time , when
Donolmo caught his antagonist one on the
cur , which felled him to the sod. Tlio fallen
nmn BtaKg-jrefl to his foot , and with u won
derful display ol solunco succeeded In avoid
ing a rush , mid by a short > nrm blow , which
landed on Donolnio's cyo , sent Him iceling
ngitinst the i opes. Thu call of ttmo pre
vented further hostilities.
The third , fourth nnd fifth rounds wore
nuoutovbu , but in tlio latter part of the sixth
Donolmo miido a ciovcr rush , und by u good
blow on the neck sent Ills opponent to the
lloor , only to bo knocked down In return by
a terrific righthander which landed souuroly
on the mouth , uourly knocking all his tcctli
Seventh Kound ttotli men were eager nnd
toed the scratch with a determination to win.
JS'cltlicr was in any wlso winded , although
both bore tlio marks of severe punishment.
Dougherty's car wns swelled nnd Donohue'H
right eye-was closed. The two wont tit it
hammer and tongs and some lively blows
were exchanged , when suddenly Donohuo
cuuuht his man a good ono in the wind with
"his fcft , . which ho followed up with n right
hniidnr on the Jugular , isnockincr him out com
The light lasted 27 minutes and 82 seconds.
Tlic Implement Mock or Clitirultill
I'nrkop Completely Destroyed.
A tire broke out in tbo building occupied
by Churchill Purker , successor to Parker &
Hobiusou , dealer in agricultural Implements ,
in the rear of Pitxton & Gallagher's whole
sale grocery house , on South Tenth sticct ,
last night about 10 o'clock , ana in nil incredi
ble short space of lime the stiuctiire niid its
contents were entirely destroyed. The lire
department was on hand promptly and
worked juanfully , but the building was old
nnd all efforts were unavailing.
Tlio ion ia in the neighborhood ot $20,000 ,
wniL'tt is fully covered by insurance , the
nuiount carried by the various companies
npcregatine between Si5OOJ nnd $10,000.
White this flro was in progress Humes
broke out cast of the building occupied by
the United States Wind , Kngino und Pump
conipnny , but were quicklv extinguished.
The latter blaze was caused by a spark from
the Parker building.
3Ir. Gilbert Questions llio Mnyor'a
Illicit to Clmngn Saloon I/lceitHcw.
The only matter of importance at the meet
ing of the board of flro and police commis
sioners last niibt was the protest of Com
missioner Gilbert ag-ninst the action of tlio
Tno case was this : Ed Miller is the appar
ent owner of u saloon which for a long time
has been located at Twolfttt and Dodge
btreets. While Miller's name was on the
doorplutu and the big sign bore his patro
nymic , Storz it Her wore the parties to whom
the II ecu so was issued.
Hccently filler decided to change Ills
location , and witli that purpose in viaw
rented a brick on Twelfth niid Douglas.
Stor/ & Her asked permission of the mayor
to change the location , which was agreed to ,
und the bar fixtures nnd lighting dojts wcro
transferred. As a matter of course , the par-
mission of the hoard had to bo obtained , nnd
notice was sent them. When the matter
ciimu up last night Mr. Gilbert inquired if
the saloon had boon rumovod , and on being
informed that it had , asked by whoso
authority. On being told that it was
by the mayor's , ho assorted that
such uction required the consent of the full
board , and that the saloon wns liable to bo
closed at any time.
"Tho mayor , " said Mr. Gilbert , "has nn
right to grant any such permission , and I
ntovo that this matter go over for ono
week. "
The motion carried and Billy Hawley
\VBB granted permission to run his saloon in
tliu next block in order to avoid Using
crushed by un unsafe building.
The case of Ofllcer Vizzurd , charged with
being iiiinoccs ; > : irily absent from his beat ,
wns taken up. Mr. Gilbert insisted on the
record boini ; changed no as to read that the
ofllrcr was off the street too long , which
carried mid Vizzant went home happy.
Jens Jensen , who wanted par for a horse
valued at $173. which was killed by hose
cart No. I ! , had his claim denied , and then
Fred Uvnus und Ofllccr MoUobbliib wuro
( [ ranted tun days' leave.
The board then went Into oxccutivo session
and appointed Constahla Al Mastcrm'.in ,
Joseph Graham , H. II. Dillon and M. Drum-
ing ; ) ollceuien and adjourucd.
II. II. Wjintloll Charcoilith Serious
lrroi'iil < irltl. s.
