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It Will' 'BoRln Ita lavoatlffatlons nt
Doa Mohi03 To-Day.
Ilorrltilo Tnlo oJ nn KI ht-Vonr-Oia
' I'rou-
Jloy Acnr J''ort Doiluo
rc B of tlio
.Murder Trlnl ,
i CoiiiinlKslnii In l > e Slono ! .
DBS MOIXKS , In. , Sept. 0. [ Special Tclo-
tjroiri lo THE UKB. ] Senators Vest , Coke
nntl Plumb , of the sonata committee to Inves
tigate tua , dressed beef Industry , arrived In
thoi-lty to-dny. They spent the afternoon In
visiting the state fair , und announced that
they would begin the formal session of their
committed to-morrow morning. They nro to
hear comnlalnts while hero from , any parties
In lown who are aggrieved at the present
packers' combinations.
'ilio Mate Fair.
DM MOINES , la. , Sept , fl. [ Special Tele
gram to THK linn.J The state fnlr closed to
day , having been Iho most successful finan
cially in the history of the society. The re
ceipts word larger by $13,000 than last year ,
and will reach n total of nearly fM.OOO. An
idea of the attendance can bo obtained from
the fact that the Hock Island road carried
13.1,000 people to nnd from the city mid the
fnlr grounds , in addition to 37.000 excursion
ists from along their line , making 173,000 pco-
plo they handled. The carnival of Klnir Son !
Om Scd In this city undoubtedly called u
lurgopurtof the Incicased uttuiuluncc. The
state fair directors this afternoon resolved in
luvor oT Chicago for the world's fair In 1893.
Burned to IKinth.
FOIIT DODOR , la. , Sopt. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun UF.B. | The oight-ycnr-old son
of J , F. Swanson wus roasted to death In a
barn , nlno miles south of this city , at 10
o'clock this morning. The boy Is supposed
ir- to-havo been playing with matches , which
b * Ignited tbo hay nnd he suffocated before ho
could escape.
Tlio ItillinuH .Hurilor Case.
WATEIILOO , la. , SepU 0. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tun BKB. ] The work of selecting
a Jury In the Hillings murder casewus begun
at 2'o'clock. Out of eight persons examined
only foifr were accepted to sorvc. From the
present outlook it will bo several days bo-
fora any work of importance is done.
'lirrU or Illumine nt n L IHB.
DBS MOIXK.I , la. , Sept 6. [ Special Tol-
ogramto TiteJicE. ! Tlio Chicago , Milwau
kee & St. Paul railway company to day filed
With the railroad commissioners their answer
to complaints aculnst taking un the track of
their brunch road from Euimottsburg to
sUiorvillo. This line is twenty-two miles
long and wns constructed in 1S31 nnd wns
operated until March G , 18S9. It nmdo ex
penses and a low hundred dollars prollt dur
ing the first six months , but ever slnco It
has been run at a logs. The net losses have
run from 55,000 to $18,000 n year , or a total
of $00,000 during the sofron years
that it has been operated. Inasmuch ns the
roud is | ) , mill"lcil by tno Burlington , Cedar
Hiinldp & Northern , every station on the
ono being also on the other , the Milwaukee
company thinks that no public injury will
follow the taking up of the roud. They say
they are going to do it , as they nro tired of
operating the branch at u steady loss.
Crrr , la. . Sept. 0. [ Sueuial Tele-
tjrtnn to TUG Bun. | The nttltUdo itakon , by
Jj. liV V right , picsident of tlio stuto tcinper-
i.&U 0 alliance- toward the republican party
Is occasioning much comment. Slucu'hls do-
faat us a delegate to tho.stuto 'convention ho
lias been blttor In his opposition to Dr. E.
Wilbur , of .Uockford , us representative.
Wright holfls'lho view thnt tho'stato should
appropriate largo sums of money for the pur
pose pf prosecuting violators ol the liquor
, iuw ailso that u constabulary should be
appointed , whoso duty it should be to appre
hend thdfo who conduct the sale of liquor.
Wilbur is u strong prohibitionist , but docs
not ugrco with Mr. Wrig'ht on these meas
ures. It is generally thought that Wright
himself will bo a candidate against Wilbur.
Another Itciirtlcss Dcnortlon.
MISSOUIII VAIAET , la. , Sopt. 0. [ Special
Telegram to "Tills BEE. ] A newly bom
Infant was found this morning abandoned on
tno door step of a family named Sfiultz. The
people were from homo nt the time , but thu
llttlo waif was taken In and cnrert for by
accommodating neighbors , and at last re
ports 'was doing well. No clun linn bfen
discovered yet as to the perpetrator of the
aub or the parents of thn foundling.
Killed U > - u Kail.
BnooKLVN , In. , Sept. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BKE.J Stephen Weaver fell
ironi u loaded wagon this morning while
.moving his household goods from the coun
try to town , lie was Instantly killed , but
bis body was not found for 1ml f an liom
after. "Ho was ulonu at the time the uccl-
HorscH null .Mules Croiniitod.
Sioux'CiTVIa. , Sent. 0. fSpcoialTclejjran ]
to TUB UEE.J A largo livery and sale
Rtablo owned by D. T. Hedges wus destroyed
by 11 ro to-night. About thirty horses anil
mulct ) wcro ourned to death. Loss about
310,000 ; partially covered by insurance.
Klnlii'o'8 Assntlnntt u lint af Scarcu
Chloatrn VoiinuBtorB.
t CiiiUAOo , Sept. 0--Spoclal [ Tolegrnm tc
TUB HBK.J The alleged Clan-na-Cinol as-
gault.upon Gus Klahro about a wuck ago tiuc
at last been explained , und the testimony ol
the ansallants conflict consldurubly with the
tory told by Mr. Klahro himself.
Joseph Dorncy , the leader of the gang , bni
'boon arrested and is locked up In the Chicagc
avenue station. The other half do cn young
fttcrs are now as good as in custody , ana will
be brought into the station very soon. Tin
young men , fearm * ijmt they would b <
mixed up in the Cronln uit.dr > huvo ma
tiU3Uvrcd UH though their lives aupuuo.j u , , ,
o'u their escape , and It was with u llttlo cnw ,
cully thai ti.o ommrs found tholr hldlni
Uornoy says that on the night of the trou
bla hound tlin other boyb wora valuing ilowi
to the lake to tiiku a swim , when they me
Klulira , Ono of the boys , .as ho passed , mad
n remark about Klahro , and Uornoy , win
bus known the tinsmith for ton yours , suld
"Horo , boys , don't not into u light. "
Klahro , who Jiad walked on a nhor
distance , turned and cuina buck. Lifting
heavy cuno ho hand , It is alleged , ho strucl
liis out acquaintance aver thu arm. On Oar
uoy'a arm the murk U yut plainly visible
Tins attack was the signal for n genera
light , during which an Italian , who wus Ii
the crowd , picked Kluhru up und throw hit
over the fence , The hut found by thn pollc
belongs to Doniby , The young man lit th
station told this story a few days ago , an
from all that Captain Shuttler Ims learned I
is correct. Thus thu latest sensation in con
uoctlon with the Cronln case sinks to the in
slgulllcancu ot u petty hoodlum row.
