Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 22, 1889, Part I, Page 7, Image 7

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On Exhibition until'further Notice at
Herod , Emperor of 1'crala B. C. 700 , becoming alarmed at gradually losing
his power through the superstitious belief of Ills people In the Masplans ,
( wizards or magicians ) ! after consulting thc.scvcn Princes permitted to sco
his face ( Who tee the King's face. jEsra , YH ; 14) ) , determined to exterminate
them , and BO retain Ills powerful ascendancy } and consequently Issued nn order
that on tlio third full moon all the Mnsplans tthould assemble at the Chasm
of Bokhara , tvhcro ho commanded hla soldiers , to force them ( some hund-
tidt of Jlaspfans ) at the point of. tbo scimitar to Jump Into the chasm/
-Sl s JJ . |
irvl fTSSSSf ' . _ . -5)
* andtimt there should not be one loft , the initials or each magician
WOre engraved On a Stone , ( Graven with iron in the rock forever.
Job. JT/A" . 2-f. ) and on the lost one , ( Osiris ) , being placed In position for the
terrlblo death leap , ho uttered a malediction , the last words ofwhich wcro ;
"My body will perish , but in that stone to which E
now bequeath my magic Art , my spirit shall livp for
OVOrmoro ; " nu < J with ona unearthly shriek , Osiris the last and greatest of
all the Masplans , disappeared In the chasm.
Now Ilcrod , being troubled nt these words of Osiris , to which ho attributed
a fearful significance , and , as an effort to counteract the supposed power con
veyed to this stone by Osiris , ordered to bo built the Tcinplo of Per-
SOpoliS , using this engraved.stone , ( afterwards named Ostrls ) , as a corner
Btono. * * > < ' y\
Hundreds of years after , when the Temple became a ruin , ( as it exists
today ) , this stone was presented by the present Shah's father to Trance , on the
occasion of the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte as Emperor. And It Is still
on exhibition at the Palace of the Luxembourg , Paris , nt the
present time , where It Is "lowed with much interest by tourlbts. < '
The Initials of the Slasplans , as they wcro arranged on the stone of Osiris , will
tell you your ruling planet , the trlbo of Israel you descend from , and your
principal characteristic , and will also answer questions concerning your future
Business Prospects , Luck , Wishes , ( whether to bo granted or not ) , "Wealth and
Marriage. *
On application at our store wo will present frco of cost , ( up to date asunder
under mentioned ) , a fnc-shnllo'lraprcsslon ol the great stone of Osiris , with
I directions how to work It , so that you will bo enabled to tell your own fortunes
pud that of your friends.
Great Doorcase In the Number of
Cigars and Cheroots.
Increased Deninnil for Laborers nnd
the Forpo of Men Now Required
by Hie Now I lootrlo Hulls -
s , Etc. , Ktc.
Ijnbor nnd Hrnnlcc.
According to oport by the Associated
Pi ess the Intornnlional Cignrmakers' union
Is not in a condition to bo desired by thu mem
bers. I'resjdent SU'osser's report made on
AVodnesday last is to tlio effect that employ
ment is gradually decieusmg. While there is
nu Increase forthoyenrlStS SU in the number
of cigars and cheroots manufactured
crcaso is much less than the increase of 18SO-
87. The astounding Information is promul
gated that In Now York City alone there
lias boon a decrease in union' manufactured
cigars nnd chorootsof 21,07.1,782 as compared
with the fiscal year previous. The order'
holds Its own ns legnrds membership , the
figures lioiug 10,001) , ) In round numbers.
iiegardlng the dociease In prgductlon one
of thu members of tlieOmulm union says : "In
thu llrst pluro foreign competition has much to
( lo with it. Tlio mucking public is divided into
"two classes , the wealthy who can afford an
expensive smoke and the middle and lower
classes who indulge In the cheaper grades ot
cigars. The former smoke n great deal
more than the latter as a matter of course.