II. U. Wiindcll , the gentleman who is wont
to sit in the rear of the reporters' box at the
buso ball jurk ami cheer the homo team on
to victory with his vociferous ejaculations , is
in Jail.
No more will ho cheer the White Sox as
they gambol round the bases.
Wumlull is nn insurance agent in the em
ploy of the Farmers' nnd Merchants' In
surance company at Lincoln , and as their
agent issued a policy to a farmer named
Jorgepson , who lives iiqrth of town , .lor -
enson tildn't have the money to nay tliu
amount of his premium in full , and to Hccuro
matters gwo his note for 551. The note wns
Bout to Lincoln and accepted by the coin-
HIKO | that time it Is claimed that Wnndcll
collected the money and pave a receipt thoro-
for without malting a proper return to the
state capital ,
ilonce bis arrest , .
As scnn its ho was taken into custody
AVundell scntforhlH attorney , M. V. Gannon ,
and the two had a long consultation. Wan-
dell claims ho Is not guilty , and that his
action in the matter wus perfectly regular.
Ho will have u hearing thin mornuii ; .
llndJVIlow nnd Dncnta HUIp.
L. , K Rogers , a brakeman on tliu Union
I'acilic , went to sleep lust night In tlio City
hotel. Ho hud fbti In hU packet ,
Ho was given a bedfellow named ,1. 13.
IJath wont to sleep , and later , Rogers
woke and found that White had disappeared.
So hnd Rogers' pantaloous. Bo also had
Uogcrb' ' $ W. _
Knino-iot dull
A rcirent session of the Sainosct demo-
cratlu ciub wus held lasUnlght. IluJlncsa of
importance was transacted , none of wJi.cli
would bo given to the public.
VnrlonM Mntlbro Dlsciiysctl t tma
Mijln' * Meeting.
When President Oooiliimn's ' gnvel fell Ins
tilght nil the members of the board of cdtica
tlon were In tholr eat except Messrs
Clarke , Martin , Folton nnd Kolloyt
The report of Treasurer Hush for the
month of September was/ccclvcd nndohowct
the following balances In the several funds
Ooiicrnl fund , . . . f.l'J.filO TC
Sinking tuna . n , 130ft.
! ? lto nnd buildniR fund . 14.0.1S 4J
The report of Superintendent. tntni'
ing the condition of the nehooN for the tnontl
of September , was received. The report
showed the schools to be in a nourishing con
illtlon , nnd also atulcd that of the teachers
recently elected to provide for future nocda
ihoro nro flvo without assignments , mid the
probabilities nro that tlioro will bo no need
for them unli-s * unexpected vacancies occur
A proposition wns received from J , f.
Hlack and Aril. Lumler offurlnit to sell the
bnnrd four lots In Bedford place for a sehoo
slto for N.lhXi.
Mrs. .1. S. Johnson Bi > nt In n coniinunicn-
tion slating thru the chlmnoyAon the Mason
school nro too low , cnusInR the nmoko to bo
carried Into her house to the great damngn
of hur property , und asking Hint the chim
neys bo made higher. Thu communication
was tabled.
Harriet S. Knclsly npplled for the per
mission of Uio board to photograph ttio
scholars and touchers of the various schools
outside ot nclioolhouM. The communication
wns llled ,
The Judiciary committee , to which was re
ferred the matter of the tipiiroprmting of
the west G1)i ) foot of the Fartmm street
school lot for the purpose of opening up
' ! only-ninth avenue , on which appraisers
appointed by tliu council had llxcd it vnluo of
f lU.SW.iiO , rceommcmli'd that the board de
mand those damages Irom the city council
nml that , falling to obtain them , It enjoin
the opotiltiKot this street until the damages
arc paid.
Mr. Poppleton , chairman of the commit
tee , ofTciea a resolution that the judiciary
committee and the attorney demand the
damages from the council , and that , falling
to obtain them , they tnlto stops to enjoin the
opening of the street. The resolution WHS
The question of putting some system of
heating in the Pacillo school came up again.
The committee on buildings and property
reported that they had examined several
bids and nsked for further instruction.
Dr. Spalding , the chairman , stated In ex
planation that the Sinend com pun v oltoi-cd
to heat nnd ventilate the entire building for
&V100. The other bids did not provide for
any ventilation.
Dr. Hnvlllo stated that there wcro only
three or four buildings iu the city that were
properly ventilated. The only way I ho
rooms could bo ventilated was by lowering
the windows , und some system of ventila
tion should bo adopted.
