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PART I , , 1-8 ,
II An Hoslnv of Summer Travelers
From the Continent.
AnicrHaiiH nnil Rimllsh Tropic
Ij.Tr ely In the Mnjorlly 1'lltli
to Bo Hcuin Kv rywlicrc In
Bunny luily'H Cities.
Itnck Ki-oni a Continental .Trvnnt ,
\jCumirtuM \ IVO l > u Jnnui itorlJit JJ-iir.i'.l
< LONDON , Oct. B. [ New York Herald'
CjHe ) Special to Tin : Ur.n. | Wanderers
frt A nil lands nro now making tholr way
homewards , and , among them , citizens of the
United States must bo counted by thousands.
In iho course of a long ramble on iho conii-
ncntl have mot thoin every whore. Hut for
them ami the English it seems to me that
half the hotels nnd shows In Europe would
have to shut ui ) . The native population or
travelers from oilier nations could never
keep thorn going. This year they have
turned n stream of gold through all the great
cities of the continent from Paris to St.
Petersburg. Frenchmen go about
moro limn they used 10 do and
the Germans wcro always Inclined to
travel , but the two thurougly enterprising
and exploring nations are the Americans and
English. They alone understand the art of
truvol , kind In their own lands * they have
brought it to n degree of "perfection whlcli
leaves all othuRcountrios in a state of com
parative barbarism , It thu holds are moro
comfortable and cleanly than they used to bo.
it is cblefly owingto their influence. As for
clianljuoss , the English or Americans un
derstand where It is to be looked for ou the
continent. |
Hnro wo uro towards Iho close of 19SO , nnd
iho Italian * have not got so fur as lo pay re-
gird to common decency. They think
nothing of sullying nnd defiling their streets
or buildings. Even the churches are
not spared. Tlio other day , In St.
Murk's , nt Venice , I detected lhat
It was only too easy to doit. There is an
odltilis nuisance not far from the nigh altar
r\n/Ai'm / Interior of the oimpanllo is rendered
absolutely revolting by some sort of aboml-
na'.ions. In it not about tlmo that tno
Italians , with nil iheir cultivation , art , poetry
un < i alt the reatjif it , abandoned the manners
and customs of Iho'Fijl islanders. They are
10 polllo , all those foreigners , but their po-
hlonuss docs not prevent them from acling
In tlio presence of women In a way lhat. a
avago of decent instincts would feel
ashamed of. The other day , In going from
Bologna to Venice , Iho train broke- down at
n waysldn station. In a minute or two each
side of the line was covered with passen
gers , who seemed to think they
wcro in n campanile at Locarno.
1 I saw a crowd ot women
going up a hill lo nn old church. The men
almost blocked the way in some places , un
conscious apparently that there was any
Impropriety In their habits. There is
scarcely a street to bo found in Italy which
lees not rook with disgusting smells. Nor
is that all. The poison which is spread on
all thu newspaper and book stands irrc-
'aistibly suggested that there must bo sonic-
Chinjrradically wrong in the moral .sense of
ilio people. Publications of the vilest kind ,
with outrageous pictures , uro thrust before
jrou ut every corner. The Milan cathedral
la slirroum'sd by llttlo shops or klasquns for
Oier-ilo ol these wares. Continental writers
used to have the coolness to loll us lhat
it w.'s ' only English or Americans
who scribbled their names on statues or pub-
. ' lie buildings. That legiuid Is pretty well cx-
ploadcd , but the authors In question try to
keep it going. We , none of us scorn to ba
ablu to look at homo when wo are pointing n
moral at a neighbor's expanse. The beauti
ful uiarbk ) of tbo Milan Cathedral is covered
wherever It can bo reached with Italian
niAncs. Italian Harry seems to crcatly pre
fer a hammer and chisel to a pencil. Tbo
i/Tualllxus nro not spared. The pictures of
the Virgin and the Saviour are disfigured in
Mho manner.
' . ' 'hero is ouo thing certain , and that Is that
continental people generally have cause to
blcvsb the Saints in the calendar forjjho love
of travel which soi/.as the English nud
Americans In thu aiimmor. It Is very
U'.wly that the Paris exhibition
would have done well without
lher.f , reasonably well , for the French have
Hocked to it from all parts , but the Engllsh-
srialilng nations have not only supplied an
immuiiso contingent in point of numbers ,
but they have spent inoiioy at ul-ato which
1 Ins at least astounded oven thoao whoso ox-
pcUtlons of urf were iiiobt oxtravnganl. The
French cumo to sco fine things , but they do
'lit- buy man,1 of them any moro tlimi they
svpport one-half of the grand cafes uud
shops of the boulevards. John and Jona
than perform thut indispensiblo part of the
Wall , their turn may como next nud nt
larit thpy must return to their homos this
f year acknowledging that the French have
managed tholr exhibition with consummate
tosto and skill ; that everything about It ,
from the tower of Eiffel to the smallest
Voiding , Is moro beautiful and wonderful
t fau any printed description or any picture
\ar. \ , hive led the visitor to anticipate. Nbth-
IJg equal to it has over been neon before.
'There ' is something there that may tonch
every uutlotTa lesson. The arrangement of
' .J > i clussos and departments , the grouping of
44.lV countless objects exhibited , the decora-
rllioii nt tha building outsldo and
' -in' the superb array of the finest
, ' < iv > ' ( yietlcms of human ingenuity which tlio
'Jc. M has to show all this could scarcely
uYi , I b3en so well done by any people as it
) iua boon done by the French. Of course wo
> huvo yet to HBO what the United States can
tuicomplish , but tho.v can scarcely hope to
flj'd any moro striking center and el-owning
plcry for their exhibition than that wond-
(1 Yinn tower , which alone would make the
French exhibition memorable.
A MiMirr.u or PAIII.IAMINT. :
A Youthful Dosppradn Kllloil.
