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' Boston's Star Groatos n Soono at the
Olovolaud Ball Park.
Altar Attempting to Annllillato tlio
Utnplro Ho Is Fired l < rotn
the Grounds By
Tie Hnd n 3t\K O\
CTr.vr..ASi > , O. . Oct. 2. [ Special Tele-
pram to Tun HEE. ] Mike Kelly , the high-
priced star In the Boston ball club , created n
Bfcne nt League park to-day. It is claimed
that ho was Intoxicated , nnd that whisky
\vaatliocanso of his disgrace which came
upon him Just nt the beginning of the sev
enth Inning. Kelly was In uniform , but was
too much "Indisposed" to pluy. Ho sat
muffled up In an overcoat on the bench of the
Cleveland players , nnd made profane com
ments on the game im it progressed. Cleve
land wan thrco runs ahead and ho ventured
to Inform tlio members of his club In a loud
tone ot voice that they could not win. "You
never win , " said he , With characteristic
modesty , "when I don't play. Kelley Is king.
T am a King. " No attention wns paid his little
tlo pleasantries , which wore muttered ut
times and shouted at others ,
In Boston's half of the sixth Htchnrdson
\vns touched out nt the pinto. Kelly did not
llko Umpire McQunld's decision , nnd when
the Inning was over strode toward McQuaid
with blazing eye and inlliuned faco. He
told the umpire ho came west to rob Ucston
of the pennant , and nt the sumo tlmo drew
back Ins list to strlko McQuaid. Two po
licemen sprang Into tlio field und grappled
with Kelly , who broke away and niarto for
McQuaid again. The officers took the pugi
list In hand , however , nnd nftor chok
ing him a trlllo to subdue his
untamed spirits , dragged him through the
pate and loft him thcro. Lighting a cigarette ,
bo strode Into the street with u dejected air.
He attempted to enter the grounds again ,
but found the gate locked , nnd the fence
xvas too high to vault. Small boys chlded
him and a gentleman on the bleuchors sug
gested that ho buy a ticket und break In by
way of the turn-stile. While the disturb
ance was at its height the game was
topped. _
Tlio National
Oct. 2. Result of to-day's '
raino :
Cleveland . 0 00302020-7
Uoston . 0 00001000 1
Base lilts Cleveland S , Boston 4. Errors
t-Clcvolniid 0 , Boston 0. Batteries Cleveland -
land , Boattn and Sutcliflc ; Boston , Clarkson
jmd Bennett. Umpire McQualu.
PiTTSliuuo , Oct. 3. Hcsult of to-day's
panic :
Pittsburg . 0 00000210 8
Now York0 1 0 0 3 0 ! 0 * (1 (
Base hits t'ittsburg 8. New York 10. Er
rors PittsDiirg 0 , Now York 0. Batteries
Eittsburg , Sowders nnd Carroll ; Now York ,
Crauo nnd Ewlng. Umpire Lynch.
iU3 , Oct. ' _ ' . - Result of to-day's
came :
Indianapolis. . . . 0 J
Philadelphia. . . . ! 1000811 * It
Base hits Indianapolis 0 , Philadelphia 21.
Errors IndlivnaiwlU ! 1. Philadelphia 4 ,
Ituttorles Indianapolis Bovlo and Kuslo ,
Dally ; Philadelphia , Bufllhton and Clements.
Umpire Knight.
CIIIPAGO , Oct. 2. Result of to-day's
game :
Chicago 0 1 3 0 0 1 1 3 !
\Vasblugtqn . . . .2 02000021 1
Base hits-Chicago 12 , Washington 0. Er
rors Chicago 8. Washington 1 , Batteries
rChicaEro , Hutchinsonund Darling ; Washing-
ten , Krock and Dally. Umpire Sullivan.
American AHxnciation.
i "BAi/riMOitc , Oct. 2. Result of to-day'i
1 game :
Baltimore 3 1400400 1 li
'Athletic 1 S 0 0 1 0 3 0 4 1 !
ST. Louis , Oct 3. Result of to-day's
game :
St. Louis 1 0200435 0 11
Kansas City . . .3 01010000 !
t imips ON a HIS WING.
lliey Fall Before thu Illuzlnp ; of Skill
fill Sportsmen.
The bright fall weather wns Instrumenta
lu drawing out a good attendance at tin
Gwln and Duninire shooting tournamen
The first event on the day's card was i
twenty-llvo live pigeon mutch , thirty yardi
nso , modified English rules , $10 entrance :
Pnruialco..lllll llllt 11111 lllll 11110 2
Ellis lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll " ,
Dunmiro. . .lllll lllli lllll Ollll 01111 2
, \Vuyno lllll lllll Ullll lllll 11110-2
Williams..11111 lllll lllll lllll 11111 2
EiscnlielmerUlll lllll lllll lllll 11111 2
Westbrook..11111 lllll lllll Ollll lllll 2
Morton 00111 lllll Ollll 00111 11000 1
Smith lllll lllll lllll lllll Ollll 2
Williams , Ellis and Klsonliolrner tying or
25 straight , shot off , miss and out.
Willllams 0
Ellis lllll lllll 0
Eisonholmer lllll lllll 1
EiBCiiheimer took first , $48.20.
Westbrook Smith and Purmalee divldec
eocond , $30.
Dunmlre and Wayne shot oft third , miss out
Dunmiro..lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll
lllll lllll 111 3
Wayne lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll
lllll lllll 111 3
The money being shot up , the contestant !
quit.Tho second event was a special match be
'tween Frank Parmaleo and .fohn Kills
twenty-live live birds , same conditions , fo
f35 a aide.
Parmaleo..llllt lllll lllll lllll lllll 2 ,
Eiiis urn ma oim ma 11111-2
The thlrij event was seven live birds , sura
conditions , entrance ? 5.
Parmaleo 1111111
Ellis 1111111-
Duu , imilll-
Wostbrook. . . . .1101111 i
Smith lllltll
Dunmlre , . .1011011
' , Wayne 1111111
Parmaleo , Ellis , Smith and Wayne she
off first money , miss and out.
Pnrinaloo mil lllll m
Smith lllll mil no
Ellis lllll 0
Wayne lllll 110
Den and Dunmiro divided second , an
Dunmiro won third.
' 1 ho fourth matoii was a fifty blue rod
match , eighteen yards rise. $25 each.
