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Tbo Miserable Showing1 of the Doucc-
los County Board.
OntnlmVholcsnlo McrclinntflVnnt
Itatcs Ailjustcil no nn to Ho on
nn EqunI KootlnR With
Ofllolnl Ittincllni ; .
County Auditor Kvnns 1ms nbout com
pleted his Itemized statement showing what
the now hospital 1ms nlrcady , and what It
will approximately cost before it is com
pleted. EvorytliitiK , of course , la flqurcd
with Hynn & Walsh's contract of $120,000ns
'nbnsla. With this undorntnndlng ovldonco
of extravagance Is bolng discovered much
inoro satisfactorily than was at first antici
pated. Up to date the expenditures liavo
been $113-IOO.-i3. Thcro nro estimates
enough In sight to make a total cost of f 153-
000 , und the hospital is not nearly completed.
This covers simply the building , though the
grading of the alto nt $111,031.10 , and the or-
cavntlon costing $1,509.15 , and making n total
of jao,880.85 , has boon included in the
$112,400.43 already paid. The stixtcmont
in not Buniclcntly comnleto as
to justify reproduction , but Mr. Kvans ex
pects to hnvo It ready for the grand Jury by
the time that body Is rcudy to moot.
The grading feature , of course , comes In
as the llrst and principal item for investiga
tion. AR has already been stated , tlicro nro
ncriouA disputes butwccii the commissioners ,
contractors and all others who had anything
to do wlUi this matter. Tlicro arc the sto
ries , however , in hluclr and white , proving
that for removing 511.211 cublo yards of sur
face dirt Hynn & Walsh wcro paid at tbo rate
of 85 cents n yard. On the other hand , a
contract now on flic , shows where C. A. Jen
sen did grading on the tame site completing
what K.van < fc Walsh had loft un
done , nt 12Jf cents per yard. Jensen ,
according to ttio estimates , removed i8,934.1 !
yards and has been paid for the same ? U- ,
050.,15. In addition to the amounts already
stated , Hyan & Walsh too ! ; n smaller Job ,
only 1 ! , < MH ynrds , Tor which they charged at
the rate of l5 ! cents per yard , the total being
f 000.73. This brings thototalcost of grading
the hospital Bite up to 22.631.05.
Another apparently auspicious transaction
is found In the brick work. It Is generally
understood that brick in the wall , nt so much
per thousand , Includes the cost of sand , but
in this case a very different stuto of affairs
The estimates Indicate that , In the main
building , 5,1)37,000 ) brick , atll per thousand ,
have been used , the cost being $55,937. Added
to this is a bill of $ M2.2.ri for sand
without considering the cost of the cement
and other articles which outer Into the work.
These increase the cost of brick in the wall
to nearly $12 per thousand. Competent con
tractors Buy this is from $3 to $3 aoovo the
prevailing price.
In his statement , Mr. Evans incorporates
n few Items relative to the poor farm , how it
was originally purchased oC Henry Z. Chap
man for $0,000 , nevertheless costing ttio
county $18,032.07.
When Chapman mndo the transfer , ho re
ceived a cash payment of $2,000 and took four
notes of 51,001) ) each for the balance. Subse
quently , the commissioners discovered , it
scorns , that these notes were worth
less , consequently the matter drifted
along several years unsettled , un
til , finally , Chapman brought suit
and in duo course of tima secured Judg
ment for f 14,732.
The county took an appeal and the case
finally reached the supreme court of the
United States. As the attorney , J. M.
"Woolworth received for his services $1,300.
But the investment proved to bo n good olio ,
islnco half the farm lias been sold for $350-
With these facts and flguros'cotnes a com
plaint from Wulstinns& McEwunaml Henry
. .Lehman against Ryan & Walsh , to the elTect
thnttuoy Imvo boon unnblo to got their pay
lor gas fitting , painting and glass. Each
firm bus a bulanco duo of about four hund
red dollars , Lehman makes the statement
that all payments on future estimates Imvo
boon unsigned by Hyan & Walsh to the LJiuik
of Commerce.
Pours' Soap is tlio most elegant toilet
adjunct. _
Will Tlioy Itoduao or Increase Hates
to Interior Towns.
Omaha will cither enjoy a reduction in
freight rates to and from Chicago or the
rates to the interior points in Nebrasun will
bo increased so that tho- wholesale mer
chants of this cltv will bo a moro nearly on
equal footing with these of Chicago as fates
os freight rates are concerned.
General Tratllo Manager Molten , of the
Union Pacific , returned yesterday from
Chicago , where ho has boon in nttondenco
nt n trnfllo mooting which considered rates
on the western roads. "The situation" bo
eald. "Is somewhat complex , and I urn not
prepared to say what the outcome will be.
One thing Is certain , and that Is that the
rates between Omulia and Chicago will have
to bo lowered or the rates between Lincoln
mid lilto points in the interior of the state
and Chicago will increased. This rate
between Clilcaco and Interior points in Ne
braska and Kansas will come up before
Chairman Walker for arbitration Tuesday
next. What the outcome will bo remains to
bo developed , but u change in the ruto on Ne
braska business is required and must bo
made. "
This Is a desideratum which has long boon
sought for by the wholesale merchants ol
this city. The through rato. from Chicago to
points In Nebraska , as compared with the
sum of the two locals all along , Is said tc
linvo been unjust. In fact , the through
.rate , in a general summing uv
nt the present t.ino , It is said ,
will not represent moro than ( MJ
per cent of the rate formed bj
'tho ' two locals , Certain merchants uro said
to have been allowed to bill their shipments
'from Chicago to points west with the prlvi-
lego1 of unloading and storing nt this point ,
using the same way-bill when making a ship
racnt to the given point. In this way , thoj
Imvo enjoyed the same rate as do the Chicago
cage merchants. These nro exceptional
cases , however , because as a rule , Omahi
donlorn have been compelled to pay an oxtn
tariff on tbolr shipments. The opinion ii
that the basing point will bo the MUsour
river mid that the through rnto will be
formed by combining the two locals.
Mr , Mullen was not prepared to state
whether this move would bo made or not u
the meeting Tuesday.
