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A Ronotlon From the Low Prices or
Previous Years.
Jlry Gaixli IMrm With a nrlsk .Toll-
blncItitftlncHi Tim Ijomlon Wool
Mnrkct ISonU mill Shoes -
Trade Notes.
TJio Coursrs of Commerce.
, Sept , IB. The principal feature
of tlio market I ait wcok wm tlio nlrong up
ward movement In Swedish Iron. The dom -
m nml for tills Iron has hcou largo durlnf ; the
past low weeks , und offerings both in this
country mid In Kuropo hnva been greatly
reduced , Thcro liuvo been orders for over
4,000 toiiitof Swedish rivet rods lu cells put
In this market tlurinirtho wocK. Owing to
the scarcity of supplies In Sweden , however ,
dcalura mo slow to secure these orders , al
though pi Ices Imvo advanced over $1 par ton
over the figure * ruling n few weeks ninco.
Those rods are not kept In stock hero , but
doulurft depend on ( rotting their sup
plies direct from Sivodon. Cables from
Kuropo say that the production of
Iron In Sweden has nlro.tdy been con
tracted for , for the balance of this year , and
If tlio domain ! from mi.vors hoto continues its
nctlvo as It him boon during the past week ,
I here Is no telling how high prices will bo
forced for 1800 delivery , A Boston buyer
now In Sweden cables that It is impossible to
Bet Iron thurc for uarly delivery , whlloprices
uro being stimulated yroatly by the strong
American buying.
This stronger tone to Swedish Iron is
ttioualit to ho the natural reaction following
the disastrous low prices which have pre
vailed for the past , tow years. The depres
sion had boon going on so long that the pro
duction in Sweden bccamo greatly reduced ,
und now that the market has turned , mid an
upward movement begun , there Is every
nroBpcct of Its being maintained for some
time. The buying as yet has been princi
pally for stocking up purposes , and but little
speculation has been done. The trade ho-
llovp In higher prices , and shrewd buyers
have already contracted for suuplles to carry
them well through uext year. Swedish iron
from ittora has been advanced to $05.50 ®
( ij.75 for bars , and f 2.5'J ( < ? r3.75 ! for shapes ,
whllo the old list of extras has been restored
mid Is being rigidly adhered to.
Pig iron Is meeting willi n steady call , and
values continuo firm fur all grades. The ad-
vnnco in coke and the gunornl strength of
tliu market gives dealers the Impression that
values will advunco still more , und as buyers
are in want ot supplies , they lira free pur
chasers at full rales. The fuel that most of
the buying In Iho east Is boliii : done on the
method of having Ihu goods delivered as sup-
wiles uro needed , prevents any stocking up by
foundrymen , and as u rule sales uru being
made ns buyers are in need of supplies. Ttio
receipts of southern pig Iron have boon moro
liberal of lute , as the steamers have had
moro room since the watermelon season has
been over. Scotch Iron is still nominal.
The market for bur iron is showing moro
strength , although the general delivery niovo-
mcnt Is still moderate. Pennsylvania inlll-
mcii uro unking sharp advance for supplies ,
in scuta instances prices having been put up
"Oc per ova. Eastern mitlnicn uro also higher
in their views , bids of ? I 73 for largo lines
being refused by two different mills this
wcoK. The feeling is Una values will rulu
higher , and general conditions appear favor
able. Tank Iron and general manufacturing
crades uru llrm und meeting with u steady
The market for steam piping Is llrm , and
the mllis are fully supplied with orders.
' 1 hero Is n sharp demand for work , pro
ductions being taken us fust as turned out.
Them will tie u meeting of muuufucturors
next week , when it is expected that an ad
vance of 2 per cent , will bo made. The
demand for radiators and piping for steam
hcatin ? purposes is good. IJoitcr tubes are
llrm at full rates.
The steel murknt Is also showing the same
improvement noted In other metals , with
values llrm for all kinds. In Now York no
buslneiu of special Importance is reported in
the steel rail market. Nearly all havii or
ders under consideration Involving fair sized
lots , however , a slight difference in the
tor of buyers' and sellers' ideas ns to prices
momentarily holding business In nbayanco.
All eastern concerns are falrlv well off us re
gards orders in hand , and RiS at works is
Blill mimed us close ratu for standard sec
The nail market Is showing considerable
strength , although no udvanco in prices
dan bo noted as yet. The advance
in raw material will huva a tendency
to force the price of finished
material up. Sheet iron remains llrm und thu
demand In improving. Ulackstnilhs' supplies
generally quiet.
Old iron remains quiet , but values remain
firm. The Now York murket shows steady
prices for old rails and scrap.
Copper is quiet with the general tone
easier. The break in tlio proposed combina
tion of mine owners gives buyoiu the impres
sion that low prices will prevail , us already
values have declined fully 1 cent per pound
through the competition to sell. Tlio jobbing
urico is unchanged. Tin Is firm and higher ,
the London strike preventing shipment of
supplies to this country. Tin plutus are llrm
but quiet. Lend holds steady with uochango
in spelter und sheet zinc.