Parmateo..lllU lllll lllll lllll lllll2
Kills 11111 ma mu moi urn 2
JChcnheiniorlim lllll lllll lllll 11111-2
Morton mm mu mu mu 01111-2
Paviimleo uud Elsciihoimur shot oft' the tl (
Pannalcu winning by breaking" ! straight t
Ilia llrst titioot In the afternoon was fit
, teen single tni-gots , elghti-on yards rise , flv
traps , entrance i , ThoBcoro ;
Kttee , nm mu mn i
Hughes mu imo mn i
Dickey moi lllll lllll 1
V Jlrowcr 01011 111 10 Ollll 1
Vs Don . . . . , 01010 11100 11011
s * Nasoti 11100 11110 11100- ]
VP ' Orabill U0010 01101 Ollll
Piirmaleo 11110 11011 mm 1
P Kius , mu 10110 oiiio i
fc- Dunmlre OUR 10111 10111- )
btice took 11 rot money ; Hughes nud Dk-kc
* jljvidvd feccond , and Parmaleo uud Hrowt
Tun next was a mutch of the same klm
The score :
Stito/ / . , , mil lllll lllll
Hughe * , . . , , . .11111 nm urn
.plfkey. mil 10110 mil
Nnhon 10101 10101 00100
Brewer .11111 lllll 11110-
ien. . , , ouu loon ouoi
.Puruialoa 11101 Ollll OUU
CrabllL 10111 11110 10111-f
* Dui\miro \ , imo um iiuoi
( \ 'i\Uee unii Hughes divided first , Brewer toe
union J , Dickey third and I'urumlco fouith.
To-day la the lust itav of the touniaiocii
AiiiuioiiiGaniri * .
Pl.MTSMOt'TII , Nob. , Oct. 2. jSpCCll
' 'Telegram to THE BKE. | A gaaio of ba
to-day at the park botwueu the first ulno <
this city nnd Odoll Bros1 , nlno ot Council
Bluffs , resulted in a ocoro of 7 to 0 In favor
of Plattsinouth. Only seven innings were
played but the game wa < very exciting
.throughout. _
Cronka In Cntclilnc On.
Jack Crooks , the now second baseman put-
chased by Columbus of Omaha , played his
first game In this city yesterday against the
Athletics , nnd showed up In great form. Ho
is undoubtedly a hard hitter , Dno fielder ,
cloror base runner , und catcher par-xco4 -
tenco. In Crooks Columbus bos a corner
Columbus secured him through the nporting
editor of TUB OMAHA UF.K , who evidently
knows n ball player when ho sees ono
Philadelphia Item.
A Chnnca lot * Duncan
If Duncan KOSH is In town ho need not bo
spoiling for a match , as there is nn unknown
hero , weighing under 150 pounds , who is
anxious to wrestle him , catohns-catoh-can ,
fora purse or a stake nnd the entire gate re
ceipts. AH Hess xrclghs over 200 pounds the
unknown must bo pretty confident of his
wrestlink ability. Articles can bo arranged
by n visit tb Patsy Fallon's saloon on South
Twelfth street.
To I'nst.nros Now.
Arthur Clnrite , Into sporting editor of the
Republican , loft for Chicago last evening to
take a position on the Inter-Ocean.
They Won't nnll.
The Hardln-Morgan bicycle tournament
opens up in the Pavilion , San Francisco ,
October 21 , continuing six days. There is
littlo. prospect of this outfit going to
Australia , as the venture so far has Droved
anything but satisfactory.
A I'rosin-ctivo Manager.
There is some tulle of Uamsoy Crooks , a
brother of the redoubtable Jack , managing
the Sioux City team next season , The Corn
Huskcrs could not nmlto a bettor selection ,
as Mr. Crooks combines all the Qualifications
of a llrat-clnss man for the position.
Crookfl Goes to California.
Jack Crooks will play ball through the
winter months with the San Francisco team ,
leaving for the city of the Uoldon Gate
November 1.
and NIotiolB.
.President McCormlck still declines to con-
flrai the sale of Nichols nnd Naulo to Bos
ton. There is little doubt , however , but
what the transfer hac been made :
MOM Up , Air. Alathewx.
OMAHA , Not ) . , Oct. 2 Sporting Editor of
Tun Bun : If Mnthews , the alleged Austral
ian wrestler , Is desirous of a catch-as-catch
go , I will give it to him , for $100 or (200 n
dido. I will meet him this evening nt Tin :
BUB office at S o'clock nnd BILMI articles of
agreement , the match to come off imme
diately. Mr. Mathuws need not hunt up
Duneau Hess , as I will entertain him to his
heart's ' content. Am nun UOTIIEUV.
Tin : Kentucky
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , Oct. 2. The llrst pro
fessional regatta over held here occuircd
Single sculls , mile straight away , Ilaiiuii
and Hanlou , won by Hanlon in 5:30. :
In the three mile race Hanlon withdrew
and Hosmer , Tccmer and McKay lulled to
appear. Guudaur , Hnmm and Ten Eyck
started. Gauduur won in 22:10. :
I'owdcrly Denies That tlic Order IE
Ijo inu UN Vitality.
ST. Louis , Oct , 2.-Tho Knights of Labor
general executive board was In secret ses
sion nil the morning , but nothing of im
portance developed.
In an. Interview to-day Grand Mastei
Workman Powderly said : "As to the state
ments that the Knights of Labor have beer
losing power and they have no confidence Ir
their officers , there Is not a word of truth it
it. The order has been growing rapidly ir
the last year and the greatest cause of its
growth is the fooling that the executive
boa.'d is acting in a manner conducive to the
best interests or the knights. "
J. J. Holland , of Jacksonville , D'la. , said :
"Tho whole animus of the opposition toPow
derly originated in tbj process of house
cleaning which wo adopted some tlmo ago
many unruly und bad elements being ex
pcllcd. Slnca that time tboy have bcci
making war on the management of the order ,
bilt with little success. In tlio south the negroes
groes are Joining the order in great numbers
There is scarcely n doubt that an alliance oi
some kind will bo made between the Farm
ors' alliance , tlio wheelers and the Knight :
of Labor. The former organizations art
particularly strong In the southwest. As tc
the charge of extravagance against Powdorlj
in reward to the southwestern strike , thai
has been declared groundless by authorized
assemblies of the order tlmo and again , ant
for these men to try to sav anything oguinsl
Ins conduct now is slmnly absurd. "
The Globe-Democrat gives a sensational
interview with one of the Knights of Laboi
who claimed ut last night's meeting that Ills
name , among others , attached to a documcni
endorsing Furlong for chief of the sccre' '
service was a forgery. Upon being ques
tioned , nnd with the understanding that hU
name would not bo mentioned , ho said :
"The names were not forpencs. Wher
wo signed thorn wo did so with the under
standing that recommendations wcro to be
filed in Washington for official eyes only , bu
the committee betrayed us. While w <
signed , tnern for the president's ' eye wo ulc
not sigu them for the public oye. "
Three other Knights of Labor also con
curred in the above story.
To-night General Master Workman Pow-
derly visited the local assemblies and ad' '
dressed them briefly on mutters Tor the gooi
of Uio order. Ho was accompanied by uicin
hers of the general executive hoard.
The iinti-Powderly demonstration at Central
tral rumor hall had a small attendance
Editor Detwullcr , jif Chicago , arraignet
Powdorly and tbe executive board for wast
ing the funds of the order and said Powdorlj
xvas n poor general to lead an army to vie
lory. O. H. Blake pictured "Poverty Pal
ace" m Philadelphia uud charged corruption
all around.
