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Dnlly ( Mornlnff Edition ) inrlmilng Sunday
llcv , unn y r . (10 CO
Form Months . . 6 ( O
S'or Thren Moulin . SCO
Olio Omitbn RiuidAy HfO , mailed to anjr
ndrtris * . One Year. . SCO
WeeKly lice , Ono Vrar . 800
Omntm Offlrp , nco Itnlldlng. N. AV. Corner
Seventeenth nnu Knrnam Street * .
< hlcnRO Oinca. M7 Hookery llullrttnc.
Now York. Offlce. Hooma It anil IB Tribunes
WiishmstonOinro. No , r > 13 rourternth Street.
Council Illuirs omen , No. 13 I'tarl Struct.
Lincoln Olllco. 11K9 1'aticot ,
All communications rolntlnir to news nnrt cdt-
torlnl mutter should bo addressed to ths lidltor
of thullco.
All bnilnpis letter * nml remittances Hhnvld
tMiaddnweiltolho llco 1'nbllslilnic Company ,
Onmho , Drutls , checks find poitollice orders to
\ > o unulo paynblo to lliu order of the company ,
The Bee PnWisbtaKCilnany , Proprietors ,
llKK llulldlnft Parnnm and Seventeenth Streets.
1 Iho Hoc on tfic 'I ml in.
Tlioro Is no oxensoforafnllnrotogotTliK HER
on the trnlni. .Ml nowKnenlprs have bean notl-
Hod to curry a full gupnly. frnvulora who want
'Jin. IIKK ami cun't Kt It on trains whore other
Omulinpnpcr ; nro carried arc requested to no
tify Tun Hun.
Sworn Ktntninunt of Clroiilatlon.
Elnto ot Nebraska. I
County of Douglas ( " '
Gene ? II. nVhchnck , secretary of The Hoc
J'ulill. iIiiR ) Company , docs solemnly swenr thut
HIPaittial circulation of Tun DAII.V DEB for
the vice * cutting HtiUtombor 14. 1S&V. wnsustol-
lows :
Fluidity. Kept. 8 1B.SSO
Hominy , Sept. II 18WJ
O'ucfrtav. Sent 10 IV.RW
Wednesday. Sept. II 18,033
aiinmlny.fflpr. . IS 1R. )1
Vrldnv. iV'pt. lil 18.W1
Katunluy. Sept. 11 1P.OW
Average 18.OB-1
Ewmn tolicforo mo andsuliscrlbed to In my
prcpdic e HUB Hth day of September. A. 1) . 1S3D.
tHeal.l N. I . VhlU Notary 1'ublli
Etnte of Nebraska , I
County of Done-Ins , fss <
ticorco II. 'lYsclinck. being duly sworn , do-
Jioics and says tliixtlio is secretary of The Ilou
l'libllflilng compnny. Unit the actual nvernijo
dully circulation of Tin : DAH.V BKK for the
month of September. ! * , ] 8,11 > I copies ; for Oc
tober Ifbti , 1H.OH eojilPt ) ; for November. lh * < , 18-
IM1 copies : for December , 18S8. K4,2-l copies ; foi
January , IhM.1,57J. coplcn : for Kebrunry , 1889 ,
JP.WB copies ; fox- March , JfM ) , IH.fM copies ; for
April , WI > , 18.K9 topics : for Mny. ] ! l. 18B'i3
copies : for June. Ifsfl , I ( > .SM , copleH : for July ,
ItM" " , ltS8 copies : for August , It-Si. IS.O'it copltw.
( > KO. It. 'IV.SCIUJCK.
Fvotn to before mo and subscribed In my
presence this : ilst davot AumiHt , A. I ) . , I8W.
[ PEAK ] N. 1 * . TKH. Notary public.
Tim cedar blotMc invostlgntion served
to show that Clwirninn Rulcombo is
uDlictcd with a doep-soatod aversion to
WHILE the ollloo-fauekcrs are hunting
Proatdotit UtUTlson nt Deer Park , ox-
Prosidcnt Clcvnliind is hunting dcor in
the Adirondiicks.
Tun Omnhtv police nro on the lookout
for the Council Bin its inurdorer. This
insures him the freedom of the city. A
murderer is not a suspicious chiirnotor.
WITH Sum Cox dewl iind Sam Ran-
thill broken down in health , tho'dcmoc-
rney will bo painfully deficient in ex
perienced leadership in the next con-
{ jress. _
K visit of Sidney Dillon to Omaha
should bo celebrated by presenting him
with a ailk-fringod photo of the cow
shed with Dillonvillo in the back
ground , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
HOUACE Boies , of Waterloo , is the
Iowa domocnitio nominee for the gov-
tirnorahip. The niimo ot his own town
no doubt has u sadly aignilicant sound
to his cars.
OstAHA's mayor might take some
public acvion that would brine the pro
posed fat stock show to general notice.
At least some one should Broatch tlio
matter to him.
CANA7)A's strong desire to become a
part of this country is indicated by the
fact that huge masses of Capo Diamond
nro breaking nwayfrom Quebec and
eliding toward the United States.
IT STrnti requires a coin inado of sil
ver to pay the motor faro over the
brirtgo line , instead of the popular
pocket piece mtido of nickel , which
should bo suniciont to Buttle the bill.
IP Major Balcombo'n standard for ce
dar p.iving blocks had boon enforced
two yours ago , the firm of Wo , Us & Co. ,
of which Jim Croighton was the hca'1
und front , would have gone into bank
? , t : = rrs = ! ss = s
Nmv YORK'S desire to secure the
holding ot the world's fair causes nor
to leave nothing undone that will raise
the wind , Thus far , however , the
"wind'1 falls to blow up the necessary
"dust. "
NOTWITHSTANDING the fact that the
doctors of the Missouri valley are in
( session in this city , the general health
of the people still remains good. What
greater endorsement as n health resort
can bo asked for ?
