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Cellrcredby carrier In Any Tart of heCttrn
TnentyCents Per\Vcok , . . , . _ „ „
rcMsr.cs Orricn No. 13.
KIOIIT Knmm , Ko.a.
N. Y. P. Co.
Glcnson conl.
D. W. Oils , city nnd farm loans.
Lowest prices In Iowa nt Boston Storo.
Carbon Coal Co. , whoosalorotall,10I'onrl. !
. Attorney Uoulton has nsfccd for Injunctions
against tlio London bottling nnd Hook Island
bottling works.
An Injunction has been granted against E.
A. Wiclttnan of the PaclUo house property
for saloon purposes.
Dr. A. N. Glllot will to-night meet those
wishing to Join tlio O. L. S. C. at the Pres
byterian church nt 7:30. :
Emma Luott has boon granted n dlvorco
from Edward Luutt , on tno grounds of cru
elty , nnd the custody of the child was given
to her.
United States district court convenes on
the 23 , with Judge Love on the bonch. A
number of important oases nro to bo dis
posed of.
Mrs. Mitchell , who lm < talton charge ol
Friedman's mdllnory department , leaves to-
duv for the oust to select a line stool : of mil-
lln'ory for the fall trade.
'Jho ' Women's Itollof corps have n mooting
this evening nt G. A. R. h.ill. All the members -
bers nro roa'ioitcd to bo present , us very
urt'ont business dumimds their attention.
William A. Moore , of Hazel Dell township ,
died Thursday of typhoid fovor. Tlio fu
neral took phiuo ycstordny morning , the remains -
h mains being buried In Hnzsl Doll cemetery.
Tim iJonahoo-ICr.iningor cnso appears to
of nnd Unit uels h'
* linvo dropped out sight , <
borhood Is quiet nnd serene. Eight Informa
* tions wcro Illud In all , but none of the case ;
cmno to trial.
John Uudd nnd wife will celebrate their
golden wetldlni ; on tlio llth of next month
They nro old settlers In the Bluff * nnd n
largo number of friends wilt unite with thorn
in their festivities.
An alarm of fire nt 11:45 : yesterday morn'
Ing was caused by a slight bhizo In John
Dunn's barn on Upper Uroadwny. The fire
was caused bv children playing Witt
matches. No serious damaga
Quartermaster Hughes , of the Unltct
States nrmy at Omaha , has awarded n con
tract for -0.003 gallons of mineral oil , to be
dollvorod'at Ills headquarters nt 20 , ' cents u
gallon , to S. Theodore , of this city.
Charles Mil led go , son of Mr. and Mrs ,
Mlllcdgc , residing on Sixth avenue , between
Sixth nnd Seventh streets , died .vcstcrdnj
morning at 5:80 : o'clock of Inllammutlon ol
the lungs. The funeral will take place to
day at Up. in. from the residence.
Just ns the town clock wns striking th (
hour of mldnicht an incendiary lire , tlia second
end ono for. lust ovenlnir. wns started in i
coal shed back of Nato Williams' conl ynrd
An alarm wns turned in from box ) , und tin
blnzo being close to No. 4 hose house , tin
boys soon hnd it out.
Charles Johnson , the railroad man ar
rested Wednesday on the charge of nt
tempted rnpo , has been In troublu hcfora
Ho wns arrested over n your ago for forging
nn order , using the nuuio ot the y.u-ilmustor ,
to obtain board , Ho was dotectoJ nnd ar
rested , but managed to oscnpo punishment
Messrs. Field & Estop ycstordny morning
received u telegram from U. A. Iturkhuidt
announcing the death of his wlfo , nml suit
Ing bo would arrive hero Suturaay with tin
remains , und asking that funeral arrange
nientH be made with Uov. T. J. Mackoy foi
Sundav , nt-1 o'clock. Mr. Buikhardt lefi
the city about nine years ago. Ho was cltj
marshal In 1871.
Within the past twontv-fuur hours the au
thorities huvo been notified of three cases ol
contagious diseases In the city , two of scarlo
fever und one of dliihthcrla. The latter 1
Edilm Novins , No. 721 Avenue E. The scar
let fever Is located on Vluo street and 01
Sixth avenue , but the names of the un
fortuuntes wcro not ascertained. Card :
wore put up nt the places warning the public
The members of the executive board , o
the bonrd of trade , und the business men
these who have dealings with commorcln
travelers , are earnestly requested to nipot a
tbo bonrd of trade rooms on Monday ovnn
ing next , nt Imlf past seven (7:80) ( : ) o'clock , a
which tuna tlio report of a special committei
will bo heard. This meeting Is of Import
nnco to all business men who have the in
terests of this city at heart. Bartram Zov
ely , secretary.
Rov. B. P. McMenomy , at 7:30 : o'cloon
Thursday evening , at the residence of tin
bride's brother , Mr. Ed Shorloclt , united in
marriage Mr , O. H. Urown , n druggist 01
Male street , and Miss Mary A. Sherlock ,
The newly married couple set out on theii
wedding tour at 10 o'clock over the Chicago
Burlington & Qulnuy to Chicago , thence tc
Auburn , N. Y. , the homo of tbo brldo'i
mother. They will return In about twi
wcelts , when they will occupy their bcauti
ful now homo on IJlutT gireot.
Mention wns made several days ago of tin
nrrest of Willlatn U. Nlco , for assuultinf
Mw. Rngun and daughter , on Eighth street
lust nbovo Mill Btreotutn small grocery when
Nice boarded. The case was heard bofon
Justice Schurz yesterday , ana Nice- was flnci
110 and costs. Neither of the prosccutini
witnesses appeared , and It is said they havi
loft the city , tuklng their furniture , etc. , am
that Nlco , xvbo la a relative , Is loft to holi
the sack. In court it was shown that the
women were of questionable churaotcr.