Ktlll Iluntlnu Kor n Jury.
CHICAGO , Sept. 0. The hunt for Jurors I
tlio Ccotitn case was resumed this morning
but no additions to the panel were accurei
up to the noon rt'cuss , nor was tboru an ]
thlqe now or interesting developed ,
Ti\o Alcn Droxvnctl.
OCEAN Guv , Md. , Sept. . J , T. Uobli
eon and Captain William Short wet
drowned here thl morning while trying t
launch a llfo boat. Bovorui ether men woi
with tl.cin but managed to escape from tli
Sturtcd lol'unUli IliiHlitri.
n , Sept a Captain WUaumn.wIt
40U men , lia started for Mpwapwa tu pun la
HuBlilr ! fgr killing OlUcor NoiUon of tli
Kast Afrfca couipuuy.
Htnnillnic of Iho Clnlii.
Following iiNtho > landlagot ( the Wojtorn
siovlntiMi clulA up to nnd Including ycstur-
ay'n gamesl
Plnycd. Won. L.o * t. Per Ct.
Omntio tt ) 71 S3 .717
SUPaul. . 10t : 05 US .fnll
Sioux City..103 fil 53 .40B
MllihQrtpoIl . . .100 VJ fil .4'JO
Denver. . . . . . .103 40 BO .451
Mllwnukcar..100 44 50 .440
St. Joseph , . . . W > 41 5. . .427
UcsMotnes. . . UP * 34 05 .S43
. -IVnvcr-1:1. Blnnx Oily B.
Sioux Qi'tt , Io. , Sept 0. The postponed
gnrao played to-day'was easily won by Den-
or. J3otlupitchers were hammered hard ,
but Uio lileunlalmjors Were moro lucky with
bclrhlts. Score 5
aioux nrr. m.xvr.ii.
r. li. o.o r
. .l 2 n u u DAlrjmpfp , lf.,1 0 2 ( l n
llonn. ir. > . . , , , .7 a I u r Meclnltan , 2t > . ,4 2 1 .1 0
o wciL ID . o an l ,1 rrrpiulwny , tt.t 3 u o o
troMi n.-2U..t i t f > u ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '
irnlnj..rf . . . .l \ Ic-0 j llimp''lb. . . . ! . . ! a 15 b 0
IrRillvr.Sb. : . , . ( , 5 1 B.W . Klrhr.Mi. . I 1 I * U
llnCU.V . , i7..f 4 1 EfJlV > likn , 3 350 1
lurplir , 0. . . .1) 1 l > DTiKngnn , ! . S a I I I )
Jrimell , p.U , 002 U Snore ! , cf , . , , JQ I I J '
Totnl . . . .r. . " 15 SlTiJll Totals . 11 13 2T 15 3
ilolIJtCltr. . . . , . . , . 1 3 S 0 0 3 0 1 0-8
lonf or _ * . . . . . . . ' , . . . . . . .y. . . J , 3 8 U U U I I " - IIi
i : niPf riinsSIoiiJC City 4 , DcnviT 5 , Twolmno
-liiim ! 2. ThrcD-bnro lilt < Midcllnn. Ituwu.
lonio nun Illnclt , Knann , Double jilny * llrii'iinn lo
llnox to I'owi'll , AltClvilmi tu HOWP to Dolnn , While
o JlcCldlim tu Itowo. Hmt ha onn bnllvMoiixt'lty
, Denver 2. I IH l > r pltchoil linll-l'oivcll , Kllby ,
lolnn. ftulon tiiifcs-Clliio , iilnck , Murt'lir ' , Dnlrrm-
ilo , Wlilto. Struck out llr Craircll n , by I'ucivn ; i
'usscd ball Dolan. ' 11muorKniuc-21ioun. Uiuplru
niilwaukco U , DCS Mollies t > .
Mri.\VAUKnc , Wis.Sept. 0 , Mllwaukeo won
i game to-day that was featurolcsi oxcopl for
ho errors of the DCS M'oiues men and tholr
nubility to lilt the ball. Score :
r. b , n , n. o r. Ii. n.n.e.
oorra n.rf..l 1 1 0 0 Knnnnily.rf. . . . . ! u 2 0 0
huttnii.Zti.i. . , , ? 1 2 3 U Miinkrcr , If U 1 2 I ) 1
MorrH-crlU..a 2 8 U I Connoll.oh 1 0 ! l 0 3
"li'icft , M..l ! ; i 4 I Nnltll , ill U t 10 1 I
Mm.u ; , . . & i 2 o ticcMiv. V i i n i o
-llclict..l ! I 2 0 OiTrnlllor , ! ) I ( I 1 II 3 : ! U U I ) Ol' 0 1301
Curl , c U 1 U 1 \lncullnr , . . . .0 1)3-4 ) 0
Morrison , V..J ) U .U II U Hurt , p I 1140
Toinl .i.i."o "o J ? IT iTolu i ! T T 71 Kl 8
Mllnrnukco 1 01020500-
-Molnoi i. . . .i,0 00 2 0010 S 8
Kitrncd -Mllniiiikoo'3 , I > c ilolncs 1. 'IVo-
tense lilt Siultli. lln > e utiilon I'oiirman. niittiin ,
Mmck 2 , t-tkh ' . ' . Albert 2 , Mnrrl on , Kennedy ,
Mnilruy , Smith , llsrt. IliKos on bnlH button. MIIH ,
MburtH , KunnuJy , .Mnnkray. CoimDll , Triiiilej y ,
Miulnn , Miicullnr. Struck out lly MurrlMm ' . ' , by
Iurt4 , I'nsttfil b.ilh Carl I , Cuily J. Tliuohours. .
Uuii'Ire ' llrlcil/ .
oi'imu ii.Yijij a ATM us.
Thn Niitlonnl Ii atiio.
NKW Youi : , Sept. 0. Result of to-day's
gnmu :
New York 0 3101000 0-4
ndiaiinpolls , . . . : ) 0
Muse hits 'New York 7 , Indianapolis 5.
Brrors New York 7. Indianapolis .i , 13at-
, erles Now York , welch und Lirowii ; Tndi-
umpolls , Get7cln and Uoylo and Daly. Um
pire Knight.
v , Sept. 0. Result of today's
Kit mo :
Philadelphia..0 0212020 * 7
Cleveland 0 00800001 4
Haso hits Philadelphia , 7 , Cleveland 10.
Errors Philadelphia 3 , Cleveland 3. Unttor-
es Philadelphia , Casey , Sanders und Clem
ents ; Cleveland , Ueiitlti , Sutcliffo and Zini-
ner. Umpire Lynch.
