Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 22, 1889, Part I, Page 6, Image 6

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.Delivered brcnrrltr In Any r rt of
TV only Cents Ter Week. . . _ _ . ,
11. W. TH.TON. . . . MANAGER.
OFFICE No. 43.
N. Y , P. Co.
Glcnson coal.
D. W. Otis , city and farm loans.
Council Bluffs Lumber Co. , coal.
Boston store leads thorn all. Dry goods.
Carbon Coal Co. , wholesalorotall,10 Pearl.
C. C. Klrby Is erecting a flno residence on
Graham avenue.
The reorganised Otlolls and an Omaha club
will play ut Falrvlow park this afternoon.
Thu Sons of Veterans will glvo n ball to
morrow evening ul tholr hall on Pearl strcot.
The city auditor has Issund 117 sidewalk
certificates , aggregating $ t'JH. to Thomas
Galvln. '
Atcn-nouml baby girl has Just tatcon un
licrnbodu with Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Felt , to
their great delight.
E. B. Bowman , Jr. , has boon elected sec
retary of the Council Bluffs club , vice B. A.
Troutmun , resigned.
Peter Beck's undue hilarity may bo over
looked mid excused , us that now girl Is
enough to turn any man's head.
The son of Dr. C. Oeetkln , who resides at
No. WO West Washington avenue , loll und
broke his loft arm last night whim playing
on thu lawn.
The cnso of O. S. BarkotiHky vs Jennie
Goldberg was on trial before Judge Alaoy
yesterday , thu jury having boon exi-usud
until Monday morning.
Special motor trains will bo run between
the two cities for tlio accommodation of the
Omaha people during the Klsoinan opening
to-morrow and Tuesday evenings.
The infant son of Andrew O'Donald died
nt Weston Friday afternoon at I o'clock.
The funeral took plaeo yesterday morning ut
11 o'clock , the remains .being buried In Hazel
Doll cemetery.
Tnc cnso uf Evans vs White , in xvhleh n
verdict \\ns returned Friday for thuplaiutiff ,
Is the same ono in which , at the preceding
trial , njuiy was out for fifty-two hours ,
standing six to six during the whoio of tmit
Mr. J. W. D.imon yesterday loft the ban
ner apploutTni ; Bun ofllce. It weighs 'M } {
ounces and Is 15) ) , ' inches in circumference.
It was grown by Mr. Damon In his orchard
on Pcrin u venue. The apple is on exhibition
In tlio window of this office.
Hawkcyo lodge , independent Order of Odd
Fellows , llllcu a motor train of three cars
Friday evening and visited Omaha as guests
of the Omaha Odd Fellows. The Odd
i Follows' band of Omaha came ever and es-
coiled the visitors to their city.
If any of tlio ladles have not received an
invitation to the Klscman opening it is be
cause of failure to obtain the address before
the supply of printed Invitations was ex
hausted. The building will hold 5,000 people
ple at ono time , and all are welcome.
A reception will be given at the new rooms
of the Young Man's Christian association , in
the Mcrriam blook , on Tuesday evening ,
September 2 , ut 7:110 : o'clock. The ladies or
the W. C. T. U. will servi ) refreshments in
their rooms. A cordial invitation is extended
to the pu ) llc.
The lire bugs are still In the city , as was
evidenced by thcirattumpl to lire u building
lust cast of the Broadway M. E. church. A
bundlu of hay saturated with oil was found
next to the building , nnd the boards weru
charred , but the lire was put out before it
obtained a foothold.
Several of the enterprising and kindhearted -
hearted merchants of the city uavo fitted
outJimmio Davis , the crippled boy here ,
with clothing , underwear , etc. , and tomorrow
row morning ho leaves for Tabor , to enter
colloL'O. His career will bo watched with
interest by the citizens of Council Bluffs.
A largo party of Omatians plcnlclccd in
Falrmount park yesterday afternoon. A
special train of three cars brought , a number
of thu party , but it would not accommodate
them all , and the others came on the regular
trains. There were about ono hundred and
fifty In attendance , Tlnd a most enjoyable
tlmo was had. The rain compelled them to
return homo earlier than was intended.
The German Catholic ladies arc few in
numbers but strong m good works. They
are working most zealously to make their ha-
raur the coming wcekugrand success. Their
efforts being laudable and ihuir entertain
ments excellent , the public should give them
a liberal patronage. The Masonic Temple
hall should bo crowded every evening of the
bazaar. It opens to-morrow evening with u
grand concert.
The men who were arrested bore In con
nection with the Mint shouting a few days
ago , and taken to Nevada , have been Identi
fied as persons who were there the day pre
vious to the robbery of the jewelry store in
that placa u short time ago. The authorities
hero were requested to send witnesses most
conversant with the facts developed after
the arrest In this city , and accordingly three
men started for Nevada Faidny evening.
The window display nt Kiseman's new
store attracted a great deal of attention last
evening. Both of the immomo windows on
tlio lower floor were very artistically draped
and trimmed by the veteran dry goods dra
per , Phil Atirons , to whom the greatest
credit Is due. The west winllow Is devoted
to dress goods , and the east window to lin
ens. Kltner of the windows , is u marvel , and
it Is sofo to say that they will bo admired by
thousands during the coming week.
The Avoca grand jury , for the east end of
the county , is investigating two seduction
cases this term Onu of them , it is said , has
been settled by the payment of $1,800 to the
prosecuting witness. The general feeling of
the neighbors and these acquainted with the
facts , however , Is with the defendant. It Is
alleged to bo n case of blackmail , but tlio
story told by thu prosecuting witness was so
straight that the defendant preferred to set-
tie than to go to the penitentiary , as ho ab
solutely ruiused to marry the girl. Tno
case Is still attracting a great dual ot atten
tion , und disinterested parties Btato that the
end is not yet ,
. B. Wndsworth & Co. loan monoy.
Dwelling for sale on easy payments. Also
building lots at lowest market prices. Call
und examine our list. E. H. Sheafo & Co.
' The Now Ogden , Council Bluffs , finest and
largest hotel in western Iowa. Special at
tentions to commercial men.
Attend the W. 1. Bus.collcgo.Councll Bluffs.
I *
If Kcatiiirprc8orlptlonsand ( drucs , 505 B'd'y ,
Chapman's art parlors will bo thrown open
to the public on Monday and Tuesday uveii'
House and lot for $1. Buy your tickets In
grand drawing to we will not have to dofoi
I rulllo. Sou' notice In special columns , this
Western Lumber and Supply Co. , 13th anil
14th streets and "d and M nvenuos , carry tlu
largest atock of lumber , piling polutloillme
cement und building material In the west
B. W , Raymond , manager.
Swanson Music Co. , 335 Broadway.
