Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 06, 1889, Part I, Page 2, Image 2

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Clone of the Gront Rnoo In the
National Lcmguo.
Tlio Flulit In tlio Aninrlcnti Asnocln-
liuit Still AVnxliiiz M'nrin
I'jncnl H port I UK Notes of
4. tTlio IJnso Unit KlttiMtlon.
'The ' greatest ponnnnt race In the nnnnls of
.the nntlonnl trnmo was that In the Nutlonnl
len'gub , which closed with yesterday's games ,
nnd , ns.was gcnornlly anticipated , Now York
Avon the ling. She got there by the email
majority of 11 points , Boston's ' loss to Pilts-
'twrg yo lc"rday dropping her back 0 j < olnts ;
consequently there Is much soreness In the
illubi.iof the universe to-dny. Chicago
clinched third plnca by defeating Phila
delphia. Cleveland clings to fifth , Pittsburg
sixth nnd Indianapolis nnd Washington
ibring up tlio tall end In the order named ,
iffjtr. IJnii this morning publishes the scores
ol nil the games yesterday , wnlch tell the
full story of the flnnl light. The standing of
the clubs Is appended :
Plnvcd. Won. Lost. Per Ct.
Now York 12rt -13 , ( .5'.l
Boston 128 SKI 45 .CHS
Chicniro 183 CM * t5M ! .503
Philadelphia..127 03 M .4HO
Cleveland l ! l 03 73
Pltt'sburK. . . .HKt ( H 73 .4il !
Indianapolis. . . W 59 ' , r .4 JO
Washington. . .12C 41 8J . .TJT
The American association flcht still wages
warm , nnd Brooklyn must keep her eyes
open or the irrepressible Browns will bent
hcr'outyet , which , In the eyes of a largo
number ot base ball devotees , would bo
looked UDOII in the naturu of n calamity. Fol
lowing is the standing :
Plnycd. Won. Lost Per Ct.
[ Brooklyn 129 S ! ) 40 .090
St. Louis 128 63 45 .C43
Athletics 12-1 70 54 .505
'Cincinnati..1113 71 Ct .533
Baltimore 10 ! ! Vtt 01 .531
Columbus 132 fX5 70 .434
Kansas City..IHO 53 77 .408
Louisville llili 2(5 ( 104 .205
Don't \\nnt. to Knt SniiwIinlN.
C. S. Abbey , of the Dos Molncs team , nnd
Tit Willis , of the Omnhus , are In the city
nnd anxious to ilnd employment to carry
them over the wintnr. They nro both on the
reservp lists of tnoir respective clubs.
New York n , Cleveland ! t.
CLEVELAND , Oct. 5. [ Special Telegram to
THE BIE. ; ] Much to the gratification of the
Clovclnnds , Now York won to-dny'o game
and the pennant. Score :
r. Ii. o. n. o. o.ii. o'
Ilniirunl , rf . . . 1 1 II URore , ct t 1 : i U 0
HtrlcK > r , ; 0 1 2 ll.Tlcriiun. if..JI 1 S U U
McKi-uii. . . . . ! ) ( I 1 a 1 Wnnt , n 0 ( I 1 a II
Twiuboii , if..u a a n uKirinn.o o o r > 1 o
Trbcmi. ; il U 1 ! l 2 l'lt.ohirl ' : ! < iiM , l.l 1 a : i 1
( lllkl , cf I II J ! II OCiinnor. 1II..I 211 1 II
Kniilt , 11) ) . . . , . . . ! 1 111 II U.O'lluurko. cf..O 1 2 0 II
HulrlllTr.c t II ; l 11 I Wlillm-y , M > . . .U I I 1 II
Umbvr , p 0 0 U 3 1 JKiMifc , P 0 U 0 ! ! I )
Tutnlt 3 02450 ll Toti'h "oT'.T 12 1
Clatplnnd . ( I 0 0 0 2 n 0 0 1 S
KeirVork . . . .3 001 1 1 U U --5
ICnriifil runs Clnrplunil 1 , Now York JJ. Twr-bnso
lills Unilltml , Tuli hull. Homo run Tleriinn.
Stolen buna'rii'inan. . Unnblu ] > luft Illrlinrilwn ,
Wttnl Connor. DIMC bnao nn uuiin-Ulovt'innd 't ,
KowYoik4. lilt In- pllcl.orluntliltiuiy - truck
iiiit-Cpri | > lniiil A. Now York X. 'llmo of KIIIIMI Ono
IIOIT inul llilrtf flru lulnutui. Iliiiplru-Ionoli.
I'ltt-lnu-t ; O , MOHIOM 1.
PiTTMtuna , Out. 5. [ Special Telegram to
'Tin ' ; BEE. ] Inability to do atiythlng with
' ( JSnlvin's delivery to-day spoiled Boston's
riUiu hopes pf the pennant. When the bul
letin board announced Now York winning nt
Cleveland their energy subsTded and they
linishud tho.gnnio in n listless way. " ' Scorn :
FlttstniiK : i 01020000-fi
lloxton. , U UUUU 1 000 1
Knrnecl ruiiB-t'ltthbnri ; I , Hostonl , Two-bilPO hits
Carroll , llntvi * . Dunlaji , Kelly -1. Stiilun ba-cn
Kelly. Urslbiikuimbslls-lly GalTlii ! ! . byClnrkson
1. blrtifk oiit-lly ( ialvlu I ) , by CliiiKson I. I HSBOI !
Vnlls-Ciirroll. Tniio-1 hour unrt 3o inlnutca. Uni-
jili-o 1'oHi-ri ) .
Intllnnaiiolls in , WnHlilnutnn 0. , Ind , , Oct 5. [ Special .Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] The lloosiers butted
young Kcefo ut will to-day and consequently
ended thu season by taking the third straight
game from the senators. Score :
liiilliinniiplli . f. 004204 ( l-ir ,
WualllllKloil . , . . 5 I ) U U U U 1 u 11
KariiPilruns-InilliinuiiullMK WnsliliiKtnn 1. Twu-
K'uulillN-llliHM S , ljy | 1. Thn-p IMIIIII lills-\Mso.
llinii : rnnt-lluekluy. IlLMiny. l oublo-pln > -lliMiiir
lla M > lt , lllni's First ba i. on bnllk-llr Kcufo ; l.
Kruckoiit-lly ItuMoT. by Kci'fo 4. Pas.e.i biilm-
XyrokbPikeri ) . Tlnio-i Uour. 4iiulnutt' . lluiilru- |
un : t , I'liiliulolpliia i ! .
CIIIOAOO , Oct. 5. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BEE.J By winning the last irnmo of
the season from Philadelphia , to-day , Chicago
cage takes third place. The contest was a
buttle of pitchers. Score :
C111CAOI ) . rilll.ADKI.IMIIA.
r. li. ii. n. o.l r , li. u. n.c.
n U
: i n
u u
u i
j u
1 0
imrn . : iu Vu u u : i OH.U a . , i ,
lanlnit.o..U ) II f. 1 u Kiirnir. Hi . o an 1 U
iiiiiciiVimoii , p.u ton o iiniiiiiiii , ; . . . , o u u J U
T iiii. . ( . .asr n
riiionKCK . n n o o o a n n
l'lillaiJol | > ! ilH . . . . . .U U 0 0 U U U 22
Kariioil niiiH-Clilcano 2 , Pblluclcliiu | | | J. Two-bmo
hllH Mlilvi'j. Hr > lbM > on bullit haailen. ' . ' . Hutch.
liutiu I..Hnukout-lly ; llulrlilntun.a ; byHuuavn.S.
Tliuo-1113. IJiuplru-.Mcyiml.l ,
Tlm Now Ynrkbi-H iliililliint.
Ci.nviu.AND , Oct. 5. The Now York ball
players are In nn exceedingly happy frame
of mind , to-night , for to-diiy's game decided
Unit tin ) league pennant belongs to them.