Tlio Socitili-1-i.
CIIICAOO , Oct. 2. The socialists' natlona
convention hud a great wrangle to-day eve
the platform. It was finally referred bacl
to the committee. The constitutional amend
merit was then taken up. 'Iho executiv
comiiii'.tco is to bo olccted by the Chlcagi
committee , the Now York Sliovitch factioi
being thus downed. Quadrennial nation : )
conventions are provided for to ho hold lu th
early spring of tun campaign years. Tin
name of the party Is changed to the sochuls
tie party of tlio United States , and its organ
i/atlon is to conform with the models fur
ulshca b.v the great political parties.
This evening the convention adopted t
platform which demands the "Natlonallza
lion" of capital nnd labor saving invention :
and calls for the organization and dlroutioi
ot industries by the stuto In the order o
their monopolisation and woman suffragi
with the obligatory voting ot both noxes , al
laws bo submitted to the popular vote.
Hrini ; Valley Miners' 1'roposttlon
Coi.UHiiUS , O. , Oct. 2. John McBridc
president of the Progressive Miners' union
bus addressed an open letter to Governo
Fifor , of Illinois , In response to ono wrlttc
by ex-Congressman Scott , In which , ufto
discussing the lattor's xtatoments In detal
ho says to effect an honorable settle
ment the miners will offer to work th
second or third vein of coal u
Spring Valley for the prices paid ntStreatoi
TU ) cents per ton , and will rnina thin confer
for the price paid thick coal miners n
Stroator , providoJ the company does brusl
Ing and building , or will acreo to the adjust
incut of prices on any grounds such as ma
bo determined upon by arbitration.
Hoard nt'Stcuin Navigation ,
PiTTsnuuo , Oct 2. At to-iiny's meeting c
the national board ot uteain navigation HOV
oral interesting paper * wore read. JV
Miller , of Providence , was olccted prosldeu
Now York was cnosen au the next place o
meeting , and the board adjourned.
* . , - , .
A Htii-rlcixnn on the lllnolc Son ,
LONDON , Oct. 2. A hurricane is raging n
the Black sea. A large' number of vcsso
ore wreaked and great loss of lifo is n
A Frail Fromoat Foraalo Shoots at a
Locomotive Prlvor.
A Xonng Imily nt Jllnlr Severely
Burned "tt'lillo Ijlclitlng a liixtnp
Nebraska Mctlmillst Con
ference nt Norfolk : .
Stio Klrod to Kill.
FHEMOJIT , NnD. , Oct. a. [ Special to Tnn
Ui-.K.l Some excitement was created in the
city thlb mornlnc by the attempt of Mrs : Cas
well , alias "Gypsv Qucon , " a notorious pros
titute of Fremont who 1ms had lull sway In
her unlawful occupation In this city for
years , to kill Charles Tluirbor , the engineer
In charge of a switch onglno on tha-Fremont ,
Elkhorn & Missouri Volley road nt this
placo. Mrs. Cuswoll's pluco Is within a few
tow fcot of the tracks , and this morning
when Thurbor rnn his englno out to tno and
of the switch nnd Was awaiting the arrival of
the throo' passenger trams duo nt 9 o'clock.
Mrs. Caswoll came out nnd at once opened
Are on him. Ho WAS standing In the cab of
the engine at the time but climbed out on the
ground on the opposite side of the engine
with remarkable nlacrity. The woman tired
four shots at him , 0110 striking Just below the
window of the cab nnd the thrco others
glancing off the Iron botlur. Marshal Houclt
immediately plnceu the woman under arrest
for shooting with intent , to kill. Thurbor
states that for the past sovornl months the
woman has been annoylnc him by sanding
him letters requesting him to cull , ns she
wuutca to sco him on business , but thut as
ho hnd paid no attention to her Importuning
she had become enraged uthim. Her exam
ination was hold in polica court tbls after
SniiRntlnnnl noanilul lit.Fremont.
FKKMONT , Nob. , Oct. 2. [ Special to Tun
BEE. ] Last evening Milan Q. Cook a well-
known citizen of this city nnd a skilled me
chanic , tiled a complaint in the ofllco of the
county Judge of a scandalous nnd sousational
nature. It was to the effect that his wlfo.Mary
A , Cook , nnd George W. Crocker were guilty
of criminal intimacy , naming January SO ,
lost , as a date upon whioli they are known
to have been guilty of adultery. Mrs Cook
Is a woman about forty years did , and a
mother. Crocker Is about thirty-Are , and is
now living with his second wife , to whom ho
was married about two years ngo. Hois a
nephew of Mr. Cook and after -his marriage
to his present wife ho and his bride lived at
Cook's ' house for some time. They .then be
gan housekeeping near by. Crocker Is now
out of the city. Cook states that it is his in
tention to prosecute his nephew when he can
find Him and will "send him Just as
far as the law provides. " Moanwhllo the
scandal moncers are rolling the sweet mor
sel under their toncuo. In all prooabtlity
the next move will bo one or two applica
tions for divorce in the district court.
Don't Bell tlio tlio Cornet.
, Neb. , Oct. 2. [ Special Telegram to
Tun BEE. ] Minnie Arndt "was very badly
burned to-day. She had lit n lamp to use
while crimpinij tier hair. She dropped the
match on the floor , and it caught In her
clothes and before any ono discovered It she
was all ablaze. She was burned badly from
her hips down to her feet , also on her back
nnd arms. She hud n corset on , which pro
tected her brouit. The doctors thinlt she
will recover , but sav if she does it was the
corset that saved her life ,
NohrnsUn IMcthmliit Conference.
Yonic , Neb. , Oct. 2. [ Special Telegram to
TUB HUE. ] The Nebraska Motuodlst 'con '
ference convened at this place this morning.
About one hundred and thirty ministers are
present , Hlshop J. H. Vincent presiding.
Among tha distinguished divines present
from abroad are Chaplain McCabe , of New
York : Dr. Fryo , of the St. Louis Advocate ;
Dr. Spencer , of Philadelphia , and Dr. Pyo ,
of St. Louis. Last ovunlng Bishop Vincent
lectured to a largo audience. Chaplain Mo-
Cube spoke this afternoon and evening.
Most of the clay has boon consumed in pre
liminary worn. Rev. George S. Davis was
elected secretary. A commltteo was an-
pointed for the purpose of investigating tua
charges against Kev. Minehart , of Lincoln ,
who was tried nnd oxpeitod from his church
last winter.
Neuraslsn I'honoijruph Company.
KEAKJJKT , Neb. , Oct. 2. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE.J Articles of incorpora
tion were iilcd to-day of the Central Ne
braska Phonograph company , whoso pluco of
business will bo ICoarnoy. The incorporates
are E. A. Henson.H. H. Benson , G.F. Wright ,
G. U. Sherwood and F. Y. Kobcrtnon. The
articles state that the company commences
business October 1 with an authorized capi
tal of < ! 25,000 , with power to increase to
$1,000,000. The object of the company is to
carry on tlio business of the purcaso and sale
of phonographs and graphophonea , tuo in
ventions of T. A. Kdison , A. G. Uoll , C. A.