About U o'clock last night an alarm of lln
called the department to Wols & Clausen'
barn , on the alloy in the fear of their slon
on Upper Uroadwny. The flro W.IB the worl
of nn incendiary , who started the blaze fron
I tbo outside. The flro wns under good head
way , but was quickly gotten under control
by vigorous work , The dutmiga was Blight
The lira was sot when the rain was ut it
heaviest , the tire bug thinking , no doubt
that the elements would Intcrforo with thi
department moro than with the Uro ,
Western Lumber und Supply Co. , 13tl
and 14th streets ami 2d und 3d avenues , carr.
tbo largest stock or lumber , piling polo , ties
llmo , cement nnd building nmterlul in th
west. E. W. Raymond , manager.
Get Fountain So cigar , next Elsouian blocl
Sugar cured hams lOc nt "Tho Famous. "
J. C. Ulxby , guaranteed steam heating , 33
Broadway. .
Wanted to exchange , city property fo
stows and tinware. Apply to C. A. Over
ton , MM E. lJjoad\\ny.
C. H. Music Co. , 33 Hroiiuwny.
Itopiilillonu I'rlinnrlcH ,
Tha republican primaries of Knno townshij
for the selection of delegates to the ropub
Hcan county convention which moots li
Council Ulutts on tlio 10th day ot September
1BSO , will bo hold on Saturday evening , Sop
tcmborl4 , utSsSO o'clock , ut the followhn
First Ward At the ofllca of John Iiamuioi
nnd golcct seven delegates.
Second Ward At the city building , an
elect ulovon delegates.
Third Ward At the ofllco of J3. S. Unrnotl
Esq. , nnd select eight delegates.
IB Fourth Ward At the county court house
end select thirteen delegates.
Uy order of the comimttuo.
WILLIAM AiiNi ) , Chairman.
Kntriiiouiit 1'arlc.
The beautiful getn of Council Ulutfs so1
amid the romantio hills and shaded by 'voi
dant boughs of forest trees. The most dc
lightful place Imaginable for picnics , tciiiii
parties and quite rambles.
'J-ako the occtric | motor cars bridge lino-
which lands passengers in the very heart o
tha park. Faro from Omaha to the par
only 10 cents.
The park Is owned and controlled by tb
city authorities and the best of good ordi
U enforced ,
Tickets for grand drawing , (4,000 houi
and lot , at Fountain , Moore & Uowmuu'
Manhattan , and John Green's suoo store ,
J. 0. Tlptou , real ostuto , 627 ll'dwiij
"Tho Famous'1 la headquarters for gn
ceries and house furnishing goods ; J
Interesting Lognl Proceedings In the
District Court
Tim filcotrlo Motor Company Onzos
On Lnko Mnnnwa Tlio DUolplua
of Henry Gaorjro Notes
General nml I'crsonal.
Van For Court 8ioctntnrj.
There was very llttlo Interest for outsldo
spectators in yesterday morning's business
in district court , but thora was aorao very in
teresting testimony introduced la the after
noon , that Induced tbo attorneys to cluster
ns near as convenient to the witness stand ,
and the spectators crowded as close to the
railing as It was possible to got , so that not a
word should bo losL Itvns not a spicy dl-
vorco suit , or of the kind which usually
draws a crowd to hear a rehearsal of dis
gusting nnd nauseating details , but \vas sim
ply onu of the saloon cases , In which John
A. Lnndstrotn In plaintiff , and George F.
Doulton attorney. The case is entitled
Landstroui vs Chris Hudlo ot at , the other
defendant bolng Thomas Mctcalf , the owner
of the building , No. 013 Uroadway , against
which an Injunction was sought. Jacob
Sims appeared for Motctilf , and Colonul D.
H. Uailoy for Kudto. It was evident from
the start that tnoro was to bo con-
si'Iorablo horse play , and that 13oul-
ton would bo the victim of It.
Ho movwl for n judgment by default , ns no
record npponrod of any answer having buen
filed by the defendant. Then the fun
jogun. The delcndant's attorneys demurred ,
objected , executed , filed motions , vorillod
answers , etc. , etc. , until Uoultonvas nearly
xvild. The attorneys outsldo the case till
jecixmo Intensely interested , and the fact
soon became patent that Houlton was fightIng -
Ing the whole bar. If ttiero wus anything
that the two nttornoys employed could not
think of It was promptly suggested by some
of the others.
The court could not help but sec what was
tjolng on , but it was all done so quietly tnat
tliero was no occasion for interference. For
fully two hours Boultan was mercilessly
"horsed.1 * to the Inlhilto amusomunt of
everybody but himself. Even the witnesses
took'a hand , nnd would testify to anything
but what ho wanted them to. Finally the
court got weary of the exhibition which
Uoulton was making of himself , and
told him that ho was wasting the
court's tlmo In making foolish ob
jections , and that It had required
longer to got through , the preliminary mat
ters than should huvo been required to try
the case. At length ho was called as a wit
ness by the defense , and then ensued such n
questioning as would take the stiffening out
of the knees of a marble statue. Colonel
D.iiloy took the ilrst hand , and after com
pelling Boulton to acknowledge n number of
things around which ho tried unsuccessfully
to squirm , the witness was turned over to
Mr. Sims.
As Is very well known , Boulton and Sims
are the attorneys representing the two classes
of prosecution agulnstthosaloons , tlio former
representing the diigruntlod ex-saloonlsts
nnd tno latter the tompcrnnca ulllanco. Con-
sldcrnblu personal fooling has been engon-
gored between the two gentlemen , oaeh main
taining that the other is in the business for
revenue only , and that ho is not sin
cere In his clTorts to close the saloons.
In tha answer filed by the defendants it is
also charged that Boulton , Ford , Gray and
Landstrom have entered into a conspiracy to
prosecute the saloon for the purpose of black
mail , or In other words , to got what they can
out of It.
There have been several lively tilts be
tween the gentlemen heretofore , but yester
day was tno first time that either of them
has had a chance to handle the matter with
out gloves. Boulton was on the witness
stand , and Sims shot questions at him with
the bark on.