Grand Concert ,
The following Is the programme for the
German Cathollu ladles' uazaar , on Monday
evening , at the Masonic totuploi
Quartette. . . . , GleoClnl
Messrs. Wnscott , Ogden Allen and Mo-
Guvott ( original ) for violmcollo. . .
Mr. John Brov.'n. of Omahi
Duel , . . . . . . . .Missus Merkol and Portortloli
Solo Mr. F. Wcscot
Duet. , , . . , . . , Clarinet and Corno
Mobarj , A. Kurbach , ol.Oaiuha , and Perrj
Quartet , ' . , , ,
Messrs , Wcseott , Ogden , Allou und Me
Doruild ,
Solo Miss Palme
Flute Solo , , , Perry Budolle
Solo. , . . . , . . . . , , , . Philip Pasoha
Solo , . . . .MissOllvo
Solo MM. Thorntoi
The admission will bo 'J5 conU. Suppoi
served at U o'clock.
Got FountainCoclgar , next Klsomau block
J. C. Blxby , guaranteed stoaiu heating , 33
Broadway ,
Such IB Acknowledged to Bo the
Now Blaoraan Blook.
The Wolf Club's Hounds The Grnnil
fury Will Invcptlscato the Hpnurs
Murder Case A Oltl/.pn Do-
The I'rldn of Council BlufN.
Simultaneous with the completion of the
now bridge across the Missouri wan the com
mencement of the modern nnd comodlous
'our-story ' dry goods palace , with nearly ono
aero of salesrooms , erected by Henry Klso *
nnn .t Co. , of Council Bluffs , la. , at a cost
of (100,000. Never , slnco the rebuilding of
Chicago , lias any city of the west possessed
such inherent advantages In building as
docs this city. The Etsoman block Is sur-
msscd by few of its kind In the United
States. Its Interior arrangement , llnlbhlngs
nnd embellishments nro exceedingly line ,
while the beauty of Its atchltcctural dcslim
s not surpassed anywhere. Thcro are larger
structures but none bettor. This modern
novel structure has produced such a wonderFul -
Ful change In our Broadway appearance ,
owe ring nigh above nil others us it docs ,
that wo feel our city looks qultn metropoli
tan. Its courteous proprietors have leaped
from the ranks of their competitors and
lukon their proper place with these whoso
lives are Intensely active , whoso methods
tro I'osmouolitan und who set the pace for
the rest of their followers ,
Entering this grand emporium of fashion
through the commodious Broadway doors
of French pluto glass and veneered panels ,
you stand bewildered , doubting oven your
nvn o\es. But this is only the entrance.
The reporter for Tuu BCD was allowed a
glimpse ut , the greater treat which
awaits yon the interior display. No
pains huva been spared to make this u sight
worth seeing , und all , from the
little tattler to the gruy-liuircd , will go into
ocstucy when they meet tliuir fancy m the
Loy department or sco a famous Ucgattu silk ,
Luxor or Satin da Floru In all the handsome
combinations and shades of Mordoro , Sasu-
fraa , Vieuxrouge , Brnnzedoro , Veronese , ( a
beautiful compromise between terra cotta
and crushed strawberry ) , Vurte , n peculiar
green , or Florida , the queen of shades , In
company with the delicate tints in velvet and
plushes , both novelty stripes and plaids ,
marvelous to bnhnld.
Across the aisle is the 100 feet of fixtures ,
loaded with importations of dress goods in all
the latest colorings , both plain and fancy ,
representing the medium as well as
.ho richest uroductions of foreign
lunds. Stepping on down this broad
atslo , pausing only a moment to
View the line array of Scotland's spotless
and checkered damasks nnd doylies , inter
spersed with Germany's boastful reds which
are neighboring with the nameless varieties
of muslins , flannels and sloths , letting only
their friends , the high-colored prints , out
shine them on the uoposite side , and you find
yourself surrounded by a monster stock of
ladies' nnd gents' hand and machine sewed
kangaroos , French kid nnd Doneola shoes ,
while suspended from racks hung the moru
Utractivo pumps and fancy evening slippers.
The cast aisle has been given over to the
men's and boys' portion , the tables nnd
shelving being covered to their utmost with
everything from u four-in-hand , a working-
man's jumper , a little one's jersey or kilt to
u groom's precise lilting black. Passing hur
riedly on to the west nortlon of the main
lloor , not anticipating justice to the number
less notions , you Hint brocaded velvet and
satin combination ribbons , the great 1'aris
exposition button , ( Huntenawveauti ) , escu-
rlal point lace , Gimpure-Persian trimmings
in delicate tints and high colored hosiery ,
from infants to adults in the purest silk
aspd , when suddenly you are attracted us u
bee from its hive by the sweet perfumes
from New Mown Hay and pleasant scented'
Landing on the second floor by means of
the latest improved elevator , you find your
self confronted by a vicious looking African
leouard , representing the fur Industry of
this country. Tripping along noiselessly
over brussels , hero and there passing an
outstretched cat or wolf robe ,
you find you are lost ( as
it wcro ) among the innumerable
racks of comfortable English walking
jackets , princess , or the uioro stylish paletat.
towing hero and there to u graceful form at
tired in a lovely tea gown or delicate robe do
Silk chineel portieres hnnir in festoons
separating the Mackinaw and California
olankctsor acceptable eiderdown comforts
from the glass cases of plush and sealskin
wraps , thu $1,000 b'ridal veil , etc. , and thus
we arc issued to u third story , the children's
department , where Noah and his ark nnd
very describable fowl and animal are float
ing in peace among the perfect sea of im
ported toys.
The fourth story being used for reserve
stock , little remains to bo said of it. It
would bo only Justice to give a r.ioro minute
and interesting description of this beautiful
dry goods palace to which yourself
and friends are cordially invited and
attend the grand formal opening
on Monday and Tuesday evenings , Septem
ber 23 and 34.