GUTHitiB , I , T. , Oct. D , Charles DuvU ,
sged only nluotcnn years , hut oao of the
Boldest desperadoes in Indian Territory , anil
.loader pf the noted band ot 1'orso und cattle
tVhtavos , was shot und killed yesterday neat
Flcetwood , I. T. Hu had barricaded him.
'ticU in a vacant house guarded by three depUty
Uty United States umrihals. Later ho madi
a break for liberty , carrying in either haml
< n revolver. The deputies opened lire , whicl
tha deputies returned , but soou fell to th <
ground mortally wounded.
' Another Collision nt Son ,
I.ONDUV , Oct. 6. Tha steamer State o ;
Georgia , from Glasgow , for Now York , hui
reamed to the Clyde , having been dunmgci
Iu u collision with the coasting stoauioi
Agate , bound for Bowling. A heavy foj
prevailed at iho time. The Airuto htrunk tin
Georgia Iu the port bow with great force
Several of the sailors who were lying in tholr
bunks had narrow escapes. Ono ot thorn
was seriously injured , and n man named
McGnrrlty was inslantly killed. The Agate's
forecastle /cad was smashed , The passen
gers nro nil well.
An Olllo'al Count Thought , Nocrnsnry
to DetPi-inluo the * itciult.
ST. PAUL , Oct. 5. A special from Helena
says : Whllo the republicans are almost
ready to concede both , the governorship nnd
thu legislature to the democrats , they will
not do so until the ofllclul count Is mndo , tor
the reason Unit Iho result is close
enough to warrant them in claiming
at least the legislature. In several
country precincts no tnlly was made of votes
except that mndo by the judge ot election ,
and those are now valid nnd in the hands of
Iho various county clerks awaiting au ofllcial
count. According to law the ofllcial count
must ho mndo within 11 fteen days after the
election , or may bo made sooner if all returns
arc In.
On the face of the rclurns to-night the
democrats have elected the governor nud n
majority of the legislature , but by margins
so narrow that the full count may upset
cither. Individual republicans concede tha
governor to thu democrats , and nro half con
vinced that iho legislature is democratic , but
the republican press and state committee
concede neither. Republicans now claim the
legislature uy ono or two , while the demo
crats claim it by from llvo to seven.
A curious condition of affairs prevails
among the sporting fraternity owing to the
close election. Though Carter ( rep. ) is
lected to congrrtss by n majority of l.tWO
ivci * Maglnnls ( dom. ) , the democrats will
101 RIVO uuany bets oh Ciricr'a election until
.ho republicans give up the money bet , ou the
gnvcrnor.shlp , as a contest Is hinted at
vcrtho latter. Hupabllcans who bet on
. 'ower wisely refuse to pay thoi. " bets until
Us decided. Meanwhile about $100,000 re-
naiiis idle In the hands of stakeholders in
iclctm and Uutto.
HKLUXA , Mont. , Oct. 5. The Independent
lays : Returns rccelx'cd to-day glvo a deaio-
crallu n ajorlty of seven on joint ballot in ttio
legislature , with ono in doubt , which may
ucreaso the mujotity to nine. In several
counties iho vote is very close , but it is not
bought that the official canvass will make
imy material change. Carter ( rep. ) , for con
gress , has u majority of about 1,200.
The International "I'nctrliii : Company
Violates tlio Injunction.
CHIO\OO , Oct , 5. The war between the
New York brokers who wcro squeezed in
hn pork corner and the Chicago board of
trade goes merrily on. In Judge Shepurd's
court this morning Broker Wallace Hied an
affidavit stating that the International Puck-
ng company had violated the injunction
served upon them yesterday. Wallace , it
scorns , had contracted to bay U30 barrels of
; ) ork of the company. In spite of iho order
of iho court restraining the delivery of the
k , the company ottered to make the deliv
ery , nnd upon Wallace's refusal of the tender
suld the pork at auction for $10.00 per bar-
col. The company then sent u bill to Wallace
for margins. All this was done In accord
ance with the rulcsof iho board.
Arguments for the dissolution of the in
unction against the board were hoard to
day and.ludgo Shophard issued an order dis
solving it. The New Yorker * .will take tbo
case to the appellate court.
nisowsnn nv ms FATIICH.
Death In n Coal iMinc of n
Swedish Nohloman.
O. . Oct. 5. [ Special Tele
gram to Till ! 13m : . ] C. F. Carlson , a digger
in uilno No. i ) , at Stoncuoro. Pa. , dropped
dead last night , Carlson had a romantic
history. Ho was the son of a Swedish noble
man , who disowned him on account of ills
marriage to a peasant girl. Ho onno to this
country and for years okcd out a miserable
existence , working at various jobs.
Hi * father offered to restore
him to favor If ho would abandon his wife ,
but Carlson steadily refused all such offers.
Ho was heir to f 15,000 , which would have
como to him on the death of his mother. It
will now go to the eldest son. Ho was finely
educated , nut fast living and the lack of a
trade or profession compelled him to mine
coal to support his wife , who with two child
ren survives him , An effort will bo made to
communicate with his parents in Sweden.
The laborers In thu Wool \Vm-o
Io\noy , Oct. 5. The laborers employed
in the wool warehouses on the London docks
have gone out on n strike , owing , a ? they as
sert , to tlio preference given to iho blacklegs
by Ilio employers , The labor loaders are tryIng -
Ing to arrange Ihe trouble , but it Is feared
the strike will spread.
\Vooilrn If 'N Ti'iitl I'ost ] > our < l.