Tin ; governor's challenge cup for the
lest ) drilled company of the Nebraska
jiational guard was awarded to Com
pany E , First regiment , of Fremont. It
is needless to say that it was a oup ( ull
of happlnosa for the recipients.
THK war between the board of public
works and paving inspectors on one
Gldo , and the contractors und material
men on the other , is progressing right
merrily. The opprobrious oplthol
period having passed , bloodshed may
now bo looked for unless Governor
Tlmyor orders the militia up from the
etato of Beatrice.
Tun success of the lute exposition
emphasizes what Tins Biii 1ms claimed
for years , that an annual exhibit of out
industrial growth , properly managed ,
is the best possible advertisement o !
the city's progress. Horse-racing If
merely an inuldont of the show. And
there IB no reason > vhy an elaborate ex
position could not bo mada n paying iu
vestment oven If extended to three 01
four weeks.
' Gi'.oiiniA has passed a bill which pro
vides that no person shall sell , furnish
glvo or provide any minor with cigarettes
ettos , tobacco , cigarette r P ° r or anj
Bubstltuto thorofor. Is this law do
Bigneel to muko boys unpopular in Urn
Plate or is it an inducement for boys U
become voters ut un early uge ?
It seems inevitable that wool it to on-
gngo as mtfbh of the attention ot the
ioxt congress as it did that of the last.
The special mooting ot the executive
committee of the national association of
wool manufacturers , hold at Boston this
Week , was expected to formulate Bomo
sort of proposition to bo presented to
congress na representing the demands
of the manufacturers , but it failed to
do so. About all that was developed -
volopod regarding the desires
of the manufacturers was ob-
Lalnod from interviews after the con
ference had completed its fruitless de
liberations. From thcso it is learned
that the manufacturers regard the
present time as n critical ono for their
business. They have not for oomo tlmo
boon enjoying a wholly satisfactory
measure of prosperity , and the outlook
Is not favorable. The president of the
national association is quoted as saying
that , while there is no wlshtonUncK the
wool-growers , something must bo done
for the m'anufncttirers. The growth of
the woolen industry hus not kept
pace with that of other industries , no-
cording to this authority , and the man
ufacturers hnvo not only had no induce
ment to expand , but have been obliged
to contract. This condition of things
has gone on until their business a Hairs
have become critical , and the two
courses suggested in orderio resuscitate
the business is cither to cheapen the
raw material or give greater protection
to the manufactured product. A change
which , it is the opinion of some ,
will give the manufacturers the
relief they seek , is to make
the duty on wool ad valorem instead of
specific. If this wore done the duty
would bo graduated to the rise and fall
of the foreign market , and it is con
tended that if this wore done the for
eign manufacturer would not enjoy the
advantage ho now docs over the Amer
ican manufacturer. A great many wool
manufacturers favor this proposition.
The wool growers have no doubt
ss to their nttitudo. So " far as
hoard from thuy are unanimous
in demanding not only that there
shall bo no reduction of the
duties on wool , but that there
shall bo a restoration of thy higher
duties of 1807 , us provided for in the
Bonalo tariff bill. The protest ot the
Ohio branch of the wool growers' asso
ciation against any und all propositions
looking to a reduction of the wool duties
is unequivocal , and there can bo no
doubt that this had a very important
influence in determining the action , or
more properly the inaction , of tlio Bos
ton conference of woolen manufactur
ers. There is to bo another conference
hold on the 2d of October , which
it is possible will give moro doll-
nito expression to the requirements and
wishes of tbo manufacturers , but from
the present aspect of the situation it
would seem that the wool growers are
likely to have their wishes regarded.
In that case the question before the
next congress in 'relation to the wool in
terests will bo thatof increasing the du-
tics on the products of wool. It is plain
that the manufacturorsiof woolen goods
can not continue to do business under
the present conditions. Fifty nota
ble failures have occurred in
this industry during the present
year , and it is not in a
very much better condition than the
iron industry of Now England , which is
almost unanimous in demanding a , re
vision of the tariff that will civo it free
raw materials. The promise is for a
very nctivo and interesting contest
over the question of wool duties
in the next congress , with a
strong probability that the weight of
public sentiment will bo against any in
crease of the duties on wool , and possi
bly in favor of reducing them.
Mr. Dunnoll , the correspondent of the
Now York Times , who is supplying the
readers of that journal with , a great
deal of interesting information regard
ing the great went , predicts a great fu
ture for "Wyoming. Ho says that the
past of this territory , glorious as it
seems , will bo but a palo anl ; indistinct
promise of future greatness fifty years
honco. While its svbcortalnod rosouruas
nro such as to excite the admiration of
every ono who takes the trouble to ex
amine the reports about thorn , it does
not take long to discover that they
are hut imperfectly known. A few
coal mines have boon opened and are
paying richly. The rocks have boon
tapped hero and there , revealing iron ,
silver , and other oros. Oil indications
have boon habtily examined at differ
ent points , with results so gratifying
as to insure the belief that in the
Rocky mountains are to bo sunktho
walls that will exceed those of Pennsyl
vania as a source of the now world's
supply of petroleum. It is the guess of
the geologists that there nro thirty
thousand square miles of coal underly
ing Wyoming. Its sod deposits in
sight are estimated .at millions of
tons. Petroleum is escaping from ono
or two \volls aiul from named nnd name
less springs in live or six counties , all
still beyond the roach of the rail
There is an empire in this territory ,
says the Times correspondent , lying
half way between the Mississippi nnd
the Pacific coast , that is us spacious in
area as Now York , Ohio , Now Jersey
and Delaware combined. It is as broad
as all the Now England Htutos and In
diana together. It is larger in
urea by throe thousand squuro
miles than the great states of
Iowa and Ohio. It contains
nearly sixty-three million acres , a largo
part of which can bo made splendidly
productive by irrigation. Of its vast
resources "all await development , and
the greatest of them , coal , has been
scarcely touched.