Aside from the building Itself , which
stands without u peer In.tho west , a palace
of steel and plutn class , a trip from Omaha
and any of the neighboring cities will be
well repaid by an evening spent in examining
thu splendid exposition of goods from every
land and cllmo under the suii. No descilp-
tlon of the building can do it Justice. It is
n palace of products that every mart In thu
world has been called upon to surrender for
the pleasure and profit of the people of
Council Bluffs und Omaha. Klseman's
annual openings have long boon events in
this county , but the forthcoming
ono will so far surpass anything of the kind
over attempted before that there will bu no
comparison. Special electric motor trains
will carry the ladles and'gcutlomon from
Omaha. The trains will slop und start in
front of the entrance. This exposition has
cost us much as the Omaha fair or thu Sioux
City corn pulace , and the mussivo doors will
bo thrown open to the multitude without
money and without price. If any of the
Omaha ladies have not received invitations
It is because of failure to obtain the address
nnd u general Invitation Is now extended
them. IComo und sea the finest establish
ment In every respect between the great
lakes and the Pacific ocean.
Steam nnd hot water heating , first-class
ulumblng , Work done in both cities. John
Gllnert , 518 Pearl strcot. Council Bluff 8.
Winter & Monroe , sign painters , 410 B'wy ,
O. B. Musio Co. , KISBroadwny.
Hereafter our store will bo open until 0
o'clock p. m. John Huno & Co.
Practicing ; For tlio I
Mr. B , B , Young organized a singing
cluss Thursday nlijht at Mueller's Muslo
hull , for the purpose of practicing some
heavy choruses which are to bo re ndorcd n
the Gllmoru festival In Omaha on the 21th of
next month , The chorus ts to bo composed
of slneors from Omaha and the Bluffa , and
Mr. Young Is desirous of securing as largo
an attendance as possible. "The Heavens
Are Tolling" was rehearsed Thursday
night. . Only about thirty were on hand ,
which Is about ono-ilfth of the number
Council Bluffs should send. The second
rehearsal will be held on Thursday next at
tbo sumo place. The concert will bo under
the auspices of the Apollo club , and there
will bu eight of the leading artists of the
country present , besides the band ,
Money loaned nt LU. . Craft's fc Co'a
loan nfllco on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kliulu ,
nnu all GUI or articles of value , without
removal. All business strictly confi
ICelley & Younkrrman sell groceries.
Chase and Sanborn colToes a specialty.
Tlio Hpcan Murtlt-r
Thocaso of Theodore Brown , the BUS-
peetod murderer of William Spears , was
taken before the grand jury yesterday morn
ing , und subiuuua * Issued for about a uozeu
witnesses , A stated yesterday , the nvl-
deuce against Brown 1 * wholly circumstan
tial , no motive for tlio commission of the
crlnio having us yet developed. Brown do
mes any complicity In the crlmo , and assorts
that ho wna In Omaha on the evening when
the crlmo U supposed to bnvo been commit
ted , but falls to clearly explain his where
abouts. Ho suys that ho boarded n motor
train at the Northwestern depot about 9
o'clock , but III * movements previous to that
time are not explained , The authorities
admit that ho may hnvo taken the car for
Omaha , as ho states , and still Ira n party to
the murder , as the crime , so far as Is known ,
was committed about 8:80 : , which would give
the murderer tune to get to the rlaco above
designated bofora 0 o'clock. They are still
nosltlvo that they have the right man , or ono
of the right men. nnd the pollco are now
working to find a clue that would develop a
motive for the commission of the terrible
deed ,
See the lamb at the Masonic , temple tins
coming week. It will bo voted to the meek
est butcher.
A walk ever the four lloors of the Council
Bluffs Furniture Co. , 407 Broadway , will
show the finest linn of all grades of furni
ture In the city. Every plcco is bought for
cash , shipped direct from factory In car lots
and the benefit of every discount is glvrn the
purchaser. An examination of the goods nnd
an inquiry conco'iiilng prices will bu profita
ble to every person who doslros to buy any
thing in the furniture line ,
Always on
If you wish to purchase n good and reliable
watch ! 5 per cent less than club rates , and
on easy terms , then call at nnco and make
your own selection at C. B. Jucquomln ft
Co. , 27 Main street.
The niuhiH ol'Corporations.
E. L. Strmgor , n lineman In the employ of
tlio tulcphono company , was yesterday hold
to the grand jury in the sum of f'00 by
Squire Sehurz , on the charge of malicious
trespass. The complaint was filed by Mr.
George Graves , who alleged that , the defendant -
fondant , in pursuit of Ills duties as nn em
ploye of the company , trosspassud unon his
grounds and cut down a number of trees.
The trees interfered with the lines of the
company , BO Graves trimmed them so as to
leuvo-u space of about four feel both nbovo
nnd below thn wires. The owner of the
property thought there hud been too much
trimming done , In fact much more than was
absolutely necessary , and therefore decided
to find out In court just what rights' he had
in the matter. Sinilra Sehtir/ concluded
that It was a question for the higher court
to settle , so bound over the defendant. The
case will bo tvalchod with considerable In
terest , as there nro n number of citizens who
would like to know whether or not their
shade trees must bis sacrlllced when the
erccilon of telcnhono or telegraph Hues de
mand It.
Flno dressed chickens. G. Mottaz , Tel. 173.
Fulrinouiit Pnrk.
The beautiful gem of Council Bluffs sot
amid the romantic hills and shaded by ver
dant bnughs of forest trees. The most de
lightful place imaginable for picnics , tennis
parties and < iulct rambles.
Tukotho electric motor cars bridge line
which lands passengers ia the very heart of
the park. Fura from Omaha to the park
only 10 cents.
The park is owned and controlled by tlio
city authorities and tbo best of good order is
nn forced. .
Desirable dwellings for rent at numerate
prices. E. H. Sheafe & Co. . rental agents ,
Broadway and Main streets , up stairs.
Held Up in n Box Car.
Elmer McClure , son of J. McClure , n
motor conductor , started to Carroll a week
ago to visit friends and nriko some collec
tions for his father , in company with u young
friend. The two started from Carroll for
Arcadia on Saturday evening , boarding an
empty freignt car. After getting out of
Carroll a short distance two men. supposed
to bo connected with tbo road , climbed into
the car and ono of them covered the two
young men with u revolver. McClure's com
panion Jumped out of the car , hut ono ot the
men held McClure and tcok all thu money
ho had , about $10 , and his father's gold
watch , which he carried. They then com
pelled him to jump from the car while the
train was in motion.
C. 13. steam dye works , 1013 Broadway.
Finest market in city J. M. Scanlan's.
Buy 25c worth of Fountains at the Foun
tain cigar store and get a chance in the South
Omaha lotto bo rallied November 25.
Tube paints 7J cat Chapman's on store.
Fine jewelry , watches and diamonds ;
cleaning and repairing ut E. Burhorn's.
E. H. Sheafo & Co. give special attention
to the collection of rents and care of propnrty
m the city nnd vicinity. Charges moderate.