Hell anil C. S. Taiuter , which are controlled
by the North American Phonograph com
pany and Jesse H. Lippincott , lessee of the
American Granhophono company. The fol
lowing named persons will constitute the
lirst board of directors : E. A. Benson , F. Y.
Kobcrtson , G. K. Sherwood , S. M. Nevins.
C. H. Elraendorf , N. A. Uakor and H. Fred
The \V. C. T. U.
NOUFOI.K , Neb. , Oot.2. [ Special Telegram
to THE UIB. ] At the \V. C. T. U. convention
to-day committees were appointed on reaolu-
tions , plan of won : , iinanco , courtesies , cre
dentials and memorials. Various reports
wore made and accepted and several district
reports submitted. Tno chief Interest con-
to red in tlio medal content this evening. The
following wcro the , contestants who won
gold meunls : Misses Grace Cooper and Perso
Morris , of Humboldt ; Miss Mollie FairlieliJ
nnd Miss Minute Metivain , York ; Misses
Jessie Norton and Katie Bipley , Ponca ; Miss
Daisy Stodclaid , Ucpubllcan City ; Archie
Hussoll Iu tin and Clinton Lowrio , O'Neill ,
The medal giving 11 pluco among the con <
tostnnts for tlio diamond modal in Chicago in
November was awarded to Miss Daisy Stod-
dard , of Republican City.
Washington County HoiuU Bold.
BLAIR , Neb. , Oct. 2 [ Special to Tni
UEB.I The county supervisors are In sea
sion. The only business of importance nt
this time was the soiling of tha county bonds
for n now court house. The bands are foi
S3. > , OUO ami sold for a premium of fWO : ani
accrued Interest , and wore sold toV , J
Young & Co. , of Cleveland , O. The 15,001
bonds issued by the city in aid of the couri
house sold for $20 premium ,
ApponrH to lid tlio Kanio Mini.
GEXOA , Nob. , Oct. 2. [ Special to Tin
Bni.l The A. L. Robert reported In to
day's BBU as having been arrested for an as
sault oa Miss Nettle Hlsklno , of Lincoln , 1 ;
thought to bo the same A. L. Robert whoii
the White Caps run out of Genoa last December -
comber , alter they had strung him up to i
tree soverul times. Insulting ludies was om
of Robert's old tricks.
Itan Into n Wagon ,
YOBK , Neb , , Oct. 3 , [ Special Telegram ti
Tlis BEE. ] Tito east bound passeneer on tin
Fremont , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley roai
ran Into u wagon near Henderson , a place i
short , distance Iron : here , thin evening , com
pletely demolishing it and throwing' its oucu
pants , n woman and child , violently out. 1
Is not Known how seriously they uro injured
Mentiomitl for tlio Hupriiinn Court ,
SBWABD , Nob. , Oct. 2. | Special to THI
HUE. ] T , L. Norvnl , Judge of the Sixth Ju
diclal district , IB being mentioned proin
inently all over the district as a candidate fo
judge of the supreme court.
Ten Kllleil anl ( Fifty Injured.
BEIIUN , Oct. 2. Later reports from th
scene of the railroad accident neanStutt
sart yesterday say ten persons wore kllle
and fitly injured ,
n i" < _
Itnsbnnil fthrt1 Wtfo HroitRlit ToRcthor
k-'hr Clinnop.
ST. Lours , Oct. a. [ Special Telegram to
TUB BKE.J In. tlio divorce case fllod in the
circuit courtcntitled Marlah Miller rs Louis
Miller thoroTlf a 'most ' strange nnd romantic
ilstory. Tworttytflvo years ago Louis Miller ,
.hen of St. Pctofaburg , Russia , was married
to a beautiful lady of high birth. Misfortune
camotothcm The country was at that
, lmo Korlotiftiy threatened by the nihilists.
Miller decided t < leave his native land'nnd
, ry his fortutip among free people. Blddli. *
its wife of n few months n fond farewell ho
cnmo to this country. Doing n man of flno
/usincss qualifications , ho roadlly found om-
Moymontnnd llnnlly settled In this city.
Hero ho catered Into business and nccumu-
atccl a nice fortune. During nil this tlmo
10 was sending niono.v to his wife and re
ceiving letters from hor. But In
n few months nfter ho left homo
: iis mother , with whom ho loft his young
wife , died nnd the wife left to Join her
Trlends , flvo hundred miles in the interior of
llussla. All of this tnno tno mails were very
Irregular , nnd by order of the Russian
authorities letters hnrdly over reached their
destination. The young wife , after her re
moval , received no letters from him nnd ho
received none from her , until ono day n let
ter came to him with the sad tidings
of her death. Years passed , and the young
wife could get no news from her husband.
Thinking him lost , ho concluded to visit
this country and lonrn if possible what hnd
become of him , bringing with her tholr son ,
who had grown to manhood. She landed in
Baltimore , nud the sun camotoSt. Louis and
cngugod in business. To some frleud ono
day ho cattmlly told the story of
Ills father's lifo. They said the son looked
Ilka n. man thoyltnew , and ho sent to his
mother for n picture of his father , which
was shown his friends , who took him at once
to that Kontlaman. But in the meantime , In
luly. 18S7 , the father had married again and
was living In line style on ono uf the fashion-
nblo avenues of this city. His first wife
came to sco him and tuo meeting1 between
them was one of Joy and happiness. Both
wives , it is declared , loved the husband , But
the good Judgment of the last wife did not
forsake her , nnd she said she xvould release
him to again live with nnd love his brldo of
years long gene by. Acting on this resolu
tion , Bho has , as stated , employed nn at
torney to bring suit to release her from the
tics that bind thorn together.
They Nominate Russell For Governor
nnd Adopt n Platform.
WoncnsTun , Mass. , Oct. 3. The democratic
state convention was railed to order at 11:30 :
this morning by Chairman P. A. Collins ,
who was raado temporary chairman. After
the appointment of { no unual committees ,
Nathan Matthew , Jr. , of Boston , was
made permanent chairman. On taking tno
chair Matthews addressed the convention at
considerable length. After Mallows had
concluded his speech , "William E. Kussoll , of
Cambridge , wa ? unanimously nominated for
governor. A ' 'recess until 2:80 : was then
taken ,
The platform , which hus boon ngreod to
In committee , but not formally adopted , res-
affirms the demands for free raw materials
and lower duties upon the necessaries of
lifo ; favors partial or cntiro reciprocity of
trade betwccn.the United States and Canada
and close commercial relations with Mexico ,
and condemns the arbitrary action of the
treasury department in respect to the
importation .ofi Mexican ores ; de
nounces election frauds and opposes a
scheme for u national election law. ' It con
demns the present administration for Its nar
row partisanship and low standard oC public
duty ; for its surrender to the dictation of
unscrupulous1 - > pqlitical bosses , such as
Mahono. Quay tand Plait ; for its utter be
trayal of the cause of civil service reform ;
for its perversiqn'of the pension machinery
for distributlpg ( the nation's bounty into a
menus to influence votes ; for its sale of high
political odloofor largo contributions of
money bv which it was placed in power , and
of its shameless > nepotism , clearly indica
tive of a conception of public oftlce
not as a public trust , but asa
private perquisite. The ruling by which the
present administration , In reversal of former
decisions , hus thrown open the pension list
to persons dishonorably dlscnarged , Is con
demned as an outrage upon common sense , a
Degradation of what should bo a roll of honor
and an insult to every true soldier.