OHIO ( io , Oct , . " . As soon ns the criminal
court was called tills morning the state's at
torney muuo n motion that the case against
Franlc Woodruff , ono of the men Indicted for
the murder of Dr. Cronlu , bo continued until
next term. This was strenuously opposed
by the counsel for Woodruff , who de
manded that an immediate trial be
glvcu his client. Judge Mo-
Council , however , decided tha state was
entitled to thu delay asked and granted the
motion. At the same hour In Judge Baker's
branch of the same court , oua of iho counsel
for Woodruff was withdrawing his motion
for the Immediate discharge of his client
from custody because ho hud not been
tried within the statutory tirao. The with
drawal was without prejudice und with the
view of being presented again ut the next
term , which begins next Monday.
No Jurors were secured to-day iu the
Cronln caso.
ThlovoH Alxmrd ihn Uinhrin.
[ / VipiifyitSO / liyJain G r > ! u llennttt. ]
LONDON , Oct , C. [ New York Herald
Cable SjHJCiul to THE BEE. I There must
have been pickpockets aboard thoUinbrla on
her last trip from Now York. A saloon pas-
BCneer was robbed of JCIO , a Bteorago pas-
acngor lost JC9 und a poor woman with two
children was robbed of JU7 , all she hud. A
theatrical performance was given la bar
Nn Jiii-lsillotlnn in tlio Nucla CIIHC.
SIOCKTOV , Cul. , Oct. 5. The report of the
grand jury of Sau.roaquln county yesterday
In the case of Duputy United Slates Marshal
Nnglo for killing ex-Judge Terry , states that
as iho accused was taken from the power of
the state by a process oamuating from tha
United States circuit court ho uan not be
tried by any state for the same offense. .
Destroyed ,
CHICAGO , Oct. 5. The flva-story business
block occupied by Kellogg , Johnson & Bliss
hardware and cutlery ; Maria & Co. , glass-
wuro ; Klcmni , Smith &Co , , picture frames ,
aud 0. 0. McKiusu ! , printer , burned to-night ,
Loss $ T5,000 ; lusmrud.
AVhnt ComtntA'Intinrfl Jjymnn
Itoosfivclt Hny.
'WASHINGTON , Oct. 5 , Civil Service Com
missioner Lymaa when asked to-day by a
representative of the Associated Press if ho
hod anything to say concornmg the publica
tion In the morning Post , replied thut tils
profcronco was for a thorough investigation
by a competent trlbiinlnl rnthor than any
explanation or ilofciuo in the newspapers ,
nud that ho sincerely hopad such nn Investi
gation would ho had , Thostulemont that a sot
of papers which wore glvcu out by Campbell
wcro current papers given out In advance of
the examination is untrue. They wcro
papers , ho said , that had boon previously
used uud had become obsolete , suuh na tha
commission now publishes to the world in
HR niniunl reports. As soon as the Investi
gation mndo at the tlmo by tha commission
lovelopcd the fact of Campbell's connection
ivlth ttio transaction he saw the Impropriety
f his taking part In it , and said so to
Commissioner Ohorly who concurred with
ilm , nnd he thereupon loft It to bo coai-
lilotcd by Oborly , requeuing thut ho got at
ho bottom facts. Ohorly subsoiiuontly ro-
porlod lo him what ho Had found , nud his
conclusion \va.s that Campball should not bo
removed but roprlnmudod. "T desire , " ho
added , "to in into onu other statement now ,
nnd that Is , there has novcr nt any tlmo been
an appointment or n pro -notion m id i at the
office of the commission la violation or ova-
ilon of the olv l service rules. "
Koosovolt s dd : "The charges , so far ns
, ho..Y are dlro.'Clymado , refer wholly to mat-
.oraffectlnc the commission when Oberly and
Edgorton were members thereof ; they do
not touch anything done by thn commission
slnco iho 1st ol May , when Governor
Thompson and myself took oflloo. They
should certainly ba Investigated before a
competent tribunal , and ns they affect the
management of the commission under the
lircvious administration , that tribunal
sliould coillaln doaiocrats us well us rcpub-
' 'Tremendous l'ic stiro" 13\rted in
Cincioo. Oct. 5. The grand jury for this
torui finished Its labors to-day. In charging
the jury when empanelled Judge Horlou re-
lerred very strongly lo iho smoke nuisance ,
the lottery cases and the gambling evil iu
this city , and expressed adesiro that the jury
look into the matter closely. It heard a good
dual of evidence on Uio sniolco
question nud acted ou ono or two
lottery case , but in . regard * to
the gambling mailer ihe report says only
ono case was presented. Tno judge , in no-
ceut Ing the report , said ho thought the Jury
had worked hard and realized the fact thut
tremendous pressure had been brought to
bear upon the members in their investiga
The Daily News Intimates that the "tro-
mondous pressure" referred to was political
pressure , und thut It was- exercised to pre
vent the indictment of gamblers. It declares
that tlio case ol one gambler was investi
gated , mid n complete case made against
him , hut no indictment was returned , so the
states attorney thought it useless to proceed
Indignant Students Han ; ;
tiuit > R In Efll v.
Ciif ! < fO. ! Oct. ft. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : I3KC.J The dignitaries of ihe vcnurablo
Knox college at Galesburg were shocked bo--
' end measure ntn very unusual demcnUn.-
lion of thn students last night.
The indignation over the decision of Iho
judges Iu Iho Illinois luter-collcghito oratori
cal contest awarding pma to tno Moa-
moulh college man was so great that the
Judges were haniod in enlgy by thostuiicnts.
The ofllgy greatly frightened a large crowd
of colored people colng homo from an enter
tainment , who thought some ono had com
mitted suicide , and they scattered in every
direction , making such a racket as to bring
out the police. An irreverent placard was
tacked on the tree.
th )
CHICAGO , Oct. C. The coroner's Jury to
day finished the Inquest into the recant su
burban accident on the Hock island road.
Master Mechanic Twombloy , who re
instated his son. Engineer Twombloy , '
after the latter had boon discharged
for drunkenness , admitted that ho hau tlono
so upon his own responsibility. The jury ro-
lUrncd a verdict censuring the officials of the ,
road severely and taking strong grounds
aealnst allowing favoritism or kinship to en
danger human life.
