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k Report of the Commtssionor to the
Secretary of the Interior.
fE erjr tAno In tlio"r. t nntl North-
ivcHt Try I UK to Cover All tun
Tcrrliury .Suuccsted
Business MntluuH or tin Profits.
AVA8MINOTON , Sept. ro. Hornco A. Taylor ,
Commissioner of railroads , lias filed with the
fJdcrotnry of the Interior thunniiual report of
the operations othls bdrc.iu for the
year ontied Juno : iO , 1839. The commls loner
dlicuMes the railroad situation In the west
nnd northwest anil makes some suggestions
.nsto.oxIstltiK uvlls and tliolr roiiodlos ns
Well as Homo rcconimondntlons as to the noc-
cssnfy legislation In order to bettor protect
tlio'Intcrcsts of the government nnd to ron-
tier ttio operations ot his bureau of more
practical Importance.
TUo commissioner says tnero hart baan no
Inspections nnd nooxumlnaUoiisof the books
npd accounts of rnilroiids subject to the
supervision of Uls bureau mndo for the cur
rent year , and covered by tuU i-oport previ
ous , to his appointment ns coinmlsslonur , July
17 , 183'J. Ho is , thurcforo , unable to mnko
the report ns full nnd complete us It other-
vlua might luivo been. Since- his appoint
ment , however , the uxiitninutlon of several
railroads In which the government lias u
pecuniary Interest has been mnilo.
The total liability of tboUnloli Pacific to
the government June 81) ) , ISS'.I , wn3 ? * > l,2. . ' ' , > ,7l)2. )
Trio excess of interest paid by thu United
, States over * all credits amounts tu17,730.2iO.
The total liability or the company was $ iil- (
620,151) ) . The assets amounted to fr : ! > , .JO 1,723.
The liability of tlm Ucntrul Pacific to the
ffovoriiuioniwnsM'J.ffiiO.r.H ; excess of inter
est paid bv the United States over credits ,
KM-101,0.P > 4. The total debt ot the company
. was $ l2r > .2 GlGii , unit the capital stoek ? 03-
TOoix)0. ) The assets amounted to t2 l,7i > 7 , *
! 3G2. There was n not decrease In the assets
during the year of S7WS.5. ! ! The sinking
funds of the Union Pacific nnd Central
Pacific companies held by the Bocrctary of
thu treasury amount to $1.1,514,001.
The Sioux City & I'acillc railroad received
bonds from thu United Stales amounting to
$1,1183,1)20 , , ) to aid in the construction of
. ii/lles. The interest paid by thu United
1 States amounts to $ -,050,41)3 ) and thuro has
l > cen retained by the treasury on account of
transportation services , Slfi'i.fiOO , leaving the
aggregate amount due the government ,
JS V.'S.Koa. The exccsH of Interest pud by
the United States over credits is ? lS'l3.Ua3.
J he subsidized portion of the central branch
of the Union Piicllla received bonds to the
amount of $ lfiXUMU. ( The aggregate- debt to
the government nt the end of the year
amounts to $3.l34,7ti. : ! ; excess of interest paid
.over credits , $1,734,702.
' In regard to tno railroad situation in the
west the comiiiissloncr says : "Repeated and
ruinous rntu wars dcst-uctlvo uliKo to the
, intoiusts of the railroads nnd the shiuping
public , hnvo prevailed to > nti nbirmlng extent
tin ouuhout the west in recent years. The
unparalleled development of the vast re
sources of tlio western ctates and territories
has attracted capital there , and the railroads
have opened inviting fields to Investors. As
, a result railroad lmiidin < . ' has been carried
on fur in advance of thu needs of
the country. Parallel lines and unproductive
feeders have been constructed and expensive
terminal facilities. With the opening of
nearly every through line complications hnvo
arisen nnd competition has been stimulated
to thu point of annihilating profits and often
producing ruinous lasses. That unwise or
perverse management utibvorlfj legitimate-
and healthful competition into unreasoning
and 'destructive warfare IB not infrequently
' ' plaihly apparent , but Itnowlcdgo 6f this fact
brings no relief to the lessening revenues of
* warring companies. Thuso rate wurs are "In
many , if not most cases devoid of palliation
or excuse , inanguiuled without reasonable
cntiso'nnd vindictively prosecuted with uttei
disregard of their disastrous effects upon the
interests of the companies engaged and the
business public. They destroy or Imperil the
value of railroad securities , impose unjust
burdens upon the commerce of competing
sections , prevent stability ia business and
1 render thn profits of producer und trader
ullUo uncertain.
"I do not agree with the claim so persist
ently mndu by railroad managers and their
organs and satellites that the recent losses
sustained in the railroad business are plainly
dull to the restrictive laws which have ol
lilto been enacted by congress and in many
' "of the western states. In boinu states , nota-
* v'nbly in lowu , it is undoubtedly true that
laws have uecn enacted which nro unjubt to
the railroads and injurious to public interests
and which ought to bo speedily modified or
"Most of the legislation for the regulatioi
of railway traffic within the stales lias beci
. wisely conservative and was as surely do
'innnded for the protection of the public
against unjust charges und discriminations
i in local trade us was the intcr-stato eom-
> inorco law to protect commerce between the
states. The theory that the recogni/.ed laws
of tradu would ultimately so far prevail ns
to sufficiently regulate the management o
railroads iu the Interests of the public has
, not proved to bo a correct one. Croats huvo
demonstrated that thcso laws have become
pructlcully inoperative , und that it Is neces
sary to invoke- legislation to supplement the
operation of natural laws , establishing leglti
nmto rights and curblnir the unwurrantci
pretensions of transportation companies.
"Tltp exceedingly unfortunate situatiot
which has of late prevailed In the west am
northwest presents n vlvlii illustration uiu
I gives an expensive , tlmuuli apparently un
heeded lesson as to the effect of unregulatci
-competition. Unless conditions are changet
through thu voluntary actions of the rail
companies ur by legislative interference
inl relations will be seriously dls
turbed uim , lasting injuries inflicted upon
1 railroads und upon every department o
i. tI bollevo that In many sections of th
west , conspicuously in thu states of lowaniu
Kansas1 ; the mileage of the railroads I
greatly In excess of thn legitimate needs o
the carrying trade. If this be true , thoi
I niriiiy Investments in railroad propertie
< there mvisx fail 'to yield icmunorutivu dwi
( lends or thu schedules of rates must bo llxcd
'COvhigh.ns to prove ruinously burdensome to
trnfltn. > Fur this unfortunate condition o
I allrfirH , neither the ueoplo nor the railroad
compunicaiuro wholly to blame. Doth hnva
contributed to brlnft it about. The people
JUuvo encouraged railroad constructioi
rVrliuruvurMl could bo secured , regardless o
, Oxlst'ng necessities or future complications
i.'urilt 'railroad ' companies Imvo been unduly
eager to control trade by building now lines
mid fcedcru for established ones , where tin
' volume- trafllc was not sufllulent to sup
ijorMliem. This condition of things present
v a ] irublcm dlftlcult of Kolutlon , It Is safe to
snyjhiit thu remedy docs not lie In the levy
Ipp ot extortionate charges or the waging o
< muklvss rate wurs.
' 'Tlio t-oeurity of the railway system lies In
administering It with careful respect to Jus
lieu and the public welfare. If its oppressive
hand is laid too heavily upon the people , ru
Vcngu and , revolt will bo sure to follow.