Tariff to ii Now Tnrrlinry.
Assistant General Freight Agent Cassldy
of the Elkhorn , states that In a few days bii
road will issue n joint freight tariff with tin
Santa Fc , which will apply on shipment !
from Omaha to points on the Santa Fo It
Kansas. This will glvo Omaha merchant :
through tariff 'arrangements to u now terrl
liallrniul Noton.
Trafllo Manager Mullen , of the Union Pa
clllo , is nKnln at his desk , after an absence o
nearly a month.
General Purchasing Agent MoKibbon , o
the Union Pacific , has returned from a busl
jiess trip to Chicago ,
Owing to a minor wreck on the Wyomlni
division of the Union 1'iiclflc , the Atluuti
express arrived tlvu hours lato.
An Individual has writen to the rallroa
editor of this paper , makine Inquiry con
ccrnlng the reported resignation of T. M
Orr , amlstant to the general manager of th
Union Paclllo. Tbo report originated at Sal
Lulio City , aud is without foundation.
Henry Cassidy , assistant general frelgh
ngont of the Elkhorn , has returned from
snooting of the trans-Missouri association n
Kausua City , Nothing but routine buslucs
Was t.rausiictod.
Au Abuiilutn Cure.
Is only put up in largo two-ounce tin boxes
and is an absolute euro for old ser s , burn *
vrouuilft , chapped bauds , and all km erup
tlon . Will positively euro all kinds of piloi
WENT. Bold by Goodman Drug cempauy al
K > couU par box by mail IK ) cunt * .
Ho Tnkcfl IRRUO With Mayor Hrontcli
On the AVorla'H Pnlr Rite.
When Congressman -Connoll stopped In
Chicago the other day , on route homo , n
reporter , with Titr. line In hand , sought him
for an Interview. The Inquiry was upon the
subject of Mnyor Droatch's declaration In
favor of Now York for the world's fair. Ho
said :
"I hnvo Juit road the statements mndo by
Mnyor Itroatch , and I don't agrco with cither
his premises or his conclusions. In view of
the fact that Chicago proposes to pay the
freight on nil foreign exhibits , I can BCD no
objections to the location of the world's fair
at nn interior point , I personally nin dis
posed to favor any sc&cmo that will tend to
develop nnd build up the great northwest.
So far n < i the location of the falris-con-
corned , I regard the interests of Omnhit
and Nebraska M identical with these
of Chicago. I bollovo In helping these
who help themselves and are disposed to
help others , and I have nlwnyn ndmlrcd the
cntorprlso nnd progressive tendencies of Chi
cago. I expect to llvo to see the dny when
Chicago will hnvo n greater population than
Now York nnd when Oninha will hnvo a pop
ulation In excess of what Chlcaco now con
tains. Tliera Is no good rcasoi why the pro
gressive cities ot the northwest should not
pull together. The development ot ono
moans the growth of nl ) others. Chicago In
the future cannot hope to hold all her great
ndustrlcs , as is now bolng demonstrated by
the transfer of her great packing Interests to
Omaha and elsewhere. She ought not to bo
jealous of Omaha , as aho has been Inclined to
bo , on this account , and I can nssuro your
people nnd the press that with fair nnd pen-
orous treatment the people of Nebraska will
bo ready to respond to any demand that will
help Chicago's public enterprises , except
when they may directly conlllct with
our own interests. I bollovo the great
majority of the people of Nebraska
favor Chicago nbnvo all other points as the
place for hoidinc the world's fair in IStrj. It
is also true that. If the fair Is hold in Chicago
ten Nebraskans would bo nblo to visit It
where only ono wouldbo able to visit Now
York. As wo cannot hope to secure the fair
at Omaha , wo dcslro It to bn hold In as close
proximity to our progressive state as possi
ble. I bcllovo many thousand people will
visit the fair In the event of Its location nt
Chicago , and will continue their trip as far
west us Nebraska und oven to the Pacific
coast. This will eventually benefit nnd Uo-
. olop our stato. I understand also that it is
wntomplatod that excursions will bo ar
ranged to different states in the northwest ,
, vest , southwest and south ; that there will bo
incor moro to Nebraska , to ho known as Ne
braska day , and this will glvo many un op
portunity to see our country ; nnd , speak-
ng for myself , therefore , I am disposed to
'avor Chlchngo o-.or Now York , \Vashiug-
on , St. Louis or any other place that has
been mentioned. "
Bulletin } ; PormiM.
The following por.iilts WJM by
Building Inspector Whltlock yesterdays
U llonim , three frnmodwellings. Cum-
ingstnet , 1'ortploton I'luco 4.WO
Thomas Whyte. two-story brick residence
Nineteenth nnd Corby O.OM
Belli liter , cottage , 1T1U South Eigh
teenth 1,000
O W Thompson , cottaRp , ItMll Howard. . . . V > 0)
C \V Thompson , dwelling , 2301 Howard. . . : i.tXU )
Six Minor permits I.O..O
Eleven permits , aggregating JH.GJQ
For Alcoholism
! o to Excelsior Seringa , Missouri. Its
waters nro n cortuiti tintidoto. Find ac
commodations nt the Elms. Twonty-
Hvo miles from Kansas City , ou the St.
Paul road. _
Wants IIlH HorHo Buck.
A. Howdcn , a Gorman , plavod in bad luck
Thursday. Ho met a professional horsa
trader who sold him an old plug for $7 und
then m nil o Howdcn believe that ho
was giving the $7 as boot
money between the plug nnd Uowdon's
young horse. Howden was drinking. Alter
the horse trader had got away with Ilow-
deu's horse the latter , who speaks very llttlo
English , was run in on suspicion , and re-
maincdin | jail over night. Yesterday ho began
a replevin suit lu Justice Unuides' court to
recover his horse.
Kotiirn of die Chainiiions.
The Omaha ball team got homo yesterday
iroin their disastrous little expedition to
Mm ncnpolls. However , any games they may
hereafter lose can in no manner affect the
pennant that is ours.
Sunday night the club leaves for St. Paul
wlieio it plays the - 3dHli , and 2.1th. thence
to Milwaukee for the grand wind-up of the
season , which will bo four games , ono on the
27th , ono on the 23th and two on the 29th.