Upon the liquor question it says : "Wo
believe the present policy of the state in
making the sale of liquor a mattar of local
option to bo decided by a vote of the people
of each city and town , works satisfactorily
and should bo maintained. "
Upon reassembling the convention plat
form was adopted and the ticket completed ,
ns follows : Lieutenant governor , John W.
Corcoran , of Clinton ; secretary of state ,
William M. Osgood , of Boston ; treasurer
and receiver , Fencriil E. B. Munn , of Hoi-
yoke ; auditor , D. T. Trofey , of Mnrolehead ;
attorney general , Ellsha B. Maynard , of
Dcnoniico Mali one.
RICHMOND , Oct. 2 , Ihe antl-Mahono con
ference to-day adopted a lengthy report de
claring that Mahono bos deceived the repub
lican national committees by falsoprutoiisea ;
that his plan of organization is liatnful and
tyrannical ; that he has drlveu from the
councils of the party the absent men in it ;
that ho has forfeited hU right to the coaA
donee of the people of Virginia , nnd that his
defeat Is essential to the salvation of tlio re
publican party. The conference reoora-
mondeO no particular coursu to be pursued
by the voters on election day. except that
each shall use his Individual judgment.
The ISx-Governor of Kansas 1'nsies
Awny nt Atolilson.
ATCIIISOX , Kan. , Oct. 2. [ Special Tele
gram toTiiiiBnE.J Colonel John A. Martin ,
founder nnd present editor and proprietor of
the Atchison Champion , died this morning
at 0:80 : o'clock , after an illness of over two
The deceased was governor of Iho state of
Kansas for the two terms next preceding
the present Incumbent , Governor Humphrey.
Ho was born In Brownsville , PH. , tit'ty-ono
years ago and was the schoolmate of James
G. Blame. Governor Martin came to Kan
sas before lie was of ago and was from the
llrst prominent and active in the ntrngglo of
territorial clays. He was secretary of tno
Wyandotte convention which framed the
present state constitution. He was a mem-
bnrof the senate the llrst session after the
state's admission. After the war broke out
he entered thc'servlco as lieutenant colonel
of the Eighth Kaunas infantry , serving us
colonel of the regiment. Ha wan promoted
to the rank of'calohel and was mustered nut
nt the o.oso of tlio'war as a brevet brigadier
general. Ho was mayor of Atchlson in early
clays , and in 1371 was elected by the national
house of roprusontativoijus ono of the man
agers of the 'National soldiers' home and
continued to hold hat position at the time ol
Ills do.itli. , '
Ho was a good 'oltlzea , a good neighbor ,
and his ( loath > ' rofanled as u loss hard tom \
compensated fir. Tim mayor has called a
mcotlngof citUons to make arrangements for
tlis funeral , wnucU will take place at 1UW : ! a ,
in. Friday , , * > ' *
I ) is nutting Fire tit Denver.
DBSVEII , Colo. , Oct. 2. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun HBB.I A disastrous fire oc
curred this evenine , ontallalllng a loss ol
$1,000 or $5,000 on tlio Burlington & Mlssour
company , and involving the total dcstructloi
of their oil utoruifo house. It is supposed
that the lire originated by spontaneous com
bustion , and tlio house being so far fron
water plugs but little could bo done by the
tire department save to contlno the Maine :
within limits. The machine shops and roum
house were threatened at one- tune , but es
caped unharmed , Once the flumes swop
toward the Twenty-third street viaduct
from which 2,000 people were watching tu <
lire , and a puma nearly ensued.
Never defer until to-rnorrow .what shouli
be attended to to-day. A slight cougl
shouldn't bo neglected wtie i Dr. Bull' :
Cough Syrup will cure It.
Tun readers of our publication are request
cd to use Salvation Oil for any and all pains
It U u sura cure und costs only 25 cent * .
A Now and Intoroathiff Phaao In
the Billings Oaao ,
Consolidation of tlio DCS Blolncs
Stront Itnllwnjr Companies Tlio
AV. O. T. U. Convention A ,
llounion ,
Tlio KlllliiKB Onso.
WATEHLOO. la. , Oct , 2. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB lien. ] The Billings ease came
up In n now phasa to-day. When Judge Noy
pronounced sentence ho admitted the pris
oner to bail , pending an nppeal to the su-
iroino court. On the showing made by the
stuto , however , ho has rosclnddd the order ,
nnd has refusou ball. Billings has applied
for a writ of habeas corpus nnd will ask the
supreme court for u decision upon his appli
cation for bull.
no Court.
DBS MOINKSJ la. , Oct. 3. | Special Tolo-
ijrum to Tun Bin.1 The supreme court
.o-day fllod the following decisions i
M. M. Scekoll , appellant , vs , A. J. Nor-
ctal ; Harrison district ; uftlrmod ; opinion
by Robinson.
13. .T. Halner nnd Hcrmliie Gabol , ex
ecutors of the will of II , , f. Gabol , deceased ,
nppollants , vs. Iowa Loglon of Honor ,
defendant , nud Josephine Gabol , Intervener ;
Carroll district ; action upon a cortiflcuto of
life Insurance : reversed ; opinion by Given.
Deceased hud directed in his certificate that
his S-J.OIM should go to his mother. Later ho
married nnd had ono daughter. Ho nnulo a
will bequeathing half his Insurance to the
daughter , the other half to be Invested for
his mother , and ut her death to ruvort to the
daughter. The mother knew of this will
nnd did not protest , so ho did not go to the
trouble to change the llrst curtillcato. After
his death Ins mother claimed ttio whole
amount according to the terms of the certifi
cate. She , however , occupied n residence
bequeathed by the will , nnd the supreme
court holds that this stops nor from resisting
its provisions concerning the beneficiary
K. V. Iniics vs. John Druxcl , appellant ;
Council Bluffs suuorior court ; afllrmcd ;
opinion by Given.
John. Harbin vs. State of Iowa and J. C.
Bonar , sheriff , appellants , Clark district ;
nfllrmod ; opinion b.v Granger.
Millie McConnell vs. Iowa Murual Aid
association ot al , appellants ; Wapollo dis
trict ; aQlrmcd ; opinion by Book.