HOUTOX. Sept. C. Result of to-dny's ' game :
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 13
Pittsburg 0 00000000 0
Uusu hits Boston 8 , Pittsburg 0. Errors
Boston ii , Pittsburg 1. UaUerioi Boston ,
31trksou : anil Ganzul ; Pitlsburg , Staloy unil
Carroll. . Ifm'plrc' McQUuId.
Tin : Aiiiovioan \ \ < otlij/lon. ;
Sdpt. C. Ucsult of lo-'day's
game : . *
Jjaltlmorc. . . % / ; . > v.f..O 001020 3
St. Louis . . . , ' . . .7.7..0 0 OlO 0 2 0 2
Gumo c.illcd ut the end of seventh inning
on account of darkness.
CouJMiitia , Sept. 0. Hesult of to-day's '
snmo :
Columbus 0 140 1 0010 7
Louisville" 1 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0U
Amateur- Games ,
NnmusKA CITT , Neb. , Sept. 0. [
cial Telegram to THK BIE. ] The Unadilla
and Nebraska City clubs placed hero to-dav
for a purse ot $1CO. Tbo pumo resulted in
favor of Nebraska City by 'a score of &
to 9. _
FUJJ.EIUON , Neb. , Sept. (5 ( [ Special Tele
gram to TIIK iiKE.l The Pullcrton b.iso bill
[ tub played tno Genoa Indian club ut the
fair grounds hero to-dav , winning by u score
of 21 to 12. _
LINCOLN , Neb. , Sept. 0. [ Special' Tclo-
ifram to Tliu Bilu. | Tlio gumo botwet'ti tbo
Lincoln nnd Sowurd teams this afternoon
resulted In a score of 10 to 0 in favor ol
Lincoln , _
Mlssouni VALI.KV , In. , Sopt. 0. [ Special
Telegram to THU HKK. ] The Dow City ball
clubipluyed the Missouri Valley team hen :
this afternoon. Thu score wus 2'J to U in
favor of , the Valley.
Stnto Tennis Touriiamnnt.
LINCOLN , Nob. , Sopt. C. [ Special to Tnr
The time foe rcoelving entries for the
fttuto lawn tonnls.toufiiuino'nt has been ex
tended Jto Monday morning. Attlmttinit
the nUtncs will bo'drawn and ull entiles must
bo in. Plax will begituat JO o'clock on Tues.
day morning. Tim prizo'in the singles will
bo Slocum Hpecltil racket iircsontod bi
Snaldlng. The victors in the doubles will
got Sears special , rackets- ono of which is
presented , by SuhmoUor , ol Kansas City ,
The pntiioa thus ( ararui
For. "tha''singlcs-rFrbm Omaha , W. G ,
Douno ; LlncolCi , Frank "L. Sheldon ; Hust.
Ings , O. G. Smith ; 1311 wood , C. U. Lee. Lin
coln will hnvo two or thrpo other entries.
For fho doubles Oiuulm , Doano and A. .
Guiou ; Lincoln , * Sheldou and C. C. Hurr
llastlngti , Smith and P.II. . Johnson ; Ell-
wcod , 'Lep' unu It. th-Lamson. Llticuh
promises ono or two'mor.q.doublcs ,
Ornnil Viroult Knona ,
Si'itisdpictii , Masa. , Sopt. 0 , ( Special
Toleisrnin to TUB UEB. [ Only ono of tli (
three races was finished ut the park to-day
heavy showers delaying the start till the nf
tornuan was well advanced. Ed Annuu
ended UiuJiT mco m straight heutH , and af
ter a slow milo by vu. a3 1 trotters Salllo 1
was cut loose and went mucu fusion Tin
y--3 BtuUiumd ttiu untlnished event u/IU bi
trotted te-morruw nftornoon. Summary.
I'HIliK $1,000 , 2)37 ) I'ACU.
Ed Annan ( Doblo ) . l l l
M ( Stuart ) . , , . a a a
Alton Mum ( Trout ) , . , . 'J 4 3
Joe Jefferson ( Sandy ) . , . U D 4
Stanley P ( Huns ) . . . . 7 U dls.
Emma ( WiUon ) . 4 dls
Ualsora E. Wlikcs ( GrubenstatterH dls
Time ! ) U ? f , 3:1' ! , 8i
Salllo H ( Traynor ) . . . 3 I
Miss Egbert ( Moulton ) , , . . , . 1 4
Yorker ( Hurnlmui ) . . . , . , . .4 3
Lucy U ( McCarthy ) . a 3
'liuio 43S ; , 3:31 : ,
Hay itnous ,
Uxr , Sout. G. Summary o
to-day's races :
Ono milo Cusstus won , Auranm second
Quesal third. Time 1:42 : 4-5.
About three-fourths of u milo Oeypoti
won. Ileltcr Skelter sccbiiJ , Lullu lilaekbun
third , Tlmu 1 : 133-5.
About throe-fourths of n mtto Hub S
won , Manolu second , Oregon third. Tnno-
Ono and ono-oighth miles Tattler won
Panama second , Leap Year third. Tjmo-
1 : M ) .
Ono nnd Uirao-sixteunth miles Orlllammi
won , Nlaifuru Micond , The Hounoas third
U line 2:034-5. :
Onomlzeon turf l lltter won , Helwooi
socoud , The LIbn third. Tiuio 1:14. :
Detroit Kncos.
DKTIIOIT. SopU 0 The truck wus e >
cullont , thu attondunco good , and the wuathe
pleasant. The orent of to-dny wns Pixtron'o
attempt to bent the boat stallion record ,
2il3J , ranclo by Mnxoy Cobb. Patron , who
was driven with a running mntOj h d two
trials. The first wns made in 3H7Jnnd the
second In 2:15 : > / . Summnryj
Special stake , * 1,000 a sldo Sugorlno won ,
Doni Cossack second. Host time 3)3 : ! ) > .
Stnko No. 1. 8550 , four-year-old1 * Sutnor-
land won , Minis second , Ureon Jimmy third.
Timo-2:40. :
Stnko No. 40 , $ < J35 , annual nursery staka
for foals 18SU Fortuna won , Matlo Montana
second , licit tlmo-3 : l > .
Stnko No. 4 , WSO , special fonh 1891 Eml-
nenco won , Sally Cossack second , Uost
time 2:34.
Stnko 3 , * J305 , ereon threc-ycar-olds Peter
Hardwood won , Julia J second. IJost time
2:13 : .
Stuko No. 43. * l,14li. Juvonllo stakes for
foal * of USSO-Mlnnio Wllkcsyon , Sum Mule
Bccond , Astoria third. Host time 2:33. :
Stnko No. 3 , WOd , special TOals of 18S.1
Governor Stanford won , lilsmont second.
licst tlmo-3:3l.
