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Mlwaukoo'B Lady Lnwyor
Brains , Youth nncl Beauty *
Judge Terry's Itcltct May Aunln
Sprencl Desolation Among Mascu
line Hearts nncl I'ookelbooks
Gnrlcra Galore Gonslp.
Alltirnukcn'ft YOUIIK I/ady liawyor.
An entire family of lawjors. That Is
what the Plor family father , mother
and throe daughters ni-o lobe. Colonel
nel C. K. Pier , formerly ot Fond du
Lnc , now of Milwaukee , Is an old prac
titioner. Ills wife and his oldcstdnugh-
tor are also practicing , and his two
younger daughters are talcing the law
course at the Wisconsin state univer
sity. Mrs. Plor and her daughtorKato
II. Plorgradualod from the law depart
ment of the stiito university in 1837 , and
wore two of the only four women law
yers who have thus far taken the law
course of the stuto university , the ether
two boinp Mrs. La Follctto , wlfo of
Congressman Lu Follettc , of Madison ,
who graduated in 188-j , nnd Miss Jostle
HutchhiHon , of Richlnnd Center , Wis. ,
who graduated luwt your. Mrs. Plor
nnd her daughter nro asbooiatod to-
cothor with an olllco in the Miller
block and nro enjoying a largo practice.
It was Miss Pier who attracted such
interest in the supreme court last weak ,
from the fact that she was the first wo
man lawyer v ho ever appeared before
the supreme tribunal of that Htuto. The
attention shown her was unusual ,
she appeared but a. young girl among
the colerlo of old lawyers
present. Among them wore ox-
secretary of the Interior William
P. Vilns , General E. K. Bryant and
General Lucius Fail-child. Miss Pier
appeared for the defense in the case of
Sutton vs Wdgner , arguing u motion to
eot aside tin order of the superior court
making a reference to tuko testimony.
The case was op&neti by the appellant
hlnibolf , T , , T. Sutlon , of Columbus
nnd as boon ns ho had finished Miss
Pier addressed the court. For half an
hour her argument was followed with
the closest attention by all present.
Even the dignified judge" boomed to nn-
prcclate it as an unusual event and
mingled an increasing docrreo of auster
ity with a certain amount , of extra in
terest in the fair young attorney. ,
Miss Plor stated her case unhesitat
ingly , and frequently turned to and
cited authorities , allowing an acquaint
ance with law and a degree of solf-
posscfiblon. At the conclusion of her
address she was cordially congratu
lated for the successful impression she
Had made , and among themselves the
lawyers were unanimously of the
opinion that she made an exceedingly
strong and convincing argument.
It was a trying ordeal for u lady so
young , as Miss Plor is but twenty years
of ngo. She has a strikingly hnnd-
some and Intelligent face , and is pos
sessed of u wealth of black hair which
in a single coil almost trails the floor.
Like the exceptional young woman of
to-day she wears no bangs , but combs
her hair back. Miss Pier is a native ofFend
Fond du Lac , Wis. , and a graduate of
the Fond du Lac high behoof. In 188Gnt
the same tirno as her mother , she en
tered the law department of the state
university , and by takinga double
course in ' 1887 obtained her degree , en
titling her to practice in all the state
courts. For ton months she hold a "po
sition in the legal department of the
Wisconsin Central railway , roth-ing
April 1 to associate herself with her
"Yos , Illko the profession , " said Miss
Pier to day , "and also the science of
medicine , which I have studied , too. for
some years. While , of course , the t.wo
are In no way identical , still L think it
well for a lawyer to bo moro or less
familiar with medicine , as it is often
useful , particularly in tho- taking of
such export testimony ns is likely t j bo
offered in the Groniu case. "
Miss Pier's two sisters , who have just
entered the state university for a course
In the law department , nro Carrlo H. ,
aged 18 , and Harriet H. , aged 17.
Surnli Miy : He Heard From Air a in.
Californlans say that Sarah Althea
Hill has not yet finished all the mis
chief she is capable of. She is still a
handsome woman , despite her years and
the rocklosH manner in which she has
given herself up to her passions , and
oven yet she has a marvelous attraction
for a certain sort of man. says a corre
spondent of the Now York World. Old
Sharon was her dupe nnd Terry was
completely under her thumb , nnd they
nro only the most conspicuous among a
long procession of men who have found
her attractive and dangerous. She has
tremendous courngo nnd vitality , and ,
while very passionate , can bo as cool
nnd sharp us steel when she is playing
a guino with , circumstances. She COIIIOH
of n good family a family thnt had no
money , however nnd her passion for
intrigue , excitement and adventure has
induced her to break with all the tradi
tions of her station , and has , by the way ,
succeeded in keening her pockets filled
in ono way or another ever since she be
gan her career. She Is about five foot
BIX inuhos in height , oxtromolv well
made , and is still graceful , lltho and
slender , She has a pale , oUvo counte
nance , with delicate features and a pair
of starry brown eyes , and her thick ,
wavy , brown hair lias never boon out in
a hang , but is brushed back and ripples
around her brow nnd oars. Her eye
brows nro very black nnd arched and
her lids whlto' and drooping , but her
mouth shows the result of the life she
has led nnd has grown coarse and hard.