Street Car Ijinos CoiiHoliilntoft.
DBS Motuns , la. , Oct. 2. [ Special Tolo-
grum to Tun BEB. ! The consolidation of the
Do ? Moines Street railway companies was ef
fected , the transfer having boon made yes
terday. This morning a mooting was hold
and the following officers elected : Presi
dent , J , S. Polk ; secretary nnd general man
ager , George P. Hippo ; treasurer , Simon
Casady. Directors , A. M. Hippe , Hoyt
Sherman , William H. Ankeny , Simon Casady ,
J. S. Polk , George B. Hippo and B. l\
KanfTman. The transfers show that a trust
deed was made running from the Dos Moines
Street railway company to the American
Trust nnd Savings bank for 5005.090 , on the
lots and personal property of the grantor ;
also bill of sale by the Dos Moines Kloctrlo
railway company nnd the Des Moines ft Se
vastopol Street railway company to the Des
Molnoa Street railway company , the consid
eration being § 310,00(1. (
The W. O. T. U. Convention.
MAUSH.M.I.TOWN , la. , Oct. 2. [ Special Tel
egram to TUB BUE.J The state convention
of the W. C. T. U. has boon considering rou-
line business. The annual address of Presi
dent J. Ellen Foster adheres to a nonpartisan
san plan conducting the union , and con
demns in scathing terms tlio national un'on '
in giving its allegiance to the prohibitory
party. A majority of the Iowa convention
conform to the president's views , but there
is a minority that will not agree with hor.
Greetings wore sent to several state conven
tions , including Nebraska ? The number of
delegates in attendance IH 210.
A Keunion lit' Votcrana.
DBS MOI.VES , la. , Oct. 2. | Special Tele
gram to TUB BBE.J The reunion of the
Twenty-third regiment , Iowa infantry ,
opened to-day at Atkinson post hall , with
about ono hundred and fifty members pres
ent and nearly all the companies repre
sented. Captain Little , of Wayne county ,
was olccted chairman , and Secretary Wight-
man made the opening speech. Captain
Hull made n patriotic ) speech , full of war
reminiscences. W.V. . Pink mudo it brief
speech , reviewing the history of the repi-
mcnt , and other short talks were made by a
numbur of the old soldiers. A committee
was appointed to make out a list of the dif
ferent companies and their representatives ,
looking toward having a complete history of
the regiment published.
Sitll at lurii ; .
WATEHLOO. la. , Oct. 2. [ Special Tele
gram to Tnn BEE. ] The track which was
behoved to have been fouud yesterday in the
Wnpsio woods of the horse thieves who
broke Jnll Monday night nftor nearly killing
Sheriff Hoxie , has boon lost and is believed
to have been a false scent. Officers are now
scouring the country north nnd west. It is
learned that the young man who was nr-
rested for aiding them to esc.ipo told some
of his friends on Monday that they had bil
lies und were going to nulco their escape.
Sheriff Hoxio is Improving.
* Au Anti- Monopolist Nominated.
CviiuoM , , la. , Oct. 2. ( Special Telegram
to THE Hms. I Z. A. Church , of Green
county , was nominated for senator on the
llrst ballot by the republican district conven
tion hero to-day. The convention loafllrms
the principles of the republican party us
adopted nt Des Moines at the state conven
tion. The district is composed ot Carroll ,
Sno and Green counties. Church is a pro
nounced anti-monopolist. Deal , his prede
cessor , was a rank monopolist.
Flow \Vith n 1'ouketliook.
GIIAND JUNCTION , la. , Oct. 2. [ Special
Telegram to TUB HUB. ] Last ovonlug Met
Thompson , a grain buyer from Pilot Mound ,
nnd William Carl , employed InV. . P. Fergu
son's livery barn , were together at the Windsor
ser house. About a o'clock this morning Mr.
Thompson discovered that tlis bedfellow had
Down und also his pocketbook , containing
about MOO. The last heard from Carl ho was
about nine miles south of here und still got-
tint' further away.
nt Hlinltlon ,
SHELDON , la. , Oct. 2. [ Special Telegram
to Tan BEB. ) William Gavin's commission
and feed barn , together with'slxtcon head of
stock , were burned hero this morning ut
about 2:30 : o'clock. There was only u partial
insurance , The supposition Is that itvaa
the work of some Incendiary. The loss xvill
foot up about * 1,000. The Btook was owned
bv J. B. FusUre , G. G , Smith and William
Gavin. _
Waterloo's \Vnt ; r Workx Sold.
WATUHLOO , In. , Oct. 2. [ Special Telegram
toTuuD&u.l The Waterloo waterworks
plant has boon sold to a comp-in.v represent
ing the bondholders. The consideration was
| ba,000. J. B. Quigley , of St. Louis , IspresI-
dent of the now company.
MIIR lioirtca OroinuteU.
CEIUH KAi'ins , la. , Oct. 3. The llverj
barns of Hank Bros , and John Miller and the
business college boarding hall burned till'
morning. Nine horses were cremated. Loss ,
$10,000 ; partially Insured.
A I'oitnlllou Koblid. .
MALVBIIH' la. Oct. a. [ Special to Tiir
BEB.l The postofllco at this place was
burglar'2 ' last night. Both front doon
were broken open. The safe was blowr
opon. Holes were drilled In the door and side
safe , through which explosives wcro put
Key deposits to tbo amount of 8V70 was ul
the thieves got for their trouble.
Pours' Sonp la the most olofuut tollol
TOO UI2MG1OUS 1 > 'OK 1 1 15 It.
A Motlif.illst MlnlHtcr'fl Wilts Sues Fern
n Divorce * .
Oct. 2. [ Special Telegram to
THH Bnn. ] Hov. Olln J. Gary , n Methodist
minister , la the defendant In nn Interesting
dlvorco cuso that opened lu Judge Tuloy't
court to-day.
Mrs. Emma Gary , the complaining wife , Is a
handsome llttlo woman ot slight build nnd Is
n decided bninotto. She wept almost con
stantly whllo testifying , nnd there was ft
mournful cndcnco to her voice tnnt made
everybody fool melancholy. Mrs. Gary.
during the forenoon session , tola
enough of her story to do as n basis
for tuo Introduction of n lot of letters most
of thorn written to her by her husband from
St. Louis. The rest of the tlmo wns occupied
by the rending ot the loiters. The eotnpfnin-
ant. said her htishaud had failed to support
her properly. She said nho cherished the
idea of having n happy , comfortable homo ,
but ho did not scorn Interested that
wny at nit. Ho would do nothing
but talk religion , Bho said. "Ho
told mo , " she said , with n burst
of tears , "that his homo wns in lieavon and
ho was striving to laywp treasures thcra.
Ho wanted mo to Join Iho church nnd ao-
cuscd mo ot being Irreligious and said 1 was
opposed to his church , the Methodist. I was
never opposed to religion , ana In my trouble
nnd trials I have tried to keep my heart right ,
but I never could satisfy my husband. "
The lettoru were affectionate , but they
were filled with religious exhortations
to his wife to flee from the wrath to come.