Thu condlihui of the dry goods market Is
firm , with operations still uetlvo in jobbing
circles. Salesmen in the west are securing
liberal orders for seasonable fabrics , while
tlio store trade foots up to n fulr uggrogiito
volume. The market for men's weiir wool
lens holds steady , und now business with
manufacturers is still coming forward slow.
The steady tone to wool prevents any giv-
iug way on the part of manufacturers , and
values hold llrm ut opening rates. Cassl-
inercs rule steady , with the leading mills in
possession of sufllelent orders booked
to carry them well through the
season. . Worsteds remain quiet but
llrm , with overcoatings doing quite
well. The movement In cotton goods continues
i tinues moderate , although n fair distribution
e * Viotli bleached and brown goods Is going
OTI TVlth jobbeia , whllo the accumulation
with nianufaeturers in light. Colored cottons
continuo quiet und tttoady. Ginghams mnvo
Blew with only moderate lots being picked
up Dross groods uro moving well with job
bers und hold llrm. The mills have gener
ally advanced iholr prices for goods , and as
jobbers get out of supplies they uro obliged
to pay higher rates. Flannels are still going
freely into use , and conditions rula strong ,
Iho London wool market Is gradually trot
ting in supplies for sales to open on Soptem-
cer 17 , There hus been a slight movement
in Capo wool for munufacturors' account ,
hut 1 cannot quote any udvunuo in values ,
and In the country there has not been qulto
the average quantity selling , says u London
cikbla. Estimates as to quantity for sala by
auction are 70,000 , hales Sydney and Port
Philip , 17,000 bales Queensland , Just n few
now clip , 20,000 Adelaide. , 2,000 Swan Wver ,
U.OOO Tasmania , 70,000 bales New Koalund.
2H,000 bales Capo"J.OOO bales Natal , nmonjjst
which n few good lots only , as the long wool
docs not conio Just now , Altogether a small
sale of SUripUOO bales.
\Vo can now BOO about how much wool
will bo on offer ut the Kales which will begin
just after these lines appear in print. Thuro
will bo very lltlln tn tmnpt you , tucopt
amongst thu Sydney , New /.calami & Capo
for greasy merino combing , also some uootl
crossbred umongU the New Xuuland , 1
Hiipposo , if the truth bo told , you are not
keen for buying ut present , probably would
bo quite ready to sell a few If you could get
your price out of Kuropuuiw , This frame
of mind will suit all parties , as the con.
bumcra this side of the water ouht to bo
equal to the absorption of all the desirable
lots ut about thu present level of values ,
though the last few weeks have not been so
pod on tills sideus souiu people expected.
\Vhat with the harvest not being tu > to
prnmUo of u couple of months ago , the
difllculUott of our cotton people In
Lancashire , \vlih short tlino and its attend
ant less money for helps to take , which
means fewer comforts und less now clothing
In autumn ; uiul now , to cap It all , this big
strike of London labor , which is rapidly extending
tending , so thut it has for u time paralyzed
the trade of tlila great port , it U tin woudor
thut the outlook is not us cheerful us It was
u whllo ago. People uro hesitating , asking
what next U to happen. All the time thu
fuctoriua uro turulug out iuiiueuno quuutities
of manufactures , so that It is pretty certain
hat stocks of goods must be accumulating
n some hands ; ns old orders run out , now
mc do not coino In fast enough ; In fact ,
hero are some unpleasant reports of orders ,
wing either cancelled or suspended till It la
sof n moro clearly how the harvest Is really
going to turn out.
There Is no change to note in the boot and
shoo market. Uuslncss Is fairly satisfactory
mid prices arc steady. Jobbers nrn pressing
'or the balance of tliolr orders , and the fau-
torles uro , as a rule , fully employed. Thcro
ire , however , some complaints about the un-
jvcn ( llstrioution of orders , as seine manu
facturers have more business than they can
attend to , whllo others are rather thick.
There is n fair number of buyers tn thomixr-
< et , some of whom are already placing orders
For spring samples ns well ns buying season-
iblo goods. The reports from the west ,
northwest and the south wol are encourag
ing for n good fall trade. Heavy crops uro
iiclng harvested nnd a Inrgcdnmund for boots
mid and shoes Is expected In nil sections
nnd It Is believed that collections will bo
cnsv. Men's calf boots and shoos are in
moderate request , but kin and split goods
nru receiving moro attention than tha finer
class of shoe. Duplicate orders for heavy
hoots nro coining in well , and manufacturers
of such goods are busy. Thcro Is a good
movement In all kinds of women's ' line goods.
Children's boots and shoes nro also In fair
demand. The leather market Is gaining in
strength , and dealers report u moderate
amount of business , the sample trade being
especially good. There Is n marked de
crease In production , and higher prices
are expected to result from tuts fact.
There Is still a quiet tone to the ten mar
ket , with oncr.iUotis confined to the picking
up of small lots as they are required to keep
full assortments. The murket continues
llrm for dotirurablo grades of Formosa teas ,
and all indications point to light offering. * of
the bust teas this season. No change tn the
situation Is noted In China cables , eholcn
teas holding llrm there. Japan teas huva
shown more strength of latu , nnd theumrket
is quoted llrm. Low grades of teas nro still
dull nnd rather easy. Old Amoy teas uro
Uuslncss continues good for coffee in nil
departments , with the warehouse deliveries
footing up large. The market is llrm and
values show an advance fur all Brazilian
grades. Keporti from thu Brazil crop uro
very contradictory , but the general impres
sions scorn to bo that the Seutnmhor flower
ing has not boon up to thu expectations. Ja
maica grades are nominal , Vvhllo Mocha and
Java coffees arc SvOuiiy.