, 't'Jf investors in railroad properties hnvo
expended their capital iu thu construction o
iJJucs'iiot demanded by the present trade
rthe.ll they must share the fate of nil who in
! .vest Ju unproductive enterprises. llolisf cut
i only "uoiuo through increased settlement
! stimulating business and developing naturu
resources. "
Both the Interests of the railroads and the
I public , says thu commissioner , suffer fron
the fact that railroad manairora devote thai
'energies too largely to securing 'trado fron
competing centers , und do not BUftlctcntlj
encourage the development of local truffle.
The commissioner dwells at length un the
jirvblciii of securing to the government the
; lniymont of the amounts duo fiom the
bonded rpuds. Ho says he has come to tlm
l * > Uelublon that the most feasible plan to DO
. ; idoptod U to grant a reasonable extension o
Umu with u reduced rale of Interest , und re
qulro tlin payment of n Certain per coat o
Vho gross earnings of the rouds , to ba uppllci
Iu the liquidation of. their indebtedness to
the government. This would relieve the
railroad companies from the embarrass
| wont that might come to then
, , were they required to pn >
aUod BUUIK at stated periods. Ii
( times of business depression when the re
uclpU wuro light their obligations to pa )
would bu correspondingly ruuuvtd , while It
iroaperous years they could afford to mnko
ncrenscd payments. The government has
no clnlm upon the earnings of thcso non-
subsidized lines , and trnfllo mny bo diverted
cither naturally or with n purpose from the
tided to the non-aided lines , nnd various
changes In axpcnso accounts mny bo entered
up against the aided portions thnt should bo
chargeable to the non-aided portions.
It i apparent llmt the subsidized rondi
can not discharge their oblignUons to the
government at maturity.
It Is the commissioner's opinion thnt It
would bo wise for congress to pass nn net
plvlng n reasonable extension ot the time ,
reducing the rate of Interest to 3 or 4 per
cent , requiring thnt the earnings from all
government transportation by the subsidized
companies en nil lines operated by them ,
whether aided or non-nlded , Rhould bo ap
plied to the payment of any Interest or prin
cipal duo or to become duo within the fiscal
rear in xyhlch the services might be rcn-
lercd , prohibiting the payment ofuny divi
dends by the subsidized companies unless
such company shall hnva paid nil Interest on
its bonded debt having u lion prior to the
government , and nil matured Indebtedness
nnd Interest then due , nnd such n percentage
of the gross cnrnlnus of thu subsidized lines
ns bv careful estimates would realize sums
sufficient to pay the accruing Interest nnd
rnlso a sinking fund that would meet thu
principal of Uio debts nt their maturity.
Said companies should also bo permitted to
refund the first mortgage bonds under such
provisions ns would prevent nny Increase In
I ho debt which Is allowed priority over the
debt duo to the United States.
The commissioner makes recommenda
tions of various kinds , nmoiiL them one that
nil the nccounU of these railroads bo ren
dered I hrough his oftlco Instead of going
direct to the different departments , ns in the
past , ns ho says It is Important that thcro bo
some bureau of the government in which
can be found full Information ns to the
nccountH between the railroads and the
United States.
Thorn are now millions of dollars of unset
tled bills pigeon-holed In various depart
ments of the treasury and It. Is due to thu
rntlroau companies that all these accounts
bo promptly adjusted and thnt such
Bums a * nro legally their due bo credited or
paid them. It Is also to the Interest of thn
government to know the exact condition of
its accounts with these companies.
\Vhltn Wincci ! 1'oncf.
Cnic.voo , Sept. 30. [ Special Telegram to
Tun UKR.J The white wings of peace nro
fluttering over the Western States Passenger
association , nnd Chairman John N , Abbott
Is again Its chief otllcor.
Last Friday Presidents HUghltt and
Cable , of the Northwestern and Rock Island
respectively , itid Vice President Clark , of
the Missouri Aiclllc , called a meeting forte
to day of all the lines la the association , to
try nnd evolve some plnri of reorganization
or at least some settlement of the dllllimlty
which has all but disruutud the association.
At. the meeting tcwlny there was u full repre
sentation of all thu lines. The preliminary
speeches were nil of u pacific tenor , and
when tho. matter came to u vote thu follow
ing resolution was passed tinaulniounly :
' 'Husolvud , That Mr. John N. Abbott not
as chairman until December HI , ISS3 , at
which time- his term of ofllco shall expire ;
thnt for the purpose of eluding a chairman a
meeting ofjho executive couiinittoo shall bo
called on the second Tuesday In December ,
After the meeting President Cable of the
Hock Island said : "Tho whole affair has
been unfortunate , but is now settled to the
satisfaction of all. The difficulty nroso last
spring when the association adopted u new
agreement , but did not elect a chairman
unuer i's terms. Air. Abbott had
been employed for three years , or
until DocDinber 31 , Holt That hu was chair
man under the old tiKreomunt and not under
thu new was n technical ndvantatre seized
upon by Bomn enemies of Mr. Abbott. "
Chairman Abbott , who , during the whole
trouble , has preserved the 'strictest silence ,
to-day expressed himself as well pleased at
the rnitcome. Hu had been so .situated tliat
, ho could not resign , as some of the roads
Claimed no hud nothing from which to re
sign. The present nriuitirenicnt cleared
away all obstacles and hecould honorably
rotird when his term of ofllco ended.
Tnlcfj or IIB Misconduct listened tel
l > y Inior-Stato Commission.
CHICAGO , Sept. 30. The intcr-stato com
merce commission mot hero this morning and
began the hearing of a number of cases. The
most important ca so was that of the Inter
state Commerce liailvvay association nguiust
the Chicago i Alton road. Tha complaint
set fortti that tills road bad mauu a contract
with a syndicate of cattle dealers at Kansas
City for shipments east of a largo unmber of
cattle , which practically amounts to n rebate.
The matter was urgueil pro and con at great
Chairman Walker , of the Inter Stale Com
merce Hallway association , explained how
through rates are mndo from shipping points
in thu west thwugh Kansas City , with -the
privilege of stopover for sale at that point.
It cuttle arc not sold there they ore sent on
to Chicago on the original billing. At , pres
ent , he said , much of ttiU stock is shipped in
private cars , on which indongo Is collected
and line cars uro not much used. lie said
the American Lave * Stock Commission com
pany had made contracts with the Alton to
use 400 of ttioir cars , for which they nro to
pay ? ( ! a month rental. This is In the nature
of a rebate , nnd if nil lines should do the
same It would destroy trade.
Attorney Hrown. lor the Alton , denied the
right of the Inter-state Uuilroad association
to make complaint , on the grouud that it
was neither a real nor an artificial pot-son.
Ho acknowledged the contracts , but reserved
the right to withhold them. Ho aid not care
to have theAlton's contract niado public for
the sntUfnetlon of the curious.
Chairman " Walker replied with nn argu
ment to prpvo the legitimacy of the complaint
and his ussuuiatlan ,
After recess .luugo Cooley announced that
the question would bo talton under advise
ment , us to , whether the case In its present
form should bo considered by the commis
sion. The decision on this point will bo si veil
to-morrow morning.
The case of the Chicago , Kansas City &
Nnhraska and the Uock Isinna against the
Chicago & Alton occupied the rouinmdor of
thu day and will bo continued to-morrow.