In ono of the letters ho reminded her of her
premise to glvo herself and child to the Lord
nnd snld his own future lifo und hers would
depend much on her fidelity to the promise.
Once ho descended lo levity and said ho was
getting quito lively and gay. "Tho land
lady , " bo wrote. 1ms two handsome daugh
ters , nnd last evening I took them for n walk
around the block. " '
A Chicago t'ollconinn Shot Uy n
JMystjrloiiH Sfrnnjjor.
CHICAGO , Oct. 2. [ Special Telegram to
Tine BBH , [ A sensational tragedy occurred
to-dnv at the corner of State and Twenty-
third streets.
Ortlcor James McDowell bad Just arrived
nt the patrol box to muko his report when ho
was approached by Andrew Gllllgan , n
stranger , who inquired the names of the
promoters of the now gas company. The two
men retired to a small room in the roar of ft
saloon from which the stranger had emerged
nnd wcro engaged some flvo minutes in
conversation. They then entered the saloon
nnd the proprietor heard McDowell say
to Gllllgan. "You had no business calling
mo a liar. I'm not n liar , nnd won't take that
from anybody. Gllligan said not a word , but
drew his revolver and tired o'nco , the bullet
cnterinij McDowell's bodv n little nbovo the
abdomen on tba left side. Phohm , the sa
loonkeeper. Imini'dlatol'i * grappled with the
assassin nnd a hard tussle resulted. Gilli-
gnu's revolver was lired again in the tussle.
A policeman assisted in the strug
gle and sociircd the revolver , which
was a SS-callbro "Bulldog. " Gilligan
after his capture would any nothing except
that ho was from the west nnd admitted hav
ing done the shooting. Dr. O'Neill attended
the ofllcor und states ho cannot recover.
Captain Hunt immediately sent for n
notary nnd took his ante-mortom statement ,
but it explained nothing except that the
stranger methodically provoked a quarrel
and then shot htm. Several hills wcro found
on Gilligan , showing him to have been nt
ono time a resident of Cincinnati. Ho Had a
bank bonk with n credit of $50 In the Oak
land bank , some change , a large kalfo and
other things in his pockets.
Ono ofthn Most Notable Convention B
Hvor Hold In Amrrici.
NEW Yor.K , Oct. a. The general conven
tion of the Protestant Episcopal church of
America , held every three years , opened mis
morning. This Is looked upon us one of tlio
most notable conventions over held by the
church in this country. It is the centennial
anniversary of Ihu adoption of the Protest
ant Kpiscopal church and of the holding of
the. first gsnerai convention , as provided by
that constitution. The convention opened
with religious exercises , the regular morn
ing communion service being celebrated.
This was followed by the sermon of the day
by Bishop Whinpto , of Minnesota.
At the close of the services both the house
of bishops and the house of deputies began
the actual work of the convention by pro
ceeding to elect officers and to select com
At the afternoon session Dr. Morgan Dir
was declared the presiding officer by a unan
imous vote. After the appointment of sev
eral assistant secretaries adjournment was
had until to-morrow.
Tlio Methodist * .
Locui'OitT , N. Y. , Oct. 2. The eightieth
session of the general annual conference of
the Methodist Kpiscopal church met to-day ,
Bishop Fitzgerald , of Minneapolis , presided.
Koutuio business occupied the morning
session. In the evening Chancellor Sims
preached the anniversary sermon.
Ciishman'ft Mcntho inhaler cures cntnirh ,
headache , neuralgia , asthma , hav fever.
Ti ial free at your druggist. Price 50 cents.
Tlio tiaily Or aiiist Marries Ono of
tlio Jloy SiiiKcrH.
UTIOA , N. Y. , Oct. 2. [ Special Telegram
lo Tin : UICK.I Society circles in this city are
greatly agitated over the marriage of Anna
Louise Gushing , a pretty youug woman of
twenty-four , and Eddie Frey , a boy of four
teen. Miss Gushing hus for yonrs been an
organist in the churches of Utlcn , nnd it was
while nctlnp In that capacity in St. George's
Episcopal church that she beoamo acquaint
ed with young Frey , who was a member of
the ooy-cholr ,
On Saturday. September 7 , Miss Cashing
told her parents that she was going to West
Hloomflold. a little village near Houhcstor , to
visit relatives. Frey disappeared ut the
same time , wont to Boston ami from there to
Ganandalgua , where ho met Miss Cushlng
and they set out to get married. The wo
man looks old enough to bo the boy 'smother.
Several ministers in Canandulgua refused to
mnrrv them on this account. The Congre
gational cloigyman finally consented to per
form tlu > ceremony. Tuo brldo give her ago
as twenty and Frey said ho was eighteen.
The couple returned hero at onco. Mrs ,
Frey played the organ In St. Goorgu'u church
on bu inlay. Frey attends tlio public schools.
Lord Colfiridiro writes : "Sond mo 15 doron
Cook's extra dry imperial wine. I tried it
while hero and Hnd It suuerlor. "
Two Hurjjliiri Will Ijouvo tlio I'cii lo
Slaml Trlnl for .Mnrilur.
CmrAtio , Oct , 2. [ Special Toloijram to
TIIB Hun.J Something novel in the way of
habeas corpus was participated lu by States
Attorney LongoneciKor at noon to-day In
connection with the mysterious Clorko
murder ,
Ho petitioned Judge Baker for a writ on
the warden ot the state penitentiary for
the delivery of Hobert Hussell and
Michael Fey in order that they
might bo brought to Chicago to stand trial
for the murder of Druggist Clarke last
winter. They uro serving u term for bur-
t'lary , and this is the only wuy in which the
matter could ho adjusted. The writ was
ernntcd , nnd the prisoners will probably bo
brought to Chicago to-morrow. A comrade
has made a confession implicating these
men ,
A Wnniun Miiko Blonoy
ncriiN for ItolnttvoH.
NEW VOIIK , Oct. 2. [ Special Telegram to
TUB HKU.I Mrs. Miry Dnlton , ullus Mm.
lima ! KlUabotii Wharton , is locked up In
the police station at Newark , N , J. , on a pe
culiar churgo preferred b.v liar first husband ,
Holiort IXtlton , She Is u good looking , neatly
dros xl vvouittti of about twonty-blx years ,
and has wade u record for her elf as a pecu
liarly smart swindler. The mnnnor In whloh
elm operated xvas novel , She would go to nn
undertaker nnd make arrangements for an
expensive funeral for some relative , nnd on
the strength of the arrangement borrow
mouay from the tindortakor. It is unld that
she has made arrangements for tha burial of
her slstor live tlmoi , her mother nnd brother
four times each , and other relatives la pro
_ _
LsMvtts , la. , Oct. S. [ Special Tolegrnra
to Tin : HUB. ! To-day , the second day ot the
Floyd Valley meeting , wns 'uicrostlng '
throughout. The track wns In perfect con
ditton and the weather slightly cooler. The
running rnco was nnlshod between Dan
Wagner nnd Johnnie lied. Wagner won ,
2ir : ! > pace Orcy Tim won the first heat In
2Ubut : wan distanced in the second.
