Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 16, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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No advertisements will bo taken for
those columns after I2:3O p. m.
Yorms-Cnsh In advance.
Advertisements under thin hosd 10 cents per
line for the tint Insertion. 7 centi for ouch sub-
Feo.uent ItiKortlon , nml ( IXOprr linn per month.
No ndvcrtlxenicnts taken fo- less than ST > cenM
lor first insertion. Seven words will bo counted
tothollne : they must nm consecutively and
mast Ixi paid In ADVANCi : . All advertise
ment ! ) must l > o hnnded In before 12-30 o'clock p.
m. . nnd under no circumstances will they b
taken or rtliconllnucd by telephone.
1'artlei ndvert'alniilnthesfl columns find hsv-
ing their nnoncrs addressed In care of Tim HKR
vlll plonso ask fov n chore toeimblo them to got
their Icttots.ns tiono will be delivered except
on presentation of check. All answers toad-
Terme tneniH i.hculu' ha pncloHed In envelopes.
All advertisement * In these column * nre pub
lished In both inorr.lDLand evening editions ot
TIIK Hun. tl.o circulation ot which aggregate *
morn tlmn IH.txnpnpcis dally , nddf-lvcx the ml-
\ortlRern tlio benefit , cot only of the city circu
lation of Tup. HKK , hnt nUo of Council Illuffs ,
Lincoln mid other cltltM ami towni throughout
this section of the country.
Advertising for Huso columns will bo taken
on the above condition * , it the follow IIIK bust-
new hotisM , who are authorized agents for THE
OKI special notlcei. and will quote the same
rntca na ciin bo bad nt the main oltlee.
TO ? ? : ? W. hTn 'h ruTtlrisUOb BouthTenTh
tJ Street.
/-I IlASi ; Sc rnnv , Rtntloncrs ami Printers , 113
V-6nuth inth Street.
II. FAliNBWoTlTI ! , Pharmacist. 2115 Cum-
Tiling Street.
J s , I'lmrmnclst , KM North Uth
. Street.
raTwTP 1'harmaclst. 1COO '
. St. Mary's
.ESW Fnrnain Street ,
WANTKD A situation by a practical book-
keener. Kluvuu years' oxnerlunca In
Omaha. A 1 rafuronced. Address K. I' . U. 1700
N. 37th at. , ' 108-lOf
SITUATION wanted by n young mnn in gen
eral olllro nark ; live years experience. Kef-
crancoa. .1 no lloo olllcc , _ i7T-10J !
SITUATION wanted by llrnt-cluss waiter.
tJwhlto. Address JE'l lloo olllce.
"XXT ANTRD To do sow lug in private family.
V > Call ut fXJfl N. 17th st. il'JiM't '
ANTUD 1'osttlon t > y lady stenogrnpnor of
experience ; Rood reformiccs. Address M.
J. A. Iil8 ! N. 1'JtU ' sU , between i'oul and diaries.
TirANTKD-Sltiintlon hy a registered phnr-
maclst ; six years * experience ; best of rcf-
encofC Ail-Iron * O. A. Armtlold , Greenwood ,
Neb , SM Hit
T\7ANTKU A position as head cook to do
T > mont nnd pnstry work. AddresH , J If , llee.
. ) Situation by n competent hook-
T i keeper or w 111 accept any olllco w ork. Ad
dress J 5(1 ( , lieu omco. . " .M-tt
SITUATION ny a regiitorod druggist legis-
terea by examlunllon ) . fiyonrs exporiunce ,
best of referent es. I ) . C. H.tOS. ) luth&t.
JO ) U *
1TUATION wanted Ily a young man ns
snlosmnn or geiiornl olllce work. Host of
reference. Snlary no ooject. Address X , flex I ,
llssov , lu. lH3
CANTED In mcrcnntllahouse , permanent
situation , modernto hiilnry. Adilrws II. K.
KcclcM , room 210 I'lrst National bank. 183 I8J
vv ANTED About Nov. 1 , a first class buggy
< ami carriage salesman. Must bo well nu-
' iitntod with Western Iowa nnd Nebraska
tra'de" AiUlress W , lY.'Boe.'Councii IHulIs.
\\rANTUl ) Man used to cows and horses ,
V > good milker. Apply UtWJ Jjodgo ht.
3 * 1-11 ?
ANTl'.I ) Agents everywhere to soil our
now booK "Htnnlby's Jlnrveloiis Advon-
turus In Alrica' " lloit dUcounts. fc'oudMcts.
for outtlt at ouco. J. M. Kieuch , ic Co. , Omahn ,
- " - ' j8-"l
- [
GOOD experienced building and .oun men
Vjimted as general and special agents. Per-
mnnt positions. Continental Building and
Loan axcoclatlcn , Kansas City. Kna. 24' ' ) 2Ut
"T\rANTED A traveling wilesinan , a hustler ,
\J now traveling trom Omalm , to > haiullo a
fast soiling side line. Address Win. II. Rlfo ,
J25 K Indiana st , Chicago. 1 IM7J
_ _
WANTED Vour hundred men for track lay
ing in Wyoming. Apply to P. H. Johnson ,
H. & M , passenger depot. Oinalia. _ UB5 _
WANTKD aw graders and Ho mnkors for
the Black Hills extension. Filley , Kramer
& Co. . . Inx Meyer building , llth nnd Knrnnm.
W ANTED Milkers nt Hock Springs dairy.
" \\rANTED-A good coat mnker ; n steady poT -
T sltlou and good wages. Sochor it Hurt , St.
Paul NOD. ISO-Ilj
_ _ _ _ _
wanted Earnest Christian men and
women to soil The Christian's Legacy. One
ngout writes ; -'Lust Thursday wn u good day
for me ; I started out nt H n. m , , delivered threu
books nud nt 12 noon had 0 iiew subscribers. "
Another : "I have bcon out 2 dnys this week
nnd hnvo taken 3) ) ordern ; 1 unjoy showing It to
th people. It Is such a good , helpful book "
Address E. U. Holland , 10 Dearborn tit. Chicago.
_ _ _ _ _ UOMIt _
WANTED 100 railroad laborers' for the
west. Company work. Fllloy Rriiiunr ft
Co. , Max Meyer building , llth nnd Farnam sts.
VVT'ANTED-Good reliable men for detectives
T > in every community ; paying positions.
Address Kalians Uetucthu Bureau , lock box
gai..Wjelilta. Kan. _ a-2-MJ
WANTED Agents ! To solicit orders for our
celebrated Oil Portraits. The tlucst mude.
No oxparlcncft re < iulred I BuglnnorH earn t" > n u
vreek. Woutllt froel tJenil for full particulars.
A rare chance , Balfoid , Adams & Co , 4i ( Bond
st. . New York , _ _ 8I'J ' O W _
WANTED A flrst-cluss mncnlnlst ns fore
man. Apply or address Western Mnfg
Co. . LlnculiiJStfb. _ 811 1
" \\TANTKD A man In every locality to net
i ' Us private detective under our instruc
tions. h'tnd lu for partlculnra. Central Dotec-
* live BurouU Topekii. Kan. _ "Glt-o.ll _
" \\7ANTED-A good ollico man to go east ;
T T must Invnst f-.MUl : miifitbnuiood nuslnuM
man. AddreHS the Gro , K. Cllno IMibllslilng
House , UlfitoKl WabiLsh nvo. , Chicago , Ills.
WANT1TD Men for Washington teintory.
Albright's Labor Agency , llX ) Fnrnnm Ht
"ANTlUJ-Wlndow dusser utTlio Fulr.iith ;
and Howard Hts. ftM )
rT.IORDKRSlnSdayH ! "I avorngolO orders In
I J2 calls. " These extrai ts from iigentH1 let-
terx ; agents wanted In Nebraska. Address with
stamp. C. K. Osborne. Beatrice , Neb. IHI s 17'
S ) WA1TKIIS at the Kuropean hotel.
" \\fANTlJl ) Good competent girl to do gen-
i > i-nil housowork. luimlro DIU & M st.
17.1 IK
WANTI31) Olrl for general house work. d03
a. until Ht. SJa it ;
ENCAdKMKNTS to doilre.ssmukliiu' In fami
lies Bollcitod , .Miss Sturdy , fill ) -Mil Ht.
KII Bit ?
COMI'lVrKNTgltl for general . . . . . n work.
Mrs. J.K _ Cooti , lili S. luth St. , bHtueen
1'lerio mill WllllaniH Hts ,
7"i MIL \\nntc
"f AUY agent wanted for the new IlygtMa
JJCorsot. Most satisfactory and IH > H mouuy.
inakini ; artlclu out. Kor terms , etc. , apply to
WesttTii Corset Co. , Ht , Louis , Mo. US-A ) ;
"V\rANTKI-A good ulrl for ecnrrnl house-
V > wet k , W7 e. sit hj v. _ i-yi-ir.
\\7ANTKI-rnshlnK Bollcltors. Two Indies
1 1 aud two Routloman iu NaliruHKa und loun.
Qood ualury with commUsion prlvlleuea for
wortcrn. An iuvogtment of iequlreil. A ) >
l > Iy to or address Tlio Ueorgo H. t'ltne I'ub ,
House , 611 First NuUuual bunk bull-lingJmnhu.