Mr. Wobrer informed the doctor that ho
didn't ' know anything. Ho said there was
plenty of fresh air to bo had in any building
in this country. The Idea 'of fooling witn
the windows was only a crunkv notion of
the teni'licn * . A teacher , ho remarked ,
would stand over the register until she got
red hot and then rush to the windows and
let in a lot of eokt air.
The bid of the Hesso Furnnco company
was for auijl.\ins two furnaces at n cost of
$1,100 to heat four rooms without any ven
Mr. Sholes moved that the contract bo let
to the Hesso company for two furnaces to
heat two rooms , and to use tlio furnueo i > ow
in the building for heating tbo balance of
ttio building. The motion prevailed.
Th o committee on supplies recommended
that the contract for supplying \\ood be
awarded to Mount & Urifllii. they hoing tbo
lowest bidders since tlio withdiawnl of Jeff
Bedford's old.
'J ho committee on claims reported the
September pay roll and n number of bills ,
amounting in all to ? : J32o OU. 'J ho report
was adopted and the bills ordered paid.
Sir. Wehror aski'd whut had been done
about discontinuing tbo electric lights at tlio
High srnool grounds. Hu stated that the
lignis could bu discontinued , us it m now
cold weather.
Mr. McUonncll said the committee would
bo rcadv to report at the next meeting.
Mr. Kecs offered a resolution thai the
Thomson-Houston company bo notified that
the electric lights in the High school grounds
will not be required after the Kith inst. This
resolution was laid over until a special meet
ing to be held next Saturday evening.
The committee ou supplies offered n report
rseomincndinpr tlio purchase of 200 copies of
( jreenleaf's mental arithmetic for use in the
It was recommended that ten to fifteen
minutes bo sot apart each day for the pur
pose of instruction in mental arithmetic , in
grades below the high school. The report of
the committee was adopted.
Superintendent James reported the num
ber of teachers absent durimr September ,
nnd the amount deducted from their salaries
for such nbsence.
Mr. Popplcton moved to reconsider the
action of the board in moving from its quar
Mr. Sholes opposed the motion on the
ground that the board hail virtually agreed
to talio tlio rooms in the New York Lifo
building and the looms wcro being held lor
the board.
The question was raised whether Mr. Pop-
plcton was present when the motion was
passed , and it appearing that was not , tie
was declared out of order.
The board then adjourned until Monday
Uose Coghlan opened her engagement at
' house hist in " "
Boyd's opera night "Jocclyii"
to nn andlenco of mom than average si/o and
Intelligence. While the performance was
strong throughout nnd MIS.S Coghlnn's work
pleased hur auditors , it can not bo said that
"Jocolyn" Is cither an Interesting , in tlio
amusement sense of that term , or very ontur-
taining play. It is heavy , dull and bomber ' ,
nml , except the third act , devoid of dra'iiiiitlo
forvrr. Only for the fact thatslie Imselollied
the nicco in i > ccnery and &tago settings
both historically correct and tjloguiit , it would
bo very monotonous , lint the third net is
full of lire , und its presentation aroused liiu
nudienco to n high pitch of enthusiasm. At
Its close Mies Coghlan was called before tbo
cumin. She is un arlbt of extraordinuny
talents , ranKft to-tluy as the quoun tragedi
enne of the American ntoge , and in such n
role ns Slcphane would bo seen to advantage.
Hur tas > tc , general Htneo business , easy portrayal
trayal of ihopubsions.laiidconcoptionjof char
acter show n quality of rullncincnt nnd
brightness possessed bv very few stars and
surpassed by none. It is plain , however ,
that "Jocelvii" oifei-s very lltllo scope for a
full display of her powers. Tliero seems to bo
nn air surrnundinir it not in kccpmu with tlio
demands of thotimns. The supporting com-
luuiy , composed of mich pcoplo us John T.
Sullivan , who plnvud the part of Prince Suvi-
nnl ; FrnnkSamlcr , as Gaston Morcel ; Miss
Agnes Thomas , and othnrH , sustained their
parts very creditably.
The Grand opera house , last night , drew
n largo iiiuliunco , the uttruullun bumu " 1.0-.1
in Kow York. "
The Play is ono of the latest of Leonard
flrovcr's. The author Is not u tyro in the
matter of stage production * . Indeed , BOIIIU
of the most ontcrtnlnlngpiuccs on the bcurdb
uro to bo credited to him.