However , the rest of the fnco may os-
cnpo the lines plowed by passions , the
mouth always reveals what the Ufo has
boon , and hero is not a pleasant or
trustworthy mouth. She ia tremend
ously clever , nnd no man who talked to
her half an hour could bollovo anything
against her unless ho had previously
steeled his heart against her plausible
Him lilt From tlio HIioulil'T.
An Arab woman loaded down with
two or three bundles and baskets and a
year-old baby and accompanied by a
youngster loaded with bundles boarded
the 7 ; 1/5 / train at Sprlngllold this morn
ing , savs the Ilolyoko ( Mass. ) Demo
crat. Nothing daunted by the looks of
the other women occupants of the car ,
her llrst act was to treat the infant to
ita meal.
A tough-looking young man had fol
lowed the family Into the car and took
a Beat near the woman. Ho tried to
etart a conversation with the hey , but
got little mitibfnotlon , as the latter was
not able to speak much English. The
tough young man's ticket was to Chlco-
pee , but when that village woe reached
ho had made up his mind to go further ,
and having managed to llnd out from
the boy that this city was their
destination , paid the conductor for
a ride hero. When this city was
reached the family disembarked. The
woman slung the infant up on her
shoulder , the obi Id fastened its fingers
in her hair nnd hung on like amonhiw.
Then they started olT , bundles and all ,
down Canal street. The tough youth
had kept his eye on them , and when
ihoy loft the depot followed them at a
little distance until the party had
reached the vicinity opposite the lower
mills. Hero the woman stopped as if
puzzled and looked around her. This
wns an opportunity for the lough
young man. and ho approached her and
began to talk. What no said could not
bo hoard , but the woman evidently did
not llko it , for as ho approached closer
and familiarly put his hand on her
shoulder she dropped the basket she
had been holding in her left hand nnd
gave him ono straight from the shoul
der that staggered mm. Only ono , but
that was enough. *
The tough young man wended Ins
way back to the depot somewhat
abashed by the laughter of those who
had witnessed the episode , and when
last seen ho was buying n ticket for
Women nt tliti ninyiirlck Trial.
It was once my misfortune to witness
n. trial of this sort at Leeds , says Ln-
bouehoro , writing of the Maybrlck
trial in Truth. The , prisoner was a
woman , nnd she was accused of poison
ing her master by administering to him
a prodigious dose of arsonio In his food.
I shall never forgot the sight that the
crowded irallorlos of that court pre
sented , for about flvo-slxthsof the audi
ence were women women , old and
yocing ; withered crones , with one foot
In the grave1 children In their teens ,
plump and blooming matrons , girls of
twenty , who looked admiringly at the
barristers when they could tonr tholr
giuo from the cowering figure in the
dock. Even on the bench there were a
few wall-born Indies who tried to us-
suinonn air of high-bred Indifference.
And all of these women had assembled
to spc ono miserable creature tried for
life ! They sat there resolutely
staring during the whole of the
proceedings. When the prisoner cried
and moaned they whispered nnd
nudged each others when she tried to
avert her fnco from their prying ga-/.o
they craned their nocks to got a bettor
view , and openly grumbled at the fact
that she was nermittod to wear n veil.
The foreman gave in the verdict. It
was , "Not guilty of murder , but guilty
of manslaughter , " and I sny deliber
ately that throughout the audience
there was n distinct murmor of disap
pointment. The ghouls were baulked
of their prey ; there would bo no black
cap , no sentence of death , and they loft
the court noisily ; there wns no injjrcy
in their hearts , only a sense that they
had wasted their time , and that the
prisoner was amazingly lucky , and the
Hcono years ago at Lnotis was repeated
the other day at Liverpool. For a
whole week they gloated ever the agony
of Florence Mayhrick , and at the end
of the period their patience was ro-
wardnd , for she was condemned to
death. And now I have little doubt
many of the woman who rovplcd in tlio
horrors of that trial arc actively en
gaged in promoting petitions for a reprieve -
prievo ! Such arn the contradictions of
human naturol
Tliirtnnn f'nlri of Gnrtors.
The Prussian princess , sister of Emperor -
poror William , who is about to bo mar
ried , is havintr made for her thirteen
pairs of very splendid garters , says a
correspondent of the New York World.