They loft for Now York ut uildnlf lit In n
special par , on which was a banner bearing
tno words , ' 'The Now Yorita , winners of the
Nutloin'l league pennant. " The oloso of the
league season to-night leaves thoclubs In the
following order In the rnro : Now York ,
Boston , Chicago , Philadelphia , Plttsburg ,
Cleveland , Indianapolis.
! Ainerunn AHsooiutlon ,
HAi.rluoiiE ' , Oct. 5. Hesult of to-day's
game :
Baltimore. , . . . 5 1010 4-11
Columbus . , , , .u a ! ) 0 1 U 10
Gaino called on account of darkness.
CiNrtS'NATi , Oct. 5. Result of to-duy's
paine ;
Cincinnati. , . , . .0 U 8
Louisville. , . , , , . 0 00001000 1
t Oct. 5. Uesutt of to-day's
game :
UrookLvn- . . , . 3 0000000 3
Athletic . 4 1 0 U 0 0 ! ) 0 10
Unmo called on account of darkness.
BT. Louis , Oot. 5. Ucsult of to-day's
game :
St. Louis. . , . . , .0 00601 100 7
UatiBus City , , .000001010-S
fit. I/ouls Hnoci.
ST. Louis , Mo. , Oct. 5. Summary of to
day's r. ces :
3:20 : class , purse $2,500 Oonova S won ,
Frank Mlddleton secorid , Joremmli third ,
Stnr fourth. Nn time given.
Oasqondn stakes , purse $918. three-year.
olds 'crjlls nnd fillies , mile heats- Lucy U
won , Dora Co snok second , Optimist drawn.
Tlmo 3:1(0. : (
Inrnino I'nrk Itnccn.
JnifnMK PAUK , N. Y. , Oct. 5. The attend-
nnco wns the largest of the meeting. Sum
mary :
Mile nnd one-sixtconth Salvntor won In
1:5' : ' % Hyperion nnd Oarymoilo ran a dead
heat for second.
Fourteen hundred ynrils , two-year-olds
.ludgq "Marrow won , Tournament second ,
Magnate third. Time I'.S-I.
One knllc llncclnnil Won in 1:4C" , IlaJgo.
second , Volunteer third.
FJvo furlongs Bradford won in 1:00 : ,
Adolpli second. Drumstick third.
Mlle nnd one-iiilartpr Flronzl'walked
over the course.
Mlle nnd one-sixteenth Brussells won ,
Latretin second , Kluln third. Tlmo 1:51K- :
CINCINNATI , O. , Oct. . " . The track was
very fust und the nttcnduneo largo. The
only unpleasant feature was nn ncciOcnt In
tlio third race , in which throe Jockeys were
mordorlc < s injured. Mngoo , the one who
wns the worst Injured , Is still unconscious nt
0 o'clock to-night , but Brown is thought to
bo out Of danger. Summary :
Three-year olds nnd upward , thrce-quar-
tors of .u mile Censor won , Renounce second ,
Governor Ho'ss third. Time 1 :18. :
Three-year-olds nnd upwards , three-quar
ters of n mile Irish Dnn won , Pell Moll
hccondf Dutchman third. Tlmo l:17Vf. :
Three-year-olds and upwards , one mile
Clamor came In ilrst In the finish a length In
fronfot Cora Fisher. Clamor , however , was
disqualified On necount of n foul , and C rn
Fisher clven Ilrst pinto. Winning Ways
second , Doer Lodcro third. Time 1:44K-
U'wo-Vear-ola colts nnd geldings five fur
longs \V. 0. Morris won , Fakir second ,
Milton third1 , Time 1 :08"tf.
Three-year-olds mid upwards , inno fur
longs' Woodcraft won , Longalight second ,
Nevada third. Tlmo 1 :50&
Koo ptnUcs , two-ycnr-oid fillies , tlireo-
qunrtors of u mile Kuglish Lady won , Sis
O'Lco ' second , Dilemma third. Tlmo 1:17. :
MorrN I'nrK Uncos.
Mounts PAKK , N. Y. , Oot. 5. Summary of
to-day's races :
Ilecord stnkcs , ilvo furlongs George wou ,
Hoporter second , Qeraldino third , 'llmo
Flvo furlongsFrejors won , Minute second
end , Jlmn B thfrd. Time 1:01 : V.
Trial stakes , one nnd one-fourth mtl3s
Uuil'dhist won , Longstrect second , Castaway
third. . 'Time ' 2lOJf. :
Country club handicap , ononnd one-fourth
miles Lhvlhlu Hello won , Taragon second ,
Dunboyne third.- Time 'J:10J : .
MuliicH ' ' three-fourths of ,
'tw'6-ycnr-olds , - n
mile' Flossie won , Goldocn Horn second ,
King's Q wn third. Time 1 :15Jf.
Seven furlongs Latltto won. King Idle
second , Keynote-third. Time L:23 : > .
A Suit ; of Flyer * .
Mbi.'ms PAUK , Oct. 5 , Walter Gratz's
string"of race horses soli at auction to-day.
Elkwood , the winper of the 1SSS Suburban ,
was bought by Mr. Kittson for $5,000. Ho
has two splints and will probably never bo
sent out to race aiialn , It is understood that
Kittson will take him to Erdcnbeim stock
farm for breeding purposes. Among the
other horses sold was Pocntollo for § 1,800 ,
Middle-stone for < l,0 o and u chestnut celt oy
Great Tom for $1,0 JO. A number of young
sters from Milton Young's block farm were
also sold.
KutiNtiH , Citv
CITY , Oct. 5. This was the last
day df the Exposition Park Driving Assoeia-
t'i&fi"races. . Summary :
Wyanuotto special Dan won , John Taylor
sei'ontl , "MatUo H : third , Edith fourth.
Time 2BS : } .
CuiiHolntion purso- for pacers Louis B.
won , John Hazzard second , Finncgan third.
Hand Hall utill illhletlc Ottib.
Hnrt nnd Kllgallon , the hand ball players ,
will call a.meetltigsoaie time this week to be
held nt their place , corner Eleventh nnd Chicago
cage streets , for the purpose of organizing a
baud ball and general athletic club. The
gentleman are sanguine or starting off with
iiROod membership , and promise to do much
toward the promotion of legitimate sport in
the city of Omaha within the next twelve
month. In the spring the club will hold a
grand field meet , and Invitations will bo ex
tended to athletes throughout the west.
The hand ball games yesterday between
Mr. Kilgallon , of tills city , and Mr. Kinsler ,
of South Omaha , resulted as follows :
Kilgallon . 31 31 10 31
Kmslor . . . 0 7 31 5
A return game is soon to bo played for
larger stakes.
illinmv GrilHti , ol'Sr. I'aul.
Jimmy Griflln , the St. Paul lightweight ,
is in the city. He Is desirous of getting up
n glove contest with Jimmy Lindsay , and
tiioro is a strong probability that ho will bo
accommodated. Ho. is u good 'uu. He weighs
1HU pounds and will train off several of these ,
but sa.ys ho will allow Lindsay 140.
The Illnck StiiiDead. .
McHonry Johnson , the colored pugilist , In this city several years , nnd
who was better known a * the "Black Star , "
died of consumption in Denver on Wednes
day lust. .
Itcports Sliowlni ; the Hesiilts in Sev
eral Countlcx.
IEAivoonS..D \ , . , Oct , 5. [ Special Tele
gram lo THE ISiiu.l The full returns are
now in from nil the precincts in tnis county ,
Mellotto for governor received U50 mu'ority
over McCluro. For capital Pierre receded
2,479 , Huron 051 , Sioux Falls ISO. C. M.
Thomas ' ( dem. ) for circuit Judge is elected
ever Hustle ( rep ) by 1,001 majority. His
majority In the entire district will probably
reach 3,500.
The full republican legislative ticket is
elected by majorities ranging from OOJ down
to 2 , " > .
