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The name of the Arcnilo hotel hns
boon changed , nnd will henceforth bo
known ns tlio Hotel Casey.
Mr. C. .Tones and Miss Molllo A.
Ilotiklo , botli of Lincoln , were married
nt the Windsor hotel about noon yester
day by the Rov. T. M. Howe.
Mrs. C XL Pitch , the master work
man of the ladles assembly , Knights of
Labor , No. ! ! 71) , hns been confined to
lior bed for the past week with brain
Aurora Koist , the five year old daugh
ter of Henry Koiat,202.1 Uaneroftatroot ,
died of diphtheria Wednesday night.
This is tlio second death from this
disease in llio Kolst family within a
wcc'k' .
Division Superintendent Whlto of the
railway mail service , Is in Omaha mak
ing an examination of the department
olllco hero preparatory to completing
his quarterly report.
$ Hss Isabella V. Anderson , tlio elocu
tionist , wishes to meet the teachers of
the Omaha schools at her rooms in
Shocloy block at 10 a , m. , Saturday , to
cay something of interest to thoin ,
The Seventh ward democratic club
will meet in Gates'hall , at Twenty-sixth
nnd Walnut streets , or at Shoolov sta
tion , this evening. This will be
the llrst mooting of the club this year
nnd n rousing time is expected.
Detective Charles Emory ycstordaylcft
for West Point , this state , to npnear as
n witness In the case of the State va
Stuht , who is charged with selling
liquor without a license. N. .1. Burn-
ham , of thin city , will assist In the pros
Now that II. D. Estabrook has ro-
i turned it is understood that a meeting
' ot the government building site ap-
.pralaers will be hold without further
'delay to complete the work necessary
preparatory to Bonding their report to
The ladies of the Woman's Christian
Temperance Union will meet this
afternoon , Sept. 27 , at liloO , at tlio
"Open Door , " 2080 Capitol avo. for a
Bhort iirayar service and sowing. Con
tributions of money or anything in the
way of iii-ovisions for the Institution
nro solicited and will bo gratefully re
ceived on this occasion.
. Poraotial
A. F. Cook , of St. Louis , Is in the city.
H. J. Leu , pf Fictnont , is at the Murray.
Dan I.oeb , of Lincoln , Is ut the Murray ,
W. G. Roberts , of Lincoln , i at the Ciisoy.
"W. W. Grlggs , of Lincoln , is at the Casey.
C. E. Yntos , of Lincoln , is nt the Millnrd.
C. H. Willurd , Ot Auburn , Is at the Mur
ray.Jnmcs W. Dawcs , of Crete , Is nt thu Mil-
lard. ' .
\VC. Brooks , of Beatrice , is at the Mil-
Mi's. ' S. W. Bell , of Aurora , Is at the Mil-
lard. -
, Ff E. Sanders , of Lincoln , in nt the Mil-
C. A. Holmes , of Teeumsch , Is at the Mil-
J. W. Sowoll , ef Hastings , Is at the Mil-
IVIrs. II. Code , of Crete , is a guest in
H. S. Fuller , of Crete , is registered at the
, George 0. Everett , of Grand Island , is at
the Casey.
Samuel W. Chamnun , of Plattsmouth , i at
the Piixtou.
T. P. Livingstone , of Plattsmouth , is at
the Murray.
Charles A. Wicbe , of Grand Island , is at
iho Murray.
A. W. Forinan and wife , of Fremont , are
nt the Casey.
J. F. Dietz and S. E. Starrott , of Clarks ,
' ore at the Murray.
R. L. Sponccr , wife and child , of ICearnuy ,
nro nt the Puxton.
* , .T. M. Uugg and Mrs. O , Rugg , of Fair-
bury , are at tUu Paxton.
Dr. A. S. Pondery anil W. S. LIpo. of
Blair , are at the Milliml.
Mrs. L. H. Shephurd nnd daughter , of Ar-
Jington , are nt the Millard.
M. L. Livingston and A.V. \ . Couraon , of
Lincoln , nro toglstoi-cd at the Casey.
Gus. Toonholdt.woll known la Oinalii , loft
tpr Germany yesterday to attend the silver
' wedding of his , parents.
The Hon. Amos .1. Cummlngs , the famous
newspaper correspondent , now correspond
ent for the Now York Sun , is making a
short visit to his friends , Messrs. May Bros. ,
t Fremont , Nob.
* At" " the 'Windsor W. S. Thnyer , Hampton ,
Neb. ; Miss Katie Lehman , Wisner , Neb ;
C. J. Arden , Burlincton , In. ; A. Stewart ,
IJurlinston , la. ; E. E. Lime. Diuinlncr , Nob. ;
William Modford. Shonadoiih , la. ; C. R.
Jlu&ies , Nortli Platte ; E. F. Chessman ,
YorK ; A. O. HeflloilnBor , Kearney ; D. P.
KiugleB , Hortoti , Kim.
The Kcnutor Comimr.
Chief Clerk Hlgby.oftho Murray , received
a tolfcgrntn from'Sonntor Paddock saying
i that he will bo in Omaha next weolr. The
aenator returned from Washington Tuesday
night nnd Is now at his homo in Beatrice.
Another Liittlitirnn Cliuroli.
Swedish Lutheran Salem congrega
tion. wa4 organized Wednesday night. The
cliurcmvlllholooatodln the vicinity of Twen
ty-fourth nnd Vlnton strcoU for the accommo
dation of Suedes living in tlio southern part
of the city.
Army Notes.
Leave of absence for ono month 1ms boon
granted Captain George W. Adalr , assistant
BUigcon , L'ort Robinson.
Leave of absence for one month has boon
granted Captain William V. Ulclmrds , Six
teenth iu fun try , to tulto effect ou tliu 2Gth.
City Hull Worlc.