Onico Broadway and Main streets.
"The Famous" cash bargain house , 200 B'y
Dr. Murphyopticiau , room 21(5 ( Morrlam blk ;
The Co ursine ClubN K-nnol.
The Coursing club has started out with
the nvowud Intention of securing one of the
finest packs ot hounds to bo found In the
country. They now have sixteen nnd have
ordered eleven more , besides having an
agent now on the road looking up others.
One of the dogs lust ordered is a Phila
delphia prize winner , and is guaranteed
keen-scented and fast enough to run in the
lead of any pack in the country. The club
pays { 50 for him. They have also contracted
with a dog 'fancier nt Dan villa , Vu. , for a lit
ter of puppies not yet born. The pups are
to bo delivered hero in January , and thu con
tract pncu Is an oven 3100 and express
charges , Negotiations are also pending for
the purchase of about twenty other dogs in
various parts of the country , some of them
belonging to the most fashionably bred knn-
uols of the south. The dogs purchased in
clude fox , wolf , stag and deer hounds , both
American und Scotch , thoroughbreds and
crosses. In a few instances a strain of bull
terrier blood Is Introduced to glvo the neces
sary Krit and fighting qualities to make the
dog of value ut the llnish. The club pro
poses to breed first cluss wolf hounds hsrn-
after , paying particular attention to pedi
gree as well as to Individual merit ,
Thn Boston Store
Continues to lead in low prices In Council
Bin Its and.Is . dully thronged by purchasers.
Selling dry goods at. eastern prices has been
a fixed fact since thu Boston store was
opened. To-morrow they will offer for snlo
the largest line of hosiery and underwear In
the city at prlcos that will astonish you.
These goods nro new and of the best quality.
The ladles must sco them to appreciate
them. ,
Ijilid to Kc.-Ht.
The funeral of Miss Julia J. tSullIvan , ono
of the most popular and capable teachers
over employed ia the public schools of this
city , took place yesterday morning , at 0
o'clock. The obsequies were very Impres
sive. A solemn reauiom mass was cele
brated at St. Francis Xivler's church , with
the Kov. Father Llnohau , of Boone , u rola-
tlvn of the deceased , as celebrant , Father
Malay as deacon. Father Daxacker sub-
deacon and .Father MoMenomy , master of
ceremonies. A touching tribute to the
virtues and worth of the departed spirit ,
was paid in Kov. Father Llnohan's sonnon.
From tbo church , tbo cortege , whlcu was
ono of the largest ever seen in this city ,
wended the way to the Catholic cemetery
wheru the last sad rites weru performed.
An linpreialvo feature of the concourse as
sembled to pay linul respects to the deceased
was her former clauBinulcs ut St. Francis
ac.idemy who inarched In the procession to
the cemetery. The palj-bearcrs were
Messrs. Ed. Wlcklmm , John Connors , John
Mulqucen. Thomas Huqbes , John Fitzpatrick -
rick and Hubert Tinloy.
Tire deceased was born In Now Haven ,
Conn. , but removed to this city with her
parents , when very small , and resided hero
the greater portion of her llfo. She was
twenty-two years of age.
Among the attractions for the EUoman
opening to-morrow and Tuesday evening , is
a 11,1)00 bridal vail. The Italics will go In
ccstucles ever it.
Ex-OonRrossman Cummlnpta Wrltoa
Enthualaatloally or the Blaok Hills.
Wonilorful DtT oloiincnti 1'r.omlROil
In thu Two Dntotixs rhnr Httvo
Tin An AJAinilant Supply
' otjailiicrnls.
The Honvor of the HIHs.
I plant ! nt the gntowtiy of.tho Black
Hills , tiftor passing through ono of the
great granaries of the tuition , writes
Amos J. Gummings to the Now York
Sun in ti letter datotl Rapid City. The
granary excites wonder nnd admira
tion. Wastes that supported a few
thousand savages not many years ago
nro now raising grain and produce
enough to sustain 3l,000,000 people. It
is iv granary so largo and fertile that it
might easily bo made to food double
that number. It covers Illinois. Town ,
Nebraska and South Dakota. The iirst
two states comprise the old wing of the
building , and the last two a now wing.
The old wing is nearly complete In its
furnishings , but tlio now ono is hardly
lloorod and roofed. The latter has mar
velous possibilities and supreme proba
bilities. Towns tire springing up within
it hko mushrooms in a sheep pasture.
Steady streams of immigrants tire
pouring over its ( iron. Its growth is
stimulated by valuable mineral re
sources , in the llrst stage of develop
ment. The valleys of the score of
streams issuing from the Blade Hills
nre beginning to tocm with life , anil the
opening of tlio great Sioux reservation
will undoubtedly develop n , boom rival
ing if not surnassiug that of Oklahoma.
.A thousand great fortunes nro to bo
culled here within the next live years ,
and hundreds of thousands of farms lira
to bo staked out and cultivated. Corn
seems to bo a staple crop in South Da
kota as well us in Nebraska. The bottoms
toms nro apparently especially adapted
to its culture. Some farmers grind the
cobs and Uoo the dust in making vine
gar. When thus treated it is said that
tlio vinegar Hours sooner and becomes
much sharper. Christian connoisseurs
have evidently not discovered that it
also gives-tho vinegar a tang that re
calls the llavor of corn whisky.
Toward sundown n cool breeze ran
over the prairies. Dark clouds gath
ered in the west , and tlio sky looked
very threatening. An hour later the
wind whistled liercely and the rain foil
in torrents. There was neither light
ning nor thunder. ' The parched earth
gratefully absorbed * the moisture , nnd
the train turnoU northward , crossing
the line of thq new btato about mid
night. Wo were among what is
known as the sand hills , the only un
productive tomtoj-y in South Dakota.
Old sottlurs who were passentrors
thanked Gotl tfial the straiigers could
see it. They say , nowevor , that it is a
fair country for summiir grazing , but.
that no stock can live there in the win-
tor. The grass is'tliln and the faotl poor.
At times a porsiatont settler builds a
Bodhutnnd tries to eke outa living ,
but in almost ev/jry case ho is finally
driven out by starvation. Even prnirio
hens avoid the sandhills. Rubbits anil
prairie dogs are about the only game
Daylight still found us in thisundoloc-
table region. As the Black Hills dimly
lined the horizon , there was n chuniro.
Tiny huts began to appear. They wore
the nucleus of small stock farms. Wire
fences again lined the track , and the
soil began to resemble that of the onion In Orange county , N. Y. It
was as black as William M. Evnrt's hat.