The team will then disband and the members
wend their way to their respective homes.
Oood-llyp , .7nek.
Jack Crooks will inako his last appearance
on the Omaha grounds this afternoon ,
and a largo crowd will doubtless turn out
in honor of this popular player.
This evening ho leaves for Columbus. O. ,
and on Sunday next will take his position
at second , his ilrst appearance In the Amor-
lean association , In the game with thoBrook-
lyus. They are expecting big things of Jack
In Columbus , nnd this morning ho received a
telegram from Secretary Nowborg , Inform
ing him that his terms. 3,500 for the season ,
had boon accepted , aud also convoying him
500 advance money.
Omaha ball cranks will watch Jack's ca
reer in the big association with much inter
est , and there is no nno in Omaha who does
not wish him unlimited success.
Know In 1'eniifivlvniiia.
Susqur.iUNNA , Pa. , Sept. 20. Snow fell at
Gulf Summit , Beacon county , seven miles
east of hero , this morning.
What is moro attractive than n pretty face
with a fresh , bright complexion 1 For it use
Pozzonl's ' Powder.
Wyoming KulTrnKO nr < iiirptnont4. |
CIIK VKN.VI : , Wyo. , Sept. 20. The statehood
convention yesterday adopted as part of the
constitution a suffrage chapter. Female
citizens are to vote. The requirements are
that all electors shall ho nblo to rend English ,
shall bo full-ilcdgcd citizens , aud have had
six mouths residence In Wyoming ,
A Onac ol' Conscience.
A case of conscience has lately como
to our notlco , says the Boston Ilorald ,
which is so exceptional as to merit at
tention. A merchant in this city eomo
time ago applied to the governor for un
appointment as a justice of the pouco.
His application was favorably acted
uiion , and ho took the usual oath to ohoy
all the lawn of the commonwealth.
After taking the oath it occurred to
him that tlioro wore seine things ho
would have to give up if ho obeyed his
coiitacienuo. JIo onjoyoil an occasional
game of poker , for instance ; hut ho
must give this up or prove false to his
oath. He was addiuted to numerous
other fashionable vices , which , though
not particularly doop-dyod , are con
trary to the law. Thinking it all over ,
ho concluded that ho couldn't live up
to his oath , and bo ho sent in his resig
" Inillnnn'H Slinky Hill , .
Shaltvlllll , two and a half miles fron
Cambri'dgo City , Ind. , is one of the
natural curiosities of that region. II
rooived its name over seventy years
ago , when a pioneer erected his.cabin
on the hill und began a clearing. Tlu
settler waspo disturbed by the froquonl
nnd often violent shaking of the earth
that ho decided It was unsafe to live ,
there and removed to another spot. He
often stated that the shocks wore sr
strong that the dishes in the cupboari
rattled. The reeking jar or shaking o
the hill would only occur at intorvals-
bomotimos several mouths hutwooi
spells , and always the worst and mos
violent in dump , heavy , wet weather
The hill ia still uninhabited , and all at
tempts to solve the mystery have failed
Would Cost $ li:5.0tOOI ( ) .
A projected canal across the upooi
part of Italy , connecting from tlu
Adriatic to the Mediterranean , would
take alx yours to build aud cost $125.
Sioux City Will Bo the Next Moot
ing Plnco.
A Jjtvoly Debate on Ac < tulto Sovnrnl
I'npcrs lloml , Of
ficer * ICIeotctl nnd the
Hesalon Closrp.
The Morn In c Session.
There was a Inrgo attendance nt yesterday
morning's meeting of the Missouri Valley
Medical nssociation. In addition to these in
attendance nt yesterday's meetings the fol
lowing gentlemen were present : W. B. Glbbs ,
W. Herry , E. O. Svcnson , L. A. Mcrrlatn ,
red 13ncon , L. U. Gillette , Si A. Campbell ,
Omaha ; F.V. . Houghton , J. M. Uarstow , C.
I. Uowcrs , Council Bluffs ; W. C. Hcovos ,
jlncolu ; : . Coulter , Waterloo ; J. M.
Cnott , Sldux City.
Dr. W. S. Glbbj , of Omuha , nnd Dr. W. C.
Reeves , of Lincoln , were elected members
f the association , and three Iowa pbyal-
Ions , Drs. Watson of Dubiitpje , Fnlrchild of
Ames , nnd Dcorinct of Uoono , wcro elected
members by Invitation.
Uoforo the regular business of the soislon
) r. J. 13. Summers , Jr. , presented for exam-
nation by the association , a six-year-old
hlltl taken from the hospital. The mother
of the child was unattended at its biith , nud
oports that the child wns abused by some
no when but n few hours old. The loft log
s shorter than the right. The pelvis Is in its
normal plauo. uud the joints in perfect work-
ng order. The Hint ) is perfectly formed with
ho oxcoptton of bolntr shorter than its mate.
I'ho ease was carefully examined by the
physicians who were interested inthucaio ,
md who agreed with Dr. Summers that the
case is ouo of conjunctal dislocation of the
The regular morning business was taken
ip , the discussion of Dr. Hobby's paper on
ho "Management of Strabismus , " read at
ast evening's meeting , belog continued. Dr.
J. E. Summers , Jr. , gave his experience us n
sufferer from strabismus , nnd commended
Jr. Ilobbv's recommendations for mus
cular oxorclsa of the eye und its
adjuncts. Dr. J. C. Denise agreed
vith Dr. Hobby in the main , but cautioned
) hysicians ngulnst the great mistake of oper
ating for strabismus too early In lifo.
Dr. Mansfuhle , of Ashland , Neb. , read n
laner that created moro than usual interest.
. . ivns on the care of children born prema
turely. The doctor took the position that n
child boru nftor six months' pregnancy can
> e reared if properly attended. This attend
ance is provided for by the doctor by the usd
of Incubators , which ho hold could bo
cheaply constructed by anyone. Ho pre
sented a sample hatching-box , which caught
the convention It Is simply n square box ,
closed , with ventilating appliances , heated
by soupstoncs , with a hammock for the ac
commodation of the child. Dr. Munsfoldo
asserted that thousands of children dlo annu
ally because of improper handling at birth.