Coots & 8on resinned their work of tearing
down the city hull foundation nt 10 n. m.
yesterday , the picmbcrs of the building com-
inittco having come to a definite under-
atandlng with them with rogaul to
ovorythlnj ; relating to the building exempt as
tlio Id ml of Ntone to be uioU , wlnuh will bo
cither Borea or gylnlto.
//ottory Ticket Sales.
"Whon Mrs. Smith , tbo woman charged
With selling Louisiana lottery tickets , was
arraigned In police court yesterday , hur
attorney raised a point of law , contending
that tlio complaint was Incorrectly framed.
The point will bo discussed this morning.
The attorney for Fred Uahlumn , who is
rliurgcd with the dame offense , usltod for a
roatlnuancn for his client until Tuesday ,
Which was granted.
W. J. , of tlio board of public
works , says a mooting of that body wdl bo
called to rescind the permit granted to the
Omaha Motor company to extend Its line on
Thirteenth sticot south of Vlnton and
thence run Into town over Vintou and
Eleventh streets.
Tills action will bo taken In response to a
protest from the propotty holdois on Thir
teenth itront who have paid for all the im
provements on the street.
* Twp Small Kirn a. ' ,
An alarm of llro noout G4f ; > last evening
'culled the department to the three-story
, brick building at the corner of Twenty-
ninth aud Leaven worth owned by John
O'Keofo and occupied by C. S. Uugs ) | | ! with
n B ock Of glassware. The lira wua on thn
third door , but wait extinguished with no
A second alarm at 7i20 p. m. called the
department to Fortieth sum Main st reels to
the IwcMstory frame rcsldonco owned by 10.
' JL Overall nud occupied by J. Homes. The
, d faagn amounted to about $200 , Causa of
r , * uro uot-knowu ,
i 'illwayn Ifun I'lntt'd Clilorlil > D
Vou will like it ,
\V. It. Jones Faintly Injured In ttio
Union Pnclllo Yards.
A sorlous Occident occurred In the Union
I'nulflo ynitls ut llio Thirteenth street Tin-
duct Wednesday evening In which W. U ,
Jones , a switchmen , mot with probably fata )
Injuries. Several cars were derailed and
moro or Iocs damnKcd.
Eiifilncor Wllklns , Yard Foreman Knudsen
son ana .Tones were engaged In arranging
cur on the elevator track. The engine ) was
couplet ! to n car without brakes , nnd the
switchman Informed the engineer that , bcln
tlilavns tliu cine , tlmt ho would have to
back it in coupled with thn engine , ns it
could not bo otherwise controlled. Ho alto
informed tlio y.ird foruauut nnd cnirincnr
Unit there were ours on n sldo truck which
were too cloio , ana that they ought to beset
set bacx. ills BtigKcatlon was unheeded , nnd
ivltliout ftirtlior ceremony tlio switchman
lumpeil on tlio rear foot-uonrd of the cnj-'iuo
nonr the car , Tlio en liioor started back nt
n ruuid rate , and. in Jones had said , tlio cur
fulled to clear. Tlio result was tlmt it was
forced on top ot ttio water tank of tliu en
gine , pinning .Tones and bruising bun terribly
botwcon the two , Ho was held in this posi
tion about twunty minutes nnd
when released was found to have
received n broken leg anil to
buen internally Injured , Ho was taken to
ttio hospital , but his iccoyory is regarded
boneless ,
Tim cars on the side track , though the
brakes wiira nut , were forced from tliu track
nnd came tiuar toppling fiom the vluduct to
the street below.
Jones had lust entered the employ of the
colnpnny , nnd was n comparatively uuw ar
rival in Omaha. Ills p.ucnts reside at
Marion , la.
The olUehils will investigate tlio accident.
IS TillCONTUA01 ! ?
Tlio KrtnlnliiK Wnll Agreement's
\\liiTnaliotits Unknown.
"Tho grand jury will bo in session a
month , " enltl u knowing court house hanger-
on. "They nro going a things in a manner
tlmt will cause a rattling of dry bones
nround hero. They are going behind the re
turns and looking up mutters that were sup
posed to have been dead years ago. "
The grand jur.y wont into an examination
of the contracts and estimates In connection
with the building of the court house retain
itic wall. True , they didn't got far m the
work , The lirst paper asked for
was the contract between Hrentmn
Hrotbors nnd the county for the
construction of the wall. It couldn't bo
found. It belonged to the records kept by n
former administration. Commissioner's
Cleric Webb Houiehed the records of his
olllco , but could find no truce of tbo docu
ment. The vaults in the county clerk's '
ofllco were thoroughly overhauled for the
missinp- papers , but without success. They
are still missing. None of the commission
ers were nrntind the building , nnd means of
obtaining information conceining the con
tract and the work were dcoidcdlv limited.
JJan Angell Mid J. \Vinspoar iveio be
fore the grand jurynll morning. Mr. Angoll
Is cicditcd with Knowing something about
the retaining wall Job , while Mr. Angoll
was Citllca ta give his authority for certnm-
stntomcnts he is reported to liauo imulo al
leging crookedness in the matter of the hos
pital grading contract.
John l < \ lloytl S-VITR Ili-i Connection
With tlin Stoclcynrtli.
Yesterday morning Councilman John F.
Boyd sent the following document to the
president of the Union Stock Yards com
pany :
Hon. John A. McStinno , President Union
Stock Yards company , Omaha , iMob. Dear
Sir : 1 hereby tender my resignation as gen
eral inanatrer of the Union Stock Yards com
pany , the same to take effect October 1.
Very truly yours , J. P. BOYD.
The reason assigned for the act on the
part of Mr. lioyd is that he desires to devote
his tlmo for tliu present , at least , to politics.
When the Union Stock Yards company was
orguni/cd Mr. Hoytl was elected to the po
sition which ho has Just icslzneu.