Keo. a > i-n
ITANTH J-airl for general housework. GU
> N.litli. hi
\\rANTT.D hneri/etlc , capable lady to tuko
T agcury ot Omnna for Mmu. JtcCubu'a
ceteurated Banatlvu corgvts , Iwat tlttlnK and srllmu cors U madu. tit , LouU Cornet Co. ,
bt. Louis , Mo. Wl a )
WANTIUJ ( llrl for general hniuework in
fntully ol three , Uerman preferred ; apply
to ttEU Capitol avo. ab
TVANTrj Uxperlenced girl for
T > hounonork. Mrn. L. 0. Jones , 718 No.1st. .
TYANTKU-atrl for general liouseyrork. lee ! I
'VV'ANTKD nirl to no Rcnoral housework at
VV 3UM Chicago st. 407
WANTKD-Oood girl forRcnornl housework
i.t.'i N isth. saa
WANTl'.I ) Tlio iisuof n good oound horse or
ponyri ll nt or driving ) two hours mornIng -
Ing nmljrjalnp. Adaren.1 63 , lleeofllcc.
\ \ ANTKIl Toronto-room hon-tri ( separate )
' with all convenienceswest of "Hh between ,
Dodgp. Woolworth and 1'ark nvo ; good cufttom-
er Wants it. I ) . V. Sholes , SHI 1st Nat. Ilnnk.
174 10
T/IOlt HONT AftnrScpt. K.\ nine room house
JJ on Wlrt st. In Kountzo Pine.No fitrnnco ,
nil other ronvonlcnrles and birn. Address fill )
I'nxton Illk. 3 > :
' _ _ " _
'l/Olt KKNT-JJ ) ; 7-room house , "gas , bnflu
JL' cistern In ynrus itX'l California st. Imiulro
Ncthorton Hall , 111 : ! rarmimst. WO U
ifoiUMTNT A n-room liotisc , iailloiiglrs"s7. )
Ju Apply 619 South Uilst. 10J-HT
"IjlOll HUNT J3. ' > ! a prottv7-room noiise. con
Jl vaiilently locatodgnscltv wnter.otc. Imiulr
lllngwalt llroj. , Koom ! ir , Darker Block.
T71OU HUNT Oood sized cottage on cable
JU line.
f-room ! cottage , M mite from 1' . 0. , $ i" .
lrooiit l > hoii c , bnth , furnace , hot nud cold , $ .10.
it-room house , 4 biles from P. O , KVt.
J. H. Uvuns , SOi N. V. Llfo Building.
. 1U
9 GOOD houses cheap. 030 N 27th st.
AM ) 17 10J
T UnUTIIKN-rooin house. 1-11 Pierce .it. : In
good iepalrKOod place for boarding house ;
. Hutcnlnson A Wend. hVJI Doiiglns si.
Xt ) ID *
OU Itr.NT Ti-room cottage ; city wnter. 2013
Davenport st. gn If. '
SEVllltALgood liousiis here the iiiruliure
is for sale on reasonable terms. Co Oper-
ati\o Ijind nnd Js > \ Co , soi V Jtth st. 4 in
lj\lll \ ( HUNT No. 2411 Cnpltol nvonuo. 11
-LA rooms , nil modern convontcticos. The O t\
imvis Co. _ SB. . .
iron lll'.NTroom cottage on South Srd !
J1 street , 2.-i.
T\vn 4-room cotUgos on S. 12th st. . $
Tv > oil-room tints OP N. 17th ss , suitable for
light nouseKcpplng , $1 . '
T\\oil-room lints , corner 21th nnd I.envou-
worth sis.
Apply to 0 reen& William * , 1st Nnt. bank bldg.
RENT-rino 11-rooin house , with alt
modern imirovomout.s. No..Ill ) Douglas
A. H. Gladstone , 11110 Douglas Bt. I''l '
| j > OR HKiN r Thu very dcslrnblo residence
JC property. No. SllUOass st. A good lensoto
satistnctory tenant. Boggn & Hill , real estate ,
HIH I'm num. 1RH18
"IjlOR lllNTroom : house with modern 1m-
J provcmoutH. on motor line. * .r > pur month ,
U K llnrrlson. Merchants' Nafl bank. _ l7 _ .
"IJl OUSUS nnd cottages for lent. Hicks.
IJlOR IlfiNT-P-roomhouse , modern Inuirove-
JC mensn and fuinlturo for s > nlo. U'JH Daveu-
port st. 1201U
1TIOR RUNT Hoiiso 12 rooms , barn room for
JL1 20 horses. Laundry or manufacturing busi
ness preferred. Long lonao If required ; 1211
Uuveniiort , nonr lllth. Wli-Ulf
RP.N'i Att-i-oom cottage , city , cistern
filter , convenient to business. Davld.latulo-
boii.Jll S. IHll * " st. JITiO
171OR ltiNl : 7-room house , 15S1 Jackson nt.
JL1 ! l
" 171OR HKNT A new 0-room liouso , with clos-
JL1 ets , bnth ntia hot water on both Iloors ; cor
ner Illckoiynnd Georgia nve. ouu block from
park fiitrnuci' . Price $ .W per month , F. B. Sal
mon & Co. , ISljl Lcnveiivvorth at. tut
" - '
" 1T1OH Itr.NT 1 ive"room-cottngo' . 201.1 Capitol
X' nvoj Inquire on promlat's NiA
TTIOR HI5NT Si-room modern Improved house ,
Jl1 corner. Apply .M. Klglltter. 1112 S. 10th. K1U
irOR RiNT : Handsome 10-room house , nil
J convlen es. paved Htreot , cable nnd hors
cars , 5 minutes wnlkot postolllco. NnthnnShel-
ton. Hilt I'arnaiust. 7111
FOR RENT Several new n-room cottages ;
rout $15 per mouth. Inquire of Joun II.
F. Lohmnun , CM S. 17th street. 717
T/1OR RKNT--7-room house , il'J per month. G-
X' I. . Green. U10 S 15th. t-'Q
FOR KENT 7-rooni Hat , $ i > per mo. above
The Fair , 13th nnd Ho nrd. Inqtilro The
Fair. 2jCl
| T1R HUNT Flno large residence , hardwood
X1 llnish , nllcouvuulouces , low rent to private
family. 210 N 1'Jth Ht. Ml
TjlOll HUNT Flat D522S. ICthst , his all con-
JL ; venleiices nnd ono of the best 7-room HatH In
the city. For terms cull on Hur & Co. , 1112
Horney bt. 003
TTtOR KENT Kino llnnd l.l-room houses with
JP nil modern Improvements , Cnss street , between -
tweon 24th nnd 'Jith bts. , at low rates. H. T.
Uarke. 2120 Casa st. ! -yL _
FOR RKNT 7room&tory ! house , barn tor
I horses it ttosirod. Tor terms for the winter
call on ornddrcsd C. 1' . Harrison , Moichants'
Niifl Ilnnk. . INi
HOUSKS for rent Wilkinson , 1417 rarnam.
Olt HUNT 7-room house , 28th and Capitol
nvo. Inqutro , 2.SJI Dodge. HI
SIXnew houses , 5 to 8 rooms eachT price very
low. Call upon or address , ob. Sloitgage
Loan Co. . room fil1 * I'axton bl'K. URi
TT1OR HUNT 10-room house , Btenm hent. nil
X Improvements , cheap rent. G. R. Thompson ,
room 211 , Shecly block , lath and Howard.
fjWltNISHKO rooms with nil modern conve-
X1 nlenccs , for gentlemen only , J7uu Dodge zt.
TT'OR RENT Elegnnt furnished rooinforHln
X1 gle cemleman only , 724 S IDtlt St. , cor. Le.iv-
euor t h 527
ELI'.G ANT furnished rooms , wltti or without
board. .20 ! ) Dodge. 151 Ht
MRS. H. A. Churchill hns taken nnd newly
furnished No. Ill N. lllth at. , wharo ilrst
class accommodations mny bo , found. U15-14- *
ELEGANTLY iurnlbhed room , steam heat ,
gas. bath , from flOupwards , Ml & l.ttn st.
. ' (1 ( lloor. _ _ 157 17t
CJT. OLA1H Buropeau hotel , cor. IHth nnd
r5Dodge ; special rate oy weet or month.
FOR RKNT r.Iegant rooms lu modern brick
roslduiice. ulnglo or double. IB-il Cuss st.
2U 10J
1 > OOM Viltli or without bonrd , 1812 Dodge.
"VTICKLY furnlHliPdhult of rooms and ono sin-
Jglo room. All modern convenleucej , private
forntlw * * * iU l jftinrti ut i\J\
1T\1 \ ItMSIini ) rooms will bo readyln a few
JU dny at M4 I'm iiuin ht. Tixl-
p 001) room with buth. DlOBMtust. C
171OH HIlftT Two furnished rooms on Et.
-L ? Mary's avenue , to noutteiuen only ; six min
utes walu of bUHliiess cflntur. Hofercni'e ro-
ijuored. liumlro nt star. . " 10 and - 1B r > Ui st.
1 foiTrTTousekcuplns rooms , til. Mli ) N. 13th.
F Olt ItlIXT Well furnished room lu nrlratii
family with bro.ucfnst imilil o'clock dinner ,
lucludlut'Ilint-ula Sunday , for i 'i per month.
Location halt blocc from high school.