The pulut at Issue IK in regard to the live
stock stopover privilege * ! at Kansas City.
Chairman Midgloy , of the Southwestern
Hallway association , was subjected to an
hour's riuid questioning in the matter. Ho
was ordered to bring thu asaocmtlon's books
before the commission to-morrow.
A. Hit ? Itlniiknt Morttnic.
BOSTON , Sept , 30. The Traveller will say
tomorrow of the work of iho Atcliison re
organization commiltoi AB matters now
stnnd , it looks as if' the proposition for u
"blanket" mortgage- bearing 4 pur cent
Interest and to run fifty years would bo
submitted to thu security holders , -lust
what uggrcgatn the amount will be is some
thing for future determination , but iu all
probability the limit will bo made $ 00,000,000.
An Income bond as u boniiH for scaled inter
est Is likely to nccompany the now plan on
bonds that will i.ssuo nt fixed rnto charges.
Under the new plan thq bonds thnt will ac
tually bo Issued will hardly exceed STfi.OOO-
000 , Concerning the Interest payments to
bn met to-morrow , it may 1m Bald on the
strength of nn official statement that they
will bo paid In full.
Why Iho Tciupln of Heaven Wit ? Set
on Kiro ,
Siuxaiui , Sept. SO. It has been dis
covered that the recent ( Ire In the Temple of
Heaven was of nn incendiary origin. Several
portions have- been arrested for complicity In
the crime. The aiitlioritlcs have learned
thnt the object of the incendiaries was to
create thn Idea thnt the /'ru was an omen to
warn tljo people against [ ho introduction of
railways in China ,
Thu Oronln Case.
CIIICAQO , Sopt. ! 30. When Judge McCon-
nell'B court was opened this morning counsel
for the dofouuo in tuo Cronln case renewed
their motion that the , nutnmoulng of talesmen
bo taken out of the hands of Sheriff Mateon
and bo entrusted to n special bailiff appointed
by the court. Counselor the state admitted
that the statute Is mandatory un the subject
und the motion was accordingly grairtod.
The application of ICuuzo for u bill of par
ticulars of the uviduuco oil. which the grand
Jury Indicted him ulso coma up and Judge
> ! I'tmnell Jnutoil ( ho mutjou.
Iowa's Republican Candidate For
Governor Defines His Position.
Ills Vlnwft on the Question < r HnIN
ro.itl IjOKlHlntloit nncl Control
< rSn(4 ( n lill'o
Hully at Ylllison.
Dr.s MotNKS , In. , Sept. ! 10. | Special Telegram
gram to TUB SSr.B.l Senator. Joseph G.
Hutchison , republic-mi , cnndldnto for gov
ernor , mndo his firot regular speech of the
campaign nt Vllllscn to-day. It was a very
long document , requiring nt least two hours
for delivery. The olomosynnry Institutions
of the state arc reviewed at length , showing
that nearly $ .20,000,000 hnvo been spent upon
them In addition to tlio war nnd defense fund
nnd the regular expanses to sarry on the ma
chinery of state government , all of which
has been dona upon n stnto levy at no time
Creator than % mills , and the state is now
entirely out of debt. The history of prohibi
tion Is reviewed , and upon the question of
future action , Mr. Hutchison ny B :
"Ami now wo nro confronted ngaln in
Iowa by the saino old bourbon principles of
the democratic party on n platform whoso
cry is for n license in every township iu the
stnto. Think of It , citizens of
Iowa. Yonder , n few dnys ago , in
the now procnerous municipality of Sioux
City , whnru the saloons ut ono time-battled
against the laws of our state and against
virtue , manhood nnd decency , until it por-
potrnlnd the most vllliunoUB outrage that
was over cnlculuted to call forth the wrath of
the moral people there , when the bravo soul
of Uov. George Haddock wont out to the God
who iravo it under the command of tlio
saloon ussuBsin , the democratic inrtynevcr-
tholots , met ia convention and resolved In
favor of this cursed barnacle , which modern
civilization , as constituted In Iowa , Is deter
mined to destroy. Why , Ifsecins'to me , that
tills net would rlso up before the iiooplo ot
Iowa with such nn overwhelming influence
that they would nt once exclaim : 'Wo , the
people of Iowa , wtio stumped the saloon u
curse , the enemy of civilization , the corrup
tion of our politics , the foe of mankind , , say
to the party that convened in that city where
George Haddock was murdered by n saloon
keeper , that wo will so thoroughly demon
strate to you that you will never
forget It , that the murder ot George Hud-
docic is sacicd to us ; that wo look upon his
blood as the seal which pledged ns to the
everlasting destruction and condemnation of
the saloon in lowu. "
On the question of railway control tbo gist
of the senator's remarks are contained in the
following paragraph , which comes after an
exhaustive review of the situation ;
"Upon these grounds it became necessary
in lown , for tlio" sake of our local trufllu und
the internal welfare of our state , to proviuo
n good , vital and effective law such ns wo
provided in the twenty-second general as
sembly , and which I believeis proving a
great benefit to the , people of Town , ana
which 1 believe Is necessary to put in a use
ful , working condition our tuto railway com
mission , and which nlso was necessary n n.
proper supplement to the Interstate com
merce law. Its featurein some respects I
know are claimed by niilway offi
cials to bo too unyielding nnd too
arbitrary , but I think it mny
safely be Bald that it contains no principle
not heretofore embodied in previous legisla
tion or that cannot bu found in the laww"of
surrounding states. I think , too. that somu
of those laws will prove the fact tha ) , ours is
le s severe than theirs , Tills is especially
true of the laws of Illinois , of many , or some
of the eastern ntntos , and of the "English
railway ami navigation act , , which is to Kag-
land what our inter-stato commerce law is to
us. And even the inter-stato commprce law
is quite ns rigid'ln iniiii.v pf its rcqulretriqnts.
This statement , ! believe , railway officials
will admit when they once realize that the
people of Iowa haves every desire to legislate
late in a spirit of Justice. In" thin railway
ago , to which I hnvo referred before , the
pcojilo have found it necessary that these
laws should have been enacted , thnt they have
come to stay , that they will stay , nnd that
wo believe fair-minded railway mannfjcrs
who are willing to credit thu intclli ent pub
lic for honesty and fair dealing recognreo it. "
The speech closed with allusions nt length
to the tariff , pension and other national
Thn Shaw .Sensation.
Gtrrnnin CCXTISII. Ia. , Sept. 30. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Uun.J D. S. Shaw , the
Nevada cattle king , arrived at Gutlmo Cen
ter Friday , Septembers ? . His wife came Sat
urday. They formerly resided hero but have
been in the far west for twelve years. Mr.
Shaw hnsono farm of 215 acres here , situated
some nine miles west of Guthrie Center.
His ngont , Andrew Grubb , who is well ac-
quuintcd with the family , was seen to-day by
your correspondent. Mr. Grubb hays that
Shaw came for the purpose of mortgaging
his fat in , wanting to invest the inonoy in his
western business. His wife followed for the
purpose of preventing his design. Shaw and
wife were nt Grubb's Saturday night nuu
Sunday. He loft this morning for Green Hivcr ,
\Vyo. , and tintcnds to pa from there to his
ranch in Nevada. Mrs. Shaw is visiting
f riendfl hero and will follow her huabunu eoon.
Mr. Grubb says ho is not trying to escapes
from his wife , although he admits that thcro
is trouble between them. Ho says that Mr.