This paper evoked considerable discus
sion. Nearly every physician present
expressed complete surprise and pleas
ure nt Dr. Mnnsfeldo's simple contrivance
that is so constantly needed in the practice
of obstetrics. Dr. Lord said ho was going
to turn carpenter at once and 1111 a long felt
want in his practice by the manufacture of
an incubator after Dr. Mansfoldo's patent.
Dr. Thomas , of Council Bluffs , told of u
case of premature birth in his own family m
which , in the absence of such u contrivance
ns shown by Dr. Mnnsfeldo , ho saved the
life of a prematurely born girl by keeping
the temperature iu the room at 1U1 to 103 =
by u constant fire in a base-burner. The
child was born at alx months utter concep
tion and is now twelve years of age , although
small and delicate.
Mrs. Dr. Strong cited a cases which had
come under her practice in which n child but
live and one-half months in conception
born and lived fifty-two hours by careful at
tention to temperature.
Dr. Bridges was highly pleased with Dr.
Manafelde'8 "hatcher. " Ho recommended
that the child bo placed in the hatchfei- with
head Inclined downward at an unglo ot
nearly forty-live devices and kept ID that
position three or four weeks. The recom
mendation was considered u valuable ono by
the physicians present. Dr. Gapen added n
further suggestion that the child when first
delivered should bo placed for a few hours
upon its right side.
City Physician flnlph then entertained the
meeting with the presentation of n
young man who was suffering
with gastric fistula , caused by
a stricture of the oesophagus. In
plum English the young man's gullet has
failed to perform its functions aud u rubber
tube has been inserted Into the patient's
stomach and ho receives his nourishment in
a liquid form through this Instrument. The
case is a very rare ono aud attracted great
attention and interest Iroin the physicians
Dr. J. E. Summers , Jr. , gave a paper on a
number of surclcal cases that 'huve como
under his practice in Omaha. A discussion
arose over ills action in ono case ia amputat
ing the limo of a patient who was suffering
from tuberculosis of the kuoo joint. Dr.
Jonas , Dr. Gapcn and Dr. Somcrs took issue
wifh Dr. Summers and argued In favor of
moro conservative practice in thu matter of
amputation , which they held should DO re
sorted to only when all other measures fall.
Dr. Summers In closing claimed that re
section in the case mentioned was Impossi
ble , owing to the ago of the patient and the
stage of the disease when thu case came into
his hands ,
'J ho morning session was closed by nn In
teresting paper presented by Dr. T. U.
Lacey , of Council Bluffs , on the transposi
tion of the abdominal uud thoracic viscera.
The subject died In a film Council Bluffs on
September U. A post mortem was hold and
disclosed a peculiarly interesting caso. The
bcurt was found nn the right side of the
thoracic cavity and higher than its normal
position. The lungs wcro in a compressed
state against the back of the cavity. The
liver was also on the right shlo aud'nbnor-
mally developed , while thu other organs were
out of place.
The paper was attentively followed. Pend
ing discussion nf it the association ad
journed for lunch.
rioriioon H union. '
After partaking of a good lunch the phy
sicians , greatly invigorated , renewed their
discussions. The Ilrst was over tbo report
of the secretary who had credited hlmscll
twice with to when bo should have only done
so once. Tlio matter was explained uud the
reading of the various papers nnd the dis
cusslons following began. Dr. Jones was
the first to read , his paper being labeled
"Pyosulpynx. " The patient in this case was
a woman , of course , nnd had suffered grcatlj
from cor tii I u complications In menstruation ,
The doctor related the salient points in the
case und the moans employed in treating it
After having treated the woman for a time
ho mndo n discovery In the shape of n tumor
llkn growth In tbo uterus which he was at f
loss to account for or properly describe. An
operation was advised , accepted ami per
formed. During the operation , the growtl
or obcoss burstcd showing that it was fillet
with pu of a very fetid nature. The abdomen
demon aud intestines were thoroughlA
washed with hot water at a temperature o :
110 degrees and a drainage tuba Introduced
which was kept In use for ton daystbeinj
cleaned each two hours day and nl ht. Al
thu end of that time a dlffornnt sort of tubi
was Introduced and nontlnucd for some time
Fecal movement was frequent and continue !
until irritation of a serious nature sot in
wblch was only relieved by a second dis
uhargo ot pu of different character from tbt
the first The patient has not yet cntlrt'1 :
The doctor brought up this case In order t <
draw out opinions regarding the natnro o
the tumor-llko growth. At the conclusion o
the reading Dr. Jonas was requested by tin
society to write out a detailed regort of thi
cuso for publication in the OmahClinic. . /
discussion followed on the merits of the easi
which elicited manv interesting and remark
able facts regarding formations , But a
usual doctor * disagreed und iu such ease ,
who shall decide ) HegarJInV tin
formation of pus in the case o
thu second discharge , ouo phyilclan asscrtei
that m such instance * a solution of loiloforu
nnil ott wns perhaps tfl5 cst thing that could
> n nppllod. Ono poltiVIn the case wns the
libcot ot much coifmicnt. Immediately
after the operation , luqiila had sot in and
ontlnucd for some bourn ; what was the
Aitsol In seine cu.soa''alcoholism ' might belie
lie cause , but In this 'particular Instance
lirro wns tin evidence of alcoholism. As m
ho discussion of tho'tttfricral merits of the
case , the opinions offered wcro very numer
ous nnd diversified , t
Mrs. Dr. Dalloy then 5rcail an Interesting
document on Phantom" ; Prosrnancy , which ,
vhilo of Interest to thofphynlcmns present , is
of such n nature that Its publication would
lot bo apropos except in a medical journal ,
The lady's ' paper Wim' n very able und
elaborate ono. hnwcvor , , nnd wns
avornbly received , the physicians being n
unit lu indorsing her action in the case re
Dr. Merrlnm's trcatlso "Aconltlno nnd
Vcrjitrino , " was road and listened to with
; reat attention nnd was a very Interesting
lit of scientific explanation. The document
vas a dissertation on the use of the drugs
mentioned uud their effects In cases of fever.