She does not mean to add all these to
her trosbcau , though among them is
thnt traditional pair of now and blue
stocking supporters said to bring brides
luck , and this is the thirteenth , made
of pnlo-bluo silk and clasped with
buckles set with largo diamonds. An
other pair will bo put away with the
rest of the llohonzollorn collection of
garters in the museum nt Berlin , and
the rest will bo distributed among the
nobles who attend the Greek prlnco ,
her husband. Tills IB a relic of a very
ancient custom that survives nowhere
now save in the reigning family of Ger-
mnny. In franker mid ruder ages it
used to bo the privilege of the best min ,
when the bride wns about to retire with
her attendant maidens , to unfasten her
garter and keep It as n trophy. There
was always somewhat of a dispute about
it , custom requiring that the groom
should resist the attempt and
that the best man should insist
upon his privilege. With the
growth of moro refined manners
this custom naturally foil into disuse ,
and the only relic of it ifl in the comic
opera of "La Jollo Parfumouso , " and in
the marriage customs of the Gorman
royal family. The form it takes witn
them , however , is that the princess
should have prepared thirteen pairs of
garters , all of thorn having buckles with
her initials sot in diamonds , nnd of
those she wears opn pair herself , be
stows ono pair on the reigning sove
reign , and distributes the others among
her husband's attendants , the eleven of
the highest rank getting this bridal
favor. There is a very curious collec
tion of these royal garters in the Berlin
museum , some liftv or sixty in all , many
of thorn extremely rich and handsome
and some very queer ones from the past
generations of princesses. Some of
those deposited In the reigns of Frederick -
erick William III. and IV. are marvels
of oluboroto needlework and bullion
fringes , and are buckled with the finest
Hints For BnldlioudPd IVonirn.
Now ns to treatment for incipient
baldness , thin spots , and so forth , says
a writer in Good Housekeeping : This
is what an eminent physician said to a
gontlomnn who consulted him for the
ilrrit named trouble :
"Have you boon accustomed to wash
your head In soapy water ? " asked the
"Yos. every morning , " was the reply.
"Well , that Is the cause of this bald
place ; stop washing and begin brushing
your hair. Use n bristle brush and
brush for fifteen minutes every morning
and night. You may not notice any
Improvement for a year , perhaps not
for two , but bo nssured you will have a
flno crop of hair and never grow bald
i f you pursue this course. "
a As fifteen minutes seems long while
vigorously moving a hnirbush hither
and thither ever the surface of your
head , it would bo well to Involglo one's
friends Into assisting , wouldn't ' it' ?
If the hair is falling out remember
that it is owing to the unhealthy condi
tion of the scalp. First , cut oil about
two Inches of the linlr. next wash in
clear , cold , soft water , rubbing dry with
a crash towel ; then begin the iiftooii
mlnutoB brushing process , nnd in a few
weeks you will see the tiny spires of
now hnlr coming all ever your head.
Beware of being tempted to the use of
any nostrum whatsoever , no matter how
plausible the advertisement thereof ; all
are moro or loss Injurious generally
moro , ns you will find out to your sorrow
row if you begin the use of them.
iirn Not Jokers ,
A writer in the Washington Post has
discovered that women as a rule are not
fond of jokes ; they listen to cjovor
stories with simulated amusement and
forgot them immediately. The reason
for this lies in ono of tlio essentials in
the mnko-up of woman her profound
and tender sympathy. Humor deals
with the weakness of humanity ; it exposes -
poses foibles and punctures tender
skin. Humor sots the world laughing
at some blunder of a man. It is woman
nature to cover up , excuse nnd reform.
Follies nro too serious In her eyes to
laugh at. If women wore humorists
they would not bo the most earnest
church-workers , the most tender of
nurses , nnd the most sentimental and
refined portion of humanity. The same
inherent quality which would make a
true woman , a real woman , shrink as
judge from pronouncing a death soti-
toncu , or soldier from shooting an enemy -
omy through the heart , makes It im
possible for her to become a humorist.
Wit a woman may have , wit she does
possess , nnd is a formidable adversary
with her stiletto points of irony and
satire. But humorous in the common
nccoptation of the term , In the care
less , rollicking , stinging art of current
quibs and jests never.
Un-/Vniorlean American Girls.
It is tlmo that this practice ot Ameri
can women buying titles nnd impe
cunious husbands abroad should receive
the fullest amount of ridicule nnd cen
sure , sayos the Boston Globe. It is un-
American nnd ridiculous in the extreme
and is calculated to make the name of
the American girl a byword in other
A prominent American heiress IB now
negotiating for the hand of a dissolute
and insignificant German prince. Her
father , an American railroad magnate
worth untold millions , has just joined
his daughter iu > Paris , and she now
awaits only his consent to consummate
a matrimonial bargain , which if carried
out , is likely to wreck liar on tire future.
Absurd as It may poem , the price-which
this titled naupor places upon his hand
Is the payment of $800,001) ) worth of
debts and a settlement sufllciont to
maintain himself and brldo in a prlnco-
ly establishment. If the father does not
now take peremptory stops and put a
sudden OIK ! to this foolishness ho will
subject both himsolt and his daughter
to the well merited contempt ot the
American people. It ia but a little ever
ono hundred years ago that our forefathers -
fathers spent their life blood to expel
princes from this country forovorl'
Charles Abbott mid Maggie Mitchell will
bo nmrricd on the hitter's retura from Eu-
Monday , September 10 , William II. Crane
produced for tlio first time bis now com
edy , "On Probation , " In Chicago.
Mr. James E. Murdock , the nctor nna
render , will henceforth llvo in Boston ,
where ho will open n school of oratory.
"Mr. Barnes of New York" has struck the
popular taste , and is ploying to the capacity
of the Columbia theater in Chicago at each
Louis James bojran his season September 0
in Bridgeport , Conn. The repertoire will include -
cludo Uiuhard III , , Othello , Virginias nnd
Goncz la Vega.