Prohibition received 1,2:17 : votes to 2,10 ?
cast against it. 'J he capital light ami pro
hibition mixed things up badly , and mill-
Moody republicans voted the democratic
Huuo.v , S. D. , Oct. 5. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BEE. ] The committees this afternoon -
noon canvassed the vote ot Beadle county ,
showing that 2.&S1 votes were cast In the
county last Tuohdny. For governor , Molotto
received l.WU. McClure 0)3 ) ; lieutenant
governor , Fletcher 300 , Pratt bfel ) ; secretary
of state , Klngsreod l.U'.H ' ) , Pcomlller 8W1 :
auditor , Tn.ylor 1.991 , Herton i > 95 ; treasurer ,
Smith 1,1)73 ) , HUPJ13 ; superintendent of pub
lic instruction , Pinkham l.U'J'i , MuFurluud
MKij attorney general , Dollnrd 1,094 , Follows
b'S ) ; commUsionur of schools and publiu
lands , Parker l.Oa'J , Volkmor OOti ; supreme
judge First uihtrict.Cnrson 1,1)1)7 ) ) , McLuughlin
b'j ; ; Socona dhtriet , Hellamnn "MS. Winsor
MM , Third district , Bennett I.OTU , Van
Bushkirk , ! W.l. Fiir congress , Picklor 1,9115.
Glffonl l.y.K ) , JelTries SIW. Bootli b9oj stale
senator , Culn IK7I ; , Harden b'Jd ; repreHonta-
tlvi-s , Glenn l.ijy.i , MalmlTy 1,043 , Wilson
1,61)3 ) , Wcstduk I.asi , Munsen lWL ! Myers
J12 , Taylor 1,483. Murblo 1.1137 , Hmtcss b. ;
county Judge , Wood 1.9TB , Elson S > SS ; for
capital , Huron 3T W , Pierre 105 , Wntortown
15 , Mitchell Uj for constitution 2,51)5 ) , against
& $ ; foKprohibltlon 1.0 1. against l.ITU ; for
minority rcjiresentatlon 1,060 , against l.avt.
Tayjor ( dem ' ; tm 101 umlonty over Webtduk.
Kntlrd n Liii ) of Shame.
LE iVESivoiiTii , Kan. , Oct. -Special [
Telegram to THE BKE.J Nora Shoppordnged
sixteen years , ct doit u brlof uua wretched
career of shame by taking inorphinti In n
house of ll'-fuuio this evening. The girl was
the daughter of well-to-do
n - - Wnrrcnsburg ,
Mo. , farmer , who hud endeavored to persuade
his erring daughter to abandon her life of
dissipation ,
A Commlttoo Roeonimonds the EJC-
pululon ot Bov. Mluoha'rt.
A Jury nt Nabrntkn City
Iluen 11 so of Syiunmliy fop tlio
Def.m limit's AVI Co nnU Child
Other Stntn Mows.
( lev. Mlnelmrt
YORK , Nob. , Oct. 0. [ Special Telegram to
Tun BEE. ] The Methodist Episcopal con
ference in session in this city will doubtless
udjourn to-morrow , nod t'.o appointments
will bo uiiulo known this evening. The
us n nl amount of business lias been transacted
to-dny , but Is in the main unimportant , nnd
rotates to minor mutters ,
The committee which hnsboon trying Ucv.
Mr. Mlnchnrt has roturnoil to tlio conforunoo
a decision favoring his expulsion , nnd tlio
ravorond gentleman now stands nn ax-
Methodist minister , llo xviia not , present ut
any tlmo to answer the charges preferred
nirnlnst him , sicitncss keeping him at homo.
The decision gives almost universal satisfac
tion among tlio ministers.
A Suit Strike nt
HASTINGS , Nob. , Oct. 5. fSpoeinl Telegram -
gram to Tin : Hnn.J The worltmcn on the
big well being sunk by the Hastings Pros
pecting company struck an Iminousn bed of
salt this afternoon ut a depth of 050 feet below -
low the surface. At a o'eloclc tills after
noon the drill had penetrated through forty
foot of clear Halt with no signs of its ending.
The salt Is pure white , very line and entirely
ffeo from any foreign substance. Hastings
people are feeling gi > od ever the discovery.
A Myinp itlii'tlo Jury.
. NEIIIUSKA Ctrr. Neb , , Oct. 5. [ Special
Telegram toTiiBBnB. | Tno jury'In thecaso
of the state against the iiuui Krrfoot for
committing a murderous nasnult on Marshal
Bowen , at Berlin , several months ago , failed
to agree nnd were discharged this aftornooa
nftor being out nearly twenty-four hours.
One of the Juryman confessed that they were
convinced of Kerfoot's guilt , but did not
want to see him go to the penitentiary on
account of his wife nnd child.
Christian Bmlimvur Union.
exT , Neb. , Oct. ! . [ Special Telegram
to Tun BKI : . ! The exorcises ol the Nebraska
Christian Endeavor union to-day have been
of a very Interesting nature. The attend
ance was Increased b } ' more. than a hundred
delegates over yesterday * Till * evening
another delegation of nearly1 ttfly arrived
from Omuhn. The first services to-day wus
n consecration meeting 'nt ( I : ! I3 a , ni. conduct
ed by Miss C. Phelps. At 9 iHO devotional
exercises were conducted" Ijy Hov. Leoper ,
of York. The rcpsrts from th'o district local
unions were very encouraging , snowing
croat Interest in the work and growth in
membership throughout the state. Interest
ing addresses were tlcllvered by Miss L. A.
Kidder of Stnnton , on ' 'When and Where to
Start New Societies ; " Dr. K. T. Alien , of
Omaha , on "Local Unions ; " Miss Helen
Kohlnson , of Ashland , on "Tho Vuluo of the
Pll'dgC. "
This afternoon the principal part
of the programme was nil address by
H. E. Gregory , of Ncligli , on "Our
Advancement in Nebraska. " Discussions on
tonics from the question box wore opened by
President S. H. Hoyil At the4 o'clock
business meeting the state was divided into
six districts. It was decided to hold the
convention next year at Hastings , Kearney
and Beatrice being contestants nnu the
former won nlmpst uhhiilinqusly. Oillcors
for the ensuing year were elected us follows :
S. U. Bo.vd , of Omaha , urpMdbnb ; A. W.
Lane , of Lincoln , secretary ; C. M. Williams ,
of Fremont , treasurer ; O. K. Taylor , secre
tary of district No. I ; A. W SIi'a , . ot Lin
coln , secretary of district No. 2 ; IT. E.
Gregory , of Naltgh , secretary of district No.
3 : Alice P. Nowlan , of Hastings , secretary
of district No. 4 ; A. W. Cowan , of Bertram ! ,
secretary of district No.rcDistrict No 0 is
to be supplied by the executive committee.
The Dufcmiunt MIsMing.
NCDHASKA. Cur , Neb. , Oct. 5. [ Special
'iclosram to Tun BiE.l ! When the case of
the state vs Samuel Merriam. charged with
shooting with intent to kill a Mrs. Goodman
about a year ago , was called in the district
court to-day , the defendant was missing and
Ills bail was declared forfeited. This was
the Interesting case in whicn the woman In
the casfl strotcliod a clothes line across the
defendant' ) * back yard and which caught him
under the chin on a dark night. It
naturally angered him nnd no started to cut
It down , when Mrs. Goodman sot n dog on
him. Ho shot at the clog , and then she
stabbed him with a sharp-pointed poker ,
whereupon ho followed her into her house
and shot at her twice , one bullet passing
through her arm. llo was arrested and re
leased on bail , but his present whereabouts
ore unknown.
A OcudloQk Broken.
NOIITH Pr.ATTE Nob. , Oct. 5. ( Special to
THE BEE. | It having been found that C ! . 13.