There was quite a jungle as to who paid
the money with which Uoulton was conduct
ing the case. Boulton Insisted that hn paid
it himself.
"Who gave you the money with which to
pay the illine fees. , Mr. Boulton ! "
"I a well a-um , now if it please the
court I don't think that is a proper question ,
and I shall object to answering It. The
statute provides that communication between
counsel and clients are not to uo revealed in
this way. "
The objection was overruled.
"Well , but I don't think ills at all material ,
and- "
and"It doesn't make any ililTorenca what
counsel thinks. I have overruled the objec
tion. Answer the question. "
"Well-er-or , I don't know. "
"Isn't It a fact that Dave Qrav gave you
money with which to prosecute these cases ,
and this one in particular ! "
"I can't say that ho did. I don't remember
anything about It. "
"Havon'Cyou boon paid money to go ahead
with thcso cases , with the understanding
that all the parties who put up the money
should have n share of the attorney's fees ! "
"Now then , your honor , I am accused of
conspiracy , und I don't think It Is right to
put me on the stand to testify against my
self. "
"You can talto advantage of the statute ,
and can refuse to criminate yourself , " said
the court tersely , whllo several winks
traveled around the court room.
"Oh , no , I don't moan to do that , " replied
Boutton hurriedly , "but I think that the
com ought to dccido that it is an improper
question. "
"Tho court don't think so , " came the chill
ing answer , "
Again Boulton's accommodating memory
came to his relief , and ho could not remem
ber that any such agreement had taken
placo. Likewise as to Cray's going to Mr.
Everett and guaranteeing the rent of Boul
ton's ofllco. Boulton tried to get In his say
a few times , but SIuis shut him off.
"Didn't Cray toll you that ho had boon enjoined -
joined from selling liquors in the state by a
decree of this court ! "
"I don't know that ho did. But I know
what ho did sav. " with a triumphant look at
Sims. "Ho told mo that "
Never mind that , answer the question 1"
"Ho told mo about a certain building which
bus an Injunction against It , und you "
"Never mind that ; never mind that. If
your honor plouso , wo would lilco to have the
witness answer the question. "
" \\'oll , I guess I havn some rights hero ,
and will tell what I choose. "
"No you won't , you will answer my ques
tions , and toll nothing but what I ask you. "
So the battle progressed , ui'd ' Boulton
rcall/ud that no was helpless In the camp of
the Philistines. Ho saw that the jig was up ,
and slid out of It as quietly and qulcklv as ho
could when ho was finally released from the
witness stand. The case was submitted and
taken under advisement.
Fine Jewelry , watches and diamonds j
cleaning and repairing at E. Urn-horn's.
1 ho Now Paclflo Is now ready to receive
guests. Best 3 hotel In city.
Wall paper , room moldings and decora
tions , No. It North Main street
Desirable dwellings for rent at mouerata
prices. K. H , Shuafo & Co. , rental agents ,
Broadway and Main streets , up Atulrs.
Keating , prescriptions and drugs , 505
Broadway ,
Fine dressed chickens. G. Mottaz , tele. 173.
- *
Tim Democratic I'Hmarlen.
The democratic prlnurlos wore bold in the
various wards last evening to elect dele <
Cates to the county con volition , which will
be hold Monday to nominate a county ticket
nnd select delegates to the stuto convention
atStoux City next Tuesday. The count }
ofllcern to bo elected are auditor , sheriff ,
treasurer , school superintendent und core
ner. The caucuses last evening passed of !
very quietly , In fact , moro so than for years.
There was no wrangling in any of the
wards , nnd the delegates were selected in a
very few minutes. The "Bloody Fourth"
failed to sustain its reputation of former
years , und many who ultendod for the sole
purpose of seeing some fun wont away dis
appointed. The following uro the delegatua
selected from the different wardsi
First Ward-l hllllp LoelTol , Wall Mo-
Faddeu. James \yiukham , 1 < \ H. Guanolla ,
E , T. Waterman , Cat Muyimrd und tiUa
Second Ward G. A. Holmes , chairman ;
R. N. WtnUleioy , secretary. Delegate- .
A. Holmes , William Gronowcg. Thomas
Bowman. F. P. Bellinger , J. F. Brodbcck ,
Henry Wagner , W. H. KncphorVilllam
AlUtrnndor , J. O. UoHaron , J. C. Wntor-
man , J. O. I.ango and W. II. Beck.
Third Wnrd F. W. Bpetmnn , chairman ;
W. II. Thomas , secretary. Delegates 1 * .
Lacy , A. Ulnk , J. J. Fitzgerald. Ed Brltton ,
Georiro Blaxsim , Max Mohn , John Dohany
nnd F. W. Spotman.
Fourth Wara Judge W. C , James , chair
man ; G. C. Wilson , secretary. Delegates
W. II. Ware , O. P. Wlokham , U. II. Wnlto ,
N. O'Brien , P. Beck , P. Sweeney , II. Hat-
tcnhnuor. G. C. Lawson , T. O'Hearn ,
Thoraas Carey. G. S. Miller , J. A. Murphy ,
J. Dcltrlch and N. Johnson.
1 ho only flzht In nny of the mucuses
seemed to bo on sheriff , and the delega
tions from the Third nnd Fourth wards nro
solid for O'Neill. The First nnd Second uro
divided , being about half for O'Neill , whllo
the remainder nro either for Forman or op
posed to O'Nolll. It Is claimed by some that
the entire city delegation Is for O'Nolll , but
this Is hardly probablo. It Is anticipated ,
however , that O'Nolll'fl support from the out
sldo county will bosuillclonl to guurautonhia
nomination beyond the shadow of a doubt.
Kirk's White Russian soap , six bars for
25c , at "Tho Famous. "
Tube paints TJjfcnt Chapman's art store.
Buy 2Cc worth of Fountains nt the Foun
tain cigar store nnd got a chance In the South
O mail a lot to bo rallied November 23.