Cntc'AOo , Sopt. 0. [ Special Tolegrnm
to TUB UER.I-At the West Sldo races
to-day the track was slow , the Weather cool
nnd the attendance good. Summary ! '
Throe-quarters otn inile , for raaldbn three-
yoar-olds and upwards Mls < Clay won ,
Unco second , Lulu McICoo * third. Time
Soven-elghths of n milo Kntlo S won ,
Fauchott second , IJudklor third. Time
Handicap , ono nnd one-eighth miles Quo
tation won , Hig Thrcd second. Snyro third.
Time 2:0nf. :
DTlirce-qunrlera of n iniip , for maidens
Charley Shnwhan won , Stoilowall second ,
Venture third. Time ttlUJf.
Selling , llvo-olghth.s pf u milo , for two-
year-olds Harry Kuhl won , Uoiuulu soo-
end , Plnklo T thirl. Time 1:03. :
Wcs Molnos KncCH * ,
DES MOINES , In. , Sept. ,0. [ Special
Telegram to THE lir.n.l The races to-day
at the stata fair were fairly well attended.
Madauio Morranto beat tbo * cQ ord with a
running loam and road cart. Sh.o made the
nillo on a half mtlo track In f ; 5'J ' , Tno first
regular race was -four-year-old stake
race , us follows : -
Lady Gay . Ill
Satolla , b. m . : . - . . . . ' . . . . . 3 3 3
Chestnut Wllkcs , c. h. s . . . . . . . 3 3 3
Time 2:3JK : ? 3:35 : ! ; JJ:37K. :
Second ruco , frcQ-for-ull trot :
lonn , blk. in. . . . . . . Ill
Prosper Mcrlmor , b. s . 333
Hambletomon Uashaw , b. s' : . 333
Time 2 :3 : W ; 3 :23' < ; 2 :3r : . *
The third race was n running rnco , milo
heats , two out of three' , and was won by
Loupe , c. p. , taking the .first' two limits ,
Beit time l0)f. : !
Ilo Slay Ilo Coiiipellcd to Servo in Mio
Unpncity ( > ! ' Mulp.Driver. .
Puuvis , Mis1 * . , Sept. 0. [ Spocfal Telegram
to Tun HIE. ] The statetnent in a dlsDutch
from Now Yurk alleglni ; that C. W. Hlch , of
Ulchburg , had loused the county-prisoners of
Marlon county , and would have charge of
Sullivan and Kilraln , is a mistake. The
county clerk says that no such contract ex
ists .between the county and Hlch , and
before the board of supervisors can
lease the prisoners to any ono
bids will have to bo advertised for
in this county as prescribed by law.
There are other citizens , among them mill
owners , charcoal contractors , uud farmers.
Who would like to lease county prisoners ,
and , if Bids are advertised for , Hich will not
have it all his own way. tljo efforts of
Sullivan nnd his friends to have a misuur-
nago of the sentence have hud the effect of
turning citizens against him who were nt
first only in favor of a fine. They arc now
determined that the line shall bo carried out ,
and in the event of Iho slugger being
leased out the farmers will'do sOme bidding.
Ono of them jjaltl to-davthat.hfi could afford
to pay us much for a lease us'anyouc , uiuUif
ho secured the contract the 'Beunvlllo slug
ger and the heavy hitter from Baltimore
would huvo to drive a mule und stand their
hund ut plowing. The charcoal contractors
are also ticuled at the chance of hiring the
champion to propel a wheelbarrow , nnd the
lumbermen are anxious to try the big fel
low's skill at loading cars. Tliero will bo
lively muslo when Rich makes an attempt to
secure u lease.
flir ; S.intu Fo Convention.
SiSTA. Pi : , N. M. , Sopt. 6. The constitu
tional convention to-day received und dis
cussed lengtuy reports from several commit
tees. The cluuso in the report of the coin-
mlttue on taxation providing that the state
shall acknowledge nil territorial debts
except tlioso incurred during the late
war , and known us militia claims , created
much comment. There is § 400,003 worth of
these claims outstanding , many members ol
the convention being largo holders.
Canadian Ijabori-rO .InmaifIn.
MONTURAI > , Soot. (5. ( The Dominion luboi
congress yesterday passed resolutions culling
on the government to establish a labor cm
ploymcnt bureau , to appoint female inspect
ors for factories and workshops , to enact
laws for the protection of workmen ut Quebec
and other seaports , for the passugo of u strin
gent employers' liability act. to ustablisli
printing offices In which all government
printing and publication of school books
should be done , nnd that thn provincial gov
ernments bo mado' to transfer tha , allow
ances now enjoyed by universities , and col
leges to the public- schools for tbo purpose ol
further promoting their ofllclonry nnd providing -
viding pupils with free school books.
Imbf.r LoiiiHlntlon fii Germany.
Hi : u UN , jSopt. 0. . The various parties oi
the reiphstagnro preparing Independent bills
upon the labor cucstl6d in addition to tin
government mcasuro for tlio direction ant
prevention of btrikcs. Tlro littlleiitlciis na\\
uro that this subject will occupy much of the
time of the coming se- < son > < > * * . t
Slinrt SKriclioH < > r'Al > f > ointce > 3 ;
WABIIIXOTON , Sopt. 6. Auliok Palmer , o :
this district , to-day appqlntot } [ Unupd Btatcs
consul at Dresden , Is a a lit to bo n very inti
mate friend of Secretary -Blaino. Mr. ' Pol
inor Is very woaltny , " "
Tnoinas II. Andersen , " today appointed
minister resident aud , consul-.genoral of lio-
llvia , Is u lawyer rcsldingut > 'Uutnbridgo , O. ,
and at nno time hold the ollleo of. pajsccutitif
attorney of Gurnesey county.
Bernard G. Macauloy , ofNew York , n | *
pointed consul at Managua , Nicaragua , is i
" ' '
sou of General Daniel Mucmilo.y" , 'ox-mayoi
of Indianapolis , who is now said to bo wit )
the management and construction of the pro
posed Nicaragua canal. _ '
Deflective" Armor No Good.
WASHINGTON , Sept. ( I. OnVof 'tho mem
bers of the board before whom at Annapolli
on WoJnesJay the proposed deflective armoi
for the protection of gnns on naval vessel !
was lusted , said to-day that every ahot hroi !
penetrated the "turtle baok" w'ltli. ease ant
thp fourth i > ractically demolished it um
ended the test. The urmor wus ordered bj
congress nnd cost The secretary o
ll.o navy was aur 0rjzed by un act of congress
gross , if ho doomed it advisable , to place
deilccllva armor ou the U | icugo.
Aic orim Klcutrlo Btorm.
MACON , Ga. , Sepl. ( i. Tlierois a { remark
abla display of electric forc.a In soulhwcs
Georgia" tlils morning , near'Alliany. .JL II
House , John Snivors und J. W. Stftgson
were instantly hilled. They vrcn
on their way to market'jvltl
cotton uud sought refuge from u showf :
under a tree. Mear tlurdawuy a rallwa' '
bridge was struck and knocked out of line
Six men who hud sought shelter under i
were killed. Tholr nuinog are not reported
Hi at llonif.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 0 .Tlio president re
turned to this city from Philadelphia thli
afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Client ) , CliiOKcr < i uiitl Wlilst.