Trndo is fulr tillhough buyers nre oper
ating mostly lu small lots , taking a cur or seat
at a time. Spring patents for September
shipment are being offered ut lower rates ,
but for spot supplies or prompt shipment
values uro hold steady. "Winter wheats are
meeting with a fair call , and hold steady in
Tin ) Eniilisluniui Who Tried to Hun
Away XVltli a tjnrij ! IMecc.
Ono of the choicest attractions of
Verona for strangers , especially for
those who know the works of Shalcus-
pcuro , says u Homo letter to tlio Glas
gow llortild , is the so-called tomb of
.luliotin the garden of the Franciscan
nuns , in the vicinity of the swift-llow-
liif : Adig. A hirgp portion not less
than six pounds woifjht nf this tomb
was broken oil and was almost curried
away by a , person described as an Eng
lishman. The story as told in the
Verona papers , rolatua that an English
lady and gontlomiin wont to visit
tlio tomb of Juliet and Romeo
three or four days ago. Before leaving
thu spot the Englishman handed a note
of lot to thu custodian of tlio plaeo in
order that the ordinary foe might bo
deducted and the change handed to the
visitor. While tlio custodian searched
in his pocket for change tlio tourist pro
duced a hammer from his pocket and by
a sharp blow on the rudobarcophagnsof
reu Verona marble which is said to
have enshrined Juliet , broke olT a piece
or about three kilogrammes or six
pounds in weight. Then lie moved
away rapidly from the scene of de
struction and desecration. Tlio custo
dian , who had observed the deed pursued
him and suggested the propriety of his
giving up tlio plunder. Tlio English
man protested , and it was only after u
lengthened debate that the visitor
flniilly delivered up the fragmontbrohen
oil' the Juliet sarcophagus , Such is the
btory now going the rounds of the papers.
In Gustavo Doro's illustrrtions to
L'Espagno of Baron Davillicr there is
an illustration entitled "Tlio Robbers
of A/.ulcjos ( tiles ) at the Alhambra , "
representing an Englishman of the con
tinental typo , iicGomtKiniod by his wife ,
and engaged in hammering olT the
colored tiles from the walls of that
incomparable building. This is the
idea that many French and Spanish
and Italian people have of the English
man abroad. The report of the attempt
to carry olT three kilogrammes of
Juliet's tomb will conllrm the old idea.
It mutters but little thut no one who
knows tlio history of the place regards
the tomb as genuine for the people of
Verona it is at least as oiTectivo in in
ducing strangers to visit their city as if
it wore the indisputable sepulchre of
the unfortunate daughter of the
Capulots. Murray notes that "it
certainly was shown in tlio
last century , before Shukspoarc became
generally known to the Italians. * *
Maria Louise got a bit of it , which she
caused to bo divided into hearts and
gems , elegant necklaces , bracelets , etc. ,
and many other sentimental young and
elderly ladies have followed her ma
jesty's example. " It is all very well for
a royal personage , such as Marie Louise ,
to got a bit of this trough-like tomb , but
an unknown English traveler who at
tempts to carry oil six pounds of rod
marble in a surreptitious manner , oven
for the gratification of sentiment , is
treated with scorn by the journalists of
the whole country , and deservedly so.
A Fine 1'leoo ot Word I'nlntinu From
the London Nowft.
A quiet , careworn presence , a neat
black gown of somewhat antiquated
fashion a gown which never rustles ,
oven unoii high days and holidays ,
when its material is of silk. Her eyes
are faded , and their orbits are hollow ,
but in them linger : ) a look of youth.
Her thin oval cheeks have fallen in
she regards the displacement of natural
teeth , decayed , with the bound imita
tion article , as tin innovation so daring
as almost tn bonier upon the impious.
Her hair still plentiful , though thick
ly streaked with gray is dressed nearly
after the fashion of thirty years ago.
You notice her llrst at luncheon , sitting
at the bottom of the table , on the loft
hand of the master of the house. She
has timidly expressed a preference for
a "little of" the cold fowl which stands
before you , and blushed consciously
when you send her the liver wing. A
servant drops a dish-cover with a clat
ter , and your hostess loolu reproach
fully at her. A bottle of claret IH dis
covered to bo corked ; the old governess
and the butler exchange deprecating
glances. You find her sitting in
u shady nook of the drawing-room
after dinner , plying crewel-noodle ,
lace-bobbin , or crochet-hook , for
Penelope hur.solf was not n more
enthusiastic workwoman. You sit down
by her und onguiro her in u little de
sultory conversation. Her work you
admire it ? Yes it is a now stitch !
The School of Needlework recently ex
hibited some such design , Ono of the
daughters of the house commenced it ,
found it difllcult and threw it aside. It
booms symbolical of her mission in life
that she should never commence any
thing for herself that all her time and
patience should bo expended in picking
up the false stitches , in securing the
struggling silicon ends loft by others.