Winter & Monroosign painters , 410 B'wy.
nniiquotluc tlio IJrlitiie Cotnrm y-
A very pleasant and enjoyable event was
the reception nnd banquet tendered the direc
tors of the Omahu & Council Bluffs railway
and bridge company und a few other gentle
men ut Hotel Mannxva last evening by
Mcsrs. S. P. McConnell nnd E. M. OJoll.
These present were Hon. George T. Wright ,
Hon. Guy O. Barton , J. II. Mlllurd and John
T. Stewart , of the bridge company ; John N.
Baldwin , Esq. , Charles P. Brastan , Bon-
jamln Marks and Colonel F. C. Rood.
The party loft Broadway nt C o'clock , malt
ing the trip to the lake over the Manuwn
motor lino. On reaching the luke they
boarded the steamer Rescue for a half hour's
sail about the lake , visiting Manhattan
bench , Wright's landing and the dam at the
outlet. Returning to the hotel , they sat
down to a sumptuous dinner. The return to
the city was mudo about 0 o'clock.
The visitors expressed themselves ns very
favorably Impressed with the lake and its
prospects , nnd Messrs. Mlllurd nnd Barton
were highly pleased , it being their flrst visit
to the place. It la understood that an elec
tric line to the lake early next spring Is
much moro than a bare possibility.
It Is intimated that the Main
street line will bo extended along
the present drlvo to the lako.
It In blntcd that there will be two tracks ,
ono on either side of the road , but ns none of
the interested parties will talk about it ,
other than in a general way , this Is a matter
of conjecture , It is given out cold , however ,
that the company thinks very favorably of
the plan , und talk of building the coming
spring. If such a move docs actually result ,
It will moan very oxtnnslvo changes and im
provements at the luko.
Wo can save you money on all grades of
( lour. 'Tho Famous , " 200 Broadway.
"Tho Famous" casli bargain house , 200 B'y
Dr. Murphy.optician , room'-HO Mcrriam bile.
Dwelling for sale on easy payments. Also
building lots nt lowest market prices. Cull
and exumlno our list. E. H. Sheafo & Co.
The Now Ogden , Council Bluffs , finest nnd
largest hotel in western Iowa. Special at
tentions to commercial men.
Tlio Single Tax Society.
The club recently organized to advance the
Henry George principles makes an announce
ment of Its purposes and intentions. They
make tno following declaration of prin
ciples :
Wo advocate tbo abolition of nil taxes
upon Industry and the products of industry ,
and the taking , by taxation upon land values
irrespective of improvements , of the annual
rental value of all these various forms of
natural opportunities embraced under the
general term , land.
Wo hold that to tax labor or its products is
to discourage industry.
Wo hold that to tux land values to their
full amount will render It imuossiblo for any
man to exact from others a price for the
privilege of uslug those bounties of nature in
which nil living mon have an equal right of
use ; that ft will compel every Individual con
trolling-natural opportunities to cither utilize
them by the employment of labor , or abandon
them to others ; that It will thus provide op
portunities of work for all men , nnd secure
to each the full reward of his labor ; and that
as a result involuntary poverty will DO abolished
ished , and the greed , iiuemporunca and vica
that spring from poverty and the dread of
poverty will bo swept away.
The society meets in the hall over No. 12
North Main street , on Sunday , the 15th of
September , at 3:1)0 : ) p. m. All persons inter
ested in the improvement of conditions for
the world's workers are cordially invited to
Money loaned ut Li. B. Craft's is Co.'a
loan olllco on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wngons , personal property of till kinds ,
and all other articles of value , without
removal. AH business strictly confi
Kollcy & Younkorman soil grocorio
Chase and Sanborn coffees a spocialy.
Steam and hot water heating , first-class
plumbing. Work done in both cities. John
Gilbert , 518 Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
Finest market In city J. M. Scanlan's.
Chautnuciiinns Attend.
Rev. A. H. Glllctt , Hold agcntof the Chau-
tauquu Scientific ! and Literary circle , desires
to moot at the Presbyterian church at b
o'clock this evening all these who are Inter
ested in forming local unions for the read
ing course the present season. Lot all
Cholco A No. 1 guaranteed flour $1.20 a
sack at "Tho Famous , " BOO Broadway.
S. B. Wudsworth & Co. loan , monoy.
Swauson Music Co. , 335 Broadway.
C. B. steam dye works , 1013 Broadway.
Personal Paragraphs.
' Mlsa Livy Morton , a school teacher of
Wright county , Iowa , is visiting her aunt ,
Mrs. F. L. Huydon.
Miss Agnes ICuhlman , formerly teacher In
the high school of this city , has accepted c
similar position at her homo in Akron , O ,
United States District Attorney D. O.
Finch , of Dos Moines , was in the city long
enough yesterday morning to bind over a
bootlegger to the federal grand jury.
Mrs. L. Lobovltz , of Europe , who has been
visiting her daughter , Mrs. M. Marcus , lot
the past week , loft for Grand Island , Neb , ,
Thursday to visit her son , Mr. Wolff Lobo
A. Whitoluw , of the firm of Wultoluw ,
Fothorlngham & Co. . is homo from a three
weeks' trip to Now York , where ho has boon
purchasing a fall and winter stock of dry
Dr. E. P. Russell , of Vermont , who re
sided In Council Bluffs about three years ,
from 1603 to 1871 , la hero , after an absence
of clgnteou years , looking after real estate
Mrs. John Carruthors , wlfo of the elec
trician at the electric light station , is visit
ing her mother at Leuvonworth. John will
oil up the machines , turn on u full head of
steam , und leave for that place Monday
morning to bo gone a week.
George C. Kir by , u retired Danker of Dun-
lap , who some years since was a resident of
Pottuwattamlo county , has concluded to
makn Council Blurts hU homo. Ho is herewith
with plun for an elegant residenceho In-
tendt to build as soun as ho secures a sulta <
bio location.