Tlio cigars smoked oy thu former
uro Imported In a manufactured
BUUO nibtend of being sent hero in the shape
of raw material. They can bo manufac
tured much cheaper abroad than at homo ,
because labor is cheaper. If the duty on the
manufactured article was increased and
that on the raw material lowered , then the
fcradcs mentioned would bo manufactured in
this country instead of abroad. Tills would
Iiolp us some. The labor unions could mate
rially assist us If they would. They could
create a demand for iinlon-mndo cigars sim-
lily by going into places wliero they are not
kept nnd asking for them. I know of an in
stance where a dealer who at one tlmo re
fused positively tp handle union-made goods
now handles no other. Some of thu boys
noticed that all his cigars wjro of scab man
ufacture. Then they organized nnd wont
for him. Livery day three or four people in
n bunch would go in nnd ask for a cigar.
When ho would set up his box they would
hunt for thu union label , and not Imding It
would refuse to buy. Now ho only handles
union-made goods , uud says ho wauld'tit ' soil
any other ,
"As u rule , the second class saloons are
our best frlouds. They all null union made
cigars. The uway-up places do not. Or
course lliuir imported havunus uro not ,
neither are tlio domestics. Wo don't ask
thuui to forego Imported dgais , but If they
would hutullo uiuon-miuiudomestics it upuld
be it HI eat thing for us. 'I ho Ouvihu unions
ura helping us all they can and we apprcclalu
thnir efforts.
"Speaking of the union the annual meet Ing
of which Is uowln session in New York city ,
u now arrangement regarding representa
tion has boon made. Unions with a member
ship of 100 arc npw entitled to a delegate ,
tybcroas u membership of i.00 was formerly
required. "
The comiolldatloii of the employes of the
TJuIou I'aclilu.rond jnto one body known as
tlio Jjrotherbood of Hallway Employes
Which , | m boon under consideration for
BOIUO time , has at last IH < CU accomplished ,
aud the liiolhorhood of Engineer * which
uieeta la Denver October 10 will have a
chance to ratify or reject the action of the
Union Puolloongir ! : rs , t It sees fit.
Thu movement Is uurely a west
ern one and will , no doubt , bovigorouly
opposed by Chief Arthur's tupportors who
still adhere to his principle , "No entangling
ullancei with other trades. " Western men ,
however , who are opposed to bis ro election ,
trill advorata u rullllcutiou of the movement
and xvill urge that employes of other sys
tems take similar action. The failure of
the brotherhood , to carry its point on the
Chiuago , Burlington & Quincy will bo cited ,
nnd in all probability the action of the Union
Pacific men will be endorsed.
The various organizations in the federa
tion will act throueh an executive board
chosen from the mcmboisliin of each society.
Their action will be linal in all cases. Should
tlio section men have a grievance and they
arc , ns a rule , members of the 1C. of L. that
grievance will bo submitted to the executive
bourd , who will present it to the manage
ment for settlement. Arbitration will bo
the means of settlement. Then if the com
pany refuses to nrbitrato.concontruted action
will follow. At a signal every wheel
on the ontlro system stop. It is a powerful
federation. The general opinion is that the
annual meeting of encuiccrs will endorse
the action. V'rnnmii Is said to have a major
ity of the delegates and Yroman is a Union
Pacific man.
The grading and paving contractors still
continue to want men for vat ions kinds of
work. It is not deemed advisable to advertise
in ether towns , however , forfoar.ol.un inllux
of laborers.
When the consolidated lines have com
pleted tlio task of changing their road to an
electric line , the number of men employed
will bo nearlv doubled. While the number
of trains will not equal the slnglo cars now
in use It will equal nt least two-thirds ns
many. And instead of one man tno will bo
employed. At the power house n large force
will be required , while n gang of line men of
no mean proportions will bo kept constantly
in service. >
W. M. Smith , president of the Omaha
Harbors' union , thinks it very strange that
the Omaha ton&orlal at lists do not take u
more lively interest in organization than
they nt present manifest , ilo claims that
tlio barbers' union Is supposed to meet semi
monthly , but that over two months have
nlapscd since the last session. The organ-
1/ors and leading men seem to bo losing in
terest , a. fact that ho ran not account for.
Over one-half or thu members are behind in
their duos and assessments , while the
executive committee seems to have elapsed
into a condition of dreamy idleness.
The task of unionizing rat shops Is prac
tically untouched and many other matters
which might have been attended to uro loft
without attention. Smith thinks the union
will go down unless sonio strenuous efforts
are made in its behalf ,
Another memborof thoiinlon acknowledged
that tlio society was on its last IO M , but as
sorted that mismanagement was the cause.