Little roads ran between the hills , and
a few small fields of corn brightened
the landscape. The stalks nnd oars ,
however , bore no comparison to these
in the Elkhorn valley. Small herds of
horses were browsing on the short dun
grass. Furrows had boon turned for
miles along the track to prevent prairie
fires from spreading.
The Bluek Hills at last loomed boldly
above the foothills. They are rightly
named. They tire as black as was the
storm cloud on the previous evening.
The land grow bettor still. It is all
cut up in little farms. Turkeys roamed
around the little cabins , and Hocks of
wild uovcs and blackbirds tilled the
air. Meadow larks shot right nnd loft ,
frightened by the rumbling of the train ,
but no English sparrows were scon.
They have no yet appeared west oJ the
Missouri rivor.
Passing the little town of Hermosa ,
the train' swept on to Rapid City
through a country increasing in tidi
ness and fertility. Bands of horses
were grazingon the hills ami in the val
leys. It is a region prized by breeders
of those animals. There are ever ! ! 0,0l)0 )
head of horses now gra/.ing within
twenty-five miles of this main entrance
to the Black Hills. Rapid City bus
about 4,000 inhabitants. In iivo years
it ought to have 20,01)0. ) It fills the
golden gate loading to the mineral ro-
gions. It is really the Denver of South
Dakota. It occupies rplativoly the same
natural nnd commercial position as thu
Rocky Mountain city. Put the South
Pintle in the pluco of the Rapid river
and you will have the Denver of eight
een years ago. The city is dosUinod to
bo a railroad center , as well as the main
outlet of the hills. Several roads have
already boon surveyed across the Sioux
reservation. When the Northwestern
brunch is completed the city will have
an air-lino routd to Chicago , it will
then ho withln.twonty-fnur hours of the
great western dmporium , and only fortv-
eight hours from Now York.
Rapid City is built of brick baked in
tlio Rapid valley hear by. It has inex
haustible quai'i'les of red sandstone ,
limestone and granite almost within a
rillo shot. Thpy will hereafter give
employment to hundreds of men , for as
the plains are Battled the demand for
building material will bo immense.
Excellent lire brick is also rondo here ,
Electric carbon * Hood the streets with
light at night'Unii ' cun bo soon glim
mering like Btaru'of the first magnitude
for miles down , | the valley. Coal has
also boon discovered a mile from the
city at a depth of , 700 foot. Them is
any quantity of iron in the mountains
not far away. Marble quarries also
await development. But the great fac
tor in the future wealth of the city will
undoubtedly be the tin mines. There is
no longer any doubt that the tin is hero
and In Innro paying quantities. At
least & 'J,000,000 have already boon in
vested in them , nnd this is only the be
ginning. The mines onoirclo the cone
known as Harnoy's Peak. A survey
for a railroad running through the tin
district from Rapid City is already beIng -
Ing made. The road will undoubtedly
bo built within two years. A real os-
tuto boom will probably follow , and
the scones witnessed in Denver twelve
yearn ago repeated.
The city has several hanks nnd
churches , two daily nowbjiapora , and
good hotels nnd restaurants. There is
u foundry and two grain mills. The
state university of mines IB u feature of
the place. The only sign of border life
is found near by . It rends thus :
As to morality and educational facili
ties , tho'clty compares favorably with
many tiGoil-fcarlng Now England town.
It is the county seat , and the county
democratic convention has passed reso
lutions favoring prohibition , to the con
sternation of many n reform Pharisee ,
Land near the city is worth from $100
an aero up. Elsewhere in South Da
kota farms may bo bought for from $5 to
$50 an acre , according to their distance
from the railroad. There are a few
quarter sections Btlll open to preemption
tion , but the great rush will come when
the bioux reservation IBolllclally thrown
open to settlement. Then this bin of
the great national granary will begin to
fill with grain so rapidly as to cause the
eyes of u Pharoah to bulge , with oven
seven years of famine in view ,
A Woman's Proprr fiphore.
Says Marion Harland : "I would guard
no" point , jealousy. Rightly filled ,
there is enough in the sphere of wife ,
housekeeper and mother to satisfy any
woman , whatever may bo her aspira
tions. Of all forms of winning senti
mentality I have the least patience with
the cry for a higher mission than that
of home making and child rearing. As
the sum of over thirty years' observa
tion ot this form of intellectual unrest
and the perusal of hundreds of letters
from malcontents , i assort , without fear
of Contradiction , that the unfortunates
who raiso'tho lamentations arc in the
proportion of a thousand to one , and
they are these who are the least fit to
take the lowest scat in the woman's
A luit nnil cauo will bo voted to the most
reliable mutineer ut the Gorman Catholic
bazaar : Among the candidates immcd nro
Hums , of the O. , H. I. & P. : Folemsborg , C.
& N. W. : Huldvvin , C. , M. & : St. P. ; Tuvlor ,
Union Puaillc ; Coehlln , O. & St. L. ; Fonda ,
Union Pacific ; Clark , C. , M. & St. P. ; Kog-
ers , C. , U. I. & P. ; Kogerson , W. , St. L. &
P. ; Blair , C. & N. W.
Kisemati luis a single lace slmwl Unit cost
$1,000 to import. It will be on exhibition ut
the opening.
Among < hn Church Folk.
The Pilgrim Congregational Sumluy school
will meet at II p. in. , comer of Ninth street
and Avenue A.
All Saints' Clmpul Sunday school. 3 p. m.
Service Wednesday evening , 7:1)0 : ) p. in. Kcv.
T. J. MncKu.y , rector.
Second Presb.vtcrian Church Services
this afternoon at ! 1 o'clock. Sabbath school
ut 4 o'clock. Prayer meeting Wednesday
evening , at 7:1)0o'clock. : )
Fourth Avenue Methodist Near Seven
teenth street. Preaching by the p.istor ut
10:30 a.m. Sunday school , : ) p.m. Prayer
meeting Tuesday , 7:80 : u. m.
Y. M. C. A. The opening service will beheld
held In the new rooms In Mcrriam block this
afternoon at 4 o'clock. Everyone , ladies as
well us gentlemen , cordially nivite.l.
Broadway M. 13. Church Preaching nt
10:30 : a. m. , and TJO : ! p. m , , by the nastor , D.
C. Franklin. Sunday sctiool at 13 in. Class
meeting at ( > :30 : p. m. A cordial Invitation
extended to all.
Congregational -Services to-day , morning
and evening. Preaching by the pastor.