She in behind the world in many things.
The receipt of u. telegram throws her
into a flutter and purlurbatlon of spirits.
She can not bo induced to admit the
superiority of the electric nvor moro
antiquated methods of illumination.
The phonograph is to her n mystery so
occult ns to bo almost sinful , nnd the
inventors of such things nro persons to
bo avoided ns having entered into un
holy leagues with n potentate whoso
name she would rather not mention.
She BOCS the exhibition of the Hoynl
Acjulomj yearly , and occasionally ac
companies the younger daughters of
the family to the popular concerts. She
is so weak und childlike that the idea
of her chaperoning anybody seems n
contlo kind of joke with tears behind
it. She does not visit the theater un
less it bo in pnntomino season , wnon the
grandchildren of the house are taken
to Drury Lane. For the time
being she is almost ns excited as the ju
veniles nml leads the npplnuso the soft
woollen gloves of the youngest and
chubbiest spectator between her black
kid ones. She will toll you that Mr.
Irving is ft very line nctor---that Mr.
Blank has soon him. with n gentle sort
of triumph. She never assorts any
thing upon her own responsibility ,
though she is constantly appealed and
referred to upon any and every occasion
by all the members of tlio family. Any
onn who should hint to her that the
family were a trillc exacting would ho
down in her dove-colored book forever.
Never were such benevolent , agreeable ,
witty , handsome , talented people in her
opinion. "Tlio simple savin" smokes
continually on her humble altar. She
has bowed before that altar for moro
than thirty years.
In the days when the half-nay olllccr's
daughter left kith and kin behind her
and went forth to wage her hard bread-
battle with the world , no formidable
list of accomplishments , no Cambridge
certillcuto was required of the instruc
tress. She micrht bo more fitly de
scribed as a nurse-teacher than a gov
erness. She was not only expected to
line the brains of her young charges ,
but to assist in covering their chubby
bodies as well. And she fulfilled those
duties with exemplary faithfulness. By
nature a gentle , domestic creature ,
only possessed ot average capa
bilities and accustomed to snub
bing , her school-room autoc
racy became endeared to her. At the
head of the ink-stained deal table , at
least , she was n personage of import-
unco ono having power to punish or
reward ; dealing out her tusk-portions
" ' " " ' "
of , "Butter'sSpelling ,
'English and French Grammar , "
"Concnso'd Arithmetic " " '
, "Marlrham's
History" and "MungnnlPs Questions"
dear , inquisitive , stultifying Mangnalll
with mathematical precision and due
regard to the capacities of each youth
ful charge. Suppose she now nnd then
stole a peep at the page before heri" "
The children never noticed that the
helmet of Pallas Athene occasionally *
nodded on the brows of their precup-
So the humble , even course of her
life-tide Mowed on. She hud conscien
tiously imparted to her pupils the little
that she knew , and now in her third
lustrum of service , it had to bo deli
cately broken to her that throe of them
wore grown up , marriageable they
needed her no more. She clung des
perately to tlio youngest and last re
maining , but the hour she dreaded
came , and with it the man ! The young
est inurriod. like her sisters and be
hold the old governess'occupation gone.
She gave warning , and wept as she
packed her boxes the walnut
chest and the bald hair trunk
with brass nails and made and
gave and received and shed tears over
small parting remembrances mid , in
the event , never went away at till. She
is the lubricating medium , without
which the wheels of the household ma
chine would move but crciikily , the
salvor-over of wounded susceptibilities ,
the meek bulTor from which family dis
putants rebound. She 's the disburse ?
of charities , the robukor of rebellious
servants , the guide of the unwelcome
guest to local places of interest a mild
creature , who goes to church in nil sorts
of unfavorable weather , and keeps up
the family account with heaven on the
credit side. Grown-up sons borrow her
small savings for the appeasement of
dubious creditors , married daughters
imperiously claim her willing services
at moments of domestic interest.
Wedding breakfasts are confidently in
trusted to the doeorut vo kill , tlio
dainty manipulation of the withered
hniul"that shall never wear the golden
circlet. She is the lirst to weep when
the bride goes away , and the last to
hurl the slipper superannuated like
herself after tlio receding chariot. At
periods of rejoicing she modestly re
cedes into the background ; but should
sickness and sorrow visit the house of
her adoption , the vigil candle paints
her slight watching shadow upon the
wall of the room whore the sufferer
moans or death lies in state.
Meek soul ! If her gentle nature wore
capable of entertaining bitterness to
wards any earthly being , tlio contem
plation of tlio moulded and renovated
school now class room ! and tlio spec
tacled young tutoress who reigns
therein ( Girton honors and first-class
certificate ) would arouse the feeling ,
The children of her old pupils npnoar
( in certain educational lights ) like imps
of unnatural precocity to the old gov-
eniesB. The geometrical proplems of
the blackboard the oral lessons - confound
found her. The smallest child of
all lias forgotten moro than she
evar knew ! A primrose by the river's
brim is not a primrose , but a member of
the botanical order corollillanu ,
ciilyxcd , und having a monopotalous
something or other to this enlighten
ed infant. Perhaps it is after receiving
this cannonade of scientific information
from lips on which the maternal nutri
ment is scarcely yet dry that the old
governess falls nick , dies very quietly
nnd unostentatiously , and , in ceasing to
be at all , becomes for the lirst time in
her lifon person of importance.