J ffl , HBB.
rooms and board. 415 N. nth.
iiu itw
r ON ItKNT-Nlenljr furnUhodrooms , nil
I1 modern conveniences , with or without
bonid , UJJ N. IBtli. 111 lti
1 > O.M8 ( ) aud bonrd for ; l centletnen ; no other
J-lbonrdura. S3 S.iith nvo. tilti U
Itr.NT I'nfiirnlaliod baclc parlor wit a
carpet , for one or two gentlemen , aw ; Cnsa.
'I/'Olt HKNT II rooms , Mtll. cistern and citv
Jl uater , tK , rorljtliimd 1'acltlo bt ; to Hiuuli
family ; rofcronca ruquirod. It , 15 , Copson.
am iut
Olt HINT : unfurnlfihed rooms northwest
cor. ITtU and Wobatar sU. ; price lilfi. U31
STOllK Itooms r.uruo new 3-ntory aud base
ment store bulUllut' , hiiltublo .for any uholo-
sale baaluefx.
New u-utorjr anil baboment building , bull a bio
for heavy \\boleaulo business.
Htoro room , No. (105 ( N. Ilith st.
t Bioro room. No. > 105 Leavvnu ortll st.
Apply toii-eeu A Wllllatus.lstMat. bunk bid ? .
ONI ! nuuitriM foot Moro ' block from 1 > . O.
i-'Iumlug , llth and DougUa. S18 O ia
lOi : UKNT Cheap , a double store and base-
ninnt , corner Ifith und Howard ula. Jnqulro
of J. F. falieoly , room M\ fllieelblock. . li5 ! uu
. llUiTclassstorroomtorent , lllcks.
, . . . . IlKNT A Inrgo warehouse on JotiM st.
. . bet , 13th and 14th , three stories and base
ment , 4 < by 100 feet , well lighted and very
strongly built , suitable for heavy machinery
formnnnfncturlngptirpose-i ; wlllleaie forltte
or morn'yoarH at reasonable rent. Inqulra ot
Henry A. Homan.4139. 13tn st ,
N ICIi hall for rent. Kicks. 16317
1I _
TilOl t HUNT Store , llll Tarnnm St. . W ) by 12.S
JL fret , SKtorlos and cellar. Nathan Shoiton ,
inilVnrnam _ tt
TTOH UKNT The 4 story bnck bnlldlnff with
JL' or without power , formerly occupied or The
lief inibllAhlngCo. . 818 Farnnm t. The build.
inalmH a lire-proof coin eu ted bncenient. com *
iilcte steain-lioatlnr tlxtur * , v.ater on all the
iloors. RUS , etc. Apply at the olllce of The tleo.
_ _ _ _ _ _ M5
rpt ) HflfT'fDcsTrRbTo wnrenousn room on
JL track. Apply to 0. W. Keith. 714 Paclllcst.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ '
Foil IlKNT Stores and llvlnn rooms on'fum- AlsohousoonCassst. Harris , room
411 , 1st Nat , llank. _ ai
MASS AUK treatment , bntht. treatment of
the scalp nnd hair. Mrs. K. II. Post. 113 a.
llth ) &t. SM-1B *
OSTltlClt fenthers dyed , cleaned nnd curled
ciiunl to now. Jlyer Levy , " 03 N. lull ) , ex
position building , "Gl iu ;
1 ? KA Ii V.STA'l B 1'nrilns who want to i-oll lots
Llforfl.OdO or SIMM will do well to list thwm
with J. It. Kvans. XX N. Y. Life. 15
G I5HMAN los'cns Mr. Itorndruck. onlco
t'ruehnuf's book store. . " > oiij :
a MI 12 banjo tnughtn ? nn art by Gco. I'.Gcllon.
" " beck.pply _ _ utjloo olllCi ) . _ " Ui ) _
"HAS. L. Toild aoes collecting. 11 "Ilirkor Wk
fTICONOMI/.Rln'filPlTiy co"vdrlnifynur stalm
JLVlpipcs with fosilt tut-al nnu-couductln cov
ering , the most eillclpnt nnd cheapest ot nil
coverings. I ) . O. McU vai : , wostarn tigont. lull
IlounrJst. "JTsil
f \KiS3Makluj-MlssCarrlo.cliuIT : , 4WS.Wth. _
L : Onnnry in n new cngo. fi.OJ reward if
t returned to PI > S Unit st.
( K 't rownrtl for then-turn of the plans of the
' 1 > high school InnliilnL- . South Omnha , to
Kffger.s .V Bock , South Omaha. St'-lfif
OS'l At llnrlTngton depoti black : satchel
Jin.tikeil Kmcrsou. fio.ut ) tewnrd.for return
of papers anil books In same to Kugetio Mont
gomery , IT. S. National Ilnnk tmlldtng. Omnhn.
| 70STVLnrgr. youtig clo.-tj-lnilrj ,1 l niernnr'd
.U < log , \ellow with white breast und feet , lie-
turn to ll.iO Georgia ave . or UJl Douglas anil get
reward. Mf
GIJNTLn.MMN , it you duslton wlto or n lively
cotioipouileiit. Hena your address to the
American Cornapouillug Club , Box Ol't , Clarks-
buig , W. Vn , -I'l ' oUj
_ _ _
" \\rsf. Leiike ' cnifino > 7oiTrluldre3S. " ,1. C.
wiiitmio. oniiUiii. LVIIW
\ \ \NTIJD To bitv alinnK counter nnd IK-
' > tures. Address , giving full partlcumrs , ,1
til , llee olllce. JfJ-lh
CASH for furniture , carpeti , stovei. wuural
mdse. Wells Auction \ storage Co. 117 S. luth.
IK ! Oil
\\7ANTin--i01 : yards dirt nt r > cents per
> yard , to till lot In HouseUV Stebblns ad
dltion. Itaaiu J1U I'.ixton bloc' < . Ill
WANTI3D I'lirnlturn , carpets , stoves and
househrild KOOUS of nil KluJH. Omaha Auc
tlon A : Stoi-.i o Co. , ll''l I'urium. KW
STOH A(5K ( t'leim , dry , nnd reusoniiblc rules.
Wells' StoniBo \ Auction Co. ; tli S. Mill st.
STOUACi : nt lor.itesnt II'JI Kainam strt-et.
Omiiha Auction nnd . toraRa Co. KII
S l'OHA(3i : nnd foruardlni'e roll > ct nnd du-
llver Roods at nil ile 'rliitlon , meri'linniUse.
I'urnliuru .ind ImwiKO ut t-heape&t latia for
Btonme Tor any longtU oC time. Vans nnd
waKens to bo had at short -t notice , vltii cuie-
ful men for mnrinar. I'.ickliifr and shipping
from uiir own warehouse dona on moitei-.ito
clmrpe. Merchandlae lolded nnd ituloaded.
Wnrehonseon our own traces. Oinco l7S. lltli
St. Telephone 114. liowisll tejTo. li.T
ri1UACKACii.storn''B ; at Urt - > t r.itai. W. JI.
JL Itnsiiinan , Kill I.i'iivcwvorth. I'Jii
TJlOHTUNi ; 'lellor Mrs. l.enormun- bo
A ! consulted Oa all alUilts ot lite. S-itKfuc-
tlon guaranteed. No. , ! 1U N. Ilitli st. II ! oJ
MA DAM \Velllnffton7 world-vcno whert ns-
troloilst , test medium and detliiv leader.
Just f mi Kiifope. Tells your life from thn
cradle to tlie Kr > ive , reunites the separated ,
tallies spi-ody mnrilnRQ with the one you love ,
locates disease mid tre.Us with masxagn ana
electric baths. All In trouble sliould not fall to
consult this dried sooress. I'.irlor t ) . upstairs.
117 S. llth ; ollico tiourc , from 10 a. in. to 10 p. m.
_ Sltrt _ _
DH7NANNIR V. WaffPU , clnlrvoynnt , medl"
cnl nnd bu.slness iiindliim. I'om lie iliae\ie-t
nspuelnlty. U N. IGth at , rooms S , ind .1. iV17
GOOD homes for ladles during confinement ,
terms reasonable.WI rf.l'th. IJr. Mra.Kiiutfo
rtl'l sltDJ
MKS. M. Ohlenscnlasur. nilil-wlfory homo lor
hullaj. Uoud accommodations ami attend
ance. Low prices , ti'i 17 North -1th ht. . Onmha.
VVllITr.U-.SKys shorthand and typowrlt-
V Imjnchool. Darker block. Duy ami i-veil-
lug sessions ; JS per mouth. 'iK)7t !
STA.NDAUI ) bhorttuml School. Paxtou blk. ,
( successor to Viileutina'u ) the Inrtfust uxnlu.
Blve shorthand school In the weft. Teachers
lire verbatim reporters. Particular attention
paid totypourftlnu. Mechanical construction
of machlnt ) tuuglit by factory expert. Clrcnlarti.