Shaw has no intention of abandoning his
family , but has educated and provided for
them generously. Mr. Grubb thinks the
btutements in Saturday's 13cu to bo greatly
overdrawn , but your correspondent thinks
there is far more truth than poetry in thoui.
The statements ns to where tttcy have lived
and other mutters of family history are
known to persons hero to bo correct.
Mr. Shaw is a wealthy cattle king and his
wifu u well educated lady of foriy-flvo years
of age.
WATKULOO , In , . , Sopt. ! iO. [ Special Tele-
grain to TUB Ur.c.l At the opening of court
this afternoon in thu Hillings case , defend-
ants' attorneys made n motion for u now
trial. They brought out n number of points ,
one of whicn was an affidavit made by 13111-
ings setting forth that two of the Jurors , W.
II. Huttcr und D. H. Fox , cntno to him after
the verdict was rendered nnd told him that
they worn not convinced of his guilt. An
other claim was that ho was tried for mur
der in the first. decree after having been nro-
vlously acimitted of that charge. .ludgoNoy
denied tlm motion for a now trial nnd sen
tenced the defendant to the penitentiary at
Anamosa for life. In his addrcxs to iho
prisoner thu Judge madn the somewhat ru-
marhublo statement that if ho had been a
juror In the cuse ho would have been In
favor of nci | uit till. Hillings took his BOII-
toneo coolly and addressed the court bricllv ,
asserting his innocence of the crime , and taking exception to a number of the
rulings in thu casu. Ha gave noticu ol an
appeal to the supreme court , pending wluuli
bail was fixed at $ r,00i ) .
SorloiiH Fire nt Mnploton ,
AUi'LCTON , la. , Sopt. 80 , [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : HEE. ] The large und beautiful
rcsldcnco of Porter Hamilton , situated in the
northeast part ot the town , burned to the
ground to-day nt noon , together with a largo
burn containing twenty tons of hay , SOO
buahuls of oats , twenty pairs of now bob
vluds , several harrows , harness , and other
goods of less value. The lire wu * } discovered
issuing from the barn , nnd a stiff wind from
the northwest carried the flumes Co the
house in n few minute * . No attempt wu * >
made to save the buildings , but till but a
small oart of the household goods , were res
cued. It is not known for u certainty how
the fire originated , but the supposition Is that
Mr , Hamilton's littlesou , about live years of
ago , did the work , as bo was in the barn at
the time. The loss is estimated at about
7,000. Insurance to tbo amount of ? 3,4JO
was carried ,
A SliorifT Attuukeil by Prisoner * .
WATICKLOO , Ia. , Sept. 30. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tnu Uui : . ] While giving supper to
the prisoners confined In the county jail
tonight , Sheriff lioxio was attacked nnd
bcatou lute Insensibility by three' librse-
thieves brouphR hero from Grundv county
foi * snfo keeping. They succeeded in making
tliolr escape , nnd./in rmcd posse of SOU men
nro scorching the country , If caught , sum
mary vcngnnco will , bo tnctcd out to thorn ,
Lawyer Hillings , etitoncod for llfo today
for the kllllngotW. L. Kingsloy , was In nn
adjoining cell nnd pave the first alarm. The
weapons used irfMMlibllng the officer wcro n
clinlr leg nnd a piece of garden hose , into
which u piece .Hf Jlmrd wood bad boon
inserted. . > '
Lhiritlnry' nt .Mill ( Inn ,
MISHE.V , In. , Scptomlior -Special [ to
TUB 13CE.1 A bolil burglary was committed
hero last night , nlil/n thieves broke Into the
store ot S. T. Yodor , situated dlroctly under
tlio hall in which the Schuct70n voroln was
holding n dnncc. Dunclna , xvns kept up all
night , yet no ono heard n sound from the
thieves whiles ttioy wcro breaking show cases
nnd packing cigars , tobacco , clothing , etc.
This morning n plug of tobacco found In the
highway near tho" residence of V , Mnrtl led
to the arrest of Henry Huckshnvor , u fnrm
hand In Martl'a employ , who made a confes
sion , tolling wlicro the stolen goods were
Nn\v HAMI-IOK , In. , Sept. 80. [ Special
Telegram to'Tim HiiB.J Ollchrlft & Co.'s
( train elevator nnd two largo warehouses ,
trith nearly all their contents , were burned
yesterday. The origin of the flro is un
known , but it is supposed to have started iu
the oncine room of ono of the warehouses.
Gllchrist & Co.'s loss is $7,000 , Insurance
not known. Sherman Hros. ' loss $1 , 00 , no
Insurance. A favorable wind Is all that
Buved other wrtrohouses and n number of
dwellings -from destruction.
Spoil tn noons Combustion.
GII.MAN. Ia. , Sept. ftO. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Hnr. . ] The largo barn bolrfnglng to
11.V. . Hurtch , u mile east of town , was con
sumed by fire , together with n largo quantity
of hay. oats , corn , several Btits of harness
und a two-sentod buguy. Quo horse and
Bomo cattle were rfespucd. A largo quantity
of clover hay was itorod In the barn , uomo
of it while quite green , ' and it looks like
another case of spontaneous combustion.
An lown t'onnilry llurncd.
POUT Domic , In. , Sept. 30. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB HER. ] The Kloh &Tlncent foun
dry hero was nlmost destroyed by flro Sunday
4 o'clocic. The flumes
morning at are sup
posed to have originated 'from smouldering
sparks. Tnu damage is nbout fJ.OOO , fully
insured. The firm will rebuild at onco.
Tlio ICncliHli Capitalists' Agent Says
It Will Gi > TnroiiKli.
CHICAGO , Sent. .UO. Mr. Levy Mayer , of
this city , on whoso , .authority the statement
was made public .Sunday that nn English
syndicate had purcliascd large milling nnd
elevator property tn .northwest . , was this
morning shown U dispatch from Minne
apolis in which C. A. Pillsbury is quoted ns
making certain statements regarding the
sale of his mills. Mayor was asked for a
statement of the pallet tacts , aad answered
as follows :
"My inforuiatlotiila that the original con
tracts for the Ratfl' of the Pillsbury and
AVashburn mills jusjlired August 1 last and
were renewed fo'va' period of sixty to ninety
days. Governor , Pillsbury was in London
during August jvlijfo I was thcro , for tlio
purpose , it is said , ' of aiding ia the cunuumu-
tion of the sale. ,1 believe that ex-Governor
AVnshburn was also there , The con'ract for
the snlo of thcsonullp expires in n few days.
The indications , I alii led to believe , point to
the sale going through , _ but of course until
sales of that maV/iitUdoliro accomplished no
positive statement tan bo made. "
Mr. Mayer was .thcn , further asked regard
ing that part of tljlu.uispatch referring to the
Van IJusoti andl.Swr elevator systems , in
which Clmi'lus M * . Harrington , thn local
manager , denfe'd ifio.trnth of Iho reported
sale. In regnrd'An tjils Mayer said : "I
strongly 8uspecttuatlidjMluneapoli8 ; ( reporter
did not intorvrow'lhc genuine Harrington.
If ho had and Harrington had spoken at all ,
he would hnvo said that thu contract for thu
sale of the Van Duson und Star systems hud
been made ; that in facj , Harrington , as sec
retary of ono of the companies , had attached
his signature to that contract ; that the con
tract had been delivered to me. and that a
portion of tlu > purchase pnco had already
been paid into one of the Chicago bailies. "
Harrington Admits.
