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SUCOODB Attended to the Cloning
One oCtlio Finest Dlnplnyn of Anlinaln
Kvcr Mndo la tlio West The
Great Jlorso Show -Notes
nnil Comment ,
I.ISOOI.H HUUBAU or Tun Ovutu lias , I
1029 1 STHBRT. } .
LINCOLN. Sept. 18. )
The proundn to-tiny , compared with yester
day , looked barren. Still , the crowd was
qulto lurgo and the show as good In every
particular ns on the previous days. Proba
bly twenty thousand people attended the
closing tiny of the great fair. The estimate
of good judges , however , pub it 5,000 , less.
Visitors had a much hotter opportunity to
BCO the sights than during the moro crowded
days. Tireless exhibitors stood at their posts
and evinced the usual interest in showing
their attractions. They wore kept In proper
trim in u rotnarkablo degree. The day , how
ever , was the hottest of the week , will had It
not been for a refreshing breeze that sprung
up Just before noon , the heat would have been
almost Insufferable.
Tlio Grand 1'roinluin t'nrndn.
At 11 o'clock this morning the grand pa
rade of premium animals took place in front
of the amphitheater , the headquarters and
Tin ! UKB offlco , from which the anuounco-
monts were made. Prominent fair men ,
whu have soon every state fair west of the
Mississippi for years , say that no such a dls.
play of premium animals have over boon
made in the west bofora
The parade was headed by the lion. Aus
tin Humphrey , of Lincoln , general superin
tendent , followed by the state reform
school band of Kearney , with Prof. Mulla-
lleu in charge.
The following nro the items of the parade :
Virgin & Co. , Falrtmry , 111. , Perchoon
horses ; O. O. Hoffner , Nebraska City , Nob. ,
English shire and Hncknoy conch horses ; E.
lionnctt & Son , TopckaKuti. , English shires ;
E. Trlndor& Co. , Athletic , In. , Pereherons ;
M. M. Coad , Fremont , Nob. . Porchurons.
awarded "tho best exhibit on the grounds ; "
Harvey McLnnahan , Clay Center , Porch-
erons ; L. 11. Wilson , Crcston , la. , Clytles ;
F. F. ICaufuinu , Lincoln , Clvdus ; A. Hiir-
stow , Dorchester , Nob. ; Mllllkcn Bros. , St.
Puul , Neb. ; A. Hoga , SowardNob. , Arabian
stallion ; Hhoda A. Uico. Stirling , Neb. ,
Shetland ooules ; J. L. Miller , of Pawnee ;
M. K. Stanley , of Friend ; J. M. Knymond ,
Lincoln : J. M. Hoimnlngway , Paimtna , Nob. ;
J. P. Wngnor , Beutrico : Uorg & Storey ,
Hastings , Neb. : Watson Brothers , Beatrice ;
The Importing Draft Horse Co. , of Lincoln ;
BUick , of Uaymond : Kenyan , of Uaymond ;
Judairoi , of Diuysun ; John A. Purbaugh ,
Denton ; Peter Ilopley , Lewis , la , ; Walcott ,
Merrlck county ; Jensen , Lancaster county ;
S. M. Mclick , Lincoln , gentleman's driving
The horses were followed by the cattle ,
With the Hon. John B Dinsmoro , of Suiton ,
the superintendent , and the University
Cadet band In the lend. The following ex
hibitors of premium unimals participated in
the parade : William & Householder , Co
lumbus , Kan. , shortnorna ; Barr&Son , Dav
enport , la. , shorthorns ; Russell Lownos ,
Lincoln , shorthorns ; B. O. Cowun , Newport -
port , Mo. , shorthorns ; Mukin Bros. , Law-
rciico , Kan. , Herefords ; Haven's stock
farm , Alma , ICan. , Herefords ; C. II. Elmcn-
dorf , Kearuoy , Neb. , Herefords ; E. E.
Day , Weeping "Wnter , Herefords ;
Howard Bros. , Edgar , Herefords :
E. O. Hill , Stella , Hlclmrdson county , Gallo
ways ; J. Emerson , Emerson , la. , Polled An
gus ; F. W. Harvey , Turlington , Neb. , Polled
Angus ; The Wolf Creek herd , Wolf Creek.
Nob. , Polled Angus ; Sexton , Offord & Warr-
lln , Manhattan , Kan. , Hod Polled Angus ; M.
E. Moore. Cameron , Mo. , Red Polled Angus ,
Palmer herd , Llucohi , Holsteins ; Homo
Farm company , Now Hampton , la. , Hol-
stolna ; Williams & Chapman , Grant , Neb. ,
Gurnscys ; Howard Bros. , Edgar , Nob. , Jerseys -
soys ; William Clark , Lincoln , Jerseys ; O.
Comptan , Bennett , Jerseys ; Dr. E. F. Latta ,
Unndllla , Jerseys ; George B. French , Fre
mont , Jerseys ; Compton herd , Norfolk ;
Fcaturns ol'Thursday's Parade.
The parade of Thursday night was bigger
and bettor in every rospsct than any ono had
anticipated. The "Oh , my ! " of the rural
visitors didn't oven halt toll the talo.
Contain Yooum , mayor of Hastings , de
clared that nothing llko It bad boon soon
west of St. Louis. The Judgment of the mul
titude is that ho was right.
Grand Marshal Boainls , of the traveling
men , declared at tor t ho parade that It was
the happiest moment of his Ufa. Ho was
proud of the boys. His 200 pounds were cov
ered with perspiration , and ho hadn't a dry
thread on him , but ho was Just as happy as
ho could be , as was also Mark H. Tilton , of
tbo Wisconsin Furniture company.
Over six hundred of the boys who make
Nebraska territory were in line Thursday
night bearing torches.
The llrst turnout in the parade was Miat-of
the Union Pncittc , which consisted of a Ufa
sized locomotive ouglue , tender und dining
cur. The flro and suioico which came from
the smoke stack , the whlstlo und the clang
ing of the boll , were realistic enough to tuko
in nvcn those who keep up with tbe proces
Charles J. Daubach and Al Horgreavei ,
who "boro the brunt of tlio buttle" In the
financial work for tbo big parade , are Just ns
huppy us u big sun ilower.