T7IOK 8AI.lT-A new btigf- . Simpson mnko ,
JJ cheap , lloom Ml , I'.ixtou Block. : i21
TTIOU SAfiK Mitlit half ) > Iatform
J. ' wapou , tuguud older ; l.'iU" N. Ititli Ht.
C-'il siV ; ! $
OK SAM3 An Improved Kxreislor Incubu-
- tor nnd brooder ; L'DeKK capacity. Address
Lock HoxU73 , ( Jlenwood. loun.Hl U *
Ijunt MAI.I < iiu < ni team lit Horses , weltf U
O.1 l.Illil His fiicll , six .mil Heven yearx old , lutr *
iios.snnd Wilson , price $ . ( * ) : wlilseiton moiitli-
ly jiayiuentd. Co-operntlvo hand iV Lot C'o , ,
WO N UHli it. Il I
T710H SAI < K ( iood sqnaru piano for13. l'o-
JL ? operative f.aud Sc Lot Co. , IMS N Itithst. , byO
J8mltb. IKJ It
rpo CLOSi : out honsekeoiiliiK by Oct.l.woll sell
JL furniture , etc. , at private sale , 2111 Capitol
ave. _ -M ; Hi ] _
"IJ1OH SAM ! Two furnaces as good as now.
JU Apply ut ta tarnam st. _ ' "JU
17IOUSALU-A Hollldny wind mill anil'nT-
JU barrel wood tanki'ttn , between Dund C ,
South Omaha. ! tti-iilr ?
SPAN of horses , new WIIKOU and harness for
sale. tia > . Call room 4"0. 1'itxtmi bile 1)75 )
TnOll SALK Cheap , a covered roail wajjon. In
JLA fc'oodconaltlon. Apply MT N. I'Jth Bt. 7fii !
riHH.\li ) : Spiiuof Iu > r.o3. . set double hur-
L3 ness and two seated surrey , will sell part or
nil very cheap. A. P. Tufcoy , 15th and
Hi *
71OIL SAliK Six-yenr-old liny liorxo , wolBht
1 about 1.5UO Its ; uxpresd wucon , ulimle and
doubla linruoss and mu-kboard. Ennulro
3 S4th ave iHi lot
171OU 8ALK Work team , wngon and harness.
. slnglo horse , harness and carriage. 3
wagons , Ssets heavy hnrn 8s , or will excnat
forbrlck.J.J.\Vllkluson _ _ _ _ , m7l''aruain. _
FOH SALK A good phueton unit harness ,
only J75. Imiulru of W. JI. Vatos , Neb ,
National bank. * ' "
lou bujra m. re , harness , open bURgy. Enjnlro
isiB Sherman nve. . after 5 o'clock. 4ii KCTt
; A JK-horso power Portur engine
in Kood condition , weluut 5,100 ixiunda. cyl
inder llxia. i'or particulars apply to Unn lloo
olllce. 7'J3
MIDLAND r.imrnnteo tc Trust Co. . N. V. Llfo
bldgcomplete noatracti furnishetl and titles
to real estate examinedperfected < c guaranteed.
f1O LOAN A few thousand on liiside-unlm
X proved city property or good 2nd rnortgagt
paper. Address J i llee olllce. 3i5
MONKY to loan on furniture , horses , vrnijons
or securltlea of any kind ; commercial and
mortgages notes bought nt fair rates ; all busi
ness transacted conflnentlul. Collatvrlal Loan
Co. , room Sil , Itamce buliaiiiR. Kii
fONKV to loan ou furniture , uprses. wagons ,
J-iL ets. , or on any approved security. J. W.
UobUlns , lillK JTaraam atrsot , i'aitou hotel.
MONItV to loan on any .security
for Rhort time , at lnrr
ts. Lowest m.t ton
' '
on poronal
( f
' '
rdoin'idok'pMttonlTlb ib a
T > Ult.TlNO loans. l V. Bholcs , 210 First
J3 National batiic. _ , _ M. ! _
"ATONI2Y to loan on librjcs , waKont , mules ,
IH houshold goods , plnncs-organs , dlumotuK
lowest rates. Tlio first organized loan ollico In
the city. Mnkcs loans from thirty to three hun
dred mid sixty-five dayi.vwhlch can bn paid In
part or u hole , nt nny ttnVe.Mlnn lowering the
principal nnd interest , Cnll and sen in wnen
you want nionoy. wocaitns-dat you promptly
nnd to your Advantage , without removal of
property or publicity. MUSH-always on hand.
No delay m making lontW. ( \ V. Heed St Co. ,
ill' ) S , Hth st. , over illniflulin .V Sons. Kg
TOAN3- City anil fnrm loans , mortgngo pn-
Jpar bought. McCaguo Investment Oo. S.M
rONKY to loin. O. V. Davis Co. , real estnto
nnd loan ngcnts , 111011'nrnain st. fill
w" _ _ r < it clitss insldo loins. Lowest
rates. Call nml see 114. Mutual invest
ment Co. , UiOt I'nrnntn. C.11
MONI5Yloaned for ! P. W or IiO dnys ou any
kind of chattel security ; rtasonnblo Inter
est ; conDdcntinl , J.,1. Wilkinson , 1U Farnun.
D O YOU want monev1 ! If so don't borrow
boforu getting my rates , which arotho low
est on nuyxiim IrouiSl lo $ IUWi ) ) ,
I mnko loins on lioiishold ginids. pianos , or-
gnus. horsciiiiilcswngoniwnrelicUS9recelptn.
houses , loasesetc. . In nnv amount nt the lowest
possible rates , without publicity or removal of
Loans run br. inndo for ono to six mouths nml
vou can pay part nt any time , reducing both
principal nnd Intorost. If jolt owe a tmlanco
on your fnmitiiru or her os , or hnvo n loan on
thorn , I will tnkn It up nnd carry it for you ns
long ns you deolr- " .
If you need money you will find It to jour nd-
vnntnqo to eo mo before borrowing.
II. V. Mnsters , room I , Wlthnell tulldlnK. 15th
nnd IlnineV- 5.V )
fl'cr Cent raoney"-lt. ! 2. N. Y. Lire Ins. nldg
\t ltjS * < J-
fONIlY to loan nt low rates nud no dolny ,
lapitM and surplus $1 , IW.OJO. Lombard
'iitco.nyi ' s i.itn st. au
en loins--OV4 to 7 percent ; no ml-
J Idltlonal chnrciMfor commltnlotH or attor
neys' fees. W. II. Mflklo , Klrst Nnt bank blag ,
' UK Sholcs , room 21P , Kiwt Nnt'l b.inK , botora
making your loani. RU
$ fiX1UO ( > to loan nt ( I per cent , Lluahnn & Mn-
honey , room .VJO I'nxtjn block. Stu
MUNKYto loan on rial estate security at
lowest rates , lleforo negotiating loaus see
Wnllac > . II. aiU , llrown bldg. 16th tc Doui-la .
XTKIIUAaKA Mort. Lonn Co. will niaito you u
J- > loan on household goods
horses , wagon- * ,
Innd contncts.
Una jcwfllry , or tecnrlties of any kind ,
without publlcltv. nt rensonabla rates.
Hoom 7 , Howley block , South Omnhn.
Hooms OlS-niU. I'axtou blocir , Omaha , Neb.
IIILADUI.I'IIIA Mortgaio& Trust Co. furnish -
nish cheap iMstern money to borrowers.
pnrcliaMi 1 KcctirltU'S , porfuct tltlss. accept lo.ins
nt their western olllcp. Goorjo W. P , Coatfts.
room 7. Hoard ot Trndo. fi4D
MUNlIY loniu-d on furnlturo , horsjs nnd
Mnttims ; rates roisonault * . City Loan Co. ,
'IS S. 1 ttn st. . opposlto Mlllnr.l hotol. ' ) J - <
I" OANSmadu on r il e.sfitu and tnortgi-j's
-'bought. Louts S.lteed & Co. . 1MJ , Hoard l rado
KUYSTOXB Mortcngo * Co. I.oilis of JI ) to
81,10) ; get our rates before borrowing nml
save money ; loan on hocoy , lurnlture. or any
npprovod cecurity. wifhput publicity ; notes
laiiglit : for new loin , renewal of old. nnd low-
cat uite-icall HSU'.Shcoloy blknth.v ! Howard at
ATONUY f.o.ius uoKOtlate1 ! nt low rates with ,
i'I out delay , nml purchase good commercla
inper enil niortgnge notes. S. A. t'lomnii. cor
. 'Itn nnd " "i"
MOONKY to IxJiin Cnottfls. collateral roa
estate , lit 01 , Merchants' Nat'l bank biilldeln.
- 2tU sill
MONKY to loun : caslixm hand ; no dolny. .1.
W. Squire , 1S1J rnruira c , 1'lr .t National
'auk ' building. ; Cll
ITllltSTmortgaije loins nt low r.itos nnd no
J-1 delny. I ) . V. faholo * . Ul ) First National bauc.
MONIIY loaned on fiiinft'uro. ' , Jowulry ,
etc Special rat'js to1 lirtlci l lu north nnd
\\catp.irlofcity. J. U.illiuln3ur , 1417 l-'arnam.
