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Pound Not Guilty of the Orlmo of
Forsory at Fromoat.
"William W ! , llio Murderer of
James GillcRftoii , nt Dunning , Cap
tured In the Hnndhllli Othee
> * Stnto News.
AVolicr Pound Not Onlltj- .
FHKMONT , Nob. , Oct. 4. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB Hun. ] The trial of Joseph L.
? "cbcr , the former , resulted this afternoon in
a vbrillct ol not guilty. Weber wns arrested
tovcral months ago In Arizona for utlorlnR
.115,000 worth of forged notes In 1ST4. Ho
was brought buck and has boon lying in Jail
evcrlstnec. Ills trlnl came oft yesterday
nml ono of the lUtcon-ycar-old Indictments
brought against him. The Jury was out
about nn hour.Vobor .was Indicted1 on
Hftepn points In 1871 , belne convicted on ono
und sent lo tha penitentiary , but won par-
donvJ by Governor Furnus llvo mouths after
his Incarcorntlon ,
Snlootikojp'i' * Auqulttcd.
CITY , Neb , , Oct. 4. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Bnn.J The noted liquor
ease aw'.nst QatM t Erbachcr was tried be
fore a jury to-day nnd the defendants found
not guilty of violating the law.
BItmlDror Wells Arrrstod.
GANIIV , Nb. ) , Oct 4. [ Special to Tun
Bnn.J William Wells , who shot and killed
James Gilkcson at Dunning , Biaino county ,
was arrested by Constable Stockbnm and a
number of settlers In the sand hills several
ml es from the BCOHO of the murder , where
he had fled with the hope of escaping. He Is
said \i be a desperate man by those who
know him.
Wells was arraigned before County Judge
Iloagland and , the preliminary hearing was
bad at 3 , . m. yesterday.
Ttoro ) wus strong talk of lynching , but the
calmer minds overcome the notion.
Vlio funeral of the dead man toolc place
Wednesday unit that , together with the ex
citement of ttio trial , created much bitter
talk. ' 1 hn sheriff is away , havirg taken a
. woman to the insane asylum at Norfolk , and
foil. ' special constables hnvo been appointed.
lnvcHlittiiiK Casa Comity Ofllohilw.
- PI.ATISMOOTII , Neb , , Oct. 4. ( Special to
TUB BII ; . | Considerable excitement und
surprise orovallod , especially In political cir
cles , yesterday when an evening piper ap
peared on the streets announcing that Ragls-
tor of Deeds W. H. Pool was u defaulter by
several hundred dollars. Two years ago W.
II. Pool , of the west end of the county , was
elected register of deeds on the republican
ticket. His salary wna li ed ut S1,5UJ a year
and \vus'allowcd ono deputy at a salary of
KOO , provided that the Income of tlio olllco
was HUflletent to cover the oxpjnso. During
Mr. Pool's term the office has more than paid
expenses and all the extra money was duly
turned over to the county treasurer , for
which Mr. Pool now holds receipts. Recently
romeono hinted lo the county commissioners
that Mr. 'Pool was short in his accounts , and
uiion the suggestion Mr. E. C. Adams , un
oxucrt account-ant from the Midland Guar
antee nnd Trust company , of Omaha , was
engaged to chock up the books and discover
the source of the trouble. The worlc , as
completed by Mr. Adams , shows thai tip to
July 1 , IbS ! ) , there was a balance
of MU8W ! duo the county from
Mr. Pool. When interviewed Mr. Pool
made the following statement : "For all in
struments filed in my olllco a fee is charged ,
and IhiS'-ihouhl ' be cash. My predecessors
hud adopted a custom of charging thoaniount
to the Individuals filing the instruments
when they were not accompanied by the
cash and through this custom 1 have fallen n
victim of buspicion. In about iO per
cent of the cases the fee Is not paid at the
tlmo cf filing , end why I am accused of being
a defaulter Is that only the money collected
appears on the fee booK , whllo I bold UIILO-
leuted accounts for which I am responsible
ugalnst principally real estate dealers of this
county and which covers the entire amount
for which my accounts nro deficient. I think
( the investigation was started by political en
emies Just on the eve of election to cause my
defeat. " Since Mr. Pool's accounts were
founu'shori the county commissioners uwouo
from tnnlr years of slumbering and put Mr ,
Adams to work checking up the books of ox-
County SJlork J. M. Robinson , who retired
from oflleo two years ago , and it is thought
that the shortage in his case will amount to
between $300 nnd 51,000. This system seems
to have been Ignorantlv but not fraudulently
practiced slnco the county was organised ,
and at the time of settlement with the com
missioner' ) nil that was required wus that t ho
amount of cash balanced the amount credited
on llio fco book. If. the Investigation con
tinues It Is feared that several ox-officials ana
prominent oitlctnvll | suffer llio same om-
bumssment. "
Kndcavor Union ,
FRKMONT , Nob. , Oct. 1. [ Special Tele-
i-'iL to THIS /luK.l The Nebraska Christian
Endeavor union mci In this city to-day. Tlio
d'jleifatos began arriving on the early trains
i.nd continued to como on every train during
the day until there uro now In the city about
i.'JO. The Omaha delegation came llfty
strong and ir.nrchod from the train to tha
Congregational chuich , where the meetings
n"u hold , carrying banners.
The llrat session was held at - o'clock this
nfl < ; riocn. | Rev. L. F. Berry delivered nn
address of wolcjino , which was responded to
by Rev. 1C. A. Lcoiier , of York.
At1 o'clock Miss Hattlo Shaw discussed
4' P'ir Mission. " After this
< u permanent or-
' giiiiizalloii wus effected.
This evening the exorcises consisted of n
song sorvloo and aiidrms by Rev. 1C. H. Cur-
Si5 , ot Lincoln , nnd Rev. J. M. Wilson , of
. _ _ _
k'luttsinouili'rt I'Jlnolr leal Display ,
' 'V ViiT7"MoUTii ? , Neb. , Oct. 4 , [ Special
i ' 1KB BI.I : . | The third day of llio
ft'raml electrical and Industrial exposition
wan a success In every respect. The largo
' 'XslUilngs nro packed full with very line ox-
Dibits of various kinds and u great many
mm clmnU could .not secure space to display
their goods. At night the bulldlnirs and
, , piv lids present a sight which Is bountiful to
behold , Are und Incandescent lights with
shades and globes of every color pleasing to
'thoeyn uro suspended from the trees und
literally cover the outside- the buildings
from the irrouml to the steeples.
r > lilK afternoontho , crowd will bo addressed
by n distinguished orator from abroad , and
,1411 the managers have derided to continue
ho opposition part of next week , lion , J ,
Sterling Morton will deliver un address on
A I'lnnmn t Incident.