Cblof I'.ooloo and his tribe of Indians con
stituted a lively feature in the parada There
were about sixty of them with their novel
modes of conveyance , their funcKul head
dresses and their wild and wicrd war cries.
To many who had never soon the noble red
man , this was surely the most interesting.
The party of Massachusetts and Connecticut
excursionists who hud ntoppcd ovur | were
charmed with this feature , as well us tbo
whole parado.
Tlio Horse Hhoxv.
During the progress of the fair TUB BEB
has attempted to keep its readers posted on
the progress of events. But now the fair la
over , und lu vlcnv of the fact that this horse
show was the largest , the biggest und the
best ever made la the west , ic deems It
proper to print the list of awards as made by
tbo expert judges :
'Tho Discretionary Class August Ilogy ,
Scwnrd , Arabian stallion , first premium ; J.G.
Dutny , Lincoln , suckling colt , first ; E. M.
\ McGlliln , Stratum , lioru of Sliutluiul ponies ,
first ; E. Bennett & Son , Topeka , Kuti. , Cob
stallion , flrsf C. U. Van Duyuo , Lincoln ,
4-year-old stallion , first ; Ottmann Bros. ,
Wutoskii , III. , stallion , 4 years and over , first
and second ; stallion , it and under , llrst and
second ; stulllou , 2 and under 3 , llrst. ; Hurvay
MfClunahan , Clay Center , stallion ,
3-year-old , flrat ; M. M. Coad , Fremont , 4-
year-old French coach stallion , llrst ; French
conch stallion any ago , llrst ; L. B. Wilson ,
Creston , la. , Belgian horse U years old , di
ploma ; J. Browdcr , Albion , iimro colt lit
yours , llrst ; H. W. Keel , Saltello , stallion 2
and under U , second.
All Purpose Horses Alfred Baramw ,
Dorohpstor uiarn 4 years and over , ( irst ;
N. P. Jensen , Lincoln , second ; filly over 3
yours and under S , N. P. Jensen , Llnoalu ,
llrst ; Illly ever 1 year and under'J , Harvey
McOl nnahan , Clay Center , llrst and second ;
tnuro colt under 1 year. F. U. Kaufman ,
Lincoln , Ural ; Alfred Barlow , Dorchester ,
Boat show of horses , M. M , Coad , Fre
mont , first ; for any or ull other breeds , Ed
Pyle , HutnboldU
Suffolk Puoch Stallion over 3 and under
4 , putor Hoplay , Lewis , la. , llrst and second ;
talllon colt , a and under U , Peter Hoploy ,
first and second.
Ponies under 13 hands high Stallion any
ngo or breed. Dr. II. F. Cummins , Sewnra ,
first ; V , T. Hill Syracuse , second ; muro , any
one ; or breed , J. L. Miller , Pawnoa City ,
llrst ; the Importing Draft Horse company ,
Lincoln , second ; pair ponies to polo , any ago
or breed , M. 1C. Btunloy , Friend , llrst ; f , M.
Itaymoud , Llucolu , second.
Cleveland bay , stallion 4 years and ever ,
John Barber , Atlantic , is.
Clydesdales , stallion 4 yours and ever , E.
Trender & Co , , Atlantic , la. , llrstt Berg &
Storey , Hustings , second ; stallion , ever 3
nnd under 4 , E. C. Millar , Fullerton , first ;
13. Trondor A ; Co. , Atlantic , la. , second ; stal
lion colt , over 2 nnd under 3 , Alex Sloan ,
Unndllla , first ; E. C. Millar , Fullerton , second
end ; stallion colt , 1 year and under S , Judd
Bros. , Uawson ; brood mate , 4 years nnd
ever , E. C. Millar , Fullerton , first ; Illlv , a
nnd under 0 , E. F. Black , Raymond , first and
second ; stallion any ngo , E. C. Millar , Fullerton
lorton , first ; niaro any ago , E. U , Millar ,
Fullerton , first.
Hackney or English coach stallion , 4 and
over , .Tamos Dycno. Nebraska City , first ;
Joseph L. Locke , Lincoln , second ; stallion ,
3 and under 4 , O. O. Hoffncr , first : stallion
colt , U nnd under 3 , Importing Draft Hor. o
company , Lincoln , tlrst ; O. O. Ileffaor , No *
braska City , second ,
Grndo Draft Horses Stallion , 4 years
nnd over , U. Conway , Seward , first und
second : mala suckling colt , Judd
Bros , , Dawsons , first ; J. Browdcr , Albion ,
second ; mare 4 years and ever , Judd Bros. ,
Dawson , first ; L. Banks Wilson , Crcston ,
la. , second ; mare , 3 and under 4 , Judd Bros. ,
first : E. A.Wcscott , Malcolm , second ; mare ,
12 and under 0 , Judd Bros. , Dawson , first ; E ,
A , Woscott , Malcolm ; mare , 1 and under 3.
Harvey McClnnahan. Clay Center , llrst nnd
second ; mnro Ruckling colt , Judd Bros. ,
Dawson , first : John A , Purhaugh , Dcnton ,
second ; loam draft horses In harness to
wagon , J. Browdcr , Albion , first ; .Judd
Bros. . Dawson , second.
Mules nnd Asses Jack , 4 and ever , Q. W.
Morrltt , Grcshum , first.
Driving Horses Smglo animal to waqon ,
Charles F. Best , Lincoln , first ; Jessie D.
Moore , Lincoln , second ; double team to
wajron , Mlllokln Bros. , St. Paul , first ; S. M.