Uio JAXKIHO , Oct. 5. The newspapers
throughout Brazil published Iu full Secre
tary lilalno's address to the delegates to the
International coucross. Tno public Is hope
ful of great commercial benclits resulting
from the congress.
UuiiNOB AVIIUS , Oct. 5. Jmnes G. Blatno's
address of welcome to Urn delegates of tbo
international congress was published in the
newspapers of this country. Daily reports
of the movements of the delegates are read
with much interest.
Tim Ki > isuo ) > ! illnns.
Nniv YOIIK , Oct. 5. The general conven
tion of the Protestant Episcopal churches of
America to-day resumed consideration ol' the
resolution regarding the NIcene creed.
After a debate It was put to a vote ana
adopted. The vote was , clerical , OS yeas , 0
nays. 2 divided ; lay , 29 yeas , 11 nays , 4 di
vided. Tha house of deputies then ad
journed until Monday. The house of bishops ,
ut their session , took up the question of di
viding tlio church territoryi'i t provinces ,
and notified tlm house to that effect.
Itailrnads * .Mlto.
CHICAGO , Oct. 5. [ Special Telegram to
Tun HEK.I The hearts of the Chicago
world's fair boomers wcro gladdened to-day
by the announcement of General Manager
St. John , of the Hock Island road , that tne
14,250,000 assessment on the railroads for
the world's fair had been apportioned and
would bo paid when necessary , Tlio full
amount will bo paid by the Chicago roads ex
clusively , and an additional assessment will
bo lovlod on outside roads which will bo bau >
cllttcd by the exposition.
Iho Fletohor Court-Mnrliiil Caso.
WASHINGTON , Out , 5. Inasmuch as Sec
retary Proctor is at his homo In Vermont ,
aud has not acted upon tbo Fletcher court-
martial , it is not at all likely that tho'papers
in this case will bo placed in the president's
bands until the tniddlo of next week. At
the war department the utmost Ignornnco is
expressed as to the finding of the court-mar
tial , and it Is utterly Impossible to obtain
any idea as to what has boon Uquo BO far In
this caso.
Chief or Htiitlntlcs ,
'WASHINGTON , Qct. 5. The secretary of the
treasury to-day appointed Sidney 0. Hrock ,
of Missouri , to be cblet of tbo bureau of sta <
tUtlcs , vice Swltzlcr resigned.
The Outlook For Legislation During
the OomtiiK Sosalou.
They ProiiiiRC to Worlc For iho Inter
est of tlio. Wlioln Country Sinn-
Inn' Another Tunn Tlio
A CfinurcRflinitnl llnrnqcniic.
WIMUNOTOS , Oct. 5. [ Special to Tan
Southern mombars. of the house of
representatives deny tliiit they intend to
miilto any specific demand for lealslatioii on
the part ot tholr section of the country.
With ono voice they suy It It their purposa
to work for legislation of cqunl Importance
to every section. Thov nro extremely anx
ious lo have Ilia lobacco tax abolished , but
they do not Intend to ask it us n considera
tion for voting In favor o'f any ono for
speaker , for the one , If lor no other reason ,
that they do not consider It tjocossary. They
say tlio ropnblloin party is pledged to do
this , and nil reports ubout demands they
make In the formation of committees
uro fiibricntcd.
rVlmost Immediately after tbo botiio Is
organised and thaconuiilttooi are announced
surely on the ilru cull of the states
'or the Introduction of * bills a bill
will bo Introduced to' ' abolish tbo
obaecotax. The Committee on Ways und
Means will bo expected to report this from
Is llrst regal ir meeting , tlio propriety of
Joins so has long since ooen settled. Its
consideration oy the tlonso will bo demanded
ror.y curly. As this will bj the basis of
fiiiuro action on the revenues and will in n
urge- measure govern a revision of the tartfl'
t is expected to uousuuic much time : but it
s expected to pass bjforrt any positive stoii
s taken on a tariff bill. Tnon Congress will
know exactly how much tarilt revision the
revenue of the country can stand. Kepab-
licans ganorally believe that the work : of
reforming the tariff will proceed by piece-
lueal thai is it will bo done by specific uillti ,
affecting only ono article atonce. . For
Instance sugar will ba worked upon by
itsolf. Thou , if it is' ( loomed advis
able to go further Into a reduction of
the revenues , otlior articles will bo
t.iUen up by themselves. Hills will ba intro
duced by the hundred oa every phase of the
tariff , thus going around the old wav of pro
ceeding with a general bill affecting almost
every article on the list. II the tobacco ta\
Is abolished there will not b < 3 more. than half
the present intitudo for work on tne eustoais
laws. If t..o sugar tux is removed the in
comes will bo reduced to abjutthc minimum.
General llrowuc , of Imlmnn , one of the old
est and most ialluunliul Aiombara of the
housi > , and an experienced member of the
committee on ways and mcinn , was the first
to ui vanec the idea of specific legislation oa
the tariff , and the suggestion la bblng almost
universally undorsjd. IJeytlie worlc as it
may , there will be no mpfeileni-iliy commit
tee hcnrlnira and lonir bills. s-
Politically speaking , it m.'ikos a great dif
ference whoso OK is gored. ( During the east
three congresses the democrats in the lower
house of congrojs h u-e run ; roughshod over
the minority. There never was saoh a-
tiling uiontluncd during tlio past six years as
minority representation , The republicans
took their medicine like brave man. They
simply warned the democrats that tlie indis
creet and unjust things wliluli ware bomg
done would return to them llkn broaj cist
upon the dead sea. The democrats snapped
their lingers and maiie wry f-ices at tlieir
friends In the minority on the other side of
the house , and run roughshod witti all sorts
of legislation intended to carry out demo
cratic principles which would have worked
great injury to tbo business interests of iho
country. There was not a single instance
In which the interests Of. the minority
were consulted. It ils true that
Speaker Carlisle , in his efforts to bo fair.
gave the republicans ap opportunity ; and
the late Suusct Cox oftca appealed to the
majority to give the republicans an oppar-
tunity to present their side of a case 10 the
country , although they wduld bo defeated
when it came to a .vote.