* . ' /Liiiov , Nob. , Oct. 4 , ( Special Telegram
to THIS BCK.J Wednesday night a very
pleasant llttlo scene took plaao In lhadistrict
< l "court horn , tha Iminodlato cause of whlcn
\vas the presentation on behalf of the bar
( | nnd ofllcors of the court of a fine chair und a
valr of gold spectacles to Judge Tiffany , It
, i doing the occasion of his forty-first birthday -
' day , Tim presentaUon speech was made by
George W. Brown und fittingly responded to
by tlio surprised Judge. The recipient gave
u reception and supper to the donors at his
rcbidunco to-night.
TlioVlfn ( Jots tie IHvoriu * .
NKIIRASK\ Cur , Nob. , Oct. 4. [ Special
Icleitrnm to Tim DEB. ) The sensational
divorce case of Mrs , Mary Godwin against
Jordan Godwin , was ended to-day by JuJgo
Jfiold granting thu woman u divorce and the
custody of the two children. Her churgo
\\ttA uuu-supjiort , und bo had filed counter
charges , accusing her of adultery with ono
Charles McGuIre , nt Nchawka , who , the hus
band alleged , had promised to support the
woman and her two children If she left ber
Attempted Hulolilo at Ornnd Islnnil.
GRAND ISIAND , Noo. , Oct. 4. Special
Telegram to TUB lir.n.1 John Flcason attempted -
tempted sulclilo In this city to-day by shoot
ing himself In the head , Flcason has been
hero about three months , coming from
Akron , O. , whore his parents reside. Ho
has boon nt work on the sewer , but quit
about ton days ago , since which time bo has
been on n debauch. When his associates
started for their work nt t a nr. ho bade
some of thorn good-bye , saving It was the
last they would sec of him. Shortly after ho
went to hU room. Abet 3 o'clock the landlord -
lord and others about the oftlo hoard the re
port of n revolver and rushing upstairs
found Floason lying near the bend of the
stairway blocdlna freely from a wound In
the bead. A doctor WAS summoned , who
pronounced only a slight skull wound , the
bullet having glanced on the bono , passing
around the bend and out.
.tint-Hole Count- Old
CKNTIIAL Cnr , Nob. , Oct. 4. [ Special to
Tun HER. ] The old settlers' meeting hero
yesterday was favored with line weather nnd
a largo crowd. Old settlers from nil parts of
the county flocked in , and they nil had a good
time. Ex-Governor Furnns entertained the
crowd with n fine address. Speeches were
made by representatives ot all the townships.
The meeting wns held on the new lair
grounds , nnd at noon the participants In
dulged In a picnic dlnnor. >
Killed While I' I owl n T.
BUM/WOOD , Neb. , Oct. > . [ Spnclal Telegram -
gram to TUB 13EK.1 This morning while
James Douton , son of Mr. nnd Mrs. A. A.
Houton , was plowing In the tlold , ho was ao-
Idcntally killed by coming In contact with
his brother's team , whhili was also plowing
In the Held , nnd was frightened by the H. &
M. regular passenger train. Ills neck was
broken , and the shear of the plow entered
his side , exposing his lungs.
Pound For tlio Coiiiiinny.
Cou'Miics , Nob. , Oct. ! . [ Special Tele-
ram to THIS Ucic.l Tlio case of George
rCialohun against the Union Paoitlo Railway
company , for $1,915 damages , for injuries ro-
coivcd In Omaha about n year ngo , resulting
in the loss of n limb , was began In the dis
trict court yesterday , and a verdict for the
defendant found to-day. The Jury was out
for several hours , nnd falling to agree ,
Judge Post gave instructions to llnd for the
company , which it did.
Knot County District Court.
Nioim.utA , Nob. , Oct. 4. | Snecial to Tun
The fall term of the district court ,
Hon. W. F. Norrls presiding , adjourned last
evening. It was the longest term over hold
In Knox county , and Judge Norns reduced
the dociiot of many old cases. Attorneys
wore not ready in man.vjury cases , and they
were continued. ThN is , Iudgo Norrls' llrst
term in this county and ho loft a good Im
ArrpKtud For
Euu , Neb. , Oct 4. [ Special Telegram to
TUB HUE. ] Dick Uiloy , dnuuty sheriff of
Greoly county , nrrestea BUI Davis on the
charge of committing an assaul on the
of William Mitch-
eleven-year-old daughter -
oil , living ton miles north of hero. The
crime was committed the llrst of the week ,
and Davis has been hiding in n hay mow
here. He is about llfty years old.
NiMiialia Ilapiist Association.
PAAVNUB Cirr , NOD. , Oct. ! . [ SpsclnlTnl-
to TUB Ucn. ] The Nemaha Haptist
association began Its session hero to-day.
The association eimprises four counties in
southeastern Nebraska. A largo number 01
delegates are present and reports all show
Increases in membership ami contributions.
The sesjion closes Sunday
TIu W. O. T. U.
Nonroi.K , Nob. , Out. 1. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : UIE. : ] The W. C. T. U. convention
to-day wns occupied mainly with reports of
department superintendents , treasurers ,
publishers , state organizers and other re
ports. Seward was selected as the place of
the next meeting. Mrs. Wondbury gave ui
address In the evening.
DlRzrnuo lOndnd in Death.
BIUTIIICIJ , Nob. , Oct. 4. [ Special Tele
gram to Tut ; Bcii. I Clurn Vane , one oUtlio
demimonde , suicided by the morphine route
lust night. Her homo Is in Sabathn , Kan. ,
where her remains were sent to-day . She
attributed hcrdoxvnfall to a Lincoln Lothai lo.
Gtnnt Firemen GIVP a Dane- .
GUANT , Neb. , Oct. 4. [ Special Telegram
to Tna Uni : . ] The first animal ball of the
homo lire company is being given at this
plnco this evening. It is the grout occasion
of the season and Is attracting visitors from
surrounding towns.
Ono Your For I5nrilary.
Nr.nuvsKk. CITT. Nob. , Oct. 4. [ Special
Telegram to Tim UKU. ] James S. Ness foi
burglarUIng the Cincinnati House was to-day
sentenced to ono year in the penitentiary.
County Convention * ) .
FIII.MOXT , Nob. , Oct.-l. [ SpecIalTelegrnin
to TUB Uii.l The republican convention o
Dodge county met In Fremont this nfternooi
and nominated the following ticket : Join
R. Cantlln , JuOgo ; B. F. Slouffer , treasurer
O. H. P. Sluvely , cleric ; F. L. Uurrell , surveyor
voyor ; L. B. Smith , coroner.