Mollck , Lincoln , second ; English Shlro nnd
draft horses , stallion , ! nnd ever , L. Banks
Wilson , Creston , la. , first ; Joseph Watson &
Co. , Beutrico. second ; stallion , li and under
4. Importing Draft Horse company , Lincoln ,
first ; L. Banks Wilson , Crcston , In. , second ;
stallion over 2 and under 3 , Joseph \\ntson
& Co. , Boitrlco , first una second ; stallion L
und under" , the Importing Draft Horse com
pany , Lincoln , first ; stallion colt , Judd Bros. ,
Dawson. first ; brood mnro , Handover , Im
porting Draft Horse company , Lincoln , first ;
L. Bunks Wilson , Creston , In. , second ; filly
ever 3 and under 4 , O. S. Wllcott , Palmer ,
first : fitly ever 3 and under 3 , O. O. Hoffner.
Nebraska City , llrst ; Illly ever 1 and under
3 , The Importing Draft Horse company , Lin
coln , first ; L. Banks Wilson , Creston , Tn. ,
second ; muro colt , The Importing Draft
Horse company , first ; stallion any ago , O. O.
Hoffnor , Nebraska City first ; mnro nny ngo ,
Importing Draft Horse company , Lincoln ,
first ; stallion 4 and over , showing best 5 of
his gut , Judd Hroi. , Dawson , first.
Uogistercd Trotting Horses Stallion 4 nnd
over , Ed Pylo , Humboldt , llrst ; William
Hanson , Lincoln , second ; stallion 3 nnd
under 4 , J. P. Wagner , Beatrice , first ; C. CJ.
Stout , Boatvlco , second ; stallion U nnd under
3 , William Dcmareo , Kocu , first ; Ed
Pylo , Humboldt , second ; atalllou colt ,
1 and under 2 , Ed Pylo , Humboldt ,
stallion colt , Ed Pylo , Humboldt , first ;
brood mure , 4 nnd ever , Ed Pylo , Humboldt ,
first nnd second ; filly 3 and under 4 , N. P.
Jensen , Lincoln , first ; filly 2 and under U ,
Ed P.vlo , Humboldt , first ; mare colt , Ed
Pylo , Humboldt , first ; stallion , any ago , Ed
Pyle , Humboldt , first ; mars , nny ngo. Ed
Pylo , Humboldt , first ; stallion , 4 and ever ,
Ed Pylo , Humboldt , first.
French Draft Horses Stallion , 4 and ever ,
Virgin & Co. , Fnirbury , III. , first ; E. F.
Black , Hnymood , second ; stallion , 3 and un
der 4 , Virgin & Co. , F.iirbury , 111. , llrst and
second ; stallion , 2 and under 3 , Virgin &
Co. , Fulrbury , 111. , fit-stand second ; stallion ,
1 and under li , Virgin & Co. , Fairbury , 111. ,
llrst und second ; brood mare , 4 mid ever ,
Virgin & Co. , Falrbury , 111. , first.
PercheroiiB Stallion , 4 uud ever , M. M.
Coad , Fremont , first ; E. Trendor , Atlantic ,
In. , second ; stallion , U and under 4 , E. Bcm-
nett & Son , Topeka , first ; Berg & Storey ,
Hastings , second ; stallion colt , 2 and under
3 , M. M. Coad , first and second ; stallion. 1
and under 2 , J. Browdor , Albion , first ; W.J.
MuGillin , Strutton , second ; stallion , sucking
colt , M. M. Coad , Fremont , first and second ;
mare , 4 und over , M. M. Coad , first und
second ; filly , 3 und under 4. M. M. Coad ,
first ; W. J. McGillin , second ; filly , 2 und
under 3 , M. M. Coad , Fremont , first nnd
second ; suckling mare colt , W. J. McGtllln ,
Strutton , first ; M. M. Co.xd. second ; stal
lion , .any ace , E. C , Miller , Fullerton , first ;
mare , any ugc , M. M. Coad , first ; stallion ,
4 nnd over , with C of his get , M. M. Coad ,
Stnto Fair
L. Drake , of the Merchants National bank ,
Omaha , was on the grounds to-day.
H. G. Burt , general manager of the Elk
horn system of roads In Nebraska , and J . R ,
Buchanan , the general passenger agent , took
In the closing day of the fair.
E. D. Murnoll , of the Nebraska City News ,
complimented Tim BEU hcadquaiters With a
call this afternoon.
The gate receipts of yesterday show the
attendance to hnvo been 41,011. It is said ,
however , that the "dead heads" would swell
the actual attendance to58,000. .
In tlio Procession.
There were many nice displays in Thurs
day night's parade , but for novelty and at
tractiveness , there was nothing that excelled -
celled that of the well Known J. I. Case
Threshing Machine company. In the parade
was a number of machines pulled by a trac
tion engine. Each one was neatly orna
mented with the national colors , and in tbo
cab of the engine , which is perfection in
every way , like on a locomotive , was Mr ,
Qua States , the efficient general agent of the
J. 1. Case company's interests in Nebraska.
At intervals along the line Mr. States pulled
the throttle , blowing a shrill whlstlo along
tuo'lmo of march , to herald the coming of
the greatest machines , of their kind , in the
country. This part of the procession was
the recipient of numerous cheers , which
were duly acknowledged by the gentlemen
in charge lifting their huts. The engine was
lu charge of II. A. Crawford and G. E. Hall.
On ouo of the machines was a rather
comical transparency , which bore the picture
of nu eagle , holding In its bill the half-
starved chiolcon which a rival. establishment
has for ita trade mark. The ongle
had the appearance of being a
fiuo , largo bird , and the general
inference ono would take from seeing the
picture was that the great bird wus "mon
arch of all ho surveyed , " und awaiting now
victories. The fact is , the J. I. Case thresh
ers uro so well known that ovary ono who
been the piclura know full well the moaning.
This extensive manufacturing company
have their Nebraska headquarters in Lin
coln. where they also have a largo and com
modious warehouse , from which they ship
to all points In this section on short notlco
any of their goods or thu repairs. It might
bo well to nay a word for these celebrated
threshers were they not already so well
Known , but let it suffice to say that in the
showing made at the present fair the Cuso
threshers once more como out ahead with
llyliig colors , and us usual the industrious
farmer felt well repaid for the troubio of
coining to the fair by seeing the workings of
these favorite farm necessities and the now
Improvements recently mado. Mr , States
wus on hand to enlighten the visitors with
such Information as was moat Interesting
and appreciated ,
Htuto finnan Jottlnj ; ? .