There will bo a business mooting of th
Omaha Chess , Checkers and Whist club ii
tholr now club room in the Now York Llfi
building this eviming. All member
end other Pomona In ten-Mod In chess am
whist uro invited to bo present ,
E. IX Cun'EXUKu , Secretary.
, i > i
ElootlOn of/tffaoorsBy / the Nebraska
iSitl/orhn / Syaod.
n 'l _ _
Articles of. .incorporation Drawn Up
Kor nn Otll Mill t IJontr lee Ar-
cstcil 1'Jor' Swindling Other
' '
The Lutheran Synoil
GIUXD I U. .M > , Nob. , Sept. 0. | Special to
TUB Uur..1 The Lutheran Synod settled
down to work yesterday morning. Pros- !
ilcnt Schurr rend hts report covering tlio op
erations of the past year. After hearing
lUo report of the retiring president
Lho nynod entered upon the selection ot offi
cers. Much oxcltomonl oxlstou. On the
scoctid ballot Mr. J. F. Wllhollng , of Omixhn ,
\vns re-elected trcnsurcr. On the third ballot
Hov. Jacoby , vt Nebraska City , was ohoson
scoretnry. On the fifth ballot Hov. Krougor
was chosen Oorniim secretary. I3ut no pres
ident had boon elected up to the sev
enth ballot.
Hov. S. * U. JJornltz , of Des Momcs , In. ,
Hov. M. F. Troxoll , of St. Louis , and Hov.
L. Llpo , of West Point , spnko on the subject
of homo missions.
In the midst of excitement nn adjournment
was secured , On reassembling another but-
lot was had , resulting In the cliolco of Hov.
Stump , of North Platte , ns president. The
synod thus bucamo organized mid has entered
on Us work utter over a day and u night's
This morning Hov. J. S. Detwellor , of
Omaha , presented the report of the stnto
traveling1 secretary. Notwithstanding that
it was an excellent report , the recommenda
tions ot the committee elicited much discus
sion. Quito a largo number of places
through thostato hnvo boon under the care
of this comnilttco tls | year.
The committee ou ndviiory homo missions
reported a larga.numbor of places under the
cnra of tbo general board , located at Uultl-
moro , Md.
Pi usidont Stump announced his commit
tees for the year. Seven now congregations
wore received into connection with this
synod at this session. Four now applicants
furudmlssion to the gospel ministry , and the
education committee report several appli
cants for beneficiary old next year.
Huv. Dr. George Scholl , of Baltimore ,
Md. , secretary n { the foreign mission board ,
addressed the synod , tie reported $3.,400 !
received up to time of last report In June
for this work. _
Hc.itrlcc to lluvo nit Oil Mill.
UKATIIICR , Nob. , Sept. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bcu.l Articles of incorpora
tion have been drawn and will bo lllod in u
day or two for the ostabhsnincnt of an oil
mill in this city. Iho incorporators are
Major A. L. Green and other capitalists of
this city and of Chicago. The objuct of this
is to talto advantage of the immense flax
crop raised in this county and work It up
into mcrchanVablcJinscad oil ,
ArrcHtcrl lorvlmU I nir.
KKA.UXEV , Neb. , Sept. 0. [ Special Tclo-
grain to THE 13SE.J C. W. Garrotson , who
was arrested . cstcrdayon suspicion of hav
ing been implicated in swindling a Gorman
farmer out ofi tbatn of horses , had his pre
liminary hearing , thia afternoon , and was
bound over in the sum of $ l,0i)9 ) to appear in
the district court. * ( Garretson formerly lived
in . . Frank Stephens ,
formerly ot Bcitrfce , the man who took the
team nw.iy , npVpftjrcd in court to-day and
promptly pliuji'd tfudor arrest. Ho stated on
the witne-is stanrt , that ho traded with the
GonnQti and that'ho loft ICearnoy early 01 :
Ttmrsuay MtoMltttr-nnd drove the team to
Alma , 'whcrp ' lie spidjt'tp'n mover going west
from' Alma' . „ JJu wejft'to Phlllipaburg , Ivan. ,
where liis parents reside , . leaving thuro at 8
o'clock this morning , , ana by changing car.s
twice und driving twenty miles across the
country from Mindcn ho reached hero at
11 :8l : ) . The attorneys for the state think this
whopper too big for an lionost horse trader
and will prosecuto.him to-morrow.
J I !
Bostwick'n Nairn ; Announced.
HASTINGS , Neb. , Sept. 0. [ Sneclal Telegram -
gram to Tun UCK. ] The Dally Nobraskan.
an evening nowgpapor published at Hustings ,
throw a bombshell in the congressional cam p
this evening by announcing tno name of H.
Uostwick , of this city , as a candidate for
congress. Mr. I3ostwiek returned from the
cast last Monday and in a published Inter
view stated emphatically thnt he would not
ho n candidate. Ho has been chairman of
thn congressional central committee for sev
eral years. The nnnouncomont of his can-
dlcacy , although.- ostensibly made without
his knovvleJge or consent by a newspaper
that stands so closely to him and his
friends , will have a to'ndcncy to complicate
matters considerably in this county. In
urging his nomination the Daily Nebrusltun
says : "Jim Laird'n untlnished work In con
gress makes the selection of his successor a
question of considerable moment to many in
the district who wish to have as nearly as
possible tbd'plans ho had formed , and the
projects ho bad"undertakon gathered up by
his successor and carried out , if possible , as
bo would have done. Hastings , reasonably
wollassuredvOf .the passage of its public
building bill If Jim Luird had lived , is
deeply intoicstod in the linal success of that
measure. Who can best tuko'up this unfin
ished worlc ? Wo can not hope to find
a man posscss6d of the sumo genius und in-
iluenca ns Mr. Laird , but the next boat thing
would ho to select one closely allied to our
deceased congressman and thoroughly COD -
vcrsant and familiar with his wishes and
purposes. From the time Mr. Liird en
tered congress Mr. Hosfwlok has boon at thu
head of the central committee and directed
the movcinonts'nf oacb campaign with sig
nal success. Ho knows iutiumtclv every
part of t.ho district and is the best kiio'.vn
man in it. As a political organizer ho has
not n superior , if an eiiual in the state of Ne
braska , and , lpi % a mun of usual ability ,
especially flttiul undjulaptcd for public ser
vice , what better selection could bo made at
this time ) " „
The congressional central committee
will meet In this city -on Monday next for the
purpose of calling a convention to place In
nomination a candidate to succeed the lute
James -Laird , ' " * 3t is probable that the con
vention will boliijkfl ut tno siiiio timu that
the ntiUo ooiiyqaUoii Is hold. Governor
Thayor's nnnouimiment thnt ho will not call
n special olecti jt , , , remove * nil necessity for
haste , c n * _
I'liV' DnttMt l'Aort Ho * inson.