Several months ugo , W. N. Bahcock was
appointed assistant to the president of tbo
company , and unon nim will now devolve the
greater part of the worlc heretofore per
formed by Mr. Boyd. Ho will , however ,
IK wo an assistant to nttend to curtain of the
small details of tlio business.
Mr. Boyd , it Is understood , enters the Held
as n candidate for the democratic nomina
tion of sheriff of the county.
words. Hood's , sursantu-illa won't do im
possibilities. Its piopi'iotors toll plainly
what It hns done , submit proofs from
sources of unquestioned reliability , and
nsk you frankly if you are suiiorlng1
from any disouso or aflcction caused or
promoted by impure blood or low state
of the system , to try Hood's ' snrsajiarillu.
The experience of otliora Is sullleiont
assurance that you wlP not bo disap
pointed in Uio result.
Assistant Superintendent WIdener , of the
Omaha utroot railway company , says that
within the past few dnys a largo number of
counterfeit dollars have been passed
upon the cnblo conductors. The
counterfeits are said to be
most clover Imitations. They have almost
the ring of the genuine dollar , and their only
discrepancy Is that they are a little light.
The only way ordinarily to detect
them is by thu raised surfaces where the
sliver plating on them U worn off.
Dls < io7orifH Moro Vnliiuuln thnn Gold
nro SANTA AUm , the California discovery
for consumption nnd diseases of the throat ,
chest and limgs.niid CALIFORNIA CAT-U-
CUUK.tho only guaranteed cure ftfr catarrh ,
cold in the head nnd Icindrcd complaints.
They uro bold ut 51 per package , or three
forSJ.oO , nnd uro recommended and used by
the luuding physicians of thu Pacific const.
Not secret compounds. Uuarnntecu by Good-
muii Drujj Co.
rinoO Ninety lc > llur .
Jnmcs Reagan liasuxoro head , a bruised
bod.y and Is a'prlsonor.
Wednesday evening ho had a fight In the
vicinity of Tenth street and Capitol avenue.
After the light , ho run to his boarding
house , where ho was arrested by Officer
Ityiiu. Kcagnn resisted and struck the of-
ilcor on his right thumb , knocking it out of
Joint. At the station house , after
Kyan had turned him over to
the Jailer , Uoagau bncaino so unruly
that Captain Corinark.und Sergeant Mostyn
had to hold ills arms while Detective llorri-
gan , who was acting as Jailer , searched him.
Reagan's nbUso toward Ryan so rolled him
that the latter drew his club
and while Kongan was hold
flint by two burly oftlcurn , Ryan dealt him u
blow over the head th V would have killed
him Instantly bad he nottuiuatted sufficiently
to partially \vnrd tlio stroko. Captain Cor.
mack ordered Ryan out of the lock-up nnd
Rcagnu wits thrown into a call ,
Yesterday uftorooon Rcngnn was fined < 90.
Ctilio , Cholnru itntl
This medicine can always bo depended
ujlon , not only in thu nnldor fonny of
summer complaint , but also for mull-
mint dysentery and cholera infantum.
The lives of many persons and especial
ly ch'ildi'on are Hitvcd by it each yoar.
Hlio Hit i he Wrouu .Mini.
Wednesday ovenlng-Jolm A. WakoUqld was
atsnulttd by Mix. M ary Uoese , as he was
drlvint ; out of ! : U lumber yard on Ninth
Upon intulry | , it was learned that the
woman haa been lying In wait for George
WuUeliold. against whom she has a real or
fancied grievance.
Mr. Wukelluld was quito eoveroly bruised
upon the facq and suffered an ugly gush upon
the forehead. lie whipped up his horse and
thus escaped further Injury ,
His brother George had preceded him only
a few rodri , and wi\s also attacked , but ha
urovod to bo tod. ' quick ( or thu curagod
woman. ,
Aiijcrod bcyor.d coutrol of her actioui ,
the sought to wreak vcngcnnoo uixjn nn In
nocent party , and \vell-ulgh Rucoooded
The womnn wns nrrosted yestordny mornIng -
Ing by Deputy Sheriff Strylter nnd will betaken
taken bcford the commissioners of insanity ,
A reporter called nt the residence of. Mrs ,
Hccse , nt the corner of Eighteenth nnd
Plorco ntrcots , yoster.lny rnornlniri for
nn Intcrviow. From the neighbors ho
learned that the womnn hnd been arrested ,
at the Instance of George WnUcflcld , on the
charge of Insanity. The people nil stoutly
protest thnt the womnn is perfectly snno ,
nnd they expressed themselves as believing
thnt this chariro was inndo against lior for
tlio purpose of covering up the real facts lu
the case. _
Jerry Uncle ABsntilta IllH VVlfo'H
I'rlcnil nnil in I lnoil.
Jerry Huck.a laborer who lives in the north
part of town , wns boforoJudgo Berkn yes
terday afternoon charged with assault and
battery on the parson oC August , Lux , It
appears that Buck hns had reason to suspect
his wife with being unduly Intimate with
Lux , niulcotmeiiuontly wncn ho found Uus's
wnteli hid In the tea canister n few nights
ago ho wns very wroth. His llrst net was'to '
hatnmor Mm. Buck out of shape niid then
lay In wait for Lux. . When the latter came
around In the evening Buck assaulted him
with a board nnd inado an object of him in
a short time. Ho wan lined Id and costs.
There are many accidents nnd dls-
oases whiuh affect stock and cause seri
ous inconvenience nnd loss to tlio
farmer in his work , which may bo
quickly remedied by the use of lir. J.
II. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment. O
A very quiet homo wedding occurred Wed
nesday evening at the residence of Mr. lind
Mrs. It. W. Bnkor. Amid n small circle of their
most intimuto friends and relatives , Air.