A resolution was adopted endorsing the
Hon. L. D. Rlchardfl as chairman of the re
publican central committee and recommend
ing his ro-olectlon by the state convention.
The uelogatps to thoetato convention wore
also Instructed for Judge Keeso.
H.utuisoy , Neb. , Oct. 4. ( Special Telegram
gram to TIIIJ Bin.f : The republican county
convention met to-day and nominated a com
plotu county ticket , us follows ; County
clork. K. W. Windsor ; treasurer , D. II
Grlswold ; commissioner , Second district
AVilllnui J. A. Raum ; commissioner , Thin
district , J. W. Earnest ; sheriff , J. F. Pfost
Judge , E. Cl. Hough ; superintendent , J , 10
Holllngaworth ; surveyor , ( J. H , Rigdon
coroner , C. II , Andrews. Delegates to the
state- convention ; E. ( J. Hough , D. P. Davis
und W. R. Smith. The delegates to the nnd reprcscntativo uonventloi
nro R. W , Windsor , C. F. Slluirerlaiid and J
G. Motris.
AI.MA , Neb , Oct. 4. [ Special Telegram to
Tun liiu. : ] At the republican county con
volition held to-day the following ticket wan
nominated : J , A. Piper , clerk ; Joseph Snyder
dor , treasurer ; Li. E. Allen , bhorlff ; 0. T
Simpson , county Judge ; II. T. Goodbun , su-
poiintcndcnt ; M , Iloffmyer , surveyor ; Dr.
Uranwell , coroner , Dologalcs to the staid
convention : J. T. Pot era. William Gaslln ,
W. V. Bantu , O. C. Flo.tsburg , O , W. Bur
ton , J. B. BIlllpKS , James Hunter and L. H
Kent. Delegates to the congressional con
volition : J. McO. Preston , H. L ) . Ilcddon
B. B. Mills. S. W. Leo , S. B. Turner , Frnnl
Griggsby , A. 10. llarvuy and Allen L. Elliott
The delegates go uulnstruct''d.
MADISON" , Nob. , Oct , 4. [ Special Telegram
gram to Tim Dun.I The Madison county re
publican convention mot in Battle Creek
and the following ticket was placed In the
JK < lilt Fred llnrdy , treasurer ; F. W. Utah
nrdsou , clerk ; L. U. Wa&hburn , sheriff ; H
D. Kully , judge ; Mrs. V , M , Snpllou , super
Intonuunt ; George Latiuior , surveyor : Dr
Gillttt , coroner ,
PAW.NEH , Neb , , Oct. 4. ISpecial Telegram
to Tin : Jlti : . ] Tlionuion labor county cen
tral committee put a county ticket in th
Held hero to-day as follows : 13. B. Sbli'n
treasurer ; Wllllatn Paugburn. clerk ; sheriff
Noxvt Shepherd ; Judge , W. J. AiUonu ; u
periiitendent , J , M. Osborn , No convention
Wus called.
The Workings of the Qonornl Land
Offloo Not For Publication.
Very Probable That It Will no De
cided Against the Amurloau
Miners The Pension Com *
inl < 9Btoiicrslili | ,
WASHINGTON , . c. , Oct. 4. )
The following order was Issue ! to-day
from the office of the commissioner of the
general land office :
To the Chief of the Division of Clerks
and Employes of the General Laud Office
Glcntlcnicn : It having been the practice , as
I nm Informed , for chiefs of divisions and
others In this oDlco to Impart to reporters
official information respecting the business
and workings of this ofllco , I desire to in
fo rjn you that such practices must ba discon
tinued forthwith , and no information what
ever Is to bo given out to reporters. Such
Information as may bo proper to bo given
will bo furnished by the commissioner. Very
respectfully , , Lewis A. GIIOFP ,
Tim sn.vnn i.n.u ) OKI : CASK.
The indications now nro that the silver
load ore case will DO decided asralnst the
lead miners , or , In other words , that no
change will bo made In the rulings made by
Secretary Sherman and affirmed by Secre
tary Fairchild. Ucasons of public policy are
beginning to have an effect on the depart *
uiL-nt which they Old not scorn to hnvo u few
months ogo. Minister Ryan's visit and the
presence here of the delegates to the Inter
national conference are opening the oycs of
the treasury oflloinls to the importance of
ourtnulo across the border. If the Importa
tion of lead ere should bo cut oil by treasury
regulations It would have an important effect
upon the business of tlio American railrouds
leading into Mexico , for lend ere is ono of the
principal return freights which keeps the cars
laden with American goods from coming
back empty after leaving their freights in
southern republics. Secretary Windom will
probably decide this case as ho has decided
others , upon the principle that the long es
tablished usage of the department ought not
to bo overthrown for trivial reasons. In
this way ho can escape the , necessity of pass
ing upon the abstract question of law.
Ex-Senator B. K. Bruce has returned from
Mississippi , where lie assisted In putting a
republican state ticket in the field where it
has not been the custom to mnko any resist
ance to the election of u democratic gov
ernor. Since the convention ho lias been
dubbed the Boulungerof Mississippi , because
of his having been a delegate from so many
counties. Ho was elected delegate to the
republican state convention from Warren
county , where is situated Vicksburg , the
largest commercial oily : from Hind county ,
In which is the capital city , Jackson , and
from Bolivia and Lcako counties. Besides
being four delegates ho was several other
officers of the convention. Ho was elected
both permanent and temporary chairman.
Upon his earnest advocacy the full state
ticket was nominated. The only colored
man on the ticket was N. U. Morrison , for
secretary of state , wno is an oJucatod man
und possesses considerable wealth. Twenty
years ngo the democrats nominated n colored
man for this olllcc. There is no chance now
for u light on the color lino. General Chal
mers was nominated for governor because of
his being aa ex-brigadier ol the confederacy
and a democrat until lbS3. The republicans
nro going to light for the election of their
Tlio appointment , of a pension commis
sioner 8001113 as far away now as it has at
any time since the resignation of Corporal
Tanner was received. The president is not
having an easy time to find a man who will
bo satisfactory to Secretary Noble and him
self on ono side , and who will nlso meet the
approval of Algcr and the U. A. R , on the
otl.or. It is said the only reason for not ap
pointing Judge Rca , of Minnesota , was the
objection of Alger. It scams apparent that
Algorniiil other O. A.'R. men wish to secure
a man for the pension bureau like Tannc'r or
who will at least carry oui Tanner's policy.