The board of bank examiners were all at
their potts to-day ,
The state house was thronged with visitors
from morning until night.
The supreme court moots In regular ses
sion to hear and dccldo upon cases , Tuesday ,
September 17.
Governor Thayar will return homo soinu-
tlinu durmu the coming week. Ho will bo
uccouipanlod by Ills wife , whu bus ubout ru-
covereil her usual health.
Attorney General Lnoso and Auditor fieri-
ton will leave for the cant in a few days to
attend thu mealing of the United Status
railway commissioners. They go as dolo-
gutus from tbo stuto board of transportation.
Aruclcu or Incorporation.
J. T. Hello , A. H. Cooley , Norman A.
Kuuu and C. D. Woodworth , of Omaha , setout
out that they have nssoclatod themselves to
gether for manufacturing purposes , the
stiops to be located at Dawson , la. They as
sort tbo power to buy real estate , oroot
buildings and purchase machinery .for oil
and natural gas. Articles were filed to-day
nnd tbo rights of omluent domain secured.
Capital stock , (30,000.
Tlio Omaha , Hutchison & Gulf railway
company also lllod articles of Incorporation.
Principal place of business , Omaha. Caul-
Ul stock , 113,000,0.x ) . Tha company organ
UGH uud Incorporates for the purposu of build *
Ing , operating and maintaining a railroad
from Omnha through Donglns , Harpy , Saunders -
dors , Lancaster , Otoo. Johnson nnd Jeffer
son counties , thence to Briworla. Tox. In-
corporators. ' . C. Cowln , W. E. Hulchtson ,
O. A. Walkof , W. D. McHugn nnd B. Slllo-
By the SnmUvlcli Mnnufnctitrlng
Company , of Sandwich , lllliiolq.
Probably the most complete exhibit made
by nny Implement comnnuy was the Sand
wich Manufacturing company , of Sandwich.
III. , by their general ugent , W. M Jones , of
Fremont , Nob. It Included everything in
the implement line , but especially of power
corn flhellors nnd grinders. They take spe
cial prldo In recommending tholr Samson
horse powers , nil kinds of small powers ,
Jacks nnd wood saws , combined powers and
grinders , O. K , , X X and Independent
grlndors , farm and homo carts , eta , otc.
Tholr forco-fccd shelters are mndo in all
sizes nnd to moot nil situations. The forms
and sizes best known nro Junior two-hole ,
down or mounted , 103 bushels par hour : four-
hole , down or mounted , 200 bushels per
hour ; sis-hole , down or mounted , 230 to 800
bushels nor hour : olght-holo , down or
mounted , 830 to 400 bushels per hour. The
Ktistlorls the only self-food available nt
small cost for business In a small way. Tha
Samson powers are In two , four , eight
and ton horse sizes , and nro the best In tlio
world. For thirty years this firm has led all
others in this lino. Wrlto them for cata
Tlio Most Attractive Exhibit on the
Not a visitor at the state fair , unless ho
was especially Interested , but what voted
the exhibit mndo by Saunders county the
most attractive on the grounds. Hare taste ,
combined with practical Ingenuity , helped
out with skillful fingers , produced some
novelties which drew nnd held the crowd ,
and during .tho whole week It was dillleult
to got any ways nojr tholr exhibit. The ex
hibit was In charge of Mr. Samuel Woolloy ,
n practical farmer , who lives near Weston ,
nnd everything raised In Nebraska in the
agricultural or horticultural line were there
In great profusion nnd of superior quality.
Corn , oats , wheat , vegetables , tobacco ,
sugar cane , potatoes , etc. , etc. , with buck-
oycs , butternuts , cranberries , und many
other novelties. The "Korn King , " the
work of Mrs. J. S. Kuyhors , of Wnhoo , as
sisted , byMrs. . Jacob Stowots nnd Mrs.
Gcrtio Henderson , nnd the "Grass Widow , "
made by Mrs. Perry Hnydon nnd Mrs.,11. C.
Heudley , of Wcston ; the big horseshoe of
grains , the big rooster und the corn baby
were the chief attractions on the grounds ,
By Entoii Brothers , of the Lincoln
Pottery Works.
Twenty years ngo there was no moro popu
lar song than the "Littlo Brown Jug. "
Every body sung it , and they all sung it
well , because It was easy to slug. For some
time , lllto "Tho Beautiful Snow , " Its author
ship was wrapped in the blackest of mystery.
But this doubt remains no longer ; the real
authors are the Eaton Brothers , of * the Llu
colu Pottery works , and it la said , though ho
denies it , that the niece wus sot to music by
Wobator Eaton himself. But this is abso
lutely true : No exhibit on the state fair
grounds attracted moro attention than the
ono Just north of Art hall , where the little
brown jug was mndo ; no souvenir was moro
generally worn , or will bo moro highly
prized by the visitors , than this little brown
Jug , und no better pottery goods are to bo
found on the market that the crockery ,
stone ware , Ilower pots , etc. , manufactured
by the Lincoln Pottery works.
Millar's Clycles and Porohnrons.
E. C. Millar , of Fullerton , Nance county ,
ono of the best known and most prominent
draft horse importers m the west , , bus ' good
reason to rejoice and bo glad. Ho
exhibited four horses nt the
state exposition and captured the
first premium for 3-year-old Clyde stal
lions , second fur 2-year-old Clyde stallions ,
llrst for Clyde mares of any ago , sweepstakes
for Clyde stallions , sweepstakes for Clyde
marcs and sweepstakes for Percheron stal
lions. The awards attest Mr. Millar's Judg
ment. Although a young man , ho has made
his mark as a breeder and Importer , and his
exhibit is of the purest blood ot the standard
bred class In which ho takes a Just degree of
pride. Ho was born and raised amonc the
heaths of Scotland , from whence the Clyde
originates , and his professional aptness
illustrates the old saying that "xvbat's born
in the bono is hard to tuko out of the flesh. "
Nanco county has reason to feel highly hon
ored in her champion of the Clyde and
Perchoron. Bazaar Chief nnd Dusty Mil
lar , tbo Clydcs , Jlp , tbo Clydo mare , Mont
Louts , the Percheron , are of handsome form
and color and beilr every mark of the famous
draft horses of their class.