Four HoniftHftV Nob. , Sopt. 0. [ Special
Tolcgram to T jB.jUKS.l Payment of troops
has been going pn all day. Major Halter ha ?
been bard utjjwoyk slnco early ulornlng ,
Mujor Whlpplojsf jlpOO ) came in on the 1110111.
ing train , but hoill J not got to work disbursing -
ing until nftcr4)ii. | ) The jingle of silver Is
heard on ovol.v-'iliilo , particularly in anil
around the post fader's establishment , a :
all trade stops at4ho traders , and Mr , Pad.
dock and his arijur of clerks are worked u |
to their full capacity.
General Hrcufcttvidge , insnector general ol
Iho United States army , loft on tha evening
train to visit the Dakpta encampment at
Slonovillo , Mont. , uftor which tiu intend1
visiting the Na ipnal park and oxrocti to be
back in Washington between the 1st and 15tl
of October.
Wednesday evening a delightful liuvi
party was given by the oflicors of thn Nintt :
cavalry to thu oftlotr * and ladies of the posi
and encampment.
A Hullro-id CrniHlnj ; Squabble ,
On HOT A Cirr , Nob. , Sept , 0. [ Special
Telegram to TUB 13in.l Tliero is connldcru
bio excitement among Chicago , St. Paul ,
Mllwaukca & Omaha railroad oniclah about
the short Line people putting in a crojslim
across their road without signing any agrco
mentThu short line crosses the Omuha
line about ouo and a half miles above thia
place and about half a milo south of Jack.
son , on the Ponm branch. Both of t'leso
places are guarded in.'tillv and la at niirht
Superintendent Jnynos , of the Ncbraikrv di
vision , ordered the gravel train and rrow of
sixty men to stay at thocrosslng nil night , ns
It wa expected the iittcmpt would be made
that night to put down the crossing , ns the
crossing frog is 'n ' Sioux City nil ready to bo
put down at a moment's notice.
Hurvovlnic n Now Itond ,
Axani.Mo , Nob. , Sept , 0. [ Special to Tun
lieu. J A party of surveyors have boon lookIng -
Ing over the ground preparatory to running
n line through this town. The proposed road
Is to connect North Platte with Albion , thus
giving n rcasolmbly direct Him from the for
mer point to Stoux City. The narties In the
enterprise nro well and favorably known
Nebraska men. It is thought by some , bow-
over , thnt they nro merely middle men for
seine ot the big ronds. The surveyors say
that the route through this valloj niut its
outlets , Victoria and Ortcllo , u the tau pos
sible 6110 thnt could bo taken throUKh this
country. If the road comes , Ansoltno. whoso
futurn is nlrendy assured , will ho still mere
A KlKlit On a Itrhlcn.
DAKOTA CmNob. . , S.cpt. 0. [ Special
Telegram to TUB UIH. : ] There was a lighten
on the Covlngton mid of the pontoon bridge
last * night between ono of the collector.- ) , ! Luther , and a Svvodo named An
derson f om Sioux City. The Swcdo was
trotting hts team and the collector trlod to
collect the tirldgo line , $10 , when they got
into a dispute , which ended In a light. The
collector was arrested to-day anil discharged
on the ground that thu light took place on
the Iowa sida of the bridge.
Disappointed tins Democrats.
HRXTHICU , Nob. , Sept. 0. [ Special Tel
egram to Tin : Bni : . ] There was a larco
meeting of old soldiers of tills section last
night at lUwllns * post hall to consider the
expediency of nominating nn old soldiers'
county ticket. At tor maturu deliberation it
was concluded to abandon the scheme and
recommend that the old soldiers of Gngo
county support iholr respective county
tickets. The action of the meeting Is big
disappointment to the democracy.
Minni 'J'hrco
Coi.UMi\U3 , Nob. , Sept. 0. ( Special Tele
gram * to Tun llKB.J This afternoon Leroy
Sauors , of Llnwood , Nob. , while woriclng on u
pllil driver had his hand terribly mashrd.
causing the amputation of three lingers and
uart of his hand necessary. Ho nlaccd his
hand on the nllo Just as the hummer started
up , when the crupper happened to slip , let
ting the hammer down on his hand.
ItrKlgo Oontrnor. Awnrtlcil.
HKVTIUCE , Neb. , t > ept , U. [ Special Tclo-
groin to'Tnu ' 13ii.l The King Uridgo com
pany , of DCS Molnes , la. , wcro to-day
awarded the contract for building twelve
iron bridges In Gage county by the board of
supervisors. The contract price for the
wtiolo is 5Si5G. : They uro to bo finished by
December > .
Mnniiriiutiirci-H Will Not Ank For I ho
Jtcdnotion otV < K > 1 Dulles.
UOSTOK , Mass. , Sept. 0. | Special Tclo-
gram to THE 15EC.J The charge
of President Delano , of the Na
tional Wool Growers' association , at Colum
bus , O. , Wednesday , to the otTeot that ,
the National Association of Wool Miinuinc-
turers , especially those in Now England , con
templated during their called meeting in
Itoston this month agitating a reduction of
the tariff on wool , has called out a heated
protest from the accused parties.
There is much feeling among the members
of the Manufacturers' association , and they
have referred to Mr. Delano In terms which
throw suspicion upon his veracity.
Your correspondent , to got at the truth ro-
gardlnt ; the intentions of the manufacturers
at their approaching meeting , secured an in
terview xvith President William Whltuman.
of the Platter association. Ho said it would
not bo proper for film to enter into the
details of a meeting intended to bo
secret , and at which ho had
presided , even if ho felt sure of the results ,
but ho would say this , that President Dolano
know that ho was not mentioning facts when
ho marto this statement. The * wool manu
facVurors had no intention of interfering with
a tariff which had brought the wool industry
to its present great height and value and in
which such vast capital was Invested.
All they wanted was protection for
the manufacturer not destruction to
the grower. The tariff on won ! protected Iho
lattsr , but thj tariff on manufactured cloth
ana goods did not protect them. They sim
ply proposed to solicit of congress legislation
which would do the latter. The responsi
bility would bo with congress and they would
bo best pleased with an increased tarifT nn
the manufactured material , for wlifcn
the tariff had gotten better prifes
for the grower. The manufacturers ,
duo to existing rulings , had to sell RO low to
compete with foreign manufacturers' Im
ports , that with wool at present quotations
to realize aught but n loss was impossible.