It was further apparent that Judge Roa
would not ho guided entirely by Grand
Army resolutions and sentiment , but would
administer the law as ho found it. This , K
seems , does not satisfy the Algcr Grand
Army men. The Michigan general hopes to
make n record durlnu the year ho will bo
commander-ln-chlof and he expects that the
right man in the pension bureau put there by
his endorsement will help him to make that
It was expected that the temporary wooden
railings nnd coverings to the sandstone about
the grand entrance on the west of thocupitol
would bo cleared away for those who will
visit the Knights Templar conclave next
week , and that as the work for this beautiful
approach to tha capital is completed , there
would bo a sort of "grand opening. " The
finest piece of oxtouslve marble work about
any of the buildings in Washington , in
fact the finest approach to any
building in the United States ,
can now be seen as ono goes into the capital
building from Pennsylvania uvenuo on tlio
west. The design for this immense piece of
innrblc work was suggested by the approach
to the Italian parliament nt Rome. It is
about four hundred foot long by almost ono
hundred feet in width , nnd the steps and
balustrades form n network of flno marble ,
which can be- found ut no other point prob
ably in the world. The cost of tills struc
ture is sonnwhcro between SCOiUXX ) and
$300,000 , and the work has boon under way
for several years. The marble is pure
white and can not bo * described.
Those who visit tha capital next week
will bo well repaid to look closely at this
work. The immense old flsh basin , which
wus the receptacle for clear stubs and bread
crumbs , has been cleaned out , aim u foun
tain with n basin of about twenty-live feet In
diameter Is to take its place. Tno tine white
marble approach , glistening in the sunlight
of an Autumn afternoon , makes a sharp and
beautiful contrast with the greensward and
the yellow leaves in front.
The comptroller of the currency to-day au
thorized the Stuphcnson National bank , of
Mnrinctto , VVIs. , to begin business wall u
capital of eiOO.OOO. Piuur : S. HUATII.
Jlcporl on tht ) Itnltimoni'rt Trial.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 4. The official report
of the trial board on the cruiser Baltimore ,
relative to her recent run , was received at
tlio navy department to-day. The board
states that the average horse power devel
oped by tlio cneinoj was 8,977 , S3 , being a do.
ilcionoy of 22.12 In power , which would
Incur a penalty of $2,21'J. Her average
speed was I'J.O knots un hour. The report
states that during the run two indicators ,
which had been thoroughly tested before
the trial , broke and It was necessary to sub.
stltuto two others which had not been tested. indicators depended
the record of the development of horse
IHJwer. The secretary has decided to waive
the question of the acceptance of the vessel
until he can hear from the contractors us to
whether or not they ore willing to let the
last trial stand as the final one , or are prepared -
pared to have another trial run with Indi *
caters tested. Should they prefer not to
have another trial the cruiser will bo ac
cepted by the government.
Cabinet M counts
WASHINGTON , Oct. < . The regular meet-
lugs of the cabinet wore resumed this after
noon , all the members Doing present with
the exception of Secretary Proctor , It i
understood the vacancy ID the pension office
was ouo ol the toi > ica considered ,
Tlio Delegates on Tholr Way to
Ilnstnn ,
WEST POINT , N. Y. , Oct. 4.-r-Coloncl Wil
son , superintendent of the Wast Point mill-
, ary academy , received the members of the
Tbreo Americas excursion in bis oftlco this
morning. After thnfi Secretary of War
Proctor and party mndd the rounds of the
departments , from the barracks to the reci
tation rooms. The Inspection of the post was
roncludnd by exhibition of cavalry drill ID
the rid Ink hall. Soon after U o'clock ttio en
tire party cmh.irued on the gun boat Yorktown -
town for Now York.
At New Vorlc.
Nr.w YOUK , Oct. 4. The Pan-American
delegates reached" hero on the Yorktown
this afternoon. The embarkation at West
Point was made in boats , of which tboro
was of"i-ll ileot. Colonel Wilson and Senor
Romero hr.d scats in ono of the small craft
well in odvnnco of the other * . As the party
approached the Yorktown u file of marines
was drawn on the port side and the ofllcers
stood nehind Commander Cnadwlck with
uncovered heads us the distin
guished visitors crossed the gang
way , The visitors were Introduced
to ttio commander by Superintendent Wil
son , nnd preparations for departure were im
mediately begun. As tbo ship gathered
headway u snluto was fired. The interest of
llio foreign visitors had been enlisted by the
proceedings up to this point , but they wcro
aroused to enthusiasm n.s under , the direction
of an executive officer the machine guns be
gan to belch forth at intervals of two and a
half seconds until fourt'-on shots had
shrouded the vessel In smoke.
Small parties of guests "woro placed in
charge of the various officers and explored
every corner of the ship. fc
Many of the delegates nro non-committal
as to what city of the United Stales Ihoy
would most care to visit noon the occasion of
the world's fair in 1893. Some , however ,
arc outspoken. Francisco Sllva , of Venezu
ela , regards Now York ns the most eligible
site for llio fair. Chicago Wll ) grow nnd be ,
In his opinion , highly eligible as a silo lor
the next world's ' fair. So .confident is bo of
the growth of the United States that for the
third next world's fair In America ho deems
Sun Francisco a fair candidate for the
Now York was reached nt 3:30. : A aaluto
of seventeen guns was fired In honor of
Senor Silva , secretary of tlio treasury of
Columbia. At 5 o'clock the party wcro
transferred to the steamer Piirilan , bound
for Boslon by way of Long Island Sound.
Mad" n Favorable Impression.
CITY or MBXICO , Octi Secretary Blalno's
' '
address ut the opening of''tfio . International
congress of American natliins.tias been well
received hero. The address was road to
President Diaz last night aud It is said to
have impressed him very favorably.
August Bolninnt & Co. Shipping Gold
to llotlnclihd.
NEW Yonit , Oct. 4. Money on the stock
exchange coutinucs stringent to-day and 10
per cent was paid by the majority of borrow
ers for the usu of monei * until Monday.
Some of the batiks calledju their loans early.
The situation wus aggravated later by the
announcement of : ho withdrawal of $ oOO,00 ( )
more gold by August.Belmont & Co. , tnalc-
$1,100,000 taken by thetii this week for ship
ment to Europe. Buliifoiit & Co. explain by
stating that the gold is shipped to Rothschild
in order to assist , in filling , ; u contract with
the Brazilian govornmcnl.rJu | ndaltlnn to the
Kolmont shipment commercial houses have
snipped $ ) UOOJO in gold to Rio Janerio and
other South American points. The combined
influenced caused goijoral fears of a money
panic , and the calling In of loans in many
cases forced holders to Jtljrow over their
stocks. In consequence ptJAOs declined rap
idly. Trust stocks were by far the greatest
sufferers , but the entire list' shared In the
decline and Ateliison fell to 23x > the lowest
price over touched. Later Jn batter feeling
prevailed and the weak stocks recovered n
portion of their losses. Money closed at 4
per cent.