MINNEAPOLIS , Sopt. 3) . C. j\I. Harrlng
ton , oj tbo Vnndusen street nnd Stnr eleva
tor systems , admitted when questioned re
garding the statements made by Mayer , of
Chicago , that the initial payment hud been
umdo on the properties.
I'jX-Govcruor Cornell to ( In Placed In
an liisuno Asylum.
Nmv Yoitic , Sopt. 80. [ Special Telegram
to Tin ; Uni : . ] Tlm mental condition of
ex-Governor Alouzo B. Cornell was much dis
cussed in political circles to-day and it was
openly said the mind of Mr. Cornell Is shut
tered and nis family and trieuds arc seriously
considering the advisability of placing him
in some quiet and .secluded institution ,
where , It is hoped , complete rest will restore
his faculties. It , tins been known for some
months that his mental condition was not
exactly right. Several years ago ho Buffered
from aberration of the mind , nnd Im Miont
four months at the Brighton iieiieli hotel ,
nominally n free man , out really under the
constant care and watch of several attend
ants. It WUH said to-day the ex-governor's
peculiar actions while attending thu repub
lican state convention nt Saratoga last week
had attracted the attention of all the dele
gates and hud aroused their sympathy and
' JllmoiH Miners.
Cmcuio , Sopt. 83 , ( Special Telegram to
Tun Uii : : . I "Thcro is still , " says the Jour
nal of this afternoon , "a great deal of Buffer
ing umoug the starving families of the
lockod-out miucrs ut Spring Valley. Many
families nru slowly btnrving to death , and
children nt schuol Uavo fainted from hunger
during thqir studies. In" the last four weeks
the supplies sent to Spring Valley hnvu only
been sufficient to give each starving person
food to the amountof "I cento u week. "
H I'rillllMl'H.
CniOAnn , Sept , ! H > . At n meeting of credi
tors of Gibson , Parish < fc Co. to-day , Parish
stated thnt Clifford , the absconding book
keeper of the finu' had carried oft between
J-10,000 nnd SlOO.uoo of the firm's nsHots ,
and ho was iiicjlngdto think tlio latter figure
nearer correct tluiu the formo'v
'TorxKA , Kaii.t.Htijili 80. Jacob Lovl , ono
of the largest elqtiilijrs In this city , assigned
this evening ; llaUUfuea , ? ; H,000 ) ; assets un
known. . , ' , { t.
fn .Moxloo.
CITY or MKMfjfij'.Sopt. ' 83 The force of
the great storm Vtytch visited Hajlo county
within the patit futv.duyH has abated. In its
track dcsoluilon'oirapparcnt ' on all bides.
The secoud crop oofj oru , which was very
large , Is u partial loij. Ttiin will entail great
Buffering to thu lallaVing class. The fields in
the vicinity of Lfiiii'Jiro all under water and
it Is estimated UiiOliSss to crops In Uajlo
county will bo om-.WOO.UOO.
- - -
Thu Vjcrl | > li ) Supply.
CHICAGO , Suntf. 8'd. The visible supply
for thowyok ondln'g Sopt. 23 , as compiled
uy the soorotiry. of thu Ciilcajp UD ir J of
trade , Is ns follows ; .
Bushels ,
Wheat . . . ir.b.Vi.OOO
Corn . * . - ( . 13,1183,010
Oats . , . r.,7M.UOO )
Hyo . 1 , 153,00 J
Harley . , - , . fiiii.OOO
HalzCulilr. Will Hi ; marry HlxVilV. .
LONDON , Sept. 80. The UljoiiUh news
papers unntunco that Count von HaUfeUU ,
thu Gorman minister to Kngaiul | , will shortly
remarry his former wife , un American lady
named Moulton , It is understood that their
separation was merely formal.
'ilircii Women ( iiinililri-H Snluidc.
CITV or Mi\uo : , Sept , 80. Thrco young
ladles of Morehn , who lost a fortune at the
gaming tables ; have Ju t committed sui
Dick Hill linrt Mrs. Flolda Qo Out
Driving nnd Oomo to Qriof.
Hill ItcccivcN injuries Thnt Will
rrobahly Ho I-'ntnl , VVIiito the
* Wotunn Iiosc * ) nn Uyo
How It Occurred.
A fllnil l > n.h I ) nvn tlio Stroct.
"Lay mo down onsy boys , I'm dying , "
was what Dick Hill , nn ox-saloonkccpor ,
said whoa a crowd ot men carried him into
Donovan's saloon ut Klovonth nnd l > edge nt
10 o'clock last , night. Tlian they deposited
his bruised , limp form on n couple of tables
nnd sent for it physlolmi , while hu. relapsed
Into a stnto of Insensibility , from which ho
has notslnco recovered.
One of the physicians in attendance upon
Jnck Klnney , who lay on u billiard table n
block away , was the nearest medical man ,
nnd he was quickly on the spot
"Tho man has no broken bones , nor Is ho
badly bruised , but ho Is Injured Internally , "
said he. "Ho must bo sent home , " and to
his mother's residence on Sixteenth and
Sherman avenue Dick was taken ,
Dick is the man who formerly conducted
thu Lake View saloon north of the cltv , nnd
wlille oncaKod in the uilxologluul business
formed the ncu.ualntit.nco of several fast
women. Among the number was a Mrs.
Fields , who ut present is supposed to conllno
her attentions to u youug man who performs
janitorial duties at the Omaliii Medical and
Surgical limtltutc. Hut last night she wont
out for a rldo with Dick.
Hight at this point It may not bo out of or
der to state that Hlchard mndo n mistake in
going out with her , for when it comes to
bui'fry riding or traveling In hacks she has
proven herself u veritable hooJoo. This
is the second tlmo that she has
caused the death or serious Injury to her
traveling companion. Her first victim was
a prostitute , who , in her compiny , was at
tondlug the funeral of the late Sandy Forbes.
On the road to the cemetery the horses ran
away nnd overturned the carriage , killing
Mrs. Fields' companion. Mrs. Fields , how
ever , escaped without serious injury. Last
night she was not so fortunate , for If reports - .
ports bo true she will In future look at tuo
affairs of this llfo with ono oyu less.
In company with her and a little girl , Dick
slnrtod out for a drive with a horse and
buggy. While going down Dodge street the
unluiul took fright nt n passing cable car
and at once began a mad gallop down the
street. At the corner of Eleventh and
Dodge the buggy was overturned and the
occupants dashed with terrific force ngninst
the curb. The little girl was not injured ,
but the woman nnd Hill were hurt as above
stated. Mrs. Fields was taken to Uoyd's
drug store , but wishing to avoid publicity ,
her friends spirited her nxvay before she
could bo found by thn rouortors.
IJev. Chni'losO'ltoilloy Sees .Nothing to
I'Var in th Cronln Case- .
CHICAGO , Sept. 30. [ Special Telegram to
THE BEE. ] The Hov. Ur. Charles O'Hcilloy ,
of Detroit , treasurer of tlio American branch
of the Irish National league , is in this city
Dr. O'lloilioy was willing to discuss the
National league and its prospects and wished
to deny that the. Cronin murderers and the
Clau-nn-Gnol disruption would in any way
affect the league.