A grout deal of capital will , bo re
quired to develop the resources of Wy
oming. A vast expenditure for irriga
tion will bo necessary to render her
now almost worthies ! ) lands productive.
But it is only beginning to bo known
what splendid opportunities this terri
tory offers , and when thatknowledgo be
comes moro widely disseminated there
will bo no lade of capital to bring her
various ro&ourc'us into service and to
provide the moans for her agricultural
prosperity. There can bp no doubt that
there is n pront future for Wyoming ,
and not only is it probable , that within
the next ton years the present territory
will have become ono of the populous
states of tlio west , bub will nlso bo ono
of the foremost in contributing to the
national wealth. It la the contempla
tion of all this , says the Times corre
spondent , the security for future great
ness thai it holds out , that inspires
Wyoming people with the desire to bo
accorded nil the advantages that can bo
derived from statehood , nnd the pre
sentation of such facts can hardly fail
to maico an impression upon congress
and the country favorably to thnt de
The federation of the different labor
organizations on the Union Pacific sys
tem is the rosultof negotiations pending
for nearly a year. The movement be
gan bcforo the final collapse of the
Burlington strike , and was duo to the
failure of that struggln. If this union is
ratified at the coming convention of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers ,
it will result in ono of the moat power
ful labor organizations over formed in
this country , not excepting the Knights
of Labor.
The Burlington strike cost the or
ganizations participating a largo
sum of money , but was not with
out its benefits and lessons. It demon
strated that the onglnoors could not
carry on a strike for twenty-four hours
without the hearty co-operation of the
firemen. It bridged the chasm that for
merly existed between them and
brought them into close , harmonious
relations for mutual benefit. Realizing
the good to flow from the union of two
strong organizations , with interests in
common , the movement spread to all
societies of railroad employes , and now
the union comprises the brakemen ,
switchman , and Knights of Labor , and
will eventually take in the train dis
The growth of this organization will
bo watched with great interest by all
friends of labor as well as railroad man
agers. Many difUcultics besot its nath ,
not the least of which are the jealousies
heretofore existing between them.
This will not seriously interfere with
the harmonious progress of the organ
ization in the west , but in the cast an
in ten so hatred exists between the
Knights of Labor and the engine men ,
which will require the earnest nnd
united action of conservative leaders to
successfully overcome.
The action of the engineers' conven
tion in Denver next month will deter
mine the lifo or death of the fedorn-
tion. If that body sustains the policy
of Chief Arthur to hold aloof from all
kindred organizations , the result is
likely to bo a split between the eastern
nnd western factions , which will seri
ously cripple tho.brothorhood. The re
tirement ( if Arthur is demanded by the
western men , and if they are successful
the success of the federation west of the
lanes is assured.
The destructive forest fires raging in
sections of the northwestern states and
territories have caused incalculable
damage to the country. Thousands of
acres of timbojr land have boon swept
by the flames and millions of feet of
cut lumber and cordwood destroyed in
Montana , Idaho. Washington and Ore
gon. For the last two months the coun
try has boon enveloped in a pall of suf
focating smoke , and day almost turned
to night by clouds carried hundreds of
miles from the vicinity of the disaster.
The fires started early in July and
have raged with moro or less fury to
the present time. It is impossible to
compute the damage inflicted. The
loss of life , so far , is comparatively
small , but the loss of stock , homos , mills
and like property will roach into the
millions. In Montana alone two hun
dred thousand dollars worth of cordwood -
wood was destroyed on the mountain
The immediate cause of this disastrous
bosom of flame was the drought. The
unusual mildness of last winter through
out that section nnd the trifling'snow
full loft the mountains and valleys bare.
Spring rains iiid not materially relieve
the lack of moisture. Aii a result the
country became a ready prey to the
flumes in raid-summer.
The immense influx of settlers to
Washington territory is primarily re
sponsible for tlfo appalling destruction
wrought in that section. The unsettled
portion of the territory is heavily tim
bered. In their haste to ofToct a clear
ing , land hunters piled the undergrowth
around the trees nnd attempted to burn
thorn out. Their folly brought about
their own dostruction. The flames wore
carried beyond their control and
brought ruin to hundreds of homos.
The effect of the calamity will bo felt
for years. It is especially crushing to
thousands of newcomorn , whoso homos
and crops und stock fell a prey to the
devouring olemont. Coupled with the
partial destruction of StSattlo , Ellotis-
burg tvnd Spokane Falls , Washington
has passed through a terrible baptism
of flro on the threshold of statehood.
SKCRKTAIIY OK Aouicur/runi ! RUSK.
with his assistants , is making
a tour through Kansas for "tho
purpose of gaining information
concerning the sorghum sugar
industry. Ho will visit six or eight of
the factories and hopes by n careful
study of the ontorprlso to gain a kno.wl-
edge of it that will enable him to extend -
tend such government aid ns its devel
opment may require , The secretary
expressed an opinion that the industry
would become a success. Tlio sugar
works at Fort Scott made throe
hundred thousand pounds at a
profit last year. Greater results
nro looked for the present season , many
improvements having been made in the
processes employed. No further proof
is needed to show that the making of
sorghum sugar is a practical success. It
only remains to cheapen the process so
us to make it a profitable commercial
undertaking. Undo JorryvRusk is .tho
right man in the right place to look
after just such industries.