Legal Star won thrco heats and the woo in
'J:40J : < , 2:48nnd2ji. : : ; ;
Freo-for-all trot Graham's ' MntnbHno
won. Host tlmo a :28. :
The County Greou rnco was won by Al-
mpntco Tlmo 2 : ! > 3.
The single dash run , onn and n quarter
miles , was won by Fniuchlio m 2:22. :
To-morrow there will bo three trots and a
n novelty runuing race.
GITT , Oct. 2. The wcnlhor was
fine nnd the track in good condition. Sum
mary :
2:4S class , trotting , purse $100 Nellie Ev-
orhart won , Elector second , Nan third , Ord
Stewart fourth. Tlmo 2r : ! ! Vf.
Free-for-all pacing , purse 100 Fred Ar
thur won , Frank Franklin second , Fred W
third , Louts B distanced. Tlmo-2 : flif ; ,
2S.TJ tmolng , purse J-IOO Maud Ncff won ,
Sol Miller second , Mambrino Prluco third ,
Hod Kovor fourth. Tlmo 2:3 :
Cnrdlnnl fJilitioii'H Pas oral
BU.TIMOKK , OoU a , Cardinal Gibbons has
prepared n long pastoral letter on the cola *
oration of the 100th anniversary of the Cath
olic hierarchy hi the United States. Ho
dwells on the growth of the country and the
Catholic rollclou. There is now embraced
within the territory of the United Status a
Catholic population of about nine millions.
'Iheronro 10,500 churches nnd chapels , twenty
somlnnnes exclusively devoted to the trainIng -
Ing of candidates for the ministry , 050 ooli
leges and academics for tlio hlchor education
of tlio youth of both Boxes ; 8,100 parish
schools und 520 hospitals nnd orphan asylums.
'Tho church , " says thn cardinal , "exhibits a
vigorous nativity and a sturdy irrowth uhich
Justillcsn well founded hopu of ill unlimited
expansion lu the future. "
Nemnhn ConntvM l nir.
Annnns , Nob. , Oct. 3. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Biin.1 The county fair opened up to
day with n very largo attendance. This
being children's day , the schools turned out
over six hundred of the young folks. The
principal attraction wns the hippodrome
race by the Tucker boys , ot this county. The
three-year-old colt trot was won by Dailoy'a '
colt , IJenl. The" ill ) ruoo won by Iload-
loy's horse , Bon B. Tlmo 'J : ! , ' " . The
running race wns won b.v Tucker's .Inn Leo.
Time 54. Several gambling devices were
Blurted during the duy , but were promptly
closed by the officers.
Kottordiim Strllco.
n noxrnunvM , Oct. 2. AnotherNconfcrenco
took place to-day between the shippers and
the representatives of tlio strikers. It is ex
pected a Eoltlonieiit will bo effected to-uior-
Midnight The strilto has ended. At a
meeting of l,500dock men this evening the
modified terms were accepted , namely , ( id nn
hour on week days and ' < jd au hour on Sun
day and the mluimum four hours' worlr pet-
Stcainslilp Arrivals.
At Stcttcn The Island , from Now York.
At London Sighted : The Edamt from
Now York , for Amsterdam ; the Travo ,
from Now York , for Dromon. " 't
At Liverpool The England , from Now
At Now York The State of Pennsylvania ,
from Glasgow. ,
Fired Into n l rayor MceHnjr.
Mossv POINT , Miss. , Oct. 2. To-night
while prayer meeting was being conducted
at the Presbyterian church some ono flrod a
load of buckshot through the front door , In
stantly killing Dan Mclnnis , mortally
wounding his daughter Nellie and seriously
woundinp Henry Bluomcs. There I * no clue
to the perpetrator.
G. A. It. Matters.
DCTHOIT , Oct. 2. Conimandor-in-Chiof
Alficr of the G. A. n. has ibsued a general
order in which the announcement is made
that Iho following members are appointed ui
members of tlio p"eiiHion commltto : Merrill ,
of Massachusetts ; ICounUo , of Ohio ; Fairchild -
child , of Wisconsin ; Burst , of Illinois , and
Blue , of Kansas.
Natural Gns Ignites.
DAYTOV , Oct. 2. Workmen had tapped the
natural ga * main to-night for repairs , when
the escaping gas was ignited by a spark from
n passing car on the electric road. The
trench was immediately lilted with llames ,
mill three workmen were terribly burned.
Ivllli-d lly n Doric.
LBAVKNWOHTH , Knn. , Oct. 2. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : BPK. ] Pat Alanlon , an inmate - *
mate of the soldiers' home , was Instantly
uillort this afternoon ut-1 o'clock b.v a horse
which became unmanageable and dashed Into
a crowd of old soldiers.
ISnitineor Twoinlily Out on Hull.
CHICAGO , Oct. 2. Engineer Twombly and
Fireman La Cloche wcro admitted to bull at
? 25,000 each. Two gentlemen connected with
tliii Koik : Island road whose names could not
bo learned went on Twombly's ball. La
Cloche has not secured any bondsmen.
Hopori ol die l > . & N.
LoumviMO ! , ICy. . Oct. 2. The annual
mooting of the Louisville & Nashville road
was held to-day. Tuo report for the year
shows gross oarnines , $ lini.,3'.Hi ! ) ! ) ; n t earn
ings , ? < ; ,2ri,310. : The dlvMomls paid during
the year amounted to 1,514,800.
l'lilliiill | > liiaiinin ComlHky.
ST. Louis , Oct. 2. It Is stated that an
agent for the Philadoliihla Lunguo club has
offered $ iDOfO for the rcleaso of Cuptalu
Comiskv , of the Browns , but that the offer
was refused.
Tlio Oriion I ynl MonMi'r.
SANDUBKV , O. , Oct , 2. Charles Hartman ,
a saloon keeper , to-night killed his wife and
and himself. Jealousy was tlio
Ijuylnir ilu > Copu Stoni : .
Ciiicnno , Oct. 2 The ceremony of laying
the cope stonoof the great auditorium buildIng -
Ing In which President Harrison was nomi
nated , was conducted this afternoon under
the auhpiees of the Illinois grand lodge of
Masons. Previous to tlio ceremonies tliera
wan a largo piocesslon of members of Ma
sonic ordure.
Oct. 2 [ Special Telugrtttn
toTiiu BiK.J : Bonds offered : f 1.000 ut J1.S3 ;
n i.7.
Diirno'N Catai-rlt fin u ft' .
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head , nervous heudacho , etc. , UKO Durno's
Hnull , it will relieve you at once , 1'rlcu oa
ut uruuKists. _
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regulate the Uowcls , 1'urely Vegetable.