"The Clun-na-Gnol " ho said "is
- - , , not con
nected in any way with the league nor with
the Parnell home rule movement. Quarrels
in the Clan-nu-Gnol do not affect the league. "
"Was not the fund raised ut the Clan-na-
Gael. picnic at Ogden's grove scat to you as
treasurer ' . ( tf the league ! "
"Yes , and n handsome fund It was , too.
But I did not understand that to bo
u Clan-nf-Gacl ) demonstration. It was ,
as I understood it to be , the usual 15th of
August picnic of the Irish societies. 1 was
invited to speak there and I would have
spoken had not previous engagements pre
vented me , and 1 most certainly wou'.d not
huvo spoken under the auspices nor by the
invitation of the Clan-na-Gael. "
"How nbout the chnrgo made thnt the
league funds are being used for the defense
of the Cronin suspects i"
"i'lioro is no truth in it. The very system
of the National league precludes nny misuse
of its fnadS. At the national convention of
the league each local nnd state hrnncn is en
titled to representation solely in proportion
to the umount of money it may have con
tributed. So you see what a watchful and
jealous eye will bo kept upon my reports of
receipts by each branch of the league in
order that each may bo allowed
proper representation. Some time ago § 10-
OI'O ' was raised here in Chicago and forwarded
direct to Mr. Parnell. When the convention
met the loenl branches tried to claim repre
sentation for this amount , but of course it ,
did not appear in my books. As to my dis
bursements I show rcceiptB for every cent
received by me. Tlio money is sent to Mr.
Puraell and all accounted lor. "
"When will the next convention bo hold ? "
"It has not been called yet. It will bo hold
whenever Mr. Parnell thinKs proper. Wo
defer to his wishes. I imagine n convention
will soon 10 called. "
"What do you think of Mr. ParnoU'B situa
tion ! "
"I think it very good. Ho certainly has
not lost anything in piestigo and he has
probably gained. No matter what the find
ing1 ot the commission may bo now , it
cannot affect Mr. P.iraell. I think Mr. Par
nell nnd the cause of homo rule stronger than
over. "
"Wnat effect will the Cronin murder have
on the Irish movement in America } "
"Not a particle. It will be a mure inci
dent , like the 'Molly Maguiro' muni era in
Pennsylvania some years ago. This murder
is the outcome of secret spolotlos. It is not
the act In any way of the Irish people. Tlio
spirit of the Irish people is opposed to mur
der. I know an attempt will bo
made anil is being made to
throw some odium on the Irish
race , but It will fail. It makes no uilTeroiico
cither , whether the murder was the result of
n local personal enmity or the action of Camp
- ! ) , or of the Clan-na-Gnul. The Irish race
can not bo held responsible for it. The Clan-
na-Gaol Is a small fraction of the Irish people
ple and the quarrels within it uro not the
concern of the Irish as a race nor of the
homo rule movement. "
Father O'Uellloy said that ho would not
confer with any of thu Irishmen of local
prominence and would leave on the noon
Tliey 1'roposo to T.iko JtcvoiiKU < >
lliti ItiiHh's Cruw ,
OTTAWA , Out , , Sept. 30. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun line. ] Hrltlsh , Columbia ad
vices say that the United States cutter Hush
will soon call at Victoria on her way south
and it Is fnurcd trouble will mo between the
crewx of thu Belied sealing schooners nnd
their friends , and thu crow of the Hush , if
tlm hitter attempts to anchor in the harbor.
'iho crows of thu sealers , most of whom are
now at VluL'jria , uro in the wildest stnto of
excitement over the loss of their summer's
\voru and tba confiscation of their skins.
They say that it they cannot got redress
through thu Hrltlsh government , they will
take itout of the UniuU States cutter that
"stoic" their scilsklns , Thu militia is to beheld
hold ready to prevent nny uttauk on the cut
ter. There nro many men of tbo rougher
element of Victoria who would Join tno in-
diijiutnt dealers if the latter ultucl : the
Kuan ,
to 1'rovciit Olnorilcr.
, Sept. 30. A number of strik
ing dock laborers manifested u disposition to.
return to work to-day , but , they wore pro'-
vnnted by their coiriradcs. Two men-of-war ,
three gunboats and two sloops - ofwar are
moored ia the river. The forces from thcso
vc&sels will bo landed Iu the event of the
strikers creating any disorder.
Fatal KallronU Collision in Italy.
Hour , Sept. 80. Two express trains run
ning in opposite directions between Naples
and Fagiiiu came Into collision while running
at a high rate of speed through a tunnel
to-day. Twenty carriages wuro umashoil aud
fifty persons killed aud injured ,
IN Till * rilSliI ) OK Sl'OKT.
.Stniiilinsr r f the Clnb .
Polloirlng will bo found the standing of
the Western association up to and Including
yesterday' * games !
Ixut. Par Ct.
ns .wo
7 .inn
M .M7
C'J . & 00
C'i .4S8
71 .413
70 .37fl
i * ,1U7
Mlnnontiolts in , Ht , .loscplt 1O.
JMiNNnAroi.ts , Minn. , Sept , no. The wind
blow so hnrd to-dny thnt It wns Impossible to
field fly balls , ami the Rama was called in tno
seventh Inning. Clouds of dust swept Into
the grand stand nnd drove half of the 1,000
spectators homo in the first Inning. Score :
ttuni oiunol Mlnnciipolli 15. St. Joseph I. TITO-
luiso lills-niid'on. u , , , . Mlnm'liiui , Dmnn , Homo
runs -Hudson. Allnnvlniti , Klmxt , Devlin , nnsux
Melon ( nrtnrrlKUI. Anlnur , Siollhn ! c , Mlllor , Han *
niliim % IMnliluilnyN Ar.lncr in Krluii. Iliivs on
li'illMy DulniH.bjr McCarthy .1. by Kloo 1 1 , lilt liy
pltrliur-rrlitiiiim , Mrnrlc nut-llr IMiitn I , Mcdvr-
hij-4. WIMHieliM-McC.irthy I. l.vrion lin i'i-st.
ItiMMili 7 , .Mlnnenpnlls 7. Hr < l lmv > un errors -l ,
Jiwijpli I.MliinoipnIli J. Tluio-lU. Um | > lriMc -
IVrmutt uuJ Duusclii'r.
Slnnv tliy ; j ( ) , | ) , .q .Momcw it.
Sioux CITY , In. , Sopt. .10. The Corn
Hushera played * ! ho concluding game of tlio
season to-day , nnd heavy hitting wns the
chief feature. All the Sioux City nlno ,
with Iho exception of Crowoll , huvo boon re
served for the scnson of 1SUO. Scnro :
, . r. li.u. n.o. r. Ii. o. n. o.
Cllno , rr ft 4 Z II 'J MniVrcy , ! li.l 'I y n 1 3 _ i u ncumicif. 31) 2 n a : i n
I'nwnii , Hi : i a is ( i rcniir. o. . . . . . . .u o 4 l t
ltro ni > n"b.i : y t 4 I Tmtllojr , f * , ( I 1 u 4 I
( Innlncl 4 : i : i II 1 1'lii-hin , ct U I a n 0
Ilraillujr. Kb I 4 0 .1 lillnrt. lit a (111 ( 0 II
Illni'k , ri 4 4 Z II OAIiln < T.II I 'i 3 I 0
iltinllck , | t 1 ; i U 4 ( ilKunnvilT. 1 1 V U II U
Crosslujr.c II a 'J I Olloucli.rf 1 I I U 1
Totnls. , Total * 0 ! > II
siotiJtcitr 12 s i a is .1 4 o o-si
Unrni'il miift PloiixClly 17 , lln Molm1 * . 2. Two-
liHFvliim ( 'line. Genii ! * , llialloy , ' , Klni'k. Crossler ,
Trnllloy , 1'licl.m Th-pp-luiie lilts Blut k ' . ' , llnrdlck.