Instead of antagonizing the wool growers
they would prefer their assistance , but the
trouble was the Wool Growers' associa
tion did not really know what
they wanted and In reply to his letters ask
ing thorn if they would ngreo to the senate
bill or to civo so mo rate of tariff acceptable
to all the growers , they only returned an in-
doflnito reply ,
Dakota Uomoci'iits Itntll'y-
Sioux FALLS , S. D. , Sept. 0. [ Special
Telegram to THE BEI : . | The democrats
opened the campaign by a rousing ratifica
tion meeting in tno open air this evening.
Wlnsor , of Sioux Falls : Steele , of Dead wood ,
and ex-Governor Church , of Huron , made
ilrttt.rato suecchcs , which were enthusiastic
ally cheered. Governor Church challenged
Governpr Mellctto to moot him anywhoru
and at any time to discuss. public ntlairs , und
especially to muko comparisons of the ad
ministrations. Church said that ho. in all
disappointments , gave republicans a minor
ity representation , und this made his admin
istration a people's administration , while the
present ; ono was entirely partisan.
> Tlie KonliiiiciNts lliiiy.
PAHIS , Sept. 0. The government has consented -
sentod 'to allow the prefect to receive the
camftdacy of Houlangor und Hochofort In
MonJIuu-trc and Belleville. The Houlunglsts
are Jubilant over the government's
change of front , considering It
a sign of vacillation. The Fcrryists , on the
the ether hand , uro furious. The endeavor
to.icstoro harmony threatens to Jonpordizo
the government's success In the elections.
Another Coiniiiiny Given in.
LONDON' , Sept. O.i The Steam Navigation
company has conceded to the strlKcis'
torins. An increased number of wharf
laborers arc at work to-day. The ship
wrights In the employ of Williamson &
Worklngton. in Cumberland , hnvo struck for
an advance In wages.
Dffith of a Twcoil Alan ,
Nrw YOIIK , Sept. ( ) . HonryN. Gonot.who
was u member of the famous Tvvnod ring ,
died shortly before 10 o'clock this morning ,
A SpnnlHli Htiitosmnii Don' ' ! .
MADIIID , Bept , 5. The Marquis of Molina ,
leader of the conservatives in the senate and
u well known lituratcurre , died suddenly to
An Affair of Honor I'rohilllo.
ATLANTA , Ga. , Sept. 0. It is believed hero
that two legislators , W. A. Huff und It. W.
Patterson , will moot on the dueling Held
near Opellku , Ala. , to-morrow ,
T 1 1 u I'rluon of itloniivn Dyinir.
LONDONSept. . 0. The prince of Monaco
U dying. _
This .Mm-niimM Klro.
The alarm of flro from liox C3 at ' , ' :15 : this
morning , was caused by u blaza In the
kitchen of Captain Kustin's residence , on
Iiarnuy between Sixteenth and Seventeenth
streets. It caught from tbo kltcheu tttovo ,
The datnugo was slight.
Take u llntti.
Cold twths are now said to be olllca-
cious in the euro of Ivnholil fever ,
A mo
The Treasurer of the Oonqlns Fnc-
toiv Itulns ( he I'M ' nn.
IJostox , Sept , 0. It is stated on authority
of President Perkins , of the Douglas Ax
company , that thnt concern wilt go Into in
solvency soon. There mo , It Is said , irrogu-
Inrltlos in the accounts ot the treasurer ,
Dcnlson D. Dana. Dana tins' not boon seen
by the oflicors of Iho company for several
days anil Ins whcroahnuU are unknown.
The company was capltnll/od at $ 100,000 and
has nlnrgo factory"at Hast Douglas , employ-
in gHOO hands.
Later Uxports were put to work on the
books to.-day and have already discovered
that the deficit has apparently been
going on systematically for a num
ber of years. Dana'n salary va
ried from tU.OOO to fiilX > J per year. Ho
bus an elegant residence In HrooMlno. A
gentleman who U well acquainted with him
says ho had no bad habits , nor entangling
alliances. Ho was scon in Now York city
Wednesday afternoon.
Tlio gentleman quoted above nays the total
liabilities of tin ) company will exceed ? : > t)0-
OOl ) . tint hoped it would not reach f 1,000.0JO.
Just before ho loft , Dann rimed$10,000. .
It was lonrncd this evening that the
cnso had been placed In the hands
of the police and thnt to-morrow criminal
prosecution will bo commenced against Dana
ou the ehnrge of embozjiloment. It Is thought
there nro stifllclont grounds on
which to secure his extradition
should ho go to Canada and V ,
Is generally supposed ho has gene thoro.
.Dana is a deacon In the Harvard Congro-
national church at llrooldino , and a lonelier
In the. Sunday scnool. He Ims u wife and live
children. His family deny all knowledge ot
his whereabouts.
'J ho factory at East Douglas will bo shut
down immediately , throwing between three
and four hundred employes out of work.
President Perkins says Dana lost his money
in unsuccessful succulatlon.
Ocorjjln Unco TjrouhlCR.
ATLANTA , Ga. , Sept. 0. Wednesday night
a negro boy was lynched tor rape" at East
Point , near hcro. The negroes held a mass
meeting lust night to discuss the innttar , and
the whites , becoming scared , sent for the
Atlanta police. No trouble ensued , but uftor
the oflicors returned to this city u number
of white men whoso identity
It is said , is unknown , went to different
cabins and severely whipped fourteen no-
itrocs. To-day a delegation of rcpuiablo citi
zens reported this to Governor Garden , nnd
he has offered a reward of flOO for every
one convicted of complicity In thu whipping.
National Guard Ordoru.
General order No. 10 General L. W.
Colby will move his brigade to Camp Grant ,
Beatrice , by rail ns follows : Companies A ,
York ; 1C , Central City ; I , Bennett , and H ,
Ord , will move by * the L . & M.
railway via Lincoln , on regular passenger
train , Saturday morning , September 1-1 ;
Companies 1J , Stilton ; V , .lunlottu ; G , Geneva -
nova and First regimental baud will move
by the H. & M. railway via Crete on
regular passenger train , Saturday morning ,
September U : Company H , Nelsonwill mnvo
by the H. & M. railway via Superior ,
Saturday , September 14 ; Company
C , Nebraska City , and Second
regimental band will mnvo by
the H. & M. railway direct to
Uentrice ; Companies A. Shelton ; 1C ,
Schuylcr ; E , Fn-mont , nnd D , Lincoln , will
move by the Union Pacific , train No. 'J ,
which leaves Shelton 12:3J : u. in. , Saturday ,
September 11. Company I , Stromsburji.will
move by thn Onion Pacific , via Lincoln , Sat
urday , Sentcmber 14 ; Companies E ,
ron ; F , Hay Springs , nnd G , Long Pine , will
move by the Fremont & ElUhorn , on train
that leaves Children , Friday , September W ,
at 8-50 p. in. ; Company II , Tcltama , will
move on train that connects with the fore
going at Fremont , and on arriving at Lincoln
will be transferred to the Hurhnjjton ; Com
pany D , ITairbury , will comu by the Hoclc
Island , September 14. Tlie start ofllcers of
the various , commands , together with tlio
non-commissioned stall' , will report to the
captains nearest their station , who will furn
ish thorn transportation with their companies
to und from the encampment. Tlio various
railway companies mentioned in this order
are hereby requested to furnish transporta
tion to the captainsof companies deslgimlod ,
issuing ono ticket to each station for members
of the Nebraska National Guard in uniform.