Instead of electing Journeymen officers , pro
prietors wore chosen , who wore at heart op
posed to the union , The latter tried to
make tlio society a social ono instead of one
organized for mutual benefit , Until a change
is made no reform may bo looked for , and
unless something is'donu the barbers' union
will Boon bo u thing of the past ,
The Union Pacific shopmen are not
through "kicking" at George \V. Gushing ,
Buperliituiulent of motive poiver mid ma
chinery , For the past six years ninohouis
has constituted a day's work. Cushlng's
first action was to cut thu number of hours
to eight , the pay being reduced accordingly.
Formerly time and half time was allowed
for overwork , but Custnng abolished tins
rule. His latest Is an Increase of one hour
per day without any increase in piy , Some
thing may drop before long , as the men are
In a mood to resort to oxtrcmo measures.
The non-union men at Gibson , Miller &
liichardsou's are said to bo dissatisfied , and
a walkout may occur. Dictatorial manage
ment. Is said to be the basis of the trouble.
The claim is set up that in the matter of
wages there uro numoious cuts for alleged
ruined Jobs. Gibson says this is all bosh and
that there is nothing in it.
Dumb I' up I In Arriving.
The pupils of the deaf and dumb Institute
are arriving In the city daily. Piiucipat Oil-
lasplo expects to open the fall term with
about I'M pupils. A number of improve
ments have been made about the building
during tuo summer. Inside shutters have
bucii nut on all the windows , flro escapes
have boon nut up , and granolithic walks laid
about the building.
Changes have also boon made In the staff
of the institution , Mr. Zarbaugh , of the
teachers , being succeeded by Mrs. Mosoloy ,
ami ttio nur o. Mrp. Kielmrds , being suc
ceeded by Miss Daniels ,
To each and every purchas
er at our store we give , with
our compliments , a facsimilet
impression of the great stone "
of Osiris with solution , which
enables you to tell your.own
fortunes and those of your"
In past ages when superstition -
tion reigned supreme , the ,
prophecies of the great Osiris
stone were regarded w.ith '
silent awe and veneration. The
modern mind will find in this '
legacy of ancient lore a rich
mine of amusement and highly
interesting research. ,
How They Deceive the Iowa Farm
ers With Medical Remedies.
Olllcero of tlio Law Placed Upon Tliolr
Traolc and a Howard Offered
For Tliolr Arrest nnd
B wnro of Them.
A dispatch was received hero yesterday ,
stating that parties , claiming to bo loading
physicians of a largo medical establishment
in this city , were trying to soil notes nt Ode-
bolt , la , , which they had obtained there from
farmers under the representation that they
were connected with the institution in ques
tion. They had printed matter , circulars ,
etc. , which wcro ID Imitation of thosq used
by the Omaha Medical and Surgical insti
tute , of this city , and which would lead the
unsuspecting to suppose that they had been
gotten up by that institution. Inquiry at the
institute , however , showed that the note-
sellers had no connection with the instltu- ,
tion. Tlio proprietor stated that ho had Ijocn
annoyed repeatedly by parties claiming to
hail from the Omaha Medical institute. Ho
accordingly telegraphed at once and notified
the police that ho had olTured a 'reward for
the arrest and conviction of parties claiming
to represent him. f /
Later dispatches from the city marshal of
Odobolt gave a clue to their Ideality. 4A rb-
portcr of TUB HUB , following the clue , un
earthed a number of their circulars , and dis
covered their licadquartois la this city. Tlio
former sot forth that they possessed a largo
infirmary , located at tno corner of Fifteenth
and Howard streets , In the Shcoly bleak ,
the lawyers , business men , nnd other occu
pants of which will learn for tlio first tlmo
through Tin : lieu that they reside in an in-
stitutlon of that kind. Tito circular also uro-
claims that they have a largo faculty of phy
sic-inns , accommodations for boarding pa
tients , ota , etc.