ASuidy of ( In : i.oVL'lopment or a
Chilli's Mind.
In the last volume of the "Education
Series" on the "Development of flio In
tellect , " II. W. Brown has presented a
conspectus of the observations of Pro
fessor Proyor on the mind of the child ,
which showH chronologically the
gradual development of the senses.
intellect and will of the grow
ing child , and presents in u condensed
form the result of a great number
of careful observations. It is recorded
thut sensibility to light , touch , tempera
ture , smell anil taste are present on the
lirst day of infant life. Hearing , there
fore , is the only special sense which is
not active at this time. The child hears
by the third or fourth day. Taste und
smell are bouses ut'llrst most active , but
they uro not dilToronthtlod. General
organic sensations of well-being or dis
comfort are felt from the first ; but pain
und pleasure , as mental states , are not
noted till at or nmir the second month ,
The first sign of speech in the shape
of utterance of consonant sounds is
heard in the latter part of the second
month , those consonants being generally -
ally "m , " "r , " "g" or "t , All the
movements of the eyes become coordinate
nate by the fourth month , and by this
time the child begins to have the''fool
ing of solf" that is , ho looks ut hie
own hands und looks ut himself in the
mirror. The study of the child's
mind during the first your
tihowe conclusively thut ideas
develop nnd reasoning1 fr oijcsses occur
before there is nny knowlcduo of words
or of language ; though it may bo as
sumed that tne child thinks in symbols ,
visual or auditory. wlficHAiro clumsy
equivalents for woros. By the end of
the year the child bocrfns to express
itself by Bounds thut is , speech begins.
The development ol thltfflpocch capac
ity is , according to Proyor , in accord
ance with the development of the intel
lectual powers. By the end of the second
end your the child's power of spcocll is
practically acquired.
{ r
A handsome complexion Honb of the great
est charms n woman can uossois , 1'ozzonl's
Complexion Powder gives it.
Some of tlio Tricks of IMuubuq in tlio
Old World.
It is stated in the olllclul report that
702 persona died between the 1 Ith and
17th ult. , at Bokhara , of heat , nnd the
figures , it expressly added , do not in
clude children. If this amazing calam
ity be not duo to any atmospheric violence
lence , as n Bnd-l-Slmoon , for example ,
it is probably iincqualcd in authentic
records , says the London Standard.
But when we think of the ngony , the
horrible wretchedness in which the
whole population must have been living ,
it may well seem that those who found
csciiDo in death are not to bo pitied.
The horror of heat is unknown to us ,
or indeed to any oiivt of Kuropo , though
Naples and Athens are desperately try
ing some times. But to the native of
Scindo , Central Asia , the shores of the
Persian gulf , the sun of Greece is but a
trillo. The utter helplessness of man
under this in fiction adds horror to his
sufferings. There is no hope and no re
source when the rod hot air penetrates
to those underground chambers in
which the summer is passed in Central
Asia. "The inh.ibit'ints ' , " wo learn ,
"aro shutting themselves up to cscapo"
probably closing all the apertures of
their subterranean abodes , cxcopttlioso
absolutely necessary for ventilation.
The air down below , undnr such
circumstances , cnn not bo Imagined ono
who has not n. touch of experience.
Houses of good class nro solidly con
structed under ground , with ehnmbors
nnd doors nnd corridors ; but tlio mass
of the people Inhabit big holes , roofed
over , with no kind of permanent con-
uoulonco. Every winter the frost und
snow and rnln play mfsohicf with those
rough pits , ana the damage IB not al
ways , not often repaired by the follow
ing summer.
Fancy thousands ot Mongols In those
dons , pursuing their filty habits in semidarkness -
darkness , suffering the nwful torment
of hont , children walling , adults raving ,
alwuys in want of water and generally
of food , in an tttmoaplioro beyond con
Sleepless nights mndo miserable by
that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure in
tlio remedy for you. For sale by Good
man Drug Co.
Jolm I ; , nn n Coinnilttcotnnn.
Chicago Tribune : Chairman ot Con-
crosslotwl Committee " 1 InUo it for
granted , gentlemen , that wo shall re
port favorably on the bill referred to
us , defining the barbarous practice of
holding boxing contests with skin-tight
gloves in the District of Columbus as u
felony , and prescribing a penalty of not
less than ono year in the peniten
tiary "
[ Enter Committeeman Sullivan , the
honorable member from Boston. ]
The Chairman ( resuming ) "Er Mr.
Sullivan , wo were ah considering
this bill in relation to suarrintr exhi
bitions. What is your opinion of Ity"
Congressman Sullivan "It's u bloody
shame to bring in sucli a hill as that. I
Itiii lick any feller that's In favor of it.
blank mv eyes , an'I'm willln'to do it
right here if necessary "
The Uhiiirimui ( with alacrity ) "Mr.