Colonel Wells Cook leaves to-day for Car <
bon county. Wyoming , in the Interest of the
HuwUoyo Oil & Coal company , of this city ,
of which ho is superintendent , The now
find of oil In such large quantities is of vital
Importance to thU company , wbloh ovvua
7,800 ucrtis of laud In the heart of the oil
John Cooper and wife , of Mt. Vornou , O , ,
are the gueiltof their nepLew , W. F , Sapp ,
Jr. , of this city. MfJtCoopor la nt the head
of the Mt Vernon Iron works , ono of the
largest mnnufnctu'rlft''g ' enterprises m the
state of Ohio. Altbdugh sixty-nix years of
ace , ho Is in the enjoyment of ns good health
and Is as strong nnd Minulo as the majority
of men. at forty , which no attributes to the
fact that ho has nlway > made it a practice to
take n vacation every fall , leaving all busi
ness cares behind , nnd strike out without
leaving nny Information us to where ho was
colng. Ho loaves hero In about n week for a
hunting trip hi Cotdrndo.
E. II. Sheafo fi Co1 , glvo special attention
to the collection of rents and care of property
in the city nnd vicinity. Charges moderate.
Ofilco Broadway nriil Main streets.
Alwnyn tin Tlmo.
If you wish to purchase a good nnd reliable
watch 25 per cent less than club rates , nnd
on easy terms , then call at once nnd make
your own selection at C. B. Jncquomla &
Co. , 27Muln street. _
oil ' 'Tho Famous. "
Coal lOo a gallon at
N Street I'nvlnc
Work has been stopped on the N street
paving Job. Numerous disagreements be
tween .Inspector R. T. Sparks nnd Superin
tendent Thomas Hnloy , of J. E. Rtloy & Co. ,
Mr. Haley claims that Inspector
Sparks Is ofllclous nnd Interferes with
the workmen , and by studied
effort mtorforos with the work , and as a re
sult this morning ordered his mou to quit
These troubles have been going on from
the start. First Mr. Sparka condemned the
sand hauled and required bettor. This was
followed by the Inspector requiring the con
tractor to take up the tlrst lot of concrete
nnd replace It with work to pass Inspection.
Since then controversies Imvo occurred
City Engineer Morris nnd Inspector
Sparks Insist tnnt the material nnd work
manship must bn tlrst class and quite up to
the contract specifications , or the paving
should not bo put down.
Engineer Morris at once wrote a note re
quiring Messrs. Rllcy & Co. to proceed with
the wort
To Open N Street East.
The following Is the petition to have N
street opened to the B. & M. railroad tracks :
To the Honorable Mayor nnd City Council
of South Omaha : We , the citizens nnd
property owners on N street , do petition
your honorable body to cause tha opening
and extension of N street from Twentieth
street cast to the Missouri river , believing
and knowing it to bo of great interest to
sold city for the following reasons :
1. To make a thoroughfare to the river ,
bringing Into market a largo amount of val
uable property that will sell to men of mod
erate meaus at a reasonable figure.
2. The B. & M. and the Kansas City &
St. Joseph railroad companies promise to
erect passenger nnd freight depots at said
junction , if said opening is made , thereby
giving us an additional express company and
castcin and southern mall from one to three
hours earlier.
The street has already bean platted from
Seventeenth street cast through Corngan
addition to Sixteenth street. There are also
numerous advantages from said opening not
mentioned in this petition , and wo pray you
will give the petition your Immediate atten
tion. H. C. Bostwick , J. Low , C. M. Hunt ,
W. A. L. Gibbon , ' A. W. Saxe , Thomas
Rook , George Parks , Charles Singer , Thoraas
C. JotTones , D. S. Curtis , D. L. Holmes ,
Holmes & Smith. J. T. Smith , J. P. Evers ,
M. Harwich , Peter Cockrell , L. C , Glbion.
St. Auncs Parish Nc\vn.
The Rov. Father D. W , Morianty states
that the pews , altar , railing nnd furniture
for St. Agnes Catholic church have arrived
and will bo put in as soon as possible. The
altar is expected next week. As soon as the
altar arrives the time for the dedication ,
heretofore announced for Sunday , the 22d ,
will bo fixed und announced.
A lair will bo tield by the Rov. Father
Moriarity and bis parlshoners for the bene
fit of St. Agnes church , commencing Mon
day , October 21 , and lasting two weeks. A
meeting will bo held next Sunday to make
arrangements and appoint committees fet
the fair.
The Rev. Father Morlurlty expects to
make this ono of the most successful und
profitable fairs over hold In the country.
Stock Shipping Notice.
Acting President W. N. Babcock has Is
sued tbo following important notice to stock
shippers and commission men ;
Gentlemen : I am just In receipt of the
folio wing notice : "In order to auoid dotaj
and confusion in loading out stock , the fol
lowing order will go into effect Monday , Sep
tember 10 , 1SS9.
'No orders will bo received for cars to load
live stock in after 4:30 p.m. " Signed b.v
Agents W. B. Check , of the Burlington lines ,
C. T. Stoinonborougn , of the Missouri Pa
cific ; David Mahoney , of the Union Pac'flc ' ,
Chicago , Rock Island & Pacific nnd Chicago ,
Milwaukee & St. Paul , and Charles H. Brad-
rick , of the Chicago & Northwestern and
Fremont , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley rail
You will please bo governed accordingly.
Yours respectfully ,
Acting President.
A Tannery Plant.
Paul Weitzol , of Philadelphia , Pa. , on ex
perienced Pennsylvania tanner , is in the city
nnd has made preliminary arrangements that
may lead to the establishing ofa very large
tannery in this city. Mr. Woltzel and his
associates have secured the George A.
Oborno & Co. rendering works nnd to-dpj
commenced pulling pelts. Experiments in
tanning will bo made and if successful c
joint stock company will bo organized and a
largo tannery plant will bo established ,
Scandinavian Festivity.