Hindy , one ot tlm Allwino members of the
school board , was holding down a homc-
Btead outnldo of this district , and therefore
could not servo in Unit capacity , Sir. James
Wilson , an nnti-Allwiuo man , has upon ap
pointed to the vacancy , thus breaking the
deadlock that has existcds mce the Hoard was
elected. The new board met yosterdny nnd
elected Mr. VVelicur principal. This will
estop the injunction proceedings Instituted
to prevent Mr. Allwino acting in that ca
_ _
Ilrowory at Ilustln H Uurnod.
HibTiNiiH , Neb , Oct. 5. | Special Tele
gram to Tin : BEE.J Yesterday afternoon
the Hustings Brewery company's buildings
were burned to the ground. The origin of
the lira is unknown. Less , $ LT , OOJ ; insur
ance , $20,000. , Six hundred barrels of boor
wore destroyed In the house adjoining tlio
brewery. The bottling department the
only building saved. The engineers and
workmen were in tlio cooling room when tlio
alarm was given.
* Old Holillnr
Moxuoc , Neb. , Oct. 5. [ Special to Tun
Bii3.J : Peter Welch , of the One Hundred
and Fifth Illinois inlntitry , Company 0 , dfcd
this morning ut 2 o'elock. Ho was on n visit
to his nephew , U. O. Crosscut ) , of this place.
lie was stricken with par.ilynls while walk-
inu' in the yard last Sunday afternoon nnd
remained unconscious until death. HIH re
mains will bo sent to his homo in Council
Bluffs , la. , for interment. ,
A I'n-illistii ! Drummer.
Nonrii.K , Neb. , Oct. 5. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tin : UKE. | Yesterday afternoon .1 ,
H. Kldd , a traveling man , proposed to Unlit
with E. A. Karl , n merchant of Neligh stop.
plug at the Pacific hotel , and drew a revel-
vor on him. The cleric and others separated
the parties and disunited Kiild. Thuru was
an old dinlciilty between them , but thu na
ture of It could not bo learned. Kidil was
snmcwhut Intoxicated.
County Knit ,
IU\OOP , Nob. , Oct. r . [ Special to TUB
13ui.J : The Gospor county agricultural , fair
opened hero yostgrday. The dxui'bits of
farm products anJ garden produce are , ex
cellent. A largo crowd is in attendance and
much interest Is tukeu by all of Uosper'g
funni'rs and the business men of Klwood.
The new court house is used to display the
Huflroiul Itmiilu
NOIITH PI.ATTE , Neb. , Oct. " 5. | SpcpIul
Telegram to Tiiij UKI : , ] AV the election
here to-day for 1150,000 bonds for the Mis
souri. North Plutto Ss Denver railway , the
vote In this city was till for to ! } against ,
Ucporu go far received from the country
precincts Indicate that the bonds have
tn the Court-Martini :
Four UoniMgo.v , Nob. , Oct. 0. tSKKJial |
Telegram to Tun HBK.J The Fort Hobmson
conttneontlfcl the Dctnpsoy court-martlat ,
consisting rll IMnjor KclloRg nnd Captain *
Worth nnd Bally , Eighth Infantry , nnd Cap
tains Hughes and Slcdmnn , Ninth cavalry ,
left on thoiypjjlng train for Omaha ,
GUANO Ist.vxi ) , Nob. , Oct. G. [ Special
Telegram to Titi ? Hin.J Paul Frnneu's
team becanfo1 fVlshtencd nt a switch onclno
to-dn.v and ran nwa.v. Franon caught hold
of the brliiki , but was thrown down nnd
run ever , siVMnmng severe injuries , but not
necessarily rfiitsl.
An Ktt'YliriHliiic l atnnle Aeont.
NnmiASKA Our Nob. , Oct. 5. [ Special
Telegram to Tun IJnn.j A female ngent en
tered the house of Mrs. C. E. Swift today
nnd stole n jmrso nnd considerable money ,
bit before she could escape was overtaken
by Mrs. Swift , who took the stolen articles
nwny from her.
An Oltl Iiuily 1'iunlly Hitrncil.
FAinnuiir , 7fub.t Oct. 5. | Spcclnl Tele
gram to Tin : Uun.J Mrs. Johnson , nu old
lady , whllo canning fruit , using a kerosene
lamp , was burned so that she will die. The
house caught lire , but it was saved with lit
tle damage.
NVlirnttkn County Convention * .
DAKOTA CmNob. . , Oct. 5 , [ Special
Telegram to Tnt ! BEI : . | The republican
convention here today was the largest and
most harmonious ever held In our county.
There was seine talk of continuing the ctm-
vontion until October 8 , when tbero will bo
a mass mooting for the purpose of putting a
peoples' ticket in the Hold. Tlio question
was loft to the delegates of the convention ,
nnd they would not oven consider the ques
tion , but proceeded to.olect the nominees ,
which were ns follows : For surveyor , S. C.
Coles , of Covington ; clerk , A.W.Turner ,
Homer ; sheriff , N. B. Brnssllcld , Dakota
City ; Judge , William Warner , Homer ; county
commissioner , Oosso Williams , St. Johns ;
superintendent ol public Instruction , A.
Staui , Sioux City ; surveyor , Alex Albeo ,
Dakota City ; coroner , C. Irwln , Soutli Sioux
City. The following were elected delegates
to the state convention : Colonel Bnlrd ,
John Davis , Allen Hart , J. P. Moridoth ,
Gerald Dillon , II. Swobor. The republicans
have put up a , strong tlcttct and arc almost
certain of electing it.
YOIIK , Nob. , Oct. 5. [ Special Telegram to
Tun 13nn. ] The York county republican
convention was held in this city this niter
noon and was n lively affair , the vole of the
county ofllecrs being very close. Every
thing , however , is harmonious and thci ut
most good feeling prevails. O. P. Hayes
was nominated for representative to till the
vacancy caused by the death ot' Captain C.
W. Hayes. The delegates selected for the
state convention were : N. V. Harlan , J. C.
Klugsley , D. E. Kodgowick , G. R Holmes.
D. G. Hardln. Leo Love , C. B. Palmer , D ,
W. Hoyt , C.T. Chittcndon , A. J. Newman , '
David Doane , W. It. Nichols , G. W. Bowers.
George Hurlbtit , Robert Henderson and Alf
Miller. These to the congressional convention - .
tion : George W. Post , T. 13. Sedgewiok , C. '
K Keckiey , W. T. Scott , M. C. Frank , E.
A. Gilbert. C. A. McCloud , C. M. Cowan ,
Leo Martin , .VMlllor , II. M. Dotriok , George
B. Franco , N. P. , Londan , J. F. Halo nnd J.
W. Andrews , " ' ,
Gnxr.VA , Jco. , Oct 5. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tun 'Br.n. ] The Fillmore county
republican co'rtyjeutionyas hold hero to-day.
The followin nomlnations for the county
ticHot were nindo : Clerk , W. C. Massey ;
treasurer , A. Murdock ; Judge , D. II. Conant ;
coroner , Dr. 'M'eCleary ' ; surveyor , V. A.
Jones ; sheriff , JV. , A. Stewart. Delegate ? to
the congrossionl convention are 119 follows :
J. M. Fisher , C. A. Warner. J. W. Price. P.
Youngcrs , jr.'Ch'nrlea K U illiams , E. Sand-
rock , A. Murdoilr , W. V. Fitleld , U'illia m
Itnmsdlll , H. E. Larimer , John liars oy ,
Charles H. Sloan and E. 1C Cobb. Dele
gates to the 'fctiito convention : J. Jensen ,
Clark Hobinson ' ' .r. Shopp.ird , L. S. Moore ,
William Downb.v , W. J. Waite , V. C. Shiek-
ley. .loUn A. Dempster , W. C. Massey , P. B.
Tollcs , H , C. iJui'tvP. liakur , H. Mussclman
and S. L. Burtou. _
* *
Wnr.i-.No WATEII. Neb. , Oct. 5. [ Special
Telegram to THE BKI : . ] At the republican
county convention held here to-day , the fol
lowing gentlemen received the nominations
for county ofllres : For treasurer , William
Hayes ; sheriff , U. W. Hyers ; county judge ,
William Dooles ; commissioner , third dis
trict. Isaac Tolnud ; clerk. Bird Crltchflold ,
surveyor , A. C. Mays : coroner , ,1. I. Unrip ;
superintendent of publiu instruction , B. F.