Chnrlcs P. Uolndorff and Miss Umlly Wiltner
Baker wcro united in the eternal bonds of
wedlock. It was 7 o'clock when the bride
nnd groom , accompanied by Mis * Orallo
Lamnr , ns tnald of honor , ana Mr. Arthur
D. Uakcr , as best man , entered the parlor ,
which was prettily decorated with ( lowers
for the occasion. Rev. A. W. Lamnr , a warm
friend of the family , odlcintcd In the short
but impressive corcmony. The bride was
married lu u bluish urny traveling dross.
After a brief reception , during which the
newly-married couple received the con
gratulations and good wishes of. those pres
ent , Mr. and Mrs. Boindorff were driven to
the Union Paciliodcimt. whore they departed
for the west on tlio TiM ) train. After visiting
Denver , Salt Lnko nnd L'Yaiiehco they
will return to make this city thalr future
Notwithstanding that the wedding
was made as private ns possible , many ele
gant presents woio received , showinir the
warm friendship and wide popularity in
which both the bride and groom are hold.
Mr. Bolmlorlt is the junior member of the
linn of Fowler & BclnUorff. u very able
architect with a bright outlook for the
Statcnt nt From Cantle Kock About
thn I'lainllolil Atltlitinn Company.
\Vo \ , the undorslgnedcitizonsof Castle
Rock , Col. , believing- that the nows-
papord of Denver are doing the I'lnin-
lioid Addition company a ( jreat injus
tice in their published statements , fool
that it is our duty to say that the Plain-
Held Addition company are doing n
legitimate business with no intention
or desire to defraud , and furthermore ,
that thnir docds and plats arc properly
liled and recorded in this county , and
that they are able to execute warranty
deeds to their lots , and it is also known
to us that they nro building and im
proving their property.
In witness whereof we have hereunto
signed our names this 23d day of Sep
tember , 1889.
J. II. CRAIG , Mayor , ,
HAititr JONES , County Clerk ,
Clerk District Court ,
COLI : BIUSCOK , Sheriff ,
T. 13. MOOUK , M. D. ,
A. G. WUIJSTKH , County Jucigo ,
W. J. WlliTTlEH ,
Proprietor Castle Rock Journal. "
I do hereby certify that the parties
whoio names are subscribed to the
above writing are personally known tome
mo and that they have acknowledged
before mo the above to be their respect
ive signatures , and further that I , the
undersigned , concur in the statements
contained in the above writing.
Sept. 2 ; ! , 1889. Notary Public.
Our novel enterprise ) has caused un
usual comment among the newspapers ,
and a few have cried fraud before invest
igating ; so we submit the above state
ment to holders of deeds and others ,
which fully explains the situation.
Owing to the failure of a great many
to record their deeds within the speci
fied thirty dnys wo will have quite a
number of lots to give away in the next
few days , nnd any ono desiring a lot
must send twonty-livo cents for acknowl
edging deed and four cents for postage.
Wo will return all old loiters with
postage to those who Jailed to secure a
frco lot on our previous advertisement.
Being determined to place our lots in
the hands of bona fldo owners who will
look to our success , wo will also dispose
of 600 choice lots for ono dollar each.
Plainllold is twonty-flve mlles from
Denver , Colorado. Wo have plenty of
water and beautifully located.
Hero is a chance for you ; if y.ou desire
to accept cither proposition do so at
onco. _
A. Slinrpor's Game.
Frank Plernon , a low-browed , plttod-faced
barber , Is again in trouble.
Wednesday ho returned from Lincoln , after
being run out of Omaha , and proceeded to
Al. Murks' barber shop on West Cuming
street. A game of dice was suirgustod , and
1'Icrson was the llrst to enter 'tlio ' game.
After ho had dropped $13 ho squonlcd , and
swore out a warrant for Marks. The latter is
a pretty handy gentleman himself , and by
pouring a story into the ear of the "cop" on
his boat , ho had I'iorson arrested as a sus
picious character. Picrson lay in Jail over
night , but was released in the morning. Ho
has been arrested several times before , how
ever , and Is perfectly familiar with the hos
pitality of the Juilcrs at the station house.
Marks will bo tried to-day.
Absolutely Pure.
Tuls powder norcr varlei. A marvf 1 of pur * *
ly , strcnglh and vrhole om nen. Moro co.
nomlcal tBao the ordlusrr klodi. and cannot
be cold In competition with the multitude of
lor or itiortwefkat alum or pboiphate powileri.
Bold only la earn. Ho/al llatiug 1'gwdM Com *
, I * W U BirtK
OvcrwtiottnlnR iBtntementn Jlo nrtl-
liiK the I'ttrltyiaiitl i'owor nPn I'OJIH-
lixr I'rnpnrntlDmVlmt Sulcntlste
It It not only natural lint Jim tlifxt prooi
sliuuld lie dcinnndMttiy the public , foruvorj' '
xtntoinent or claim tluu 11 mruta to tlio tmbllcv
When , tlicrororn , It M niscrtAl that n certain
nrllcln In not only pure nnd nalntublo nnd n
inoH delightful boMnsiKO , * it nlsotlmtlt pav
ses oi cjualltles alm rt mvnltialilo for tlic
human nystcin , vvuple nro r ( lit in demnudiny
tlio proof , Itend tin ) following :
IrofOH or Henry AS Jlott , 1'h.D. , T.C.S. . ol
Now York , snyo : "liv the most naroful nnaly-
sH , 1 hnvo found Daffy's I'uro JlnltVlilXo }
frcn from nilnltorntlou or rnrclRii sulistmifo' .