The first of the season the manager's gay
With prospects so briijht for his troupe.
But , alas 1 ere six weary mouths roll away ,
The prospects may be duna lo sup.
Hurt Haverly , the comedian of the ill-fated
"Pretty Porisinn" company thnt went to
pieces a low weeks ago , has engaged
with Donnelly & Girard's "Natural Gas"
William Haworth's now melodrama ,
"FornciifCo , " thu story ot which is based ou
Incidents of the late rebellion , was pro
duced for the first time at Union Square
theater , September 0.
Mr. Ham A. Tower What did you thinlc
of mv humble effort last night , mv dear boyj
The Dear Boy O , you were an ideal Claude ,
boyoud a doubt. I am sure of that , for there
novcr could have been a real ono HUe yours.
May Duryoa , who was leadinc laJy with
the Dcshon Opera company at the People's
theater a year ago , is this year with Grattan
Donnelly's farce-comedy "Mama. " The
company Includes also sprirehtly Delia Fox ,
"tno devilish little devil" of the "King's
Fool. "
Mine. Valda , a prim a donna who will as
sist In Mr. Abbey's Auditorium opura season
next December , has arrived in New York.
She thinks that with Patti and Tamagaethls
will bo the greatest opera organization overdrawn
drawn together. It is to bo hopud that she
is not mistaken.
The now part which Stuart Hobson is to
create at the Chicago opera house In Stcolo
Mackayn's "Arrant Knave , " is something
between Thaodora do Barnvillo's Crlnpoiro
and Paul Ferrier's Tubarin the two charac
ters in which Coquelin displays the most
powerful mastery of art.
Miss Marie Wainwright produced
"Twelfth Night" nt McViokcr's theatre , in
Chicago , on Monday ovonhiR tail. Thcro
was a largo and fashionable nudienco pres
ent , and Miss Wninwright's Viola was en
thusiastically received with many calls be
fore the curtain during the performance.
Manrico Barrymoro , who will bo scon In
Chicago next week with A. M. Palmer's
oiiginal company , is said to have made the
greatest success of his entire stage career as
Captain Swift. This will probably bo his
last season with Mr. Palmer's comuany , as
ho goes starring shortly.
Loio Fuller , well known in the west where
her musical education was obtained , was
married in London the other day to W. H.
Hayes , who claims to be a nephew or the ox-
prosiiiont of that name. It is also roporiod
that slits has taken the Glebe theater for the
balance of Kichard Mansfield's lease , and In
tends to produce "Caprice. " As she is a
capricious little lady herself this may not bo
Now York Dramatic Mirror : Ono of our
esteemed fellow-sufferers says that "The
the Story of Munklnd , " the now inelo-drama
now running at the Fourteenth Street thea
ter , can bo summed up as follows : Act I ,
My God , my husband 1 Act II. My God.
my wife ! Act IIL My God , the will I
Act IV. M.v God , my husband 1 Act V.
My God , the wall. Act VL My God , the
child ) .
The Envna Jcch Grand English opera
company is to bo this year under the man
agement of C. 15. Locke , the gentleman who
conducted the magnificent but , ill-fated
American opera company until it finally ran
onto the rocics. The company will bo staged
in the same magnificent style of the Ameri
can opera company , and the company in
cludes such well known artists as Mmo.
Henlo Sorano , Sallna KronoM , Susie Lcon-
hardt , I-ilwio McNicoll. Charles Hcdmont ,
Edwin Slngor , Franz Volta , E. U. Knight
and others.
Ho moved his lips in prayer ,
"Thoro'll bo no parting thoroJ"
And muttered as ho lay and tossed ,
Fruit for the Mormons Eldor-borrlos.
The dying barber's hunda were crossed ,
Wo are informed that "Christ lores good
children bocauao thoi-o are so few of them. "
Preacher Yo generation of viporal Um
pire ( waking up ) No back talk there ten
There must have been awfully slow cash
boys in the days of Job , for ho saya : "AH
the days of my appointed time will I wait
till my change comes. "
SaraU Holland , the Georgia evangelist ,
gives each negro convert a watermelon. This
is the first indication of the coming millen
nium observed for many a day.
"Mother , is the District of Columbia in the
sky : " "No , my child. Why do you asic tiuch
a question I" "Bocauso you told mo yester
day Washiugton was In hcavon. "
Mrs. Lumkms Do you know scientists declare -
clare that the Garden of Eden was situated
nt the north pole ? Mr. L. Then I don't
blame them for hustling into clothes when
the cold weather cauio on.
Joe What do you suppose Sullivan will do
when ho quits lighting ! Eli I guess ho will
become a preacher , as ho will bo qualified for
that. Too I doa't see why. Ell Why ,
don't you BOO that ho will bo tbo greatest expounder -
poundor In the world !
On the Sunday following the vUtt of
Forcpaugh's circus to Wichita , Kan. , a
clergyman In the pulpit solemnly draw his
handkerchief from bis pocket , and with it
cauio a handful of peanuts. Ho will bo called
upon to toll the douuons where ho got tlio
"What makes you pound the table BO ,
papal" asked tlio minister's oldest daughter.