The Scandinavians will celebrate the
251st anniversary of the landing of the Scan
dinavians on the Delaware , by a concert and
banquet in Washington hall , Eighteenth and
Harney streets , this evening.
Cushman's Menthe inhaler cures catarrh ,
headache , neuralgia , asthma , hay fever.
Trial free at your druggist. Price 50 cents.
Klabnrnto Report 1'ropared by tlio
Iluroiui of Animal Industry ,
" \VASHIVQTON , Sept. 13. The report of the
bureau of animal industry for 1687 nnd 1833 ,
which will soon bo issued , shows that in
comparison with 1835 , the number of cattle
In the United States has increased from 17-
7711,000 to 4S.024.0&0. , 'In order to obtain c
clearer presentation of the beef supply ,
milch cows were culminated from thcso fig
ures. A close comparison of the moan price
ol steers in Chicago per UK
pounds with exports of cattle
nnd beef products carried througl
n scries of years , clearly Indicates thai
beef prices nro affected by other conditions
than these of supply thut U , the number in
proportion to population nnd exports. Ir
seeking other conditions affecting the price
of the commodity , tables are prepared allow
ing the average priceof corn per bushel and
the mean priceof hoga in comparison will :
that of steers , Tha report closes by declar
ing that it is quite evident the price of corn
Is onn of thn Important factors determining
the prlco of hogs and steers ,
A AIurdcroiiB Trump Laid out by a
RACINB , WIs. , Sept. 18 , [ Special Telegram
to TUB BKB. ] News reached hero yesterday
afternoon of a bloody encounter between a
farmer named Kinney , living fn Sorners ,
Kenosha county , and two tramps. Wednes
day evening Kinney found two men hiding In
his barn , and ordered them out. They ro-
fusnd to go , and ho attempted to forcibly
eject thorn. Grabbing ono of the men by the
collar ho attempted to draw him from the
building , when tbo tramp drew u long-
bladed knlfo and turned on the farmer. The
trump used the knife freely , slashing Klnuo.v
across the face uud inflicting two bad cuts ID
tha farmer's arm. The two then broke uwaj
and lied. Kinney seized a pitchfork and pur-
ucd them , overtuiduif the man who used the
knlfo. Another itrugglo ensued , during
which Kinney thrust the tines of the fork
throueh his antagonist , Inflicting fatal
A IlOUIllllhK JOKi : .
Tlio Vleiltn Instantly Killed nml Onn
oft lie Perpetrators litflnttr * .
Tnoy , N. Y. , Sept. 18. John Gordon , in
the employ of the Lnko George Pnppr nnd
Pulp company nt 'Jicondcroga , felt nslcop
last night near the machinery , Two fellow
workmen , It Is said , in a joke Planned to
scare him , Thc-i' tied u rope about his feet
and threw it over n shaft which was making
125 revolutions per mlnuto. They could not
out the rope in time , and Gordon was kilted.
Ills body being horribly mutilated. Ono of
the perpetrators of the Joke lost bis reason
from the shock.
Suicided to I2cnpo Snnken.
SALT LAKE Cur , Utah , Sept , 13. [ Special
Telegram to Tun BEE. ] A man named
Christian. Jensen hanged himself In the city
jail yesterday afternoon. Ho first severed
an artery in his wrist with n orokcn bottle
nnd afterwards hanged himself to the bars
with his suspenders. Ho had been picked n p
early in the morning by the pollconsadruiiic.
Physicians say ho was suffering from
delirium tremens which prompted him to do
the deed.
_ _
The San Frnneisco Report pays the
following glowing tribute to the 'bolter
half of the luimiin race :
Who saves up for a month for a per
sonal treat and then shares it with the
whole family V
\Vhoturns deadly ill nt the sipht of
blood , yet stands recklessly in its rain
in time of war or accident1 !
Woman .
Who cats scraps for lunch that
noble ( V ) man may have tidbits for
dinner ?
She is a heroine in danger , n coward
when looking : under the bed. And yet
there are "persons" who claim that
women do not understand the moaning
of the word courageous. It's n libel ,
for true courage shows in the little
things of life. Women are forced to
deal with the smaller side. They have
to marry men.
For Strains and Pains.
Cime nml Crutch. Cuairnltoa.O .JmnH.'H.
8a3 r l with itralnil back for two monthi )
vilkid with cini nnd cratch , WM ctrtd br M.
ncoti oil. 10 morn In 6 monthi
Btrnlnod linclc , AD < U. Ohio. Jnu , nil.
Jaflir d with ilrUatd back 3 w ki , piln itrf
teat * , vied cam. nicd two bDttlci or Bt. J COM
Oil which cored at , nc pain U out y ar.
For IB Tear ' . Wiiktmton , T i , Jua2t'll.
Bad raUtrtd off aad on ( or Otttfa yean with.
tralati back ; no tnrnbli with It now ; two ; an
MO wa > curtd by Et Jacoba oil. Ho rttura.
TVfiAlTKSTATi ; Ilouglit and sola nna eiH
JLl ) changed. Special attention glvun to exam
ination or titles. W. C. James , No. 10 1'oarl sc.
"CVMl SALE Two fl o now six-room housns on
J-1 I'aolllcave. will be sold cheap for a small
payment down nnd balance to suit purchaser.
Kerr jc Gray. 1U11'enrl St. , upstairs.
EOH SALE To charcoal burners l.ODO cords
of dry wood six miles from Mcl'anl station
on the I * . C. railroad , 40 miles South of Omalia.
Apply to Horace Krurett , Council-HliilTs.
vv ANTED A good gin for general house-
work at 7.2i Willow nve.
FOU SALE One ot the best paying cream-
erica in lowu , makint ; now over I.OJO pounds
butter dally. Also a laige brick butter , egg
and poultry house , all complete with largo cold
storagt ! elevator , etc. . doing big business , I'rlco
of this entire plant complete g'J.OOO ; f 1,000 casn ,
bai. in 5 and 1 1 vears. ur would tnlco good city
property , or No. t land tor the $4HJ ( paymnnt.