Watson's Horse Exhibit.
No stud of horses has attracted wider at
tention on tbo grounds than that ot Joseph
Watson & Co. , of Beatrice , who bid hard
but did not beg for the sweepstakes. As ono
of the firm's attendants put it , "The com
pany took all of tbo premiums at Omaha. "
Hero the company took first on Nallstono
Aristocrat , and every horse was in the
"short lout" when the premium awards
were made. Second was taken on King
Passion in the "ago" class. Second also on
King Henry In the two-year-olds. Mr. Wat
son's ' exhibit was oxclnsivo English Shire.
Finer bred draft horses cannot bo found in
the west. Ho has been In the Importing
business for six years past , with headquar
ters nt Beatrice , und is ono of the oldest and
best known horse mon in the state or west.
Anyone comg to his stables are always sure
to find Shires of the finest class on hand.
Slonn's GlydcBtlalcs.
Caldcr , a beautiful light bay stallion with
whlto points , took the first premium for the
best two-year-old of his class. The sire of
Calder is Laird , of Logan , ho by Old Times.
The latter horse was the winner of many
highland and agricultural society prizes.
The Laird of Logan's dam was bred by J.
Campbell , Craichmore , and has rare blood.
Crown Prince , Riro of Calder's ' dam , gained
the Glasgow pri/o in 1873. Ho is by Loch
Fergus Champion. Crown Princo's dam is
sired by the Prince of Wales , the finest horse
In Scotland. This
magnificent two-year-old
Calder is owned by Aleu Sloan , of Unuclllla ,
Otoe county , who imported him , and by
many ho was considered the finest horse on
the ground. Mr , Sloan exhibited several
other horses of loss merit , but which are
liltoly to prove useful breeders , and ho Is becoming -
coming prominently known as mi importer In
the southeastern partof the state.
Omaha fliiBlnegg Colloiro.
The Omaha business college was repre
sented by Prof. G. T. Ratbbun , who had a
splendid exhibit of beautiful pen work of
largo dimensions. Ho carried oft the first
premium on plain penmanship over all com
petitors. Tbo popular business college ho
BO efficiently represented grows la popularity
from day to day , and ranks among the vary
best institutions of the kind In thn wost.
Prof. liathbun states that the matriculants
from term to term show a marked increase.
Comparison Solicited , A wise dis
crimination should bo exorcised by nil
who talco medicine. The proprietors of
Hood's Stirsaparilla solicit a careful
comparison ot this medicine- with other
blood purifiers and inoillclnes , bulnpr
confident tlmt the peculiar merits of
Hoods Sarriupurllla nro so upparont that
the people will unliesitiitiiiLrlv prefer it
to nny other propurntion. Hood's Sar-
sttparilla is not a mixture of molasses
uad a few inert roots uud lioi-ba , but it is
u peculiar cuiicontrutod extract of the
best alterative nnd blood purifying rom-
cdics of the vegetable kingdom , The
enormous sales of Hood'a Sarsupnrilla
nod \\onilorful euros olTeotod , prove
oven mare than hati boon claimed for
this medicine. If you are sick the best
medicine is none too good. Therefore
talco Hood's Sarsuparilla.
liulltfing Permit * .
The folio wing parailti wara Isvail by
Building Inspector Whltlook yesterday :
Will Urowa Jr , two frame houses , Thirty-
seventh and Leavunvroi th . . . . $ j(0)
WlUUronuJr , addition. Thlrty-sorentlj
nnd Uftvtmwortlu. . . , . . . j.oJO
0 USUuw , frame lesidencoThirty-fourth
ami Howard , . . , . 2,600
C it lloyaoldi , frame cottage. Curtis ana
Cottage avenue , . , , . ] , OUO
M X Chron , frama cottage , Kljjluh and
Bancroft . . . . . f 5
W J llroatch , stable , liVJ3 Uodg * street. . . I.IKX )
1 minor permit , . - . . , , ox )
Seven permits , ugcregatlns. . . . . .jr.CLii
The Alleged KcvoranJ of the Flotoher
Oou.rt-aift lnl Finding.
The following telegram was received ycv
torday by K Chicago1 paper from Its Wash
ington correspondent and was forwarded to
this city !
"Tho finding In the sensational court-
martial nt Omnha ngalnst Lieutenant Colonel
Fletcher for conduct .unbecoming an officer
and gentleman , hag been reversed , nnd
Lieutenant Colonel "Fletcher , whoso son.-
tonco was to bo dTsmJsscd from the service ,
will bo relnstated jThe colonel was con
victed by court-mnninl nnd the case then
came to Advocate General Llobor ,
Who , after Inquiring care fully - Into
It , bccama convinced that Colonel
onol Fletcher was the victim of n
conspiracy and determined to right htm. Ho
recommended a reversal of the decision ,
General Schofiold then took up the uaso as
senior advocate general of the army , and ap
proved General Llobor's ' vlow of It.
"General Sohofiold is at present noting sec
retary of war , nnd might approve his own
llmllnir , but ho prefers to nwalt the return of
Secretary Proctor , who will tnko the case to
the president. There Is no doubt of his ap
proval. "
The news was Immediately forwarded to
Fort Omaha , where It was variously consid
ered by the ofileors nt tlmt place.
It was also discussed by the officers nt the
To verify the statement , In vlow of the
fact that the telegram contained some bi-
conslatonclns , TUB BEB telegraphed its
Washington correspondent und received the
following reply :
"When Tun Ben
correspondent to-day
showed General Schoflcld , acting secretary
of war , the dispatch announcing that the
finding In the Flotchur court-murtml had
been rovorscd by the war department , ho
said : "Thero Is no foundation for such a
statement. Secretary Proctor will act upon
the case and ho has never soon the papers ,
They were sent to mo and have boon nnd are
yet in my hundi to bo laid before Sucrotary
Proctor when ho returns to Washington. "
Something to Koinoinbor.