Simons. Tlio following nro the delegates to
the state convention : Samuel Thomas , J. M ,
Drake , W. P. Killer , Anderson Uoot , E. N.
Barnum. O. Tofft , L. C. Todd , Ira Murnhy ,
D. D. AndrusJames Crawford , J. T. Mills ,
C. Clapp , J. P. Burdick. J. W. Weidman , w !
G. W. Clark , Wash Smith , O. C. Smith , H.
C. McMahen , L. A. Nowcumor , A. Webster
and E. L. Keed. Tlio dele n-ates were not
i ) , Neb.'Oct. 5. [ Special 'lelegram
to Tin : Br.K. ] The republican county con
vention to-dn.v nominated the following
ticket : Judge , C. E. Holland ; sheriff , J. M.
Smlloy ; treasurer , Seal Williams ; dork , K.
T. Cooper ; surveyor , G. A. ICilpatrick ; coroner
ner , Dr. Curnuiings ; superintendent , G. F.
Hurkctt. Delegates to the congressional
cjnvention : F. G. Simmons , C. C. Davis , T.
J. 1'ooi-e , II. M. Coloman. John Cattle , Jr. , J. .
M. Strayer , H. C. Hotisei , George F. Dick-
man , D. C. MeKilllp , Henry Hrcckuian , D.
H. Figard , 1 libmas Goer. DelCRutcs to the
state' convention : E. C. Carnes , 15. P. An
derson , J. W. G la J wish , G. A. Derby , W. C.
Hartman. Adam Seed , Gcortro Perkins , T. J.
Babcock , F. W. Upton , J. II. Bci/.crs. L. C.
Haddock , I. N. Goddard , E. W. Olnoy.
OnAi.tAi-A , Neb. , Oct. 5 , | Special Tele
gram to 'iiiu Uix.J At tlm Keitn county re
publican convention hold hero to-day the fol
lowing ticket was nominated : Treasurer , L.
B. Hector ; clerk , H. D. Harris ; sheriff. W.
T. Vail ; judgo. J. U , Brothorton ; superin
tendent , G. F. Cooper ; coimnlHSioncr , .liidd
Tobia : surveyor , C. A. Walker ; coroner. C.
C. Scllingcr. Dolc'eat s to the state conven
tion : J. it. Hrotlierton , J. M. Ilaugmou and
E. M. Day. Thesu delegates were instructed
to vote fortho renomimitlon of .liulu-o Kooso ,
nnd in a resolution very emphatic language
was used in denouncing the railroad corpora
tion that were undertaking to defeat his rc-
Momlnatjon. The county ticket as nominated
is considered a strong one ,
B s i5TT , Nob. . Out , n. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Bin : . I The Uock county republican
convention was held hero to-day and the fol >
lowliu' ticket placed in nomination : For
Judge. Fred N , ' Morgan ; clerk , Gcorgo E.
Sliolden ; treuHiircr , J , D. Likens ; superin
tendent , W. H. Hiife'u ; attorney , H. B. Mmil-
sou : sheriff , Huliry Harris ; coroner , Dr.
J. F. Brayton ; ' 'surveyor , J. ji. Davonjwirt ;
rommusionorH , E. 'Opp ' , J. E. Harleii and G.
A. Hudlon , The convention passed oir very
harmoniously imu'jt ' is goiicrally conceded
that the ticket H aVwinning one. The follow
ing delegates \y'cfivolcotcd to the state con
vention : E. Behlngcl , W. O. Tiiiflo , J. D.
Arrmond. Thrfy'woro ' instructed ,
Auitoiu. Neb , . O.ct. fi. [ Hpocmt Telegram
to Tun UKI : . | Trio republicans hold their
convention to dilv , nnd the following ofllt'crs
were nominated : , Clerk , K , H. Board : treas
urer , W. S. .m aii ; Hheriff , W , W. Sir-
berger ; county MiPbrintendeiit , M , F. Stan
ley ; coinmisKlo'ner , U. F. Ismaii ; county
Judge , W. L Startf ; delegates to htuto con-
volition , D. A. Scnt'illc , .lolin Huron , Jnnifs
delegates go uniiiHtrueled ,
Biaiu. Nob. , Oct. .1 [ Special Telegram
toTiu : BIE. : | Tlio republicans hold their
convention hero tO'day , and It was thq hoi-
test one probably that Washington county
ever experienced. The following is the
ticket nominated : Treasurer , K. C. JacU-
on ; clerk , L. O. Webber ; Judge , A. Per
kins ; BlierilT , W , 1) , Cross ; superintendent
of schools , J. W. Henderson ; coioner , E. C.
Pierce ; surveyor , W. C. CnlherwooJ. A
resolution watt pujsod Instructing thu dele
gate * to thu Judicial convention , to work for
the nomination of Jesse DavU , of Blair , tor
Judge. All other delegates go umnstructod ,
Atiiiuiiv , Nob. , Oct. C. ( Special Teleguim
to TIIU HKB.J Tlio democratic county con
volition met in Auburn to-day and Bolecttd ti
full ticket , with the cxceiitlo.i of burvovor ,
as follows : Frank Snvdor , treasurer ; K. H.
Glllaii , clerk ; Heiwy t'uhvell. sheriff ; U. H.
Claggett , Judge ; Dr. Kay , coroner ; M T.
Conner , commissioner ; Charles 1'lornou ,
supcrlntotidcnU W. It. ICollcgnn , Wlllinm
Wllllnmsi , T. E. Johnson , U. J. .lohnson ,
Willlnra Hynon nnd Wlllinm H. Mclntosh
were chosen to roprosonl Nomnhn county In
the stale convention next Tuesday.
FAM.I Cttr , Kob. ( Oct. n. - [ Si > ccli\t Tel
egram to Tun UKK.I The republican county
convention met to-day in thin city nnd was
the largest nnd most onlhusl.istlo ever held
In the county. The following Is the county
tickets For treasurer , M , Kllov , Jr. , of
Dnwson } Clerk , don-go W. Marsh ; herlff ,
vfi H , Mnrks ; rooisterot deeds , O. Morris ;
suporintandont of schools , M. O. Jones ; cor
oner , H. Pierce ; surveyor , W. H. Stearns ;
representatives to fill vncunoy. Cyrus Jones
and Ernst Wornor. The delegates to the
state eoiivoiitlo ,1 go Instructed.
OnAKU ISI.VNH , Noo. , Oot , 5. ISpoclnl
Tologrnm to Tun BEI : . ! Tlio following
.nominees were chosen at thn republican
> county convention : For Judge , 11. K. Clif
ford ; treasurer , E. C. llockonberger ! clerk ,
D. Ar.ltcrmnn ; sheriff , W. F. Mcl.aughlln ,
pupcrlntondnnt of public instruction , E. E ,
i Thompson ; surveyor , Bald win t chalr-
i man of the county central committee , F. L.
Kouslio. Although there were several ns
plrants for each office , everything was bar-
tnouiaus nnd assures the election of the
whole ticket.
KistiiAU , . Nob. , Sept , 27. I Special Tele
gram to Tut : llin : . I An enthusiastic mass
convention to nominate county officers wus
hold hero to-day , 'Iho convention was
largely attended mid the ticket nominated
will DO elected , Tlio following wore nomi-
tinted : Treasurer , L. W. Blekol ; clerk ,
\Vooldriago ; Judge. J. W. Beard ; sheriff ,
J. U. Giinderson ; surveyor , H. H. Stevens ;
supcrlntriident , Miss Eva Farmer : coroner ,
L. U. Markley ; cnmtnissloncrt , J. \ * . Brady ,
F. J. Bellows , and James Nnwoll.
oNNob. . , Oct.I. . [ Special to Tiir
Urn. | Tlio reiiublirnn convention for Dawes
county made noininutionsns follows : County
eommlsslonor , B. S. Cooley ; county Jtiilge ,
S. A. Ballard ; county attorney , W. G. Par-
dor ; olerk , fa. D , Wiushlp ; treasurer , L. A.