Business done last year , $37,000 , will exceed that
tnis year , and it is the only plant in the county.
Enquire ot Kerr & Gray , Ul Pearl St. , upstairs.
Foil HUNT Houses in nil parts of the city
Kerr & Gray. 101 Pearl at. , upstairs.
rpu HC lluflled Oct. 1st , new house , largo lot.
-L warranty deed : property worth iM.OOJ.
Tickets worth II. At Fountain , Manhattan.
Moore & llowman'u cigar store and ( Ireon'sshoa
store. Particulars , address 21 17 Second avenue.
TpOll SALR Well established hardware store
-L' Including tin shop. Good , clean , new stoos
of stoves , etc. , in 2-story brick building , "IxM ) ,
with elevator and warehouse. Good reasons
for selling. U. Orahl , 101 13. It-way , Co. niutTs.
FOR SALE Acre property in city , reasonable
Kerr & Gray , Council Hlulls ,
rnOU nxUIIANQB-Soveral Nebraska and
Jt ? Kansas farms for other property. John-
ton & Van Patten.
FOU SALK or exchnngo New fi-rooin house
in Rood location. Will exchange for DO
acres of improved land In WOSUTII Iowa , or
will sell and take part In vacant lota. Kerr Si
Gray. Council lHuffs. la. _
FOU EncirANQR-130 acres in Andnbon
Co. , a miles from Co. seat , well Improved.
Will exchanga for improved Council Illulfa
property. Kerr & Gray. Council illuira ,
1/IOII SALE or Kent Garden land with houses ,
JJ by J. It. nice. Iff ! Main at. . Council lllulls.
T > AI1UITT Place lots for sale by F. J. Day.
G O LOOK at the Habbltt Place on Upper
Broadway , then see I1' . J. Day.
T71011 KXCHANGR-A house and lot for a
JL' stnail tarm m Pottawattatule Co. Johnston
ti Van Patten.
WM. SIfiDENTOPF. Heal Rstato. Special
attention given to examination and cor
rection of title to lands and lots in city and
county. No. 8. North Mala st.
HOUSES for rent in all parts of thn city. F.
J. Day.
DID you see thosn lots on IllnIT nnd Third
streets ? For eulo by Johnston & VanPattun ,
WANTED Bema more bargains in real
catate. to gull. Johnston Ic Van Patten.
OK SAljH-Acro lots in Orchard place. This
property is located In the HIco nursery ,
south of the main part of thn city , lii miles
from court house , ( loo. Mutcalf , U Pearl Bt ,
T71O11 HUNT Eight now B-roora cottage ? on
A3 Avenue II , backott's add. to city , llonts
very reasonable. Cull and let us show you them.
you nave propetty to sell , Hat It wltn Johnston
ston & Van Patten , Uveratt bloce.
BALE beveral nice houses on Avenue
A , easy terms , Johnston Ac Van Patteno
FOlt ltr.NT-7 of the moat beautiful cottages
In Council Illuira ; ona block from motor
line ; new houses ; city water in tun. houses acd
all modern conveniences. Boa Kurr Ac Gray.
tjVJiriBALB lau acre farm In Jasper county ,
JJ Iowa , located near coal inlnoj that are in
operation. There Is a live foot Vein of coul
under the farm. Cioo. Metolf , No. 1U Pearl at.
SAM ! Jlenutlful residence lota on Onk-
FOK ave. Johnatun & Vanj'atten. _
Improved and unimproved prop-
J erty in every pure of tha city. Kara oppor
tunities for investors who seek ( peculations ;
uplendld opportunities for thoau who doilro
homes. Ueo , Metcalf. No. 10 Paarl at , _
F 1OII B A U ; Houses and lots on easy pay
ments. Johnston & Van Patten.
BU81NHSS locations oc Main and llroadway
at great barjjalna. Geo. Metcalr , No , 10
Pearl st.
SAMS H ) foot lake frontage located be
tween 0 II. boat IIOUHO and Muimwn beach.
Also a number of cholco lots in ItegatU place.
Ueo. Molcalf. No. 10 Pearl at.
yon want some genuine itnaps in choice loti
on bottoms call and see Kerr & ( Jray. They
hmo lome loin that must bo eold regurdloas of
coat bsfore Nov. 1.
OH SALE Cholco residence lot on Uraham
ave. . street cars pass tn m. Johnston tc
Vanpattou ,
TpOTI KxrifArJQlP-TJ acres of gardenToTnfiii ?
X L'hautiiuniia uroundu ; frame houaa * nd
barn. Will exchanuo equuvfor U room liouna
and lot In Council lllullf , linijulru ot K rr *
Q ray.
specially A dap toil for
HORSE POWER Mills and Elevators
Specifications imil estimates furnished tor complete stPixm plants. ItcRiilnt'on ' , durability
guaranteed , Cnn show letters from users where fuel economy in oqunl
with Corliss Non-Condensing.
E. C. HARRIS , Agent.
No. D1O Pearl Street , Council Bluffs.
* _ _ _ _ _ rj.ijjiii , i
HPIRl l W Rl NC Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineer. Plans , Estimates
. DllminDIHL Spocilications. Supervision of Fublio Work. Brpwa
Building , Council Bluffs , Iowa. (
NQP.PI I D7 Justice of the Poaco. Olllco over American Express , No. 41 '
OUnUn . Broadway , Council HlulTs , Iowa.
&Q\/C | [ \ / [ Attonioys-at-Law. Practice in the State and Pod *
OilVIO oral Courts. Rooms 7 and 8 SliUKart-Boiio Ulook ,
Council BlulTs , Iowa. j
The Best Equipped Establishment in the West. Docs Dyeing nnd Cleaning ot Garments and
tioods of every description and material. Dry Cleaning of Kino Garments n Sp < sclaltj.