If you nro going east remember the
"Rock Island Routo" run the sleepers
and chair cars of their solid vestibule
train to and from the Omaha depot ,
leaving Omahu at 8:45 : p. m. , thus avoid
ing the transfer afc Council BlulTs.
Three solid trains dally. All chair cars
nro free. Dining cars on all through
trains. Our trains make close connec
tion with all eastern limited trains con
necting in union depot at Chicago ,
avoiding a transfer across the city to
parties enrouto to Now York , Boston
and other eastern cities , "and every
thing a little bettor than other lines
can offer. " S. S. STEVKNS ,
Ticket olllco 1305 Parnnm. Gon'l W. A.
Mr. Coburn Making It In Ills Cases
In Court.
Sheriff Coburn will probably fllo his suit
against the commissioners to-day and the
Judges say they will hoar it in chambers any
day next week which may bo agreed upon.
It is hoped also by the sheriff that County
Attorney Mahoney Will make up nnd file the
suit against him so that both cases can bo
hoard at the same time ,
It is whispered in outside circles that Mr.
Coburn' s anxiety to imvo u final disposition of
this matter is baaed on political reasons.
A-frlend of his said this morning that if the
court decides against- him it will croatly in
jure his chances fo ? a renomlnatlon , but if
ho wins the victory is bound to benefit us
well as increase his chances. It Is thought
that on the result depends his future action ,
whether ho will continue to bo a candidate
or withdraw entirely from the race.
All points on Puget sound are moro
easily reach via the Northern Pacific
than nny other lino.This is the only
line reaching all parts of Washington
territory , is the only line running colonist
nist sleepers through the territory di
rect to Tacomn , nnd is the only line via
which through tickets can be purchased.
The Northern Pacific allows stopovers
at all points in Washington territory
to holders of second-class tickets reading -
ing via their lino.
Board or Public Works.
The board of public works held a very
quiet and uneventful session yesterday after
noon. The following reserves and estimates
were allowed :
J. B. Smith & Co. , oavlng Twenty-fourth
street from St. Mary's avenue to Farnam
street , $921.03 ; same , paving Farnnm street
from Thirty-sixth to Thirty-seventh street ,
Same , pavlncr Thirty-seventh street , from
Farnam to Loavenworth , $1,570.51.
J. C. Hogan & Co. , curbing Nineteenth
from Davenport street , $3,800.11.
Sumo , Wortblngton street , from Eighth to
Tenth , $850.43.
Snmo , Lake street , from Eighteenth to
Twonty-fourth , f3,008.87.
Same , Leavenworth , from Thirty-seventh
street to 1 o wo avenue , $3,831.07. x
Laranam , grading Grace street , from Far-
nain to Dodge street , $708.
Ed Pholan , grading Locust street , from
Sherman avenue to Belt railway cut ,
J. W. Furnas & Son , paving Eighth street
from Worthington to Pierce , $2.U5S.S3 ; sumo ,
Pierce street from Eighth to Tenth. $4.700 ;
J. B. Smith & Co. , Barney , from Twenty-
sixth to Twenty-eighth , § 4,273.13j same ,
Spauldlng , from Twenty-fourth to Twenty-
second , $0,301.71 : Rubber Asphalt company ,
Izard , from Sixteenth to Eighteenth ,
89,792.44 ; same. Webster , from Sixteenth to
Twenty-second , $23,488.94.
Pears' Soap is the moat elegant toilet
AVnsrons for Hnso Cnrls.
Mr. C. Hartman , member of the board of
flro und police commissioners , has returned
from Kansas City , where ho attended the
national convention of the lire cbiofa of the
United States.
Mr. Hartman was highly pleased with the
results of his trip. Ho talked with the
chiefs of flre departments from Boston ,
Now York , Detroit , Cleveland , Now Or
leans nnd other cities , nnd examined the
latest inventions in machinery and nnpll-
ancefl used for flro fighting. He examined
especially the difforqnt , makes of fire hose
and secured the opinions of the flro chiefs
from other cities 'upon the comparative
merits of rubber and fabric flro hose. Ita
found opinions nbont evenly divided.
The question of substituting wagons for
lioso carts was nlso considered , nnd for the
most part very favorably by the members of
the association.
The Polltibnl Pot llns Onminonood to
Doll In Thrtt Itody.
The Sixth ward republican club hold its
regular mooting lost night. Very liltlo busi
ness was transacted , although there was
considerable quiet work going on ,
It was decided that the prize money ro-
colvod from the Merchants' Week associa
tion should bo turned Into tbo treasury ns a
reserve fund.
A number of small bills were ordered paid.
The matter of the creating of a third pro-
clnct In the ward , which hnd been referred
to n committee consisting of the two councilmen -
men from the Sixth ward , was expected to
como up for report , but nothing was heard of
It , The residents of the western part of the
ward uro very anxloui to hnvo a third pre
cinct created , but the probabilities nro thut
the matter will bo engineered so ns to deprive
thorn of this privilege until after the elec
It became Known that an emissary of
Mllco Lee was pronont with a resolution
already prepared , which ho was prepared to
sprlnc on the club , endorsing Lee ai candi
date for the shrievalty. A resolution was
prepared nnd mtrodupcd before the Leo
delegate could got in a word , declaring It to
bo the sentiment of the club that no candi
date for n county offlco bo endorsed by the
club. Thisblocitcd the g.imoof thoLco man ,
nnd ho withdrew in dt gust.
The members ot the club fool very sore
ever the manner In which the board
of education ignored their recommenda
tion for a successor to Mr. Mlllard , The
club hold n mooting some time ngoundroc-
ommondcd Mr. Howard Kelsey ns tholr
choice for a representative , nnd so intimated
to the members of the board , They are dis
gusted with the manner in which their rec
ommendation was Ignored. Ono member
said last night : "If the board hud elected a
man from another ward wo wouldn't hnvo
thought so muchubout , It , but they took a
Sixth ward man , and ouo whom the club hac )
refused to endorse. "
There were numerous throats of n wholesale -
sale knifing when It comes to another elec
tion of members for the board of education.