Brewer ; Hheriff , W. D. McConnoIl ; coroner ,
W. Myers. The nominations for clerk , sher
iff nd coroner arc new men. The others are
all the present Incumbents. Everything was
harmonious and nearly all tha nominations
were made by acclamntion.
WAKKFIKI.D , Nob. , Oct. 5. [ Special Tele-
pram to Tun BKI : , ] At the Dixon county
democratic convention held nt Murlinsburg
to-day the following nominations were made :
For treasurer , I. Connors ; clerk , T. Shivoly ;
nherlff , H. Lmnbert ; superintendent , Pat
Kiiimn ; Judge , W * E. Smith ; coroner , Charles
Morrltt. Delegates to the state convention :
J. J. McAllister , Thomas Howllngs , P.
Dompsoy. The ticket is considered u strong
one. * _
AINKWOIITII , Nob. , Oct. 5. [ Si > oclal Tele
gram to THE Bir : 1 In the democratic con
vention xvhlch convened here to-day every
thing passed off very smoothly. There were
n number of candidates in the Held and a
great deal of excitement prevailed. A fuhion
was nindu on county clerk with the alliance
nnd three other olllces loft to bo supplied
later. The tight centered on sheriff and cor
ALMA , Nol > . , Odt. 5 [ Special Telegram to
TUB BUB. The democrats hold their county
cdnvcntibn io-day. The following nro the
delegates to tlio stall convention. J. H.
Manning. K. M. Liberty , J. Kehn. To the
congressional convention : J. E. Thompson ,
S. H. Taylor and John Elliott. The convon-
vention adjourned without making any nom
inations for county ofticers.
, Neb. , Oct. 5. [ Special Tele-
pram to Tun BEE. I The democrats of Dundy
county met la delegate convention this
morning and nominated a full county ticket
and elected delegates to tne state conven
tion. They nominated a good county ticke' ,
but their task of electing them Is almost
hopeless , as the county is strongly repub
lican. _
. VAt.nxTtVB , Neb. , Oct. r. . . [ Special Tele -
gram to TIIK BEI : . ] The republican countv
convention mot nero to-day and nominated
the inlluwing candidates : 1'rensurer , K. W.
Watson ; jdiontf , D. Hanna ; Judge , T. L.
\Volcut ; clerk , A. T. White ; surveyor , H. C.
Holsclaw ; superintendent of schools , L. C.
Sparlw ; county commissioner , J. M. Jenkins.
Hr.nitox , Nob. , Oct. 5. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : liui : . ] Tlio Thnycr county demo
cratic ; convention to-day made the following
nominations : For treasurer. A. D. Weiner ,
clerk , W. Lankamer ; sheriff , R. J. Town ;
judge , T. C. .Marshall ; superintendent ,
Daniel Scovill ; coroner. Dr. A. L. Elder ;
commissioner , J. W. Loedom.
GitAN'T , Nob. , Oct. 5. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEE. ] The democratic primary
meetings for this county woto held In the
several precincts to-day. Some lively skir
mishing took place at Grant , us owing to n
split in the republican party there is some
chances of the democrats electing some of
their candidates. _
Ni : iU3KA CITY , Neb. , Oct. 5. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : BEE. ] The democratic
primaries were hold in tliid city nnd county
this afternoon. There was a big tight over
sheriff , out it is conceded that U'cllmmi , the
present ncumbcnt , will bo nominated on the
lirst ballot at the convention at Syracuse on
Monday , _ _ _ _ _
CESTIIAI. CITY , Neb. , Oct. fi. [ Special Tel
cgram to Tin : BEE. | The republican county
convention nominated W. II. C. Hice for
treasurer , A. J. Bowie clerk , AV. H. Crltes
sheriff ; G. W. Nowmoyc-r Judge , and J. W.
Ayres for superintendent.
EMVOOI > , Neb. , Oot. 5. - [ Special Telegram
to TUB HUE. ] The following are Gospor
county's delegates to the concrossioiml con
vention : A. M. White , George Jaukln , C. 11.
Lee , L. Lydioutt , J , L. Troboo.
CLAY GEN-TEH , Neb. , Oct. . " . | Special Telegram -
gram toTiiB BEB.I Clay county sends fifteen
delegates to the congressional convention
unlnstructcd. Ton of the Jlftccn are G. A.
H. men , _
l'I Kit UK'S IHG J500HI.
Mnrvoloiis Activity at tlio Capital of
Smith Dakota.
PinuiiE , S. D. , Oct. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : BEE. I The attention of the
entire country seems to bo now turned
toward Pierre , the capital of Iho now state of
Soutli Dakota , and well it may , for the city
is having the largest boom In bunding and
real estate over known. Extra coaches are
attached to pidscngcr trains that arrive
ouch day , wnioh nro crowded to their utmost
capacity by eager hundreds of sightseers and
speculators coming west nnd locating nt
Pierre. Every train is met by brass bands nnd
parades , and puoplo who pacic the streets
shout and cheer by hours. Hotels are
crowded to their utmost capacity , dwellings
are full and the demand for new buildings
lias Increased to such an extent that scores
of them have been started , making a build.
ing boom of mammoth proportions and
creating n demand for hundreds of laborers
ut once ,
Kcal estate sales each day amount to hun-
( ] redB of thousands of dollars and fortunes
nre miulu each day in buying and selling ,
Ex-Governor Church , who was the principal
manager of Huron's capital campaign , has
invented largelv. It is reported that he will
locate hen ; . Many other prominent men of
the now state have invested and will livp ut
tlm capital hereafter.
Great preparations im > going on to receive
state ollicers and the legUlaturo and enter ;
tain at the session , which meets October 10 ,
whoa the United States Hcnators will be
clouted. Everything necessary has been or
dered b > telegraph and the hulU urn being
put in shape and ( ( uartorb assigned , while
nothing will bo loft , undone to give them a
cordial reception. It promises to be an in
teresting session and thousands of people
from all parts of tlio country will be
present to observe the doings , Pierre will
try and o.iro for all who comu.
Now hotels are being opened up In every
available place and others are being built ,
The boom in Pierre shows slgna of equalling
uny Oklahoma over had during the Ilrat set
tlement of that country , us already specu
lators are guing era/y , with hundreds arriv
ing every day ,
Striiolc liy a Train.
S XNPU H ii , III , , Oct. 5 , While crossing thu
Chicago , Burlington & Quiney railroad trucks
at Main street tomlght In a' buggy , Mrs , H.
U , Cook i'.nd Mrs. Samuel Abbey u-orostrticlr
by a train. Both Indies were badly uianglcd
und livpd out u few moments.
Harden iMiru OIMII ) .
JIUISEV CiTf , N. J. , Oct. 5. Ex-Congress
man A. At Hardcnburg died In this city to
night , aged llfty-slx year * , He has been Buf
fering tor several years from u complication
of diseases.