' Are you trying to indicate tbo features In
your sermon as you write ! " "No , my child , "
said tbo minister in a rather irritated volco.
"I am trying to make the Ink flow in this
pesky fountain pen , "
Ho Kissed. His Sloopluff Child and
Wont Away Forovor.
How an Ktitorprtaliu ; Georgia Youtli
n llrlrtn ) MyVlfo' *
'IMc l lo See
Ills Sweetheart ,
Little Honmr.cos.
A man was shot iqho small mining
town of Gilbortson , Pa , , several nights
ago while burglarizing a stern and was
taken to the Pottsvlllo jail , where ho is
now { lying from the wounds. Ho said
his nnmo was Tom Nankovillo , of
Shaniokin , and that ho had a brother
and a cousin living hero , The latter
wns found , after along search , living in
the suburbs of this city , and wa < ) in
formed thnt Nankovlllo was dying nnd
sent love to all relatives and friends.
Leonard Rogers , the cousin , was aston
ished on learning of the shooting , as ho
thought Nankovlllo was dead. A ro-
makably romantio tale was unearthed.
Twenty years ngo the dying burglar
came from the western part of England
to Shnmokin. lie was a hnndsomo
young man , dressed well and worked in
the mines. Two years later a former
sweetheart of Nankovlllo came herewith
with her husband. Nnnkeville , learn
ing of tholr arrival , boarded with the
young couple upon their going to house
keeping , A year later ho won t
to Port Huron , N , J. , to work ,
and while there a month learned of
his rival's death in the mines. Coming
* back to Shamokln ho paid court and
eventually married the widow. Six
months rolled by when ho came homo
ono night drunk , A cousin of his wife
upbraided him , and that night ho
packed up his clothing and left It was
afterwards learned for the lake region ,
where ho worked in the copper mines.
His wife gave birth to his child six
months afterwards. Mrs. Nankovillo
waited for her husband's return , and
after six years had olapscd was told
that ho was dead. She had during that
time supported herself and child by
doing sowing. Her health broke down
on learning of her husband's death , and
to gain n home she married a third
time. Her last husband is a minor and
they lived very happily together. Two
years ago Nankovlllo turned up alive ,
and loarniner of his wife's marriage ,
crept into the house ono night , and
kissed his child , then a grown woman ,
as she lay asleep and departed never to
bo _ heard" from again until yesterday.
His wife was interviewed , and on being
told of Nnnkovillo's shooting , expressed
deep sorrow. Her daughter was reared
without a knowledge of her father's ex
Mr. Dnn Hull some time ago became
enamored of Miss Chandler , of Banks
county , Georgia. They agreed , to keep
their engagement a profound secret
from the parents of the young lady. At
the appointed time they started to
church just afto the old folks had
started for the saino destination , suc
ceeded in getting } In advance of them
and made their way hastily to Daniols-
ville. The young lady's father had
grounds to suspect the probable sequel
to the disappearance of the young folks.
IIo mounted a Hoot-Tooted horse and
soon sound tholr trail and pursued them
as fast as possible. * J.'ho young couple
arrived at Dnnielsvillo , drove up to Air.
Kinnobrow's and soon after the
heated animal of the father
passed the house bearing its master.
In his haste the "old man" failed to see
the "turnout" standing by the wayside
and passed them by. After ho passed
there was no time to lose. The young
man obtained a license and the services
of a justice and the couple were mar
ried. Soon after the ceremony iheu n-
clo of the bride rode up. Ho had also
followed them , but arrived toolato. The
father nad lost track of them and
turned back. Ho rode up and found his
fifteen-year-old daughter a bride. Ho
was excited but calmed down on finding
that his rage could bo of no avail. The
groom is seventeen years of ago.
At Tokio , Japan , is a fine bridge
called Adzuma-Bashl My Wife's
bridge. The nnmo has a romantic
origin. A brave general who had
quelled a. rebellion in another part of
the empire was hastening homo on ac
count of the receipt of a message that
his wife was dangerously ill. On the
last day of his hurried -journey ho found
his course barred by a bridgeless river ,
and when , after long nnd anxious
waiting , ho managed to Und a boat to
cross in ho was mot by messengers
bearing the sad tidings that his dearly
loved wife had just died , before he
could arrive to press her hand for the
last time and say adieu. "My wife could
not wait for mo" was all the stoical
warrior would trust himself to say as ho
stood there as it fro/.on by the shock.
Ills sovereign , touched with compassion
for the blow that had fallen upon him
while away fighting for his country , or
dered a bridge to bo built at the spot
and nniiied it Adzumn-Bashi. But the
people say it cost the monarch only $21 ,
since a lot of paper money was manu
factured especially to pay for it.
Thooiloro Flotow , aged soventy-tno.
nnd his wife , sixty-nine , were reunited
the other day in St. Louis , having been
separated since 1819. They came to
this country In 1817 , from Bavaria ,
stopping at Now Orleans. Mr. Plotow
then caught the California gold fever ,
and loft his wife and child at Now Or
leans nnd wont out to the Pacific slope.