lu reality , they linvo simply a . couple of
cheaply furnished rooms , dosti'uto ' of ap
paratus and f nullities for doing medical busi
The names of the proprietors of this
alleged establishment us set forth in their
circular are H. F. McCoy and T. II. Ensor ,
M , D. Many complaints have rnuehod this
city before In regard to the operations of
such parties front their victims , scattered
throughout the country. A druggist on
Lc'tivenwonh and Seventeenth streets states
that tliuy formerly purchased medicines of
him , but us they failed to pay what they
owed , and caused him trouble by tneir nu
merous victims writing to him on account of
his labels bolng on their bottles , ho refused
to liavo anything more to do with them. The
expediency to which they hnvo now icsortcu
shows , In ; the estimation of thnsu who
Unow them , that they are undoubtedly pre
paring for u grand raid upon the farmers
of Iowa and Nebraska , taking advantage of
the well-known reputation and extensive
advertising of Omaha's only medical estab
lishment , and thus gulling persons living at
n ctistanco from tlio city. They are also
putting themselves in trim , It Is believed ,
for u term in the penitnntliiry , because by
representing themselves as having an insti
tution which they have not , or leading tlioir
patrons to believe- that they repreaeut a per
manent institution hero , they are obtaining
money under falsa protnnsos. Tlioy will un
doubtedly bo prosecuted , as it is understood
n largo number of farmers have already
combined for that purpose. When last heard
from they wcro at Odcbolt , la. , under the
watchful care of the city marshal.
The circular of this outllt is a brazen steal
from that of tlio Omaha Medical Institute in
both mutter and appearance , while on it is.
also blazoned as manager a party boasting
the name of MuMonaioy , which Is also the
name of the proprietor of tno Omaha Modi *
cal Institute.
Those adventurers arc still In Iowa. They
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arc as fearless as such people usuilly are
until exposed , when the good sense of the
intelligent public and the fear of the peni
tentiary drives them to some other quarter
of the earth to prev upon the croi'ulity and
profit by the desperation of poor suffering
Tno Omaha Medical Institute , both In
protection ot itself nnd in the interest of the
farmers of both Nebraska and Iowa , has
flooded these stoles with circulars setting
forth that Drs. Malla Howard and McMo-
namy and those with numerous other names
are taking notes nnd selling them to the
banks. The circular further Btntos that the
Bank of Ute bought Rorao of these notes on
which farmers' namoa were forged , Tbo
circular further states that these people are
frauds , and that they have no right to rep
resent the Omaha Institute , which
has no agents in Iowa and which Is the
only , medical instltuto m Omaha. The
circular further asserts that because of
these men the institute has bean compelled
to withdraw its representatives from that
stato. Lastly , the institute requests every
bank to telegraph when these people offer it
paper for sale so that the Institute in this
citv may aid in the detection of the fraud
and the protection of the' bank U3 well as of
the bouost farmers who do business with it.
Colored glass for tableware Is much in
The walter girl IB different from the poet.
She is not born ; she is maid to order.
It is calculated that during a London soa-
sson the average amount spent in llowers dally
Ms i'5,000.
Aspirants for favor in the hairpin field
coma disguised as fencing-sticks with incrusted -
[ crusted gold tops and pointed ends ,
Rochester Post : Sister Sue Ma , what Is a
caucus i Urothcr Jock ( Intoriuptlng ) You
must bo green , Why , a cau-cuss is a young
Two female delegates to the democratic
constitutional convention at Cheyenne , W.
T. . became excited , and the Ho was passed.
Woman suffrage caused the row.
Queen Victoria has the largest bound book
over made. It Is eighteen inches thick and
weiu'hs sixty-three pounds. It contains the
Jubilee addresses of congratulation.
r A recent capnco In hair ornaments is a
[ double-pronged hairpin topped bv a tennis
[ not of thin gold wire , the latter supported at
teach end by pearl-tipped uprights.
' It is said that Mr. Gladstone has under
taken a thorouch revision of his book of
twenty years ago , "Jnvonluu Mundi. " Ono
statement is that ho wiU'rilwrlto the work.
Alum water will rcstoi't/'almost ' nil faded
colors. Brush the fadotl' article thoroughly
to tree it from dust , covnifritnvlth a lather of
oastilo snap , rinse with clour .water and then
ulum water , nnd the eo o cHwlll usually be
much brighter than before , , "
A tonthplck sland hat.hiipn dovlsod that
for iiualntness must taKop-ceodeiico , | ever all
others. It comprises whilt-MOKs liku n wlilsic
broom haudlo witli a bio tl base. Into tlio
hollow portion of this article tlio plckb are
placed , and give it thaftuppaarunca of a
broom. nlio
Miss ICato Field , so fane from regretting
her want of perKonul baftu ) , bus u sublime
contempt for a woman fhll080 only recom
mendation is n pretty face. ' ' Certainly , the
most brilliant women hav/f'Mpt / been the most
beautiful Madame Do Swoi. Lady Morgan ,
George Eliot , for instaneb'1
At last wo understand the force
Of "sho" the jolly tnr employs ;
Because the vessel in Its course
Is guided by the harbor buoys.