Two Very IntoroatltiR Communlo.i-
tlona on th6 Stibjoot
Tlio President's Attention Called tn
the llocoiu Unworrnntril Altnok
or United Htntot Commit-
sinner TAT lor ,
Interesting Dnutiinonti
Dns MOINES , la. , Oct. 5. | Special Tele
gram to Tin : i ii : : . ] The following letters
have just been made public nnd are sclf-
o.Nplanatory :
DBS Moi.Nus , hi. , Oct. I. To the Prosl
dent , Wellington , Dlstrfct of Columbln
Dear Sir : I notice In tilts morning's papers
und abstract from the report from the oom-
mlcsloncr of railroads , In which Mr. Taylor
Is quoted ns saying : "In some atatos , notunlv
In Iowa , It la undoubtedly trim that laws.
have been enacted nnd enforced which are
unjust towards railroniis nnd injurious to
the public Interests , nnd which otipht to bo
speedily modified or repealed. " It appears
to mo thai Mr. Taylor 1 $ Indulging in reflections
flections upon Iowa entirely unwarranted. I
do not think that .congress , [ n establishing
the onico of commissioner of railroads , con
templated making htm the censor estate
state legislation. H is not true
that laws have been enacted nnd enforced in
Iowa which are unjust toward lullroads or
Injurious to the public Interests , Mr. Tav-
lor's oftlclal testimony to the contrary not
withstanding. The laws to which ho refers
were passed by the unanimous vote of both
branches of our general assembly , whlol
ought to bo some Indication of their wisdom
lconsldor CominlBsIonerTnylor'B statement ,
If correctly reported , nu insult to Iho people
of Iowa , who nro certainly competent to dca
with their own affairs nnd have sufllcient
sense of Justice to protect nil Interests
within tholr Jurisdiction. ,1 cannot believe
that you will npprovo Mr. , Taylor's course. I
am , sir , your obedient servant ,
\Vn.i.i.nt IJ\UUAIUI : : .
IluitMMiTox , In. . Oct. fl , ItjUU. To tlio Sec
retary of the Interior Sir : Jt is unfortunate
that your commissioner of railroads should
go out of his way to attack the Iowa railroad
law. That law received the unanimous vote
of both houses of our general assembly and
the approval of the governor. It is supported
and approved by both of the political parties
tn this state , nnd so fur from being injurious
to the Intel ests of the people or the railroads ,
it has been n decided benefit to both. It ban
given n now impetus to the industrial and
business interests of tlio'state , and the earn
ings of railroads hayo been bettor under It
than they were before. It is true that the
railroad companies fo.iifht the law for a
while , and there is. still , doubtless , some irri
tation on their pa'rt : but they wore beaten In
tlio courts and are now apparently
oboyinc the law with reasonable good
faith. If your commissioner had
oxnmincd the law nnd > ts working before
condemning it I think ho would not have
committed so grave a blunder. Our present
republican candidate forgoyoruor , asn mem
ber ot the sennte , wns one of the law's
principal supporters in the legislature , nnd is
now making his canvass largely on that rec
ord. tie declares the Inw to bo the best
state railroad law in tlio United States , nnd
Kivcs it his most earnest support upon the
stump , nftot- trial , as ho did Ic placing it on
our statute boons , He will bo elected , but if
ho took the cround of your commissioner ho
would bo beaten by nn ovor\vholming , major
ity. 1 do wUh the president's commission
ers Tanner , Taylor , Hoosovolt , ot .omno
genus would let him announce the policy
ot bis administration. The people have
groa . confidence in the wisdom and the pat
riotism of tlio president und his cabinet , but
the vaporings of some ol' ? , lie subordinates
have made republicans very tired. Very
respectfully yours ,
U'ako tlio Ilounrn.
Sioux Crrr , la. , Oct. 5 , [ Snncinl Tele
gram to THE BEE. | The committee on
awards of premiums for exhibits made its
report to-day , and Nebraska carries off first
honors. The committee consisted of Hon. J.
F. C. Hyde , of Newton , Mass. ; Hiram At
kins , of Montpelier , Vt. , and Hon. John O.
Hilton , of Boston. The following awards
were made :
To county making best general exhibit of
corn , grain , grass , grass seed , % 'ocetables nnd
fruit , ilrst , premium , $1100 , Dakota county ,
Nebraska ; second premium , flOO , Monona
county , Iowa.
Antelope countj- , Nebraska , took first
premium of y 0 for boat separate exhibit of
small grain.
Dakota county took second premium of $ J5
for best separate exhibitor corn.
Madison county took firs ) , premium and
Dixon second premium for best separate ex
hibit of vegetables.
Dakota county took first premium for best
separate exhibit of fruit and Dixon county
Out of eleven premiums awarded to county
exhibits , Nebraska counties tooir eight.
Itoirs OpotiH the
WATERLOO. la. , Oct. 5. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] lion. Horace Boles , the
nominee of tlio democratic party for governor ,
opened the campaign in this city to-night.
Ho opposed the protective tariff
policy and favored the Australian
system of voting. Ho said the railroads
should bo allowed to charge such rates ns
would pay Interest upon the actual valuation
of their property , and such as would allow
the in to make needed Improvements and re-
pnirs and pay good wages to tholr employes.
Ho opposed prohibition at considerable
length , and argued in favor of the high
ll'jenso nnd local option plank of the demo
cratic platform. '
Dcfitriioilvo I'ralric Fires. , In. , Oct. B. fSiiculiil Tel-
cgram to Tun BiE.--testructivo ) pralrlo
tires have been raging In Palo Alto county ,
near hero , but are now Under control. Five
thousand bushels of grain and many thou
sand tons of "hay burned. The loss will ox-
jced iOU , ( ) ( ) in Palo Alto county nlono , Mrs.
ljuarde was so badly burned last night that
iho will die , and others wore seriously blis-
: creil lighting the flames. A strong wind
fanned tlio tire into u raging tempest of
FOHT Donan , la , Oct. fi. [ Special Tele-
rrnm to Tin : BII ; : . | Thu annual autumn
iralrio tires have commenced In northern
owa , and tlio very dry season has conduced
.0 make them unusually disastrous. An 1m-
nenso conflagration raging north of this city
ms done u-roat damage to several hundred
icres of corn Holds , und many thousands ol
ons of liny was destroyed. Two special
rams left hero to protect railway property
mm destruction. The flumes are now iimlor
Injured Itv n Vlolim * Cow.
I'VuiT Doi'iii ' : , la. , Oct. -Special [ Tcjo-
rram to TIIE Jir.K.j lion L. .S. Cofiln , the
veil known ox-ytato railway commissioner
mil agitator for railway men's rights , was
erlously injured by an Infuriated cow In his
mrn at his Willow K.iU'a farm this morning
le was tossed around tlm animal's pen nnd
ladlv bruised anil gushed , only escaping
loath because , of a turn in the COW'H horn ,
vhieh prevented her effectively Coring him.
Fusion lOillitil to Worlc ,
CIIIIMO.V , la. , Oct. C , [ Special Telegram
o THE BEE. ] Tlio dcmocraU und union
ubor party have spent the entire day in con-
entiou trying to < ! oiiHummuto u fusion wlth-
tut BUCCOSH. Tlio convention , which has
icrctoforo worked without trouble , split
o-diiy , the democrats nominating Captain
A'llllum Grounds for representative , and the
inioit laborers rfinomlnatlng Hon. W , H ,
{ obb. Much bitterness attends the split ,
vhich ensu.-cs the election of ttic republican
loininee , W. W. Morrow ,
i\ Labor J'nrly Convention.
ATM.srio , la. , Oct. 5 , ( Special Telegram
o Tnu HUE. ] The union labor party of Cuss
aunty nominated u full county ticket to-day ,
vithJ. C. Bradbury for representative. S ,
J , Downey , its nominee for governor ,
present nnd mmlc n speech. ' J. It , Sovereign
In the evening.
A Itrnkniiinn 1'ntullY injiircil.
MASOX CITV , In. , Oct. ft.-Si > oolal Telegram -
gram to Tim HKB. ] C. K. Doixrborn , n
bralccmnn on the Iowa Cohlnit rorul , wns
run ever to-dity whllo switching In the yard ,
nnd can not live. Ills parents reside nt
a'1112 I'AN-AMIilllOAN MXCUU81ON.
A A lull , tn WnUlmni Unlcrtnuinil lly
tlm Witoli Conntnny.