BKCAUSK Major Warner , of Kansas
City , did not care to accept the pen
sions commlssloncrdhlp , BO mo people
imagine that the president would be
greatly ombarrns8od , , Hi finding n. suit
able person for tlio oulco. The president
has ontortninod no suoh fonr for nil in
stant. Hoyjll , hnvo no trouble to find
a worthy successor to Tnnnor. The tel
egraph staled that Mnjor Merrill , of
Boston , had bpon tendered the position ,
but ho claims not to care for it. Ho
will take it , though , from a Bonso of
duty , if urged upon him , but this is not
likely to bo dono. It is moro than
probable lhat'tho major will reconsider
lils public utterances nnd take Iho
place the moment ho la sura ho can got
it. Olllcos Ilka this do not go bogging ,
IK 18 16 the consumption ot American
cotton by Great Britain amounted to
ono million two hundred and thirty-
nine thousand bales , whllo the United
States used only throe hundred nnd
ninety thousand bales of the product.
In 1883 the English consumption had
increased to two million seven hun
dred and five thousand bales , nnd that of
Iho Unilod States to two million ono
hundred mid ninety-one thousand bales.
The figures indicate that our cotton in
dustry IB gaining on England , nnd in a
few years the most of Iho manufactur
ing will bo done on this side. The
south takes the load In the building of
now cotton factories nnd it is mostly
duo to thai section thnt wo nro now
nblq to successfully compote with Eng
land in the manufacture of this class of
THIS grand jury , which will convene
in this city next Monday , has a great
deal of Important work on hand. The
thorough investigation of the mnnngo-
inont of county affairs is by no moans
the only subject that is to como before
it. There have boon violations of the
criminal code that should not bo al
lowed to pass by unnoticed. While the
county attorney has taken in hand such
infractions of the lawns nro flagrant
and have como under his direct nottco ,
broaches of the law in this city and
county have boon carried on under
cover and condoned because no com
plaint has boon formally made.
Tun public Uobt wasaocronsed twonty-
flvomillion six hundred nnd thirty-throo
thousand three hundred and sixty-two
dollars during the first six months of
Cleveland's administration , while under
Harrison for the same time the amount
was forty-four million five hundred and
forty-eight thousand seven hundred
nnd twonty-ono dollars. Every time a
democratic editor begins to compare
Cleveland's with Harrison's methods of
economy , with unfavorable comments on
the lattrbr , it might bo well to advert to
the exact figures.
IT ArrEAns that Kansas City has a
method of swelling its clearing house
business , which is not now , nor ever has
boon , practiced ip this city. The stock
yards business here has never boon in
cluded in our banks' total , but in Kan
sas City not only the stock yards , but
the business of half a. dozen small
suburban towns is taken in so that the
totals may assume largo porportions.
Kansas City is very enterprising , but her
motlfods of booming very often give
countenance to the most rank impos
TUB death penalty was abolished in
Rhode Islund nearly forty years ago ,
nnd imprisonment for lifo was substi
tuted , since which , it is claimed , crimes
of violence have been very rarely com
mitted. But would the laws provo
as effective in n larger state , like Texas ,
for instance , whore a man can not go
outside of his own commonwealth and
still bo within shooting distance of any
part of it ?
THE second hanging which has oc
curred in Minnesota since the law pro
hibiting extended newspaper accounts
of public executions wont into effect , oc
curred yesterday , ana every detail of
the event was given nt length in the
papers of that state. When foolish leg
islators pass such a stupid law the news
papers very properly ignore it.
IT is a long weary way from Arkansas
to Canada at this season of the year ,
but J. Weiss , of Toxarkana , is sup
posed to have recently made the trip.
Ho had the foresight to prepare him
self for the cold of the northern winter ,
and lined his pockets with fifty thou-
and dollars of other people's money.
No minor event of the year has
evoked such widespread regret from the
press as the failure of the Jootpads to
squeeze "Old Hutch. " This shows a
wrong conception of the event and the
consequences. The highwaymen should
bo congratulated on escaping with their
THK distressing news isrocoivod from
Now Jersey that the apple crop is al
most a total failure and that but little
"applejack" will bo raado this year.
Under these circumstances that state is
likely to return a republican majority
at the not oloction.
THK docreasot in business noted in
Now York and Boston last week is duo
to the fact that their ball clubs are run
ning nook und nock , and the people
are too greatly5 iiU'-restod in the out
come to pay any attention to ordinary
trade topics , o i
TUB Minnon'uplfB police commission
hnvo warned the .police that thov must
not talk on religion or politics. If such
a policy woro1 strictly curried out in
Omaha , wo would soon bo without
sufficient polico'fp'j'no ' to man tlio patrol
wagon. _ _ _ i i _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Tim grand rouifion , of veterans which
occurs nt Lookout Mountain to-day will
bo duo of the most notable gatherings
of the year. But there will not bo
near the necessity for being on the
"lookout" there was in the full of 1803.
THE Yellow river of China has made
another bad break and caused great
dutnago. However , this irregularity is
different from many " breaks" thnt are
made , inasmuch as it occurred about ono
hundred miles from its mouth.
THE colored voters of Boston have de
clared that they want their share of
the public offices. This is another evi
dence that they have reached about the
Batno plane of political intelligence that
their white brethren enjoy.