The feeling ngnlnst ono member of the
board in particular is very bitter. It Is
charged that this member opposed Kelsey on
purely personal grounds.
Thu Fourth Ward Republicans.
The annual meeting of the Fourth Ward
Republican club was hold last evening at the '
olllco of Judge Gustavo Anderson and was
qulto largely attended. After the admission
of several staunch republicans to member
ship und the transacting of other routine
business , the election of officers for the en
suing term was the order of business , re
sulting in the unanimous election of Thomas
1C. Sudborough for president. R D. Duncan
was elected vice president , Ed Whitchorn
secretary and Peter Sharkoy treasurer ,
The next order of business was the elect
ing of delcgatns to the state convention of
re-publican clubs , which will bo hold In Hast
ings early next month , resulting as follows :
D. H. Wheeler , W. F. Gurloy and R , S.
Much enthusiasm was manifested and the
unanimity of the vote for president was evidence -
donco anough that there will bo very little
factlontsm In the Fourth Ward Republican
club during the forthcoming campaign.
"Tho Brass Monkoy" drew another good
audience to Boyd's opera house last night ,
but it didn't go off as well as nt the first per
formance. However , the more ono sees
of this comedy the bettor ho likes it. Dodge
Work is the cleverest character in "A Brass
Monkey , " und Mr. Tim Murphy plays the
part to perfection. Ho is a splendid actor.
Still. Jonah , ns presented by Charles Drew ,
Is a quaint , queer old man , and Mr.
Hoyt has put ideas into his head us well as
sayings into his mouth that make him nttlier
interesting. Miss Flora Walsb , ns Bugguge ,
is just as clover as slio can be , and the three
young ladies capture everybody's admira
tion. They nro pretty , lively and play their
parts well. Miss Bedford , out on her first
tour , is ouo of the most charming of all the
stage beauties that has ever been seen in
Omaha , and gives promise of becoming an
artist ill her profession.
For Any Form ofKtduoy or Bladder
Go to Excelsior Springs , Mo. Its
waters are a speedy and Infallible cure.
Fiuo accommodations nt the Elms.
Twenty-five miles from Kansas City on
the St. Paul road.
Charlie Ncodhaui Paralyzed.
The following dispatch was received by
Colonel Frank Mooros late last night :
WATBIITOWN , S. D. , Sept. 18. To Frank
E. Moores , District Court Clerk : Charles
Ncodham had a paralytic stroke to-day. Loft
side paralyzed. Send his wlfo hero at ooco.
F. E. MUN.V.
Msr. Noedham will leave for Wntortown
this morning. .
Mlhalovitch's Hungarian blackberry
juice id unfermented ,
Few New Cases of Importance Begun
The Homo Investment company has filed a
petition in equity in the district court against
Martha L. Ford and Lewis Pixloy , praying
for the foreclosure of a mortgage on lot , 19 ,
in block 10 , In Highland Place , given to se
cure payment of a note for S730 by Martha L.
Ford. This note and mortgaeo were given
to Pixloy and uftorwurds became the prop
erty of plaintiff.
County Court.
Mrs , Ida Morris , widow of the late M , J.
Morris , und Esther , the infant child of Mor
ris , huvo commenced suit in the county court
ugalnst Alfred Frost , asking Judgment in the
BumofS200 % The petition alleges that in
1830 J , J. Johnson executed a note to M. J.
Morris for $250 , which was afterward given
to Frost for collection. Frost collected 5300
on the note in tbo spring of 18S7 , which ho
refused to pay ever to.Morris. On the death
of Morris this claim boc.imo the property of
his widow und child , who now seek to recover -
cover the amount collected.
Joseph C. Viors nska Judgment against
.Joseph P. Manning for ? 50 ou a promissory
fm wEi Sr'
mm. FRUIT run
tT d liy the United State * Government , indorsed by the heads of the firrat Uulvcrsltlei
and rittillc I'ood Analyst * , a * the StroiiKcst , 1'urcst and most Healthful. Dr. 1'ricc'n Cream
DakhiR 1'oivdcr ( lor * not contain Ammonia , I.lmcor Alum , Dr Price's Delicious I'lavoriiitrllx-
tracts , Vanilla , I.cuiou , Orniiy , Almond , Kos , etc. , du not contain 1'olsououa Oils or Cbeiuicala
PRICE BAKING POWDER CO. . Now York. Chlcaeo. St. Loulo.
For Weak Stomacli--lmpalred Digestion Dlsorfloreil Liver.
, , , ,
. F. ALLEN & CO. , Solo Agents
FOR urviTim STATES , aos jfc any CANAL ST. , NEW TORK ,
Who ( if your druggist docs not keep them ) will mail Bccclmm's
Pills on receipt of price but inquire first. ( Please mention this paper. )
Instantly stops the most cxcruclatlnsimtns ; never falls t > at7o cms to the snfforor
NKUHALUIA , BOIATIOA , HIIAUAOHUTOOIMIACUB , or any ether 1'AIN , a few nppUcat Ion
net llko magic , causing the pilu to Instantly stop.
pains nrlalng Irom clmico of diet or water or other causes.
CO Coins n Bottlo. Bold by
1018 Farnam Street , Omaha ,
Brownell Hall !
Corner of Tenth and Worthington Streets , Omnha , Nob.
The Rev , Robert Doterty , S. T , D , , Reck
Fall Term Begins Wednesday , September 11. For Particulars
Apply to the Re'ctor.
Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilating
Apparatus and Supplies.
Engines , Boilers , Steam Pumps , Etc. m
A. B. MEYER & CO. ,
1O3 South tBth Street , Opp. Postoffice. Telephone 149O.
Oilers the best facilities for acquiring the art
JST. ! uiBAPBSTiiml iJitsrScnootjiii the WKST.