The Trans-Atlantic Stoaninr Graphic
and ( ho Minnie Swllt Go Down.
Nr.w Yoitic , Oct 4 Aspeclal cable from St.
Pierre , Miquclon , savs : The trans-Atlantic
steamer Graphic , of the Rosslcro line , Cap
tain Pausscl commanding.bound from Mon
treal to Southampton , with cattle , sheep and
a cargo of general merchandise , which left
Sidney , B. C , , Tuesday , collided with the
Nova Scotian sailing vessel Minnie Swift ,
forty miles off St. Pierre yesterday morn
ing. The Minnie Swift sank witlnn two
minutes , drowning , an nearly as can bo as
certained , two women , three children nnd
ten men. The others , with part of the crow
of n Norwegian vessel who had previously
been picked up , got on board the steamer ,
which clesinto all efforts also sank.
Two boats containing about thirty-five
persona , which put off from the steamer
early in the morning , , are , still missing. A
third boat with tbucaptain and fifteen others
was picicod up by a schooner 'and brought to
St. Pierre.
Kchooner llun Down.
HAJ.IIUX , N. S. , Oct. 4. A fishing schooner
bound from St.'Jolm for Buena Vista , N. F. ,
was run down off Blackhcild by tha steamer
Falcon. William Carroll , captain , aud
James Powell , a coaman , wcro drowned.
Tlio Ill-PaledCoronn.
NEW ORLEANS , Oct. , 4. A Bayou Sara spe
cial says : The tug Beverly Harris went
down this morning to the wreck of the Ill-
fated steamer Corona. Her hull has sunk
In deep water. Captain Knapp , of the
btcamer Clcon , is at work Saving all he can.
Ho took the cabin In und lodged It at the foot
of Prophet' Island- * where It is being taken
to pieces. The Body of Pat Ryan , the stew
ard , was found Jammed between two bunks
In a state room. The body of Mrs. Huff has
been found , and was sent to Baton Rougu
this morning. No otUeri bodies have as yet
been recovered.
A number of the survivors of the Corona
disaster reached the ulty to-day. Mrs.
Henry Blanks says : "I'wns standing with
my sister and youngest pulld in my arms In
the rear of the boat's , citln when the ex
plosion occurred. A chambermaid came
running to us with life preservers , which
we fastened on , William D'lcming , a pantry
man then came running to us and told
us to go up oa the hurricane roof
until ho could get the Ufa boat down ,
which ho did in a jburry. Wo then
got Into the yawl , and hardly hau wo been
scaled when the boat wan swamned , throw
ing us all Into the river. 7. with my throQ.
year-old child In one arm , held onto the
wreckage until ono of tho. St. Louis boats
came and saved us. Of my .sister , Mrs. Huff ,
who Is n widow , 1 saw no more after our boat
capsized. "
Captain Sweeny stated that the whole
thing came on to uu'ddouly bo hardly had
time to sue anything. Captain Blanks , who
was sitting In tha barber's chair , was hurled
through the cablu r'oof and instantly killed.
Others in the cabin \voro struck by the flying
timbers , among whom was Shrimp
Hunna , who was sitting uear the clerk's of
fice. The explosion scorned U ) go downward
and Its full force was in the rear part of the
boat. Those who wore not killed outright
by Hying timbers were pinned down and
scalded to death. Captain Sweeny said
when the explosion took place ho was on tbo
forecastle aad thu escaped the heavy tim
bers which were , flying around. Ho was
picked up by tatfyuwl of the City ol St.
Louis. *
Kansas .Minors HU-Jkc.
TOPHKA , Kan. , Pet. 4. News has been re
ceived of a strike of all the coal minors at
Scranton , Ojugo county , Kansas. Delegate
meetings from nix or seven mines In the
the county have been held and it I * possible
tboso tulueri may also strike.
Its Gonotltutlonnllty Ranfllrmocl By
the State Supreme Court.
A Kntnlly Fight In Wlilt. . . Oiio Man
la Fatally nnd Anotlicr Se
verely Wounded Ait At-
tniniHed Sulcido. .
A Iilquor Law Decision.
Dns MOINKS , Io. , Oct. 4. [ Special Tele-
pram to TiiBBnK.l The constitutionality of
the Iowa prohibitory liquor law wns reaffirmed - ;
firmed by the supreme court to-day In the
case of Gus Lclsy & Co. vs A , J , Harden , ap
pellant , Kookuk superior court , action of re
plevin , Involving the right to the possession
of 11W quarter barrets , 171 eighth barrels ,
nnd 71 cases of boor , nil In sealed vessels
bearing United States Internal revenue
stamps over the plugs. Tha goods wcro
shipped to John Lolsy , u resident of Keo-
lailt , agent of the plaintiff , aud wcro offered
for sale In unbroken'packages. No kegs or
eases were broken or opened "on the prom
ises , the agent delivering thuni tn the pur
chasers. The defendant is n constable , who
seized the boor oil n warrant issued by a Jus
tice. The lower court found ns a fact that
the boor was kept for the purpose of
being sold in violation of the laws
of Iowa , but that said laws are
unconstitutional and void ns applied to the
facts of this case. The supreme court holds ,
ns In the cases of Collins vs Hill and Green-
dorf vs Howatt , that the law is constitu
tional , ' 'It is true , " says .ludgo Rothroclr ,
"they claim that In this case thonj is the ex
ception that the plaintiff nnd appellees nro
citizens ntiU residents ot Illinois , nnd pro
duce and manufacture beer in that state and
sell It m manufacturers. But no claim is
made In argument , nnd wo discover no reason
why the laws of this state , which forbid thd
sale of Intoxicating liquors , nro not applica
ble to all persons , no matter where they
abide. We adhere to the rule announced in
the cited cases , and have no deslrij to further
discuss or elaborate the question involved.
The Judgment of the superior court will bo
lovcrsed. "
Other decisions wcro tiled as follows :
G. A. Pitts vs M. E. Lewis , appellants ;
Sioux district ; affirmed ; opinion by Beck.
K. F. Klosse vs S. H. Galusha ; appellants ;
Jasper district ; affirmed ; opinion by Givlns.
Toledo Savings bank , appellant , va J. 11.
Rothman ; Plymouth district ; affirmed.