_ Ti8i O 1
MONEY to loan We make liberal ndvances
onallUlndsof furniture , pianos , organs ,
lorse- : and wagon" , without lornovnl , nltnont
publluty , nnd at lower rates than can bn hail
clsewherMn the city. Payments can ba uiiiao
at nny time , which reduce bolh principal nnd
interest Long anil short tluio civnn and lib
eral oxtBiisIou.s mane. All business strictly
confidential. Before you borrow or renew your
loan cull and get our r.itoi. Iliwkeyn Invest
ment Co , room 'ty , ! Icl lloor , Doiitrlns block.s. w.
comer ljth ; and jodgestraots. : Kna-2l _
MONEY to loan on city or farm property ,
Geo..l. Paul. 10)1 FiiriMm st. 1 lti _
BEFORE making chattel or collateral loans ,
it will pay you to POO Tuo Western Invest
ment Co. . room 4 ( ! Bee blag. J.P.I
TJMUST National safety deposit vaults. Safes
X' to rent ? . " > to 3Jj u year , , ! JI S. 1'Jtti. 12J
V\r ANTED A party noKOtl.ulng for the pur
V T chnfo ofa good tibWf > paper ptuperty wants
a pnttnur with some means and mismo&a expo-
iiuncu. Spencer , room ,1 , Bushman block.
_ _ _ _ _ _ " _ _ _ _ _ '
DltlJG STOCK Well "located lu 'this city.
nice nnd clean , gooa Undo ; will invoice
uuout f. . ( ; will ( ostato. Al i.
line carrlngo t * > am , carriage aud harness to ex
change for a good lo ; with Email enuimbrnuco.
Spencer , loom . I , Biishmnn block. _ 1102-17
TJ10R SALE HaiulHoma nnd well paying illn-
X1 lugroom nnd it'it.uirant , couneuiedvlth
Inrgo Omnbn hotel ; low rent ; easy tsrms : satis
factory reasons for Hulling. Altjxanuor Moore ,
COI Sheuly block. U'i9 llij
TjlORSALR A nlc.o clean stock of stoves and
X1 tinware on one ot the best streets in the
olty. A bargain , C. S. Grlnstead. room 21 ,
Douglas block. Oil 1J
_ _
T'TIRST class stock ot groceries , fixtures , ilol.
X1 71 for sale. Will Invoice from.IU.rU ) to W.KHI ;
pirt cash , balantn in good paper. Good trade ;
nnu location : rent very roaboimnle. Address J
57 Bee. 20 2JJ
TT10R SA LE .Mil head of feeders , native steers
X1 averngo weight I.Oi'J ' Ibs. .
yrnrs old. Inquire lut Nnt. Bank. Hubrou ,
'nitty er Co. , N o u. 2J ) ! 2
GROCERY s-tora for sale , or will trade for
farm land. Inquire of Frank J. Kavnn , 20tli
st. , between N nnd Osts. , Soutn Omaha.
WANTiD-Apartnorwlth : to J1.00J to
tnko n half Interest In 'n. well cstabllshod
grain nnd seed business. Address Box B ,
Greenwood , Nob. lb" >
ilOR SALE , or partner wanto in good sa
loon and restaurant , located In ono of the
licHt Nnbrnakn towns ; this Is n rare chntico to
the light party. Address J IV , Boo Ollico.
T7IOR SALK Elnvator at Oakdalo. Good loca-
X' tlon for grain , live stock , lumber Mid coal.
For particulars write A. iTruejdell , I'remont ,
Nob. ' MI ! H4sl7r
TT1OH RI5NT One inulLBtulls ; largo yanl
X1 clean and Lonvunlenttieiuiuiro of I'rost Ic
Harris , Irnrd st , l > ot. 22d/aiul / M Kit. DJI-
FOR SALE Or traileT"iar e stocc ranch In
western Iowa w ell Improved aud all under
fence ; with or without ( Uoc - . II CJ , Bee olllco.
HOTF.L for Shlo-Wlshfcg to close out my
bu luoss at Nellgh , win offer lor sale the
Atlantic hotel , or will sol ! furniture nud rent
building. Parties wishing to buy address C.
J. Anderson At Co. , Nellgh"Neb. 8 < J IU
A HE you looking for an'opportunlty to en
gage In thumercuntllQ tiuaiiieaar It so coma
andseeus , W. R. H.H..1J'Room 11 Chamber
of Commerce. Tel. ll40/ _ ' 115
TiVJIl SALK Good oloyutnr In fine grain sco-
X1 tlou. Address John KofiJ ) 1201 E st , Lincoln.
flit 1U-17
\\7 ANEF.I-Peoplo to r.aU. t lloo. V.xooaltlon
building , Capitol aviiirand examine a new
invention patented JulyTa. 16H3 , and llnd n
chance for good paying business. Call nt once
aud Investigate. 10) ) Ifi ;
POH KXCHANGE J-or residence cor resi
dence lott a business lot on Sauuders street
neai-Odd rellowa * block. 0. II. Wnlwortti i.
Douglas blocx , 10tU and Dodtta hts.
TJ'OR KXCIIANGU Lind for good grocenes.
JL ! will put In somecojh if noeeisarr J 2V. Bee ;
T71OH KXCHANOK-2 residence properties for
X1 horses or cuttle. II. M. , 2U'J turning it.
U54 Ut
.CJ.OOD clear lots to trade for Improved prop-
VT erty wltn. some lucumbrance. 0 , B. Grin-
etead , room 21 Douglas * blk. 647 H
mWKNTVYTWO feet business property , a
X 13th , clear , for residence lot. a F. IlurrUou ,
ilerchaulsNat. Bank. TU
1J\OU \ lUCCUANGH-ClearlottnSo. Omaha to
XI trad * for residence lot lu Omaha ; assume
difference. 0. If. Uarrlson , Merchants Nat.
rpO KXCIIANGF. for rnortgagod notes or for
X sale on a jr payments !
One bay horsa. oun platform spring wagon ,
one bet brass mounted harness , two now car
riages : , and ono groccrjman's delivery outfit.
Will Colfax , room 111 , Board Trudo bulldinr.
" "
" 13KNTAL property , tnslil * . to exchange for
J tclenr farms or vacant city lots , Tlios. ! ' Patton block. t i _
FOUKXCllANOn-'An elegant tract ot land
contnlnlng 120 acres in Antelope county ,
Nab. , with ordinary improvements.
A quarter section In Hand county , Dakota ,
party improved.
I'.lghty acres near Council Tlltirr * , la.
House and lot on South 10th st.
Largo atuonnt of Oil Mountain nnd IV-trvlonm
company oil mock. Will exchange for good
property or thn erection of some houses , ( lep ,
ANIKO'-Proporty In Coltttnuiis , O. , for
Omnha property. C.V.Hnnlson.Morcli.iats'
Nntlonnl bank. 488
EinilTrncrcsnoarMary.wlllP , Kansas , Mar
shall county , for vacant lot In Otiinhn , C
V , Harrison , > lHrUmnts' Nat. bank. _ 3X1 _
\\THAThnvo yon to olfer In exchange tor my
> i $ l,0. > 0 uiultv lu tnv double noitso ou
Lntnrop st , nonr I6tn , or for my J.1.0X ) otililty In
my double house on spencer st near -"cl. or for
my $ < M * * > equity in my double house on Wlrt st ,
castofiilth , nil with modern improvements , nil
fnrumlirnneos & years at 7 per cent No farms
ullllio ronsldnred. W. T. Seaman. onst lda
JhtH st , north of Nicholas st , Omaha's largest
variety of wagons nnd cnrrUi-tn. 791
T710H SALK Several choice bits of real estate ,
JL ; Improved and unimproved , at Koimlnu bar-
Kainpncec. Do not take mynvA lor 11-inves
tigate. J. II. Kvansi , MS K. 1 * . Lift ) lulldinr. ! ;
> l 18
7IO11 SALB 6-ncre lots adjoining the cltv on
- ensy terms. II. It. Hall , room 4A llarkur blk.
IHKiVP hoiiips. Secure homes in Omnha
View. Now that the motor line is to run to
tUl imcl Lake stieet In Omaha Vlow , homes lu
this beautiful addition will ba eagerly soiiRht
after on nciitunt of the ) trent ndvuntacesof
locrttlon , nltltude , healthtulness. iicccsilnlllty ,
peed nolgniwr.i , schools , cuuichas , nearness to
iiuslness and the wonderfully low prices at
which lots , or lots with new houses mult to or
der cuu Lo bought. ThU is tno 0110 slimlo addi
tion that hns never boeu boomed , and the
prices nre ns low us thoutth no boom had oer
occurred In Omaha. Vou get too lots nt nil
honest prlco nml m-'t honest values In return ,
} 'eoplo wuntltiK homes will never rogiet pur-
chaslug in Omaha Vlow , anil should at unco
cU' on IlolTRs , V Hill , lias 1'nrnnm street and so-
Inct their lots , utid ninfeo terms /or having a
hotisobuljttosult. _ iIH ! Zl
fIT\H \ SAM ! On long time ana easy pay nionts ,
JL' nandiomo , now. well-built houses of 8 , n nnd
lUroonw. All nelishborhood :
paved streets , street cnrH , anil within walking
( llstiuicaot I'.O. Nathnu bhclton , 1014 larntiui.
_ 5iU (
SALK Now eloRnut t-rooiu ) house , all
. modern convculencos , east trout , in the best
reslde.nce locality In Omaha ; will sell cheap.
lirennnu i Co , , room 3 , Chamber of Commerce.
FOU SALK nacres. A line tract. Illghnud
Hlchtly. 1 nsldo city limits. Subdivides tend
ndnnt.igo. .