Thojo qimlltlcs should cortnlnly rccoiumuiid it
to llio highest public favor. "
Dr. WIlllnmT. Cutler , Stnto Cliemlit of Con
necticut , says : "Duttv'fi 1'uro Mnlt Wlilikcy
contains no doleterlom or liijiirlotm ( innlltkH
and Its nbsoluto purity ns wult ns nclrntlllo
mo lo ot innmifiicture. must recommend U to
general use and favor , "
Dr. K , W. Htitclilnion , tlio omtiicnt nutlior ,
snys : ! lituhly roconiiiicnd DuiVy'n I'uro Mnlt
\ \ lilslcoy ami prescrlbo it In my prucMco. "
llov , 11. Mills , b I.I ) . , snygj "I litxyo used
Unity's I'nro .Malt Whlskoy with grout licnofU
In my wife \vlio Is tv conllrmod litrnlld , 1 am n
I'roabyti'rlnn nlcr yinan nntl a Doctor ot Dlvltv
Ity. but 1 nm not nfrnlil to recommend IhitT.v'fl
Mult WliHkey I\R the purest ntid most lllclout
propnrntlon ns it modlcltio tlmt 1 know of , nnd
my cxperlcnco U a largo nno. "
Hundreds of additional Btixtements could bo
furnlsliMd , but the met its ot tills article ulilcli
has buon before public so many years amply
proYotliumoolvcslts great IIOXMJI-nuil vnluo.
lUpposlto I'axtou Hotel. )
onico hours , 0 . m. to 8 p. m. Sundnjs , 10 a.
m. to 1 p. in.
Spedillsts in Cliroulc , Nervous Skin nnd
lllood Hlsoasei.
ty Consu'.tatIon nt offlco or liy mail free.
Mi'iUclius snnt liy innll or uxpres1) , securely
packed , free from ollsenatlon. Giinrautces to
ciin quloklj't safelroml perintincnlly.
' Sponnatorrhcea , semi-
. .
lous. 1'liyslcal Dec&f. ailslnpr from Indlscro
tlon , Kxcess or IndulKcncp. pi oduclnc Sleepless
nesa. Despondency. I'imp.'os on the fivco , aver-
* lon to society , easily nKrouuujed. ) acK of ennfl
denco , ilall.unlltrorBtudy or business , mid Ilmls
llfo a burden. Safely , peiinanontly and pri
vately cured. Consult Iirs. lietts ft Hulls , llOS
t. , Omnha , " Nob.
Blcofl and Skin Dispases
results , completely- eradicated nltliout tlio aid
of Mercury. Scrofult , Kryslpeln . I'ovcr > ores ,
Ulotchps , Olccis , ] 'Aint.ln the Head and Hones ,
Syphilitic Sore Ihront Mouth anil 'lonKii < > , Co.-
turilt , etc. . permanently cured uliore otheH
have failed.
ITiiinnv IfrinQTV an < 1 Hlmblcr ComplninU ,
MUIlLy > UlllldlJ Pftlnfnl. nilllcult , too rre-
ciuent llurnliiffor Bloody Urine , Urine lii U col
ored or with iiillkysodlnianr on Btandln , Wvnli
Back. Gonorrlin'ii , Gleet , CjatltlH. etc. ,
Promptly nnd Safely Cured , Charges .Reasona
ble. _
Sl'd''RTr'Bu'5TrK,1i"i ' ! 1 Onarantepd per-
JL JCVJ.V/ WUtWJj I mancnt Cjre. re
moval complete , without cuttlngr , caustic or
dlllatlnn. Cures effected at homo bjr imtleiit
uiihoul Ruoments piiluorannoj-anco.
To Yoniiff Men anil MWills-Aireil Men ,
PI1DP 'fh ° awtnl effects or enrly
AOITDP uUltlJ Vice , wlilch biinprs orcanlc
wvnkncss , ilestroyliig both mind and body , with
all Its dreaded ills , permanently cured ,
PPQ RPIPPC ! Adiessthow whii Lave impaired
LIUOi Dullu themselves by improper Indiil-
pines ar.d kolltary habits. lilcli ruin both
§ oily and mind , unfitting them ror buslncsj ,
itudy or inarnaK * * .
M.iiiHiKnMBN. or these entering on that Imp
pylifo , uvure of physical debility , ( lUlckly aa
Is based upon facts , Flr t Practical Krpe
rlence. Second U\ cry case Is especially studied-
thus ( tartlng aright. 'Third MeJIclnes are pre ,
p , u eel in our lubatory exactly to suit each cuso ,
Uiiis alfectliiB cures without Injury
tVScnd 0 ccntH posttee for celoL'rate.l works
on Chronic , Nervous nnd Delicate Diseases.
Tnotisands cured. fSTA. friendly letter or call
may cave you future sutTcrlni ; and tihnuio. and
adil golden years to llfo. Cfir No letters an-
wercd unless accompanied by 4 cents lu stamps.
Address or call on
IHt * . SIiyJTTs Ac BEiriTTS ,
llCW i'uraain Street , Uiinilin. N b.
in 1SS7
IIY Tim -
Undsr & Twenty Yean' Contrai by ths
Moslaa International Improvomjnt
Grand Monthly Drawings hold In the Moresque
Vnvlllion In thn Alameda I'ark , City of .Mexl-
co , and publicly conducted by ( Jovurnmont
Otllclals appointed lor tlio iiurposa by the
Secretaries of the Interior and tau Treasury.
or Tin ;
Beneficencia Pubiioa
Xlio monthly four doll IF Drawing
will l > o htilil in ilie
Cily of Mexico on OcloHer 12th , 1889 ,
CAPITAL PRIZE $60,000 $ , ,
HO.OOO 'llcUniH nt $1 , $ : tlOOUO.
I'rice of TkketH. American Jfoney.