Flnloy Burke , appellant , vs W. P. Coul
ter , Sioux district ; opinion by Granger.
Shot Ills Kntlter-ln-Ijaw.
DBS MOINKS , In. , Oct. 4. [ Special Tele
gram to THIS BBE.I The premises of Mr. E.
R. Mason , clerk of the United States court ,
wus the scene of a disastrous shooting affray
last evening , in which William Likes was
fatally wounded by n shot from u 44-callbro
revolver in the hands of H. W , Clark , who
also received a slight wound In the shoulder
from n shot fired by Mr. Likes. The affair
is clouded in more or loss mystery , but from
the fsicls ascertained It appears that whllo
Clark , who is hostler for Mr. Mason , was
sitting on tbo doorstep of the barn last , evening -
ing bo bccamo aware of the approach of
his lathor-in-law , Mr. Likes , who was ac
companied by his wlfo aud son. Clark
noticed that the family seemed to bo consid
erably agitated , and-that Mrs. Likes fan-led
a small revolver In her hand. Hot
words followed the arrival of Mr.
and Mrs. Likes , and they abused
Clark severely for working for Mr. Masou.
It appears that Clark on lormor occasions
hud been told to break off his engagement
with Mr. Alaaoa or ho would regret it , aud
sccins the excitement of Mr. nnd Mrs. Likes
uoon this occasion he bocauio frightened und
tried to escape by running through the barn
and Jumping out of a side door. Mr. Likes
caught him as ho Jumped out , und a running
light ensued , In which Chirk shot Likes , who ,
having taken possession of the revolver car
ried by Mrs. Likes , shot Clark.
Clark was married to Eva Likes about
three weeks ago. Ho was in the employ of
E. H. Mason for a number of years , and is
highly esteemed by his employer as a steady
young man of good habits und as a valuable
horseman. It wns while in Mr. Mason's
cinuloythat ho bocanio acquainted with bis
wife , who was then a domestic also in the
employ of Mr. Mason. It aupcnrs that Clark
was discharged when ho pot married , but
was shortly ro-ongaged by Mr. Mason. This
seomdd to prejudice Mr. and Airs. Likes
against Mr. Mason , and they threatened to
kill Clark if ho went to work for him agn.ii ,
but Clark heeded not the warning aud the
tragedy resulted.
A Ilcimirkublti Content.
WASHINGTON , la. , Oct. 4. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bee. ] After each candidate
ut the republican senatorial convention at
Waylnnd released his delegation froui per
sonal allegiance , they Jcopt on voting thir
teen for Dowcy uud thirteen for Woodson
until yesterday at noon , when Henry county
moved nn adjournment sine die. Washing
ton county refused. After dinner Washing
ton county moved that both men bo dropped
and n third man bo nominated. Henry
county refused , and then after 601 ballots
they adjourned till 1 p. m. on Thursday of
next week , when the cpg will probably bo
chipped and a statesman chick be hatched.
A Dentil Blow to Charivaris.
Dns MOINHS , la. , Oct. 4. | Special Tele
gram to TUB Quc. ] The Iowa supreme
court has given a death blow to the hitherto
sacred rights and privileges of.charivari par
ties. This morning It reversed the decision
of Judge Doll Stuart , of the Monroe district
court in the murder case of the state of Iowa
vs Royal Adams , and in the course of a read
able decision by Judge Rothroclc roads a
lecture to charivari parties which will have
a wholesome effect. Adams was Indicted for
murder In the first degree for the accidental
shooting of a person named Daring , a mem
ber of u charivari party , convicted of man
slaughter and sentenced to the penitentiary
for noven years and six months. Prior to
August , 1S33. Adams was unmarried nnd re
sided with his aged father and mother upon
n farm in Monroe county. Ho was a
peaceable , orderly and law abiding citizen.
A few days prior to the 17th of tno month
ho was married , and on the night of the day ,
about 0 o'clock , ho arrived with his wlfo ut
his father's homo , and shortly altorward
the family retired , the young couple colng to
an upstairs room. About half past 18o'clock
a party of fifteen men uud boys of the neigh
borhood quietly approached the house- and
ivcnt up to the south side of It , near to the
window in the second utory. They were
armed with revolvers , shotguns and muskets ,
and some of thorn carried bells. They
opened a sudddon tire from the revolvers ,
guns and musuets and rung the bells and
shouted aud halloed , After the firing , some of
them went around to the south sldo of the
house , whore they know the old people Blent
and kept up a disturbance. It was soon dis
covered that one of the party , Oar *
ing , had received u gun shot wound.
Ho was one of the active parties
and carried and discharged ono of the guns.
Ho died from the effect of the wound the
next day. Members of the party testified
that very soon after the flr t shot was fired
by them u succession of from three to llvo
shots wcro flri'd .from the window above ,
The testimony was conflicting as to the line
of lire from the wludow to where Daring
wns shot , uud it appears that ono of Adams'
bullets struck u limb several feet above him ,
and was deflected and wounded Daring ,
"Tho Instruction of the lower court , " s-fys
Judge Rothrock , "Jn effect directs the Jury
that such a demonstration made under the
window of a dwelling house In the middle of
the night would not be a sufficient provoca
tion to reduce the killing of one of the party
to the crime of manslaughter , As applied to
ttioacts of this case , we can not approve of
the nbovo Instruction , The party assembled
on the night when the tragic affair
took place Is called a charivari.
Its ( yb'Vt ! , is about an barbarous as the name.
Whatever toleration It once had 1ms long
since passed uwny. Even when In vogue It
was oiton attended with violence and blood
shed. If It over was allowable to direct n
Jury that such nn assemblage , with all its
tumult and confusion , was not a great provo
cation to tboso annoyed and Insulted by It ,
Unit time has passed away. The tendency
was to confuse and mislead the Jury us to
ono of the most Important , questions In the
case , and to Impress their minds that the
conduct of the party encaged in the tumult
should bo lightly considered by them. Our
conclusion Is that the defendant should have
n now trial. "
An Attempted Suicide.
Dns Moixr.s , la. , Oct. 4 . [ Special Tolo-
grnm to Tun Hcu.1 Byron D. Hoyt , a young
man ot nbout twenty-seven years of age ,
was found in n suffcc-ited condition in a room
nt the Goldstono hotel nt 7 o'clock this morn
ing. The room was filled with gas. Ho
came Into the hotel nt 11 o'clock last night
and asked for a quiet room , statlnor that bo
had not slept for several nights. At 7 o'clock
a chambermaid in passing heard him groan ,
nnd , summoning the proprietor , tbo transom
oftheOnorwas forced open , letting forth
such a volume of gas that the Vartlos wcro
nearly overcome by It. Hoyt was found
Ivlng on the bed , writhing and groaning.