Ifi ncros on Pnimdersst , (21th ( ) . A snap ,
Ot her acre property. See
J. II. i\-nu3 : , 'MS ' A. Y , Llto Building ,
! i * > 10
T" IIAVi : some tlrst-elns ? rental properfy tor
Lt-alo cheap within ono mlle ot iiostolllct1 , on
paved btroets and motor line. Thos. I'1. Hull ,
; ill Pulton block. V < 3
FOItHAIjlJ Lots In Stcwnrl p'ace , will fur
nish money for building hou- , nnd pny-
monta monthly. Here Ian. chinreto secure n
home. Ilnrrls. room 111 , 1st Nat. Ilnnk. litil
"TTIOIt SAIiH 9-room house , barn and lot Hans
JL' com I'lac. ' . lit n bargain , Harris , Uoom 111
1st Nut. Hauk. _ 5tll
SALK 8,1)00 ) acres land in Nebraska ;
60x140 foot lots tltb n bacrillclug price.
Jmiulro 111-S WtU. Cco. II I'ot.erson.lU.-alof
"ITlOltSAliH Ulegantl'-room house in Orchard
JL' Hill ; modern improvements , etc ; ou *
terms. Also n new--room holisos. uach with U
lull lots , Hiunll b.ini. e'c. . lu good location ; will
II.IVD oleutiic motor within II blocks. Slnke of
fers. Address 11 Ml. Ili-u plllci- . 7H1
O'Ni : of thu two nouse uiid lot. bargains I
hnvo been offering on Georgia live , north of
Leaveuworthi.s now sold and occupied , becnmo
of my veij * low price. The souili hou o of thu
two htlll remains a bargain open to somebody.
1 irst comas , llrst heivml. To bo appreciated it
mods to be examined Internally- positively
will not rent it , though so\ornl tlmcsollored
iV ) per month. l'i Ice , on verv ousy terms. ? ( .0 XI.
W. T. fc'eaman. east sldo tilth St. , north of Ntch-
oliu st.Oiuuha's largest variety of wagons nnd
cnirlages M3
IfOItSALE. real estate Ilrli-gs Place , I hnvo
' in this desirable addition a number ot
choice lots for hiilo nt low llgures nnd terms to
suit your convenience. If you nro looking fern
n flno residence location , let me drlv you out
nnd show you tlieso beautiful lots which 1 oiler
for sn'.e. Tliev belong to non-residents and
ifmst ue sold. Don't delny but cnll nt onca on
( leorne.l. SternsdorlT , 1st Nnt. bink oullillng.
Telephone 4114. 44-1
E Olt SAl.h South front cottage nud Darn on
SI ft. lot , near rarnam St. . ifj03.
1'or snlo Poutli front cottaga und barn ! { blk
from motor line , overlooks city ; snap. $ , ' , VJ. )
Another , LO-ft. lot , tl.WM.
J. II. Lvans.N. Y. Ufa liulldlug.
-51 IH
POH SAM : Cnolce fnrms near good mar
ket" , rile.m and terras onsj , or will tnko
good trade. Lewis A : Co. , Sterling. Colo.
T7IOK SALH , real estate Three cnoico lots in
JL1 Itedtck Park nddltio i , fnclmr > th nvo Only
i 1.0.0 Hiich , A line class of residences surround
this property , nnd In la-.s than two thov
will double in value. Gnorgo J. Sti-rnsdorlf ,
1st Nat , bnnn biilldlntr. 4li
'PHK best monov H worth of house ana lot now
JL for Halo luOm.iha is that which I am now
completinit near " 1th St. , on paved Wlrt tit. , m
Kouutztiilnco. . K bedrooms , 2 pnrlon * . dining
room , kitchen bath rooms , II water ciosetw ,
large laundry , stntionary wash tub * , fnrnnro
nnd ronl room uncl collnr , Hloctrlo bells nnd
speaking tube , 1 closetb. Price unly # 7.f > OJ ou
terms to suit. Llkowlso a < lupltcato ndjolplng
nt same W. T. Siianiau , east hldo Ilith st.
north ot N'irlmlns sf. Omaha's largest variety
ofvinuons and cnrrlfiges. BVJ
HOUSIInnd lot for Halo cho.ip in Ittowii
Park , cor. 2Jd nnd Ilrowu 8t . . or will trndo
forntarm. Ixit ; Oxl.U foot , laijulro Trunk J.
Kavnn , South Omnha , _ a i-ili | :
rpo MAMTKACTIMU'.IIS-I will glvo nmpio
JL ground , wllli splendid trackage fnallltlos ,
on tlio Prnmonr , HlKhorn & MHsouri Valley
railroad , or on the Missouri Paclltcllelt ( Line )
rallw.iy in Westlnwn , just oufsido the rlty
limits , in West Oinaliii. conveiiioutly situated as
rdg.irds access to the liuslnesacentorof Omnhn
aud South Onmln , to parties for the location of
any of the follow Ing indnstrlns :
Furniture I'actory. Ittulon rectory ,
Shoa Factory , Lnrd Kolluery ,
StnicluVlncoso ! W'ks , Sonp Works ,
Paper Mill , Purlllor Manufactory ,
Plow Works. llroom I'actory ,
Harvester Works , Woolen Mill ,
Nail Works , Oatmeal Mill ,
Knitting Mills , Hat Munuf ictory ,
Push , lloor nnd IJlmd Win ) Works ,
Manufactory , Machine Shops ,
Hour and I'eed Mill.
Or any good munufactiiring plant. Wostlawn
Is Just outsldo the tltv HmUH , and Indui-trlerf
planted there will eseapo heavy city tatos.
If you art ) thlnkliu of lomtlng lu Omaha It
will pny you to Invortlsntn this ,
( leo. N. lltcks , NI.-W York Life building ,
Omaha. VM
"I7IOHSALI ? Ilasy terms , ICountze plnco.
JL' Two homos , efton > > rooms , each tl.ouj.
Two hem < 'S , ench ! l rooms , each JTi.Oi ) ) .
Two homes , each 1.1 rooms , each $7,500.
All with modern conveniences.
All Inrgo vnhiH at the prl'-o.
All within n rquure ot the motor line.
Don't lese those opportunities.
1'or sala by tlia owner. \V. T. Seaman.
P.astalilo lOthst. , north of Nicholas st.
Onmlm'H lurgest variety of wau-ons and car-
rlnges , Ki'J
"fTIOH 8ALi-543.T.I : acres , pec. fi , tp. K , r. (1 ( w.
JU Hamilton county Neb. Hottsf , Btaule , ( WO
acres fenced , living water. Prlco * ) , O.K ) . r. 1C.
Atkins , owner , railroad bldg , Douvor , Col , fita
T7XCljitSION Look out for our land excur
JLutiioiito nil points west on Ttiubilny. S pt.I. .
We cnll especiul ntteution to our Now Mexico
Irrigated land , -which la the best investment
that can be madu to-day In rent estate. Como
and join our oxnirnlon when you can hivvo
round trip ticket for 1 faro. We can show you
land In all parts west of Chicago at terms nml
prices that cannot , be beat. We have come extra -
tra good bargains on varanl and Improved lots.
Call ut Kxceblor Laud Co..110 B 15th utOmaha. .
Ii00 : buy.s lot nnd u-room housu on brick
foundation , good cellar , city witter in kitch
en , 1 mile from P. O. on Caldwell st. ; east front
lu Plalnvlow , Ul.ltu.00 cash ; attruutlve 10-
room cottage , b.ira , full lot on Georgia nvo. ,
| .l , a tyti cash , iiutchliuou ( c Wend , I.Vil
IXiuglaa &t. 10115
CHOlCn barnaln. The best plcco of property -
erty in the city for the money. lOOxlOii feet
corner of Georgia and Popplotoa aveuurs for
150 per front foot. C. A. btarr , Ut6 Farnam st.
L OOK I Look ! Look ! Manufacturers aurl
warehousemen. Investigate this. Northwest
corner 19th and Plcrca sts . 100x141. only ll'l.M ) .
$ . ' ) ,6l ) cash ; 4 bouse * oa this property , rents for
I1.UX ) per year ; above prica g ti the houses and
Homo ot the ground for nothing , but the Cali
fornia owner wants to sell. M. A. Upton Com
pany , IGth and rarnain. 7U1
"OAltOAIN Cliolco ton-acre tracts , close to
JJIIelt Line railway.will subdivide luto&O ulco
residence lots that will sell for liuQ to llWeacli
within the nezt three years ; can quota special
price out fail If gold at onco. Geo. W. lllc.a ,
K'ew York Life llulldlnt ; . 1O 17
TTUVK fl-rooui houei , new , bath room , cistern ,
JU city water , liulf bloc * from Motor line ; IU
per cent cash , balance monthly ; stile subject to
short time lease. Neb , .Mortgage Loan Co , ,
blank. S l
flOMKnnd sea us anil Investigate nmo of ttio
/lmKnlns wo burs to offer. Wo nro contin
ually listing new p-vpertlM ami "if von don't
sei- ' what TOU want ask for It. "
1'ort-nloor bxclninrjo one ot the finest r 3-
tnurants In Omnhrt nt n bargain.
I We have several linn hotel properties to trails
for land or other good values.
An elarntor property with large dwelling
hoasp , at a bargain. Klorntor complete , with
horse power , scales , ollico furnMiod , etc. A
flue opening for a practical grain dealer.
Houses nnd lots In nil parts ot Omnha for
snle nnd exchange.