Success ( lUAliANTKKD to uuyone ot ordinary
Wo uro unable to supply the demand for com
petent stenoKraphem. You can gut , position
us noon us yon are ready for It. Kvcry youni ;
imui nnd woman Khould have a practical
knowledge of Shorthand und Tyiwultlrnr.
Ulvutliu iiovB and miti.K n rhanco at , a tnor-
ough practical bcliool and teach them to bo
1'or further information addresi
Standard Shorthand School ,
rrunlc E. Bull , Manager ,
Faxion BlocK , 1514 Farnam St. , Omaha.
1B13 Douglas Street'Omaha , Nebraska.
Omaha , Neb. , September 10 , J88U. Senled
proposals In triplicate , will be rncolved huro mid
by Uopot Qiwrternmntcrut Cheyenne. Wyo. , un
til two o'clock p. m. , central time , October ID ,
IJMi , unil then opened for U03 tons bitumlnmix
real 2.J10 HIM , to tlio ton delivered nt Cheyenne
Qr , Mr. I ppotVyo.orotlu > rpolnti p6cllod ] by
bidder. Tlio U , S. reserves the rlKht to reject
any or nil lilJH. Preference will be given to ar
ticles of ilnmxhtio production , conditions of
quality and prlca ( Including In the price of for
eign production the duty thereon ) bclni ; erjual.
All ( information furnished on application. Kn.
Velopes containing proposals snould bo marked
proposals for r.oal. und adcirOK-soil iia Indicated
ubovoVM. . U. I1UUIIKS , Lieutenant Cnlonnl
and Deputy Quartermaster Uenoial. IT. H. A. .
Chief Quaitormuater , B 13 a U O 2II.
NTO. O.-L. A. NO. W-VHOI > 08AT.9 fOll
! > AltM V BnpplleH-Olllcoof I'nrcliaslni ; and
Depot UommlBury of Subsistence , II. B. Army.
Omaha. Neb , , AiiKilsf.'f , 1WJ. Sealed propo < jiil !
in triplicate , Hubject to the uuiml conditions ,
will uo received at thin olllco until 12 o'clock m , ,
central standard time , on Monday , thniuth dny
of September , Ittti. nt which tlino und plucu
they will bo opened in the presence of blUilcrg ,
for ttio f urnlHhlriKand delivery at Onmlia. Neb. ,
tliulollowlnu ttriny BUPFlles , vU. ; Hard bread ,
corn meal , choesu , V , A. ; eracUerd and oatmeal ,
cooked , i'lofereuce will bit ( 'lven to articles of
domestic production or rnamifiicturi ) , condltloux
of quality und price ( Including lu the prlci ot
foreign productions or rammf cture the duty
thereon ) being equal , The rljtht U reserved to
reject any or nil bldx. lllunk proposal * ,
und Bpecllleatlons ulioulun In detail thii articles
and quantity required and Klvlug full Information
mation as to condition of contract nlll bo fnr.
nlhhed on uppllcjitiou totliisollleo , J. W. HAH-
UK ) Hit , Maj.und U. H. U. , A.
. .
- - - -
Notion to ( Jontrnotors.
Sealed proposals will be rccelvnd at Urn olllqa
ot tile County Clurk , Douglas County. Nehntaka ,
until ! i p. m. , Hrtlnrday , September Hth , ISS'J ,
for the erection of even (7) ( ) twenty foot apan *
trestle work , over the I'aplo , between Bectlonn
Itnua27 , township Irf. raiiKfl la ,
l'lann und ai > eelUiatlon to be found la County
ClurSB olllco. All bldx to bo accompanied by
certined check for The county reserves
the rlglit to reject any or all bldn
DKi'l M. 1) . UOOHS , County Olork ,
Notion to Contractor * for Grading.
South Omaha , Neb. . Sept , llth , 1889. f
Scaled proposals will ba received by the un
dersigned at this olllcu until 12 o'clock noon ot
September ! rd , IKHl , for furnishing all thn ma
terials and doltiKall thu work necessary lo com
plete tlio followlUK city Improvements , vizi
UrudUiK S u Street from "N" Street to "O"
Street ,
I'liuiH nnd Hpedflratlnns may l > o seen , and all
Information relative to the work obtained , at
.tills olllco ,
Payments for the work to ho made by wnr-
runta on the clt v treasury.
No proposal from any contractor In default
with the city on nny prevlouu contract will ba
considered , !
No proposal will bo considered unless accom
panied by a cortllled chock for 3&U.OU to bo re
turned on all bids not excrpted.
Tli H rlgUt Is recurved to reject any or ull iiro-
Work to he completed within CO daya ,
Approximate estimate Is UI.'iH ) cubic ynrdn ot
excavation , to coHtH.T.'ji.W. ,
liy ordsr City Council.
Committee un Viaducts. Streets nnd Alleys ,
by , U. 11 , Towi , Chairman.
B 13 d to B S3.
Notion to Contractors ,
South Omaha. Nob. , Kept. Hth , 1883. f
Sealed proponaU will he rnceh e I by the un-
derUk'ntil nt tblx nlllce until 13 o'Uock noon ot
September zid. IHtft , for f urniuhlhu Hi ! the ma
terials uud doing ull the work necessary to
complete the following city Improvements , viz. ;
( ImdliiK "I , " street from Twentieth street to
Thlrty.llfth street , together with npprouches.
I'liius und tpuclttcutlonn men , und ull
Information relative to the work obtained , nt
tills olllie.
I'nymout for the work to bo mudu by war.
runts un the city treasury ,
No proposal from any contractor In default
v < lth ihou.ty on uny pretlouu contract will ba
No proposal Hill be considered unless accom
panied by a rer tiled chuck for f UM.OO to ue re
turned on all hldu not accepted.
The tight la reserved to reject any or all pro-
Work to be complete. ! within ninety daj .
Approximate estimated co t 115,741.1. } .
Ity order City CouuUl ,
Chairman Committee on Viaducts , Street * aud