After a few years , not hearing from
each ether , they onoh married again.
Mrs. Flotow married'a Gorman named
Lobonhoofor. Vliay iCiuno hero about
185J , and up to a fovr years ago lived
together very hannlly , when ho died.
The family was loft in moderate circum
stances , residing on JTlilrd and Victor
streets. Mr. Flot6w's second wife also
died. Mrs. Lobonhoofor heard of her
first husband throigi | | a German minister -
tor at Murphryshpro. Tonn. The re
union was u very touching ono.
Eight years ago Mrs. Martha A.
Higloy obtained a 'divorce from her
liusb.iiul in Windsor Locks , Conn , , and
with her three daughters and a son
carne to Shelton ii ) tup same state to
live. Thu family gooiu'od work in the
mills hero , and Airs. Jligley brought up
her children in a very respectable man
ner. Soon after Mrs. Higloy left her
old homo the former husband married
again , and three years afterward his
second wife died , leaving ono child.
Mr. Illgloy found the life of u widower
with ono child a not vary pleasant ono ,
nnd ho east about for another compan
ion. Ills children by his Hrst wife had
kept their love for tholr father , and
they longed to see thor parents recon
ciled to each other. Through their
efforts the father came to Shelton nnd
met his divorced wife , The old love re
vived at sight of har and ho pleaded
with' thu impetuous ardor of his youth
ful days for a renown ! of her old love.
Ho wuu successful , Mrs. Illgloy and
her children left for Windsor Locks ,
and n quiet wedding will soon bo cele
The case of Ashley W. Boyco , the
Wlnstod hotel cleric , who married Miss
Annie Chlolson , of Palmer. Mass. , on
his deathbed recently , in order thnt she
might inherit $30,001) ) which was hold In
trust for him , has a parallel In n case
roiwrted at Torrvrlllo , n village near
Waterbury , Conn. John .T. Glordlng ,
whoso funeral was hold there the ether
day j , had boon sick for two woolen from
blood poisoning. Ho had become en
amored | of Miss Kate Egan , of Terry-
vlllo. but his mother was bitterly op
posed to the girl and Glerding had to
moot her Clandestinely for some time.
Ho sent for his fiancee , hut when she
came the mother refused her admit
tance. Glording , honrlnjr her voice ,
crawled from his bed and tiowu the
stairs , where ho was found by his family
nnd carried back to his room. Ho died
In a few minutes afterward from the
shock. Glcrding's father , a Danish sea
captain , died some time ngo and loft an
csuito Valued nt nearly 31(3,000. ( It Is
stated on good authority tnat Katlo
Epnn will inherit a goodly portion of
Giording's estate.
In the book of Mrs. Lnulti Willis , the
Samoan woman whoso husband , a con
tractor , loft Alamcda several days ago
and lias since boon missing , occurs tlio
following quaint story ot how she llrst
fell in love with her husband :
"Tho llrst thing I saw when wo wont
alongside the ship was a white man
with a bald head. That looked funny
to mo. as I had novor&conabald headed
man before. He was real fat and nice
looking , but ho did not have any hair
on his Head , and I got my brother , who
could talk English , to ask him , just as
wo got aboard , where wns all the hafr
thai belonged on his head. And the
white man told him that ho lived in
California and they do not hiivo any
cold weather thoro. but had what they
called 'a glorious climate , ' and the 'ell-
mato' had taken all the hair off his
head. Wo got well acquainted and I
liked him , because when another whlto
man kept talking to mo this ono with
the bald head quarreled with him and
knocked him down so ho could not both
er mo. "
At the tlmo of the llrst appearance on
Rtaton Island of the Wild West show.
James B. Wllloughby , otherwise 'Mini ,
the Kid , " became enamored of Miss
Lillian Smith of California , a chumpion
rillo shot who wns attached lo the show.
A romantic marriage was the roault ,
Justice Hulselus of Port lliehmond
ollleiatlng in the tent of "Buck" Tay
lor. A few friends who wore in the se
cret were present , while the father of
Miss Lillian was watching eagerly out
side with gun in hand to shoot ' 'the
Kid , " as ho was opposed to the match.
After the marriage the bride was taken
by her parents to Connecticut , and not
until several attempts did the groom
finally , by stratagem , succeed in re
gaining hor. The couple have re
mained with Buffalo Bill ever since ,
but it now appears that jealousy has in
vaded the family in Franco. Justice
Hulselus , who united them in marriage ,
is in receipt of a letter from Paris in
which the husband Bays that his "mar
riage , is a failure , " and asks advice as
to the manner of procuring a divorce.
Justice Hulselus , under the peculiar
circumstances , docs not know what ad
vice to give his would-be client.
A Shnmokin young man who is en
gaged to u young lady of that city pro
posed a stroll to the romantic cemetery
a few evenings since. She demurred at
first , but as ho was going away to At
lantic City she finally consented. At
the cemetery they sat down to watch
the moonand the young man follabloop.
Presently his lips moved with nn en
dearing speech , and ho breathed the
name' Mollie. " His lady love , allainc
with jealousy , jumped up and gave him
u push that scat him rolling down the
bank and crashing through the brush
till a railing stopped him twenty fc t
below badly lorn and bleeding. IIo is
recruitinir by the sea , and the be
trothal is hung up.