Ci < li'y , Mn'krcy.llutm > nmClmo 2 , llrmlli'y.
IKiuliltplnyCIInu ( > llti.-nnn lit I'oiriMl. KlrMhnwi
nn bull"-Mini x I Ity ( i. Dot.Moim-i 4. Kit l > y pttrln-d
ball ro tin" . Striu-k out Hy llnnllckV , by Koimoily
4. I'sii'iM bills Co ly. Wild pltBlics-Kaniicily ; l.
'llmci-J hums , lOmlnutuo , IJmiilru 1 Jurat.
ruiulp niiti Llurlce ItrlcaiiMl.
UOSTON , Sept. ) ( ) . [ Special Telegram to
THE llr.c. ] A special from Cleveland , O. ,
where the Hoston club is playing , states thnt
Director Connnt , of the Hostous , has finally
acknowledged purchasing the release of
Nichols and Nnglo , the crack battery of thu
championship Omaha club , giving $3,000 for
the former and j2J09 ( for the latter. These
two men nro fust enough for thn league , and
were wanted by Chicago , Brooklyn and sev
eral other clubs. Manager Kr.inl ; Selco , of
the Omaha club , is doing what he c.-n for
the LSoston management , as ho will takt )
Manager Hart's nloco next season at nn in
crease of $2,000 over his present compensa
tion. Hcsidcs thcso two craclcs , Mr. Connnt
bus purchased the release , for 91,000 , of
Pitcher Con way , late of Kansas City , now
with the Western league.
Tint Nation : " . ! ljoiitc. :
CHICAGO , Sept. 30. Result of to-day's
game :
Chicago 2 * 0
Washington . . . .0 0 0 1 1 0 U it 0 5
10 0. Errors
Uaso hits-Chicago , Washington
rors Chicago 3. Washington U. Batteries
Chicatro. Gumbert und Darling ; Washington ,
Haddock and Daly.
PrjTSiinin , Sept. 80. Hcsult of to-day's '
game :
Pittsburcf 0 01002 3
Now YorK 0 0 0 ! l 0 0 3
Uaso hits I'jtt'sburg 7. Now York fi. Kr-
rors Pittsburg 1 , Now York 2. Hattories
Pittsburg , Oalvin ami Carroll ; Now York ,
Keufo and Kwing. Umpire Ij.vnch.
Game-called at the end of the Rlxth inning
on account of rain.
IXWAXAI-OM-S Sept. : > ( ) . The Philadelphia
gnmo was postponed on account of ruin.
CI.KVEIND , Sept. 30. Kesult of to-day's '
ga'ujo :
Cleveland 0 00030 0 3
Boston 1 01000 -1 0
Base lilts Cleveland ( i , Boston 11. Errors
Cleveland L' , Boston 1. Batteries Cleveland -
land , lieatin and Sutclitlo ; Boston , Clarkson
and Bennett. Umpire fticQuald.
Game called on account of darkness ,
Amci'leiin As-uiuialion.
Pnn.AiiKi.i'iirA , Sept. 30. The Baltimore- *
Athletic game was postponed on account of
KANS\S CITV , Sept. 3D. Hesulfc of to-day's
game :
Kansas City . . .0 00012320-8
Cincinnati 1 0
ST. Loum , Sept. 30. Kosult of to-day's
game :
St. Kouis 1 3000001 1 0
Louisville I 10000100-3
A OlianoiI'di * Wri'Htlcri.
There Is now u'chunco for local aspirants
to wrestling ho'nors. Sam Matthews , from
the coast , Is In town nna is nijxious to ur-
raiigo n mutch or mutches with any local
man , no mnttor what weight , catcli-as-cafch-
cnn htylo Matthews himself weighs about
l-l.'t pounds , and bo found daring his stay
hero at 212 South Twelfth street.
Ijiitnniu Itnoi'M.
CINCINNATI , Sept. ill ) . The track nt La-
toniu was heavy , the wouthcr threatening ,
and the attendance was Mnall. Sum
mary :
Six furlongs , three-year-olds and upwards
Uvont won , Story Teller second , Katiu
third. Tlmo 1:23. :
Half mile , two-year-old maiden Illlles
Mary Mulloy wou , Camilla socoml , lialtiu II
tliird. Time DP | .
Five furloiigb , two-yoar-oid imiiuon colts
anil geldings J. Ii. Freed won , l-'ahir ROC-
oiul , John McUullougn third. Time l0i ; % .
Seven lurloiigs , three-year-olds and up
wards Clamor won , Mackeiulu second ,
Bonnie King third. Timo-l :3 : ! ) ,
Three-fourths of a mile- , all agos-Ireland
won. His liimyar uocond , lago tliird. Timu
1:2. ) .
An Italian Hanker Bkipx.
Niw YOIIK , Sept , 30. The Italian laborers
hi Mott street are In a great state of excite
ment to-day over tlio disappearance of Leon
Do Leonard ! , who did a kind of bunking
business among his countrymen. He left 7
cents in the safe and took (1SOUII with bun.
I''arnii'h' ! Ijnnn und Trust Com pan y.
BOSTON , Mass. , Sept , 30. ( Special Tele
gram to TUB BUB. ] The adjourned meeting
of the eastern stockholders of the Fanners'
loan und trust company of Kansas was held
this afternoon in Young's hotel. It VMS
secret , nnd each ono present was compelled
to sign n statement declaring thnt ho would
divulge nothing regarding thu proceedings
to the press or to outsiders. The larger portion
tion of the tlmo was occupied by General
Manager Ooss in bewailing the dlllloultios
thrown in the way of a satisfactory reorgan
ization by the publicity Ivor- the ufTalrs ol
the company that this made it all thu more
necessary for the eastern members to
exert themselves to the utmost to sco
that the failure- was not laid nt their dnor.
Ho was followed by tlm cominUtuu of five
appointed ut th'i Into mootlnn to duvlso some
plan of relief. They presented u BOricn of
resolutions suggesting that all Jtp ) eastern
stockholders muko themselves collectively
responsible through Hiibitrijitlons to meet
any buluaco of western collections now
polng on thnt might oxiit In mauling the no-
rrnlng IntcreM * on bonds which como duo
next week. They then submitted n plan ta
bo laid before the annual meeting of wind-
In p up the affairs of tha present cuncorn , mid
rourgnnlcinir n new company with it now
tmtno nnd stock , Iho Inttor being given away
for the old shares nt the rnto of two old for
ono now ,
ni : vriiicio.
Itulicrt liny Hntinlimr * llni-iis Infant
.Tft'ton lt Muy'rt Ii'imllnir.
Piiil.viinf.rniA , Sent , : iO.---fSpccllil Tele-
grain to Tun HKK.I-Unby Beatrice , the In *
fant which has played so Important a part In
the Hamilton i'n cwns taken to May's Land
ing this afternoon. When Mrs. Hupp , pro-
prfotroisof the. Nollo votlngo nt Atlantic
Cltv , left that place a week or uo ago , nho
brought with her to this oily iho Hamilton
baby and thrco trunks lltled With t\io per
sonal property of Mrs. Uobort Kny Hamilton.