Jr. Mcrrlam is nn enthusiast on thu subject
of their HBO In t > uch diseases , but wns vigor-
usly opposed bv Dr. Carter who was "for-
nlnst" both with alt his heart. Ho hud
lover In all his life , with cno exception , prc-
crlbcd the iormor , while ns regards the Int
er the Instances whcro ho had recommended
t were very fow. Ho did not think that they
> olongcd lo tnatorlit mcdica. Dr. Hosowatcr
bought that ncf.nlto should not bo burred
rom the phurmucopln ; . Judiciously used
n certain cases aconite has its field , nnd Is
. valuable assistant in overcoming certain
liscaaos. Dr. HlldrotU sirM that It was bard
u determine the exact field that aconite oc
cupied. In his experience , In some cases It
osultcd beneficially , while In others of an
denllcal nature it had acted in a directly op-
) oslto manner than that expected. Ho
bought thu USQof nconlto should bo attended
vlth the greatest caution. As a rule the
iconlto men were traced by the crape on the
loor. This was putting the case strong , but
hero wcro other drugs much safer , which
nnauereutho purpose much better , amoiiR
hum beln ir autl-febrin.
A physician from Red Oalt said that
10 thought the opinion oC the pre
ceding physician erroneous. Uugard-
ng the substitutes for ncontlo
recommended by the preceding speaker ho
had used auti-fobrin , which was regarded as
n sheet anchor , and but for an antidote given
vou hi liavo had crap a on the door himself.
Dr. Illldroth had nn opportunity of reply
ing and quoting the speakers dose of llvo
grains of anti-fobrm for the patient men-
toned a boy of twelve said that it was a
urge dose for an adult und that it was little
wonder that a funcrul did not follow. Dr.
Mansfield , of Ashland , wanted Dr. Mcrrlam
o nut his paper in plainer language in order
that ho , a plain country pructionor , might go
lomo with the satisfaction of having learned
something. Dr. Pcabody said ho had used
ha alkaloids mentioned for thirty
years , and had yet to sco u
unso of death resulting from their
UHO. Ho had seen cases of death that he
could attribute to slrichnla. and that it was
u common use. Ho opined that in the lisa
of all patent remedies too much euro could
not bo exercised , und the patient should be
carefully watched. The antidote should bo
ilwuys kept at hand , aud ovnry precaution
taken to prevent serious results. At the
conclusion of the advnnr.cuicntof the several
opinions , Dr. Mcrri.un explained his position
md severely took to task the physicians who
md consumed valuable time in u tumbling
discussion ol something "they " know nothing
about. Ho would not.go Into mlnutic , but
would generalize , which ho did at some
cngth. It is impossible to announce
whether thu society is for or against aeon-
tine or Veratino in practice.
Dr. Luisenring read .a piper on "Unrup-
tured Hymen Causing Lingering Labor , "
which wus a lengthy report of a remarkable
case. It was on trcatal by Dr. Lolsouring
himself , nnd as but few instances of its kind
are on record it excited considerable in
terest. ! '
Dr. Somors' "Abccoss of Lung" was an
able paper , while Dr. Cramncr's "Electrity
In Gynecolopy , " illustrated by experiments ,
wns very instructive.
At the conclusion of the rending nnd dis
cussion which followed the following o Ulcers
were elected : President , Dr. , T. M. Em-
inert , Atlantic , la. ; Ilrst vicopresident , D. S.
Leisonring , Omaha ; second vice president ,
Dr. Hildrolh , Lyons ; secretary , Dr. James
Carter ; treasurer , Thomas B. Lacoy. Ttio
next meeting of the society will bo held in
Sioux City in December. The society ad
journed all ! p. m.
Mix Georgia 'Legislators Preparing for
i hi ; Field ot Honor.
ATLANTA , Gu. , Sept. 20. Qcorgia legisla
tors wcro quite belligerent yesterday and
lust night three couples ol representatives
wcro negotiating through friends. These
negotiations may ena In explanations on tbo
floor or a visit to surrounding states for the
purpose of lighting. The first and second
misunderstanding uroso during debate on
the proposed industrial school for girls , and
the tlitrd on the proposition of the legislature
to visit the buttlelleld of Chicltamauga. The
three sets of candidates for admission to tha
duelling ground are : Representatives Tig-
nor and Atkinson. Feltoii and Brooks , Fouto
and Thurmau.
Thomas Drown J'ays the Penalty for
Killne [ n I'ollccman.
MooiiiiKAi ) , Minn. , Sept. 20. Thomas
Brown wns hung hero this morning for tlu
murder of Policeman Poull on the night ol
October 1" . 1bS8. The drop fell a few min.
utes after 4 n. m. Brown faced death bravely
and died without a struggle.
This was the second lognl execution under
the nuw state law , which prescribes thai the
condemned shall be hung at night , that no
nowspapcr reporters shall bo present , and
that a newspaper shall not publish the dctiiila
of the hnncings. All the Twin City papers
published full accounts of Browa's ' execu
Brown killed Poull whllo the latter waa
trying to arrest him for participating in a
drunken rowIn / Illllsboro , Dale. , in which a
man was fatally wuundcd.
A NAVAL 8GnriU8l5.
Wonderful Work 1'crformoil by the
Mow Cruiser Cliicngn.
NewpoaT , It I. , Sept. 20. [ Special Tolo-
grarn to TUB BEK , | The stool protoclcd
cruiser Chicago , the largest of the four ves
sels built uy John Knach.has really surprised
her most sanguine supporters during her
speed trials this week. The long continued
foggy weather practically delayed the trials
of the Yorktown ana Chicago until Tuesday ,
und nothing hits been published as to what
was accomplished undercortain _ conditions.
This is because the data taken by the en
gineers had not been worked out. Thn Chi
cago's contract speedy s fourteen knots ,
and nt her acceptance trijil sha muUo 15.1 :
knots. On Tuesday eight i uns wcro made
over a measured mile with a constantly In
creasing spued , nnd her maximum speed was
UI.3 knots. The average of the last four rune
was 15. : ) knots , but there whs a difference ol
ono knot in speed when going with ornguinsl
the wind , which hadjofonwof twenty miles ur
hour. Under ono engine , alone she iimdo u
speed of 10.8 knots per hour.