For oxchnngn , forOmaha property , l.OM ncros
' " '
- - land lease , In one ot the best counties
A fine rcslilencn property In Omaha Vlow for
sale nt a bargain
A fine Wheeler county fnrm , well developed ,
good volt , for exchange for Omnha property ,
S * > ncres ot line land in northwestern Iowa to
exchange forUmnlm property.
For unln or eTching for western lands , city
propertv , morehnmlll < o or live stock , H line hotel
jiroporty In Iowa town ot ( MUU inhabitants.
Lending hotel ot tha place nnd doing n Ono
business. Furnishes menls for two p.iswengor
trains dnlly. Asunp for the rluhl mni. | .
- you wish a quick _ . .
M , Ii. , ltdom H , c.mmtwr of Commerce , telephone
phone HI-J. fM (
EOU SA UJ--2 bouses on lot 07'xSJ ' on H a cor.
llth and. Vlnton , f IHU. Imiulro wltnm.
lilt nlrt.1
.j Olt SALK-3J. 41 oriKI feet of lot 6. blo.jc 7
Jat > 6C pur foot , ThU \\lthtn n quarter of
blocs , ol the now P. O. alto , ami will bo worth.
I.WO Inslite ofn year.
Tin o 4 lot H. block 101. cor. Ifoiutlas nnd 10th
its , 41 feet on Douglas ntul fa on loth , prica
! iVXM , tUMXU cash , balance In nvo equal uuuunl
Th so U mr > sec ft. t II , r 11 o , Douglas Co. ,
rlcetl2OiH , f tUM cash , balance easy.
Lot7. blki.V ; ) , SoutlHinahapilcojliM3tenns
e osy.V. . 1LR.&M I J , loom 11 , Chamber ot
Jommerco telephone 1410. W.
SALK A line fnrm ot UiX ) ncros , on the
tmiiKsof C'ryslnl hike , lu 11 nn COOK Co. . In ;
* > 0 acres In cultivation , "i nr-res of native tlm-
ar. Will tnko Miinll fnrm or good residence
ropcrty In eastern iS'ob. ns part pavini'tit. J ,
' . bcott. Hock FallIII. . ! i > 7 10f
T\OU8ALi-A \ : bargain In
J Orchard Hill , Havthorue ,
Popplcton Pnrlr , Park Place ,
West. Ciimlntr , Pialnvlcw , <
ml other nddltlous.
J. 11. Kvans.308 N. Y. Llfo Ilulldlilg.
ffil 18
F 'OR ' SAL1' Vt section of land In northwest
; part , of Hayes Co. For further pnnlctilnrs
.ddress A. W. Prindle. Owosso , Mich. illl 10J
SALH Good , cloau JIO.UOJ Investment ;
L' write and nsk mu ubout It. C. K. Hurrisoii ,
lurch-nits' Nnt'l bank. 497
HANSCOM plnca lot for sale very cheap for
cash , lot 15 block 7. Wx 150. Address F , P.O.
* ) OX3M ) . U77
i N1C15 0-room cottage , near htgn school ; lot Si
J xKCJ.J.l.Wi ) : this is n b-irgnln. C. F Har-
ison , M orchnnts Nnt. b.iuk. 1 7
ON K farm of 4Ui ncros In Pazo county , Iowa.
Ono fnrm of 1-0 ncros lu Adams county , la.
One farm of I'd ' ncres lu Hack county , Nob.
Ono farm of 18) ncres In ( Irand Forlts , Dak.
Also Llnderman hotel f iiriilture , Clnrmdn , la.
All of the nuovo doscrlbi > d protiorty mubt bo
jlosed out In Blxty days , regardless of price.
Callornddross v. .M. Park , Clnrlnda , Iowa.
Gl.Olti : HOlKIi Newly furnlshoct and fitted
up tlironghoiit ; centrally located ; SJ per
ilay. ] ; W'-iaiO.UU Douglas ft. Ml
71 flTHKAV HOIUL Newest , latest and only
J--Lllrst-clnss hotel In Omnha ; t ) to $1 per day.
"I. Sllloway projirlotor. DU5
S Hotel , corner of nth nnd Harnoy
streets , S-.Ou per day. No dark rooms.
Table Jlist-clnss. Try It. M. J. Franck iHKM
" " " "
WINDSOR HOTBL-Cornur of liith"mi""uacl" >
boil Mreets , it blociu from Union depot.
' .iestft ! n day hoiiso lathe city. o'ili
_ Omaha , Neb. . September IH. 1HW. Sealed
iropohiils In triplicate , \ \ ill be received hero nud
jy Depot Quaiiermnstorutt'heycnnv. Wyo , 1111
til twoi-'elockp. in. , central time , October 10 ,
IhMi , nnd then opened for IJiJO tons bituminous
i oal 2J'0 Ibs. to the ton delivered at Cheyenuo
Qr. Mr. Depot , Wyo. , orother points hpeclllud uy
bidder. Tno 1T. S. reserves the right to reject
any or nit bids. Preference will bo given to ar
ticles of domestic production , conditions of
quality nnd price ( Including in the line > of for
eign production the duty thereon ) being equal.
All Imformntlon furnished on application. Un-
velopa * containing proposals suoiild be marked
proposals for coal , and addressed ns indicated
nlmvo , W.M. B. HUGH US. Lieutenant Colonel
nml Deputy Quartermaster General. U. S. A. .
Chief guatterimibter , S HI d < t O S U.
Nnt lea to Contractors Tor 1'ixvmi ; .
SEALED Proposals will bo received by tno
committee on. viaducts , streets anil alio > H
until 12 o'clocc noon Monday , Soptemher lutli ,
1 B' ) , nt thoolliceof the city engineer , for pav
ing nnd curbing Knlliond avenue from " .M"
street to "Q" ttreet. and "M" street from Hall-
road nveuuo to 27th Htreet , mid 27th street from
"L" street to "N" struct , with Colorado sinil-
Btone onsnnd. according to plans and specifica
tion : " on ( Ho in the ollico of me city engineer.
Appioxlmato estimate Is H.-l'iOS'-naro' urds
ot paving , nnd ft,7l. " > Ilmnl teat of ctirJilm ; to
cost 411,717 ! i ) . Work must becomplotoU within
40 days. All bids must be accompanied by cer-
tlllcd check for $ 0)Ht ) ( , to bo returned on nil
bids not accepted. The right to i eject any and
all bids is reserved.
By order City Council.
halt-man Committee on Viaducts. Streets and
By.foiiN B Mounts , City Knglnccr.
South Omaha , Sept. lith , JSv n. s'dlQt
JS1 ] . 7 L , A. No. MM Proposals for Army
> Supplies. lleiluirt ; ( | r.s Department of
tne PUttu , Olllce of Chluf CoinmlMj.iry ot Sub
sistence , Omaha , NeSept. \ . l.ith , I ' .i. Sualod
proposals , In triplicate , MUbjtct to the usual
londltlons , will bo received ut this olllro until
1J O'CIOCK m. , central standard time , nnd nt thu
olllcosot tlie ncilng commls.sarle.s of HiihUtU-
encont Forts Sidney , Nlobraru. and Robinson.
Neb ; Fort D. A. Russell , Wyo. , nnd Fort Dong-
Ins , I'ldli , until II o'clock a. m. , mountain
standard time , on Tuesday , thu 15th day of
IMobcr. 1-HJ , nt which time und places they n 111
be opened in the presence of bidders , for thu
furnishing urn ! delivery uf Cour for ISMIIU us a
component of the ration. Praforouce will bo
glvc'ii to articles of dorncstli1 production or
mauufncture , conditions of quality nnd prlco
( Including In tlio prlo ot fon-lgn productions or
mnmifactu'cs the duty tlirrdom being equal.
Tlio right Is rt-BMivcd to rej * ct any or nil bids.
Blank pr'posals nnd si orlilintlons showing in
detail tlio iiuautltlos reiiulrcd nnd giving mil
information n to the condition of contracts
v.111 bo furnMied on apiillcutloiito any ot the
above mentioned olllces. .1. W. II A II 1UC ! ' , ! ! .
MnJ. cadC. S. . U.S.A. . Chief C. S. sHdltolM2
Notion to ( JontrautorH.
Notice l.s htreby given that Eoaled bids nro
holicllcd for the constriirtion of a pavement ,
ton feet In width , Including curb htnnc , Dx2l
inches ; not less than three feet In length men-
Killed In the work , of Colorado muni Htoue , lll'i
llnual fuel 1I5JJ sciunro feet of Colorado red
sand Htono paving lilockn , n Inrhf.s deep laid in II
InrlicH of s'linl. ' The outHldi * curb to btof bnmu
material as the paving blocks nnd to b 12 In
ches deep , meahiired In the work Work to bo
done necording to plans and upccllli'ntluiis on
illoln the county clerk'a ollico ( if York county ,
Jsebinskn. Work to ba compli'ted on or beforu
the l.ltli day of Novcmli r , If8i. Bids to be ro-
calved up to 10 o'clock a. m. Sept. 24th , IBM.
Work to bo paid lu county wnrrnnts on the
gcuornt fund ; on completion nnd acceptance.
Right reserved to reject nny or nil blilH.
hltdJt M. SOVKIIKKIX , County Clerk ,
Tlio lloiiiitinil Mall or Honor.