Tliis condition of affairs has changed
fiont. Every democratic member who comes
to Washington now talks about the "rights
of the minority , " and threatens the majority
in the Fifty-first congress with direful things
in event the minority is not given a repre
sentation. Tlieso domoerats havii wonderful
nerve. Colonel Gated , of Alabama , is the
only man wno has the frankness to say that
the republicans should conduct their affairs
with iwrtUan intent , but ho has in the same
breath announced that , the democrats would
llllibuator against any linul legislation in
tended to help the republican partv.
The democrats go so far us to even sugccst
that the Interests of thti democratic party
should bo considered in the UIUKO up the
committees , and that In some Instances dem
ocrats sliould bn placed at tha head of unim
portant committees. There ore a number of
democrats who ought to know bettor , and
who have had experience to lead them to
more profitable thinking , who oven go so far
us to BUCKOst that it is tlmo a regular
minority representation should bo established
in both branches of cougrcss. Thcro is
going to bo a lively time when the house
meets in December and organization is begun.
H Is now evident that tup1 democrats are
fully determined to ugrco upon a do-nothing
policy with the full Intention' of defeating all
general legislation of a psrtlsnn character ,
and especially to thwart tha'purposes of the
republicans. Every republican who arrives
announces that the time has 'come for the re
publicans to take tbo bull iiy the horns , in
augurate a system of rules which will enable
the majority to complete legislation , while
giving duo consideration to the minority ,
yield no point which will interfere with the
work before the republican party.
"Place the Indians iu huts -and houses in
stead of touts and keep thoin there and you
will have very little trouble from Indian
depredations , " said General TowiucuJ , com
mandant at the Fort Yates military post , in
conversation with your correspondent the
other day. General Townscud Is ouo of tbo
oldest and most successful Indian fighters
on the frontier. Ha la thoroughly acquaint
ed with every phase of Indian life , and
knows how to handle them. "Iho light on
the Little Big Horn , m the hills of south
western Dakota , ou Juno 25 , 1870 , " con
tinued General Towusend , ' 'thoroughly
demonstrated that Aho disposition of the
government to A encourage immigration
among the Indians la one of the greatest ob
stacles In tuu way of our successfully locat
ing and subjugating them. At that
tlmo there were very few Indians Jlvlnt
under any other shelter than that uffordet
by tents. The tepee kept the elements of
both summer and winter from the Indians at
that time , and it required but a few hours
notlco for a whole Indian camp to bo on horse
jack ready for a move and n permanent loca
tion in the far distance. "
" I was recently with Chief QM when ho
revisited tlio battle ground of the Little
Horn , where Custer was slaughtered , and I
liad n great deal of conversation with him
respecting the natural disposition of thoin-
dians. The duly solution of the Indian ques
tion llca in the government nllotiug lands In
severally no that the savages will interest
LhinscIVos ! , In acriculturo and stock raising
instead of roaming around over the country
gunning and kilting game and peoplu. Ilo-
comlii | ! domestic they must build up houseHolds -
Holds and construct permanent abodes on
their place of residence , or they will nlways
consider themselves Sons of the forest" "
mid till tint It Hid of rot which mnltcs them
incline lo forage off of every ono within their
reach. 1 notice that the Indians are not hilf
so much Inclined to bog at present as they
used lo bo I can remember Unit trtily n few
years niro when a white man visited an In
dian reservation ho was besieged like the
visitor at Unuio and Naples by hundreds of
beggars who holdout their hands mid put up
pitiful mouths. Wo can teach the Indian In
dustry and sobriety and decency only by
degrees , I know , but wo can tench them nil
Ihn same. I do not bollcvo In sending In
dian children to the schools of the east. Wo
aim ly teach them our cunning that they
mav return to their people and become all tbo
worse. After three or four years training
nt Carlisle , Hampton or any of the other In
dian schools in the cast Iho children return
to their parents si > greatly changeJ that they
are tabooed unless they rehabilitate themselves -
selves with all the mode * : of savagery. Wo
should cstablisii Indian schools at the
reservations mid do all of the training in
them at present. Numerically speaking the
Judmn.s are rapidly Increasing , but I discover
a decidedly decrease in the bad sido-of their
character. "
TI1K U I * .
Tlio ISxiunlnlnsiCo iimlttu. ; Will Mnlco
a 1'oiuof tic System
Cuicniio , OJt. 5 f-ipjjiat Tolorra-n to
TIIK tlBi.1 : The souato com nitteo appointed
to investigate tlio Union I'.iclllc road leaves
liM o to-morrow night oa a month's tour
of that system. Said Sanator Davis , of iho
committee , to-day :
"Any oplni'ins ' I have now on the Union
Pacific uro subject to change , and consequently
quently I do not care to go into the subject
deeply. In any event the .wholo subject
could not bn goae over in loss than a two or
thrco hours' taltc. I have soon the article
showing tlio posslullity of the Union Pacllic
forinmg'a vast trans continental line with
its non-subsldi/.iid line in connection with the
Pacific Short line now huildln bifvoon Og-
dcn and Sioux City , and the Canadian Pa-
eillc. Of course sueli n plan is feasible , but
tlio government will bo a bird oj'n.utltor in
case the subsidised lines are tinned over
to it. "
The bona'or could not answer the state
ment o"f facti that the subsidlzud lines of iho
Union Pacific arc valu ; blo only for through
tralllc , mid in case they were turnaJ over to
the government would not have any through
tralllc oC importance , as they would lack
through connection. In. regard to possible
railroad legislation by congress , the senator
said : '
"I don Ut whot'ior any bills will bo intro
duced which will change the peasant poolii.
of tlio ( Jui.Uini and American roaJs. It Is
not cl.uinul th.U tha inter stito commor-ia
act is perfect , but its will not
bj increased t > y a viiu attonptto do the im
possible. rho long and short n uil clatna of
the act soo'iis ' to ba tlio stumbling block for
the railroads , bat I have no ilei th..t tuoy
will bo chaigad in any respect. "
A OlGANl'lO .SlMliMU.
lo Constriiut. n Now llou'.o
I'Yoin tlio West to tlio Scaliimril.