Fish have been cauRht in tlio Gulf of Cal
ifornia at a depth of 1,400 feet.
A lady at Wallula , W. T. , has a rosa bash
thnt stands seventeen fuel high.
A hujjo rattlcinako crawlnif * along the
sidewalk was onu of the sights at Athens ,
Ga. , the ether day.
There is u pond in New Jersey where the
sacred lotus of the cast has become estab
lished and proved itself hnrdy , although in
the winter the surface of the water is frozen
over.At Sandersvlllo , Ga , , last week i\T. II. Uird
was engaged in placing a spoke in thu hub of
u wheel , when it broke from the tap of n
hammer and a mliiulo ball full out on the
lloor. The Hpolcos came from North Cuio-
Una , and it is supposed that the ball has ru-
mainud in the wood smco the trying days of
18(11 ( and Ib05.
A wonderful map of O'Hrien county ,
Iowa , 1ms been made and was on exhibi
tion nt tlio BtiUo fair at Ues Moine.i. The
map IB wholly composed of corn Krauts , each
town and township boiiifr distinguished by
different colors. The railways are marked
by rows of blue-blnck "squaw corn , " and
tlio wagon roails with popcorn.
As a jiassoneer train thundered nloni ; near
Alloyton , Nuwaygo county , Mich. , the otlujr
day a I Hire baldhuaucd ouglo nroso from beside -
side the trault and tried to lly across the rails
ahead of the train , but it was struck by the
euKino and was lodged ag.iinat u cylinder
head. The engineer then went forward and
captured it. The bird measured six fee' ,
from tip to tip across the wines.
AJstcamer arrived at Philadelphia the other
day with a cargo of fruit nnd a number of
tarantulas on board. Members of the crew
were often obliged to keep watc-li ut niuht
nnd sweep tuo vipers Into the ocean as fast
as they crawled up on dcclc. The vessel was
loaded to its hatchways. At times the deck
wns literally covered with them , nnd some
wore as big around the body as a good-sized
Tba residents In the vicinity of the city
dock at Drunswlclc , Ga. , have witnessed
some very strange sights and heard some un
earthly noises there lately. Ona gentleman
is responsible for thostatemcnt'thattho form
of a woman clad in xvlntu nan bean seen hov
ering over the streets , and when approached
would retreat and disappear among the lum
ber piles. Another has hoard gates slam ,
stones rattto on the housetops , and various
other noises that sounded queer. They attrl
btitu these sights to tlio ghost of u woman
who died thcro recently.
It Is now thought the Stanford university
In Calfornlu may bo opened in the full of
A public school at Dclmar is partly sltu-
atod ia Delaware and Maryland , J2uch state
furnishes teachers for lt pupils.
It Is'expected that James Kussoll Lowell
will 1111 the now lectureship on poetry ut
Johns Hopkins university the coming year.
liamubul now has nlnn punlls in her school
in Now Voile. Her ussUtant , Miss Dom-
mon , has established n sowing class. This
would mean very little hero ; in India U
means a revolution in the customs of cun-
turloa , Humubal lately accepted an Invita
tion to lecture before u confororioa at I'on >
nub ; another innovation , us no woman hud
over been invited to address suoh u body.
Her subjeet was "Amurloa uud American
'Women. "
A European teaching an Oriental language
to the cultivated speakura of it is not a frequent -
quont Bight , yet Mr. Hash Hall Chamberlain
has held , during thu bovaral years past in thu
Imperial university of Toklo , the uh < of
Japanese and Philology , His "Handbook of
Colloquial Japanese , " issued last year , lias
reached a second edition. In both theory
and practice it forma a thorough equipment
for thu roustery of the ipokan and easy book
Creating Sucli Excitement in the East ,
Will Shortly be Seen in Omaha ,
'I ' SW I
ERSi i
How Murtha and Hercules Wont on
the Blook.
Lawyer Tnylnr Wns n Very Stronjj
l/rolilbirionlsr , Hut lie Didn't
Allow tlio Tact to Intorfbro
IVUli lii
At ShfrifT's Salp.
NKIIUASKA CITY , Neb. , Sopt. 21.
[ Special to THK Bun. ] .Much has been
written on the subject of slavery in Ne
braska , nnd while the fact has been es
tablished that it did exist for a short
time-before the war , thorp are few por-
bens now living to whom it will bo news
to learn that slaves were at ono time
bold from the block at Nebraska City ,
to the highcbt bidder. The only owners
of slaves at Nebraska City , or in the
htato of Nebraska , as far as the writer
can learn , were Judge Charles P. Holly
and J'Yoil ' Nncholls , both prominent
men in tlio community and men who
figured to a considerable extent in
ttho border slave troubles in the
giino of John JJrown. The
wlavcs owned by the two gentlemen
ore twelve in number , and all but two
wore subsequently run oil' by followers
of Brown and taken out of the country
by the underground railroad. Jn tlio
course of pioneer business transactions
the Hon. Judge Holly became faomo-
what oinbarrasucd financially , and
among his creditors was William B.