Sullivan's judgment , gentlemen , is that
of an export. I take it for granted ,
gentlemen , that wo shall report unani
mously against this infamous bill. "
Bceohuin's Pills cure bilious and norvotn ills
Have you used
. . . . . . . . . _ .
" * iw-iv , J./j.wvvr\jr.Li > vi r iiji'jiJiijo , xu. , i o J ivjrrjo LJ.\JLV , u.L.iJiJi.wji.i i ooj A : u A * -
INFLAMAT1ON OF THE DOWELS , PILES , and all doriinRoraont of the Inter
nal Viscera.
RADWAY'S PILLS are a euro for this complaint. Tlioy tone tip the internal
secretions to healthy action , restore strength to the stomiieh and enable it , tj
perform its functions. Prieo Hoc nor box. Sold by all druggists.
RAD WAY & CO. , New York ,
For sale by M. II. UlLsj , Oinahi ,
Corner of Tenth and Worthington Streets , Omaha , Neb.
The Key , RoTiert Dolierty , S. T , D , , Rector ,
Fall Term Begins Wednesday , September 11. For Particulars
Apply to the Rector.
Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilating
Apparatus and Supplies.
Engines , Boilers , Steam Pumps , Etc.
A. B. MEYEK & CO. ,
1O8 South iSth Street , Opp. Postoffice. Telephone 149O.
1B13 Douglas Street , Omaha , Nebraska.
Offer * Hie bpht frtCllltleH Tor ncriulrliiK llio art
otfiHOHTHANDumt l'VriWlllTlN ' : < i. l.\ltJ-
KS.T.I UEirKnTUllll HnST.SOIIOOI.ln tllU WKhf
Kucceas ( HMllA.N7Eiu to unyone of ordinary
ability. ( JKAIIIU'UN AMJCill'.U'lO I'llNlllON i
Wo itru nimble lotmppiy tliu tluinuiid ( or com-
, jietcnt HtcnoKraplieiH. You can get a jioslllon
$ n a BOOH UH you mo ready for It , Uvery yoiinir
snau mid \\oiiuiii Nliould nuvu u practical
knoMl-dgu oC Hliortlianil und TynuurltliiL'
Olvti DIB liovsiind ( uunco ui. n llior-
mmli pnctlciil bcliool nivl u-ucli them tube
I'or further Information addroas
Standad ; Shotod Schoo.
Frank K. Hull , luniipei- ,
PaxtonBlocUSUFarHamSt.Omalia . ,
Boots nnd Shooo.
KlliKBXDAl.t , , JOKES , t CO. ,
Sucf < iortu llccd , Jones A Co.
Wliolcsale MaiinfactDrcrs of Biots & Shoes
Agent * ( or lloiton llubbcr Shoo On. , 11CJ. 1101 antl lift ]
llnrncjr Strecl , Omnlia ,
Lager Beer Brewers ,
I.Vtl North Klclitc nlli Mtx'ot.Omnhn. Nch.
fiannrctnrcrs ofGalyanized Iron Cornice nnd miMnllrHyllolH' . Jntm KpcncKr ,
proprietor , USnnU llUSoiilli Kth itreuU
_ Popor Boxoa.
Proprietor Omaha Paper Box Factory ,
Not.111 ? ami HI9 Douglas ilrect , Onman , Nob.
M. A. /.S-BiOII't CO. ,
\Vhclciilo tnsuiifnolurrrs of
Sash , Doors , Blinds ani Mouldings ,
Branch ollcg , lilli Irnnl ircol . Chiinhi Xt-b.
FlttlngSi Pumps , Eto.
STKAXA CL.lliK STK.IM llR.lTtxii CO. .
Pianos , Pines and EiiEines ,
, nntrr , rnllwnv nml mlnlni : JiipplUi , etc.
M , KJanil If.'l I srunni urcul , Uiualio.
EMilNE A 1'1TMI'CO. ,
Steam and Water SiioDlies ,
ll llM r nlml mills , PIS nii'l ICO , lnm > st. , Ottmlia.
U. F. lloss , Afltlni ! .Mnn.iKor ,
niiOWA'ELL A CO. ,
Cn ncs , Boilers and General MjcWnory ,
Sliout-lron Tror.X , fftenni pumps , nw iiilllt. 12I.M2IS
l.vavennrtli Mrcot , Uuialia.
Iron Works.
Wronglit ani Gait Iroi Biding Work ,
Knclncs. IIIUM work , ucnurnl fotinjrjluuchlno uuj
blackunltli norX. Olllce Mid works , U. r. Uj.
nud ITIli Itrcvt , OniuUit.
Manufacturers of Wire and Iron Minis
Ucik ralli , wlQiloir Runnls , tlowur otnmK wlro sinus ,
etc. niNurililalislrool , umnlia.
Manf'rs ' of Fire and Burglar iraof Safes ,
Vaults , lull nork , Iron nhnltoM imd tire ts"npes.
( } . And icon , prop r. Comer Uta uJ .Uclnuii sis.
UiY/OA * fcTOt'/v' YA11US CO. ,
Of South Omaha , Limited ,
Basomant First National Bank ,
505 buuilitii : ! sirwut , - Onmlin
Capital $400,000
SurnliK. Jim. M , 1SS ! ) 5i ,000
OWICKUS AND miincj'oiis :
IlK.snv . Y.vrr.y , President.