"Lost iii Now York" displays his ingo-
unity and talent , and , umru than over , bis
ability to place realism unou tliu Rlago.
"Loit in New York" iiltuino to tliu acme
of realism In the Introduction of ti broad
river of "real1 water which Is cnlivennd bv
passing bouts , htoamors and beautifully
decorated yachts , 'ihura ia no iltiuiun in
thu BpccUclo In which UICEO take part. ' 1 buy
nail ami move- within thu Might of the imdi-
lors not upon painted , but upon n river con
tabling thousands of gallons of Mown.i , '
ivutrr. I
Thu scent ) and thu act which It inspire )
appeal ino-.t warmly to the appwiitlon of
thu crowded audience , anil a repetition uf
the latter Is iniuiod throughout Uio week.
Mrs. . - > . F , Itobblns has arrangeil u mos
excellent programme for thu Hherwood con ;
uert at the Ho.vd Thur dny evening , The
( treat pianist will bo assisted by Misi fen
nel ! and Mr , lirctt ,
Army NutiM.
At the division rltlo contest hold at thu
WlscoiiBln rlllo range near camp Douglas ,
U'iJ , ibo highest aggregate score made was
tiy it member of the Second infantry team.
; hutof Prlvato Gubtuv OhronbqrtMiiii.any
\ , Ke ! 0iid infantry. Ho has uivor.'nij
jocu awarded tlio rcgiinontal prtzu iu. dal
iiul will bo entitled to wuar It on occai > us
other Vhnn these ot ceremony , until the pub.
llcntlon of tbo result of Uio next year's high
est content.
Company A , Second Infantry , Captain
Mills , Is the proud possessor of n now second
Houtonaut. Ho Is u graduate ot the military
ncndemy nt West Point , arrived nt Fort
Onmlm Inst weak nnd will take up hit nbodo
la quarters "No. 22.
A Double lllrtlulay I'm tv.
A birthday party wns hold nt MUs Annlo
Itilcy's residence , on Sixteenth street , be
tween Fnrnnm and Ilnroey. last night. In
honor of the birthday of Miss Annlo Hll'jy
nnd Mr. F. Ulrch , It proved to bo n most
cnjoynblo rnrty.
Klrticik nn ArtcslniiVcVl ,
Fonr Cu.iiot'.v , Nob. , OJt , 7. To the Ed
itor of Tun Uin : : Last Tuesday , whllo
Aiidorson it Wenmos were drilling u well on
1. A. McShano's ' Coftman fnrin , they struck
n vein of water nt n doplh of 100 Icut which
proved to bo an artesian well , flowing n rout
tlfty barrels an hour. Wutor Was uotlliif
very scarce , niid ns Mr. McShnno's largo
farm is well slocked , it proved a pleasant
discovery to him nnd will ninko others in the
vicinity wish they hod one.
Miss. 11. DAIIM\CITOX ,
Cottmun rurm ,
HIT Henri Wns Fnlsc.
James Trticltcnrt Is n young colored man
who , with his wile , lives at Sixteenth nnd
Williams streets , .lames had occasion to RO
away from home n tow nights iigd , and ex
pected to bo absent for n weoUut ho Jln-
Ished his business In tlmo to return on Sunday
nlcht , nml upon ( interim ; the house found u
young colored nmn named Frank Porter oc-
rupylng his side of the family coiichhiie
his wlfo reposed in her wonted position
When Porter saw Truchcart ho precipi
tately Hod , leaving his clothes behind him ,
which Jnmcs now exhibits ns his property.
Positively CtiMd by
thcBft I.lttln 1'llls.
Ircss from Djrspcpsln ,
Indigestion antl Too
HonrtyKatlnp. Apor-
feet remedy Cor Dial-
Nnuwa Dron-sl-
ucas , , -
ncss , Had Tnsto In tlio
MouthCoatixlToBRUo , ,
TID , ito. Tlipy regulate the Bowels ,
and proTont Constipation and 1'ilcs. The
snmllosl niul easiest to tiike. Only ouo pill a
doso. 40 In a vial. 1'uroly VcKctablo. Price
S3 cents.
0 ASTER KEDIOINKOO.ProplrB , Now York.
( Uiuiosito I'uxlou Hotel. )
OIHco hours , 0 n , m , to 3 p. TH. Smielnvs , 10 .
m. to I p. ni. '
Kperl lliw in Chronic , Mervous Skin ami
Ulood Dlsen ei , .
C-s9 Coiisultatton at office or by mail free.
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