Something to Ileinomuor.
K you are going east remember the
"Rock Island Kouta ! ' run tlio sloupord
and chair cars of th.olr solid vustibulc
train to and from ihu Oinaliu depot ,
leaving Omulia ut8ifi.p : , in. , thua avoid
ing the transfer at Council 1)1 ) u tin.
Three fcolid trains dally. AU chair care
are free. Dining cars on nil through
trains. Our trainu make close connec
tion with all eastern limited trains con-
Meeting in union depot at Chicago ,
avoiding a transfer across the city to
parties enrouto to Now York. Boston
and ether custom clUon , "ana every
thing a llttlo better than ether lines
can olTor. " S. S. STKVKNB ,
Ticket olllce 1305 Parnam. Gon'l W. A ,
Ounoral Hoiilnncnr.
LONDON , Sept. 20. Fifty retired olllcerso :
the French army , formerly comrades ol
General Boulanger , have presented the gun
eral with nn address protesting against hii
prosecution by the government and express
ing the wish that ho may gain a striking vie
tory in the coming elections ,
Cnshman'b Menthe inhaler cures catatrh
houdacho , neuralgia , asthma , hay fever
Trial free at your druggist. Prba 50 cents
Brndloy Was Doused Because Ho
Wds Refractory.
An Outrnceous ARsnult On nlilitooln
Girl A UnllronU Alnn SluRRcd
State llntiso Items Xlio
City In
2tf P STIIRRT , >
litxcour , Sept. 20. )
The account of the inquisition practiced
upon Joseph Urudloy , as published by Titr.
UEE Thursday moraine , stirred Marshal
Carder to the soul. Since then It has been
the town talk. On the advent of Tin : Ur.r. nt
the police Motion the ntmoxpnoro in that
vicinity was blue with oaths and Impreca
tions. The marshal threatened to shoot your
correspondent on sight , nnd to bring suit for
libel nnd malicious persecution. Hut , withal ,
ho kept the oven tenor of his way , nnd nt
this hour his pulse keeps up its tattoo nt the
ralu of socuty beats to the mlnuto. Thnco
yesterday the marshal called nt TUB linn
headquarters for a reckoning nnd as many
times found its representative absent. In
turn , however , the marshal was sought and
found. Strnngo though it may seem , greet
ings wcro friendly , even cordial. There were
no hostile demonstrations. Silence , however -
over , reigned for a moment , Mr. Carder
broke It by asking the question : "Who
; ave you the Information regarding the
[ ticking that was given .Too Hnulloy
on last Friday ovonlngl" Yankee fashion ,
ho question was answered by asking an
other. "You admit , then , that you turned
ho hose on lilm ? " ' ! do , " bo replied , "but
deny that it was done to extort a confes
sion from him. Ho was un Incorrigible , nnd
md to bo punished to bo controlled. Ho was
drunk , lighting drunk , " uud I had the hose
turned ou him to keep him from hitting
members of the force with n stick ho had in
His hand. 1 had no means of knowing that
10 possessed knowledge that would load to
, ho nrrostofnny gang of thieves , and I did
uot have him duelled to uiako him cough up ,
as you put it in your paper. I want you to
inderst.ind , too , that I am humane. Hradly
vas not doused until ho was exhausted. Ho
vns able to swear a blue streak when I told
the boys to let up. I gnvo
, hat order , though , because the hose
e.ikcd und the water was running over
the ofllco floor. Councilman Fraas happened
o como along , but ho didn't s.iy a word. Ho
ipprovcd my punishment. Besides , former
iJminlstratiotm punished refractory prison
ers in the s.nno way , or I have been told so
on good authority. "
"But , marshal , don't you think it was n
ittle barbarous to drench a prisoner to the
skin who was compelled to pass the night in
one of those dump cells ? lu fact , couldn't '
vou have handnuffcd Mini"
"No , I don't ; Bradley had a stick In his
land und was striking at every policeman
who passed him. It was a revolver or n
Icsu from the hose , and I chose to vivo him
, lie latter. I tell you I'm humane. 1 had n.
t > ig lire built in the main corridor of the city
lull and let Bradley stand by it until his
cloches were thoroughly dried. Your re
port was a Ho from bcginnlair to
end with the exception that 1
permitted Bradley to bo dousod.
Now , I want you to glvo mo the
s'ourcoof your information or I'll sue you for
malicious persecution bsforo noon to-mor
row. The preliminary steps for the suit
have already been commenced by the law
Pleasant good niqhts were then exchanged.
Clinncing to meet Councilman Fraas , Tut :
BUB representative called his attention to
the marshal's statements , and although re
ticent , he said in manner plainer than words
that ho disapproved of the punishment , nud
tnat it stopped before be left the city jail ,
notwithstanding Mr. Carder's word to thu
Ex-Marshal Cooper was also seen by Tun
Bi'.c representative. , Ho stated without
qualification that such punishment * wcro
never inflicted upon refractory prisoners
during any former administration , nud ho
added that ho regarded it as barbarism iu
tuo first flegrec.
Marshal Carder still insists that ho is
A Foul Attempt Frustrated.
A terrible crime was attempted yesterday
evening on the person of Miss llattie Swanson -
son , n girl of fifteen yaars , who lives with
her father and mother nt Twenty-seventh
nnd E streets. In the early oveninc Robert
Price , a son of a hotel man at Bennett , and
Itobcrt Hcnslcr , a helper in a restaurant in
tbo same town , called on the Swansons.
They are old friends of tbo family , having
known them for ten years or moro. Shortly
alter they catno word was received of tbo
serious illness of a Mr Ucdflold , a son-in-
law , who lives in unothcr part of the city ,
and the father and mother loft hastily to
visit his bedside. They loft the young lady
to keep house and entertain their guests.
No sooner had the old /oiks departed than
the young man made indecent proposals to
the girl , which she indignantly rejected.