1 CAPITAL , I'KIZHOl' ' ' a.00l8 ( ) . UXW ) (
1 CAl'lTAIj PHIXKIir 10KJis ( ( ) . 10.000
1 UUANDI'ltlZKOP . ' .OOOls . L',000
3PUi/.isur : . j.ooij iiro . . . . uixw
Ol'tiWA'MOV . tm lira . U. K )
20 I'lliy.iS ( ) ! > ' . , . WJ uro . . . . 4,091
100PHI/.KHOI. ' . 100 are. . . . , HM J
IIIO IMUKK4OP . ttlare. . . , 17.UM
tti 1MU/.I.S01. ' . UOaro. . . . ll.OH )
Ai'uioxuivno.v VIII/.IH. :
1M ) Prizes of M upp. to jto.noo i'rlze. . . . 9 0,000
1UJ I'rizc * of DOapp. to at.WiO I'rlze . 7Cm )
150 Prizes of 10,0031'rue . O.UOJ
7VJ Terminals of ( * , ,
decided by . . . , .WO,003 Prize. . . , 15,980
Amounting to 17HfifiO
All prizes sold In tile ynlttdBtatos full paid In
U.ti. C'untmcy.
Ci.un HA.TIES. or any further Inform
ation desired , \\rltoi \ > e'lbly to the umlorslgued ,
clearly ntiitliigyourreulilouco. ltli state , coun
ty , street nnil number. Morn riipld ri'tiirn mall
( fellvory will UB ossiircd by vour enclosluu an
unvelopo bearing your full address.
Uy ordinary letter , cuntatuing MOSKV Uiiiuiii
Indued by all KxprflssCompaulitd , Now Vork l'x-
ihunce , llratt or Postal Note.
tipcoinl FuntuinH.
lly terms oC contract the tximpany must de
posit the sum of all prlzas includutl In the
sctiemo before selllnu a single tlcUet , anil re-
i five the folloniug olliclul penult :
CBltWlCA'fi- > \i \ cei tljutfial Hie. I.on-
Mexico nU South Ameritu fm tin
tUjxHtt the ncctttaryiiiutJ In auantntee
tictxiviHtntofntliirlieidmwu by the Lotertu tii ,
la lltncltcenelit l uLliea.
It. HOimiQVKZ liiVtiHA , Interventar.
Further , the Company is required to distrib
ute llfiy-Bli per ctnt of the value of all tht
tickets la prlzes-a larger nropottioa tliau U
Ulven by uuv other lottery.
Klnally. the number of tickets is limited tp
tO.OU ) I aiuOO leu thau are sold by otuur lottcrlui
lining the same schemed ,
In. stove this week for buyers of Afcn's Clothing , Our stock of Fall Suits wis no verso extensive a ? now ,
tint ! its variety warrants the assertion that whoever buys iv Vnll Suib without nb loint looking at ours fails
to consult his own interest. There is neb nn ostablishciib in the "West that otters the selection or namo3
the prices we do.
To stimulate an enrly full trade we will ninho this week tlio following extraordinary offers :
800 Men's All Wool Cheviot and Cassimcro Suits , well made and trimmed with goo.l serge lining , all
sizes from 31 to12 , at $5 5)0. ) The Cheviot is a nice stylish phiH , the Cnssimorc n plain brown , eoth very
sightly suits and of n excellent quality of goods , which is made to wear. The same suit is sold by most
dealers at from § 8 to $10.Vo place these splendid Suits on sale this wock for $5.90.
Our ofl'er No , 2 for this \\eek will bo a Ihie of suits sucks mid frocks at 510. Wo have the nnino for
alwai's giving the best 10 dollar suib in the market , but those wo nio offering this season at this price will
bo pronounced by everybody the most astonishing value for the money. They will coin pure favorably
\yith suits for which other hou es aio asking $18 or $20. We have put into this linn several styles to suit
all.classes of customers. One style is all line a worsted Corkscrew in sacks and frocks , which makes nn ex
cellent dress suit , other styles uro goo \ Cussimores in plain and mixed colors for business wear , honest
goods and honestly made , and which will give as good satisfaction as any 20 dollar suit.
In bhe finer guides of suits we show all the latcsb novelties in material and out. The new wide wale
nnd clny goods made up in the latest style of 3 button cutaway with Prince Albji't lapels a beautiful
' ! *
style we offer all these goods at our usual io\v prices.
Our illustrated catalogue of full styles ready fol : mulling. Send us name and address is you want one.
mpany. .
Corner Fourteenth aiid Douglas Streets , Omaha.
Friday Sept. 27.
"Place aux Dames. "
Come and see the finest display of Tall
and Winter cooiH InMnu's and Hoy's
Clothing and KurnishlnKS which \\Q have
ev < r ottered to oui customers. Novelties
In Chlldien'H ( ostumcs are to bo a specialty
\\lthu9aiiil\\upattlculaily invite tna at
tention of the Ladles' to our present
unique assortment In that Hue. Tlio cor
rect wardrobe for the smull boy of tlio
faiullv bus become a question of lilgh art
as well ns durability and we nra fully pro-
paied to meet Ills requirements.
At Homo
To our old friends. nd ready to innlco
new oues.
I ) IblW.
And other first class PIANOSand
Remember , Wo do Not Soil "ston
cllocl" Pianos.
All Instruments Guaranteed to
be Just as Represented.
Wo offer a fine S325 Piano forS25O ,
Visitors Welcome.
Cor. 16th and Fauna m Stg.
Tliarsclny , J < 'riilny anil Hatu'rday ,
Hopt. Ui , i7 anil U8.
ngagomcnt ot the Queen of Comediennes ,
fiupported by her ruinous Company of ArllsU ,
tinder the direction ot Webster if Maodnr , lu
tnatcyclouu of mirth miilinuslc ,
nmbodyliiK the Advontiires nnd Mishaps of a
1'aity ot Amateurs Imprfmed with u dualro for
at'llmpBo behind the HCOIIOM of u theatre. Writ
ten by llronson ilowaul , Kan. , nutlior of tin
"ll nrlett . "ute.