Morning subject , "How to be Kcmcniberud. "
Evening , "Homo Good Advlcn. " A cordial
invitation is extended. -
First Baptist Church Preaching by the
pastor at 10 : . ' ! ( ! a. m. and 7 : 0 i > : n. Subject
for ovcnlnc , "The Nature of Future Punish
ments. " Sunday school 13 in. Young pee
ple's meeting , ( i)0 : : ) p. m. All cordially wel
Trinity Methodist Church South Main
street , opposite Eighth avenue. Preaching
by the pastor at 7 ; ! ) ( ) p. m. Young people's
meeting. 7 p. m. Sunday school , 2:30 : p. in.
Snciul meeting , 10:30 : u. m. Prayer mooting ,
Wednesday , 7:30 : p. m. " '
Saint Paul's Church Divine service to-
d.iy at 10:30 : u. m. and 7:30 : p.m. Sunday
school , 12:15. Hlblo class , l-ir . Sermon
topics Morning , "Gratitude ; " evening ser-
nion , "Looking Backward. " Young men
and strangi rj always cordially welcomed to
these serviie J. T. J. Mackny , rector.
First Presbyterian The pastor. Rev.
Stephen Phelps , will preach ut 10:30 : a.m. ;
subject , "The Armies of the Living God ; "
and at 70 : ! ! p. m. ; subject , "Never Man
Spuko Line This Man. " Sabbath school at
13 , and young people's meeting at 0:30 p. m.
Strangers and others cordially invited.
nasmusscn sells wall paper at co t ; also
painting done ut low llgurcs. No. 13 North
W. W. Chapman's art parlors will bo open
to the public on Monday and Tuesday even
ings. A cordial invitation is given all to
come and sec the finest art rooms In the
W. W. Chapman's opening will occur Mon
day and Tuesday evenings.
Personal I'nracrnpliH.
Mr. and Mrs. L. U. Gorham loft yesterday
on a western trip.
Miss Nollle Draper , of Red Oalr , has re
turned homo after a week's visit here.
Mrs. W. H , Wakollold returned home last
qvoning from an extended eastern trip.
Will It. Huntington , of Now York City , Is
hero with his wife on a fortnight's vacation.
Miss Uosslo Kich has returned homo from
a threu weeks' visit with friends at Shcnun-
Mrs. William Wells , of Doono , is visiting
her daughter , Mrs. F. B. Warner , on Wash
ington avenue.
Miss PiiHslo Groom has returned from u
six weeks' visit to Colorado Springs , and
other points of interest in Colorado.
Mrs. E. C. Hunt returned last evening
from a ten days' visit with her parents nt
Lincoln. Her father , Mr. E. S. Pasli , ac
companied her homo.
A. Coolny , of Jersey City , civil engineer
of the Pennsylvania railroad , arrived in the
city yesterday , on a visit to his parents , Kcv.
and All's. D , H , Cooley ,
D. P , Phelps , superintendent of the Weir
Plow company , of Monmouth , 111. , and vlcu
president of the Woir-Shurgart company of
this place , is in the city. ,
J. W. Klch and wife , who have been visit
ing their son , C. M , It'ch ' and family for some
time , loft yesterday morning tor Crawford
county , to visit their daughter , Mrs. Conrad ,
Now Pacific House , best hotel In the city.
(1.50.per day. Meals 3.r c.
A UKB reporter stopped yesterday at
Dompsuy & Butler's candy factory , 105
Main street , und found it to bo the busiest
pluco on the street. Tlio.v were making
everything that could bo made of sugar und
The Oild Follows.
COI.UMIIUS. O. , Sept. 21. The sovereign
grand lodge of Odd Fellows to-day author
ized the grand lodge of Dakota to divide the
jurisdiction at the next annual mooting , and
authorized the grand slro to grant a charter
to the grand encampment of North Dakota.
The constitution was amended to provide for
thu election of ofllccrs of the grand ledge an
nually Instead of biennially , and permitting
Bttito and territorial grand bodini to muko
laws disqualifying parsons engaged In the
sain of intoxicating beverages from member
ship in the order. A resolution providing
for an eighteen year membership amend
ment to lay over until next season , was ro
'J ho nrothorliooil of tJoniluctoM.
Los AxdEMis , Cal. , Sept. 21 , The Broth
erhood of Railroad Conductors closed its
first annual convention hero yesterday.
George W. Howard , of 13vansvJllo , Ind. , was
elected Grand Chief for the ensuing year.
The next session will bo hold In Toledo , O. ,
September 18 , 1800.
Now MRXIUU'U convention ,
SANTA Fe , N. M. , Sept. 31. The work of
the conbtltutlonal convention is nearly com
pleted. It now look * as though congress will
bo asked to consider the constitution and
give Now Mexico an enabling act before thu
people of the territory have an opportunity
to pans on it ,
A Denver Hank Teller lIinlKtntcs to
DISNVKII , Cole , Sept. 21. ( Special Tolo.
gram to Tnr. Bun. ) The fact developed here
this afternoon that .Tamos P. Williams , the
receiving toiler of the First National bank ,
has absconded mid Is $4,000 short In his ac
counts. Williams has been leading a ( ast lifo
lately , nntl not long slnco was discharged for
drunkenness , Ills father interceded nnd
had him reinstated. A wrok ngo lioVns
Riven a short vacation , an 1 with hU wife
went to the mountains. Ho returned tlio
next day , and the day following ho loft the
city. The suspicions of the bank onlolnls
wcro not aroused until n letter was re
ceived from his wife enquiring as to bis
whereabouts. An Investigation by detectives
revealed the fact that ho had cone to Mexico
and that tlio bank was * 3,000 short. The bank
officials were rotlclont , nnd at first dcnlod
the facts. In an Interview to-night
Williams' father practically admit * the
entire truth of the story. The neighbors
assort .that Williams was Intlmato nt
the poker room , frequented by Wells , who
last spring hold up President Mo ( Tut for
(31,000. Indeed he was talking with a friend
ofVolls' while Moffilt was bolng robbed ,
and there are suspicions that hu knew of
nnd was In with the deal. Williams is re
spectfully connected In this city.
Tlio FriMUjh Government MaKes
Amends For Atiicrloaii ArrostH.
WASHINGTON , Sopt. 31. [ Special Telegram
to TUB UKII.I The government , of the
United Statoi and the Fronoh hnva finally
reached n peaceful sQttlomont of the diplo
matic complications arUIng from the nrrost
ami discourteous treatment of Miss Dorr ,
Miss Van Nostrnnd nnd another Now York
lady by the French police authorities nt
Mcntono. These ladles were arrested and
thrown Into a cell at the Instanuo of n dress
maker , with whom they bad a dispute over n
bill. Minister Heed has. finally boon aolo to
elicit from the Fratiuh government , nn expla
nation inirt an nnnlogy , with a notice that thj
offending ofllcials- had been reprimanded.