Out of town orders uy mall or express , will receive prompt attention.
Works on Motor Line , Corner 26iii St , & Ave , A , Council Bluffs
P , J. . , ' , 115 Pearl St. Oillco hours , 9 to 12.
n. m. , 2 to 0 and 7 to 8 , p , in.
/ QTFUFNQ M H Oinco , No. 741 Broadway. Hours : 81
HR/I , IVI. U-10 a. m. , and 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. rn. Tt
phone , 287.
T71OK nXCHANOE-A 12. " , bill flouring mlllfor
-L' good farming laud. Also a good brick hotel
In Iowa. Hlg bargains for some one. Good
reasons for Helling. Kurr & Gray. 101 pearl st.
"O KMOVAL Kerr \ Gray nive removed thulr
-LV olllceto IQl.Pearl ht , iM lloor. _
"VTOTICR Kerr & Gray will nut you upahonao
JL > to your own plnus and sell it to yon on
monthly payments. Call on them if you nro
in need of one nnd got tholr llgnros.
WANTED Typewriter operator navlng own
machine. Address , stating salary ex
pected , J it , line oillce , council illulTs.
/ \mfJj 11UOS. & CO. loan money. Tlio moat
V/ liberal terms oltei o l , 1UJ Pearl st ,
2 > feet on Main street for sale cnoap. Johnston
li Van Patten. _
FINE homo on First avo. for salo. Johnston
& Van Patten , _
niAlir/1" boarders wanted at 1 " Benton street.
JL Good boaid at reasonable rates. Mrs. T , W.
Cooper. _
G PKH CUNT loans made on real estate , cash
on hand. F. J. Day.
AI1EAUTIFU1. homo on Oakluud ave. at a
bargain , F. J. Day.
HOMES forsalo on monthly payments. F.fJ.
Day. _
200 acres good bottom land in Town to ox-
cliange for vacant lots in Council Ululla. U.
K. Mayne , 01' ) Broadway ,
CQIOdown and f per month , n good lots to Bell
u > on these terms. High ground , full size uud
tltlB perfect. E. K. Mayne , 010 Uroadway ,
will buy lot 0 , bile SI. Central Hub , If taken
at once , on Aveuuo D. High ground , good
title and actually worth $ m K. K. Mayne , 01U |
Uroadway. _
rnoit EXCIIANGE-Una in Iowa for Council
A1 Illuira property. K. K. Mayuo , Ola Hroad-
way. _ . _
Some more b.irgnins to noli. K.
TT li. Mayne , UIU llroadway. _
FOIt BAIK or Trade Full supply of hotel
furniture , also lease for 18 mimths on small
hotel In Council lilulTj , Apply to Udell llros.
& Co. _ _
riOxlbO on Oakland avo. , W.OW. P. J , Day.
CWx300onPark ave. , J..IKO. F. J. Day.
VKNUE A lots , corners , great bargains.
' lien-ion & BhephorU , 0 Mainist.
and lot , Coclinin add. cheap , easy
payments , llenson &tnophurd , ! ) Main at.
havn mora'Jlroadway property than any
WK body. Jlensoii & Shepherd. U Mala t.
OT on 1th avenue , Van Urnnt & Illce'a suu. ,
chuap , Uonaon & bhepherd , u Main nt.
r.OT on IJluir bt. , line residence lot cheap.
i Jteuson Jc Bhepherd , U Majujit.
& corner"on Uroadway ; opposite power
BK&T ' llonaou &tilieplicril'J Mulnst.
5 LOTH In Hayllss' lid. on motor line , . ' 00 each.
llunton A , Sliopnerd. u Alain st.
on Glen ave , , genulno snaps , llonson &
J tihopherd , U Main Bt.
OUSliSu nd loUi 1109 cash , l cxi cash. t > 00
cash , balance easy , lleuaon & Shepherd ,
( Ulain at ,
ItAIIAM avenue property that will double
G light ayny. F. J. Day ,
OT8 on llroadway , First atenuo and Avc-
nnes A and 11. cheap. F. J. Day.
.MA.IjO.NiaY &O'1IUIK.V.
Electric Trusses , Belts , Chest Pro
tectors , Etc ,
Agents wanteu.
C. It. JUIW ,
Livery , Sale and Boarding Stable
No. 1 KlgR to let nt lowest rates , delivered la
any part of the city ,
llorsos bought and sold on commission ,
Centrally Located. Plntucr Ham.
W. O. UTTERBAOK.23O Broadway
No,27 Main St. , Over Jnoquomln'
Jewelry Stor
PrcH. Vlco Pros.
CIIAS. H. HA.NNAN , Cashier.
Paid up Capital $ | QOOOO.OO
Surplus 35.OOO.O
Liability to Depositors. . . . 335.OOO.OO
lllii.OT ( > ii < i-l. A , Miller , I'.O. Oloason , 15. St
Sluicart , I' . K , Hart , J , O , IMiiiundson , Ohas. 11.
Iliinuun. Truna.ict gouoral banking buslnusi.
J.argt-bt capital and mirplin of nny bunt , la
iidbthucbtcrii Iowa Intvrodt on tlmo deposits.
TIIOS. UrncKR. W. ( I. M. l'U K
Corner Main and Hroadway ,
Denlera in foreign end doinastlo excuantt * .
Collection ! mad * and Interest paid on tlmo d i
poaltB. /
In the city. Gilt edged oppartunltloj to t mm
dlatolnvoetOH uiulp i ) . tut on.
Council Bluffs Savings
Incorporated Nov. 1,1370 _ Corner llroadway anil Main Btreoc.
CATITAI , , I 80,000 ,
( m-lCKiitt-N , P. Dodge , Presldont ; , Johtt
Ilorexhelm , Vlco President ! A , W , llltilcmaiq
lini : < miis--N. P. Dodge. J. llureihttlin. Uea ,
Keellne , J , L , atewiwt , WV. . Wallace , U. M.
Uod e ,