The beautiful embroideries on muslin with
cotton by the East Indian and Canadian
women urn well known , days the Dry Goods
Chronicle. Tno embroidery practiced by the
latter Is curious enough ; ihoy work with
their own hair as well ns that of animals , *
with which they make splendid representa
tions offiowors , foliage , oto. They also In
sert the skins of eels , borpents , banshros ,
mermaids and ether outlandish kinds of fish.
Baldbcadoa and very homely old gentle
man to photouniphor ' 'Drat such pictures )
Can't you tnaxo mo look any bolter than that
after five alltingsl" l
hoiograplior ( thor-
ougbly oxasporalod- ) " ! think I can , sir , if
you will allow me to take the back of your
head. It hasn't so much expression as the
ether side , but It's u blamou Bight prettier. "
AVery Lively Time at the Repub
lican Primaries.
Officer round Suspewlod Conflict
ing Stories Told About the
Matter Tlio Good
' " ' Time Act.
liej P STHEHT ,
LINCOLN , Nob. , Sept. ,21.J ,
The republicans of Lancaster county held
their pi imary election to-day. In the Third ,
Fifth and Sixth wards there was a red hot
light , and the factions fought as earnestly us
the parties do at the polls at the election
proper. Until this morning It was thought
that but/mo delegate ticket vyotild bo pre
sented in the Third ward. Owing , however ,
to the cast otjho , delegation put up at a cau
cus last ulght , which meant Maxoy Cobb for
treasurer and Toin Carr for sheriff , there
were a boat of rebels In camp
this morning , uud the friends of Burnham
and Griffith nqt , together , made up a ticket.
Inthe Fifth ward the friends
of lloxib and JMcCluy , both candidates for
sheriff- locked .hocus ; also Cobb aud Burn-
bum. , , The friends ofjthosocandidates con
tested every lnohx > f ground. In the Sixth
ward It woH Chtlrcbill for county clerk and
Hunger for "sheriff against Sam McClav ,
who is said 'to" 'bo' prominent In the race
for thort Mtor position. The result
of the coniest in these wards can
not bo determined at this tlmo. Consider
able feclifi'tj'wds manifested at three polling
places , an'd It Is , said that a stormy county
convention Is likely to occur. The conven
tion convenes on Monday ,
In the" < Hber wards and procmots the elec
tion passed pll quietly and good fooling pro-
vailed. Senator Hnymond led the fight
ngaihst'tho Cobb people In the Third ward.
Later The result of the primaries ad
vances Cobb stock for treasurer. Ho won
in the First , Second , Third and Fifth wards.
It IH thought , liowover , thntUiirnhnm's gains
in the country will overbalance what ho lost
in the city ,
Carr and McClay balance for shoilff.
Trompsen , too , will have some votes.
Churchill for county cleik was knocked out
In the bixth , his homo ward. Burnhnm's
friends uro still confident that ho will win
for county treasurer.
The Oooil Tlmo ACT.
A rjucstiorrof Interest was suggested to
TUB Bnc correspondent to day. A widow
lady who has a bon In the penitentiary , and
whoso term , deducting the benefits earned
by the good tlmo act , will expire in about ten
days , applied to the governor for a pardon.
Shu desired him to receive this executive
favor .so that ho micht be restored to his
civil and political rights. Tlio governor do-
cliiiod to interfere for this reason , holding
that the benefits derived from the good tlmo
act amounted to the ramu as a pardon nnd
restored the beneficiary to his full citizen-
shiu. Speaking of this a well known lawyer
said : "If this holding is correct , and at first
glance it looks to bo so , It will affect the citi
zenship of many cx-coiivlcts lu this state. "
Ollloor Pound UiiHpniided.