Andrew Cariio-10 says "tlio Hull of
llonof in the Paris exposilion Is the
most beautiful thing that I hnvo ever
fcocn. The nrtista of Paris catno for
ward without solicitation , nntl each
] ) tiititcd u rnagiilllnont panel for the
decoration of this hall. Kvor.'iwlntintr
is n noble work of art. I thought as i
walked through the halt of honor tuiu
noted the nrtihtic and other fuaturos
that no other nation had any business
to tittompt anything to jmriillol it. IJut
ifvo do , our aim nuiat bu , of course , to
excel. "
i\-ourmoii : to ColiinihiiM Ohio ,
Sontomljor 13th to 10th inclusive ,
"Tlio Hock Island Route" will boll
excursion tickets to Columbus , Ohio ,
nnd return , ut hulf-faro , for the uniuiul
mcctinu of Sovereign Grand Ixdgo ,
Patriarchs' Jlilitant , and I. O. O. i-\ ,
open to everybody. Tickets good to re
turn until Sept. 'J.rth ,
S. S. STKYKNH , don'l W. A.
Ticket Ofllco , ia05 Farnam.
The Ijnrcpst nlilp in tlio AVorlil.
Messrs. Hendoriion , of Glasgow , have
contracted to build for Messrs. JJordos
& Son , Paris and Bordeaux , n live-
mauled Hailliit , ' ship. It is to bo the
larj/est iu the world. Barclay , Curio
& Co. , of Glasgow , huvo also contracted
with the same llrm to build a four-
mnsted ship capable of carrying 5,000
tons ,
That hacking cough can bo so quickly
cured by Shllon's ' Cure. Wo guarantee
It. For sale by Goodman Drug Co.
Vftrhmi Tlilncs AVtilnh You Mny Do-
torinlno Ily Tliolr Color ntul Slmpr.
Forttnio tolling by moans of the
( IngortmiU , onychonmncy , naitlscnllotl ,
was not uncommon in ancient timoa ,
says Afoilicnl Clossitw. The practice
was to rub the nail with all and soot or
wax , and to hold up1 the nails thus pro-
pat-oil ngaltist the sun , and upon the
transparent horny subitttuico were sup
posed to appaar llguros or characters ,
which gave the answer rorjuiruil. In
more recent tunes people nnvo bcon
found prodletlnt ; by moans of
tlio nails of the hand nnd tolling the
disposition of persons with certain de
scriptions of the nails. However , ab
surd it may appear , wo shall glvo
examples of this .superstition : A
person with broad imn ! is ot gentle na
ture , timid and bashful. Thuso whosn
nails grow into the Mesh at the pointaor
Bulcs nre given to luxury. A whlto
mark on the nail bespeaks misfortune.
Persons with vor.v pale nails are subject
lo much infirmity of the llosh and perse
cution by neighbors and frlonds. People
ple with narrow nnlls nro ambitious and
nunrrolsomo. Lovers of knowledge and
liberal sentiment have found nails. In
dolent people have generally fleshy
nails. Small nails indicate llttloncsB of
mind , obstinacy and conceit. Melan
choly people nro distinguished by their
palo'or lead-colored nails ; and eliolorlc ,
martial men , delighting in war , hnvo
red and spotted nulls.
Thcrn Ari No llnjiiiy Mnyn
For tlioso who continue to rlso niirofroshotl
nfter nlght.s of unrest. Nervousness , In-
petunia , lillgc.stiou tin-so constlttito n triple
nllinuce thnt perpetually wars ngiilnst ninit's
comfort , und rubs both biulii ntul body of
trainiulllty. Combat tin ? trio for n lltno
with Hosteller's Kin much Hitter. * , nud It
will give ground ntul eventually fly iho
Hold. The bnsls ot reform la the rcelillcn-
tlon I of digestion , for the brnln nud nnrvo
trotiblo Is simply n reflev ( if the disturbance
of Mint nil Important function. A wineglass-
fill before each meal of the national stem
achic i Insures fnrllo digestion , nml n repeti
tion 1 of the plensnnt dose lioforo retiring uro-
motcs I nerve nnd tnuaclu Invigorating sleep.
Associated with luili-jostion wo nsu.illy Unit
billiousuoBiaudoonstlpitlon , Uut together
or < Independent of oaoh other , those mntnillos
nre I subjugnted by the bitters , which nlso
remedies ] kidney trouble , rhouuintism , neu
ralgia ' mid malaria ,
Nnnrly Hlllo < l With lill'o I'rcsorvrrs.
of " ' with
An instnnco nearly "killing'
kindness"occurred on' the Hast river
in New York city. The ferry boat As
toria , hound for Ninety-second street
with a hujjo parly of excursionists from
Bowery ] : iy Hunch on ; boaril , ran down
ti row bout and upset its occupants , fo'ur
men , into the water. The excursion-
ihts at once throw over BO many life
preservers nnd in such frantic fashion
that the four btrugKHiifT men were over
whelmed with them as they rainud
down upon them , nnd were nearly
drowned because of this excess of zeal.
Finally the men were rescued.
An i\tH ) < iltito Citro.
Is only put up In Inrgo two ounce tin boxes ,
nnd is an absolute cure for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped bunds , and nil skin orup.
lions. Will positively turo all kinds of piles-
MENT. Sold by Gooilmuii Drug company at
li , > cents per box bv mini ! 10 cents.
They All IjIc < y.itnin Mprrlinnti.
A strange peculiarity about the clip
per ship Henry Falling , Captain Morri-
inixn , loading at Philadelphia with oil
for Japan , is tliat none of her sailors ,
when once joined to her crew , over care
to leave. The chief otllcor , now n man
of twenty-eight years , joined her when
a more lad. She wus the lirst vessel ho
was ever in , and ho lias remained there
over since. This is an incident proba
bly unprecedented in the annals of
slapping. Captain Merrimtin 1ms never
had any trouble with his crows , al
though ho has frequently shipped no
torious bcnnien denpito the fact ot hav
ing previously been warned of their
dangerous character.
Sonictliintr to Ucinninliar.
If you tire going east remember the
"Koc'lc Island Koitto" run the Bloopers
and chair cars of their &olid voHtibulo
train to and from the Omaha depot ,
leaving Omaha nt8l5 : p. in. , thus avoid
ing the transfer at Council Blulls.
Three solid trains diiilv. All chair cars
are free. Dining cars on all through
trains. Our trains mnko close connec
tion with all eastern limited trains con
necting in union depot at Chicago ,
avoiding1 a transfer across the city to
parties onrouto to Now York , Boston
and other eastern cities , "and evory-
thinir a little better than other lines
can offer. " S. S. STKVKNS ,
Ticket ollice 103 ! ! Farnnm. Gen'l W. A.
filnss Hloivors Go Hlln'l.
Chamber's Journal notes a terrible
circumstance in connection with tlio
Venetian glass industry , and that is
that after many years of work , when the
workmen are between forty nnd fifty
years of ago , they begin to theii'
'sight , and after ashort while are wholly
blind. There hcoins to be no remedy
for this state of things , for many pro
tective devices have bedn tried without
success. The blindness is caused by the
excessive heat and also by the glare of
the never-ceasing llamcs from the glass
or Dollars
are spent every year bv thu people of this
stain for worthies11 nicJIumos for the cure of
throtitund lutiir dlsraoes , when wo know
that if they would only Invest * 1 lit SANTA
A15IE , thu now California discovery for consumption -
sumption nud kindred complaints , they
would In this pleasant rmucdy Hud rellof.
It is recommenueJ by ministers , physicians
and public ; sneakers of thu Golden Htatu.
Sold and Guurantced by Cioounuin Drug Co.
t SI n bottle. Threu for 12.50.
The most stubborn cases of ratnrrh will
speedily suocum to CAL1KOHNIA UAT-H-
UUHE. Six niontus tro.itmctit for § 1 , By
mull $1.10.
Tlio Smallest Hoolc In tin ) World.
The library of a Manchester. Kng-
land , collector contains n copy of what
is probably tlio smallest volume over
engraved , printed and bound. It
measures 1.1 inches in height by .75
inch in width , contains thirty-two
leaves or nixty-four pinion , is covered in
crimson nnd' gilt roan , and has gilt
edges. It was published in "Purlu , ut
the Black Cat. KJ Saint Denis street. "
The contents of the book tire entirely in
French , and consist of eight uhtuibon- . ' ]
otlcs , cuuh illustrated by a vignette. vi
Cliamln.'rlnlii'H Colic , Clioloru und
Dlarrhoua ItumiMly ,
This mcdicinocan alwjtys bo depended
upon , not only in the milder for my of
summer complaint , but also for malig
nant dy&onlory and cholera infantum.
The lives of many persons and especial
ly children uro saved by It eacji year.
Fell Dunil In Her Bridal KolicH.
A young lady at Bower Springs , Ga. ,
was to huvo been married on Monday.
On Sunday evening uho arrayed herself
in her bridal cootumu for thu inspection
of the bridesmaids , when nhu suddenly
put her hand to her forehead , with u ;
scream , und fell dead. '
1'or Any Komi oflCtiltiuy or Illnililer *
Go to Kxcolaior faprlnffs , Mo. Its
waters are n speedy and Infallible euro ,
Fine accommodation.1 ! at the Klina.
Twenty-live inilod from Ktinsaa City ou
the St. Paul road.