The ROnornl election * in Franco tor mom-
bars 6t tbo now clmmbor of deputies will
take place to-morrow , nnd there Is universal
interest In the result , This will dotormlno
whether or not UoulntiRor 1 still nn import *
ant factor In French politics. The sonata
has convicted him ot treason , and also for
misappropriation , while minister ot war , ot
the secret service fund , In almost any other
country than Franco such grave ctiarctoa ,
sustained by so eminent nbody ns the highest
branch of the legislature , xvould destroy for
ever the political power of any man against
whom they were brought. Hut in that coun
try even the sonata does not enjoy the abso
lute confidence of the people , nnd its most
carefully considered nets may bo sot down
by partisans as partial , unjust nnd malicious
if directed ( iRntust a political Idol. The son *
ate having found Houlnngor guilty of trea
son nnd misappropriation of government
funds , it would naturally bo eupnosod that
ho would bo done for as a loailor
of n causa or party. But such has
not boon the case , These newspa
pers which supported him before the ver
dict was rendered have as loyally supported
him since , nnd his followers of Hollovlllo and
Monttnnrtro , two of the most papulous voting
ing districts of Paris , have boon rather moro
than less devoted to his political fortunes
slnco than before the vordtct of the sonata
was proclaimed ; they hnvo hold tnootlngs of
vast numerical proportions nnd made publto
demonstrations in his fuvor which clonrly
Indicate thnt their confidcnao In him has not
been nt nil shaken by the notion of the sen-
nto. The late elections In the several dis
tricts for went against
Uoulnnpor , but the Issue between the princi
ples of the government nnd these of lioutnn-
gor were not so sharply drawn In that contest -
test as they will bo In the approaching ono.
The councillors-general have nothing to do
with the revising of the constitution , with
abolishing tbo sonata nnd restricting or
maintaining the rights of the olorgy , nnd tlio
doputlos hnvo practically all to do with de
termining these things. The previous elec
tion cannot therefore bo accepted ns even a
satisfactory Indication of the results of the
coming ono , and whether Houlangor shall
appear re-established ns n political force or
disappear finally iw ono Is yet uncertain ,
lloth parties nssumo to bo confident of suc
cess , and apparently the government party
with best reason.
Five parliamentary elections will soon beheld
hold in Great Britain wntch will as fairly
test public opinion on the question respecting
British issues as tlio general election in
Franco next SunUav will test French opinion
on French and European questions. The
Ulnustoninns appear to bo confident of holdIng -
Ing their QWII in two of the four scats now
vacant , and which were represented during
the last parliamentary elections by liberals.
The loyalty of Jonn Burns , the labor agita
tor , to his political friends Insures the election
tion of the Gludstonlans in Dundee , Scot
land , by a largo majority. Burns refused to
Btnud there us a socialistic candidate. That
would give too much comfort to the tori cs ,
and might onnblo thorn to win a seat. In the
Egin Burghs the liberals expect to gain by
an increased majority , ns the Scotch dissen
tient liberals of ISSG nppoar to h.ivo returned
to the Qladstonian fold. The principal con
tests then will 1)0 In North Buckinghamshire ,
where the Glndstonlnns with a popular can
didate bopo to overcome nn advcrdo majority
of 71 at the 1830 election , and in Peterbor
ough , whore they nro lighting a family fac
tion anil trying to overcome n tory majority
of aoo in u vote of 3,000. The Peter
borough constituency is the most strongly
Protestant In England and was represented in
parliament for years by tbo anti-popery poli
tician Whalloy. The libor.ils now hope to
gain the borough on account of Balfour's co
quetting with the Irish Catholic bishops ,
The outcome will bo Interesting.
t #
The meeting of the czarowitch nnd the
kaiser , it nponrs , lost no warmth from hav
ing boon so loner delayed , nnd ns the fore
runner of the pzar's visit to Potsdam it may
put nn end to the rather ungracious grumb
lings of some of the German newspapers
over what they have chosen to consider the
czar's tardy return of courtesy. It is true
that moro than a year has gone by since Emperor -
poror William's visit to Russia , nnd also that
it was his first journey after coming to the
til rune. But there must always bo sucn a
casting of pollco horoscopes and preliminary
tracking of nihilists before the czar can
tnovo out of his domains that a postponement
of intended trips can never bo safely Judged
from a political standpoint. On the other
hand , the inference from tbo unusual honors
accorded to the czarowitch that bo is moro
favorably inclined toward Germany than
his father seems hasty , and certainly is not
in accord with what lias boon understood
htthorto. What , the fervor nnd brilliancy of
his reception may fairly bo inferred to indi
cate is that the Gorman government wishes
to show to nil the world its desire for cordial
rotations with Russia , and there never has
boon any roil ground to doubt the sincerity
of that dcslro.
Samoa's three kings , relieved of foreign
Influence , nro conducting thamsulvcs in a
commcndably pacific nnd amiable fashion ,
such as could hardly bo expected from a trio
of rival candidates for the throne With a
courtesy that has a royal flavor , oven if it
comes from the south seas , Malioton , on
bolng brought back by the Germans from
his unjust banishment , insisted oit not imme
diately displacing Matuafa , urging ill health ,
nnd that Mataafa had really boon made the
depository of regal power by the patriot pop
ulation. Uut Mataafa was no Joss earnest to
have it understood that ho had boon tlio rop-
rosontntivo of Mullotoa till the latter should
roturn. Now it appears that Malioton was
at length , quietly restored to power , und that
thereupon these friends both withdraw to
Manono to await the action of our country on
the Berlin conference. Manono is a little
island of nbout three square miles nrua'in ,
closed within the sea roof of the largo island
of Upolu , on which Apia , ttio capital , Is situ
ated. They are accordingly Intently bout on
not coming into conflict with iCing T.una-
scso , who is presumably still at Apia , and is
certainly qnlot und tractable. With such
cooduct on the part of the throu icings , tho-
three treaty powers ought to find little
trouble in arranging the now Samoaa gov
* *
Prlnco Albert , of Monaco , if ho really
breaks up the palatial Casino nt Monte
Carlo , will oo entltloil to the credit of a rare
sacrifice of personal interest. For the Casino
ut Monte Carlo Is , In u very material sense ,
his principality. It is from the renting of
this that the rovunuo of Monaco has been derived -
rived for the last twenty years , und during
all that period the subjects of the prince
huvo boon exempted from taxation. To
abolish gambling in the Casino now means
to iniposo taxes again upon a people who
have learned to enjoy u government without
paying tor it , and it requires a bravo man to
tuko such a radical step as this iu the treat
ment of his subjects. It Is sincerely to be
hoped that Prlnco Albert possesses the
requisite moral courage to begin his rolgn
over his small Mediterranean territory by
putting into execution the scheino with
which the Berlin dispatch credits him.