LEWIS ? . ltEii > . Vlco I'tualduut.
A. I : . Toiv. VMN ,
W. V. MiwxiJ.
JOHNS , roi.i.w i
It. O. Ci'siiiNn ,
\V. II. S. Hur.ui : * . Cashier.
Lor 1''th and rnrnum Sts.
A Ooiierul Hunting Iliislnras ruinsiirtcd. _
MlMMNGl'UN"liOinT ; . Teiive
llepot liitli \ Masonnts. Omaha.
Chicago Vestibule llx il"i ) p in ! I:7J : u in
riilcui ; > Mall :4S u m c > : r > p m
Chlc.iKO Local fl:4' : ) i > 111 "Ml u m
I "Oliver Vudllbulu l.v. 10:0) : u in : i-W : p in
I lucoln \ Coiu'ordia I.o'l 8:00 : a m li.r > p m
tnloimln Mull 7:1 p in ! ) ; ! < ; a m
I lilcat'o I'aat .Mnll ! IJJ 11 in
ICttn-sas City IXpreis. . . : Ti a in iil" : , a in
ICnnsii- * City iOJ ) : p in ll"i : p in
Depot 1'tluVVeU3terhts Oiuuha.
Day ixprets ; i0 ! : : ! a in
Night hxprosa Jii'U p m
F. E. f.M. . V. It. U. Arrtvo
Depot r > lh& Wobsler Hs. Oinulia
lllact Hills Uxprt-ss . . 8:40 : n tn 3:40 : p in
HasliiiKs * Superior Kx. 8:40 : a m HM : ) p m
Lincoln A : Wuhoo I'asa. , . fIO ; p m 10Ui : a m
David Citj- & York I'nss. file ; p m 10 : m a m
Norfolk I'fc'H fiIO ; p 111 10:1" : a in
Fremont 1'njs ll.:15oaou : 3M p m
C. Ac N.V. . 11. K. I I.oavo Arrlvo
L'epot lOtli , V Marcy sta.l Onmlia. QUinho.
( hlcaijo Express. Dally. 1)115 ) a in 7or : > p in
Ftut Limited , Dully . . , "Mi p 111 10 : ' . ! < > a m
"Jlia riycr. " Dally , 8f ! ) p in | b:0r : > a m
C. Al. &oT. 1'AI'I ' * I.euro Arrlvo
Depot mil & Maicy sts. Omaha , Uiuahu.
No.i. . . 0:1.1 : a m
No. 4. 0UO ; p in
No. 1. 7:15 a m
No. 3. . 0Q : ( ) p in
Depot 15th A ; Wooalerats. Omaha. Omaha.
Limited. _ 0:4b p in
o. a. r. & P. i.eavo
Depot Kth & Many ma. Oumlm. Omaha.
Dos MolneH AccominoiTn
Atlantic Uxpresu
Depot iutn.fe Marcy sts.
No. 8 ft. U Exit. Dnlly p m
UNION I'AC1I''IO ' l.oavii Arrlvo
Depot JOtli mid Murcy Bts Onmlm. Omaha
Overland Klyer. 7.VJ : p m io p"ia
1'aclllo Kxpri'SH ' b : > n m T'M u m
Denver llxprcHs Id : 'W a in 2:40 : p in
'KannaH City , Lincoln A :
Heutrlcu llxjirrns . 4:45 : a m 1-il'i n m
Miruiul Islam ! Kxpret n:4"i : i > in Vi : ' , . ' ' < n m
M'npilllon 1'ansengor G:5" : > j ) in , 'iM : a m
tjjally Kxi'opt Sunday.
C. ST. I' . M.&O. i.eav * Arrive
Depot Hill A ; Webster His. Omaha , Omaha.
Hloiix ( Ity KxprnHs 1:00 p m 1:00 : p in
Sioux City Ao'inmodat'n 7:40 : u m U:10 : p m
ht. 1'nul Limited ( l : < 5 p in U'K : a in
Florence r < V a in 8n ; : a in
Florence 1 > ; 'M v m fii u p in
tl'lorenco v.'M u in 10:2) : a m
tl'loreme 1:3) : ) v m 6:16 : p m
Dully Hxcetil tiuuday.
tSuuuay Only ,
11 No. S . . . . Bs'Opm'A ' No. IS 7:11 a in
( j No. 0 OiVlumU No. 1 U:15pm :
A No. 4 10OUiimO : No. 5. . .fiilftpin
A No. 14 . . .billpjniA NP. 3. . . B:3Jiiin :
No 0 .40u in No,7 fl : 7 a in
r.o. ilsl.ip m'No. ' 3 7:15 : a in
} } o , 4 iijas a in No ft 0:16 : pm
A No.8 9:40umA : No. 1 7 : ) am
A No. 4. . . .OjlOpm'A ' No , ! ) CM&pm
A No. 2 10:07 : u i A No. i )
A No. 4 VilfipiiilA No. 1 . . .
A No. 10 . . . .70\annA No. 9 . . , .8Huni :
A No.lS 7JOluuA : ( No. 11 . . , .UOOpu :
A No , 8 ' < : ajpralA No. 7 12:0011 :
A daily' ) II dally , eicoct Saturday : 0 ( excep
Bumtuyi I ) except MuniUy ; fa t mall.