These I'acts were communicated to the com
plainants , nnd as they have expressed thorn-
selves as entirely uaUsIlod with the mo.isuro
of reparation , the incident may bo regarded
as closed.
Another Wisconsin Hotibcr AVIio
IMnkos n Hie Haul.
Huiiiiv : , Wis. , Sept. 21 , The sufo in the
Union Exchange bank hero was blown open
last night and $ 10,805 stolon. The monov
was to pay the miners of the Ashland and
Germany mines. The money was sent from
Ashland , Wis. , and arrived hero about 9
o'clock , and was to have boon used to pay
off the minors to-day. The cash
ier put the money Insldo of
the iron vault and loft shortly
after 9o'clock. A light was loft burning In
the ofileo , and a few minutes after 9 n man
wa'j seen working at the safe , but ho had on
the cashier's ofllco and nothing was
thought of It by these who passed the bank.
The cashier returned shortly after U o'clock ,
when ho discovered the money was missing.
Actlvn measures were then taken to got after
the robbers , but no trace of them has boon
found. Not even the famtost clue was left
by the bold burglars. The door of the vault
had not been marred and it was onencd by
some ono who hal learned the combination.
There were only two men supposed to bo in
possession of it , Cashier Reynolds and As
sistant Cashier Leonard Porrln.
The exact amount stolen was § 30,895. iTho
robbers were evidently in too much of a
hurry to take the small silver , and § 1,805
was left behind.
The United States Express company Is the
loser of the monoy. They did not deposit it
in thelbauk , but merely left it there for safe
keeping over nitfht when it would bo doliv-
piedtotho consignee , Manager William P.
'Lyon , of the Ashland and Gennanla mines.
The Informal OprnliiR of Libby
CHICAGO , Sept. 21. [ Special Telegram to
Tnc BKE. | The Llbby Prison War museum
flung its flag to the breeze last nl ht and had
an informal opening for invited guests , pre
paratory to the grand and permanent open
ing for the general public this evening. A
score or two of ncwspauer men and many
Veterans who had inhabited the old prison
twenty-live years ago were In attendance and
drank fragrant punch in the very room In
which they munched corn-cob broad and
drank pea gruel in ISM.
TliOHcone was both thrilling and humorous.
The oflleers of the Institution uliowcul the
guests around the vast and quaint old build
ing , and the horns dwindled to minutes
while they held communion with the relics
and the memories of oygono bloodshed and
heartbreak. This evening the formal open
ing occurred and u multitude thronged to tlio
unique spectacle.
Leonard & Kills' Kxtonslvc WorkH nt
Klincly Siilc , VJ < Destroyed.
NEW YOUK , Sept. 21. Flames burst from
ono of the filter houses of Leonard & Ellis'
extensive oil rclinorios at Shady Side , Hud
son county , N. J. , last night and in a few
minutes the whole building was a mass of
flames. The lire was-cominunlcatnd to the
'adjoining filter houses , which' like the first
one contained hundreds of barrels of refined
oil. The firm manufactures roflncd and ker
osene oil , and the works were composed of
about fifteen buildings and six or eight oil
tanks. 'J hreo ( liter houses contained about
ono thousand barrels each of refined oil. The
buildings and contents wore totally de
stroyed. It is roughly estimated that the
total loss is $500,000.
THIS 1C. OK 1 ; . HARD UP.
No Fiuuls to I'ny tlio Snlurio * of
PiTrsiiuito , Pa. , Sept. 21. The Leader
will publish a Htory to-morrow , on reliable
authority , to the effect that the ontlro execu
tive board of thu Knights of Labor has
been suspended , bojauso of there bolng no
money In the general treasury to pay their
salaries , also that all the general lec
turers , with thu possible exception
of Wright , have liecn called in for thu same
reason. Powdorly IH said to bo preparing his
rosignatlon , which ho will present to the
general assembly In Atlanta , in Novmnbor ,
for the reason that ho Is not getting his sal
ary. Ho will then begin to practice law ,
He Doiil-n Kmplmticnlly That He IN n
Candlilati ) for ConurnsM.
BOSTON' , Mass , , Sopt. 31. ISpooIal Telegram -
gram to TUB HUB. I John L. Sullivan loft
for Now York nt 11 o'clock UMilnht. Bnfnru
starting ho wunwd to make a personal ex
planation In reference to his lute position be
fore the public as an alleged applicant for
political honors. Ho declared that ho never
wrote jtho letter to the Now York -Sun
announcing his candidacy fora congressional
nomination , and when It nnpearod looked
upon it as u joke until ho lias seen ft has
been taken seriously and placed him In a
ridiculous position. Ho will inaKu his first
duty upon reaching Now York to cause the
Sun to mane a retraction.
Wiirnui and Noble Laiivn Door Park.
DKI : PAUK , Md. , Sopt. 21. Secretory
Noble and Major Warner lof t here this morn
ing , the secretary for Washington nnd Warner -
nor for Kansas City. The appointment of
thu pension commissioner was not made to
day ,
Convention nt Wilkenlinrro.
Pa. , Sopt. 21. The only
business of Importance at the miners' con
vention to-day wi the oleujlon of oflleen *
and the appointment of delecatc * to the Ben-
oral assembly nt Atlanta In November
John B. Una was elected innstor workmap.
The convention adjourned In the afternoon
to moot nt Columlma , O. , on Soptouibtr 9 ,
No Pens I on CoiitmlHiloitcr Appointed
Yet ,
LAWiinvon , Mass. , Sent. 31. Major Mer
rill this morning tolograpliod Mnjor Warner ,
In Washington , absolutely withdrawing bis
( .Mori-Ill's ) name from nil consideration In
connection with the ofllco of uonslon uommla *
_ _ _ _ _
S rnniRlil | > Arrlvnln ,
At Now York The Utnbrlu , from Liver *
pool , nnd the Utigla , from Hamburg.
At London SiRhtod , the Russian Prlnco ,
from Baltimore for Antwerp , nnd the
Crown Prlnco , froai Philadelphia for Dun
Glasgow Manltobian from PhUadolphln *
More ofSykos' Hlno.
CIIIOAOO , Sept. 31. [ Special Telegram to
Tun Dm : . ] The grand jury to-day found
two moro Indictments ngalnst James \V.