Monte Carlo has boon a disgrace to the con
tinent of Europe slnoo 1853 , when the ( Jasluo
11 rut uroso on Its beautiful alopua. It has
been the scene of innumerable sulcitlns , tno
thuuter of blasted hope * , nnd tbo grave nf
lost honor. Its blighting influences have not
boon confined to Franco or Italy , the conti
nent , or l5aropo. They have stretched across
oceans and tulnod the prospaaU of families
nil orer the olvllliod world. And all this
oTll hat boon ntlowod to flourish simply that
n little family might bo allowed to reign in
Monaco without laying Its own subjects
under contribution.
* *
it Is reported from Horlln thnt Count Her
bert Ulsmnrck recently mndo a secret visit to
Italy for the purpose of consulting with Pro-
inlcr Crlspl nbout the proposed mooting of
the ompcrors of Germany and Austria with
King Humbert nt Nnples. According to this
account the emperor ot Austria will decline
to go to Nnples unless the Italian government
shall change Us uolloy with respect to the
pope and suppress such demonstrations as the
rccont unvolllng of the statue of Ulordnno
Bruno nt Rome. It Is said , moreover , thnt
King Humbert U to bo in for mod by nn ngont
ot Bismarck that the other parties to the
triple nlllnnco will ' 'constrain" ' him to respect
the wishes of the vntlcan In these respects ,
The loss of his Independence ns a sovereign
would bo n poor exchange on the part of
King Humbert for such protection ns ho can
obtain from tho'trlplo nlllnnco , It that nil- !
mice Is to bo turned into a stick with which
Gcrnmny nnd Austria , n Cnthoho uud n
Protestant country , can bent him Into antag
onism with the nineteenth century nud the
liberals of his own country iu order to uloaso
a representative of the mhtdlo ngcs.
. %
Tiio anniversary of Mexico's Independence
has just been relobratod in nil thu chief cit
ies of our slstor republic , nnd the enthus
iasm of the national holiday this year has
been almost equal to thnt of the Foarth of
July In the Unltud States. There Is good
roasou for It. Mexico , \vhloh has so often
suffered from Internal disturbances , is now
enjoying a long period of profound peace ;
her prosperity Is increasing In a romnrknblo
way ; n now element Is being added to her
population by immigration from Italy , nnd
there Is unusual activity In the development
of her vast resources. The Mexican gov-
criunont has sent nn official delegate to the
congress of the Three Americas that Is soon
to nsscmblo in WnsMngton ; and there need
bo no doubt that the acts ot that congioss
will bo ndvantageous to the commercial in-
torcsts of Mexico us welt ns to these of tbo
United States.
Brazil is making steady progress toward amore
moro liberal government. Latest ndvicos in
rcgnrd to thu general elections hold two
weeks ago show thnt of the ono hundred nnd
twentv-llvo members of the house of repre
sentatives thu liberal party has elected
nlnoty-llva , thus having nn overwhelm ing
majority. The latter part of May there wns
n clash between the ornpororof Brazil and
the conservative cabinet , which rcsultcU in
Iho dismissal of the minister in power , the
dissolution of parliament , nnd an order for anew
now election , which was hold August 31 ,
with the indicated result. This is nn en
dorsement of the cabinet which was formed
.Tuno 7 by Ouro Preto , the loading liberal in
Brazil , nnd nlso of the advanced ideas of tbo
emperor ana of the reforms propose by
Premier Proto.
* *
Shun is the latest of the countries to em
brace the civilization which railroads bring
m thulr train , Surveys uro now in progress
for intended lines for Bangkok to the north
ern and eastern provinces of the land wblcn
is notorious fur its claims to the possession
of a white elcuhnnt , and It Is believed thnt
the laying of rails nlong the routes marked
out by the engineers will bo speedily fol
lowed by the formation nf companies for de
veloping the mineral wealth of the country
on a largo scale. At presunt malaria is the
principal thing that threatens to hinder the
opening up of the interior of Slam to exten
sive commercial intercourse vvithEuropo nud
the United States.
Sisterly All'notlon Onrrlcil Too Knr.
CVitariw Herald.
An Indian woman in North British Amer
ica , whi'ru cannibalism still prevaisJrecontly !
killed and ate her sister. Ono may bo too
fonn , it scums , even of one's sister.
Only a R < ; pi > rtir'H : Dream.
Clilcaao Trliiutit ,
Everybody is glad to learn that the story
of the financial ruin of Baltimore's pride , the
Johns Hopkins university , was only the outGrowth -
Growth of a Now York Journalist's ' feverish
Not Ills Nicht l''or Poker.
Clitcauo Tlinct.