Thest trunks , It Is said , were also shipped to
Mr. * . Hamilton thU afternoon.
Counsel for Mrs. Hamilton cnmo hero to
day , accompanied by thn wlfu of Shprift
.Inhnson , and nrrangtvl with Mrn. Uupii for
the withdrawal of thu child fioin liOr euro.
In roptv to the iiunstlnns the lawyer until :
"Baby Beatrice Is going to Mrs , Hamilton
nt May's Lanillnu , whore filial disposition
.will bo mndo of her. I cannni now say whul ,
that will be , but thin much 1 cnn , hay , her /
fllttlro will bo provided for.
BoulnIUts > In Convention.
CnicAdo , Sept. 30. At thu convention of !
the socialistic labor | > arty to-day VctiortsJ
were received fiom u number of sections !
throughout the country showing- that thoj
membership Is slowly Increasing. The suc-1
rotary read n report reviewing the I roubles ]
between the Now York factions , which Itnvu
culminated In the suspension of four mom-l
hers of the national executive committee !
These four claim they were Illegally B
ponded and that they nro tha only real
llonal executives of thu party. The con- ;
volition now In simlon is under tliolr nils-
pice' , and In nil probability nnothor will buj
held hero next montn by another faction.
A lilt ; 'I'oiu.o Cfiip.
Cntc.vaci , Sept , 30. The forthcoming issue ]
of the Farmers' liovlow will report thut thoJ
potato crop of ISbO will probably exceed ill
iiuantlty that of any previous year | u tliil
United St-itcs. The total crop Is cstlmatcdJ
at 2UTOOOUO : bushels , which ovcocds last ]
year's crop by over seventeen million bttslH
.els. '
A Not I'd Trill n Itutibor Sln t.
NOOAI.KS , Ariz. , Sept. ! ! 0. 1.1C. T.illler , thoi
leader ot the gang which robbed onj
the Souora railroad u year ago hist May and
killed Conductor Atkinson und Firuimn7 |
Forbes , and who was subsequently cjnvictcJ
of tlio crime and sentenced to doith , wat-1
shot this mnrinngbytlio.MexKaii : nuthontlvj
ut diiaymas.
Kiilllvnn'H Onniltillcn Oit iitt ! .
BOSTON. Sept. 30. The Glebe stuli-s that i
meeting of sixty or seventy Fourth district )
doinocrats was held ycitordny in the intoruai
of John L. Sullivan's candidacy for congros
in that district ; that eulogistic spocchc
worn made , nnd plans laid for securing hu
nomination ut the expiration of .I. 11. O'N'cil't
I'at nl Duel \Vlih Knives.
( Jrrv of Mexico , Sopt. 30. A nowaboyj
and a butcher fought a duel in San Lnznro
ward in this city , yoiturdny , with kni
The butcher was disemboweled nmllofton
thu Hold dead.
The l ee > p Witter
Toriu . , fCan. , Sept. 30. The permunpjitl
inlcr-stato duep harbor committee met iin
this city to-day and began imippiag out thoj
.vurk of tiio coming convention.
Il a s Ackitim'lotluK flip Corn
BOSTON , Sept 3 ! ) . A party of I0t : ladles
and gcntlcmon loft this afternoon for Sioux
City. In. , whither they o nt tlm invitation of
tno board of trade of that city to attend the
corn palaca festival.
CliioT.Justice Fuller anil Faintly.
CHICAGO , Sept , 30. [ Special Tclogram '
to Til K lii' ! : . | Chief Justice Fuller Is n.ov- -
ing his family to Washington , whore thyyj
will occupy Senator Vim Wyck'H homo , onf
Massachusetts avenue.
I. mid iJi
WASIIISQION , Scot. 30. ( Spaeul Tele-
gram to Tin : Bii.l Bonds olTcnul-
at ? 1.28 ; ? rs,008 ut ? l.j ( ) .
Gi-riii'in ( Jolcbrntitin.
neprcsentatives of the United Order of
Treu Bund , No. fKI ; Court Teutoni.i , No. 102 ,
Imlepondcnt Ordqr of Foresters , nnd the
South Omaha Tilrn Vereln , met at John
I'rey's Monday night to arrange for
the proper celebration of tlio three hun
dredth iinnlvortmry of the landing til
Gcraians in America , October ( i. Jacob
Jasknlek was elected chairman and GLM
Woraeuian sccrotar.v and tro.usuror. Jt' va
decided I hat nil South Omaha Cdfmu.ii or-
giinl/.atloiiB should meet at their rcspoctivu
P.IIICC ! . of mooting on Suinluy , October 0 , at
2:3(1 : ( o'clock , fiom which iilnces tlio.v
march to Knight of Labor hull ,
where the line will hu formed. Tlm follow-
inc appointments weru niodc :
J\lusic \ Messrs. .lulin Frey , \Villlnm
Shiueling , hr. , anil Bernard Blum.
Printing Mr. .litcoh .lasualek ,
Badges Mr. Horinnn Tronklc.
Snli Comiiilttconieii 1'Vout tli 'JYcn bund ,
Messrs.Vill in in Kclinleimg midVordc ( ! -
mnn ; from this Turn Vereuiir , Messrs Ber
nard Blum and Michael Popp , and , f i'om
Court Tfiitoniu , Messrs. Anton Scliuetiir
and .lolm Frey.
MarshalsAlessrs. . John Frey amilUUm
Suhmuling , HIwho upiiouitcil as aids Gnu
Wordunitin from thu Tien Blind , AlHan
Schuster from Court Tuiilonia nnd Michuol
1'opp from the Turn Vcreiu.
Banner Bearer Bernard Bium. i
Tlio linn of mnrcli will bo from Hit Itnjght
of Labor hall north to N otretit , WCHU to
Twenty-seventh struct , north to M btrwU
cast to Twenty-fourth Htrcct , south tn K
Btieot , west to Twcnt.v-fjjitb htin-uj. uuJ
north to the rooms of thu Tnrnverein ,
At the hull speeches will ba ijiada tn the
nftericon : , am ) In the uvutilng dancing and a
pleasant hocuil time will lie for all. Ad ; .
journed to mu't I'Vlday evening nl I o'clocic
in Knights ut Labor hail.
( /'ur. n Insolvent
The I'ori'iiii ovji'iiniont i
anil c.uiiinl ; pnv even its own
Positively cured Uy
tKtlo PlilH.
alsn iilinc Dls.
fiov. f ) ' i' ' jiMa in-
dlgcsiliin and J'oollearlj
mini' . .1 pcr/ctt lew-
! . , forli//lni s. rJliiista.jj
hi , H. d TVilii *
In Hu M/i'iUi ,
Toii'riift l1uln ) Mi'1
i the JlOiu'.s ' , J'uroly VvfjelaWo.
fill HOOSEK iPEB !
Ittlicy ( Ojaril llru/ril mil lie iS'iiui' . Jlioulcl lir.f ]
Iliilluil null Vu i-"l |
-A lii.lCIOi : ;
Irndf Hark.
* " n ' . , , "
Mil iinv Al.r.Onoi . Kim SfiiJfur'lr tlnr1 , if t
TIII.I i.iitAl.jili'uCo.ii'Murrj ) cil.M-i \ > i.