After an examination of' the man the physi
cians gave the opinion that ho had taken
carbolic nclO. They have boon working with
him nil day endeavoring to revlvnhlni , but It
Is almost it hopeless case. Ho has n sister
and brother-in-law living In the city. His
parents , formerly residents ol this city nnd
at ono time proprietors of the Logan House.
reside In Sycamore , III. 'There Is no known
reason for the attempted suicide.
\\Vbnnr County Fair.
FOIIT Doimii , In. , Oct. 4. ( Special Tele
gram to TUB Br.i : . ] The sixth annual Web
ster county fair , concluded this afternoon ,
was ono of the largest nnd most successful
county fairs ovoi4 held In Iowa. The attend
ance was enormous , drawn there by the
presence of United States Senator Allison.
The general excellence of the exhibits and
entiles In the speed department was never
Hold Work ol"J'r.imi > .
MISSOURI YALI.CY , In. , Oct. 4. [ Special to
Tins Bch. | A bold burglary in broad day-
llcht on the dny of the Kudor lire was accom
plished by tramp's who deliberately entered
and ransacked the residence of Mr. Boner.
They succeeded in getting money , Jewelry
and other valuables to the extent or over
$200. Mr. Boner and family were at the lire ,
leaving their house unlocked.
Mldi'r Head
IOWA Cmla , , Oct. 4. Bishop Nindo to
day made n decision in the case of Presiding
Elder M. E. Head , of the Rook Island (111. ( ) ,
conference vs J. M. Hoover , in which ho re
lieved Mr. Head as presiding elder. This is
tlio case whore Head was on trial for de
faming Hoover. The case attracted great
interest at the Galesburg conference last
iMIs-ourl 1 alloy's Water Work * .
MISSOURI VALT.BV , la. , Oct. 4 , [ Special to
Tnr Bnn.J Work will soon be begbn on the
system of waterworks for Missouri VnlUpj ,
recently lot by contract to the Fremont
Foundry and Machine company , of Fremont ,
Nob. The lalo fire has accelerated the prepress -
press of the work. The sybtem Is be com
pleted by January 1 , 1890.
Harrison County Fair.
MISSOURI VALI.UV , la' . ' , Oct. 4. ( Special to
THR BEK. ] The most successful fair ever
bold in Harrison county closed yesterday.
Wednesday tboro were 8,000 people present.
The receipts will aggregate $2,500.
Tlio Charges Agnlnst Him Thor
oughly Kvnosod.
ST. Louis , Oct. 4. The expectation that
General Master Workman Powdcrly would
reply to the numerous attacks which have
been made upon him drew an immense crowd
to to-night's mooting at Turner hall. Pow
dcrly was received with rout appjauso and
spoke in a general way of the objects of the
order and said it was asked why ho did
not advocate prohibition. Simply , saiu ho ,
because the order had not decided for it. Ho
did not advocate the single tax , though n per
sonal believer in it , bcciusctho urdor had
not yet announced in favor of it. Address
ing himself to tlio charges against him ,
Powderly spoke of his protest against tlio
appointment of Furlong. Constituting the re
porters present n committee , ho submitted
all the documents to them. Turning to other
documents he showed how M. B. Shaw had
garbled and falsilled evidence ho pretended
to subhilt. Furlong's letter in tbo morning
papers was overhauled and ho proceeded to
demonstrate that Furlong had conspired to
calico Martin Irons und others to
attempt to tap the wires , so
he could mnko a criminal case against
the strikers. Letters carried to Powderly
by Blake were then taken up , and ono after
another the men whoso names wcro ap
pended pronounced them forgeries. No less
tnan ton forgeries were thus proven , Pow
derly then repelled the charge that ho had
made public private letters of Russell Harrison
risen , It was the duty of all good citizens to
prevent the appointment of such men ns Fur
long , nnd in lodging his protest Powderly said
he had but performed his duty. From
published official reports ho vindicated his
position on the stock yards strike In Chicago
and the great pouthwcst strike. None of
the men who bore the brunt of the strlko
blamed him , and uttll they did ho carnd
nothing lor the attack of the scoundrels now
assailing him.
Powderly's Interview with Gould and
Hopkins was described , and Gould's '
repudiation of bis solemn promise told in
graphic language.
After disposing of the charges Powdorly
asked the uudinnco , "Hnvo I made out my
case ! Who told the lie nowl"
This elicited rounds of applause from the
audience. The meeting was decidedly a
Powdorly success.
The Civil Bervion Hcnndnl Will' Ho
Ventilated To-Day.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 4. Some tlmo ngo the
Washington Post charged that the civil ser
vice law was being violated by the civil ser
vice commission in the appointment of de
partment clerks. Siibscrinontly It m.'ido n
moro serious charge , viz. : That examination
papers were being stolen and sold by
a clerk In the commission who had been re
tained In oflleo unu promoted , notwithstand
ing his ( ; ullL had been discovered.
To-morrow the Post will print n four-
column article In substantiation of this latter
and more terious allegation. H will say : A
lady who went to a teacher In this city for in
structions preparatory to taking an
examination was furnished by a
teacher , for a consideration , with n ,
copy ot the questions subsequently
asked. These question ? , It says , were In tlio
handwriting of Mr. Campbell , ono of the
clerks to the commission uud u brother-in-
law of Commissioner Lym in. The nutter
was brought lo Lyman'a attention by Com
missioner Oberly and the published account
says Lyman told Oborly a publlu exposure
would kill ( ils wife nnd that
Campbell was penitent. The matter wn *
then hustiod up although called to President
Cleveland's attention , and Campbell was
subsequently promoted at a tlmo when Ly
man was the solo commissioner. In corroboration -
oration of this the Post prints a copy of the
letter said to have been written to the presi
dent on Ayi-il'-M by ux-Commlssloiicr Edgcr
ton relating the facts In the case. Edgcrton
says further : "Thoro are mutters connrctod
with the olllce of cnlef examiner which
would uot bear uloso examination , "
The North Woods' Terror Stnigffloa
to Qnln Llborty.
Ono of Ills Accomplices Wenkontf
nt tlio Thought of Itlootl nnil
Iluvcnls tlin PI nn to
the Sheriff. ' " '
Kwrnrs in llavo Ilnvcnjjo.
AsitiANiVis. . , Oft. 4. [ Special Tolo-
Brnin to Tin : HUB , ] Holzlmy , the notorious ,
freebooter mid mimlcror of tlio northern
woods , continues to keep up the excitement.