Orrvw * , Out. , Oct. 5. [ Special Telegram
to Tun linn. | An important statement was
uittdoyeuorday bv D A. Hws , uetia ? minis
ter of public works of tlio province ot
Speaking of the great railway projects of
the province , particularly In connection with
the United St itos trade , he Hald that a
gigantic undertaking Is on feat in which
United States pt'oplo are interested , and lor
wnicu government aid Is askaJ , involving anew
now route from the west to ' .ho seaboard and
tno creation of au all-tlm-year-roiuid seaport
on Canadian boil , compstiug , so far as certain
western traflic and Canadian shippers nro
concerned , with Uuston , Now York and
Portland. "Some wealthy Minneapolis mill
ownorn , " said .Mr. Hess , "havo found that
tlio transit of their goods is in Iho hands of
Hoston and New York lines and that ttioy are
losing thousands of dollars thereby. They
nro thonsforo desirous of building a line from
Minneapolis , to the Suult , making a new and
independent routo. In connection with this
they are asking to Qiicboo frovcrnmont fora
chat tor lo construct a line from Calumet , a
point bctwoou Ottawa and Moutroal on the
Ottawa river and the Canadian Pacific road ,
to a point forty miles back ol the CanaJlan
Pacific and theuco on the Quebec city and
through tlio bay of ( Jispo to the very end of
the peninsula , where they will construct
ilocKs and crouto a now port on the Atlantic.
They have plenty of money and ask merely a
grunt of land.
llurV'-Ht Kvciir.-tion
CHICAGO , Oct. 5. fSpouinl Telfgram to
Tins liui : . I A special mooting of the West
ern States Passenger association was called
to-day to consider the Illegal issues of
harvest uxcurslon tickets spoken of in this
correspondence lust night. The most widely
circulated of the illegal tickets read from In
dianapolis over tlio Motion via Chicago and
over the Hock Island to Denver. They were
sold at a cut of ft , The matter was amicably
arranged for the present by the promise of
General Passenger Agent Harkor , of the
Moiipn , lo withdraw the tickets from salo.
Ilio Alnxio 111 Cyclone.
Cut OF MIIXIOO , Oct. 5. The cyclone on
Carmen Island , off the coast of Cumpech , on
the 18th ult. . slrowcd the shore with wreckage -
ago from vessels In the harbor. Only ono
vessel out ot tbo llilrty-flvo weathered the
gala. All tno schooners that had sought
refuge at a point called Quintilla were also
wrecied. The loss occasioned In the city
nuiouncd to $500,000. News of great destruc
tion iu other towns near Carmen has been
received , houses being demolished and crops
laid low. Tuo loss will not /all tdiort of
Tlio Nuvusiiii Jtlot. '
WASHINGTON. Oct. * 5. The department of
state has received no further information
concerning the recent riots oa the island of
Nuvassa , In the Curriboaii sea , nor has it
been advised of tbo action of Judge Uone , of
tha circuit court at Baltimore , who yesterday
certified to President Harrison the facts In
tbo case ol tha uugroes concerned In the
A Kr l tit Wreck.
Roun , Oa. , Oot. S. A freight train on the
Douutur railroad was wrecked near here to
day. The llremun and a negro were killed
uud the engineer fatally lujurod ,
Three Vnonnolc ! ) Iu the Staff Depart
ment I'Mlloil.
WASIIINOTOM , Oct. 0. Thrco vacancies in
ho staff department of the army were lilted
to-day by the following appointments : Llou-
tenant George S. itoyt , Hmhtoonth Infantry ,
to bo assistant quartermaster with the rank
of captain ; Lieutenant llonry S. Oi oed ,
Third artillery , and General L. W. Alex
ander , of lown , to bo commissary In the sub
stance itopirtmont with the rank of captain.
Gononil Alexander enlisted In the Thirtieth
Iowa Infnnlry August IS , ! StV3 , was appointed
a llrst lieutenant the following month , and n
captain in 1MKI , and muserol ( out August tit ,
1S05 , having been woumlolIho engage
ment of nn Arkansas post in" January , 1SUJ.
Ho is now , and has bjo'i for Iho past cloven
ycai'.s , aljutant general and quartermaster
son oral of loivu , Ills selection from civil
lifo was strongly urged by senators nud
representatives from Iowa. It Is said that
the fact that out of something over live hun
dred officials on the go no nil staff that but
four ot them arc from Iowa was a strong in-
IIui nco in determining this appointment.
Two of thcso are In the engineer corps , by
virtue of llioir class sttiiullag , one In the
medical di'partm nl and one In the pay de
Hy direction of the acting secretary of
war Private Hermann Krpenbock , hospital
corps , acting hospital steward , now at Fort
At on roc , Vn. , is transform. ! to Fort Omaha ,
Neb , , aud will be soul to thai posl , reporting
upon his arrival lo iho commanding olllcer
for duty at iho Hospital.
THIS Ai/naumij t'osi UFKKK.
Thcoitoro tlonscvolt .Make * n | K.xnml-
nation ol'lls Uorkin i.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 5. Theodore lloosuvolt ,
of the civil service commission , has submitted
to the full commission the report of the ox-
nminatlon made by him Into the management
of the Ualtimoropostolllco. The icportsays
during the last four there has bncu two
licml.i of the Baltimore poslolllco , Yoazoy ,
who hold oil I Co about n year and was then
allowed to resign , and hi * successor
the present Incumbent , Frank Urovvn.