1'rlcps ic. We. 75c and fi.OO , Stuts go sale
Weanesduy i
ucJi a imnBni n price that
In too cheap. It U Iwttorlo
imf a fair tirlco nntl Kct
Rood ( tluvtx Ilkv Hutch *
lusuu'H. They uro mule.
fliom .elected nklniilii IlieJ
r lx t iimiuiernnil lire war-f
rallied tu IHI tlio most I
( rrvlciatlo inatlo. If ) oil I
want to know morn iiUiul '
gloifi In Kdicrnl viiil
iilclilimon'ii Cloven
In lurilculnr , onelo.o
In nip fur Ihe book bout
lilovt'- . It will Interest
you. hlT.
JOUN O. UUTC'IIIMsO.V , Jaliiulunu ,
to Desiring exam
Justly eel-
ebruted lines of Boots and Shoes , niuimfftctur-
d or O. M. llenderson i ; Co. , of Clilcuno-l'ac-
torlua at Olilcnuo , IJixou. Ilia . and Fond lu IMC ,
WlB.hould write bAil. N. WATSON , rest-
flem-e , KHEMONT. Mill , Trfcvollm ; ai < eaU
Hetdquartera for Itubuera.
Civil UnclueerliiK. ( 'liiHHlc.i. lliislrifsi ,
Hr.UKV. K. 1) . TIUNTINHTON. I'rfuldeut.
ir.CoiV , VrSllliiUK : , 8upcrliituml < .nt.
northwestern Military academy ,
7-rcntj-turee mllei north of Clilcano ) hai a lull
corvt or experienced Initructort ) Ore couriea ut
tudr , and uniurpaued laclllllet for Inetruclloii ,
jiealth. uome coiotoru and CtirltlUn luflUfUC * .
seed lor catalocut lo UlgUUna 1'urk , ill ,
hcaBO | , | | | s.1cinrkSt.
ThQ Regular Old-Establlshed
I ? still Treating with the GrcaUst
Chronic , Ncrvons and Private Diseases ,
4S-NERVOUS DEBILITY , Lost Manhood ,
Failing Memory , Exhausting Drains , Terrible
Dreams , Head and Back Ache nml .ill the uflects
leiclmg lo early decay nnd j erhaps Consumption or
Insanity , treated scientifically ky new methods uith
lic\er-failmK succor.
iT SYPHILIS.uij all bad Blood and SklnDIs.
eases permanently cured.
* B-KIDNEYand URINARY complaints , Gleet ,
Gonorrhoea , Strictu re , Varicoccle and all diseases
of the GenitoUrinary Organs cured promptly without
injury to Stomach , Kidneys or oilier Organs.
atNo experiments. ARC and experience im
portant. Consultation free anil nucred.
4S Send cents postage for Celebrated Works on
Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Diseases.
9S"'Jhose contemplating Marriage scml for Dr.
Clarke's celebrated guide Male , ina Female , each
15 cents , both as centi ( sumps ) Consult the old
Doctor. A friendly Idler or call may savefuturesufitr.
inn and sliamc , anil add golden jcars tolife. XtiT'Ilook
"Llfe's _ ( Secret ) Errors , " socents ( Mamps ) . Jledicine
and writings sent everywhere , secure from exposure.
Hours , 8 to 8. Sundays y In n Address
F. D. CLARKE , M. D. ,
ME.vr , iiKiiaruiiteid Bpecllic for llyhti'rta , Dizzi
ness , Convulsions , i'iti. Nervous
Ilcadaclie , Nervous Proitriitlnn caused bv tlio
use of alcohol tobncco Wiikef illness , .Mental
Ueprcssltm , Softening of tlio llialti , rosultliiB In
Insanity nndlc.idliiB to misery , tteuay and death ,
I'rematuiuOldVpto , lliirri'imess. loot I'onor
In either sex , Involuntary IAISSPS and Spcimat-
01 luca caused liyovtr-exertlon of the btaln.Helf-
abuse or oveilndnlfzenro. Kacli box contains
onn month's treatment. H.COabov , or six boxes
for ? > .0isent by mull prepaid on receipt of price
To cure an y case. With ouch order received bv
us for.slx boxe * . uccnmtmnlod witht3.UO. o will
Htiid thepurcliaa.-r our written Kuaranteo to 10-
fund the money if th * trciitmi'iit < loc.s not effect
a cure. Gu.uantecs Issued only by Goodman
Drujf Co , DriifBlsts. Solo Agents , 1110 Fanmm
trcet. Omalia Nebraska _ _
State Line.
To Glasgow , Itul fast , Diililluanil Ll urponl
Citbln pasiHge * ! S lo SV , nrcordlnx to location uf H Int.
room. ICxcurtlon M to FJO.
Btccrntie to and from Huropu ut lowest Itnto ? .
AUST HALUWINCo. . , ( ien'l Aiscnt ,
M Uiondtvujr , Now Vork.
JOIIK UI.EGUV , ( jcn'l Wettirn AKonl.
11,1 Uuiitloliih Kt. , Clilcnieo ,
riAitnv K , llnoiiM.Tnos.
rorNperiiintorrliirn , l.oil .Mnnlioocl. Krinul lircur.
I.urkpf llrtrlntimrnt. I. < ! < , Uruhii. cli.
To iiiiriHlwr. will ( Sit I' OM : A > VAle n r.llnlil , .
P rflon In cat li ( .iiintjr , Ontirat unoc. Cuiofltfu raii'
tied. UirriilaraKcrnRi > nti tntrd.
Chicago , Milwaukee & St , Paul R'y ' ,
The llcut Uouto from Onialiii and Council
HlufTs to
Chicago , AND .Mllwnukcc ,
St. ran ] , Minnenpullu , Cedar
Kork Islnnilj Fiei'jiort , Uockfortl ,
Clinton , lnliitjtic ) , IMroiipurt ,
Elgin , Mmllsun , Janct > TllIe ,
M'lnoim , La t'ro > se ,
And all other InitiortBDt point * Eait , Nortlittgt and
* rortbrouuli llcktti call oa tba il ket ic t at l.V )
r rnini ttrvel , In linker lll < jok , or at Unio 1'aciBc
rullman 8le i' ' n nd the rtneit Dlnlus Tart In thi
vorltl are ruuun the main him nl llio Lulta < n , ill !
waukee i St. I'aul Uallnur. and uturr aluuHon li
paid to iiamugert tr tourtjuui ujpl07 i of Ilia
It , JlIl.l'.EU Oeneral Manager.