Yesterday u plot of his planning to ItIII the
Jullcr nnd escape from the Gogoblc county
Jail wns revealed to the sheriff by n weak *
hearted accomplice. MnugUH , a prisoner
eon lined In the Jail , boi-nino frightened at
ttio utrociiy of the crime they had ,
planned nnd dropped a unto to Mr.
Fo.oy. .lolin Rymi , the Jailer , waste
to IIHVO been killed while passing food Into
the cngo where the prisoners have been per
mitted to tuho their meals. Then ) la an
opening In the cage for that purposethrouRU
which n slender nmn could puss when tlio
shutter was thrown buclc ,
The plan was to tulto n board from the
heavy tnblo in the cage nnd thrust it through
the bar lengthwise , striking Ryan on tno
liciul xvhllo ho was stooping to pick up the
food from the floor. Ilohthuy ciilcnhilcd that
the blow would Bin n H.yiui nnd then ho
could crawl through tlio opening and finish
him with a Icnlfu thuy hud In the capo to cut
bread with.
Upon discovering the plot Shorlft Foley
put u heavy iron bull on Holr-
hiiy's log , with a very short
chnin. and locked him up In n close coll. To
il ny , Foley having gene to Ironwood on busi
ness , the desperado managed to hroulc the
ball from his log , and then smashed ihlnps
generally. lie refused to hand out a Ittilfo
which wns given him to eat wltli and delicti
the ofllccrs. On Foley's ' return ho will bo
suujcctod to a taste of atom prison disci
pline , which ho evidently needs.
Only n few days ago tlio highwayman told
the sheriff ho would bo nUlborty within two
weeks. It ho cuts out the robber says ho
will go to Kcpublio and kilt Marshal Ulodo
nnd Justice. Weiser , who captured him , anil
that ho will nuvcr ugnin bo taken ullvo.
Sensational Ksoapadoofa YomijfNow
Voi-k Souloly Sinn.
Nr.w YORK , Oct. 4. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Hnn. ] The disappearance of William
Whnley , a younir man who has lately boon
cutting a swath In New York city , from hla
customary haunts nnd the search for him
which is being matin by the police , have
brought to light facts in his case which had
been sedulously kept concealed nnd which
mny make Whaley acquainted with prison
fare. The gambling away of a fortune of
$135,000 raised by inducing his sick and deli-
cnto wife to sign a mortgage In blank upon
her property when shn was only dimly con
scious of her act ; the tnoft of all the silver
and Jewels belonging to his wife ; the signing
of a confession anil the llnal disappearance
of the husband Is the family history which
has just been revealed.
Whaley came hero from South Carolina In
18SO und launched into Now Yurie soolpty.
Ho laid soigo to the heart of Elolso , the
youngest daughter of Commodore Me-
Crcady , the millionaire steamboat ;
man who died in 18S7 whllo
returning from Europe. MoCrcady
didn't 111(0 Whaley and took the family to
Europe to get rid of him , but the young nmn
followed : n 14 ! ho and Kloise Dually won the
consent of hur parents and the marriage took
The young couple returned hero nnd set up
a splendid establishment in Washington
square. They had ouo child , a beautiful ooy ,
und their married II fu was apparently
bnppy. i
Mrs. McCready and son recently went to
Europe nnd there heard that Mrs. Whuloy
was sick. They returned homo nnd found
her In delirium , In which she was constantly
talking of some mortgage.
" 'J'his must never bo known , " she would
say in delirium , "i will sign the mortgage ,
but how could you no it ? Did you think of
our little boy when you did this act ! Ob ,
don't urge mu to do this thing. IB there no
other means ot llxlntr itl"
The constant rcpi'tltlon of these word *
awakened suspicion in the minds of th' < voting
wife's relatives. The outcome was the dis
covery that.lho hiibband hud robbed his wlfo
of $125,000 in cash raised on the mortgage
signed when his wife was sick and seml-
unconscious and also of her Jewels with
which ho supported a mistress in elegant
stylo. Clmrgcd with the crime ho confessed
and relinquished all claim to the child. Ho
left the city and nothing can bo found of
Fifteen Ilimdicd 1'onniln of I'lg Iron
KnlM on n Street Cnr.
ROCIIESTKH , N. . , Oct. 4. A frightful
accident occurred ut the North nvonuo
canal bridge this afternoon. Ty ) bridge is
what Is known as a lift bridge , A
street car xva passing over when
ono end of the heavy troughs Oiled
with pig Iron , used to , assist
in raising nnd lownrlnc the bridge full from
Us support nnd 1,500 tons of pig iron crushed
through the top of the car. John Motz'er and
Mary Birmingham were injured fatally and ,
three other portions very seriously ,
A Mynii'rloiiH Mrc.
BUFFALO , Wyo. , Oct. 4. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB BUG. ] Now of the burning *
under suspicious circumstances of the large
brewery at Sheridan , the county scat of
Sheridan county , was received hnro last
night. The brewery owned by Meisrs.
Tischlrgi , of Sheridan ; Peter Demptu , for
merly of Topolta , ICan. , and Paul , who re
cently ran a brewery In Dubuque , In. Hu
mored violation of the internal revenue law
caused n vii.ll to the plnco by rtcvonuo Inspector
specter Stlt/er , of Cheyenne. Dcmpto was
alone when the Inspector npprurcd on the
srono , and exhibited great UMOUIIIOB | .
Slitzcr Is said to have found that gross Ir
regularities hud been practiced , and prepared
to sebo the property next dny. Early next
morning the brewery was dlscovored nn tire ,
and nil the efforts of the oilUons to check
the flames wcra unavailing. The brick
building and appliances , which went the
linest In Wyoming , and valued at 4:15,000 : ,
wcro completely destroyed. An Insurance of
| 0OjO was carried , which will go to the
mortgagees. 'Ihoro is every reason to bo-
llovo that the lire wns Blurted by incondlar-
los. The alTair has caused treat excitement
In Sheridan , aH the brewery was the main
stay of the town.
A Koldior ol'llio Uiilnii Mu-tnrnil Out.
MANCIIKSTBII , N. 11 , Oct. I. Oenoral Asa
P. Hunt died UlU morning , ugud sixty *
twoyeaM , Hesnrvoil through the r bellion
as ml in tuii tol' theTliird Vermont volunteers ,
and has boon almost , continuously In the
United States military HUIVICC sini-o , From
J&77 to IbsS ho wan In charge of the military
station at Kort Leavemvorth and was war
department quartermaster ut Jimlon ut the
time of his death. received his
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