Vtwoy was one of those products of the pat
ronage system whose antics would bo coiniu
wore It not for their deeply tragic effect
upon the public service and upon bonust po
litical life ; and great allowance should bo
made for 13rowu because of the condition in
which the otllco was handed to him by his
predecessor , for nil the evidence tends to
show that Voazcy's mliniiilslratlon can only
bo characterized as scandalous , it seems
likely that the habitual anu grossly violated
the law both as to nDpolntnieiils and remov
als. Ho certainly , during his year of
ofllcc , turned out four-fifths of the
employes and filled their places with
men , many cf such vile characters as to do-
morali/o the service. Of the original force
of the office about SO per cent have been
changed during the last four yours. .Most of
these chuuges uro duo to Yenzey. So do-
moralised was the olllco when Urown took
hold that ho wvs forced to dismiss over half
of Vcazoy's appointees. Even mure extra
ordinary is the fact that ho was ohligoU to
dismiss more limn one-fiflh of his own.
Ono rcMitt of the system is shown by the
seemingly universal payment of campaign as
sessments at election time. Almost all the
clerks who wcro questioned admitted ttify
had voluntarily paid last fall for campaign
purposes Bums varying from 2 to 1 per cent
of their salaries.
Jlr. Uoosvclt i-fcommcnds what he deems
the proper course of action for the future in
all such cases. If in the classified service an
appointing ofllccr has mndo a "clean sweep"
in an olllrc where ! K ) pur cent of the old em
ployes have been dismissed , or If ho has re
moved or is removing a very large
percentage of the employes , whether
bO per cent or a less number ,
but at any ruto ono so largo as lo raise the
presumption that the removals huvo boon for
political reasons , and if ho can give no
adcquato and satisfactory explanation , t'lon
ho should be > l joined to have violated the
civil service law mid should DO himself dis-
inissoJ , or his resignation requested. This
report has bsen forwarded to the postmaster
general by the full commission , who append
their approval.
rii 10uv CASK.
A Husband's I'luiy Nut Siillicienl
JlunMin l < 'i > r it Divoi-co.
CHICAGO , Ocj ; , 5. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : Hnil The novel divorce trial of Mrs.
Kmma F. Gary against Kov. Oliver. ! . Gary ,
u brother of Judge Gary , was concluded be
fore Judge Tuloy this morning , and the jury
retired to consider its verdict. Tlio court in
structed the jury that piety on the part of
tha husband was not good ground for a wife's
refusal to live witli him because ho refused
to take her to the theatre or other places of
inn us em cut. The jury was also instructed
that if a husband exhibited n willingness to
provide a homo for his wife , oven in St.
Louis , she was not justified in living apart
from him. Up to Ibis tlmo the jury has not
found a verdict.
I'aminis Ivlcctrical ( 'use Hcltlcil.
PiTTSiiuno , Oct. 5. In the United States
court to-day Justlco Hradlcy of the United
Slates supreme court handed down au opin
ion disuilhsing the famous electric light case
of the Westlnghouso Interests against tiio
Mc'ICccsport , or Edison Electric light com
pany , to restrain the defendants from using
fibrous carbon , or incandescent .conductor ,
in are light globes. The court held that tlio
claim of priority in the Invention of fibrous
carbon filament is not valid , as Edison had
accomplished the result before Owcr , Manner
\Vu8tiughouso. .
The Westlnghouso company will appeal tlio
case to the full bcmch of tlio United Slatcn
supreme court.
In the Hands ol it Kt'ooivor.
KANSAS CmOct. . n. The Inter-stale
Rapid Transit company has boon placed In
the hands of a receiver. This iicllon was
takcu at Iho application of * the Metropolitan
Trust company , of Now Yorlr , which holds
$800,000 of tlio company's bonds upon which
Iho company bus been unable lo pay inlcrcst ,
The total indebtedness of the road is placed
at $1,000,000. Kdgortou has ticun appointed
Jlu Win low 01 IKSMen Win.
lUi/riMonn , Oct. 5. The strike of the win
dow lU'ht glass blovvors , which b3gan lust
Juno and has seriously affected the manufac
turers and 5.0JO . employes in the busluuH ,
was Bottled bora to-day by the employers
conceding an udvauca in wages of ty't pur
Troops IloiiUMl hy liidlitiiH.
OITV or MKXIOO , Oct. 0. It Is rumored
hero thut the Yuquu Indians in Sonora
- yesterday.
routed thoTwonty-lli-st Infantry
The atato ot Yucatan Is bankrupt financially ,
1'nBnciijfciM llatlly Ilriilsoil ,
Counr , Pa. , Ocr. fi. An accident occurred
to a passenger train on tlio Western New
York & Pennsylvania road to-day wnloh re
sulted Iu all the passenger * bohifr bruised ,
some injured seriously , but none fatally ,
Ho Will Start for the Gorranu Onpl-
tal Tuosdny.
Imperial I'olloo Mini the Propose
Koutc Tlii ) Hiisslnn nt Imist
Aifcas lo atm > t lllsnnu-olc
In Con Terence.
I" TrpjildntIon.
[ rnp/i | Ight W9 Jij ; .Veto I'ort.l < oiffi/cl (
liiiutsOct. : . 5. An oOlchxl telegrams from ,
Frrdehsburg received at Pofsdam nud tbo
foreign ofllco to-night say tlio czar will start
for Horlui Tuosdny next ,
The chief of the czar'8 secret police passed
through Herlln to-day on his w.iy to Kiel.
Ho Is accompanied by the Inspector of 1m *
perlal trains. The coir's special train , onca
owned by timprctis Kucculo , lies at the sta
tion hero , having como from Wlrballon.