Two footpads who held up "Old Hutch"
the other night got 15 cents for their pains
The old gentleman must have hud frightful
luck on the draw.
Thli Is the Worst.
St. TJ into G/dbs-Democrat. /
The Springfield , Mas ? . , Republican de
clares that Tuntior was "too nonchalontiy-
portentous. " Just bow perfectly awful it is
to do such a thing as that wo nru unable to
deter mine without u diagram.
'Hit * Amende Honorable.
Itnchcstcr I'mt llxpias ,
Wo have distrusted Mr. Blalno for years ,
and have said many bitter things against
him in times gone by ; but it is difficult to
reconcile his recent , career with the theory
that ho was ever n rascal in the full sense
of the word , though ho no doubt made many
mistaken and did nome muan and possibly
some wrong things In the course ot his lifo.
When ho refused to become a presidential
candidate in 1888 , nf tor the nomination had
been virtually put nt his Disposal , ho touched
a moral height that no other man of our
time has reached ; and compared with Cleve
land , who lied , intrigued , nud stultified him
self to get a nomination , Blalno must bo
pronounced model of consistency , self-denial
and patriotism. It is Hyperion to a Satyr.
The Hustings Nohrnskan nays thnt it Is
not likely after nil that Judge Reese will
have much , if any , opposition for runomimi-
tlon , The attempt , to bring out other candi
dates thuti fur has not mut with very much
It la generally understood , says the Vorlc
Times , that lion , E. L. King , of Oseo'.a ' , is a
candidate for regent of the university. Mr.
King is a conservative , Intelligent und popu
lar man , thoroughly educated and is in tlio
pritno ot lifo. It IK only right that ono re
gent should como from this part of the state ,
und there Is no moro suitable man for the
position unywhcro than Hon. n. L. King.
Under the caption , "fho Man for the
Place , " the Republican Valley News , referring -
ring to the vacancy caused by the death of
James Laird , says : "Tho western man liv
ing on n homestead and earning a scanty
subiUtence from the soil , needs to bo on the
alert. Already too few defenders of his
peculiar Interests are on the floors of con
gress. The growth ana development of
the west depends on a proper choice ,
and it is not a question of whom we
would prefer , but rather n question of whoso
services can best foster nnd encouraco the
growth of western Industries. Among the
many whose names are mentioned In connec
tion with this important office , none Is moro
worthy of preferment thun that of Colonel E.
I ) , Wolwter. Ills Intlmnto acquaintance with
the needs of the west iu which ho has spent
nearly a lifetime , bis wldo acquaintance
with public men nnd hla knowledge of con
gressional methods would enable him to begin
where another would leave off at the end of
8'ivornl ' terms , ono qualification that no ether
candidate on the list can claim. Mr. Web *
stor wns trnlno.l In n school thnt triad man's
souls. For several years ho wns the prlvnto
secretary of Socrctnry Sownrd , nnd enjoyed
thoconflilolioo of the Immortal Lincoln and ,
his cabinet. In whom such mon would con
fide nnd trust , this district has no occasion to
fear to commit its Interests. Our own county
tins elected delegates thnt xvlll use nil honor-
ublo means to secure Mr. Webster's nomina
tion , nnd with Iho honrty support of mon
identified with nnd Interested In the pros- ' '
pcrlty ot ttio west , his nomination nnd elec
tion Is assured , " ,
"Wo sco no reason , " says the Auburn Post ,
"whyJudpo Rccso of the supreme court
should not bo elected as his own successor.
From n non-partlsun standpoint , even the
democratic papers nro endorsing him. There
exists no organized opposition to him , nnd In
fnct his record will boar the closest scrutiny ,
hnvlng discharged his duties for six . /cars In
n mnnncr highly sniisfnclor.v to ono nnd nil.
M. 1) . Rcoso Is n judge In fact ns wall ns in
name , "
In looking ever the conirrossionnl situation
the Sownrd Reporter concludes that "all the
Indications so inr nro very satisfactory , so
far as the outlook Is concerned , for Sownrd
county's candidate , Senator R. S. NorvnL
Ills course hits boon such ns to disarm criti
cism , nnd ho Is galnln ? friends every day.
Neither Mr. Norval or his frlnnds nro mnk-
Ing a lighten any other candldnto , nnd thelt
course throughout the fight will contluuo to
bo the same. The strife for the nomination ,
ns far as Seward comity Is concerned , Is n
friendly ono , and whoever may bo nomi
nated will receive the hearty support of the
republicans of this county. "
Says the Ashlnnd Gazcttos "In cndorslnn
the Hon. M. P. Rocso for supreme Judge the
republican county central committee voiced
the sentiment of the republicans of the
county. Judge Rcoso tins discharged the
very responsible duties with credit to him
self nnd the people of this county and state ,
and It wns but right nml proper that the republicans
publicans of bis homo county should spcnU
out their appreciation of his faithful ser
vico. "
ON Tin : siii' : .
And even in Milwaukee the closing of I
saloon * on Sunday is being ugitnted. This
19 ciiuivnlont to saying that uucks should not
swim on the Lord's day.
Forcpnugb's circus trnln has mot with
another twenty thousand dollar accident In
Inwn. 'J lie frequency with which mishaps
nro befalling such cntcinriscs gives rlso to
the belief that the pioprictors are preparing
to close out the stock to the insurance com
A Kow York ex-convict has been sen
tenced to sixteen years' Imprisonment ut
hard labor for robbing u niiin of 13 cents. It
was a fortmmto thing for the prisoner that
bis victim did not hnvo moro money.