'iheythen tried force , when she jumped
with a terrillc scream und escaped through
the wludow , tearing most of her clothing oil
in her frantic efforts to foil her would-be
dcspoilcrs. She rushed to the next neigh
bors , a Mrs. Kogera , and sought protection.
Shortly after this she saw the buggy leave
thu house , und supposing that they had gone
she returned to her homo. On going into
thn house , Price , who was concealed liehind
the door , sprang upon her , and throwing nor
on the bed attempted to outrage her. Again
her strength aided her and she was able to
make h-Jr cscauo , running a second * tiuio to
her nighbors , Mrs. Hogcrs , whcro she re
mained during the night. This morning Mr.
Swunson and the girl came to the police sta
tion and swore out a warrant for the arrest
of Price and Honsler , which was given to of-
llcors Malonu and Snyder to servo.
The ofllcers returned about 9 o'clock thu
evening with Prlco end Hensley. Price
was arrested in Bennett , Honsloy in Doug
lass. Prlco Is said to have admitted hie
guilt. Ho is a son of Tom Prlco , the well
known contractor.
Hensloy says that bo was there , but took
no part in the attempted outrage.
District Court Canes.
Annie Lanham seeks a dlvorco from hoi
whilom husband , John W. Lanhuin , and al
leges desertion and failure to support unii
provide for her.
F1. L. Dunn Is also a petitioner for justice
In the district court. Ho sues ono Brown ,
iirst name unknown , for restitution oncer
tain described town lotn ,
Thomas Coppiucjor vs James Sturgeon I :
also on the trial docket for the next terra ,
Plalntilf's petition sets up that the litigants
are old-time partners , but that Sturgeon it
irresponsible , und the appointment of a receiver -
coiver is therefore prayed. .
Churles A. Martin sues Lewis Groff and
Henry C. Andrews for equitable rights in
certain real estate described in philntiil's po
titlon. Martin simply seeks to huvo i
cloud lifted from the title of Ills land ,
In all , nine petitions wcro lllod in the dis
triet court to-day , and it is stated that ovei
eight hundred cases will make up the docket
for tbo ntixt term of court.
Htuto HOIIHO Jottings.
Auditor Benton and Treasurer Hill returned
turned from Imperial , this morning , when
they attended the Chase county fair.
The case of Horace A. Greenwood vs II
BJrboii , on error from the district court o ,
Gage county , was filed for trial In the au
promt ] court to-day ,
U Governor Tbuycr will reach homo sonn
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
When flttbjr na * ildc , we gave her Caetorla.
When fcJiu vru a Child , sha crM for CwlorU ,
WUonslietocamoMln , she clunt'to OutocU ,
Wl > ? n vho hrf Children , she fare them Caatorl *
Imo to-morrow. It Is stated that ho will
make known Judge GrofC'B succo.tsor shortly
after his return. The governor keeps his
own counsel nnd their appointment Is hardly
n matter of conjecture.
Secretaries Gllklson nnd Garbor , of the
tale board of transportation , have been
ooklne after onlclal duties for n day or two
last , while Gilchrlst Is nt Alliance , Box
tutto county , loaning after homo interests.
I'he secretaries have very llttlo lilou when
ho stnto board will sit to bear the roads
on the question of reconsideration of the
order reducing freight rates on coal. It Is
anticipated , however , that the roads will bo
icard at the uoxt regular sitting of the
City N MVBnml Notes.
O ; II. Chapman , of Beatrice , is the guest
of bis brother , Dr. G. B. Chapman , of this
city. Thu doctor will accompany him to
Plattsmouth to-morrow , where they will
tarry with friends n day or two.
William Heotz was slugged last night on
Slghth street , between M and N. Two big
gashes were cut in his facet and his clothes
considerably torn , lie was robbed of fl ,
all the money ho had on Ills person. Mr.
leotz IB nn employe of the Burlington , nnd
ives at the corner of Seventh nnd B streets.
lo wni en route homo.
As Mrs. K. P. Hoggnn wni driving homo
rom the Capital hotel last evening nbout 8
o'clock , accompanied by her two little
laughters , Hellen and Jcnnncttc , she was
run Into by n couple of drunken roucha , who
wore nlso driving , capsizing her buggy and
throwing Miss Hclleu violently under the
vhcols. The physician called said that she
was not seriously hurt , but she had a narrow
Alex McNIght and family , of Spencer ,
ml. , arrived in the city last evening nnd nro
ompornnly quartered at the residence of I.
2. Johnson nt Twenty-seventh nnd vV. Mr.
McNIght Is n pension attorney and Intends to
make Lincoln his future home.
Walt Mason left for Denver last night.
Word has been received from George
ilnycrlc , the depot hotel man who loft so
uddcnly ono day last week. Ho ii in Den
ver and will not return. Mr. Halter , to
vhom the furniture nnd lease utort-
; aged , is In possession. Mnycrlo's family
vill leave in a day or two to visit friends nt
forth Pintle before joining the husband and
J. W. Johnson , editor of the Button Ad-
ertlscr and the newly appointed postmaster
at that place , was In the city to-day.
Hartford's Aclil IMiOBplmto
Imparts Now Enorcy to the Brain ,
; ivlnc the feeling and sonsa of Increased
utcllcctual power.
TN3TIIUMKM3 plnood on rosorJ during
J , yesterday.