There are swarms of Uusslau police here , at
Kiel and at stations along Iho proposed route.
Uusslnn troops line the rails from Wlrballcii
to AIou-ow. The precautions taken far
exceed those on the occasion of the foriuor
visit of the czar and lira duo to his Intense
fears of an attempt upon his life. The
crnrlnu loaves Copaniiagea October 12 for
ICoulgsbarg , rejoining the czacntsomo point
on the homeward Journey.
Under the pressing Inslstanco of Coiuit
Schouvaloff , the Itusslun amiiasnador to Ger
many , the czar will accord Prince Ulsmarck
the desired liitnrviow.
As soon as the promise of the conference
was received the sumi-ofUcml press was in
structed to deny the statement that tha gov
ernment intended to apply to the rolchstug
for n military credit of several hundred mil
lion innrlo.
To-nlsht the National Gwotto turns uion
itself , declaring that no moiioy doimiuds of
any importance were over contemplated by
the government. The statement that the
movements of Russian troops wcro threaten
ing the safety of the frontier is likewise pro
nounced as exaggerated.
\n uneasy reeling appears to prevail in
Austrian official circles , it Is feared tlio
chancellor is about to make a now move by
offering to assist in restoring llusslan dom
inance in Bulgaria as an inducement to draw
the czar from the French alliance.
The Vienna Fromdonblatt's article advo
cating tlio recognition ot Ferdinand us
Prlnco of Uulgaria has been quoted by the
North German Gazctto without comment.
Other semi-olllclal papers leave German sup
port doubtful , although the Yienna cabinet
is known to attach supreme importance to
the question.
Prince Hisimirck is suspected of playing a
double gamo. It is thought that on the ono
hand ho will threaten the c ar with n move
ment looking U > the linn establishment of
Bulgarian Independence , while on the other
hand ho will offer an eutciito based on a pro ]
posal that Uussla shall huvo u fiocr hand to
deal with Uulaarhi and intervene in Arme
nia. It is certain that if Iho receives
Prince Uisirarck's proposals with coidhoss ,
the recognition of Ferdinand by the porto ,
the powers forming the tnplo alliance ,
and England ulll be the ImmedlnlQ
sequence. The sultan has alrond.v ngiecdto
recognize Ferdinand , and only awaits the
\lsltofL3mporor William before issuing a
formal proclamation to that effect.
The ICreuzwilling to-day represented
Uniporor William's article in the Kelohsaii-
zolgor rebuking its nitucfc on Iho cartel pat1-
lies. The/Coining frankly adds that it as
sailed the national liberals because it was
convinced that the line ol' the policy of tliq
cartel parting under the inllucnco of the na-
tioiiiilHboiids was injurious to the slates.
Ilv virtue of the spirit of loyalty that has
animated its criticisms it now bows
before the opinion of the oui-
pcror. The response of the ICreuz
Xcltung , generally admitted to bo dignified
and well put , conceals its mortification at
finding that the ompuror has unabated confi
dence in the chancellor's international policy
and that ho is also ready to resent toadyism "H
from the ultra conservatives. The wolght A
of the imperial rubuka is enhanced by tlio an
nouncement thai it. . was written by iho em
peror on his own initiative and without the
knowledge of Hlsmurck. All parties feel the-
Importance of the utterance for the coming
elections. It will help squash tha ultra con
servatives and enormously strengthen the
united conservatives and national liberals.
The news from Athens that a fever is ragIng -
Ing the populaoo there and thntsoveral court
officials nro among Ilio victims alarms the
Imperial circle. The emperor Is duo at
Athens on tnojtli lust , h' ttio cpldumla
continues the nurrlago fotcs will bo cur
tailed. The present programme of three
lays' fetes nud n review 6l 23.0JO troops will
bu i educed to a quiet marriage ceremony.
The question of a zollvoroin between Ger
many and Austria exorcises Iho Vienna
newspapers , which argue that , ae the
two nations have a common foreign
policy there Is no good reason wily they
should not also have a common economic
policy toward nations outnlda the drolbund.
As n practical approach thereto the Ncuo
Frclo Presso hopes that Prince HI marok
will accord Austria in future treaties ot
commoico special concessions and abolish
the most favored nation treatment now
given to Franco ,
M. Ilcrbotto , the French ambassador , re
turned to Berlin last evening. H is reported I
thallio will bo replaced by Julus Ferry. Iu Hf
splto of some court"H
In power , Hlsmurck is rcatiy to accept him.
Princess Margaret , sister of the emperor ,
Is betrothed to Prince William , hulr of tha
duka of Nassau. Her mother favored tha
suit of thu crown prince of Denmark , whllo
Itlsmnrck favnrod the prlnco of Nassau ,
Lieutenant Fischer , with two batteries ot
artillery , has nulled from Hamburg in rein
force Captain Weinsmann In east Africa.
The alarm over Captain Wclssmann'u ' posi
tion Increaxos Ho Is threatened by large
bodies of well armed Arabs and native1) ) ,
who uro cutting off his supplies ,
Tno preparations balng made at Constun-
llnoplo for the i-oooptlon ot Km-
pornr William iudicato a prolonged stay.
It is reported ho 'will remain two weeks
In the Turkish capital. Ho will bo accom
panied by Count Ilorbort Bismarck. The
length of the cmpoior's visit is attributed to
an Intention to Inquire into the condition of
the Turkish army and to test the sUUMiient
of the German ofllccrs that the porto Is still
ablu to maintain a standing urmy of 400,000
A I'llcHl lii Trouble.
lUi.Kinii , N , 0. , Oct. 5. The Catholic
priest , Father Boyle , was' convhtlod In the
Wako superior court to-night of a charge of
criminal usbrmlt on Miss Geneva Whttakor.
The crlmo of whlcli Moylo is convicted was
committed last May , Ho was sentenced to
10 tanged November " 'J , but wui allowed to
i-pi al to the supreme court