1 , V. -'UCKIJII , AnlitintOnneral M nm r.
A. V. K. CAlll'K.S'J'Elt , Uenvral 1'nitenncr anil
OCO rjIKAKKOUI ! * > , Aiolitaat ( ionkral J' i nier
ml Ticket /Kant.
jrouriiHintiBiid iwldreisto in * oiul .
will tend jou IIKCKII'K llrnt will Wb'nVKlg
UK I'lLKSnuiltoBt.jiilv lUceuti. Mlltf 1'KUbO.V
1" O. lloxUil , Urnud lil uJ..N
Treatment of every form ofjXieaae rcquirinir
Boards Attendance. Beit Accommodations in West.1
_ Cty WRITE JOR OIROULAHBenlerormitle * an *
Braces. Truisea , Club Feet , Curvnturf i of SPint , " "
Tumori , Cancer , Oatarrh.Bronchtla1 [
woiitn Ki'Kisucosr FHKM. ( STRICTll fRIVATr )
Onl7B Uall M. c l In.titutemiElnBaSpeclJltyol
All Bloo4 Dlitaiei luecrulnllr lrc l l. Snihlllllo 1'olioU
rtiuoftl finntlicij.imlihoul mtrcurr. K r Kmorallt *
rtejlniit far L'Ui or VITAL I'Oll HI. IVrlltt un blt lo li | |
uim jrt'trr ' tfdat boraabr orrfipon < 1eti . AlleiininiuDleft.
lloDieonaittiillal. Hadlciuttorln.lninieiitiirntbinjallorti.
InMiMurclrinetfd.nontrtf .oluJltolecooltiiUnr irnltr ,
On p iii > n lliiter loirprcreire.l.C . IUuaciinioHuicr enl
MFM pnEE : v n i' " " " . Kitcin
nlCRf NerTouiDlttM .lup < iUncjSjpC
Illi ; Ul t nil , wllh qu Uon ll U ItAittt
I3th and Dodge SttnoU , OBAXL& , JIEJI ,
2O to 60 DAYS.
This IB a ditcnsovhlcli ! iis lici'Otoforo
Bitfllcd all Medical Sciunco.
JVlien Mercury , Iodide of Potassium , tJursana , .
rillu nr Hot SprliiKs fall , we Kiiarauteo aiure ;
Wo have a liomcdy , unknown touujonohi the
world outside of our company , and om > that haa
to euro the most obHtlnute cahe-i. Ten days in
iccent cates does tlio uoik. It Is tlio old ctironlo
ill op scat < id CHKCS that wo sollUt. Wti have
ciirrdliundicdu who liuve boon iibamloned by
l > ny lcliuiH , and | iroiuiun 'd Inciuablo , iin.lvo
tliallciiKothiioild to brln tin u eaMtlmtv\o )
\vill not cuio In JOOT than sixty < iayn.
Hlncothpldstory of medicine n tuio speellld
for Syplillls has been souyht for but never
found until our
, nnda mo juHtltled in naln
It In thn only Itummly In HID will
positively euro , liotuiiM thn latest medical
HorkB. ptibllsliod by the host known n utlioritica.
say thi're w as never a true specllle liqfori' . Our
remedy will ruro wliun ovcrj tlilnj ; eKe Jiaa
f.illcd. Why Miibtci > mir time uml money with
patenMiiuillelncs Hint ninor had virtue , or doci
tur with pliynlclaiii tlmt cunnnt cur. ) you , you
tliutliavu tiled evcrytliln else uliould coino to
us iii\v uml cot permanent ri'llef , yim never can
got it elsouiicro , .Mar ) : ulmlonuy. . In tltocud
you niiibt take our remedy or NKvBK
and you tliut have been ullllctnd but a uliort
time uliould by all mcnim tome to in notv , not
ono In ten c'lisi-s over et parmnncntiy lured ,
MunyKotliuln and tnmktluiy ure free nom tlio
disease , but mono , tuo or three years utter it
appenru ngaln In a mniu horrible fotm.
Thla is a 13loncl Purifier and will Guro
any Skin 01- Blood DUcnwja when
Evurytbincr KHO ! FuilH.
NoricK Vi'o deslra to caution patients In ro
card to piirtluHfIuimlnilo iifco tlm Cook Jtein.
fdy. our lormnlit Is not and ( JAN NOT bg
known to anyone rmtoiirsolvoH.
The Cook Remedy Co. ,
R'joinUlBanl ' 419 , Fax'on Block.
- bJ t-i * * ( K.I * * ! < MMEI
* the lAnitnr Habit , Inulilrftlv luril
by AdmlnlHiorliiu Dr. llulae1
UulUen Hprulflo.
nruaillf C O.ntraland MKKVOW8 DEBU.1T7I
1 W Vn of Bodyind MiodsIff.cUl
4 orErroriorEteextilaOldorYoiuf.
( kail. Hi > HIHlir > llr Kt.l.r.a. lit * l K.l > r
u.nilUf HOII ! TmilT ! lTIl.lll. It \ ttj.
" ' .I , . , T.rrllurli. , . , < r rfl | > l l > l > > .
leal CD. . . .
' Vro Dluiniiuil It idi )
Tb o lj rrll > l > lt l.ill br lf. f * u (
lur . LHdfr * . luk lr Ml t IW Ikt I
uiviia UrnuJflu rr < l tuciilt tKpiM , * * i 4
nJi ) > r | > uUoul > rt u4 "lUllr