Asricnlt'l ' implements , Wanons , Carriage !
cln. _ \ \ ht'yv ! < le. Omaha , Ktliranka.
Wholesale Dealers in Furniture ,
> > niam tiOot. OmMm , Ncltnxkn.
Fumitorc ,
Onmlin , Nebraska ,
, mtAur A CO ?
Grflccrs ;
lJthi.nilLontonr.ortb Blrocli. Oinnhit , Ki
* . J. nilOA'IGII ,
Hcnyy Hirflwarc , Iron and Steel ,
'tX ' A > ; ODlAllV CT
Mamilnuliiror * nnd Job urs In
Wa0is ! , Buggies Hale : , Plows , Etc ,
Tor. lull nnd 1'nclHo < lrt'0l , Onmlm.
Artists' Materials.
l. IlObl'V , Jr. ,
Artists' ' Materials , Pianos and Organs ,
1613 L'oitBlus dlioot , Uinnlm , Ncbrn kn.
Boots end Shoos.
W. K. MOItbE .t fO. ,
Joliljers of Bools anil Slices ,
1101.110 * , IKOnouKlns ttttvot. Oniabn Monufnctorj .
buutuitT Mreot , Uostun.
Conl , Colio
Miners and Shippers of Coal anil Coke ,
Kiuini ' . ' 1.1) ) . S. Nntlmml Hunk llnllilliu , Oiirnlu.
Jotters of Hsrd ani S.ift Coal ,
SOU Koulli 13lli tlrjot.Oiuttlut , Nebraska.
Shippers of Coal and Cok
911 fuutti 13tli it. , Oraalui , Nub.
Wliolesale Lumber , Etc ,
nnd AnicrUnn 1'oilldnacmcnt. . Sl t
eguiU for IllltT.itiki'olivilinu Ivtciiieut nud
' ' f wliUulim * .
C11AS U. LVK ,
Wood cnrpi'ls nml parquet : . I Hi and UouRl
StlOl'l" , UlIlAllH. All ) .
All Kinds of Building Material at Wholesale
IStli strict an. ) L'ulont'a lllu truck , Oinalin.
Dalcr : in Lumber , Latli , Lime , Sasli ,
Oooii. lUc. Vnnli * Corner ? th find Douglas. OOlci
Corner lutli nurt
F1JUD. } ' . OltAY.
Luiiilr Lir CciiMt EtcEtc
, , , , , ,
Cor&ur Uth a id Douche Ha , Oniiilil.
( ' . A * . DlK'l'Z ,
Dealer in All Kinds of Lmite
13tu nnd California streetsOimilm , Nebrntkn.
Millinery and Notions ,
I.'ommVELDFAl & CO. ,
Importers & Jobbers in Millinery & Mans
SOI.KIOmid 212 bomh lltli jtruit.
x r. nonixsox NOIWX co. ,
Wholesale Notions and Fnriiisliing Goods ,
nrncy Street , Onmlia.
Stone and Commission HcrcHanls ,
SpsclHllli'9-IlnttPr , Pu'k's , choose , poultry , uatn
1112 HimnrUBtrcct , Umulin , Null.
Dry " " Cooclsjjntl Notions. _
M. K. &M//77/ C0.
Dry Goods , FiiniisliiiGoa and Notions
d 1101 IJonglai , ror. lltli itroet , Onmlia , Neb.
co. ,
Importers & Jobte mDry Goods , Notions
Ueal'i funilslilnnaoixi" . Cnrnir Hth nud Harncy
_ Btricti.Onmlui , Notiruskit. '
UVl/7/3 / COMl'AXV.
Wliolesa'e Hardware , Cutlery , Tin Plate ,
Metals , fliect Iron , etc. Auant for Howe ucalei ,
iundcr nnd I.yinan buibec wlro. _
Builders' ' Hardware and Scale Renair Shop
Mechanic * ' 1001 and ItufTnlo ocalei. 1105 Douglas
itrcet , Omaha , Net > .
Toy a , Eto. _ _
n. JIAIWY &co. ,
Jobber ) of
Toys , Dolls , Albums , Fancy Gocfls ,
bout , * furnUhliiK " 'i < H. children' * larrluRei , 1201
Kirniira itreut , Omulia , Null.
Wholesale Rcfir.efl and Lubricating Oils ,
Alia tjrtaso , etc. , Omaha. A. II. UUIioji. ilgunner.
Pap or.
Wholesale Paper Ds lers ,
CarrvanlcA tock nf iirlntln ' . vr.ifplnc ninl
paper. Bpoclul ntlcntlou Klvcn to card vapor
Capital , $4QOOOO
Surplus ,
Ofllccrs and Directors li. M. Morseman , (1. (
M HKcliccKk , Jon. ( iarnoau. Jr. , A. Henry. 12.
M. Anilerrton , Win. ( i. Maul. v. proa. ; U II , Will ,
lanu , A.I' HouicliiH , pres.j A , Mlllurd , caslilori
! ' . 11. Dryftia ubslatuiit caulilur.