BOSTON , Oot. 5. The pun-Amorlean ex
cursion nrrlvo.l hero nt l > o'clock this morn *
Ing. The party was woleoincd by Mayor
Ilurt and Mr. Coolldgo , one of tliQ American
( lolopatos. After u short , sjon nt the Motel
Ycndomo , where the ; was ( lunrtvred ,
they started In carrlncros on n < tclp
nbout the city. The principal slot ) was made
nt thn central Boston high .school , und
the visitor * wore escorted' throughout the
vast building. The school wns scon'to ' great
ndvnntago , The Inspection cnnoludcJ-
pnrt.y boarded the tr.iln on the Fitohburg
road for Wnltham. '
The first stop wns mndo nt Waltlmm ,
whore the watch company t > orvod mrolOg'aiit
lunch , after whloh visitors inspected' ' thq
works. Prom thcro they wont to South
I'Vamlnglmm.whore nil the population of the
town , nildo from the fnctoiy workers , ii\- |
pcared to have turned out. School children
dressed in holiday clothes were drnwu lip In
douDlo lino. As the doloc.itos passed tliroURh
n little girl stopped forward anil plilnod
nbDUtonnlcro on the lupolfcf each gnntlo-
ninn's ' cont. The town'nHolPctmen 'presented
n sol of resolutions hnndsotnoly opgrosscd In
Spanish , \nd Knglish. The party then wont
through the rubber faetorv. A short stop
was made at Ashlatul. where the boot nnd
shoo works were visited , after which the
party returned to Boston.
The Commercial ciuu gave the members
of the conference n banquet to-night at the
Parker house. Besides the deleeates mnnv
prominent men were present. Including Son-
alor Honr nnd Kdwnru ICvorott Hale.
Several speeches were mndo. Delegate
/ognrra , of Pont , spoke warmly of the gen
erous reception nceorded his conferees In
the United States , saying lie had entirely
forgotten they were strangers. Delegate
Pornof Aroncuolu ! , humorously recited the
wonders of thu journey of thu past three
days. Onnof tlio striking things to the visitors
was the study of n sample of the govern ,
nient at Washington nnd of the constitution ,
tlmt marvel of domocrntic institutions. Ho
said that superficially the idea of uconfor-
cnco seemed to arise from the humnn mind ,
but lu reality it was u conception of Iho
spirit of progress.
of the .tlin'tiiK Tlonts.
HAUKA.Y , Oct. 5. Advices from St. Plorre ,
Mlquoion , state that nothing him been heard
there nbout the missing bents of the steamer
Qraplntiuo and the ship Minnie Swift.
* .
It Will Give the Km Ire "West Better
Sorvlof * .
WASHINGTON- . 5.--Special [ Telegram
loTiin BEE. ] To-morrow , ivill go into effect
the now arrangement for tlio fast mall serv
ice of the west. A train Will l"avo Now
York at 8:50 : In the morning ,
arriving at Chicago at 8:50 : next morn-
in c , making the run in twont.v-flvo
hours , allowing the diflcronco in time , for
merly the mail loft New York nt1 : ! 0 in the
morning , carrying throe postal cars , nnd ran
to Buffalo where it wns overtaken by the
limited , which took one of the cnr.s and ar
rived in ChlciiL'o nt 11:50. : making tlio run for
the mails in : tl' < f hours. The nrrnngomonts
Will make siu-li i-onnoetion with St I.nuU
and western trains ns to be able to connect
with' the Union PuciU ! : at Omaha and
the Manitoba ntSt. Paul , giving the entire
west earlier malls. The now train will iflsoi
carry the Boston nnd Now England mulls' '
west twelve hours earlier thani
under the former schedule. The'
new arrangement practically gives the
west two fast mails daily as this mail train
is nn nddltion to tlio fast mall tlmt leaves
Now York ntO p. m. and arrives at Chicago
ut 10 : ! . " > tlio next night , muking the run
in twenty-eight and three-quarters hours. '
Tlio morning fast miulis nearly four hours
faster than t no evening train. This worv-
ice is recnrded as being very important to
the entire west.
nnd Iowa 1'onnlous.
WASHINGTON , Oot. 5. [ Special Telegram
toTiiE HUE. ] Pensions allowed Nebrasknus :
Original invalid Robert , Huston , Michael
Trucks , John A. Douglass , Hollls H. Mon
tague , George Foster , Jacob C. Morgan ,
Jumcs M. Boll. Increase Henry P. Klinger ,
Jerome B. Holroyd.
Pensions granted lowans : Original in
valid Hobcrt MeCnrklc , Andrew J. Shell ,
Lawrence Mott , Hobcrt W. Hnnnant , George
W. Karen , Lewis 8. Horsey , Christopher
Grundel , William C. Wood , .lacob Mator.
Increase Charles B. Comoy , Abraham
Xavitz ( demised ) , Samuel Marriott , David
Osborn , Francis M. Spurrier , Hobcrt L.
Lowry. Benjamin K. Spry , Henry A Marsh ,
Napoleon Throw. Oriirmal widows , etc.
Nurclssa J. , widow of Joseph C. Mott ;
minor of Benjamin Boll.
Switzerland A
WASIWOION , Oct. C. It is understood the
Swiss government has made an apology to
United States Minister Washburno for the
indignity offered to Charles E. Coates , of
Baltimore , who whllo travelling in Switzer
land last summer was arrested and confined
in a filthy und dark cell without any charge
having been preferred against him.
Tlio KnlirliiH Templar.
Oct. T ) . Grand Master of
Knights Tumplnr Hooino arrived In the city
thlH afternoon nnd took headquarters at the
Elibitt house. During the evening the grand
commnndery of Nebraska , commanded by
Sir Lewis Kconc , readied the city and under
escort of tlio local cominnndory nmrchcd to
their quarters.
HnH'oiiiU nfiinil.
Bm.i'AbT , Oct. 5. Dr. Ifiino , grand master
of Orangemen , district of Belfast , in n p\ib-
lishnd card warns Bnlfour , chief secretary
for Ireland , that ho will alienate the Oranire-
men if ho proposes any further endowment
of Catholic institutions In Ireland , " 1'ho
government ought rnther , " continues Dr.
Kane , "oonfor its privileges and emoluments
upon every Orange hall In Ireland , n sign
of gratitude to 150.0110 Orangemen pledged to
maintain the union,11
An KmlK'.IIniKviuiiilfir. .
NEWAHIC , N. J. , Oct. D , Gooru'o B. Law.
ton , of East Ornngo , was arrested this after *
loon and loducd in Jull in default of13XX ( )
Jail , Lawton was nolo executor of tlm os-
ate of Jane Mull , of Newark , who died in
STfi , leaving tioqucsts amounting to $ lKl,030 !
o her eight children. It is clinrgvd tiat )
jiiwlon , failing to Pay the bequests , disnpi
learod , returning to Orange only a few
nonths ago. ,
They Koujilit A hunt Ttir-ir Follow.
Nnw Vouit , Oi't. fiJulia O'Connor , ngod
'uiirteon.voar.s , died to-night In a New York ,
lospltnl from tlm oflccls of u beating re
uelved two months ago nt the hands of a girl
ibout her own nge named Maggie Miller.
I'ho girls quarreled about u lad muneil
Jack , " who piil-l uttentli'iiB to both. Tlio
lollco nre Honrcliing fur Maugio en tlio
: hargu of homicide.
A Klux Mill ISui'iicd.
YANTO.V , S. D. , Oct. 5. [ Special Tele-
unim to THE BEE. ] Tlio oil null of Archer
t Co. burned Inut night with in.OOO buahujs
jf flax seed and several cars. The building
ind machinery are a total loss , The extent
if loss nnd Insurance can not bo nscortaincd.
They Oot All Tliuro WUH.
Special Cable to THE Br.K.J The highest
) ossiblo premium mid tlio only grand prize
or upwing machines was awarded the
VMi.'elor &
WlUon Manufacturing company.
TitoVnntlini' ForcimHt.
Tor Nebraska und Jowas Kulr till Mew-
lay night , slowly rising temperature ; wind *
Uocommg southeasterly , Dakota : Pair
vurnier , southerly winds. '