By order , etc. A. V. Co Mi ,
Adjutant Colonel.
Special orders No. 13 First Lieutenant F.
N. Briswith , company C , Second
end regiment , Nebraska Nation
al Guard , is hereby dismissed
from tbo service. The captain ccmmnnding
said company will order un election of his
company for the purpose of filling any va
cancy that may bo caused by the dismissal
of Lieutenant Hris\vith. A. V. COM : ,
Adjutant General
14-Colonol O. . Phillips
Special Order No. - H.
lips , commanding First rocimont , Nebraska
National Guard , havingrecotnmoiidcd tbo ap
pointment of Lieutenant W. W , Decker , of
company B. First regiment , us quartcr-
mnstor of said regiment , the snmo is hereby
approved , The commanding oflicer of com-
uuny B is hereby ordered to call an election
of his company for the pnrnoHO of Illlmg uuy
vacancy that may occur bv the appointment ,
of Lieutenant Declter. A. V. CUM : ,
Adjutant General.
Ho Fooliul tin ;
Francis. ! . Setton , a "Brooklyn manu-
fauturor , was n surprised and delighted
innn the ether mornlnu' . Ilo was Bur-
prised , when , on entering1 Iiii olllco , ho
found Unit a burglar had boon at work
on his Rnfa , and hud , aflnr much labor ,
forced open the doors. Jlp wus delight
ed because , on the procodiiifr nipht , In
stead of leaving njuivro atnoiijit of money
in tlio safe , lie took it homo. IIo left
only 11 cents in the cash drawer , wi.yintf
to liis clerk : "If tint ontorjirlaiiifj bur
glar comes ho w.111 got < ; nuu < rh , if ho
works for it to pay his car faro. " The
11 cents were found In the drawer.
Cu in minion Curious Cat.
A cat owned and rnibod by Mrs. Or.
Cummin , of Irwinton , Ga , , lu ono-half
rabbit. ItB.hoiul , front fuot and front
section of the body is like an ordinary
house cat , while Hu hind part rcsonible's
that of a rabbit , HB tail being whorl and
purfcct. and when not in motion will
ait in thp siuno position us would a full-
bloodud rabbit.
Hliortliauil i'or'l'rimary HnhonlH. 0
The International Congress of Short
hand , lately Bitting in Paris , has pu.sseu
a resolution commanding tlio in trod no
tion of Hliorthand into primary nchoolt ; .
Do Not DelaY taking Hood'uBarsaparllla If
you Imvu thut fueling of iiingnor or uxliuustlon
which U often the warning vympton of appi ouch-
IngHlrkiiDMS. TliU medlclno uxpvln ull impuri
ties fiotn the blood , cure * Kcrofnla and all
luiinoru , creates an iippetlt * , usultitii dlgudtlon ,
ulrinKthunena tlio nt-mnuu'l ' ImpartHhuiilth to
uvrry orgun of th buily.
Hood's Saranparlllaliaohtbyail uru -
glbts , I'rtparaa by U. I. Hood A.Co ,
A Sonsntlonnl Brtvwl nt the Vloo-
Ropnl Bull.
Tlio CouiitcsH do IjohitllmTH Slnps Ilio
Slstrr of the AttorneyOnornl
of tlir I'rnvlmu ! nnd Crn *
ati'ij n NoalKlnl.
Grpon-F.yoil .
Qunnrc , Sept. 0. | Soclnl | TolcRram td
Tim Bir. . ] ijiiobco society Is much agitated
over nn encounter un evening or two ago , In
the presence of the governor-poncralbetween
two well known society ladles ot this city ,
ono the Countess do Luimllores , wife of tl.o
chancellor of the French eoimilato at Que
bec , and the other a sister of the attorney-
general of the province of Quebec niuT the
wife of a prominent Journalist , The Indies
wore included In the scluctlpn of about one
hundred guests invited by Govrrnor-Ooncrnl
and Lady Stanley to dance at tlio vice-regal
quarters at the cilndol with thu ndmirnt nnd
ofllcord of the North American licet nowhere
hero , and with the lieutenant governor of the
province anil parly.
The countuKs , while promenading with n
partner of the provlous dance , spied her
husband on the other slilo of the ball-room
having nn his arm a yoiini ; married ludy of
this city , who is not only exceedingly promi
nent in Quebec's best society , but ulso
esteemed tor her amiability ot tmuinrr nnd
propriety of conduct , iiolwlthstu'ifiing the
suspicions of the countess nnd Insinuations
conveyed in a number of anonymous letters
received by her to the contrary. The
countess dashed ever to her husband , and
tearing him from the lady on his arm , or
dered him to come homo with her nt once ,
expostulating angrily with him at tno snmo
tlmj for boinir with tlio lady in question , to-
minding him that she had fornlddon him to
speatc to her. One rumor alleges the countess
struck the other lady In thu fnco with her
fun and that the unwonted scene continued
until a member of the vice-regal staff Inter
The sensation was heightened yesterday by
the newspaper'controlled by the other lady's
husband , advising that the ladlot of the con
sulate he kept under the conjugal roof , where
they belong , In order to avoid a repetition of
scenes that could charitably bo attributed
only to excessive nervousness.
Two nngry-loolcini ; husbands , each claim
ing to be well armed , looked ilionml to-dny
for each other , but there was no encounter
between them.
Killed nt a Itmlrimd Crossing.
Nnw Youic , Sept. 0. 'Iho train from Phil
adelphia on the Pennsylvania road , duo n't '
Elizabeth at lU.nt ) this morning , htruck and
killed two bin's who were crossing the track
in a wagon , The wai'on was demolished and
the boys wcro horridly mangled. .
Positively cured byS
those I.Mtlo IMPls. i
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trc&a fio'n Dyspepsia , In-j
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Eating. .A perfect rcm-1
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Drowsiness , Had Tnstcl.
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regulate the liowels. Puiuly Vegetable.
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
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H. M. AVA l.MtlIiV. ) 1'roH. LonlHlaim Nat. Hank.
I'IKItUi : JiANAUX , I'm. Stnto N'm'l Hunk.
A. 1IAMWIN. rros. New OrluaTiB fat'I Haul : .
UAHJj KOIIN , I'res. Union Katlomil llnnk.
At the Academy of M isle , N ) w O.- .
loans , Tuesday , Soptomuur IO ,
lOO.OOO riclcuiM t 'Iwonly
( noli. lliilvcH , $1O ; Qiiartcri. $ r ;
TcntliH , $2 ; iweiitlnttii , $1.
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AdilresJ. M. A. DAIM'IHV.
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