The Chicago policu having suspected every
one who spent the summer in that city with
complicity in the Cronln matt or , nro now
nddlng to thu number of UIOMO supposed to bn
implicated by aricsting nil who hnvo been
nway for the summer us fast as they return.
In a recent Mississippi light ono mun with
n itnifo killed two mun tinned with revolvers.
Hero's it pointer for the war department
Trade tlio guns for corn knives.
The cars with the grip
May hastily skip ,
While 1 leisurely go on my way ,
lint they can't make up tlmo
On n dead level line ,
Because they ain't built that wny ,
It has been unnuthoritively reported thnt
Editor Dana has nailed to Egypt to solicit
subscriptions to the Now York world'o fair
fund and bring homo tlio source of the Nllo
ns a star attraction.
This is the unhealthy season of the yen'
for pruirio chickens.
Nothing else more clearly shows the irre
sistible ravages of Tlmo than the extent to
which Lydla I'inhhuui's portrnit hus disnp
pcarcd from the medical advertisement col
umns of the religious journals.
"Tho earth is the Lord's , " so it has been
truly said ,
But the wire-stringing companies own every
thing o'orhcad.
New York's "proposed" enterprises loom
up like a sectional chart of the state of
Texas , but what she really accomplishes
moro nearly resembles Uliodo Inland us
shown In a reduced map of the western
"Mouthful Americans who nro perusing
yollow-baekcd romances nml cultivating n
Jcsso James st.vlo of character might bo
bonoilttud by making a Htudy of the life of
liob Younger , who recently died in the Still-
water ( Minn. ) penitentiary. Even the high-
wuymnn lias his oft days.
Tlio rate .it which Om ibn is nnt winning
games ut the prcHci.t tlmo suggests the
thought that the pennant may have uccn
won none too soon.
A kind-hear ted Nebraska farmer lies sent
sovorul samples of premium corn to this
ofllcc. No doubt ho has mistaken this paper
fora husking BKE.
Guileful Acknowledgement or Cures ( ,
by tlio Ciitlenni Remedies.
A. niliiislnr niul liltt littlr > Imy oiirrd of .
o t > * tlnntn bklii < llnonK < > s by tlio Cu-
tlauia KiiinciliCM , iliitin
everywhere , In ilio pulpit , home ,
unit in 1 1 > < ! t-trni't.
For ubout thirteen years I have been troubled
wlMi cr/.eimi or xoniu other uiittuiooiiH dlMJUHi
which ull remedies fulluil to cure. Jiuurini ; ut
the UUTICUHA HBMKIIIIM 1 lusolvvd to ulvo thorn
utrlul , mul piirclmniiil one bottle pt OuriUliiiA
llKMJI.VKNT , ono bOX Of C'llTICUItA. OIlll OUO
cakoof Cimuimv SOAP. I followed the directIons -
Ions nirufnlly. und HuirordH mo much plcnsiiro
tohiiytnat before using tuolioxi-sot the CIITI-
IHIIIA , ronrciikcHof OUTICUIIA BOAl1 , uud ono
liottlu of t'UTicutiA. I wns uiitlrcly
euro 1.
inaddltlon to my own case , my liuuy noy ,
then nltont llvo moUhxolil. was miirorlng with
what 1 Hupjwscd to bu tlio um illhimHo nx inlno
toHiich un uxlenttlmt Inn hiiucl win coated ever
with aarjIlilHCiili , fmiii whlcli tlu-rowus n ron-
stunt How of ptii which wii8 uickcnliiK to loolc
man , bosldoh two Iar o tumor HKH kernels on
thu Imck oDil.s In-all. Thanks to your \\onnor-
ful CUTIUIIIIA. HKMI'.IIICH , hlHHialjils perfectly
well. nd tha Iti-rnulH huvo boon Hcattereil uo
that there Is only ono Illtlo ylnco lir hla lott imr
and that Is honlliiK nicely. Jiwtoad of a routing
of Bculm ho hai a line < out of hair , much better
tlmuthut which wuKdoHlroyod liy thu disease ,
I would thnt inu whole world of miinirurn from
Rkln mid blooil rtlm-iwMi Kiiuwllio vnlnoof your
The CirncuiiA BOAIuwl Cirririuu HHSOI , .
VfKT nra oivch worth ti-u UIIKM th prlto at
which niey nro Hold. 1 luve never iiseij ny
othur toilet Htmi > In my IIOUKO nlmn I lo"Kh' the
nrHtcnkeofyourt'imciTUAfiOAi' . ' < " ' . V
inhuman H well as uuKratoftil hoiila 1 fall to
niiciilc well of uml recommend your LiniCUJiA
] hnvo Bpokon of It nnd shall contlnuo to spwik
of Jt from the imlnlt. In the liomi's , nnd In the
HtreotB. I'ruyliiK Unit you inny live lon anil do
cithern the sumo amount of good you have dent
mo und my child , I remain yourirajiifij ly.
< KV. ) C. M. MANNfNU.
JioxSS , Actvorth , Oa.
Ciillcnra llomcdles
Are eolcl everywhere. Prlcn. OimounA , 53o |
HoAl' . iHci IHMOLVKNT. II. j'reparod by the
rtysond for "How to Cure Blew Diseases , " Cl
a , ft ) Illustrations nnd UX ) testimonials.
' , lilaclc-hPodH , chapped mid oily skin
prevented by CtmuuiiA. MKIIICATKII BOAI- ,
: Full of comfort for all 1'ntnn. fn.
. ( lamination , and Weakness of tha
tAjo ( < l U tlio ODTH.TIIA ANTI-I'AIW
l i.Asi-u , the llr t und only nuln-kli.
Ing Btreoiulieiitng Muster. New , lustanUne-
OUJ , and infallible.