It scorns that the Internal commotions In
the police department grows more and moro
violent day by day , This morning Ofllcor
Pound , ono of thaoldcttincn connected with
the department , was seen In cltfzsn'H olothcs.
Ho was apjiroachoil by Tun HIB representa
tive and asked for the reason of such a con
dition of affairs. Ilo replied , "I will have to
refer you to headquarters. " Marshal Car
der was seen and ho said ;
"This is primary day and Pound Is oft ex
ercising hU prerogatives ns an American
citUen , . Tia | pressure , was HO great that I
bad Vo let him go to work at tha primaries.
I had to sot mv foot down hard or I wouldn't
have had nn officer on the force to-day. "
From another source that is considered
authentic it is learned that yesterday after
noon the marshal had accused Pound with
having said :
"The mayor is coming to his senses. Ho
has appointed Green night captain nnd if
Carder don't look out ho will got it in the
neck. "
Pound donlcd that ho had made such a re
mark and they separated. ThU morning
when Officer I'ound reported for duty Sor-
gca t Mullcr hnr.dfed him a note informing
him that ho was suspended until the return
of the mayor.
A Ijlttlo nin [ > .
Quite a lively flro occurred between. 8 and
0 o'clock this evening in n barn back of the
Bentley block , on South Ninth street. The
department responded promptly and the flro
was soon extinguished. Tlio loss by fire ,
water and breakage will probably amount to
? GOO , paitially insured.
City Nnwsunil > tcs.
Judge Chapman , of Plattsmoutb , spent a
few hours in the city to-day.
H. M. Waring , of Omaha , was In the city
Agcntlo rain dropped noiselessly down
most of the afternoon.
Four car loads of line Hereford cattle
went east on the Burlington last night.
They were raised by Smith Caldwell on his
farm near Edgar , and were shipped by Tom
A Mrs. Street , of Curtis , was at the Capi
tal hotel this morning with a party of
friends , wlion she learned of the death of
her husband. She loft nt 10:30 a. In. over
the Missouri Pacific for Nebraska City.
The Sunday question in connection with
the proposed opening of tlio Eden inusoe will
form a topic for most of the city pastors
Sunday morning.
Robert Price nnd Hobert Hcnsley. the
two young men fiom Bennett who were ar
rested yesterday cliaraed with a crlmlnul
assault on the parson -of Miss Hntllo Swan-
Bon , wcro arraigned in police court tills
morning , and the case was1 continued until
Monday at 1 p. m. Honsluy was admitted
bail in the sura of S 00 with Tom Price us
surety , and Price was'loft In jail.
Walt Sooiy IB quite 111 at the Capital-hotel.
C. E. Alexander , aroportoron the Journal ,
is n delegate to the county convention from
the First ward.
Ex-Governor Dawes , of Crete , was In the
citv to-duy.
W. S. Bristol , of Omaha , is at the Capital
The National Land company , of Geneva ,
filed articles of incorporation with the secre
tary of state to-day. The capital slock li
? W,000 ; the Incorporators are V. O. Shick-
ley , 12.1C. Cobb and O. W. Shlckloy. The
company will ouorato in Nebraska aud Wy
The Clark & Leonard Investment company
filed amended articles of incorporation to
day , increasing tlio capital htock toJOO,000. , .
Miss Lara Blizzard is In Kansas City vis
iting1 friends. *
It is reported that the Glebe Publishing
company , which has been publishing the
Sunday Morning Ulouo for Bomo months
will shortly begin the publication of nn af
ternoon daily , n five column folio , The first
ISHIIO will bo printed next Saturday. The
boys have arranged for a special telegraph
Tlio city was full of blue coats to day ,
members of the state militia returning from
the annual omcampment at Beatrice.
Mrs..Jobn Edmunds , wife of tlio B. ft M ,
station ugont at Reynolds , was found lying
on the sidewalk at Thlitoentti and O about
midnight last night In an insensible condi
tion. At first it was thought dim was dead ,
but Investigation dimply proved her to be
unconscious. She was taken to the pqllco
station and Dr , Veils administered restor
atives , when Hho partly regained her nmson.
Shu then stated that she had been visiting
friends In Lincoln and that yesterday xhu
tmd been stopping at Mrs. Jay's boarding
house , at 131'J N , la the evening she had
gone out with some friends nnd whllo out
hud suddenly heroine unconscious. The
doctor attributes her ailment , to heart
troubles , Her husband was telegraphed
this morning of the ntfalr , but up to 4
o'clock nothing hud bean hdard from him ,
Tbo ltdy had a similar trouble In this city
last winter.