Hail , or "Uncle Billy , " as ho was
familiarly known. The sum involved
was W8. When the status of Holly's '
financial affairs became known , Hall
employed counsel , and an olTort was
made to find borne way of securing the
$ ,1f8. ! A judgment wits secured against
Holly for the amount , and an execution
issued , but when Sheriff Birchliold
wont to levy upon the property of the
judge , it was found that there was noth
ing attachable remaining.
William II. Taylor , n tricky lawyer of
the early dnyn , and a somewhat promi
nent republican nnd anti-slavery
politician of that time in Nebraska
City , was attorney for Hall , and
it did not take him long to hit upon a
plan to scctiro his client , although it
was rather against his previous teach
ings. Judge Holly hail two slaves
Martha and Ilorculos and Taylor decided -
cided that those were attachable prop
erty , IIo ordered the shorilT to secure
the slaves upon the execution.
' But , " said Taylor's abolition friends ,
"this will never do. It Is wrong and
ineonblbtont , and the fair name of Ne
braska shall never bo sullied by the
sale of a human being within her bor
ders , "
"D the nltrgorfl nnd the state , " re
plied Taylor. ' 'Thin is not a question
of sentiment , but a matter of law , " and
the sheriff was urged to serve the pa
pers , Kxcitement began to run high
und numerous nnd dire threats were
made against tlio attorney , olllcur and
creditor , if the order should by carried
out , Shunll1 Birahlleld required the
interested parties to give him nn
indemnifying bond to secure him
against any possible damage , The
ollicer went to the homo of Holly
to make the lcvyfollowod oy an excited ,
threatening mob. The attachment was
made , and Martha and Hercules were
taktin In ohargo by the sheriff , who was
then nlbo proprietor of the loading hotel
in the city , and the slaves were put to
work at the house until the datcof sale ,
December 6 , 18(10 ( , the attachment hav
ing boon made on November 17 , The
"property" wore led to bnliovo that they
were to be purchased by Halland would
therefore remain in the city , and consequently
quently they were unconcerned about
tholr future . Au the day of ealo drew
nearer the public excitement increased ,
and John Brown's men made several
efforts to nii&o a mob to secure the two
slaves and run them out. of the country ,
but Attorney Taylor's presence alwaj-a
had a quieting ollect on tlio crowd.
On tlio morning of the day of sale
every citizen looked for bloodshed. The
olllcor and bis deputies were armed and
determined , and the opposing mob was
equally well prepared and threatening ,
while the southern element was on
hand to see the fun. An attempt was to
bo made to take tbo slaves by force
when they were placed on the block.
SliorilT Birchlield made his appearance
with Hercules , who was mounted ou
the block in front of the old Seymour
house and olTorcci for Bale. There was u
murmur among the crowd and u sway
ing motion toward the auctioneer , but a
number of glittering guns brought the
mob to u standstill again , and when
Attorney Taylor appeared upon the
scene and circulated a little among the
crowd they had been restored to quite a
good nature and were oven ready to
hoot and jeer after Horoiiloa had boon
ollorod some fifty times without a bid
der. Finally Murtha was brought out
and placed beside her partner nnd both
olTored for sale.
"Three hundred dollarsl" cried ono
of John Brown's men , before "Unclo
Billy" Ilnil had time to make his bid.
"Three hundred and fifty , " put In
Uncle Billy , and the bidding slopped ,
and the "property" was knocked down
to the purchaser , who Immediately hur
ried them out of town before the mob
had made up its mind to tuko further
action , and when they did start in pur
suit in the evening , Hail and his pur
chase were on their way to Missouri ,
where the slaves were weld again. This
action oi' Hail ulono prevented the two
slaves from gaining their liberty along
with the remaining slaves In this clly
who were soon after run out of the coun
try by Brown's inc-n. Following is e
copy of the shcrllY'H return on the sale ,
and now ono of the interesting docu
ments on Ille in the district court :
"This writ came to hand November
1/j / , I860 , aii'l was borveil by levying on
the following described proo-
crty , to-wlt : Ono negro mnu
named HorccnloH , one negro
woman named Martha , ulnvcs , and -i' '
belonging lo Chnrlcn If. Holly ; said
levy being made on the 17th day of
November , 1800. I caused a notice to
bo published in the Nebraska City
News according to law ( see execution ) .
that I would olter the above described
property for sale at nubile auction in
front of the court house in Nebraska
City , in Bald county on the 5th dny ot
December , A. I ) . , 1800 , between the
hours of 10 o'clock a. in. and : t o'clock p.
in. , of said day ; and at thu time and
place specified in said notice. I first
olTorcd Ilorculos , and there being no
bidder for him I then olTurod the said
Uerculos and Murtha together and Hold
the same to William B , Hall for the
sum of $300. Ho being the highest bid
der und that being the highobt sum
bidden for said property , the same wad
sold to him.
WILMAM BiituiirujKo , Sheriff.
Ono Faro
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toher 8th , round irlp tickets will
bo gold via the Santa Fa route
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Tickets good thirty days. Stop over
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