Ii 1) Mono to 0 W Digging , part * otlotB&I
unilct , HlmetintiRh I'lnoa , w d t .030
8 O Snmple unit vriro to Dnnalna County
Jl\ufc , lot 13 , DllcT , 1'atrlcfBiM ndil , 11
oil 2.WO
J 8 McCormlok to 0 Ii Shornooil , lots & . \
Sfi , 3SIU,4"l , < V-3nodU , Archer 1'Uco , . ! < *
(1 c u i , , . , , . 1
] , SrliroeJor , trustee , to Catherine llnioy ,
lots 1 mul 2. blk it , ami lota 1 nud a , blk
V. Drown Pare , w il 4 . . . . , 1775
Nnur&altii Savings llixnk to J DeVluo , lot
l'Jblk6 { . HoiUord Maco. w il C3J
0 II Spray nml vrlfn to Oeorgo Walker ,
ml lot SO , bit IU , oilfton Ulll. ti o d. . 600
John I.lmlstrom anilviro to J J .McAllis
ter. lotO , blk Oi South Oninha , w ill. . , . 2,030
V 1) llutiKiUo to J U Mncaulor , lotP , 10
nnd II , blk 12 , nnil lot 12 , blK ii , Itedford
1'lnco , q cu. , . . . . , . . 1
0 Ji Sherwood nnd wife to K Whitman ,
lots , Archer I'mce. wrt 4OW
I'.xi'Ciitors of A II McCovrnn to U Ii
Uhomns , und ii lots , blk h7 , Florence , 'til ] (
i n c il , T
VLTrncy nnil wife to Omiihft nnd tflor-
cnoo Ionn nnil Trust Co. n ! { of lot JI , i
blkSJ. Florence , w d . . , , . . . ISO \m
.loscpli NovAttl and \vifo to Oninlm nnil
I'loronco I.onn nnd Trust Co , lot A , blk
r > 7 , Florence , a c il. , . 1
Oinnlin and I'.loronco lionn nnd Trust Cote
to Civtliodrnl Clmntor ot Nobrnskn. lot
n. blKfiT. I'loronco d , 500
\VllllMii ICrui ; to A U.lpnicii , part ot lot
] n , blk 1 , Cninpbull's nilil w il . 000
A 1 * Tutor ot nl to M Sorensen , lot II , blk
n , ciirtou iiiii. w a ro
OMcCorinlclcutiil to liCrounse , lofAblk
Ii ! , McCoriulck's mill , w a T.50J
Ilobort Mnjor to Iidluson , lot 1 ! ) , blk 1 ,
1'ruya's sul ) . Y(1 ( 003
J lli-liik mulvlfo to K I , llnlihvln , lot H ,
lilkil , Jljers , Itlolmrd & Tlldcn's ndd ,
XV d * . . . * * . . . . . . . . . . * . . . . . * . . . . . . . . . 600
H Ii ItuUlwlii Him luiHbninl to O W llnyas
- rt nl. lot .s , blk : i , .Myers , Kichnrd & I'll-
dun's mill , w il. POO
J U I'nrrotto and \ > Ifo to M I , Learned , i
lot \ , blk 1 , A S Patrick's ndd , aud lot ; i , * JL/T , .
blk U , I.nko Vlow , w d 3.GOO ' , ' T | *
M Ii I.vnrnod to K M I'nrrotto , lot 4 , lilk 1. .
A 8 I'ntrlrk'M ndd. uud loti ; , Ulk U' , Lake (
Vlow , w d 8,50 }
T V llreniinn to il K Castollo , lot ! 1. blk 11 , .
and lot 4 , bit 1 , DoiiRlns lultlv il 400
Tl'llronnnn to N Castello , lot n , blk ; i ' n
Kountzo'H 1'lace. w il , 700 ' I < i
M 8 Llndsny nnd wife to U U Wiles , part f n
ot lots S and V , Iilnilsny'B mill , w il l.SJO
M H I.lmliny nnd wlfo to Central Invest-
rtiont Co , lot V , ulk 1 , May no'3 1M ndil ,
wa S.MJ
Iwent y-dvutrnn sfcrs K.4S1U
Clark Palton was arrested Into this nf-
toanoon for passing a worthless nrom-
isory note on Albert IIildobrandtin the
sum of $100. The note was given ia i , | | s
payment for a team of horses.
For Weak Stomach Impaired Digestion Disordered Liver ,
U .B Vfcia C.V ? * teflLultW H VB > IT EnlTfll. K\srjf\a
Prepared only by THOS.UEECHAM , St.lIclciisInucasliircEiiirlaiuI.
B. F. ALLEN & CO. , Sole Agents
r-on vrviTKi > STATKS , sos & ser CAIVAJL ST. , NEW YORK.
Who ( if your druggist docs not keep them ) will mail Bcccham's
Pills on receipt of price lut inquire first. ( Please mention this paper. )
1NFL.AMAT1ON . OF THE BOWELS , PILES , and all doratiRotnoiil of the Inter
nal Viscera.
RADWAY'S PILLS are a cure for this complaint. They tone up the internal
secretions to healthy action , restore strength to the stomach and enable it to
perform its functions. Price Uoo per box. Sold by all druggists.
RADWAY & CO. , Now York ,
Brownell Hall !
Corner of Tenth and Worthington Streets , Omaha , Neb.
The Roy , RoM Dolierty , S. T , D , , Rector ,
Fall Term Begins Wednesday , September 11. For Particulars
Apply to the Rector.
TI1KNK 1'I.US UI/TltA of writing mnehlnei U
noUul lor In fH | > ul , Cuiiiiiactnox of kor liutrd.
Mmpllclty o ! construction , Kii u < if niuiatlori and
nnil durability. Don'tKniurliiiunt ffltli cliuiip urn-
cliliioi ) you know what you me vvltliiK nlmi you
liujrllm UoiiiliiKtim. Don't rrly un Hourlloim inmlo
uy no cHllml < imi | > i'lltirs. An oxunilniitliiii oimta
you nntlilnii mul inujr mo y u from | iurclin lim n
worllilcM mnchlno. Thu llumlntttuu liuldi lUo
World' * Championship fnmppcil.
'l'Yl'KUITKHH roil IIBNT. tecniid hand mil-
rlilnottill luuliea furHHlii. 'I'ho Ciown Typewriter
wrltut CHhlmliuiiiltiiuiill li'llxrii , llK'inu , triulluni ,
ftc. , nnil i Ihoniiist lluilil'l | > oa | > mui-hlim roailo.
I'rlcu fju. btenoKrnpliura supplies of ull kind * ,
f-eud foriliculurn.
i * . raioEArrii : ,
1GOT I'urnam Stroa
Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilating
Apparatus and Supplies.
Engines , Boilers , Steam Pumps , Etc.
& CO. ,
1O3South iBth Street , Opp. Postofflcp. Telephone 1490 ,
1013 Douglas Street , Omaha , Nebraska.
, TV , *