Potty thieving continues , Thursday night
some ono entered the granary of Dr. Houtz ,
nnd nolo six bags of shelled corn The par- , !
tio.s were tracked cast by Wyuka cemetery.
A Bnro Quorum of tlio Douglas Kul-
ors Coiil lilds Hubrnitcml ,
There was a bare quorum at the meeting
of the county commissioners yesterday after
noon. Turner was in the chair uud Ander
son and O'Keoffo were in their scats.
Six bids wcro opened for furnlsntng the
county with coal for the court house and
Jail. The following are the bids and , bid
ders :
C. B. Havens , per ton $3.40.
J. J. Howell &Son 8.05
Jeff Bedford 8.45
Hulburt & Blum 8 GI ) }
J. A Sunderrand 8.JW
Mount & Griffin 840
Nebraska Fuel Co 8.CO
Howell A ; Co 8.00
These bids wcro refcnca to the commitlea
on court nouso and Jail with instructions to
report next Saturday.
A communicatloa was received from Su
perintendent Coots requesting the board to
take Immediate steps to adopt and put in op
eration a system of sewerage for the county
hospital building. The superintendent stated
that no plan had yet been determined upon
and tfio plumbing and steam heating con
tractor cannot complete the work without
having the newer pipes in.
Tlio superintendent inclosed a communica
tion from him to the contractors , Itvan &
Walsh , directing them to put in tlio foul air
pipes from the rooms to the fun and the frosli
uir pipes for the radiators , without further
delay. .
Certified copies of these communications
were ordered sent to Architect Myers at
oiH-o with a request to send immediate instructions -
structions to the superintendent nnd board.
Thoie is DO sewer to connect with and it
will bo necessary for the board to put iu
Bomo system of sowcnigo before the pipes
can bo connected.
J. E. Ullov appeared before the board and
stated that ho understood the commissioners
had appropriated J5.0JO for tlio paving of in
tersections on Vinton from Twentieth to
Twenty-fourth , nnd tlionco south to , tha pity
limits. The city hud since ordered a pave
ment on Vinton street and had paid for the
intersection , leaving a balance In the appro
priation , Mr. Uiloy asked that this money
bo appropriated to the payment for the intorf
sections nn Twenty-fourth ntioot from Vm-
toil Boutli to the city limits and on Twentieth
street south to the park. Thu city engineer
had estimated that this work would cost
U3S0.40 , and Mr. Hiloy said ho had boon re
quested to ask the board to allow thu bal
ance of the fund , about 12,000 , to bo applied
to tlio payment lor Intcmvtloim on Thirtieth
street from Ames avenue north.
A resolution embodying these points was
passed by tlio hoard.
The county attorney was authorized to pro *
euro an abstract of the tun acres which had ,
been lost to tlio county.
The county clerk was instructed to advor-
tiio for bids for grading oot to exceed 10,000
yards from military roaaVost oao and ono-
quarter miles. '
THIS .uoroil.
Jlnpicl ProKiows 'Inward
ibo -ywii'in.
The Omaha Motor company has completed
Its double track from Twelfth nnd Howard
east to Eleventh and south over the viaduct
to Vinton street. It is expected that this
line will be in operation in about twenty
days. When it Is completed the Walnut HIJl
cur * will run across the vmiluct to Vinton
street. When the track on WeCstcr street
street from Seventeenth to Fourteenth and
Boutli to Caas Is completed tlioso curs will
run over this icuto and then eonth to Vln-
ton , thus carrying passengers to the Webster
street depot and within n block of the Union u
Pacific and liurllngloii depot * ,
beginning this week the cars will run
from the fair grounds over the present routa
and south to Sixteenth and Vinton streets.
Inside of sixty days the fair ground line will
bo completed west on Commercial street to
Contra ! Park and thence to Fort Omaha ,
and the South Omaha line will be completed
about the name time , and tha company will
then have a double track from the fort to
the stock yards , a distance of nlno miles , the
fare ever which will bo 5 cents.
Commencing to morrow , passengers will
bo transferred from ono motor line to an
other as they may desire ,