Sykos , the notorious warehouse receipt
swindler. Both are for issuing fraudulent )
warehouse receipts and will bo turned Into
court Monday.
They nroVclchotl , Found Wanting
nnd Snnt Over thu Mill.
Frank Wilson alias Harry Price and John
Murphy , two very tough inon , were before
Judge Borka yesterday afternoon charged
with disorderly conduct. They were found
guilty nnd sent to Jail for twenty-llvo days ,
the first and Jast three on bread and water.
Both men have u history. Prlco Is nn old
Omaha crook who has served tlmo In almost
every state in the union. Ho was Implicated
In n diamond robbery at Still Quontln , Cnl. ,
and nerved six months , Ha has done
tlmo In Walla Walla and In Pennsyl
vania. A few weeks ago ho wont to Kansas
City and was apprehended by Chief Spoors ,
who exhibited him to the uolico force ami
drove him out of town. Ho then went to
Lincoln and served ton .dtivs on suspicion.
When released he came to Omaha to "turn a
trick , " after which ho intended to go to
Sioux City and work the corn palace before
going south. Murphy is an old-tlmor also ,
and but recently got ou of the Douglas
county Jail for robbery committed at South
Omaha. Ho , about n year ago , assaulted
ufHcor Hogo nnd was beaten into n Jelly for
his pains. '
This Moraine's Itlnzn.
The alarm of flro from Box 83 nt 3:55 : this
morning was for a lire In Kunno's bakery , on
the south side of St. Mary's uvsnuo , between
Seventeenth nnd Eighteenth streets. TtiO
damage could not bo learned.
The Boys In Blue.
The Second Infantry arrived nt Fort
Omaha last night n few minutes before .9
o'clock. General Wneaton , with his com
mand und tlio regimental baud , marched
lute the barrack just as the tatto was sound *
ing. The camp equipment was unloaded
and stored during the night.
Eight convicts from Fort Robinson were
brought down by the command , dostluod foe
Fort Leuvenworth.
Kliondes DUmlssod.
John Rhoods , the man arrested for shoot
ing Constable Mastormin , was tried in po
lice court yesterday and discharged , Judge
Berka concluding that ho was justified it )
shooting his antagonist , who admitted hav *
ing first assaulted him.
Ttotton Pnvcinont.
On West Dodge street , near the High
school grounds , an excavation in the paving
has been recently mado. From It seventy-
six cedar blocks wcro taken , of winch
twenty-eight were very rotten , while the
remainder were sound. The pavement was
laid in July , 18SS , and is only a little ever a
year old.
Maud nnd Mnucl.
Maud Osborn and Mabel Hcddy was be-
lore Judge Borka yesterday Afternoon.
Maud and Mabol are ono and the same per *
won and was twlco arrnsted on tlio charge of
Incorriglblllty. Judco Berlci bound hop
over to the district court to bo sent to the
reform school.
Arre.stnl a I'lokpoutect.
William Knubbe , a crook well Mcnown la
this city , was arrested by the police at thq
Second , ward republican club last night
while in the act of picking a man's pocket.
Eye Biirniid With Hot Iron.
Thomas Lsocc , a blacksmith workingIn ! tha
George H. Hammond & Co. smithy , Satur
day afternoon at 4 o'clock bad a piece of
Iron , heated to a white heat , fly up and hit
him on the right oyo. The lower lid of the
cyo was badly burned , the membrane of thq
pupil was so.ired and hot scales
were loft in the eyo. A surgeon was ] sum-
moncd who removed the scales and gava all
possible relief. The attending surgeon
hopes to save tlio oyo. The man suftorr
tint old agony.
Polieninon'H Third Annual Bull.
The third annual ball of the police force of
South Omaha will bo gtvon in A. O. H. hall'
Rowley's block , Wednesday evening , Ooto
ber 9. The following committees have been
appointed :
Printing Messrs Captain Thomas Bron
nan. Captain John J. .Sexton and JJowltt O.
Hall Messrs. John Fallen , Thomas Loonoy
and Michael Lay.
Music--Messrs. Moses Redmond , Joseph
Humpal and Captain Patrick J. McMahon.
Reception Mayor William G. Sloauo ,
Councllmon Ed Johnston , John N. Burka
nnd John J. O'Rourko und Marshal James
P. Malonoy. i
Master of Ceremonies Marshal James P.
Malonoy. , J
Floor Councilman John McMillan , E. B. I
Towl , S. B. Fonno and Frank
H , Boyd and Oflieers Moses Redmond , I
Do Witt O. Anderson , Martin Spcutlcr unit
Captain Thomas Urennan. ,
Hon. S. B. Fonno and lady will load the
grliMd march. I
The ofllccrs are making arrange
ments to glvo ono of the flutist balu )
over given In the city and will certainly t > ur >
pass all others given by the police force.
DivlHlon No. : l , A , O. II. Omun.
At the special mooting of Division No.
Ancient Order of Hibernians , hold Satur
day night , it was decided to hold n grand
fraternal ball and reception Friday evening ,
October II , In A. O. H. hall , Kowloy's block.
The corum Ittecs appointed nro :
General Committee on Arrangements
Messrs. John J. Fallen , Bonry IV. Melton *
dry and Cornelius P , Hogan.
Printing Messrs. Daniel Hannon , Mar
shal James P. Mulonoy and Patrick Hi
Not -H Ahout tin ) City.
Tlokot No. 00 , hold by KoifT & Carlson , ofi
n throw ol 41 , won the homo and naJtllo
rallied oft Saturday evening by Michael
Ollvola UotolUt ledge , No. .15 , ( Olive
Branch loilu'o ) . J. C , D , , will glvo a dunce
Saturday evening thu .Kith , In National hull ,
Twenty-fourth and L stniots.
JamosOulgly , of thoOmaha packing force ,
In III ,
Miss Bertha Hllllkor , the beautiful little
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Billikor ,
after uliiigtiriiii ; IlliuHK , dl < : d ut7 o'clock Sat
urday even lut' .
The Maglo City cornet band boys gave
ono of their pleasant social dancdj Saturday
evening. A good attendance , line inualo und ,
splendid social tlmumado It ono of the picas *
untost of thu noted band dances.
The Infant child of Mr. and Mm. JosopU
ICunzol is ill , t
Anderson Bros , will put a barber shop la
the Transit hotmo.
The Wcnihor
Iowa and Nnbnuka Light rain , southerly
wliido , warmer.
Dakota Fair , followed by light
southerly winds , warmer.